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Days of Rakuro getting eaten by a sandworm. Oct30-Nov2 2004

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 26, 2017 4:53 am    Post subject: Days of Rakuro getting eaten by a sandworm. Oct30-Nov2 2004 Reply with quote

[Summary: I found some other meaningful logs under my old DM name. I wish I had my Tower of Trials logs still, that was the best quest I ever ran.

This was my second proper quest with a map. The group learns not to kill one another this time around. Probably because Rakuro is there to babysit. After the first treasure map paid off, many more people gave some credibility to Michael Zexohn's strangely profitable maps.

I made these treasure hunt centric quests because, after the exile from Ansteorra, everyone had been perpetually flat broke. It was a good opportunity to get some coin flowing through the PCs again, to give them some new gear they hadn't had a chance to recieve for a while in Caeseal, to unload some crafting materials onto them. Everything had an abysmally low sell price to NPCs tacked on, since... I actually wanted them to use them or trade them among one another instead of pawning them. Pretty much only Rakuro and Sirum crafted anything in the entirety of Ansteorra's lifespan, which seemed such a shame... but their high crafting multipliers made them invaluable as a result.

This was a completely non-linear quest. It was a gigantic desert map with a pillar marker set in stand every 10 tiles N/E/S/W. The only thing the group had to go by was a map of all the pillar markers, with some small X marks peppered around it. Ruby and Kivae drew a line of their path across it to help keep the group from getting lost, drawing landmarks on the map for further reference. The first day was mainly uneventful as the group missing all the plot-centric areas and just dug up treasure. They got lucky to only unearth caravans as well.

Or... unlucky? I'd had Rakuro and Kivae give me feedback on things to include in the map. I asked Kivae what she would like to see in the desert. "Sandworm! :D" I consorted with Rakuro and he agreed, yes, a sandworm seemed a splendid idea. I warned the group attending ahead of time that the quest would be death enabled... especially if they encountered the optional superboss hidden in the desert. And even then they had the option to flee from it.

Everyone wanted to hunt the superboss of the map and fight it, despite knowing the dangers. Ansteorrans were a wonderful, bloodthirsty bunch. I wish I'd made more quest dreams in the same vein as my first two, with completion % lists of everything that could be done, with people staying on the maps as long as many days as they liked.]

[DAY 1]

[Here's the music I used. ]

[The treasure map vaguely resembled this mock-up. But with an oasis on it. All the X marks were pixel precise to where the treasure was, but any dig in the 3x3 around the X would work.]

[#] [You wander and I kill you and then your entire family with a sharp rock.]
Rakuro's entire family is already dead]
Ruby Pyralis eats the rock. Gets constipated.]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Your dream is depressing me. =/]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Why?" to Marlina Evenstar. ]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[The sand... <.<]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Is it bad? >>]" to Marlina Evenstar. ]
The DM lifts his microphone, coughs, taps it. "Testing, testing, one two three..." []
[#] [Welcome to What Lies Beneath The Desert Sands.]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[No, it's just depressing. :-P]" to you. ]
[#] [Wait. Where's Kal?]
Ruby Pyralis: [Doing your mom.]
Marlina Evenstar killed him.
Emanuel Rivers: [Haha.]
[#] [An eagle swoops down and eats Ruby.]
Ruby Pyralis cries. v.v]
The DM waits on Kal. []

Rakuro's general appearance appears to have no changed much, except for a filmy gauze wrapped loosely about nearly his entire form, with special attention to his neck. To all intents and purposes, it appears he's quite at home in the desert.. and that's his IC post for now >>

[#] [No one is IC yet. :-P
Rakuro is! Rage against the Machine!!]
Rakuro shutsup]
[#] [If Kal can hear this, I can just emit the basic rules while he loads.]
Emanuel Rivers: [I should bring in an Arab alt, just to be ignorant.]
[#] [1. You all lose 25 gold for supplies. If you didn't have 25, you're down to 0 and it is assumed you're living on the bare minimum out here.]
Ruby Pyralis can just eat a cactus.
Marlina Evenstar can just eat Ruby.
[#] [2. This is a walk-around map with no set path. You decide what happens here and you lead me around. If something is found, just wait and I'll make the appropriate emit.]
Emanuel Rivers: [Girl-on-girl.]
Emanuel Rivers: [... ahem.]
Taikris: [Link for the treasyre map Si? :-)]
Marlina Evenstar: [!]
Taikris: [treasure*]
[#] [3. OOC is fine, but please don't overdo it, eh? I'm a bit more tolerable of it than most DM's. (;]
Emanuel Rivers: [Great, because all I can do is OOC.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Woot! PARTY!]
Ruby Pyralis throws mud at Marl.]
Rakuro: [Don't even touch it, Em :-P]
[#] [4. Please, -please- don't make one line posts about standing around or digging. I ask because if I see ': digs.' seriously ICly I'm going to have to kill someone.]
Emanuel Rivers: [God, I am so tempted.]
Marlina Evenstar digs.
Emanuel Rivers: [HAHA.]
Ruby Pyralis stands.
Emanuel Rivers digs... the funk.
[#] [5. At a treasure spot in the dream, if you think you've found it, simply type a searching/digging post and type @dig - each treasure spot is 3x3 tiles. An emitloud will occur if something is found.]
Emanuel Rivers: [This is kind of neat.]
Ruby Pyralis goes around digging. Hits mine. Game over.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Are we on sand?]
Kalannar: [FINALLY!!!!!!]
Ruby Pyralis: [o_o]
Emanuel Rivers: [Jesus, Kal. Downloading too much porn?]
Ruby Pyralis: [pwnd]
[#] [6. - The map is here. It is suggested you keep track of your location since it won't be kept track of for you and it's easy to forget which pillar you're at. :-P]
Kalannar: [Hahahahahaha... that was almost funny. Almost.]
Emanuel Rivers: [I strive to amuse you.]
Emanuel Rivers: [Who am I going to follow?]
[#] [On a final note - For every 30 minutes that pass without shade for your characters (unless you have a shawl) it is assumed that 1 CON is lost, to a minimum of 5. Staying in shade and resting long enough refills it to normal. Endure Climate works as well. Any questions?]
Marlina Evenstar: [Is it enchanted?]
Ruby Pyralis has a shawl from Path's desert quest! WOOWOO!
[#] [As a result, Ruby loses 1 CON every 10 minutes.]
Ruby Pyralis weeps.]
[#] [ ... I kid, don't hurt me, please.]
Kalannar: [What of cloaks? Such as just putting a hood up on a cloak? Count as shade?]
[#] [Not decent enough. :-P]
Emanuel Rivers: [Why the hell would you wear a cloak in the middle of a desert? That'd be too hot, I would think.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Stupid blue cape. ._.]
Marlina Evenstar: [It's an airconditioned hood, item effect.]
Emanuel Rivers: [Ah, I see.]
[#] [Now that I'm done, please try to stay together, and... *emits ICly*]
Ruby Pyralis: [Everlasting ice cube.]
Rakuro: [It's the same idea as the filmy fabric I'm wearing right now, Em. It keeps the sun off]
Emanuel Rivers: [Nifty. Emanuel'd just throw off his upperbody clothing and rough it.]
Ruby Pyralis: [SUNBURN]
Ruby Pyralis: [AIIEEE]
Emanuel Rivers: [To the max.]
Ruby Pyralis burns.
Emanuel Rivers: [That was quick.]
Ruby Pyralis clings to SS.]
Ruby Pyralis drowns. u.u]
Kalannar: [Damned connection.]
[#] [Since it seems we have a bit of an.. ah.. problem here.]

[Problem: Kalannar beat the hell out of Taikris in Forest Funk, when it was just him, Ruby, Kivae and Taikris. He's sneaking along again this time. I wanted Kalannar on all my quests so he could level up... but... he made it hard to factor him in at times.]

[#] [Kalannar roll a sneak check, for everyone who cares to try and spot him for the trip over roll wisdom checks.]
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d20 Woo woo. & gets 5.
Taikris: [How far back is Kalannar from the group?]
Ruby Pyralis is oblivious I tell ya!
[*] Kivae rolls 1d20+9 Meh. >.> Probably won't do anything anyways. & gets 29.
[%] Ruby Pyralis just gave Kivae a cookie.
[#] [Kivae is to Kalannar like Big Brother is to 1984.]
Emanuel Rivers: [Hahaha. You maxed it.]
[*] Taikris rolls 1d20+2 & gets 12.
Kivae is watching.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Big Brother is watching, nasty drow vermin.]
Rakuro: [..Kivae raised the chocolate ration from 30grams to 20?]
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d20+6 & gets 13.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d20+3 & gets 4.
Marlina Evenstar: [Ouch.]
Ruby Pyralis: [That's the way. Uh huh. I like it. Uh huh uh huh.]
[#] [Marlina, Taikris, Ruby fail to notice Kalannar.]
Taikris: [Well Kivae... do you chose to tell the party about Kal?]
Ruby Pyralis: [Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Shut-it, go IC people. :-P]
The DM is waiting on Sol. []
Ruby Pyralis: [Well.]
Ruby Pyralis: [We'll be here for a while then.]
Ruby Pyralis sits.]
Taikris: [We need to know if Kivae tells the party, as it will affect when we arrive here :P]
Kivae: [No. :-P She thinks you'd just be stupid and try and boss him around if she did. And no we don't really, as we can just RP it out..]
Kalannar: [Does it really matter. Kalannar already told Taikris he's not going to attack him on the trip. xP Of course, you probably didn't see that 'cause you were too busy playing StarCraft.]
Emanuel Rivers: [Who trusts dros?]
Emanuel Rivers: [drows.]
Taikris: [especially when you've been stabbed by them <.<]
Marlina Evenstar: [Taikris is paying Marlina to subdue Mister Drow. Hrm.]
You say, "@music"
Ruby Pyralis: [AH]
Ruby Pyralis: [That scared me.]
You say, "@music"
You say, "[There.]"
Ruby Pyralis: [I heard it the first time .-.]
Taikris: [o.o]
Emanuel Rivers plays some Shinedown. []

[#] After a several day span trek through the desert, the 'road' that had been made leading out of Tharivol comes to an abrupt halt. To a place in the desert where most caravans don't return from, for various reasons - more often than not those reasons are creatures. The heat has been beating down on those traveling through the desert, but hasn't proved to be too much of an irritation just yet, due to the nice shady spot popping up every so often along the line. Yet, the last oasis this far out is just up ahead, going any further would be foolish for most.

[#] [Can someone do me a favor and IM Solinox all the rules and that emit, please?]

Rakuro sees all, yet doesn't make any mention of Kal's following of the group, merely moving around towards Taikris. Once next to him, his nearly seven foot stature easily dwarfs the other furre.. hey! it's shade! Regardless, he looks down to him and murmers, "Right then.. this isn't going to be an incredibly pleasant trip, so I'd rather like to see the map, if I may. I'd like to establish some landmarks and find out where we're going"

You say, "[Turn on your music and hit F3 if you haven't already. :3]"

Taikris hmms quietly as he glances about their current surroundings, consulting the map as he ponders to which site they should travel first. "Let's try theclosest one first. I want to know what we're dealing with before we get too far out there." he sips of the waterskin, only to see that the sky is darker. "Hmm? Oh! Here you are"

Kalannar treks subtly behind the group at an apparently safe distance, the hood of his cloak drawn to shield his eyes from the most intense sun of the desert sands.

[#] A pillar nearly entirely covered in sand stands before them, and off to the west the oasis can be seen.

Ruby Pyralis has been tagging along behind the rest of the group, only going fast enough to keep within sight of them. No real reason to be rushed. However, the music brings her player back to the old gaming days. n.n

You say, "[Did someone IM Sol the rules/first emit?]"
Solinox: (Nope.)
You say, "[You lot suck. :P]"
Ruby Pyralis: [I will.]
Emanuel Rivers: [And swallow.]
Solinox: (Now make sure only one person does it. :P)
[ You whisper "[Turn on music, hit F3 x)]" to Solinox. ]
[ Solinox whispers, "Solinox wipes the dust off his Furcadia sound system." to you. ]
[ Solinox whispers, "Good music, good music." to you. ]
[ You whisper "[^^]" to Solinox. ]

Rakuro nods shortly, "Very well then.. pull out the map and I'll look it over as we walk. No sense standing in the burning sun just because I don't know where we're going" :-)

Marlina Evenstar has long since removed her cloak from her body, a garment designed to protect against the cold temperatures, and thus harsh in this climate, this garment being removed reveals the relatively lighter silken shirt that she had acquired primes only know where. Moments pass before she finally taps the expedition leader on the shoulder, demanding the attention so rightfully hers, before speaking, "Now what was it to be yeh were sayin' we were to be doin' here, I can't be recallin' at the moment. Likely the heat addling my mind."

[#] [ - DM suggestion, open Paint and sketch onto it what you find where.]

Kivae has changed her attire to looser clothing, pants that only go just past her knees, and a sleeveless shirt, the stretching bit of cloth from earlier pulled up over her mouth and holding her hair to her neck. The exposed parts of her skin have a shiny appearance, as if she had rubbed something onto it. Also, she has boots for once, made of leaves, it looks like. She skitters after Rakuro, having noted the shade. <.< "Shouldn't we refill our water again before we start heading out to search?"

Taikris promptly paws over the map to the much taller mage. "Uh... sure. Here you go. I personally think we should either head to the nearby site, or to the oasis first."
Ruby Pyralis is also wearing her shawl. Woo.

Marlina Evenstar isn't, and has too much black. =/

Rakuro is only momentarily shocked by Marlina's change of clothing, the stunned expression passing quickly as Tai makes a suggestion, "Righto then. You'll be playing leader for the trip, of course.. I'm not one to take away due privilege". He makes a faint gesture, much like an old-world 'you go first'.. if you don't know what that is, don't worry about it :-P. "So, show the way, and once we reach any given area, I'll do what I can to keep the sun off of us"

Kalannar is wearing his generally usual attire, though the sleeves of his breastplate are removed, leaving his arms free, save for the bracers of his armor. Other than this, the only change noticable to his form would be the faded black cloth tied wrapped about his nose and mouth, as well as the water skin hanging at his belt.

The DM appreciates the fashion show, really. :-P
Emanuel Rivers would just be half naked had he been here. Because he's practical like that. []
Marlina Evenstar is wearing a fabulous diamond tiara, with a lovely pearl necklace, and an emerald dress straight from heaven...]
Solinox wears a three piece bikini.)
Marlina Evenstar: [No doubt.]

Ruby Pyralis is wearing what she normally wears: shirt, pants, overly large cloak... the only difference is that the shawl she usually wears under the cloak is on top now... and being from the hottest place imaginable, she feels quite fine. ^^;

Chloe May is sorry for being idle so long, but was having some problems. Chloe's clothing consisted of an ordianary white corset, and also wore a skirt, mostly to keep from the sun's wrath. Just another thing weighed her down, was her rather big bag, in which is carried her supplies.

Taikris nods slowly as he begins to head towards the nearest location, seeming to be wearing just what he needs to make it through the desert as he heads for the first digging site

Solinox walks down the wagonless caravan in line with the others, the long hood of his cloak thrown over to protect himself from the rays of the sun. He occasionally looks out past the sand dunes ahead.

Kivae taps the toe of her boot into the sand, a touch impatiently, and resists giving Tai a shove. :-P But he moves so she follows, her ears back.

[#] A near identical pillar forms, though the oasis is passed..
[#] [Keep together, please.]
Ruby Pyralis is confused by the map.]
Ruby Pyralis: [What're the dots, what're the X's.]
Taikris: [Dots are pillars]
Taikris: [X= treasure :P
Ruby Pyralis: [oh.]
[#] [The dots are pillars, the x's are dig spots. Make a digging post and type @dig to search that area.]

Taikris glances to his map, and then once more to the pillar. Taking a few strides out to the sides... he glances down. "This seems to be roughly about the right spot."
Taikris: @dig
[#] Success!
Taikris: [w00t]
Taikris got an emit saying success :3

Rakuro stops near the pillar and almost instantly begins murmering under his breath, his shadow growing and pooling about him as he does so.. having gotten a decent look at the map as they walked, he was happy [2/?]

Kivae stands on her tiptoes, trying to get a glance at the map in Kuro's paws, and then comaparing it to the oasis. "We didn't miss a pillar did.." trailing off as Tai is apparently digging? Maybe.

Taikris promptly dives into the sand, using paws and wristclaws to tear away at the sand just beneath the dunes.

Chloe May follows on about last of the group, not being the quickest member in the party. Smiling a bit, she brushed some hair behind her shoulder, appreciating her light clothing got her less attention from the sun, in exception to Ruby who'll soon be bbq! "S-So.. This is kinda nice, if you ignore th heat.."

[*] The DM rolls 1d9 & gets 6.

[I let the Gods decide their fate. Each X encountered, that number gets smaller as the random encounters are reduced.]

Kalannar remains at a safe distance for now.

[#] Taikris uncovers what appears to be the very top of a caravan buried under the desert sand, somewhat aged. Easily able to bust through, rather than just digging it up entirely.

Marlina Evenstar lacking many of her normal weapons, from the crossbow, to the variety of blades she likes to keep close at hand, nevertheless keeps a hand close to the hilt of her sole weapon, though not going so far as to actually touch it. Her other moves about in a brief intricate pattern, and for this reason she fell behind the group, though now she catches up once more. [2/2] [Endure Climate.]

Solinox sets down his heavy pack. Picking up the entrenching shovel he brought with him, he gets to helping Taikris dig beneath the sandy surface.

Ruby Pyralis probably should help... but doesn't feel like it. >.> <.<

Kivae trails up after Tai, scanning the ground, and using the toe and heel of her boat to push the sand away, stepping back, apparently trying to uncover the rest of its top. "How old d'you think this has to be..?"

Taikris grins widely as he enounters the top of the caravan, running his paws along the weathered surface. "Somebody... make sure the sand doesn't cave in. I'm going in" If one of the others should indeed help... he'd shove his fist into the top, and proceed to crawl in.

Emanuel Rivers: [You really ruin Ruby's 'bad-ass' factor by sticking those smileys at the ends of your posts. :P]
Ruby Pyralis: [You ruined the IC by being OOC.]
Emanuel Rivers: [What can I do?]
Emanuel Rivers shuts up. []
Ruby Pyralis: [Exactly.]
[#] [OOCers please lay down and keep quiet. ^^;]

Rakuro's shadow suddenly spreads out in all four directions, giving the same sort of basic protection as if he really were standing over anyone nearby him [1 square in any direction, that is].. he then turns his attention towards the sand dune, unfortunately unable to do anything just yet, as he just cast a spell [4/4]

[#] Sand trickles into the caravan, though not too much. Within it, random small crates would be stacked along one another. Easily lifted, though each are marked with 'Handle With Care'.

Marlina Evenstar: [Nifty, it's a medieval moving company. I call the couch!]
Taikris: [:P]
Emanuel Rivers: [I'm heading out to find some role-play. I'll see you guys when you get done.]

Kalannar, not dissimilar from what Marlina had done, likewise casts a silent spell upon himself with the wave of a hand and a few precice finger movements to further his own survival in the fierce sun. [1/1] [Endure Climate]

Taikris glances about the dark interior, gently trying to lift one up if possible. If so... he calls up to the above. "Somebody grab this thing when I pass it up" if not, then he just opens it

Kivae continues pushing back some of the sand, looking faintly bored as she does so, and once there's a good circle of sand-less area around the hole, she steps back off the roof, to the shade by Rakuro. Tugging the cloth around her mouth down to call in that direction, "Sand-snake things, jewels, cloud-pookies, anything?"

Solinox reaches down, careful not to spill any more sand into the caravan. He picks up the crate, handling it with care, and stacking them to the side.

Taikris was waiting for the DM ruling on the weight of the crate >.>
Solinox: (Easily lifted, quoth he.)

[#] Some crates feel as if they're empty, and others feel as if they're stacked with ingots of steel within.
[#] Five in total.

Marlina Evenstar notes that she can see innuendoing without the aid of italics, thankyou very much. "Be hurryin' it up down there, or we're to be all sufferin' problems from this blasted sun, the mage's spell won't help forever.'

Taikris passes up the nearly empty ones then, calling up a moment later. "Somebody help me with these last ones. They feel like they're filled with lead"

Rakuro stands back as the two do the work, concientiously expanding his shadow towards them to add at least a small amount of shade to what could partially be considered shade.. of course, at the request of help, he simply steps forward eagerly to kneel down at the edge of the hole and help lift the crates out

[#] Nothing more of note remains down in the old caravan.

Rakuro adds shortly, "C'mon then.. it's not a terribly difficult thing to just grab and toss". He would then automatically begin pulling whatever crate was handed to him out and set it carefully on the ground nearby

Ruby Pyralis takes a step forward for no reason other than the fact that The DM's presence is eerie. Even though he's not there.

Kivae remains silent, shifting uneasily for a moment, and then sitting down in the sand, removing and opening her water jug. She wouldn't be any good at lifting. "Can we open them, now?"

The DM's presence here is awesome.

Taikris as the last of the crates are passed out from beneath the earth, the panther follows up a moment later as he latches onto the top, crawling his way free of the ancient hole in the ground. "So... somebody care to open up these things?"

[#] The sun beams down on those standing still, slowly cooking away at those unprotected by Endure Climbate or a shawl. [-1 CON to all unprotected.]
Taikris paid 25 gold, and thusly has the shawl
[#] [The Shawl is a quest item from a previous quest. :-P]
Ruby Pyralis cackles.]
Taikris: [o.<]

Marlina Evenstar is a ranger, thus has Endure Climate.

Rakuro kneels down next to the nearest one and quickly tries to pop the thing open. If there's a lock, he would twist the thing off, literally.. magic-aided strength? Perhaps.. one way or another, he opens the thing ^^

Kivae is in Rakuro's magical shadow?

Solinox notes that Taikris is in the caravan, and protected from the sun. :allnighte:)

[#] The contents of the crates are:
[#] x2 Crystal: Large Ingot
[#] x1 Platinum: Large Band
[#] x3 Silver: Large Band
[#] x2 Silk: Large Patch
[#] x2 Silver: Large Ingot
[#] And nothing more.
[#] As the goods are poorly taken care of, they have a 1/10th their normal sell value to NPC's, for note. But can still make fine armor and weaponry.

Ruby Pyralis: [Aw. I wanted it to be dead mice. v.v]

Marlina Evenstar moves to one of the crates thehn, following the trend that the canine giant mage had set and proceeding to open one using one of her remaining daggers in an effort to pry it open terribly careful not to actually touch the metal.

Rakuro hmms quietly, then laughs.. "You were right.. they are loaded down with ingots. Right then.. so as to be fair, I won't simply drop any of these in my sleeves. Who's carrying them? And if nobody, then I -will- just drop them in my sleeves". He shoots a quick look around, obviously expecting someone to put their backpack forth

Kivae watches the contents of the crates being removed, head tilted slightly. She then stops her water jug, and holds a handpaw out to Kuro, "Kin I see the map? I can mark this off. 'nd I'm not carrying anything but silk, if no one else wants it."

Taikris having crawled out of the hole, he sets himself down next to the mage. "Right then. I say we stash most of the loot by the oasis if we can't carry it"
Taikris let's Kivae mark off the map

[#] A low 'burrrop' can be heard not too far away.

Rakuro's ears instantly twitch in the direction of the strange noise and he coughs faintly.. "Right then. I agree, Tai.." he reaches down and picks up the nearest group of grabbable metals, that being the 3 silver ones, and drops them inside his sleeve.. "We'll place all of these at the oasis and divvy it up later on. Come on, the rest of you.. grab some too. I'm not carrying it all"

Solinox remains standing, trying to find the source of the noise as he looks about the vicinity.

[#] Solinox would note that the noise is coming from the North-West, right around exactly where the Oasis is. Though the sound doesn't occur again.

Kalannar, likewise, catches the noise and casts a long gaze about the area to see where it had come from.. apparently Northwest.

Solinox points towards the northwest. "The sound is coming from the oasis, I believe." He also drags his pack to one of the crates and burdens it down some more with two silver ingots.

Kivae didn't know Tai had it. Is holding out to him, then. She reaches a hand into her bag, scratching a light, blue 'x' next to the red one, and a line showing the pillars they had gone by to get to it. At Kuro's suggestion, she raises an eyebrow slightly, and then reaches for the silks, stuffing them into her bag next to the water. "I hope we don't have to go back everytime, though.. some of these are rather far away."

Taikris quietly makes his way over to the crate loaded with crystals. "Once we're done. We can sort out who wants what, but until we get all the sites checked, and all the loot pooled. Let's try not to steal any eh?" he blinks a few times as eh takes a few steps towards the oasis. "The hell was that? o.o"

Marlina Evenstar grabs several of the more valuable items, depositing them easily within her pack, though doubtless not planning to steal them, she wouldn't do that... She's nice and all. She ignores the 'burrop' figuring it a curse of the blasting heat, and with this growing insanity as her motivation she stands, speaking once more as she makes an intricate gesture to reinforce her previous spell, "We'd best be gettin' back into shade quickly, with or without the rest of these trinkets, be savin' our hides from boiling like food."

Rakuro quickly gets to his feet and casts a short glance towards Tai, "Right then.. we'll reach the oasis and then head... south, if I remember correctly. There's another one. If the sun is too unbearable, we'll go back to the oasis, or go even further.. south.." he pauses for a moment or two, as though mentally checking his directions, then nods.. "Otherwise we go west. Let's bring all this back there in any case.. and quickly"

Taikris without further delay... heads for the oasis.

Taikris setting down the crate in a corner, he moves quickly over to the water to splash some across his face. "Wonderful." he states simply before sitting down to check the map

Marlina Evenstar fishes. ]
Kivae: [Do we wait for an emit?]
Ruby Pyralis is slow. >.>;

Rakuro doesn't go near the water, instead remaining comfortably within the shade of the ring of trees.. either purposefully remaining aloof from the group or simply because he prefers shade to water. Regardless of his current position, he does toss the three silver ingots over to join Tai's crate

Solinox kneels down by the water, cupping his hands and drinking at a slow rate. He leaves the pack on the ground beside him.

[#] The oasis is relatively peaceful, providing excellent shade under the various tall trees with plenty of nice places to stash what they had brought with them. The source of the sound can be seen peeking up right outside of the water in soe shade, a large, lazy looking bullfrog. .. In the desert..? Some characters might get the weirdest feeling of Dejavu, if they experienced something similar before.

Ruby Pyralis remembers the froggy.

Rakuro's player remains pleasantly oblivious

Taikris blinks a few times in an odd realization. "Waaaiiiit a tick" he peers at the creature, wondering if it was the same from the spider quest o.o

[#] Indeed it is.

Marlina Evenstar somewhat reluctantly, relinquishes her own seized possessions, placing them next to the silver ingots, before moving to the water, without any sign of dignity she then proceeds to kneel upon it's shore and splash water upon her fur, until of course she catches sight of the bullfrog, this moment of enlightenment is punctuated with an, "Uhhm...."

[ Rakuro whispers, "'look Arch'" to you. ]
(You see ArchAngel Gaia.)
> I am yours to talk to. I am friend or fiend... YOU DECIDE
You have ejected ArchAngel Gaia.
[ You whisper "[Thanks. x)]" to Rakuro. ]

[#] Or at least, it appears that way.

Kivae sidles up to the trees, letting out a thankful sigh, and dropping the silk atop the crate unceremoniously. She starts to kneel down by the water, refilling the jug, and dipping half her head into it, when she takes note of the frog. Promptly engaging it in another staring contest. "," she accuses.

Kalannar, at the random, if nothing else, simply enters within the general vicinity of the others, not particularly caring at this point if seen or not. He makes his way without addressing anyone and kneels at the oasis' bank, slowly removing his hood and pulling his face-cloth down, and promptly dowses his face with water. He then goes about the business of refilling his waterskin.

Rakuro's eyes light on the bullfrog in some inexplainable way, but he apparently doesn't bother with making any particular move towards cooking it, so it's doubtful whether or not he even knows it's there

Taikris sits there quietly staring at the creature within the waterways as his now somewhat suspicious and otherwise paranoid mind begins to whir. "... You don't belong to the mapmaker, do you?"

[That was a good guess. The frog was Michael Zexohn's familiar. He used it to spy on the group's progress. He needed to ensure they would find the items he needed in the desert, but needed to act as if he were just a map salesman and indifferent to the plunder they acquired.]

[#] Characters that lost CON now regain it. The frog stares right back at Kivae with slitted eyes. If she is still staring at it after a minute, it lets out another of its loud 'burrrrop's.
[#] Lacking the ability to deny or confirm Taikris' questions, and additionally not even caring what he says, the frog ignores him.

Marlina Evenstar's brief moment of inactivity, upon sighting the bullfrog is abruptly broken as the dark elf kneels beside her and proceeds with his water gathering tasks. A moment passes and nothing more before she proceeds with what is likely to be only her first murder attempt, this one coming in the form of attempting to shove his head under the water and hold it there. Though the move is somewhat awkward, as she attempts to use her uninjured arm.

[Oh christ... how did Zagnafein babysit Marlina and Kalannar in his guild?]

Ruby Pyralis doesn't apparently care much for the oasis, standing next to the giant mage while crossing her arms and waiting for the others to finish. She could always return later if she got thirsty. :/

Taikris he looks over to Kivae at the lack of response. "Any chance you could ask it if it's the familiar of the one who made this map?"

Kivae bares her teeth at it, but the expression is almost a grin. After a moment of such, she lashes out with her handpaws, sending a barrage of splashes at the creature. Not viciously, really. Blinking then, and glancing up. "What? Why would I speak frog?"

Kalannar, having well expected something like this of Marlina, quickly holds his breath and reaches around his back with his left hand, grabbing out his dagger from behind his belt, in which he then brings straight out in a jab to stab Marlina blindly in the side.

Kivae doesn't burp that loudly, really.
Kivae is apparently ignoring what's going on to her right, as well. :-)

Rakuro is hardly giant, being nearly as thin as Ruby herself.. or even Kivae. He's just incredibly tall ^^.. as Marlina attempts to give Kalannar an inopportune and extended (and perhaps much needed) bath.. and as Kalannar in his turn attempts to stab Marlina.. he thrusts both of his paws forward. The basic hoped-for effect would be that both of them would be shoved forward into the water inequally, and make each one miss any current attempts at violence [2/2]
Rakuro is not, however, spiderman, and this intervention could very well be too late :-)

Taikris shrugs "I figured you were a druid. He then rises to begin padding over to the canine mage. "Please do something to secure the drow. My last attempt in adventuring ended with him shoving a knife in my back and leaving me for dead... twice"

[#] The bullfrog closes its eyes entirely and presses its body down against the sand, seeming to be welcoming the liquid. Burrrop. # Even if those present could speak frog, it seems to be repeating the same thing over and over. Perhaps.. 'Hooot'?

Marlina Evenstar gains a slight gash, but nothing more as she dodges clumsily to the side, only to be caught unawares by the mage's spell, and is promptly thrown into the water. She at least needed a bath, but that doesn't make her any more happy about the matter as she surfaces, cursing loudly.

Solinox unsheaths his sword with a quick motion of his arm, standing in a loose stance.. both hands are held on the handle, yet he does not strike just yet. To those that might notice, his sword appears different.

Ruby Pyralis can't help but wonder if Marl can go a day without 'cursing loudly.'

Marlina Evenstar can't actually, personal goal. :-P

Taikris wants to see some variety in phraseology :-P[]
Ruby Pyralis wants to see a definition of phraseology.]

Kalannar, having been in the process of being shoved forward, at Rakuro's spell merely barrels forward into the water... he had also figured someone would stop it. So, as such, he made no fuss, and merely trods from the water, grumbling a bit as he sheaths his weapon and sits in his place, then goes about his previous business of refilling the waterskin.

Marlina Evenstar lets out a steady stream of air-defiling words unfit for public hearing?

Taikris: [yay]

Rakuro is of the opinion that's perfectly impossible, and has no prior experience with Sol's sword (thankfully), and thus does not notice the difference. With an audible hiss he takes a short step forward, literally shoving Taikris aside, "What the bloody 'ell is wrong with the two of you?!" he demands, obiously quite angry with the both of them, "We wander out into a nasty hot desert that's just as likely to kill us and you try to help it along? Marvelous.. I'm glad we're all such mature adults. Now, no more murdering, or I'll have to do something drastic"
Rakuro unfortunately, can't actually shove Taikris, and thus merely politely asks him to move? :-P]

Taikris blinks a few times as he steps to the side, deciding to leave out the fact that Marlina was on his payroll <.<

Marlina Evenstar mutters various other words then, their meaning lost for the moment, though differant from her previous cursing as she too vacates the water, away from that creepy frog. A few moments even pass as she drips water upon the sand, before she finally responds to Rakuro, "Killin' that carrion filth would be helpin' many things mage, and bein' dead myself would be bein' quite preferable to havin' his aid 'ere."

Kivae shrugs. "'s just a frog, or a wandering spirit, or something. If your curiosity is insatiable, you should be asking 'Kuro..." trailing off to listen to his speech with a tilted head. "We could always send them back.. But shouldn't we still be looking?"

Ruby Pyralis effthrees and dances.]

[#] Once the entire of the water has soaked into the desert sand, the bullfrog carelessly springs forward and onto Kivae's head, resting into the hair as if it were some sort of swamp.

[It was more of a wild forest, really...]

Rakuro disregards Kal for the moment to turn on Marlina, glaring down at the femme with what any normal furre would consider a horrifically frightening expression.. so she might be mildly uncomfortable. "And you believe yourself to be perfectly able to survive without as much help as possible, I take it? Of course you are. Damn female mercenaries. He's coming along, under my protection, and you two can just avoid each other's company. Or I take your other eye". He then turns on Kal and hisses, "The same goes for you, though I'll take a limb instead"
Rakuro adds on a final note, "And yes. We should be exploring this desert. Save any more death threats and attempted murders until we're back home. Then you can all do whatever the bloody 'ell you want"

Kalannar stands, having finished his task. And then replaces his hood and face-cloth. He then turns toward Rakuro and shrugs as he replies, slightly muffled due to his mouth being covered, "I am not here to kill. I am here to discover what these sands hold."

Solinox lowers his blade, returning it to his scabbard. "Know that we'll be watching the both of you," he speaks to both the crossbowfurre and the ranger. He looks out to the horizon once more, raising his hood.

Taikris frowns slightly as he raises a brow to Rakuro. "He can come along, but he shall reap no rewards from these sands. I sure as hell don't intend to split loot with somebody who unprovoked would shove a knife in my back several times over"

Kivae is merely silent for a moment, unmoving. ". . ." Her ears flick back, and she presses the heel of her handpaw to her forehead. ".. Now I have two creatures attached to me.. And I'm not catching any flies to feed you." Still ignoring the little drama happening near her. She attempts to pick up the frog, and toss it lightly into the water.

Marlina Evenstar sneers then as a dagger flashes, the only sign of it being drawn and betrayed only by the damned sunlight glinting off it's surface, before it appears in her right hand, "Yer threats are hollow mage, yeh'd be doin' nothin' if yer to be hopin' for survival in this plain, as you claim. Keep yer words and yeh'll keep yer tounge." She pauses then before twirling that same blade, and thrusting it back into it's sheathe, "But he'll be livin' for now, perhaps we'll be havin' the pleasure of seein' 'im burn in this heat."
Marlina Evenstar for note, completely ignores King Rustbucket.

Kalannar snorts a bit, replying to Taikris, "I have already said to you that I have no intentions of killing you on this journey. So long as you stay out of my way, afterword, then you have nothing to worry about." He cracks his neck to the side. And likewise, ignores Solinox.

[#] The frog would be easily tossed aside and back to the water where it came from. No annoyance shows, or a pleased reaction either. Instead, just another 'burrrrop' before its eyes down and it presses itself into the water.

Rakuro offers Solinox a faint look of appreciation for the comment, then gestures towards Taikris, "Anything we find will be equally divided amongst those who help. And no more bickering on the subject". He makes a faint snorting sort of noise, "Now.. let's find what else we can. Everything else can be determined at another time". He looks towards Kivae, "Have you still got the map? If so, which way do we go now?"

Taikris raises a brow once more as he continues to look at Rakuro. "I don't mind splittin' up the treasure, but I'm not lettin' him have crap. We can just head back now with what we got if you think he needs some of it"

Ruby Pyralis rolls her eyes as the furres continue to bicker, looking through the trees in boredom.

Rakuro makes a faint hissing noise between his teeth, "I said the arguments will wait until a later time. If you wish to leave, you may do so.. but the rest of us are going to continue the search. That's why we're here, so that's what we're going to do"

Kivae cuts off her <.< look in the direction of the frog at Rakuro's words, blinking, and unrolling the parchment. "The nearest one is.. just to the east of the second north-west pillar. The first north-west pillar should be pretty close.." She flicks her tail into the water.

[#] For note, returning would be almost.. an idiotic thing to do at this point, as it would be a several week long journey back.

Taikris has the map?

Kivae got given it to mark on?

Taikris let Kivae see it to mark on <.<

Kalannar notes that just everyone here would probably tie Taikris to a cactis and take the map, if he decided to leave after all this.

Marlina Evenstar certainly would, after taking her payment.
Marlina Evenstar tosses her head then in an arrogant manner, smirking once more, but not giving the mage any sort of assurance as she backs up several half-steps and waits for the search to resume.

Kivae didn't know that, then, as the post didn't say. Retcon, whatever.

Rakuro notes Kivae is speaking from memory then, and he nods to her, "Right then. We can head in that direction then.. if I remember the map correctly, we should head directly north, find a sand pillar, then head west. Let's head out". he shoots a meaningful look at Kalannar, "And you stay nearby".. he then motions towards Taikris, "And you continue leading the way, holder of the map"

Taikris frowns slightly, turning about the head towards the next nearby location directly to the south. "Fine then. I'll share with him, but only if I get to shove a knife in his back a couple times. An eye for an eye and all that" marching off without ceremony after that

Ruby Pyralis kicks at the sand below her, "This the spot you were talking about?"

Rakuro takes up a spot next to Kivae, his shadow still pooled about him, and fixes his attention on Tai, "Right then. Point to a spot, and we'll start digging"

Taikris hmms quietly as he stands over the necessary spot. "This seems... to be about the general area. Start digging and let me know if you find anything." he would then tuck the map into his pouch and get to work himself, almost like a canine <.<
Taikris: @dig

Solinox, as before, begins digging in the sand.
Solinox: @dig

Ruby Pyralis mutters and kneels, pushing through the sand and digging with her paws.

Kalannar promptly drops to his knees without question, and shoves his hands into the sand below, quickly sifting and digging deeply, tossing sand from side to side.

Rakuro's member is bad, but it's not horrible.. he moves to stand near Ruby and kneels down in the sand, carefully trying to seperate the sand along with her
Rakuro shoots a look towards Tai as he apparently fails to find anthing readily apparent in the sand.. "Just where is the X in relation to the pillar?"

[#] Everyone finds nothing but sand beneath their footpaws.

Kivae pulls the cloth back up around her mouth, words muffled, and ears laid back into her hair. As there are no specific directions, she scratches at the sand with her boot, and then drops down, scooping away sand from the other's starts of a hole with cupped handpaws. Oddly, it doesn't seem to roll back down as quickly as it should. [2/2] "I don't think it was all that specific.."
Kivae: @dig

[#] [Remember - successful digging spots are in a 3x3 radius. So digging right next to someone is pointless. :-P]

Taikris frowns slightly as he double checks the map. "This is the right spot.. or there abouts." he tries the other side of the rust bucket. "I know it's on this side somewhere" diving into the sand once more
Taikris: @dig

Rakuro moves quickly towards near where Taikris is, following along with Kivae to help law through the sand nearby the OOC observer

Ruby Pyralis mutters as they apparently find nothing. She looks around and begins to head east for a few steps before kneeling down again and scooping sand away with her paws.
Rakuro: @dig
[#] Success!
Taikris: [go Kuro-san]

Rakuro's claws strike something, apparently, but he saves his true IC post for an emit ^^

Kivae, after eyeing the old hole for a moment, wrinkles her nose, apparently satisfied that nothing is there. She helps keep the sand from falling away and into Kuro's hole.

Ruby Pyralis, as Rak apparently hit something, she scrambles over while still in a kneeling position, and stands a bit to look over his shoulder. o-o

[#] Rakuro's claws scrape against metal. It seems this caravan thought to use a steel roofing in hopes of getting greater defense against the creatures that lurk out here. Not all that easy to bust open with brute strength..

Rakuro's claws do indeed strike something, and he calls over, "'ey! Got something 'ere.. a little help is hoped for, if you happen to not mind". He himself simply continues spreading the sand about in wide arcs until a sufficient area of the metal roofing is revealed near him.. "And... if anyone happens to have a good idea on how to rip apart metal roofing, let me know"

Marlina Evenstar follows after the group, her hands now both moving in the intricate patterns that keep her own defence against the climates operable, as an afterthought and through some great effort on her own part, the effects of her spell are extended to her employer and the druid as she awaits the coming of the next treasure.

Kalannar takes a few steps forward, then drops to his knees and begins digging beside the mage, scooping out sand and all the like.

Kivae ponders, tapping it with the heel of her boot. ".. Melt a hole? You're good at fire-stuff."

Taikris slowly walks over... blinking a few times at the reinforced roofing. "I suppose we could just throw Ruby at it, or we could try and dig it out, or.... melting a way to the entrance?"

Ruby Pyralis rubs at her chin, getting a few grains of sand caught in her fur. She takes a step around Rakuro and leans forward while on her knees. She gives the roofing an experimental slam with her fist... and... nothing probably happens.

You say, "[You can roll a 1d20+STR if you want, but nothing is happening unless you roll a natural 20, Ru. :P]"
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d20+8 I lose. & gets 28.
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]

Kivae: [<3]
[%] Kivae just gave Ruby Pyralis a cookie.

[#] The... steel roofing... busts in half...

[All things are possible with a natural 20.]

Ruby Pyralis just stares blankly at the split-in-half roof. o.o;

Kalannar stands up, and looks inside somewhat eagerly, taking the effort of actually hopping down inside.. if he can fit.

Taikris: [o.o
Rakuro: [Graa >< Sorry about that]

Taikris blinks a few times... almost leering at the insanely strong Demoness o.o;;;;;

Ruby Pyralis rolled a natural 20, Rak. :-D
Rakuro missed.. something really cool, didn't he?... ;__;.. dangit]
Rakuro huggles r00b]

Marlina Evenstar raises her eyebrows then in an appreciative manner as Ruby manages to bash through steel. o.o

[#] Right, then. Within the cart are several ancient oddities more than likely having been dig up by a bunch of desert explorers. That didn't make it back to Thamrivol.

Taikris: [Ruby needed a natural 20 to break the roof. She did o.o]

[#] Contents:
[#] Mithril Helm (?)
[#] Knee-High Steel Boots (?)
Marlina Evenstar: [Kinky.]
[#] Multicolored Mail (?)
[#] Arm Shield (?) (Doesn't take up a weapon or shield slot)
[#] And nothing more.

Solinox rubs his chin. "Most interesting." He tries to take a glance inside the caravan and catch a glimpse of the contents.

Kivae edges back as it opens, with a sideways glance at Rubeh. "Or.. no melting, I guess. What's down there?"

Ruby Pyralis wants to be kinky. Calls boots. Just kidding.

Taikris sighs quietly as he drops down inside the caravan, slowly passing up each of the items in turn. "Pretty spiffy stuff down here, but nothing overtly useful for myself"

Rakuro after recovering from the initial shock of being nearby when Ruby literally punched through a solid steel roof, quickly uses his own mild strength, coupled with a simple little spell to push the roof further downward, increasing the size of the hole.. once the loot is exposed he quickly begins pulling it out and setting it on the sand nearby, "Well well... these rank right up there with artifacts!"

Kalannar's eye is immediately drawn to the multicolored mail. He heads over and picks it up, weighing in his arms and whatnot.

[#] The armor made entirely of scales would be quite light, despite appearing somewhat heavy. Surely finding out the use of each item would be interesting, but under this heat... [-1 CON to all, Endure Climate has run out.]
Ruby Pyralis loves her shawl.

[ Kivae whispers, "[What if we're in Kuro's shadow-spell? :-P" to you. ]

Taikris keeps hopping underground though u.u

[#] [Preps 2, BCR 20 for everything.]

Kalannar promptly, at the heat's.. prompting.. waves a hand with a few intricite finger movements, renewing his spell. [1/1] [Endure Climate]

[#] If Rakuro's shadow spell is still up, CON isn't lost.
[#] .. for those under it.

Taikris climbs out a few moments later. "Well... nothing is overtly heavy this time around... I say we head south and check out that particular site before heading back to the oasis"

Rakuro makes a faint 'hmph' noise as he simply drops the mythril helm over his head. He picks up the arm shield and offers it over to Ruby, "Strap this on. It'll be easier to carry that way..". He then holds up the boots.. "Er.. we might as well simply carry these then.. anyone see anthing more down there?"

Ruby Pyralis, in any case, scans through the items as they are lifted out. Without asking if anyone else was interested, she simply lifts up the arm shield thing, spinning it around and looking at it curiously... never having seen one. o.o

Ruby Pyralis: [Wow.]
Rakuro is psychic.. !
Ruby Pyralis: [Great minds think alike. :-D]
[ Rakuro whispers, "[Ironically... ah.. is the helm made for hyoomans or furres? <<.. Rak's got big ears]" to you. ]

Kalannar hmm's a bit as he looks the mail over once more. He turns toward Rakuro, and states quite simply, "Let me claim this, and the rest of you can take any left of my own share.. this way the damn monk can stop complaining..." He eyes the multicolored armor in his hands with an almost psychotic gleam in his eye.

Ruby Pyralis gets the arm shield either way. Yey. With a shrug, she apparently straps it on her arm... though her player wants to know what it looks like. o.O

[ You whisper "[It has ear slits, though can be worn by either.]" to Rakuro. ]
[ Rakuro whispers, "[Whoohoo]" to you. ]
Marlina Evenstar would do really well with an arm shield. o.o
You say, "[I should've made more than one, shouldn't I? Eh.. >>]"
Marlina Evenstar: [mmhmm. DM.sux, needs more loot. Anything without massive repetitive loot sucks.]

Kivae looks inconspicuous, trying to avoid being assigned to carry anything heavy and metal. "Which one are we going to next? I think with one you had to pass by the oasis anyways.."

Rakuro's ears wiggle their way out of the ear slits, the mage obviously a bit uncomfortable with wearing any sort of armor.. "Right then. Unless someone offers to carry these shoes, I suppose I'll just drop them into my sleeves and we'll move on to the next. Let's not stay out in the open too long. Remember, everything can be divvied up later"

Marlina Evenstar is marginally open to carrying something, though metal boots would likely burn her delicate assassin-style flesh.

Ruby Pyralis nudges at Rakuro, "You're a wizard. Can you tell me what this thing is?"

Rakuro's ears wiggle one more, though in an expression of happiness, "And I'll be more then happy to cast all the divination spells necessary", he then puts on a mock-fierce face, "But not right now. Let's get moving again". He stands up, drops a boot into either sleeve, and gestures towards Taikris, "Right then. Where to now?"

Ruby Pyralis kicks Rak in the shins. Not really.

Kalannar volunteers, whether any ask him to or not, to carry the multicolored mail. He drapes it over his shoulder, and simply holds it there as he takes a drink of water from his waterskin.

Taikris goes southernly as per his suggestion

Rakuro owwies ;_;... and he has to do dishes really fast.. pretend he's following along without arguing until he gets back

Taikris eventually comes to a stop, arriving right upon where he thinks the treasure to be. "Right then... let's get digging shall we?" with that, he takes to rummaging in the ground, not having noticed anything worth investigating yet <.<
Taikris: @dig

[#] Another pillar rises from the sands like every other one, no way to discern it from the others except for the map.

Kivae thinks that if they didn't, they'd get lost. Evil, tricksy DM. "Wasn't it further up?" She attempts to squint at the map.

Solinox goes to work again, sand flying behind him in a partially organized fashion.

Ruby Pyralis looks toward the monk, yawning slightly and heading past him. She kneels into the sand and begins to scoop it away into a pile.

Rakuro is now irrevocably lost n.n]

Rakuro takes a few steps away from Ruby, beginning to make a hole of his own in the sand around his footpaws with his paw..paws....
Rakuro: @dig

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Sorry I'm a bit inactive. >.>]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[It's fine. x)" to Marlina Evenstar. ]

Rakuro sees the map now, and has a better idea of where to dig. He quickly moves north as he finds nothing in the sand and burrows in with all the fervor of a mithril-helmed wolf ^^
Rakuro: @dig
Rakuro is, of course, a failure..

Kivae after squinting as such, pads out the area she thinks is approriate, scufffing thtough the sands with her boots, searching for anything that feels different, and scanning the ground.
Kivae: @dig

Kalannar more or less watches the others dig.. he appears a bit more obsessed with the armor he carries.

Ruby Pyralis ponder and heads south of her current spot, having found nothing in her first few moment of digging. Once again, she starts to scoop sand away into a pile.
Ruby Pyralis: @dig

Taikris frowns as he tries yet another spot, running his fingers through the arid earth in pursuit of the treasure he desired.
Taikris: @dig

[#] DM notes you may wish to check which pillar you're at.
[#] Which is the only time he will give this sort of hint.

Kivae wrinkles her nose, glancing around, as no one seems to have discovered anything. "... Either, the map is off and there isn't anything here, or we went too far.. Does anyone remember how many pillars we passed?"

Ruby Pyralis heads north once again as she heads a bit too far south. As she walks, she digs her paws into the sand, kicking some of it around.

Solinox decides to try his luck somewhere else, not showing any signs of frustration just yet. His entrenching shovel leaves a trail of sand behind him.
Solinox: @dig

Ruby Pyralis stops behind Kivae and begins to dig around with her footpaws.

Taikris tries the new, and much better spot

Kivae nods, "The other way, then? Or.. just keep digging further up.." She wrinkles her nose, as it seems they're staying, apparently doubtful. She edges north, digging her boots into the sand as before, and squinting for signs of the caravan.
Kivae: @dig

[#] Success!

Rakuro shrugs faintly, "I would almost suggest trying another pillar.. but there may yet be something here"

[*] The DM rolls 1d7 & gets 4.

Kivae grins, as her boot touches something, "Nevermind, I found something!"

Rakuro turns about quickly and almost-hops across the sand to reach where Kivae and Tai are digging, quickly dropping to his knees and helping to clear sand.. should it be another caravan and not some random monster that immediately leaps out and tries to eat one of them

Kivae as such, drops down to her knees in the sand, beginning to shovel it back with her handpaws.

