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A day of questing with your heroes. Elithshar. 1-23-2004

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 5:07 am    Post subject: A day of questing with your heroes. Elithshar. 1-23-2004 Reply with quote

[I found a logfile sent from my email titled 'CookieWench.' Apparently someone didn't get to go on this quest, and I was bribed with cookies to share it.

Glancing over this log, I realize... it has special importance. It was the first time that Sirum was allowed to tag along with the Heroes of Calenndor and those in general he looked up to on a high level quest. No more hunting orcs, no more fighting sandscouts, no more putting down feral undead. Mages Guild leader Archmagess Kitzibeth, Rangers Guild leader Zagnafein Silverleaf, Blademaster of Areah Dalin Kayde, Lord Commander Solinox Avelhar, Mage of Endless Possibilities, Skills and Lessons Rakuro Daregh. The prospect of following them into a ruin while severely weaker than the rest of them (except perhaps Rak) was terrifying, anything they could survive would surely demolish him in a single blow.

It was a level 15+ quest, but Si was around 30 EXP from 14. So there was a concern that he couldn't tag along. Thankfully he had bought, traded for and accumulated so many plot relevant items and had plot threads woven into so many of the NPCs associated with this quest that it would have been awkward not having him there - plus, 1 level and 30 EXP wasn't that big a miss. x)

Si must have bought so many potions, crafted so many special arrows beforehand just to try and make himself seem useful when he was really just in their shadow. It felt like being Merry, Pippin or Sam in the Cave Troll fight, just trying to survive.

My internet must have cut out on me and I was summoned back, because we're launching right into the finale of the quest.]

- The city as we found it. Click for big.

- The city as we left it. Click for big.

[*] Your request has been sent to Zagnafein Silverleaf.
[*] Zagnafein Silverleaf has accepted your request.
[*] Zagnafein Silverleaf summons you.
* Current players: Miyth, Rakuro, The Scrollkeeper, Elithshar, Zagnafein Silverleaf, Sirum Hest, Kitzibeth, Danu Mimitsu, Dalin Kayde, Solinox, Ruby Pyralis.

[#] Up ahead, the gentle countour of the ruins can be just barely made out throughout the mists... and yet, something seems to be different about the structures. No longer does it hold the same profound aura that it had before, when the group first stumbled 'pon the site. It seems as though it's magick was spent, and a sense of forlorn loss hangs about the area, almost as if one should mourn the passing of the enchantment the area once held.

Kitzibeth: [The rope, it burns us! It pains us! Poor.. Poor Kitzi.. Erisvan will take care of us. No.. we hateses you!]
Kitzibeth: [XD]
Danu Mimitsu: [LMAO]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Poor little Kitzum.]
Solinox: (Give it to us.. raw.. and WRIGGLINGLKJSOAKJCEI)
Solinox: (What's taters, precious? What's taters?)
Kitzibeth: [Ok, dead horse :-)]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Share the load mistar FRODO!]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [AFK, brb.]
[#] Ok, everyone head in o.o[]
Solinox: (*sniff, cry* murderer...)
Rakuro waits for Zag to return from afk?]
(You see Kitzibeth.)
> Kitzerina Elizabeth Ti'Kurdhan-Skyree Na'Vision Am'Khenna. She is a shorter furre, almost boylike in shape, bundled in a long, gold-piped robe of magenta. Her fur is stark white, a purity only disrupted by a short pixie cut red mane. She wears a strikingly beautiful engraved diamond necklace given to her by her mate. At her side is found a bottomless satchel, filled with magical items, and a well-cuddled tawny pookie. [][Rah of Ansteorra][IC] #C& #C!
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Back.]

(You see Elithshar.)
> A tall form, completely swathed in black garments. Over his shoulders he carried a long bundle of rags. Hunched over he would appear to be an eldery figure because of them, though when drawn to his full height he is seen clearly. Carrying himself with the deadly grace of a rogue, it is apparent he is something to contend with. Tawny brown fur marks him as a southerner, from Tharivol. [Ansteorra]

Zagnafein Silverleaf heads on up the road, slowing his pace gradually as he sets eyes on the two individuals. He raises a brow, examining them for a moment and perhaps, trying to identify who they may be.

(You see The Scrollkeeper.)
> An elderly looking furre, some sort of a canine- stalkily built, perahaps a jackal. His form, bent from ages of sitting at a desk, is now pulled into an uneasy upright position with the aid of a large, glistening crystaline stave. An equally bizzare black pipe is stuffed into the corner of his maw, from which he puffs a ring of bluish smoke now and then. Patiently the furre continues to wait, elaborate crimson robes fluttering 'bout his footpaws.

Sirum Hest frowns as both Dalin and Zagnafein are mostly blocking his view, though he just leans forward a bit and looks between them blankly, only really being able to see Elithshar from here but not recognizing him from his back.

Rakuro scoots around Kitzibeth so that he can see both of the furres, his normally blue eyes currently a very dark green..

Kitzibeth recognizes the Scrollkeeper behind the tree as the ne who killed Micheru the Blasphemer. She also notes Ellisthar as the one who kidnapped Teonnyn.

[Ah, Ellisthar... he kidnapped Teonnyn because Teonnyn was a silver dragon. And silver dragon scales were a vital component of the Wailing of the Void.]

Zagnafein Silverleaf: [They're recognizable? Schwank!]
[#] [+15 exp to Kitz for plot connection]

Zagnafein Silverleaf takes but a moment to recognize the two individuals, and of course, his hands curl about the hilts of his scimitars. Frowning somewhat, he grits his teeth lightly.

Zagnafein Silverleaf: [e.e; I think we all knew that.]
Solinox: (Yep, I think we did.)
Rakuro did not! as he was not here for either of those]
You say, "[Not Sirum :P]"
Kitzibeth: [woo!]

The Scrollkeeper sits quietly in the center of the area, where once the grand pedistal stood. The elderly furre flips demurely through an open tome in his lap. Every so often a small ring of blue smoke puffs upwards from his pipe.

Rakuro narrows his eyes and briefly whispers to Kitzibeth, both of his paws still deep in his pockets

Dalin Kayde stands still and silent, carefully watching the two unknowns present. His hands rest against the hilts of his blades, lightly gripping them.

Elithshar stands regally, arms crossed over one another. The feline stares affixedly towards the Scrollkeeper witih open detest through his single good eye. The stormy surface of the slashed optic swirls quietly as the sound of footfalls spread across the expanse of the misty ruins.

Kitzibeth pipes up, using the conversational mode she learned from Yavin. >>Greetings.<< She hopes that the response won't be someone grabbing her skull this time.

Sirum Hest, after a while longer of staring at Elithshar, finally recognizes him from Amin-Brathe's tomb and can't help but squeak out quietly in surprise, whispering to Dalin and Zagnafein. "Y-ya can't kill him jus' yet... w-we don't have a-anyone who can get his soul..." After that, though, he just returns to silence, backing a bit farther away.

[Oh, so that's when this takes place. This was while Sirum was forging the Wailing of the Void. He and Kiv had been taken into Veudir's Tomb by Rivyn. Blood was ripped from their bodies, taken as 'insurance' by Veudir in exchange for a blood ruby used to house a strong soul. The only thing Veudir wanted in return... was the soul of Elithshar. So... while Si would have loved to see him dead, there weren't any necromancers about...

... 'cept Kitz and her Arcane Necromancy. I don't know if Sirum knew that at the time, though. Was this after the Desert Quest where she used Arc-Necro to stabilize someone?]

Rakuro blinks a single time, straightening up and watching the two carefully, vaguely wishing the mist would clear. He winces visibly as Kitzibeth speaks, rather hoping to not draw attention.. then shakes his head, betting they already knew

Solinox uncrosses his arms, glancing to the barely visible hilt of his greatsword over his shoulder. "Na desiel," he says in a hushed whisper to Zagnafein.

Elithshar's eye narrows. Still the fighter does not dain to turn about and face the group. Instead, he adresses the Scrollkeeper directly, using a similar dialect as Kitzibeth. >>You knew that the book was missing a page, did you not?<<

[The big bad talks in an ancient magical language. And immediately locks out most of the party from any meaningful interaction. Friggin' ancient beings consorting in Jerktongue. :P]

Zagnafein Silverleaf keeps his hands firmly around the hilts of his scimitars, not expecting anything good to come of this. "Dare cre," he replies quietly, trying and failing now to comprehend Elithsar's words.

The Scrollkeeper huffs out a slight chuckle, and lifts a crooked paw to remove the pip from his jaws and tap its side fo the end of the book 'pon his lap. >>You do realize that I am just as much a player in this game as you are, my good one-third brother.<<

Rakuro listens quietly, his jaw tightening even further as the words unfold

Sirum Hest rubs at his forehead with a paw since it seems everyone has suddenly decided to abandon common entirely, annoyed since he has no clue what was going on. He doesn't dare call out something in common, though, less he get the attention of the brothers on himself, he simply whispers to Kitzibeth, "W-why is he laughin'..."

[Si's stuttering because he knows he's in entirely over his head being here. This entire trip is too dangerous for him. But it's necessary for another component of the Wailing of the Void. To avenge Canti.]

Elithshar snorts out in rage and strikes at the way ahead. A brilliant crackle of blueish electricity arcs through the air in a finely crafted sphere about the old furre- proving to be an impossible obstacle to cross. >>Your lesser fragment is up to it's old tricks again, I can assure you of that.<<

Kitzibeth mentally notes that this time she's not in imminent danger. She remains silent for the time being, pondering for a moment the implication that someone is pulling the strings, and who that one could be. She simply shushes Sirum, and watches as the Scrollkeeper is encased.

Zagnafein Silverleaf looks over his shoulder at the mages. "Perhaps a translation?"

Dalin Kayde slowly shifts into a more useful stance, bending his knees slightly and changing his posture. His hands keep a tighter hold on the hilts of his twin blades, and he narrows his head slightly at Elithshar. It tunes out the conversation, making sure to keep Solinox and Zagnafein in his field of vision.

