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A day of Butterburr and airship captains. 10-25-2004

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 16, 2017 8:46 am    Post subject: A day of Butterburr and airship captains. 10-25-2004 Reply with quote

[Summary: The oldest log I have of Si. I had logs dating back to my first month of creating him up until Anst's demise. I don't know why it's only this chunk that survived, saved a few others. Nothing special happened in this one. These logs had been so slow because the plot literally couldn't progress without Jonathan, Marlina, Kitzibeth and Rivyn being on at the same time - maybe others as well. Very little opportunities to do silly things in a war fort, but we did our best. And I kept hosting quests to pass the time.

I miss even the slow days like these, though.]

Kivae begins digging a pit, which will be filled with partially melted marshmellows. She will wait for people to fall in, and then squish them between chocolate and gramcrackers. She will sell the idea to Trothfang and make thousands of gold.]
Ruby Pyralis is too pretty to be eaten by a heretic D:]
Sunshadow Fortuna is...well...male..>.>;[]
Kivae thinks that's why she has wings.]
Ruby Pyralis: [They're sticky .-.]
Kivae sticks a marshmellow to Rubeh's wings.]
Ruby Pyralis screams and runs around, "GETITOFF!"]
Kalannar throws marshmallows at R00blar while she runs.]
Ruby Pyralis trips]
Kalannar laughs.]
Ruby Pyralis grrs and tackles. >.>]
Mara Dark: [Omgogmogomg RUBY]
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Mara Dark: [ IGOT A FISHY]
Ruby Pyralis: [:O]
Ruby Pyralis: [PIXIE DUST]
Mara Dark: [Oh and I'm making a chibi doll group of the Girl Power team XD[
Ruby Pyralis: [WOO! :O]
Mara Dark: [I made Ruby and Mara so far XD]
Mara Dark: [Wana see?]
Ruby Pyralis: [YUS!]
Kalannar laughs at the hobbit kitty.]
Mara Dark cries in corner]
Kalannar laughs more.]
Ruby Pyralis struts on the table.]
Aliletha': [*blinks at all the commotion that wasn't happening earlier*]

Sirum Hest pads up into the meeting room as he tended to do once staring out for miles around off of the guard tower had gotten boring, though he much prefered being up there. An idle tail-wave is given to those gathered about, before he leans back against a table tiredly. "Now I understand. He only stuck us here to make himself look more impressive. He wasn't actually gonna use us for anythin', jus' scare Damien into knowin' that the Heroes of Calenndor an' the battlers of the Heretic's were jus' outside the Kebeyan Republic's walls. I'm tired of bein' here... hum... what to do..."

Kivae remains sprawled out on the floor, the mud-covered basketball sized egg resting lightly on her stomach, and her arms folded behind her head. "If Jon was actually around, he'd have ideas for what we could do.. but I haven't seen him, and I don't have any ideas.."

Aliletha' glances over at the one speaking listening quietly

Sirum Hest crosses his arms up behind his head and slowly slumps down to the floor, nose wrinkling. "Jonathan isn't around, though. He's turned into Solinox, he cares more about paperwork than anythin'. To the hells with the paperwork, it's likely to be burned sooner or later anyways." Apparently having gotten impatient from being so close to Ansteorra for so long

Kivae snrks, faintly. "I'm sure he'll come to his senses eventually.. But why don't you come up with something t'do, then?"

Sirum Hest taps at the side of his head in thought then, leaning over to fwump onto the floor and tug at Kivae's tail after. "Well... let's see. We could fly back to Tigath for a while, I suppose, an' entertain ourselves. Fire flamin' arrows down onto the puballs of the clan that attacked us. Not to kill anyone, jus' a bit of revenge to make their life as hard as possible. It's the Tigahrrim way, after all.", snickering quietly.

Aliletha' stands stretching the kinks from her back from sitting so long nods to the room in general heads for the outdoors

Kivae rolls her eyes. "Just returning the favor, and all that.. but what about.. um.. Hn." She flicks her tail at his face when it's tugged on. ".. Recruiting? We're not allowed in Ansteorra, though; we get spotted even when we're disguised.."

Abrane listens in on the given conversation and looks about to the speakers and tries to udnerstand there sides

Maes Uroboros enters with a pipe in his mouth, wearing a mirthful look. He gives everyone a once-over before sitting down. "-You- might. I'm not wanted there, so... what are you talking about, anyways?" He seems to have caught the tail end of Kiv's statement.

Kivae sits up a bit, shifting the spider-egg to her lap, and letting her weight rest on her elbows. "What to do, instead of being just stuck here doing nothing, and don't feel like raining arrows of fire."

Sirum Hest snaps his teeth at the tail, but doesn't dare actually bite it, under fear of getting fur in his teeth. x) "We got caught that time 'cause our disguises were brilliant. We needed to be plain an' simple. Shouldn't've been foreigners, jus'... kids on the street. No one would've suspected a thing.", grinning.

Abrane hears a certain statement in which he could offer help and support he pipes up in a deep tone of voice yet still able to clarify "May I be of assistance in such?"

Maes Uroboros takes the pipe out of his mouth and sighs. "Its been too long since I was a little kid. Otherwise, I'd be tempted to stir up some mischief."

Sirum Hest glances between Abrane and Maes with a brow raised, surprised at their offers. "We weren't actually gonna go back inside. At least, I don't think so. I've no death wish..."

Abrane nods his head still covered by his turban that wraps his while face. "I have no fear of sich in these matters" he says in a almost mocking tone yet he meant no disrespect

Kivae eyes Maes for a moment, with lowered eyebrows, and then promptly laughs. "Since you were a kid, like it's in the past? Look't you, with a pipe. Trying to pretend you're Path'en or Solinox's age, or something? Who'd want to be that old." She snrks, then tilts her head at Sirum, ears flickering. "'s true.. I'm just spouting things off at random. We could try some of the different cities, though.."

Maes Uroboros sighs. "Well, after some of the things I've done, I don't think I can be called a kid anymore. For instance, I've gotten married, and other things along that same line which would classify me as a 'man', persay."

Kivae wrinkles her nose, then nudges Sirum with her leg. "Hear that? When you get married you're automatically grown-up. Good thing Kizzy forgot about that." She seems to be subtly making fun of his reasoning.

Sirum Hest frowns at the mention of marriage. "That doesn't make someone no longer a kid, it's jus'... awkward. There's no reason for people to get married so early. It's not like magic doesn't enable us to live as long as we want, as long as we stay away from danger." Turning back to Kivae, he grins toothily, "Any cities in particular? We've been to Sargothas, Tharivol an' Vincan already. I know there's somewhere we're forgettin'... an' even though the City of Towers is lovely this time of year, that's not it."

