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A day of questionable wishes. 5-31-2008.

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 25, 2017 3:57 am    Post subject: A day of questionable wishes. 5-31-2008. Reply with quote

[Mnnn... I don't really have much of an attachment to logfiles like these, though I do have a fair number of them. A lot of these survived, from the later years of Anst. They don't have Sirum in them, they just have my dumb illusionist who never took anything seriously. He never really developed as a character or made any great attachments to anyone, because I didn't want to get into a situation like I had with Si again of not knowing what to do with a character when their best friends are gone. He just caused oddities or problems wherever he went to create RP. Something of a gag character, like Amerie.

But this is a quest log, and I am fond of those. So I'll post it for others. Erk mentioned to me that during Crumbly Tower Climbing he thought he played poorly, but the thing was we just posted short and sweet during quests to keep the ball rolling. So don't use quest posts as an indicator of roleplaying skills.

We were hired by Ajax Avelhar to find an ancient treasure in a tomb. The Combat System was disabled, sooo... this was a purely RP and puzzle filled quest. Which was great for my character because literally all he could do was high level illusions.

Kitzibeth and I pretty much just compete for solving the most puzzles. Which made it an especially fun quest.]

[Descriptions of potentially unfamiliar faces. Everyone else you should know.]

(You see Enwyr Vil'Tar.)
> One need barely look in this elf's direction to be able to tell that he is a mage of great prestige, dressed in the most exquisite robes of Westernesse. A large collar curls presumptuously outwards, focusing the gazer's attention upon a pale face with green eyes, topped off with long golden hair. Far from the typical journeyman wizard, this elf has the look of an archmage who has spent centuries dedicated to his art, as his haughty manners would attest to. (Ansteorra NPC)

(You see Myson.)
> The odd femme out. Icy blue eyes are nearly white, a unique shade almost similiar to snow-white fur. Cherry blossom pink curls frizz into a giant pouf at the very front of her forehead while the rest is brushed outward at the nape of her neck. Blanche fur looks bright and much more prettier against her rose tabby markings which makes her petite frame actually look decent. Pale pink bodice hangs moderately low in a cowl partially hidden by an apple green coat. Cloud gray trousers have been cut at the calf and flare with inserts of lace. Green shoes in the same shade of the coat embrace her ankles with ribbon.

(You see Jesto.)
> Poirate, mind the 'o'. Tricorner hat upon head covers most of his smooth sunflower yellow hair, bandanna of sorts serving as an eyepatch, silly Skull'n'Crossbones tattoo upon a cheek, though it smells faintly of blackberries. Fancy looking silken shirt, or it once was, now has the sleeves messily cut off at the shoulder, the scent of sweetgrass present on cloth. Beneath a dark chocolate cape-cloak numerous jingling pockets sound. Heavy black boots adorn his feet, thwumping with each step. Appears about 17-18.

(You see Carradoch.)
> Bright as spring, like a faerie king. Fetching faun: the odd one out. Heralded by aromatic pomander twine'd 'round neck, able horns peak from forehead of Shakespearean Puck. Butterscotch build meets cinnamon spirals; earthen bodyscape on Gaea's canvas. Golden globes reek of mischief behind full, albeit mullet-esque, mane, which pales in comparison to respective pastels. Applewhite robes craft simple ensemble, but gossamer wings steal the show from physically fit hybrid. Treasure of a man, oozing jackassery becoming of partial satyr heritage.

(You see Sayyida.)
> Scantily clad form curves lusciously in all the right places. A black sheer bustiere covers her chest, swirling designs imitating her own curves. A burgundy loincloth is worn, straps resting high on her hips while cloth curves down low, teasingly. Golden bangles and various jewelry is worn along her body, including a golden garter. Fiery red hair is side parted, soft waves flowing down to just below her bust. A warm body that was proudly shown off. Her eyes were sometimes too bright, and other times too dull. A small golden ring that held a modest, though finely shaped diamond was worn on her right ring finger. A simple gold chain necklace adorned bust, and there was a three diamond inlaid ring around the chain.

(You see Korui.)
> Without a doubt a curious thing. Slightly androgynous, and not particularly tall, the creature is only loosely able to be called a furre. Most of his features are distinctly canine- reminiscent of a jackal: sharp and narrowly built. He appears lanky, beneath a loose fitting black robe, worn open over some rather plain- if oversized clothing. The normality ends there, however. His legs appear strong, built with wide, clawed footpaws better fitting of a roo, and his tail is closer to that of a lizard- long, tapered, and blue-furred, like the rest of his bizzare self. Strange appearance s aside, the generally talkative oddity carries a pleasant disposition.

[#] Okay!
[#] If we can have five minutes of silence, I'll try to get through all of the important footnotes before we begin.
Myson achieved world peace.
[#] Firstly, there are a lot of new players here. For those that don't know, a quest is usually a major event both ICly and OOCly. When we're in full gear, we usually have one every six to ten weeks, by my estimate. It requires a lot of preparation.
[#] The characters (you guys) generally have some kind of an objective in mind. It's the party (fancy word for the group of characters)'s task to meet those objectives and get the rewards at the end. It's a great opportunity for roleplaying, and since our combat system isn't in service, we get to focus on the other major part of quests...
[#] ...solving puzzles! You'll need to bring your thinking caps and put your heads together for this one. Keep in mind that you have a lot of different minds and that the solution is often found more quickly by contributing your ideas together.
[#] That having been said, if you wish to talk to each other OOCly and share ideas, that's perfectly fine. Just make sure you either use the shouts channel, instant messaging, whispers, or some other non-disruptive way of communicating.
[#] On another note, there's a thunderstorm in my area, so if I disappear I'll keep in OOC contact with Ruby and she'll let you know if I'm able to make it back or not, or what to do.
[#] Temporary death is a possibility on this quest. I would suggest that, to enjoy the quest to its fullest, you should be open to this happening to your character and don't take it negatively. Since we'll be going through some ancient ruins with a lot of powerful magical traps, one bad step or incorrect decision can kill your character. But they will leave the quest alive, through IC means.
[#] Experience the thrill of death lurking behind every corner!
You say, "What is temporary death?"
Korui: [The thrill of temporary death? o-O]
Myson knoez already.[]
[#] Temporary death is when your character is temporarily dead.
[#] They will not be dead permanently.
Korui: [Must we ask the obvious question? >>]
You say, "And then gets revived at the end immediately after?"
You say, "Oh."
[#] IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, here is what to do (Remember this!):
Korui: [So for continuity purposes- this is a "grievously wounded" state? (Reminiscing on that quest where you died that one time.)]
[#] To ask an In-character question, you will be able to ask Enwyr. He is the NPC that will be in contact with the party. You'll see how this is done once we start.
[#] To ask an Out of Character question (El Senor Dungeon Master, is it okay if I push this boulder onto those goblins at the bottom of the cliff?) you can ask the DM character, whose name is El Dungeon Maestro.
[#] My older DM character expired.
[#] For Korui's question, it is possible to be grievously wounded, just as death is also possible.
[#] Our second last topic is the Baby Pen policy. It's a creative way that I've come up in case we need to resolve a situation where someone breaks the rules grievously enough to warrant removal from the quest.
[#] Instead of ejecting, the aforementioned troublemakers may be placed in the Baby Playpen for ten minutes and cool down by playing with the ball. Hopefully this is the last mention we'll have to make of it!
[#] And lastly, a brief bit of in character information about the quest.
[#] As you may have heard from Ajax in the tavern, the quest will take place in the ruins of some sort of Aracthan temple. The Aracthan Empire, also known as the Glorious Empire, was an empire whose strength lied in powerful magic. It reached its height during the second age, waaay back, and covered virtually every inch of Feanor, the world in which our characters live.
[#] Let's see how much the old vets know. For imaginary points to become Champion of the Universe, who can give me a short bit on who Ajax Avelhar is?
You say, "Leader of the Starlight Avengers."
You say, "Employed Sirum as one of his spies."
Ruby Pyralis: Sexy Man-Beast.
You say, "And tried to beat up Kin-Rah with his underlings."
Tremare Clefon: He's an Elf
You say, "But she fucked them up sumthin' fierce."
Tremare Clefon: XD
You say, "You don't mess with the pooch. Cool"
Sayyida: He has nice hair. =D
Myson is confused..
Tremare Clefon: Damnit, I never really RPed anything with Ajax back in the day.
Myson: What he hell?
{S} Kitzerina shouts: Where the heck is the quest happening?
Myson: *the
Your request has been sent to Kitzerina.
[#] Hmm. Let's clarify a few things!
[%] Ruby Pyralis just gave Myson a cookie.
Kitzerina has accepted your request.
Kitzerina joins you.
Carradoch doesn't know squat. Smile
Ruby Pyralis: He's gay, isn't he? Sad
Myson nods.
Tremare Clefon: LOL
[#] Ajax Avelhar is the former leader of the Starlight Avengers. They were disbanded about twenty years before the present date.
Myson: First he was on about himself, and then he's talking about some woman beating someone up.
You say, "I'm just listing my incidents with the Starlight Avengers, Myson."
Myson: And now you're a she?
[#] He was an infamous mercenary leader, offering his services to kings, princes, queens, dukes, etc. across Calenndor, the continent on which Ansteorra lies.
You say, "No, but Kin-Rah is."
Myson: Well how the heck were we supposed to know if that was a he or a she?
Kitzerina: Jesto. That kit avatar has better be going to Gen Rah.
Tremare Clefon: I knew
Tremare Clefon: >_>
Ruby Pyralis: Kitzi, it's free digo day.
You say, "It's free digo day, Kitz."
Kitzerina: Oh.
[ You whisper "Type `werewolf" to Kitzerina. ]
[ Kitzerina whispers, "Laready saw. " to you. ]
[#] In the past forty to thirty years, he's leaned much more towards wearing the mantle of an elven noble (which he is). He's the older brother of Solinox, and he is currently the Regent of House Avelhar, one of the noble families of Westernesse, realm of the elves.
Kitzerina: Roar.
[#] I'll go through the other two NPCs quickly.
Kitzerina is know known as Wintertruck

[Dang, Kitz, Wintertruck was an all too brief 2003 pain and you're just namedropping like it ain't no thing in 2008. Your memory is as sharp as mine.]