The Scrollkeeper smiles crookedly, and heaves a small sigh. >>You still believe that you are the one that is truly in the right, do you not..." The question was phrased as more of a statement. The keeper lowers his head to examine the pipe in his paws. The jackal's smile gradually fades. >>No.. obviously you are forgetting the fourth.<<

Sirum Hest nods to Zagnafein's words and turns to Kitzibeth, head tilted slightly, "It'd be nice 'ta know whether they're... plannin' 'ta kill us or jus' arguin'..."

Rakuro shakes his head briefly, indicating he cannot offer a decent translation of the words

Elithshar lets out a deep growl. >>Both of you were proven to be unworthy. Are -you- so quickly forgetting why you were split into three?<< The feline's fur rises in irritation.

The Scrollkeeper frowns slightly, now. >>And my Pride was left behind in my other two fragments. But you know as well as I that the set order of things cannot be changed. You have seen the outcome of this....<< The canine's words hold a certain sense of gravity that some might find unnerving.

Kitzibeth can't simply translate on the fly very well, but she summarizes. "They are having a familial tiff. Elisthar believes that he is the only one who is worthy - perhaps to wield the blade. The Scrollkeeper, however, is the voice of reason, as he is the part which is the reason, not the part which is the Heretic."

[Flash forward like, uh... eight, nine months? None of you are able to wield the sword. Congrats on your boybits, fellas.]

Zagnafein Silverleaf nods slowly. "My thanks," he comments to Kitzibeth, before turning back to the two felines before them with a frown.

Elithshar curls a lip back into a decicive snarl. >>Leave my sister out of this. She shant pay for our sins.. my sins.<< He smashes a paw angrily against the dome, before composing himself to a marginal degree.

Kitzibeth has a few choice words for the Heretic fragment. And Apparently, they have a sister.

Solinox furrows a brow slightly at Kitzibeth's words. "Most intruiging."

Sirum Hest nods slowly to her and just slowly moves down onto the grass since it didn't seem as if they were any danger for the moment, perhaps a stupid move instead of getting on guard but thats how he was. "If he's the... reason, then why shouldn't we give the sword 'ta him? Maye he's better than the youngest brother."

The Scrollkeeper simply shakes his head sadly. >>Your attempt to cheat has failed, brother. I suggest you step back into your chess piece, and await your turn to come up. It is not we, whom can divine our way past these crossroads.<< The Keeper's eyes unfocus on the warrior, gazing past him.

Kitzibeth: He is only one part of the three - and now I understand. The riddles of the stones reference each brother in turn, first to last, and the answer is given.

[The story, as it was mentioned on so many of Path's early quests to drill it into the minds of those who attended them...

And so.. the three brothers grew together, learning from one another. The eldest of the three always led the trio. The youngest always watched out for the other two. And the middle brother kept the other two together... The three roamed through the lands, and were soon noted for many acts of valor and bravery.

Until there came a time.. the three brothers faced something unspeakably evil. Their fame had spread too widely, and the Ephil-Unath were on the move against them.. The eldest brother saught to rise alone, and fight the force that none could.. the middle wanted to stick together, and die as three. And the last.. wanted to watch out for the other two. It was the youngest brother, who sacrificed himself to stop the rising of the darkness, and the Ephil-Unath was banished.

The two brothers were striken with grief, and blamed one another for the loss of their sibling.. and were ultimately torn apart. The middle brother eventually came to accept the death of his brother, and passed on into oblivion, overcome by guilt.The eldest knew there was nothing left to be done, and faded into obscurity.

Zagnafein Silverleaf: And that answer would be...?

Elithshar snarls quietly and turns on his heel. The warrior pays scant attention to the group, and simply seeks to push past them. >>We will see. I'd watch myself if I were you though, dear brother. A player has entered this game, that even you could not foresee.<< He glances pointedly over his shoulder towards a shadow hovering nearby.

Kitzibeth holds up her paw. "None here shall wield the blade, as none here is worthy of it."

[Kitzibeth was literally the only person present worthy of wielding the blade. Congrats on your girlbits.]

Zagnafein Silverleaf raises a brow. "Then who - " He turns as Elithsar does, attempting to follow his gaze to whatever he may be looking at.

[#] [The player of the shadow is taking a 5 minute shower, assume it is simply hovering]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: ['Kay.]

Solinox turns his body slightly, enough so that the feline could walk by. He does keep a fixed glare on him, however.

Zagnafein Silverleaf turns slightly, examining the shadow for a moment. His mind sparks for a moment, but he keeps his thoughts to himself.

Rakuro blinks at Kitzi, then attempts to pull her out of Ellisthar's way, really not wanting to see her get cut down or anything nasty like that. He hisses something in her ear before returning his attention to the elder brother, watching him leave

Sirum Hest quickly springs back up to his feet as Elithshar turns, drawing his cloak up in front of himself defensivly as he watches him, murmuring something about wondering if he can even see them while his tail twitches around violently.

[Sirum loved hiding under his blue cloak in the early days whenever danger was afoot. Little coward. It wouldn't be until later that he would actually step up as a leader and command a group that he would have any confidence. Being here with the people he idolized helped him learn how to handle these situations.]

Kitzibeth is pulled aside, and is happy for it, given that her head was contemplating, tangentially, the devlopment of the 'ya' glyph between Elder Arcane and Arcane.

The Scrollkeeper places his pipe carefully back into his mouth, and follows his brothers gaze. He does not, however, make any comment on the shadow. >>Farewell, dear brother. Mayhaps when we meet again, I will be whole<<.

Rakuro shakes his head briefly at Kitzibeth, saying in a quiet voice, one that likely only she would hear "You've done the same for me"

Elithshar grunts and strides from the ruins, knuckles whitened from how tightly his fists gripped themselves.

Zagnafein Silverleaf steps back to where he was, turning to face the Scrollkeeper now.

Kitzibeth steps around Rakuro, and will converse with Scrolly when given the chance.

[#] [RP is being put on hold until the shadow gets back from showering, and so you have time to soak that in]
Kitzibeth: [kk :-)]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Considering Zag has no idea what just happened... I'll idle.]
Solinox shifts back into place, setting his gaze back onto the Scrollkeeper.
Rakuro acts all sponge-like]
Sirum Hest wonders -who- showers during quests. o.O ... []
Dalin Kayde slips AFK for the intermission. []
Kitzibeth plays intermission music []
Danu Mimitsu: [The milkshake song.]

Sirum Hest, so he doesn't get blocked out by the taller furres and elves, scurries over to Kitzibeth's side. He had intended to stay silent, though can't help but murmur, "Can't believe we jus' let 'em go without tryin' 'ta get back the book he stole..."

Kitzibeth shakes her head. "He is beyond any of us. I doubt that we would have survived him."

[Hearing that from a group literally composed of the strongest people you know was a little intimidating, to say the least.]

Ruby Pyralis: [The shadow is back from taking her shower. Meh.]
Hikari Xezo: [The shadows ruby?].

Sirum Hest simply says quietly in response, "Unless this part of the Scrollkeeper decided 'ta help us..." With that, he begins to look this fragment over from a distance, trying to see whether or not he was the same that had attacked in front of the Rangers Guild.

(You see Stun.)
> Once part of the world, now merely an imprint left behind, a shade of the creature that once lay beneath. Golden eyes peer out from where the eyes would normally be. She barely even resembles who she once was, simply a floating, mishapen figure. Her felinic ears and shoulder build are the only factors that prove her once being a female feline. Dark tendrils swirl around her figure, rippling around much like water. In her dark claws lies a saber, the only part that appears physically.

[Ah, Stun. Stun was Ruby's vampire alt, who came around every now and then. Ruby had a penchant for playing monsters, didn't she? I'll count Raajh as half-mummy, given all her bandages.

Stun was in a terrible fight in the tavern, Kazunori burst in to rescue her off into the night. We didn't see or hear from Stun for a while after that. Sirum always did wonder what happened to her. Now he knows.

Scrollkeeper (Ellroc Sekreep), on the other hand, rescued Kin-Rah... wonder what his plans for her would have been, had I kept playing her. Can you imagine a Voidcursed Kin-Rah?]

Kitzibeth watches the shadow intently.

You say, "[I thought Stun was Rubeh's vamp oo;]"
Stun is, Hush.]

Zagnafein Silverleaf takes a moment to study the shadow briefly, before turning back to the Scrollkeeper. "Let's get this book and begone," he mutters.

[#] [For those of you who don't remember, Stun was attacked in anst for being a vampire. Kazunori broke into the tavern and saved her, then ran off and took her with him]

The Scrollkeeper chuckles and painstakingly rises to his footpaws. >>Ah, now then, I suppose you must be the ones... I am glad to see that you are finally ready. You know your purpose, I assume :-)?<<

Kitzibeth replies. >>We know only what we have learned, and the secrets and riddles have done little good to explain.<< her voice sounds commanding, no matter what Rakuro says.

Sirum Hest tilts his head slightly as he looks the shadow over, taking a step back. He squeaks out in confusion, then says to no one in particular, "It looks kinda... familiar for some reason. ... W-wait, thats the vampire femme Kazunori kidnapped...", not having thought it to be 'rescuing' in the slightest. "...whats he sayin', Kitzibeth?"

Rakuro narrows his eyes from behind Kitzibeth, >>Of course we do, and you obviously do as well. The book, if you please, and we'll just go away<<

Zagnafein Silverleaf looks to Kitzibeth. "Just tell him we need to get the book so we can get out of here."

Stun floats around curiously outside the Scroll Keeper's shield. She apears to be waiting for something.

The Scrollkeeper smiles innocently, and snatches up the rod at his side. >>But of course, now that you are ready, I'd be happy enough to grant you the final book- and get me out of here while you're at it. But.. I ken that there is another problem.<< He looks towards Stun.
The Scrollkeeper: >>If I lower my shield, she will take the book from me, and so I won't be lowering my shield unless -she- is gone.<<

Dalin Kayde hadn't relaxed his grip on his blades after Elithsar's leaving. He smirks slightly, his gaze falling upon the floating shadow. He gives it a quick look-over, assessing risk.

