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Memories of Castlemare

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Feel my love!
Feel my love!

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 9:57 pm    Post subject: Memories of Castlemare Reply with quote

I never really realized how much of an effect Erisvan had until the very end. I think it was when Sirum quit, and it really felt like I drove him to it, whether picking on him with Erisvan or mauling him with Kizzy. In truth, I always felt you were a great RPer, Sirum, and I wanted to keep pushing you to better places than just a simple mouse without a care in the world. I'm sorry if I pushed a bit too hard at times Sad

What a twisted bitch Erisvan was. I went though those old logs that Sirum posted and it feels.. well.. alien. Like it wasn't me. I know it was, but I haven't been to that kind of dark place in a long long time. Don't think I would be ever comfortable going back, really. She was an outlet for a lot of my own really dark personal demons, ones I never really dealt with until many years later. In a way, I feel a lot like Kitz, finally getting her out of my head to wallow in a darkness of her own, far away from me. I think I'm better for it.

From a character standpoint, Erisvan is kind of like Heath Ledger's Joker.. he totally ripped me off Razz She just wanted to watch the world burn. And then make the world burn. Make everyone in the world burn, and then just because, raise them up just to do it again. There wasn't much more than that. Her nihilism was pretty absolute; and between moments of lucidity was just complete madness of purpose. Or just madness.

In the tomb, Sirum showed her a kindness, and for a moment, Kizzy saw him. At that time, Kitz, Erisvan and Kizzy were still one shattered mind in the same body. It was that moment that Kizzy fell in love with Sirum, but with her the weakest of the three personalities, Erisvan took that innocent expression of love and used it to torture Sirum while Kizzy watched helplessly behind her eyes. That hurts even to think about. All the way throughout the plotlines, Erisvan still kept that strange affection for Sirum. Not sure if affection is the right word for a murderous demigod, but it's the best I got.

Erisvan hated Kitzibeth more than anything for showing who she could have been had Greydark not claimed her, and the constant battle between them for control was a big part of my own mindspace for Kitz's character, and maybe my own head too ^^;

Honestly, I feel that the cards plotline was the best plotline I'd ever come up with, ever. Those silly Harles and their rhyming speech:

The Harle pads up, "Come take a card! /
The first one's always free /
You read the back, /
Feel fortune's smack /
You'll want another, see?" /
She grins, a toothy smile at least /
unnerving, through and through /
The card looks safe, for just one peek /
Whatever will it do?

THAT was the hardest thing to keep going for an entire RP. I had to make actions rhyme with words, or force couplets into the right meter and keep up with the pace of conversation or get drowned out. o.o Gah. But that was all worth it because the whole plotline, even if it was incredibly disturbing, was memorable and really set up a sense of tension in the overarching story. We definitely did that right in Ansteorra. I don't know any other dream which had such extensive metaplots run by such creative people like Path and Rivyn and all of the other DMs. <3

Erisvan's other lackeys: Galendria and Gratoc were the only two in-game named gholae of Erisvan's army. The general storyline for gholae is that they don't get their real names back until they complete their mission of vengeance: Zagnafein became Whiteflame and Canti, Furyfist. If they'd successfully killed their quarries, they'd be Zagnafein and Canti once again.

Galendria was murdered by having her throat torn out by her own sister, which is why she was mute. She returned to slaughter her own kin to the last, and became Erisvan's chosen assassin. I think I remember that she was fought once at the very end. She had like 12 attacks per round or something and hit like Dalin on caffeine. I don't remember the result of that fight at all, though it's probably in my logs on some old hard drive.

Gratoc appeared all of once in game. He was a disgraced blademaster of Ivrit who willingly gave himself up to Erisvan's service.