[#] Kivae's foot comes into contact with what appears to be the door of a caravan turned over on its side, just beneath its sand. Whatever is in it more than likely got shooken up pretty badly

Kivae: [Gia-ant worm,]
Rakuro was chanting that on AIM x)]
Kivae: [xD]

Ruby Pyralis, as they apprently found something, she heads north a bit and kneels next to Rakuro (-pushes The DM-) and begins to aid in clearing the sand.

Taikris frowns as he looks upon the nearly wrecked side. "Peachy. Let's just hope that it's something a bit more solid" only to begin trying to find a way in

Rakuro quickly clears the sand away from the door, using his forearm to keep it clear, "Right then.. open the door up and lets see what's inside"

Kivae, when she comes to the caravan's door, should there be one, begins attempt to jerk it open, where she would then drop into it, ducking down, as she was standing on the side of it, to search around. Reasoning this with, "I can probably fit best, being smallest."

Taikris seems to agree with Kivae in that logic. "Alright... try to get in there Kivae, and tell us what you find. If it's anything weighty, just give a holler and I'l come in after you"

Ruby Pyralis doesn't think weighty is a word. >_>

[#] With effort, the door would pop open, only being somewhat difficult due to the sand along the cracks of it. Within it, as soon as the sun shines down in it, a rainbow of glittery shards shine along the walls of it. Sadly, what is making the pretty lights is quite a few shattered jewel shards

[*] The DM rolls 4d13: (10) (5) (13) (3) = 31.
[*] The DM rolls 4d4: (4) (1) (3) (1) = 9.

Rakuro agrees with this logic as well, himself being nearly seven feet tall and much less suited to crawling around in caravan wagons meant to hold nothing but quest loot

Ruby Pyralis doesn't like the tall wolfy. Feels small. v.v

Rakuro notes Ruby can still kick his ass in a fight? ^^

Ruby Pyralis feels better. n_n

Kivae, is very very careful about where she steps, then, even in boots. Her ears raised, she calls back up, "D'you want me to get the shards back up, or just look of the least shattered..?" Which she is doing, shifting gingerly about the remains. Maybe there were some cool looking skeletons, at least.

Ruby Pyralis wants a femur.

Rakuro calls back, "Find anything you think could be reasonably valuable, I suppose. Just the largest chunks and anything that's not entirely shattered. Just toss them up.. and try not to hit anyone"

Kivae could be heard to make a small 'aw..' noise at Rakuro's amendment.

[#] The skeletons would be on the outside of the cart, a bit deeper under the sand, actually. The only shards large enough to be used, are...
[#] x1 Pristine Garnet
[#] x1 Snowflake Obsidian Shard
[#] x1 Smooth Sapphire
[#] x1 Amethyst Shard
[#] And nothing more.
[#] As usual, these all sell at 1/10 the normal price to NPC's.
[#] [(That means halved, then 1/10'd xP)]

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Item-maker's paradise?]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Item creation is far too underused." to Marlina Evenstar. ]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "mm, true.[]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[I feel this should boost it a bit.]" to Marlina Evenstar. ]

Ruby Pyralis waits for something to happen.

Kivae collects the what she does find into the palm of her hands, lightly tossing them towards the end of the sand about the caravan, "They're sort of scratched up, but better than the others.. Who's carrying?" While she's down there, she scoops a handpaw-full or two the useless shards into her pocket, if for any reason besides 'shiny' that she could throw them at people and distract them. >.>

Taikris: [No Arcanite? :-(]
You say, "[I rolled to determiner the jewels :P]"

Taikris shrugs slightly as he extends a paw. "I'll carry them, only one of them looks useful anyway." before looking over to the map once more. "I think we can manage one more stop. Let's head south before going back to the oasis"

[#] [-1 CON to all not under Rak's shadow spell.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Except me. :3]

Rakuro was about to put them all in a little red bag, but since Taikris automagically picked them up and shoved them in his pants (where the true Hero Inventory is), he merely extends the life of his shadow-spell.. since it should be running out about now [2/2]

Rakuro notes Kivae counts as under it as well.. even though she's in the caravan, and thus protected anyway
Kivae clambers out of the caravan and into the thankfully cool werenam-shadow. "South it is.."

Taikris heads for the next spot

Taikris quietly moves over to the next digging spot, trying to count his steps this time lest he loose track of the location. "Right then. Somewhere around here" he says before haphazardly throwing dirt to the sides
Taikris: @dig

Rakuro himself also heads for the dirt, being the talented furre that he is.. and just.. digs... non-descriptively!!
Rakuro: @dig

Ruby Pyralis walks around the general area while digging her footpaws into the sand. Of course she's the most oblivious character and would never notice anything special between caravans.
Ruby Pyralis: @dig

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 26, 2017 4:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

[#] Everyone roll a wisdom check, by the way.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d20 & gets 9.
[*] Taikris rolls 1d20+2 & gets 3.
Ruby Pyralis keekles.]
[*] Kivae rolls 1d20+9 & gets 23.
Taikris: [I suck at these <.<]
[ Rakuro whispers, "[*sees everything?* ^_^]" to you. ]
[*] Rakuro rolls d20 << & gets 19.
[*] Solinox rolls 1d20+1 & gets 18.
[ You whisper "Rakuro would hear running water to the west as he passed down here." to Rakuro. ]
[ You whisper "Solinox would hear running water to the west as he passed down here." to Solinox. ]
[ You whisper "Kivae would hear running water to the west and grass and plants to the west of here." to Kivae. ]

Rakuro's ears twitch at a faint sound, his eyes travelling off towards the west even as he settles down towards digging.. almost offhandedly he mentions, "I... thought I heard water.. running water... over in that direction", he nods west, moving to another digging spot. "Odd.."
Rakuro: @dig

Rakuro: @dug
Rakuro had to.. just once! (don't hurt me, please)]
[#] [A fire breathing lizard moves through the sand, bites Rakuro and makes him pop.]

Solinox nods to the mage. "I hear it too."

Kivae :squints faintly, "Was there another oasis on the map, to the west? It.. sounds like it.." nodding quickly to Kuro, "Never heard of sound-mirage" Speaking somewhat sheepishly as she continues her way of search-digging, looking away from the direction, and shifting through the sand, scanning.

Ruby Pyralis continues dragging her feet a good inch or two under the sand, "Is that on the map?"
Kivae: @dig
[#] Success!
Ruby Pyralis: @dig
[#] Success!

Ruby Pyralis: [Oops. DIdn't see that xD]
Rakuro respawns and shoots the lizard with his airpump, and promptly turns it into a balloon]
[*] The DM rolls 1d6 & gets 3.
Kivae highfives Rubehs.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Woo!]
You say, "[You jerks are getting all the best caravans and nothing bad. ><]"
You say, "[Shame on you.]"
Ruby Pyralis keekles.]

Taikris shrugs slightly as he continues to search the area, only to see that Kivae seems to have been succesful. "I don't know. The map is supposedly out of date, but I don't think a mapmaker could miss something like a rock or river"

Kivae pouts.]
Rakuro wants to find the worm ;_;]
Taikris: [And find the spice of eternal life <.<;;]

[#] Both Kivae and Ruby stumble upon a wheel poking out of the sands.

Ruby Pyralis, as she was digging by dragging her feet, winds up tripping and falling face first into the sand, causing a rather poofy cloud of sand to rise up around her.

Rakuro shakes his head shortlyat Taikris, "Bah.. it's probably just my brain addled by the heat.. though I don't feel all that great about group hallucinations. And water doesn't run in the desert.. rocks, maybe.. but there's just not supposed to be a stream out here". He shrugs faintly, but quickly turns his attention on Ruby and Kiv, "Find something?"

Kivae steps away from it, kicking the sand off the side.. "What's inside must be even worse than the last one.." She pads around, (and steps over Ruby) trying to dig sight off the bottum. "Then it's probably not natural.. whoever heard of a river in a desert like this, anyways? Oh, think you can make a hole in this too?" Directing it to the clumsy demon. ^^
Kivae adds, "It felt like plants, too.."

[#] The bottom (or rather, top, at the moment) of this caravan is made of wood. [Strength Check to bust open: 18, but ouch the splinters..]

Ruby Pyralis digs her paws into the sand and raises off the ground, coughing and sputtering from the sand in her nose and mouth, "Not digging with my feet anymore." Then looking to Kivae while squinting through the sand in her eyes, "I wouldn't count on it."

Rakuro suggests the axe 'o doooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmm... <<]
Rakuro isn't serious]

Taikris blinks a few times, and tries running his fist right through the thing. He did have the claws for it ^^;

[*] Taikris rolls 1d20+3 & gets 13.
[#] Taikris merely dents the thing, and gets a few nasty splinters. [-2 STR until healed*]
Taikris: [Even though I have iron wristclaws?]

Rakuro quickly moves over to join the two femmes and kneels down next to it.. "Er.. Kivae, it's still wood, yes? Either you can coax it out of the way, or I can try ripping it off. Either one would probably work"

You say, "[They're on your wrist. You're striking with your fist, right?]"

Ruby Pyralis narrows her eyes as the monk fails to break the wood. With a shrug, she tries her luck... though is sure use to side of her paw incase of splinters. .-.

[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d20+8 & gets 21.
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[No, 'course not, have to do what you don't expect.]" to you. ]
Ruby Pyralis is the pwn.
Marlina Evenstar: [Judo-demon.]
Taikris: [Sirum... the claws go past the wrist and fingers. It's impossibly to throw a punch on a flat surface without them hitting it :-P]

Kivae grins from behind the cloth, "You kin bur.. oh.. convincing would probably be better, yeah, I guess.." sounding somewhat disappointed. >.> She is about to brush some more of the sand away, when Ruby gives it a try. "Nice."

Rakuro guesses it doesn't matter at all ^^;

[#] Rather than using safe means, the demon bursts right through the caravans top. Her paw gets badly cut up, as a result. [-4 STR until healed.] [Taikris isn't hurt then. :-P]
[#] It's somewhat hard to see what's inside, at this angle..

Ruby Pyralis apparently gets splintered up anyway and cringes, lifting her paw out, "Gah!"

Taikris looks over to Kivae. "It seems you're small stature shall come in paw once more." only to blink a few times at Ruby's injuries. "On second thought... help her out before dropping in o.o"

Kivae rolls her eyes, murmuring something about the revenge of wood, splinters. She holds her handpaw out to Rubeh, offering fixings. "You'd think the sand would've worn the wood smooth by now.."

Marlina Evenstar unfortunately is limited technology-wise, so can't sign a flashlight within the dark depths of the caravan, so she doesn't even try, though advancing a few steps to the hole. Rolling her eye then as the demon breaks through more material with her fists, though she's injured this time. Without polite requests and suchlike she merely speaks in a bland manner, "Be gettin' yerself over here demon, as it'd be seemin' we might need yeh to be bashing through more things, I'll be fixin' that for yeh."

Taikris looks at the clock... I have 10 minutes left <.<[]
Ruby Pyralis goes puffy eyed, "I love you too Marl!" []

Rakuro winces faintly at the splinters and merely reaches out with one massive paw to further rip away more wood, making the hole get-in-able. Apparently totally heedless of splinters.. once large enough, he'd stand back to let Kivae hop in

You say, "[If needs be, this can be paused ICly and OOCly.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [*Stabs*]
You say, "[You just need to find the rest area here to rest at.]"

Marlina Evenstar really does just view Ruby as a portable sledgehammer. :-P
Ruby Pyralis, as Kivae is closer than the ranger, she extends the splintered paw to her, "I'm using gloves next time."
Rakuro very nearly suggested putting her paws in the metal boots to crush it with.. <<;;

Kalannar returns from AFK once more.. stupid real life.]
Taikris waits for Kivae to announce what is within
You say, "[Kivae hasn't gone in yet. :-P]"
Taikris throws Kivae in[]

Kivae blinks, but takes the handpaw, unaware of Marlina's offer, it seems. After a moment of squinted eyes, the splinters wiggle, and then simply lift themselves out of her paw, the skin and fur mending over. She flashes Rakuro a grin, then, and pads over in a post where she does too much and lowers herself down into the hole, dropping to the floor as carefully as she can. Should it be necessary, she lights the area with a harmless flame. >.>
Marlina Evenstar simply shrugs off the refusal of her aid, for Kivae was indeed closer, and proceeds to crouch down, now finally gazing into the hole in a contemplative manner, watching in mild fascination as it swayed back and forth within her vision, before halting long enough to take a long drink of water from her own waterskin. Moments pass before she speaks once more, so who's to be shovin' themselves into the unknown this time?"

[#] Within the cart, Kivae would see various broken wooden shields and old, rusted swords, rusted so much so that they are beyond repair. Some things seem to have kept up well over the years, however..
[#] Mithril Dagger (?) (Matches #2)
[#] Mithril Dagger (?) (Matches #1)
[#] 'Sharp' Gloves (?)
[#] Dart Pack? (?)
[#] And nothing more.

Kalannar watches, having finally taken his eyes off of the gleaming armor mail he carries.

Taikris oogles over the gloves. "Would somebody mind divining these?" reaching for them before extending them over to whatever mage was nearby

Kivae winces as she takes note at the precarious footing, what with all the rusty swords, "There's not much.. but.. I think I found some gloves for you, Ruby. And a few other sharps that don't look like they'd crumbled to dust." With that, she begins passing things up, the gloves from which are apparently taken by Tai. :P

[#] [As usual, everyone is preps 2 BCR 20]

Kivae: [Thing? :-P]
[#] [-1 CON, unless you have protection. ... Make any perverted jokes and I eat you.]
Ruby Pyralis: [The only 100% effective birthcontrol method is absinence! And masturbation!]
Ruby Pyralis: [abstinence]
You say, "[Castration works too.]"
You say, "[Snip snip.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Let's find out, Mister The DM.]
You say, "[<.<]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Kekeke.]

Rakuro is nearby, but makes a short *hist* noise.. "Let's get it all out first. Every last greedy part of this expedition can wait". he then carefully begins lays the knives and pack of darts out on the sand before offering Kivae his paw. Should she grab it, he would lift her clean out of the splintery aravan and set her on the nearby sand.. so she doesn't have to climb out ^^

Kalannar waves a hand blankly, making a few gestures with his fingers. [1/1] [Endure Climate]

[#] DM waits patiently. Running water, and all that.

Kivae accepts the paw gratefully, wrinkling her nose as she's set back down. "I don't think some of that stuff is even fit for scrap metal.. Are we checking the water-noise?" Her ears perking, as if trying to detect if she can still hear it. >.>

Taikris goes to locate this running water source that everybody is ranting about <.< "Somebody divine it out, please?"

Rakuro carefully picks up the dart package and sheathers the two knives in his belt, looking even stranger then normal, and much closer to a tin-can then he'd ever admit. "Right! Let's find the water before all this metal gets to me"

Taikris: [I need to be going <.<]
Ruby Pyralis: [Bai.]
Taikris: [Somebody divine it out. Now!]
You say, "[Which all of you can make it tomorrow/]"
Taikris: [The water that is]
Rakuro: [We assume you follow along]
Taikris: [kee]
You say, "[In case this needs to be resumed.]"
Solinox: (I can make it if it's after 3 FST.)
Ruby Pyralis: [Sirum]
Kalannar: [I can make it.]
Ruby Pyralis: [What are the odds of all us making it tomorrow?]
Taikris: [I may, or may not be able to make it]
Kivae can't make evening, but morning/afternoon is okay. But, then, Zag's miniquest that you're going on.. >.>
Rakuro: [And I can, almost undoubtedly, show up for a continuation between 2 FST and 4-5ish. But I'll be leaving at 8, so ^^]
Ruby Pyralis: [Let's just keep going.]
Taikris: [It depends on if I can tear myself from anime <.<]
Ruby Pyralis: [Ew.]
You say, "[It doesn't matter if you're all on. x) Just a nice portion of you all.]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Well]
Kivae has to leave in less than an hour, too. .-.]
Rakuro: [When you put it that way, Tai. Rak steals the map and we'll finish this now :-P]
You say, "[The rest are assumed to be tending to the rest area.]"
Ruby Pyralis: [A nice portion of us are on now.]
Marlina Evenstar: [I can show up of course, though it appears I actually do have some party to go to tomorrow evening, so... Afternoon/Morning.]
Taikris: [Later folks]
Ruby Pyralis: [All of us are here right now except Tai. Let's keep moving.]
Rakuro: [Later]
Kalannar agrees with Ruby.. not to be a dick or anything, but we are all here.]
Rakuro: [Let's find the water, anyway.. back IC]
[#] [DM follows you, remember.]

Taikris goes west on some random whim, and drags everyone else

[#] As the group wandered west, the sounds of running water would grow, as would faint clucking and eventually the smell of ripe plants.. It only grows, up until someone eventually smacks into one of the walls which appear as little more than a sand dune, or finds the entrance.

Rakuro pauses as he sees the massive structure looming in front of them.. well, it may not all that massive, but it's larger then the rest of the sand! Irrefutable fact there, folks. He pauses next to Kivae and raises an eyebrow, "Er... a wall...." he states, as though it needed to be identified

You say, "[Welcome to the plot portion of the quest."
You say, "[I'm glad you made it.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Oh, plot? Sorry, got to go. :-P]

Kivae snugs The DM.] .. I knew there were plants. Let's go inside and say hello?" She flickers her tail, ".. at least to get some shade."

Rakuro smirks faintly at that and nods to Kivae, happily padding forward to the entrance way and making at least some pretense of knocking before walking inside, offering only a faintly called, "Heeellllooooooo?"

Kalannar raises an eyebrow as he follows along the wall, eyeing it up until he actually sees green. The drow heads to the entrance, though doesn't go in. He simply turns toward the others, motioning to where he stands, "There is an entrance here.."

Marlina Evenstar comments dryly as she trails after the mage, "A wonder Valanthas hasn't expanded far mage, if all are so clever as yeh, and so capable of identifying things like that." A half-hearted laugh is given then, but falls short, she wasn't build for prolonged desert travel.

You say, "[Pause]"
Ruby Pyralis drools on the patch.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Play.]
Rakuro dives into the water and, in his superior intelligence, becomes a duck]
Ruby Pyralis PETS THE DUCKY OMG CUTE n__________n]

[Since I've lost the map... this is vaguely what the compound they found looked like. Except with a bunch of plants and greenery everywhere, and ducks/chickens/roosters all about.]

[#] Immediately upon entering within the walls, the climate would change to that of near Ansteorra, a pleasing, relaxing temperature. Though there appears to be no roof above them protecting them from the suns rays, magic sensing characters would note a very thin layer of magic. Water runs from a fountain in front of them, which seems to be produced from nowhere. From all the 'hello's, a light shuffling can be heard from within the house ahead, though no response is given.

Rakuro's supah-sensitive ears twitch at the sound of the shuffling and he quickly moves around the fountain, calling out another, slightly louder, "Heeelllooo? We come in peace and other things like that. Heeeeeeeeeelllllllloooooooo-ooooooooo?"

Kalannar reaches to his belt, unplugging his waterskin and taking a quick swig as he explores the courtyard, eventually moving forward to the house.

[#] [For those keeping track of their maps, you're at (going left to right) line two, second pillar from the right with an x by it. Though no pillar is here.]
[#] [Also I'd like to see your maps at the end. :-P]
Rakuro's map marking skills are useless ;.;]

Kalannar takes initiative... rather, he has no manners, so he simply walks into the house and takes a look around.

Kivae rather than going sensibly around, simply jumps into the fountain, splashing happily through it, and hopping out the other side. "Maybe they're not home. Maybe they got turned into a frog!

Marlina Evenstar was ignored by Rakuro, though tolerates this only as a pleasant locale is again returned to her. An odd sigh escapes the sun-burned ranger before she turns to the water, rather than the lure of further treasure.

Rakuro shrugs faintly as Kalannar simply waltzes right in like he owns the place.. so, of course, he rather quickly moves in behind him. "...You mean.. you think that the frog back at the oasis belongs here? I suppose we could run back and get him?"

[#] Within the house comes a tired voice, as if of someone who had just recently woken up. "Who's there!?" And indeed, a feline within it seems to have stumbled out of bed and gripped a sand colored axe, holding it before him defensively.

Kivae shrugs, pointing to the person. "Or just ask them. Are you the frog back there?"

Kalannar raises a slight eyebrow, looking to Rakuro to do the talking... since he just didn't feel like it.

Rakuro's paws raises instinctively, thumb horizontal, foredigit and middle digit pressed together, just as his ring and pinky digits are together.. however the two groups are spread apart, forming the time-old -\\//. "Er.. we come in peace? We're just some random Ansteorrans wandering around the desert and would you happen to own a frog?".. maybe the talking isn't best left to him?

Rakuro: [one moment]
Rakuro: [Gah! Sorry. I'm running off]
Kalannar: [Noooooooo!!!!!]
Kivae: [Later, Kuro. o.o]
Kalannar votes we stop the quest right now.]
Ruby Pyralis: [;_;]
Rakuro does too << >> <<]
Ruby Pyralis: [Bai Kuro :O
Kivae needs to leave soon, so is fine with that. xP]
You say, "[Let me make this emit real quick. ><]"
Rakuro shall wait for it ^^]

[#] The feline within simply stares blankly at both Kivae and Rakuro at their insinutations of him being a frog or owning one, the axe slowly lowering under it's set upon the table. "My familiar is a rooster, and I'm pretty certain that if I'm appearing as a frog to you you have spent far too much time out in the desert. Where did you come from? Why are you here? How did you find this place? This is Archmagus Tilay's desert project.. or rather, the Valanthian Mission of Tharivol, to try and make suitable areas within the desert to live in for study and exploration. I am her apprentice, Frode."

Marlina Evenstar mutters something suitably unpleasant before dunking her head into the hopefully cold water. Upon her release from the clutches of the fountain she turns about to enter the room, shaking her head briskly in a fine spray of water droplets, not caring particularily if the drow, demon, and mage got wet in the process, "Who'd be livin' in this cursed place I'd be wonderin'... Not someone who'd be wantin' many guests I'd 'spose..." She breaks off as she becomes aware of the occupant.

Kivae thinks its sweet that she cares whether she gets wet. ^^ .. not really. She splashed through the fountain herself, and hardly notices.

Rakuro attaches an 'o' and calls it good]
You say, "[Frodeo? Rodeo...?]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Frodo :-D]
Kivae: [Frodo. :-P]
Rakuro: [Yes. It is Frodeo of the Desert Ring]
The DM knows. xP []
You say, "[Ah.. one second.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Frodeo, king of the desert.]
The DM thinks. []
Kivae: [The Desert Ring? Is it a blackmarket?]
Rakuro: [YUS! Anway, I'm off]
Marlina Evenstar needs more blackmarkets.
You say, "[How many carts were found?]"
Kivae: [Later, Rak. :x]
Kivae: [four]
Marlina Evenstar: [Four]
[#] [+20 EXP to all.]
Marlina Evenstar: [=/]
Rakuro pops n.n]
Marlina Evenstar: [Woot.]
You say, "[Later, Rak.]"
Kalannar assumes the RP halts now.]
Ruby Pyralis IS LEVEL 17 :-D]
Kivae: [<.<]
You say, "[Feel free to look around if you like.]"
You say, "[Quest resumes tomorrow.]"
You say, "[At the point at which at least 75% of you are on"
Kalannar punts Marl.]
[#] [Also, past 2-3 FST.]
Ruby Pyralis is Jesus.]
Marlina Evenstar hijacks chicken
Marlina Evenstar lights Kivae on fire, cooks chicken
Kivae burns.
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 26, 2017 6:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

[DAY 2 - Before sunset on Halloween.]

Kalannar: [o mai]
Kalannar: [Rak you were next to me. *points*]
Rakuro: [Yeh.. one moment]
You say, "[Refer to the post for how it ended yesterday.]"
Rakuro: [Damn... desc still too long >>]
Rakuro pokes Ruby back a step]
Marlina Evenstar peers over the roof? :-P]
You say, "[The ladder ICly leads to a roof with a telescope up top, for note.]"
Rakuro is mildly afraid and then cuts OOC mildly]
The DM assumes that people are reading the topic and not waiting for his emit. []
Rakuro shall make a post, even a crappy one]

Rakuro pauses for a moment or two under the swift barrage of questions.. "Er.. we're from Ansteorra. The true Ansteorra.. we're here thanks to a map, though this place is quite an unexpected find, and... what am I forgetting?". He glances towards the table, then snaps his eyes back towards the furre, "Aha! Yes. We didn't find this place! We stumbled onto it"

Kivae merely nods, looking faintly disappointed as he is revealed to not be a frog. "We didn't mean to scare you too badly. Or even at all."

Kalannar probably did mean to scare him, but that's besides the point. The Drow adjusts his drawn hood and face-cloth, then simply folds his arms loosely across his torso.

[#] The apprentice mage, who appears more built for battle than for spellcasting, appears vaguely disappointed at Rakuro's answers. "I see... I was hoping that Mistress Tilay had sent you here. It has been days since I've last heard from her. Or... I don't suppose any of you have seen a feline north of here at the desert flowers, or east of here, have you? She said she was going out to look at something." He then speaks to Kivae with a brow raised, "You didn't..?"

Rakuro's ears perk upward, even encased in the mithril helm as they are. "Nope! Haven't seen her whatsoever, though we could certainly look. Finding people, while not exactly what most of us do on a regular basis, is something we're relatively good at. Besides, I have a sneaking suspicion....".. he pauses for a long moment, looking shifty.. "That the frog has something to do with this"

Taikris seeming to have finally arrived among the group, he gives a brief glance about him, seeming to be double checking his surroundings.

Marlina Evenstar raises an eyebrow at that, contenting herself with a moderate level of inactivity by leaning against the wall of this mage's abode, pondering briefly the presence of only one bed and two mages, though not going far with that line. "Yer suspectin' a frog mage? Though... 'Spose with all the bloody things that be happenin' in Calenndor, that wouldn't be bein' the most surprisin'."

Kivae nods amiably. "We didn't, and we haven't. But we haven't seen any flowers at all yet., besides here.." Her tail curls around her leg, looking considering at the remark about the frog.

Marlina Evenstar: [Sure Rakuro, blame it on the frog, we all know you're the mystery magess.]
Rakuro is Woh-pah.. ninja-agile!]
Solinox was here the whole time, of course.)

[#] Frode sighs and slumps down into a chair, propping his head up with a paw as he stares down at the table in front of him thoughtfully. "I appreciate the offer and would be more than glad to assist you, but... first, I don't suppose any of you have a map so that I could mark off where we're going on it? Mistress Tilay took the only one we had with her and I don't know my way around the sands all that well." He then pauses, and blinks at the werenam. "Alteration is not the Archmagus' forte."

Taikris hmms quietly, giving another glance over to the rather minute creature as he gives a few moments thought. Almost randomly he pulls forth the map, pads over to the apprentice, and smiles. "If you'll update our map for us... I'm sure we could give a look for this magess you speak of. :-)"

Rakuro waves a paw shortly, "Then maybe it's a curse. It has to be.. some kind of Ancient Desert Curse. If there wasn't one, then this place probably wouldn't even exist! It's... one of the laws of the Weave itself". He nods lightly to himself, then simply lets Tai's offer stand

Marlina Evenstar appears rather bored now as she watches mages speak, she had very little idea what they were talking about, and because of their chosen profession, she didn't care. Nasty dirty mages, we hates you.

Kalannar rolls his right shoulder, considering that there's a multicolored mail shirt made of scales resting over it.

You say, "[1 second.]"
You say, "[Done.]"
Taikris: ^^[]
Ruby Pyralis: [LOOKIT]
Taikris: [w00t[
Kivae: [ :-D]
Rakuro: [O_O]
Rakuro: [HRT]
[%] Kivae just gave Ruby Pyralis a cookie.
Taikris: [soo 1337]
Marlina Evenstar: [Spiffy.]
Ruby Pyralis hugs herself.]
Kalannar: [Oooh.]
Solinox's cookies are still baking.)
Solinox... if you know what I mean.)
Taikris: [o.o?]
Ruby Pyralis: [o-o]
[%] Kalannar just gave Ruby Pyralis a cookie.
Ruby Pyralis: [^^]
Marlina Evenstar: [Sol like to bake his cookies slowly.]
Taikris: [<.<]

[#] The mage can't help but give a light cringe as Rakuro continues, apparently having dealt with the desert too long to take jokes regarding it well. "I'm assuming you trained in Valanthas as well? Your humor is similar to hers.." He then takes the map and studies it for a moment, counting the pillars one by one before making several sketches north of where they are, then circling a large area to the east. [] "Lead on to one of these two areas, please, though... ah... I don't understand what all of these red markings on the map are? What is your purpose all the way out here, really..?"

Marlina Evenstar: [His circle bears the taint of Paint alterations.]
Rakuro: [....<<... *missed the last part of the emit?*]
You say, "[I haven't warezed photoshop. ;.;]"
Solinox: (n00b.)
Solinox has to go do something, will brb.)

Taikris chuckles slightly. "We're out pursuing burried treasure ;-)." he then lets out a drawn out laugh "Actually we're looking for whatever adventure we can find from a map that a rather odd mage gave us... or me more specifically. The rest were either invited to join me, or paid, or of their own volition" resisting the urge to shoot a glare at the drow

Rakuro shoots a glance at the map and squints an eye at it... "Is that... a building of some sort? It looks like we walked right past it as we were coming south from the oasis". He makes a faint 'hmph' sort of noise, like a child cheated out of a fun passtime

Taikris adds on a moment later in response to Rakuro. "It's not like we have some great appointment to keep. We can check it out after we've finished looking for his mistress"

Marlina Evenstar is being paid, and at mention of this she simply smirks, though her expression sours as she too turns her gaze upon the drow. Despite the earlier warnings several of the fingers upon her left hand dance upon the hilt of her ebon thinblade.

Taikris: [Kuro looks good with batties <.<
Mara Dark: [Yuh he does o-o]
Rakuro does?]
Rakuro: [Whoa.. swifty]
Marlina Evenstar: [Disturbingly good, it's telling you something man. Join the darkside, praise Dyarra!]
Taikris: [Peristane!]

[#] The mage shakes his head slowly as he grabs the axe that blends with the sand and moves for the door, "A rocky outcropping that is one of the only places in the desert where a certain type of flower exists. They're quite good for keeping away the heat..", pausing then to look towards Marlina and her fingers. "Problem, miss?" Obviously cautious of the strangers even now. After all, one was a drow, one only had a single eye and one.. was summers ripest strawberry.

Rakuro does, actually, have IC draconic wings <<.. that'd work out well.. lesse.. christmas is... how far away?]
Taikris: [Dyarr(a) is just a gender confuzzles wuss]
The DM ducks. []
Marlina Evenstar: [Bad The DM.]
Kivae: [<.<]
You say, "[Should've italcized that. Hn.]"

Taikris after giving the map a once over, he makes way for the doorway. "Let's not dawdle. His friend might be in some trouble." with that he tries to pass his way between the drow and elf towards the doorway. "Any objection?"

Rakuro, as a wolfen creature with blind eyes and drowish tattooes, takes offense to not being mentioned. Of course, he simply takes a step away from the axe-wielding wacko and towards the doorway.. "Then that should be the first place we check. We can even reach the northern X before heading that way"

You say, "[Oh, yes.]"
You say, "[Taikris was inspecting the room?]"
Taikris: [yes <.<]

Marlina Evenstar's hand doesn't stray from the hilt of her blade, though she does offer a brief shake of her head to the inquisitive mage before offering a brief explanation, "Had only thought I'd be smellin' somethin particularily vile, somethin' that would do better buried in some forgotten grave, or a hole beneath the surface in it's home. But no doubt it's to be just somethin' passin.

Kalannar casts another glance at Frode before turning away and heading for the door, ready to get back on track.

[#] Random room information: Hanging by a string in the middle of one of the windows is a sun seal, just in the right position to shine brilliantly. A locked chest is at the corner of the room, and on the dresser next to it is a wrapped up dagger, it seems.
[#] Frode has joined the party!

Taikris without further ado, and lack of objection, he makes his way out of the place... however that transpires <.<

Marlina Evenstar: [Hrm.]
Ruby Pyralis: [XD]
Marlina Evenstar: [Cling]
Mara Dark: [X)]
Rakuro casually walks over and unlocks the chest, fully expecting Frode to not care..]
Taikris: [which way is out <.>]
[#] [Rakuro procures Antidote]
Rakuro strikes pose]

Marlina Evenstar with her explanation given, she follows after the group once more.

[#] As it has gotten hotter while those inside remained there, 1 point of CON is now lost every 10 minutes without shade.

Taikris takes a stop at the nearest pillar as he tries to get his bearings. [Just where the hell are we?]

Ruby Pyralis: [Gah]
Ruby Pyralis: [Stay here.]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[It getting hotter, of course means our resistance went up, giving ten minutes instead of five. :-P]" to you. ]

Rakuro pauses near the pillar and makes a faint coughing noise, "Would it not be wiser to go -north-? That would bring us to another pillar.. if we travel three north then head off to the east we will reach the rocks Frode mentioned"
Rakuro, out of necessity, quickly casts the shadow spell again [2/2]

Taikris: [Which pillar are we at?]
Rakuro: [Far south, second from the farthest left]
You say, "[The Earth/Water mages home was built over that pillar with its x, though...]"
You say, "[Wait a moment]"

Kivae nods, digging the toe of her boot into the sand, and lingering in Rakuro's shadow. "We still had to find a pillar, though."

Taikris shall go investigate this x... unless it's obvious it's been built over <.<[
You say, "[The very bottom of the second row.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Furnarchy.rox]
You say, "[And it is obvious. :-P]"

Taikris goes due east then

Ruby Pyralis: [Waiutos]
Ruby Pyralis: [This is]
Kivae: [We've been here. >.<]
Ruby Pyralis: [Close to one of the treasure spots, right?]
Ruby Pyralis: [We dug here.]
Kivae: [The one that had the daggers.]
Rakuro: [yes]
Ruby Pyralis: [Yeah
Rakuro: [he's going for the circked X]
Kivae facepalms. I don't think he realizes we're going to the rocks..]

[#] Sand dunes seem to come with more and more frequency as the group continues, hills and hills of sand preventing the group from seeing what lies ahead or behind.

[#] [Stay together and dont' rush ahead]
Rakuro: [Well... let's just keep following x.x]
You say, "[Taikris seems to have idled. >.>]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Forget him. xD]
Kalannar: [Probably playing StarCraft.]
Mara Dark: [Hobo]

Rakuro pauses at the pillar and squints off into the sand with a faint growl.. in a mildly quiet voice, such that likely only Kivae and Ruby could hear him, he mutters, "I doubt he even knows where he's going.. I thought we were headed for the rocks, but apparently he wants to visit the circled Xs"

Kivae wrinkles her nose, seeming to be referring to a map in her head. ".. I say.. we go up to oasis and drop off stuff, then straight SW.. Where is he, anyways?"

Rakuro shrugs lightly, "Well.. if I've been keeping track properly, we can simply head north from here. Second pillar up we can go east and grab one more caravan before reaching the oasis itself'

[#] Frode seems to be rather confused as the group has broken up, but is casting a minor parasol-like shield above him to block the suns rays. [2/2]

Rakuro shrugs faintly, "And we can wait at the oasis for a bit after that. Probably grab the frog and bring it back to that house as well"
Rakuro smiles and adds, "I figure he'd like that much better then a little oasis"

Marlina Evenstar of course sees no reason to not lurk near the party-joining mage, and receive at least a partial benefit from his sun shield, she in turn makes several further gestures with her left hand, bringing forth another mild protection spell against the climate. Once more the ranger appears to be faring poorly in the hot temperatures, despite her actions taken to protect herself.
Taikris hmms quietly as he seems to come out of his brief haze. "Well... we can either try splitting up and forming a line across the two sets of pillars, or... we can slowly do it as a group."

Kivae tilts her head a bit, standing on her tip toes, as if that would somehow help her see over the dunes. ".. I guess he can't complain if we did up a caravan, as we'll be splitting everything anyways.." She blinks. "Can you carry frogs in your sleeves?"

[#] Frode lifts his free paw, as if to get attention from the group. "I don't really mind where we search, just as long as we keep moving. Standing still for long periods of time tend to let.. ah.. them know you're here."

Kalannar glances over toward Frode, scowling a bit as he replies, "Sandscouts.."

[#] The mage shakes his head, "No, not them at all. This far out are the Vaal'dan's true warriors."

Rakuro shakes his head lightly, "No.. that wouldn't be a good idea unless I actually kept him in a real pocket.. but he can ride on my head and get all the effects of my shadow spell". he turns around ad shoots a look at Taikris, obviously about to say something before Frode interrupts.. "Right. We go north, two pillars, then search westerly for the other buried caravan. If we find it or not, half an hour after that we go to the oasis"

Marlina Evenstar despite her wearied state, the mention of the possibility for other beings brings a spark of life back to her, "And who would 'them' be bein' mageling?"

Taikris just blinks a few times as he turns to the mage. "Riiight. Well you heard the furre. Let's get moving. Northward! And then.. we'll try the next set of pillars"

Rakuro immediately begins walking off towards the north, "It can be explained on the way"

Kivae actually meant Tai, but then blinks in surprise at Frode. "Th..oh.." she falls silent at Kalannar's words, ears going flat, and tail fur prickling.

Rakuro pauses at the pillar, "Right then. Hold up"

Taikris stops briefly as the first pillar "Where are you going? I thought we would check this area first, and possibly the x on the map before heading back there <.<"

Rakuro gestures towards the west, "If I remember the map, and thanks to my current photographic memory I do, the X should be south and west a bit from here"

Kalannar snorts a bit, replying to the mage as he eyes up the pillar they stand at and taking a drink from his waterskin, "They are problem enough of the desert's outskirts.. I only wonder what they are capable of out here...."

Kivae squints across the ground, reluctant to leave the shadow. She flickers her tail unhappily. "And we thought we were looking at the rocks, anyways. .. D'we dig about, then?"

Taikris nods slowly in agreement with Rakuro. "To the X then."

Rakuro nods shortly, "Naturally. Spread out a bit and let's find what we can". He then goes at the sand with a will

[#] Frode closes his eyes and crouches down to the ground, not saying a word regarding the adventurers search for treasure. He simply keeps two fingers down against the sand in silence, for some unknown reason.

Rakuro scrabbles through the sand happily, apparently relatively enjoying this little excursion that puts his massive paws to good use!
Rakuro: @dig

Taikris drops down to his knees amongst the dunes, runnings his paws and wristclaws through the sand at will as he searches for some swag :-D
Taikris: @dig

Kalannar watches the mage, taking it as wisdom that if he runs, then perhaps they all should do likewise.

Kivae keeps her usual method of scanning the sand, a combination of digging her feet into it, searching with her eyes, and a touch of magic. "Mn.."
Kivae: @dig

Rakuro hmms quietly and continues moving slightly further west, continuing the scoop sand away regularly as he goes
Rakuro: @dig
[#] Success!

[*] The DM rolls 1d5 & gets 3.

Rakuro's claws strike on.....?

Taikris frowns slightly going a tad further south as he searches for that fabled treasure, only to hear claws scrape against some surface. "Find something?"

Marlina Evenstar: [>.< Every time Chloe IM's me, AIM crashes for some reason. =/
Ruby Pyralis: [Back]
Marlina Evenstar: ]
Taikris: o.o[]

[#] Rather than the typical caravan, Rakuro's claws scrape against a small crate, more than likely having fallen off of a passing caravan. Frode, apparently finding nothing with his sensing, halts his efforts and moves over to eye the findings.

Ruby Pyralis: [Bah. Trick or treat duty. Gonna be AFF on and off.]

Rakuro hmms quietly, "It's just a tiny crate, apparently...". Without any further comment he quickly digs the thing out of the loose sand and hefts it up onto the surface.. should there be a lock on it, he'd try to break it off. If not, he simply opens it

[#] Within the crate are..
[#] Medallion (?)
[#] Smoke-Colored Potion
[#] Crystal (?)
[#] Glittery-Clear Potion

Kivae continues walking through the sand, squinting fiercely at it as she steps along. Her head lifts at Rakuro's statement, though, ears raising. "No splinters, this time, at least.."

Ruby Pyralis: [Sploosh.]
Ruby Pyralis: [:3]
Chloe May: (lemonade. <3)
[ Rakuro whispers, "[I UNCORK AND SNIFF THE POTIONS TO SEE WHAT THEY ARE!!1bork]" to you. ]

Taikris hmms quietly as he watches Rakuro sort through the contents of the chest. "Rather interesting items. So.. who wants to carry what till we get back?"

Kalannar leans over to look in the crate, tilting his head at its contents. Nothing of any value to him, or so he thought.

Rakuro mutters something under his breath and simply leaves all the items in the crate, hefting it up to his shoulder before straightening, "I will. Let's get moving, and quickly.. damnable sun's going to be out in full force in several minutes"
[#] [-1 CON to all unprotected]

Kivae shrugs, "We're going to drop it off at the oasis, anyways, so I could carry some stuff.." She pads over, either to take some of it, or simply to remain in Rakuro's soothing shadow.

Ruby Pyralis should sell her shawl for a few hundred gold. :P

Rakuro, without bothering for a group concensus, heads back to the pillar, then north

Rakuro: [fuck... afk\]
[#] [Pause.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Rewind.]
Taikris: [hmm]
Marlina Evenstar: [Doubletime!]
Rakuro has to do dishes ><... will return in a few minutes]
Kalannar needs to get some food.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Aw, I just gave some candy to some little kids <3]
Marlina Evenstar: [How sweet.]
Ruby Pyralis: [(It's poisoned.)]
Marlina Evenstar: [(I assumed as much)]
You say, "@place-item 1022"
Ruby Pyralis: [HEHEH]
You say, "[Yeehaw.]"
Taikris: [<.<]
Marlina Evenstar: @delete-The DM
Ruby Pyralis: [XD]
You say, "@delete-item"
Marlina Evenstar punts]
The DM gnaws. []
Ruby Pyralis: [Light source on the wings: Up and left.]
The DM can't wait until the quest ends. []
Taikris: [eh?[
The DM wants to see people go at each others throats for things. x) []
Marlina Evenstar will share with Ruby, and kill everyone else.
Marlina Evenstar: [Erg.]
Ruby Pyralis: [o_o]
Marlina Evenstar: [Pink? Pink?! PINK?!!!]
Kalannar returns.]
Ruby Pyralis murrs.]
Rakuro is back]
Taikris: [wb]
Ruby Pyralis looks like a dead insect.]
Rakuro agrees]
Kivae notes murring her thing. And wb.]
Marlina Evenstar murrs.]
Rakuro MURRS]
You say, "[Continue. ^^]"
Kivae thinks Marlina can have murring because that's just creepy.]
Marlina Evenstar: [o.o] a wolf, you expect something less agressive? oh yea, and he's walking

[#] And thus the group has gone in a full circle, right back to where they started, nothing really notable having changed. Except the frog is missing.

Taikris seems to have settled himself at the water's edge, splashing his face and fur with the cool fluid after having dropped off the loot he was carrying.

Kivae immediately splashes into the water, searching about for the creature, and making low 'burroop' noises in her throat. She didn't have anything to set down anyways. ^^

Kalannar kneels by the water, dowsing some onto his still covered face and refilling his waterskin.

Rakuro pads over to the corner, happily simply walking right through the water to reach the pile of loot. For some reason or another, however.. he keeps the mithril helm on his head..

Marlina Evenstar of course assumes that the absentee reptile can only mean one thing, doom stalks their footsteps. but that aside, the ranger seems content enough to fall to her knees beside the water, using their location as an oppurtunity to refil the waterskin.

Taikris: [It's an amphibian. What's wrong with you :-P]

[#] Even through Kivae's calling for the frog, no burrrop's respond to her. Though, she does get a few odd looks from Frode. "What are you doing, miss..?" Though not waiting for an answer, the desert battlemage moves to rest beneath a tree himself.

Ruby Pyralis, actually thirsty this time, kneels down so her knees get damp in the water, cupping some of it into her paws and raising it to her mouth where she takes a nice, slow drink.

Marlina Evenstar: [How ladylike.]

Rakuro glances about the small group and shrugs lightly, "Right.. let's all take a short rest in the shade while we can, and then we can reach the rocks. In the meantime, I'll see if I can find out something about all of these artifacts we've uncovered!" [Yea... doing the divination bit now, because I feel like it]
Rakuro can't see Kalannar in the corner <<]

Kivae, just having ducked her head under the water to look about, lifts it out, frowning. "Looking for the frog.. Maybe you are it and just don't know." She shakes her head rapidly to send hair out her eyes and water at everyone else. "Why don't you divine the frog, too, Kuro?"

The DM emits everything found thus far worth divining. []

Solinox kneels down at the water's edge, bringing the lifesaving liquid to his lips in the form of cupped hands. He also makes sure to wash his face with the water, and rinse the sand out of his teeth. Spitting the last bit behind him, he stands and takes a look at the vicinity in general.

Kalannar stands up from where he kneels, then heads over to Rakuro's side, and promptly holds out the multicolored mail he carries.

Taikris slowly rises to his footpaws, glancing about the given group only begin nodding with a smirk in response to Rakuro. "If that's what you want, then I suppose we can settle for that. Afterwards we can check the southern mark within the search area... or perhaps the rock formation?"

Rakuro is shooting for: Helm, Wyrmmescale, Shield, Boots, Medallion... and the Daggers.. and the Dart Pack.. that's all he can remember

[#] Mithril Helm, Knee-High Steel Boots, Wyrmmescale Mail, Arm Shield, Medallion, Crystal, Smoke-Colored Potion, Clear-Glittery Potion, Mithril Dagger 1, Mithril Dagger 2, Sharp Gloves, Dart Pack.

Rakuro waves a paw towards Taikris, "The rock formation first.. if that's where the desert flowers are, then that's the most likely place for the missing magess to be"

Solinox, for the record, seems to eye the wyrmme scaled-mail with absolute distaste.

Kalannar eyes it with mad amounts of otherworldly hunger.

Ruby Pyralis nudges at Rakuro while she washes the sand out of her eyes, "Now, do you have time do tell me what this arm thing is?"

Rakuro duly notes the reaction and is thankful their Lord Commander has a sense of aesthetics :-P. In any case, assume, while he continues revising his essay, that he Divines things in this order: Wyrmmescale, Arm Shield, Helm, Boots, Dagger1/2, Gloves, Dart Pack, Medallion. the others wait

[#] Frode, as he had been doing before, rests with his fingers buried into the sand, with his eyes closed in complete silence. It looks like he knows what he's doing, at least.

You say, "[Show me some preps and some rolls, 'Kuro. :-P]"
You say, "[2 preps each"
Rakuro: [Damn you <<..]
Ruby Pyralis: [xD]
Rakuro: [18 preps]

Kivae blinks faintly, as neither furre seems to hear her. After a moment of bobbing in the water, she sends a splash in the direction of Frode, who looked less busy. "'Ey, d'you know divination?"

Chloe May yawns, noticing that others had returned. "H-Hey.. It's good to see you're back." Smiling she dipped her feet into the oasis. "Y-You were all gone awhile, anyone need any healing?" As the DM had let her rejoin, the plot is Chloe was going to stay here for the time being until you returned, sorry to butt in. xo;

[#] Frode peeks open an eye, though keeps his fingers buried into the sand. "That's what I'm doing at the moment, yes. Why do you ask?"
Marlina Evenstar appears as if she also knows what she is doing, and at that moment, her knowledge extends to drinking copious amounts of water, quickly.

Kivae wrinkles her nose, "Then.. why don't you just find out where your teacher is? Or, is that what you're doing?" She ponders a moment, sending a sideways glance as Kuro goes through the items, "And, 'cause I wanted to know what happened to the frog."

Ruby Pyralis rubs at her eyes as she awaits her turn to get the thingy divined, picking out the grains of sand. She also wipes her nose with some water, having got a good amount in her nostrils. She did, afterall, fall face first into the sand earlier.

[#] [You lot want me to emit what Rak divined out or what?]
Marlina Evenstar: [Yeah, sure.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Sure.]
Ruby Pyralis<3's Marl. :3]
Kalannar: [yesplz]
You say, "[Just repost your posts after this.]"

[#] Strike'n'Slash: A pair of mithril daggers light enough that, with skill, allows the wielder to attempt to overcome their opponents with grace and speed. [Strike: 1d5 damage, grants the feat 'Finesse Style'. Item Bonus: 3] [Slash: 1d5 damage, grants the feat 'Cross-Slash'. Item Bonus: 3.] [When dual-wielded, they each gain a +1 To-Hit/Damage Bonus that takes no additional item bonus. If a character already has one of the feats naturally, its item bonus is nulled.]

[#] Taloned Gloves: A pair of durable, leather gloves with each knuckle covered in what seems to be the talons of some desert eagle. When they sink into an opponent, chances are the exiting would will shred its body. [If used by anyone but a monk, 3d3 damage. Monks use natural unarmed damage. +3 Damage, does x1.5 damage on rolls of 85-89. Item Bonus: 2]

[#] Crystal Dart Pack: Contained within the pack is ten darts, each sharpened to a deadly point and near impossible to see unless hit just right with the light. [x10. 1d4 damage. On rolls of 90-99, deals x4 damage. No item bonus. When sneaking with these as weapons, a +3 is given to the roll. Can retrieve darts that have been used at the end of battle assuming circumstances allow such, unless a 90+ is rolled, then it is assumed that dart has shattered.]

