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A day of gathering Heretics. 12-10-2004.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 01, 2017 3:41 am    Post subject: A day of gathering Heretics. 12-10-2004. Reply with quote

[Not a logfile of mine, one that was sent to me ages ago. Some minor editing applied. This takes place after the release of Trothfang from the Dhamzon. Balseraph is the Heretic head honcho.]

(You see Balseraph.)
> Balseraph is, by many millennia, the eldest Heretic. His exact origins are unknown, but the prevailing wisdom is that he was the first Furre sadomasochist, Lokira's 'special pet' in the days when the Primes walked the earth. and he does nothing to disprove it. Balseraph is a canine, though as his body is scarred with innumerable piercings, modifications and tattoos that have been given, torn out, and replaced over the ages, he is actually quite indescribable.

(You see Katrina Ay'Suffrith.)
> Heretic of Disasters, Gluttony And Lust

Balseraph: [Ok. Everyone in the RP is here ]
Lady Erisvan: [Woot. Let's get started.]
You say, "[yay!]"

Balseraph's glass-garvelly voice continues. "Quite. The Chef's release was quite inconvenient for En'narr. All the worse for him, I should say."
Lady Erisvan merely sits there, silently, eyeing Ciran carefully. She did, in fact set him up. A cleric of Peristane going against the will of En'narr. Delicious.

Ciran Acinonyx gives a firm nod as his ears remain almost forcibly upright against such screechy, nigh unbearable speech. "Indeed I had expected as much as well, though due to it we now have this lovely feast before us." tail giving only the occasional flicker in it's almost constant gentle sway beneath the table

[#] A piercing scream can be heard from somewhere in the hall.

Lady Erisvan smiles. "They found dessert."

Katrina Ay'Suffrith giggles in a rather high girly tone as she takes her seat at the table, pulling along her harem of furres. Her eyes settle upon Ciran and she squeezes herself in the seat next to him, one of her overly large arms 'accidently' spilling over onto him. She tugs upon one of the chains and makes a waving motion with the sausage-like fingers of her right paw. "Feed me.", comes from her mouth, that same high-pitch girlish tone resounding.

Balseraph lolls his head to the side, perhaps out of a twisted pleasure that he is deriving from Katrina's advances. Truthfully, she -is- as good as it gets around here. ^^; "Quite. I do hope you like Cheetah. The farm has been a bit lacking recently since the fall of the Lich King." He stabs at a fleshy bit of curry on his plate. "Scrumptious."

Ciran Acinonyx twitches an ear over to his benefactress, of sorts, head following a moment later. "Oh, and what, or rather who, is to be such?" his attention drawn over to the lapine who managed into the seat near him, brow raising as the limb makes it's way over and upon his person. He allows such for now, part of him more interested in the bindings and methods used to contain the harem in haul. Another abrupt flicker is made beneath the table before his attention resumes once more on the host. "Truly, now? From what region does it come?" slowly turning to the food, waiting for the host to take the first bite.

Lady Erisvan's maw is currently stuffed with what seems to be the remnants of a furre's paw, lovingly marinated with a red sauce, that continues to bubble as if scalding hot. Swallowing part of the meat, she glurbles: "We should not ask so many questions, Ciran Acinonyx. You are not at a table for them."

Balseraph opens his mouth wide, displaying jaws of mismatched molars, fangs and inscisors, some steel, others bone, others a crystal of a type that could only be guessed at. None of them appear original in the least. He tears into his dinner silently for now, only taking a moment to smack a small squealing velvet-covered box that is next to him. The sound stops suddenly.

Katrina Ay'Suffrith smiles at Balseraph, her lids batting with girlish charm, though it's difficul to tell as her face seems like one giant creampuff, her eyes kind of squinting out from within. The male feline, glances over at Balseraph waiting for his cue to eat. A cuff about his wrist, which is attached to a chain which is then attached, along with other chains to a cuff at her wrist. She wears a cuff upon each wrist and tonight she brought a light harem of only ten.

