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A day of questing with your buddies. Unath. 12-5-2003

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 31, 2017 4:09 am    Post subject: A day of questing with your buddies. Unath. 12-5-2003 Reply with quote

[Another logfile that only continues at the end of the quest, thanks to Furcadia being a butt. This one is significantly more plotty and delves deep into the Three Brothers plotline. It seems to be another sent to someone who couldn't be there for the entire run of the quest... which makes sense, seeing as how the logfile ends at 1 AM for me. Were all other Ansteorrans on the west coast, or did we just not give a damn about bedtimes? Maybe we were all insomniacs. Or we just couldn't get enough of one another. :) Some nights I'd stay up until 3 AM just to have more time with the west coasters.

So, anyhow, we left via boat to seek an island in the middle of the sea. There we found a grave bearing this enscription:

"An epitaph of some sort is scratched into the surface of the stone. "Here lies the remains of the last great powers. Consumed by their black sheep, and left to writhe forever in their doubt. Speak the name."

The answer was 'Dragonguard', which Yavin was a member of. Speaking of, this ancient underwater city is where we found Yavin, petrified in stone. She was kind of a badass, as you could see if you downloaded my Halcyon topic zipfile, swinging around this enormous crystalline sword.

In this ancient ruin we found puzzles and three different parchments with three slight variations of the same story, two leading to destruction and one to progression.

I always thought this was a beautiful map.]

- Click for big

[*] News Channel on.
(Lines of DragonSpeak: 267)
(You see Nelaymae Telina.)
> Her lengthy indigo hair flows vividly in the short breeze behind her. A black shirt covers her upper parts, while blue sleeves protrude from it on either side, also a cape of blue follows her on the ground. She holds a simple stick beside herself. She has creamy skin, covering what parts of her body aren't covered with clothes. The female human stands at about 5'8",aged at about 17-20. At her side rests an over long gladius, made of silver but diluted with steel. [AK]
Nelaymae Telina has an alt that got some butters from a friend a month ago ^.^
You say, "Heheh... oops."
Ruby Pyralis cheers.
Danu Mimitsu screams?
Sirum Hest clicked the exit button accidently.
Dream Render: @ruins
You say, "Too many classics... @.@"
Nelaymae Telina: @ruins
Kitzibeth: @ruins
You say, "@ruins"
Sirum Hest abuses alt summoning
[#] Everyone please say @pool
You say, "@pool"
[#] A simple phrase floats amongst the waters: "Name the Red Death."
Kitzibeth: yeah. this doesn't look like a pit ><
Kitzibeth: it looks like a cave room ><
Sirum Hest nods
Kitzibeth shrugs and prays to inari to make her save roll :-D
Dream Render: [O.O]
Dream Render: [Wait..]
Dream Render: [Why does kitz look like sirum, but with wings?]
You say, "[Because my color pattern > all]"
Ruby Pyralis: [XD]
Nelaymae Telina: [Yeah... Kitzi dies, then Sirum loses his Kitzerina... Who which he still owes a date to. xD]
Dream Render: [o.o]
Danu Mimitsu: [What the fuzzy.]
Kitzibeth is a SS, path :P
Nelaymae Telina has SS on another character >.>[]
* Current players: Kitzibeth, Ruby Pyralis, Nelaymae Telina, Seo, Dream Render #2, Sirum Hest, Dream Render, Tyrias Dallmatus, Danu Mimitsu, Hikari Xezo.
* 10 players in the dream of Tyrias Dallmatus.
* 1140 total players online. Uptime 0:10
Danu Mimitsu: [Stop mimicking.]
You say, "[Rakuro left... o.o]"
Kitzibeth: You wouldn't hit Goriel would you?[]
You say, "[Goriel!]"
Danu Mimitsu: [He will be back.]
You say, "[Use the song of... uh... ... whats a good bard song?]"
Kitzibeth: [My bunnie lies over the ocean.. ;-)]
You say, "[Oh, right, nearly forgot about that one]"
[#] Ok, Resuming wehre we leftoff..]
[*] Dream Render rolls 1d100 on severity & gets 44.
Hikari Xezo: [Finaly if i may add].
Dream Render: [21 damage]
Dream Render: [Please roll balance check.[
Dream Render: [d20+dexterity. DC 14]
Sirum Hest gives Kitzi his dex mod? >> []
Dream Render: [13*]
Dream Render: [I hate my keyboard]
[*] Rakuro requests permission to join your company. To accept the request, type `summon and press <enter>. To decline, type `decline and press <enter>
[*] Rakuro joins you.

- The battle grounds. I thought it was a hallway too, personally. ^^;

[*] Kitzibeth rolls 1d20+3 to possibly have wasted an entire 50 kb of logs on AIM.. >.> :-D & gets 16.

Sirum Hest yays :-D []
Hikari Xezo: [My turn?].

[Right. Context for this. The server had went down, because Furcadia is a game so terrible it couldn't help but try to end it's suffering every other day. We're loaded back into a cliffhanger... where Path'en had one of his monsters grapple Kitzibeth, attempting to plunge her into a dark, pit. If she failed the roll it would have been insta-death. Or maybe she would have returned Kitzibeth the Pink.

It would've sucked if Kitzibeth died here. Since. Y'know. She has Sirum's girlfriend in her. Sirum losing Canti and Kitzerina on these quests would've been a bit too much for him.]

Kitzibeth is still grappled by the beast. And bleeding. And owing.

Dream Render #2: [Oy.]
Dream Render #2: [My posting order was erased from my clipboard]
Ruby Pyralis: [@@]
Kitzibeth reads logs
Danu Mimitsu: [After him it was hik, me, ruby, kitz.]
Kitzibeth: [Order: Charlotte, Sirum, Rakuro, Seo, Nelay, Render#2, Render#1, Hikari, Danu, Ruby]
Kitzibeth: +kitz
Dream Render #2: [XD]
Dream Render #2: [Kitz forgot herself too >.>]
Kitzibeth: [See, I am chopped liver XD]
[#] Charlotte, Sirum, Rakuro, Seo, Nelay, Render2, Render1, Hikari, Danu, Ruby, Kitz
[#] Hikari!

[Someone before Si on an init list? Now there's a surprise.]

Hikari Xezo Smites the thing that dares touches Cyan's sister! "Leave use alone!" he smites it twice!.

[*] Hikari Xezo rolls 1d30+10 & gets 34.
[*] Hikari Xezo rolls 1d30+10 & gets 29.
Hikari Xezo: [w00t].
[*] Hikari Xezo rolls 1d100 & gets 46.
[*] Hikari Xezo rolls 1d100 & gets 100.
Hikari Xezo: [WOOT].
You say, "[Smite ze ebil]"
Hikari Xezo: [MY FIRST 100].
Ruby Pyralis: [:D]
Nelaymae Telina: [^.^]
[#] keep cheering to Aim please :-D
Hikari Xezo: [MY FIRST 100! 100 I SAY! PLUS SMITE! and im not on AIM, invite me :-(].
[*] Hikari Xezo rolls 2d10+21 & gets 32.
[*] Hikari Xezo rolls 2d10+21 *woot* 100 & gets 24.
Hikari Xezo: [240!].
Rakuro: [272 =P]
Kitzibeth: [o.o;;;;]
Hikari Xezo: [I was talking about the 100 attack, anywho, if that gargoley isnt dead, nothing will kill it, and then Kitz IS chopped liver].

[Nothing felt better than rolling a 100 on some enemy. Though, granted, Hikari's minimum there was 230 and his maximum was 410 damage, so it was a bit of a small 100 for him, but a dreihander deathblow was never going to be anything less than impressive.]

Dream Render enwraps all four claws about Kitzibeth, its left hindclaw burrying deep within her gut. It's eyeless maw gapes in her face, letting out an unearthly hiss, one that fades into a deafening shriek. The creature ultimately goes into a state of shock and riggamortis, before its ribcage splits open in a shower of pitch black goo (yummy!). The swordstrike is dragged upwards through the creatures head, splitting it in twain. The inky substance oozes out, left behind as the corpse itself melts away>
Dream Render>into a foul-smelling brackish smoke.

[#] [Bing! o.o You've got goo.]
Ruby Pyralis: [That'll leave a mark.]

