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A bonus day. Miyth and the Harlequine. Early 2003.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 17, 2017 10:51 am    Post subject: A bonus day. Miyth and the Harlequine. Early 2003. Reply with quote

[Summary: The day before Miyth takes over the Rogues Guild from everyone Sirum has recruited into it. A Harlequine arrives bearing cards. This is, again, extremely early on in Anst's life so the RP isn't... exactly the quality you might expect from the 2004 logs.]

[#] The sky is bright from the early summers sun. Colorful flowers draws ones attention to the majestic castle and Kingdom they have reached. Blue banners flout the sky, showing off their Kingdom. People roam the streets happily, while sounds of merriment drift up from the tavern. [Please read for kingdom and membership information. :) ]
[*] Tonnah rolls d100 & gets 61.
[#] Sirum Hest has arrived!
(You see Tonnah.)
> A child walks by you, looking to be about thirteen. He is very tall for his age, about six feet, and uses a great club as a walking stick. He wears a simple robe of blood red hanging open exposing his splint mail and simple blue breeks. He is a cleric of the norse religion, once belonging to a now destroyed abbey, and after seeing his only family, those who raised him after he was orphaned, killed, he has devoted his life mainly to healing. His eyes hold a look of wisdom, pain, and sadness.
Tremare Clefon takes another hit, though pretty weakily and runs off in a roll for another heal [1/1]
You say, "[Tonnah = Racon?]"
[*] Tremare Clefon rolls 1d30+13 Need 15 & gets 26.
[*] Tremare Clefon rolls 1d8+11 & gets 19.
Tonnah: [Been reading the forums?]
You say, "[Nah]"
You say, "[I just saw 'd100' and immediatly thought 'Racon' :P]"
Tonnah survey's the crowd. "Good afternoon all."
(You see Amerie.)
> Emerald oculars gaze around in peculiar presence. Fuschia locks cascade from a cerulean hair band. Pepper tanned freckles crowd under her eyes, surrounding her nose. From her rose lips a friendly smile is produced, which rarely departs. A striped scarf concealed her neck, whatever the acclimate. Her clothes were bright and prismatic, hugging onto her body. Marron wings sprout out of her back, each laced with fine feathers, fluttering graciously.

Ganon Firenight pets his egg, yawning.

Sirum Hest glances to Ganon and then to the egg, frowning somewhat as he asks, "When is Faiga comin' back?..."

Ganon Firenight shrugs. "Soon, I think."

Filraen: (If I sell something.. I get half the money it's worth right?)
You say, "[What are you selling?]"
Filraen: (breast plate.)
Filraen: (Would I get 75, or no?)
You say, "[Yeah o.o;]"
Filraen thanks to Danu's quest.. He has enough to buy chain mail and his new weapon.. Super.
Sirum Hest idles to read as no RP is happening ^^ []
Makolev sits up against the terrace post.
Dalin Kayde begins working on the Hunter class. []
Elazul the lapis knight: hmmm
Tonnah: [Slow day.]
Laterose: [I noticed.]
(You see Elazul the lapis knight.)
> One of the Jumi warriors who populates Fa'Diel, Elazul is an honorable fighter with many skills. However, his loyalty to his friend and companion, Pearl, whom he adores like a sister. Huch of his time is spent looking after and protecting her fomr harm. But what is he searching for on his journey?
You say, "[Elazul... Lapis Knight... ... ... ... Pearl... ah, a Legend of Mana based character.]"
Tonnah: [Is that number one or two in the series?]
Dalin Kayde: [Oh, for anyone concerned, the Hunter class is in the works and in for review. It may end up being a Ranger Advancement class, but I'll have to see about it.]
Tonnah: [Um, yay?]
You say, "[Theres Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3 (Secret of Mana 2) and... er... Legend of Mana. I think. o.o;]"
Filraen (is interested in a hunter class.)
Sirum Hest wonders where the Legend of Mana based character is in the dream >>; []
You say, "[..there he goes! :-D]"
Miyth: [Anyone know when the quest will be finished?]
[#] Luppin has arrived!
You say, "[It already was]"
Tonnah: [I only played Seiken Densetsu.]
Filraen: (Anyone know when Sol's starts? :P)
Miyth: [meh]
You say, "[...but since you're an NPC... you dont get exp or gold, do you? o.o;]"
Tonnah: [Tommorow at four FST.]
Filraen: (Thought it was today.)
[#] Sapphire VanGuard has arrived!
Tonnah: [It was moved.]
Dalin Kayde: [Nope, tomorrow. 1-14.]
Filraen: (Then why the big thing yesterday about we couldn't finish Danu's quest because Sol's was today? o.o)
Filraen: (Er.. We couldn't finish today thats why we rushed it?)
Miyth: [Nope, I just think its funneh]
Tonnah: [There must have been a misunderstanding.]
Filraen: (Meh)
Filraen (notes this week has been Quest crazy)
You say, "[A mini-quest and a quest. How is that quest crazy?]"
Tonnah: [And I missed it!]
Filraen: (Theres two more?)
[#] Laterose has arrived!
Laterose counts the times her computer randomly crashes....[]
Filraen: (three quests and a mini quest in a seven day period. Pretty cool. :-D)
[ Makolev whispers, "HAHA I finnaly have 2 preps per round!![]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[*fears?* :P]" to Makolev. ]
[ You whisper "[Which school and mini-feat are you taking? ^^]" to Makolev. ]
[ Makolev whispers, "[maybe should]" to you. ]
[ Makolev whispers, "oops forgot the mini, but I'm taking enchanting, which contains mind controlling!! :-P:-Do.O>:*[]" to you. ]
Laterose's computer spazzes. O.o[]
[ Makolev whispers, "took crafter, would have taken the +2 indirect damage but the -2 brings me down to five or three normally.[]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[*wonders why so many mages/druids take crafter...* o.o;]" to Makolev. ]
(You see Miyth.)
> The cloaked oddity bears a slight grin played across his features, revealing slightly serraded teeth.. He would on first glance seem to be a feline, though in truth he was far too gaunt of face, high cheekbones and slanted, thin but long ears. With fur of a shimmering grey, laced with stray patterns of light, he is forever marked of his double heritage. [] [Ansteorra Kingdom Guild NPC]
[ Makolev whispers, "its extra crafting, armor that takes our neccesary for life dex, or the othre one that weakens our direct evocation spells...[]" to you. ]

Sirum Hest glances to Miyth for a long while in silence before finally hopping up off of the seat and moving over to in front of him, apparently inspecting him for some reason.

Tonnah watches Sirum's odd behaviour, somewhat confused.

Laterose's tail flicks back and forth; she's rather bored.

Miyth just watches the rodent from over his glistening whiskers. The roguish figure leans back against the branches of a spruce in a sort of peacefully smug demeanor.

Sirum Hest suddenly sits and reaches out a paw to nudge one of the roguish mans legs lightly, then looking back up at him he mumbles, " come yer a lot... um... stealthier... an'... better than anyone in the guild or me?"

[Sirum had seen Miyth around a few times by now, not really understanding why he was here. All he knew was that Miyth was a much, much stronger rogue than anyone else he had seen thus far by far.

Tonnah restrains himself from saying anything at all about the subject.

Laterose smiles wryly.

Tremare Clefon comes back from the Cleric's guild, and starts reading his book yet gain. Near finishing the book he has another on him

Miyth leans back further and allows the branches to support his upper body as his legs draw up into an indian-style beneath him, though still suspended from the earth. "What eets thees guild you speek of?"

Sirum Hest frowns somewhat as he slumps back against the chair behind him, "The Rogues Guild. Im the leader of it... ya seem like yer one of Ajax's assassins?", hoping he's wrong in his guess.

[Hina and Garrett owned the Rogues Guild and didn't use it to much effect. So when they left Ansteorra, they gave it to Sirum. Sirum... never used it as anything but a clubhouse, or a place to hide things he didn't want found. Like NPCs he had rescued from being killed in battle to nurse back to health. Most people wanted to kill the baddies and Si wanted to make sure they were okay once they were unconscious. Ask them why they were hurting people.]

Miyth: Ajax Ajax.. hemm... No. Ie, do not belieeve zo."

Sirum Hest blinks, "...Ajax Avelhare, leader of the Starlight Avengers. Dont ya know who he is?"

Laterose listens thoughtfully, her eyes on her lap.

