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A day of Wailing divination and spidersitting. 10-24-2004

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 15, 2017 1:44 am    Post subject: A day of Wailing divination and spidersitting. 10-24-2004 Reply with quote

[Summary: Another slice of life. I didn't get too invested in the RP this day. I was pretty much devoting as much time as I could to churning these quest dream maps out. I started on the 23, it was 200x200 in size, then hosted it on Oct 30, 31, Nov 2 and Nov 3. I was pretty determined to give people something to do while they were waiting around for relevant people to show up and resume retaking Ansteorra. ^^;]

Maes Uroboros collapses into a chair. "Nothing seems to be happening anymore. There was always something going on while I was travelling, but this barracade is more than stagnant. Not a bit of action since I got here." He looks over at Sirum. "Any luck finding a pipe? I've exhausted my resources and I still havn't acquired one."

Sunshadow Fortuna looks up from his inspection of the table and blinks, he stretches and yawns

Sirum Hest stares blankly off at Maes, as if trying to remember just what he was talking about, before his eyes widen in recognition. "Ah! Right, I found one down in the Thamrivol bazaar when Jonathan, Kivvy an' me went there. Though it's kinda old...", nose wrinkling as he tosses the aged pipe over at the male.

Maes Uroboros catches it with a puzzled look on his face.

Maes Uroboros: [what're the specs on it? Smell, look, etc]
You say, "[+50 STR]"
Maes Uroboros: [hur hur.]
Maes Uroboros: [Whats it freaking look like, smell, etc]
Sirum Hest is googling for a nice image, if you really need one. :P []
Maes Uroboros: [Meh. If it's old, I just wanted to know if it had any weird things about it. X)]
You say, "[]"
Maes Uroboros: [lool, ok]
You say, "[That thar bottom one, only not as shiny, and it smells of tobacco? :P]"

Maes Uroboros finally gives it a satisfactory look and tucks it away in the folds of his robes. "Thank you. How much did it cost? I can pay you back."

Maes Uroboros: [oops, afk, Patriots VS Jets. :-D]
You say, "['s_Theme.mid]"
You say, "[^How does that sound for desert music? x)]"

[I was maybe a bit too much of a perfectionist, if I was focus group testing the -music- of all things... really, I chose that one to see if Kitz would fangirl over it. She didn't attend that quest, though. :( That quest took -four days- to complete, as everyone attending it refused to call it quits. They wanted to explore the entire map, dig up every single X marker on it. Seeing people get that invested in something you made made all the effort you put into the map, encounters and story so worthwhile.]

Kele-De runs a paw through her headfur and glances up from the parchment she's bent over. "I'm getting tired of sitting around here day after day." She sighs, her paw clenching and unclenching.

Sirum Hest waves a paw dismissively and shakes his head, "I already got all that I need, it only cost a few coppers anyways. The merchant sellin' it seemed like she was in a hurry to go an' didn't wanna haggle." Turning to Kele then, he raises a brow, "Why not sneak into the Kingdom then? Ya have a perfectly safe route, from the looks of it. Unless yer afraid of that spider..."

Sunshadow Fortuna looks up from his inspection of the table once more and tlts his head a bit and blinks, arching a brow a bit

Kele-De snorts then raises her brows. "I'd rather not face the brunt of Jon's anger if I were to pull something like that without his permission." She shrugs then. "I just hate sitting around idly."

Sirum Hest snickers quietly and fwumps back onto the chair at Kele's response, "He doesn't have a right to be angry. He was ready to waltz in there with his crossbow held high. An'... I'm sure ya could find somethin' to do. I've got so many things to do but the people that I need to talk with are oddly absent..." [Read: Rakuro, Kitzibeth. xD]

Kele-De chuckles. "Oh, I'm sure I could find somethings to do, but I really don't feel like cleaning or drilling." She shrugs then. "I suppose I could take another walk."

Kalannar sits idly hunched over, left elbow against the table, head resting in his open palm boredly.