Kitzibeth would thank Hikari, if she wasn't covered in entrails, goo, blood and other vile humors. She'd take a bath, but that just might hurt more.

Danu Mimitsu raises his staff above his form and twirls it quickly, a few sparkles of blue here and there. A slight mist starts to form and circle around him as he twirls his staff faster. The Mist stars to compact together and liqufy. It then gathers above His head and it is shot at Dream Render #2.[3/3][Water Evocation, *gasp*]

[*] Danu Mimitsu rolls 1d30+8 & gets 38.
[*] Danu Mimitsu rolls 1d100 & gets 95.
[*] Danu Mimitsu rolls 3d12+11 & gets 28.
Danu Mimitsu: [56]
Dream Render: [Just goo >.> everything else evaporated into a stinking smoke that's hovering around you :-D]
Kitzibeth: [Her own blood :P]
Dream Render #2: [okay, goo and blood >.>]

Rakuro would suggest sarcastically, if he wasn't unconcious, that Kitzi research the areas of Wind Tunnel Washing Spells

Ruby Pyralis: [Before I go, is the last dream thing still alive?]
Hikari Xezo: [i think so].
Dream Render #2: [yes]

Ruby Pyralis gets to her feet again, running at the remaining dream thing, slashing at it twice with her axe! [Rage: 2/8]

[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+10 & gets 29.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+10 & gets 17.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d100 & gets 37.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 3d4+10 & gets 13.
Dream Render #2: [Is over here, btw >.>]
Ruby Pyralis: [x)]
Dream Render #2's head snaps to the side, a long string of black goo left on Ruby's sword. [still alive, kinda]
[#] Charlotte, Sirum, Rakuro, Seo, Nelay, Render2, Render1, Hikari, Danu, Ruby, Kitz
[#] Kitzeriffic
Ruby Pyralis has an axe, btw :P]
Dream Render #2: [a.. sword axe >.> swaxe.]
Hikari Xezo: [Why dont i get a witty announcement? :~(].
Hikari Xezo: [XD].
Ruby Pyralis ews as the ooz covers her swaxe :o
Dream Render #2: [Because when I tried it sounded like an explative.[

Kitzibeth moves away from the pit which she thought was a wall :-P:-D. She opts for a more conservative route with this spell, and simply pelts the horrid render with five small blue and red fireballs, produces from a wave from her left pawfingers. >>Inflamus Indigo Cinq!<< [5/5][Fire]

[*] Kitzibeth rolls 1d30+20 to hit! & gets 32.

Sirum Hest cringes at the fire spell coming so close to him.

[In hindsight, making Si afraid of fire magic because of Makolev, in a guild predominantly filled with pyromancers...? Not the best idea.]

Kitzibeth: [hit?]
Dream Render #2: [hit]
[ Solinox whispers, "y helo thar" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[hi2u]" to Solinox. ]
[ Solinox whispers, "Is the quest still going on?" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[On the last enemy who's getting pwned, yes.]" to Solinox. ]
Hikari Xezo: [roll 1d100?].
[*] Kitzibeth rolls 1d100 severity, hoping that the 100 will carry over & gets 50.
Kitzibeth: [lag]
[ Solinox whispers, "is the battle about to be over?" to you. ]
[*] Kitzibeth rolls 5d20+25 damage & gets 61.
Hikari Xezo: [w00t].
[ You whisper "[Looks like it, everyone keeps dealing 50+ damage per turn to it :/]" to Solinox. ]
Hikari Xezo: [Next].

Dream Render #2 lets out a howl as it is blown backwards in a spray of goo into the chasm. The viscious substance is left splattered and flaming against the edge of the walkway, even as the unearthly creature's deathcry is lost to distance.

You say, "[ Char who isn't here.]"
[*] Solinox joins you.

Ruby Pyralis blinks, wiping off some of the goo from her 'swaxe'

Rakuro continues to stare upward at the ceiling, his body seeming to shrink back down to normal sized, his fur loosing a good inch of shagginess, and his teeth also returning to normal.. the hypnotization apparently causing him to lose control of his werewolf side [End of battle, ending of trance]

Kitzibeth collapses to her knees, gripping her massively bleeding abdomen. That thing must have done more damage that it seemed.

Rakuro suddenly doesn't want to return to conciousness, as his abdomen is also ripped open, and still bleeding << >> <<

Sirum Hest had been ready to fire off a few of his special arrows, but as it seems its already dead he just drops his bow to the ground and scurries over to Rakuro and Kitzibeth, floppin down on the ground, " Kitzibeth? Rakuro? Ya two arent too badly hurt, ya?"

Hikari Xezo Looks quickly to Kitzibeth and quickly knees, then placing gracefully his hands on her stomach, good energy healing her! [LoH].

Rakuro: [LoH = Lack of Healing]
Hikari Xezo: [+22].
Hikari Xezo: [*stabs*].

Ruby Pyralis unrages, if that is a word, falling to one knee as she does so and wincing slightly fromt he pain that she was oblivious to before.

Seo crosses his arm not having landed a single spell this whole battle.. Now he was convinced to start studying more liberaly. He gradually glanced around he casually walked over to the 'rage mage' And gave him a simple nudge of the talon "Getting up or not?"

Kitzibeth feels instantly better, though she still holds her tummy, wincing a bit.

Hikari Xezo Quickly looks back and places his hands on rakuros back, healing his wounds. [LoH].

Rakuro's eyes gradually take on a slightly more concious appearance and he suddenly sits bolt upright, letting out a short 'Gyaa!'.. he leaps to his feet and turns around, grabbing at Seo with claws that aren't there, his eyes betraying he's not entirely sane right now, "Where are they?! I'm going to kill them if they touch her again"

Ruby Pyralis: [Battle over?]
Kitzibeth: [yus]
You say, "[Unless Yavin's going to turn evil... :3]"
Ruby Pyralis: [x)]
Yavin Triage: [*waits for kitz to heelp >.>*]

Danu Mimitsu looks over at Rakuro concernd: Rakuro what are you talking about?

Hikari Xezo Looks at rakuro "Good... Your back up..." he gasping between talks, all that healing is absorving "Who... else needs... healing?".

Danu Mimitsu thinks of something.
Danu Mimitsu looks at yavin: your not doing what i think your doing.
Danu Mimitsu: >><<
Danu Mimitsu notes that would be in broken Elder

Hikari Xezo: [Ive got... very little time, pleace hurry up.... >.< not demanding... simply... saying].

Sirum Hest quickly stands as Rakuro does and shakes his head, "Calm down, Rakuro, Hikari smited the thing back 'ta wherever it came from.", offering down a paw to Kitzibeth as he speaks to Rakuro. A few moments later, he continues with, "...where do we go now...?"

Yavin Triage: [Shush, DM looking for exp charts he posted >.>]
You say, "[Wasnt the GP/PP thing destroyed? o.o]"
You say, "[Along with the charts... or not... <.>;]"

[The GP/PP system. A short lived... thing in Ansteorra. A way to train DMs by limiting what they could do. I hosted a fair few miniquests under that system trying to hoard enough Goblin Points that I could host something meaningful. Giving out loot or EXP diminished your amount of GP to work with, so... you had incentive to be a stingy git. :P Getting people to wanting to be DMs was difficult enough back then. But I wanted to be a DM so bad I worked within the constraints of it.]

Seo blinks and leans away as he's grabbed.. "Where is who? Get off of my raging mage and lets get going."

Hikari Xezo Slowly stands up, sighing hevaly, then he looks behind him "Are you alright Lady Kitzibeth?" he wouldnt dare to bare himself to tell cyan he didnt save his sister.

Ruby Pyralis shifts into her eagle form, mainly just so she can stay out of the way for the most part as she flaps over to the others.

Sirum Hest begins to wonder if Ruby is not a demon but a very sneaky shapeshifter from all her forms. o.o

Ruby Pyralis is both :P

Rakuro growls and lets go of Seo, looking around at all the familiar faces without really recognizing them.. "They're..... they're not here..." he stops abruptly, suddenly looking 20 years older then he really is. He stumbles backwards several steps until he collides with the stone, slumping back against it

Kitzibeth nods. "I'll be fine. I'm quite relieved that I didn't fall into the pit." She stands nervously and sighs. "That hurt."