Miyth grins and vaults his legs up above his head, wrapping his ankles around one of the upper branches to hang suspended and inverted. "No, nor do Ie care :-D" The rogue tucks an arm beneath his opposite elbow and taps his chin. "And aes tu who Ie am; Ie am ae friend"

Sirum Hest smiles at this and nods, "Do ya wanna join the guild? It seems like ya would fit in with Ruby an' me, but probably not Rashenel... he's... er... kinda violent."

[All he knows is Miyth is a super cool looking rogue guy and wants him to join his clubhouse. Sirum was a -terrible- leader.]

Filraen laughs at the thought.. non-violent Ruby.. ahaha

Ganon Firenight yawns, cuddling his egg happily.

Miyth: Ie cannot, Ie am afraid :-D
Miyth thrusts out an inverted paw in the gesture of a pawshake. "Ie believe that thees makes us rivals."

Tremare Clefon: [I don't think Sirum would touch your hand, because you have that springloaded weapon thingy >.>]

Sirum Hest tilts head slightly in confusion, but reaches out his own paw to shake the mans anyways, "Because ya wont join the guild that makes us rivals? But the drow man wouldn't join the guild... an'... we're not rivals..."

Miyth notes the wristblade is currently withdrawn into the bracer.
Miyth swings back and forth and winks playfully as he draws his paw back after giving Sirum's a few hearty shakes. "No, because Ie intend to trie and take your position" :-D

Ruby Pyralis: [>.>]
Ruby Pyralis: [It only took me 3 hours, but Anst finished loading >.>]
Tremare Clefon: [>.>]
Tremare Clefon: [Man, you have a worse conncetion then Sirum.]
Ruby Pyralis: [My DSL is f-ed up.]
Tremare Clefon: [My DSL ownz!]

Filraen looks back to Miyth "Dun give him any trouble or ill sock ya one!"

Sirum Hest simply smirks, withdrawing his own paw instantly, "I dont think any of the guild members would like that, seein' as the only reason the guild isn't filled with nothin' but dust these days is because I went around recruitin' 'em."

Miyth: You see, news has trraveled farr aclross thee southern plaienes. Ie was told that thees land had leetle or no shadowed guild :-D Ie have come to turrn thee black cloak and bladee a feared sign.

Ganon Firenight yawns, and moves over to his rock to bask.

Miyth: But Ie have decided to be sporting, rather than succeeding you in thee normal fassion.. keeling you. Of that you should bee grreatful.

Dalin Kayde glances over at Miyth. "I've seen your skill earlier, but doubt your wisdom of speaking so loudly with those matters."

Miyth simply grins at Dalin, and lifts a paw to his lips in a gesture of silence.

Sirum Hest stands and turns once before looking straight at Miyth, "What black cloak?", not quite sure why every other member of the guild wore black but him, "...but when ya were told that was probably after Hina left... the guild was probably dyin' then...", his ears soon drooping as he hears Miyth's talk of killing him, " do ya intend 'ta take the guild without killin' me? I'll never give it up, hehehe..."

Miyth is still hanging upside down from a treebranch, swinging side to side.

[ Charlotte whispers, "["A little Demon Girl" got killed? o.o]" to you. ]
Tremare Clefon is still here, and can atabalize![]
You say, "[Hina, Garrett, Mikaru, Ruby, Shadowspawned, and Rashenel. All rogues, all black. Meh. :P]"
Tremare Clefon: [stabalize*]
Charlotte: [Sirum's wearing blue...?]
You say, "[Exactly]"
You say, "[...*doesnt see the point in the overused solid black thing?*]"
Charlotte: [Also, black clothing =/= A rogue.]

Miyth: Whie, taking you on as an apprrentiece. :-D Ie bring skeells weeth me that can only bee found een the south. Eef you ever weesh to learrn these trades.. then you must apprentiece yourself to me, and obey my words in traineeng and otherwise. :-D
Miyth: Of course.. eef you are really an admirrer of thee old ways...

[He was offering to train Sirum to be an assassin... he was -really- off his mark on that one. The thought of killing others made Si sick.]

Tremare Clefon: [Once Rashenel gets his soul back, he'll be trained by you ^.^]
You say, "[Ruby and Sirum will kick him. Hard. :P]"
Tremare Clefon: [Maaaaaaaaaaaybe.]
[#] Ruby Pyralis has arrived!
Danu Mimitsu: [I g2g get my hait cut, laters.]

Sirum Hest rolls his eyes and shakes his head, "I dont need any trainin' an' I dont wanna obey anyone. Im happy jus' as I am, but, what are these... 'skills'?"

Miyth: [he can try.]
Filraen: (Cya)
You say, "[Later ^^]"
Tremare Clefon: [Bye.]
Miyth: Too eemprove yourself. :-D To learn how to hiede your features.. rremain unnoticed eeven among otherr of thee cloak.

Tremare Clefon decides that he doesn't want to sit near the Demon and goes to take another seat

Ruby Pyralis notes to hurt the cleric later >.>

Miyth knocks his knuckles softly against the weighty metal bracer concealing the blade on his right arm. "Rremember that thee choice is yours. Ie have thee means to clearr out those thrrough less.. deeplomatiec wayes."

Sirum Hest notes it would be quite hard for him to go unnoticed, with his bright clothing and squeaky voice. He simply sticks out his tongue at the threat and reaches behind him to shove Tremare off of the seat, despite whether or not he was successful he would hop back onto either it or Tremare (very uncomfortable) and call over, "An' I have Ajax an' Damien 'ta help me stop those means, ya?'

Miyth: Ie think you would bee supriesed to see how much thee codes of conduct among our fold are accepted :-D

Tremare Clefon is barely shoved but decodes to go to another seat, so that he doesn't get jumped on I suppose, or he could merely lean to the side and let him fall past but he's a nice Cleric

[ Charlotte whispers, "[Then what's with Hikari's "A little Demon Girl died" thing on the OC forums?]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[NPC*]" to Charlotte. ]
[ Charlotte whispers, "[*OOC Forum]" to you. ]
[ Charlotte whispers, "[Ah....weird...]" to you. ]

Miyth: Thee strongest shall prrevail. You maye eitherr step down and allow me to rrepairr thees guild that Ie have traveled maney miles to rreach, or Ie will see to eet that you disappear, much as your predecesor deed.

Tonnah shakes his head. "And what makes you think that the rogues would follow you after you killed thier leader?"

Miyth's legs release, and he drops several feet in a light flip to land with one knee to the ground. No sound was made other than the rush of black fabric falling down over his shoulders as his cloak reseats itself. "Thee choice ees yours. Ie can make you, and your brretherren go down een thee hiestory of thees lands.. Remembered bie all; or your deestrruction. You are ae good rogue, eet would bee an aweful waste...
Miyth waves aside Tonnah's comment, and turns on his heel to tromp off. "Thee code ees determined. Those who follow me wheel, those who wiel not, wiel fall to me. You havee twenty hourrs to fiend me, young leader."

Sirum Hest cant help but laugh at this, "Ya? Repair the guild? It needs no more repair than what im doin' 'ta it already. Im gettin' help an' bringin' in new recruits... protectin' people like Vexz an' Damien... an' nothin' happened 'ta the person who last owned the guild, Garrett is jus' fine wherever he is. Ya dont even know where the guild is, either, so how could ya--...", trailing off as Miyth goes.

Charlotte quirks a brow, watching the rogue with mild interest, although she did not particularly care for their conversation.

Miyth waves over his shoulder. "Don't sound so nerrvous, young leader. Eet ees unbefitting. Twentey hours."

Tonnah: What an ass.

Sirum Hest says at the same time as Tonnah, "Jerk.", and sits.

Ruby Pyralis is going to scream >.>]

Solinox rummages in his large cloak pockets for a book, opening it and beginning to read.

You say, "[Wonder what Miyth is going to do in 20 hours...]"
Tremare Clefon: [Kill.]
You say, "[Attack the guild? Kill Sirum?]"
Tremare Clefon: [He won't do anything to Rashenel... Hopefully.]
You say, "[theres currently a level 15+ Seal Alycoyte and his level 8 helper hiding there :P]"

[I'm not sure how Damien and his buddy being hidden in the guild was handled. But that would have made for a curious scene.]

