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A day of Hikari in Valanthas. 6-22-2004

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 01, 2017 4:47 am    Post subject: A day of Hikari in Valanthas. 6-22-2004 Reply with quote

[This was when we delved into Valanthas for the first time. Not in a dream, Valanthas in truth. We went to try and discover what had happened to the fallen city, rescue those who were trapped inside of it. The arrival of a voidkin usually sent the whole of us fleeing into a building in terror... save one.]

[#] After some time of traveling through the troubled province of Valanthas, the cityscape finally clears away from the mist that surrounds the area. The woods around seems to grow progressively worse; living trees dotting the landscape aside rotten and ruined boughs. An ominous feeling grows in the pit of your throat as the full weight of the place begins to sink in. No living thing would willingly dare go near this place. Ahead the monolithic walls of the city rise like a shielding force behind the ruins of the Vinewall; Gates open, and darkness ruling absolute within.[Entering: City Gates.]

[The previous time we had tried to visit Valanthas, it had been completely sealed off with enormous vines surrounding it. We encountered some super baddy there who we just couldn't kill no matter how long we fought it... I remember this because it's weakness was subtly hinted at in the middle of it's description. Which we didn't... read too carefully. Whoopsie. ^^; I always took care to analyze plot NPC descriptions after that day.]

- Voidscarred Valanthas. Click for big.

Dreamshatter #1 continues to stalk up slowly behind Hikari, chittering softly. Clawlike appendages gnash menacingly, slowly... The eyes redouble in number.

Dreamshatter #1: [Make a save vs fear or use up your Bravado.]
Hikari Xezo: [Wait, is that other one out here too?].
Ollie Ki is just watching.]
Hikari Xezo: [Ah].
Hikari Xezo: [Umm... can i roll and if i fail use bravado?].
Dreamshatter #1: [Gotta use one or the other.]
Dirk Felis offers popcorn to the other OOCers[]

[Path was being kind in trying to force Hikari to flee. You did not want to make a save here. You wanted to run.]

Hikari Xezo uses up his bravado.
Hikari Xezo Has no fear... of death?.
Hikari Xezo Stays as Silent and still like a statue.

Dreamshatter #1 lets out a slow, deep growl. It's maw parts open, revealing a beak rimmed with not one, but two rows of pin-like fangs. At this point, its safe to assume that the creature can sense Hikari, due to the thousands of eyes watching him.

Hikari Xezo: [What do the eyes do?].
Dirk Felis: [...]
Hikari Xezo: [Pardon my ignorance, but i think i can ask >.<].
Ruby Pyralis shoves a sock in Dirk's mouth.]
Dreamshatter #1: [...They see you.]
Dreamshatter #1: [It's like a collective mind, Hik.]
Hikari Xezo: [... oh]
Dreamshatter #1: [If you fail a sneak, the eyes see you, and these things sense you,]
Dreamshatter #1: [Posting, HIk?]

Hikari Xezo Hikari doesnt know what to do... if he doesnt move, he'll get chompped, if he moves, he'll get most probably chompped, and if he attacks, he'll get chompped, He decides that moving to the house where Sirum is would be taking them with him too.... If he takes them to the House where they reside, he would only bring chaos to the others... Is his destiny made to have to die because of his own ignorance.... Most probably.... The moment at hand, sinck or swim...>>>

[Hikari was concerned about Si. Aw. He was a nice Paladin.]

Hikari Xezo: [Wait a sec].
[*] Hikari Xezo rolls 1d2 & gets 1.
Hikari Xezo: [hm...].

Summoned Goblin (Kitz) runs down the street SCREAMING at the top of his lungs. "WAIIII!! I KILL ALL DARKIES!!!! DEATH ON MY BALDE!!! ARGH OMGWTFBBQ!!!"

[Kitzibeth apparently summoned an extremely racist goblin to save Hikari! ... Okay, she meant the voidkin. :P She may have put a gigantic spotlight on Hikari... but she was trying to give him a way to escape indoors unseen, with them all focused on the goblin.]