[#] Mithril Helm: Feels as if nothing is being worn, but grants a pretty decent amount of defense to blows that come at the head. Also, being made of mithril, mind-effecting magics are no longer a concern. In the center, a thin strip of mithril comes down to guard the nose, and the sides of the helm protect the cheeks. [Grants immunity to: Mind Control, Magic Induced Rage, Mindspeak, Called Shot: Head, Magical Fear Aura, Mindwipe, Spellsong, Boosting or lowering of INT/WIS/CHA with alternation/necromancy.] [+1 Natural AC] [Item Bonus: 0.5]

[#] Knee-High Steel Boots: A bit heavy, though provides excellent protection and ensures that you won't get flung too far back when slammed by that ogre's club. [-2 DEX, +4 CON. +1 Natural AC. +4 to Trip Defense.] [Item Bonus: 1.5]

[#] Wyrmmescale Mail: Many, many wyrmme scales from various different types of wyrmmes all carefully pieced together in one multicolored suit of armor, thick and durable but a bit noticeable due to the brightness of all the green, red, yellow and blue. [All Earth, Fire, Air/Lightning and Water magic under 5 preps is reduced to half damage. -5 to sneak rolls] [+5 AC, +5 Max Dex Mod] [Counted as Light Armor] [Item Bonus: 2.5]

[#] Arm Shield: A small, oval shaped shield designed to be worn on the arm in the hopes of deflecting a few more attacks than normal. [When attacked with melee, severity of both 1 and 2 now ensure that the opponent botch.] [+1 Natural AC] [0.5 Item Bonus] [Doesn't take up a weapon or shield slot]

[#] Sacrificial Medallion: A fist sized coin, ordinary enough at first glance, though one familiar with such symbols would note the marking for Clerical Magic on one side and the marking for Necromancy on the other. [If the coin is pressed with the necromantic side against the wearer and the clerical side against a dying/poisoned/diseased/etc person, the status will swap. The life is drained from the still up and running person and is given to the other to save them, or the bad status effects are transferred into their body. Does not work on corpses. Swaps HP, but HP cannot exceed maximum with this. Can be used to KO a character and bring another back, but that character gets half the HP they would normally have gotten from the swap.] [Item Bonus: 1] [Useable once per week.] [Target must be willing]

[#] Tone Crystal: Average, see through crystal, though when worn around the neck on a string hums to the exact tune that is being made by an instrument, aiding it and carrying it farther. [When playing a Spellsong, the bard is considered to be 4 levels higher. Item Bonus: +2]

[#] [And that's it.]

Ruby Pyralis: [<3]
[%] Kivae just gave The DM a cookie.
[#] [For note, 'Natural AC' means 'Natural AC" alone and not MR.]
[#] [Now repost, please.]
Rakuro didn't want Natural AC.. wanted Dodge AC... darn n.n]

Ruby Pyralis, once Rakuro divines the shield, straps it back onto her arm, "Sounds rather useful."

Rakuro notes that D&D doesn't have MR, so the term Natural AC can't, in any way except a stretch of logic, apply to MR :-P.. in any case, he presses two pawdigits to the bridge of his muzzle and mutters something, "Right then.. give me a moment or two, and then we can continue on"

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Hrm. Daggers. Those look suspiciously geared towards a dual-weilding dagger weilder, 'cept the feats suck. :-P]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[They're cinematic daggers. x)]" to Marlina Evenstar. ]
[ You whisper "[If you need to go out and kick a groups ass at once, you can. :-D]" to Marlina Evenstar. ]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "['Cept you can't multi-sneak, to the best of my knowledge. :-P]" to you. ]

Kalannar grins, now knowing full and well what the wyrmmescale armor he has is capable of. Without any hesitation, he quickly goes about removing his cloak, then as well his armor, unstrapping various places and the like, his own gear as well, until eventually he's left wearing just his trousers and boots, and a tattered black undershirt, as well. He then promptly goes about dusting off the wyrmmescale mail and putting it on. After doing so, he adjusts it furiously to make it more comfortable before very simply grabbing up his belt and gear, and mounting it over his newfound armor, shortly followed by his cloak.

[#] The mage smiles and gives a brief nod, "I've been trying it several times, looking for her and the Vaal'dan but I keep coming up empty. Then again, I'm not all that well trained in divinatory magics. Though I'd need to have a part of the frog or to have touched it to locate it."

Rakuro slowly straightens up and coughs, "Right then.. is everyone read to move out again?"

Marlina Evenstar feeling faintly ill now the ranger vacates her place by the waterside, perhaps moving to secure the daggers, which were her preferred weapons, even when they wouldn't likely benefit her in an impressive manner. Unless of course they were held by someone? Can't remember... o.<

Rakuro notes the daggers are both currently unclaimed to the best of his knowledge

Ruby Pyralis knights Sirum the loot king.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Sir Loot king :-D]

Kalannar steps up beside Solinox, waving his arms to indicate his now newly armored torso. He then grins a bit cruelly toward the Tiefling.

Kivae frowns at Rakuro, even while scrambling out of the water, "I can't find the frog.." Then waving her tail questioningly to Frode, "The.. Vaal'dan?" She leaves all of the loot alone. :-P

You say, "[Kalannar.]"
You say, "[That color change is awesome.]"
[%] Ruby Pyralis just gave Kalannar a cookie.

[Kalannar, as I remember, immediately changed his color scheme away from the usual dark black to something befitting the multi-colored scales of the armor. He was a beautiful black rainbow.]

Chloe May stands up, moving over to Rakuro. "Um.. R-Rakuro, may I come with you this time? Staying here all alone was rather boring.. And, I thought maybe I could be some help out there?" Smiling a bit, she scratched the side of her head.

Taikris coughs slightly as he rises to his footpaws. "Nobody is claiming loot till we've checked every site. Now ditch you the stuff here till we finish"

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Hrm... These are completely useless you know. +6 IB, for effectively a bonus of +1 ThD, and the ability to attack more than one person with a grand total of two attacks. ;p]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[You're forgetting you already have finesse.]" to Marlina Evenstar. ]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Aye.]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[This just grants cross-slash, so 3 IB for cross-slash and +1 to-hit/dam.]" to Marlina Evenstar. ]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[I know I do, that's why I didn't list it as a benefit. :-P]" to you. ]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Ah.]" to you. ]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "['Spose that's a bit better then. ^^]" to you. ]

Ruby Pyralis glares at Taikris, "You may have the map, but you can't tell any of us what to do. So I'd advize (can't spell >.>) you keep your mouth shut."

Kalannar manages a slight glare toward Taikris, and merely ignores him, as it were.

Taikris sighs as he gives a brief skyward gaze. "Fine then. Don't listen." grumbling as he looks to see if the gloves are unclaimed.

Rakuro rolls his wrist, producing a short popping sound from it, then heads towards the northern end of the clearing. Over his shoulder he calls, "Of course you can, Chloe. Though stay close by me.. my shadow can only fall over oh so many people". For note, the shadow spell is automagically strengthened by a simple command, and the wizard had apparently made the spell weave a bit more complex the last time around [1/1]. He then calls out to everyone in general, "Come on then, the lot of you. We have a rock formation to check out. First pillar north, one west, one south, then southwest"

[#] Frode nods to the half-fox girl. "They're the wyrmmes of the desert. They lurk beneath the sands with scimitars, waiting to ambush any who cross their path for.. ah.. feeding."

Rakuro also manages to shoot a glare at both Kal and Taikris, in a single glance. Darn wizards and their ocular dexterity!

Marlina Evenstar comments absently to the demon, who appeared to have gained wings quite fitting her nature, "He is to be bein' the group leader, if I was to be understandin' things demon. But if yer to be assumin' that isn't enough to be grantin' orders, then I'd 'spose I'm not to be bein' surprised.

Solinox ponders throwing the dark elf into the oasis, but decides that it wouldn't be of much benefit to anyone. "I can only pray that the noble beasts whose hides you wear will not haunt your thoughts too fiercely." For note, to say that he is a tiefling would be incorrect.

[ Taikris whispers, "Who has what?" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Ask everyone OOCly. :P I'm not sure]" to Taikris. ]
Taikris: [Who has what?]
Rakuro: [Rak: Helm, Kal: Wyrmmescale, Ruby: Armshield, Marl: Dagger 1/2, Tai: Sharp Gloves]
Taikris: [^^]
Rakuro: [Everything else is sitting in the corner]
Taikris: [alrighty]
You say, "[The potions are undivined too]"

Ruby Pyralis shrugs toward Marlina, "I just don't like to follow orders from someone that hot headed."

Kivae pulls herself all the way out of the water, shaking off, although her arms and legs keep the same shiny look, as if whatever she had put on them hadn't rubbed off. She nods a bit to Rakuro, only flattening her ears in apparent distaste at Frode's words.

Taikris shrugs slightly as he takes hold of the rather odd gloves. "Right then... lead the way then Rakuro as it seems you've decided to take the lead"

Marlina Evenstar snorts, obviously finding it amusing that a demon wouldn't follow someone 'hot-headed'.

Rakuro: [Chloe?]

Chloe May moves over to Rakuro than, staying behind him. "I-It is awful hot out here, I wish I had some power of the water element to be more of a help. O-Oh! You're leaving!" With that she followed on after him.

Rakuro strikes out west!

Rakuro assumes he idled and is simply following along?

Ruby Pyralis does too.

Rakuro pauses for the regroup once more, calling over, "'ey there! Not too far ahead of the group"

Marlina Evenstar assumes Solinox got eaten by a sandworm.

Rakuro blinks as they apparently found the rocks anyway, once he sees them, of course, he moves forward, then shutsup to wait for the emit

Ruby Pyralis: [I see a face on the big, round rock. On the left side of it.]
Marlina Evenstar: [o.o]

[#] Ahead from the pillar past a dune of sand is a rocky outcropping, with random groups of flowers growing around it. All of them along the bottom are somewhat small, though two medium sized ones are a bit farther up along it, and at the very top a large one blooms.

[#] Frode frowns as he circles the rocks. "So she isn't here after all. She couldn't have survived here for days regardless, I suppose.."

Rakuro moves closer so he can see the flowers better, then shoots a sharp glance towards Frode, "She's likely still alive, even now.. otherwise this wouldn't be any good whatsoever. And, in any case.. what manner of flowers are these?"

Chloe May looks the rock with flowers growing upon it up and down. "T-That's quite interesting, are there lots of these out here..?" Taking a few steps forward, she got a better looking at the peculiar flowers. "They look very pretty." Coming just a bit closer, she took a smell of one.

Marlina Evenstar watches the cleric now, waiting to see if she'll dall down suddenly in a paralyzed fit of pollen induced damage.

Kivae pads up to the rocks as well, tilting her head and eyeing the flowers. She attempts to get a handhold on a low ledge, and pull herself up. Everyone else asked the questions she wanted to, anyways.

Kalannar decides it best, in such situations, to watch from a distance.

[#] Frode shakes his head at the Cleric's question. "There are really only six spots like this one in the whole of the desert." He then answers Rakuro with a nod, "I forget the correct term for them at the moment, but Misstress Tilay has been calling them 'Passion of the Desert', due to how red they are. We have recently ran out of the potions that can be made from them, to make the one drinking it take the desert heat a bit easier."
[#] [-1 CON to unprotected]

Taikris goes to chill over by Rakuro after suddenly feeling lightheaded in the desert heat

Chloe May backs away. "They small o-okay, I guess it was irresponsible of me to rush in.. I-I've just not been to a desert for a long time." Backing away, she placed her paws infront of her. She knew not to take any, incase Kivae got mad at her.

Marlina Evenstar believes they weren't just using them for protecting against heat, but were in fact...!]
[#] Yes, there was only one bed in that house. :-P
Chloe May: (smell^)
Marlina Evenstar: [So I said when we were there. :-P]

Rakuro makes a faint 'hn' noise at that, wondering if the rocks cast shadows across Kivae and Chloe? In any case he calls over to the fox-girl, "Think you should grab some? We can try growing them when we retake Anst in a new garden"

[#] [On the rock: x2 Medium Passion of the Desert, x1 Large Passion of the Desert. If you're climbing the rocks, make a wisdom check, BCR 20.]

Taikris quietly stands there, arms folded before looking over to the Frode. "Do you have any other ideas as to where your mistress might be?"

Kivae tried to pull herself up onto a low ledge in her last post? o-o;

[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d20+3 For Marlina appears to take initiative for a change. & gets 23.

Marlina Evenstar: [Oh yeah.]

[ You whisper "[Marlina notes that some of the rocks seem to be moving just slightly. Well, not the rocks, but something slithering about on them.]" to Marlina Evenstar. ]

[#] Frode shakes his head and crouches back down to the sand, fingers slipping into it. "If not here, then somewhere out east from home where I circled on the map."

[ Taikris whispers, "Looking over the loot. Wouldn't you say that the mithril helm has a much greater IB for granting soo many immunities?" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Take another look.]" to Taikris. ]
[ You whisper "[Some of those immunities are hurting you.]" to Taikris. ]
[ You whisper "[Most noteworthy, bardsong.]" to Taikris. ]

Kivae examines a small one on the near her, head tilted. Who could get mad at Chloe? After a moment, she nods, "Add it to my collection, I guess. Could probably regrow one I took.." At that, she steps closer, looking for a nice foothold, or handpaw hold, which shouldn't be to hard for one adjusted to climbing. Hopefully. Selecting one, she'd hook her foot into it, and try and pull herself up towards the larger flower.
[*] Kivae rolls 1d20+9 & gets 20.

Marlina Evenstar pauses only moments after the beginnings of her climb towards the peak of the desert rocks, letting out a startled cry as she does so. This drops off quickly to a sort of "Err" Noise.

[ You whisper "[Kivae notes that some of the rocks seem to be moving just slightly. Well, not the rocks, but something slithering about on them.]" to Kivae. ]

[#] Frode, suddenly being reminded, "Ah, yes. Misstress Tilay and myself haven't tended to this spot for a week now, the snakes have more than likely moved back in. Please be careful."

Taikris hmms slightly as he turns to the canine mage. "Well then.... shall we continue looking for his mistress, or shall we press on Westward?"

[#] Frode also looks quite displeased at the mention of that, though he murmurs something about her likely being anywhere.

Kivae, rather than dropping down, like Marlina, holds her place, staring with flattened ears. ".. Erh.. This wouldn't happen to be a snake nesting spot, would it?" She lump on her back, (under her shirt) previously unmentioned because I forgot about the spider, wiggles, sensing her unease. Should any of the moving things get too close, she would drop back down. >.>

Kalannar cracks his neck to the side, taking a swig from his waterskin as he watches.

Kivae missed the emit, having been typing. .-. Changes that to, "Erh.. aggressive kind of snakes?"

Rakuro seems almost to ignore Tai's question, instead focusing up on Kivae, "Be careful then! Desert snakes aren't the sort of thing I'd really like to tangle with. Just grab a flower, I suppose.. and scramble back on down here. Or just get down here right now. Then we can go explore further"

Chloe May rushes over to Marlina, wondering what had happened. "M-Marlina..? Are you alright?" She would kneel down if the sand wasn't so hard on the knees.

Taikris frowns slightly as he gives the mage a bit of a nudge. "We need to get moving. Let's try to recall exactly what Frode said. That bad things tend to crop up if we stick in one place too long"

[#] Frode nods, though doesn't seem overly worried himself, having dealt with the snakes many times before. "They are aggressive, but only from sudden movements or if you make eye contact with them. Misstress Tilay usually just turns them to ash, however."

Rakuro just realized that he is totally surrounded by feline avatars.... even a feline NPC.. *shudder*]
Ruby Pyralis cackles.]
[#] Random Note: The Large Passion of the Desert is missing a petal. Only able to be seen from close up.
Taikris: [Felines are shexy :-P]
Ruby Pyralis mrows.]
Marlina Evenstar did NOT FALL DOWN DAMN YOUS!
Marlina Evenstar: [:-P]
Kivae: [She dropped down, though, didn't she? :P]
Chloe May: (You still let out a girly shriek. :-P)
Marlina Evenstar did not.
Ruby Pyralis: [Marl is a monkey.]
Ruby Pyralis: [/random]

Kivae climbs a touch higher, moving through the spots that seem to have the least movement, and also slowly. When in reach of a medium sized flower, she'd reach out to calmly pull it away from the rock. If there are no signs of trouble, she'd place her handpaw on the plant, feeding it enough energy to grow a new one, and then drop back to the ground. To Rakuro, "Alright.. I guess this one is alright.."

Ruby Pyralis is apparently standing near the back of the group, arms crossed, as she waits for them to finish whatever it is that they're doing.

Marlina Evenstar did not fall down, and for this reason among others, she ignores the cleric, moving with a graceful ease that can only be admired as sh ascends higher up the rocks. Aware of the snakes now, she remains wary and quiet, apparently having heard the mage, for she avoids sudden movements that might get herself killed by the bloody things. Further moments pass before she retrieves one of the higher flowers.

You say, "[Higher meaning Medium or Large?]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Higher meaning a plower higher on the rock. :-P]

Rakuro's shadow quickly flows outward to cover Kivae before he calls up to Marlina as well, "And you too. We only need one, you know." [Shoot for the large!]

Marlina Evenstar: [But... Medium, just because.]
Taikris: [Marlina... there are only 3 flowers :-P[
Rakuro: [So you get bit, and start hallucinating]
Marlina Evenstar: [That'd be fun.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Before Marl died.]

[#] The snakes seem to be content to leave those plucking the flowers be, just so as the lower ones are left be. [-1 CON to all unprotected]

Rakuro's 'and you too' is obviously referencing to the 'get down from there immediately'

Chloe May takes it that Marlina's fine, moving back behind Rakuro. Not quite sure of what to do next, Chloe awaits what their next move will be.

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "How high are the rocks, by the way?" to you. ]

Rakuro's shadow is also automagically regenerated, and all those within 1 square of him (including diagonals) are counted as protected [1/1]

Ruby Pyralis pets Sol.]
Solinox fluctuates.)

[ You whisper "[The medium sized ones are roughly 20 feet up, the top one is growing right out of the top of the rocks, about 40 foot up.]" to Marlina Evenstar. ]

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Ah then... Top one, booyah.]" to you. ]

Taikris coughs as he gives another nudge to the mage. "We need to be going before some primes forsaken creature tracks us. I don't know what things lurk beneath the sands, nor do I have any desire to"

Rakuro notes for The DM that Marlina's grabbing the Large one and then coming down, because he's bossy that way >>

[#] Frode gives a brief nod at Taikris' words. "Please, may we continue.."

Marlina Evenstar is indeed going for the top one, just to show-up that druid.

Solinox grins, remarking sarcastically to Taikris. "Where's your spirit of adventure, then?"

Kivae twitches her tail, sighing thankfully at the extended shadow, and taking a light sip of water. Her nose wrinkles at Tai. "We're not leaving while she's still up there. Sheesh."

Marlina Evenstar: [Right, so... Nothing bad happening to Marl?]
[#] [Marlina, at the very top of the rocks, make a DEX check, BCR 14 to keep your grip.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Oh... Dude, you suck. :-P]

Rakuro nods shortly, then gestures towards the west, "I believe.. if my memory serves.. that we can head directly west from here and reach another X. From there we will decide if we should go for all three of the others or simply one. Until that time, we're simply going to keep moving"

[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d20+7 & gets 15.
Marlina Evenstar: [Bwaha!]

Taikris frowns slightly as he turns to face Solinox. "There is a large difference between adventuring, and invoking unwanted trouble. Just try getting bit in the neck and tied up with spider silk in some damn hole"

Ruby Pyralis: [<3]
[#] Marlina has no problems.
Marlina Evenstar snickers.]
Rakuro snrks]
[%] Marlina Evenstar just gave Rakuro a cookie.
[%] Rakuro just gave Marlina Evenstar a cookie.
[#] Except she only has ONE EYE ONE EYE ONE EYE.
Ruby Pyralis: [pwnd]
[#] [-1 CON to all not wearing Ruby's shawl or under Rakuro's shadow spell. (-2 in total at the moment)]
[#] [..which seems to be Solinox.

Rakuro forces RP to continue by shouting up, "Right, now get the bloody 'ell down here. You've proved your marvelous dexterity, but we have to keep moving". That said he would, in fact, begin moving westward, taking his shadow with him

Marlina Evenstar secures the final flower, before descending with the same ease she had shown in getting up there in the first place, before arriving at a location somewhere near halfway, whereupon she simply leaps from the rock, landing upon the burning sands once more, and standing up with her prize. "Right then... This thing is to be doin' what?"

Solinox is, of course, in the vast shadow of the rocky formation.

Rakuro makes a quick, cursory gesture, "It's going to be coming with us. Put it in your backpack or something"

Kivae closes the water jug, pushing it back into her pack. She nods absently to Rakuro, "But we should aim for a pillar, right? Let's go, then.." She wrinkles her nose at Marlina, "You could make a potion, later."

Marlina Evenstar does so, 'cause she has nothing better to do than obey a mage.

Rakuro glances about, takes a quick mental headcount, then says shortly.. "Right then. The caravan is apparently buried somewhere... southwest of here. Almost exactly between the two pillars"

[#] Frode idly asks no one in particular, "Where is it, exactly, that we're going..?"

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[You did something evil to this flower, didn't you? ... Wait... ... .... ..............]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[I noted it had a missing petal. :-P]" to Marlina Evenstar. ]

Kalannar trods along with the rest of the group, idly taking a quick drink from his waterskin.

Rakuro flexes a paw before commenting to Frode, "We're still exploring this desert. We have at least one more dig, and then we will continue trying to find your lady friend". That said, he wanders off further into the desert to find a likely spot to dig

Kivae waves her tail a bit, "We're still hunting treasure, if you don't mind. We'll head to the area after.." She then wrinkles her nose a bit, "Wasn't it.. northwest..?"

[#] The mage nods at Rakuro, though as is the usual process he lowers to the sand and sticks his fingers into it, closing his eyes.

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Ah right... it's some sort of powerful aphroidesiac, isn't it. Because, it's got a missing petal, that's always bad.]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[*baps* xP]" to Marlina Evenstar. ]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "=P" to you. ]
Kivae also thought they travelled SW from the rock.]

Kalannar kneels down in the dirt, as he had done before on a few occasions, and very simply begins digging, sweeping it dirt away in a concentrated spot.

Rakuro looks towards Kivae, then shakes his head, "Nope.. if we started to the north of the rock formation, and then got to a pillar by going straight west..."

Rakuro continues moving quickly, apparently not wanting to waste time under the sun as he digs.. dig dig dig dug!
Rakuro: @dig
[#] Success!
Rakuro: [>>..]

Kivae looks faintly lost, turning around to scan in the direction of the rock, ".. I thought we went.. so.. Oh well." Grinning sheepishly, "Your sense of direction beats mine.."

Rakuro's claws once more strike.....? ^^;;

Kalannar heads over to Rakuro's specific station and goes to his knees, promptly going about digging along with the mage.

[*] The DM rolls 1d4 & gets 1.

Rakuro: [WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!! ;_;]
You say, "[You know.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [SANDWORM!]
Kivae: [ :-D]
You say, "[When I made the roll-findings.]"
You say, "[I shouldn't have made the bad rolls high...]"
Marlina Evenstar: [We must become Fremen!]
Marlina Evenstar: [Oh.]
You say, "[>>]"
Marlina Evenstar: [^.^]
Rakuro: [*wants blue glowing eyes*]

Ruby Pyralis, as Rakuro seems to have found something, kneels down next to him and begins to dig around the area with him. :x

Ruby Pyralis is a mole. :3

Chloe May smiles, watching them reveal some kind of treasure, hopefully? "Uh.. D-Did you find anything, Rakuro?" Peeking over to see what he'd found.

Chloe May: (We have three blondes on this quest. YOU'RE ALL GONNA DIE.)
Chloe May: (Sorry for ooc. ^^)

[#] Nothing is found here but random scrolls littered about in the sand, each one within a metal tube that had guarded it from harm for so many years. More than likely the caravan they were in has been taken.

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "They say the best things come in scroll tubes." to you. ]

[#] [Scrolls, for Druids and Mages: Scroll of Blitzrush, Scroll of Backburner, Scroll of Knowing, Scroll of Blinding, Scroll of Bubbleball.]
[#] [Clerics, too.]

Marlina Evenstar: [Heh heh. Sick-minded mage who made a scroll of bubbleball.]

Rakuro thusly begins gathering up every last metal tube he can possibly find, "Well.. it appears we've struck a mage's best friend.. but again, finding out what they do can wait. Right now, we have to decide if we continue hunting through the desert for the other Xs, or make the long, double-back trip to search within the large circle for Frode's friend"

Rakuro shoots a glance around the area, "I'll let you all vote on that"

Ruby Pyralis digs around and lifts a few scrolls out of the sand, "Hrm, I'd have thought something like this would be buried deeper in the sand after so long."

[#] For note, they were buried somewhat deep in the sand. No one would've found them without digging a while. :-P

Marlina Evenstar: [Where are the ranger scrolls? x(]
You say, "[sux2branger]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Ooh.]
Rakuro: [Rangers are illiterate tree huggers >> <<]
Marlina Evenstar is semi-literate!

Kalannar eyes the scrolls for a moment, then shrugs briefly to himself before pushing himself up and taking a swig of water.

Marlina Evenstar does much the same as the drow.
Taikris: [^^]
Marlina Evenstar: [>.>]

Chloe May decides to also help digging, taking out a shovel from her bag. "So.. This is what you all do out here, must be kind of exciting." Smiling a bit, she helped dig into the depths of the sands with the rest of them.

Ruby Pyralis: [Damnit these kids like to come in groups of 20 >_>]
Taikris: [<.<]
Marlina Evenstar: [SWARMS!!!]

Rakuro straightens up once more and says once again, "Do we continue the treasure hunt or search for Lady Tilay?"

Ruby Pyralis: [Halloweenies ;-; -Shutsup-]

Kivae drops down to the sand to help Kuro, scooping the sand out, and kicking it back with her hind feet. "When coming across one, she looks hesitant to touch it, "Are they really hot..? And I don't care where we go.."

Rakuro: [ZERG RUSH]
Marlina Evenstar: [xD]
[#] [-1 CON to unprotected. (Sol, Tai)]

Kalannar shrugs briefly, glancing over toward Frode, "We are not here to search for a mage. We are here to explore these sands." He keeps his mouth shut after that, and simply folds his arms a bit loosely over his torso.

Rakuro makes a short 'hmph' noise, his blank white eyes travelling across the entire group, obviously waiting for some manner of response, even an 'I don't care'

Chloe May coughs a bit. "I-I know I don't have much of a say in this. But.. I-I believe we should find Lady Tilay, even if these treaures are nice.. There's someone elses life on the line." Smiling weakly, she continued to dig for anything.

Rakuro expends another mote of Essence to keep his shadow alive!

Kivae already said that she didn't care. :-P

[#] Frode smiles briefly at Chloe's words, but then again, he wasn't entirely sure just where Tilay had wandered off to.

Ruby Pyralis finally gets back to her feet, seeming to have grown rather tired from travelling in the sands, "Doesn't matter to me."

Rakuro glares at the others in the group, "One for exploring, one against, and two I don't give a damns. Either I get more opinions or I flip a crown for it. Make it quick.. this sun is damnably hot"

Ruby Pyralis rolls her eyes and extends both wings outward, being quite accostumed to heat, ovvering shade for anyone that goes to either side of her directly.

You say, "[Up to Marl, eh?]"

Taikris shrugs quietly. "I'm all up for exploring, but I'll stick with my opinion thus far. We check that last site in the area where Tilay was supposed to be. That way we can accomplish two goals at once"

Solinox furrows a brow. "What clues do we have to find this archmagess? Let us not go on a wild goose chase for someone that may or may not be still alvie."

Marlina Evenstar was of the opinion that crowns were unmarked... Well the guild's were anyways... ^^; "Be searchin' for more treasure then, if she's to be still livin' for so long, then she'll still be alive when we're to be choosin' to find 'er."

You say, "[]"
You say, "[^Updated Map for Sol. Frode marked out the stones and circled an area as to where she might be. You're currently SE of the NW-most mark.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Bit far off, aren't we? o.o]
Taikris: [o.o]
Ruby Pyralis gnaws on pumpkin seeds like a squirrel.]

Rakuro waves his paw vaguely, "Right then. We go a few more steps south, then strike west. Once we reach the pillar there we go south. There's one more X there. From that point, I suggest we go back to the waterhouse, rest ourselves, and then we will check that last circled X. Anyone opposed? No? Good". He then heads off for where he thinks the other pillar is

Kivae, at yet another tie, resists facepalming. "If we go to the treasure lower than this one, then we could just go straight east and to the circle after- Alright.." o.o;

Taikris checks out the plant in passing <.<;;

[#] A large flower grows here from the sand. Nothing of use really unless you're an alchemist..

Taikris shrugs simply, and marches off then after the others

Rakuro continues south to the proper pillar

Rakuro then promptly throws himself at the sand, because he wants out of this sun! His claws sweep through the loose... sand.... because he's digging
Rakuro: @dig
[#] Success!
[#] The middle most left pillar is where the rest area is.

Rakuro: [...holy..]
Marlina Evenstar: [What?]
[*] The DM rolls 1d3 & gets 3.
The DM grins. []
Taikris: [He nailed it on the first try <.<]
Rakuro: [FINALLY!!]
You say, "@place-item 391"
Chloe May: (Yay.)
Taikris: [and we found something bad <.<]

Kivae stares with something like shock at Kuro as he makes yet another early find. o.o;

Rakuro: [I spend all this time digging.. and now I finally find what I've been looking for]
Kivae: [Giant worm? :-D]

[#] Rakuro doesn't seem to find anything, actually. Nothing besides a small tunnel, anyways. Though... [Everyone roll wisdom checks, if you want, BCR 25]

Chloe May hops once. "H-Hey, Rak.. You find anything good?" Smiling, she crawled over to see what it was.
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Taikris fails[]
[*] Kivae rolls 1d20+9 & gets 19.
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d20+1 & gets 11.
[*] Chloe May rolls 1d20+10 & gets 16.
[*] Solinox rolls 1d20+0 Come on billy & gets 4.
[ Rakuro whispers, "[*sees everything? >> << >>*]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Even if it blends perfectly with the sand? o.o]" to Rakuro. ]
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d20 Woowoo & gets 15.
[*] Taikris rolls 1d20+2 what the hell & gets 3.
Kivae: [xD]
Taikris: [Inari... I ****ing hate you]

Rakuro shakes his head briefly, "Nothing but an empty tunnel.. dang. I didn't even know the sand was thick enough to tunnel through"

Marlina Evenstar autofails. =/

Kivae pads over behind Rakuro, to get a look, as well as to keep in the shade. ".. This is where the 'x' is, isn't it? Should we keep digging, or did someone else get it before us.."

[ Rakuro whispers, "[Aye. It's like the infravision of the elves.. except Rak's in constant dark. He'd still first strike, but Rak wouldn't be caught off guard. (Read: Have 2 preps the first round)]" to you. ]

Taikris: [Go Chim!]

[#] While the group is busy inspecting the tunnel, something suddenly bursts forth through the sand behind Solinox, Taikris, Frode and Marlina. Something, being something very simular to the Sandscouts. Only more muscular, with longer blades and seeming hungered. [Rakuro goes first. Vaal'dan all go second, regardless of what he does, everyone else determine group init.]

Ruby Pyralis: [omg cute]
You say, "@place-item 2409"
Taikris: [+4 dex]
Ruby Pyralis: [+3]
Marlina Evenstar: [Oh... Shit. o.o]
Marlina Evenstar: [+7]
Kivae: [+4]
Chloe May: (+1.)
You say, "[Not group init like that. :-P]"
Chloe May: (I want one! <3)
You say, "[Determine who goes where.]"
You say, "[Since you failed to notice their sneaking up.]"
Ruby Pyralis can go anywhere.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Ah, right.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Boosters to the front.]
[#] Rakuro, Val'daan #1, #2, #3, #4, Everyone Else.
Kivae: [.. Wow.. for once we have more fighting-types than boosters. x3]
Ruby Pyralis: [That's Sol, Kiv, Rak, Chloe?]

Rakuro's eyes suddenly flash to a dull black, a cruel, almost demonic hiss escaping from between his teeth as he leaps to his feet. Even as one of the creatures leaps from its tunnel there is a mass of wind, conical in shape and pointy in method, blasting downward towards its head [4/4 General Evo. The one Chloe's making out with]

[ Solinox whispers, "Do Battlecries work here? :P" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Sure.]" to Solinox. ]
[*] Rakuro rolls 1d30+10 InariHRT & gets 28.
Marlina Evenstar: [Heh heh]
[ Solinox whispers, "That would mean we go first." to you. ]
Kivae: [What about Tai, Rubeh?]
Chloe May: (Our relation ship is over.)
Ruby Pyralis shrugs.]
Kalannar: [+4, sorry, was AFK.]
Taikris goes wherever :-)[]
[ You whisper "[But you didn't notice them sneaking up. :P You can't go first against an enemy you didn't know existed. >>]" to Solinox. ]
Rakuro: [Once we start, that is... <<]
You say, "[OOC to minimum]"
[ Solinox whispers, "They burrowed up from the sand instantenously." to you. ]
Rakuro: [Va'aldan -> Kivae, Ruby, Marlina, Sol, Chloe, Tai, Kal]
Rakuro: [Did I miss anyone?]
Kivae: [Sol before me, if not everyone else. :-P *isn't a booster*]
[ You whisper "[They were already there, waiting.]" to Solinox. ]
Taikris: [Sol is a booster <.<]
Kivae: [I know, and I'm not.]
Rakuro: [Oh, right. *does it via swiftiness then* Marl, Kal, Sol, Ruby, Tai, Kiv, Chloe]
Chloe May: (Ew. .-.)
Rakuro notes Sol's boosts are second round stuff]
Solinox: (Sure thing.)
Chloe May: (I guess I take time to heal people this way? ^^)
Marlina Evenstar: [Ah...]
You say, "[OOC to minimum, please. Make a chat? x.o]"
Rakuro had that general idea, yes Choe Pai. That's our Order, Si]
[%] Rakuro just gave Chloe May a cookie.
[#] Rakuro hits the sandscout striking at Taikris.
[*] Rakuro rolls d100 Weedlenose # & gets 79.
[#] [Oh, yes, stick Frode in your init somewhere.]
[*] Rakuro rolls 4d12+30 [I think that's right <<] & gets 52.
Marlina Evenstar: [Frode is after Kal.]
Ruby Pyralis: [HAHA]
Rakuro does indeed have the right stats]

[#] The sandwarrior is blasted, though his assault isn't delayed for a moment. [Vaal'dan warriors! (They aren't that small, for note..)]

Chloe May lets out a small scream as four monsters burst up out of ths sand. "W-Well.. That was unexpected! Y-You get this alot out here?" Looking around a bit, she grabbed onto her mace, having this jist of what she had to do.

[#] [No smexing the Vaal'dan, Sol.]
[#] The first Vaal'dan wastes no time in slashing at the back of Frode's legs with the near impossible to see scimitar, as it blended with the sand so well. The second plunges its weapon into Marlina's back, the third seeming intend to carve up Taikris' chest nicely and the last to go at any unarmed skin Solinox has.

Taikris: [o.o]

[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #1 Frode & gets 22.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #2 Frode & gets 17.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #3 Frode & gets 32.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #1 Marlina & gets 17.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #2 Marlina & gets 23.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #3 Marlina & gets 41.
Marlina Evenstar: [1. >.>]
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #1 Taikris & gets 35.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #2 Taikris & gets 30.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #3 Taikris & gets 17.
Taikris: [2 o.o[
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #1 Solinox & gets 38.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #2 Solinox & gets 24.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #3 Solinox & gets 25.

Solinox, as he is struck by the first attack, responds with a quick rotating motion of his blade that parries the next two.

[#] [Frode: Oh, snap. 1. :/]
[*] The DM rolls 1d100+1 Frode & gets 81.
[*] The DM rolls 1d100+1 Marlina & gets 3.
[*] The DM rolls 1d100+1 #1 Taikris & gets 90.
[*] The DM rolls 1d100+2 #1 Taikris & gets 81.
[*] The DM rolls 1d100+1 Solinox & gets 4.
Taikris: [Inari... I HATE you]
Solinox smexes Inari.)
Marlina Evenstar: [Ouch... That's just... Wrong. o.o]
[*] The DM rolls 1d8+12 Frode & gets 15.
[*] The DM rolls 1d8+12 /2 Marlina & gets 18.
[*] The DM rolls 1d8+12 *2 Taikris & gets 19.
[*] The DM rolls 1d8+12 Taikris & gets 13.
[*] The DM rolls 1d8+12 /2 Solinox & gets 16.

Taikris is down and bleeding muchly

You say, "[You see why I said to transfer Dirk's levels? :-P]"
[ Taikris whispers, "Actually... if Tai dies... Dirk gets his body <.<" to you. ]
[ Rakuro whispers, "Check chat" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[He isn't dying. >>]" to Taikris. ]
[ Taikris whispers, "He is :-P" to you. ]
Rakuro: [Waha! Your puny level transfer has no power here!!]
Ruby Pyralis: [XD]
Rakuro: [Continue >>]
Solinox: (Wait.)
[#] [Good Guys]

Marlina Evenstar despite the minor damage inflicted upon her form, damage that is soon absorbed by the amulet about her neck, twirls about and despite the almost complete lack of shadows, vanishes. The assassin reappears behind the sandwarrior that had just slaughtered her employer, the thinblade flashing before making several rapid stabs at the back of the beast. [Sneak!]

[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d20+12 & gets 18.
[*] The DM rolls 1d20+5 & gets 24.
Marlina Evenstar: [You suck. =/]

[#] The Vaal'dan apparently has home field advantage.

[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+9 & gets 36.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+9 & gets 26.
[#] [2]
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 2d100: (65) (76) = 141.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 2d5+18 & gets 22.
You say, "[You guys handle your init. :-P]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Kal]

Kalannar growls under his breath, having known this situation would pop up at least once. The smallish Drow draws his scimitars readily and makes a mad dash for the nearest Vaal'dan which is no doubt much larger in stature than this Dark Elf. Once his destination is reached, Kalannar presses forward, unleashing a quick succession of slashes toward the chosen enemy.

[*] Kalannar rolls 1d30+5 #1 & gets 29.
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d30+4 #2 & gets 9.
[#] [1]
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d100 & gets 80.
You say, "[No sneak, eh?]"
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d8+7 & gets 13.
Kalannar: [Not in this mail, buddy. -5 to all Sneak rolls.]

Solinox slashes in diagonal arcs at the creature that only managed to abraise his skin, striking with deadly intent for the neck. His 'new' blade seems to leave a more lasting trail than is normal, or is it a trick of the desert heat? (Command: Double-Quick, no effect this turn.)

[*] Solinox rolls 1d30+15 & gets 21.
[*] Solinox rolls 1d30+15 & gets 25.
[*] Solinox rolls 1d30+15 & gets 22.
[#] [1]
[*] Solinox rolls 1d100 & gets 70.
[*] Solinox rolls 2d6+13 & gets 19.
Rakuro: [>< Sorry sorry.. I may have to run off for a little while shortly]
Kalannar: [No. You may not. You're staying. I command it.]
Rakuro: [Tell that to my dad]
Ruby Pyralis tells him.]

[#] Frode seems to take the pain oddly well, only letting out a low grunt as the scimitar sinks into him. He can be heard quietly muttering, "Why are they so close to home..", before heaving up the sand-colored axe and striking right at the neck of the Vaal'dan warrior with the mighty axe dubbed 'Desert Slayer' .

[*] The DM rolls 1d30+10 #1 & gets 15.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+10 #2 & gets 18.
The DM sobs. []
You say, "[Next.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Impressive, desert slayer.]
You say, "[It gives x2 vs all desert monsters. .-.]"
Ruby Pyralis was having printer problems, sorry.]

Ruby Pyralis, as the creatures suddenly burst out of the sand, she immediately reaches for her axe. Once grasped in both paws, she charges forward at the one behind Solinox. With a loud, almost demonic snarl, she unleashes three well-aimed slashes against the creature.

[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+14 & gets 27.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+14 & gets 16.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+14 & gets 33.
You say, "[2]"
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 2d100: (81) (69) = 150.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 3d10+14 & gets 27.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 3d10+14 & gets 27.
Ruby Pyralis: [34]
You say, "[You mean 54]"

Kivae stumbles a step backwards in the sand, her ears going flat, and a low growl rolling along her throat. She curls her handpaw into a fist, and then opens it again, tiny foofs, like dandelion seeds floating out from her fingers. With the sweep of a small breeze carrying scents in contrast to the dry, sandy desert airflows, one such seed is sped towards the Vaal'dan by Marlina, small enough to be inhaled without thought. [3/3, Poison]

[*] Kivae rolls 1d30+11 & gets 35.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+5 & gets 33.
Rakuro: [HRT]
Ruby Pyralis: [Oops.]
Ruby Pyralis: [<3]
You say, "[How much damage does he take per turn?]"
Kivae: [Um.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Preps*2]
Kivae: [24]
You say, "[No. Level factors in.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Oh.]
You say, "[On his turn, yes?]"
Kivae: [After his turn, yeah. :P]
[#] [Continuing.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Chloe]
Ruby Pyralis: [Marl, Kal, Frode, Sol, Ruby, Kiv, Chloe]
Chloe May: (Crap.)
Chloe May: (I pasted over my post to give Rak the order. xo)
Ruby Pyralis: [;.;]

Chloe May runs over quickly to the fallen Monk, hopefully to catch him in time. Praying deeply in celestial, a light would take over the dying one's body, shining brighter and brighter as she grew deeper in prayer. Finally opening her eyes, she awaited to see if he was going to open his eyes once again. (2/2) (Stabalize.)

[*] Chloe May rolls 1d30+14 & gets 31.
Chloe May: (Yay. ^^)
[#] Taikris dies.

Rakuro repeats his previous gesture, his target still the same, the spell nearly, but not quite, identical. This time the flashing funnel of wind streaks across the ground until it reaches the sandscout, at which point it explodes upward with a hopefully devestating effect [4/4 Evo]
[*] Rakuro rolls 1d30+10 & gets 13.
Rakuro is a failure as a mage and goes to make a sandwich

[#] Sand more than likely gets into Rakuro's eyes.

[#] As previously, the Vaal'dan warriors remain locked onto their first targets. Perhaps out of instincts, or a 'chosen kill' state of mind. Frode seems to be doing well with his alone, and the one that has taken down Taikris turns its sights on Rakuro, springing over the fallen corpse to get at the mage.

Marlina Evenstar: [^^;]
The DM baps. xP []
You say, "[Mah dolleys.]"
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #1 Frode & gets 31.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #2 Frode & gets 41.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #3 Frode & gets 42.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #1 Marlina & gets 14.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #2 Marlina & gets 41.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #3 Marlina & gets 40.
Marlina Evenstar: [Owie.]
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #1 Rakuro & gets 38.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #2 Rakuro & gets 19.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #3 Rakuro & gets 13.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #1 Solinox & gets 20.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #2 Solinox & gets 17.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #3 Solinox & gets 31.
Rakuro: [God bless the increased AC! 1 on me]
You say, "[3 on Frode.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [2 On Marlina.]
You say, "[How many times was Marl hit last round?]"
Marlina Evenstar: [1]
You say, "['Kay.]"
You say, "[Sol?]"

Solinox parries all the but the last attack, using his blade to the full extent of its momentum.

Marlina Evenstar: [Why? <.<;;]
Ruby Pyralis: [It adds severity.]
[*] The DM rolls 1d100+2 Frode & gets 102.
[*] The DM rolls 1d100+3 Frode & gets 89.
[*] The DM rolls 1d100+4 Frode & gets 9.
Ruby Pyralis knows all.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Holy f*ck.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Goodbye Mister Frode.]
The DM baps Ru. []
Kalannar: [Because their scimitars get +1 Severity for every succesful hit.]
Ruby Pyralis: [It was obvious xP]
[ Rakuro whispers, "...Holy shit.. the severity bonus stacks for the whole battle? o_o" to you. ]

[I loved giving terrifying gimmicks to my baddies. The Vaal'dan chose one target and stuck with it... because each time they successfully hit you, their severity went up. If the battle dragged long, the chance of deathblows steadily increased. And if you didn't kill all Vaal'dan on the battlefield, more and more would continuously appear.]

[*] The DM rolls 1d100+2 Marl & gets 61.
[*] The DM rolls 1d100+3 Marl & gets 39.
[*] The DM rolls 1d100+1 Rakuro & gets 94.
[*] The DM rolls 1d100+2 Solinox & gets 29.

Rakuro is fukt.. nevermind Frodeo of the Desert Ring. He's the unimportant mage >>.. everyone loves the wolfen?

[*] The DM rolls 1d8+12 *10 Frode & gets 19.
[*] The DM rolls 1d8+12 Frode & gets 19.
[*] The DM rolls 1d8+12 /2 Frode & gets 18.

[#] Frode is KO'd. (Hey, it rhymes.)

[*] The DM rolls 2d8+24 Marlina & gets 28.
[*] The DM rolls 1d8+12 *2 Rakuro & gets 20.
[*] The DM rolls 1d8+12 Solinox & gets 16.

Marlina Evenstar again absorbs damage like a sponge with water, though the amulet finally dulls and relatively permanent injuries appear.

Kivae: [The sandscout rolling to resist? :x]
[#] Desert Slayer remains on the ground, for note. Next?
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+5 & gets 17.
Taikris: [Shall return later]
Ruby Pyralis: [Bai]
Taikris poofles

[#] The Sandwarrior continues to be poisoned

Marlina Evenstar again moves about with an almost magical stealth, appearing now behind the sandwarrior attacking the axe-weilding mage, deciding that perhaps this one would be more susceptible to being stabbed in the back by the ebon thinblade. She hesitates only a few moments as another of her companions is attacked ruthlessly by the warriors. [Sneak.]

[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d20+12 & gets 22.
[*] The DM rolls 1d20+5 & gets 18.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+15 & gets 26.

[#] The sandwarrior is too busy licking Frode's blood from his scimitar.

[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+9 & gets 21.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+9 & gets 12.
[#] [1]
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d100 Weedlenose! & gets 66.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d5+15 *3 & gets 16.
Marlina Evenstar: [48]

Kalannar continues the siege without relent, breaking into another quick set of well-targeted slashes at his enemy's torso, one horizontal across the abdomen, the other horizontal toward the neck of the Vaal'dan warrior in hopes of leaving a lethal mark on the enemy.

[*] Kalannar rolls 1d30+5 & gets 31.
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d30+4 & gets 8.
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d100 Varunia! & gets 75.
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d8+7 & gets 12.
Ruby Pyralis: [Marl, Kal, Frode, Sol, Ruby, Kiv, Chloe]

[#] Frode is bleeding. Badly.

Solinox decides to offers some assistance to the battle mage. Letting the demon and the drow deal with his previous target. With a few quickly-placed steps, he gains momentum for a leap forward between the ranger and the mage, barreling down upon the sand warrior with a series of (well, for a greatsword...) impossibly fast attacks that strike at precise areas on his anatomy. (Double-Quick, +1 attack/prep to all party members.)

Rakuro: [Chunky Mage needs food badly!]
[*] Solinox rolls 1d30+15 & gets 42.
[*] Solinox rolls 1d30+15 & gets 37.
[*] Solinox rolls 1d30+15 & gets 26.
[*] Solinox rolls 1d30+15 & gets 32.
You say, "[4]"
[*] Solinox rolls 4d100: (42) (94) (47) (26) = 209.
[*] Solinox rolls 2d6+13 & gets 22.
[*] Solinox rolls 2d6+13 *2 & gets 16.
[*] Solinox rolls 2d6+13 & gets 22.
[*] Solinox rolls 2d6+13 & gets 18.
Solinox: (94.)
Ruby Pyralis: [Marl, Kal, Frode, Sol, Ruby, Kiv, Chloe]

Ruby Pyralis continues her attacks against the creature, hissing out in an inverted tongue at the beast. Of course, not many furres would know what she's saying, but that's for the best. Either way, she unleashes another three, no FOUR, well-aimed blows for the beast's chest.

[#] Vaal'dan #3 is out of comission.

[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+14 & gets 29.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+14 & gets 36.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+14 & gets 35.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+14 & gets 28.
You say, "[4]"
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 4d100: (76) (17) (7) (67) = 167.
Ruby Pyralis: [o-o]
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 6d10+28 & gets 81.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 6d10+28 /2 & gets 72.
Ruby Pyralis: [117]
Kalannar: [Aw, only...]

[#] Vaal'dan #4 is out too.

Ruby Pyralis: [Marl, Kal, Frode, Sol, Ruby, Kiv, Chloe]
Ruby Pyralis: [Kiv]

Kivae, although her handpaw is open, the other several seeds of floof remain drifting in loose circles around her palm. After a moment, Kivae, shifting around to stare in the other direction, one but of fluff floating up on another breeze, again headed for the creature with the least attackers, and by the dying furre. >.> [4/4 Poison, The one by Marl]

[*] Kivae rolls 1d30+11 & gets 13.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+5 & gets 31.

[#] Homefield advantage, baby. Your magics don't work here.

Marlina Evenstar: [I can't help but feel Kivae's trying to get me.]
Rakuro: [She's coming for yoooouuu]
Kivae: [I have no power over them. ;-;]
Ruby Pyralis: [Marl, Kal, Frode, Sol, Ruby, Kiv, Chloe]
You say, "[Chloe? >.>]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Choe Pai]

Chloe May notices that Rakuro had taken quite a bit of damage, and seeing how usually mages fall, she decides not to take any chances and walkes over to him. "H-Here, hope it does you some help." Smiling, she placed a paw against his shoulder and attempted to heal the magical canine that drinks tea!(4/4) Nodding to Solinox. "Th-Thankyou for your help!"
[*] Chloe May rolls 1d30+14 & gets 34.
[*] Chloe May rolls 4d15+18 & gets 54.

Rakuro feels, like, eleventybagajillion times better HRT
Rakuro does, in fact, get sand in his eyes, but as Solinox leaps to his aid with a pseudo-magical battlecry he feels his spirits lifted.. along with magical power. With the strength of an archmage he conjures a spinning funnel of wind once more, sending it streaking forward at the other Sandscout in front of him with a high pitched shriek. Should it strike the scout, it would literally explode in a sphere of invisible energy, sending sand cascading over the beast and hopefully doing lots and lots of damage ^^ [5/5 Standard Evocation]

[#] A low rumble can be felt beneath the sand.. (?)

Rakuro: [oh gnoes]
[*] Rakuro rolls 1d30+10 & gets 22.

[#] (To divine out what it is, preps 3 BCR 20, if curious.) (Miss)

[#] Despite their two fallen allies, the Sand Warriors actually seem to be.. fighting on with continued vigor, and seem especially happy as the rumbles start. The one that was after Frode turns its sights on Marlina, yet the one that was at Rakuro continues carving away at the mage like a Jack-O-Lantern.

[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #1 Marlina & gets 20.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #2 Marlina & gets 32.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #3 Marlina & gets 42.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #1 Rakuro & gets 16.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #2 Rakuro & gets 42.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #3 Rakuro & gets 40.
[*] The DM rolls 1d100+1 Marl & gets 28.
[*] The DM rolls 1d100+2 Marl & gets 64.
[*] The DM rolls 1d100+2 Rakuro & gets 4.
[*] The DM rolls 1d100+3 Rakuro & gets 59.
[*] The DM rolls 2d8+24 Marlina & gets 37.
[*] The DM rolls 1d8+12 /2 Rak & gets 14.
[*] The DM rolls 1d8+12 Rakuro & gets 16.
Marlina Evenstar: [Two of the scouts are down?]
You say, "[Yus.]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Yah.]
Marlina Evenstar: [One of them being the bloke Marl can still sneak? =/]
You say, "[Yup.]"
You say, "[The one in front of Rak is undamaged.]"
[#] [For note, -1 CON to all unprotected as well.]