Tonnah: [Too bad Aristin isn't here.]
Tremare Clefon: [>.<]
Tremare Clefon: [Miyth is like level 15 or something?]
You say, "[20-ish]"
Tremare Clefon: [With kick ass killer weapons Rashenel would kill for?]
(You see Marlina Evenstar.)
> An almost maniacal spark alights within her sole eye, while where the other should be lies a metallic eye patch. Slightly pointed ears, graceful movements, and an overly fair appearance is herald to her elvish descent, however her own attributes are mere shadows to them, linking other influences. Upon her body rests a faded green cloak, while upon her back lies a Longbow of rather fine make. Marking her as a frequent traverser of the wilds. [Ansteorra, Second.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Damien's Level 12. =P]

[The days when our plot important NPCs were only level 12. That's adorable. They would have been playthings for Rakuro, Ruby, Marlina, Sirum or Kivae if they didn't spiral out of control to keep up with us.]

Tonnah heads off towards the church.

You say, "[Ah, well... a level 11 Rogue, a level 6 rogue, a level 5 rogue, a level 8 rogue and a level 12 seal should be enough to take Miyth down, right? >>;]"
Tremare Clefon: [Rashenel is level 7.]
You say, "[6 and 5 are the NPC's approved to defend the guild against attacks or stealing ^^]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Level 30 Unknown thing in there frequently as well right?]
You say, "[...level 30 unknown thin--oh... Ajax?]"

Brin Swiftfoot slips into the seat next to Sirum silently.

[ Solinox whispers, "(Ajax would pop in if there was an attack.)" to you. ]
Solinox: (He's been there once.)
Solinox: (Maybe twice.)
You say, "[Twice :P]"
Marlina Evenstar: [mm, My mistake. =P]
Ruby Pyralis needs to kill something >.>]

Brin Swiftfoot leans slightly and says, "What's new with the guild."

[ You whisper "[Miyth is giving Sirum 20 hours to let him be the leader, I think?]" to Solinox. ]
Tremare Clefon: [Ruby, make an alt and kill it?]
[ Solinox whispers, "(hmm.)" to you. ]
Tremare Clefon: [You can knock out anywhere here, I can stabalize now.]
Brin Swiftfoot: [Because of the cards.]
Tremare Clefon: [Yes.]
Tremare Clefon: [^.^]
[ Solinox whispers, "(Get Kitzi to contact Ajax by magical means. Somehow. :P)" to you. ]
Ruby Pyralis: [Tre, if you say you can stabilize ONE more time I am gonig to kill YOU O.O]
Charlotte: [Kill someone in front of the Captain of the Army? That's smart.]
Tremare Clefon: [What, I'm saying that so that you know you can kill anyone, and not be ashamed beacuse they won't actually die.]
You say, "[He's on probation]"
Brin Swiftfoot: [You don't need stabalize for a knockout.]
You say, "[He cant pwnz teh n00bs unless teh n00bz attack him]"
Solinox: (Who's killing what now.)
Solinox: (Oh, he can. :P)
Ruby Pyralis pwnzes teh Solinator O.o;]
Ruby Pyralis winz!]

Sirum Hest frowns somewhat and mutters, "Some guys tryin' 'ta take over the guild..."

Brin Swiftfoot: [And if they do die, you can't do jack all.]
Solinox throws j00 off the s33rz tower)
Tremare Clefon stabalizes and heals teh Solinator so he can pwnzes Rubeh![]

Brin Swiftfoot shrugs. "Kill him."

Tremare Clefon: [^.^]

Sirum Hest shakes his head slowly, "I dont like people dyin'... an' anyways, I'm not that strong at all..."

Ruby Pyralis hauntex teh Solinator and teh Cleric]
Tremare Clefon banishes teh Rubeh![]
Solinox exorcises)
Tremare Clefon: [>.>]

Brin Swiftfoot: Well, the guild seems to consist mostly of your friends, and the only way he's going to get the guild is by killing you. Your friends won't like that, and will probably go for revenge. Then they or he die. Or you hand over the guild.
Brin Swiftfoot: Or option three.

Sirum Hest grins, "Im one of the fastest people in Ansteorra, ran from Rivyn for hours 'ta prevent his killin' of me, so I dont think he could kill me... an' I'd never hand over the guild... hum... whats option three?"

Brin Swiftfoot: Kill him.

You say, "... I'm not gonna bloody kill 'em..."

Brin Swiftfoot: And if he tries to kill you?

You say, "Sap 'em unconscious, tie 'em up, blindfold 'em, gag 'em, take all his stuff, throw 'em in the rogues guild an' tell the rogues 'ta make sure he doesnt escape."

Brin Swiftfoot: I see. Can I have some of the spoils?

Faiga lands silently in the dirt, stretching her wings out wide. "Wow..." She tromps tiredly to a seat and sits.

Ganon Firenight yawns, looking at Fai nervously.

Faiga looks back to him

Ganon Firenight: Fai... I'm sorry...

Faiga: How the HELL can you be allergic to me?!

Faiga notes Ganon has the egg again

Ganon Firenight winces, shifting nervously. "I'm sorry, it's not my fault...!"

Faiga: haven't been!
Faiga: Why now?
Faiga: You be allergic to the hatchling too?

Sirum Hest scurries over to Faiga and smiles happily, "Yer back from yer trip 'ta yer mothers?"

Brin Swiftfoot silently pads off.

Ganon Firenight sighs. "I don't know... I'm just as confused as you, Fai..."

Faiga nods a few times to Sirum, sighing. She reaches out for the egg, not looking to pleased right now
Faiga: too*
Faiga: Yup.

Ganon Firenight blinks, and sneezes as she approaches him.

Faiga narrows her eyes. e.o She gets up and takes the egg

Tremare Clefon walks over to Ganon and Faiga, thinking curiously, "Does this allergy have ANY cure?"

Ganon Firenight blinks. "I don't think you- CACKHOO! - can cure an allergy..."

Tremare Clefon grins thoughtfully, his staff in hand, "A Cleric you say that can't cure something?" He chuckles

Faiga hugs the egg close, sitting again. :-( her mate is allergic to her. That's just really, really sad

Vexz Leonheart leans back against the tree, looking up tword Danu as his shadow falls over him, "Good afternoon Danu"

Sirum Hest reaches forward to hug Faiga and smiles, "Dont be sad, yer back now... thats good, right?"

Solinox: (You need to take allergy shots and use inhalers.)
Solinox: (Welcome to the life of allergies :P)
Tremare Clefon: [>.<]
Solinox: (And it only helps it a bit.)
Tremare Clefon could make a potion of cure allergy?[]
Ganon Firenight: [That's what Rak would be doing, but he needs the stuff to work with. That's how he gave Haiiro wings, with a bit of Ganon's blood and one of Axtorn's feathers.]
Tremare Clefon: [Cleric's should be able to make healing potions and the such.]
Faiga returns the hug best she can, fluffing. At least SHE can hug SIRUM.
Solinox: (Bah, Tremare, you can't just make a potion of cure allergy.)
Filraen: (Hmm.. Maybe if we all beat on Ganon for a bit he'll forget about the Allergies? :P)
Tremare Clefon: [^.^]
Solinox: (I live with allergies every day. I take 'potions' in the form of a needle nearly every week.)
Ganon Firenight: [Gotta go.]
Tremare Clefon has allergies to pollen, so he doesn't go outside[]
Solinox: (If anyone wants to know, it's ragweed and all the outdoor stuff that I'm allergic to.)
Marlina Evenstar: [That bad? I've just got the Inhaler.]
Solinox: (Bah, I go outside.)
Tremare Clefon: [>.>]
Solinox: (Well, shots are optional.)
Tremare Clefon HATES NEEDLES![]
Filraen: (A friend of mine is allergic to grass and trees.. Well sorta he takes crazy amounts of needles for it and if he touches ethier he gets a big rash. :/)
Solinox: (I actually have a bronchial infection because my throat was irritated.)
Sirum Hest throws needles at Tremare. Long, pointy, hurty needles... []
Tremare Clefon beats Sirum with his Staff of the Wise![]
Tremare Clefon: [^.^]

Sirum Hest scurries away from Faiga and over to Asteona as he sees her, smiling and whispering, "Hiya Asteona! Ganon's allergic 'ta Faiga, hehehe..."

Asteona glances to Sirum, smiling. "Hi Si-si. Oh really? How funny." following her voice was a small giggle.

Faiga pets the egg, mumbling gently to it

Sirum Hest nods hastily before curling up on the ground beside her, "Ya, he cant get near her or he'll sneeze... wonder what caused it?"