Sirum Hest tail-waves over at Kele and gives a light shrug. "I've got egg duty again, but I hope ya enjoy yer walk.", grinning weakly as he shifts around to run a paw along the muddy surface of the gigantic egg.

[Real friends don't make their friends babysit their giant, goopy, deadly spider eggs. Looking at you, Kiv.]

Sirum Hest dreamweaves. n.n []

Sunshadow Fortuna arches and stretches and yanws and mumbles, he lays his head on his arms and dozes.

Kele-De chuckles. "Well, egg duty should be worth it. Shouldn't be too long now before we'll have a miniature large spider running around." She shrugs then. "Well, as there is nothing else to do I think I shall take the walk." Smiling, she exits the room after leaning down to whisper something to Ruby.

Sunshadow Fortuna yawns and opens his eyes slowly and blinks, watching the others as he arches

Tari Ancalime steps through the door, blinking as her eyes adjust to the dim light within the room. After clearing her throat, she glances about, her eyes pausing for several moments upon each of the occupants in the room. An errant smile flashes over her face then she lifts her voice to offer a greeting to those assembled. "Quel re."

Kalannar straightens up, dropping his palm from beneath his chin as he casts a sharp glare toward the newcoming Elf, grumbing a few rigid words in his own tongue.

Tari Ancalime pulls on her cape, straightening the fabric out. A slight sigh escapes her lips as it seems the only acknowlegement her prescence receives is from the Drow, whom she has no desire to interact with at all. Her feet carry her silently and gracefully to the table, where she slides into an empty seat. Removing the bow from her back, she begins to inspect the string and bow itself.

Kitzibeth: I'm looking for Taikris?" She says as she pads in the door. "I need my book."

Sunshadow Fortuna looks up and blinks."i've not seen him, M'Lady..." he looks about and stretches, wincingt as a sore muscle or two

Kivae keeps her arms wrapped about the spider egg, flicking her tail in greeting to Kitzibeth. "He waited for a while last night, but you didn't come. Probably sleeping now.."

Tari Ancalime: (Excuse me, Kitzibeth. Would you mind if I rolled in front of you?)

Kitzibeth scowls loudly. Or at least loud enough to hear. "Fine. I'll wait for him then." [Sure, go ahread ^^] She takes a seat, and remains curiously still, thinking of important thoughts.

[*] Tari Ancalime rolls 1d4 & gets 3.
[*] Tari Ancalime rolls 3d4 & gets 8.
Kalannar: [She needs a level/gold roll, Kitz.]
Kalannar was late.. darn. Stupid lag.]
Kalannar: [Level 3. 80 gold.]
Kitzibeth: [Not bad ^^]

Sirum Hest had been pawing at the egg for the last hour or so, but it appears Kivae had recently taken it from hi.m. Thusly, as Kitzibeth walks in, he quickly sits up and wipes the muddy mess off onto his pants, squeaking happily. "Kitzibeth! What happened to ya? I've been tryin' to contact ya for the past week or so but... um... it hasn't really been gettin' through I think. I was kinda wonderin' if ya could help me with somethin'?"

Kitzibeth: I've been consciously ignoring you, Sirum. But now that I'm here, i can do naught but listen - speak and I may give you a minute of my time." She deadpans, only half-serious.

Kivae grins suddenly, glancing at Sirum when she speaks, though the comment is directed at Kitzibeth. "Is he cutting into your assigned thinking time?"

[Refer to the 'Mistress Kitzibeth' topic for the in-joke.]

Kitzibeth: No, he's cutting into the time I spend thinking about important things, like cookies.

Sirum Hest rolls his eyes and springs down off of the chair, tail bapping at Kitzibeth as he moves off to the corner of the room where the stupid sword was. After a few moments of tugging at it, he calls back to Kivae, "Give me a paw with this, would ya? I was wonderin' if ya could tell me why exactly this thing rejected male furres, Kitzibeth." He then pauses at Kivae's comment, and snickers, remembering their little imitation.