Abrane stands and takes his leave since the matters effected him none

Maes Uroboros draws from his pipe before sighing. "Sirum, when did you go to Thamrivol again?"

Sirum Hest nudges Kivae back with an elbow. "It's a shame we didn't follow through with that. I wanted to be able to stand around in heavy armor with heavy weapons, drink ale an' smoke pipes.", joking of course. x) To Maes, he says shortly, "Only a week or two ago. Why?"

Maes Uroboros shrugs. "I'm a bit homesick, is all."

Sirum Hest snickers briefly. "Then go back home, nothin' is barricadin' the roads of Thamrivol. It'd be best to do that anyways, before the real fight starts - if we aren't jus' starvin' everyone in the Kingdom by blockin' their trade."

Kivae grins. "Maybe he doesn't like his wife, and is here to get away from her. You ought to try being a kid again for a while."

Maes Uroboros ruffles his hair around, frustrated. "I can't, don't you get it? My house was comandeered and branded as a traitor to Damien because I didn't want to give my house up... and my wife is dead." He glares at Kivae. "Damien's soldiers killed her."

Kivae's ears flatten, her grin wiped away. She mutters defensively, "Well, how was I supposed to know.." The flower tucked behind her ear fading from a pale yellow to a fuzzy gray color, the edges of the petals lined alternately with blue and red.

Maes Uroboros takes a draw from his pipe once again. "It's... ok, I guess. She's been dead for a while now." He sighs and rests his head in his hand. "Lira, what can I do now?" he mutters to himself.

Sirum Hest cringes at Maes' words and draws up his cloaks hood, looking away from the desert dweller. "They likely wouldn't recognize ya if ya went back, though. No one can remember faces that good. Ya could start a new house an' everythin'. ... Though how is it that ya managed to get yer own?"

Maes Uroboros rubs his forehead. "I married into a family with one. Lira's parents were middle class merchants, although I was just wandering around. I lived there for three years after I got married, so most of the city is familiar with me. If I went back, I'm not sure if they would betray me or not."

Sirum Hest snaps a paw up and, with that movement, several frozen drops of water fling up into the air, where they land mostly in Amerie and Ruby's hair, by accident. Quickly enough, they'd melt. x) "That's what magic is for. Ya can take on a whole new identity an' appearance, but that wouldn't be much fun, I suppose. After the war ya will be able to reclaim yer home an' all will be well."

Maes Uroboros rubs his eyes. "That is, if it isn't destroyed. I doubt they are taking very good care of it, notwithstanding the fact that it will most likely be damaged during the recapturing of Thamrivol... when it happens."

Marlina Evenstar remains within the shadows for a change, though her attention is stolen from the group by her own attempts at magic, nothing much, just a glowing green light for she wasn't manipulating nature or other factors or whatever. And behold, the light did hover with all it's might, flickering back and forth before the ranger, and also was the shadowed figure to remain silent. Bwaha! Surely she's up to something? ... >.>

Sirum Hest squeaks happily. "Then the people of Thamrivol can rebuild. Assumin' those green lines don't server a darker purpose, at least.", ears drooping at the thought. Though he becomes easily distracted at Marlina's light, watching it with a brow raised in silence.

Maes Uroboros scratches his head. "Could those green lines have something to do with the phenomena that have been occuring all over? Like that tree not so far away from here?"

Sirum Hest, as the RP is frozen and he doesn't know whether or not they have found out much of anything, only murmurs something vaguely about 'makin' Tharivol a better place to live'. Because his player wills it to be so. Vagueness ahoy.

Maes Uroboros watches Sirum give up on RP.

Marlina Evenstar tilts her head slightly, watching the globe before with a sharp motion of her hand, the orb pops once more out of existance, leaving her to notice the Sirum watching the green globe, so, naturally, she moves forwards out of the concealing shadows and to a seat at the table, speaking to the rodent as she does so, "Somethin' to be bein' wrong ratling? Or are yeh so entranced by bright things."

Sirum Hest can't RP responses to what he doesn't know what has happened yet. :-D []
Maes Uroboros's player just realized that.[]

Taikris rather casually pads his way into the main area, promptly seating himself at the round table to give a glance to those seated right next to him. "' There a meeting in progress or somethin'?

Maes Uroboros shrugs and smokes.

Sirum Hest shakes his head slowly and shrugs in response to Marlina. "Bright things are easily noticeable around here. Since nothin' else happens, an' the last time there was a light the room was filled with these flashin', cracklin' an' explodin' miniature blasts of light." He then shakes his head to Taikris, "Nah, we're jus' waitin' for the leader of the fort to actually lead."

Maes Uroboros scratches his head. "That brings me to a point and a question, sirum. Who exactly is the leader here?"

Sirum Hest hums quietly in thought. "Mm... lesse... Entad was the leader, but then somethin' happened an' he made Jonathan the leader instead. Only he's nowhere to be found."

Maes Uroboros chuckles. "At first I thought you were the leader, Sirum. Lady Kitzibeth pointed me to you, and so I assumed you were the leader."

Marlina Evenstar snorts at that, clearly finding that particular assumption amusing, for some reason.

Amerie moves over to Sirum, her hips swaying to a slow beat. She seemed quite transfixed. "Well, Well, Well.. What have we here? Sirum Hest, Eh? Ooh, I'm really scared!" Walking away from him. "So you're the one everybody's talking about? Aha! You're joking, you're joking. I can't believe my eyes! You're joking me, you gotta be, this can't be the right guy! He's ancient!" Raising a paw to her muzzle. "He's ugly, I don't know which is worse!" Cackling a bit. "I might just have to scream, if I don-
Amerie"'t die laughing first!" Sending a kick to Sirum in the chest, soon after that she fell over, unconsious. o_o

You say, "[She's calling Sirum ancient? oO]"
Maes Uroboros's player stabs himself in the EYE.[]
Amerie: (Muhaha.)
Amerie: (She's singing all that stuff, by the way. :D)

[In an alternate reality, somewhere, Amerie got Si before Kitzerina did. God help him.]

Sirum Hest arches a brow. "Me? Lead? I have a terrible sense of direction most of the time an' I'm not really all that all that good at... ah... leadin'." He cuts himself off there to stare blankly at Amerie as she approaches him, head tilting just slightly to the side. "Are ya okay, Amerie?" Apparently not taking the insults too seriously. It's not like he was one to be concerned with his appearance, but before he can think on that any further he suddenly gets knocked back to the floor with an 'erf'. After managing to sit up again, he winces and rubs lightly at his chest, narrowing his eyes at the dancer suspiciously before scooting over to beside her. "Did someone slip Amerie some of Rakuro's tea? She isn't actin' normally, an' doesn't seem to recognize me... ...' it seems I'll be givin' her her whip back later. Hum."