Kitzerina powergames!
[#] Yoriel Durraer is a high priest. He's also been involved with the Avengers, and other than his mildly tempered elven supremecism, he's known for being a prodigious servant of the elven gods.
Kitzerina crinos'es!
[#] Any questions so far? We're about to begin!
Myson quacks at.
Tremare Clefon: Actually
Tremare Clefon: A single question.
El Dungeon Maestro: Before I forget, the number one rule of Sol's quests!
[#] Go ahead, Trem.
Korui: [Boooo. PNGs.]
Tremare Clefon: You mentioned earlier about an extreme aggreviance of the rules to the extent of abolishing someone from a quest. What would an example of this be?
You say, "'General jerkery' I believe."
You say, "Running far ahead of the group repeatedly."
Ruby Pyralis: Hitting on the NPC's.
You say, "OOCing endlessly after being warned by the DM."
Ruby Pyralis: ¬¬
Korui: [Flipping the bird at Solinox and posting nude pictures of him on the internet.]
Myson curves her flirtations. D=
Erk Mendon: Having Liela interrupt a bunch of people having sex.
Myson giggles.
[#] Come on in, we're busy in here!
Myson: XD
Erk Mendon: Thanks Si Razz
[#] Well, as far as rules go, I'm pretty lenient, so anything along the lines of being grossly rude to other players or ignoring repeated warnings will get you put in the playpen.
Sayyida: What if we're finished with the quest, and just curious about what the playpen is? >_>
Tremare Clefon: XD
You say, "Can we start nooo-o-ow? Or at least summon me ahead of time"
You say, "My poor 56k needs a headstart. Sad"
Tremare Clefon: Oh, and uh, are we using shouts or an AIM channel?
[#] So if you do want to see the playpen, either post porno links, tell me that the quest is stupid, or ask me after we're done tomorrow Very Happy
Sayyida thumbsup.
You say, ""
[%] Korui just gave Jesto a cookie.
Sayyida: o_o
El Dungeon Maestro: I prefer milfhunter, but thanks
Erk Mendon: ...No comment.
Kitzerina: ?
Carradoch: OMG. R. R. R. X. X. X. 13. MY EYES.
Korui: No comment is needed.
[#] That having been said, let's begin!
[%] Korui just gave Kitzerina a cookie.
Ruby Pyralis: I need someone's credit card, please.
Myson haords her cukies.
[#] Once everyone's been summoned to the quest dream, I'll post an emit, and the party is free to do what they want.
Carradoch: ...Oh, hot, Rub.
[#] Stay here for a second!
Myson eyes Carrie.
{S} Tremare Clefon shouts: Is this shouts?
Erk Mendon: Quick! While he's not here! TALK ABOUT HIM!
Carradoch: >.>
Tremare Clefon: Roar
{S} Tremare Clefon shouts: Nargh
Tremare Clefon: Who here has shouts activated?
Tremare Clefon: Is this how we shall OOC?
Erk Mendon: I hope not.
Myson: You know what they say about sirums with big hands.
{S} Kitzerina shouts: I have shouts on.
Carradoch: ...They have big hands?
Myson: Big feets!
{S} Tremare Clefon shouts: Yaaay
{S} Tremare Clefon shouts: It works. ;_;
{S} Korui shouts: You can't handle the truth! >:O
Ruby Pyralis: Easy there, fuzzy little man peach.
Carradoch: ...
Carradoch: Fuzzy... little man peach?
Korui snrks.
Erk Mendon: ...Why can't we stand on the tables?
[#] (If you are attending the quest, `join El Dungeon Maestro!)
Korui: Because they've just been refurnished.
Sayyida: Yay!
Ruby Pyralis is not here ICly. Is just here to help out if it's needed. Ignore me!]

[#] The party members, after having gathered in Ansteorra, now find themselves in the harsh deserts of Thamrivol. Enwyr's teleporation magic has left some of them feeling a little lightheaded. Dunes, rocks, and small critters decorate the scene, and sandy wastes extend as far as the eye can see. The sun blazes in the afternoon sky. (Press F3 for your personal music!)
[#] As soon as everyone arrives and is accounted for, Ajax addresses the group.

Ajax Avelhar addresses the group. "Welcome to Thamrivol, my friends! Don't mind the heat, you will be indoors shortly. Once Enwyr and Yoriel arrive, we will have you all sorted out and ready to hunt for treasure. Keep an eye out for the insects, they can bite. Oh, and whatever you do, be extremely cautious! There are deadly traps in there."

Korui, after discovering sand, has immediately decided to bury himself in it comfortably. The blue creature's ears and tail poke out from the makeshift dune under which he's entombed himself. "... Can we eat the insects?" He asks hopefully, and not without a hint of trepidation in his voice. But.. that just might be because he's chewing on something...

[#] In response, two elves appear out of the thin air. The adventurers may have met Enwyr, the elf on their left; the talented archmage. On the right, it is likely the first time that they have met Yoriel Durraer, High Priest of the Temple of the Ancients.

Erk Mendon, despite his fancy-shmancy, dark-ish clothing, is somehow not sweating or taking much of any notice to the heat. However, those around him might notice a bit of a mist surrounding him. Even so, he muttered under his breadth, "Water isn't my forté...we better get inside soon." He raised a brow towards Ajax and shrugged, "When aren't there booby traps? Especially in desert temples." Time to don a hat and whip!

Ajax Avelhar looks at Korui skeptically. "You may, but at your own risk. I'm afraid I can't attest to the safety of that. Enwyr, I leave them to you." Ajax steps back, and seems to prepare something, moving towards the massive sandstone structure just ahead.

Sayyida is wearing less than most, though still finds it surprisingly hot. She frowns and digs with her toes into the sand, finding the cooler layer below and standing on that, instead. Granted, her feet were buried, but she didn't seem to mind. She glanced up, then looked around. Seeing Korui, she smiled and waved, before blinking and looking back. They were hunting for treasure, right? Well, she was waiting for them to say when they could go.

Carradoch doesn't have to give anyone an explanation as to why he's decided to here with the lot- he simply has. And with magic being something he was not used to, the satyxe held a number of fingers to his temple, albeit paying as much attention as possible. Bah, who was afraid of a couple'a bugs? Traps, on the other hand, ...well, fudge, what did he get himself into? Perhaps it was some sort of an omen, but he had a feeling that if he wasn't as on his toes as possible, he was going to leave Sidi a widow. Maybe it was just paranoia. Nonetheless, yes, getting out of the heat'd be lovely. Having a pelt didn't make this any easier on him.

Enwyr Vil'Tar steps forward to continue the party's briefing. "Alright. Captain Jesto, you have been appointed as the commanding officer of this adventuring party. You will receive orders from Ajax, Yoriel, and myself, and are to ensure the safety and discipline of those under your command. There are a few other positions that I'll need to fill. First, who here has any magical ability? Secondly, is there anyone who has previous work as a scribe or clerk?"

[C... Captain Jesto? What the hell? Why? Why would anyone give him any sort of power or authority over anyone? He's useless with any real magic and his only weapon was a souped-up crossbow that literally fell to pieces whenever he fired it... I wouldn't have trusted him to be in charge of a potato.]

Myson finds that natural woven fibers always make for comfortable wear, even in the desert! She walks around in a circle, looking down at the ground while finding sand interesting. Perhaps she would make a sandcastle when there was time. Glancing up at Sayy, she waves excitedly, happy to find that her best friend was present. Another look around and there is Carrie also! Yay! Blue eyes look to Enwyr, "I can't write." Aww.

Jesto was decked out more fashionably than normal for the journey - tricorner having doubled in size in some flagrant display of apparent leadership. Marching forward, he'd come to stand at the front and bow towards the group, "Listen up, y'scurvy gits. Oi'm Cap'n on this trip an' shall be addressed as sooch, if Oi see any signs o' mutiny Oi'll be throwin' you to th'sharks. Now, follow after me, an'--wai', deadly traps?" Pause, as uncovered eye went to fluttering. Single hand pointed at Tremare and Erk, ".. Oi'll follow after you lot, an' everyone else can follow after me. Yes indeed!" Gaze then settled over on Enwyr, "Discipline? Don't 'spose you can gimme a bullwhip to try my 'and at, eh?"

Enwyr Vil'Tar shakes his head to the Captain. "Unfortunately, we will have to do without the cat of nine tails. I trust that there won't be a need for anything of that sort, in any case."

Tremare Clefon prances about worriedly at the sight of any insects, moving this way and that. Finally, he resolves to stomp on one, hearing a satisfying crunch. Hands on hips in triumph, he nodded to Enwyr. "Ah, yes, I can answer a positive to both of your questions. What can I do for ya?" He looked around in most directions, and taking in the members of the group, some he faintly recalled, and many new faces, he smiled. Surely, this would be exciting. The heat too did not seem to affect him.

Jesto also piped up, "Oi kin finger-wiggle 'alf-decent, an' Oi know 'ow to write." Oversized tricorner tipped towards Sayyida and Myson, "See, Oi've got tons o' smarts, ladies."

Erk Mendon, in a short, quick post, raised a paw, "I have outstanding magical ability, thank you very much." Wow, that sure was arrogant. But hey, the heat was finally starting to get to him, and he didn't want to get his clothes all stinky and sweaty! Towards Jesto, he rolled his eyes, "Yeah...I'm feeling better now."

Carradoch was a magical sort, and as his mythical skills were untapped in whole as of yet, given his young age, he couldn't exactly chime in. He did tend to give off a glow that had the capability of turning into something more full-fledged. Nope. He was quiet. Just quiet- and just ready to take orders, apparently.

Sayyida glanced around, recognizing more faces. Good. She blinked. So Jesto was Captain? She nodded and saluted, before she spoke up, "I know how to write. I write very neatly. It's a good thing. But I can't do magic." She frowned. Nope. She wiggled around before belatedly adding on cheerfully, "Captain." She glanced around, brows lifted. Was anybody else going to say they could write? If she could, she'd reach out and twine her fingers with Myson's, and send a smile in Carrot's direction. Saying hello to them, too.

Crystert remains seated, his worries were none of theirs.. Small sigh emitted, he untied scarf and unraveled it to the length of a cloak, which he tied around his neck. "Glad I didn't wear heavy armor."

Enwyr Vil'Tar reaches into the recesses of his cloak, producing a magnificent crystal ball. He sends the thing floating in Erk's direction. "Your responsibility will be to hold that thing. I'll be using it to keep in contact with you while you're inside. Ajax, Yoriel and I will remain out here in case something happens and we need to get you out." He considers those who have mentioned their ability to write.

Kitzerina steps forward toward Erk. "I am the Grandmagess Kitzerina Elizabeth Na'Vision Na'Kitzibeth etc. etc. I am literally the most powerful mage here." She grins toothily, easily being completely right. Take that Erk for teenage arrogance. "So please don't worry too much about him keeping hold of some weird artifact. I can keep it more than safe."

Enwyr Vil'Tar eenie meenie miny moes.
[#] Enwyr Vil'Tar rolls 1d3 & gets 1.
[#] Enwyr Vil'Tar rolls 1d2 & gets 1.

Jesto wiggled his fingers towards Sayyida, "No, no. Cap'n, y'gotta say it quick-like, carve out a few letters." A hesitation there, to glance right towards Kitzerina, ".. 'ave you ever considered gettin' a nickname?"

Korui unburies his tophalf, sitting up and shaking the grains from his fur and robes. ".. So who's -figuritively- the most powerful mage." He tilts his head in Kitzerina's direction.

Myson didn't even hear Jesto, it was like going in one ear and out the other. Hopefully she would not be trusted with anything, because she would either try to steal it or lose it. Magic? What's that? Her paw taken in Sayy's, she holds it tightly and waits for something exciting to happen. Her jaw drops at Kitzi's introducton. "A fairy godmother!" She whispers to her red-headed companion excitedly. But no wand was present. Hmm. Oh, Jesto was here. She frowns heavily.

Enwyr Vil'Tar waves a hand lazily, producing a scholar's notepad and inked quill in the paws of Sayyida. "You are to be the scholar of the group. If there are any important notes that Jesto or you would like to write, you're in charge of that.

Sayyida nodded a few times. "Cap'n," she said again, still just as cheerfully. (Just as a note, I'm going to have to go for about forty minutes. x_x I'm sorry. This just came up.)

Enwyr Vil'Tar gives the scholar's crap to Kitzerina, then (Sorry Say!).

Erk Mendon, for note, is in his thirties now. Teen arrogance has nothing on him. Still, he gave Kitzerina an A-class ¬¬ glare. He didn't keep it long though, as he replaced it with a totally fake smile, "I'm well aware of that, Kitzerina. However, since you're so powerful, wouldn't it be better for the one not seeking attention by bragging to hold the ball?" He holds the ball in his paw tightly, not wanting to let go, and if anyone makes a TooC out of that, I'll deck you.

[In his thirties... ah, post-timeskip. I can't picture Erk as an adult no matter what I do. He's always just going to be this adorable orange teenage catmage.]