Hikari Xezo He stays still says the dice, die by your own foolishness is the veredict when suddenly.

[#] What once was hundreds of eyes become thousands, all affixin on the Goblin, and then on HIkari and the Goblin as it nears them both.

Summoned Goblin (Kitz) bounces like a fricking moron. "Come get me you TOOLS! HAR HAR HAR!! I fear not your -VOID-! YOu can eat my tail!!!"
Summoned Goblin (Kitz) notes that Kitz apparently summoned a rather ventive Goblin.

[ You whisper "[Congrats.]" to Summoned Goblin (Kitz). ]
[ Summoned Goblin (Kitz) whispers, "?" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Normally, he was going to die.]" to Summoned Goblin (Kitz). ]
[ You whisper "[Now you get to make 'OVERKILL' flash over his lifeless body. :P]" to Summoned Goblin (Kitz). ]

Summoned Goblin (Kitz) squeaks. "Come on suckers! Come and get me!" He tosses a small pebble at one of the whatevers and canters off to the south.

Dreamshatter #3 would lean in, with little effort to chomp the Summoned creature as it neared.

[*] Dreamshatter #3 rolls 1d30+27 & gets 47.
[*] Dreamshatter #3 rolls 1d30+27 & gets 52.
[*] Dreamshatter #3 rolls 1d30+27 & gets 52.
Summoned Goblin (Kitz) is hit thrice!
[*] Dreamshatter #3 rolls 1d100+2 & gets 73.
[*] Dreamshatter #3 rolls 1d100+2 & gets 71.
[*] Dreamshatter #3 rolls 1d100+2 & gets 99.
[*] Dreamshatter #3 rolls 4d8+27 & gets 46.
[*] Dreamshatter #3 rolls 4d8+27 & gets 41.
[*] Dreamshatter #3 rolls 4d8+27 *2 & gets 50.
Dreamshatter #3: [187]

Summoned Goblin (Kitz) is obliterated.

Summoned Goblin (Kitz) is replaced by another summon, mocking the dreamshatters form afar down the road, away from Hiki!

[Bless Kitzibeth, she did everything in her power and then some to prevent Hik from being sent to the glue factory.]

Dreamshatter #3 veers off, chasing after the goblin.

Mind Flayer #2 spins out from the darkness, moving to oblitterate the giant's mind with a sweep of its claws.

[*] Mind Flayer #2 rolls 1d30+20 & gets 44.
[*] Mind Flayer #2 rolls d20+8 & gets 22.
Mind Flayer #2: [d20+int+wis]
[*] Hill Giant [Slander] rolls 1d20+3 & gets 13.
[*] Mind Flayer #2 rolls 1d100+10 & gets 81.
Catharine O`Hara: [Don't the creatures all get one attack, before something new can be summoned?]
[*] Mind Flayer #2 rolls 10d20+25 & gets 117.

Dream Render likewise howls and leaps itself onto the back of the giant.

Hill Giant [Slander] screaches as his mind is compleatly distorted, falling to the ground. However before its form can make it it dissapears, back to where it was before.

Summoned Goblin (Kitz) is still dancing, trying to get the attention of some horrible beast. "Come and get me. You, Chthulhu wanna be! Come eat this summoned brain! Bwa ha ha!!"

Dream Render lands on nothing, then wheeling about in confusion.

Dreamshatter #1 growls and leaps directly over Hikari, barreling towards the goblin.

Summoned Goblin (Kitz) squeaks!

Mind Flayer #2's cool, blue optics gradually settle directly. on. Hikari.
Mind Flayer #1's eyes do the same, quite disinterested by the summoned balls of magick.

Hill Giant [Slander][Is now a Goblin.]

Hikari Xezo is basicly not breathing here, he is as silent a statue, by now they should think so.

Summoned Goblin (Kitz) seriously wonders why mind flayers would care about Hiki's brain. They'd -lose- intelligence.