Sirum Hest nods to her as he makes his way first over to the fountain and then to Rakuro, "...who's not here? An' why do ya look so old? Er... I think that monster might've done somethin' 'ta Rakuro... Danu, find out fast, ya?", referring to divination. o.o

Hikari Xezo: Where? Where? Ill heal! *The presure and tiredness really makes him nervious*

[#] A simple phrase floats amongst the waters: "Name the Red Death."

Ruby Pyralis thinks that shifting into an eagle might not have been wise, feeling ridiculously small and then shifting into her normal form. @.@

Rakuro notes that the 20 years older was semi-metaphorical indicating Rakuro looks very tired, worn out, and a few more lines along the face ^~
Rakuro waves a paw dismissively at Sirum, "No.. I'll.... I'll be fine.. let us finish this. Now"

[#] If you are level 19 or below, add 30 experience. If you are level 20+, add 21 experience.

[Another short lived thing in Anst. It didn't really matter for high levels, since one extra level was just a drop in the bucket for them, but every drop of EXP mattered if you were in the teen-levels. Every level brought you closer to being able to attend epic quests.]

Sirum Hest appears a bit worried for a few moments, but then just nods once more as he stands beside the fountain, "...'name the red death'... who?"

Hikari Xezo: [That... makes no sence, but you will not die :-D].
Ruby Pyralis: [Can we say: Level 11? w00t :D]
Hikari Xezo: [Nrf].

Yavin Triage stares down into the pool, murmering something under her breath.

Danu Mimitsu looks at her: >> Your turning back arnt you<<

Yavin Triage: >>Turning back?<<

Hikari Xezo Offers hand to kitzibeth so she can get up.

Danu Mimitsu blinks: >>To what you were when we found you<<

Yavin Triage: >>What was I when you found me?<< o.o

Danu Mimitsu: >> Er....stone....I remember there was a pool like this one. <<

Yavin Triage shrugs. >>I don't plan to o.o The red Death is mentioned in the book of Tir'Anath, though. That's all I know.<<

Sirum Hest seems to be the only one paying attention to the pool, so he just murmurs, "Red death... erf... hey, Kitzibeth, ya ever heard of somethin' called that before?"

Rakuro slowly slides back up along the stone, his back rubbing against it with a coarse, almost grinding noise. His eyes closed with a small growl

Kitzibeth has issues standing. Padding over to the pool, she looks to Yavin and frowns. "No, I have not, Sirum."

Hikari Xezo: [How did sirum know of the red death].
Rakuro lets Kitzi through ^^]
[#] A simple phrase floats amongst the waters: "Name the Red Death."
You say, "[Its in the pool, Hikari]"
Ruby Pyralis: [moof.]
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o;]

Hikari Xezo: Red Death?

Danu Mimitsu says under his breath: Name the red death....

Hikari Xezo: In all my books i dont remmember such a word.

Rakuro: It's... Ephil-Unath

Ruby Pyralis shrugs, "So... how do we plan to... get out?"

Sirum Hest raises a brow from Rakuro's words, then leans forward to speak the name to the water.

Rakuro mutters darkly and looks into the pool, "The Red Death... the great evil that the brothers faced... was it not the Ephil-Unath?"

You say, "Ephil-Unath"
You say, "[With an @?]"
Hikari Xezo: @Ephil-unath

[#] The chamber fades away, giving birth to a magnificant library of sorts. Obviously a record keeping room. It seems to be a trend to these ancient places, that their most well gaurded secret is always knowledge. It would make sense though, in an era of magick. High overhead the waters of the ocean shimmer clearly, witheld in a beautiful dome of crystal.

Kitzibeth shakes her head. "I believe so. Or.. " She is teleported.

Rakuro smiles weakly.. "I was right.. amazing"

Kitzibeth: Where are we?"

Ruby Pyralis looks around, blinking o.o

Hikari Xezo: Look at all the books!.

Nelaymae Telina blinks as well o.o

Hikari Xezo Looks aat the other persone..... "Um... Everyone.... who is he?".

Sirum Hest looks around at each of the bookcases a bit surprised, "Its like the tomb..."

[Si's comparing the final room here to the final room of Amin'Briathe's tomb. The ancients all used the same interior decorator, maybe. Or they all had the same DM. x3]

(You see Tyrias Dallmatus.)
> A barely tangable, looming figure. It stares bitterly off into the darkness with a once proud jaw set rigid from endless suffering. Through its transucence a distinct hue of silver can be seen to glimmer across the memory of the magnificant creature... Though in truth all that remained was the memory of the power and majesty that it once held, trapped forever within the expanse of its wings... [AK NPC]

Tyrias Dallmatus fades into being, A barely tangable, looming figure. It stares bitterly off into the darkness with a once proud jaw set rigid from endless suffering. Through its transucence a distinct hue of silver can be seen to glimmer across the memory of the magnificant creature... Though in truth all that remained was the memory of the power and majesty that it once held, trapped forever within the expanse of its wings. Slowly, the creature's head cranes upwards, its spectral eyes blinking open.

Danu Mimitsu is teleported: What the...

Rakuro's eyes travel upward to gaze through the crystal dome at the sea.. "That's.. amazing...". his eyes then travel downward, taking in each of the books slowly, then finally noticing the being

Sirum Hest calls over to the creature near the chest in a friendly greeting, hoping they wont have to senselessly fight it, "Hiya! Can ya understand me?"

[Si established two things on many quests right off. #1: Do we have to fight? #2: Are you speaking Jerktongue like the rest of the ancient creatures?]

Hikari Xezo: [Should i feel evil emiting from him?].

[#] No. just a sense of remorse, and loss. Everyone would.

Danu Mimitsu quickly turns to face Tyrias, keeping quiet.

Sirum Hest's friendly greeting is thus less friendlier than intended, though still a greeting.

Hikari Xezo Hmms... before trying to take a step and feels this icky feeling "???".

Ruby Pyralis doesn't know much of this... remorse or loss thing, but blinks anyway. o.o

Kitzibeth: >>Hail. We are from Calenndor.<< She says, pitying the being.

Tyrias Dallmatus speaks in a booming voice. A commanding tone that breaks through the air with an authoritative finality. >>Name your purpose. If ye be graverobbers, and I ken it not, then flee this place at once.. The books you may not touch, for what is contained within shall not be released into the world ere another age passes.<<

[Jerktongue it is. Kitz and Rak can have words with it. Sigh. :P I wonder what was in those books?]

Yavin Triage immediately drops to one knee and lowers her gaze, motioning erratically for the others to follow suite.

Sirum Hest sighs from the feeling of loss he's getting and stares off at the floor, murmuring quietly, "...can someone translate please... I can't understand...", not noticing Yavin as his gaze is to the stone.

Kitzibeth turns around. "Anyone have a good answer as to why we're here?" She says in common, hoping that the ghost cannot hear, making herself into a genuflicative pose. She answers >>We live in the fourth year of the Fourth Age of Feanor.<<

Rakuro drops to one knee accordingly and calls over >>Lord of this library, we apologize for the intrusion, but we seek an item.. an item to help us in a very important quest to this age<<

Nelaymae Telina drops to one knee and lowers her gaze slightly as Yavin had

Danu Mimitsu also drops to a knee. He understands what they are saying but keeps quiet.

Ruby Pyralis is -not- one to knee to anyone, no matter who it is, continuing to stnad.

Seo shakes his head in distaste and does the same.. Kneeling down and lowering his gaze.

Tyrias Dallmatus watches each of the creatures in turn, and slowly stands. A frown etches across its gleaming scales. The remorse fluxuates into something else.. indignation, directed at the three left standing.

Ruby Pyralis is too tired to read, gonna sleep. ~.~ Night.]

Hikari Xezo Sits down, noticing that him standing up is not good for diplomacy... but he is ready to protect kitzibeth the second the stranger attacks.

Sirum Hest continues to stare straight down at the floor, but as he sees Danu has knelt he just flops down on the floor as he calls over to Kitzibeth, "...we're here 'ta get some stuff 'ta make a sword, aren't we?"

Kitzibeth: "Yes. We are here for the .. " She trails off, trying to think of the item..

Rakuro smiles and adds to Kitzi's sentence, "The Scales. Whatever that is.. I unfortunately did not read the plans for the sword, but I know that's what we're here for"

Tyrias Dallmatus drums a line of ghostly claws across its opposite forearms.