Enwyr Vil'Tar addresses Tremare next. "Your duty will be to read the runes. It would be a good idea to make sure that the recordkeeper takes note of all of them. They will help you throughout your exploration." He takes a few steps forward, getting nice and close to Tremare to address him with clear instructions. "The Aracthan script in this temple reads from left to right in every sense. I have already translated the runes that I have been able to access. Should you venture further into the temple than I have, the crystal ball-holder will need to show me the runes so that I can read them for you. Do you have any questions?"

Kitzerina giggles. Erk only has one ball. "A scholar? Fine." She huffs and reminds herself to enflame Erk later for being in her way. "So I take down notes. Fantastic. I do speak common Aracthan fluently - does that help in any way?" She places two paws on her hips and flips her headfur to the side, respectfully ignoring Korui. "Call me Kizzy, Jesto. Everyone else does."

Tremare Clefon shook his head promptly, smiling to the archmage. "None at the moment. Should any arise, I'll contact you through him." He looks to Erk with a slight nod of his head, before turning back to Enwyr, expression questing for further orders if there were any.

Jesto rocked back and forth from toe to heels while Enwyr busied about with Tremare, swagging on over in front of Kitzerina to waggle his fingers at her geekishly. "Sooo. Kizzy, is it? 'ow'd you like to be my first mate on this little adventure? Your job would include standin' at my side at dramatic moments to make me look good, 'ave those wot would paint our exploits make a decent picture. .. 'Course, they'd 'ave to put a few more muscles on me, maybe put a bit o'.. oomph into you, likewise."

Enwyr Vil'Tar addresses Kitzerina. "Pfft, everyone and their mother speaks common Aracthan. The script in here has been mirror-written and encrypted many times over. It was never really meant to be read, anyway."

Enwyr Vil'Tar adds, "You will all be able to read the runes in the part of the temple that I have been to so far. I have placed magical spells there for you to be able to do that. With all that having been said, I will now turn you over to Ajax."

Myson looks around at the group, realizing that she only knew two people. Paling a little, she takes a few moments to study each. One of the males seemed to be holding a ball. Why didn't she get a ball? Blue eyes go to Jesto, who seems to be shmoozing with the other red-head of the group. The fairy godmother in Myson's eyes. "Carrie.. what are they talking about?" She decides to hide behind him, a bout of shyness developing. Large groups of people frightened her.

Erk Mendon nodded at Enwyr throughout the instructions, taking a mental note to basically keep the ball safe and take it out whenever something new approaches him. He might need a bit of protection though, and-okay, stopping with the sexy ball jokes. After hearing Jesto's little flirtations with Kizzy, he nudged the magess, "Basically he means he wants you to take all the hits for him."

[#] Ajax's voice calls to the group. "Come, over here! Stay behind me for now, though." The elven prince stands in front of a magnificent temple, carved into the solid rock. It looks... old.

Kitzerina waves her paw toward Enwyr. "Everyone and their mother? I'm not sure where you come from, but it's a Furrish language, Elf. You couldn't pronounce it correctly if you tried." She sticks her tongue out at him and glares obnoxiously.

[ You whisper "Pfft, you overlooked my post. Razz" to Kitzerina. ]
[ You whisper "Do we want a Rah who overlooks her members posts? )<" to Kitzerina. ]
[ Kitzerina whispers, "Wether you want it or not, you're stuck with it. " to you. ]
[ Kitzerina whispers, "To siberia with you, dissident!" to you. ]
[ Kitzerina whispers, "Kitz Il Sung. " to you. ]

Kitzerina pointedly ignores Jesto's offer.

Carradoch didn't have a bloody clue. He was a man of the forests, a florist, and an all-around simple guy; 'course he didn't know what was going on, nor why he'd even tagged along-- maybe he enjoyed telling himself there may be gold at the end of the 'rainbow'. Still, he'd frown and reach behind his person to hook an arm in one of Myson's own, pulling her along, gently, "D'know. C'mon, love. Things to do, blondes to follow and all that."

Crystert sighed once more, standing to Ajax's comment.. After small break he brushed off himself with his tail and waited aimlessly as the others occupied themselves with whatever they saw fit. "Hmmm." Small noise erupted from his mouth as he waited even longer in anticipation, "Hope this wasn't in vain.."

Jesto snapped two fingers in disappointment towards Kitzerina, "Pity. Hangin' off my shoulder is one o' th'safest places y'could be in there - wot with my amazin' runnin' streak o' not dyin'. Oi been at it seventeen, eighteen years or so." Cattish wink flashed at her, he marched ahead to join the rest of the group, "So, wot're we doin' up 'ere? Knockin' politely, or would you like moiselv to create an archway for us?"

Ajax Avelhar looks behind himself to ensure that the party has gathered. "Okay. Remember, stay together and be careful! If you need help, contact Enwyr through the crystal."

[#] The elf places his hand on the aged sandstone blocks. "OPEN SESAME!"
[#] An arched shape in the sandstone wall slowly fades into the thin air, allowing entrance to the ancient temple.

{S} Tremare Clefon shouts: [Lame]

Ajax Avelhar steps aside. "Best of luck, my brave adventurers!"

Kitzerina smirks. "I have that streak beaten by a few decades, Jesto. I would be more keen on not being near the person who doesn't die - any near miss for him would be a hit for me." She listens to Ajax quietly and toward the wall. "And here, I would have thought they would have used Bela."

[#] (When your character is ready to enter the temple, `join El Dungeon Maestro and wait for an emit!)

Jesto stared vacantly at the opened archway. ".. Open Says-Me? Tha's.. tha's juss'.. th'oldest one in th'book. You'd think th'Aracthans would 'ave sum'min a touch classier."

Erk Mendon smiled his fake smile once again for Kizzy and gave her a light shove. Granted, given her weak, phsyical form, would probably send her tumbling a bit, "Well, no time like the present to add another one to your list of close calls! Lead on, great magess!" He tucked the orb under his arm as he waited for the girl to try and burninate him.

Jesto also added, to Kitzerina, ".. decades? 'zactly 'ow old are you, girly?"

Tremare Clefon smirks to both Kitz and Jesto. "Ah, I beat you both by a couple centuries." he chuckles and continues on his merry way through the temple, calling from within. "Alright, no point in stalling! Let's be off!"

Myson's arm is hooked with Carrie's and she stumbles a little before realizing that they were moving along. Walking sideways at first, she soon straightens up. Suddenly they are at a wall with stones in one section. "A wall!" She points whilst shouting, just being her typical self. "What's sesame?" And when the archway appears, she looks at Kitzi as though she had done it. "Wow!"

Kitzerina giggles and enters the temple. "Oh.. not as old as some other furres."

Jesto swaggers right on after Kitzerina.

[#] The interior of the temple is lit by a single torch stemming from a pillar in the middle of the room. At their footpaws, the party walks upon polished marble stones, and above their heads lie an elobrately decorated ceiling. Accompanying the middle pillar are one in each corner. Besides the entrance (or exit), there are three doors leading to other parts of the temple.
[#] The doorways and pillars seem to be covered with the runes that Enwyr mentioned. (The runes in this part of the temple are readable. To see what they say, move your character into them. F3 quest music is still available! Don't worry, it'll change later.)
[#] (The party is now free to move. Remember to stay together. I.e, in the same room. Good luck!)

Jesto marched forward ahead of the group towards that burning torch, single hand raised to cup his chin and inspect it. "Blimey, them Aracthans 'ad some durable lantern oil. 'ey, anyone think if Oi try an' take this a boulder'll drop on my 'ead?" Glance was shot over his shoulder, to flicker between the group.

[ El Dungeon Maestro whispers, "(The torch seems to be an actual part of the pillar itself.)" to you. ]

Carradoch cupped his hands near his maw, "Nah, ye'll be drowned in virgins, 's'what."

Myson is dragged along again, she cranes her neck up to stare at the ceilings which lead down to the pillars. Were her eyes being fooled or was that gold? "Shiny!" She points, her eyes getting as big as saucers. Her free arm stretches towards it, wanting to touch but she was out of reach. "Did he just say he wanted a boulder dropped on his head?" She whispers loudly to Carrie while clinging close to him.

Kitzerina shakes her head at Carradoch's words - virgins were the last thing that Jesto needed.. ever. She pads over to the glyphs on the wall to read them. As she approaches she grumps: "Mirror encoded and double whatevered my tail."

Tremare Clefon too moves around to read the glyphs, staying quiet and scrutinizing the words.

[#] (Please stay in the same room for the moment.)

Carradoch would've reached to lightly tap Myson's hand downward; she'd get her shinies when she found the right man. Crikey! "...No, Myson. And y'did a number with the bum-kickin'. You leave him alone, now." -- 'Course he didn't go bolting off to read the pillars 'n the like, but stood right where they'd entered. Playing it safe, so to speak.

Erk Mendon decided not to explore. After all, all this was likely to be written in a book soon anyway. Kinda like how nowadays some people would rather wait for a movie to come on DVD than to see it in a theater. He nodded to Jesto, "Only one way to find out; go ahead and pull it."

Jesto wiggled his fingers towards the group, "So basically Oi'll be in the same situation Oi am now, dear florist." Tongue stuck out at him, before he eased back around to inspect the torch again. "O', wai'. It's a part o' th'pillar itself. No matter, Oi ain't gonna haul this entire thing 'round for a spark o' light." Moseying around the pillar, "Lesse.. three exits. Anyone 'ave a preference? Right is usually bad, 'cause e'ryone always goes right first. Left is wrong, since it clearly isn't right. An' then there's north.. Oi'm good with north, 'ow 'bout you lot?"
Jesto chimed back to Erk, "Naw, mate. You can - you're designated Torch Puller for this mission. Don't make me call mutiny on you, boi-o."

[The pillars had runes on them, for the following emits.]

[#] Three enigmas to prove one's worth.
[#] What better way to kill an adversary than with his own poison?
[#] And what is the fate of the greatest of monuments? To become ruin and dust. This is the answer.
[#] Ill for a minute, the torchbearer shall lead the way. Subtract four to reveal the path.

[ You whisper "Is what the torch is emitting IC knowledge? o0" to El Dungeon Maestro. ]
[ El Dungeon Maestro whispers, "(Fire?)" to you. ]
[ You whisper "When I bump into the pillar it emits to me" to El Dungeon Maestro. ]
[ El Dungeon Maestro whispers, "(Oh, yes. That's what the runes say.)" to you. ]

Tremare Clefon looks over to Kitzi, noticing she had gone off to read the scripts. "What sense are you making of the words?"

Carradoch immediately jutted his thumb towards the ground, "If right's right and left's wrong, and I clearly made the wrong decision by shootin' around with this whole bunch, instead of playdating with my daughter, then it seems wrong is what my day's all about. I say left."

Tremare Clefon patted his hands in the air to calm the decision of where to go. "Let's discover what the mystery of these words is first, before we go running off anywhere. Slow and sure, that's how we'll stay alive."

Kitzerina: Left." She says definititively. "North will lead to death, and this leftmost door seems to be the -first- of the trials. Therefore I'll go so far as to say that we should go there -first-."

Erk Mendon rolled his eyes at Jesto but didn't say anything more. At the suggestion of going left by Kizzy, he nodded and pointed a pawfinger towards her, "I'm with her. I wanna see just how much trouble she can get us in."

Jesto, while Carradoch and Kitzerina set about tossing their hats into the ring, circled around that pillar in thought. "Oi. This thing is riddled full o' gibberish. An' not any o' th'dozen variants Oi know - orb-bearer, translate this stuff for me. Seems to be different on each side."

Crystert was bored, and thusly was simply follwing the others. Reading the small runic symbols around the room.

Jesto .. squinted, then adjusted his eye-bandanna. "O', wai', no. Th'funniest thing.. it don't look like gibberish no more. Lesse.. poison.. become ruin an' dust is a solution.. illness for a minute, torchbearer leadin' th'way.. subtractin' four?"