Dreamshatter #1: [Hikari, make 2 rolls vs fear, or use up 2 more Bravado]
Hikari Xezo: [I dont have 2 more Bravados, untill i achieve level 16, i get only 2 bravados per day, and those, are history >.<].

[Path is doing trying to hardest to force Hikari to run, here. When the Rah and the DM alike are trying to force you to run... it's a good idea. ^^; Something tells me Cyan, Albrecht or someone told Hikari that a Paladin never runs from battle and... he went with it, probably.]

Mind Flayer #1 begins to twist forewards through the darkness, seductive form rippling faintly through the fell mist as it nears the warhorse. It's eyes bloom in anticipation, as do those of its companion.

Hikari Xezo: [Crap].
Hikari Xezo: [Compleatly dead]

Summoned Goblin (Kitz) dives under the dream shatter and stabs his blade into the ankle of the Mind flayer! Yesh!

[ You whisper "[Hiki has a +2 INT now. :P]" to Summoned Goblin (Kitz). ]

Hill Giant [Slander] chatters slightly with a odd laugh, Jumping towards the Mind flayer.

[*] Summoned Goblin (Kitz) rolls 1d30+5 to hit MF #1 & gets 29.
[*] Your request has been sent to Ruby Pyralis.
Hikari Xezo: [Wait].
[*] Ruby Pyralis has accepted your request.
[*] Ruby Pyralis joins you.

Mind Flayer #1 notes that the goblin would pass through the spectral figure entirely, as would the second goblin. Both would jump into one another's faces. *BONK* This does, however, distract the mind flayer.

Dream Render notes that both of the remaining Rnders and Shatterers, however, are transfixed by the goblins, leaping at them in an attept to tear both away.

Hikari Xezo: [Are the blue eyes still on me?].
Mind Flayer #2: [No, they are watching the goblins.]
Mind Flayer #2: [But read the Flayer's desc. They -have- eyes.]
Hikari Xezo: [So they're paying attention to me?].
Mind Flayer #1: [Flayers yes, shatterers no.]
[#] [Init!]
[*] Mind Flayer #1 rolls 1d10+6, rolling for its group. & gets 10.
[ You whisper "[Hikari's alone...]" to Game Master's eye. ]
[ You whisper "[That mean he lose our init? o.o]" to Game Master's eye. ]
* Current players: Hikari Xezo, Kitzibeth, Marlina Evenstar, Mind Flayer #1, Solinox, Ciran Acinonyx, Dalin Kayde, Kivae, Slander Hesmit, Kele-De, Sirum Hest, Game Master's eye, Dreamshatter #1, Dirk Felis, Thrive, Ollie Ki, Catharine O`Hara, Summoned Goblin (Kitz), Mind Flayer #2, Dream Render #2, Dream Render, Hill Giant [Slander], Ruby Pyralis, Rivyn, Summoned Elemental.
* 25 players in the dream of Game Master's eye.
* 2656 total players online. Uptime 7 days 14:30

[Most everyone in the house had loaded an alt just to witness the spectacle taking place on the streets. Things this exciting didn't usually happen before the end of a quest.]

Summoned Elemental is also summoned by Kitz.

Game Master's eye: [Elemental, you come in second round.]
[*] Hill Giant [Slander] rolls 1d30+1 & gets 7.
Summoned Elemental nods (kk)
[*] Hill Giant [Slander] rolls 1d20+1 & gets 6.
Mind Flayer #1: [init roll....]
Mind Flayer #1: [try 10.]
Hill Giant [Slander]: [Oh got ya
[*] Summoned Goblin (Kitz) rolls 1d10+1 init :-) & gets 3.
Mind Flayer #1: [o.o.....]
[*] Hill Giant [Slander] rolls 1d10 & gets 7.
Mind Flayer #1: [Hikari?]
Mind Flayer #1: [Init]

Summoned Goblin (Kitz) is a throwaway. This is to save Hiki.

[*] Hikari Xezo rolls 1d10-2 & gets 0.