Kivae suggests, not loosing the grin, "Butterburr will never achieve Tarani's cookie's goodness." She stops looking like she's trying to laugh at Sirum's request, and gets to her feet, assisting Sirum in dragging it along and back to Kitzi, with a disregard for how much it scratches up the floor.

Kitzibeth wonders if it is, in fact, the WotV?

Sirum Hest notes it's a katana +2.
Sirum Hest .. actually notes that it is the WotV, and ducks to avoid bappings.

[ You whisper "[How does someone beat a divination BCR of 75? >.>]" to Kitzibeth. ]

Kalannar grumbles a bit in response to Kitzibeth's presence. For the most part, his eyes remain discreetly locked onto the Elf in a dead glare. Very simply, he draws his left-held scimitar from its sheath. The metal of the weapon is all a woodland green tinge. He fishes in one of the many various pouches at his side before drawing out a tarnished rag. He then begins to scrutinizingly polish the scimitar.

[ You whisper "[Overprepping, focus boosting, int boosts and enough magical items to send CON to 1?]" to Kitzibeth. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "Nope. " to you. ]

Sunshadow Fortuna arches his back and listens, blinking, he smiles and traces the table and murrrrs, thinking carefully, he looks up.

[ You whisper "[...rolling 1d30+74? :-P]" to Kitzibeth. ]

Kitzibeth takes a look at the blade. "Well, this seems to be exactly what the Wailing should look like. I really didn't get a chance to look at it after i made Kazunori dead." She reaches out to touch the blade, her paw enveloped in a bluish glow. "Now, my bladefriend, what secrets do you hold? >>Divinicatus Totalis!<<" [6/6][Div!]

[*] Kitzibeth rolls 1d30+50 to beat 75? :-D & gets 53.
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "lol" to you. ]

Kitzibeth erfs.
Kitzibeth should have brought her bracers of CR++
Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side and frowns, shaking his head lightly. "Ruby made him dead, actually. I don't remember much of what happened though. Only... Thorimar started lookin' a lot less big, an' then there was this gigantic flash as I hit the ground." He then waits for a few seconds, and glances between the blade and her. "Did it work?'

Sirum Hest wonders how Kitz will roll a natural 25+, when Furc has forever doomed her to roll below 15. []

Kitzibeth shakes her head. "Well, I can tell you one thing. It's not an easy nut to crack. In fact, i'm quite surprised that it even accepted my spell, considering that it sliced through the portal in my satchel with ease." She taps at her bag, which is lovingly sewed at the bottom.

[*] Kitzibeth rolls 1d30+50 & gets 71.
Kitzibeth still fails :-(

Sirum Hest prods at Path via AIM, no response. x.o []
Kalannar: [And you're surprised?]
You say, "[Oh. Heh. You're right.]"

Kitzibeth tries again to divine.
[*] Kitzibeth rolls 1d30+50 ? & gets 72.

Sirum Hest's nose wrinkles in confusion. "But I don't see how it killed yer magic. I thought it was supposed to slay void, not everythin' else." He then sighs and crosses his arms up in front of him. "Huh... also... I wonder... how would someone become a femme, for only certain periods of time, Kitzibeth?", seeming to be an idle question, though his intentions are obvious.

Kitzibeth tries again?
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+50 & gets 72.
[*] Kitzibeth rolls 1d30+50 & gets 77.

Sirum Hest will improvise on behalf of Path'en. []
Ansteorra in Exile is now sharing control of this dream with you.
[#] Things explode! Everyone takes 90% concussion damage. []

[Kitz and I tended to poke fun at and groan over the absolute hell he put our characters through on his quests. His baddies were always agonizingly unfair. But it was always fun.]

Kitzibeth blinks. "Agh. You don't want to know, Sirum. There is a potion that I have that was given to me a long time ago. It transforms a male into a femme, and vice versa. It only lasts 24 hours, but the effects are.. unsettling."