Myson's hand lowers as it's tapped, frowning. She was patient, but anything shiny was irresistable to the Klepto. "Oh, okay." She goes quiet for the time being, watching the others. Particularly Jesto and his rather ridiculous hat. She was leaving him alone, she hadn't spoken to him all day.

[#] Here lies the tomb of...
[#] ...Tordar, Champion of Lady Amilisa.
[#] Amjal-El, servant of the Imperial Family, was the most loyal of the Emperor's subjects.
[#] He resides within this temple.
[#] Within these walls is the...
[#] ...Treasury of the Imperial Family.
[#] Amjal-El made this third test to guard the Imperial Family's Treasury.
[#] Here lies the tomb of...
[#] ...Uluender, Arch-magi of the Imperial Court.
[#] Uluender made this second test to guard the Imperial Family's Treasury.
[#] Those who cross the path of the cobras will be destroyed, lest they be of the Imperial Family.
[#] Tread not in darkness, for it will surely be your end.

Jesto smacked his hands together up in front of himself, "Well, shit, if an ancient, dusty pillar says it's okay - then 'oo am Oi to doubt th'dusty old pillar?" Sauntering on over to the front, he gripped the base of the torch and tried to give it a firm pull.

[#] The torch doesn't seem to be removable. It's made of some kind of metal.

Tremare Clefon nodded with the combined decision of left. "Alright, if we're all in agreement, then we shall go left." He looked around to see the reactions of everyone, before eyeing Jesto curiously as he pulled on the torch, which appeared for all intents and purposes non-removable.

Crystert sighs, "Riddles.. Boorring." He looks around and smirks, "Watch out there might be hidden traps and boulders around, or maybe the torch is a lever." These guessing games are somewhat boring to Cry..

Jesto's tugs ceased, but not before he planted a single boot against the pillar to give a fierce jerk back towards himself. ".. 'ow'n th'screechin'n'screamin' 'ells're we 'sposed to 'ave th'torch-bearer lead us any-which-way if th'torch ain't gonna be comin' peacefully?" Turning to his left, he motioned towards the group, "Let's 'ave a looksey, then - this pile o' bricks ain't o' any more use."

You say, "[Crystert ran out]"
You say, "[Where did he go?]"
El Dungeon Maestro: (The party members are free to explore on their own.)
You say, "[Oh. So we can go into the next rooms.]"
El Dungeon Maestro: (Yep)

Jesto saunted his way left, in that case. "Come, my faithful minions!"

[Furc froze, some dialogue lost.]

Kitzerina: I'm sure they did not believe in some sort of afterlife - there is none. The Primes return every Furre to the Weave; from which we are reborn. If anything, they may have been trying to prevent the Primes from taking part of themselves. Either way, it seems weird that these Furres did this.

Erk Mendon looks over at Tremare, "They're basically just biographies and obituaries of the person the room is dedicated to. The obelisks contain various body parts, such as the heart, liver, and ashes of said furre." He turns to the wall he's closet to, which interested him a bit.

Erk Mendon glared over at Kizzy again, "She has no imagination, that girl..."

Tremare Clefon nods. "I found a room a little ways away, had a wall that required a pass word of some sort to gain entrance."

[ You whisper "Jesto is picking up four vials." to El Dungeon Maestro. ]
[ You whisper "Next to the cat statue" to El Dungeon Maestro. ]
[ You whisper "To inspect." to El Dungeon Maestro. ]
[ El Dungeon Maestro whispers, "(They seem to be empty pots, made of some porcelain-like material.)" to you. ]
[ You whisper "'kay" to El Dungeon Maestro. ]

[And again, but smooth sailing from here on out. More pillar clue emits.]

[#] The beginning of an era.
[#] The foremost in clarity.
[#] The final chamber of a tomb.
[#] The end of a tail.
[#] The center of truth.
[#] The earliest of millenia.
[#] The noblest of regency.
[#] Only those of sharp wit may pass. Fear not the consequences of failure, for you will not be harmed.

Kitzerina: They could reference one word, or they could reference a phrase. I have no idea.

Tremare Clefon has a thought all of a sudden. "I'll be back in a moment. Send for me in the main entrance if you discover something." With that, he rushes off.

Myson stands here like an idiot and waits for the fairy godmother to work her magic.

Jesto came strolling down the stairs after the group, four empty vials held in his arms. "Wot'd you lot find? Oi got some jars. Oi reckon Oi can put some posies in 'em, make 'em look pretty -- o', yes." Pausing, he'd peer left and right. ".. th'pillars upstairs are numbered. Th'entry pillar said to subtract four, didn't it? Do we break down th'one marked four or sum'min?"

Erk Mendon hmms, "The end of a tail. The beginning of an era. Sounds like death, but I'm not sure if that would fit the other criteria." He looked around skeptically.
Kitzerina clears her throat and pokes the wall. "Ruin and Dust" she says clearly and crisply.

[#] Enwyr's distorted face appears inside the crystal ball. His equally distorted voice can be heard. "Is everything alright in there?"

[#] The stone bricks do not move, unacknowledging of Kitzerina's phrase.

Jesto chimed over to the crystal ball, quite perkily, "No one 'as lost any fingers yet!" Pause. ".. maybe. Oi 'unno. We've lost a few people. Do we get their share if they end up dead?"

Erk Mendon sighed and took out the crystal ball. He shrugged, "We're in the room where you left off. Y'know...with the numbered pillars and the li-" He snickered towards Kitzerina's failure for a moment then returned to the elf, " any suggestions?"

Kitzerina: Oh yes, everything is fine. We're trying to determine how this door opens." She says toward the crystal ball. "Apparently I'm not thinking of this riddle correctly. By the way, exactly how much damage can we do to this tomb?"

Jesto's nose crinkled, "Flamebrain, if you bring th'roof crashin' in on us, Oi'mma knock you one silly in th'world beyond. This place don't look too sturdy - Oi say we ought go upstairs an' inspect those four numbered pillars."

Erk Mendon looked up in surprise towards the magess, "You better not be thinking...Kizzy, this place is older than you and Kitzibeth combined, which is saying something, in my opinion. One pillar gone could result in the entire structure collapsing on us."

Kitzerina blinks. "... Sharp wit..." She mutters quietly. "Ohh Jesto # ! can you come over here and tell the door something witty?"

[#] Enwyr seems to ignore Jesto and respond to Erk. "I trust you have noticed that you have passed by a room with pillars similar to this one. It is not unlikely that they hold some sort of hint to the pillars in here. Gateways such as this, like the one you saw outside, are usually opened with a particular word or phrase." He addresses Kitzerina next. "Remember that we are in an Aracthan temple. There are magical defenses, especially in this room, so that the traps cannot be disarmed by those means. Even I cannot get past the door you are now facing by magical force."

Tremare Clefon reappears suddenly, coming back into the room with a thoughtful expression. "Alright. Let's sum this up. In the first room, we have some runes of three loyal servants of the crown. We saw the tombs of Tordar and Uluender, but not Amjal-El, who apparently resides within this temple. The centermost pillar has written upon it "Ill for a minute, the torchbearer shall lead the way. Subtract four to reveal the path.What better way to kill an adversary than with his own poison? Three enigmas to prove one's worth. And what is the fate of the greatest of monuments? To become ruin and dust. This is the answer." Now, in another room of pillars, they are numbered one through four. Then we have the pillars in this room."

Erk Mendon thought for a moment then asked the orb, "'Ey, so what's the deal with the 'tests'? Any connection to the number of tests up there and the number of pillars down here?"

Kitzerina: Yes. I made that connection.

Jesto eyed Kitzerina puzzledly, "Maybe. Moi wit is mostly reserved for situations, rather than pullin' some joke out o' thin air." Pause, "Oi'll try, but Oi would assume dirt's sense o' humor is rather dry." Ouch, that one almost hurt. Moseying over to bow in front of the wall, he'd gesture towards himself and clear his throat, "Oi always wanted to be a jester when Oi grew up, but when Oi started travellin' with this bunch, Oi realized th'world 'ad enough fools in it as it was." There, that was .. adequately witty.

[#] Enwyr responds to Erk, "From what I have gathered, there are three barriers to the Imperial Treasury. I don't believe that there are a set of three pillars that we have seen thus far."

Kitzerina: If you read the pillars in the order of the ones in the previous room, you get: The foremost in clarity.␊ The noblest of regency.␊ The center of truth.␊ The earliest of millenia.␊ The final chamber of a tomb.␊ The end of a tail.␊ The beginning of an era.

[#] Jesto's witty comment does not seem to open the passageway.

Jesto snapped two fingers together, at the wall. "Yeah? Well piss on you. Oi'll find a nice wall wot can appreciate my wit for wot it is."

Tremare Clefon's mind keeps coming back to one simple word. "Zero?"

[#] The wall does not yield to Tremare's number or Jesto's curses.

Tremare Clefon frowns, walking around the room in thought.

Kitzerina giggles. "I appreciated your wit, Jesto. But I suppose one could say that you got your wish, you just missed it by two letters."

Myson waves at the wall, looking at Carrie with a smile.

[ You whisper "Two letters?" to Kitzerina. ]
[ Kitzerina whispers, "Jester -> Jesto" to you. ]

Erk Mendon sighed and rubbed his head in confusion, "Yes, I'm aware of that. A simple no would've sufficed though." He shook his head, "It'd be better if we actually knew whether or not it were a word or phrase. There are thousands of words, but millions of phrases."

Jesto shifts around to face Kitzerina, "'C' is the foremost in clarity. Oi'm not sure wot's th'noblest in 'regency'.." Pause. "'U' is the center o' truth. 'M' starts in millenia. 'B' is at th'end o' tomb. 'L' is at th'end o' tail. 'E' is at th'start o' era." He mulled it over.
Erk Mendon: Cumble?

Jesto pried off a boot and spilled forth the sand within it onto the floor to draw. C - ? - U - M - B - L - E.
You say, "CRUMBLE!"

[#] The door remains still. But then...
[#] As the command word is spoken, the stone wall shakes in place and crumbles to dust.

[%] Ruby Pyralis just gave Jesto a cookie.
[#] (Watch your step!)

Carradoch was terrible with things like this-- keeping quiet was all he could do, and at present, he didn't seem to be of much help to anyone. All there was to him was the faint glow at his pinions, nature lore, and a horrible ability to rampage, if the time were to ever come where he might need to. But Myson's smile was returned, if only half-heartedly. With a few steps, after, he'd press his backside to the nearest pillar and snort. A lover, sure, but one for solving puzzles, he was not. 'Course at Jesto's words, he would've spoken up about noble- nobility- royalty- R- and the stinkin' human got it. Durn. Oh, hey. Look. Dust.

Tremare Clefon clicked his fingers in appreciation. "Of course! The fate being ruins and dust, crumbling being the process."

Kitzerina facepalms. "Well, that was amusing." She steps into the next room, very sure not to step on the darkness.

Jesto's arms raised up into the air, fists clenched at the wall as it crumbles. Head inclined towards Kitzerina, "So, am Oi good, or am Oi good?"

Erk Mendon stares blankly at Jesto, "How the hell did he...bah, was thinking too figuratively, not literally enough." He sighed, bapped himself on the head at his stupidity, and continued into the next room.

Myson claps excitedly and tugs on Carrie's arm. "Look what he did!"

[The next room was this giant field of tiles with a letter on each tile. It all looked like gibberish.]

Tremare Clefon looks over to Jesto. "Alright, you're the captain. run across as fast as you can, and we'll see what happens."

Kitzerina repeats the second riddle: "Uluender made this second test to guard the Imperial Family's Treasury.␊ Tread not in darkness, for it will surely be your end."