Hikari Xezo: [Or we could use what she said].
Game Master's eye winces[]

Dream Render #2 leaps out toards the Goblin Hill Giant, thing...

[*] Dream Render #2 rolls 1d30+10 & gets 36.
[*] Dream Render #2 rolls 1d30+10 & gets 16.
[*] Dream Render #2 rolls 1d30+10 & gets 28.
[*] Dream Render #2 rolls 1d30+10 & gets 22.
[*] Dream Render #2 rolls 1d30+10 & gets 19.
[*] Dream Render #2 rolls 1d30+10 & gets 26.
Hill Giant [Slander]: [2]
Dream Render #2: [6 there.]
Hill Giant [Slander]: [4]
[*] Dream Render #2 rolls 4d100: (44) (42) (73) (16) = 175.
[*] Dream Render #2 rolls 6d8+30 (all of the normals) & gets 55.
[*] Dream Render #2 rolls 2d8+10 / 2 & gets 22.
Dream Render #2: [66]

Hill Giant [Slander] screaches, preaforming the same thing as the Hill giant, hitting the ground and Dissapearing.

[#] The eerie silence breaks into the sound of ripping, tearing, and shouting.

Dream Render focuses, then, on the other goblin; shredding and devouring it similarly.

[*] Dream Render rolls 1d30+10 & gets 20.
[*] Dream Render rolls 1d30+10 & gets 37.
[*] Dream Render rolls 1d30+10 & gets 26.
[*] Dream Render rolls 1d30+10 & gets 19.
[*] Dream Render rolls 1d30+10 & gets 22.
[*] Dream Render rolls 1d30+10 & gets 39.
Hill Giant [Slander]: [Becomes a Light elemental next round.]
Dream Render: [Round after Next, Kitz can only bring these out one at a time. Fire elemental is next in the queue]
Hill Giant [Slander]: [Im slanders.]
Dream Render: [Ah. Kk. Then you come in with the fire elemental]
Dream Render thinks we can assume the other goblin is dead?[]
Catharine O`Hara: [Slander, you rolling for success?]

Summoned Goblin (Kitz) is dead.
Summoned Goblin (Kitz) will return.. with a vengeance!

Hill Giant [Slander]: [*Points to the roof* Up there...Kitzi is my proof.]

Mind Flayer #1 closes in on Hikari, claws seething out in order to grab Hikari; withdrawing not flesh, but spirit.

[*] Mind Flayer #1 rolls 1d30+20 & gets 26.
Mind Flayer #1: [Hiki's MR?]
Catharine O`Hara: [Dex is -2, Con is 9]
Hikari Xezo: 19, but since flayer is dark 22, but does that matter[].
[*] Mind Flayer #1 rolls d20+8 & gets 19.
Mind Flayer #1: [d20+int+wis]
[*] Hikari Xezo rolls 1d20+4 & gets 24.
Hikari Xezo: [yay].
[*] Mind Flayer #1 rolls 2d25+20 for damage & gets 41.
Mind Flayer #1: [41.]

Hikari Xezo Suppresses as hard as he can the very feeling of pain, trying to stay still as the statue he is.

[We should have ran out to save him, but... honestly, Valanthas was terrifying. Our characters were all huddled together indoors.]

[*] Mind Flayer #2 rolls d20+8 & gets 15.
Mind Flayer #2: [again, d20+int+wis]
[*] Hikari Xezo rolls 1d20+4 & gets 8.
[*] Mind Flayer #2 rolls 10d20+20 & gets 146.

Hikari Xezo Gahs, as he feels his very soul is shreaded, he cant move, he faints, he is dieing....

Mind Flayer #2 seething foreward, withdraws a ghostly blue essence from Hikari's heart, feasting openly upon it.