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "Slipping things in Amerie's tea, giving her whip back... Kinky." to you. ]
[ You whisper "[You know it. ;-)]" to Marlina Evenstar. ]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[...No comment. :-P]" to you. ]

Sirum Hest prods at Amerie lightly? >>

Amerie lays flat on her face, her body looking pretty disfigured. She could have possibly been taken over by another being again, this time maybe it was true. The poking did nothing. vv

Sirum Hest plays the bongos, then. []
Amerie is musical.()

Sirum Hest whistles quietly in thought as he looks between either of his paws, considering what exactly to do. After roughly a minute, he scoots over to behind Amerie and slips his paws beneath her shoulders, lightly dragging her off of the chair and over to the tables to rest on her back. "There we go... now... ah... >>Watersplash Wakeup!<<" With that, a ball of freezing water would 'drip' down off of a paw that he held above her face. Only enough to possibly wake her up from her unconscious state. "Amerieee? Say somethin', would ya? This is gettin' creepy."

Amerie gets a splash of freezing cold water against her stunning face, this of course sending Amerie up screaming. "OhmyGodSeejieWhy'dyouDothat!?!" Relaxing a bit. "Ew.. I have a really bad headache.." Blinking, she put her head in both paws.

Sirum Hest tumbles back along the floor at the screaming, drawing his cloak up in front of himself defensively. More than likely fearing another kick. "Erf. Sorry, sorry Amerie. It's jus' ya started badmouthin' me, then ya kicked me an' ya passed out right on the floor. It didn't seem as if ya were wakin' anytime soon, so I woke ya up with water. Are ya okay...?", whiskers giving a flick.

Amerie moans. "Urgh. I feel like, the worst I've ever felt.." Trying to do something inside her head, her face went all stressed. "What the.. One, Two, Three.." Going into a fit. "What comes after three!? I-I'm scared." Moving closer to Sirum, she rested against him. "I need some sleep."

Kivae flattens her ears, idly scooting to the side side as Amerie scoots closer.

Sirum Hest's ears likewise flatten, but taken on a pinker shade as Amerie rests against him. "Four comes after three, but not bein' able to remember numbers isn't that big a deal. Um... before ya go to sleep-", reaching his paws up to prop her up and shift her shown to the floor as he inches away. Even though her so rarely saw Kitzerina lately, she was still his girlfurre. >>; "-I need to get rid of this thing. It's been hangin' around me for so long." With that, he slips a paw into the air and draws from it Amerie's whip. Enchanted to appear golden with Jonathan's aid, and having fake jewels 'glued' onto it with extra sticky tree sap. x) "Jus' like ya needed, right?" An imitation shiny-whip was better than none at all. :-P

[The whip gets returned almost twenty days later. What a strange little character plot.]

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[What Kitzerina doesn't know... Can't hurt her? :-P]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Really? Thanks for that bit of information. *boinks Amerie*]" to Marlina Evenstar. ]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[oo Ratboy's playing the field.]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[I provide the female Ansteorran populace a service.]" to Marlina Evenstar. ]

Amerie grabs it. "Ooh, pretty. Fake.. Fake.. Not even a value.." Not being quite bothered to give Sirum details yet, she muttered a 'thanks' and fell back to sleep on the ground.

Kivae rolls her eyes, "Why did I help you with that, again, Si?" But not seeming all that bothered, instead checking the mud-coated egg for signs of growth.

Butterburr the Bartender pads in. "Arr, laddehs and lasses! 'Tis yer 'ol pal John Butterburr done come 'ere t' help you relax yerselves."

Sirum Hest's nose wrinkles as Amerie calls her whip 'fake'. Though he waits until after she falls asleep again to speak. "'Cause if ya didn't she would've whined to no end for me to stick some fake jewelry onto her weapon? It looks so tacky now, though... I don't see why people can't jus' enjoy plain weapons." So says the one with weaponry and fingers lined with the bling. "Can ya do anythin' to help her, though, Kivvy? I think she might be poisoned." He then waves over at Butterburr and grins, "With what? Have ya brought a harp or several barrels full of ale for everyone else?"

Maes Uroboros raises a hand. "I could use some ale."

Kivae waves to Butterburr. "Your first name is John? ..Er.." Her ears perk out of her hair, "Did you bring Tarani with you?"

Butterburr the Bartender: Yar, Sirum me lad. I brought summat beer an sum stuff from me Lady Kizzybet's own stores. Sh'nae drink a drop 'o it - only keeps it 'round fer looks and a buncha odd guests that show up from 'round Tigath, if'n y'know what I mean." He points to a couple of casks of beer that are situated near the door. His player erfs at the lack of item placement DS.

Butterburr the Bartender shakes his head. "I nay 'ave lady Tara wit me, no."

Maes Uroboros: [ hmm. pays tab la la]
Maes Uroboros: [aw, I want to exploit butterburr's autoresponses. :-(]
Butterburr the Bartender isn't in bot mode ^^[]
Sirum Hest never pays tab
Marlina Evenstar: [Pwned.]
You say, "[Damn.]"
You say, "[Call me a bastard. ;.;]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Consider it said. :-P]
Butterburr the Bartender: Arr, Sirum Hest be a greedy bastard, yar.
You say, "[HRT]"
[%] Sirum Hest just gave Butterburr the Bartender a cookie.
[%] Marlina Evenstar just gave Butterburr the Bartender a cookie.
[%] Marlina Evenstar just gave Sirum Hest a cookie.

[Butterburr was the most basic bot ever. But his commands were fun.]

Kivae only then glances sideways at Amerie. ".. She looks.. um, fine to me." Glancing up at the ceiling, and obviously not taking his concerns too seriously. "Probably just did it for attention. Hasn't she kicked you before sometime? I forget."
Maes Uroboros looks over at Butterburr with a weird look on his face. "I don't know who you are..." he says, looking first at Butter, and then at the drinks, "but I think you might just be my new best friend."

Butterburr the Bartender: Aye, that I b'heard t'be. Nah, 'oo 'here wants a [drink]?
Butterburr the Bartender grumbles, and will brb.
Butterburr the Bartender is back, now with happy bar commands.

Sirum Hest rolls his eyes at the mention of beer and stretches out on the counter carelessly, his habits always near impossible to lose. "Would've prefered some of Rivyn's firewyne, but if it'll get people here drunk an' have 'em do funny things... well then, that's fine too.", grinning weakly. His tail then flicks back to whap Kivae over the head. "Nah, she's never kicked me before, an' neither has she called me ugly. ... I 'spose I should actually repair those rips in my tunic, huh..."