Marlina Evenstar despite her accumulating injuries, again vanishes into thick desert heat blasting desert air to reappear behind the warrior that she had injured upon her previous assault. Despite her weakening from the sun, she doesn't relent in her stabbing actions inflicted upon the vile warrior of sand.

[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+9 & gets 21.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+9 & gets 30.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+9 & gets 38.
You say, "[2]"
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 2d100: (12) (60) = 72.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d5+9 /2 & gets 13.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d5+9 & gets 13.
Marlina Evenstar: [19]
[#] [Kal]

[Ever wondered what Kalannar was saying in any of these logs? ]

Kalannar cracks his neck to the side, ignoring the heat as he glances about, feeling the light rumble, ".. Vel'bol.. nindel h'ros tlu bwael..." He looks to the others, and pays no heed to the feeling for now. He very simply charges over toward the nearest Vaal'dan warrior and breaks into a quickly timed swirl motion, engaging a spin-slash directed at the sand warrior's vital chest areas.

[*] Kalannar rolls 1d30+5 & gets 27.
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d30+4 & gets 15.
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d30+5 & gets 25.
Kalannar ... probably hits nothing.
[#] [Since it may be relevant within this turn on the next, currently on the ground are: x1 Undamaged Scimitar, x1 Desert Slayer, x1 Taikris, x1 Frode.]
[#] [2]
Marlina Evenstar: [Is Frode enchanted?]
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d100 Varunia! & gets 57.
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d100 Lloth! & gets 20.
Ruby Pyralis: [He gives +1 to all stats when eaten.]
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d8+7 & gets 13.
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d8+7 & gets 10.
[#] Frode has four turns to live. Next.
Marlina Evenstar: [Cool.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Marl, Kal, Frode, Sol, Ruby, Kiv, Chloe]
Ruby Pyralis: [Sol]

Solinox attacks the creature that's giving the mage trouble, sending a couple of swift slashes towards his vulnerable collar and thrusting with a pommel strike for the forehead. (Double Quick, no effect this turn.)

[*] Solinox rolls 1d30+15 & gets 25.
[*] Solinox rolls 1d30+15 & gets 30.
[*] Solinox rolls 1d30+15 & gets 16.
You say, "[2]"
[*] Solinox rolls 2d100 isajeep: (51) (20) = 71.
[*] Solinox rolls 2d6+13 & gets 19.
[*] Solinox rolls 2d6+13 /2 & gets 23.
Solinox: (30)

Ruby Pyralis, upon witnessing the beast drop after her assault, quickly regains herself and literally leaps backward, skidding a foot or so in the sand before charging at the beast that knocked out Frode. With another demonic snarl, she releases three blows for the beast's chest area.

Ruby Pyralis: [Delete Frode]
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+14 & gets 41.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+14 & gets 21.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+14 & gets 39.
[#] [2]
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 2d100: (96) (60) = 156.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 3d10+14 *2 & gets 31.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 3d10+14 & gets 30.
Ruby Pyralis: [91]
Ruby Pyralis: [92*]

[#] The Sand Warrior is obliterated.

Kivae is a touch worried at the rumblings beneath her feet, and then further at their increased energy, lashing her tail. But in the middle fight, it's really not common sense to be checking these things. (even if they're dead, or whatever) As such, she pads quickly across the sand, kicking it up as she goes, to kneel by Frode, checking for the worst of the wounds, and attempt to lessen them, keep more blood from spilling. [3/2]

[*] Kivae rolls 1d30+12 & gets 32.
Chloe May: (Yay!)
[#] [Chloe]

Chloe May runs over to Marlina, seeing that the ranger wasn't looking too good. "Don't worry.. It-It'll be fine.." Smiling weakly, she raised a scroll infront of her, raising her paw into it and withdrawing it's power. Then as her paw let off an aura of light, she placed it against the femme's shoulder, and prayed in the Holy language of Celestial. Opening her eyes once, she looked to see if it had worked. (6/6)(+Holy Rubric) She was going to have to deal with Frode once she was sure everyone was okay, but it seemed Kivae had the hang of that, yay! ^^ (5/5)

Kalannar: [Chloooeee Paaaaiii.]
[*] Chloe May rolls 1d30+14 & gets 40.
[*] Chloe May rolls 5d15+19 & gets 58.
Marlina Evenstar: [Spiffin'.]

Marlina Evenstar is now completely healed, though the amulet remains dim.

Rakuro's ears twitch at the first faint rumbling noises, but as they still seem far enough away to not eat him at the moment his vicious magical assault on the sandscout continues in full force.. though the swifty double-quick effect has faded. Um.. yea.. it's kind of general blowing-up-ness. [4/4]

[*] Rakuro rolls 1d30+10 & gets 36.
You say, "[Hit]"
[*] Rakuro rolls d100 Non-existant diety HRT & gets 13.
Ruby Pyralis: [;.;]
[*] Rakuro rolls 4d12+30 (asshole) & gets 60.

[#] The source of the rumbles suddenly make themselves known. By that, what is implied is two further Sand Warriors burst through the tunnel, one for Kivae and one for Chloe.

Chloe May: (omh i dun lyk u)

[#] And with that, the sandwarriors continues to carve up Rakuro, while the new Vaal'den strike out at the other magic casters.

[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #1 Rakuro & gets 40.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #2 Rakuro & gets 34.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #3 Rakuro & gets 29.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #1 Chloe & gets 21.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #2 Chloe & gets 36.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #3 Chloe & gets 13.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #1 Kivae & gets 13.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #2 Kivae & gets 40.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+12 #3 Kivae & gets 14.
Kivae: [1 o.o]
Rakuro: [3]
[#] [Currently on the ground: x2 Undamaged Scimitars, x1 Desert Slayer, x1 Taikris, x1 Frode.]
Chloe May: (1.)
[*] The DM rolls 1d100+4 Rakuro & gets 12.
[*] The DM rolls 1d100+5 Rakuro & gets 55.
[*] The DM rolls 1d100+6 Rakuro & gets 84.
[*] The DM rolls 1d100+1 Kivae & gets 98.
[*] The DM rolls 1d100+1 Chloe & gets 84.
[*] The DM rolls 1d8+12 /2 Rak & gets 14.
[*] The DM rolls 2d8+24 Rakuro & gets 35.
[*] The DM rolls 1d8+12 *2 Kiv & gets 20.
[*] The DM rolls 1d8+12 Chloe & gets 15.
[#] [DM's note: 2 Vaal'dan will appear every other round from this round onwards.]

[Who doesn't love endless waves of enemies? Everyone could have grinded to level 99 here.]

Marlina Evenstar nods briefly in the direction of the Cleric, her only indication of thanks before more of the sand bastards appeared, behind the helpful healer, and with that in mind once again her form shimmers before reappearing behind that aforementioned attacker of the holy, dagger plunging down in a particularily vindictive manner. [Sneak] In her most matter of fact voice, she finally speaks, "Perhaps we'd best be gettin' out of here, yes?"

[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d20+12 Inari & gets 31.
[*] The DM rolls 1d20+5 & gets 18.
Marlina Evenstar: [Level 14 or under? ^^]
You say, "[Actually, yes, level 14.]"
Chloe May: (That's what I am, too. :-D)
[ Kivae whispers, ".. >.> Can I make the sand start to swallow up the Vaal'dan by me with indirect casting, or try? xD" to you. ]
Marlina Evenstar: [Sweet.]
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+15 & gets 27.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+9 & gets 27.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+9 & gets 22.
[ You whisper "[Sure, preps 4 BCR 25.]" to Kivae. ]

Kalannar, seemingly satisfied with the events as they're unfolding, he sheaths one of his own scimitars, and grabs up one of the fallen enemy's scimitars, eyeing the blade up just as more Vaal'dan break their way through the sand. He curses in Drow as he spits to the side, sighting the new arrivals. He looks toward the group and raises his voice to address the group, "Escaping would be wise!" With that, he prepares to bolt, waiting for the others, first, though. [Pass? Flee?]

Marlina Evenstar: [Hey]
Marlina Evenstar: [2?]
You say, "[2]"
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 2d100: (15) (9) = 24.
Marlina Evenstar: [>.>]
Kalannar: [Oh, my sorry. Thought your rolls were finished.]
[%] Ruby Pyralis just gave Marlina Evenstar a cookie.
You say, "[*5 is still good]"
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d5+15 *7.5 & gets 19.
[%] Kalannar just gave Marlina Evenstar a cookie.
Marlina Evenstar: [=P]
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d5+9 /2 & gets 10.
Marlina Evenstar: [146]
You say, "[4/150 xD]"
Ruby Pyralis: [-patpat-]
Marlina Evenstar: [>.>]
Marlina Evenstar: [You'll pay for this. :-P]
Ruby Pyralis kicks a rock at sandscout. There.]
Marlina Evenstar: [*Ponders sticking a sign on her door saying... 'Gone huntin']
You say, "[Keep it movin'.]"
You say, "[Init?]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Marl, Kal, Frode, Sol, Ruby, Kiv, Chloe]
Kalannar technically already made his post.]
[#] [Sol]

Solinox maneuvres his blade in wide arcs, each attack being followed up by another that seems to come from unlikely angles towards the sand creature's vitals. (Double-Quick, +1 attack/prep)

[*] Solinox rolls 1d30+15 & gets 39.
[*] Solinox rolls 1d30+15 & gets 30.
[*] Solinox rolls 1d30+15 & gets 40.
[*] Solinox rolls 1d30+15 & gets 28.
You say, "[4]"
[*] Solinox rolls 4d100 isajeep: (40) (99) (57) (41) = 237.
[*] Solinox rolls 2d6+13 & gets 22.
[*] Solinox rolls 2d6+13 *2 & gets 21.
[*] Solinox rolls 2d6+13 & gets 18.
[*] Solinox rolls 2d6+13 & gets 20.
Solinox: (102)

[#] The Vaal'dan is killed.

[%] Kalannar just gave Solinox a cookie.
The DM baps Chloe. Droppit. :-P [] [My enemies were pick-upable items. Marlina and Chloe were running around with them, as memory serves.]
Ruby Pyralis: [What ones are still alive?]
Ruby Pyralis: [Just that one?]
You say, "[Kiv/Chloe.s >.>]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Naughty cleric. :-P]
Chloe May: (Spoilt sports.)

Ruby Pyralis watches as the creature falls after her assault, seeming to be on a roll today. However, as two more sandscouts appear, she calls out to anyone within hearing range, "Where are they all coming from?!" Then looking around and narrowing her eyes at the two that just appeared and literally leaping over to their opposite side (with the help of her wings) and unleashing a total of three, no, FOUR blows for the beast in various places.

[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+14 & gets 25.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+14 & gets 29.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+14 & gets 39.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+14 & gets 41.
You say, "4]"
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 4d100: (83) (23) (52) (85) = 243.
You say, "[12d10... bah on you. :P]"
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 12d10+56 Woo! & gets 118.
Chloe May: (Yay. :x)

[#] It lives!

Ruby Pyralis: [Poo on you.]
Kalannar should've stayed so he could finish the damn thing off.]
Chloe May: (;;)
Chloe May: (<3)

Kivae makes a startled, displeased yelp as itemerges, pulling her arms away, and throwing them up to try to take most of the hits. In the same motion she pushes her arms outwards at him, fingers curling and stretching. The sand around the Vaal'dan's feet would take on a decidedly more fluid feeling, hopefully. Whether or not it is successful, she scrambles back to her feet and away from the creature, making faint whimpering noises under her breath. [5/4. Indirect casting]

Kivae: [Sorry. <.<]
[*] Kivae rolls 1d30+11 & gets 40.

[#] The Vaal'dan is instantly sucked down, far down into the quick-sand like ground.

Chloe May decides to help out a bit and attacks the monster that attack her!

[*] Chloe May rolls 1d30+3 & gets 33.
Chloe May: (Yay!)
Solinox resist the urge to make a joke about Kivae having sucked him down.)
Marlina Evenstar: [She got it! o.o]
Chloe May: (Hammer time!)
[*] Chloe May rolls 1d100 & gets 79.
[*] Chloe May rolls 2d4+6 & gets 11.
Chloe May: (Yayayay.)
Kalannar: [What can we say, Sol. She's Summer's ripest strawberry.]
Marlina Evenstar: [She killed it. o.o]

[#] The last Vaal'dan dies, and as such, the rumbling halts. Only to to start back up, but away from the group. [Battle Over]

Kivae: [You guys suck. :-P Go Chloe. ^^]
Chloe May: (n_n)
Ruby Pyralis: [WOO WOO :O]

Rakuro's ears twitch and, without even noticing that the scout in front of him lies dead, he whirls about and literally leaps to Kivae's side.. sure, she's doing just fine on her own, but he's protective.. as, apparently, all the sandscouts now lie dead, of course, he merely looks about himself carefully, paws at the ready not to cast spells, but to rend flesh

Solinox notes that Chloe should have rolled two attacks :P)
[%] Kivae just gave Chloe May a cookie.
[*] Chloe May rolls 1d30+3 & gets 20.
Marlina Evenstar: [No Kivae, you suck, they just are losers. :-P]
Chloe May: (No I shouldn't.)
Chloe May: (<< >>)

Kalannar approaches the others once more, sheathing his free scimitar, and taking time to examine the Vaal'dan blade he carries more closely.

[#] Kalannar took x1 Undamaged Scimitar (?). One remains. Taikris and Frode gradually come to consciousness, but are still badly injured. The battlemage mutters, "We should have fled for.. for Home. Wards are up to prevent their attacks, we.. have had difficulty with them before."

Marlina Evenstar needs no more weapons, is more weapon than woman now. =/

Kivae: [You were woman? *ducks*]

[You can tell everyone was such good friends because of how much we teased each other. Also the fact that this is how we spent half our Halloween.]

Kalannar is a Drow. He can never have enough weapons.

[#] Divination is preps 2, BCR 20.

Marlina Evenstar kicks Kivae, undodgeable. (Item effect)]
Ruby Pyralis is charismatic. Never seems to get attacked.]

Chloe May breathes heavily, wiping some blonde hair fur out of her face. Not used to battling, she smiled lightly, even if she did kill something, she had also protected other. "I-I'm glad.. It's over." Sitting down, she almost forgot about the terrible heat reigning over the desert.

Rakuro hisses out faintly.. "Right then... grab what you can. We leave now.. if memory serves, we travel south and then east. We'll reach Home and we can recover there". Notice how he doesn't ask Frode's permission to use his home? :-P

[#] [-1 CON to all unprotected.]

Marlina Evenstar always attacks Ruby when she hosts. :-P

Kalannar stands in Rakuro's shadow. And is therefore protected.

[#] Frode doesn't mind, as it isn't his home, but Tilay's. Regardless, he picks up his weapon and stumbles along after the mage.

Rakuro's shadow is indeed still in effect, his player having been regularly subtracting preps from his store.. and that's part of the reason for wanting to go to Home :-D.. with a quick look towards those around him, he heads south

Marlina Evenstar crouches down then, examining the sand as again she feels significantly weakened from the sun, while in the process of doing this she comments to the cleric, "So yeh prime's-flauntin' lot are decent with that trinket yer to be carryin' around, neh?"

Kivae would usually shrug, and say something about how they defeated them anyway, but is too busy looking pathetic about actually having been hit, for once. She eyes the manipulated spot of sand with a wrinkled nose, and then nods. Her handpaws run across either arm's wounds, healing. [3/3]

[#] [If you're waiting for EXP, it will be addressed later in topic. :-P]

Rakuro calls over his shoulder, "Hurry up, the rest of you. We don't know how many more of those things are out here"

Chloe May smiles a bit to Marl's compliment. "I-I guess.." Then she quickly tried to catch up with the group, out of breath as it is. "You were a much better fighter than I, though." She called back to Marlina.

Marlina Evenstar finds something wrong with having to give out her candy at the ring of a bell... ... <.<;;]
Kivae: [We made a big polygon. o.o]

Rakuro flops down outside, leaning back against the vase with closed eyes... "Damn scouts.." is the only thing he utters before, strangely enough, he seems to.. fall asleep?

Marlina Evenstar: [Oh gnoes, a sandscout!]
Marlina Evenstar: [Two!]

[#] Frode, as he passes the fountain by, brings out a small vial beneath his cloak and dips it within the fountain. From there, he drinks from the water, and his wounds all but vanish over the course of five minutes. Once inside, he calls out to the group, "Help yourself. The fountain is not for appearance alone."

Marlina Evenstar though weary, does not appear physically injured.

Kalannar heads to the fountain and takes his hood off, followed by pulling down his face-cloth. He dowses his face with water and likewise drinks from the fountain. He then takes a seat by Rakuro and eyes the scimitar he found.. then somewhat idly holds it out toward the mage.

Chloe May moves over to the fountain, drinking some of the water, as she was mildly hurt. "Th-Thankyou, Frode.. Is your Mistress here?" She smiles, feeling much better after drinking the healing water.

Rakuro murmers something quietly to himself, then adds in a louder voice, "I suggest we all wait here for the day.. I'm afraid I cannot hold my shadow much longer, and the wounds of the battle will undoubtedly leave me a bit stiff for an hour or so". With a flick of his wrist, he also casts one last spell for the day [2/2]
[*] Rakuro rolls 1d30+10 & gets 21.

You say, "[Within 'Home' it feels like walking through Ansteorra. :-P]"
You say, "[A nice, easy climate.]"
Rakuro: [I know. I'm talking about travelling through the desert without me regaining preps :-D]
Kivae: [I think he's divining? >.>]
You say, "[Oh, right.]"
Kalannar: [Si, stats for the scimitar I gots?]
Rakuro: [And yes, divining]

[#] Slithroat Scimitar: To the untrained eye in the desert sands would be little more than just part of the sand dune you're walking over, as such those crossing the desert don't even have the time to scream before they find themselves lacking a head. Solid, grainy brown with a jagged blade. One-Handed. [1d8 Damage, +1 severity. For every additional successful attack made on an opponent, the severity goes up by 1 point. If the target is changed or the target is killed, severity reverts back to +1. Only natural 100's count as *10, unnatural 100+ give *3 damage.] [Item Bonus: 2]
[#] [Oh, yes, +2 to sneak rolls in the desert only.]

Kivae examines her arms for scratches she missed, frowning faintly. When she finds none, she merely shrugs to Rakuro, and slumps down in the grass, ears back.

[#] Frode, after gathering various potions, heads outside of the house and to the group sitting around, frowning as he does so. "A few hours I can manage to wait, but please, not an entire day. Every day we wait could be another day without food or water for her.."

Rakuro promptly goes back to his deep resting, legs crossed, paws lying limply across his knees, eyes closed, breath deep and slow.. the only extra comment he affords Frode is, "If your lady Tilay is half a Valanthian mage she's still alive"

Marlina Evenstar should drop out now, and shoot some goblins before seeking a massive hangover to start the work week off.

Ruby Pyralis takes a seat near the door, rubbing at the bottoms of her pads... which strangely enough haven't been burned by the sand. Yay for heat resistance. However, she is certainly sore from walking around in sand.

Rakuro, due to the fact that he may have to leave in half an hour, assumes a resting period takes place, his preps/HP are refilled, and they can continue on their quest without further RP interruptions :-P

Rakuro: [Unless.. everyone else has to go too <<.. in which case now is a good stopping point..]
[#] [Quest Completion Status: 60/75%]
Rakuro: [60 out of 75....]
Marlina Evenstar: [How the hell do you have out of 75%? :-P]
Ruby Pyralis is sleepy.]
[#] [Er, 60-75*]
Chloe May: (x3)
Rakuro: [That'd be confusing if it didn't make sense]
Kivae needs to get into costume and meet someone within 20 minutes. xP]
Ruby Pyralis needs a shower to get this makeup off.]
[#] [We don't need to freeze here, though who still want to stay IC can.
[#] [Just RP in Home. :-P
Chloe May: (I'm kinda sleepy, but Tomorrow is the day before we go back to school. .-. No late nights. :/)
Ruby Pyralis: [I have Mon-Wed as half days, then Thu-Fri off.]
You say, "[Those keeping up with their maps, IM them to me x)]"
Rakuro: ]afk a moment]
Kalannar: [Right now, the only days I work next week are Tuesday and Wednesday, both days 10 AM - 2 PM. So, I'm pretty much good.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Phah, I have Mon-Fri 8:00-4:00 :-P]
Rakuro has school every.. bloody... day....]
Kivae: [Even weekends? o-o]
Rakuro: [damn trick-or-treaters are starting to show up. *shuts off lights* Well.. no.. not weekends... but I have homework on weekends]
[#] [What days are best for everyone?]
Marlina Evenstar: [Any day, I have no life.]
Rakuro: [Any day, honestly :-P]
Kivae: [;-; Poor trick or treaters.. ]
Solinox: (Thursday and Wednesday = nosir)
You say, "[.. tomorrow? :-P]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Trick-or-treaters will be shot, survivors will be shot again.]
Solinox: (As long as it's not late.)
Rakuro: [*once screamed at a trick or treater right when he opened the door.. just jerked it open and went "GARAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!".... poor kid screamed and ran away*]
Kivae: [4:45 FST is the earliest I'm on. >.>]
Ruby Pyralis: [Tomorrow, any time 2FST-5FST as a starting time]
Kalannar: [XP for the day? Or is that not coming yet?]
You say, "[Okay. So we start tomorrow at 5 FST.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Sure.]
You say, "[XP for the day is being listed on topic. x)]"
Rakuro: [Sounds good]
Ruby Pyralis: [Kay.]
You say, "[>.>]"
You say, "[Has any quest required resuming 3 times?]"
Rakuro: [A few of the good ones, yea]
Marlina Evenstar: [Path's.]
You say, "[o.o;"
The DM AFFs to type topic. []
Rakuro: [...Oh gosh.. I can't remember his name for some reason. Starts with a T, went out with Lexire? >>]
You say, "[Ty'ahel]"
Kivae goes to get her costume, then..]
Rakuro: [Yea. His Freeform quest, from which I got my Werewolfness, resumed four times and still wasn't finished]
You say, "[Those who want to keep RPing can, for note. xP"
Ruby Pyralis doesn't wanna xD]
Rakuro is actually heading out for a bit.. maybe even the night <<]
Rakuro makes phone call]
Rakuro: [Yup. I'm gonna be heading out in around 15 minutes or so]
Kalannar likes Ruby's wings. HRT]
Rakuro luffs on Ruby's wings]
Rakuro can't reach Rubeh's wings for luffing ;_;]
Kalannar luffs on his armor.]
Rakuro decided he looks terrible has everything but Classies, Bats, and maybe Phoe]
Solinox smexes Ruby's wings through the window.)
[#] [For note.]
[#] [Who took the second Slitthroat Scimitar?]
Rakuro did]
You say, "['Kay.]"

Rakuro ponders working his magic of item alteration on the Mithril Helm... to turn it into some kind of Mithril... earband or something.. <<
Rakuro, for now, contents himself with wiggling his ears through the unfamiliar ear holes

Kalannar, for now, contents himself with admiring the wyrmmescale mail.

[#] [Posted]
You say, "[Oh, yes, if you want to know what the scrolls/potions are and you have them just IM me.]"
The DM tacks on completion. []
Kalannar: [I am tickled.][
You say, "[After two days you all still haven't even went over 1/2 of the desert, too. >.o]"
You say, "[Why?]"
Kalannar: [The XP.]
Rakuro: [Blegh.. I'm off]
You say, "[Later, Rak. x)]"
You say, "[And why? You leveled, Kal?]"
Rakuro: [Later folks! *pops*]
Kalannar: [I don't think. *adds up.]
[ You whisper "[Turn your music on, d00d.]" to Zagnafein Silverleaf. ]
Kalannar: [I'm 24 XP from my next level, though.]
You say, "[What are you at now? >.>]"
[ Zagnafein Silverleaf whispers, "[Don't hear anything yet.]" to you. ]
You say, "@music"
[ Zagnafein Silverleaf whispers, "Oh you have to be shitting me." to you. ]
Kalannar: [Level 8. Obviously, 24 XP from now I'll be at level 9.]
[ You whisper "[Mm?]" to Zagnafein Silverleaf. ]
Zagnafein Silverleaf bellydances.
[ You whisper "[What, Cyan's theme? :P]" to Zagnafein Silverleaf. ]
Kalannar: [Hey, Zag.]
[ Zagnafein Silverleaf whispers, "Cyan's theme =! Arabian. :P" to you. ]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: ['Sup.]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: HAHA MULTICOLORED DROW.[]
Kalannar: [I'm 24 XP from level 9.]
Kalannar cries.]
[ You whisper "[It's good desert wandering music. :P]" to Zagnafein Silverleaf. ]
[ Zagnafein Silverleaf whispers, "[I've got better. But it's not .midi. :P]" to you. ]
[ Zagnafein Silverleaf whispers, "Zagnafein Silverleaf has a large soundtrack for his D&D sessions." to you. ]
Kalannar rejoices. So close. So quickly, too. o.o;]
You say, "[I'm gonna idle now.]"
You say, "[Because DMing is tiring. Though fun.]"
The DM fwumps.
Solinox: (y helo thar)
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [I'm going back to Ansteorra.]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [SEE YOU SUCKAS LATER]
Solinox: (butsehcs? LOLOL)
Solinox: (fien)
Ruby Pyralis scrolls.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Don't smex my wings D:]
Ruby Pyralis: [They are invite only :-D]
Kalannar: [You're one of my ladies. I get automatic invite. >D]
Kalannar smooches Ruby. HRT]
Ruby Pyralis: [x3]
Ruby Pyralis: [Let's all go back to the dream.]
Solinox goes to sleep.)

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[#] [Should we go ahead despite Marl and Dirk being absent or.. what?]
Rakuro: [Give 'em a minute or two more while I gather a few things together ^^;]
Kivae says RPing the break for a few minutes while we wait?]
Rakuro agrees with Kib]
Rakuro: Kiv*]
The DM agrees with Summer's Ripest Strawberry. HRT []
You say, "@music"
Ruby Pyralis: [New song o_o]
You say, "[What do you mean?]"
Rakuro hears the music for once!]
Chloe May: (New song.. << >>)
You say, "[Ah, snap. xD Wrong song]"
Chloe May: (It's scary!)
You say, "[Turn music off]"
You say, "@music2"
You say, "[Okay. DS.sux]"
Rakuro: [xD]
Chloe May: (xP)
Ruby Pyralis: [Type it again]
Rakuro: [Battle music. Huzzah!]
Ruby Pyralis: [It worked for a sec.]
You say, "[It starts to play the first, but cuts to the second.]"
Kalannar: [The final battle from Final Fantasy IV to be exact. Zeromus.]
Kalannar jams.]
Chloe May: (This means there's a boss battle. .-.)
You say, "[Or I was just testing new music. xP]"
Kalannar: [No, it just means you're gonna get eaten.]

[#] Frode emerges from the house after an hour of rummaging through things absently, from staring through the Sun Seal that hangs down from beneath one of the windows to gathering out various potions from the chest at the end of the bed. Though, he pays no attention to the unusual wrapped up dagger that sits on the dresser. Finally, his patience wears away, however, and as such he exits the house and speaks with a pleading tone, "Can we -please- depart now, Sir Mage? I can't contact her with mindspeak, divination holds nothing and she should have been able to teleport back here in an emergency. Something has to have gone wrong."

Rakuro's eyes slowly open and he casts a cursory glance at the desert mage before straightening up.. "Right then". He casts another glance around the area and calls out in a voice loud enough to be heard by everyone, "Everyone on your feet. We're moving out! I don't pretend to know perfectly, but I believe our next movement should be for the last circled X"

Rakuro turns his attention back on Frode and smiles.. almost pleasantly "We're going there, and then we can explore the rest of what you have circled, as obviously nothing was at the rocks. We're also adventurers, not concerned citizens.. if your Lady Tilay is still alive, we may find her.. but we still have our own reasons for being here"

Kivae starts faintly at the louder voice, but makes it to her feet, looking a touch more disheveled than usual, as she had fallen into the grass for a quick nap. "It's somewhere to start, in the circle." She offers as explanation to Frode.

Kele-De yawns, stretching her arms up as she gets to her footpaws. She runs a paw through her headfur, then plaits it quickly, tying it back with a leather thong. She nudges Ruby lightly then and smiles at her. "Ready to go?"

Rakuro: [( '< o o o o o o]

[Oh, right. Kele's here now. I didn't really mind people assuming they joined my multi-day quests mid-quest. Some people cycled out and in, depending on their availability. I... always wanted to have as many people as possible on my quests, if the jam-packed screenshots from the Tower of Trials are any indication.]

Chloe May slowly opens her eyes, yawning some. "S-Sorry, I must have drifted off.." Smiling, she pushed herself up. "So, we're leaving! Th-That's great, I hope we find this Ms.Tilay, I do care for her saftey." Quickly, she took some of the fountain water in a bottle, hoping that Frode didn't mind; placing them in her bag, she moved over to Rakuro. "Is it a long walk?"

Kivae: [Teamwork!]
[%] Kivae just gave Kele-De a cookie.
[%] Kele-De just gave Kivae a cookie.
Chloe May: make-cokie Chloe
[%] Kivae just gave Chloe May a cookie.

[#] Frode nods absently and pads over to the fountain, his tail fidgeting behind him. "Yes.. yes I suppose that you are right. Thank you for your assistance thus far."

Kivae: [ :-P]
Chloe May: (<3)

Ruby Pyralis, having fallen into a light nap, wakes with a 'mrf' at the nudge and then nods, "Mhm."

Rakuro nods shortly to Chloe, "Aye. A very long one, I'm afraid. It'll go faster if we move together though. Everyone keep close, eh?". With that he makes a gesture to retie the cloth about his muzzle and head. Thus adorned he begins moving towards the exit of the small villa. "Right then. One south and then straight east. Keep up"

[*] Marlina Evenstar joins you.
[#] And the second to last horse (Marlina) crosses the finish line! []
Rakuro: [1/1 Shadow spell in effect once more directly after leaving]
Marlina Evenstar: [Shuddap. :-P]

Kivae trods close behind Rakuro, after flashing Frode the best she can manage of a reassuring grin.

Chloe May nods some to Rakuro, not quite knowing what to do with herself. "R-Right-o." Moving over to Kele, she nodded, smiling some. "Have a nice s-sleep?"

Kele-De taking her cue from Rak, ties a bit of cloth about her face. She grumbles softly to Ruby, "Wish I'd thought to warm cooler clothes." Nodding toward, Chloe, she begins to move as well. "Aye. Thank you. How'd you sleep, Miss Chloe?"

[ You whisper "[I missed your post]" to Rakuro. ]
[ Rakuro whispers, "Rakuro nods shortly to Chloe, "Aye. A very long one, I'm afraid. It'll go faster if we move together though. Everyone keep close, eh?". With that he makes a gesture to retie the cloth about his muzzle and head. Thus adorned he begins moving towards the exit of the small villa. "Right then. One south and then straight east. Keep up"" to you. ]

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[So... How did Kele get here ICly? :-P]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Been here all along]" to Marlina Evenstar. ]
[ Rakuro whispers, "[And shadow spell in effect once more" to you. ]

Chloe May smiles a bit. "I'm sure you'll do fine, hopefully we'll be leaving the desert shortly if everything goes well. And it's nice to hear you slept well." Nodding some. "I slept fine, thankyou very much!"

[#] The blazing sun has already started to set in the hours that the group had rested in home, and as such worrying about exhausting from the heat is no longer a problem. However, staying out for too long might prove to be a bit of a problem, as you might not be able to find your way back so easily..

Rakuro is happy nonetheless and strikes off across the desert sands with a will! :-D
Rakuro is, of course, willing to do a bit of OOC pausing for those among us who wish to post

Kivae pads after, no longer sticking quite so close to the werenam's heels, instead lightly folding her arms for warmth. "I hope she's not hiding or anything.."

Kalannar follows, beech.

Marlina Evenstar though not going so far as to cover her face with a cloth, does proceed to make several intricate gestures with her right hand, once again shielding her body from the elements as she walks once more on tto the sands, whether the sun was set or not.

Rakuro assumes idling and just walks]
Kivae think they're posting.]
You say, "[>>]"
You say, "[Where are you going?]"
You say, "[The map ends there.]"
Kalannar: [Everyone's following eachother.]
Rakuro: [Whoa o.o... Did I just really, really miss the pillar? Must have]
Chloe May: (What's the map again? ^^)
[#] [To see the map, check the IC forums topic]
[#] [Try to stay together, too.. x.o]
Rakuro: [Ctrl+B = Bad]
You say, "[Ah, there you are]"
Ruby Pyralis is so lost on her map.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Did we pass the X?]
Ruby Pyralis: [Lemme check something, stay here.]

[#] For this stretch of the desert, oddly enough there are no real landmarks to be seen, aside from the occasional cactus..

Kivae: [We went a pillar over while you were gone, Kuro. >.>]
Rakuro: [Oh... Then we've got one more x)]
Rakuro glances at the pillar as they pass, but continues his trudging
Kalannar thinks Rakuro is acting ghey.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Where are we going? xD]
Ruby Pyralis: [X = SW]
Kalannar: [YES! We are the man!]
Marlina Evenstar: [Don't know what to think of that statement.
Marlina Evenstar: ]
Ruby Pyralis: [Around here.]
Chloe May: (On this Map it shows 3 X's left. o_o)

Rakuro stops at the pillar, "Right then.. now we have both landmarks. The buried caravan should be southwestish of here, and once we find it we can strike almost directly north and hang a bit westerly until we reach the oasis. If we don't find Lady Tilay by then... Idon't know what else to say"

[#] The winds, though they were present in the other areas, seem to die out bit by bit up until the current pillar is reached.

Kivae doesn't seem to be bothering to keep track, just watching her feet as they continue plodding across the sands. She nearly runs into Ruby when they stop, but hops back. "What about all the areas to either side? We usually walk in a straight line, and probably couldn't see her.."

Rakuro shoots a look at Frode as the winds suddenly die out, murmering something to himself before asking, "Does this happen often?". As Kivae asks her own question he shrugs faintly, "Do you want me to split up the group?"

Chloe May bites the bottom of her lip. "Oh. I-I don't know how you do it, Rakuro.. This is ever so confusing, as most places look n-near identical." Looking quite worried, she stood close to him and his magically oversized shadow.

[#] Frode doesn't even seem to hear the mage, far too distracted staring about the area aimlessly. "Archmagus Tilay, she.. said she had found something around these parts a few days before she left. Though, she said she wasn't sure what it was.." He answers Rakuro then, by shaking his head.

Rakuro makes a short 'hn' noise at that.. "Well at least we know we're close then. Let's find that last X and then we'll search for her. It's quite a ways away from the pillar, I'm afraid". That said he trudges back the same way they had come several yards before plopping down in the sand and beginning to dig
[#] Success!

Rakuro: [Oh for the love of God ><]
[*] The DM rolls 1d2 & gets 1.
You say, "[Rakuro, you rock.]"
Rakuro: [That's just so wrong]

Kalannar, for once, does not have the hood of his cloak up, being that it is in fact dark out.

Rakuro's claws strike almost immediately on something of note as his inherent canine ability to find long-buried things comes into play >>

Kivae shakes her head, ears going flat. "We'd just never find each other again.. but.. Couldn't we circle inwards.. or fly up, or something?" Only watching as he digs, and standing a step or two back, remembering the last thing they'd found. >.>

[#] Rather than just scrolls in metal tubes littered about or a crate, Rakuro's claws strike into.. one half of a caravan, it seems. Further digging would reveal this caravan buried under the sand to be actually split in half, likely as a result from some creature that hasn't been by here in a long, long time.

Kele-De plods along, rather lost in the sands. Endless plains she can find her way around easily, but in the desert with nothing but sand around, she's helplessly lost. She stands back a bit as Rakuro digs in teh sand, wondering what it was he found.

Rakuro hmms quietly and quickly tries to clear away as much sand as he can manage with his massive paws.. "Well.. it appears this caravan met with about as much luck as--" he cuts off quickly and simply tries to dig inside of the split wagon to locate what he can

Chloe May kneels down near the new discovery, smiling brightly. "Oh, th-this is great. Wow.." Trying to be some help, she took her shovel out, and began plunging it into the ground. The heat obviously effecting her besides Rakuro's fantasic shadow, she held up strong for the time being.

[#] After several minutes of digging, Rakuro's paws would bump into something smooth under the sand. Several things, actually, to a total of six. It would be hard to determine just what they were at first glance, unless they were cleaned off.

Kivae reluctantly edges closer, as what's found doesn't seem to show any signs of wishing to attack. Kicking back sand with her feet, then tossing it behind her with her handpaws.

Rakuro begins to lightly toss them up onto the edge of the hole, calling upward, "Wipe these off for me, will you?". This continues until all six are out of the hole, after which he himself would climb back out

Ruby Pyralis, now that her player is paying attention, heads next to Chloe and kneels down, helping to get the things out of she can. >>;;

Kele-De edges closer and picks up one of the objects off the sands. Using the corner of her cloak, she cleans it off, holding it within her paw to see what it is.

Kivae ducks away from one of the tubes as it's tossed up, but breaks away from her digging (which probably wasn't rather helpful, being at the edge of the pole), to brush the sand off it, scrubbing one with the bottom of her shirt, and sometimes her tail.

Chloe May also takes one of the objects, using the bottom of her dress to wipe around the surface of it. "W-Well done, Rakuro. It's interesting to see what we'll discover." Looking back down to them, she tried to see if it was coming to form anything.

Marlina Evenstar mutters something about the indignities of manual labour, but despite this she soon crouches down, snatching one of the objects and wiping it with a cloth she had procurred from somewhere... Looking about quickly every few moments and calling out 'nasssttyyy thiiievveess' not really, but she does pick it up.

[#] After a bit of cleaning, Kele's object would perhaps be a saddening sight to the Seal Acolyte. A crystal, the kind that usually bears the ripple elemental, only hundreds of years of exposure to the desert climate has long since drained away the life from the spirit within the seal.

[#] Chloe's would be likewise, though a Chill Seal. Marlina's would be perfectly intact, being a Sun Seal.

[#] Kivae's a Ground Seal, intact as well.

Marlina Evenstar snrks, always gets the prize.

[#] The last two are a Blaze and a Mud seal, the mud seal somewhat drained though still having been able to survive in such a place after so many years.

Rakuro's ears spread out to either side as he realizes just what it is they dug up.. "Ah.. I... didn't know they just moved those things about like this..". He scratches at the back of his neck, but unfortunately strikes mithril, so the gesture is wasted. "Well.. everyone just stick them in your pockets. We have a magess to search for"

Kele-De touches the Seal lightly, once she realizes what it is and she sighs softly. Looking about the group, tears lightly shining in her eyes, she quietly asks, "Do you all mind if I look at them and hold on to them all?"

Chloe May wasn't quite too sure what her's was, but knew she recognised it. Looking over to Kele, she noticed her sudden tears for the rocks. Smiling, she passes the lightish blue rock to her. "I-It's very pretty, no?"

Marlina Evenstar blinks as she continues to clean away the sand and dirt marring her acquired crystal, pausing for a few moments only to lift it in such a manner so as to allow the fading rays of sunlight to fall upon it before letting out a dry little laugh before doing as the mage had suggested, remarking to Kele as she does so, "No time to be bein' sittin' around lookin' at pretty gems, were to be savin' a life here, right?"

Kivae turns it over, lightly sniffing at the crystal, and then, at Rakuro's advice, starts to slip it into her pocket- before Kele's words. Her ears flicker back. "If no one else wants them, I don't see why not. But I thought we'd be putting them at the oasis, when we get there, with the other things." Brushing her tail into the sand as Marlina speaks, "We are going to actually search, aren't we?"

[#] Frode turns away from the group as they look over their seals, only recognizing Marlina's as he had a similar one inside his home, though not remarking on their find. He merely murmurs as he looks over the map, "She has to be somewhere around here. I am just.. not entirely sure where."

Kele-De smiles brightly at Chloe as she takes the Seal from her, then turns toward Marl growling faintly. "You've no use for it. I'm only going to put it into my cloak and look at them later." SIghing and not wishing to cause a fight as a young femmes life hangs in thebalance, she gets to her footpaw, sticks the two Seals she has in her cloak then dusts herself off, ready to move once more.

Rakuro nods shortly to Kivae, "Aye. We're certainly going to search. We kind of have to go north, as that's the only area the map still covers, but I'm no good at finding things in very large, open areas. The only thing I can suggest is that we spread out and we all slowly comb the whole area north.. shout if you find anything"

The DM is going to share you all, but only emitloud if it's ICly. :-P []
You are now sharing control of your dream with Kivae.
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You are now sharing control of your dream with Rakuro.
[#] ICly

Kalannar folds his arms loosely, merely watching to continue about their business.

[#] Frode nods towards the mage and calls over at the group, "Please don't wander too far apart, with the sun already setting, you might end up getting lost out here the entire night.."

Kele-De's brows furrow slightly. "Why don't we go in pairs? Just in case anything happens. We'd be safer with a couple of us than just one."

[#] And with that, the BattleMage heads north.

Kivae flickers her ears, then drops her crystal to the sand, giving it a push that rolls it around the hole, and to Kele. "Who gets which area, then?" Followed by a nod to Kele, and Frode. "Maybe you could set up some sort of light at the oasis, Kuro?"

Rakuro turns about and spreads his arms off to either side, "Alright then.. I'll head directly north, because I can.. you can all spread out however you want". He nods vaguely to Kele, "Right.. and anyone who feels like it can follow me".. <<.. of course, now Frode's taking his chosen direction..

Ruby Pyralis: [( '< o o o]

Rakuro also gives Kivae a short nod.. "Er.. right.. good idea.. I'll do that first" [while the player afks for a moment or three]

Marlina Evenstar without responding further to the crystal-hoarding acolyte, she sets after the first battlemage, decideing after last night that he wouldn't live too long in the deserts alone, and he was the only one who knew for certain what the magess looked like.

Rakuro returns, and was hoping you had all left him behind :-P]
You say, "[You lot whisper me if I'm needed. x)]"

[#] Frode has apparently stopped at the first pillar he came across, and cast a minor float spell to place himself atop it as he scans the sand dunes. "You're a half-elf, yes, miss? You can see a bit better than I can, aye?", apparently not having noted her lack of an eye.

[#] [(If you want, roll a wisdom check, BCR 18 to notice something]

Chloe May stands up, brushing some sand off of her dress. "W-Well.. I guess we're off again." Moving back over to Rakuro, for his lovely shade, she took Kele along with her. Then noticing Marlina run off, she quickly followed her. "I-I can't let someone stay out there alone!" Most concerned about the ranger. (Re-Post. ^^)

You say, "[I said to whisper me. xP]"
[ Rakuro whispers, "[Oh, right. found something :-P]" to you. ]
[ Kivae whispers, "whisper" to you. ]
[ Solinox whispers, "What's that?" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[emitloud if Rak is yelling]" to Rakuro. ]

[#] A loud shout, vaguely northwest of where the caravan was found, echoes outward.. obviously the voice of Rakuro, "I FOUND SOMETHING PRETTY INTERESTING LOOKING!!"

You say, "[Or, rather, west of here.]"
[ Rakuro whispers, "*was just writing that as you showed up^ :-D" to you. ]
Chloe May: (Is Marl talking to the guard or Chloe? ^^;)
[ You whisper "[Repost?]" to Marlina Evenstar. ]
Marlina Evenstar: [The battlemage.]

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "Marlina Evenstar tilts her head briefly at something actually being said to her before offering a nod along with some further words, "Aye, that'd I be supposin' I do, even to be only havin' half the number yer to be havin'. Not to be knowin' what I'm lookin' fer though." Her player finds it amusing that someone gives a damn about Marlina." to you. ]

Chloe May: (kay. ^^)

[#] The mage simply continues making various noises, varying from "Over here!'s to unintelligable 'Yoooohoooo's

Chloe May after tracking Marlina down, she turned her attention to the calls of Rakuro. "Hmm.. W-Well, you can see us from here.. M-Meet you over there, o-okay..?" Smiling, she ran off to see what they'd found.

[#] Frode sighs and rubs at his forehead with a paw. "Anything, anything at all out here would be helpful, miss. Though--", getting cut off as Rakuro starts yelling. And after, he takes off across the sands towards the yells.

Kivae sits down, laughing her tail into the sand. "I don't see why mages don't always use that, instead of mindspeak."

Rakuro smiles faintly as nearly everyone else shows up and answers Kivae with, "We don't use that all the time because the constant yoohoos got on the nerves of an Archmage a few thousand years ago, and so he invented Mindspeak to shut us all up!"
Rakuro is, of course, telling a blatant lie ^^

[#] Only the sharpest of eyes or the most bumbling of footpaws would have found this, as it blended perfectly into the sands. Rising up about only half a foot from the ground, a large square peeked out from the calm sand, undisturbed entirely due to the lack of wind in this area. The only thing noticeable about it is a thin slit right on the top of it, roughly in the middle.

Rakuro pads up to the apparently very small cube of sand, regardless of the fact that it doesn't appear all that small.. and peers down at the slit in the middle of it.. "Well, that's odd... it's almost like some kind of sandy box, isn't it?". he tugs at his chinfur as he peers down at it, "Anyone got any good ideas?"

Kivae tilts her head to Frode, "Is this what she said she found?" Taking a moment to squint closely at the walls, "Maybe it's a prison. Only, she'd just have teleported out if she was in it.."

[ Solinox whispers, "How tall is it?" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Half a foot out of the ground]" to Solinox. ]

[#] Frode, rather than inspecting the top of it, seems more interested in its sides. "Perhaps we would need to dig down into it, or.. .. ..yes, this has to be it, there isn't anything else around this area."

Chloe May tilts her head slightly at the strange shape they'd found in the sand. Backing away, she wasn't quite sure what to think of it. "Uum.. Kn-Know if it's safe..?" Biting her lip a bit, she edged close to Ruby.

[#] Further note, the slit on top of the large square is about as long as a dagger or thinblade's blade.

Kele-De arches a brow at the Mage. "What exactly is it?"

Rakuro hmms quietly and kneels down next to it, gently poking one of the edges with his pawdigit.. "Dig, eh? Just give the word.. if you know what it is, I'd appreciate as much information as possible before I rip in. I don't want to injure her if she's inside"

Marlina Evenstar continues to follow the battlemage around it appears, for once again she's in a position to ask him a question, "This has to be bein' what now?"

Kivae points to the slit, seeming to have just had a thought slipped away, and struggling to catch it, her eyes squinted. She then nods. "It looks like the keyholes from the last tunnel, on the other map Taikris had.. sort'f. Right, Kele?"

[#] The apprentice battlemage merely shrugs off in Marlina's direction and crouches to the ground, digging downwards a few inches before the sand hardens to a concrete-like toughness. "I'm not entirely sure, but.. perhaps a buried tower of some sort? Though the sands couldn't have covered something as tall as that up."

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "Towers that grow down++" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[I play my NPC's appropriately and cluelessly. (;]" to Marlina Evenstar. ]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[:-P]" to you. ]

Rakuro hmms quietly and begins digging down into the sand around the tiny square, should he begin revealing a wall of some sort he would call over, "'ey now! All the rest of you, help me out with this.. it looks like the mage is right. This's some kind of building..ish.. thing"

Kele-De tilts her head, examining the slit carefully. She nods tehn. "It does look a lot like those other slits. THe only thing that would open those though was thesword her had."

Rakuro, should he not find a wall of any sort.. would just keep digging ^^;

Kivae doesn't know whether Tai is assumed to be here or not. o-o;

Marlina Evenstar remains silent for several long moments as her thinking becomes an almost tangible thing, struggling through barrier after barrier, until finally... "Were not the Valanthian's to be makin' some sort of tower that was to be goin' down? THat lass on the way to The tower city was speakin' of one... oif memory's to be servin'."

Chloe May nods a bit to Marlina. "Y-Yes, I think towers of the earth element are supposed to go down." Of course she wasn't there, but she's read about it.

Ruby Pyralis, having let her thoughts trail off, finally perks her ears toward Rak as he speaks. With a faint yawn, she takes a few steps forward and kneels down, beginning to scrape away the gritty sand with her paws.

Solinox kneels down to remove some sand from the edge of what is theorized to be the wall of the structure, examining the thing carefully.

[ Solinox whispers, "Can Sol tell what it's made out of?" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Magically shaped and hardened sand.]" to Solinox. ]

[#] Rakuro's paws wouldn't actually find a wall, the sand would just appear to have hardened to an undiggable toughness, no apparent reason given to it. Frode stops his attempts at trying to uncover something, however, at Kivae and Kele's conversation to inspect the slit atop the square, sand colored object. "Maybe the gift that arrived in front of Home has something to do with this. I didn't want to disturb it as it was likely for her, though.. it was a jeweled, golden dagger, and no note was left with it."

Kalannar was with you guys the whole time, man. I swear.

Marlina Evenstar believes it.

Rakuro backs Kal's story up, and, assuming Frode said that, he shoots a glare at the other mage, "You have this dagger with you, yes?"

Kivae gets to her feet, giving the slit a closer look, and holding her handpaws up to it, as if measuring. "Only.. smaller. Maybe it's for-" retracting her hand and Frode's words, and nodding. "If you do, then try it."

Rakuro rereads emit, now knows Frode said it x)

Kele-De, upon hearing Frode, perks up a bit. "And where's the dagger now?" She ponders, brow raised.

Marlina Evenstar likes daggers.

[#] Frode's eartips visibly turn a pinker shade. "Ah.. I didn't think it had any relevance to this trip, however.." The mage closes his eyes and concentrates briefly, the dagger snapping into the air before him afterwards, still concealed in the cream colored wrapping.

You say, "[^Or, my not making you go all the way back.]"
Rakuro: [Thank you :-P]
[%] Marlina Evenstar just gave The DM a cookie.
[%] Ruby Pyralis just gave The DM a cookie.
[%] Chloe May just gave The DM a cookie.

Rakuro makes a short 'hn' noise at that, "Good job you had it earmarked for teleportation.. otherwise I might've gotten a bit angry". He straightens back up and gestures towards the top of the cube, "Right then. You have honors, my friend.. nothing personal.. but just in case any ancient traps exist or anything of that sort, I'd rather like to not be the one getting hit"

Kivae stares for a moment, resisting for the second time this trip from giving someone a shove forwards. "Try it already." Stepping back as well, of course.