Hikari Xezo: [I got 3 turns before i die].
Hikari Xezo: [what?].
Catharine O`Hara: [Think that's gonna count as a DB]
Summoned Goblin (Kitz): [Oh yeah. Path likes using DBs.]
[#] [Next round. Light and Fire elementals come in.]
You say, "[Well.]"
Hikari Xezo: [Question, did you eat my soul?]
Game Master's eye: [I do?]
You say, "[At least he's backing up his word. 'You do stupid things you die'. >.>]"
Catharine O`Hara: [Just go away summons! Then the creatures will go away. >.>]
Mind Flayer #2: [No, Hikari.]
Summoned Goblin (Kitz): [Can't fault him for that!]
Ixil: [Something has to heal you in that interim. While preventing the creatures from continuing to blast away at you.]

[#] About thirty more similar creatures surround the area....

Hikari Xezo: [... Im dead... Thanks kitz for tring to save me, cant blame you, i WAS stupid].
Hill Giant [Slander]: [Stop the OOC.]

Dream Render looks about slowly, before seething towards the Fire Elemental.

[*] Dream Render rolls 1d30+10 & gets 37.
[*] Dream Render rolls 1d30+10 & gets 32.
[*] Dream Render rolls 1d30+10 & gets 31.
[*] Dream Render rolls 1d30+10 & gets 24.
[*] Dream Render rolls 1d30+10 & gets 39.
[*] Dream Render rolls 1d30+10 & gets 29.
Hikari Xezo: [Ixil here ICly?].

Dream Render is trying to eat a fire elemental?

Catharine O`Hara: [He'd get swarmed and eaten.]

Summoned Elemental is having issues, 1 sec
Summoned Elemental is hit. Dies ^^

Dream Render #2 likewise leaps 'pon the Light Elemental.

Hill Giant [Slander] is formless.

Dream Render #2 eats. Magick.

Hill Giant [Slander] notes your eating something that burns your very self to be near.
Hill Giant [Slander] holyness.

Ixil: [Hell no.]
You say, "[Void = Evil?]"
Catharine O`Hara: [It's of the void, nothing burns.]
You say, "[I thought Void = Void]"
Dream Render #2: [Void != Black Magic]
Hill Giant [Slander]: [Ohhh.]
Dream Render #2: [Void = Opposite of Rune Magick]
Dream Render #2: [Light Magick = Opposite of Dark Magic]
Dream Render #2: [Rune Magick = Prismatic Elemented things.]
Summoned Goblin (Kitz): [summon an existans elemental, and you blow up the vacuus Dream render]
Hikari Xezo: [Do i still have my 3 rounds?].
Summoned Goblin (Kitz): [IC plz]

Mind Flayer #1 mind flayers finish off feeding blue mist from Hikari's fallen body. If no more summons are coming, all of the creatures will gradually disperse.

Mind Flayer #1 notes Hikari has 3 IG minutes before death.

Summoned Goblin (Kitz) is Kitz's spyglass for now. Is the street clear?

Catharine O`Hara: [The three minutes would be the minutess the creatures are drifting away slowly, yes?]

[*] Game Master's eye rolls 1d3 for minutes spent drifting off. & gets 3.

[Even RNG didn't want Hikari to live.]

Game Master's eye: [Yes :/]
You say, "[Sooo...]"
Hikari Xezo: [o.o].
Thrive looks to the safe house. []
You say, "[Anyone feeling brave?]"
Hikari Xezo: [Dead].
Hill Giant [Slander]: [Hold up hold up and Go IC.]

[#] The screams gradually subside into the ominous, rattling clicks.... Some three minutes pass before the howling creatuers, the chittering creatures, and the rattling creatures all disperse... and the road is silent.

Summoned Goblin (Kitz) ploofs.

[Hikari's death was interesting event for the continuity. It took six months to get him back, with Pytch/Kazunori trying to use Hikari's mind as a bargaining chip. Hikari played so many characters in that timespan, trying to find his footing, but he was at his best when he was Hikari. Sirum got to actually undo the work of a Heretic for once by fighting tooth and nail to get Hik's mind returned to him. It wasn't Canti, but small victories are still victories.]
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