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Al'Taen Enterprises

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 25, 2007 3:00 pm    Post subject: Al'Taen Enterprises Reply with quote

The sun was soon to set, and the houses were soon to empty to the streets and to the taverns. The night was as it was most nights, calm and cool, people preparing for their daily inebriation, a closing of the day with social drunkedness and, for a few, the evening pleasures following such. It was at this time, the crowd beginning to filter out into the roads, that the gates were swung wide and a procession of wagons piled through, each carrying seperate merchandise of all designs.

Surely enough, each wagon was guarded by no less than four hired guards, who, though armed to the teeth in weaponry, armour, and who knows what else, looked rather unharmful. Faces blank, they kept their positions, forming a square about each bounty of goods.

As the streets cleared to allow the procession through, a rather ecstatic Elf bounced his way along, moving eagerly through the line to check up on this or that. At times when the bumbling servant could catch up, the man would speak to the Elf about the large number of parchments in his arms, clearly attempting to warn the green-haired mage about something or other.

"But sir, there have been quite a few mishaps in this city. Many dangers and odd occurences. Bringing the business here is risking disaster. Move it back to Valanthas!"

The Elf would just laugh at the man's protests, waving to the crowd who just looked at him peculiarly. "Ah, but don't you see? That's the thrill of it! And, I'll have you know, profit tends to come from disaster." He wore a large grin, orange eyes blazing madly at the possibility of great riches.

"I can't believe you. Infuriatingly stubborn to the end."

With a wink, Tremare would bound off to head the procession to the market square, where he planned to set up. "The end brings about a new beginning, and I plan to decide when this one will end."

Confused and frustrated, the servant threw his hands in the air and stalked off, leaving the crazed mage to his own.

Finally at the helm of the wagon line, and at market square, Mr. Clefon spun to take in the view, and proclaimed loudly to the now gathered mass. "The opening of Al'Taen enterprises is the day next, and for the goods you shall need, we have the best!"

OOC note: This is a public entrance of the merchant business of Tremare Al'Taen Clefon, and as such, is likely to be known rather quickly through word of mouth. So, by the by, come get some goods, a sword, and a pie!
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