Carradoch saw what he did. Grr-argh. He agreed with Tremare on this'n, though. Definitely. "Yeah, Cap'n! Have a run, would'ja? Good of the team!"

Jesto notes for the rest of the group, "The tiles on this floor look rather ominous, for some reason. As sooch, Oi must insist tha' 'e goes first--wot?", cut off, though he had been pointing at Erk. Scoff was shot towards Tremare, "Foo' you, you need my brilliance for th'riddles. You get maimed."

Kitzerina rolled her eyes at Jesto's comment as she walked in the room. "So what symbol represents the darkness? Has anyone seen these symbols before?"

[#] Enwyr's voice speaks impatiently. "Let me see. The temple is very dangerous. Don't do anything!"

Erk Mendon holds up the orb so that Enwyr could see >>; He nearly took a jab at Jesto, but decided that maybe, just maybe, they should lay off on insulting eachother and try to focus on the mission in front of them instead.

Carradoch couldn't say he'd ever seen these symbols in his life. It was likely he could have made a number of assumptions or guessed at what was ahead of them, but he merely stared down to the first tile before him, shaking his head with brow knit.

[#] The cloak lays on one of the tiles. A skeleton, half-eroded into dust, lies partially covered underneath.

Myson doesn't dare move on the white tiles because she did not know what would happen if she did. She'd probably get yelled at, and she didn't want that to happen. Quiet again, she sticks close to Carrie with her vials being patted down to check them carefully.

[#] The cloak seems to have been singed by fire.

Carradoch also had a feeling that fantastically keen hearing wasn't going to help him in this situation. Most it helped him do was spark erotica with his mate. An' whatever happened to that poor bloke, well, -- "S'there a symbol under that fellow?"

Tremare Clefon looks to the cloak that is so apparently out of place. "Perhaps we should move the cloak without touching the tile beneath, that we may see the symbol it covers?"

Kitzerina smirks. "What symbol is under the cloak?" She twiddles her paw, attempting to lift the cloak from the floor with a gust of air. [1/1][Air]

[#] The cloak blows away, revealing a symbol looking exactly like a square.

Jesto mulled over the earlier hints. "One o' us needs to become ill for a minute an' 'ave a torchbearer light th'way to solve one o' these puzzles. One o' us needs to poison some ne'er-do-well with 'is own poison. Dust'n'ruin wos th'answer to th'first riddle.. so.. which one applies 'ere?"
Jesto adds, "Or we may need to subtract four, 'ere."

[#] Enwyr thinks for a moment. "Ah, these runes. They've been used in other Aracthan ruins that I've been to. Just a second, I'll help you out."

Carradoch ; "That'n's right out, then, I'd say."

[#] The front page of Kitzerina's bundle of unwritten parchment glows for a moment. A stylish handwriting appears on it!

[#] (Kitzerina's note:

Kitzerina reads!

Tremare Clefon reads over her shoulder!

Jesto, likewise, reads over Tremare's shoulder, reading over Kitzerina's shoulder.. "Ain't no one e'er told you tha's rude, mate?"

Myson can't read so she stands there all clingy.

[#] Enwyr speaks once again. "Those are the translation of the markings to common. They should work in deciphering the meaning of each tile."

[#] The runes on the side wall don't appear to have been translated by Enwyr. They appear in their raw form, unreadable.

Tremare Clefon nods. "Alright." He then quickly relates the contents of the notes to everyone, for typing would take way too long. "I say we all take a row and translate it."

Kitzerina: Apparently, the square.. th.. is not a safe one.

Jesto stroked at his cheek, as he whistled for Kitzerina to come over with the parchment. "Oi, luvvy. C'mere for a second with tha', will you? Oi've got an inklin'.."

Kitzerina shows the paperwork to Jesto: "There you go; it's not uncomprehendable, but it's just a lot of work."

Jesto pointed at the symbols on the parchment, then to his right. "Oi think Oi know which clue to use for this, but Oi'm not sure which way to go about it. The letters in 'Darkness' might be those tha' would prove disasterous for us. Or.. per'aps we need walk th'letters in 'Torchbearer' to reach the exit. Oi'm hung up on 'subtract four', though - per'aps we need subtract four from a few o' th'letters for.. some reason?"

Tremare Clefon shook his head. "Don't read too deeply into the riddle. That's what was happening last room."

Jesto grinned at Tremare, "Walkin' th'tiles as 'Torchbearer' would be doin' things simple, mate."
Jesto added, "Unfortunately, Oi don't don't see any 'O', juss' a 'T' fourth from th'left."

Tremare Clefon chuckled. "I was speaking of taking all the riddles at once."

Kitzerina: There is no T-O in walking order, Jesto. The only T in the first row is connecgted to TH - L or P.

[#] Enwyr responds to Jesto's thinking. "It's unlikely that the subtraction will apply to the letters themselves. It seems like it applies to one of the hints for this puzzle. The Aracthans weren't adverse to making difficult logical problems to getting past their traps."

Crystert isn't much the logical type, so his time will come when something or someone big and buff, or scary comes out. Smile

Carradoch's the guy with the luminated wings and the really good hearing. Boohoo.

Kitzerina: Of course, there are 26 letters in Common, and 22 letters according to this symbol chart. Of course there are 30 some-odd glyphs in common Aracthan, but I suppose that they wanted to make it easy for some common-speaking furres a few thousand years later.." She stops herself before she falls into the DM's disfavor. <3?
Kitzerina: Oh the other hand, common does not have a letter for Th. Sargothan does; ţ, but that would mean that there are in actuality 21 common letters and 5 missing letters with one that doesn't exist in common.

[#] Enwyr responds to Kitzerina's suggestion. "Since common is a descendant of Aracthan common, the translations I've provided you with should work, considering my success with them in the other ruins." He asks the group in general, "Has anyone found any other clues pertaining to the tiles?"

Jesto dropped down onto the floor next to Kitzerina, leaning forward to inspect each of the tiles. "Oi think they're juss' not present 'cause they serve no purpose in th'riddle. 'H', K', 'Q', 'X' an' 'Z' likely don't 'ave a part to play 'ere."

Tremare Clefon stays quiet in thoughtful consideration.

Jesto snapped two fingers together, "Oi'mma go look back at those pillars, one moment."

[Back up to see those previous emits.]

Jesto returned. "Arroight, so, Uluender designed this puzzle, an' 'is greatest artiface is a mirror, wot 'e 'as in th'afterlife. 'e's a master o' languages, fancied 'imself a bit o' artiface too. Tha' 'elps us.. .. ..very little?"

Kitzerina's mouth purses. "Because everyone dies, elf. Even you." Upon hearing his words, she runs toward the crypt of Uluender.

Myson gets tired of standing and kerplops down.

Carradoch -- "Is there really no trial-and-error way to do this? Eesh."

Tremare Clefon tosses Carradoch a rock from one of his numerous pockets. "You could try throwing this on a tile."

Carradoch snatches the object from its arch, before quickly looking to Jesto, "Good? No good? F'I had a stick, this'd be so much easier, I think."

Jesto could be heard counting off letters in his mind. "I.. n.. R.. o.. .. ..m..?"

Erk Mendon shall be using this computer while his other computer is getting fixt. If someone could be nice enough to give a summary of what's happened thus far since he left?

Jesto then cranes his head to the side, "No, tha' wouldn't work.."

Tremare Clefon has half a mind to just shove someone forward onto a tile.

Jesto ponders, then. ".. ILL..? Wai'.. Oi see it.."

Tremare Clefon: Jesto, what was that one phrase about the torchbearer?

You say, "They 'ad to be ill for a minute."

Tremare Clefon: And?

Carradoch -- one rock, way more tiles than he was willing to try- unless Tre' had rock upon rock, but perhaps pressure was a definite key, here. And everytime he's raring to get on with something, Blondie opens his mouth. He waves the rock over Jesto's head for a moment, menacingly, but then drops his arms to his sides- and, well, with a rock, now, apparently.

Erk Mendon doesn't know if anyone's tried this yet, but asks anyway, "Oy, do you think they'd mind if we just floated over it? Who wants to be a guineapig and ride on an air disc? Trust me, it's very very fun!"

Carradoch was so waiting for Myson to hop that train.

Tremare Clefon produced now a little statue from a pocket, depicting a dwarf with an axe. "Mr. Clayman wants to." He tossed the figurine to Erk.

Tremare Clefon has many things in many pockets.

Jesto's eye shot wide, ".. Illuminate?"

Tremare Clefon checked his notes for the word. "All adds together except that e doesn't touch the t in question."

Myson giggles as she sees Carrie threatening to drop the rock on Jesto, it would be very funny if it happened. She doesn't even hear anything about flying on a disc.

Erk Mendon asked the orb, "Hey...Enwyr...if I float this thing across the tiles, and they activate, do you think that the effects would kill us, even though we're off the board?"

Tremare Clefon quirked a brow. "Illumination?"
Tremare Clefon: Jesto, would you like to test my train of thought?

Jesto flashed Tremare a thumbs-up, "Oi wos already on tha' path moiselv. If Oi doie Oi'mma come back an' stomp your arse, though."
Jesto took a full, deep breath, then stepped forward.

Tremare Clefon nods. "Duly noted."
Tremare Clefon: I'll direct you.

Jesto's eye, for reference, was tightly shut. Speaking, as he came to standstill, ".. am Oi dead?"

Myson stands up and looks around at Jesto stepping on a square. "..No.."

Tremare Clefon shook his head. "Cheerily alive. At this point, you can go forward or right, followed by right or forward."

Jesto's hands smacked together firmly in front of himself, as eye opened once more. "Sweet. Lesse. I.. L.. L.."

Tremare Clefon: Alright, straight ahead.

You say, ".. U.. M.."

Tremare Clefon: Forward
Tremare Clefon: Okay, tricky part now.
Tremare Clefon: Right
Tremare Clefon: Back, right, double forward

Jesto bounced, up and down, at the very end, "Oi'm awesome!"

[ El Dungeon Maestro whispers, "(What's Jesto doing over there? Razz)" to you. ]
[ El Dungeon Maestro whispers, "(Did he cross the word correctly?)" to you. ]
[ You whisper "Illumination, yes." to El Dungeon Maestro. ]

Erk Mendon waves to Kitzerina!

[#] Jesto seems to have discovered the correct pathway... Illumination.

Kitzerina is holding the mirror out in front of her. Since the projectiles come from the far side of the room, she should be completely safe.

[#] Enwyr calls out, "Excellent work, myrmidons! On to the next room, only one more test to go! BE CAREFUL!"

Jesto wiggled his fingers at Kitzerina, "C'mon, now. Juss' say it. Juss' once -- Jesto, you're awesome."

[#] The party winds up in a room with a pair of pools. Behind each is a statue.

Kitzerina is awesome too. She has the mirror that reflects all magic except that which the DM says that it doesn't for plot reasons. *thumbsup* <3

Carradoch says it for Kitzi -- "Jesto, you're awesome."

Myson says nothing, looking at the water ahead. She didn't want to go any further than she needed to!
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[#] The stone vipers, their eyes inset with jewels, stare menacingly at the party. Off by the door, the runic script lies unreadable, as Enwyr has yet to translate it.

Jesto kissed the air, in Carradoch's direction. "O' Jujinka, still my beatin' 'eart. Lesse." Moseying on over to the torch at the wall, he'd inspect it, "We've 'ad a torch to light our way, now we need to subtract four or serve poison.."
Jesto glanced off right at the vipers, ".. snakes 'ave poison. 'ow do we feed them their own poison? The mirror?"

Kitzerina: Well, you can't pass by the cobras unless you're of noble blood or something like that.. Let me check: 'Amjal-El made this third test to guard the Imperial Family's Treasury.␊ Those who cross the path of the cobras will be destroyed, lest they be of the Imperial Family.'