[ You whisper "[Path said Alchemy counted as Enchantment, for note. :P]" to Kitzibeth. ]
Kitzibeth dojes. []
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "huh?" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[The sword nulls all magical things it comes into contact with. If someone is using a spell or a potion to turn femme, it bamfs it out. x.o]" to Kitzibeth. ]
You say, "[Aaand... he's been idle 12 minutes. x)]"
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "Who said it wasn't just highly concentrated estrogen?" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[o.o;;" to Kitzibeth. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, ">.>" to you. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "He said fight dirty" to you. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "Hell, i just gave Kitz a +50 on a lark :P" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[On that note, does even Erisvan have a +50 to divine? xD]" to Kitzibeth. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "Erisvan gets a +80 to do anything. " to you. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "And +160 for anything that destroys. " to you. ]
[ You whisper "[She's just been holding back her pwrlvl then? xP]" to Kitzibeth. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "Yesh" to you. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "Remember, Kendrick and Erisvan blew the crap out of half of the continent. " to you. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "Having a Heretic NPC is like having a twink. You must use in controlled doses. " to you. ]

Sunshadow Fortuna arches a brow, watching and blinks, looking about

Sirum Hest's ears perk at the mere mention of such a potion. "It sounds... um... interestin', Kitzibeth, though I think I'll pass on it. If not for the fact that I'm sure slayin' Pytch will take more than a day, then... what exactly -are- those effects?"

Kivae tugs on a bit of hair, nose wrinkling. Although she doesn't ask, her ears perk to Sirum's question.

Kitzibeth: Well, it tends to cause some metabolic changes that aren't very pleasant. Specifically, if you take too much of it, the change is permanent. And even after one dose, your .. well.. breasts take a while to dim down, if you know what I mean?

Kivae stares at Kitzibeth for a moment, glances sideways at Sirum, starts laughing, collapsing back against the tables.

Sirum Hest takes on an expression near perfectly similar to 'o.o;;', as he scoots back away from Kitzibeth and whatever evil potion she might have. Though, it's not like turning femme would do much for Sirum, as even then he would more than likely be flat as a washboard. ^^; "I-I think I'll find alterate ways of bein' able to turn into a femme, Kitzibeth. In fact, I think... that I have a wish saved up from a while back. Hopefully the Goo Walker King is still around. Did yer spell say anythin', though?"

[People tended to think Sirum a girl as it was... and... me too, for some reason. Maybe because I never spoke about myself? Or I played a very non-masculine character.]

Kitzibeth has no clue. Path isn't online.

You say, "[Drakez9127 is no longer idle at 5:57:34 PM. ]"
Kitzibeth will be back in a moment or twenty[]
Sirum Hest got a response! :-D [ ]
Kalannar dies of surprise.]

Taikris quietly pads his way into the tavern, seeming to have a large book tucked safely under his arm. Glancing from left to right, he scans the interior, as if looking for somebody before sighing, and taking a seat at the nearby table.

Kalannar polishes one of his scimitars.

Jiani: "Ooh, is that cheese?"

Maes Uroboros enters the whatever-room-this-is, yawning. He takes a seat and pulls out the pipe Sirum got him. He looks around while filling it up idly. "A good day to you all."

Kalannar grunts in response to Maes, and continues about his obsessive weapon-polishing.

Maes Uroboros looks around idly. "Can someone light this pipe for me? I'm a bit out of it right now."

Kele-De storms into the meeting area, slamming the door behind her, then slumps into an empty seat. "Where in the hells is Jonathan so I can get out of this damned place?" She fumes into the air, not really expecting an answer.

Taikris enters in the commonhouse, not long after Kele, quietly closing the swinging door in her wake before promptly setting himself in one of the nearby seats. "Something vexes thee?" he inquires calmly of Kele.

Kele-De grumbles beneath her breath. She shoots Taik a scathing look before managing to growl out between clenched teeth. "That is none of your damnu business."

Maes Uroboros looks helplessly at Tai and Kele, with an unhappy look. "Can either of you... light this pipe for me?"