Hikari Xezo Feels a tad nervious... claws.... urg... twich twich

Sirum Hest glances up from the floor and to the man, scooting forward along it to get a better look at him, "...he's got scales... are we supposed 'ta take his or somethin'? Or does he have some in that chest behind him..."

Kitzibeth: Skin of the Silver Dragons.

Rakuro coughs lightly, almost unnoticeably, and speaks in his broken Elder Arcane >>We are here for the Scales of a Silver Dragon.. to forge a sword to rid this age of a great evil<< [I think :-D]

Kitzibeth looks up to the apparition. >>We have come, seeking the Skin of the Celeb'Quessir. We seek to Forge the blade Which has been named the Wailing of the Void.<<

Hikari Xezo Urg....Twich...

Tyrias Dallmatus: >>You do not comprehend that which you craft.<<
Tyrias Dallmatus lowers a swift brace of claws towards Kitzibeth's temple in the attempt to grab hold of the feline's head, an easy feat for the enormous creature. Though spectral, it seems to hold some substance of force through magicks. >>Which brother do you trust?<<

Rakuro smiles, muttering under his breath, "By the gods he's a sharp one.."

Tyrias Dallmatus: >>Answer carefully, for if your answer is wrong, you will perish.<<

Hikari Xezo Reflexes almost budge "Kitzibeth.... Should i do something.... Urg".

Kitzibeth just got finished being told this by a damned simulacrum in the desert of Aractha. >>Be that as it may..<< She's grabbed and squeaks, it's a bit hard to think, given the fact that she's on the spot.

Kitzibeth: [1 sec, need to look up answer :-)]

[#] [Think carefully and talk alot. I tell you this because it is probably one of the most important decisions you will make in this plot, and has a huge impact on the outcome]

Sirum Hest curls his small paws up into fists, trying his best not to glare at the man as he mutters something about releasing her. o.o

[#] [Think carefully and talk alot. I tell you this because it is probably one of the most important decisions you will make in this plot, and has a huge impact on the outcome]
[#] [It isn't a right/wrong answer. the quest comes to different endings based on your decision here]

[We were told the same thing about whether we gave Kazunori the plans or killed him, and so many things across the Three Brothers plot... in the end the questline never resolved. Welp. :P]

You say, "[Huge impact = Squished Kitzi?]"
Nelaymae Telina: [xD]
Hikari Xezo: [What brother are you talking about? Cyan?].

Danu Mimitsu looks at them all: He is asking us which brother do we trust.

Nelaymae Telina blinks at Danu, "Which brother we trust? Trust them on what?"

Rakuro smiles lightly, silently knowing exactly which brother he would trust
Tyrias Dallmatus will only respond to Kitzibeth's answer, spoken in arcane.

Danu Mimitsu looks at rakuro, feeling the same as he knows which one he trusts also

Sirum Hest tilts his head slightly, "The youngest brother was the one that sacrificed himself, ya?"

Hikari Xezo: The one that conects the two... the one that leads.... or the one that looks out for the well being of everyone...

Kitzibeth thinks long and hard about the book that she translated. In the story, the youngest brother sacrificed himself... The eldest brother was scarred, and was seeking the books. He was their enemy. The middle brother.. He was not known to her. >>T..the..<< She stammers. >>Youngest.. who sacrificed himself to protect .. his family.<<

Rakuro nods to Sirum, "Of course. The eldest wished to fight alone, the middle brother wished to keep them all together, and to die as three, and the youngest of all the brothers wished to look out for the two.. and eventually sacrificed himself to the Ephil-Unath, or Red Death, to save his brothers"

Hikari Xezo Gasps to the crucial event...

Rakuro smiles as Kitzi answers, his eyes locking on the apparition, the air tense, the situation becoming increasingly interesting

Sirum Hest winces slightly as he hears Kitzibeth answer in the language he cant understand, looking to the man and hoping he will release her, otherwise perfectly still.

Nelaymae Telina slowly bites her lower lip, looking at the ghostly specter to see his actions

Tyrias Dallmatus watches Kitzibeth for a long moment. A single, great spectral eye settles to meet Kitzibeth's gaze, peering beyond. Seconds turn to minutes, though it seems like hours before the dragon stirrs. Very slowly, carefully it releases Kitzibeth's head. >>The scales be in the chest at my back. Take them, and anything else in the chest that you wish, leave all else be.

Rakuro's smile broadens, using simple arcane instead of the elder form >>Well answered, Kitzibeth<<

Hikari Xezo Sighs as he liberates her.

Sirum Hest sighs in relief as he sees the creature hadnt killed her, slowly standing and saying quietly so that Kitzibeth could hear, "...whats he sayin'?"

Kitzibeth's head isn't snapped in twain. That could have been annoying. >.> >>Thank you..<< She says, taking the last moment of consciousness to look to Rakuro and make him move, before she faints dead away.

Danu Mimitsu nods: >>I agree with you Mistress<<

Hikari Xezo Gasps "Kitzibeth!" He then moves to her to check for anything indicating death or life.

Tyrias Dallmatus wraps its great wings about itself, and bows low. >>You may have a single question answered.<<

Rakuro gets to his feet quickly and pads straight past Nelay and Danu to Kitzibeth's side. He looks up at the Specter his mind racing with questions..

Hikari Xezo: What did he say?

Tyrias Dallmatus adresses Rakuro now, seeing as Kitzibeth fainted >.>

Kitzibeth is alive. If this were an anime, she'd have little swirls instead of pupils.

Hikari Xezo: [XD].
Tyrias Dallmatus: [ @.@ <-- Kitz :-D]
Hikari Xezo: [Zag would kill you rigth now].

Danu Mimitsu scuttles over to Kitzibeth, a worried look on his face as he looks over her and looks at Rakuro: Is she Ok? Shes Ok right?

Hikari Xezo Checks "She's alright... it must have been the tension.

Rakuro frowns deeply, his thoughts racing with all the questions that need answered in his own life, in the lives of the people behind him, and then encompassing the more important questions of all Callendor...

Nelaymae Telina moves a little closer, sitting on the ground and looking over the femme curiously

Sirum Hest squeezes between the ladder and Hikari to look down at Kitzibeth for a while in thought before grinning weakly "Looks like she jus' passed out... er... Rakuro? Whats happenin'?"

Rakuro: [What's the meaning of life? =P]
Nelaymae Telina: [xD]
Hikari Xezo: [He isnt god you know].
You say, "[To get to level 99]"
Hikari Xezo: [XD].

Rakuro looks the giant specter in the spot where his eyes should be and takes a deep breath >>I wish to know... I wish to know everything about the sword 'Wailing of the Void'<<

[We had an answer to absolutely anything under the sun we wanted answered, and Si never even knew it. Oh, how I -hated- 'Jerktongue' back then. x) There was a mile long list of questions he could have drawn up... but we couldn't be here for hours, so maybe Rak taking initiative was a good thing.]

Tyrias Dallmatus stares at Rakuro a long moment with the same penitrating gaze it gave Kitzibeth. >>You must first answer my riddle.<<

Rakuro smiles lightly.. >>I like riddles<<

(You see Kitzibeth.)
> Kitzerina Elizabeth Na'Vision (call her Kitzi) is a brash, flighty sixteen year old femme, wrapped up in a small, geekish body. Thin, gold-rimmed glasses frame her sea-green eyes, and her hair is tied, very carelessly, in a ponytail. [IC][Ansteorra][Apprentice Sorceress] #C6#C6 #C& #C!

[Hello, Kizzy. This was when Kitzerina and Kitzibeth still shared a body, flickering between the two seemingly at random. It probably sucked for everyone else to lose Kitzibeth at a crucial moment and wind up with an immensely weaker version of her. Si would've been happy to see her anytime, anywhere, though~]

Tyrias Dallmatus: >>What befell this city?<<

Sirum Hest stares at Rakuro blankly as he asks, "...what is goin' on... is he threatenin' 'ta kill us all or what?", flopping down on the floor in front of Kitzibeth and staring down at the floor once more, giving up on finding out if he isn't answered this time.