Asteona reaches out to pet Sirum in affection, smiling widly, and happily.

Faiga pets da egg?

Sirum Hest squeaks out happily from the pets, but then realizes something seems odd, so whispers, "...ya seem a lot... happier than usual. Did anythin' nice happen while ya were travellin' this time?"

Asteona stretches out across the ground, still petting Si. "Not really, always borin'."

Sirum Hest grins, "Its like that here mostly around this time too...", reaching over a paw to scratch at her ears idly.

Asteona pulls back from the approaching paw.

Sirum Hest appears confused for just a moment before remembering, "...oh right, it makes ya sleepy... sorry..."

Asteona smiles, patting him then ruffles his hair. "It's 'kay."

Solinox: (I'm going to pwn some noobs on Subspace, bbl.)
Marlina Evenstar: [Merf. I'll pwn him. =P]

Sirum Hest murmurs quietly, "...maybe... ya should talk 'ta Ganon later...", remembering seeing them arguing outside the tavern. He yawns once before staring up through the trees to the sky, figuring it'll most likely be yet another slow day and eventful night as usual.

Asteona sits up, her smile fading somewhat. She hadn't talked to Weise in a while. "I suppose I should...And he's already met my newest friend."

Sirum Hest diverts his attention from the sky to glance to her, appearing curious, "...newest friend? Who?", wondering if its an Ansteorran.

Justin Xaver: [Hello everyone]
(You see Justin Xaver.)
> [Desc coming soon] [Host for Decayed Canine radio, a furcadian radio talk show soon to air...sometime in the future.]
Justin Xaver: [I was wondering if any of you would be interested in an interview of Ansteorra? I'm starting a furcadia radio show soon and one of the topics is Dream comments. We talk about certain dreams we visit and the voices of those who RP in it]

Asteona's smile returns. "Weise...and I don't know where he is from."

Vexz Leonheart pops his nuckles, starting to the small grouping now infront of him, slowly inhaling, then exhaling, turning his head to give a light nod to Danu

Vexz Leonheart sighs a bit, now leaning back against a tree

Marlina Evenstar: [hmm... Hikari's Forum tag changed. =P]
Hikari Xezo: [I know].
Hikari Xezo: [I have too mutch free time XD].
Ruby Pyralis has a better tag :P]
Marlina Evenstar: [Except what you got that from is all deleted in the, 'Great Purge']
Marlina Evenstar: [=P]
Ruby Pyralis sighs, "Teh good 'ole days." ;P]
You say, "[*remembers how things were during the Moratorium*]"
Marlina Evenstar: [I'm down to Sixth on the top ten posters list. o.o]
You say, "[RP happening all day and lots of interesting plots ):]"
Vexz Leonheart: [moratorium?]
You say, "[Moratorium is what happened two or so weeks after I came to Anst, I think. Started in May, if I remember correctly]"
Hikari Xezo: [Whos top one marlina?].
Vexz Leonheart: [oh, i've heard some people talking, and what's this about taking something and setting it in something else? o.o;]
Ruby Pyralis: [Teh Zag?]
Marlina Evenstar: [Zag]
Marlina Evenstar: [Followed by Kitzi]
Hikari Xezo: [Wow].
You say, "[What do you mean? Teh Zag followed by Kitzi?]"
Hikari Xezo: [Wow].
Hikari Xezo: [I must say O.o].
Hikari Xezo: [Who is third? *Hopes up].
Marlina Evenstar: [Local spammer with poor grammer, and some odd, occasionally interesting ideas. =P]
Ruby Pyralis posted her first, and probably only idea, for teh CS on teh forums o.o;]
Hikari Xezo: [*Stabs marlina*].
Marlina Evenstar: [Talking about Hikari, not you Ruby. Your way down. =P]
Ruby Pyralis knows o.o;]
Marlina Evenstar: [Hey, that was a compliment compared to some of the things I've said. >.>]
Ruby Pyralis: [Nyahahah!]
Marlina Evenstar: [I'm improving, with difficulty.]
Asteona: [afk[
Dalin Kayde works on a Hunter character prototype. []
Tremare Clefon likes the hunter class for one GREAT reason[]
Tremare Clefon isn't oging to tell though.]
Dalin Kayde: [One day, one class. Who's good? Gives it up, w00t.]
Ruby Pyralis needs a bath, is still covered in dust from this morning >.> Was under the comp reconnecting wires and fixing the DSL all morning -.-]
Tremare Clefon: [Well people, goodbye.]
Hikari Xezo: [XD].
Marlina Evenstar: [Norton=Government propaganda designed to increase their own monetary profits, while they regularily introduce viruses so people will keep paying. o.o]
Hikari Xezo: [Bye].
Hikari Xezo: [XD].
Ruby Pyralis posted another wacky idea! Go me!]
Ruby Pyralis ows.]
Marlina Evenstar: [lol]
Ruby Pyralis doesn't have much to worry, never gets much loot, and has high str and con mods :P]
Hikari Xezo: [LOL].
Faiga sits down quietly, stroking her egg
Faiga: [c.c Hey, is it trueSol's quest is continuing tomorrow?]
Charlotte: [Yar.]
Hikari Xezo: [Yep].
Faiga: [YAY! What time?]
Ruby Pyralis THOUGHT it was today >.>]
Ruby Pyralis can't remember times anymore >.>]
Faiga: [I can't do late night stuff anymore..]
Faiga: [=.= When that becoms true, I'm fecked]
Vexz Leonheart goes somewhere else, the silence of the area getting to him with so many people
Marlina Evenstar: [Thought it was 2 P.M? =P]
Marlina Evenstar: [Or 4 maybe. o.o]
Marlina Evenstar: [ Bah. Saturday, August 30th then, at 4 FST. And for the 8273192469712th time, don't post in this thread. Note: Any more posts in this thread will be deleted. ]
Marlina Evenstar: [There ya go. ;-)]
Ruby Pyralis: [...tomorrow I am getting a new DSL modem! Hopefully it will be installed by then o.o;]
Marlina Evenstar: [Don't think they come pre-installed any more. =P]
Marlina Evenstar: [Or... By the quest you mean?]
Hikari Xezo: [A quest to discover the Class, it has lore, its shiny ^o^].
Ruby Pyralis: [By teh quest o.o;]
Hikari Xezo: [THANK YOU RAKURO!].
Faiga: [Yay]
Faiga: [Lagging like a mofo]
Faiga: [This new connection']
Hikari Xezo: [weird?].
Marlina Evenstar: [What exactly do you consider the word 'lore' to mean?]
Hikari Xezo: [Slow?].
Faiga: [Slow on furc. Fast otherwise
Ruby Pyralis: [Earlier, all I could do was get on AIM o.o;]
Hikari Xezo: [Lore means story].
Ruby Pyralis: [Then, I got DCed every 3 minutes from Furc and AIM.]
Hikari Xezo: [And history for that matter].
Ruby Pyralis: [When I did get on, it loaded at .4KB/sec]
Ruby Pyralis: [Took 3 hours to download Anst O.o;]
Ruby Pyralis: [And now it works again.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Go figure.]
Hikari Xezo: [XD].
Hikari Xezo: [3 hours?!].
Ruby Pyralis: [Yes >.<]
Ruby Pyralis: [Ever have a .4KB connection? :P]
Marlina Evenstar: [Eww!]
Ruby Pyralis: [Exactly >.>]
Ruby Pyralis: [But I fixed it because I am smart! >.>]
Marlina Evenstar: [*Applauds*]
Marlina Evenstar: [Lore: Accumulated facts, traditions, or beliefs about a particular subject.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Knowledge acquired through education or experience.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Also, on an unrelated note... The space between the eye and the base of the bill of a bird or between the eye and nostril of a snake. o.o]
Hikari Xezo: [What are you talking about?].
Ruby Pyralis: [The many definitions of Lore.]
Hikari Xezo: [Oh...].
You say, "[Hmm.. just curious but why does a stick (improvised weapon) do more damage than a dagger (1d4)?]"
Ruby Pyralis: [...heh.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Because it is my stick of doom! Give it back!]
Ruby Pyralis stealz.]
Marlina Evenstar: [It's not something you can just pick out of a book, it would be something that would take many, many years. Likewise, it could not be simply granted from a spell.]
Marlina Evenstar: [It's got Thorns, Sirum? =P]
Ruby Pyralis remembers when Sol knocked out her mage in one hit with a lantern once >.>]
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+10 (Ruby, fear with great ph34r =P) & gets 20.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+10 o.o & gets 23.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+8 & gets 23.
Marlina Evenstar: [=P]
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d20+10 (Marlina, with great sneakyness!) & gets 17.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d20+3 *3 =P & gets 23.
Ruby Pyralis dodges all teh attacks o.o;]
You say, "[wis check :P]"
Hikari Xezo: [AFK, Making Caspiroleta, its kind of like... how do you say.... Egg nog? Only its more swee].
Marlina Evenstar: [hmm... 23 is so common]
Marlina Evenstar: [+3 is her wis mod.]
Ruby Pyralis: [w/o meh shield, you gotta beat 28 :P]
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+10 & gets 29.
Marlina Evenstar: [XD]
Ruby Pyralis: [F- you >.>]
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d100 Bwahaha & gets 3.
Marlina Evenstar: [lol]
Ruby Pyralis: [If I was fighting though, I would use meh shield and you would have to beat 30 o.o]
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+10 & gets 32.
Ruby Pyralis: [...]
Marlina Evenstar: [Hehe]
Ruby Pyralis: [lmao XD]
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d100 & gets 60.
Marlina Evenstar: [Go me! ;-)]
Ciarah: [Hey everyone]
Ruby Pyralis: [Eep.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Hi. :-)]
You say, "[Hiya Ciarah ^^]"
Ruby Pyralis has a +4 to-hit and a +6 dmg... o.o;]
Marlina Evenstar: [mm, Three days this week of getting up around 1:30 A.M, to much sugar and caffeine, and other factors are really screwin' with me. >:*]
Sirum Hest gets +9 to both. Nyeh. IC? :P []
Ruby Pyralis was up really late last night o.o Did you know the Power Puff Girls are on at 2AM? o.o;]
Marlina Evenstar: [Didn't know that, and'll pretend I still don't. =P]
You say, "[Yes, I do... >.> <.< ... what?]"
Ruby Pyralis usually can't keep her eyes open past adult swim >.>]
Marlina Evenstar: [o.o...]
Sirum Hest refuses to let himself fall asleep before 3-4 AM :P []
Ruby Pyralis is gonna hafta be awake by 6:30 come Thursday.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Deffinitely had to stay up past then. ;-)]
Marlina Evenstar: [Which is why I've been absent today, thursday, and most of Tuesday. ;-)]
Ruby Pyralis goes AFK to eat dinner.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Think if I wink enough it'll switch to the other eye?]