Chloe May looks quite excited to what this dagger will reveal to them, placing her paws infront of the other, she awaited what would happen.

Kalannar watches, arms folded across his chest as he awaits further action.

Kele-De steps back and over toward Chloe, her arms crossing over her chest, waiting to see what the dagger might do.

[#] The mage frowns as it seems the duty of shoving the dagger into the slit falls upon him, but he nods regardless. After removing the wrapping, he hops up onto the object and crouches once at the middle of it, carefully inspecting the golden dagger striking it down into the hole. And, immediately after, a low 'Mrowl!' is given, as the floor beneath Frode vanishes entirely. Resulting in him tumbling downwards a few steps down some stairs, and quickly catching himself with a low float spell after that, yet that doesn't stop the curses.

Ruby Pyralis, likewise, steps back. ^^;

Rakuro smiles happily as Frode acts the part of 'fall guy'. He makes a faint gesture and causes a small orb of light to appear several inches above his head. "Right then! Good job, sir Frode. You'll go down in the history books for that". He then makes one more gesture, causing the little orb of light to float down to the other mage, "What can you see?"

Kivae perks her ears upwards, giving Rakuro a light poke in the back for the puns. "Is she there?"

Marlina Evenstar is unammused by that little joke made by the mage, and shows as much.

Rakuro couldn't resist n.n

Kalannar ignores the pun, but leans over a bit, eyeing what he can... seeing as everyone seems to have forgotten the easiest possible solution to this situation... Drow + darkness = Sight beyond sight!!!

[#] A groan can be heard quite a ways downwards into the pit from the mage, though not at what injuries he might have recieved, instead at Rakuro's joke. "All Valanthian mages humor must be so dry..", though not said with an angered tone, really. "All I can see is blackness down here, these stairs seem to go on for quite a ways."

Chloe May moves over to the part where Frode had fallen down, making sure she didn't fall herself! "O-Oh dear.. A-Are you okay, Frode?" Kneeling down, she brushed some blonde hair back. Chanting in celestial quickly, she put her paw open over the gap, sending a small orb of light down to him. "A-Any better?" (1/1)

Solinox, without much discussion, starts his way down the stairs.

Rakuro grins faintly, "Yes, actually.. we're all terrible jokers. And none of us has a decently original joke to boot. Wait a moment and we'll come check it out". That said he quickly slides down inside the now-made hole after the mage

Rakuro caps the last bit too <<]
You say, "[Actually, not yet.]"
You say, "[I still have to make an emit]"
You say, "[No going past the DM yet. :-P]"
[ Rakuro whispers, "Rakuro bolts. "Aaahahahaha! Suckers!]" to you. ]
Marlina Evenstar: [It's like... A whole new world! # ]
The DM waits for Kal. []
[ You whisper "[How much have you gotten downloaded?]" to Kalannar. ]
[ Kalannar whispers, "[Almost done.]" to you. ]
[ Kalannar whispers, "Is it actually pitch dark in the place?" to you. ]

[#] After roughly a minutes walk down stairs made entirely of magically formed and hardened sand, the group would come across a narrow hallway. As soon as Frode would take a single step on the pathway of it, every last candle on the walls would suddenly alight. Also, if any looked behind them, the roof of their exit would have closed up as well. Frode still has the dagger, for note. "Where is this..?"

Rakuro looks around the place curiously, eyes narrowed somewhat.. "Well, I'm sure this is all very interesting.. where are we?"

Marlina Evenstar's eye is suddenly reduced to a mere sliver of what it had been previously, eyelid shutting to shield it against the sudden change in light from darkness to the light of candle. Though only allowing one miled curse as is her custom, before blinking rapidly and adjusting. "What would yeh be supposin' this is to be bein? Hadn't been hearin' of buildings beneath the sand."

Kivae flicks a single ear back. "Probably in the same place she's been trapped in for days.. and probably trapped, too." She eyes the no-longer exit uneasily. "But we always get out'f stuff like this.. maybe it's even someone's home."

[#] The battlemage shakes his head slightly, still somewhat dazed from the fall. "I.. haven't a clue, sir mage. There was no word of buildings being buried this far out when we set up Home. From the looks of it, however.. this place appears thousands of years old.", saying at as he looks at the walls patterns. "Could she be down here?" [Magic Casters should note: After the roof reformed up top, all magic was blocked.]

Kalannar: [Eck.. I've gotta go. Crap.]
Kalannar: [This sucks.. feh. I'll probably see you guys later.]
[ Rakuro whispers, "[...ass <<]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Mm?]" to Rakuro. ]
Marlina Evenstar: [As in, magic equal = No?]
Kivae: [Later, Kal. :x]
Marlina Evenstar: [Magic casting =*]
Kele-De: [Bye Kal.]
[#] [Magic as in any form of it. Enchantments seem to be going haywire, and all other magic is disrupted.]

Chloe May slowly makes her way down the steps, being as careful as possible. "W-Wow.. This place sure seems interesting, kind of pretty too. Then noticing the staircase dissapear, she grew very worrisome of what could happen. "Uum.. S-Since there doesn't be a way out behind us, we should go forwards.. R-Right?"

Rakuro makes a faint hissing noise, one paw lashing out to strike at the wall, whereupon the mage simply keeps his paw there very cautiously.. "Right... well.. someone.. ah.. lead the way"

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Items too?]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Yup]" to Marlina Evenstar. ]
[ Kele-De whispers, "Does this include Seals?" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Marl's pendant would likely blink out]" to Marlina Evenstar. ]
[ Rakuro whispers, "[*blind and without spellcasting ability* It's like CoT all over again, only with music]" to you. ]
Rakuro afks ><]
Ruby Pyralis: [D:]

Solinox takes the initiative of going first, being wary and looking out for any danger. Such places could be filled with traps and other unpleasantries.

Kivae continues staring very uneasily at the roof, her tail fur bristling. Though the eventually nods to Chloe and Rakuro, padding up, if only to let the other get ahead. >.>

[ You whisper "[Seals are fine.]" to Kele-De. ]
[ You whisper "[There's nothing to use magic on here anyways. :-P]" to Rakuro. ]

Marlina Evenstar appears suddenly disturbed by something, casting about for the source of her sudden weakness, before turning her gaze to the now very dead pendant at her throat. A muttered oath then as she considers telling the others of her relatively mild discovery.

Ruby Pyralis: [Wouldn't it be easier to just make an alt for Frode and DM off from it? .-.]

Kivae eyes either passage way, trying to estimate how long they are, although her ears remain flickering crazily. "Split apart, or just pick one..?"

Solinox looks down both directions, and at the door. "Left first?" he asks the rest of the group, responding to the half-fox afterwards. "It would be better to remain together."

Kalannar: [Rock on! I bought myself like 15 minutes.]

[#] Two long hallways and a tall door with no handle become visible as the group makes their way down the hallway. Though Frode's attention appears to be on the South-West path, as he drops his weapon to the floor and rushes down it, "Tilay!"

You say, "[It would, but Frode's part in this quest is coming to an end quickly enough. :-P]"

Chloe May: (xD)
Marlina Evenstar: [He's gonna die in... 5]

Kele-De nods in the direction that Frode took off down. "I think he chose the direction for us."

Kalannar: [Chloe, forward.]

Kivae being the closest, idly scoops up the dagger, holding it out, with distaste, to Chloe. She then pads, and a more sedate pace, after him. "Maybe he saw her.."

Kalannar simply follows after the mage.

Chloe May smiles, nodding to Kivae. "I-I hope so, I have become pretty attacthed to lady Tilay now.." Looking pretty concerned, she walked behind the rest of the group.

Rakuro is back]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Bwaha! No magic makes Marlina happy.]" to you. ]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "['Cept for the loss to HP... >.>" to you. ]
Rakuro: [Oh fuck it.. no I'm not *afks again* ><]
Ruby Pyralis patpats.]

Kivae continues holding the dagger out for Chloe to take, not seeming fond of it. x3

[#] The Archmagess, a femme in her early thirties, is seated on the ground collapsed back against the wall unconscious, empty flasks of water around her and likewise empty packages of food, It seems she had been surviving on the bare minimum and was near about to give out entirely, "By the Primes, can a healer please attend to her?", apparently not yet knowing of the fizzled enchantments.

[#] Random Note: The wall at the very end of the hallway has a thin, dagger sized slit on it, and at the bottom of it is a golden, jeweled dagger, a perfect imitation of Frode's.

Chloe May takes it off of Kivae then. "O-Okay, I'll hold it for a bit.. Th-Thankyou." Feeling a bit uncomfortable as why she would give it away.

Marlina Evenstar's own blade vacates it's sheathe, more out of habit than any real perceived threat, for without the benefitting magic of her damage absorbing amulet she was suddenly far more concerned with her own health. Fading slowly into the shadows, she continues to watch the mages and their seeking of healers without offering her own aid, yet.

Solinox makes way for the cleric at the back to move to the front. On another note, he removes the waterskin from his belt and tosses it to the apprentice. "She is dehydrated. Give her water in small amounts."

Kalannar folds his arms loosely across his torso, merely watching as he leans against the wall. He doesn't appear to care all too much for the well being of the magess.

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "... This music... Something very bad is going to happen." to you. ]

Kivae only picked it up off the floor, and gave it to Chloe. ^^ But she shakes her head at Frode, tailfur remaining on end. "Can't you feel it? It's.. all gone. Since the door closed." She shifts her feet uneasily, "That's probably why she didn't teleport out."

Chloe May also then makes her way over to the female mage, kneeling down next to her. Rubbing her paw, she smiled some. "D-Don't worry.. It'll be alright." Praying she could hear her, she then reverted her prayers to one to the Primes. Shortly after closing her eyes, she reopened them. "Uhm.. S-Something not right, I can't heal her.. I-It just won't work." Trying again and again, she failed the same amount of times. Frowning, she stood up and shook her head. "M-Maybe Kele, you could try?"

Chloe May must've been so faithful to the Primes, she didn't just yet feel it slipping away? Sorry, Kiv. ^^;

Kivae needs no apology. xP

Rakuro doesn't bother going into the complete and utter lack of anti-magic field that affects clerical magic, seeing as how it's based on dieties. That aside, of course, he's simply still holding onto the wall, his ears working double-time as though trying to catch every last tsound

[#] The mage nods briefly towards Solinox and catches the waterskin, pouring small sips of the liquid into the Archmagus' mouth. After doing this several times over a period of a minute or so, he tosses it back over at Solinox and scoops his arms beneath the unconscious femme. "I am going to try and find a way back up the stairs with her. All she needs is some of Home's water, and she'll be fine, though.." He pauses then and concentrates, frowning at Kivae's words. "Something is wrong with this place. It's like the magic has been drained away entirely.

Kele-De nods slowly, her brows furrow as she moves towards the unconscious femme. "Why won't it work?" SHe shrugs then as she kneels down by her. Placing a paw upon her shoulder, Kele closes her eyes and concentrates. Her concentration is broken though when Frode interrupts. "Are you sure?" SHe asks, voice waivering, "Because it doesn't seem to have affected my Seal."

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Aw, it doesn't? =/" to you. ]

Ruby Pyralis looks toward Kele and raises the paw with the seal tattoo on it. The darkness around her hand pulsates for a moment experimentally, "Hasn't effected mine either." (I assume ^^;)

[#] For note, seals can operate, but they lack the ability to manifest any power. Attempting to casts spells with them will be like an auto-failure.

Rakuro very nearly hisses, but the beginnings of the sound are quickly cut off.. he presses his shoulder against the wall and simply listens uselessly

[#] If not halted, Frode would take Tilay to the stairs. [Leaving the rest up to you guys]

Marlina Evenstar finally speaks then from her place within whatever shadows are offered within the crypt like area, "Even the items are to be bein' not workin', my amulet fer one..." She pauses then, "But it's not as if they were to be bein' that helpful anyways, so unless yeh all are to be leavin' perhaps we'd be wanderin' further in? While we're here an' all."

Rakuro notes that the rest of you have to do something. He's fully blind at the moment, and not in any position to take charge :-P.. even at Marlina's question he remains silent

[ Solinox whispers, "Anyone pick up the dagger yet?" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Not the one at the end of the wall.]" to Solinox. ]

Kivae nods, looking a bit jittery. "If they can't find a way out, we can. Since we're already here.. let's keep going?" She pads towards the wall, tail twitching a bit spastically.

Chloe May tries to stop Frode for a bit. "Um.. P-Please stay here for a bit, I-I think I may have found a way out. " Smiling, she hope it reassured him. Then moving out to the wall with the dagger shaped slot, she closed her eyes and gently placed it in there. "I-I'm sorry for going ahead with this guys, but I couldn't resist."

Marlina Evenstar believed that they could simply leave the way they came in? O.o

Kivae: [It closed. o.o]
You say, "[The roof closed in behind them. Though no one went back to inspect it. :-P]"
Rakuro's quite alright with Chloe unleashing the Sands of Time and turning them all into Sand Monsters]
Marlina Evenstar: [Ah.]

Kivae thought you could tell from the bottom. <.<

Chloe May is just assuming that the Mistress didn't have a dagger before, and you know what happens with you assume. ^^;

Marlina Evenstar wouldn't mind being a sand monster.

[#] Frode is thusly stopped, though only to watch the Cleric slide the dagger into the wall. And, for note, again, an identical dagger to Chloe's rests right beneath her feet. As her dagger goes into the wall, nothing happens. "It was a nice effort, but.. I'm still going to check up on the original exit."

Kele-De arches a brow, watching Chloe act, rather impressed with the clerics courage.

Solinox eyes the dagger on the ground. "Try the one at your feet, Chloe."

Marlina Evenstar notes that it's always the person in the middle of the hallway who didn't open the door that gets killed... And with that though, she moves in front of the commander, and off to the side once more.

Kivae pads after Chloe, although remaining a step behind, she tilts her head to watch, nodding at Solinox's words. "If that doesn't work, there's always the other passages.."

Ruby Pyralis looks toward Solinox, "That's not going to work. If it did, Tilay would've figured that out by now."

Chloe May now notices the dagger at her feet, blushing a bit. "O-Oh.. Of coure, hehe.." Smiling to hide her embarassment, she retrieved the dagger at her feet. "Uum.. H-Here goes." Wincing slightly, she pushed it in, awaiting to see what might happen.

Rakuro afks yet again for dinner]

[#] As the first dagger is removed and the one Tilay originally had is inserted, still nothing happens.

Kalannar takes a step over and grabs Rakuro by the waist and rather forcefully shoves him back against the wall, should something rather large decide to come barreling through the place.

Taikris hmms quietly as he stares at the hole in the wall. "Are you folks sure your supposed to shove a dagger in there?"

[#] The slit is dagger sized.

Solinox furrows a brow at the dark elf, thereafter eyeing the other corridor. "Was worth a try. We should look at the other side before going through the doorway."

Kele-De arches a brow then at Taik. "WHy don't you try slipping your sword in it?"

Kivae absently scans the area for any further golden daggers, even glancing briefly across the ceiling. "It worked on the roof. Is there another keyhole? Maybe it's a double lock.."

[#] Frode, after a few minutes, shouts back down to the group, "The.. the exit won't open! There's only a larger slit on this side!"

[#] There are only two golden daggers.

Taikris slowly folds his arms across his chest after giving his head a bit of a droop. "I didn't exactly bring it along as I didn't think that I would need it u.u"

Chloe May picks up both of the daggers, smiling lightly. "W-Well, I guess she must've used this one to get in.." Moving back to the group, she frowned a bit. "I-I sure this'll turn out fine." She was possibly just reassuring herself.

Kele-De crosses her arms over her chest as her footpaw taps on the ground. "You what?"

Solinox coughs slightly. "Let's try the other corridor," he repeats, heading off in that direction.

Ruby Pyralis follows after Solinox.

[#] The other corridor is identical in every way to the last one, only it lacks a dagger at the bottom of the slit at this wall.

Ruby Pyralis rubs her chin, "Something tells me we're doing this all wrong. If we needed a dagger, Tilay would've figured that out."

Marlina Evenstar has more daggers with her than... Well... More than Kalannar, hah, beat that!

Kivae, also, calls back to Frode as she passes, "We'll try the other passageways."

Solinox examines the formation in the wall only shortly before recommending, "Try putting the dagger in."

Kalannar eyes the corridor, then looks back toward the other one as he speaks aloud, "This may be a puzzle of some sort.... try inserting one dagger here, and the other on the other end. Perhaps that will open a door." He suggests, raising a hand to gesture to the other hallway.

Chloe May moves to door, inserting any one of them in. "Hmm.. " Passing the next dagger to anyone who would take it. "N-Nice idea, Kal.." Smiling to him, she held this dagger in.

Ruby Pyralis nods toward the drow, "That sounds like a good idea. And it would explain why Tilay couldn't do it."

Kalannar also has to leave now... .d,afeajkgeghk. Bye all.]
Ruby Pyralis: [;_;]
Ruby Pyralis Bye]
You say, " [Later, Kal. x.o]"
Chloe May: (bye! xo)
Marlina Evenstar: [Oh no, without Kal, we'll never get out!]

Taikris coughs quietly "Why don't people stand at opposite ends, and insert a dagger into each hole at the exact same time?"

[#] Nothing happens when Chloe slides the dagger into the wall. The other dagger is with someone here?

Kivae pads back up to Chloe, glancing shortly over her shoulder to see if anyone else shows any signs of wanting to try it (if so, she'd pass it off to them), if not, she takes it, and starts skittering for the other end. "We can try that if this doesn't work."

Marlina Evenstar has five daggers. ^^]
Kivae: [If you had been watching the chat, you wouldn't say that. :-P]
Ruby Pyralis: [XD!!!!]
Kele-De: [xDDD]
Taikris: [hmm?]
You say, "@music"
Ruby Pyralis feels like she's in a scifi movie.]

Kivae, as it doesn't seem like anyone else will be taking it, does skitter all the way down the other wall, fitting the dagger in place, and calling back to say she'd done so. "Alright. Anything?"

[#] As Kivae inserts her dagger, nothing happens.

Taikris nods for the person with the other golden dagger to slide it in place. "Kivae... pull it out. On the count of three. I want you to shove it in. Alright?" he would then give a moment for the other to get in place as he begins a countdown

[ Chloe May whispers, "Did you emit that the door I'm pushing a dagger into is larger than the other one?" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[It isn't. :P]" to Chloe May. ]
[ You whisper "[And it isn't a door]" to Chloe May. ]
[ Chloe May whispers, "(Kay, thanks. ^^)" to you. ]
[ Chloe May whispers, "(Yeah well, it looks like one. ;_;)" to you. ]
You say, "@music"

Kivae [.. so wrong..] removes the dagger, assuming Tai is speaking loudly, and waits, holding the dagger in place, tail twitching in the same nervous manner. She'd follow the instructions, of course. xP

Chloe May gets in place to push it in at the count of three!

You say, "[Tai not making a post?]"
Ruby Pyralis: THREE
Ruby Pyralis: []
Ruby Pyralis: [>_>]
Marlina Evenstar: [In, out, in, out... Unsatisfied Sol.]
Chloe May: (Spin if you're typing, Dirk. ^^)
Taikris: [actually you should just assume he counts down <.<]
Taikris: [I'm waiting for the DM right now :-)[

[#] The instant both daggers are jammed into the slits on both corridors, both would become firmly wedged, so much so that not even Ruby would be able to tug them out. At the same time, two 'clicks' fill the tunnel, and the door at the intersection is heard sliding downwards.

Ruby Pyralis only has +4 without her enchanted stuffs. v.v

Chloe May smiles, hearing some sort of effect. "Gr-Great! Let's go see what's happened, ey?" Her player is sorry for doing alot of stuff with Chloe so far. ><

You say, "[HRT]"

Kivae leaves the dagger in, anyways, and pads towards the door. And stop apologizing, Chloe!! She'd be happy with the success, but still looks on edge, fur refusing to lie flat.

Rakuro's ears twitch at that, and then he heads for the door, because everyone else is :-P

Kele-De nods and follows along.

Ruby Pyralis: [MUMMY]
[ Solinox whispers, "Are we under the impression that ancient tharivol is culturally similar to ancient Egypt?" to you. ]
Kivae: [Standables. :-D]
[ Solinox whispers, "That's something I've incorporated into the developping necromancy summons. :P" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[This was made over four thousand years ago, and it isn't egyptian style. :P]" to Solinox. ]
[ You whisper "[Nor is this an egyptian tomb.]" to Solinox. ]
[ Solinox whispers, "Could've fooled me :P" to you. ]
Rakuro pauses for emit >>]
Kivae: [Where's The DM? o.o]
Kivae: [Nevermind. >.>]

[#] Within the room that is entered are many aged crates, two lengthy black chests that have no handles to open them with and at the end of it all a coffin. The room seems relatively peaceful, despite the feeling that a lich should be jumping out any moment now.

Solinox takes a long look at the room, being careful not to set off any potential traps that one might find in such a tomb. He seems to be thinking deeply...

Taikris coughs slightly as he turns his attention to Chloe. "Would you mind at all... consecrating each of the coffins?"

[ Solinox whispers, "Sol's studied for ~60 years in numerous librairies of Calenndor, specifically tomes of ancient weapon masters and military theory. Would that give him insight into this place?" to you. ]
Taikris: [Purify goes to work :-D]
Chloe May: (Magic = Gone, right? :/)
[ You whisper "[Nope. Though he might have read something about a 'Desert Raider' that existed roughly around the same time as the Bandit King.]" to Solinox. ]
You say, "[Right]"

Kivae wrinkles her nose a bit, "But.. we're just looking for an exit. There could be an enchantment that leads out, I guess.." She eyes the patterns on the floor, "Because the candles lit themselves, so, it's probably just.. our magic?"

[#] There is only one coffin.

[ Solinox whispers, "Ah. I'm assuming that's some thief guy? :P" to you. ]

Chloe May smiles to Taikris, then it suddenly fading. "I-I'm sorry, I would of course love to.. But, my Prime's magic doesn't seem to work within these walls.. I'm.. Sorry." Looking at something more positive. "Well done on figuring out what we had to do here."

[ You whisper "[Imagine the Tethran Raiders. Now, imagine something similar to them 4,000+ years ago, that mostly only pillaged the deserts and Tharivol. :-P]" to Solinox. ]
[ Solinox whispers, "Oh, right." to you. ]
[ Solinox whispers, "WE R SAILING TEH DESART SHIPS" to you. ]

Taikris nods once more as he keeps a careful eye on the coffin. "Any holy artifacts on you then? Like holy water?"

[ Solinox whispers, "But would there be anything to indicate that this is the tomb of the Raider guy?" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Nothing yet. x)]" to Solinox. ]

[#] The door, at that moment, slides back upwards and into place.

Chloe May smiles. "O-Of course.." Reaching into her bag, she reached for a bottle, it slightly burning her paw from heat. "Ow.. It seems that it's evaporated..." She pondered to herself what else she can do.

[ You whisper "[Chloe wouldn't sense anything evil in the room, except possibly Kalannar.]" to Chloe May. ]
Taikris: [... how can it evaporate from a closed container? <.<]
Rakuro: [It's holy water. It can do whatever it wants]

Solinox turns around, alarmed at this new predicament. He glares at the door as if to reprimand it, but finds himself turning back towards the coffin. "I am not one to disturb the tomb of an ancient Tharivolite, but we must find a way to get out."

Kele-De blinks, her ears hearing the door shutting behind them. "I think we're all in a lot of trouble."

The DM didn't tell Chloe a thing, but if she wants to act like her holy water went poof.. o.o; []
Chloe May: (It's only steam in the bottle? Don't mess with my small brain. ;_;)

Chloe May blinks, turning back to him. "Also.. I'm pretty sure we only have to worry about getting out of here, I feel no presence of evil here." She nodded towards him.

Taikris sighs as he gives another glance around the building. "Well... if there is no oppressively evil presence. Somebody wanna try knocking on the coffin to see who's home?"

Ruby Pyralis wiggles her digits around, feeling somewhat uneasiy... being stuck in a tomb... with a bunch of losers. v_v

Chloe May: (Or! The pressure caused the bottle top to pop off and the water escaped, which is dry now? ^^; Sorry, Dirk. Sorry for ooc also. <3)

[Every time Chloe apologized I died a little inside. She never needed to apologize for anything, you felt terrible because she felt the need to.]

Solinox grits his teeth, and he would seem to be gathering a bit of courage for something against his better judgement. He steps up to the coffin, looking for the lid. "Let us see whose tomb this is..."

Kivae winces uneasily, glancing back towards the door. "Frode.. can open it again.." Seeming to speak mostly to herself. "Why don't we search about? It's not necessarily in the coffin." Rubeh hates her. ;_; But she ignores it, turning towards the black thing next to her, and knocking lightly on it, looking for the lid, or if there's a lock.

[#] The lid of the coffin would be easily opened, even having handles on either side.

Kele-De looks around uneasily. "Did anyone think to retreive the daggers before we came in here?"

Taikris takes this time to sit upon the chest behind him. "Somebody sit on the other one. I don't want anything jumping out at us."

Marlina Evenstar raises an eyebrow as her gaze turns upon the group leader, amused by his master plan.

Kivae shakes her head at Kele, "Mine seemed stuck."

Chloe May stands there, most nervous to see what might happen with the coffin.

Kele-De since no one else appears to be moving, climbs up on top of the other chest and sits down.

Solinox places his hands on the lid of the coffin, lifting his end and taking a peak inside. Of course, he takes a deep breath in, expecting a skeletal hand to grip him by the neck.

Ruby Pyralis cringes slightly as Solinox tries to open the coffin, muscles tensing and taking a half step back, also expecting some form of undead to leap out.

Marlina Evenstar's hands tighten their grips upon the respective daggers currently possessed by the ranger.

[#] Far from Solinox's expectations, the only thing within the coffin is an aged piece of parchment, though doing well for how long it had been there. It reads simply, 'Help Me', and seconds after the lid of the coffin is moved the two chest lid slide off and onto the floor in front of them. Even with the furres atop them. In either chest is a lengthy scimitar, the handles made of gold and the blades near impossible to see, made of some sort of crystal.

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "We're screwed now. !" to you. ]

Taikris can't help but blink as the lid slides to a side, the furre atop it rolling away from the point of opening before bounding to his footpaws, leering into the chest as he states aloud. "I got a bad feeling about this"

Solinox reaches into the coffin, pulling out a parchment. "Just a note," he announces after a deep exhale. "It says, 'Help me.'" He looks to the chests, however, alarmed by their opening. Oh, and he removes the lid of the coffin and leans it against the sarcophagus.

Kele-De lands with an 'oomph' upon the floor as the chest lid slides off. Quickly recovering, she stands up on it nad looks in the chest. Pulling out the scimitar, she turns to face the rest of the group. "Well now, what do you suppose this is for?"

[#] [Found: x2 Crystal Scimitars (?)]

Chloe May jumps slightly as the chests fling open, cautiously moving to the one Kivae and Kele were near. "L-Looks like.. Well, looks just like handles of some kind of sword."

[#] The pattern in the middle of the floor begins to spin at that moment, as slowly as if they were being pushed along by a single finger, but still they move.

Rakuro's ears twitch, his eyes simply shutting as he leans his shoulder against the wall.. "Well then look around the rest of the room as well. If we found yet more weaponry, and it's as decorative as all that, I suppose yo--" he cuts off as the tiles start spinning, all speech simply cutting off entirely from him

Kivae glances to either side, followed by a sort of disoriented look at the at the pattern. Waiting to see if it will settle before doing anything. "This.. is.."

Taikris hmms slightly as nothing initially happens, his gaze turning to look about the room once more. It is at this time he notices the tiles are spinning. "Just... what exactly is in the crates?" putting his back to the chest as he intends to get some idea of what's going on

Solinox focuses on the rotating pattern, quite intruiged. "A riddle, or so it would seem."

Chloe May scratches the back of her neck. "I-I guess we should all stay back." Moving away from it, even if it was at a slow pace.

Marlina Evenstar advances, carefully doding the blockading form of a demon so that she might crouch beside the spinning tiles, absently poking at one with the point of her dagger.

Kele-De glances down at the scimitar in her paws. "Maybe I shouldn't have picked it up."

[#] Not too long after the tiles start shifting do they abruptly halt, and the center tile within them all slide away. What rises from it is nothing more than an ordinary, brown hood, designed to cover everything but the eyes. No time is given to look over anything else in the room or even consider what just happened, as from the many holes in the walls sand begins to trickle out.

Taikris blinks a few times. "Aww... shit" he says simply before moving swiftly to grab up the hood. "I get the feeling that either the last occupant tried to wait it out in the coffin, and that this hood might have some beneficial effect" if allowed to... he'd put it on and begin scanning the room for an off switch

[#] There was no sign of bones or anything besides parchment within the coffin.

[#] And there is no off switch. Though the walls on either side of the door have two slits on them, noticeable as the group passed by, if they took the time to look.
Kele-De shakes her head and sighs. "Someone go back to the door and see if there are slits near there. Maybe this has a purpose." SHe galnces at the robe in the center of the room. "Anyone want to grab that?" Pausing to think she bites her bottom lip.

Solinox is indeed alarmed by this, and gazes over the room for a possible solution as Taikris grabs the cloak.

Kivae lets out a small whimper that can roughly be translated to something along the lines of what Tai said, but with worse terms. She offers no bright ideas, besides to nod at Kele's words.
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Taikris gives another glance about the room, turning to Kele and shouting. "Shove the scimitar into the corresponding hole on three." moving to grab the other as he too takes up position. "Ready? One, two, three!"

Solinox: (The slits are at the door.)
You say, "[Those holes are actually giant holes.]"
You say, "[Not slits.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [PUT YOUR HAND IN THEM!]

Ruby Pyralis' player wasn't paying attention, but now appears somewhat worried as the sand begins to come in. ._.

Kivae: [He means back by the door?]
Taikris: [meant whatever damn slits the emit were talking about :P]
Taikris: [was*]

Kele-De frustrated that no one bothered to listen, jumps down off the top of the crate and runs back to examine the hallway by the door.

Chloe May: (Here, I think. o_o)
[ Taikris whispers, "I'm being shoved off o.<" to you. ]

Chloe May moves back and forth in a worried manner. "O-Oh dear.. How about, someone just kicks down this door? Ehehe..?"

Kele-De noticing the slits in the wall, calls back down the hallway, "Someone bring that other scimitar, let's see if we can get this door open."

You say, "[The door isn't ICly move-throughable.]"
Chloe May: (Kk. ^^;)

Kivae motions for Tai to hurry up to the slot, shaking her head at Chloe. "There's no way out on that side, anyways.."

[#] The sand begins to pour into the room at a quicker rate as the group heads down the hallway, even starting up on the holes in the walls that they pass by down the corridor.

Chloe May runs at Kele's command, being overly worried at this point. "I-I'll get it." Grabbing the sword, she carefully came up the corridor so the transparent blade didn't cut anyone. "O-Okay.. C-Count of three, right?" For now, she ignored the sand and would follow Kele's instructions. Sorry again, I really am hogging. xD

Kivae, again, makes the quiet whimper, her ears flat to her skull, kicking some of the sand away from her with her boots.

[ Ruby Pyralis whispers, "Wouldn't the battle theme be more appropriate?" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[The sand isn't pouring out -that- quickly. :-P]" to Ruby Pyralis. ]
[ Ruby Pyralis whispers, "But I'd be scared anyway :P" to you. ]

Kele-De : nods, giving Chloe a quick smile. "On the count of three then....One...Two...three!" SHe then pushes the blade into the slot, hoping Chloe did the same at her count.

Chloe May did..? Did! :-D

[#] As the both of the scimitars are slid into the wall, the door slides back downwards once again. The daggers could be seen at the floor on either side of the corridors, but near entirely buried by sand, their purpose having already been fulfilled.

Solinox sprints out towards the entrance to see if the door has opened.

Kele-De calls out to the rest of them, "Everyone out. Someone run ahead and tell me if there are any slits by the other exit that look like these simitars would fit in them."

[ Chloe May whispers, "Are the scimitars locked in? :-(" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Nope.]" to Chloe May. ]

[#] The roof at the top of the stairway is still closed entirely, with Frode and Tilay standing just to the side of it. Or rather, Tilay remaining unconscious and Frode staring at it desperately. Two scimitar sized slits remain on this side of the roof.

Kivae twitches her tail, glancing back over her shoulder, "How do we help whoever...? And, Frode said there was a larger slot at the top of the stairs.." Seeming to have calmed a tiny bit, padding through the doorway.

Solinox yells to the group, "Bring the scimitars! Another pair of slits!"

Chloe May smiles to Kivae. "Y-You're right!" Pulling the scimitar out, she nodded to Kele. "C'mon.. Y-You know what to do, too?" Again smiling to keep their hopes up, she made her way back with Solinox.

Rakuro continues moving forward, his paws now more used to walking through sand then they should be >>

Kele-De glances back at CHloe. "On the count of three, pull your balde out and run through the doorway. Alright." SHe pauses to get the clerics answer...then just yanks her blade out and runs.

[#] As the group passes the by, the candles on the walls dim one by one, until only the last pair remain. The sand literally floods in behind them at the bottom of the stairs, now.

[ Ruby Pyralis whispers, "Battle theme? :O" to you. ]

Chloe May rushes over to Marl. "I-I can't reach, could you do it, please?" Looking back nervously, she held the scimitar in shaking paws, leaving it able for Marlina to take.

Kele-De pushes her way through so she can get to the slit opposite Chloe. "Ready?" Pausing a moment for breath, while Chloe switches places with Marl, she glances back toward the darkened hallway. "Can we hurry please? I'd rather not be buried down here."

Marlina Evenstar blinks, I go away for half a minute and people start shoving scimitars at me. o.o But she does need to help, yes Mistar DM sir? o.o]

[#] Frode murmurs as he stares down at the hallway, trying to fight off panic. "If we ever get out of here you all are welcome to stay at Home for as long as you like." And yes, Marlina. :-P

Marlina Evenstar blinks then, startled by the sudden presentation of the weapon, though she accepts it quickly enough, for she unlike her player had been paying attention, even going dso far as to sheathe her weapons before taking the odd looking key, "Uh, right then..." With that said, she moves up to the appropriate hole, and forces the scimitar into it, perhaps jumping if neccesary.

Kivae edges towards the stairs, her ears flat, tail now held perfectly still, eyes round. She's returned to silence.

[#] As the crystal scimitars serve their (first) purpose as keys, the roof vanishes once again, the stairs thankfully lengthy enough to be climbed out of with ease. Which Frode wastes no time running through with Tilay.

Solinox paces up the stairs.

Solinox pwned.)
You say, "[1 moment]"

Chloe May blinks, watching the stairs come falling down. Chloe quickly makes her way up, grabbing onto Lady Tilay, to help her make her way up with Frode.

Kivae doesn't shove, but scrambles upwards at the first chance presented.

Kele-De's brows furrow and she wonders idly if they should have retrieved the daggers. She waits for the others to get up to safety before pulling hte scimitar out of the slit and racing up after them.

Ruby Pyralis bites Sol's avatar's tail.]
The DM uploads. []
Ruby Pyralis: [SHOO]

Marlina Evenstar imitates Kele, rushing up the stairways after this, to avoid the horrible sandy doom.

You say, "[Go into the text]"
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "Oh no, there is a text god here!" to you. ]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "I feel, like dead and stuff." to you. ]
Taikris: [I miss anything?]
Marlina Evenstar: [Chloe ate a sandworm.]

[#] Back outside, all magical functions would resume working properly once again, whatever was affecting them apparently having stopped. Once everyone has exited the 'tomb', the roof returns right back to where it had been all along.

Chloe May folds her arms, letting some wind blow through her hair. "I-It's great.. We're all here.. And not trapped inside, thanks be to the Primes." Looking around to see if everyone was here, Chloe stared back at the trap undergound temple.

Kivae, when having gotten to the sand, simply sits down, running her handpaw across her hair, and the side of her hand across her forehead, like a cat's composure-grooming.

Rakuro hisses with decided anger as they finally get out of that damned hole in the ground, his eyes snapping open as he quite literally storms out onto the open sand.. "Bloody 'ell! Let's just make sure these two get back to Home, then head back to the oasis, collect all our stuff, and go home ourselves"

[#] Frode looks over the group, to ensure that the entire of them were present. "I am sorry you all had to go through that, but.. you have my thanks, every last one of you. Without your assistance, I don't know..", getting cut off as Rakuro yells. And, after, Frode takes off across the sand in the direction of Home, and the refreshing fountain.

Marlina Evenstar responds to the mage in a perfectly innocent manner, "What, aren't yeh to be likin' it here in this reflection of hell?"

Taikris hmms quietly as he glances about the place, taking this moment to remove the odd hood he grabbed from within the underground. "So... now where to?"

[#] The sun now has entirely set, blanketing the entire area in darkness. Or it would, were Frode not setting up balls of bright light at each pillar he crosses.

Kivae watches Frode pad off with something of a growing frown, and then looks puzzled, glancing back at the sand-house. ".. Who were we supposed to help.. the note.."

Taikris coughs slightly as he responds to Kivae. "I get the feeling it was whatever poor bastard was down there before us."

Kivae shakes her head a bit, "There weren't any bones, were there? .. Let's just go.." Pushing herself slowly up to her feet, and edging towards Rakuro, who had shown himself to have an extraordinary sense of direction. >.>

Chloe May turns to Taikris. "O-Oh.. You found some sort of a hat, right?" Smiling.

Rakuro murmers something under his breath, "We go almost directly west. WE should find a pillar there.. if we do, then we simply continue going west until we hit Home". That said, he would begin walking off across the desert, regardless of whether or not he was followed
Rakuro is probably going to get lost x)
Rakuro raises an eyebrow at the presence of another pillar, but passes it by >>

Chloe May: (^^)

Taikris makes his way along the pathway, arriving within the desert get-away to plop down in a seat near by the canine mage. "Any chance you might divine this hood I found in the crypt?"

Rakuro flops down next to the vase, obviously his chosen place of resting, and shuts his eyes once more.. at the question he manages a long, low hiss and simply ignores Tai

Kele-De plops down next to Ruby and begins to examine the scimitar that she had dragged back with her.

Taikris blinks a few times as he recieves that rather foul response from the mage. "Sorry. Didn't mean to offent. I just thought that it might help us out here, and a simple 'no' would have done just fine"

[#] Frode seems to have already given Tilay some of the water that is the equivalent of desert regeneration. Tilay rests on the ground by the fountain, looking a lot less sickly than she did before, though still unconscious.

[ Kalannar whispers, "Are you guys in another dream? How many did you make, man?" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[I just updated the original.]" to Kalannar. ]
[ Kalannar whispers, "Greeeaaat. What'd I miss? Like.. besides everything." to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Everything. :P]" to Kalannar. ]

Kivae sits for a moment, running her fingers through the grass, and still looking dazed. "Let's just.. go, now.. That won't have seemed fun until a few days from now."

Chloe May takes a few deep breathes, resting against the soft grass. "It-It's good to see grass again." Closing her eyes, she let a breath out, and rested for awhile.

Kalannar: [Yay, I'm back... after everything's over...]
Rakuro: [We've still got 2 Xs if everyone wants to go hunt them down]
Kalannar: [Pretty please. ;.;]

Marlina Evenstar stretches out in a languid manner upon the grass, depositing her claimed blade upon the ground without a further thought, such large weapons were hardly her forte afterall. Upon that shot she called over to the cleric, "Yeh want yer sword back cleric?"

[#] Frode pads inside, after making sure that no one had gotten injured from their trip, and deposits Tilay in their--er.. her bed. After returning outside, he bows to the group and speaks to Kivae. "Please, stay the night if you wish. It's a long walk back to Ansteorra."

Chloe May: (OOCly it seems great, but ICly it's like, oh god no more.."
Kalannar: [What did I miss? Was I right about that puzzle?]
You say, "[I build my quests with hours of things to do intended, but it's not necessary to get a 100% completion on map, for note. :-P]"
Kivae: [Yup. ^^]
Taikris: [Let's finish this up ^^;]
You say, "[In fact, Forest Funk only got to 92-94%]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Yes you were mister smart-drow.]
Kalannar better get a little XP for figuring that puzzle out.. had to miss the whole freakin' quest. v.v]

Chloe May looks to Marlina, smiling. "I-I don't really have any use for it, you keep it. Y-You did do the last part in getting us out after all."

Kele-De sets the scimitar down in order to take the braid out of her headfur. "I think I need a bath. THere's sand everywhere." She mutters softly, using her fingers to comb through her headfur and get some of the sand out.

Chloe May notes it's great to be a Blonde in the sand. ^.^

You say, "[EXP is given out after quest. :P]"
You say, "[So no sheets have to be redone mid-quest.]"

Marlina Evenstar sniffs then in a rather noticeable manner before grimacing as she responds to the acolyte "Some others here might be best followin' that thought lass, the desert's not treatin' some of 'em to be smellin' like flowers, neh?"

[#] Frode smiles briefly at Kele and motions a paw off towards behind the house, "They is bottomless fountain back there, if you need to clean up."

Marlina Evenstar: [What percentage are we at now by the way?]
You say, "[You've completed the plot entirely.]"
You say, "[So about 94%. 3% for each X]"
You say, "[Well, actually, 93%. There's a small area to see."
Marlina Evenstar: [This was good, three days on a quest, lots of fun and no idling about griping about how you aren't back in Anst. :-P]
You say, "[Thanks, Marlina. ^^;]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Now... You've gone and set a precedent... And for that I hate you. :-P]
Taikris backs Marlina's statement[]

[x3 Always made me happy to hear things like that. I made these quests to begin with to pass the time for everyone until our fort RP progressed.]

Kivae flattens her ears, but after a moment, seems to reluctantly nod. "I guess.. That's probably true.." She sighs, and flops down into the grass, probably only needing a moment or so more to recover from yet another dangerous adventure.

Kalannar was surprisingly unnoticed during the major tenure of the journey.. amazing how it seems he can just disappear like that. <.< In any case, he leans back against the wall beside the small establishment's entrance, arms folded loosely about his torso.

Marlina Evenstar attributes it to drow cowardice.

Taikris sighs quietly as he leans against the nearby wall. "Shall we check out those final locations, or shall we just head back?"

Chloe May scratches her neck. "W-Well, Frode offered us to stay the night.. M-Maybe we should take his generosity, do everything we need todo here, and head back after a nice night's rest?"

Marlina Evenstar decides to expand her forst, and designate the village to a differant map.]

Kalannar shrugs briefly as he speaks up, "We came here to explore these sands. It would be a wasted trip if we did not take advantage of every place we can."

Kele-De chuckles lightly and nods to Marl. "I'm sure." A small grin alights upon her face before she turns toward Frode. "Thank you."

Taikris very slowly begins to rise to his footpaws, glancing at the group. "So... what's the consensus? Shall we check out those last sites, or just sleep off the night and head back?"

Kivae only yawns, pressing an ear to the grass, not seeming about to contribute to any sort of discussion.

[#] Frode returns back inside the home, though leaves his axe leaning against the wall outside of it. "You may borrow my weapon if you need, should anything bother you out there this late. I've found it's rather.. ah.. handy at taking down the desert beasts."

Chloe May takes a deep breath, doing alot more than usual in a day. "W-Well.. If you really wanted to get them, we could split up in two groups. Leave one at the first spot, then the next head off with the mao and go to the other spot, then meet back at the first one." Smiling, she kind of confused herself. Turning to Frode, she nodded. "Th-Thanks."

[#] [Desert Slayer: x2 to all desert creatures]

Marlina Evenstar responds to Taikris then, "I'll be lookin' fer more later, if as the acolyte says, some are to be bein' havin' a bath, yeh reek and aren't somethin' I'd be fond of spendin' much more time near. Not much point to be comin' all the way out here, and not draggin' every last thing we can, back with us."

Rakuro shakes his head shortly, "No. We won't split up, however. If more of the Scouts return it would be very bad news for either of our groups. We'll stick together, even if we are going to trek over half the desert. However, for now, we should rest through the night. I don't want us wandering a vast open plain of sand with invisible landmarks"

Taikris blinks a few times as he looks out into the desert. "How are they invisible? They stand taller than you, and we always seem to make a straight line between each column anyway."

You say, "[Oh, yes, if the map trackers are still tracking their course, then... wow, congrats to you.]"

Kalannar snorts as he looks toward Rakuro, "Invisible?" He merely gestures two crooked fingers toward his own eyes, "I see everything." Can't argue with that reasoning.

Marlina Evenstar: [=/]
Ruby Pyralis finished the map.]

Kele-De arches a brow. "It's dark out. How do you expect-" At Kal's comment, seh stops then shrugs. "Well, there's the answer to that question."

Marlina Evenstar: [Blind people see many things as invisible, and shouldn't refer to things as invisible, because they're supposed to be blind! I shall stab your eyes out the next time you mention seeing something. :-P]
Taikris: [Oh yeah. Kuro sees everything now, doesn't he? :3]
Marlina Evenstar: [Perverted mage and his X-ray vision.]

Rakuro's eyes flick open and he shoots Taikris a glare, "In pitch black night, you would run into a ten foot wall and not know what hit you". At Kalannar's comment he merely growls faintly, "And we are not all Drow, are we? If something attacked us we'd be at a severe disadvantage. I'm not going to risk everyone else just because you can see in the dark" [Rakuro can see, but it's not a normal sight]

Taikris: [Starlight/moonlight? <.<]
Marlina Evenstar: [I know, I just want an excuse to stab out someone else's eyes.]
You say, "[If you want, I can assume you all rested the night.]"
Rakuro: [Ah. Tai said you're a man. *moves out of the way*]
You say, "[Though daylight CON penalties come back into effect. :P]"
Rakuro: [We leave early in the morning :-P]

Kivae murfs. "Doesn't hurt to sleep th' night and go later..."

Kalannar: [Torches...? Light magic?]
Taikris would never say that, and most certainly knows better ;-)[]
You say, "[Ah, 'kay.]"
Chloe May: (Can you fastforward time, pwease, miwsta DM? ;;)
Kalannar: [Yeh, that works for me.]
Ruby Pyralis: [I wish I could do that IRL .-.]
Ruby Pyralis spins clock, "Look at that! June 21!"]
Kivae fastforwards to vacation.]
[%] Kivae just gave Ruby Pyralis a cookie.
Ruby Pyralis: [x)]
You say, "[Rak have any problems with that?"
Rakuro: [No]

[#] The group has an uneventful sleep under the many various trees littered about the area. [Do do do do doooo (HP, MP, Status Effects Cured!)]

[#] [Save?]
Taikris: [yes]
Ruby Pyralis: [Yes]
[#] [DATA CORRUPTION. All data lost.]
Taikris: [Save data, lost u.u]
Ruby Pyralis cries.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Memory Card slot 1]
Taikris: [XD]
Kalannar: [Make sure we've got a good memory car- CRAP!]
Rakuro: [I mean, er, yes.. I'm saying we should leave early in the morning so you all have to suffer... not that we heal, gain all preps back, and the DM can't say "It's pitch black, you're lost". :-P]
The DM was imitating RPG sleeping, Rak. :P []
Kalannar: [Where's the 'sleeping at an inn' jingle?]
You say, "['Do do do do dooo']"
Chloe May rings a bell.()
Marlina Evenstar: [Do dooo doo do]
Marlina Evenstar: [>.>]
Ruby Pyralis: [DOOO!]
[%] Marlina Evenstar just gave The DM a cookie.

[#] Anyways, rise and shine, the cock is crowing and it's morning.

Kalannar: [Ah, I see.]
Rakuro was just trying to be the bad guy with saying we should wait first.. anyway, IC]

Kalannar appears... very much the same as he did the night before as everyone fell asleep. Standing and leaning against the wall, arms folded loosely about his chest... in fact, he looks as if he'd not moved a single millimeter.

Rakuro straightens up after a decidedly long night, rolling his wrist outward to obtain an item that hasn't been seen in a good long time. He takes a long drink from the leaf-gilded teacup, then drops it back within his sleeve [the pain!]. "Right then..". Cursory glance to see who else is awake, then a softly called, "Rise and shine, folks. We've got two more locations to dig and then we're going home"

Chloe May yawns, stretching out as much as she could. "Th-That felt, great.. I can't wait to head home, w-well, after the hunting, I guess.." Scratching her ear, she stood up and placed her paws into the fountain, washing her face.

Marlina Evenstar woke before dawn! Bathed! With a curtain.

Taikris slowly rises to his feet as well... seeming to have been the early riser. "Right then... now will you have a look at this hood, or shall I just wait until after we finish checking the last two spots?"

Kivae appears to have fallen asleep simply flopped over in the grass as she was, only, with her boots kicked off, and sand poured out of them. At daylight, she makes a faint 'mrhn..' noise, and rolls over to the side, flinging an arm over her eyes. Her nose wrinkles. "Sh..shtupid oxes.. dig it themselves.." Despite the nonsensicalness, eventually showing signs of awareness.

Ruby Pyralis had fallen asleep at the foot of the ladder, curled into a ball. With a stifled yawn, she stretches out her paws in front of her and gets into a sitting position, "Mrf."

[That was a fun part about having rest area rooms in all my quest maps. Look at all the cute waking-up posts. And everyone got to sleep around one another without killing each other. I'm proud of them.]

Kalannar's statue-esque form takes on motion at last as he pushes himself off of the wall, rolling his shoulders resulting in a few cracks from within him. He steps forward, seeming more than ready to head out. He heads over to the fountain and refills his waterskin, and dowses his face with water before turning toward the others.

Solinox has to go.)
Solinox goes.)
Ruby Pyralis: [Bye ;_;]

Kele-De didn't sleep very well and as a result is kinda sluggish moving. She does stretch though and her eyes open to slits. "Can't we sleep a few more minutes?"

Chloe May: (Bye. D:)
Kalannar: [Later Sol.]

Ruby Pyralis bats at Kele with her tail, "Get up or get left behind." Speaking through a yawn herself as she pushes up onto her footpaws.

Rakuro laughs, though it's not all that pleasant of a laugh.. a little too raspy around the edges.. "Let's hurry this up.. we'll go west first, then south... then all the way back north, alright?"

[#] Frode seems content to stay asleep despite his familiars crowing, more than likely due to the damage inflicted by the sandscouts.

Rakuro notes that Frode's a wuss

[#] Frode got a 102 dealt on him. ):

Kivae uses Chloe like a staff, to help her sit up, once there, rubbing her eyes, and giving herself a loose shake. From there, the boots go on, and she gets unsteadily to her feet. "Someone.. did, someone get the axe..?"

Chloe May moves over to Kele. "I-I'm sure sleep sounds nice, but the sooner we leave.. The sooner we get to sleep back at our comfy beds at the fort!" Smiling, she left a note for Frode in the house, saying thankyou for his help and company.