Kitzibeth sighs, turning to the crowd. "We will have to defeat her, otherwise we shall not get the book. She is here to take it from him." >>Then we shall defeat her, Scrollkeeper.<< With that, she makes herself scarce to the back row.

[Welcome to Squishville, Backrowdia. You're in good company.]

Rakuro growls, narrowing his eyes, his hat casting a dark shadow across his face.. he happily pulls Kitzibeth back behind everyone else, then rolls back his sleeves. Under his breath he seems to whisper, "Not this time.. not this time...."

Zagnafein Silverleaf raises hsi brow as Kitzibeth retreats. "As simple as that? Perhaps there is an alternate way around this."

Sirum Hest shakes his head hastily, "We can't kill her, she never did anythin' wrong except got attacked. There has 'ta be some other way, right? 'Ta get her back 'ta how she was?"

[Stun was probably nice to Sirum. Or at least she was nice enough to warrant him actually wanting to save her. Did it really matter that she was a vampire? He hung around with demons (Ruby), drow (Kalannar), werewolves (Rakuro) and... I won't get into the laundry list of whatever Rivyn was. So of course his priority is trying to save her. 'Idiot mouse' indeed, that compassion'll get you killed.]

Rakuro shoots a black look at Sirum, "Give up on it, Sirum. Evil is evil and she will never be good. Ready your bow and prepare yourself for a fight"

Solinox unsheaths his sword. "Well, I guess we have our work cut out for us, no?"

Zagnafein Silverleaf: As far as I recall, she was a vampire. Undead... and for all I know, she must still retain vestiges of that now.
Zagnafein Silverleaf slips out his twin scimitars. "Let's get this over with."

Dalin Kayde rips his blades out of his sheathes, crossing them into an 'X' in front of his chest. Still smirking, he finally speakes in a hardened tone. "Ready when you are."

[Sol, Zag and Dalin preparing for a fight in turn was a pretty awesome sight to see. Something I don't believe Sirum had ever witnessed before.]

Stun continues to float around, giving each of the group members a strange look. After a moment of this, she glares at the group, the dark tendrils swirling viciously around her frame, a high pitched sonic whine being emitted from her.

Kitzibeth rolls her eyes. "Save a shadow so that she may return to vampirism. It is a lose lose situation. Gird yourself, but be aware - she may not show her hand right away."

Sirum Hest simply sighs and slides his bow off of his shoulder, murmuring quietly, "But she never -did- anythin' evil, Rakuro... er... b-before we fight though... if she's not bein' sent here by either Elithshar or The Scrollkeeper... that means..."

Kitzibeth points out that Elisthar made it clear that the shadow is his minion.

Sirum Hest didn't seem to notice, was behind too many tall people?

Zagnafein Silverleaf frowns. "If the shadow is Elithsar's minion, and if Kazunori saved the creature that turned into this shadow, then Kazunori may be working for Elithsar?"

Rakuro winces visibly at the shriek, his nerves grating against the noise. He says again, a little more audibly, "Not. This. Time!". he narrows his eyes even further then before and readies himself to beat the shadow into a much smaller sort of shadow

Miyth would like to ask Zag ( being his voice of reason ) why Ellithshar would warn the Scrollkeeper about Stun's presence, and referr to her as "an unexpected player to this game of chess", if she was working for him?

[Sirum was right. Stun was taken by Kazunori... who was directly working for Pytch. She and he belonged to neither Elithsar or Scrollkeeper.]

Kitzibeth closes her eyes and mutters an incantation in the Elder Arcane, she's going to divine this beast before it has a chance to attack them. >>Informati Sunt. Eclipsa Magiati!<< [5/5][Divination, specifically weak points]

Miyth: [Kitz, save it for init please]
Kitzibeth: [crap ><]

[#] [Init]

[I always got chills when that was emitted on a high level quest. Was probably terrifying here, though. Si had seen a few PC deaths on quests by now. No one wants to be the one who didn't come home.]

[*] Solinox rolls 1d10+3 & gets 5.
[*] Stun rolls 1d10+7 & gets 10.
[*] Rakuro rolls 1d10+2 & gets 12.
[*] Zagnafein Silverleaf rolls 1d10+3 & gets 4.
[*] Kitzibeth rolls 1d10+3 & gets 10.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d10+13 & gets 22.
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d10+8 & gets 13.
[#] Order: Sirum, Dalin, Rakuro, Stun, Kitz, Sol, Zag
[#] Sirum

[+13... so this is post-Blue Lightning ring. Si outpacing these people he views as demi-Gods is a little amusing.]

You say, "[...unsneakable? :P]"
Stun: [Sneakable]

Sirum Hest simply frowns to the shadow and says a near silent apology to her, figuring that the others where right and there was indeed no other way. He first reaches for a copper arrow, sending it flying for her chest after tapping it to his headband, making sure to position himself slightly behind Rakuro so attention wouldn't be drawn to him. [Sneak] Immediately after, a silver headed arrow would be sent flying for her waist and a normal right after it.

[Kitzibeth used divination to find out the weakness of enemies. Sirum just ripped them apart with every different type of arrow he could get his hands on as his infinitely more painful type of divination. ^^;]

[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d20+16 & gets 26.
[*] Stun rolls 1d20+4 & gets 24.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+14 [Copper] & gets 21.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+14 [Silver] & gets 41.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+14 & gets 20.

Stun: [Silver hits.]
You say, "[x2?]"
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d100 & gets 14.
Stun: [Nope.]
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d10+12 /2 & gets 21.
You say, "[10]"
[#] Sirum, Dalin, Rakuro, Stun, Kitz, Sol, Zag
[#] Dalin!

Stun doesn't seem to notice the silver arrow flying through the tip of a single dark tendril.

Dalin Kayde swiftly approaches the shadow, uncrossing his blades from the defensive 'X' and slashing in a sideways sweep towards the center of the creature's body. Using that momentum, he swings around twice more for a total of six attacks, three simultaneous strikes with each blade.

[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d30+12 & gets 31.
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d30+12 & gets 23.
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d30+12 & gets 26.
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d30+12 & gets 25.
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d30+12 & gets 30.
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d30+12 & gets 14.
Stun: [Two]
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 2d100: (17) (52) = 69.
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d10+17 /2 & gets 23.
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d10+17 & gets 20.
Dalin Kayde: [31]

[Quantity over quality, but Dalin was still a beast to behold. He was a walking blender.]

Stun still seems to barely notice the attacks, the areas in which she was sliced quickly closing back up.

Rakuro raises his paws to the sky, his extra wide sleeves falling down almost to his shoulders, revealing the many pockets inside. With a twist of his wrists, the light around him seems to bend and twist, then gather up into his palms. He thrusts his paws forward then, the twisting bit of air zipping out towards Dalin and enveloping him with the intended effect of making him much harder to hit [3/3 AC shield - BCR: 15 - AC bonus: +5]

[*] Rakuro rolls 1d30+8 & gets 28.

Stun raises her sword, glaring at Dalin. She swings the blade down at his shoulder, quickly raising it back up in a horizontal slice accross his torso and then up the other shoulder.

[*] Stun rolls 1d30+20 #1 & gets 23.
[*] Stun rolls 1d30+20 #2 & gets 40.
[*] Stun rolls 1d30+20 #3 & gets 22.
Dalin Kayde: [1]
[*] Stun rolls 1d100+2 & gets 86.
[*] Stun rolls 3d6+20 & gets 32.
[#] Sirum, Dalin, Rakuro, Stun, Kitz, Sol, Zag
[#] Kitz!

Kitzibeth does what she did before the init. [5/5][Dinination, looking for weak spots or other useful info]

Kitzibeth: [Divination too ><]
[*] Kitzibeth rolls 1d30+12 to Divine? & gets 39.
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Dinination? omg drow spelL!]

Kitzibeth knows the solution. "Summons! Rakuro, Work on a summon, while the rest keep it busy!"

[Not... quite. This happened in the future as well, I vaguely recall. Perhaps a repeated miscommunication. Summoning magic into them was their weakness, Existens. They were the Void, Vacuus. Conjuration itself wasn't anything special.]

Rakuro blinks and coughs briefly.. "Umm.. Kitzibeth.. I can't summon"

Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Does this place count as a forested area for the ranger's +2 to sneak?]

Solinox eyes the party's various members, pushing himself to form a plan in his mind that would compliment the abilities and aptitudes of each. Simultaneously, he raises his greatsword into a charging position, quickly closing the distance to the shadow creature; upon arrival, he leaps gracefully into the air, using his airborne momentum to let swing a couple of powerful slashes towards the target. (Double Quick, first turn; no effect yet)

[*] Solinox rolls 1d30+13 & gets 39.
[*] Solinox rolls 1d30+13 & gets 33.
Stun: [Two]
[*] Solinox rolls 2d100: (14) (10) = 24.
Solinox: (Fo shizz)
[*] Solinox rolls 2d6+15 /2 & gets 21.
[*] Solinox rolls 2d6+15 /2 & gets 22.
Solinox: (21)
[#] Sirum, Dalin, Rakuro, Stun, Kitz, Sol, Zag
[#] Zaggums!

[Hey, Si's doing a third of Dalin's damage and half of Sol's. Good times!]

Zagnafein Silverleaf charges forward, gritting his teeth lightly. Instead of following a direct trajectory towards stun, he moves erratically, finally dashing behind the shadow thing in an attempt to surprise it by attacking from an angle it has not predicted. Wether that succeeds or fails he quickly slashes Stun twice horizontally, and follows that with two stabs. [Sneak.]

Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Does this place count as a forested area for the ranger's +2 to sneak?]

Stun is sliced up again by the blade, the areas in which she was hit closing up again, though seeming to make her shrink in size with each hit.

Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Bah/
[*] Zagnafein Silverleaf rolls 1d20+3 (or +5) & gets 19.
[*] Stun rolls 1d20+4 & gets 19.
Stun: [Success o.o]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Okay, now it gets important. Do I have the +2 or not?]
Solinox: (You win the roll either way.)
You say, "[Attacker wins, Zag :P]"
Stun: [If they tie, the sneaker wins?]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Meh.]
[*] Zagnafein Silverleaf rolls 1d30+14 #1 & gets 22.
[*] Zagnafein Silverleaf rolls 1d30+14 #2 & gets 19.
[*] Zagnafein Silverleaf rolls 1d30+14 #3 & gets 15.
[*] Zagnafein Silverleaf rolls 1d30+14 #4 & gets 43.
[*] Zagnafein Silverleaf rolls 1d30+14 #5 & gets 41.
Stun: [Two]
[*] Zagnafein Silverleaf rolls 2d100: (70) (9) = 79.
[*] Zagnafein Silverleaf rolls 1d8+14 & gets 21.
[*] Zagnafein Silverleaf rolls 1d8+14 /2 & gets 21.
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [31.]
[#] Sirum, Dalin, Rakuro, Stun, Kitz, Sol, Zag
[#] Sirum!
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Oh, wait. I misrolled those.]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [I have a +15. xP]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [So it'd be 33 damage, not 31.]
Stun: [kee.]
Solinox: (+2 to that damage then.)
Solinox: (33 instead of 31.)
Solinox: (Err, nm. :P)

Stun continues to get sliced up by the series of attacks, slowly shrinking.

Sirum Hest can't help but sigh as he sees the femme getting surrounded, muttering something about bad things always happening whenever they get cornered as he takes a step or two over to the right, less he get caught up in an attack that hits the mages and himself. Once more, a trio of arrows fly, these all tipped with copper. "...w-why isn't the Scrollkeeper helpin' us..." [+1/day]

[+1/day. Right, the Blue Headband that dropped from one of Path's big bads in a quest in 2003. It wasn't much, but it added a cinematic touch for Si to explode into big battles with a true flurry of arrows. He kept that thing on all the way to his final quest. Is +1 atk/day worth a whole 1 IB? No, but it looks cool!]

[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+14 & gets 25.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+14 & gets 31.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+14 [+1/day] & gets 19.
Stun: [One]
You say, "[All tipped with copper by the way. Double damage?]"
Stun: [Nope.]
Solinox: (Pwned.)

The Scrollkeeper waits patiently inside of his bubble, knowing that should he drop it, the creature would simply take the book and vanish.

[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d100 Curse you and your non-ethereal-ness... ;.; & gets 47.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d10+12 & gets 21.
[#] Sirum, Dalin, Rakuro, Stun, Kitz, Sol, Zag
[#] Dalin!

Stun continues to shrink slowly as the arrows pass right through her, taking small pieces of shadow-like substanc with them.

Dalin Kayde swings his entire body around, carefully avoiding Solinox and Zagnafein to deliver a series of powerful overhead slashes. After four are delivered, he pulls both of his arms back for a parallel stab at the shadow's form.

[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d30+12 & gets 35.
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d30+12 & gets 20.
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d30+12 & gets 23.
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d30+12 & gets 14.
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d30+12 & gets 33.
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d30+12 & gets 27.
Stun: [Three]
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 3d100: (58) (67) (38) = 163.
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d10+17 & gets 26.
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d10+17 & gets 20.
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d10+17 & gets 19.
Dalin Kayde: [67]
[#] Sirum, Dalin, Rakuro, Stun, Kitz, Sol, Zag
[#] Rakuro!
Stun: [Dalin, 10% damage roll o.o]
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d33 & gets 10.

[Ah, the wonderful gimmick of Path's void creatures. They exploded with energy at certain % amounts. If you were immediately around them... enjoy your... what was it Path called it, 'concussive damage'? Sucks to be melee!]

Rakuro quickly repeats the gesture he used on Dalin, sending an almost identical sphere of oddly twisted light at Zag [3/3 AC shield - BCR: 15 - AC bonus: +5]

[*] Rakuro rolls 1d30+8 & gets 10.
Rakuro fails, naturally
[#] Sirum, Dalin, Rakuro, Stun, Kitz, Sol, Zag
[#] Stunnie!

Stun glares at Dalin once more as he removes a large amount of substance from her, slashing her sword horizontally accross his chest, repeating this action two more times in a rather quick matter.

[*] Stun rolls 1d30+20 #1 & gets 28.
[*] Stun rolls 1d30+20 #2 & gets 49.
[*] Stun rolls 1d30+20 #3 & gets 43.
Dalin Kayde: [2]
[*] Stun rolls 1d100+2 & gets 48.
[*] Stun rolls 1d100+2 & gets 42.
[*] Stun rolls 3d6+20 & gets 33.
[*] Stun rolls 3d6+20 & gets 33.
Stun: [66 O.o]
[#] Sirum, Dalin, Rakuro, Stun, Kitz, Sol, Zag
[#] me!

Kitzibeth kneels on the ground and traces out a circle with her paw on the earth. The line glows a dull reddish, and morphs into a perfect sigil as she begins chanting a summon. >>Moroton! Ise Kalba haec..<< [5/?]

[The 'ell is Kitz saying here? I had the Drow Translator bookmarked for Kalannar, but her stuff always went over my head.]

Solinox twists on the spot several times, delivering a blow with each maneuvre. He calls out various commands to the melee combatants, in such a manner allowing them to understand and compliment each other's movements; thus allowing them to attack more quickly without fear of collision. (Double Quick, 2nd turn; +1 prep/+1 attack to all party members)

[*] Solinox rolls 1d30+13 & gets 32.
[*] Solinox rolls 1d30+13 & gets 37.
[*] Solinox rolls 1d30+13 & gets 16.
Stun: [Two]
[*] Solinox rolls 2d100: (28) (7) = 35.
[*] Solinox rolls 2d6+15 & gets 22.
[*] Solinox rolls 2d6+15 /2 & gets 24.
Solinox: (34)

Zagnafein Silverleaf's ears easily pick up Solinox's words, to which he adheres as he makes his following set of attacks. Focusong on Stun, he slashes as the other fighters withdraw their blades, effectively ensuring that the shadow is constantly under attack.

[*] Zagnafein Silverleaf rolls 1d30+14 #1 & gets 27.
[*] Zagnafein Silverleaf rolls 1d30+14 #2 & gets 31.
[*] Zagnafein Silverleaf rolls 1d30+14 #3 & gets 21.
[*] Zagnafein Silverleaf rolls 1d30+14 #4 & gets 41.
[*] Zagnafein Silverleaf rolls 1d30+14 #5 & gets 42.
Stun: [Four o.o]
[*] Zagnafein Silverleaf rolls 4d100: (1) (52) (66) (96) = 215.
Kitzibeth: [o.o]
Zagnafein Silverleaf sighs.[]
You say, "[So many 1's :P]"
[*] Zagnafein Silverleaf rolls 1d8+14 to self & gets 18.
Solinox: (Good job ace)
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Sorry, that's a 19.]
[*] Zagnafein Silverleaf rolls 2d8+30 & gets 37.
[*] Zagnafein Silverleaf rolls 1d8+15 *2 & gets 22.
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [81.]
Stun: [rollf or 10% damage]
[*] Zagnafein Silverleaf rolls 1d17 & gets 11.

Sirum Hest doesn't seem to be doing anything useful with his weak arrows, but theres not much else he can do, really, but crouch behind the bush like a good little coward. Once sure he's safe enough, he squeaks out over to the Scrollkeeper which he doesn't seem to have a problem with, "Do somethin' if yer gonna help us at all!", once again sending one arrow after another, this time for her left arm, right arm and throat. Evil voidkin, die. >.>;

[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+14 & gets 23.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+14 & gets 29.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+14 & gets 30.
Stun: [2]
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 2d100 # George the Barbarian King drinks tea. # : (12) (37) = 49.
Solinox: (Hey senor don't forget your barbarian hat.)
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d10+12 /2 Guess it doesn't work that often... & gets 18.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d10+12 & gets 13.
You say, "[22]"
Rakuro: [Seperate rolls only, Sirum. Have to split it up to "George the Barbarian King" and "drinks tea"]

[We were some fairweather worshippers, blessin' our rolls out to whoever would give us so much as a crit.]

Dalin Kayde shows visible signs of bleeding, but doesn't seem to let that hinder him. With a single powerful slash towards the creature's form, he propels himself into a whirlwind motion, using that to power two sweeping slashes at a diagonal arc from the ground. The force of the attack pulls him into the air, where he prepares a double-slash down at the voidkin's head. From there, he performs a scissor-strike, spreading his blades apart and swinging them to theoretically meet right inside >>>
Dalin Kayde >>> its form. Before they have a chance to go all the way, he jumps back and makes one final kick at its body.

[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d30+12 & gets 29.
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d30+12 & gets 41.
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d30+12 & gets 31.
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d30+12 & gets 42.
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d30+12 & gets 37.
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d30+12 & gets 39.
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d30+12 & gets 24.
Stun: [6]
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 6d100: (2) (1) (8) (74) (54) (5) = 144.
Dalin Kayde: [Ew.]
Stun: [o.o]
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d10+17 /2 & gets 26.
Zagnafein Silverleaf: O.O
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d10+17 vs self & gets 22.
The Scrollkeeper: [that was different]
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d10+17 /2 & gets 24.
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d10+17 & gets 20.
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d10+17 & gets 19.
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 1d10+17 /2 & gets 23.
Stun: [10% damage thing.]

Stun idly wonders why the group seems to be beating itself up.

Rakuro growls angrily and simply flings his paw forward, much as one would throw a baseball. Halfway between him and the creature, it bursts into a bright ball of firey flaming stuff [4/4 Evocation, because Rakuro's ticked off <<]

[*] Rakuro rolls 1d30+10 & gets 20.
Rakuro probably failed that too
Stun: [Miss.]

Stun now shoots a glare at Zagnafein, after he had taken a large chunk out of her as well. She shoots towards him, tendrils swirling and creating a sonic whine. She performs a forward stab at his chest, then slicing up at his shoulder, then to the other shoulder.