Rakuro raises an eyebrow then asks in common, hoping that's not against the rules, "He.. wants to know what happened to the city... what 'befell' it to be exact"

Rakuro coughs, hoping somebody will offer some -help <<
Hikari Xezo Looks to rakuro "What is the matter?".

Sirum Hest looks up from the floor and to Rakuro, shrugging, "Those things that attacked us, the red death... um... I dunno. Why doesnt anyone ever use their divinin' magic 'ta find these things out..."

Nelaymae Telina: [Rak, need help? Type help and ask the beekins! :-D]
Hikari Xezo: [XD].

Danu Mimitsu looks up: Wasnt it The Red Death? Don't take my word for it....

Seo: Did we not already cover this..?The red death? Whats his name... That Upa fellow.

Nelaymae Telina pokes Rakuro, "Ask him how many tries we have, or another riddle to confuse him?"

Hikari Xezo: [Faster... please... i was suppose to log 15 minutes ago! >.<+.
[ You whisper "[She look like Kitzerina? o.o]" to Kitzibeth. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "yes" to you. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "kitz just kind of went unconscious kitzerina's asleep. " to you. ]

Sirum Hest, after continuing to stare down at the floor in thought for a while, glances back up to Kitzibeth and realizes shes changed. Quickly, he reaches over to try and lightly drag her out of the crowd of furres and over to by the bookcase, murmuring, "Kitzerina... wake up, if ya can hear me?"

Rakuro frowns deeply and asks a question in retort >>Answer me this before my answer I'll give.. what city are we in?<<

Tyrias Dallmatus: >>Is that your one question?<<

Danu Mimitsu sighs: This guy is difficult.

Rakuro grits his teeth.. >>No<< he mutters in common, "damn..." then switches back to elder arcane >>I wish to know all about the Wailing of the Void.. and...<<
Rakuro pauses groping for a good answer...

Tyrias Dallmatus interrupts. >>Then answer my riddle.<<

Rakuro sighs and simply answers >>It was hit by the Ephil-Unath.. the Red Death?<<. He winces involuntarily, not believing his own answer for some reason

Kitzibeth stirs a bit. "Ow.. my head." She sits. "Where by Patrilius, am I?"

Rakuro mutters to himself about Kitzerina having the worst timing on earth for regaining conciousness.. <<

Kitzibeth is Kitzerina. And has the perfect port for her!! *snatches*

Tyrias Dallmatus: >>Yes. And do you know what the Ephil-Unath was? Who, the Ephil-Unath was?<<

Sirum Hest apparently didnt manage to get her out past Hikari so he just scoots forward once more and grins, reaching over to hug her as he squeaks out happily, "Hiya Kitzerina! Yer in um... an underground place. That man in front of ya made Kitzibeth pass out I think..."

Danu Mimitsu lets out a sigh of releaf which is cut short as he knows nothing about the Ephil-Unath.

Rakuro frowns darkly, >>I have already answered your riddle, specter. You stated nothing of a second<<. He's not sure if such open rebellion is wise, but he answered the question!

Tyrias Dallmatus's voice booms out. >>Do not question me. Your answer was not specific enough. You speak words you do not understand.<<

Kitzibeth blinks. "That would explain why i'm here." She clings to Sirum. "Who.. what.. is that??"

Danu Mimitsu looks at Kitzerina; Do you know what the Ephil-Unath is kitzerina?

Rakuro sighs and searches for an answer
Rakuro shakes his head, "Not what, Danu... -who-"

Danu Mimitsu blinks: Ok...Who...

Kitzibeth: A Epil whooath? What are they talking about? Sounds like a demon or something.

Sirum Hest laughs nervously as he's clung to and questioned, shrugging to her, "Its got scales... er... a dragon I think."

Danu Mimitsu: The red death? Do you know who or what that was?

Rakuro lifts up a paw as though reading something off his pawdigits.. >>As I said, the Ephil-Unath was the Red Death... as to who.....<< he pauses, his mind drawing a blank, history having never been his strong point

[#] [C'mon everyone. It's plot-math hour! :-D Time to take all those little tid bits of plot, all those main NPC characters, and all those wierd little stories and match them up]

Kitzibeth taps her head and shrugs. "It sounds like a demon's moniker. "Epil-stop-whooah! The Red death!"

Kitzibeth: [I'd put bets that Epil-Unath is the Scrollkeeper. Or at least one of his three forms.]
Rakuro: [Path'en.. you're evil =P]
Rakuro: [We love you]
Sirum Hest has been on every Path'en quest and mini-quest as Sirum, and has one of the best memories... and has no clue what this riddle is about. ^^; []

Sirum Hest turns to face the creature beside him and looks upwards, "Can ya try 'ta speak common? An'... um... I dont understand whats goin' on... what are ya tryin' 'ta find out, Rakuro?"

Rakuro frowns and repeats, "He wants to know what or who the Ephil-Unath is"

Danu Mimitsu thinks: Isnt it what the youngest brother sacraficed himself to kill?

[#] I will have mercy
[#] Sit back and prepare for flashbacks 101
Rakuro loves flashbacks!
[#] ""Once, there were three brothers, all born on the same date. The first, when the sun was at its Zenith, the second, when the earth had passed one quarter of its turn after, and the third was born three hours before the first. The eldest was destined to lead, and the youngest to watch where they had been."
[#] ""And so.. the three brothers grew together, learning from one another. The eldest of the three always led the trio. The youngest always watched out for the other two. And the middle brother kept the other two together... The three roamed through the lands, and were soon noted for many acts of valor and bravery."
[#] "Until there came a time.. the three brothers faced something unspeakably evil. Their fame had spread too widely, and the Ephil-Unath were on the move against them.. The eldest brother saught to rise alone, and fight the force that none could.. the middle wanted to stick together, and die as three. And the last.. wanted to watch out for the other two. It was the youngest brother, who sacrificed himself to"
[#] "stop the rising of the darkness, and the Ephil-Unath was banished. The two brothers were striken with grief, and blamed one another for the loss of their sibling.. and were ultimately torn apart. The middle brother eventually came to accept the death of his brother, and passed on into oblivion, overcome by guilt.The eldest knew there was nothing left to be done, and faded into obscurity."
[#] ""Years passed, and the world dragged on through the daily troubles that harrass it so. The eldest of the three brothers, had come to a seat of power within an elaborately built civilization, bearing with him a great responsability. Eventually, a great cataclysm swept the land, brought on the by eldest brothers madness, incited by grief, and guilt."
[#] The land was left to ruin, and the civilization faded into nothingness, a mere blink in the history of the world, that was soon forgotten."

Kitzibeth: [cataclysm -> elder brother]
[#] ""Of the three, two remained, both refusing to take the blame. Torn apart by inner grief, in truth, both longed to kill the thief. That poisoned thought, and corrupted mind, the keeper of scrolls they saught to find. The red death must be removed.""
Kitzibeth: [elder brother -> Ellisthar!]
Rakuro: [Ellisthar O.O]
[#] ""The gods looked down upon the celestial sphere, and saw the fall of this mighty civilization. Enraged at the senseless loss of life, the Eldest brother was taken, to stand on trial before the gods for his crime. For a fortnight the trial continued on, until the middle brother himself was taken to testify before the gods."
Tyrias Dallmatus claps for rakuro![]
Rakuro thanks Path'en and Kitzi for their absolutely wonderful history lessons! ^^]
[#] "The entire recounting of the sacrafice of the youngest brother was told. And the god came to a decision. The middle brother was wiped of all memory, and thrown back into the world. And the Eldest brother, was to br punished. Coming to stand before Celeni, the god of judgement. The god lifted her claws, and spoke the punishment."
[#] "The eldest brother was cursed with eternity, and banished from the realm of heroes for all time. Her claws decended, and struck the Eldest brother on the side of the face, forever marring him with scars of shame. With that, the brother was banished."

[#] </flashback>

Rakuro racks his mind for the anwers, then finally comes up with something.. he answers with a small smile >>The Ephil-Unath, the Red Death, was the Eldest Brother, Ellisthar!<<

Danu Mimitsu looks up: >> Yes that makes sense<< He then looks up to see what Tyrias says.

Sirum Hest figures Rakuro to just be conversing in the odd language instead of answering, so he just leans over and whispers to Kitzerina, "Dont suppose ya can understand 'em...?"