Carradoch pointed towards the vipers, looking back to Myson, "Subtract four? D'eye jewels-- if that's what it means, how the heck d'you get near 'em?"

Kitzerina: I think that the mirror would be the best option." She grins, ready to step forward, holding the mirror out in front of her.

[#] Enwyr considers Jesto's statement. "The mirror? Was that what Kitzerina went to get? In any case, I believe the subtraction of 'four' refered to the last puzzle."
[#] Enwyr immediately seems to concentrate on Kitzerina. "Be careful!"

Erk Mendon shrugged, "Better you than me, Kizzy." He nodded towards the orb, "Don't worry, I'm sure she'll be fine. If not, then we'll know what not to do, so her death wouldn't be in vain." In truth though, he does hope she lived. <3

Tremare Clefon taps Erk's shoulder. "Shouldn't we let Enwyr see the runes back there that he hasn't seen yet?"

[#] (Get ready, folks, to witness my special effects!)

Kitzerina wavers in her stance. "Stop that! I'm right about this and I'm not going to let Jesto take all the damn credit." With that, she steps forward and is awesome... or dead.

[#] As the furre holds the mirror up, the lightning bolts reflect off of its polished surface. The statues' magical attacks are reflected against each other!
[#] With a loud "BANG!", the eyes of the statues blow up. They don't look so threatening anymore.

Kitzerina: [xD]
[#] (Industrial Light and Magic ain't got nothin' on that sheeit.)
Ruby Pyralis: [*applause*]
Kitzerina offers props.[]

Jesto's hands raised up into the air at his sides - pointer, middle and index fingers of each extended. Hips wiggled side to side, "Three-for-three, Oi'm three-for-three! Ye Gods, Oi'm so brilliant tha' it should be a crime.", roaring laughter. At least, until the snakes zapped one-another. Whistling over at Kitzerina, "'eeey, Oi said to reflect their poison back at 'em. Oi get at least partial credit!"

Erk Mendon patted Kizzy on the back, "Good jo-HOLY PRIMES!" He gaped at all the treasure and nearly drooled, "W-Woah....I wouldn't suppose all of this would be cursed or another test, would it?" He looked down at the orb, suspicious.

[#] The party finds themselves in a room filled with pots, bottles, lamps, and statues. They look pretty expensive. "WAIT!" cries Enwyr. "Don't touch anything yet. They could still be trapped."

Carradoch'd come across a stash before, but he highly doubted that this stuff was just as free for the taking as the last lot. "Alright, what else we got?"

[#] Enwyr momentarily disappears from the view of the crystal ball. He then materializes in the middle of the room.

Myson's eyes get as big as saucers. "Shinies!!!" She can't help but run forward, her arms outstretched towards everything that was in sight!

Kitzerina says one important thing, which I hope everyone pays attention to: "Amjal-El, servant of the Imperial Family, was the most loyal of the Emperor's subjects. He resides within this temple."

Tremare Clefon's left arm shoots out, blocking Myson's path while his other finger waggled an emphatic no to her.

Enwyr Vil'Tar looks about the Imperial Treasury. "Excellent work! You'll earn your reward. First things first, however. You are about to witness something extraordinary."

[#] Right beside Enwyr, Ajax appears out of thin air.

Carradoch would just as quickly have gripped Myson 'round the waist and pulled her back, completely oblivious to Enwyr at the moment, and Ajax, at that.

Jesto shot a brow high as Enwyr appeared right in the center of the room, both arms raised to cross over his chest. "If you could've done tha' to begin with, wot'd you need us for? All three riddles bested, Oi'd say our job is do--" Hesitating, at Enwyr's words, to peer at Kitzerina's backside. ".. does it involve producin' th'skivvies she's wearin' at your side with naught but th'flick o' a wrist?"

Erk Mendon looked at Enwyr suspiciously again. Who just suddenly pops out of nowhere in a secret tomb? Did he have to use the orb to do that, or could he have done that all along? He sighed, "Lemme guess, some sort of plot twist is going to happen, eh?"

You say, "[Erk.]"
You say, "[Don't chip the fourth wall. :P]"
Erk Mendon: [I didn't <.<]

Ajax Avelhar stares at the treasures in amazement for almost a minute. "It must be one of these. My thanks, brave adventurers! You will be rewarded, as I promised. Now, Enwyr, which one is it?"

Myson runs straight into his arm, tumbling backward onto the ground a little quickly. Her head hits the floor with a sickening 'THUNK'. She falls unconcious immediately, sprawled on the tile.

[#] The two elves begin to look about the treasury, examining everything that looks like a container. "It's within this room, I know it," says Enwyr.

Kitzerina, her back to Jesto, holds a single pawfinger up, claw wreathed in flame. "My skivvies for yours, Jesto." Her words are darkly uncolorful, unlike the idea of Jesto's lower half wreathed in flames of castration.

Jesto chimed in quite happily, complete with a face in a near perfect display of '^_^', "Oi don't wear any, actually. Thought you might like to know tha'." Attention then turned back towards Enwyr and Ajax, "Sooo.. do you lot need us for anythin' else? Wot's down 'ere tha's so important? Surely you gents 'ave all th'gold you need."

Enwyr Vil'Tar freezes for a moment. "Right here, Ajax! This is the one."

Ajax Avelhar runs over at Enwyr's mention excitely. "Where?"

Crystert smirked, looking around. "So, what are all these urns filled with?"

[#] The elves seem to ignore the party entirely for the moment.

Erk Mendon stayed put and looked towards where the two were crowding around, "Lemme important person's heart? Soul? Or is it just some trinket that grants supposed immortality? Or am I just being paranoid?" He looked around towards the others, "What do you all think?"

Ajax Avelhar carries over a brass bottle, no bigger than the kind of bucket that one would use with a well. He places it on the ground and kneels beside it.

[#] The party has a sense that something incredible is about to happen!

Jesto sounded a shrill whistle towards Crystert, "Dust, bones an' preserved organs, probably. Don't mess with nuvvin', Oi don't want you breakin' any o' their treasure an' gettin' us dinged on our reward." Then, to Erk, "Elves ill need th'Fountain o' Youth, mate. Wot's say we be patient, as they seem to 'ave ignored us."

Myson senses nothing.

Carradoch, thanks to Tre', was stuck tending to a completely konked cat. Indeed, he'd heard the sound that came of her head when she dropped, and considering the fact that she wasn't exactly moving, he frowned heavily. Dropping to a knee, he'd roll bubble-gum brains over and tap at her cheeks. "Lovie? ...Lovie, you okay?" -- Damnable nut and her desire for the more shiny things in life. Bah- bollocks to the elves and their who-whatty.

[#] Ajax, being extremely gently and careful, rubs the ancient brass bottle in repeated motions. "Amjal-El, I, Ajax Avelhar, your new master, summon you!"

[#] Nothing happens.

Crystert sighed, seating himself on the floor again.. "Elves, eh.. Sounds too boring, I dont like them points too much.. No imbued weapons, nor armor pieces.. Just normal shit." He seemed depressed at no real challenges.

[#] Wait! A mist begins to seep out of the top of the bottle, collecting into a cloud beside the bottle.

Kitzerina erfs. "If we broke into an ancient tomb just so that you could summon a tomb guardian and twist him to your elfen will, I will be less than pleased, Ajax."
Amjal-El materializes in the misty smoke, staring at Ajax with its arms crossed. He doesn't even bother to look about the room. Several seconds pass by before it speaks.

Jesto flashed a sunny smile towards Kitzerina, "Maybe 'e's got a genie wot'll make our dreams come true. Oiii know wot Oiii'm wishin' for. .. O', o', lookit, it is a genie!" Fingertips flutters over his lips. "Genie, Oi, Jesto, require a wish from you!"

Myson is rolled, completely limp as can be. She did not respond, luckily the head damage wasn't too bad, she wasn't bleeding at least. Her mouth parts, but nothing more.

[#] The creature finally speaks. "Master, you have released me! I have been inside that bottle for uncountable years. I am bound to your will, and am your faithful servant."

Tremare Clefon looks down to her, kneeling. "Here, this'll wake her up." He uncorks a small bottle, pouring the odd liquid content into her open mouth. Just a few drops. Within a few moments, she would awake, with a killer headache. He then turns his attention back to the scene.

[#] Ajax speaks to the creature with an authoritative tone. "And to my will you are bound! Do not try any of your trickery with me, djinn, or it will be the last of you!"

Jesto drooped forward ever so slightly, bottom lip jutted out half an inch into a dreary little pout. "Butbutbut.." Huff. ".. Oi wanted a wish.." Back the Poirate stumbled to the wall. Seems their purpose in this adventure was over, might as well sit back and watch the proceedings.

[#] The genie stays as he is, faithfully attentive to Ajax. He has yet to look away from him.

[#] Enwyr watches with interest.

Crystert stands, hands gripping dual blades at waistline with unwavering steadiness.. Awaiting action, HELL YES!

[#] Ajax again addresses the genie. "Listen carefully, Amjal-El. Grant me my wishes, as you are bound to by your curse."

[#] "I wish for House Avelhar to become the first house of Westernesse!"

[#] Amjal-El nods slowly. "It shall be done in short order, my master."

[#] Ajax grins with appeasement. "I wish to become the most prestigious, famous, and popular elf in Westernesse!"

Myson is poisoned! No, she's not. The liquid takes a short time to go down her throat and beyond. Gasping and choking a little, she flutters her blue eyes open. "Wha? Wha's goin' on? Ow...." She squints her eyes shut, paws moving to hold her head. It throbbed horribly.

[#] The genie nods again. "It will be done, my master."

Tremare Clefon jaw drops at the possible implications of Ajax`s wishes. He looks to the others, to see their reactions.

Erk Mendon facepalmed, "Oh great. Look what kind of chaos we have caused. I think we might've just made an arrogant elf a cause to be arrogant; possibly more. I expect us all to be forced to grow elf ears somehow in"

[#] Ajax makes a third command. "I wish for Gilruinte Morendar to die in his sleep."
[#] Amjal-El nods a third time. "It shall be so within a week, my master."

Carradoch can't believe they came all the way out here for this, "Well, pointy-ears is wastin' up some wishes on makin' himself some super-fantastic bit o'elf. -- Hey, I thought genies couldn't grant death?!"

Jesto nearly fell forward into a sudden faceplant upon the floor. A choked 'hurk!' sounded in the back of his throat, "Tha's it? Tha's wot we came 'ere for? To 'elp pamper your ego?" Pause. "You suck! 'ell, at least wish for th'red-'ead to go on a date with m--.. 'oo is Gilruinte?"

Jesto called over to Carradoch, "You been readin' too many children's stories, mate. Everythin' in Aractha is thick with death."

Myson blinks more, looking over at Carrie who was talking about genies. "I wish I had a shiny on my finger." But ain't none happenin'. She wasn't sure what was going on.

[#] Ajax looks about the room, as if a new page of history is about to be written at his will. "I wish to beco-"

[#] "I have granted you three great wishes, as bound by my curse," Amjal-El responds patiently.

[#] Ajax and Enwyr stare at each other for a moment, dumbfounded. "WHAT!?" shouts Ajax, finally breaking the silence.

Carradoch did have two babes, after all! ... 'Course the satyxe wrapped an arm around Myson and simply hugged her against him, ears raised at the elf's sudden outburst.

Erk Mendon smirked then just pointed and laughed at the pair, "Hah! You two should've asked just how many wishes he could grant! Now you've gone and made all your hopes and dreams incomplete and practically meaningless! Good job. Now, how about our payment, so we can finally leave you two to sulk and plot revenge on a spirit?"