[*] Stun rolls 1d30+20 #1 & gets 21.
[*] Stun rolls 1d30+20 #2 & gets 40.
[*] Stun rolls 1d30+20 #3 & gets 37.
[*] Stun rolls 1d30+20 #4 & gets 46.
[*] Stun rolls 1d30+20 #5 & gets 41.
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [4.]
[*] Stun rolls 1d100+2 & gets 28.
[*] Stun rolls 1d100+2 & gets 23.
[*] Stun rolls 1d100+2 & gets 37.
[*] Stun rolls 1d100+2 & gets 92.
[*] Stun rolls 3d6+20 & gets 31.
[*] Stun rolls 3d6+20 & gets 32.
[*] Stun rolls 3d6+20 & gets 29.
[*] Stun rolls 3d6+20 *2 & gets 30.
Kitzibeth: [Healing Aisle Zag?]
Stun: [152 o-o]
Solinox: (Cleanup in aisle 5)
Stun: [And...]
Stun: [roll d30+con]
[*] Zagnafein Silverleaf rolls 1d30 & gets 12.
[*] Stun rolls 1d3 & gets 3.
Stun: [-1 AC for 3 rounds o.o]
Rakuro snrks]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [No need for that, he's at - 7.]
Stun: [o-o xD]
Kitzibeth: [least not dying.]

Zagnafein Silverleaf had been getting ready to execute an attack sequence, when he didn't see Stun turn to him. Moments later he is a mangled corpse on the ground, bleeding from various slashes all over his body.

Kitzibeth finishes her incantation, and the summoning circle flashes, arcs of light fire high into the sky and hopefully, should all go well, a Naga Warrior will appear! >>..Nagus ist Ila!<< [10/10][Summon Naga!]

You say, "[She can overprep o.o]"
You say, "[Doublequick is in effect]"
Rakuro crosses pawdigits]
Kitzibeth: [woot! 11/11 overprep!]
[*] Kitzibeth rolls 1d30+12 to beat 20. HRTInari!HRT & gets 31.
[*] Kitzibeth rolls 1d100 & gets 33.
Summoned Naga (Kitz) isn't angry at Kitz!
(You see Summoned Naga (Kitz).)
> Summoned Naga Warrior!
Rakuro hurrahs!]

[Kitz rolling +12, Rakuro rolling +8... jeez, it's like we were a balanced D&D party. Two wizards, two warriors, a ranger and a rogue. When did we all go so wrong, start flinging ridiculous rolls all over the place?]

Solinox leaps through the shadow, standing defensively over Zagnafein's unconscious form. With gritted teeth and a look of black vengeance, he slashes ferociously at Stun, being of careful, however, to avoid Dalin's blades.

[*] Solinox rolls 1d30+13 & gets 39.
[*] Solinox rolls 1d30+13 & gets 42.
Solinox: (*gestures to the crowd*)
[*] Solinox rolls 1d30+13 & gets 31.
Stun: [Three]
[*] Solinox rolls 3d100 w00t w00t thanks for the l00t: (80) (20) (64) = 164.
[*] Solinox rolls 2d6+15 & gets 22.
[*] Solinox rolls 2d6+15 & gets 22.
[*] Solinox rolls 2d6+15 & gets 24.
Solinox: (68)
[#] Sirum, Dalin, Rakuro, Stun, Kitz, Sol, Zag, Naga!
[#] Zag is down! Naga!
Stun: [Sol: 10% thing.]
Solinox: (Jigawhat?)
You say, "[roll 1d(max hp/10%]"
You say, "[er, 10% of max hp*]"
Solinox: (Uh. Lemme figure this out.)
The Scrollkeeper: [round up]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Round up? Snap.]

Summoned Naga (Kitz) slithers into the fray, swinging it's four arms wildly and nastily!

[*] Summoned Naga (Kitz) rolls 1d30+16 & gets 42.
[*] Solinox rolls 1d20 & gets 9.
[*] Summoned Naga (Kitz) rolls 1d30+16 & gets 36.
[*] Summoned Naga (Kitz) rolls 1d30+16 & gets 20.
[*] Summoned Naga (Kitz) rolls 1d30+16 & gets 41.
Stun: [3 o-o]
[*] Summoned Naga (Kitz) rolls 2d6+16 & gets 19.
[*] Summoned Naga (Kitz) rolls 2d6+16 & gets 27.
[*] Summoned Naga (Kitz) rolls 2d6+16 & gets 24.
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Severity.]
[*] Summoned Naga (Kitz) rolls 3d100: (39) (83) (37) = 159.
Stun: [70?]
Summoned Naga (Kitz): [yes]
Summoned Naga (Kitz): [105 with the extra damage]

Stun begins to loose a large amount of substance from the attacks. o.o

[#] Sirum, Dalin, Rakuro, Stun, Kitz, Sol, Zag, Naga!
The Scrollkeeper: [what extra damage?]
[#] Sirum!
Summoned Naga (Kitz): [1.5 x damage by summons :P]
The Scrollkeeper: [Not that way, Kitz]
Summoned Naga (Kitz): [WTF!]
The Scrollkeeper: [Using Summoning as an evokation o.e;;]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Owned.]
Summoned Naga (Kitz): [You can't use summoning as an evocation! It's not even the same thing!]
Rakuro: [Summoning can be used as evocation? o.0]
Stun: [:x]
You say, "[you mean like summoning a tree above the voidkin? e.e]"
The Scrollkeeper: [Still a kickass summon those]
The Scrollkeeper: [You summon something inside of the Voidkin, Kitz]
The Scrollkeeper: [It fills the void]
Summoned Naga (Kitz): [You should tell me that, not just say 1.5x damage from summons]
Solinox: (Fo' shizz)
The Scrollkeeper: [sorreh, thought you'd come up with some creative morphism.]

[Kitz and Path butting heads. Good times. <3]

Stun is torn nearly to shreds from the Naga's attacks o.o

Sirum Hest scoots over a bit since a naga has just got in the way of his arrows, squeaking out worriedly as he notices Zagnafein on the ground. He narrows his eyes at The Scrollkeeper, wondering if he was just going to watch them be knocked off one by one but he soon shakes it off, continuing to send arrows off in a blur speed due to his ring less that voidkin manage to take down the warriors and come towards the direction of the mages.

[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+14 & gets 38.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+14 & gets 29.
The Scrollkeeper: [I'm not really into feeding players tactics]
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 2d100: (80) (86) = 166.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d10+12 & gets 19.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d10+12 & gets 14.
You say, "[33]"
Summoned Naga (Kitz): [granted, but last tactic I attempted you said that I can't kill the tree, and when you say 1.5x vs summons it doesn't imply summoning inside something, which you can't do anyway, due to the nature of conjuuration spells.]

Dalin Kayde grins slightly for a moment. After watching the Naga for a moment, he crosses his blades into an 'X' before one of the flailing arms. As the arm makes harmless contact with his weapons, the force sends him into a rapid spin. In moments, he has made three full rotations and dual slashes at Stun. Six attacks in a blinding matter of seconds.

Stun: [Stopt he init.]
You say, "[...-Sirum- managed to deal the finishing blow? o.o"

[Awww... first epic quest and he gets a killing blow! ... Against... someone he didn't want to kill... I still remember feeling stupidly happy that he had done that much. ^^;]

Kitzibeth blinks, as the beast is destroyed?

Stun lets out a loud sonic whine as the arrows pierce through her, the remaining tendrils of darkness spinning violently around until it seems much like a blur. After about a moment of this, her form seems to explode, any furre/elf/whatever close to her would be affected by this.

Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Does Zag get affected despite being at -7?]
Stun: [50% to Dalin and Naga, not sure about Sol or Zag o.o]
Solinox: (Sol's standing over Zag, so yeah.)
Stun: [Kee.]
Solinox: (Zag's dreaming about walking in the park, so I don't think he's affected.)
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 3d83 & gets 100.
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [I wouldn't know.]
Dalin Kayde: [Er...]
[*] Dalin Kayde rolls 2d83 & gets 106.
Dalin Kayde: [Damnit.]
Stun: [o.o xD]
Stun: [Zag's not affected.]
Solinox: (Eh, what's the roll?)
You say, "[Dalin's getting KO'd?]"
Stun: [2d25%?]
Dalin Kayde: [50% Damage?]
Solinox: (2dsomething?)
Dalin Kayde: *[50%]: 2d(Enemy HPmax/4)+
[*] Solinox rolls 2d50 & gets 93.
Dalin Kayde: [Thank you, Encyclopedia Ansteorra.]
[*] Summoned Naga (Kitz) rolls 2d73 damage & gets 60.
Solinox: (For shizzle.)

Summoned Naga (Kitz) seems almost hurt.

Solinox's head snaps back as the sonic attack pierces his sensitive ears. He slowly manages to regain his senses after a matter of seconds, however, though he groans in obvious pain.

Stun as the explosion clears, her sword drops to the ground. Fwah. o.o

Summoned Naga (Kitz) is unsummoned, but not after muttering an annoying gasp in it's langauge, something along the lines of 'And I have something cooking in the oven!'

You say, "[... XD]"

Stun bamfs.

Zagnafein Silverleaf slowly sits up, clearing some blood from his eyes. He groans quietly, looking about in a moment of bewilderment. Obviously a bit relieved at not seeing Stun, he stands up moments later with a bit of difficulty. "Hmm..." He thinks as he begins to mop up stray blood.

[#] In lue of the shockwave, naught is left behind save the weapon that the creature wielded.

Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Weapon = scimitar type?]

[#] Weapon = sabre.

Rakuro quirks an eyebrow at the hissed phrase, then shoots a glance sideways at Kitzi. He shakes his head briefly, then hurries forward to Dalin, rather hoping the Blademaster isn't all bloody and dead-like

Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Sabre = what category of armory weapons?]

[#] The weapon's blade glows a faint icy blue. The hilt itself seems to be finely crafted of ornate mithril.
[#] Sabre falls into the epe / foil category[]

Solinox sheaths his sword with a fluent motion. Reaching into his small pack, he pulls out a roll of military issue bandaging cloth and offers it to Zagnafein. "You missed the best part," he says with obvious sarcasm.

Zagnafein Silverleaf: [M'kay.]
Miyth: [Hey everybody]
Solinox: (Hi doctor nick)
Miyth: [max item bonus is level /2 right?]
Solinox: (Yeah.)