Sirum Hest just sits there, silently, awaiting Miyth's return so that he can get attacked or whatever. n.n

Faiga scoots up beside Sirum

Justin Xaver: [back more ppl :-)}
Justin Xaver: [would anyone like to be interviewed for an upcoming Furc radio show? I just wanted to ask questions on what you think of this dream/continuity you role play in, its for the "Dream Comments" topic]
Solinox: (I watched the Two Towers DVD last night from midnight to 3 AM.)
Dalin Kayde is waiting for the Extended Footage edition to come out in November. :-D []
Solinox: (Even though I had the burnt CDs off Kazaa several months ago.)
Faiga nuzzles her new deviantart account[]
Sirum Hest wonders if anyone else will draw Sirum. Three is just not enough :P []
Solinox: (I'll draw Sirum.)
Justin Xaver: [Anyone?]
You say, "[o.O]"
Dalin Kayde: [Sorry, Justin. Not me.]
Hikari Xezo: [Is already drawing sirum, sol, hik and Kitzibeth].
Solinox: (I might be, Justin.)
Solinox: (What's in it for me.)
You say, "[ ^^;]"
Faiga: [Uh...anyone know how to look up a username of someone on Deviantart?]
Dalin Kayde: [Alizon might be drawing Dalin in the future. Gotta wait though.]
Solinox: (Oh wait.)
Solinox: (Is it a voice thing?)
Solinox: (My voice is extremely coarse. Never mind.)
Justin Xaver: [well, just a chance to have your comments heard on air, where we will be discussing about different dreams and such and commenting on it
[ You whisper "[But you'd get to call so many Furcadian's 'n00bz' ):]" to Solinox. ]
Dalin Kayde: [Sirum... Holding a stick... and a fish... 'Kay.]
Solinox: (That, and my microphone doesn't work.)
You say, "[Yeah]"
Justin Xaver: [you dont go on air yourself im merely like a reporter
You say, "[Look at the comments beneath it]"
You say, "[It was drawn by Kivae's insane friend.]"
Solinox: (Oh. Right.)
Solinox: (Do I answer questions or something?)
Ruby Pyralis wants to be interviewed xD]
Ruby Pyralis is back btw o.o]
Justin Xaver: [yea you do]
Justin Xaver: [you too Ruby?]
Ruby Pyralis: [Nyahahah!]
Ruby Pyralis sends out the recording of her and her friend to more people o.o;]
Ruby Pyralis recorded it after we ate a bag of marshmallows :P]
Justin Xaver: [so Solinox you wanna go talk then?]
You say, "[Interveiw meee >.>]"
Justin Xaver: [why all of a sudden now your speaking up? o.O well.. Solinox first if he wants it]
Faiga: [Anyone know Haruko from FLCL's full name?]
Ruby Pyralis won't talk though, sounds like a frog after she got covered in dust >.>]
Faiga will. But she only has headphones, no microphone. She DOES have a phone card[]
Justin Xaver: [this is not a voice thing... you just sit there.. and I ask you questions right here..right now lmao
Ruby Pyralis: [Which one is that? The one with the guitar?]
Justin Xaver: ]
Ciarah: [Whats going on? was afk]
Hikari Xezo: [Back].
You say, "[Ask me now if you want ^^]"
Faiga: [Yeah]
Faiga: [Pink hair]
Faiga: [Insane]
Sirum Hest is in Ansteorra more than any other Ansteorran >.> []
Justin Xaver: [ok Sirum lets go somewhere less populated]
Justin Xaver: [if anyone else wants to be interviewed afterwards, whisper me]
Ruby Pyralis has been in Anst longer >>]
Justin Xaver: wow.. good enough
(You see Sirum Hest.)
> Before you is a young rodent, twelve years old, that smells of the sea, having spent most of his life travelling it. He talks often to anyone, regardless of whether he knows them or not, perhaps a bit too trusting or curious, and helps only his friends in times of danger. He dislikes fighting until he absolutely has to or when someone angers him greatly. On the back of his outfit are two Katanas.. [Continued:][AK]
[ Solinox whispers, "(What color's Sirum's pants?)" to you. ]
Justin Xaver: So how are ya? :-)
You say, "Good o.o;"
You say, "You? ^^"
Justin Xaver: Swell thanks, been spending the past few ours in alot of interviews hehe
Justin Xaver: So tell me first off, when we air, would you like your char name mentioned if we read your comments? or would you like to remain anonymous?
You say, "[Er... nevermind this. Ask Sol. *is busy now* >>;]"
Stead wins xD]
Justin Xaver: ....
Justin Xaver: [Anyone want to be interviewed?]
Wilowah: (45 exp! Woo!)
Ruby Pyralis: [Me!]
You say, "[Ruby stop doppelganging my character >.<]"
Justin Xaver: [ok follow me please]
Stead cacklez.]
Wilowah: (OMGZ)
Wilowah: (25 more gold i get my robey! ^.^)
Kerantel the Raven steals Stead's seat. []
Hikari Xezo: [BRB].
Stead loves tormenting Sirum :P]
Wilowah wonders how much he can sell this thinblade for... >.>
Hikari Xezo: [LOL].
Wilowah: (Erm, 23 more gold)
Wilowah: (Then I'll hafta save up...2350 more gold!)
[ Solinox whispers, "Doesn't matter, done drawing." to you. ]
Wilowah: (but I'll have til level 30 to do so, so...yeah)
[ You whisper "[That fast? oO]" to Solinox. ]
Wilowah lags. >.>
You say, "[What are you saving for, Wilowah?]"
Wilowah can't give Faiga a cookie. ;.;
Wilowah: (Magus Robe)
Sirum Hest has 1883 gold at the moment ^.^ []
[ Solinox whispers, "(Yeah. I'm an expert. E-mail?)" to you. ]
Wilowah: (ACtually.)
Hikari Xezo: [Fugeing baslard].
Wilowah: (I'd have enough,)
Wilowah: (If I didn't make Sirum 10 copper arrows)
Wilowah should level up his con a bit.
You say, "[10? Thought it was 5, hmm...]"
Wilowah: (Oh yeah, 5)
Wilowah: (Why would you need mold for shruikens? Oh, is it to pour the metal into?)
Hikari Xezo: [Sol, why is it so wrong to tripple Wield?! You dont get +1 attack, you get plus one Weapon! Only that with penalties! why cant people see this?!].
Wilowah: (I noted.)
Wilowah: (Just dont make it UNLIMITED)
Hikari Xezo: [Ofcourse not].
[ You whisper "[*for some reason expects a stick figure of a dead bloody mouse, but oh well* :P [...]@[...].com]" to Solinox. ]
Wilowah: (Make limits for the amt of weps)
Wilowah: (But, I dont think it's important to have fancy floating weps,)
Hikari Xezo: [At level 30 you actually DO get plus one attack to the Spirit blade weapon].
Solinox: (Meh.)
Solinox: (Well, there you go.)
Solinox: (Triple-wielding.)
Wilowah: (UNLESS you can do multi target automatically, OR you can use special bonuses to the weps, like.... disarm bonus tridents)
[ Solinox whispers, "(Uh, not quite, but close :P)" to you. ]
Wilowah: (Theres no use, otherwise. If you ask me.)
Kerantel the Raven: [Grr, where's Zag, Kitz, or Rivyn when you need 'em.]
Hikari Xezo: [*Asks himself the same*].
Solinox: (Zag's DMing D&D.)
Marlina Evenstar: [What do you need them three for?]
Solinox: (Rivyn and Kitz are probably working.)
Kerantel the Raven: [Need to get a class approval from one more official before I can tack up the Hunter class for public view on the OOC forum.]
Kerantel the Raven: [At 6:00, Sol?]
Hikari Xezo: [Rakuro told me his all for my Class, And sols Against it, nulling each other, So, its 50 50 To Kitz Zag and Rivyn].
Stead is having fun with her interview :P]
Kerantel the Raven: [Kits is usually back by 6, as I recall.]
Kerantel the Raven: [Or I could be wrong. Bleh.]
Kerantel the Raven just waits... []
You say, "[Bastage Sol! *kills*]"
Kerantel the Raven: [?]
You say, "[The picture he sent me :P]" [It was this MS paint picture of Sirum with a butt for a head, I think.]
Dalin Kayde logs off the alt. []
Dalin Kayde: [I'm actually really happy with the way the Hunter turned out.]
Solinox: (Hehehe.)
Solinox: (A work of art.)
Solinox: (I'll take commissions.)
Dalin Kayde: [The Hunter will probably be on the public board tonight.]
Wilowah: (The forum.)
Veudir X'Tare never, ever did that. []
Solinox: (Veudir is pimpwalking on my screen. *F11s*)
[ Solinox whispers, "Put that portrait on a site or something :P" to you. ]
Marlina Evenstar: [Back from uafk. o.o]
[*] Your request has been sent to Solinox.
Marlina Evenstar: [What's up now?]
Justin Xaver: [You alright Ruby? Get DCed?]
[ You whisper "[Get on stead and have him use Solinox's color patterns and stuff? :P" to Ruby Pyralis. ]
Kitzibeth takes a seat [Hey Fai :-)]
Marlina Evenstar: [What's SSBM? o.o]
Solinox: (Super Smash Brothers Melee.)
Solinox: (Ganondorf is the best character on that game. :P)
Marlina Evenstar: [mm... At the risk of sounding truly uninformed... What is that? =P]
Wilowah: (boss in zelda.)
Solinox: (It's a game for Gamecube.)
Wilowah: (Main one, 'least)
(You see Kitzibeth.)
> Kitzerina Elizabeth Ti'Kurdhan-Skyree Na'Vision Am'Khenna. She is a shorter furre, almost boylike in shape, bundled in a long, gold-piped robe of magenta. Her fur is stark white, a purity only disrupted by a short pixie cut red mane. She wears a strikingly beautiful engraved diamond necklace given to her by her mate. At her side is found a bottomless satchel, filled with magical items, and a well-cuddled tawny pookie. [][RBB][Ansteorra][IC] #C& #C!