[Firewyne was the sort of stuff that would light your insides on fire. Rivyn once gave him some and he would just throw the crap everywhere in battle, explosive damage in a 3x3 radius. I think he stopped giving Sirum firewyne when he figured out he was maybe instilling pyromaniac tendencies in the mouse.]

Kivae places her handpaw to her head, one eye squinted close, despite the whap not actually hurting. She sticks out her tongue in his direction, "Still seems like something she'd do." Staring blankly at the rips for a moment, then tilting her head, ".. Why?"

Butterburr the Bartender takes a seat on the table, and seems ready for people to actually order something from his cask of beer, and his giant barrel of assorted goodies.

Sirum Hest pokes his tongue right back out at her. "'Cause it's horrible to look at? These clothes make us look like we jus' came out of the slums of Ansteorra." He then pauses, and snickers. "But I don't suppose that's really all that bad. An' ya, it is somethin' she would do, I suppose, jus'... how did she manage to make herself pass out that fast?"
Sirum Hest orders a strong shot of whisky, and some beer for Kivae. ... Not really. :-P

Kivae rubs the side of her handpaw across her ear, and thinks Sirum's trying to get her drunk. .. why.. nevermind. "Not bad at all. And, maybe she's not, and just pretending at that too." Shrugging, and then nodding to 'John.' "I don't like beer, what else is there?"

Mara Dark will never ever drink after that one time in the sewer with Ruby >>;

Maes Uroboros: [o.o]
Kivae: [Smexy.]
Marlina Evenstar: [*Has heard rumours about this night...*]
Haterui Kuno: (I don't suppose thar be another John here, eh? xD)
Mara Dark: [Nubuddy shall ever hear the full story. For it is to die for :O]

Butterburr the Bartender sighs. "Annae walk'd all t'way t'ere from Valanthas, annae y'dunnae even thank m'. Spoiled ruddy furres." He adds the last part under his breath. That is, cannot be heard by furres, Drow, or whoever, before he looks at Kivae. "What d'ye want? I 'ave what Ah always 'ave."

Butterburr the Bartender is John Butterburr. Has always been John Butterburr.

Haterui Kuno: (Err...I guess I do suppose.)

Maes Uroboros scratches his head. "You wouldn't happen to have any whiskey?"

Butterburr the Bartender nods. "'O 'course. Ye know 'ow t'order it." And I'd be saddened if Maes' player had forgotten how to ^^

Sirum Hest sits up then and laughs quietly at the bartenders mood. "No one thanked us for comin' out here either, so don't feel so bad. Then again, it doesn't seem as if there's a reason for us to be here, either." He then idly murmurs, "I don't suppose ya brought any apple cider with ya...?"

Maes Uroboros hasn't ordered from Buttah for about a year. Forgot. >>[]

Butterburr the Bartender points at the 'Cider!' command. "Why yes, me lad, I d' ave summat that."

Maes Uroboros chuckles. "Whiskey!"

Butterburr the Bartender paws a shot glass on the table and fills it to the brim with Ansteorra's finest. He passes the glass to Maes Uroboros. "Three coppers."

Maes Uroboros catches the quarterback-style lob. He pays tab.

Maes Uroboros: [:P]
Butterburr the Bartender notes that you have to just 'pays tab' :P[]
Butterburr the Bartender: [actually, repost that last post]

Maes Uroboros pays tab o.o

Butterburr the Bartender nods to Maes Uroboros and takes the coins. "Thank'ye."

You say, "Cider!"

Butterburr the Bartender takes a large crystal ladel and fills a metal mug with a warm, slightly spicy cider for Sirum Hest. "Warm ye right up. That be 2 coppers."

Amerie: Cider!

Butterburr the Bartender takes a large crystal ladel and fills a metal mug with a warm, slightly spicy cider for Amerie. "Warm ye right up. That be 2 coppers."

Kivae wrinkles her nose. "Guess I don't really need anything.."

Amerie: (x))

Sirum Hest takes the mug offered happily, after sniffing at it to ensure that Butterburr hadn't actually served him ale instead. >.> After taking a sip or two from it, he snickers. "Ya still think I'm ever gonna pay ya for these drinks? Ya took my stash in Ansteorra after we was driven out. That probably equals free drinks for life."

[Sirum had never paid his bar tab once during the entire history of Ansteorra. During the currency wipe, Kitz said Butterburr had found the coin and used it to contribute to the war effort. Which meant Si could pretend his tab was wiped clean. Woo-hoo.]

Butterburr the Bartender cleans a glass, humming pleasantly.

Maes Uroboros takes a sip of his whiskey. "Is that so? I should start putting my drinks on your tab too, Sirum." He sticks his tongue out at the rodent. "It really takes a shipment of fine drink to put away the doldrums residing in this encampment."

Butterburr the Bartender notes to Sirum something quietly.

Amerie is there like, all asleep. <3 Awr.

[ Butterburr the Bartender whispers, "Laddeh, y'gonna b' payin' me at some point, yar. Y'find out when." to you. ]

Sirum Hest leans in to whisper back to Butterburr, after narrowing his eyes suspiciously at him.

[ You whisper "What exactly is that supposed to mean? It's not like I have any coppers to paw off to ya anyways." to Butterburr the Bartender. ]

Kivae stares in a guilt-inducing fashion at the whispering Butterburr and Sirum. "Is that supposed to be inconspicuous?"

Sirum Hest nods slowly. "We're tryin' to privately discuss when to mug Taikris of his treasure chests belongin's." Saying this as if the furre wasn't right in front of them.

[ Butterburr the Bartender whispers, "Butterburr the Bartender just smirks. " to you. ]
Butterburr the Bartender swats Sirum playfully. "Arr, what d'ye go an d'tha fer, Sirum?"

Taikris: [<.<]

Butterburr the Bartender: Y'ne'er gonna b'a good rogue if'n y keep giv'n 'way yer plots!

Maes Uroboros bursts out laughing. "He's a rogue? I never knew that." He stops laughing and thinks about it for a few seconds before chuckling.

Sirum Hest merfs at the swat and tumbles forward off of the table, rubbing lightly at the back of his head. "It's not like he'd be able to stop it regardless. I say we jus' take it right now. Where'd ya put that chest, anyways, hmm?" He bites his tongue, to go along with it, and not explain that he had given up the rogue trade a while back. Too many ninja and assassins demoted him to World Class Archer. :~(
Sirum Hest's last question is directed at Taikris, for note. ^^;

Butterburr the Bartender: Arr, fine sirrah! Sirum b'onna t'worst pyrates tha' e'er traveled t'seas. By s'by, Ai dun see 'im o'er south P'rostia, gapin fer wormies innae a sloop fer ten. Drug 'im frum Furrie Jones, ah did.