Taikris feels his eyes go slightly wide at Kele. "Aaaalright. Just wondering what was bothering you is all" he then turns to Maes, who has the oddest sense of timing. Eyelides fluttering, he tilts his head to the side. "Say again?"

Maes Uroboros points at his newly acquired pipe. "I've been sitting here since Sirum gave me this new pipe, but I havn't been able to light it!" He has one of those end-of-the-world looks on his face.

Kele-De arches a brow, then grunts unpleasantly. "Do I -look- like a damnu fire mage?" She yanks her headfur then, non too gently, as she is in a rather bad mood at the moment. Turning back to Taik, she shrugs. "If I wanted you to know, I would have told you."

Taikris turns back to Kele at this point for a rather quick response. "Well I still don't know you that well. Some furres prefer for somebody else to ask first." He grins "I'll make note of it for the future"

Maes Uroboros hangs his head. "This is horrible, terrible! Not one mage..." He lets himself slump over and rests his face on the table. "Mer er fmal tff mfages?" he mutters.

Kele-De snorts, her eyes rolling. "If I wanted your input on what's bothering me, I would have asked." She growls then and slams her paws on the table, getting up. "I'm going for a walk." She announces before storming out of the door, slamming it behind her again.

Taikris shrugs slightly as he leans onto the counter. "Right then... anybody know where Jonathan is? Maybe finding him will get her out of that foul mood"

Kalannar snorts loudly as he sheaths his scimitar, apaprently now finished polishing them. He stuffs the rag back into its designated pouch as he speaks up, "No creature can quell that Femme's attitude.. she is ruled by nothing but emotion. It will destroy her one day."

Maes Uroboros scratches his head and sits up. "Wait a moment... Sirum mentioned going to a Thamrivol bazaar, didn't he?"


Taikris slowly enters the meeting room, moving quietly to take a seat once more about the table.

Kele-De: [Ruby...that just looks WRONG!!!]
Ruby Pyralis: [XD!]
Taikris: ['Dem lapines shure do get a-round ;-)]
Kalannar screams and cries.]
Sirum Hest squees? []
Ruby Pyralis: [1 bunny + 1 bunny = 10 bunnies]
Ruby Pyralis: [^---^]
Kalannar: [1 bunny + 1 Kalannar = bunny stew.]
Kalannar: [Ruby, stop it! >.<]
Ruby Pyralis: [XDD!]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [OWNED.]
Ruby Pyralis sticks Si in.]

(You see Fyrious.)
> A tall elf, wrapped in a tattered robe that may have been black at one point, but is now so mudstained as to be a dusty brown. His hair, red like fire, is similarly covered, and his skin has the look of one who has spent to much time in the sun. Upon his hands well are a pair of wretched gloves, not a single finger remaining whole, and extremely used boots are tied to his feat with bits of twine. His only possessions outside his clothes appear to be a poorly made spear and a small water skin.

You say, "[y helo thar"
You say, "[So.]"
Ruby Pyralis: [MIEN]
You say, "[Um.]"
You say, "[Who gave Kele the pixie sticks?]"
Kele-De dances!]

Fyrious stops, breathing fairly heavily. "Well, jolly good luck running into you all here, if I do say so myself."

Taikris raises his head from the flat of the table to look upon the panting feline. "Hmm?" he asks while he himself goes about the rather drawn out process of stretching

Fyrious pauses. "Well, you know, ending up here, big world and all that, I suppose. Does anyone have something to drink? I'm absolutely parched."

Kivae stretches out her legs, rolling the spider egg in her lap so that another side faces up. "Nothing on me. Did you run the whole way, or something?"

Sirum Hest pads into the meeting room then after a while of wandering outside, having been looking for some trace of Jonathan or Entad, who were almost never present for some reason. "I can't take this waitin'. We're supposed to be takin' down the Risin' Phoenix, but all we're doin' is sittin' here waitin' for them to come an' get us. Why did he even want us out here?", tail-waving to everyone present once done speaking.