Taikris nods in agreement with Rakuro... seeming to have had his own request ignored. "Right then. Lead the way as it seems you already have this planned out :-)
Kele-De gets up, trying to grab hold of Ruby's tail and give it a playful yank. "Alright, alright. I'm up." SHe then gets to her footpaws and stretches once more. Taking care to grab the scimitar, she adds "I'm ready." A ready smile upon her features for CHloe.

Rakuro just.. leads then... >>

Marlina Evenstar is back, looking rinsed, with hair neatly combed despite the lack of a proper utensil for such a feat, and once more eager to face the day. She casts a brief look at the discarded scimitar though doesn't give it a further thought

Marlina Evenstar: [Well that just...]
Marlina Evenstar: [Sucks.]
Kalannar: [Someone really should grab that axe just in case. Like .. Ruby or Kele.]
Ruby Pyralis: [There ^^]

Marlina Evenstar is back, looking rinsed, with hair neatly combed despite the lack of a proper utensil for such a feat, and once more eager to face the day. She casts a brief look at the discarded scimitar though doesn't give it a further though, and apparently she follows. [Repost, losers.]

Chloe May: (I'm too tired for battles. e.e)
Rakuro: [....Marl got a bath?.. >>]
Kivae snugs Chloe.]
Kalannar: [We're all gonna die.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Run!]
Kalannar: [Marl keeps herself clean. It's Kal you gotta watch for.]

Marlina Evenstar bathes frequently, except when drunk, Rakuro on the other hand, has never had a posted bath in his life I bet. :-P

Marlina Evenstar: [Yeah, he's got something growing on him.]
Ruby Pyralis: [My mum's pissed, hurry up xD]
Kele-De: [hang on....brb]
Chloe May gave Mara and Kele a bath. n_n()
Marlina Evenstar: [And it bit me.]

[#] The sun, rather than being an enemy at this time of day, lights the desert beautifully by making the sand seem as if it were sparkling. A peaceful, easy going day.. >.>

Chloe May: (Shades of colours are missing..)

Rakuro heads right off into the sand to dig, not wasting time with such petty things as discussion :-P

Rakuro: @dig
Rakuro didn't succeed, thank god!]
Marlina Evenstar shall never sully herself with digging.
Chloe May: @dig
Ruby Pyralis just... digs. Sorry. xD
You say, "[Make digging posts, remember. >.>]"
Ruby Pyralis: @dig
Marlina Evenstar: @dig
Marlina Evenstar: @dig
Marlina Evenstar: @dig
Marlina Evenstar: [!]
Ruby Pyralis: [My mum is about to kill me.]

Kalannar plugs along, dropping to his knees and sweeping throught he sand to find something.
Kalannar: @dig
[#] Success!

Kalannar: [Rock.]
Chloe May: (xD)
Ruby Pyralis: [I LOVE YOU]
Kele-De helps dig.
Marlina Evenstar: [Hot dog, we have a weiner!]

Kalannar seems to have found something, and thus continues digging, sweeping sand away in wide arcs from himself.

Kivae stretches as they walk, her arms over her head. She casts an idle glance across the sand, befor selecting her spot, and beginning to scratch away at the ground. .. Or not, as Kal finds something. She does what she just did, but helping him.

Kele-De shifts through the sand with her paw, lumping it up on the side as she attempts to make a hole in teh shifting stuff.

Rakuro doesn't seem to help with the digging, instead remaining a little away from the group

Chloe May also helps, seeing as she wanted to get home as soon as posshiblebleble! Using a spare spade to dig.

[#] Rather than succeeding at finding something worth value in the sand, Kalannar's hands come into contact with something quite painful. What appears to be.. a stinger? The same occuring with Kele.
[#] [Kele and Kal, roll CON checks vs BCR 9]

Ruby Pyralis luckily only kneeled so far. >_>

Kalannar: [1d20?]
You say, "[Yar.]"
Chloe May: (I nevar tuched nuffen I ded.)
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d20+1 & gets 13.
Ruby Pyralis nudges Kele.]

[#] Apparently, the group hadn't been digging in a treasure location at all. But rather, a place where a group of Giant Scorpions had recently moved onto. This obvious due to the fact that two of them then spring up from the sands, one right behind Kele and one in front of Kalannar. [init, after the CON check is made. :-P]

Marlina Evenstar: [Just normal init?]
[*] Kele-De rolls 1d20+2 & gets 8.
You say, "[Group init. You determine your list... and.. >>]"
[*] The DM rolls 1d10 & gets 2.
Kele-De: [Sorry...dealing with something OOC at the moment.]
Ruby Pyralis: [.-.]
You say, "[Kele loses 2 COn]"
Chloe May: (Ugh. .-.)
Kalannar: [+4 Dex.]
Kivae: [+4]
Ruby Pyralis: [Well, expect shitty posts on my end.]
Chloe May: (+1)
Rakuro: [Use chat]
Marlina Evenstar: [+7]
Kele-De: [+1]
Ruby Pyralis: [+4]
You say, "@place-item 2408"
Chloe May: (Someone invite me, please? ^^;)
Rakuro: [or not +1]
You say, "@place-item 2408"
[ Chloe May whispers, "They're not pick-uppable! ;_;" to you. ]
Rakuro: [+3 mod]
Kivae: [3.142857.. yeah.]

Kalannar growls as he leaps up and away from the scorpion, "Xsa!!" His tone shows his surprise, then his anger as he immediately draws his scimitars, eye fixed on that damned arachnid that had nearly stung him.

[*] The DM rolls 1d10+4 Scorpions & gets 10.
Taikris: [+4 <.<]

Rakuro isn't rolling, but should be near the front so he can get Marl an enchantment. That's all

Marlina Evenstar: [4? o.o]
Kivae: [3.25 Still the same. <.<]
[*] Kivae rolls 1d10+3 Fine, I'll do it. .-. & gets 9.
Ruby Pyralis: [;_;]
Marlina Evenstar: [28/7 = 4]
Kivae: [28?]

Kele-De screams and pulls her paw up to her mouth, sucking at where she had been stung. She feels a bit woozy for a moment cursing silently as something was wrong.

Kivae: [It's 26. o.o;]
Marlina Evenstar: [4+4+1+7+1+4+3+4]
Marlina Evenstar: [Hrm]
Chloe May: (Re-Roll? :P)
[*] The DM rolls 1d10+4 & gets 14.
Chloe May: (Evil.)
You say, "[^^]"
Ruby Pyralis: [You SUCK]
Ruby Pyralis: [xD]
Kivae: [Change that 3 to a 1, Marl. o.o Rak's mod isn't 3, that's what he was saying the group one was? o.o]
[*] Chloe May rolls 1d10+4 & gets 5.
Ruby Pyralis: [.-.]
Chloe May: (They give him max and me a 1? D:)
Marlina Evenstar: [Ah well.]
[%] Kivae just gave Chloe May a cookie.
Marlina Evenstar: [The DM rolled us a 14]
Marlina Evenstar: [Right The DM? >:*]
[%] Chloe May just gave Kivae a cookie.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d100 Minutes before this ends. & gets 4.
Ruby Pyralis: [o_o]
Rakuro: [Scorps first]

[#] The scorpions, being defensive of their home, waste no time in snapping their claws around the legs of both furres around them. For Kele's scorpion, this would be Kele and Marlina, and for Kalannar's, this would be Kalannar and Ruby.

[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 #1 Kele & gets 39.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 #2 Kele & gets 32.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 #1 Marlina & gets 31.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 #2 Marlina & gets 24.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 #1 Kalannar & gets 19.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 #2 Kalannar & gets 22.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 #1 Ruby & gets 22.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 #2 Ruby & gets 39.
Ruby Pyralis: [1]
Kele-De: [2]
Kalannar: [0.]
[*] The DM rolls 2d100: (1) (12) = 13.
Marlina Evenstar: [1]
You say, "[Ahaha]"
Ruby Pyralis: [XD]
Chloe May: (xD)
Marlina Evenstar: [xD]
[*] The DM rolls 1d100 Marl & gets 97.
Marlina Evenstar: [Bitch]
[*] The DM rolls 1d100 Ruby & gets 70.
Ruby Pyralis: [How do you... do that with claws?]
Chloe May: (Ehehe, Snap Snap. OW GOD, MY EYE.)
Kivae: [xD]
[*] The DM rolls 5d4+17 Self & gets 28.
[*] The DM rolls 5d4+17 Kele & gets 26.
You say, "[^/2]"
[*] The DM rolls 5d4+17 Marlina & gets 34.
[*] The DM rolls 5d4+17 Ruby & gets 29.
Marlina Evenstar: [You really suck. :-P]
You say, "[68. :-P]"
You say, "You wanted full map completion, you got it.]"
[#] Good Guys!

Rakuro snaps his paws outward towards Marlina, pondering raising the femme's dexterity so she could be all sneaky and such, but since he's good at enchantment he sticks with what he knows [4/4 Enchantment. +6 ThD, BCR: 17. Lasts 5 rounds]

[*] Rakuro rolls 1d30+12 [Fire, btw] & gets 34.
[#] [They're immune to fire.]
Rakuro: [Er.. scratch the fire bit :-P]
Rakuro: [Forgot the desert <<]
[#] [... I was kidding anyways. :-P]
Taikris: [<.<]
Marlina Evenstar: [It's enchantment d00d!]
Taikris slaps Sirum[]
Rakuro: [Effect doesn't change and I got the roll, still not fire x)]
Kivae: [Chloe, I think. o.o]

Chloe May notices that these minions were giving Kele a bit of a hard time, chanting in Celestial for a shield from the primes to surround Kele. A some what oval shield would then cover Kele, it invisible for now, but everytime someone attacked her it would make a small shine, but if the spell failed it would smash to pieces! (3/3)(4 Rounds, +5 AC.)

[*] Chloe May rolls 1d30+12 & gets 13.
[#] Inari hates Chloe.
Chloe May: (BCR = 15. xD)
Chloe May: ( :-()
[*] Chloe May rolls 1d30+12 & gets 17.
Kivae: [*pats* Kele? x3]

Kele-De isn't real happy about having scorpions attacking her, she knew she should have slept in a bit more this morning. Plus, she still wasn't feeling real well. Silently she curses, having to resort to her glaive as there was no plant life to draw power from out in the middle of the desert. This does not make her happy in the least. Pulling the weapon off her back, she attacks the scorpion nearest her.

Chloe May: (Oh would you lewk at that? >>)
[*] Kele-De rolls 1d30+4 & gets 18.
Kivae: [Um.. If that's not a hit, Marl.]
[#] [Rakuro, Chloe Kele, Marlina, Ruby, Kiv, Taikris, Kalannar]

Marlina Evenstar glows with the power of a fire-mage's enchantment as she vanishes into thin air, reappearing moments later with her blades once more close at hand, one plunging downwards into the nearest scorpion, one that hadn't attacked her, in the hopes of surprising the bloody creature. Unfortunately this is likely to ruin the effects of her bath. [Sneak]

Chloe May: (2/2)^ (+3 AC for Kele, please Mr.DM? ;;)
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d20+12 & gets 18.
Marlina Evenstar: [=/]
Kalannar is still wondering how the hell he ended up in last.. but oh well.]
Marlina Evenstar made the order, what do you expect?]
Kalannar thought as much.]

[Ah, the banter.]

Kivae: [Roll, scops. <.<]
Chloe May: (Inari hates us.)
[*] The DM rolls 1d20+3 & gets 6.
[#] [They're level 19. :-P]
Marlina Evenstar: [Scorpions level 14 or under? ^^]
Marlina Evenstar: [Damn. =/]
Marlina Evenstar: [Please? ^^;]
You say, "[No. :P]"
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+21 & gets 36.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+15 & gets 36.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+15 & gets 24.
[ Kivae whispers, "Preps/whatever to depoison Kele?" to you. ]
You say, "[All. o.o;]"
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 3d100: (72) (87) (12) = 171.
[ You whisper "[It's just a loss of 2 CON... >.>]" to Kivae. ]
Marlina Evenstar: [Bwaha!]
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d5+21 *3 & gets 25.
[ You whisper "[You'd be better off summoning Stumpy. Though, preps 2 BCR 10.]" to Kivae. ]
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d5+15 & gets 19.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d5+15 /2 & gets 20.
Kalannar: [Level 19 bugs. God that vexes me. Yay, we're all gonna be slaughtered by a bunch of effing underdeveloped sandspawn.]
Marlina Evenstar: [104]
Marlina Evenstar: [Kal gets to be first next time. ^^]
You say, "[]"
You say, "[Scroll down to Giant Scorpion]"

Kivae is rolling for Ruby, is she's still afk, despite her own post being unfinished. o-o
Kivae.. assumes Ruby is swinging her axe with skill at the scorpion that tried to attack her. ^^ Pwn, Rubeh, pwn.

[*] Kivae rolls 1d30+14 & gets 19.
[*] Kivae rolls 1d30+14 & gets 29.
[*] Kivae rolls 1d30+14 & gets 39.
Kalannar: [I could make a lobster dinner out of these damn things.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Wow, is magic resistance is almost as high as Marl's... After fade.]
You say, "[2"
[*] Kivae rolls 2d100: (97) (50) = 147.
[*] Kivae rolls 3d10+14 *2 & gets 34.
Kele-De: [Did any one remember to grab the axe that Frode left for us?]
[*] Kivae rolls 3d10+14 & gets 32.
Kalannar: [I said to, no one listened.]
You say, "[Nope. I guess Ruby's axe is better.]"
Kivae: [100]
[#] [Rakuro, Chloe, Kele, Marlina, Ruby, Kiv, Taikris, Kalannar] [Kiv]

Kivae stumbles backwards away from the scorpions, just as Kalannar had, making a 'rrr' noise in the back of her throat, rather than a whimper. Still making the noise, she sidesteps, trying to avoid the notice of the scorpions, and skitters towards Kele, reaching out a handpaw to place at her shoulder, or some other place that wouldn't get in the way of the swinging glaive. To work the poison out of her system. [3/2, auto]
[#] [Kele regains her CON loss]

Taikris still merfed from having his poor self reamed by the reptiles, he wastes no time charging at the rather minute scorpion.. thingies with his wristclaws. Rawr. <.<

[*] Taikris rolls 1d30+4 & gets 21.
You say, "[To think, that would be 3/round if you have level swapped..]"
[#] [Rakuro, Chloe, Kele, Marlina, Ruby, Kiv, Taikris, Kalannar] [al]
You say, "[Kal* >>]"

Kalannar spits to the side, scowling as he engages an attack against the scorpion, aiming one slash for the arachnid's tail, and another for its claws. I don't feel like elaborate posts describing hack and slash right now.

[*] Kalannar rolls 1d30+5 & gets 8.
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d30+4 & gets 23.
Kalannar: [I hate this game.]
You say, "[1]"
Kalannar: [Oooh. Surprising.]
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d100 & gets 77.
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d8+6 & gets 8.
Kalannar: [Woo.]
Taikris: [oh... His fists lights up in a giant fireball illusion. Forgot that <.<]
Taikris: [fist lights*]
[#] Territory Protectors
You say, "[Rak? Chloe]"
Kivae: [o.o]
[*] Your request has been sent to Rakuro.
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Are there just two scorpions?]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Yar]" to Marlina Evenstar. ]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "Hrm." to you. ]
Marlina Evenstar: [OH!]
Ruby Pyralis: [Back]
Chloe May: (Did the Scorps attack? :S)
Marlina Evenstar: [-3 Dex to Scorpion #2]

[#] The scorpions make a vaguely 'hiss' like sound as they start becoming injured, perhaps a warning signal of some sort. Seeing that they couldn't simply chase those assaulting them away, they simply brought their stingers back around and focused on one furre at a time. The first, Kele, rather than the one who had fists of fire, and the second one on Ruby.

[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 [Stinger] Kele & gets 18.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 #2 Kele & gets 44.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 #3 Kele & gets 33.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 #4 Kele & gets 25.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 [Stinger] Ruby & gets 34.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 #2 Ruby & gets 43.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 #3 Ruby & gets 47.
Ruby Pyralis: [I see you missed me.]
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 #4 Ruby & gets 18.
Kele-De: [stinger didn't hit but the other 3 did.]
Ruby Pyralis: [3]
[*] The DM rolls 3d100: (35) (38) (54) = 127.
[*] The DM rolls 3d100: (51) (20) (82) = 153.
[*] The DM rolls 15d4+51 Kele & gets 88.
[*] The DM rolls 5d4+17 Ruby & gets 26.
[*] The DM rolls 5d4+17 /2 Ruby & gets 37.
[*] The DM rolls 5d4+17 Ruby & gets 29.
You say, "[Ruby roll a CON check, BCR 9.]"

Kele-De drops to the ground, unconscious.

You say, "[>>]"
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d20+1 Bloody weaker stats :P & gets 10.
You say, "[If Rak doesn't come back, they--wb, Rak. ^^}"

Ruby Pyralis is still alive.

Rakuro: [AC = 20? :-P]
Kalannar: [And I'll bet $10 if we kill one of these, six more will pop out.]

[#] Good Guys.

[It was two scorpions defending their nest vs a drow, a demon, a werewolf and an assassin... I guess Kele and Kivae carried all the 'good' in their group.]

Rakuro, in all his infinite wisdom and the fact that he's now ticked at his laptop... tries to charm one of the scorpions.. [2/2. Roll 1d30+cha mod for BCR]
Rakuro is shooting for..... the one behind Marl <<

[*] The DM rolls 1d30-2 & gets 25.
[*] Rakuro rolls 1d30+10 & gets 21.
Rakuro loses]
Kalannar: [Yep, we're all fucked.]

[#] The Scorpion is too awesome for your magic.

[ Kivae whispers, "... Can I do the sand sinking thing again, or, because they're so big, maybe just sink half them for -AC or something? xP" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[That'd be partial immo, indirect. :P]" to Kivae. ]

Chloe May runs over to Marlina, seeing as she needs some healing. "Maybe this'll help.." Smiling some, she did the normal routine.(3/3)

[ You whisper "[Preps 4, BCR 22.]" to Kivae. ]
Ruby Pyralis: [What's the init list?]
[*] Chloe May rolls 1d30+14 & gets 32.
[*] Chloe May rolls 3d19+17 & gets 37.
You say, "[It's not Chloe's turn? >>]"
Marlina Evenstar: [She's after Rak.]
Chloe May: (I thought I was after Rak? :S)
[#] [Rakuro, Chloe, , Marlina, Ruby, Kiv, Taikris, Kalannar]
[#] [Marl.]
Marlina Evenstar: [She isn't finished rolling.]
Chloe May: (I am. :-P)
Ruby Pyralis: [Yes she is?]
Marlina Evenstar twirls about suddenly in a flash[Oh.]
Marlina Evenstar: [>.>]
Marlina Evenstar: [Shutup.]
Ruby Pyralis: [HAHA]

Marlina Evenstar twirls about suddenly in a flashy display before becoming all so much less easy to see. [Fade. +3 MR, Turn skip]

[#] [The scorpions cast a lightning bolt at Marlina.]
Marlina Evenstar: [*Coughs* It's because I get a sneak attack again if I do that. :-P]
[#] [I mean... Rakuro, Chloe, , Marlina, Ruby, Kiv, Taikris, Kalannar]
You say, "[Ruby]"

Ruby Pyralis, as her player will get in ++trouble if she's caught, and typing makes noise, just attacks thrice. Sorry. ;_;

[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+14 & gets 25.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+14 & gets 21.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+14 & gets 18.
Marlina Evenstar: [1d5+21 *3 is a hell of alot better given her relative suckiness. :-P]
Ruby Pyralis: [v.v]
You say, "[1]"
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 3d10+14 & gets 33.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d100 & gets 1.
You say, "[AHaha]"
Ruby Pyralis: [FUCKING HELL]
The DM pats Ruby. []
Ruby Pyralis: [xD]
[%] The DM just gave Ruby Pyralis a cookie.

Ruby Pyralis somehow hits herself.

Taikris: [o.<]
[#] [Rakuro, Chloe, , Marlina, Ruby, Kiv, Taikris, Kalannar] [Kiv]
Marlina Evenstar: [Ruby Pyralis: [HAHA]
Ruby Pyralis needs healing >_>;
Kalannar: [I swear he's programming the DS to do this to us, the bastard.]

Kivae flattens her ears, not just at the furre's (and half-elf's) wounds, but at the scorpion's as well. She suggests, somewhat uneasily, "Maybe we should just.. leave them alone.. I doubt there's treasure here, anyways." The growling noise in the back of her throat fading off a bit. With a worried glance at Kele, she holds the palm of her hand out at the scorpion by the others, trying to control the sand, as before, to partially sink it. [4/4, indirect]

[*] Kivae rolls 1d30+11 & gets 14.
[#] Inari hates you all.
[#] So very much.
Kivae rolled a 97 on Ruby's attacks. Shut up. .-.
The DM snuggles. HRT []
[#] [Rakuro, Chloe, , Marlina, Ruby, Kiv, Taikris, Kalannar] [Tai]

Taikris winds up with his other fist this time around, a maelstrom of snow and ice blowing torrents about his left paw as he swings it towards the creatures armored carapace. Even if the effect is only an illusion

[*] Taikris rolls 1d30+4 & gets 29.
Taikris: [hit?]
You say, "[Yar]"
[*] Taikris rolls 1d100 & gets 26.
[*] Taikris rolls 1d7+4 & gets 6.
[#] [Rakuro, Chloe, , Marlina, Ruby, Kiv, Taikris, Kalannar] [Kal]

Kalannar clenches his teeth a bit, muttering a few words in his own tongue as he spins his weapons to grip them upside down, then promptly slashes down toward his chosen foe with both in attempt to stab the creature's abdomen between the segments.

[*] Kalannar rolls 1d30+5 & gets 35.
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d30+4 & gets 15.
Taikris: [1d8.... *makes note for next time*]
Kalannar: [1?]
You say, "[1]"
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d100 & gets 8.
Kalannar hates everything.]
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d8+7 /2 & gets 10.
Kalannar: [A whopping 5 damage. Screw you guys, I'm going home.]
You say, "[xD]"
[#] Inari's Chosen Warriors
Taikris: [Go Chim!]
Kivae makes a quick marshmellow sacrifice.]
Kalannar: [Screw you, DM! The only thing you're good for is loot!]
Kalannar shakes fist.]
Kalannar: [We're losing to a group of BUGS!!! Is anyone else just a bit distressed by this?!?]

[#] Undelayed by the fact that the original target has fallen, the scorpion sets its sights on Taikris, who has apparently brought a miniature blizzard to the desert. No matter. It crawls on top of Kele's body and over to between Taikris and Chloe, stinging at the both of them before dishing out the claws.

[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 #1 [Tail] Tai & gets 26.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 #2 Tai & gets 33.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 #1 [Tail] Chloe & gets 36.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 #2 Chloe & gets 29.
Taikris: [hit]
Chloe May: (2. ;;)

[#] The second, lashes out at Kivae, Kalannar and Ruby wildly, as it's quite injured.

[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 #1 Ruby & gets 39.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 #2 Ruby & gets 41.
Taikris: [twice for note]
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 #3 Kivae & gets 24.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 #4 Kalannar & gets 18.
Ruby Pyralis: [Feck you and your cat.]

Kele-De's skin would be crawling if she wasn't already unconscious nad dying, cause a bug crawled over her. Ewwwww.

Ruby Pyralis: [2]
Kivae: [hit. .-.]
[*] The DM rolls 2d100 Tai: (35) (26) = 61.

Kalannar avoids the attack deftly. Seems to be good at that tonight.

[*] The DM rolls 2d100 Chloe: (55) (79) = 134.
[*] The DM rolls 2d100 Ruby: (36) (72) = 108.
[*] The DM rolls 1d100 Kivae & gets 18.
[*] The DM rolls 10d4+34 Tai >> & gets 59.
[*] The DM rolls 10d4+34 Chloe & gets 55.
[*] The DM rolls 10d4+34 Ruby & gets 60.

Taikris drops like a rock... <.<

[*] The DM rolls 4d5+17 /2 Kiv & gets 27.
You say, "[Chloe, roll a CON check... o.o;]"
Ruby Pyralis can't believe it. Is KOed. xD
[*] Chloe May rolls 1d20+0 & gets 16.
Chloe May: (^^)
You say, "[O.O]"
You say, "[Oh snap]"

[I actually knocked out Ruby on a quest? That... is surprising. She was the be-all, end-all of tanks. More AC and HP than anyone. Though, they knew there would be only harder and harder combat encounters. This is what they wanted.]

Kivae bares her teeth with an unhappy yelp, scrambling backwards as she takes a glancing blow. "I really think.. let's just get the others, and go! They'll leave us alone."

Chloe May: (God, you're all dying, stop it. ;_;)
Kalannar: [Okay, we're running. If you guys don't, happy doom. Kalannar's outta here.]
Taikris: [It's 2 rounds to run away I think <.<]
[#] Good Guys.
Kalannar: [Will one of you guys invite me into the AIM chat so I don't have to keep typing everything here?]
Rakuro: [one moment]
Kivae: [.. .-. You declined.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Kal, just don't leave to begin with. :P]
Kalannar: [I said one! Not eighty!]
[#] [Rakuro, Chloe, , Marlina, , Kiv, , Kalannar] ['Kuro]

[I wish I had those AIM chat logs. Seeing everyone panic as they assumed death was near would've been great.]

Rakuro acks as people drop all around him, his eyes narrowing as he simply leaps forward to quite literally boot Taikris out of the way, magic shimmering around him even as he does so.. but the effect doesn't seem to apply to him.. [2/2 Alteration - Dex]

[*] Rakuro rolls 1d30+10 & gets 16.
Taikris: [Chim shall save us!]
[#] Inari curses you all.
[#] [Rakuro, Chloe, , Marlina, , Kiv, , Kalannar] [Chloe]
Marlina Evenstar shall pwn.

Chloe May grabs Kele and runs to take her to a safer spot while the other kill them off?

[#] [Rakuro, =Chloe=, , Marlina, , Kiv, , Kalannar] [Marlina]

Marlina Evenstar's form fades back into full view, once more behind the scorpion she had injured before, and damage the beasts precious dexterity, it would be a wonderful thing indeed if Inari blessed her with another such blow. [Sneak vs. #2 Die you stupid bug]

[*] The DM rolls 1d20+2 & gets 10.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d20+13 & gets 27.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+22 & gets 35.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+16 & gets 42.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+16 & gets 23.
You say, "[3]"
Kalannar: [Kickass.]
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 3d100 WEEDLENOSE!: (43) (64) (78) = 185.
Marlina Evenstar: [Hrm]
Kalannar: [.. not kickass.]
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d5+22 *3 (-3 Dex again, for a total of -6) & gets 25.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d5+16 & gets 19.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d5+16 & gets 21.
Marlina Evenstar: [115]
[#] [Rakuro, =Chloe=, , Marlina, , Kiv, , Kalannar] [Kivae!]
Marlina Evenstar: [... It's at 7/323 isn't it? <.<;;
Marlina Evenstar: ]
You say, "[2/3 HP gone. :P]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Marl did 100, Ruby did 100 to it, then I just did another 115.]
Marlina Evenstar: [And it's only at a third?! >.<]
You say, "[When did Ruby do 100? o.o I thought Ruby botched.]"

Kivae lets out a sudden snarl, but it seems to be more a hopeful sort of thing to just phase the scorpion as she darts by and around it, for Ruby. Kele was in safe hands with Chloe, and she couldn't carry the was-demon. As such, she merely kneels by the feline, one palm over her skull, the other her heart, eyes squinted closed. [3/2]

Kivae: [That was when I rolled for her. .-.]
Ruby Pyralis: [When kiv rolled for me.]
Marlina Evenstar: [When Kivae rolled for her.]
You say, "[Er... show me?]"
[*] Kivae rolls 1d30+12 I think it's auto, though. & gets 37.
Kivae IMs]
You say, "[Hn... I wonder... if I accidently added a 100 to the first scorpion and not the second]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Just kill off the second one, it's uglier anyways. :-P]
You say, "[The second one IS at 7 HP xD]"
Ruby Pyralis: [YOUSUCK]
Taikris: [o.o]
Marlina Evenstar: [Kal did some minor damage to it as well.]
Ruby Pyralis: [5 damage >_>]
Marlina Evenstar: [So... 2. >.>]
You say, "[I'm pretty sure I've been adding that >.>]"
Chloe May: (He did more before that too.)
Chloe May: (Ah. .-.)
Ruby Pyralis wasn't paying attention back then n.n;]
Marlina Evenstar: [It has a max of 323, - 315 - 5 = 2. >.>]
Marlina Evenstar: [3*]
You say, "[Ah]"
Marlina Evenstar: [My math sucks tonight.]
Kivae: [Ruby rolled over and hit it with her arm when she fell down.]
Kivae nods.]
Taikris: [what happens if the party dies? o.o]
You say, "[Dues Ex Machina appears.]"
Ruby Pyralis SQUISHES
Marlina Evenstar: [Kalannar can kill it.]
[#] [Rakuro, =Chloe=, , Marlina, , Kiv, , Kalannar] [Kal]

Kalannar figures what the hey, and decides to finish off the stupid scorpion... if he can land a hit, of course.

[*] Kalannar rolls 1d30+5 & gets 29.
Marlina Evenstar: [Kill the 3 HP bastard.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Woo!]
Marlina Evenstar: [Woot!]
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d30+4 & gets 6.
You say, "[1]"
You say, "[BOTCH!]"
You say, "[BOOOTCH!]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Go Kal, Go Kal.]
Kivae: [inari.]
Ruby Pyralis: [O_O]
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d100 Varunia! & gets 16.
Marlina Evenstar: [Hoorah, hoorah! :-P]
Ruby Pyralis: [._.]
You say, "[xD]"
Marlina Evenstar: [>.>]
Marlina Evenstar: [Dude.]
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d8+7 & gets 10.
Marlina Evenstar: [Yay!]
Ruby Pyralis: [WOO!]

[#] The scorpion dies.

Kalannar: [5, bitch. Die.]
Kivae: [xD]
Kalannar records this somewhere.]
[#] Scorpion! Sub-Zer--er... Scorpion, yeah.
Chloe May: (xD)
Marlina Evenstar: [Attack me scorpion, I dare you!]
Marlina Evenstar: [Come and get me! Here scorpy scorpy scorpy.]

[#] The scorpion, seeing its kin fall at the hands of the drow, lunges over at him, the claws snapping wildly at his waist, while the tail strikes at Marlina and even goes as far as to snap one more claw at Kivae's arm.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 #1 Kal & gets 34.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 #2 Kal & gets 45.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 [Poison] Marl & gets 39.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 Kivae & gets 32.
[*] The DM rolls 2d100: (60) (45) = 105.
[*] The DM rolls 1d100 & gets 20.
Marlina Evenstar: [Inari hates us.]
Kalannar: [To those who would note, the messages in the AIM window that just popped up, I typed those like ten minutes ago, and AIM is lagging severely for me.]
[*] The DM rolls 1d100 & gets 86.
[*] The DM rolls 10d4+34 Kalannar & gets 57.
[*] The DM rolls 5d4+17 Marl & gets 29.
Kalannar: [Ow.]
[*] The DM rolls 5d4+17 /2 Kiv & gets 31.
You say, "[Marl, CON check]"
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d20+3 & gets 17.
Marlina Evenstar: [Can't touch this. Uh-huh, uh-huh]
[#] Good Guys!
Ruby Pyralis: [SAVE MEEE]
Taikris: [What round is this? <.<]
Marlina Evenstar is actually still doing rather well.
You say, "[3]"

Kalannar takes a most severe lashing from the scorpion and drops to his knees afterword, blood seeping from a lot of open wounds. Oh yeah, he's hurt bad.

[#] [Rakuro, ?Chloe?, Marlina, Kiv, Kalannar] [Rak]
Taikris: [I think Kal's down <.<]
Kalannar: [Not down. But close.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Feh. That tail thing counted as an attack. >.>]
Kalannar: [7 HP left.]
Kele-De: [Run Kal, run.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Grab me first!]
Marlina Evenstar could take down this last one with Rak.
Kalannar: [What for? So he can die in the deserts from starvation? :P]

Rakuro hisses out angrily as people continue dropping all around him.. his eyes fazing from the happy white to a darker, meaner red.. but, for some odd reason, he doesn't transform or anything decently nifty like that. Instead he attempts, without any foreseeable chance at succeeding, to partially immobilize the remaning scorp [4/4 Overprep = BCR -2! n.n]

Ruby Pyralis: [There's a bloody fountain of life nearby XP]
Rakuro: [What level? :-P]
Chloe May took vials from the fountain! :-D()
Kivae: [They're 19. :P]
Rakuro: [That's no fun...]
[*] Rakuro rolls 1d30+10 & gets 28.
Chloe May: (Yay!)
You say, "[Miss]"
Kalannar actually filled his waterskin with water from the fountain. Do anything, Si?]
Chloe May: (Die. .-.)
Rakuro: [Si]
Rakuro: [MR doesn't count]
You say, "[Er, sorry.]"
Rakuro: [BCR For these type of spells is 15 ± .]
Rakuro: [n.n]
You say, "[I was reading the Anst screen]"
Marlina Evenstar: [BCR For these type of spells the MR of the opponen]
Rakuro: [...sweet.. you can use the ± symbol]
[*] The DM rolls 1d20+5 & gets 8.
You say, "[Or is it d30?]"
Ruby Pyralis: [30]
Rakuro: [It's d30, but on your turn]
You say, "[Oooh, right."
Kalannar: [They.. they added the alt ability.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Piñata]
Taikris: [o.o]
Marlina Evenstar: [And they need a minimum of 5 preps. :-P]
Taikris: [How? o.o]
Kalannar: [¬_¬]
Marlina Evenstar: [Oh]
Rakuro: [Marl. PARTIAL]
You say, "[And no, the water from the fountain only helps if it's just recently been taken. :P"
Marlina Evenstar: [Right]
Marlina Evenstar: [Sorry.]
Rakuro: [:-P Continue]
Marlina Evenstar: [My mind is all messed up tonight. :-P
[%] Rakuro just gave Marlina Evenstar a cookie.
Marlina Evenstar: ]
[#] [Rakuro, ?Chloe?, Marlina, Kiv, Kalannar] [Rak] [Marl]
Taikris: [How do you get the +/- symbol? o.o]

Chloe May after dragging Kele to a safe place, she tried to stabalize, hopefully to save her life! And her player is tired and has her mother awake, so she deserves a crappy post. ;-;(2/2)

[*] Chloe May rolls 1d30+14 & gets 32.
Chloe May: (Yayzor.)
Kivae: [It was auto, Chloe pai. :-P]
Chloe May: (Put it's still nice to trry.)
Marlina Evenstar vanishes into a semi-perceivable form once more. [Fade, oh yeah, I suck. >.>
Marlina Evenstar: ]
Marlina Evenstar: [Kivae]

Kivae snarls again, her ears flat, although she remains huddled near Ruby. She, instead, simply presses her handpaws together, in a somewhat familiar, but at least practiced looking shape. Either ear twitches, and she murmurs something, giving a tug with steepled fingers. [3/3]
Kivae needs to find something.. hold on. o.o
[*] Kivae rolls 1d30+11 & gets 36.
Kivae summons Stumpy. ^^;;

Chloe May: (We could've used those medallions of swap life. :x)
Marlina Evenstar: [Both sides have to be willing.]
You say, "[Actually.. yeah. I was hoping you'd use a scroll or a potion on this quest.]"
You say, "[And 'willing' is nulled if target is KO'd.]"
Taikris: [are we still alive? <.<]
You say, "[Yes. :P]"
Marlina Evenstar will use a potion, when she is in risk of dieing. :-P]
Taikris: [what round is this? <.<]
Marlina Evenstar: [4]
Kivae: [You went down in the second one, didn't you Tai?]
Taikris: [yar]
Kivae: [so you have 3+con mod left. ^^]
[#] [Rakuro, ?Chloe?, Marlina, Kiv, Kalannar] [Kiv]
Marlina Evenstar: [Kalannar, you shexy dog you.]
Kalannar: [Yes?]
Kalannar: [My turn?]
Ruby Pyralis: [Yus]
Marlina Evenstar: [Yea.]
You say, "[Oh, wait Kiv summoned Stumpeh.]"
You say, "[So yeah, Kal.]"
Taikris: [I thought it was 5+con? o.o]
You say, "[-Left-.]"
Stumpy: [Yeah, and two rounds have passed. o.o]
You say, "[So.. Kal?]"

Kalannar runs for his damned life... well, more like scrabbles. At least to a safe distance from the enemy.

Ruby Pyralis: [Damn you Kal.]

[#] Scorpion! Get over 'ere!

Kalannar: [What do you want from me? I have effing 7 HP left, shaddap.]
Chloe May: (Please follow the drow that got us in this mess, Scorpy? <3)
Kalannar: [Drink acid, Chloe.]

[#] The scorpion, finding that it was now incapable of moving and that its original target was gone, snaps wildly at the one that was beside of it. That target being Kivae, unfortunately. They were disturbing the nesting grounds, killed its kin and now it needed to die.

[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 #1 [Tail] & gets 27.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 #2 & gets 42.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 #3 & gets 43.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+17 #4 & gets 42.
Chloe May: (Sorry, Kal. ;;)
You say, "[4? x.o"
Kivae: [If those are me, they're all hits. xP]
[*] The DM rolls 4d100 [BOTCH]: (47) (85) (36) (66) = 234.
[*] The DM rolls 20d4+68 & gets 112.

Kivae suggested leaving, she really did! No one listens to the Druid. .-. And she's down. xP

Kivae: [That's my max HP >.>]
Ruby Pyralis: [;_;]

Kalannar left.

[#] The Few, The Bloody, The.. Hopefully Winners? >>
Chloe May: (;_;)
[#] [Rakuro, ?Chloe?, Marlina, Kalannar] [Rak]
Ruby Pyralis: [Go marl! Go Rak![]
Rakuro: [....]

Kivae topples over into the sand by Ruby, with a strained yelp.

Marlina Evenstar: [I am still confident in my ability to win this. :-P]
Stumpy: [Go Stumpy? .-.]
Ruby Pyralis: [AND STUMPY]
Stumpy: [<3]
Kalannar: [I'm still confident in my ability to run for my damned life.]
You say, "[God.]"
Chloe May: (<333)
Rakuro: [<<.. for cinematic purposes, can I just kill it?]
Ruby Pyralis: [HRT]
You say, "[This scorpion is greater than the Matrix Lizard.]"
Taikris nods sagely[]
You say, "[You mean snapping were and just tearing its head off?]"
Taikris: [What round?]
Rakuro: [As in, transform, rage, attack :-P]
You say, "[Ah... sure, it's late anyways]"
You say, "[It has to be a good post, though.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Pfft.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Please?]
Marlina Evenstar: [Frode got pwned by a level 14 sandwarrior.]
You say, "[If anyone comes to the rescue, it'll be Archmagess Tilay.]"
Taikris: [Wait... what keeps Kuro from eating us if he transforms? ;.;]
You say, "[And as it is, Rak is alive and as is Marl.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [We don't need rescue, Marlina will get him, and Rak. :-P]
Ruby Pyralis: [AND STUMPY]
Taikris: [Kivae down= Stumpy down]
Ruby Pyralis: [STFU]
Marlina Evenstar: [Yup.]
You say, "[>>]"
Kivae: [No. .-.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Don't freaking worry, we'll win!]
Taikris: [Summons poofled when caster loses conciousness <.<]
Ruby Pyralis: [STFU]
Kivae: [Where does it say that? :P And, chat.]
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 26, 2017 8:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Rakuro's ears twitch at Kivae's yelp, the muscles on his neck suddenly snapping out against his skin like cords under canvas. His eyes lose all color except a deep, blood red as all of his attention snaps directly to the young fox-girl's attacker. His lips curl back in a feral snarl before, with a single, far faster then wolfenly possible reaction, he literally explodes forward from his current location. Sand flies in every direction as, with a reverberating roar, the bloodthirsty wolf rips into the scorpion with an oaken claw that just so happens to be there. [Cinematic]

[Always a fun time whenever Rakuro resorted to whipping out his berserker werewolf sheet.]

[*] Rakuro rolls 1d30+24 & gets 47.
[*] Rakuro rolls 1d30+24 & gets 37.
[*] Rakuro rolls 1d30+24 & gets 47.
Marlina Evenstar: [Transform, and attack? You just want to spoil my fun. :-P]
Taikris has a feeling they will all botch o.o[]
Rakuro: [Yes, actually, I do :-P]
Rakuro has been waiting months to get to do that <<]
Marlina Evenstar: [This one's hardly injured though, so Marl will kill it.]
Ruby Pyralis snuggles Kivae.]
Kivae: [<3]
Rakuro: [All, yes?]
You say, "[3 o.o]"
[*] Rakuro rolls 3d100 Just watch. Weedlenose: (41) (33) (80) = 154.
Marlina Evenstar: [Har har.]
[*] Rakuro rolls 3d15+75 & gets 106.
Kalannar: [We suck.]

Marlina Evenstar fades back onto the blasted desert sands once more, blade flashing down once more against the evil scorpion that had just gone and killed yet another one of her companions, the bloody things really had a bad habit of doing that, though pausing briefly to guzzle a potion she somehow had still with her. [+2 Dexterity, 3 rounds, because Rak sucks, not going to take away an attack. :-P] [2/2]

Marlina Evenstar: [Erf no preps]
Kalannar: [Heal people, Chloe. You're good at that.]
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d20+14 & gets 21.

Rakuro wonders, if in his insane rage, he can rip off an arm.. or something like that? >>

Chloe May: (Um. o_o)
[*] The DM rolls 1d20+2 & gets 5.
Chloe May: (Since I'm alive and stuff. o_o)
Chloe May: (What can i do?)
You say, "[Stabilize Kivae and Tai? >>]"
Chloe May: (You skipped me turn. ;;)
Marlina Evenstar: [Don't suppose I get Deathblow...? :-P Obviously we can kill it.]
Kalannar: [Yeah. And Kele. And Ruby.]
You say, "[No. :P]"
Ruby Pyralis is stable.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Damn. :-P]
Chloe May: (I stabalized Kele. ><)
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+23 & gets 26.
Kele-De is stablized already :-)]
Kalannar: [.... damn.]
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+17 & gets 43.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+17 & gets 43.
Kalannar: [¬¬]

Taikris isn't stable <.<

Chloe May stabalizes Taik(2/2)

[*] Chloe May rolls 1d30+14 & gets 29.
Chloe May: (That's for my turn after Rak^ .-.)
Marlina Evenstar: [Oh right.]
Marlina Evenstar: [3, right?]
You say, "[Yus.]"
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 3d100 Taco Bell!: (41) (20) (83) = 144.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d5+23 *3 & gets 28.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d5+17 & gets 20.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d5+17 & gets 18.
Marlina Evenstar: [132]
Marlina Evenstar: [Hah, silly werewolf. You cheat and you still do less damage. :-P]

Taikris isn't stable o.o

[#] -40 HP

Rakuro: [Ha, silly rogue, you have to skip a round, every round, to do as much damage as I do :-P]

[#] The scorpion dies a horrible, mutilated death.

Ruby Pyralis: [Chloe just did it.]
Rakuro: [Oh, sorry...]
Rakuro: [rogue-wannabe]
Marlina Evenstar: [Not really, I fade once and I can sneak any number of NPC's again.]
You say, "@delete-item"
Marlina Evenstar: [Rogue's wannabe me. >.>]
Taikris is at -35 <.<]
Chloe May: (Kivi doesn't need STabalizing right?)
Chloe May attempts again!(2/2)
Kivae: [You were stabilized. .-. And.. yes, I do. xP]
[*] Chloe May rolls 1d30+14 & gets 39.
Chloe May: (^^)
Marlina Evenstar: [It's just, against limited numbers it's not quite as great.]
Kivae: [It can't go over 30, Tai. :-P]

[#] The only thing left behind in the giant scorpions wake are... where Kalannar and Kele were digging at, a nest of eggs.

Kivae: [Nevermind. n.n;]
Ruby Pyralis: [DINNER]

Chloe May runs over to Kivae and also stabalizes!(2/2)

[*] Chloe May rolls 1d30+14 & gets 24.
Marlina Evenstar: [*Snrks*]

Taikris is stabilized the second try

[#] You broke into their house, murdered the parents and now you're either going to eat or murder their children. You horrible monsters.

Kivae remains on the ground, getting sand into her wounds, and looking in a generally bad state.

Marlina Evenstar just for a change of pace, is actually the one to take an egg this time, having her own interest in the matter.

Kalannar thinks Kivae should do the same thing with a scorpion egg as she currently is with a spider.]
Kivae: [Copycat-elf. >.>]
Marlina Evenstar: [I want an animal. =( Everyone else has them.]
Kivae was planning on it, as soon as she's not dying. .-.]
Kalannar has a scarhawk. That's it, though.]
Ruby Pyralis wants one. Or not. Creepy crabs with tails.]

Chloe May runs back to House, gets more vials from fresh water. Force-feeds you all, lalala. I'm so sorry, Sirum!

Rakuro, even though the maerl actually killed the thing, quite literally shanks the top of the scorpion with his claws and rips it apart, snagging an arm and tearing into it with his teeth.. mm... yummy

Marlina Evenstar: [Rakuro's got a dinosaur, Kivae has two spiders, and god knows what else... Sirum has an overly 'energetic' monkey.]

Kivae is insect queen.. there are never any giant eagle eggs... And the stabilizer runs away. ;-;

Marlina Evenstar is not a maerl!

Kele-De is forced to drink water?

Taikris is too apparently o.o

Ruby Pyralis chokes, dies.]
Marlina Evenstar: [I told you the scorpions were no worry.]
Marlina Evenstar: [You know...]
Marlina Evenstar: [I think -3 Con might be better for Marl, then -3 Dex.]

[#] Those with wounds would find that their wounds slowly but surely closed up, from drinking the water.

Chloe May stabalized Kivae!

Kalannar breathes heavily, about ready to collapse into a bloody pulp. He sheaths his weapons and barely manages to walk back to the battle, stumbling on several occasions. He repeats the only other thing he's said during this particular outing, "Xsa..."

Marlina Evenstar: [What do you people think?]
Rakuro: [I'd agree, considering you're a high level now :-P]
[ Chloe May whispers, "I'm sorry for terrible RP through this last part. ><" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[It's fine. :P I don't like watching wounded RP anyways.]" to Chloe May. ]
[ Chloe May whispers, "<3" to you. ]
Marlina Evenstar: [What's that supposed to mean?]

Kele-De begins to feel better after she drinks the water that has been forced down her throat by Chloe. XD

Rakuro: [It means -2 Con bonus can knock off, permanently, 40 HP]
Marlina Evenstar: [Oh, right.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Because that's like.]
Marlina Evenstar: [What i fight now. >.>]
Rakuro: [Then again.. dex lowers AC, MR..]

Chloe May: Drink my potions, Loves! Ahahaha.

Taikris does much coughing as he slowly comes back to conciousness, wincing at the wounds that are still healing. "So... who wants to check out the last site?" It's hard to tell if he's serious <.<

Rakuro: [some to-hits/damages.... <<.. stick with dex]
Marlina Evenstar: [ThD is only against archers.]
Marlina Evenstar: [And Con reduces MR.]
Rakuro: [And those with Finesse Feat. But, does each successive attack stack with the previous penalties?]

Kalannar, whether asked or not, grabs a vial of the fountain water from Chloe and downs it, his wounds beginning to quickly ravel themselves up and heal, in which he pulls himself to a full stand.

Marlina Evenstar: [So it's more like HP/MR vs AC/MR]
Marlina Evenstar: [As far as I understand it, yes, otherwise Marl would suck even more. >.>]
Rakuro: [Then Con]

Kivae stirrs slowly, groaning. She rolls over, pressing a handpaw to her side, almost instinctively sending the healing magics into it. Blinking her eyes open, she begins to spit out sand. "Why didn't we just -leave them alone,-" followed by many words that she probably shouldn't know, and probably picked up from Rivyn, as they jump from language to language, and make no sense. "Someone fix Kuro.."

Marlina Evenstar: [*Modifies accordingly.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Plus Leeching blade, though not stackable, gives +2 of that stat to the one who backstabbed.]

Ruby Pyralis, now healed by miraculous means, gets to a sitting position and rubs her head, "I'm going back to the house." Then spitting out some sand, "Now." And then getting up, stomping off toward the house. >_>

Marlina Evenstar: [Benefits aren't stacked either.]

Rakuro's eyes squint just as Kivae mentions his name and he hurls the remains of the scorpion away, his muzzle dripping blood.. that accomplished he begins to back away from the rest of the people very slowly

Kele-De slowly sits up, dusting sand from herself. She was covered in it now nad choking as it managed to get into her lungs while she'd been knocked out. Her nose wrinkles in distaste at Taik's statement. "I don't think right now is the best time for that." She replies rather blandly before getting her her footpaws. "I suggest we go rest."

Marlina Evenstar: [Anyways, I need to log off, as some of you may have noticed, my mind is a bit addled. :-P]
Ruby Pyralis: [xP]
You say, "[It's fine anyways]"
You say, "[The only thing left on this map is the last x and a mini-site near it.]"
You say, "[You all heading home or determined for the 100%? xP"
Taikris: [We'll finish tomorrow]
Marlina Evenstar: [Go for 100%!!!]
Rakuro: [Bleh. We have to call it a night for now :-P]
Chloe May: (Moo. ;_;)
You say, "[Damned dirty completionists, all of you.]"
Rakuro: [Oh, right. G'night, Marl n.n]
You say, "[x3 Ni ni, everyone.]"
Kalannar: [Home. Leaving.]
Chloe May: (Waah. xD)

Taikris blinks a few times as he suddenly notices the rather rabid werefurre. He screams "The hell is that thing?!"

Chloe May: (I can't take off another day. >o)
Taikris: [You took today off? o.o]
Chloe May: (I wake up in less than two hours.)
Taikris: [o.<]
Chloe May: (^^;)
Taikris: [Poor Chloe]
Kivae: [Night, Chloe. o.o;;]
Chloe May: (I should sleep all day, and party all night. x3)

Kivae watches Rakuro move back a moment, then winces, and begins spitting out some more sand. She swears, again, "They had a -nest,- Inari.." She moves towards the said nest, handpaws still pressed to her cuts, which continue closing. Saying, simply to Tai, "Go back to the house, you don't care."