Zagnafein Silverleaf looks over to Solinox momentarily, smirking lightly. "I bet," he murmurs as he finishes cleaning up his wounds. As he bandages them, he begins to speak quietly. "Or maybe that was a servant of Thelmin. Since both the Scrollkeeper and Elithshar dismissed it... meaning that Kazunori would also work for Thelmin." Curious Zagnafein.

Sirum Hest tilts his head slightly as it seems Zagnafein wasn't quite as injured as he thought, but he just slips his bow back onto his shoulder and takes a few cautious steps forward to the scrollkeeper. Glancing over to the three fighters, he slips a paw into his pocket, bringing out a Potion of Healing [+60 HP] which he tosses to Dalin. Then, after thinking for a while in silence, he calls over nervously, "C-can we p-please have the book now s-so the... s-sword can get done?"

[Si was Johnny on the Spot with those potions on quests. It was wasted here, since there were no further battles, but... Dalin was hurt.]

Dalin Kayde sheathes his weapons just in time to catch the option, qhich he quickly opens and chugs down.

[#] [+30 experience]
Sirum Hest levels ^^ []
[ Solinox whispers, "'grats." to you. ]
[ Hikari Xezo whispers, "[Curse you sirum :P]." to you. ]

The Scrollkeeper waves a paw. For a brief moment the entire dome about himself becomes visible- and then winks out.

Solinox's wounds seem to slowly close to any close observers, as he works the powers of his sword via 'telepathic' command. (Regenerating @ 12 HP for 12 rounds.)

The Scrollkeeper chuckles and snaps his book shut. The elderly man hobbles forewards and extends the book to any whom would take it. >>Well done. Now then.. if you'd kindly take me back? I wouldn't mind a good nights rest at all.<<

Zagnafein Silverleaf is busy tending to his wounds, so he doesn't reach for the book.

Kitzibeth nods to the Scrollkeeper. >>We shall keep you save until you reach our library, at which time we can obtain the book?<<

Sirum Hest would quickly reach to take it, if not prevented in doing so, since he had the other two to go along with it. "T-thanks... b-but I can't understand y-ya at all...?"

Dalin Kayde steps away from them, kneeling down to open his beltpouch and quickly tend to his wounds, treating thhem and wrapping them for the moment.

The Scrollkeeper is still extending the book.

Sirum Hest assumes no one else is going to be trying to take it, then?

Rakuro holds out his paw for the book, saying in a voice literally dripping with sarcasm >>Congratulations<<

The Scrollkeeper merely smiles in a senile manner, apparently ignorant of their statements. He paws over the book to Rakuro, and awaits for the group to lead on.

[#] [Noone taken the sword?]
Solinox: (l00t?)
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Zag's not going for the sword.]
Solinox: (Sol'll go for the sword if nobody else does.)

Kitzibeth had ignored the post about the book, apparently. She takes the sword, for inspection purposes.

[If Kitz was taking anything, consider that item forever erased. She did the same with Kazunori's sweet japanese swords!]

Rakuro tucks the book under his arm, then turns his attention on the sword.. "Um.. anyone willing to try picking that up?"

Zagnafein Silverleaf bandages up his wounds after a while, opting to treat them later. "Doesn't anyone else think so?" He asks this in reference to his earlier hypothesis.

[ You whisper "[Sirum had been trying to take it as well.]" to Rakuro. ]
[ Rakuro whispers, "[No l00t 4 u, hoarder =P" to you. ]
You say, "[Wait]"
You say, "[Is this book not one of the marked ones?]"
You say, "[If its not null Sirum's reaching for it. >.>;]"

Solinox eyes the sword, briefly considering having that shiny piece of metal in the army's collection; the Hall of Goridona, as it is called. "You need that?" he inquires of Kitzibeth.

Rakuro guesses Kitzibeth got it, and turns his attention down to the book for a moment or two, then back up at the rest of the party, "Let's just get out of here"

Kitzibeth shrugs. "I would like to study it. Any weapon that is wielded by the enemy may be of some use. And Rakuro, we should assist the Scrollkeeper back to his home." She offers a paw to him to lead him back.

Sirum Hest needs an answer. oo; []
The Scrollkeeper: [It is, Sirum]
The Scrollkeeper: [It's the last marked Scrollbook]

Solinox nods slightly. "I can find a place for that in the army's collection whenever you're done researching it, then?"

Sirum Hest had been reaching for the book, but it seems Rakuro got to it first and thus he spins around and gives him quite surprised look, "...I need that 'ta go along with my collection... oh... er... why are we takin' the Scrollkeeper anywhere?"

Kitzibeth: Of course you can, Commander Solinox. Now, Scrollkeeper, if you will lead me? I seem to have forgotten where it is you live." She smiles blythely.

The Scrollkeeper sighs after a time and looks back at the ruins. No longer were the buildings intact as they had been because of the enchantment. Time had worn freely away at them- leaving the stone to dust, and all but the foundations lost to time.

The Scrollkeeper adresses Kitzibeth in fluent common. "Oh that's quite alright, Ansteorra will do."

Zagnafein Silverleaf raises a brow, "Ansteorra?"

Solinox grunts subtly. "You seem quite confident of that."

Zagnafein Silverleaf: Your fragment nearly killed me once. And you expect to find residence in -Ansteorra?-

The Scrollkeeper smiles "Why yes, it is what must be done. The ruins are gone now- It is time for me to seek out my other two halves. After all, the time of decision is rapidly approaching." :-)

Kitzibeth chides Zaganfein. "He will be a guest of the Mage's Guild until such time as he is recombined with himself. This fragment is no threat."

Zagnafein Silverleaf snorts quietly, shaking his head as he trudges away, muttering darkly in elven. He begins to cast his magic to heal his wounds.

[#] [+35 experience for Quest completion. Head back to Anst whenever you see fit. Go ahead and wander the ruins, the buildings are now gone]

Dalin Kayde mutters something quietly in his native tongue, and then stands. His wounds are now wrapped in bandages. "Let us hope our hospitality is not repaid with deceit."

Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Zag levelled up.]

Sirum Hest waits patiently for a response from Rakuro, he had come this far just for the book and could wait a bit longer if he needed to, seeming to be sure he'll get it one way or the other since it needed to be used with the other books. He then turns to The Scrollkeeper, head tilted slightly, "...why didn't ya speak common before if ya knew how 'ta..."

Kitzibeth: [you evil beast Zag :P You can't be higher level than the Rah! noooooo :-P:-P:-D]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [OWNED.]
Solinox: (~exp to level 17z0rz)
Rakuro still needs 40 to go]
Solinox: (Err, 50 that is.)
Solinox: (48.)
Kitzibeth: [ok, I'm going back to RP.]
Danu Mimitsu: [lev 15 is considered "high lev" right?]
The Scrollkeeper: [mid]
Sirum Hest is only 14. c.c; []
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [I'll be busy... LEVELLING UP.]

Rakuro raises an eyebrow at Sirum, "Your -collection-? I think I'd feel safer carrying it myself until the mages guild"

[Si had most of the components needed to forge the WotV and was piecing together adventuring parties to get every last step of it put together. As he said, that book was the only reason he was here. :P If someone had stood in his way of completing it he probably would've grabbed some friends and had them mug the poor sod. No one was standing in the way of avenging Canti. Good thing Rak was a friend. ^_^]

Dalin Kayde: [98 to go 'till 23.]
Sirum Hest ... didn't get killed on the high level quest! :-D :-D []
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Oh, such a beautiful feeling, the memories flood back.]
Kitzibeth: [first feat used to be high level, now high level is sort of murky]
Hikari Xezo: [Quick Question, If the scroll keeper comes to anst wont hiki go o.O "DIE!" and then get himself killed? Just quick questiong].
Kitzibeth: [No. This scrolly isn't evil]
Dalin Kayde: [Or so we think.]
Danu Mimitsu: [DUN DUN DUN]
Hikari Xezo: [Die, Danu, Die].
Hikari Xezo Goes silent once more].
Danu Mimitsu has been silent too long[]
[#] [To keep tabs, Kitz has the sword and book now, correct?]
Dalin Kayde: [So, um, am I free to go back to my beautiful, beautiful dreamweaving now?]
[#] The plant thrashes violently, and lashes out at the one who uprooted it! [Roll init, and whisper Dungeon Masters Gaze]
[#] The plant thrashes violently, and lashes out at the one who uprooted it! [Roll init, and whisper Dungeon Masters Gaze]
Rakuro: [Rakuro has the book]
[#] [Yes, Quest is over, ignore the killer bushes.]
Solinox: (Aww.)
Ruby Pyralis: [O.O]
Hikari Xezo: [XD].

Sirum Hest to Rakuro, "I have the other two books, the scales, the mithril an' the ruby. All I needs that 'ta give it 'ta who I need 'ta make the hilt... already gave him some gold 'ta make it as well."

Dalin Kayde: Those bushes almost killed Dalin! []
Danu Mimitsu: [It wants you ruby.]
Ruby Pyralis SCREAMS]
Solinox heads back to Ansteorra.
Dalin Kayde does also.
Danu Mimitsu dose too

Rakuro rolls his eyes and drops the book in Sirum's hands

Sirum Hest squeaks out quite happily and clutches the book to his chest, nodding to him.