Ciran Acinonyx raises a brow only briefly at Lady Erisvan before taking it as a cue that time for conversation was finished. With an odd sort of etiquette compared to the others present, he begins to dine upon the cooked flesh before him. Almost proud in the fact that he had made it thus far, to be the first mortal to sit at this table, only to have his attention torn partially away by the lapine. Still... he let's this pass, figuring it to be amongst her usual habits.

Balseraph would, if he were of mind to, note that Ciran isn't the first mortal to be seated at this table. He's just one of the few to have been at this table not being force fed the entrails of his children.

Katrina Ay'Suffrith opens her mouth as the slave delicately presses a peice of the meat to her lips. She giggles in that girlish way of hers once she's finished chewing and swallowing. The slave once more brings food to his mistresses mouth.

Lady Erisvan leans into the table, waving her paw around, trying to find something specific. Finding her quarry, she stabs it through with a sharpened claw, and lifts it up. The small creature struggles vainly, piteously, amid cries of pain and horror, Erisvan cleanly bites it's head off, and dips the remainder in a greenish sludge, which could be some sort of saag.

Ciran Acinonyx allows his tail a rather steady series of flickerings before he turns his head to face Katrina. A brief gaze is given over her, examining her in quiet solitude as he inquires. "Are your slaves ill-pleasing you, madam?" taking another bite from the meal before him as he awaits reply.

Balseraph speaks between bites. "Katrina's slaves can not please her enough, though I'm sure that a fresh catch is always appreciated." He smacks the velvet box again, as whatever is inside seems to have gotten chatty again.

Katrina Ay'Suffrith giggles again in that girlish way, turning to bat her eyes at Ciran. "One can never have enough lovers, love." She turns her head back to accept another peice of flesh from the paw of her slave. After chewing and swallowing, she turns back to Ciran. "And they never ill-please me." Meanwhile, her slaves jaws gape open and one of them has the audacity to hit Ciran upside the head for daring to question his mistress like that.

Ciran Acinonyx gives the slightest nod to Balseraph before looking back to the collective group behind the lapine. As an idea comes to mind he reaches onto the dinner table, grasping a large limb upon it and extending it to the piggish creature. "Then perhaps I should give a paw... or an arm as seems to be the case." brow raised in a coy manner. As the slave dares to raise a paw against him he raises to his feet. "Miss Katrina... do detach from your chains this particular fellow. It seems this servant has forgotten what it means to occupy his position." then to Balseraph. "Any chance you might lend me utensils, or shall I simply scrounge up cutlery?"

Lady Erisvan swallows again. "I do not think that you realize the magnitude of why you are here in the throne of En'narr, Ciran Acinonyx. You have mocked the son of your Prime. That is worth something, is it not? Be-trayal.. Be-trayall.." her voice takes on a sing-song quality to it, as if her mind decided to wander into the realms of insanity for a moment. Or, perhaps it'd never left. "Sad but Mim cannot be here to enjoin you.. Ciran the Betrayer.."

Ciran Acinonyx flickers an ear briefly to Erisvan, unaffected in the slightest of her words. "You don't seem to follow the religion to which I am privvy. Power is taken by those who would have it. If indeed somefellow as lazy, as arrogant as En'naar exists than he becomes a threat to efficiency as a whole. Should indeed Peristane wish me dead than I shall commit myself to such upon this table. He is the one to whom I am sworn, and so it shall remain as always." surprisingly enough he states this without even the slightest fluctuation in volume

Katrina Ay'Suffrith's lashes flutter and she laughs. "Darling there's no need to get up in arms about it. Of course he reacted as such. He found your comment insulting." She continues laughing, eventually ending up snorting, trying to breath. She certainly wasn't about to give up one of her slaves, nor was seh about to give up her pursuit either. Reaching up, she grabs one of Ciran's arms with her paw, his arm looking like a twig sticking out from a great hulking tree. "Sit back down darling and enjoy your dinner. You'll need your strength for later."