Chloe May: (Night everyone, take care. :-D)
Ruby Pyralis: [night!]
Kivae: [G'night. ^^}
Chloe May: (Sleep welll. :-D ^^)
Kele-De: [Night. ^ ^]
Chloe May: (Thanks for thepart of the quest, Si, it was great when we weren't dying! :-D)
You say, "[xD Welcome, Chloe.]"
Chloe May: (^^)

Kele-De glances over at Kivae, her eyes lighting up mischeivously at the mention of a nest. "You're going to take one of the eggs, aren't you?" A sly grin crosses over her face then.

The DM notes Frode and Tilay would more than likely be happy to take care of them, to defend the Passion of the Desert flowers.

Kivae looks a bit worried, not seeming to catch onto the mischief. "D'you think they'd die, if I didn't? I mean, they must have been staying around here for some reason.. I dunno if Ansteorra's climate would be alright for them, though.." She notes that she'll ask them to when they get back at the house. xP Why does she only find insect eggs, anyways?

You say, "[Mappers. Finish your maps as leading back to the house and send them. x.x]"

Rakuro simply falls over several steps backward with a dull *thwump*, sending up a cloud of sand.. from that marvelous position he stares blankly up at the sky and doesn't make any further move

Kalannar rubs the back of his neck, growling a bit as he turns and raises an eyebrow in Rakuro's direction.

[#] [Posting to the topic, as usual]
You say, "[Kivae took an egg, yes?"]

Kele-De grumbles about there being sand everywhere and needing a bath as she gets to her footpaws and stumbles off toward the oasis.

Kivae continues looking worried, despite no longer having Kele to fret to. She does, however, select one, deciding that she'd find a way to keep it healthy. And waits for Kuro to go back to normal to go to the oasis? (And tell Frode about the nest).

Taikris: [Aren't spiders and scorpions natural enemies?]
You say, "[Hee.]"
Kivae: [Isn't your hair on fire?]
Taikris: [It was once <.<]
Kivae: [Might wanna check that.]
[*] The DM rolls 2d10: (4) (4) = 8.
You say, "[^Days until Marlina, Kivae's eggs hatch.]"
[*] The DM rolls 5d4: (3) (2) (2) (2) (1) = 10.
[*] The DM rolls 5d4: (1) (1) (1) (4) (1) = 8.
Taikris: [o.o]
You say, "[Days until Marlina's matures, days until Kivae's matures.]"
Rakuro: [o.o...]
You say, "[Those rolls should've been higher.. xD]"
Rakuro: [xD Kivae gets a ton of baby scorpions... really swifty]
Kivae: [... She's going to be sitting there, like >.< With a spider crawling on her back, and scorpion in her lap, and people will be all o-o;;; And she'll be like What're you staring at!?]
Rakuro: []
Rakuro: [That's about the best I think I'm going to get it tonight x)]
Kivae: [Oooh..]
Rakuro: [oh! Forgot to shade the collar]
Kivae: [.. If I'm typing strangly, it's because I haven't had anything besides candy between lunch and now.. should probably go see what my parents made for dinner..]
Kalannar: []
Kalannar: [The makings of Zagnafein's portrait.]
Ruby Pyralis: [GIRLY ELF]
Ruby Pyralis: [He showed me xD]
Kivae: [Ooh.. ELFY]
Kele-De: [pretty]
Kalannar: [Details are being worked on to make him look less feminine and more cheerful. Other than that it's accurate, so sayeth teh Zag.]
Kele-De's brain has been reduced to "Fire bad. Tree pretty."]
[%] Kivae just gave Kele-De a cookie.
Kivae: [Cookie good.]
Ruby Pyralis: [ME WANT COOKIE]
Kele-De: [cookie is good.]
[%] Kivae just gave Ruby Pyralis a cookie.
[%] Kele-De just gave Ruby Pyralis a cookie.
Ruby Pyralis: [>:{ }]
Ruby Pyralis: [:D]
Rakuro: Dad being an idiot
Rakuro: Gotta run
Rakuro pops
Kivae: [They've all lef.. <.<]
Taikris: [<.<]
Kivae: [get it off me. ;-;]
Kivae: [BAGEL]

[Everyone tended to miss meals, sleep or... many other things during my quests. Another thing to feel bad about, I guess. But they could have all just went home. Some of them were sent dying by Vaal'dan. More were sent dying by scorpions. And yet they knew what was coming... they still wanted that 100%...]
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 26, 2017 10:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

[FINAL DAY - Fine, you want to fight a sandworm? Call me the Make A Wish foundation.]

[#] The characters, after getting a brutal beating from scorpions, have apparently returned to Home. Frode happily accepted the scorpion eggs to deal with the snakes, once they mature, but as of now.. to go search the North West corner of the map or to just return to the oasis is up to the explorers.

Marlina Evenstar kept her egg, bit the greedy egg-stealing mage.

Chloe May lets out a big stretch, awakening from the grass she'd slept on. Feeling as though she should be calmer today than yesterday. Staying silent, she looked around for the others to awake.

Taikris yawns widely as he rouses from his locale by the spring, cursing silently at his rather poor prowess the day prior.

Kele-De continues to doze lazily where she was, quite content to sleep as long as she could. After yesterdays experience with the scorpions, she was going to rest as long as she could.

[#] Frode is busying himself with continuing to take care of the Archmagess, as it seems she had still not woken up from her experiences within the tomb.

Kivae hasn't selected her egg, yet, as she's going to pick it up (as well as instructions for raising it) on the way back to the oasis. She beats Marl. Kivae is wincing although her wounds and cuts appear healed, without a trace. The reason is revealed as she spits out a bit more sand.

Rakuro's eyes open shortly, apparently 'waking' up with a short cough and a swift glance around at all the others in Home.. Seeing that most of them (if not all) are awake, he gets to his feet and stretches backward.. "Aaah... right then. Everyone decided on the agenda of the day?"

Kalannar grumbles under his breath, voicing obvious irritation in his tone and expression. He was in no mood for another attack of desert creatures.

Marlina Evenstar is still lightly dozing against whatever structure that she was leaning upon, her pilfered egg somewhere nearby, thus she ignores the evil scorpion-egg eating mage.

Taikris coughs quietly as he takes a seat upon the edge of the fountain, thankful for it's regenerative powers. "It seems we need to investigate the final digging site"

Rakuro ate a scorpion, not an egg ^^

Marlina Evenstar: [Kinky]

Kele-De slowly opens one eye to a slit, not in the mood to move yet. She growls and grumbles out, "You are a bit too anxious to get exploring." She's just grumpy cause seh's just waking up.

The DM has nothing to emit, what you all do is up to you. x) Though Frode's axe is still outside. []

Rakuro waves a paw dismissively towards Kel, "You can sleep for a few minutes longer. I don't mind. I'll just get a drink and lounge around for a bit. I'm not exactly hopping up and ready to find more death either". That said, he goes to do just what he said he would.. get a drink

Rakuro is.. ah... telepathically drinking..

[#] Rakuro's HP and status are restored! (But you're still hungry...)
Taikris: [XD]
Rakuro is always hungry anyway, and never eats. So ha2u :-P]

Chloe May stands up, brushing herself off. "Oh.. Oh, well.. I guess we should leave soon, our home awaits." Smling lightly. "W-What's on the schedule?"

Kivae remains against the wall, seeming to be thinking for a moment. Her ears perk up then, and she pulls her water-jug out of her bag, padding through the lines of furres to the fountain, dipping it into the water, refilling. "Home, exploration, rest, whatever. Pick one or two."

Rakuro turns about and wipes excess water from his muzzle with a paw before responding to Chloe, "Well.. we've got one final X in the very northwestern portion of the map.. or we've got a large pile of loot waiting for us to take it home"
Rakuro smiles faintly, "I'd rather like to see what's at the final X, but we've been through a lot out here, and I don't particularly mind if we all go home"

Kele-De shrugs, then stretches herself out, slowly sitting up. Her paws wipe at her eyes, clearing out the crust that has formed on them from little grains of sand being cried out of her eyes during the night. Growling a bit, she gets up and takes a drink of water, then splashes some over her face. "When we get back, I'm taking a bath."

Taikris slowly begins standing to his feet, completely unaware of what sort of things lay beneath the final sand dune. "Let's get moving. We might as well take full advantage of what the map portrays before heading home eh?"

Chloe May takes a quick peek at the map. "I-I don't mind if we go to the final X, but.. It seems like all our encounters with bad things happened more to the left. And that's where the last X is.." Looking a bit concerned. "U-Um, I'm really not sure."

Marlina Evenstar finally awakens enough to be able to speak in response to the mage and his options, "Or? Who's to be sayin' it has to be bein' 'or'? Just be doin' 'em both, and dredge what we can from this horrid desert.

Rakuro tips Tai a nod and reties the cloth around his muzzle and head. "Sure sure.. let's get moving then. The sun'll be up in a few hours, and I don't want to be caught in it. Everyone ready? Good". As though his question were actually answered, he starts to leave

Kivae steps into the fountain, rather than going around, and plods after Rakuro, sliding the waterjug back into her bag.
Kivae: Not knowing would get on my nerves..

Kalannar pushes off of the wall, and follows, grumbling a bit. Someone grab the axe.

Chloe May sighs, trailing on after them.

Kele-De shrugs and takes off after Kivae and Rak, making sure she has the scimitar she grabbed yesterday with her.

Taikris follows after the mage, intending to stay in the shadow

[#] [Are we at morning, day or night?]
Taikris: [Morning methinks]
Chloe May: (A bit before sun rise-ish?)
Rakuro: [Aye. Morning]
Marlina Evenstar: [What good is an axe to Marl? :-P]
[#] [Okay then.]
Kivae: [x2 to all desert creatures. .-.]
Rakuro: [Late morning, most likely. And we can assume r00b took it, Marl, since she's afk]
Kivae: [That's what. >.>]

[#] The desert seems to be a bit windy today, unlike the previously calm days. Not a bother, but somewhat of an irritation to see through.

Marlina Evenstar: [1d10+1 *2 still sucks]
Kivae: [3d4]
Rakuro's memory failed him once again]
Marlina Evenstar: [And that's better than 1d5+15, how? :-P]
Rakuro: [3d4 *2]
Marlina Evenstar: [Ah right, 'cept I get *3... :-P]
Rakuro must deal with something real fast.. continue RPing or walking as necessary]
Taikris: [only for backstab
Taikris: [The axe did it every hit :-P]
Marlina Evenstar: [1d30+1 Doesn't have that great a chance of hitting. :-P]
Rakuro: [Right. Walking it is *returns*]

Kivae pulls her cloth tighter around her mouth, and up over her nose, eyes squinting tightly to block the sand from them.

Rakuro nods shortly to the pillar, "Right. This is the last one then... keep your eyes and ears open as you dig. if something really bad happens... ah... just be ready". He gives them all a nod, then begins walking off towards where he believes the x to be

[#] [Everyone who wants to roll a wisdom check, BCR 20.]

[*] Kivae rolls 1d20+9 & gets 16.
[*] Chloe May rolls 1d10+8 & gets 17.
[*] Taikris rolls 1d20+2 Go Chim! & gets 6.
[*] Rakuro rolls 1d20 & gets 6.
Kivae: [d20, Chloe. :-P]
Taikris: [The primes hate me ;.;]
[*] Kele-De rolls 1d20 & gets 17.
[*] Chloe May rolls 1d20+8 & gets 17.
Chloe May: (xD)
Rakuro: [Ironic, that]
You say, "[Wow you guys suck.]"
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d20+3 Taco Bell & gets 8.
Marlina Evenstar: [Rawr]
Chloe May: (Add ten to my first roll? ;;)
[ Rakuro whispers, "[Going to emit, or shall I dig?]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[It's fine with me, but... I'm not sure... if you're in the right spot... >>]" to Rakuro. ]
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d20+1 & gets 6.
Rakuro makes sure of something]
Rakuro shouldn't be leading so soon after he had to do homework]
Rakuro notes someone should call him out on the leadership, as he's not retconning his IC action for OOC knowledge :-P

[#] The sand dunes around here appear more frequent as the group comes along them, though in unusual patterns. Much like a sandstorm blew past and everything got thrown around, only.. not.

Kivae flicks an ear, glancing to either side with still-squinted eyes, and then back towards Home, and in the direction of rocks. She sifts her boots in the sand. "Was that all the way north? Seemed a bit short.. f'course, I think I'm always all turned around.. The X is to the left?"

Rakuro pauses in his tramping and shoots Kivae a look, "It is? Oh, er... right then. It's been forever since I've seen the map. We can look a little bit further north if you'd like.. it'd take less time then digging this whole place up"
Rakuro turns about and does just that... look a litlte bit further north, that is

Taikris just walks over to where he thinks the treasure is located as according to the map. "Right-o then. Not time like the present eh?" before quickly diving towards the sand, running his paws through the grains of sand to seek what is below [Now it takes effect ^^;;;;]
Taikris: @dig

[#] [If your character is facing NE or NW, roll a WIS check, BCR 20.]

Kele-De blinks as she watches Taik. "I don't know if that's really a good idea. I mean....after yesterday."

[*] Taikris rolls 1d20+2 Dalin? & gets 11.
You say, "[No, Tai.]"
You say, "[You're facing south. :P"
[*] Kivae rolls 1d20+9 Inari hasn't abandoned us.. & gets 29.

Rakuro scratches at the back of his neck with a short laugh.. "Ah.. heh.. I guess I've got all the pillars mixed up, then.. are we far enough now?"

Kalannar simply trails along with the others, not specifically pleased by the decision to persue this.

[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d20+3 Inari & gets 9.
Marlina Evenstar: [>.>]
Kivae: [Haha]
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d20+1 Varunia & gets 14.

[ You whisper "Kivae notices eight poles sticking up from the sand a ways north-east from here." to Kivae. ]

[%] Rakuro just gave Kivae a cookie.
[*] Chloe May rolls 1d20+8 Barbie & gets 28.
[ You whisper "Chloe notices eight poles sticking up from the sand a ways north-east from here." to Chloe May. ]
Rakuro is scared ;_;]
Kivae: [o-o;]

Chloe May scratches her neck. "I-I thought this felt a bit shorter than usual." Squinting a bit, she calls over to Kivae. "C-Can you see a few poles in the distance up there?"

Kivae grins, "Hope I'm right, for once." She takes another customary glance for the land marks noted before, and tilts her head to the right. ".. That's strange.. Does the map say anything about poles, that way?" Pointing towards them, northeast, her eyes squinted, and shining with faintly unnatural light.

Kivae nods to Chloe, after. o.o;

Chloe May yays. ^^

Rakuro turns northeastish and squints off into the distance.. "Ah... well, we can go look for it, anyway. I'd trust your judgement over mine anytime for the rest of today!"

Marlina Evenstar apparently remains unaware of these mysteropis poles, and thus is of the opinion that they're bothy crazy, forwarding that thought is a brief drink from her waterskin, and a contemplation of the sand, where bad things had a tendancy to appear at random moments.

Rakuro begins padding in that direction to take a look <<
Kele-De turns about and squints, trying to make the poles out. She shrugs then. "Shall we go a bit further then?"

Rakuro: [Did you mean, actual north east, assuming the actual top of the monitor is north? <<]
You say, "[Yes. :P]"
The DM emits. []

Taikris blinks a few times when they wind up here o.o

Rakuro raises an eyebrow as they walk into a.....

Marlina Evenstar: [Pole]
Kalannar has to AFK again really.. oooh.]

[#] The group comes across what appears to be the remains of a nomad or gypsy camp, each of the wooden poles jutting out of the sand obviously having been placed there to set up a giant tent. Most of the things here are near entirely covered by sand, though.. some of them appear actually worthy to keep around. No reason is given as to why the poles were left up, or why various trinkets were left behind.

[#] For note, it appears as if they left roughly a day or two before the others arrived in the desert.

[#] [Things here: Broken crossbow, mug, tea kettle, potion, food sack, drum.]

Taikris goes to examine the bag sitting in the corner then. "Any idea why they would have left so fast? It seems like they left quite a bit behind them"

[#] Taikris finds stale bread. Yum yum delicious.

Chloe May blinks, putting her paws infront of one another. Walking over to the circle of eight posts, she scratched her head. "H-Hm.. I wonder who was staying here before.." Hitting her foot on something, she kneeled down and picked up the mug, clearing the sand from it.

Kele-De pads over to admire the drum. One finger runs along it, as she sighs. "Why would they leave such things behind."

Rakuro looks about the clearing and shrugs briefly, "Haven't got a clue. Take what you can from everything that looks useful, and then we'll find the final X". Since nothing is truly of interest to him, he pads back to the edge of the ring of poles

[#] Chloe aquires a copper mug.
[#] Handy for all your liquid consuming needs.

Kalannar raises a slight eyebrow at the scene, kneeling down and sweeping his hands over the sand as if searching for some sign of footprints or the like.

[ You whisper "[Kalannar notes that the footprints take off east, then stop where caravan tracks start up.]" to Kalannar. ]

Kivae merely glances around, her ears flickering. "Maybe they were following something.. or something was following them.." Seeming to about to say something ominous, when the potion catches her eye. Shiny. She pads towards it, careful not to disrupt the sand around Kal, as the wind was doing that already.

[#] Kivae recieves a Potion of +42 HP.

Taikris shrugs quietly as nobody else seems to take much interest in said foodbag... he takes it, and begins walking over to Rakuro. "Right then... anytime you're ready"
Chloe May decides to leave the mug, just incase anyone planned on coming back. After that, she moved over to Rakuro.

Kele-De shrugs and wanders over. She picks up the tea kettle and peeks inside of it.

Marlina Evenstar can't help but notice a somewhat sarcastic turn of mind from their faithful DM, but she doesn't comment on that, instead she moves closer to the remains of the fire crouching down for several moments before prodding gingerly at the likely charred wood. Her intentions simply to decide how long ago the camp had been active.

The DM is amusing himself, not being sarcastic. :-P []
Marlina Evenstar: [There's a differance? :-P]

Kalannar eyes the sand up, and speaks simply, a hand pressed against the sand's surface, "Their footprints headed East, where they then took up riding in a caravan."

[#] Kele notes that the drum is near entirely covered with sand, but nothing really of interest. She also notes that the tea kettle is filled with old coffee that has sand in it. Quite the contradiction, the universe now implodes.

Rakuro hns quietly at Kalannar's interesting but ultimately useless revalation.. "Interesting.. but ultimately useless.. let's keep going". That said he turns about and begins slowly walking away. Not fast enough that anyone who wanted to grab more couldn't grab it and follow along just enough to let people know he wants to find the other pillar :-P

Kele-De brows furrow. "Why leave all this behind though? A kettle that at one point.." She brings it up to sniff it carefully, "...held coffee and a drum? These are things that would be important. There has to be a reason for them leaving."

Kalannar stands up and sweeps his hands back and forth over one another, ridding them of sand as he starts after Rakuro shortly.

Taikris goes off to the final X then <.<

Rakuro calls over his shoulder, "Probably the Scouts ran them off. Keep your eyes open!"

Kivae shrugs, faintly, and offers the potion down to Kal, recognizing it for what it is, and having no interest. They taste like old cheese. If he doesn't take it, she drops it, and instead, randomly scoops up some wood. Couldn't waste it. 'We have to go east on our way back, anyways, why don't we check it out then.."

Kalannar runs off regardless.

Kele-De arches a brow and turns toward Marl. "Any information in the coals?"

Chloe May moves next to Kele. "I-I'm sure the weather got to hot, or something. N-Nothing to worry about, right?" Smiling.

Kivae took wood from the area opposite of Marlina. Because she's a creepy half-elf.

Kalannar goes back and grabs the potion, then starts off after Rakuro.

[#] The fire seems to have died out just a day or two before the others arrived in the desert.

Taikris: [Kal... I think you're a tad late. Kivae grabbed it :-P]
Kivae: [Nope.]
Kalannar: [And dropped it. Read again.]
Kivae: [I gave it to him.]

Marlina Evenstar rises up to her feet once more, apparently satisfied with her analysis of the dead fire, she was almost following the mage, when Kele interrupted her, "Not to be findin' much, 'cept that they've been gone fer awhile now, several days at least."

[*] Ruby Pyralis joins you.
Ruby Pyralis: [sorry, my dad was hogging the comp :/]

[Me stalling for time until the gang was all here. They were going to want as many people as possible.]

Rakuro takes note of the pillar and promptly paces off several yards before plopping down in the sand and beginning to dig swiftly. like any proper canine would

Taikris takes a stance nearby the pole itself, glancing upon the map before taking careful strides outwards. It is at that time he dives into the sand... digging much like Kuro is

Rakuro lost again. So happy ^_^]

Kalannar isn't digging this time.

Kivae hefts the wood under an arm. ".. Right, one success of the day, let's see if I can have another.." As such, begins dragging her boots through the sand, in search.

[ Kele-De whispers, "Kele-De grabbed the broken crossbow and took it with her." to you. ]

[ You whisper "[It can be repaired by someone who knows how to repair it freeformly, but it's just a +1 to-hit crossbow. :P]" to Kele-De. ]

Rakuro takes a few steps back towards the non-digging Kal then, and digs around him :-P

Chloe May guesses she'll try dig. Taking a shovel, she pushed it into the sand.

Ruby Pyralis is walking around with her footpaws a few inches beneath the sand, thus digging.

[ Kele-De whispers, "She wants to know why those people left. She took it thinking it might have some answers." to you. ]
[ You whisper "[It appears as if someone accidently stepped on it and cracked it.]" to Kele-De. ]

Taikris frowns slightly, moving a few more spaces to a side before beginning to dig once more.

[ You whisper "[Or rather, ran over it.." to Kele-De. ]

Kele-De wrinkles her nose in distaste. "DO you really think it's a good idea to dig again?" She then sits and very carefully begins sifting through the sand.

Marlina Evenstar digs like some sort of weird half-elf feline digging thing, proving herself oddly apt now as she seeks out treasure, despite the whole thing about this being soooo demeaning.

Ruby Pyralis continues digging around with her footpaws. ^^;

Kivae digs in rather the same way as Ruby, as she could continue moving as she feels around for things, brushing her tail across after her, checking. "Might as well.. Curiousity would kill me, otherwise.."

You say, "[Who knew this would be the hardest to find.]"

Kalannar shrugs, and begins digging once more, dropping to his knees to do so.

Rakuro lost all track of where he was or where people have been, attempting one last time to dig out a spot as he murmers a faint curse.. "I guess all our luck has run out, eh?"

Kele-De shifts about, carefully shifting the sand around her. Her brows furrow as she continues searching for whatever.

Taikris rises to his footpaws, cursing mildly as he takes a few steps southernly now. "Where the hell is it?! o.<"

Marlina Evenstar continues to dig, because she simply must find something, and this was her first time digging here, so she had to make it count or something...

Kalannar continues sifting about for something.

Ruby Pyralis still continues to dig around. Kekeke.

Chloe May sighs slightly, brushing some hair back that had got in the way of the wind's fury. "I-I still don't feel too sure.." Sniffing, she digged s'more.

Kivae shrugs faintly, "Maybe there actually isn't anything.."

Kalannar digs more.. somewhat unwillingly, but digs nonethelss.

Kele-De moves a few move feet, still on her knees shifting through the sand.

Marlina Evenstar: [You looking at me? Are you looking at me?]

Taikris tries another freaking spot o.<

Ruby Pyralis scratches at her head as she digs around more.

Rakuro raises an eyebrow at that, then simply shrugs as he straightens up.. "I.. suppose that's a possibility. Maybe the gypsies already found it...."

Kele-De: @dig
[#] Success!

Ruby Pyralis: [Who did?]
Chloe May: (Kele, I think. :-D)
Marlina Evenstar: [xP]
The DM emits. Everyone go back to their previous spots. []
The DM .. that means Ruby and Marl. :-P []
Marlina Evenstar: [We're doom-ed]
Ruby Pyralis: [SANDWORM]
Ruby Pyralis: [RUN]
Kele-De thinks that she really didn't want to find whatever it is she found.]
Marlina Evenstar abandons Kele]
Kele-De cries.]

[#] Kele, after the group spends around ten minutes digging through the sand, eventually digs right down into some sort of lengthy pit. The mouth of the pit seeming to be lined with jagged rocks, and smelling quite foul.

Marlina Evenstar: [Kele, if you weren't about to be eaten, I'd stay with you, but, well... You know.]
Taikris: [This reminds me of Star Wars and Sarlaac pits <.<]

Kele-De takes a wiff of the pit and immediately backs away, so that she doesn't fall in. She calls out to the rest of the group, "I found some sort of pit."

Kivae lays her ears down. "A trap, from the Val'daan, or whatever Frode called them?"

[#] The mouth of the pit appears to move just slightly, as Kele walks away from it.

Chloe May turns around to Kele's discovery, placing a paw against her hip. "H-Hm.. Pits? Th-That kinda reminds me of the underground temple we visited yesterday. N-No.. Thankyou." Backing away a bit.

Taikris slowly turns about to gaze at the discovery made by the seal mistress. It kinda sucked that she really had no offensive power out here o.< "It smells awfuly foul to be a trap"

Rakuro pads over quickly to peer down into the hole, raising an eyebrow slightly at it.. "Well.. that's interesting..". With all the intelligence of a grapefruit, he kicks some sand down

Marlina Evenstar casts a brief glance at the hole, though having determined that this was not some obscure form of treasure, she's looking for other promising spots, suddenly eager for some reason.

Kalannar wastes very little time in drawing his scimitars and backing away a few steps, "I would step away from that."

Kele-De doesn't trust the foul smelling pit and backs further away. If it smelld foul, perhaps there was a rotting corpse in it and in that case, she didn't want to be anywhere near whatever might come out of it.

[#] The pit, as sand gets kicked down it, sinks farther down into the sand at a rapid pace. So much so that within seconds, it's filled entirely with sand as if it wasn't there before. Maybe there was nothing to be alarmed for.

Ruby Pyralis presses the shawl against her nose as she catches a wiff of the pit, "Amazed we didn't smell it before."

Taikris blinks a few times as he quickly begins donning his wristclaws. "Ya' know I how I had that bad feeling in the crypt. It's worse now <.<"

Kivae would throw a rock down it, but doesn't have one with her. She steps towards it until she get a whiff, and then steps back, again. "Hn.. That looks sort of.. like.." Face taking on the appearance of o.o! as it moves. ".. Hn.."

Rakuro raises an eyebrow as the hole dissapears, then coughs faintly.. "Ah.. that's strange. Must've just been a sinkhole. I guess that decides what happened to the loot then". He turns back around and spreads his paws out to either side, "Head home?"

Taikris nods warily as he begins to move towards the rest of the group, perhaps for protection. "Umm... yeah. Sure <.<"

Chloe May smiles at Rakuro's words. "Y-Yes, I'm very tired of seeing sand." Giggling some, she nodded, crossing her arms and beginning to walk away at a slow pace, just enough so that she didn't get lost from the group.

Kele-De nods. "If we've explored everything, yes. I could use a bath." She runs a paw through her headfur, shaking some of the sand out. "I'm ready to get out of this sand."

[#] Suddenly, from the ground behind Ruby, the pit reforms. Only, it, doesn't just reform, it leaps up out of the ground, showering everyone beneath it with the irritating sand. It's target, of course, is the one standing away from the ground - the mage Rakuro. Should Rakuro not be able to move away in time, let's say... that the tea mage is going to be dinner for a horrible, gigantic creature with highly destructive stomach acid and hundreds of razor sharp teeth. The full body of the sand worm doesn't stop moving from the hole it appeared from behind Ruby until nearly the entire length of a monorail has passed, but more than likely the group doesn't have time to measure it it, for the second the head of the beast hits the ground with or without Rakuro the resulting slam might be a bit too much to handle. [Swallow] [NPC Ability: Shockwave]

Marlina Evenstar: [Crap.]
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+22 vs Rakuro & gets 32.
Rakuro: [Er.. <<.. sooo... what kind of resist roll do I get?]
You say, "[That's to-hit :-P]"
Rakuro: [aw, snap. In that case *is hit, makes post*]
[#] Everyone roll stabilize checks (STR+DEX+CON 2 vs 18) or be tripped on your first turn. Then decide your init.
Kalannar: [Couldn't just let us leave, could ya.]
[#] [/2 *]
[*] Chloe May rolls 1d20+3 & gets 11.
Marlina Evenstar: [Round up, or down?]
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d20+7 & gets 11.
Kalannar: [I really don't feel like fighting.]
Taikris: [Con+2?]

Rakuro's eyes turn upward as, rather suddenly, he's engulfed by a very large mouth.. and sucked directly into a tube-shaped belly roughly the temperature of a well-done roast beast sandwich! Well.. bad day

Marlina Evenstar: [STR+DEX+CON /2]
You say, "[The sandworm went first, so you aren't determining your init roll.]"
You say, "[You're just determining your order.]"
Kivae: [/2, see the emit. :-P And round up/down?]
You say, "[Sand Worm Swallow -> You lots turn -> Sand worm emerges (takes a turn)]"
[*] Kele-De rolls 1d20+3 & gets 8.
[*] Taikris rolls 1d20+4 & gets 17.
Taikris: [... actually made it o.o]
[*] Kivae rolls 1d20+2 & gets 18.
[ You whisper "[BCR 18. :-P]" to Taikris. ]
Ruby Pyralis: [What's the check?]
You say, "[18]"
Gripple: [18 was the number you needed, el jefe.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Against 18, Dirk. :-P]
Ruby Pyralis: [I mean, what do stats.]
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d20+5 & gets 19.
Marlina Evenstar: [Woot.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Oh]
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d20+6 & gets 24.
Gripple: [Str mod + dex mod + con mod /2, Senorita.]
You say, "@fight"
You say, "[Determine your order.]"
Taikris: [oh o.<]
Kalannar: [Should I reroll? I added everything.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Who's the smartass familiar? :-P]
Gripple licks Marlina. []
Marlina Evenstar: [Oh, right.]

Chloe May screams, seeing the giant worm suddenly come from the sand. "Oh.. Oh my, W-We need to get out of here!" Her eyes widening as the worm swallowed the mage whole. "N-No.. This can't be happening, we were just about to go home, Rakuroo!" Sobbing some, she placed both paws over her face to try and calm down; of course this taking her attention away from suddenly being tripped over, her head hitting the ground.

Kalannar's eyes widen slightly at the gigantic sandworm very simply devouring Rakuro. He knew this was a bad idea. He hasn't time even to gather his thoughts before he's quite suddenly flung over from the shockwave of the great desert beast.

Ruby Pyralis' eyes widen and both ears stand erect as the giant worm suddenly shoots out behind her. She spins around and slowly backs away as she stares upward at the creature, shielding her eyes with a paw as the sand tumbles down. Despite the loud crashing noises that're no doubt occuring, one might hear her yelling something to the effect of, "F*CKING HELL!" Though, she is luckily enough able to keep her footing.

[*] The DM rolls 8d8+8 vs Rakuro & gets 40.
[#] [Ruby, Marl, Chloe, Kivae, Kal, Kel, Tai, Rak]
[#] [Ruby.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Is Rak actually swallowed? o_o;]
You say, "[Yes.]"
You say, "[He's in the belly of the beast.]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Holy fuck.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Gimme a few seconds.]
Gripple: [Chop it apart or Rak's going to be in a bit of pain. And of course, once he dies, it's someone elses turn :-D]
Chloe May: (Um.)
Kivae: [You're rather morbid. .-.]
Chloe May: (Does Rakuro only have to become unconcious?)
Marlina Evenstar: ['Spose that's gonna be me or Ruby...]
Chloe May: (Or does it keep going till he's over -10?)
Gripple: [He gets crushed to death, then begins becoming digested.]
Gripple: [He'll be very, very, very dead.]

Ruby Pyralis then turns in time to catch sight of Rakuro being devoured by the worm, though she sees no way in being able to get him back. She yells out to the others, "Any ideas other than running the f*ck away?"

Ruby Pyralis: [Skip x)]

[#] The worm is currently buried beneath the sand, for note.

[#] [Ruby, Marl, Chloe, Kivae, Kal, Kel, Tai, Rak] [Marl]
Marlina Evenstar: [So... They can't attack it? >.>]
You say, "[Consider this the preparing round if you survived the stability check.]"

Ruby Pyralis, also draws her axe in that case.

Marlina Evenstar manages to retain her balance somehow as the sandworm strikes, whirling about soon after however with both daggers making their presence known by gleaming in the rising sunlight of the desert before the ranger notices the inevitable fact that the sandworm had long since vanished into the sands and taken a mage with him, so with a curse her body becomes slightly less visible, blending in with whatever shade might be offered, and if that isn't there, then well... Spooky. [Fade.]

[#] [Ruby, Marl, Chloe, Kivae, Kal, Kel, Tai, Rak] [Chloe has fallen. Kivae.]
[#] [And.. Chloe made her post anyways. :-P
[#] [Unless you really want to post again? >>]

Chloe May moans slightly, shaking all the sand out of her hair. Quickly she pulled herself up, shakingly holding onto her Mace. "W-We can't leave, that thing has R-Rakuro!" Shaking more, she cautiously looked around to when the Worm would pop up next.(Stand up? o_o)
Chloe May: (Just to stand up.)

Kivae flickers her ears down wards, wavering in the sand, but managing to hold herself steady. She stares downwards warily, eyes wide, as if that would somehow help her decide where it might be. Ruby's suggestion provokes a panicked snarl, "And leave him? We just need to.. cut him out! He's still whole." Proving her faith in this idea, she presses her handpaws together, summoning help of some sort. [3/3]
[*] Kivae rolls 1d30+11 & gets 12.

Ruby Pyralis drew out the special axe, for note. >_> <_<;;;

[#] [Ruby, Marl, Chloe, Kivae, Kal, Kel, Tai, Rak] [You're all going to die.] [Kalannar]

Kalannar lurches himself up from the fall, brushing himself off a bit and gripping his scimitars readily. He is visibly pissed off.

[#] [Ruby, Marl, Chloe, Kivae, Kal, Kel, Tai, Rak] [Get 'n ehts belleh.] [Kele]

Kele-De spins around in a circle, watching the worm and is too distracted to notice when she's tripped and falls to the ground. She curses then, growling and muttering something about digging, the sand and going to die. Trying to regain her bearing, she gets back up to her footpaws, pulling her glaive out and cursing the desert sands and lack of plant life.

[#] [Ruby, Marl, Chloe, Kivae, Kal, Kel, Tai, Rak] [Run while you still have the chance.] [Taikris!]

Taikris flies to the ground upon the impact of the beast, unable to hold his footing in wake of such force. "Sweet Dragon! The size of that thing." he gets to his feet quickly, and gives a glance about him. "Wait... where's Rakuro?"

Marlina Evenstar: [Oh someone's clever]
Ruby Pyralis: [And, oh, so observant.]
Marlina Evenstar: [=P]
[#] [Ruby, Marl, Chloe, Kivae, Kal, Kel, Tai, Rak] [This isn't working all that well, is it? Cursed bad intimidation tactics..] [Rakuro]

Rakuro roars, though the sound is obviously dampened by the fact that.. um.. he's eaten.. and that he's under sand to boot. But as the acid touches his skin, the switch in his brain flips. All the marvelous intelligence and carefully disciplined reasoning floods from his mind as his body undergoes the second transformation in as many days. The worm would get a definite unpleasant feeling as, quite suddenly, he gets bigger... 'Rakuro! He plumps when you cook 'im!'. [Lookit, Werewolf In a Blanket! Even with Desert Spices added for extra flavoring! ]

Chloe May: (Sirum cares for us, it's why he's chasing us away^ <3)
[*] The DM rolls 8d8+8 vs Rakuro & gets 40.
Taikris: [o.o]
[#] Sandworm.
Marlina Evenstar: [Here it comes boys.]

[#] The sandworm bursts forth from the sand once more as soon as it is done tunneling through the sand, the hundreds of dagger-like teeth shining as the desert sun hits them. If one looked closely, they would be able to see bits of cloth and bone stuck inbetween some of them, obviously from the nomadic camp east, who had stumbled upon it. Sadly, it can't yet attack, as it's still busy trying to shake off all the sand on it. Today would be quite a meal for the monster! >:*

You say, "[Rak, move?]"
You say, "@place-item 2411"
Ruby Pyralis: [AHHHH[
Taikris: [O.O][
You say, "@fight"
Marlina Evenstar: [Son of a...]
Rakuro: [XD]
[#] PC's.
Rakuro: [Oh god... *very nearly laughed out loud*]
[#] [Ruby, Marl, Chloe, Kivae, Kal, Kel, Tai, Rak] [Ruby]
Ruby Pyralis: [I screamed out loud]
[ You whisper "[Please don't lay on it. .-.]" to Chloe May. ]
Ruby Pyralis: [S-O-L... HAHAHA]
Chloe May: (He likes me. <3)
[ You whisper "[Thankies. x)]" to Chloe May. ]
[ Chloe May whispers, "(It's so cute. ;;)" to you. ]

Ruby Pyralis narrows her eyes at Kivae, "Who's to say that thing isn't coming back for seconds?!" Then of course being cut off as the giant monster reappears, clutching onto the special axe tightly and flapping her wings as fast as possible, trying to get enough altitude over it to slash into it as she goes by. o_o

[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+14 & gets 19.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+14 & gets 34.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+14 & gets 22.
You say, "[1]"
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d100 & gets 59.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 3d4+14 *2 & gets 19.
Ruby Pyralis: [38]

[#] The axe just barely manages to break through the worms armor-like skin.

Marlina Evenstar appears moments after the beast, dagger flashing out of whatever concealment the clever assassin had manage to steal for herself, though the thought that the pitiful thinblade would do much against that huge monster was somewhat laughable, even to her, as the blade whistled through the air, hopefully on target. That bastard shouldn't be eating Rak, it was her job to make his life a living hell. >.> [Sneak]

[#] [Press F3 to keep the music going, I'm not typing the command anymore. :-P]
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d20+12 & gets 15.
Marlina Evenstar: [Erg]
[*] The DM rolls 1d20+1 & gets 16.
Ruby Pyralis: [o_o]
Rakuro: [That hurts]
Marlina Evenstar: [>.>]
Marlina Evenstar: [Verily.]
[%] Rakuro just gave Marlina Evenstar a cookie.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+9 & gets 34.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+9 & gets 12.
[%] Ruby Pyralis just gave Marlina Evenstar a cookie.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d100 & gets 79.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d5+9 & gets 12.
Marlina Evenstar: [>.>]
[#] [Ruby, Marl, Chloe, Kivae, Kal, Kel, Tai, Rak] [Chloe]

Chloe May shakes some, not quite sure what to do. Looking around nervously, she noticed Ruby needed some assistance. Pointing her mace at her, she chanted, a light flying over into the axe.(3/3)(+4 Hit/Damage 4 Rounds.)

[*] Chloe May rolls 1d30+12 Barbie? & gets 21.
Chloe May: (Yay.)
Ruby Pyralis: [<3]
[#] [Ruby, Marl, Chloe, Kivae, Kal, Kel, Tai, Rak] [Kivae]

Kivae takes a calming breath that is very, very much wasted when the thing comes into actually clear sight. She doesn't respond to Ruby, simply shaking her head a bit more than is necessary, before giving her fingers another twitch. Round eyes locked on the creature, She gives her steepled fingers a fierce tug, tail curling around a leg. It would work this time. [3/3]

[*] Kivae rolls 1d30+11 & gets 31.
[#] [Ruby, Marl, Chloe, Kivae, Kal, Kel, Tai, Rak] [Kal]

Kalannar spins away from the beast, cursing aloud as he grabs his hood and throws it up over his head to block any downcoming sand as he attempts an assault against the beast from the side. He dashes over, breaking into a flurry of motion while executing himself into a well-performed spin slash.

[*] Kalannar rolls 1d30+5 & gets 31.
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d30+4 & gets 26.
You say, "[2]"
[%] Ruby Pyralis just gave The DM a cookie.
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d100 & gets 1.
Ruby Pyralis: [O_O]
Marlina Evenstar: [=/]
Chloe May: (xD)
[#] Inari loves me.
[%] Chloe May just gave Kalannar a cookie.
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d100 & gets 13.
Ruby Pyralis: [;_;]
[%] Ruby Pyralis just gave Kalannar a cookie.
[%] Ruby Pyralis just gave Kalannar a cookie.
[%] Ruby Pyralis just gave Kalannar a cookie.
Kalannar: [Fuck it all. I hate it.]
Chloe May: (I'm the Anti-Sev God, Blame me. D:)
[%] Ruby Pyralis just gave Kalannar a cookie.
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d8+7 botch & gets 12.
[%] Ruby Pyralis just gave Kalannar a cookie.
Marlina Evenstar: [I mean seriously, good rolls against your creatures are so rare, and 1's have occured several times now. =P]
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d8+6 /2 & gets 14.
[*] Kalannar requests permission to join your company. To accept the request, type `summon and press . To decline, type `decline and press
[*] Kalannar joins you.

Kalannar manages to deal 12 damage to himself. Fuckin' eh, I hate you all. Go to hell, Sirum.

You say, "[It isn't my fault. ;.;]"
[#] [Ruby, Marl, Chloe, Kivae, Kal, Kel, Tai, Rak] [Kele]

Kele-De is torn between fleeing to save herself and staying to help free Rak. Against her better judgement, she stays and decides to help. After all, she likes the Mage and she wasn't about to abandon her friends. So, she moves to get behind the worm and hacks at it with her glaive, trying to cut a hole in it's hide.

Rakuro: [Furc plot detection]
Kalannar: [.!..-.-..!.]
[*] Kele-De rolls 1d30+4 & gets 11.
[#] [Ruby, Marl, Chloe, Kivae, Kal, Kel, Tai, Rak] [Taikris]

[Furc plot detection is what we would say when the server screwed itself and kicked us off at random.]

Taikris can't help but shudder in horror at the incredibly monstrosity sitting before him. "We've got to get Rakuro out of there somehow" he shouts, before charging at the side, trying to ram his claws beneath the armored carapace.

[*] Taikris rolls 1d30+4 & gets 18.
[#] [Ruby, Marl, Chloe, Kivae, Kal, Kel, Tai, Rak] [Rakuro - Shreddum!]

Rakuro, intent on making this as unpleasant as possible for the worm, suddenly begins slashing outward at the stomach of the thing with his oaken wristclaw that always seems to appear about this time. It's convenient... another roar erupts, seemingly coming from the worm itself, but sounding a little more.. ah.. canine.. that's the oddest darn imagery ever. [*wiggle,wiggle*]

[#] [Auto-Hits.]
Rakuro: [Ah.. auto-hits, yes? Considering... I'm inside.. righto]
[*] Rakuro rolls 2d100 InariHRT # I: (99) (64) = 163.
You say, "[Holy ****.]"
Taikris: [o.o][
Chloe May: (? o_o)
Rakuro: [*2 for being inside?]
Chloe May: (It's not a 100. .-.)
Chloe May: (But, congrats! :-D)
Chloe May: (Barbie works. <3)
You say, "[Auto-x2 for claw-weapons on its insides.]"
[*] Rakuro rolls 1d15+24 *4 & gets 35.
[*] Rakuro rolls 1d15+24 *2 & gets 34.
Chloe May: (Picked the wrong wolf to swallow, boi.)
Rakuro: [208]
Rakuro: [^^HRT]

[#] The worms insults are slashed up quite badly from the mages assault, shown by the blood starting to pour from the worms mouth. But as it lacks the ability to do anything about the mage currently, it merely lets out a horrible, head splitting screech and rises up further out of the ground, snapping its teeth at Ruby's legs three times before slamming back downwards, against Kivae and Marlina. That's likely to break a few bones..

Chloe May will roll for you. <3)
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+25 #1 Ruby & gets 27.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+25 #2 Ruby & gets 28.
Kalannar: [God dammit, can we keep moving?]
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+25 #3 Ruby & gets 37.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+25 #4 Marlina & gets 50.
[*] The DM rolls 1d30+25 #5 Kivae & gets 26.
Ruby Pyralis: [F*ck you and your cat. 3]
[*] The DM rolls 1d100+5 #1 & gets 66.
[*] The DM rolls 1d100+5 #2 & gets 103.
Marlina Evenstar: [Oh come on. You get those rolls against Ruby, but I get a freakin' 50? :-P
Kivae: [1]
[*] The DM rolls 1d100+5 #3 & gets 73.
[*] The DM rolls 1d100+5 #4 & gets 60.
Ruby Pyralis: [><]
[*] The DM rolls 1d100+5 #5 & gets 22.
[*] The DM rolls 6d7+17 #1 & gets 39.
[*] The DM rolls 6d7+17 *10 #2 & gets 34.
[*] The DM rolls 6d7+17 #3 & gets 48.
[*] The DM rolls 6d7+17 #4 & gets 46.
[*] The DM rolls 6d7+17 #5 & gets 40.
You say, "[I said I wasn't going to hold back. :P]"

Ruby Pyralis is -very- much down. And out. I had a post ready too. ;_;

Marlina Evenstar fades into the heated air of the morning once more, cursing her failure of before as the blade flicks back from the ground, to land securely once more within her paw, without injuring the destrous ranger. Luckily, because somehow she managed to spring backwards with her fading, she's only thrown severely instead of broken and bleeding, like the demon. =/

[*] The DM rolls 8d8+8 vs Rakuro & gets 40.
Marlina Evenstar: [Erf]
You say, "[That's 3 40's in a row. >>]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Posted too soon.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Anyways, that post now, fade = on. >.>]
[#] [, Marl, Chloe, Kivae, Kal, Kel, Tai, Rak] [Marlina]
[#] [Visor37: Tell them I say: "TOASTIE!!"]

Chloe May sobs s'more, but dried her tears, as of this moment she needed to keep her faith that the future will be bright, the future's Orange. Running over to Ruby, she layed her paws against her face, chanting in Celestial. "P-Please work.." Smiling slightly at the Demon's quite pretty face, she squinted her eyes and prayed harder. (Stabalize.)(3/2)?

[*] Chloe May rolls 1d30+14 Barbie? & gets 35.

Ruby Pyralis is smashed up and gorey, but is still sexy. Woo woo!

Chloe May: (Yay!)
[*] Tressym joins you.

Stumpy, in it's normal near-suicidal fashion, simply springs from the sand, with it's flexible legs, for the top of the worm's head (side without the mouth, please), legs working their best.

[*] Stumpy rolls 1d30+15 & gets 30.
[*] Stumpy rolls 1d30+15 & gets 39.
[*] Stumpy rolls 1d30+15 & gets 27.
You say, "[3]"
Chloe May: (Go Stumpy!)
[*] Stumpy rolls 3d100 Inari-Barbie mix?: (30) (42) (23) = 95.
Marlina Evenstar: [The spider will win it for us... >.> Just watch.]
[*] Stumpy rolls 3d8+45 & gets 59.
Rakuro: [*is back, sort of*]
Kalannar: [Rak, what the hell do you do all day?]
[#] [, Marl, Chloe, Stumpy, Kivae, Kal, Kel, Tai, Rak] [Kivae]
Rakuro: [I get kicked off the computer constantly so other people can use the internet]

Kivae stumbles backwards, nearly tripping in the sand as she's hit, snarling under her breath, and lashing her tail for balance. She eyes the blood coming from it's mouth with a sort of relief, however, and motions upwards with both handpaws, as if pinching the ground, and pulling it sharply into the worm, somewhere around it's neck or head. Should it work, a jagged spike would follow the motion. [3/3]

[*] Kivae rolls 1d30+11 BCR=MR+3 & gets 40.
Ruby Pyralis: [YES]
[#] Miss.
Ruby Pyralis: [>_>]
[#] .. hit. :-P
Marlina Evenstar: [Liar]
Taikris twitches[]
Ruby Pyralis: [Please tell me it's a percent.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Good. :-P]
Kivae: [Is. :-P]
Ruby Pyralis: [WOOWOO]
[*] Kivae rolls 1d135+12 Inari? # & gets 114.
[#] [, Marl, Chloe, Stumpy, Kivae, Kal, Kel, Tai, Rak] [Kal]

Kalannar attacks. Yeah, I care that much.

[*] Kalannar rolls 1d30+5 & gets 35.
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d30+4 & gets 33.
You say, "[2]"
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d100 & gets 43.
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d100 & gets 39.
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d8+7 & gets 10.
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d8+6 & gets 14.
Kalannar: [24.]
[#] [, Marl, Chloe, Stumpy, Kivae, Kal, Kel, Tai, Rak] [Kel]

Kele-De growls low, seeing Ruby fall. Feeling utterly helpless, she leashes her rage onto the worm. Taking a few steps back, she plants the haft of her glaive into the ground and swings herself around, her legs kicking out nad fueling her momentum. Gracefully, seh sets her feet down, before screaming out a Tigahrrim war-cry and lurching forward onto her knee. Her glaive thrusts forward, all her force slamming the balde into the worm, trying to cut through it's hide.

[*] Kele-De rolls 1d30+4 & gets 11.
[#] [, Marl, Chloe, Stumpy, Kivae, Kal, Kel, Tai, Rak] [Tai]
Taikris: [ack. I lost my post o.<]

Taikris charges at the beast with the determination to ge Rakuro out of there... only to watch Ruby crumple e.e;;;

[*] Taikris rolls 1d30+4 & gets 20.
[#] [, Marl, Chloe, Stumpy, Kivae, Kal, Kel, Tai, Rak] [Rak]
Kalannar: [Kill time, Rakuro.]

Rakuro is doing pretty good, all things considered, unfortunately this is going to be a terrible post because he just now thought to start writing one. The claws rip out against the tough membrane of the inside of the nasty beast, and another snarl echoes forth from inside

[*] Rakuro rolls 2d100: (25) (20) = 45.
[*] Rakuro rolls 1d15+24 & gets 30.
[*] Rakuro rolls 1d15+24 normal & gets 39.
Rakuro: [99]
Rakuro goes to eat, assume that Rak, once the thing actually dies, falls out unconcious in a mass of gooey stuff]
Tressym: [Pardon me, but isn't 30+39 = 69? :-P]
You say, "[His claws do auto-x2 to its insides.]"
Ruby Pyralis: [It's automatically double.]
Taikris: [The first is doubled]
Tressym: [Oh snap dog.]
Tressym shoves head in sand a-la-ostrich.[]
Kalannar wants to see more of Tressym around Anst.]

[#] The worm lets out another howling screech of pain as the creature in its belly continues clawing its way out, making one last desperation move as it soars into the air over the group. Only to have Rakuro tear a hole right through it and come out the other side, showering everyone beneath the worm. Not having the energy to burrow into the ground again from all the damage caused to it, it simply slams onto the desert on its side, one last shockwave coarsing through the ground.