[Around now with Path's quest NPCs Sirum just tended to clock out and wait for resolution. :P Ya'll just talk into your magical mumbo-jumbo, it's cool.]

Kitzibeth: Master Rakuro, what are you saying?" She looks at him dumbfoundedly. "Something about pea soup and fog, I think.. It's not Arcane, I tell you that!"

Sirum Hest snickers quietly from her vague translation, "An' I thought they were havin' a serious conversation, hehehe..."

Tyrias Dallmatus: >>Incorrect.<<

Danu Mimitsu looks up, a shocked look on his face: >What?<<

Rakuro lowers his eyebrow, giving him a 0o expression, but darker.. >>How can the Ephil-Unath not be Ellisthar? Is he not the one that came, stricken by grief by the death of his younger brother, and laid waste to the land?!<<

Tyrias Dallmatus: >>The Eldest brother caused a cataclysm after the Ephil-Unath. The cataclysm that sparked the Turning of the Ages.<<
Tyrias Dallmatus: >>The brothers fought as three to banish the Ephil-Unath, though the middle came what it was he saught so desparately to destroy.<<
Tyrias Dallmatus: >>I ask you again. Who is the Ephil-Unath. And why has it returned.<<

Danu Mimitsu blinks: >>Reurned?<<

Sirum Hest stares blankly from the length speech he doesnt understand a word of, " translation, someone..."

Tyrias Dallmatus: >>You would not be here, unless the Ephil-Unath has returned.<<

Kitzibeth: It's these times when I wish that Erisvan was still here. I'd be able to ask her. She knows all this stuff." She remarks, not really knowing that Erisvan is as evil as everyone knows her to be. Not Sirum-naieve about it, but not scared silly.

[#] [C'mon folks, try and remember our NPC cast]

Danu Mimitsu thinks: The Ephil-Unath were a group wernt they?

Tyrias Dallmatus notes he's been referring to the Ephil-Unath in the single tense.

Kitzibeth: [sandfolk?]
You say, "[ScrollKeeper, Kazunori, The Bone Guy Who Attacked Twice]"
Tyrias Dallmatus: [Kazunori and Bone guy are chump change.]
Hikari Xezo: [Yavin?+.
Tyrias Dallmatus: [Review our caste of major bosses. The major bosses we've ever had]
Hikari Xezo: [The lich?].
You say, "[...SandScout #3? *hides*]"
Kitzibeth: [Thelmin, Scrolly, the lich,]
Danu Mimitsu: [Scroll, Erisvan, Catherine, ]
Kitzibeth: [Those are the three biggies from you.]
Tyrias Dallmatus: [One more]

Sirum Hest winces from Kitzerina's words and shakes his head quickly, "If she were here she'd probably be killin' the thing in front of us or markin' him..."

Hikari Xezo: [Hmmm....]
Tyrias Dallmatus: [Your hint is "Teo"]
Hikari Xezo: [Teonnyn?].
Tyrias Dallmatus: [Only kitz would know this one]
Danu Mimitsu: [Umm....Teo?]
Tyrias Dallmatus: [Teo was the only one there.. I think Solinox too.]
Danu Mimitsu: [Ummmthe arch magus?]
Tyrias Dallmatus: [err, Kitz]
You say, "[...and Kitz is sleeping. XD]"
Rakuro: [Ephil-Unath is the middle brother, the Scrollkeeper, come back in this time to discover the books and bring the three brothers back together? 0o]
Tyrias Dallmatus: [Nono]
Kitzibeth: [It would have to be Scrolly. Ellisthar kidnapped Teo in the quest that caused Path to leave >.>]
Rakuro is unfortunately floundering in lack of history]
Tyrias Dallmatus: [Scrolly, Ellithshar, Thelmin. Good. Now put puzzle pieces together :-D]
Danu Mimitsu: [The dark Primes? Im so clueless.]
Hikari Xezo: [Thelmin is Scrolly?].

Rakuro lowers his eyes >>Then... the Ephil-Unath is the middle brother.. and he has returned.. to.. reunite the three brothers? To calm his own grief and guilt and bring them all back as one?<<

Kitzibeth: [Well, why Scrolly would want teo is a mystery, besides the silver scales. Ellisthar wants the blade! And Scrolly, being heretic of bad dreams is an enabler. Thelmin's lost in the void, so apparently they want to bring him back to open up the gate of rune-y evil and destroy the world (which is Eris's depertment) :-P]

Danu Mimitsu thiks: Are the three brotherse...The scrollmaster, Ellithshar, and Thlmin?

Tyrias Dallmatus smiles >>Closer, Child of the water.<<

You say, "[...are Scrolly, Thelmin and Ellisthar the brothers? ... Scrolly would be the ... er... youngest. Since he's ethereal and the youngest is dead... Ellisthar is already known to be the oldest, an that leaves Thelmin to be the middle. o.o]"
You say, "[</very unlikely theory>]"
Hikari Xezo: [I think sirums got it].
Rakuro: [So the Scrollkeeper is the original Red Death that fought against the three brothers, Ellisthar, <insert name here>, and Thelmin.. <insert name here> became the Scrollkeeper, and now, after all this time, he's come back to bring Ellisthar and Thelmin back together and reunite the Three that they once were... but other then to calm his grief I can't think of why]
Kitzibeth: [Scrolly's evil though. And what about the scroll keeper in the ruins? The one who killed Micheru the Liar?]
Nelaymae Telina: [To wreak havoc upon Barney.]
Hikari Xezo: [XD]
Kitzibeth: [I remember him saying that there were three scrollkeepers. The Heretic one was the most evil..]

Rakuro's eyebrows crease in deep thought....

Sirum Hest flops forward onto the floor and sighs in frustration, "I think he's jus' keepin' us here like this 'cause he's lonely. He must've been down here a long time..."

Rakuro: >>So the Ephil-Unath is the power of the Dark Primes.. a manifestation, like the Heretics? and it has returned now to ressurect its brothers, the Eldest and the Youngest, that they may once more be the Three that he so longed them to stay as?<<

Sirum Hest then suggests seriously something which likely wont be taken seriously, "...cant we jus' take 'em back 'ta Ansteorra with us like we did Yavin an' let 'em stay in the mages guild till we find the answer?"

Kitzibeth simply cuddles with Sirum. She no speakie the Elder Arcane. She can hardly speak Arcane.

Sirum Hest grins from the cuddles and just hugs her before cuddling back, murmuring, "Nevermind... I jus' give up. Someone should go upstairs though 'ta find out where we are...", his tail flicking back over in the direction of the stairs.

[If Kiv were here, she could grumble about Jerktongue with Si. But he has Kizzy for that instead, and cuddles to boot. What grander prize could there be at the end of a tomb than snuggles? <3]

Tyrias Dallmatus: >>close enough. Listen carefully, child.<<

Danu Mimitsu exe's last post but durs not Yavin anyways, walking over to her: >>Do you know the answer to what he is asking?

Rakuro's ears do not swivel then, and his eyes remain completely fixed upon Tyrias, practically radiating attention

Tyrias Dallmatus: >>The avatar of the Ephil-Unath is the middle brother. In his guilt he was consumed, and in his guilt he lay in a pyre atop the red death for many aeons.<<

Tyrias Dallmatus: >>What roused the Ephil-Unath I cannot say, that you must yet learn. But the Avatar of the Ephil-Unath seeks to unite its brothers, as it always has. If it succeeds, the other brothers will succumb to the Ephil-Unath. Their combined might will bring about another Cataclysm, and the balance of magicks will be disrupted.<<

Tyrias Dallmatus: >>The Void is preparing all three brothers for this event.<<
Tyrias Dallmatus: >>The Eldest has already recieved realization of his past. The Eldest seeks to keep the old age, by slaying both brothers, and then himself.<<
Tyrias Dallmatus: >>The youngest has yet to realize his purpose. And thus, the race for the sword continues.<<

Kitzibeth yawns. "Purple headed dog-cat to you too.." She says dismissvely to the dragon. "Does he stop talking, Si-si?" To Sirum.