Fyrious shakes his head. "No. Light jogging, mostly."
Fyrious rubs his side. "Right, that's terrible, I suppose." The elf takes a seat and begins working on unlacing one of his boots.

Fyrious, as it turns out, has found work he needs to do. -.- Lame. See ya'll anodder time. []
Sirum Hest dreamweaves. n.n []

Kivae shrugs, "We weren't doing any more at Kitzibeth's villa, either.. but if you have any ideas about something t'do, we can do that." She stretches out her legs, toes pointing breifly. And she takes out what she was going to say to Fyrious, 'cause he's gone. .-.

Marlina Evenstar fades slowly from the shadows ignoring the snogging of her player as she strides purposefully towards the round table, where she takes her proper place at it's head, for truly, she does bely the rules of geometry and physics. Her gaze drifts one more to the dead corpse in the corner before turning upon the drow, who she grants the full benefit of her distaste for his kind, all in a look, rather than words for a change.

Kalannar ignores Marlina, as per usual.

Marlina Evenstar doesn't care, she still glares at him, nasty vile creature... Scrawny too.

Maes Uroboros wanders into the room, looking downcast. He yawns, looking around at everyone. His player hopes Sirum is IC enough to respond. "Eh, Sirum, didn't you say that you visited Thamrivol's bazaar recently?"

[ Maes Uroboros whispers, "[can you run a MQ tonight? I havn't done one since the beefalo hunt where we got that monster one.]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Ask Marl. x.o I'm already designing a quest. x)]" to Maes Uroboros. ]

Triona wanders in and looks about, giving Sirum's hair a ruffle and depositing Skadi in his lap before deciding to settle down next to him on the floor, she nods to the others in the room

Sirum Hest nods slowly, though he seems mostly absorbed with the sword in the corner that Kitzibeth had explained the properties of to him. "Right, though there wasn't much of anythin' there. Jus' some seals that they had found up for sale an' other random odds an' ends.", smiling briefly to Triona before turning back to the nifty object. [Semi-Idle, typing things x)]

Maes Uroboros: [dangit sirum :-(]
You say, "[I'm still posting.]"
You say, "[Just not frequently. x.o;;]"
Maes Uroboros: [oh. well I wanted conversation.]

Maes Uroboros scratches his head. "I'm from Thamrivol, Sirum. How were things there? When I left there was still a lot of commotion and turmoil. Have the people calmed down?"

Sirum Hest frowns at the mention of Thamrivol's status and crosses his arms up in front of his chest, glancing back behind him once more. "The streets are lined with these unusual green markin's, an' the Risin' Phoenix litter the place. It's so.. uneasy to be there. An' the price of everythin' is so bloody high."

Maes Uroboros chuckles. "The latter of those is the only thing that hasn't changed. All the others are news to me. How are the citizens? I had a lot of friends there."

Sirum Hest snrks briefly then and gives a light shrug, shaking his head. "Most of them are too rude to give ya the time of day. They jus' walked right on by me without sayin' a word. Though that might've been because of the heat, I guess..." [*really gets to typing on other things now* ><]

Maes Uroboros sighs. He pulls out his pipe and looks at it in that depressed way he entered the room with. "I don't suppose anyone here could light this pipe for me?" Having recieved the pipe today, he still has yet to use it for the first time.

Triona flicks her tail a couple times then settles it partly around her waist and into her lap, Skadi having settled between her and Sirum, at the question she glances up at the stranger, looking at him for a moment, a couple moments more and a small ball of fire about the size of a dime appears floating just before him

Maes Uroboros sighs in relief as he uses the fire to ignite the tobacco in his new pipe. He nods appreciatively to Triona. He smiles to Triona after removing the cloth over his mouth. After taking a long draw from the pipe, he sighs in smokey relief. "Thanks, miss. I'm Maes, by the way."

Triona nods gently, the small fireball hovering for another moment before disappearing, her tail tip flicks and the minature penguin sitting next to her gives a chirp that sounds half encouraging and half scolding before Tri speaks softly: "Triona"
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