[#] [Everyone roll a DEX check, BCR 23 to escape the acid. Everyone then roll a stability check, BCR 18, STR+DEX+CON /2]
[*] The DM rolls 8d8+8 Auto-acid vs Rak. & gets 41.
Marlina Evenstar: [d20 for both?]
You say, "[Yup]"
[*] Chloe May rolls 1d20+1 Barbie, give me a magical +3? & gets 15.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d20+7 Vs poison. & gets 18.
[*] Chloe May rolls 1d20+1 & gets 10.
Marlina Evenstar: [=/]
Ruby Pyralis is KOed. Does nothing.
[*] Kele-De rolls 1d20+1 & gets 18.
[*] Taikris rolls 1d20+4 u.u & gets 18.
[*] Kivae rolls 1d20+4 Dex, Inarri. ^^ & gets 12.
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d20+4 Vs. poison & gets 10.
Taikris: 1d20+4 shockwave
You say, "[It's stomach acid, not poison. :-P]"
[*] Taikris rolls 1d20+4 shockwave & gets 5.
[*] Kivae rolls 1d20+3 stability, >.> & gets 17.
[*] The DM rolls 8d8+8 Acid Damage vs All & gets 43.
Marlina Evenstar: [I see no differance.]
[*] Kele-De rolls 1d20+3 stability & gets 21.
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d20+3 Vs. shokwave & gets 16.
Hikari Xezo Comes to watcha s you all get beaten up :3 J/K Cheers you on!.
Taikris is at 2 hp o.o
Kalannar fails both.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d20+5 Vs. shockwave & gets 25.
Marlina Evenstar: [Woot]
[*] Chloe May rolls 1d20+1 Shockwave, Barbie? Oo & gets 16.

Kalannar is not only dowsed with acid, but is also knocked over face first from the shockwave. Beautiful. The Drow curses rather loudly, lurching himself up as his flesh burns rather painfully from the digestive acid of the beast. Though he's not down, nor nearly out. Just a bit pained and very pissed off.

Marlina Evenstar: [My turn?]
You say, "[It's dead.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Oh.]
You say, "[That was the grand finale. :-P]"
Marlina Evenstar: [I see. :-P]

[It wasn't a particularly long fight. But I hadn't anticipated on Rak going Were from the inside. And if it had gone on for a round or two longer, everyone there was most assuredly slipping into dying status.]

Kele-De curses and back away as she's hit with the acid. Wiping at the places where she was hit, she walks over to join the rest of the group, her nose wrinkled in distaste. "Can we go back now?"

Ruby Pyralis: [I wake up now?]
Kalannar better find a Scimitar of OMGWTFBBQ!!1 in that thing's stomach.][

Rakuro collapses on the ground, sand plastering itself to the acidic... acid... that covers him. But, unlike last time, he doesn't simply collapse. Like a wolf rising to stalk prey (which is exactly what he is), he straightens upward, shoulders hunched. Once actually straightened, he turns his bloody red eyes on the rest of the group and hisses, muzzle twisting into a nasty, unpleasant grin..

Taikris drops down to the ground, writhing in agony, but sadly still concious. o.<

Taikris: [Regeneration doesn't heal acid for note. We'll need Chloe for this <.<]
Rakuro: [:-P Where are you pulling that from, Tai? A good bath and druidic healing works just fine]

Ruby Pyralis makes a few coughing-gurgled sounds

Marlina Evenstar is still at 60% of her natural HP. ^^]
Taikris: This damage cannot be regenerated, because it is acid damage <--- there <.<[]

[#] [Things left behind: Stomach Acid (if someone has a vial and are daring enough to try getting some), Sand Worm Teeth (same).]

Kalannar still has HP left. Not a lot, but has some.]
Rakuro: [Oh. Just means it doesn't heal naturally >>, in my interpretation of it ^^]
Tressym: [Good luck you guys. I'll be on Zag.]
Taikris: [<.<]

Marlina Evenstar is always on the lookout for new types of poisons that don't cost several hundred gold, and because she consumed the dexterity boosting potion yesterday, she has a vile, so you know what? She does try.

Chloe May is also knocked down, falling face first into the acid. Letting out a quiet squirm as it burned her flesh, she continued to cry more. "W-Why.. Us?" Placing her paws to her face, she almost couldn't control herself. Sitting in a bath of deadly acid, she didn't know what to do with herself. "W-What.. Now?" Turning around, she looked fearfully at the canine or wolf? o_o

Ruby Pyralis makes a few coughing-gurgled sounds as she regains consciousness, her paw digits twitching around the axe that was still in her paw. Despite Chloe's stabilization, she looks quite similar to a dead corpse... aside from the noises, of course.

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "['Spose there's some BCR check and if I fail, Marl dies?]" to you. ]

[#] [Marlina roll a dexterity check, BCR 15 to carefully gather acid, or your paws take 6d6+6 damage.]

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Heh heh. :-P]" to you. ]

Taikris lacks the energy to crawl away, fur sizzled off in various locations. He looks near dead. [2 HP left o.o]

[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d20+7 & gets 17.

Kivae slides to the ground. Or rather, falls flat to the ground, arms thrown out first for balance, and then to block the acid from her face, making quiet whining noises. Her tail curls inwards, and she appears perfectly content to wallow in self pity, until Rakuro turns towards them. She just kicks up sand at him. "Go.. go tear up the worm, or something, Kuro.."

Kalannar actually drops his scimitars and goes to his knees, swiping at his head and chest frantically and angrily as the acid burns its way into him.

Kele-De looks about, sheaths her glaive and pads over extending a paw to Chloe. "You look like you could use some help up." She smiles then despite the fact that she is hurting becuase of the acid burns to her.

Rakuro is, in fact, a werewolf. He stands nearly eight feet tall and looks like the equivalent of a wolfen scarecrow.. without the hay or farmer's clothing.. and instead a ragged looking robe, plastered with sand. But the shaggy furre, the thick neck, and the four-inch needle-pointed teeth give him away as being raged.. oh, and the blood red eyes too ^^.. as Kivae kicks sand at him he turns and opens his mouth as though to roar, but stops short with his mouth half-open and simply stares blankly at the fox-girl.. it's kind of disconcerting, really

Marlina Evenstar now has... Acid!

Chloe May turns to Kele, trying to smile some, but her emotions came flooding out. "I-I'm worried, K-Kele." Latching onto her, she rested her head against the Seal's shoulder, still crying about the whole situation. "I-I just wanted to go home, can we?" Her usual somewhat mature nature fading, of course Chloe was still much younger than she usually acted, so it could be expected for her to burst into tears.

Taikris very slowly rights himself, wincing with each and every movement as he tries to crawl away from the creature sitting dead only feet from him. "Let's.... *wheeze* get out of here o.<"

Marlina Evenstar really doesn't see what all the fuss is about, not like those worms and scorpions and warriors really did much.

Rakuro's right paw unclenches from a fist, the oaken wristclaw dissapearing with a quiet noise much like shattered glass.. with a long exhale he seems to breath out the entire transformation, his body shrinking back to normal proportions.. once straightened and 6'7" once again, however, he takes in a deep, wheezing breath and drops to his knees with a short, "..owwy...."

Ruby Pyralis manages to slide her own wing off from her body, making a faint 'slap' sound as the wet leathery membrane slaps against the equally as wet sand. Due to the unfortunate event of the worm exploding, she seems to have been suffering from any number of acid burns, making a faint groaning sound as reality hits her.

Kele-De gently hugs the cleric, using a paw to smooth the young clerics headfur. "Shhhh. Don't cry Chloe. It'll be alright." She shakes her head then and glances about once more. "Are we ready to return, becuase I've certainly had enough of this place." Her arm remains about Chloe, offering her all the support she might need.

[#] The stench of the giant worms insides quickly enough drift over towards the group after several minutes of sitting out under the sun.
[#] ..perhaps it'd be best to obliterate to ash or leave it, neh?

Kivae winces faintly, and does seem to find it disconcerting, for she starts to simply repeat herself, until he drops down. "Eh.. nice to have you back.." Assuming he doesn't spontaneously combust, or something equally shocking, she begins to edge towards Ruby, scooting through the sand, and rubbing the acid off her handpaws with it. There, she would begin examining injuries with a grimace. The cleric was a bit.. busy.

Taikris continues crawling <.<;;

Marlina Evenstar abandons her acid gathering as the stench reaches her delicate nostrils, and so she scuttle backwards upon the sand.

Ruby Pyralis is minced-kitty.

Kalannar growls, going into an elaborate exclamation of Drow curses as he shakes a bit, grabbing for his scimitars and sheathing the weapons a bit sloppily. He breathes heavily, his burns fairly intense, though not deadly. As the stench assaults his senses, he cringes, "Xsa!" And quickly pulls himself off of his knees and away as far as he can make it before falling to his knees again.

Chloe May lifts her head off of Kele's shoulder, brushing some hair out of her face, wiping tears from her eyes and giving a small sniffle. "Th-Thanks." Smiling, she turned around. "I-I guess I shouldn't get so carried away, I'm supposed to keep calm in times like these." Nodding to Kele, she moved over Taikris and rested a paw against his head, praying to the Primes to give her blessings to save these fallen heroes.(3/3)
[*] Chloe May rolls 3d19+17 & gets 40.

Rakuro stumbles forward a few steps until he's once more on his feet, then coughs once.. an obviously painful, rasping cough. He spins about, fixes the rest of the group with a tired gaze, then nods, "Right then.. we'll be moving out". Without a second thought about it he pads over to Kivae and Ruby's side. Directly after Kivae does whatever she plans on doing, he'd literally pick the demon up and carry her back. Unless, of course, Ruby regained conciousness.. in which case he'd only help her up and help her back x)

Taikris blinks as the cool energy of Chloe's diety rushes over him, sealing up the injuries that had been caused only moments prior. He drifts to his footpaws, kneeling once the healing finishes to smile sincerely to the healer. "Thank you."

Ruby Pyralis, according to Sirum, shouldn't even have legs anymore. She's not doing anything any time soon. x)

Kivae: [Although we're not that realistic. :-P]
Ruby Pyralis: [Work with me heeere.]
Rakuro procures x1 Ruby!
Ruby Pyralis: [Cha-ching!]

Kivae runs her handpaws across the worst of the wounds, dulling the pain as best she could, and then squinting at Marlina, and waving her tail. "Kin you cary her over to the house? He wounds kin be rinsed and fixed better, there.." Blinking, "or.. um, you kin. Straining like that's.. probably not good for you.." Cringing, but following. She'd do healings once they were out of the sun.

[#] Rakuro gains a Ruby. [IB: 17.]

Rakuro strikes pose, drops in Hero Inventory, collapses from Con loss]

Chloe May nods to the Monk, sniffling once again. "N-No problem." Smiling, she moved over to the drow and handed him a potion to cure his wounds. "I-I'm sorry, my healing's going to be a bit off.. Hopefully this will help you just as much."

Marlina Evenstar: [What is Kivae asking? o.o]
Kivae: [Nothing. o.o She was going to have Marlina carry Ruby, but then Kuro picked her up. >.>]

Rakuro thinks Ruby actually weighs.. about as much as he does. And that's not much x). Tiny demon femme... with a really big axe <<;;

Marlina Evenstar: [Ah.]
Ruby Pyralis squees. =^.^=]

Kalannar appears to be examing his acid burns as the cleric breaks into his thoughts. He casts a glare toward her, and promptly snatches the potion from her, downing it without another word. Yes, he does make little girls cry. The potions effects slowly, but surely heal and regenerate his form until he's back in tip top shape. Afterword, he tosses the empty bottle aside and pulls himself to his feet, cracking his neck and eyeing the large, disgusting dead beast.

Marlina Evenstar bounds to her feet once more then, following the mage, before deciding the werewolf creature was really too slow, and so she set off at a brisk pace towards the little home, because she just does things like that.

Taikris coughs slowly as he makes it to his feet, following wearily after the others as they make their way back. "Shall we go to the oasis, or the home?"

Rakuro: [Marl's a Fremen in disguise!!]
Rakuro is actually.. going to follow Kivae >>
Kivae: [o.o;;]
Kivae's sense of direction=bad.]
Rakuro: [This is the right one]
Kivae: [That way --->]
Taikris: [:3]
The DM kicks. [
Taikris waves[]
[#] Taikris coming in first, The DM second, Kivae third, Chloe fourth... []
[#] Ruby Fifth, Rakuro Sixth... []
[*] Kalannar joins you.
[#] And Kalannar trails behind []

Rakuro sets Ruby down next to the fountain

Kivae motions for Rakuro to simply set her in the fountain.

Ruby Pyralis doens't need a bath that much >_>

Rakuro raises an eyebrow, but shrugs it off and does as he's told, lightly setting Ruby in the fountain, for its regenerative effects, and then quickly running away <<

Kivae notes she has sand in her wounds. o-o

[#] Frode doesn't appear to notice the group coming up out of the desert, too busy positioning the scorpion eggs behind the pool and feeding his pet familiar and its mate, the hen.

Rakuro can't run ;_;

Marlina Evenstar retrieves her egg.

Taikris slumps against the small form little planter, and closes his eyes. "I don't think I'll ever be able to forget that u.u"

[#] The fountain washes over Ruby's wounds, closing them quickly as the water turns red briefly from her blood. As the water at the bottom of the fountain vanishes and more washes down from the top of it, however, it becomes clean again.

Rakuro drinks some of the falling water.. instead of the demon-polluted water at the bottom x)
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Kivae is a smart girl? She wrinkles her nose faintly, and then starts kicking off her boots. "That'll probably ache anyways.."

Chloe May also puts some of herself in the fountain, not caring if she would be walking around dripping wet, as they were in the desert. :S

Kele-De wanders over to the fountain and drinks some of the water, once it's clean of course, tehn collapses on the ground, curling up and appearing as if dozing. "Are we ready to return then?"

[ Chloe May whispers, "It's almost over. ^^" to you. ]
[ Chloe May whispers, "What a great four days this has been. :3" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Thanks. x)" to Chloe May. ]
[ Chloe May whispers, "<3 :3" to you. ]

Ruby Pyralis is apparently dunked right into the fountain, remaining submerged for a few seconds as her wounds heal up. Soon, her eyes open wide and she sits up, coughing and sputtering from the water. After a few moments of catching her breath, she pushes her hair out of her face and looks around, "The hell?" And of course getting up and shivering slightly from the Anst-like climate.

Taikris nods slowly as he opens a single eye to look upon Kele. "Anytime you folks are."

Kalannar dowses his face with the fountain's water, and likewise drinking some to heal up any loose ends. He likewise fills his waterskin, and checks his gear, more than ready and willing to leave.

Rakuro was in the process of running away, but didn't get very far..

Chloe May lets out a deep sigh, moving over to Kele. "I-I think that's the last time I'm coming to the desert." Almost finding something funny in this, she giggles softly. "I-I'm all ready to leave, and very willing.

Ruby Pyralis actually still has the special axe, her digits having been stuck around the handle. She stares at it for a moment before letting it drop to the ground outside of the fountain, "Damn worm!" Apparently remembering what happened now.

Kele-De smiles at Chloe and nods. "I'm quite ready to be out of here as well." Waving a paw about absently, she continues. "This place is nice but I prefer less sand and more grass." She giggles then herself.

[ Chloe May whispers, "Was it 100%? :-D" to you. ]

Rakuro looks a tad shifty as he backs further away from Ruby, very.. ah.. casually.. climbing over the little display of plants to the other side

[#] Frode, hearing the fuss on the other side of Home, leaves his familiar and walks back out front, raising a brow at the people exiting his fountain and drinking from it yet again. "Ah... you didn't find something else to fight, did you? Not even Tilay and myself have had that much bad luck out here."

[#] [Completion: 100%]
Kivae demands fireworks.]
Chloe May does that FFX-2 Mission Complete dance! ^^()
You say, "@place-item 1308"
You say, "@place-item 1309" [Balloon items around Chloe and Kivae]
[ Chloe May whispers, "<3" to you. ]
[%] Chloe May just gave The DM a cookie.
Kivae will take it.]

Kivae makes a vague noise of agreement, and then narrows her eyes suspiciously at Rak. In response to Frode, she simply steps backwards, and into the fountain, sitting down.

Ruby Pyralis glares over at Frode, water from the fountain streaming off from her hair as she finally steps out, "Oh, no. We found thousands of gold pieces beneath the sand- what do you think happened?!" Of course, a pissed Ruby is never pretty.

Marlina Evenstar never thought of Ruby as pretty in the first place.

Ruby Pyralis whacks.]
Rakuro: [at least she's not manly? >>]
Ruby Pyralis: [X)]

Marlina Evenstar ows, but stands firm in her belief.

Marlina Evenstar: [Damnit! You die! NOW!]

Ruby Pyralis is sexy. Sexy. Has both eyes!

Rakuro backs against the wall and coughs faintly.. "Right then.. how about.. we head for the oasis?" [pirate patches can be sexy? <<]

Marlina Evenstar: [Then stop calling me manly!]

[#] Frode frowns just slightly as the demon scolds him, though he simply waits until she is done screaming to walk over and retrieve his axe, responding to her once back by the wall. "From the looks of how there are so many holes in your clothing, I'd say you had the misfortune of finding a sand worm out there and went through it's belly. Though.. that means you would have had to defeat it.. ah.. but you're leaving. I'm sorry I couldn't have been of any more help. Farewell?"

Rakuro has no actual opinion on that point, actually.. as long as Marl doesn't take the patch off or anything. That'd just scare the hell out of him n.n]

Taikris: [o.o]
Ruby Pyralis: [Let's find out that she actual is a spy and has a camera under her patch.]
Ruby Pyralis: [actually*]

Kivae agrees that pirate patches can be sexy. She stares blankly at Frode, seeming to be determining whether or not he's trying to get rid of him, then eventually shrugs. "D'you have the written instructions for the egg, that I asked for yesterday..?"

Rakuro shoots Frode a short glare, "I'd spout a witty retort, but I was the one in the stomach. So I'm just leaving". He then looks back to everyone else, "Everyone got a drink of fountain water? If so, we're out of here"

Ruby Pyralis hisses and begins to stomp toward the exit, her paws making 'squish' sounds as she goes by. And, of course, she is dripping water everywhere.

Chloe May nods to Rakuro, more than ready to leave. :3

Kele-De runs a paw through her headfur, cleaning sand out of it as best she can. She stops to take another drink from the fountain before nodding.

Taikris nods firmly as he moves to follow the canine mage... if slowly

Chloe May also waves to Frode and thanks him and Tilay for their help. ^^

Rakuro doesn't think he can actually get out of here until other people go :-P.. and he points The DM up to Kiv's post

[#] Frode offers the fellow battlemage an apologetic look, obviously not trying to get rid of them, simply having heard the mage say they were going. To Kivae, "Ah, yes. Keep it wrapped up in.. something like a spiders egg sac, preferrably. "

Kele-De heads toward teh exit, her tail waving goodbye to Frode as she does. Not trying to be impolite, seh was just ready to be elsewhere.

Rakuro: [How's that for irony? :-P]

Kalannar simply awaits the others.

Kivae seems to be refraining from sarcasm. "That shouldn't be too hard." She follows. <.<

Rakuro: ["Spider, you say? Well gee.. I just so happen to have a seven foot tall spider! ^^"]
Rakuro: [o.o... That's a lot of different types of wings]
Ruby Pyralis: [tris expire tomorrow :/]
Rakuro: [;.;]
Chloe May hugs.()
Rakuro's expire three days before christmas. Isn't sure if he wants to ask for bats or not x)]

[#] Nothing much seems to have changed in the oasis since they last passed it by, everything still as they left it. Though, if one looked closely, they could see the frog sitting up on a tree branch above Marlina with its eyes closed.

Ruby Pyralis is here to see everyone, but is actually in the shade of one of the trees, grumbling about worms and sand.

Marlina Evenstar has an odd sense of doom, but doesn't notice the frog.

Taikris sighs as he arrives by the rather massive stash of loot assembled about the oasis. "Right then... who will get what."

[#] [*ahem*]

Chloe May sighs, resting her legs in the oasis. "W-We're almost there.. Almost out of the desert and closer to home." Smiling, she smiled, closing her eyes.

[#] [Weapons: Strike'n'Slash, Taloned Gloves, Crystal Dart Pack.]

Taikris calls gloves :-P

[#] [Armor: Mithril Helm, Knee-High Steel Boots, Wyrmmescale Mail, Arm Shield]

Marlina Evenstar already has the daggers, anyone tries to take 'em... Well, come try it. :-P

Chloe May: (What does the stuff do, in short reference? ^^;)

Kivae pads up to the oasis, ignoring the loot entirely. Except, for when she spots the frog. With an excited exclamation, "!!" She jumps up and onto the less pointy of the pile, and from there springs haphazardly for the tree branch, attempting to capture the frog- gently0 in her handpaws.

Kele-De has removed her boots and dabbles her toes in the water, smiling.

You say, "[Quiet until all emitted. Please. n.n]"

Kivae aws]

[#] [Jewels: Pristine Garnet, Snowflake Obsidian Shard, Smooth Sapphire Amethyst Shard]

[#] [Materials: x2 Crystal Large Ingots, x1 Platinum Large Band, x3 Silver Large Band, x2 Silk Large Patch, x2 Silver Large Ingot.]

Taikris wants the amethyst ^^;;[]

[#] [Scrolls: Blitzrush, Backburner, Knowing, Blinding, Bubbleball.]

[#] [Accesories: Sacrificial Medallion, Smokecloud Potion, Potion of Manacloud, Tone Crystal.]

[#] [Tomb Items: Crystal Scimitar (?), Crystal Scimitar (?), Dusty-Brown Hood (?).]

[#] [Proceed to ICly claim what you need. :-P]

Chloe May: (Alot of stuff. .-.)

Taikris calls the hood <.<

Rakuro has Mithril Helm, for note. Desires nothing else, but will take any unclaimed scrolls

Chloe May: (What do they do? ;_;)

Kivae: [Seals?]

[#] [Seals: Mud Seal Sun Seal Blaze Seal Ground Seal Ripple Seal (Dead) Chill Seal (Dead)]

Kalannar wants a crystal scimitar. At least one.

Taikris hmms quietly as he looks over the various items, picking up the hood, gloves, and the amethyst if he can. After that... he might start to eye the bands

Kele-De wants the Seals.

Chloe May: (What do the boots do? ^^)

Marlina Evenstar puts a claim out for the Sun Seal.

Kivae gave the ground seal to Kele way back. .-.

Ruby Pyralis has the arm shield.

You say, "[Eh.. maybe this would work better another way.]"
Taikris: [hmm?]
You say, "[Everyone IM me one thing you want from each catagory, if you can -use- those things.]"
Chloe May: (I think it's much messier to sort it out ooc.)
Chloe May: (Then RP the things we decide on ICly?)
You say, "[Ruby and Dirk have locked in what they are going for.]"
[ Kele-De whispers, "Kele-De just wants the Seals. Already has 3 IC'ly. Wants the rest." to you. ]
You say, "[Rak, Kele, Chloe, Kal, Tai, Marl?]"
Kivae: [>.>]
[ Rakuro whispers, "[Zola Boon]" to you. ]
Taikris is Tai <.<;;
[ Kele-De whispers, "And she has IC reasons for wanting them all." to you. ]
[ Chloe May whispers, "Gloves, Steel Boots, Smooth Sapphire, Platinum Large Band, BlitzRush? ^^, Tone Crystal or Medallion?, Dusty Hood? :S, no seals." to you. ]
Chloe May: (Confusion. ^^)
[#] [Kele Aquires: All Seals except Sun (Marlina is going for it too, you two work that out ICly after this is resolved]
[#] [Ruby Aquires: Arm Shield]
Ruby Pyralis: [^-^]
Chloe May: (<3)
[#] [Taikris Aquires: Amethyst, Silver Band]
[#] [And gloves]
[#] [Chloe Aquires: Steel Boots, Platinum Large Band, Scroll of Blitzrush, Tone Crystal, Smooth Sapphire.]
Chloe May yays, thankyou, Si. ^^ <3()
[#] [Kalannar Squires: Crystal Scimitar, Wyrmmescale Mail.]
Hikari Xezo and i dont get any? RAGE! :P Envies you all... and wonders how longer must he wait to know if he can get a mid-level character].
[ Chloe May whispers, "Aww, thankyou, Seejie. <3" to you. ]
[#] [Kivae Aquires: x2 Silk Large Patch.] [Rak Aquires: Mithril Helm] [You both said 'Any unclaimed scrolls', so work out who gets which via AIM]
Chloe May: (Tai wasn't even a very high lvl. .-.)
[#] [Marlina Aquires: Strike'n'Slash, Snowflake Obsidian Shard, Smokecloud Potion.]
You say, "[Any requests I left out?]"
Marlina Evenstar: [No Platinum band?]
Ruby Pyralis wants medallion?]
Chloe May got Platinum band. ^^()
Marlina Evenstar: [There were two.]
You say, "[The remaining loot I'm just going to paste."
Chloe May: (Aah.)
You say, "[There was only 1 plat band. :P]"
You say, "[x2 of the others.]"
Ruby Pyralis nabs medallion. Kekeke.]
[#] [Crystal Scimitar (?) (Quest Item) Dusty Brown Hood (?) (Quest Item) Sacrficial Medallion Manacloud Potion x2 Crystal: Large Ingot x2 Silver: Large Band x2 Silver: Large Ingot x1 Pristine Garnet Crystal Dart Pack]
You say, "[Ruby gets the medallion.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Darts?]
Ruby Pyralis: [^^]
You say, "[Now that the list is narrowed down, who wants what?]"
You say, "[People who have little have first priority.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Darts.]
Ruby Pyralis has two things. Hood maybe?]
Chloe May: (Kele deserves something other than seals.)
Ruby Pyralis makes Kele say something xD]
Marlina Evenstar: [She's hoarding 'em all. :-P]
Kele-De: [Yea, so she can take them back to Grak'thar. It's her 'job'.]
You say, "[Oh! Erm... Chloe, you don't mind if I give you the silver bands and give the boots to Sol, do you? x.o]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Do I get the hood then? o-o;]
Marlina Evenstar: [Well... Who's fault is that? :-P]
Chloe May: (I want the Boots. .-.)
Marlina Evenstar: [Do I get darts?]
Kele-De wants garnet and large band.]
You say, "[But Sol didn't get anything. xP]"
Chloe May: (Uum.)
Kele-De: [It's her char.]
Chloe May: (What do the boots do? xD)
Kivae will go for the medallion.]
You say, "[-2 DEX, +4 CON, +4 to defend trip, +1 natural AC]"
Chloe May: (He can have the boots.)
Chloe May: (xD)
Marlina Evenstar: [IB =?]
You say, "[Ruby got the medallion. x) Chloe takes x1 Large Silver Band and Kele x1 Large Silver Band]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Can I have darts? ^^]
You say, "[Marl gets darts]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Hood]
Marlina Evenstar: [Woot[]
Chloe May: (I just mostly wanted something new to wear. xD)
You say, "[Kele also gets garnet]"
Chloe May: (Sorry to be a fuss-buss. :x)
[#] [Crystal Scimitar (?) (Quest Item) Dusty Brown Hood (?) (Quest Item) Manacloud Potion x2 Crystal: Large Ingot x2 Silver: Large Ingot ]
Taikris returns[]
Kivae: [I thought Kele wanted the hood? o.o]
Kivae: [*ruby]
Chloe May: (Wb. ^^)
You say, "[Lots of other people did too via AIM.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Erhm... Large Crystal Ingot.]
You say, "[Which is why I was saving it for a roll.]"
You say, "[Who all wanted the hood?]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Why didn't you say that? I thought I was being ignored xD]
Ruby Pyralis: [Sure. I'll go for it.]
Kivae: [It's.. in the list, though? And, I didn't see her say about the medallion, think I missed it? xD]
Chloe May: (I wanted it, but I have alot. ><)
[*] The DM rolls 1d2 Medallion: 1 Ruby 2 Kivae & gets 1.
You say, "[x.o]"
Chloe May pats Hiki, and gives candy. ^^()
Marlina Evenstar: [Kivae could get it from Ruby.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Five cookies on her ending up with it.]
Hikari Xezo eats "yummy" ^^ thankies]
You say, "[If you want to the hood -speak now on Furc-]"
Chloe May: (Welcome. :3)
Ruby Pyralis: [If I find out what it does]
Chloe May: (Sure. o_o)
Ruby Pyralis: [And someone else would have more use]
Ruby Pyralis: [I'd give it up xD]
You say, "[It's a quest item.]"
Chloe May: (Same. xD)
You say, "[Meaning don't expect it permanently]"
Chloe May: (Aah.)
Ruby Pyralis: [Kay]
[*] The DM rolls 1d2 Ruby, Chloe. & gets 2.
Ruby Pyralis mrrfs.]
Taikris: [hood !]
Chloe May: (.-.)

[#] The second scimitar seems to vanish and reappear by the original.

Kivae will try for the mana potion, then, if no one else is? xP]
[*] The DM rolls 1d2 Taikris, Chloe. & gets 1.
You say, "[Hood goes to Tai then. x.o]"
Taikris: w00t?
Chloe May: (xD)
Chloe May: (Congrats. :3)
Taikris: w00t
Chloe May: (Anything left to wear?)
Ruby Pyralis: [No fair, he only had a 50% chance]
Chloe May: (I mainly want something to wear. xD)
Chloe May: (Sorry if I'm being a greedy-mare. ><)
You say, "[I'll reroll entirely then. x.x]"
Ruby Pyralis: [I hade, like, 13% xD]
[*] The DM rolls 1d3 Ruby, Tai, Chloe. & gets 3.
Taikris: What's left? <.<
Ruby Pyralis: [had*]
You say, "[It goes to Chloe then xD]"
Taikris: [...]
Ruby Pyralis: [And kivae xD Oh well, Chloe.]
[#] [x2 Crystal: Large Ingot x2 Silver: Large Ingot ]
You say, "[Who wanted these?]"
Taikris: Crystal?
Taikris checks pages
Marlina Evenstar wanted a Large Ingot in the crystal category]
You say, "[1 goes to Marlina then.]"
You say, "[Or 2, if no one else wants one.]"
Taikris: I'll take the other one
Marlina Evenstar: [Oh, didn't use brackets, don't get it. sorry. o.x]
Rakuro would take the silver.. but.. you know... burning death..]
[#] [x2 Silver: Large Ingot]
Marlina Evenstar: ppMine now. :-P]
You say, "[Who wants?]"
Marlina Evenstar raises hand? o.o]
You say, "[.. anyone else?]"
You say, "[Man.]"
You say, "[You people hate the item creation system, don't you?]"
You say, "[Both go to Marl.]"
You say, "[x) Now everyone AIM me what they recieved?]"
Hikari Xezo has to leave >.<].
You say, "[To make sure nothing doubled, or nothing was forgotten]"
Marlina Evenstar: [I like Item creation, I just suck at it. =/]
Hikari Xezo: [Bah bai, si, Promise me you'll continue making Massive item giving quests ;-)].
Chloe May: (Byee, Hiki.)
Chloe May: (Take care. ^^)
Hikari Xezo: [Bye chloe].

Kalannar seeks divination. Divination!

Taikris seeming to have gathered up what he wanted... with the single exception of the face covering hood, he settles down and goes about the tedious task of sorting things out.

You say, "[Kalannar takes one scimitar, but the other will snap back to the first one after 1 minute if the distance between them is too long]"
Chloe May: (Rak can have the scroll if he wants. ^^)
You say, "[Scroll goes to Chloe. x)]"
You say, "[Or Rak. Or a roll?]"
Rakuro: [To Chloe :-)]
Kalannar: [So does that mean I get both? o.o]
Chloe May: (Don't spoil me. ;-;)
Rakuro doesn't need scrolls ^^]
You say, "[Yup]"
Kalannar: [Tray cool.]
You say, "[Everyone has what they asked for and nothing is left.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Tres]
Marlina Evenstar: [Not tray]
Rakuro: [TRAY!]
You say, "[If you need the stats for anything, IM me.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [TRES!]
Kalannar: [Do they count as one item? Crystal scimitars? Or two items?]
You say, "[Since Rak already divined.]"
You say, "[Two items."
Ruby Pyralis: [Rak divine the hood]
Ruby Pyralis: [xD]
Ruby Pyralis: [DAH HEWD]
Chloe May: (Aw, thanks alot, Sirum! <3)
Ruby Pyralis: [HRTHRTHRT]
[%] Kivae just gave The DM a cookie.
You say, "[Preps for scimitars is 5.]"
[%] Ruby Pyralis just gave The DM a cookie.
Rakuro: [Assume all of them. He'd take the time back at the blockade for everything, or at the very next camp they make, whichever's sooner]
[%] Ruby Pyralis just gave The DM a cookie.
You say, "[I won't give a BCR, since it determines how high you roll.]"
[*] Rakuro rolls 1d30+10 then & gets 12.
[*] Rakuro rolls 1d30+10 Since that sucked & gets 40.
Kivae: [o-o]
You say, "[On the scimitars or hood?]"
Rakuro: [>>.. I want to say hood, but I was honestly going for scimitars]
Ruby Pyralis: [Divine the heeewd neext. xD]
Kalannar: [Whooo!]
Kalannar: [XD]
Kalannar: [Stat me, Si man.]
Rakuro only took divination because he's curious, thus he must know as well :-P
Ruby Pyralis: [...]
Ruby Pyralis: [Si man.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Siman]
Ruby Pyralis: [Seman]
Ruby Pyralis: [SeewhereI'mgoing?]
Rakuro: [o_o stop]
Ruby Pyralis: [XDDD]
Rakuro: [stay at Simian]
Ruby Pyralis: [I said it outloud and noticed that xD]
Rakuro: [;_;]
You say, "[No one else needs to know their items stats?]"
Rakuro divines hood next, and demands an IM with crystal scimitar stats :-P]
[*] Rakuro rolls 1d30+10 >>Inari?HRT & gets 40.
Kalannar still awaiting his.]
Kivae can divine her own later? But if there's not going to be RP, needs to do her homework. x.o;]
Ruby Pyralis: [O_O]
You say, "[Hah."
Rakuro is pleased n.n]
You say, "[Kiv.]"
You say, "[Everything else was already divined. :P"
You say, "[All stats are known"
Chloe May: (Soo, what do they do? n_n)
The DM .. types stats. []
Chloe May: (Yay. :3)
You say, "[>> <<]"
Ruby Pyralis: [xD]
Kivae: [Right, then, I'll just do homework. :-P]
Kivae: [marl, move one SE..]
Chloe May hugs, Kivi. <3()
Ruby Pyralis: [Chloe, move NE of Rak]
Kivae hugs Chloe pai. ^^ Afks,]
Ruby Pyralis: [Hehe.]
Rakuro may pop at anytime, just for note.. <<.. is expecting his dad to come home eventually, and he has to leave right then]
Ruby Pyralis: [;-;]
Marlina Evenstar: [Are we done then?]
You say, "[Not until I finish typing the stats. xP]"
Kalannar is waiting for stats... geez. How long can it take for a pair of scimitars? Are they really that great?]
Rakuro: [Yes. They are]
Taikris: [You're just -now- typing the stats? o.o]
You say, "[Yup.]"
Rakuro has done this many times :-P]
Ruby Pyralis: [KITKAT >:*>:*>:*]
Kivae: [xD]
[%] Kivae just gave Ruby Pyralis a cookie.
Rakuro: [KUMQUAT]
Ruby Pyralis: [:3]
Kivae: [KIWANO
Marlina Evenstar: [But nothing I need to do, aside from granting the prestigious award of the UtC Seal of Excellence. (Yeah I made it up, bite me.) :-P]
Rakuro: [Mmmm... yummy]
Ruby Pyralis: [I thought that said something else, Rak.]
Rakuro: [O-O]
Rakuro: [Like... what? 0.o]
Ruby Pyralis: [I didn't see the U at first.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Now say it.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Second U]
Rakuro: [o.o...]
Rakuro: [Oh]
Ruby Pyralis: [xDDDD]
Rakuro: [<<;;..]
Marlina Evenstar goes AFK for a bit, leave a message on AIM and I'll get back to you, etc.
Taikris: [eh?]

[#] Sandstorm: A dusty brown old hood, ordinary enough at first glance but provides excellent protection against the harsh desert climates. It used to sit atop the head of the Desert Raider, but.. [All fire and earth damage is halved.] [Sandstorms and heat don't affect the wearer in the slightest] [+5 to sneak in the desert] [Some Powers Are Locked] [IB: 3.5]

Chloe May: (That would've been handy for Marl. :x)
Taikris: [define 'locked' for this hood <.<]
You say, "[Something is restricting it from granting full bonus.]"
You say, "[Oh, yes.]"
You say, "[You might as well tack on that notice to Tai's bracers and cutlass.]"
Taikris: kee o.o[]
Kalannar: [Hurry. ;.;]
Chloe May: (Tai can have ze hood, since I don't fight the fire mages. ^^;)
Chloe May: (They buuurn. ;;)
You say, "[Tai doesn't have the levels to wear it. :P]"
Taikris puts it on auction?[]
Kalannar would buy it, were the IB not so high.... though.. could use it later on..... hmm.]
Chloe May keeps it for now, then. ^^;
Kalannar has enough items. Got new armor, and three freakin' scimitars. Two of which still need stats!!!!!111]
Chloe May: (Thanks, Sirum. ^^)
Ruby Pyralis: Weebee o.o]
Rakuro: [Erf. Sorry. Laptop restarted]
Ruby Pyralis: [xD]
Rakuro: [and my sister wants to check her e-mail]
Ruby Pyralis: [Who's winning in the election?]
Kalannar: [She can wait. The fascist beech.]
Rakuro: [And I'll let her, because I like her x)]

[Let's edit out all the 2004 US politics.]

[#] Desert Mirage: A near impossible to see hair-thin scimitar made of crystal, strengthened magically to not break. The handle is made of pure gold, and when wielded in the desert vanishes entirely. The Desert Raider once used these, but.. [One-Handed] [2d6 Damage] [Grants 1/Week Ability: Mirage] [Mirage: Character can make another version of themself appear around their opponent or beside the wielder. Opponent rolls 1d2 to determine who to attacks, and on a roll of 1 the mirage is attacked, vanishing once the attacker is done with his turn.] [Some Powers Are Locked] [When both Desert Mirage's abilities are used at once, the roll becomes 1d3. Only 3 hits the original character, and if a mirage is attacked, the next round the roll is 1d2.] [IB: 3.5]

Kalannar: [Is it the same for both scimitars?
You say, "[Fast-typing loot is tiring...]"
You say, "[Yup.]"
You say, "[Oh.]"
You say, "[Tack on both give +2 to sneak in the desert.]"
Kalannar: [It's 3.5 IB for both of them, Si? Or just one?]
Chloe May: (Oh, anymore Exp? xD)
Chloe May: (Sorry to ask.)
You say, "[EXP will be posted later tonight, but..]"
[#] [Worm Slaying: +10 Bonus EXP. Entire Quest Completion: +5.] [Map Trackers: +5 to Kivae and Ruby, if they have been tracking.]
Marlina Evenstar: [I have such awesome timing.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Kivae filled me in from when I was AFK ^^]
Kele-De cries.] [She was 5 away from leveling... *cough*]
[#] [Did I say +5 entire quest completion?]
[#] [I meant to say +10.]
Chloe May: ( :-D)
[#] [Damn my keys..]
[%] Kele-De just gave The DM a cookie.
Marlina Evenstar coughs, rubs her hands together, more.]
[%] Chloe May just gave The DM a cookie.
Marlina Evenstar: [:-P]
Kalannar: [Si, question.]
Kalannar: [Is it 3.5 IB for the two scimitars together, or each is 3.5?]
You say, "[Mm... Rak, what do you think?]"
Chloe May: (Thanks lots and lots and lots, Si! It's been a great four days, and I'd rather do this than sleep. :-D Thanks again, and I hope ya make one soon! :-D)
You say, "[3.5 for each, or 4.0 together?]"
You say, "[And thank you, Chloe. x)]"
Rakuro: [4.0 together]
Chloe May: (Kk, now I need sleep. xD)
Chloe May: (Bye, everyone! :3)
Chloe May: (Take care.)
You say, "[Using one is 3.5 Kal, but using both is 4 alone]"
Chloe May: (Sleep well. ^^)
Chloe May: (Have fun. :-D)
Kalannar: [Thanks, Si.]
Kalannar: [^^]
You say, "[Welcome, Kal. x)]"
[%] Kalannar just gave The DM a cookie.
You say, "[Um...]"
You say, "[What would you lot rate this quest? >>]"
Taikris: [how*]
Marlina Evenstar: [Uh... O.o]
Ruby Pyralis: [10/10]
[ Kalannar whispers, "A++" to you. ]
You say, "[Or what would I need to improve on?]"
Ruby Pyralis: [xD]
Marlina Evenstar: [10/10]
Rakuro: [9/10. Work on descriptions, damn you :-P]
Marlina Evenstar: [Music selection.]
You say, "[I suck at describing things. ;.;]"
Kele-De: [Okay, Level 12 Seal feats suck and I don't want any of them.]

[Politics talk is past. Whew.]

You say, "Oh, yes, I need to give Marl acid stats..."
The DM types.
Rakuro: Bleh. I'm gonna log off
Rakuro: G'night folks
Kivae: Aw..
You say, "Later Rak. x.x"
Taikris: Night Kuro
Kivae: Night :x
Rakuro pops, for now anyway. G'night folks!
Ruby Pyralis: Aw, I missed him .-.
Ruby Pyralis: I wanna seat D:
Kivae: <.<
Kivae: For a moment
You say, "I'll get you a seat, Ru."
You say, "But this is ours. .-."
Ruby Pyralis: I dun wanna sit with yoou
Kivae: I thought you and Marl were in a conspiracy to stare creepily. x3
You say, "@place-item 1155"
You say, "You like, Ru?"
Ruby Pyralis: OMG
Ruby Pyralis: It brings back memories.
Kivae thought of Rubeh when she saw the new coffin item in dreamed
Kivae: x)
Ruby Pyralis: xD
Kivae: So.. I figured out how to read 250 pages of the book by friday.. 84 a day. ^^

You say, "Sandworm Stomach Acid: Many uses, all of which involve eating through things, yet only one dose. [Used on eyes: Opponent is at a -5 to-hit until healed and 6d6 damage is dealt.] [Used on non-magical weapon or armor: Weapon is automatically destroyed.] [Used on magical weapon or armor: Is destroyed if not washed off within 1d3 rounds.] [If used on own weapon and applied carefully: Lasts 2d2 rounds, all attacks with that weapon are given an additional 3d4 acid damage before weapon is destroyed.] [When using it against an opponent, a DEX vs DEX check is made.] [If consumed: Deals 10d10+10 damage.]"

Ruby Pyralis: O_O
You say, "You like, Marl?"
Marlina Evenstar: Very much.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 10d10+10 & gets 62.
Ruby Pyralis: o_o;
You say, "Oh, whoops."
Kivae: Haha!
Kivae: It's like the Potion of Boom
Ruby Pyralis: xD
Kivae: *Boom in a Bottle
You say, "10d10+10, then 5d5+5 per round after that until healed."
You say, "But they have to -drink- it."
Ruby Pyralis: I'm a boom in a bottle baby
Ruby Pyralis: Come come come
Ruby Pyralis: Let me oout
Kivae was going to feed that to the worm, but Rakuro was there..
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 5d5+5 & gets 26.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 5d5+5 & gets 21.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 5d5+5 & gets 19.
Ruby Pyralis: o.o
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 10d10+10 & gets 60.
Taikris: [o.o]
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 5d5+5 & gets 15.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 5d5+5 & gets 20.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 5d5+5 & gets 15.
[*] Kivae rolls 2d20+25 & gets 45.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d100 Minutes before I collapse. & gets 83.
Ruby Pyralis: Whoo!
[*] Kivae rolls 1d60 minutes before it occurs to me that I should really do homework & gets 20.
Kivae: Freakishly acurate.
Arianrhood: [Just think Ruby. You've got a half day tomorrow, then two days off.]
Ruby Pyralis: YUH :O
You say, ""
You say, "Here you all go"
Kivae: She does!?
Ruby Pyralis DANCES
Kivae sobs.
You say, "The complete birds-eye view of the entire map."
Ruby Pyralis: CONFRENCES
Ruby Pyralis: Ooh.
Kivae: We.. we don't get a four day weekend.. untill..
Kivae: NEXT week.
Ruby Pyralis: pwnd
You say, "It looks a lot smaller than it really is.."
Kivae: And then we don't get a mini day. <.<
Ruby Pyralis: Sirum
Ruby Pyralis: This is a really awesome map
Ruby Pyralis: xD
You say, "Thankies. x)"
[%] Ruby Pyralis just gave The DM a cookie.
Taikris: [What were the sizes on the amethysts?
[%] Ruby Pyralis just gave The DM a cookie.
You say, "Shard"
Taikris: How many?
[=] System Announcement: Our Wolf Howl 2004 Dream Contest winners will be broadcast shortly on the Events Channel. Type =event to turn it on if you want to listen in!
You say, "1"
You say, "Also."
You say, "If you ever try to make a potion out of the Passion of the Desert flowers, tell me."
Marlina Evenstar: Oh right, forgot I had that.
Marlina Evenstar: What was that thing?
Ruby Pyralis: Potporri :-D
Marlina Evenstar: Heat protection, and some comments made about the single bed.
You say, "You can make potions out of parts of them. :P"
Marlina Evenstar: Heh. :-P
[#] Passion of the Desert - Can't take the heat? We're here to help. ;-)
Ruby Pyralis: o.o
Kivae: That's.. so vague, I'm not sure whether to say 'Pg-13' or not. o-o
You say, "PG-13?"
Taikris: o.o
You say, "... this isn't Anst. :-D"
Ruby Pyralis: Cool
Mara Dark: Back
You say, "Evidenced by all the 'fuck's at the sand worm."
Ruby Pyralis: X)
Mara Dark: XD
Ruby Pyralis: The DM IS BANNED
Mara Dark: XD
Ruby Pyralis: Ruby doesn't wear skulls xD
You say, "..."
You say, "One of these days"
Ruby Pyralis: Hasn't executed enough people
You say, "I am going to give away a bra loot."
Kivae: xD
Ruby Pyralis: BUSTIER
Ruby Pyralis: BUSTIER
Ruby Pyralis: BUSTIER
Mara Dark: Gehehhe XD
You say, "Made of skulls."
Ruby Pyralis: BUSTIER
Mara Dark: I tell ya Ruby
Mara Dark: You'd get alot more peple volunteering to be executed
Mara Dark: If ya just said that
Ruby Pyralis: xDDD
Kivae: xDD
Mara Dark: .-.
Mara Dark: there's
Mara Dark: a giant banner
Mara Dark: on my screen
Mara Dark: that says
Mara Dark: Genital Irrtation? Get answers
Ruby Pyralis: HERPES
Ruby Pyralis gets paper.
Mara Dark: Remember
Ruby Pyralis: xD
Ruby Pyralis: XD!!
Mara Dark: They gave out phamplets on it at my school XD
Mara Dark: omfg
Mara Dark: its blinking now
Mara Dark: it says
Ruby Pyralis: PR0N
Mara Dark: I am nervous about this ITCHING I don't think it's just Jock itch
Mara Dark: Could sex be causing this RED RASH
Ruby Pyralis: XDDDDDD
Mara Dark: Could tight pants be causing this BURNING down there
Mara Dark: .-.
Mara Dark: why yes Billy
Taikris: Herpes can actually be transmitted through oral sex Ruby. It contains an almost identical strain to that of a cold sore <.<
Ruby Pyralis: Camel toe .-.
Mara Dark: Your tight leather pants appears to be causing burning
Mara Dark: XD
Mara Dark: Oh yeaahh. Ruby I forgot to tell you XD
Ruby Pyralis: ?
Mara Dark: You know how I was a Hooker for Halloween?
Ruby Pyralis: yuh
Mara Dark: I went to my best friend's mom
Mara Dark: And she said
Mara Dark: "Aww your so pretty who're you supposed to be?"
Mara Dark: I said
Mara Dark: "I'm you"
Ruby Pyralis: HAHA
Mara Dark: She said
Mara Dark: .-.
Mara Dark: She was flattered
Ruby Pyralis: XDDDDD
Mara Dark: that I was dressed like a whore
Mara Dark: and I said
Mara Dark: I was her
Mara Dark: How less obvious could it be
Mara Dark: .-. I was wearing a red bra and black fishnet
Mara Dark: Okey maybe I havent finished all of my latin homework .-.
You say, "OH!"
You say, "Kivvy."
You say, "You posted about taking the frog?"
You say, "Repost it, please?"
Mara Dark: oi
Mara Dark: I'm going to bed ;-;
Mara Dark: I'm so sleeppy
You say, "Ni Ni Mara. xx"
Mara Dark: Nightyy

Kivae: Kivae pads up to the oasis, ignoring the loot entirely. Except, for when she spots the frog. With an excited exclamation, "!!" She jumps up and onto the less pointy of the pile, and from there springs haphazardly for the tree branch, attempting to capture the frog- gently- in her handpaws. [repost]]

Kivae: [night mara. ^^]
Kivae: Woah. o-o Your alt has tris, Kele
Arianrhood nods.

[#] The frog is easily captured, seeming to be allowing itself to be caught and escorted out.

Arianrhood: She's always had tris.
Kivae: xD
Arianrhood: FOr like 2 years now.
You say, "The frog will vanish in the morning, though."
Kivae: Do you play her a lot? :x
Arianrhood: I used to.
Kivae: Can she divine what it is?
Arianrhood: Divine what what is?
You say, "Mm.."
Kivae was asking Si. ^^;
Kivae: Are you planning on playing her some more? :x
Arianrhood: Ooops. SOrry. ^.^
You say, "If she tried to cast a divination spell, she would instead detect a minor shield around the frog."
Arianrhood nods Yea. Just waiting for her mate's player to move and get back on the internet.
You say, "But dun worry."
You say, "Froggy will make one last appearance."
You say, "Or maybe more."
The DM already has everything tied together for the last map. x)
The DM .. even though he really just makes things up as he goes along.. >>
You say, "Speaking of which.. eh.. I don't really have to run everything by Cont. Dev. do I? >>"
Arianrhood: Just the important stuff.
Kivae: .. I don't like symbols homework assignments. :x
Kivae: ..silent .-.
You say, "Mrr..."
You say, "Kivvy, proof-read mah post?"
You say, "*IM's*"
Kivae: Yay, distraction. ^^

[Everyone went home with a bunch of fun new toys, and stories of Vaal'dan, scorpions and sandworms. What a wonderfully exhausting week that was.]
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