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(You see Veudir X'Tare.)
> Hideously grisly, twisted figure draped abhorrently in tattered garb. His skull, viciously shaped and wickedly spiked, is perpetually displayed in an insufferable grimace. Frayed, flowing robes, in their numerous shredded layers, envelop nearly his entire cadaver in a shadowy raven black. Two large ripped gaps allow for dreadful wings to unfurl, ragged and tattered just the same as his attire. Skeletal hands emerge from his frayed sleeves, gripping a sharp serrated scythe.
You say, "hi2u veudir"
[#] Sirum Hest has arrived!
[#] Veudir X'Tare has arrived! Tremble mortals, and despair!
You say, "How're you doing?"
[#] No bot haxxing, kthx.[]
Veudir X'Tare: Oh, you know. Chillin', killin'.
Hikari Xezo: i agree
[#] Hikari Xezo has arrived!
You say, "Ah. Sorry about that whole soul thing, had to let Elithshar go."
Rakuro: What else would he be doing, Sirum?
[ Aderion whispers, "(On am MQ!)" to you. ]
[#] It isn't bot haxxing when it's your bot. ;-)
You say, "You're goin to have to wait a few more months."
You say, "(*: Forever)"
Veudir X'Tare: For what?
[#] omg i lose :-(
[#] Bot explodes.
Veudir X'Tare: Oh.
Veudir X'Tare: Right.
[#] Great shot kid, that was one in a million!
You say, "I agree"
[#] The sun glints off the newfallen snow as the chilly air of winter blasts though the Kingdom. The city has lost its foliage, but the hustle within the walls seems unfettered by the naked trees.[Please read for kingdom and membership information. :) ]
* Current players: Ansteorra Kingdom, Aderion, Gorganeth, Kiare, Jonathan Ruddiwyne, Nelaymae Telina, Unocroe, The Scrollkeeper, Zagnafein Silverleaf, Danu Mimitsu, Solinox, Rakuro, Ruby Pyralis, Yavin Triage, Veudir X'Tare, Sirum Hest, Hikari Xezo.
* 17 players in the dream of Ansteorra Kingdom.
* 2838 total players online. Uptime 1 day 18:25
* Max players this session: 2948
[#] The answer is no.
[ You whisper "[A MQ for what? o.o]" to Aderion. ]

Zagnafein Silverleaf appears to be removing some bandages from his hands, peering warily over at the mage's guild from time to time, perhaps even with paranoic frequency.

[ Aderion whispers, "(I dunno. Kiare started it.)" to you. ]
Hikari Xezo: [*decides to weather put Kakumei or Winter remix for his flash school project* Hmm...].
Solinox: (Put goatse)
[#] Goddess Blaze has arrived!
Hikari Xezo: [Those are songs danu, if you ever listen to clasics, you'll hear them].
Hikari Xezo: [Clasic* not danu XD].
Hikari Xezo: [Dont know why i put danu o.o].
[#] Kivae has arrived!
Hikari Xezo: [Winters my favorite... but Kakumei is more for this Norse Mythology thing...].
[#] [ Chapter 4 quest updated. Tomorrow's quest will be the low level component, The forging of the Blade Hilt.]
You say, "[Low level, eh?]"
You say, "['We're here to take your par--*sneakbackstabx10+1/dayNO*' XD]"
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [So, now we can forge all the sword?]
You say, "[Yup]"

Sirum Hest emerges from the sewers after returning to Ansteorra humming quite happily, his tail flicking back and forth behind him. In his paws are those three marked books, which he sets over onto one of the canopys seats, ", what do we do with these things, Solinox? Zagnafein? I didn't see the dwarf anywhere near the market... an' he said he could make it..."
Sirum Hest glances over to Kivae as he notices her, "...oh... right, ya said ya wanted a say in the sword for givin' up yer books. Whats yer say?", not having quite understood what she meant when he had told him.

Zagnafein Silverleaf peers over at the book, tossing away the bandages from his hands. "We forge the sword, Sirum. Starting with the hilt, I suppose. If I'm not mistaken, all the ingredients are present, no?"

Solinox: (For plot reasons, Path'en already has an NPC picked out that lives in Xanthia. Galdran can't forge it.)
You say, "[Damn]"
Solinox: (Should I make -another- new alt?)
Solinox: (I think a Conjuration mage would do good.)
Solinox: (:-D)
Ruby Pyralis: [Oo[
Ruby Pyralis twists the bracket around.]

Kivae lays back her ears, nose wrinkling. "Er." She shrugs slightly, nodding as Zag speaks. "Yeah."

Sirum Hest nods towards Zagnafein as he skims through the third book idly, "All the parts but the pattern are bein' taken care of by me. Kitzibeth has the pattern... hum..."

Veudir X'Tare does a funky little dance. []

Zagnafein Silverleaf nods. "Handle it yourselves, then. Once we finish this forging, I'll be glad - we've spent too much time on this business."

[#] Night all ~Rak
[#] gn2u
You say, "[Sol]"
You say, "[You retconning that Galdran said he could make the hilt or what?]"
Hikari Xezo: [Wait].
Solinox: (No, he just said he'd be able to do it.)
Hikari Xezo: [I cant go to the hilt forging, i gotta go to the blade imbultion -.- witch means more XP for sirums insanity and less for me ;.;].
Solinox: (Sirum can't go on that quest, it's level 1-10.)
Solinox: (I think.)
Kivae: [That's what it says..]
Ruby Pyralis: [Reccomended Level: 1-10 -highlites reccomended-]

Sirum Hest turns towards Zagnafein, a blank look on his face, "...'yerselves'? Whatcha mean? Theres not much else 'ta do except send it 'ta Galdran."

Zagnafein Silverleaf clears his throat. "What I'm saying is that this is all none of my business anymore. I've got other things to do."

Sirum Hest raises a brow, "Somethin' that would start a new age for Calenndor an' kill the person that tried 'ta kill ya before isn't any of yer business?"

Solinox: (I'll bring Brax along.)

Zagnafein Silverleaf shrugs. "Why bother with it, if it all rests in the hands of a specific individual? One of the three brothers has to do all that - and everyone else seems to have covered all aspects of this blade forging. It is not my ambition to bring about a new age to the world: I've done it once, and it really isn't what concerns me. I'd rather go explore."

Sirum Hest snickers quietly from the rangers words, lifting the three of the books and scooting back to the sign to lean back against tiredly. "Guess not everyone cares about for bein' remembered as helpin' 'ta bring the fourth age, killin' those two brothers an' puttin' Valanthas back 'ta how it was... erf..."

[Yeah, about that, past-Si...]

Solinox reaches into his pocket, pulling out his polished pipe. As is usual, he lights the contents and sticks it between his teeth.

Hikari Xezo: [For once in my ENTIRE life... I envy sirum's windows 98...].
You say, "[Why? o.o]"
You say, "[Its teh suck.]"

Zagnafein Silverleaf nods slowly. "Quite, Sirum. Being a Hero of Calenndor once is quite enough. If I'm requested to aid in this endevour as well, then so be it. If not, I don't quite care."

Hikari Xezo: [Its the only system that indulges PSX emulators, witch i need to play a game, to get some images out and get top marks, i only got 2 weeks to pass a 48 hour, 2 ending game >.>].
Zagnafein Silverleaf was playing Chrono Cross on Windows XP today.[]
Hikari Xezo: [Plust then make a flash ani-WHAT?!].
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Yeah.]
Sirum Hest was playing Suikoden 2 on Windows 98 ... a year or so ago. []
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Connectix VGS.]
Hikari Xezo: [*grabs zag by the neck* TELL ME WHAT EMULATOR!.
You say, "[ePSXe > *]"
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Connectix VGS is the name.]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [ePSXe is pale in comparison to Connectix VGS.]
Hikari Xezo: [ePSXe sucks, it aint working cause its an ass and wont indulge XP].
Hikari Xezo: [If this works zag, I will be yoru slave for a day >.>].
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [I already have enough, thanks.]
Hikari Xezo: [i gotta registrate? Darn].
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Hikari]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Try this before registering:]
Hikari Xezo: [Ok].

Sirum Hest simply murmurs something about never passing up an adventure as he slips down into the sewers, having become more and more restless lately to explore Calenndor. Soon after, he returns minus the books, and simply makes his way over to Kivae, " come ya didn't go with us? Oh... an'... if ya see The Scrollkeeper around, don't mind him... he's... uh... nice.", not sure how to explain it better than that.

Hikari Xezo: [Its says i gotta registrate if i wanna see it].
Ruby Pyralis keeps getting porn popups. Damnit, why'd the router hafta break? D:]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Hm, damn. Then register.]

Zagnafein Silverleaf whistles quietly, putting on some gloves and crossing his arms. "But then again, all adventurers need a ranger to aid them," he says to Sirum. "So I might go after all, at least for the final attack if anything."

Ruby Pyralis has been chewing on a broken paper clip since before the quest. Tastes horrible O.o]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [I hope you get hepatitis and die.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Funny. If someone online dies, no one'd know really :P]
Solinox: (Fatality by paperclip)
Hikari Xezo: [XD].
Ruby Pyralis spits paper clip at Sol.]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [I'll make sure I specifically request someone to log onto furc as Zag and tell you all I died.]
You say, "[On that note..."
Ruby Pyralis: [xD]
Solinox: (*glares at the paperclip in the witness box* Did YOU kill Miss Pyralis? Answer the question! Your honor, the accused refuses to testify!)
You say, "[Whatever happened to Lanin/Djioelbe?]"
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Died.]

Kivae quirks her eyebrows, accepting the Scrollkeeper remark without other response. She fidgets a little, winding bony fingers around each other, sporadically cracking them. ".. Wasn't invited." She settles for the simple explanation.

Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Or left Furc.]
Ruby Pyralis: [I've kept in contact with Lanin O.o]
Solinox: (I now sentence you to death! *smashes paperclip with mallet*)
Ruby Pyralis: [On AIM. He quit furc.]
Solinox: (Quick n' easy justice.)
You say, "[Bah. He could've -told- us that, whats his AIM name?]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Not tellin :P]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [I'm going to go to bed. Night.]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [See you schmoes tomorrow.]

Sirum Hest simply rolls his eyes his eyes and stretches out on the snow, happy to be finally be able to relax instant of constant walking, "...neither was I, but if ya follow long enough they can't help but take ya along, hehehe..."

Kivae: [G'night]
Solinox: (Good night mistar)
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [night2u]
Hikari Xezo: [Nothing else to do, Night all >.>].
Ruby Pyralis: [Youre all idiots D:]
Kivae: [o.o?]
Ruby Pyralis: [I dunno. Felt like saying that xD]
Hikari Xezo: [I felt like saying this, Screw you, G'night XD].

Kivae's mouth forms a humorless smile, and she shrugs. She glances edgily round. "Where is everyone?"