[Aw. I'd forgotten Kitz carried a pookie with her everywhere in the early days.]

[ You whisper "[Some guy is in the court room interviewing Ansteorrans for some Furcadian radio thing? oo;]" to Kitzibeth. ]
Marlina Evenstar: [Ah well, I know what a Gamecube is at least. :-D]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "[Huh?]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[*shrugs* Thats what he said he was here for.]" to Kitzibeth. ]
Hikari Xezo: [OK, heres another tuning up, sol, check the board, i think you'll actually LIKE this one].
Marlina Evenstar: [It's better.]
Solinox: (Right.)
Hikari Xezo: [Finaly].
Marlina Evenstar: [Finally?]
Dalin Kayde: [One thing, Hikari. The dual wield penalty applies to all attacks, not just the last attacks. You can't feasably distribute the penalty like that.]
Solinox: (Replied.)
Hikari Xezo: [But Dalin, i dobled the Basic one, It would be unfair].
Hikari Xezo: [Cant there be an exeption like such].
Dalin Kayde: [Exception for what?]
Hikari Xezo: [*sigh*].
Solinox: (I'm going to play SS again, bbl.)
Dalin Kayde could pwn Solinox in SS. []
Marlina Evenstar got fairly lucky while tired, against Sol in SS. =P]
Dalin Kayde: [Marl, have you played against Zag?]
Marlina Evenstar: [Nope]
Dalin Kayde: [Zag's pretty good, I beat him though. :-D]
Marlina Evenstar: [He any good?]
Marlina Evenstar: [Good for you. :-)]
Ruby Pyralis: [Demmit[
Dalin Kayde: [I really should reinstall it sometime.]
Marlina Evenstar: [I like your portrait Ruby, it's cute! :-P]
Dalin Kayde needs a portrait. Hmm. []
Ruby Pyralis has the wrong colors, wow o.o;]
Marlina Evenstar: [O.o]
Ruby Pyralis thinks they look cool wit the port xD]
Marlina Evenstar: [Peasant. Cute peasant. =P]

Sirum Hest just sits there, staring down at the ground in silence for lack of anything else to do. He does however wonder why all these adults apparently dont have jobs?

Marlina Evenstar has a job, she looks up for a few moments, imprinting the image of the tree behind the sign and by the statues into her mind, therefore exploring.. Finishing that she dropped back to half-asleep state.

Vexz Leonheart sits down upon the side of the rode, having no job at all really, staring to the gathering, "Much Like I left it. Silent"

Marlina Evenstar: [We're just a bunch of locals leeching off E.I from the crown. =P]

Sirum Hest glances over to Miyth with eyes narrowed, "Ya can take off the timer, im not givin' up the guild."

Canti joins the moderately sizable gathering with a plopping down somewhere between Vexz and Sirum.

Vexz Leonheart turns his head tword Canti, giving a light nod tword his direction, "Greetings Canti"

Canti nods back, "Hello, Vexz."

Canti: [why does Ruby have... different colors?]
Marlina Evenstar: [She puuuurteh]
Marlina Evenstar: [o.o;]
Ruby Pyralis is teh bubble gum queen!]
Sirum Hest chews on Rubeh. []
Ruby Pyralis ows.]
Canti is disturbed[]
Ruby Pyralis got the hair wrong x.x]
Canti: [lol]
Ruby Pyralis got a few things wrong >.>]

Canti nudges Sirum lightly to get his attention, "So what is this about the guild?"

Sirum Hest motions towards Miyth, "That guy wants me 'ta become his apprentice 'ta learn skills an' give up the guild 'ta him."

Ruby Pyralis is a Sirum with female parts.... nyaha.]
You say, "[Rivyn apparently has tea with his female counterpart]"
You say, "[From another plane]"

Canti raises his eyebrows as he looks over to this fellow, trying to remember why his face is so familiar--that's right! He gave him his purse back when it fell.

Miyth: [<.<]
Miyth: [Rivyn has a female counterpart? o.o;]
You say, "[Yeah, he also has a counterpart that grows dasies for the ladies]"
Canti: [heh... Sirum's female counterpart probably knows way more about anatomy than ol' Sirum]

Vexz Leonheart bgins to wonder of whom they spoke, but does not ask.