Myson sighs, still rubbing her head. "I wanna go back.." She starts to whine, not understanding why they hadn't moved on. If she couldn't have any shinies then she didn't want to stay there.

Ajax Avelhar's face goes read with anger. His voice raises beyond what any decent furre or man should have to hear. "YOU... IMBECILE! WHAT KIND OF IDIOTIC ARACTHAN MAGIC ARE YOU MADE OF?"

Jesto squinted at the back of Erk's head, "It's generally unwise to agitate a powerful wizard in th'middle o' 'is fury. Oi'll keep you in a lovely box if 'e turns you into a toad, though!"

Tremare Clefon winces at the loud words, half considering conjuring an area of silence to stand in.

Kitzerina sighs and speaks quietly. "What worthless wishes. He could have asked for anything, and all he askes for is some temporary political gains, fame and to kill a rival..." She then shouts: "Ajax, you do yourself no favors. Take what he has offered and leave. You've wasted enough of our time."

Erk Mendon's player highfives Kizzy for sharing typical mage arrogance!

[#] Amjal-El, sensing what is about to happen, retreats back into the bottle. Ajax, overcome with rage, picks up the brass vessel and throws it against the wall not once, but several times, huffing and puffing as he curses in Eldar. Several cracks appear in the wall, but the bottle remains undamaged.

Jesto raised a hand into the air, "Per'aps 'e is bound to give three wishes to each person wot releases 'im. Toss it my way so's Oi can give it a shot?"

Carradoch leant to touch his nose against Myson's head, "Bah, myself, t--," cut short, of course, by the elf's tantrum, he'd coil his other arm about the feline and tighten his grip, lest she slam her head into a wall by being taken aback.

Myson starts to bunch up against Carrie as soon as the yelling and shouting starts. She begins to cry and slump. "I'm hungry.." Uh oh. Poor fem was starting to feel ill.

Carradoch - Uh oh, indeed. Time for some stee-rokin'; and so it commensed, "No worryin', dove. It'll be alright. We'll be home 'fore you know it. Don't you cry now. Think about pie, aye? Pumpkin. Nomnom."

Crystert sighed. "Crooked politics... Meaningless gains.. What a waste of my time.." He sighed deeply again and walked to Myson, patting her head softly.

Kitzerina twitches as the jar hits the wall a couple of times. "Oh Primes." She turns away and seriously ponders simply leaving. She takes the mirror, however, and stuffs it neatly into her satchel of holding.

[Kitzibeth/Kitzerina had a tendency to hoard plot relevant items as much as Sirum did. On more than one occasion Kitzibeth and Sirum would argue over some super plot item... mainly because Sirum knew almost everything that went in her satchel never came out again. :P]

[#] Ajax unsheaths his scimitar. Glowing brightly and obviously enchanted, the elf uses it to slash, stab, and pummel the genie's bottle. Ajax breaths heavily with exhaustion. It's no use. He turns around to face the other members of the party, starting blankly at their faces. After a moment, he resheaths his sword. "Well," he says, having taken out a great deal of his anger already. "I suspect that I may need your assistance in the future. Nothing Aracthan, I assure you. It seems obvious to me why the Aramagi no longer walk Feanor."

[#] Enwyr remains silent, for once, in the corner of the room.

Jesto fished a hand back within his cape-cloak to rummage about. A white-chocolate Skull'n'Crossbones with dark chocolate for the hollowed sockets, no bigger than a golfball, was tossed to land upon Myson's tummy. "Tha' ought make th'hunger pains go 'way, for a time. But, if our esteemed leader is quite done--" Marching over, the Poirate would attempt to lift the bottle, if able, to inspect all on his own. ".. Amjal-El, I, Jesto, your new master, summon you?"

Erk Mendon shrugged towards Ajax, "Yeeeah...I kinda doubt that we'll be rather willing to help you in the future after that little episode you gave us. You're rather powerhungry, which isn't really the best kind of employer trait."

Myson's eyes become red as tears flow heavily from her light colored eyes, her head pushed against his chest. All of a sudden something hits her and she starts to bawl. She wasn't really hungry, it was her way of expression how upset she was about the whole ordeal. Besides, who knows where that chocolate has been all this while?!

Jesto chimed back, for Erk, "Fook th'politics, s'long as we get paid in th'end Oi've little interest in th'motives behind it. Per'aps your talents'd best be used boilin' rats in some li'l ol' lady's basement."

Kitzerina's eyes widen and she turns around toward Jesto. "The hell you do!" She shouts and runs toward the Poirate, intent on tackling him and/or knocking the botle from his grasp.

[Aw... look at Kitzibeth trying to save the world. Everyone should have immediately started stabbing Jes, really.]

Ajax Avelhar takes the bottle jealously before Jesto is able to touch it. "What are you doing?" He asks, and for a second, it seems like he's about to grow angry again. He seems to be considering something for a moment, though. "You are clueless as to what I am setting out to do. Do not be as presumptious as to understand things greater than yourself," he says to Erk.

[#] The genie bottle is currently held by Ajax.

Kitzerina tackled Jesto for nothing, then? Eww. <3

Jesto is tackled by Kitzerina, right before he can get that bottle, Ajax thereby getting it instead. Ending up on the floor with Kitzerina on him, he peered curiously up into her eyes, "Typically Oi 'ave to buy a luvvy a few drinks to get 'er into this position, but Oi think now isn't th'best o' toimes, savvy?" To Ajax, "Seein' if there's a few more wishes to squeeze outta 'im. You didn't seem to want it much, by your tantrum."

Carradoch scrambles for the confection as Myson starts throwing a fit-- it was like he'd brought Lydia on this trip with him! Thankfully, though, he had not- it was just someone he'd adopted as a distant cousin. Whether or not the sweet'd keep, he'd be careful about putting it in his first belt-pouch, while the one arm held the crying cat. "'Ey! 'Ey! Love, what'cha cryin' for? 'Cause these jackasses can't calm 'emselves for two seconds and we're stuck with a duo of powerful dolts? N'aw, it ain't all that bad. The pie, Myson, the pie!"

Ajax Avelhar considers Jesto's statements. "And what do you offer for it, Captain? This thing didn't come to me easy," he says matter-of-factly.

Erk Mendon raised a brow, "Oh really? Never hurt to try, eh? Go ahead and tell us your plan; I'm sure it's something so grand and glorious that only you would be able to comprehend it or even come up with it in the first place. Are you sure you've thought it through long and hard?" He stared at Ajax long and hard, eyes widened and piercing, as if gazing into his soul to find the answer...of course, who knows if mind-reading is possible. But if it is, he's totally doing that. <<;

Kitzerina quickly gets up and dusts herself off, looking not only red-faced and embarrased, but various other hyphenated emotions as well. "Well I never, no, never never , ew.. ptooie. Ugh. As if.." She scowls at him, and Ajax as well.

Jesto raised a hand into the air, index and middle fingers extended into a 'V', "Oi'll give up my share o' th'payment an' pledge two o' my wishes to wote'er your 'eart desires, th'third is mine. Don't worry, Oi won't remake th'shape o' th'world or nuvvin'." Pause. "Oi only give up my share if 'e's got a wish for me, though." Attention turned back on Kitzerina, "D'aw, you look so cute when there's flames kissin' at your cheeks." Goofy grin.

Myson does not have her eyes on the prize at this moment. Not until the shouting and the commotion stopped. Sure she was childish, but only because she wasn't educated enough to help in the situation. She sniffles quietly, "Pie..?" The hiccups start and the tears keep flowing.

Carradoch gave no mind to the stare-down between Erk and Ajax, nor the silliness of the whole situation with Kitzi and Jesto, but returned to petting over Myson as if she were an animal in a vet's office who was waiting to be seen by the doctor, and wasn't taking too kindly to all the other creatures that were leashed and caged, "Yes, love. Pie. Remember? What I got you the other day? The creamy white-fluff that went with it? Remember how good it was? ...There. Why don't you dry your eyes, eh?" And he had a sincere smile for her- good ol' reassuring Carrie.

Ajax Avelhar doesn't seem convinced. "Your share of the loot isn't considerable, and a djinn does not quite work that way. I'm sure he'll be able to explain it to you, if he doesn't double-cross you first. But I have an offer." He pauses to look at Enwyr for a moment, and then back to Jesto. "You can have this worthless piece of Aracthan junk if you can organize a party for another venture. I'll give you about a month's time."

Ajax Avelhar also seems to be ignoring Erk, concerned with other things at the moment.

Jesto flashed a thumbs-up towards Ajax, "Sounds arroight by my counts, Oi reckon Oi can scrounge together a few rag-tag ruffians to rummage you up s'more loot. Oi'll be wantin' my bottle up front, though." Still on the floor, arms raised high to wiggle his fingers gleefully towards it.

Myson sniffles more, liquid running straight down from her nose to her lips. Eugh. "Yes, it was good. Why are they loud?" She looks over at the group who were still pettily trying to get the dumb bottle for the sake of greed.

Ajax Avelhar hands the brass bottle to Jesto. "It's all yours, but don't use it until I'm gone, or I fear I'll change my mind and throw it to the bottom of the Talzhemian Ocean."

Kitzerina smacks Jesto's hands out of the way with her paw. "Greedy hyooman. You'd best not give him that bottle, Ajax.." And he does anyway. "I swear, if you send that Genie after me, I will do more than light your nether regions aflame, Jesto, and I don't mean lust."

Carradoch -- Damnit, why were Sayyida and Myson so disgusting when they were upset, seriously? At least Carradoch knew enough to wipe his nose on his arm, for Pete's sakes. "They're loud because... well," What was a good reason here? "--Oh, why don't you just hand it over to someone who's got nothin' on any of you, 'cryin' out loud." >:(

[#] Ajax explains a tad more to Jesto. "I need a party of about the same size. I'll keep in contact with you from time to time. In fact, I'm still not sure where we're going yet. We'll have to decide that. You can handle the whole recruitment business by yourself, yes? Perfect."

Jesto's head bobbed firmly up at Ajax, "Arroight, but mind you, if 'e comes outta tha' bottle an' mangles th'lot o' us, you're not gonna 'ave much o' a party next toime." Bottle was clasped greedily towards his chest - after finding his hands smacked - cradling it there, "Come an' find me within th'next few weeks in th'tavern to give me th'details." Standing after, nose wrinkled to compliment a boyish expression as he spoke to Kitzerina, "Why would Oi wanna sic th'genie after you? Oi've much bigger plans. Muaha. .. Muahahaha!", laugh as stereotypically evil as you can get. To Ajax once more, "Sounds good t'me!"

Erk Mendon sighed and waved at Jesto, "Oy, Jesto, you might wanna take her words to heart. She means every bit of them, after all." He looked around with a tired expression and shrugged, "So...are we done helping a power-hungry politician, or are there more riddles to solve? I'm quite ready for payment."

[#] Ajax addresses the rest of the party. "As for the rest of you, I will give you your promised reward, and my thanks. I promise you all that, if you assist me in reaching my penultimate goal, you will all be rewarded greatly. It is difficult to understand precisely but I assure you that it is for the greater good."

Myson couldn't take care of herself, that's why. Her eyes blink as even Carra starts to get huffy. The party seemed to be getting more impatient by the moment. "Oh.." She goes quiet, no longer crying though.

[#] Ajax continues. "You will receive your payment outside. Don't take anything from the treasury. We'll know! That includes the mirror, miss Kitzerina," he says. "Enwyr, remove us! We must recalculate our plans."

Crystert wasn't going to go along with these greedy bastards, quickly twin blades of great usefulness, smiling he quickly bolted to Jesto; footing would allow a quick pivot on his feet as he allowed his form to quickly snap around Jesto's form, Cry wasn't to be underestimated; complacent grin was placed on his lips. Darkened look quickly replaced serene look formerly adorning visage, "Drop the urn." He didn't want to hurt anyone.