Sirum Hest simply buries his face down into the snow for a few moments before speaking, "...I'm guessin' passed out from weeks of non-stop walkin' across Calenndor..."

Raajh: {!ERF}
Raajh: [O____O]
Raajh: [Damn paper clip nearly pierced my tongue ><;;;;;;;;;;;;]

Kivae sticks out her tongue. "No need to exaggerate, Sirum. You'd have to stop to sleep."

Raajh: [-tongue bleeds- God damnit.]
Solinox: (Pwned.)
Raajh: [SHUDAP]
[%] Kivae just gave Raajh a cookie.
Raajh goes AFF to get some water. v.v]

Sirum Hest coughs and just buries his face deeper into the snow, forcing away nervous laughter, "...ya have never slept near him...", flicking his tail in the direction of Solinox as he murmurs something about the orc-like snoring.

[ Kivae whispers, "*pokes AIM*" to you. ]
Solinox: (Sol snores like an orc?)
Solinox: (Wow, I never knew that. :P)
You say, "[Yar. He does.]"
Raajh: [We all do now.]
You say, "[Either that or Sirum was mistaking him for Rakuro. :P]"

Kivae twitches an ear, catching enough to burst out laughing. "And how would you know what a sleeping orc sounds like?" She continues grinning as she stretches out her legs.

Sirum Hest just shrugs to her and finally sits back up, "Imagine how Grok sounded, then imagine how he would sound if he were asleep. Thats all it takes."

Solinox walks into the army fort, stretching his arms as he does so.

Raajh: [O.o]
Solinox: (Good night 2 u mistars and madams)
(You see snakefang adams.)
> make nice freinds
You say, "[That has to be one of the lamest names I've ever heard :3]"
You say, "[...and worst descriptions...]"
Kivae missed it. :-(]
Raajh: [make nice freinds]

Kivae winces, as if something quite unpleasant had just entered her head. "Ah.. I see. So how would you know this if you didn't stop to sleep?" Her expression changes to a triumphant smile.

Sirum Hest facepalms and shakes his head, "I meant I got little sleep from that. We did sleep of course... even next 'ta a tree where those void monsters came out of...", wincing as he doesn't know how exactly they were convinced into doing so.

Raajh: [My mouth is filling with blood, god damnit.]
Kivae: [Put a band aid on it? o.o]
Raajh: [It won't fit D:]
Raajh: [Blood really begins to taste bad after a while.]
Kivae: [You've had a Tetanus shot, right? >.>]
Raajh: [Like, immediatley.]
Raajh: [I think Oo]
Raajh is afraid to wake up her parents. >.>]
Kivae: [Why? o.o]
Raajh: [They'll be all: You're such an idiot dun chew on paperclips go to bednoworfacemywrathandabigwrathidohave!]
Miyth: [everyone off at a MQ?]
Raajh shrugs.]
Kivae: [So it seems. Besides us.]
You say, "[Apparently a giant skeleton monster attacked the crypt.]"
Raajh: [O.o]
You say, "[Since nothing like that...]"
You say, "[...has ever happened before...]"
Raajh: [Veudir comes out, pwns, threatens, leaves.]
Kivae: [Why would we care if it attacked the crypt? o.o]
Miyth whistles innocently[]
Raajh: [o.o]
You say, "[Kiara probably got kidnapped again. c.c]"
Raajh: [...I just noticed something.]
Kivae draws notes in the air, for Miyth.]
Raajh never gave Miyth's cloak back xD]
Miyth: [I'm sure this has nothing to do with the two gigantic Behemoth skeletons that Miyth imported]
Miyth: [Riiiight >.>]
Raajh: [>> << -gives it back- It smells of Miyth-ness D:]
Miyth smells good ;.;[]
Kivae: [Where did he import them from? o.o;;;]
Miyth: [A continent to the Northwest]
Raajh wonders why Miyth has been rolling around in o.o]
Kivae: [>.> They sell Behemoth skeletons there? *wants to get one. o.o*]
Raajh: [!]
(You see Sizkuzi Sukasa..)
> Has a katana hanging from his back. He is a fast furre. He has Kimono in his bag. On the hilt of his katana it says S.S. witch stand for Sizkuzi Sukusa. And his Kimono has the letter p witch stands for proud. As you see this furre you will think he is human but he is really a 5 foot 4 vampire. He also has a tway witch is a dagger he made. His tway is the color black. [Vampire][IC:34]
Raajh: [Did I miss .hack again? I like to mock it D:]
Kivae is joking, btw. :-\ Mutters things and ponders leaving to read.]
Kivae: [I thought you hated anime, Rubeh. :-P]
Raajh: [I said 'I like to mock it']
Raajh: [Evilbrownguygetaway!]
You say, "[Miyth]"
You say, "[Ruby must be killed.]"
Kivae: [Oh. That serves me right for not reading the whole post, I guess. *goes IC* :/]
Raajh: [xD]
Miyth: [She must]
Raajh: [Uh oh.]
Raajh: [o.o]
Miyth: [And at any rate it's over now]
* Furcadia Standard Time: 11:26:00 PM
Miyth: [And I'm headed to shlep]
You say, "[...****! I did miss it! D:]"
Sizkuzi Sukasa.: [Goodnight]
Raajh: [Shlep.]
Raajh: [xD]
Miyth: [Night]
You say, "[Curse you and your great, plot-soaked quests. ):]"
Raajh: [G'night x)]
Kivae: [G'night Miyth. ^^]
You say, "[Night, anyways. :P]"
Sirum Hest afks to eat dinner. []

Jonathan Ruddiwyne drags himself, his unsheathed sword, and a dented piece of breastplate over to the bench, where he sits, and bleeds.

Sizkuzi Sukasa. scratches his head as he takes his hood of. Then he smirks and sighs and he goes to sit in the snow. Then he takes his tway out and stabs it into the ground. Then he takes his tway out of the ground and puts it back in his pouch.

Raajh: [Who eats dinner after midnight?]
Raajh ate dinner 5 hours ago.]
Sizkuzi Sukasa.: [Where I live its 9:28]
Raajh: [Actually... 7 hours ago.]
Raajh: [12:30 here, and it's the same for Sirum >.>]
Kivae eats dinner around 1 AM on weekends and later on vacations. <.<]
Raajh: [o_o]
Raajh: [Crazy people.]
[#] Maria Lyf has arrived!
[#] Cassander has arrived!

[See, Kiv's good people. She sees the value in eating dinner past midnight, same as me. Solve puzzles and slay epic foes online, then prioritize not starving to death.]

Kivae shoots Sizkuzi a disgruntled sideways glance as he sits nearby her. She is on her feet rather quickly, disliking to be near those have random urges to stab the ground. Her new seat is somewhat nearby to Jon, at whom she raises an eyebrow. ".. Shouldn't you.. stop that, or something?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne looks up at her with a strange, half-sleepy look on his face. "Oh... 'm sure I will soon enough. 'Prolly go to the hospillter's guild in a few min'tes... jus' wanated to get a breath 'f fresh air. Th' crypt... smelly." He sways slightly, blinking owlishly at Kivae.

Kivae sighs, and resists rolling her eyes. "Right you will." She reaches out for a sleeve, tugging lightly, less his attention wander. "Where's the wound, then?" She give him a brief glance-over, searching for the blood's origin.

You say, "[Rubeh]"
You say, "[People who go to bed at 4-7 in the morning eat dinner past midnight]"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne blinks. "Wound? 'M covered in 'em... here, I'll show you..." And he pulls off his tunic, shrugging aside his cloak, and remaining bare-chested and bleeding from a huge gash in his side, and another on his shoulder.

[#] Tyalian Celeblasse has arrived!

Kivae winces, ears laying back. She leans forward despite herself, prodding gently here-and-there. "And you didn't think you needed to get healed right away? Must've lost more blood than you thought."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne shrugs, wincing as he does so. "'m okay. 'Least that girl got out, I guess.... Didja see what I found?" He points gleefully at the dented armor on the ground in front of him.

Kivae spares it a glance, and nudges it with her foot. "Yes, it's quite lovely. Are you going to drag it around like your sword?" She shakes her head, frowning at the wounds. "I could try to heal these.. But I don't have much practice with it." She mutters something about clerics.

Kivae: [I just got asked where all of us are. How do I respond? o.o]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [Who asked?]
Kivae: ['Tyalian']
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [Oh. That dude. Just tell him we're where people usually are, the canopy and the tavern]
Tyalian Celeblasse: [Ah]

Jonathan Ruddiwyne shakes his head, and winces at that. "No... better get stitched up..." He stands woozily, and drags his armor off to the Hospitaller's.

Kivae scowls after him, tail lashing. "Yeah, well don't pass out on the way, or anything."

Tyalian Celeblasse: [Where is everyone tonight??]
Kivae: [Sleeping/eathing dinner/having a life/working?]
Tyalian Celeblasse: [That was a rhetorical question]
Kivae: [*eating, even]
Kivae: ['kay. I answered it anyways. :-P]
Tyalian Celeblasse: [Maybe I'll try this 'having a life' thing...]
Tyalian Celeblasse[goes AFK to 'have a life'.]
Kivae makes him pick a better seat first. >.>]
Kivae has to stare at him this way. ;-;]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne elbows him. []
Kivae: [Oh well.. x.x]
Tyalian Celeblasse: [Why did I tele?]
Kivae shrugs.]
Tyalian Celeblasse: [AFKs for real]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [Goodnight :-)]

Kivae huffs a steaming sigh into the air. She wraps her hands in her cloak and tugs it closer to her body. "I wish Path'en was here..."

Kivae retracts that because of IMed information. Changes it to 'I .. I wish.. I don't know. There's nothing to do.']

Cassander ambles up, having a little trouble standing, but seems to be trying to ignore whatever injuries he may have
Cassander seats himself and looks around at the other people

Kivae seems to be ignoring whatever injuries Cassander has too, that or she doesn't notice.

Cassander looks disoriented and dizzy, then heads back to the bar

[That was an especially wonderful adventure. I'm happy I saved at least the ending of it. I don't think I have any other logs left that are as noteworthy as this one. Really wish I did.]
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