Balseraph does not answer about utensils. Perhaps the overly large serving fork and machete were the actual utensils. The voice speaks again, dragging attention away form other sources of entertainment. "You are dead, Ciran. But not yet." The Heretic rakes his claw across a chain embedded into his scalp, "Dead to Peristane. Dead to your 'friends'. You are.. alone. How pitiful. How delightful. You are here to partake of your reward, nothing more. Save your theatrics for the rumpus chamber. If you live to see it.." She looks sidelong at a shadowy figure near the corner of the room.

Ciran Acinonyx can only raise a brow at the soft tones and feelings from one who was known to consume of her own slaves at the dinner table, but thus he resumes seating once more, making a mental note as to whom had struck him. "It does seem wiser not to insult the chef to such a feast." he only raises a brow to the host as he sits at the table, turning his attention only briefly to the corner in which a shadowed figure would reside before resuming his meal. He does this mainly as current events lead him to believe it to be his laft.

Lady Erisvan continues her mockery. "You'll die, for what? To live as a loser in Peristane's he-ll!" She smiles and rips another chunk of meat from whatever body part had been placed near her. "He doen't like betrayers.."

Katrina Ay'Suffrith giggles once more, patting Ciran's thigh after he sits back down, before her paw once more resumes its earlier attentions. She yanks upon another of the chains and whispers something into the slaves ear. Immediately, it dissapears beneath the table. The one feeding her, simply puts another morsel to her mouth.

Ciran Acinonyx looks over calmly to Erisvan, eyes gazing into hers. "I die with the knowledge that I moved En'naar to possible action, even at the cost of self. My idealisms towards the more mortal one have faltered, but I stand by what I was taught from the beginning. Power is a thing taken, not freely given, and those who would waste it in solitude deserve to be removed."

Balseraph bellows. "Idealism!" His box echoes his voice, but in a much higher pitch. He swats the cube again, elicitng a sharp squeak. "It was En'narr who betrayed T'ang, and sealed his brother in his own basement, and you have betrayed En'narr and released his arch rival. I should have thought that Erisvan would have told you at least as much. Eat the spoils of my gratitude, and your own faith's loss. Mirmoggin smiles on you - waste it not." He then stabs a twisted fork into a shrunken-head sized morsel of.. shrunken head.

Ciran Acinonyx looks down the table unto Balseraph. "My faith holds strong, and to betray En'naar I would have had to be allied with him in the first place.. In this game of political intrigue... allies are to be found in the oddest places to achieve the end goals, and indeed I shan't waste this bit of favor by Trothfang." reposing from the meal at the table as per his fill. He was never one to eat terribly much anyway.

Lady Erisvan looks up at Ciran. "Intriguing.." She says, and then vanishes suddenly, not even a good bye. The coiled mists of blackness left after her disappearance fade darkly into the shadows.

Balseraph gazes upon Ciran almost lovingly. "The pain.. I see your aptitude for it." He curls his paw around his muzzle and taps his finger between his eyes. "Mark'd you are. The slave-Prime will not take this blasphemy lightly. And that, Ciran Acinonyx, is your reward." The warning? The food? Katrina? What exactly the 'reward' is is up for debate, but Balseraph makes no explainations. The Heretic stands up and pads out of the hall, an uncanny, and disturbing aura following behind. Ciran would feel a painful chill as he passed, and made his way out of the grand doors to the citadel's hallways.

Ciran Acinonyx only gives a nod to the Heretic of Pain, and a shiver as the creature moves past him. He would mutter under his breath a moment later. "We shall see where my venture ends and if it was truly Peristane's will that let's me live." only to turn with a brow raised at Katrina. "Enjoying yourself?"

Katrina Ay'Suffrith hasn't really noticed that the others have departed. She really focused on her own pleasure for food at the moment.

Ciran Acinonyx summarily takes that as a yes as he begins to rise from the dinner table, lest he be pulled back down once more

[I don't believe Si ever met Katrina or Balseraph... thank christ for that small miracle. Being the plaything of Erisvan, Kendrick and Pytch was enough for him.]
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