Rakuro frowns darkly.. >>Then what is it that we must do with this sword we seek to create? Is it a weapon for or against us? Is it possible to destroy the Ephil-Unath at all?<<. He realizes after asking that he was only allowed one question.. but doesn't care too much

Tyrias Dallmatus: >>Only one may be assembled, and only one of the three brothers will recieve the weapon.<<
Tyrias Dallmatus: >>The sword is the only weapon capable of destroying a brother.<<

[*smacks hands together* Time out. Why is this ancient dragon NPC saying one of the brothers must receive the weapon, and it's capable of destroying the brothers? The Wailing of the Void was only for women and was made to slay Pytch. I still remember quite a bit about the Three Brothers storyline and I don't remember this ever coming up again. Buh?]

Rakuro stops himself, hoping the specter ignores his questions.. >>I see.. so we must create the sword, and give it to the brother which we trust the most...<<

Sirum Hest shakes his head to Kitzerina, "I think he jus' goes on an' on speakin' in the strange language until we either run off or attack him. Hum... wonder what he'd do if I went through his treasure chest... hehehe...", glancing behind him to look it over.

Rakuro swallows hard.. >>And.. with all that you have told us.. the Eldest Brother is the one to trust. As he wishes to destroy both brothers, and then himself..<<

Tyrias Dallmatus: >>It alone, can bring about a new age dedicated to the Darkness, or bring about a new age dedicated to neutrality<<

Danu Mimitsu nods to himself, listining to what Rakuro is saying ,starting to translate out loud for everyone else.

Tyrias Dallmatus: >>The final way, will keep the age of light.<<

Rakuro lowers his eyes to the floor again, not saying anything for now...

Hikari Xezo Gasps to all teh story he is being tolled.

Tyrias Dallmatus: >>Every brother does what he believes to be right<<

Kitzibeth notes that Hikari can't speak Elder Arcane.
Hikari Xezo: [Danu is translating].

Tyrias Dallmatus: >>The Youngest will seek to destroy the Ephil-Unath. The Middle seeks to cause the two to join the one. And the Eldest will seek to destroy all three, to redeem himself in the eyes of the Primes.<< As the dragon speaks, Danu translates.

Solinox: (Night everyone, I need some sleep.)
You say, "[Later, Sol]"
Rakuro: [Night]
Kitzibeth: [nite!]
Rakuro: [Gah.. I have to go really soon as well]
Hikari Xezo: [I was suppose to go an hour ago, is fried].
Hikari Xezo: [Path, really great storry, but most of us REALLY have to go... so please pick up the pace, thanks].
Danu Mimitsu: [...]
Seo: ("You can't rush art.")
Tyrias Dallmatus: [It's the end]
Danu Mimitsu: [chill...out.]
Tyrias Dallmatus: [Dragon is waiting on feedback from Danu]

Sirum Hest calls over to both Rakuro and Danu, "Ask him if he minds if I look in the chest. I dont have anythin' else 'ta do since he cant understand me."

Rakuro: [Erf. So we grab the scales and head back home? xo; I must run away if that's the case]

Tyrias Dallmatus: >>That is all you need to know about the sword.<<
Tyrias Dallmatus the spectre fades away with a small sigh of relief.
Hikari Xezo Gasps....
[#] +35 experience.
Hikari Xezo: Wait...

Rakuro: [Okay then. Goodnight everyone! I doubt I can get back anytime.. at all.. so bye xo;;]
Hikari Xezo: [yay].

Danu Mimitsu looks over at the Dragon >> The youngest is light, the middle is neutrel and the oldest is darkness?<<

Yavin Triage: [Night Rak]
Rakuro poofs sadly]
[%] Rakuro just gave Yavin Triage a cookie.
Nelaymae Telina: [Quest over?]
Rakuro: [-Great- quest, Path :-D definitely one of your best]
Hikari Xezo: how are we going to get out of here?
Kitzibeth: [Yeah, I'm waiting for chap 5 :-D]
[#] [Ahem, go ahead, loot chest]

Kitzibeth loots!

Sirum Hest nods over in the direction of the stairs as he makes his way over to the chest.

[#] [And if you go up the stairs back there you figure out how you get out]

Hikari Xezo loots first
Nelaymae Telina loots?

Danu Mimitsu: [The storyline is]
You say, "[Paladins no get loot, Hikkipony :P]"
Nelaymae Telina: [We get any XP for quest completion? >.>]
Hikari Xezo: [I sell loot rat boy].

[A Paladin getting items from a quest was about the same as Kitzibeth getting them. With Kitzibeth they were erased into her satchel. With Paladins, they had to give anything they looted to the Holy Primes Church. So, really, there was no reason not to beat Paladins unconscious after quests and take whatever they aimed to poof by way of charity. Fetch me a Marlina.]

[#] LOOT:
[#] a small, tourlamine silver ring. A second golden wedding band. A silvery axe. A black cloak, and at the very bottom, ten silver dragon scales.

[*] Rivyn requests permission to join your company. To accept the request, type `summon and press <enter>. To decline, type `decline and press <enter>
[*] Rivyn joins you.
You say, "[Rivyn's here for the loot]"
You say, "[If he gets loaded in time XD]"

[#] [By the way, this also explains why Ellithshar Kidnapped Teonnyn. Teonnyn = Silver dragon]

[I wasn't here for Teo's kidnapping. I was surprised that a lot of this quest pre-dated me. I wonder why Path left the guild for a while after Ellith kidnapped Teo?]

Hikari Xezo: [o.o].
Nelaymae Telina tries to grab the black cloak
Hikari Xezo: [I already whispered the ring to Yavin].
Nelaymae Telina likes goth looking things >.>
Kitzibeth already noted that[]
You say, "[But Paladins didnt get loot I thought. o.O"
Hikari Xezo: [I sell it].
Hikari Xezo: [Period :-D].
Hikari Xezo: [Besides, ill ask Cyan if i can keep it].
Seo: (After the bracket. :P)
[#] Whisper me NOW if you want the Silver Tourlamine ring.
Danu Mimitsu: [Ok what loot? I lagged out.]
[#] [Keep in mind, you may only get one thing]
Hikari Xezo: [was too late ;.;].
You say, "[A ring, a weddin band, an axe, a cloak and ten dragon scales]"
Danu Mimitsu will go for the ri
[#] [Ring goes to Seo.]
Hikari Xezo: [O.o].
Hikari Xezo: [Damn].
[#] Gold wedding band NOW
Seo: (Horah)
[#] Wedding band to Danu
[#] Cloak!
Danu Mimitsu[yush.]
Nelaymae Telina: [God lag. >.<]
Sirum Hest waves to Rivyn []
[#] Cloak to Nelaymae.
Rivyn: [Yo-ho ahoy.[
Hikari Xezo: [O.o].
Nelaymae Telina: [Woo! ^.^]
Nelaymae Telina wanted the golden wedding band :-([]
Nelaymae Telina got a cloak instead though, so meh.[]
[#] Axe?

Danu Mimitsu walks over and picks up the wedding band and looks over it: If anyone would like me to look over there Irems i would be Glad to try.

Hikari Xezo: [I think i got it.
Yavin Triage: [o.o;]
Hikari Xezo: [Fudge].

Nelaymae Telina walks over to Danu, the cloak draped over her arms, "Could you look over mine?"

[#] Axe to Hikari

Hikari Xezo: [YAY].

Hikari Xezo Grabs the axe "Hmm... i betcha this will do a resonable price".

Danu Mimitsu looks at his wedding band and places his other hand over it. he nods To Nelaymae and says: yes just one moment. he then says >weddind band<< [3/3][Divination.

Sirum Hest blinks as every single piece of loot except the dragon scales gets snatched up in front of him as soon as he opens the chest, "...uh... that was... odd... er... I guess I'll take the scales then... if no one minds..."

[People tended to complain that Sirum was a hoarder... but mainly all he got were plot items. ^^; Which he was happy to have, really. Most stuff he bought off of people, traded for. Nothing was ever sold to the void for coin, items had a history tied to them. A remnant of an adventure from ages past. I think that's why the loot wipes that happened occasionally made me sad, it felt like little pieces of the continuity burning away, characters made a little less unique. Jonathan's stone sword he disarmed from statues and dragged away, the Lightning and Thunder spears claimed by Tantsui and Fiona Mendon, Ruby's shield that made enemies botch on rolls of 1-2, Erk's +5 Severity staff, Si's regenerative troll claws.]