Maes Uroboros takes a sip from his mug, obviously entertained.

Aliletha' joins the table leaning her arms on it listening to everyone

[ You whisper "[xD What did he say?]" to Butterburr the Bartender. ]
[ You whisper "['By s'by' and 'innae a sloop fer ten' specifically. ^^;]" to Butterburr the Bartender. ]
[ Butterburr the Bartender whispers, "he said: Sirum's the worst pirate ever, by the way, I found him off the coast of Pirostia alone, and skinking in a worm eaten ship, that was designed to be sailed by at least ten. " to you. ]

Kivae, after a moment of glancing between them with her ears raised out of her hair, flashes a grin. But Sirum being a pirate is just too much, and she laughs, "Why don't we just sail on into Ansteorra on your airship, then, Si? Blast away everything in our sight." She pushes playfully at his shoulder, to get him to scoot out of her line of vision.

Butterburr the Bartender cleans a glass, humming pleasantly.

Aliletha' looks at the bartender 'mmm would you have any tea about?'

Maes Uroboros's eye twitches as he hears Kivae mention an airship. "What in the world... is an 'airship'?"

Butterburr the Bartender: Lassie, dear! I n'ave Tea, me n'thinks. Let m' look yar." He digs through his stuff, trying to find something remotely tea-like.

Sirum Hest cants his head back towards Kivae, because whispering was just so highly overrated. [1/1] And afterwards, he eyes the bartender blankly. "That's not true, over in Pirostia I hauled yer sorry ale-reekin' tail to Calenndor via my airship -- an', the reason I don't use it, is 'cause it makes things too easy. It'd be like killin' an ant with a pillar of fire.", grinning toothily.

[ You whisper "<<He's jus' sayin' I'm gonna pay him sooner or later.>>" to Kivae. ]

Kivae nods wisely. "It's like a land, or a lava ship, only in the air." She gestures with her handpaws, apparently making things up.
Kivae.. or having stolen them from somewhere else. <.< >.>

Butterburr the Bartender: [tea!]
Butterburr the Bartender pours You a mug of hot water from a pot, and sticks a silk bag of darjeeling into the water. "That be two coppers, yar."
Butterburr the Bartender does, in fact, have tea ^^;

Sirum Hest also answers Maes, "It's a ship with wings. Only without feathers. ... Or wings. It's kinda hard to explain."

Maes Uroboros rubs his head. "I can imagine so. What a thing, a ship with wings!" He takes a swig of whiskey.

Aliletha' nods opens her pouch on her hip digs out the required coppers raising her paw to drop them into his paw smiles

Butterburr the Bartender: Laddeh. Y'ave no sense 'o style. Ev'vryfurre kno's that y'dunna have an 'airship. Dun b'embarrassed t' tell y'laidy fren's that y'were sinkin' fast annae need'd a paw up inna world. Sure nuff, y'were desert'd bai y'ol crew.
Butterburr the Bartender takes the coins with a smile. "Than'ye lasseh."
Butterburr the Bartender paws the mug 'o tea to the femme.

Aliletha' chuckles listening to the conversation as she takes the mug 'Thank you by the way i'm Aliletha' but my friends call me Ali'

Kalannar lurks in from outside, in no particular display of amazement. The Drow Ranger trods, seemingly boredly, over behind the would-be conferance table and takes a seat, folding his legs beneath him as he casts a few glances to the patrons of room.

Butterburr the Bartender: S'naice t'kno lass. Wouldn' ye be lookin' fer somma 'ol Burr's time, nah?

Kele-De pads silently into the rooma nd takes a seat at the table. She waves over at Ruby and smiles, then sighs and leans forward resting her arms on the table.

Aliletha' smiles 'conversation is all i'm looking for for the time being' twirls the teabag around in the steaming water then pulls it out squeezing the water from it she stands there holding it wondering what to do with it looks at Butterburr inquiringly 'where do i put this Burr? did you say your name was?'

Butterburr the Bartender shrugs. "Givva it t'Sirum. T'ruddeh sea-rat naids a bit 'o tea t'sofen 'is larder. Ai b'John Butt'rburr, Ai once was a capt'n y'now. Maquis outta t'Bay. Tha'sol b'hind me tho." He lays on the charm - he is after all, a charming furre.

Aliletha' nods then walks over to hand the silk teabag to Sirum smiles
Aliletha': he says you would want this

Butterburr the Bartender cleans a glass, humming pleasantly.
Butterburr the Bartender hums happily, as well.

Kele-De looks up and calls over to Burr, "Have you managed to procure any Poteen since the last time I talked with you Burr?"

Aliletha' waits for Sirum to take the teabag wondering if Sirum is awake or daydreaming

Kivae grins, and motions over Sirum's shoulder for her to put it on his head.

Aliletha' raises a brow half smiles and lightly lays the wet teabag careful in the middle of Sirum's head nods to Kivae as she goes back beside Butterburr

Butterburr the Bartender shakes her head. "No, Lass. Tigar'm poteen b'ard t' come by when t'rains b'comin down fast laik' Sirum's sails, yar."

Kele-De chuckles. "I had almost forgotten about those damnu rains."

Aliletha' leaning against the bar she sips her tea enjoying the taste eyes twinkling in merriment as she waits for Sirum to notice the wet teabag

Sirum Hest glances back at the screen briefly. o.0 []
You say, "[Why is Si being given teabags?]"
Kivae: [On his head. ^^]
Aliletha': [giggles]
Butterburr the Bartender: [You need the silk to hold your sails up, bobber. y'boats left you in the drink.]

Aliletha' grins watching Sirum a Very mischeivious glint to her eyes as she innocently drinks her tea still leaning against the bar next to Butterburr

Butterburr the Bartender smites Maes. "S'lass. What ye b'doin' in a place laik this on' yar? N'a plaice fer a laiddy 'o any stripe."

Aliletha' chuckles sitting the mug on the bar looks up at Butterburr' i'm away from home by request of my parents' shrugs ' they decided i needed to see the world and learn what has happened first hand' chuckles softly remembering that day several years ago
Aliletha': i guess i was to curious for my own good and ran them ragged trying to keep me safe

Sirum Hest finally glances upwards and raises a brow at the tea bag on his head, flipping both paws upwards to circle about it and freeze it after a few moments thought. The frozen tea bag is then lightly tossed over onto the counter next to Butterburr. "I do somethin' wrong?"
Butterburr the Bartender cleans a glass, humming pleasantly.

Aliletha' watches as Sirum freezes the wet teabag laughs softly 'one way to not get wet'

Butterburr the Bartender nods pleasantly to the femme, his mind not really comprehending her words - or he's just become a nod machine. Either/or. Stupid boyfurre.