Miyth: [God that just inspires so many odd images]
Ruby Pyralis blinks.]
You say, "[One of Kitzibeth's counterparts is a male ice mage named Kitzern.]"
Miyth: [O.O;]
Ruby Pyralis notes this was easy to copy xD]
Ruby Pyralis: [Marl, bad boots :P]
Miyth: [<.<]
You say, "[Miyth going to respond to Sirum? :P]"

Canti scratches at his left ear a bit and suddenly realizes something, "Sirum, do you even have authority to give the guild up?"

Marlina Evenstar: [Can't see boots if I'm sitting down, nehehehe]
Miyth: [What did Sirum post? <.<]
Ruby Pyralis: [Oh God, teh crazies!]
You say, "[*kicks Ruby* enough OOC for now :P]"
Miyth: [Canti, just so you know... the Rogues guild is an unofficial guild. the Gaurds of Ansteorra are currently trying to locate it to destroy it completely]
Miyth: [That's common knowledge IC, or it should be]
You say, "[They are? Really?]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Kendrick wanted them to expand and take over the countryside. o.o]
Canti: [I didn't know about the destroying part, really]
You say, "[Strange. Solinox's never mentioned it to me or Sirum oO;]"
Ruby Pyralis is a pink blonde, aha.]
Hikari Xezo: [GAH! Dople pangers!].
Vexz Leonheart: [:woultn' know either]
Canti: [but Canti frequents the place... he doesn't intend to give away its location]

[Yep. Canti, Kivae and Sirum spent most every night there. There wasn't really any thieving or anything else going on, mostly it was a place to hide fugitives or the wounded. Sirum once tied up and hid a seriously hurt follower of Erisvan there, intending on getting her purified when he got the chance, but a much more powerful Erisvan servant came waltzing in to KO everyone in there and take back Erisvan's minion. At least Damien didn't get raided.]

Miyth: [The Rogues guild is a guild of thieves. They are technically all fugitives. Also for having a guild that isn't part of the council]
Canti: [he's got weird morals]
Ruby Pyralis looks like an easter egg >.>]
Miyth: [Yeh, just so you know. There is no such thing as the "Authority to do this or that"]
You say, "[the Rogues guild is -not- a guild of thieves]"
Miyth: [Sirum is just a self proclaimed leader.]
You say, "[Aside from Garrett proclaiming him leader :P]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Well no, not self-proclaimed. =P]
Canti: [see, Canti doesn't know he's the leader :P]
Canti: [that's why he doesn't get it]
Miyth: [Sirum, that is what it was intended to be.]
Miyth: [Right now it's completely unsanctioned]

Sirum Hest shrugs lightly to Canti's question, "I dont see who would stop me, but I'm not gonna do it."

You say, "[Hina and Garrett went around stealing from people before I came to Anst? oO;]"

Miyth simply grins. "Seventeen hours."

Sirum Hest calls over, "Zero hours. Do whatever yer bloody gonna do."

Canti looks from one to the other, "Seventeen hours?"

Vexz Leonheart nods with Canti's questin

Marlina Evenstar: [Why the hell would a rogue's guild be sanctioned, ever? :-P]
Miyth: [There was always stealing pickpocketing by player characters etc]
Miyth: [And as a black ops branch of the Ansteorran Govt, Marlina]
You say, "[Hina -never- mentioned any of this stuff o.o;]"
Miyth: [Hina was another unsanctioned leader]
Vexz Leonheart: [stupid spelling mistakes today -.-]
Marlina Evenstar: [Ah, more to add to my growing suspicion that any government is inherently evil.]
Miyth: [It is, Marlina >.>]
Marlina Evenstar: [I know!]
Miyth: [ :-D]
You say, "[...has there ever been a sanctioned leader? o.O]"
Canti: [you want anarchy?]
Ruby Pyralis: [You got mad at me for being OOC, jeez :P]
Miyth: [Of the Rogues guild? Not yet]
You say, "[..and Miyth is going to be the sanctioned leader eventually I take it? :P]"
Miyth: [Miyth is going to end up being the leader of a sanctioned version.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Hmm... There's an interesting thought.]
You say, "[Ajax will pwnz him apparently.]"
Canti: [there would be a sanctioned version of a thieves' guild?]
Miyth: [And then he will give all the gaurds fun things to deal with]
Miyth: [Yes, Canti.]
Canti: [wouldn't we kinda kill that too?]
Canti: [or try to?]

Sirum Hest already gives the guards fun things to deal with, like hiding escaped prisoners and people wanted by the guards in the guild.

Miyth: [You can't depend on Ajax oocly. He is an unrelated supporting NPC.]
Dalin Kayde: [Miyth, you're going to make me so glad that none of this is really Dalin's problem. :-)]
Filraen: (o.o.. I step away for one movie and Marlina starts looking like Sirum.)
Marlina Evenstar: [The rogue's not being led by a child would give a possible boost to my plans with Kendrick, if not, it couldn't harm it.]
You say, "[Solinox told me that if the guild were attacked, Ajax would step in :P]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Bloody enter key.]
Miyth: [I am acting under higher powers]
Ruby Pyralis does the easter-egg-go-back-IC-jig.]
Miyth: [Goriel / Alizon want the guild sanctioned under a DM]
You say, "[Mm.. speaking of DM's, when is the next class?]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Could always make sirum a DM. ;-)]
Sirum Hest is trying to become one :P []
Marlina Evenstar: [The class is for quest DM's, he means out of quest ones I believe.]
Ruby Pyralis is one? o.o;]
Canti: [Sirum? DM? The guy who got multi-tailoring through? ::Looks at Path:: err... nm]
You say, "[Out of quest DM's? Whats the difference?]"
Vexz Leonheart grunts a bit at the long silence.
Ruby Pyralis doesn't look like an easter egg ICly, just for the record o.o;;;]
Marlina Evenstar is nominally a second, although lacks share when she gets in the dream, does not have a green name on forums, does not have access to the CS board, and has little authority, so... Bleh! =P]
Ruby Pyralis is a second, sometimes gets share, doesn't have a green name on the forums, and doesn't even kno what the CS board is, so Nyeh :P]
Ruby Pyralis: [know*]
Marlina Evenstar: [I know something you don't know # =P]
Canti: [gah... I'd better be off]
Ruby Pyralis: [...kill da wabbit!]
Miyth: [IC please]
Ruby Pyralis: [Er, rat!]
Canti: [got da stuffs to do]
Dalin Kayde only got access to the CS board a week ago. []
Dalin Kayde goes IC. []

Dalin Kayde stays silent, leaning against the support beam.

Vexz Leonheart slowly stands up once more

Sirum Hest falls silent as well, occasionally shooting a dirty look at Miyth and waiting for him to make his move.

Vexz Leonheart leans one side, if it's silent, may as well do something, going about a few leg streatches, bending to one side almost to the floor, keeping the bare paw on the ground as he streatches his calves

Miyth rolls his arm back. His terms were set, and it seemed that the rogue was planning to adhere to them

Ruby Pyralis would like to note that ever since Sirum became the leader, the guild won't stop trying to be taken over >.>

Sirum Hest doesnt appear as if he'll be going up to Miyth and accepting to be his apprentice now or in seventeen hours.

Hikari Xezo: [Well ruby is back to normal].
You say, "[Garrett was never around for any takeover attempts :P]"
Ruby Pyralis is now terrorizing AI with an alt :P]

Sirum Hest eventually sighs and looks over to Ruby, breaking the silence, "...I think maybe somethin' is wrong with Rashenel?"

Ruby Pyralis raises a brow, wishing she could have been one to confirm that, "Oh?"

Sirum Hest nods slowly, returning his gaze back to the ground, "...he pulled a card from the Harlequine an' dropped 'ta the ground not movin' at all... I put 'em in the Clerics Guild... m-maybe Alizon will come by 'ta look at 'em?"

Ruby Pyralis smirks to herself, wishing she had been there to see it.

Hikari Xezo: [Oh yes, the harlequine, where is he?].
Filraen: (her :P)

Vexz Leonheart turns his head tword the Harlequine

Hikari Xezo Looks "Hurray hurrah! My card i shall draw" aproches quickly and picks up a card!.

Harlequine hops down from the top of the flag pole, where it seems she'd been sitting all day. "Greets, and meats, and furres for fun, I have cards for everyone! :-\HRT"

Sirum Hest waves to Kitzibeth as he sees her and notices Ruby's smirk out of the corner of his eye, looking back to her, "...what're ya happy for? If Rashenel doesnt get healed that means the guild is jus' one person less...", remembering Kypho and Shadowspawned's disapearance.