Myson already got hurt, duh.

Erk Mendon suddenly appeared right behind Cryst, holding a flaming paw right under his neck. Indeed, it kinda defeated the purpose, as the heat was already starting to singe the poor guy's fur or skin or whatever. He did this all in a blink of an eye. HE smiled sweetly and said in a saccharine tone, "Drop the blades."

[#] Enwyr emerges from the corner. Just as he is about to cast a teleportation spell to remove himself and Ajax, he notices Crystert's attempt to pilfer the bottle. He concentrates deeply on Crystert's form before sending a thin bolt of magical energy his way, like a needle threading through the weave.
[#] The spell is sufficiently strong to bypass all but the mightiest of resistance. (Polymorph - Kitten, 8/8 Alteration)

Carradoch wasn't exactly getting huffy, but wanted to see this all over and done with-- though as it seemed a deal was made, he rolled his eyes back over to Pinky, and raised his brows to her- he might've made mention that they were to be out of here, soon, were it not for He-Who-Had-No-Name, at least not to Carradoch at current. Oh, Hell, what was wrong with everybody? - And lo, magic comes into play. Aw, man, really- someone ought'a be teleporting them all outside, too. Eej.

Jesto's eye shot wide as Crystert made to run at him. Nimble, skinny male wasn't one to be easily captured, especially when a touch of adrenaline tapped through his veins. With urn still clasped to chest, hands rubbed over it while he screamed and dashed into the other room, "Nooo! Amjal-El, I, Jesto, your new master, summon you! Oi wish for the most beautiful golden ring, beset with a shard of th'most beautiful jewels in existence tha' sparkle in th'sunlight! Oi wish for the most snazzy tricorner imaginable, one th'girlies won't be able to resist wantin' for their own! An'.. Oi wish.. for Kitzerina to be bound to a date with moiselv sometime this week!"
Jesto is evil.

Erk Mendon: [XD]
Carradoch: (Oh, Christ. Lol.)

[After enduring so much teasing from Kizzy as Sirum, the tables turned for once. Huh. He probably could have made some wiser wishes, but... he was a giant doof and a gag character.]

Kitzerina has.. no words as her jaw has hit the floor; her eyes have formed the rough approximation of a o.O and her ears are still trying to take in what has just happened. All that comes out of her distended jaw is a stammered "Wh- wo- he- na- no?"

[#] Ajax nods with contentment. "Very well. I will be expecting a party as equally effective as we have had today. Enwyr! Take us outside!"

[#] Enwyr moves his hands through intricate motions, manipulating the weave once more. Ajax and Enwyr pop out of the thin air.

Crystert quickly emerged victorious! While Enwyr was casting his incantation, hilts of his dual blades drove themselves back with immense speed to lodge themselves into Erk's kidney's because of his speed, Enwyr's attack was delayed, but not stopped. Right after strike to Erk's kidney's, Cry was kittenized?

[#] Congratulations! The party has completed the quest!
[#] I actually expected it to take much longer, and you've been very keen in solving the puzzles.

Kitzerina levels up! +5 Awkwardness, +10 Jestodate

[#] For those of you that are unfamiliar with our previous combat system, I will be giving out some awards that normally work with that. I would advise retaining them for your records (I'll post them on the forums in either case).

Erk Mendon smirked as the swords struck Erk with a CLANG, as if they struck steel. Indeed, it would seem just like that, and Erk would shake his head, "Little man, I never jump into a fight like that without a protective barrier on. Don't you know that when you're facing a mage as a fighter, you run or give up?" He just chuckled as the poor fool is turned into a kitty cat. :3

[#] Each character receives a +25 experience bonus, and a +20 gold bonus!

You say, "[Er.]"
Erk Mendon: [KITZ]
You say, "[Problem, boss.]"
Erk Mendon: [Quick!]
You say, "[We have no EXP or gold system.]"
Erk Mendon: [Decide the new level system!]
[#] A +5 good-puzzling-solving-award-thing goes to Kitzerina and Jesto.
[#] If these rewards aren't suitable for the new combat system, I'll let you all know when it comes out.
Erk Mendon: [No he won't.]
[#] And change it appropriately. For now, everyone has +20 gold!
[#] I'll make a post later tonight on the forums as a kind of epilogue to the quest. If you have any questions, whisper El Dungeon Maestro.
[#] Thanks for questing! Another quest will come in about a month if everything permits.

[Should've stuck with CS 3.0. :( We could've killed so many more things before Anst died... what's a quest without something being splattered?]

Crystert turns back to normal, the magic wears off somewhat quicker than normal for 'im. "Nice. You're a quick one.. Too bad, the swords eat magic." He stuck his tounge out and poked Erk's chest, which was undefended. "Spar sometime?"

Kitzerina keeps the mirror, escapes!
Erk Mendon: [They said not to take the mirror Kitz :P]
Kitzerina can't understand Elven moon language.

[When Solinox finished watching some MMA stuff, we got to actually RP the genie bit.]

[#] A slow trail of smoke trails out of the bottle. Within a few seconds, it collects into a thick cloud, and the genie appears as before. He looks a little shooken up, which is understandable.

Amjal-El stares intently at Jesto. "Oh! I am glad to be rid of that one. He has a strong soul, but I fear that it is too ambitious. I am your loyal servant, Master, and will do as you bid me."

Jesto ended up tripping over his own two boots as the smoke poured forth, clouding his vision a bit, the male even going do far to slam flat out on his stomach upon the floor. Fingers didn't release the bottle, however. Remaining where he was, distrustful stare was focused up on the djinn, "Really? .. You're bound to give everyone three wishes? Tha's kind o' neat. Oi'd bring you back 'ome an' let others pop a few wishes outta you, but Oi don't exactly trust 'em not to wish for sum'min like world peace - Feanor'd be borin' as 'hawkdung wos tha' to 'appen." Pause, there. ".. didn't you 'ear my three requests, or is there sum'min wrong with 'em?"

Amjal-El shakes his head, still intently focused on his new master. "I'm afraid that I did not hear your wishes. I apologize, Master, but you appear to have said them before I was summoned."
Amjal-El confirms Jesto's earlier question. "I am bound by my curse to serve my master until I have granted three great wishes for them."

Jesto shifted himself up into a sit, fingers still clasped tight about that bottle. With a firm bob of his head, he repeated himself, "Oi wish for a golden ring, beset with th'most beautiful jewels in all o' Feanor tha' gleam in th'sun's light like sum'min out o' a dream. It must be comfortable, a cozy fit for anyone's finger - an' should make anyone think it's damn snazzy." A hesitation, before he'd continue. "After tha', Oi wish for a tricorner, th'best tricorner in th'world, one tha' cute luvvies won't be able to look at wivvout a temptation to try an' swipe it." Wide grin, at the end, "For my third wish, Oi would like for Kitzerina - th'girly with th'red-'air you saw earlier - to be bound to a date with moiselv before th'week's end. A proper date, mind you. You think you can do all tha'?"

Amjal-El considers each wish carefully. "Perhaps I should explain the limits of my power. I am only bound to serve my Master in light of the strength of their soul. Ajax was able to demand great things of me, and indeed could have demanded greater. He has a strong, aged soul with much potential. Ajax is destined for great things. However, the power that you have at your command is relatively weak compared to that of someone like him." He pauses for a moment. "The golden ring will not be difficult, but I cannot promise that it will have the finest gems in Feanor. The tricorner hat will not be a problem. Lastly, I will try my best with your love, but it must remain to be seen how effective my magic will be."
Amjal-El seems to be awaiting for some sort of confirmation of Jesto's wishes.

Jesto flashed a toothy smile up at the creepy looking djinn, "Pfft, Oi've got tons o' soul, more than some pampered elf. My soul is worth at least several 'undred, an' Oi reckon it'll only be more worthwhile after a few more years o' interest get tacked on." Up to a stand, he sucked thoughtfully at his bottom lip, "It don't gotta be perfect any'ow, it's for this luvvy's marriage. A few dents 'ere an' there would still be acceptable." Bottle was then tucked under an arm, as arms raised at his sides with palms in the air, "An'. .th'rest sounds perfect, juss' don't.. y'know.. make 'er 'ave to fulfill th'obligation o' th'date under pain o' death or nuvvin' like tha' - be awful if she keeled o'er juss' 'cuz she refused to get to grab a bite to eat with me, see?"

[ Amjal-El whispers, "(It's a wedding ring for Jesto to give to Kitzerina if they get married?)" to you. ]
[ You whisper "Naw. ^_^" to Amjal-El. ]
[ You whisper "It's for Myson." to Amjal-El. ]
[ You whisper "She kept going on about how she needed a ring so bad, so she could get herself a marriage like Carradoch got." to Amjal-El. ]
[ You whisper "Jesto would never get married. Ever." to Amjal-El. ]

[#] The genie simply stares at Jesto with obedience. He barely even skips a breath as he announces the results of the wishes. "Your wish for the wedding ring is granted, my Master. Your tricorner," the genie says in timely fashion as the most extravagant tricorner hat Jesto has ever seen, of the latest of Austian haute couture, even in the right color that Jesto would want, pops on his head. "That has been granted also."
[#] "Your date with Kitzerina should happen if all is well. It may require some effort on your part to ensure that it happens."

Jesto practically - nay, he actually bounced up and down with joy at the granting of his wishes, bottle thrust into the air, "Woo-hoo! Now Oi'm snazzy, classy an' down for some potential snoggin' with a hellcat. Yep. Oi've got e'rythin' Oi want out o' life." Hand raised to pat the tricorner upon his head. "Now wot am Oi 'sposed to do with you before Oi go back? Should Oi take you back to Ansteorra an' set you on my shop's shelf next to Finwe, or will Oi be haunted by some deadly curse if Oi don't toss you back in tha' room?"

Amjal-El's eyes look about the room for a minute. Strangely enough, it seems like this is the first time he's seen the inside of the temple. "I am bound only to use my powers for the good of my Masters, and perhaps in other rare circumstances. I'm not fully certain. As for what you will do with my bottle, that is your choice. But know that I have granted you three wishes and that you are no longer my Master."

[#] The genie speaks with a calm tone that holds no emotion.

Jesto tossed that bottle over to grasp within his left hand, right hand flashing a quick thumbs-up towards him, "Wonderful, then! Oi'll keep you, you'll get along juss' fine with Finwe. 'e's a possessed, giant tiki doll wot spits out fortunes - th'times you two will 'ave!" Whirling around, he marched back into the room - since Ajax was likely to be teleporting everyone out shortly.

[#] Without a response, the genie disappears, and the smoke slides back into the bottle.

[ Amjal-El whispers, "(Let me know if someone tries to summon him. The genie is a bit of an experiment to try something new with the players :-D)" to you. ]

[ You whisper "Will be sure to mention it to anyone who goes in his shop. x3" to Amjal-El. ]

[... what a strange, wonderful quest filled with party members who seemed so at odds with one another. Since the years that Anst have died, I've churned out so many intricate DS puzzles across various dreams I've worked on while RPing. I like to imagine they would give Kitzibeth a run for her money on any of her characters. x3

Despite being from 2008, this quest was a little... hazy, for me? Most of the people and events from 2006-2008 are. I can remember the quests people hosted and some key moments, but nothing as vivid as my first few years in Anst. It felt so different with all these new people, with the world so different. I wonder, was this quest the last major quest ever hosted? I always imagined Anst's final quest would be something epic beyond description, a Heretic being finally sealed away forever, or anything along that scale. Everything just sort of gradually drifted apart, though. I think I've missed being a DM as much as I've missed RPing with those familiar characters day to day.]
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