I think that's it, really. Kind of deflates the mystery a bit, but it's been long enough Smile
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 10:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I never really realized how much of an effect Erisvan had until the very end. I think it was when Sirum quit, and it really felt like I drove him to it, whether picking on him with Erisvan or mauling him with Kizzy. In truth, I always felt you were a great RPer, Sirum, and I wanted to keep pushing you to better places than just a simple mouse without a care in the world. I'm sorry if I pushed a bit too hard at times Sad

Are you kiddin'? I thrived in chaos, all my characters and NPCs did. Erisvan, Kendrick and Pytch were amazing villains because they would rip us out of our peaceful fun around the canopy every now and then and remind us that our characters had something to make themselves stronger over and fight against. I absolutely adored every RP with Erisvan because she was such a well-written monster, so much so that Sirum someday aspired to be the one to put an end to her and Pytch alike. Kitzerina using him as her personal squeezetoy was absolutely hilarious - otherwise I wouldn't fondly remember him trying to get Kitz to switch over with her for a little while every week, or their sunsets on the docks, their flearidden bed in Caeseal or the shape of a river in Tigath. I would've happily endured another Castlemare on him. Because those were things that shaped characters, gave them and their players distinct memories, strife that united them, so much so that I'm recalling them vividly in 2017. I even remember that most of the Castlemare tortures weren't even written by you - they were Solinox, Zagnafein, Dalin and whoever else co-DMing with you. Castlemare was the horrific lovechild of everyone in charge. Every trip to Castlemare was a delightful one. I enjoyed having to get out of my comfort zone on Si - in the beginning he was meek, curious, naive and a nobody. Every adventure on him made him a more fleshed out character. Erisvan made him find strength in his friends, made him think twice before putting too much trust in just anyone. Pytch made him into a leader, someone who could bring people together and unite them under a cause, put together a good strategy. Kendrick gave him a dose of reality, forced him to realize that sometimes you have to kill your enemies with the Kebeyen invaders, there wasn't always a solution where you could tie up an enemy and take them into some secret clubhouse to try and reason with them. I'm glad Si developed into the character who aspired to do more than goof off with his buddies. Erisvan's influence on him only really became a problem when he no longer had many of those close halcyon friends around for support. I pretty much retconned the 25-year-skip Si with Hunters of Heresy, though. Smile

You didn't force me to do anything with Sirum I wasn't happy to do. Razz Everything he did in his month of terror with Ciran and Catherine was completely improvised. Every day I got to RP with you as Kitzerina, Kitzibeth, Kitzerin, Erisvan, El Morte, Albrecht, Blump or any of the rest was an amazing one. I left for around half a year because Canti had gone and Kivae was leaving as well, among other reasons, none relating to you or anyone else in the guild. They were the people that had the best positive influence on Si, they were his best friends and mine too. So it was weird being in Ansteorra with Sirum just... well, alone. The only reason Sirum even went to Castlemare with that silly 'Elemental Blaster' is because, as was referenced in some of those logs... Kiv kept Si from doing dangerous, stupid things. She was usually there to bop him on the head and curb his delusions of being some great hero. I'd been planning on leaving when Si went to Castlemare the fourth time, but Erisvan thrall'd him instead of locking him away in her dungeons or worse as I figured she might, so Si had to stick around for a month or so longer and be Employee Of The Year for her. Wink The idea of living up to your expectations of what a minion of Erisvan would do and the precedent Canti had set during his time in Erisvan's service was a joy.

Sorry if I made you think Erisvan had ever been anything but an amazing antagonist and influence on the guild, Sirum or me as a player. I've seen other dreams without super villains like our Heretics, and... they're really just dull as can be. You can only fight goblins, bandits or zombies so many times before you get way too bored. The idea of villains you can't really beat, can only survive against and find ways to seal away was a breath of fresh air.

I'm glad you're posting some of your memories, anyhow, and I sincerely hope you post more. x) The Harle card quest was easily one of my favorite plotlines as well, up there with the Bloodstained Coins. It's nice to see Ansteorra's perspective from people who recall it as vividly as I do. I can't help but worry we're the only two who do remember Anst with such detail.
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