Kitzibeth searches the bottom, since everyone took somehing

Seo slides down the ladder and quickly uses a magnetic force to pull the ring to him.. He looks it over and walks over beside Danu holding it out to him "Intrigue me?"

Hikari Xezo Paws it to kitzerina "Would you please tell me what it does?".

Danu Mimitsu: [Getting BRC and stuff, please be patient.]
Nelaymae Telina is lagging horribly >.<[]
Seo had to land a single spell today.. Retrieval spells are best. ()

Kitzibeth shrugs. "I can't tell you."

Hikari Xezo: Drat....

Nelaymae Telina: [Hey, Yavin, any XP for quest completion?]
Danu Mimitsu: [35.]
Hikari Xezo: [He already said it].

Sirum Hest, as no ones stopping him, he collects the silver scales and looks them over curiously in his paws, "...this is what we came here for... erf..."

Nelaymae Telina: [35 Xp for quest completion? Woo! Level ^.^]

Kitzibeth pulls out a small anklet.

Hikari Xezo: [??].
Kitzibeth: [crap. gotta go]
You say, "[Later Kitzi]"
Hikari Xezo: [See ya].
Yavin Triage: [everyone please exit up the stairs]
Rivyn: [Bye Kitzi.]
Yavin Triage: [Everyone please leave up the stairs really fast]

[#] At the top of the stairs, the barrier holding the water up gives way, plunging you into the waters. Eventually you resurface next to the gnomish ship.

Hikari Xezo: What the?

Yavin Triage: [No fun ride for Kitz, but meh ^^]

Kitzibeth yelps. gets waterburn.
Kitzibeth sleeps

Seo manages to fly aboard..

[#] The crew of the gnomish ship has seemingly managed to put the fires out, and repaired the damage from striking the reef. Sodden and shaken, but triumphant, the group is sailed back to the safety of Ansteorra harbor, arriving there three days later with the treasure of the Silver dragon scales

[#] [BCR for all artifacts is 25]
Hikari Xezo: [>.o].

Sirum Hest shakes himself off once he gets aboard the ship, continuing to stare at the scales blankly.

Hikari Xezo: [well gotta leave].
Hikari Xezo: [see yall].
You say, "[Later Hikari ^^}"
Danu Mimitsu: [THERE.]
Danu Mimitsu: [Ok im lag free.]

Yavin Triage wanders to Sirum and gently clasps a paw over his, then moves it to place it overtop of the scales. >>Be careful with that. They are the most precious thing we retrieved today.<< She smiles, knowing that the rodent could not understand, but hoping the meaning came through.

[Yes. Entrust the fourteen year old with something that could save the world. ... Flash forward a year, he's sleeping at the top of the Mages Guild with the Wailing of the Void hidden underneath his bed. A very dignified place for it! Until he can figure out how to actually use it... >_>]

[*] Danu Mimitsu rolls 1d30+8 for ring & gets 10.

Danu Mimitsu shakes his head. no that wont let me try that cloke first.
Nelaymae Telina hands him the cloak
Danu Mimitsu takes the cloke and waves his hands over it, a blue glow comeing over him and the cloke. >>cloke<< [3/3]

[*] Danu Mimitsu rolls 1d30+8 & gets 28.
Nelaymae Telina: [^.^]

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Sirum Hest tilts his head slightly as Yavin speaks, showing his lack of understanding but then he just nods anyways, taking off his cloak as he figures she was referring to the scales and placing each of them on it, then wrapping it up tightly, "No ones gettin' these, least not till its time 'ta get the sword, hehehe..."

Danu Mimitsu: [Cloke info please.]
Rivyn: [Danu - Cloak]

Yavin Triage: [Cloak: +1 AC, +3 MR versus dark based spells.]

Seo's quarters bring new meaning to the word 'crow's nest' .. Har har >>

Danu Mimitsu goes back to his ring and attempts to Devine it again. he sighs and closes his eyes, waveing his free hand over the Wedding bad. >>Wedding band<<. [3/3]

[*] Danu Mimitsu rolls 1d30+8 & gets 35.
Sirum Hest fwaps. Bad, bad pun. :P []
Nelaymae Telina: [Cloak = Nelay's.]
Danu Mimitsu: [Wedding band Info.]

Sirum Hest calls out after neatly packing the scales away, "Er... I'm buyin' anythin' thats bein' sold, by the way."
You say, "...once I get back 'ta Ansteorra, I mean."

Yavin Triage: [Wedding Band: +1 MR vs dark based spells, +1 to all crafting rolls.]

Danu Mimitsu smiles and hands the cloAk back to Nelay: here ya go. Its helps strengthin your defenses aganst the dark.

Seo already handed his ring to Danu, if he missed that. ()
Danu Mimitsu: [Anyways.]
Danu Mimitsu: [Goes IC.]
[#] [Anything else needing identified?]
Seo: (The tourmal.. whatever ring. :-P)
Danu Mimitsu: [Im gona jet, later all.]
Danu Mimitsu: [WICKID QUEST.]
Seo face palms.. Ok.. Seo didn't give anything to him. ()
Yavin Triage: [Bai]

Sirum Hest stands and holds the cloak pressed tightly up against him, waiting for the ship to reach Ansteorra once more. [Later ^^]

[Back to Ansteorra.]

(You see Yavin Triage.)
> A strange, foxlike ceature stands, matured but still relatively young. Runes marked across her wiry frame, visible though bright blue strikes of fur easily show that the oddity's purpouse was magical. Her attire speaks volumes about her ancestry, a foreign looking style of breaches cut off above the knees, light blue satin shirt, and a sleeveless grey overcoat that reaches to her ankles. [] [AK NPC] #C6

Sirum Hest nods in greeting to Yavin and Rivyn as he curls up on the chair, murmuring something about being exhausted and nearly bored to death by the scaley man. x)

Rivyn leaps down from the roof of the mages guild, hair flying. Landing with a dull thud, the druid rolls as he hits, springing up in front of Yavin. He bends down close, sniffing. "You smell of salt. Interesting."

Yavin Triage leans back and blinks at Rivyn. Her eyes go wide, more than a bit disconcerted to have the groundskeeper jump down off the roof, sniff her, and then babble at her in their alien tongue.

Sirum Hest calls over to Rivyn as he paws up at the snow covered vines, "She doesnt know common. Only Kitzibeth, Danu an' Rakuro seem 'ta be able 'ta talk 'ta her..."

Yavin Triage: >>What the..<<

Rivyn squints, waving a hand in front of her. "Oh?" As she speaks, his ear twitches. "Oh..what was that.."

Yavin Triage looks back at Sirum pleadingly, still leaning back from the towering apparition of a furre. >>Who.. be this?<<

Sirum Hest sighs annoyedly as he hears the foreign language for what feels like the thousandth time to day. Quickly, he sits back up an scoots over to her, "If yer as smart as ya seem 'ta be ya should be able 'ta learn our language easily. Jus' go through the mages guild library... oh... uh...", glancing between her and Rivyn blankly until he somewhat understands what she was trying to tell him, "...he's not... er... violent. He's jus' Rivyn."

Rivyn cracks his jaw, and flicks his ear. His voice now emanating from a small silver stud in the aforementioned left ear. Incidentally, he happens to start speaking near-perfect arcane. >>My name is Rivyn, little one. You seem to be a bit out of your time, if I'm placing things right.<< He frowns. >>And I said you smell like salt.<<

Yavin Triage's eyes flick from the stud in Rivyn's ear, back to his face. >>Oh..<< She seems more than a bit relieved to find someone that can understand her dialect. >>We've been at the ocean, out in the Old Lands. The-.. what used to be, The city of Unath.<<

Sirum Hest, as he cant understand the conversation, he walks off. [*poofs, waves* ^^]

* Furcadia Standard Time: 11:52:26 PM

[Yep. Si and me had had enough of mumbo-jumbo for one night. :P In later quests, NPCs that exclusively spoke in ancient magical tongues became more of a rarity. Probably because people who could speak it were much more of a rarity, or they just communicated directly with our minds via mindspeak instead.

Kitzibeth nearly got killed twice on this quest. Now that would have been one hell of a continuity shake-up. If Kitzibeth and Kitzerina had died, Erisvan would have died as well, wouldn't she? The pitfall heard 'round the world.]
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