Fyrious looks around, trying to appear as circumspect as is possible for the rather flamboyant elf.

Aliletha' picks up her mug sipping falling quiet

Sirum Hest pokes his tongue out at Aliletha. "Another way is burnin' it, but I'd rather not get my headfur singed. I'm pretty sure there's a place around here to really discard though, as I'm not a rubbish bin, I jus' collect it.", snrking momentarily before moving back over to beside Kivae. He didn't trust her behind him. ^^

Fyrious skitters nearer to Kele-De, still trying to look inconspicous.

Butterburr the Bartender snaps out of it, and lolls over to the side. "S'lass, y'family don told y'tsee all 'o Feanor, yar? N'much t'see in t'Freelands these days."

Kivae grins at Sirum, and wouldn't do anything. Besides get furres to put teabags on his head. She yawns, rolling the egg onto another side.

Aliletha' shakes her head in agreement' 'tis more than i was told growing up 'sighs
Aliletha' sits crossing her legs folding her cloak over her shoulders getting comfortable

Sirum Hest glances about the room in silence for near a minute, before leaning in to whisper to Kivae. "I'm tired of waitin' for Jonathan. He's jus' as slow as Entad was, an' shows up less often to boot... maybe we should put some consideration into tryin' to get either Solinox here faster - even he's the slowest of 'em all - or gettin' Butterburr in charge of things.", grinning widely.

Butterburr the Bartender shrugs heavily. "Y'naid t'see P'rostia, lass. N'thar b' adventur'! Y'brave t'ol'river dan' near M'ovanneh, and fait the crocs inna Fya'nar. B'watchin' y'self thae. T'locals dun b' Worshippin' Tallus - annae 'e n'laik magikers, y'know. An.. nor' o th' desr't b't'ordelands. nasty greeners, lass. nasteh. Dunnai kno wha' Prime th'come frum, but t'b'worse tha'Damien onnae bad dai."

Kele-De sighs, runs a paw through herheadfur then gets to her footpaws. Without saying a word to anyone, she wanders out the door.

Kivae rolls her eyes, whispering back, "Like Butterburr ever leaves a building once he's set up there. Jon has to come up with something eventually.."

Butterburr the Bartender cleans a glass, humming pleasantly.
Butterburr the Bartender heard that.

Fyrious slides over next to Kivae, and crouches down. He whispers something towards her.

Sirum Hest laughs. "At least with Butterburr ya know where to find him, the people that are runnin' this place are so hard to actually find -in- this place... Primes."

Butterburr the Bartender must hop off. Monitor is giving a headache. []
Butterburr the Bartender slips into bot mode, noting that 'bot' is Himoan for 'Bartender' :-)

Kivae flicks her ear at Fyrious, then sighs, propping her head up in her handpaw. "Still in denial?"

Aliletha' nods taking Butterburr's advise to heart 'i'll watch myself i was at least taught that'

Fyrious frowns, then whispers again.

Aliletha' sips her cooled tea slowly looking around the room

Kivae flicks her tail at Sirum, "Drawbacks that he wouldn't do anything besides trying to sell them drinks." She cuts off anything else she would have said to tilt her head in the direction of Fyrious, laughing, and then, "Why are you whispering..?" But lowering he voice, as if to humor him.

Fyrious sniffs, speaking quietly. "They could be -anywhere-!"

Kivae grins, "Yea, they'd just blend right in, wouldn't they?"

Aliletha' ear perks listening wondering who would blend right in

Fyrious hisses, skittering backwards and looking around desperately. "What! Where!"

Aliletha' raises a brow looking at Fyrious

Kivae has to recover from a short laughing fit, before managing, "Nowhere. Don't think I've ever seen someone like that."

Sirum Hest's tail flicks over as well, to just tightly coil about Kivae's, snickering as he does so. "Gettin' the enemy drunk is better than jus' lettin' the enemy watch us boredly an' wonder when it is we're actually gonna move an inch closer to Ansteorra."

Fyrious frowns. "You're quite the nasty little person." He pushes off with one hand, grumbling to himself and looking around. Dusting off one torn piece of robe, he makes a stately march over to the table.

Aliletha' shakes her head shruging her shoulder slightly as she takes another sip of cooled tea

Butterburr the Bartender cleans a glass, humming pleasantly.

Kivae's grin doesn't falter. "Ah, c'mon. 's just a joke." Tugging on her tail with a wrinkled nose. "Or.. drinks that make them go to sleep!" Not seeming to be serious in her suggestion, and elbowing the mouse until he releases her tail. "Either way, it's not very effective. Now, are you going to tell me why what's looking for you?" Turning to the black-and-red elf to say the last.

Fyrious holds up a finger, seemingly on the verge of saying something. He puts it down on the table, drumming his fingers a few times. He holds the finger back up once more, takes a deep breath...then shakes his head and puts his hand down once more. Scratching at his neck with his other hand, the elf growls. "Trolls think I lied to 'em 'bout a good place for trading."

Sirum Hest's tail does indeed release hers, but only to lash over and wrap about the elbow prodding at him. :3 "Sleepy drink? We could probably make some of those with some herbs, if we needed. The problem would be makin' thousands an' thousands of mugs full of sleepy ale, an' findin' enough tenders to bring 'em to the gates."

Annari Salia makes her way into the building and sits down Indian style on the floor next to the door. Her arms cross casually over her chest as she looks around at the others in the room, offering a light nod to anyone that might acknowledge it.

Aliletha' glances toward the door nodding toward Annari

Fyrious gets up, sauntering out. The elf mutters to himself the whole time. [Later all.]

Kivae: [Later. >.o]
Annari Salia: [See ya]

Kivae pulls on her elbow, giving the tail a puzzled look, before brushing her fingers lightly across it, testing if it was ticklish. >.> She now actually considers the idea. "Maybe if we made it really potent, we could put a bunch into wherever the guards drink from, the day we do whatever it is we're doing. Though I don't know if they'd be drinking ale on duty.."

Kalannar remains, as he has from his entry, within a generally neutral status. The Dark Elf is hunched over and has both arms resting on the table before him, his left raised on the elbow, granting him to rest the side of his head in his open palm. A few willowy digits tap idly against his head as he eyes drift across the room, though occasionally come to rest a pondersome gaze on Taikris.

Aliletha' finishes the last of the tea sitting the mug on the bar then leans against it crossing her arms across her chest

Butterburr the Bartender cleans a glass, humming pleasantly.

Sirum Hest bites down on his bottom lip as the fingers start moving across his tail, but as they continue he can't help but collapse on the floor squirming about while laughing. He tries to free his tail during this, but all the moment only tightens the grin. "W-We could p-put it into t-the... hehehe... water supply! An' s-stop that!"