[*] Harlequine rolls 1d22 for hikari & gets 5.

Hikari Xezo Is wiser but slower.

Miyth scratches his head and leans foreward to peek around the treeline. "..Meats? What kiend of rrhyme adrresses meats?"

Hikari Xezo Hmms...

Vexz Leonheart gets away from his position, looking to Hikari, "Are these the cards that every one has wanted to get their hands upon?"

Harlequine: [brb ><]
Vexz Leonheart: [k]

Ruby Pyralis shrugs, approaching that Harl to grab a card?

Sandy Klawz seems to be stuck in some giant ball of slime. He bounces and rolls past, reaching out of his spherical vehicle to grab a card for himself.

Miyth: [O.O]
[*] Harlequine rolls 1d22 for rubeh! & gets 16.
Ruby Pyralis wins a shiney new 16! o.o;]
[*] Harlequine rolls 1d22 for sandy :P & gets 10.

Ruby Pyralis is even uglier than before but smarter?

Vexz Leonheart gets away from his position, looking to ruby, "Are these the cards that every one has wanted to get their hands upon?"

Sirum Hest slowly stands as he sees the Harlequine and murmurs, "", walking towards her but suddenly stopping, remembering everyone who lost their items. He runs off to remove everything but his clothes and returns.

Sandy Klawz takes the card, eats it merrily, and continues on his bouncy way.

Harlequine facepalms.[]
You say, "[Eats it? oO]"
Ruby Pyralis double facepalms.]
Miyth: [>.>]
Miyth: [XD!]
Dalin Kayde: [Yes, Sirum. Eats it.]
Miyth: [YESH!]

Filraen points to Harlequine "You! First you make me sick then you destroyed my necklace! Im gonna sock you one if you don't change things back!"

Ruby Pyralis only has -2 Cha for heavens sake >.>]
You say, "[...he's insane...]"
Vexz Leonheart: [;sees all his posts go ignored, so doesn't even try for a card since he won't get one]
Dalin Kayde: [Of course he is! He's Sandy Klawz!]

Ruby Pyralis blinks at Hikari, never having really cared much for how she looked, but doesn't hesitate to sock him in the nose.

Sirum Hest somewhat hopes that someone will stop him with a spell or something as he moves over to the Harlequine, reaching for a card.

Harlequine ignores Filraen. She offers cards to Vexz, because she feels bad he was ignored.

[*] Harlequine rolls 1d22 for sirum & gets 6.
You say, "[Yay! not a 1 ^^]"

Vexz Leonheart looks up as he was offered the card, nodding his head, "I thank you miss" Reaching up and taking the card

[ Harlequine whispers, "-2 con +3 dex" to you. ]
Dalin Kayde: [What happens if you get two 13's? O.O]

Hikari Xezo Has an incredible urge to read books and cards, when he was going to stand up WHOMP! right in the kisser! He falls on the other seat "And orc streangh if i may add!" he goes twords the harlequine and asks for wendsday none reclamed card.

[*] Harlequine rolls 1d22 for vexz & gets 16.
Miyth: [what's 13 do? >.>]
You say, "[Diseases you]"
Miyth: [yum]
Harlequine: [13 gives you da plague :-)]
You say, "[Sirum was diseased but he pulled a Prime card ^^]"
[*] Filraen rolls 1d30+4 & gets 27.
Vexz Leonheart: [gah, just a sec]
Harlequine: [if you get 2 13's, the cure only lasts for 3 hours.]
Filraen: (That hit you Sirum? ^^)
Dalin Kayde: [Sandy got the big fat load of nuffin card. :-D]

Filraen flings a rock at Sirum "hey! Don't wanna get sick again!"

Tonnah turns to face the crowd. "Evening all."

Sirum Hest looks a bit less healthy, but bolts off to reclaim his stuff even faster than before, able to dodge the rock with his new speed and returning to his seat immediatly after.
Ruby Pyralis growls at Hikari. >:{

You say, "[Inari... Sirum's stats are unbalanced -.-;]"
[ Ruby Pyralis whispers, "[Get a +3 dex -2 Con mebe?]" to you. ]
[ Harlequine whispers, "[what are your stats now?]" to you. ]

Hikari Xezo Looks at rubeh "Orcish nature... i think she indeed turned you into an orc" he then stands to the harlequine asking for another card.

Ruby Pyralis is going to teach that horse a lesson if it is the last thing she does >.>

Harlequine: You took your one today, horsey, you cannot look sad and get some more-sy. :-D #

Ruby Pyralis follows after Hikari and proceeds to tackle him o.o;

Hikari Xezo: [*Would like Kitz reading his PM better than another card X.x].
[ You whisper "[Strength 18 + 4 Dexterity 22 + 6 Constitution 10 + 0 Intelligence 14 + 2 Wisdom 14 + 2 Charisma 13 + 2]" to Harlequine. ]

[22 DEX -with- a Harle card? Those are rookie numbers. I wonder exactly when he became 'Blue Lightning.']

Kitzibeth: [my goodness. I'm not a posting machine people ><]
Vexz Leonheart: [effects permanent or do they have a certian time period they last?]
Kitzibeth: [I can't take care of all of your asinine little problems and RP and reatin my sanity ><]
Kitzibeth: [*retain]
Hikari Xezo: [Then loose sanity XD].
Hikari Xezo: [J/K].
Miyth: [*pats Kitz and fends the others off with a stick*]
Harlequine: [effects last until the RP on sunday. You'll find out how.]
You say, "[Yay ^^]"

Tonnah is interested by the inquiry for a card, and walks over to Hikari. "What cards?"

Sirum Hest will return to being unmuscled and not very charismatic. ^^

[ Harlequine whispers, "I thought you could wield a dreihander?" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[One ring of strength and he can.]" to Harlequine. ]

Ruby Pyralis spreads out her wing to latch onto Hikari as she zoom past, dragging him along :P
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Vexz Leonheart: [k ^^]
[ Harlequine whispers, "That gives you +4 str?" to you. ]
[ Harlequine whispers, "o.o;" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[+4 STR, -4 AC each, remember? :P]" to Harlequine. ]
[ Harlequine whispers, "Riight. " to you. ]
[ Harlequine whispers, "ok ^^" to you. ]

[At that moment she was probably cackling with glee over the thought of item wiping those rings on Sunday. Good lord DMs threw out some broken gear back then, before we even had Item Bonus to balance it out.]

Hikari Xezo Is dragged along "Let me go Orchish DEMON!!" he proceeds to a punch in the rib.

Harlequine offers cards to Tonnah. "A card? Some fun, you can take only one!"
Harlequine: HRT

Tonnah takes the card with interest. "Thank you."

Ruby Pyralis smirks at the punch, having felt worse from the weak drow, proceeding to drag him to the ground and punch at his side repeatidly.

Hikari Xezo Escapes the grapple and hides behind the Harlequine "Dont touch me!".

Sirum Hest looks at the card in his paws for a while before putting it away, not quite sure why he wanted them so badly. He yawns and looks over to the crowd surrounding the Harlequine, waiting for her to go so things can return to normal as usual.

Tonnah returns to his seat and becomes very interested in the card. [What is it?]

[*] Harlequine rolls 1d22 for tonnah & gets 12.
You say, "[Isn't that the naked card? XD]"
Tonnah: [Uh oh.]
Hikari Xezo: [Rak's nightmare].
You say, "[Poor Filraen, Kivae, Rakuro, Makolev and Tonnah. :3]"

Harlequine finds the naked card amusing.

Tonnah: [What happened?]
Sirum Hest gets suspicous of Harlequine's deck being filled with mostly 12's :P []
You say, "[All of your stuff poofies :-D]"
Harlequine: [it's at the bottom of the lake.]
[#] IC plz :-)

Tonnah goes wide eyed as his stuff all dissapears.

Sirum Hest cant help but facepalm as he sees yet another person lose their belongings, having been fortunate enough himself to only get the plague.

Tonnah: [Two hands there!]

Filraen grins a bit and starts to laugh as Tonnah gets dis-clothed.

Sirum Hest unhooks his cloak and balls it up, tossing it over to Tonnah, "Here, so ya can run off."

Server going down. Back up shortly.

[Of course.]
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