Kivae rolls her eyes but grins, and simply attempts to unwind the tail from her arm, and toss it towards him, as if it were string instead of part of him. "We'd have to get an awful lot for it to effect the water supply.. and I don't think there's a specific one for the guards, is there?"

Sirum Hest's laughter comes to a halt quickly enough as the tail-tickling stops, fwapping lightly at one of her ears as he sits back up. "Who cares if it's the one the guards drink out of? If the entire city is put to sleep that's jus' less rioters to deal with."

[They're seriously scheming the possibility of tainting the entire city's water supply. Kitz would be proud or horrified of the Kefka-esqueness of it all. This is why you don't leave your kids unsupervised.]

Maes Uroboros rubs his head. "And you just plan to walk right in there, do whatever, and expect the people to side with you?"

Butterburr the Bartender cleans a glass, humming pleasantly.

Kivae laughs as Sirum had when he was tickled, grinning, "And then, while they're all asleep, we can roll them through the gates, and keep them out."

Maes Uroboros chuckles at the possibilites of things to be done to people who are fast asleep.

Sirum Hest shakes his head at Maes' question. "Nah. I expect to fly in with my airship, an' threaten to level the entire Kingdom unless my demands are met. That seems to work better than anythin' else, for some reason."

Kalannar raises a slight eyebrow, his gaze shifting to the blue-clad mouse, "Just where do you plan on finding a disposable airship, rat?" He taps a few digits on his head as the question is asked.

[Funny he should ask about disposable airships, considering Shaez'eri later slammed Rivyn's airship into the castle...]

Maes Uroboros: [a disposable airship. o.o]
Maes Uroboros: [there are things that are only good for one use, and I don't think an airship is one of them. XD]

Kivae seems to be having trouble restraining laughter at Kalannar's words. "Didn't you hear Butterburr? Sirum's a swashbuckling pirate." She returns to her fit of laughter.

Sirum Hest raises a brow. "Disposable? Who said I was gonna dispose of it? I stole it from Shaez, an' I'm one of the worst-", seeming to be going along with 'worst' as 'meanest', "-pirates there ever was. Arr." His 'arr' sounding far too squeaky to be taken seriously. He then prods Kivae lightly in the side with a paw. x)

Kalannar simply shakes his head a bit.

[ Zagnafein Silverleaf whispers, "[Kal just told me about this Wyrmmescale Armor: -5 to sneak rolls doesn't really balance out the fact that it makes so many spells half damage. :S]" to you. ]
[ Zagnafein Silverleaf whispers, "[At least not enough for it to be 0 IB.]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[He gave you bad stats then. :-P]" to Zagnafein Silverleaf. ]
[ You whisper "[Wyrmmescale Mail: Many, many wyrmme scales from various different types of wyrmmes all carefully pieced together in one multicolored suit of armor, thick and durable but a bit noticeable due to the brightness of all the green, red, yellow and blue. [All Earth, Fire, Air/Lightning and Water magic under 5 preps is reduced to half damage. -5 to sneak rolls] [+5 AC, +5 Max Dex Mod] [Counted as Light Armor] [Item Bonus: 2.5]" to Zagnafein Silverleaf. ]
[ You whisper "[It only halves weak Fire/Earth/Air/Water spells, and has an item bonus of 2.5]" to Zagnafein Silverleaf. ]
[ Zagnafein Silverleaf whispers, "[Right, okay. 0 IB for that made me go WTF MATE ^^]" to you. ]

[Oh, god. I remember wanting to make an item that would guarantee absolutely every member of a specific species would want to murder you. Imagine strutting by Zagnafein and Solinox in a tunic made of elven ears. ... I don't think I had it in me to ever make a piece of loot that was just, like, +2 STR or something. If it could be crafted by PCs, what was the point?]

Maes Uroboros takes a draw from his pipe. He blows out a small smoke ring. "Sirum Bluebeard, fiercest and most blue-oriented of all the pirates! Both tough and able to fit in small boxes and crawl-spaces!" He says this in an overly dramatic voice, as if he were lauding a great pirate.

Kivae literally collapses laughing, ignoring the poke to her side, ".. Sirum.. haha.. with a beard.."

Maes Uroboros, in his mind, imagines Sirum... and then Sirum with a scraggly pin-on beard. Soon, he's rolling on the floor laughing as well.

Butterburr the Bartender cleans a glass, humming pleasantly.

Sirum Hest crosses his eyes and glances downwards, scratching lightly at his obviously beard lacking chin. "Huh. I didn't realize I had a beard, or that I had blue fur anywhere other than right between my ears." After watching the two laugh for a bit, another swat to Kivae's ears is given as he grins. "It's not -that- funny. I could be an airship captain. If I wanted. Or at least, I could propel it, I'm jus' as good as any air elemental."

Kalannar scoffs mockingly toward Sirum, the twinge of a smirk best described as cruel forming on his face.

Kivae seems to be recovering, with a sheepish grin. She ducks away from him, still snickering a bit, "Right, right. Airship captain."

Aesten Bluewing walks into the building full of strangers, feeling rather out of place as she doesn't know if she's allowed to be there or not. "Uh...hi..."

Kivae nods to Aesten. "'llo."

Kalannar glances in Aesten's direction, narrowing his gaze slightly, then simply turning his attention away and back to the rat.

Sirum Hest fwumps back onto the floor as the laughter seems to be dying down, having actually enjoyed hearing it. It had been a while since there was so much cheer around, anyways, but sadly he was a bit tired at the moment. "Mrrf... I think I might take a nap. Or sleep one. I'm jus' afraid of wakin' up with a baby spider gnawin' on my face..."

Butterburr the Bartender cleans a glass, humming pleasantly.

Aesten Bluewing looks around. Blinking once or twice, "Uh. Am I supposed to be in here?"

Kivae rolls her eyes. "She's not gunna hatch for another few days, at least, and I'm watching it, besides. Butterbur probably has some chicken to feed it, too. Less I decide it ought to get a taste for mouse.." looking far too innocent. She tilts her head at Aesten. "I don't know. Are you?"

Aesten Bluewing rolls her eyes, looking at Kivae, "I mean, am I allowed to be here?"

Kivae repeats, blinking. "I don't know, are you?"

Aesten Bluewing looks around, "I am if the owner of this place allows me to be...."

Sirum Hest's tail flicks up to wave over at Aesten. "This is a fort, an' a meetin' room inside of a fort. As long as yer not a spy, feel free to hang around."
Sirum Hest also pokes his tongue out at Kivae. "Then I'll sic Huggy on ya, an' have her smother ya."

Aesten Bluewing blinks at Sirum, "Well that's good to know. But who would I be a spy for?"

Sirum Hest says shortly, "The Kebeyan Republic, Ansteorra, Mazus, Kendrick, Damien Reelin..."

Aesten Bluewing blinks again then shrugs, "Okay. I think I'm safe then." She skips over to the table and sits down on one of the seets.

Kivae ponders. "I'd day she could eat Huggy, too.. but no, she's too sweet. Maybe I'll just take her for my familiar, when you're all eaten up." Grinning teasingly. "She likes me better, anyways."

Maes Uroboros closes his eyes. "Huggy? Who's that?"

Sirum Hest crosses his arms up in front of his chest and mock-pouts, ears drooping down into his headfur. "She does not. She jus' likes clingin' onto ya more than she does me. I'm not entirely sure why, either..." Back to Aesten, he raises a brow, "...why? Are ya a spy for anyone else?"

Kivae rolls her eyes at the laid back ears, and reaches out to flick his forehead. "It's 'cause I bribe her with treats. Bad move, getting me that berry-bag."

Aesten Bluewing shakes her head, "Nope, I'm not a spy for anyone. But, how could you ever know? Even if I were a spy, I doubt I would tell you."

Sirum Hest considers that for a short while in his mind, before snickering and shrugging. "Fine, I don't really care one way or another now. Yer jus' confusin' me, but... ah... don't stab any of us in the back while we're sleepin', would ya? We've got important things to do tomorrow. ... I hope." With that, he draws up his cloaks hood and curls closer into a ball on the floor.

Kivae adds, seeming to be joking, "Besides that my giant spider would have to eat you for it."

Kalannar shoots a blatantly suspcious glare toward Aesten as he speaks directly to the Halfling, "I have extremely convincing methods of extracting information, Halfling.." His words cold and jagged.

Butterburr the Bartender cleans a glass, humming pleasantly.

Maes Uroboros sighs. "Frankly, I don't care if this person is a spy, or whatever. Is there really any information we need to keep quiet about?"

Aesten Bluewing smirks at Sirum, "But could I stab one of you in the back while you're not sleeping?" She looks at the Drow, "I can assure you, Drow, you'll have no need of extracting information from me."

(You see Soken.)
> Vicar o' Paradox. Antiquated textiles silhouette flawless-swaying silks of silver drift timelessly 'neath an oversized top-hat. Tribal, sky-tainted cloaks frontier the upper torso within the confinements of myriad purified substances of metaphysical-settings, while an ebon leather shroud circumscribes a rather aggressive muscle-toned structure 'neath. Lackluster features faint as an over-sized cape censors his devil-may-care character.

Soken stretches into existence. Tendrils of surging darkness ascend from the flooring to coil and spiral - coalesced intently into the personage of his muscular structure; a dark mist trickling off of his physique.

Sirum Hest murmurs sleepily out from beneath his hood. "What about the giant army of golems in the locked closet back there..." He then nods slowly over at Aesten and smiles, though it's hard to see from the ball he curled into. "That'd be fine, seein' as we actually have a decent chance of defendin' ourselves." He then tilts his head backwards, and stares blankly at Soken. "That's nifty. Needed more flames, though. An' more smoke."

[Once you've seen Entad's entrance, what else can compare?]

Soken has faded in, yes indeed, every aspect of his pallid shroud flutterin' within the air. Hood fraught, vast ocean of the deepest black devouring the features, pristine orifice manipulated to bitter frown; protruding from the clashing waves of shadows - essence veiled by the increasingly obscuring shadows that flock towards his structure. Flocks of winged filth linger, confusion and chaos radiates.

Kivae corrects Sirum, "Giant army of golems, and Stumpy. And I thought you hated Entad's flaming entrances, Si, even if I do agree."

Kalannar scowls openly at the Halfling, his words continually cold and rigid, "We will see." He then turns his attention to Soken as he fades into existence and all that fancy mumbo jumbo. He grunts a bit in response, though little surprised him, having dwelled with these people for some odd number of short years.

Sirum Hest simply shrugs back at Kivae. "I'm jus' sayin', if yer gonna be flashy, then be all out flashy. Make the earth divide, have an entire army of gigantic hellhounds behind ya. But, anyways...", he pausing then looks Soken over, continuing. "Hiya. Who are ya an' why didn't ya use the door?"

Maes Uroboros breathes out a puff of smoke. "That was... odd. Last time I saw someone make an entrance like that was at a magic show."

Aesten Bluewing scowls openly back at the Drow, "Yeah, I gues we will," She says.

Soken merely positions himself upright, much like that of a marble statue -- defined and motionless. Pieces of tribal material on his cadaver seems to ripple outwards. A gigantic bone glaive is strapped to his back.

Sirum Hest might have been intimidated by Soken, if he hadn't personally encountered things more horrifying than the furre. "Hum... I guess he isn't the talkative type. But all roads lead to the fort, magical an' by footpaw, tonight. If he wants to listen to a bunch of furres talk, though, I guess that's fine." Eventually, he just sits back up, as it doesn't seem as if he'll be getting to that nap anytime soon.

Butterburr the Bartender cleans a glass, humming pleasantly.

Soken simply scouts out suspects within the crowd of individuals, noting not only scents but the physical characteristics as well...

Maes Uroboros does basically the same thing, glaring straight at Soken. He just sits there, staring.

Aliletha' chin droops to her chest as she closes her eyes in a light sleep arms still crossed across her chest

Sirum Hest smells like mouse, with faint traces of cookies and even fainter, feline. Not knowing he was being sniffed, he scoots back away from Soken and to the opposite wall. "I think... we might wanna jus' leave 'em be for now. Wonder if it's some sorta wanderin' undead that doesn't know where he is..."

Soken: Silence your ignorance... please. I didn't ask for ridicule.

Kivae eventually comes to the realization that she's the closest thing to the random-appearer, left alone as Sirum had moved away. She scampers forward and across the floor, spider egg under an arm. "You could've at least said 'ello."

Sirum Hest grins sheepishly as the stranger finally speaks. "Right. We're only used to people we know appearin' like that."

Kalannar's eyes focus more clearly on the stranger as he straightens up, casting a precarious glare toward the Feline. Threatening citizens? Kalannar had thought that to be his job. His suspicion is obviously peaked.

Soken's vision is obviously fucked -- blind. However, his eyes would seem to be glancing in the direction of the individual known as Kalannar. His intentions were obviously mistaken though blood could run deep.

Kalannar takes in the image of the Feline a moment longer, making a mental note to keep a watchful eye on this one. Afterword, he returns unhindered to his previous position. Hunching forward, he leans his left elbow against the table and rests the side of his head in his open palm.

Disconnected from server.

[As fine a way as any for the final log I have saved to end. Good old Furcadia.]
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