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A day of downtime and plotting in the fort. 10-22-2004

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 4:45 am    Post subject: A day of downtime and plotting in the fort. 10-22-2004 Reply with quote

Triona wanders in and looks about for a moment before moving to an empty seat at the table, Skadi giving a few hopeful souding chirps from atop her head
Erk Mendon just enters while his player stares at Hiki's avatar.

Hikari Xezo: [Y halo thar mistar player *winks*].

Triona watches her minature penguin friend as the small bird hops down onto the table, chirping softly

Erk Mendon: [and I thought you had the mind of a child :P Oh well...gtg anyway]
Hikari Xezo: [... Anyways the point is that silence is awesome].
Taikris: [<.<]
Ruby Pyralis: [Okay.]
Ruby Pyralis: [A one two THREE FOUR]
Ruby Pyralis: [KITTERFLYYYYY # ]

Sirum Hest pads into the meeting room after a while of having, for the most part, just wandered about the calm Northern Forests. It was such a lovely change since his running for his life through them away from Rivyn so long ago. Tail-waving to those present, he moves to fwump next to Kivae and murmurs. "Remind me never to go on treasure hunts that have already been hunted, or to explore areas with the leader of that treasure hunt. An -hour- of breathin' age-old air. Erf..."

Taikris seems to be quietly polishing up the bracer he put on the day prior, trying to figure out why his arm ignited like that

Triona looks up at she hears Sirum, ears flicking a bit at his words, Skadi however seems to have decided something, the small penguin hops down from the table and over towards Sirum, chirping at him as she used to

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side as Skade wanders over, reaching forward a paw to lightly pet at her head. "It's been three years an' still Skadi seems jus' as cheery as ever. I didn't know ferals had such long memory spans, hehehe. Oh, Skadi, I'd like ya to meet my pet--er... familiar." He brings two fingers up to his mouth then and lets out a shrill whistle, immediately afterwards a brown ball of fur wrapped up in a tan miniature cloak swoops down ala-flying squirrel gliding, circles Skadi briefly and then lands on the ground behind her, latching onto the penguin as it did most furres. '-'

Sirum Hest pouts. []
You say, "[She logged. ):]"
Huggy the Monkey 'splodes. []

Kivae regards Skadi absently as she approaches Sirum, and idly shifts the egg to the side in her lap. She wrinkles her nose at the cape, "What's the point in.." but ends up shaking her head, and elbowing towards his side. "Glad I didn't go, then. You left the spider alone, right?"

Albrecht Steinnemann trots in and sits down. "Ja. Unt der Kommandant ist var?"

[ Hikari Xezo whispers, "[Hey Si, si, could you do me a favor? Ask Albrecht how he felt with the whole Hiki lost plz, I asked kitz oocly but she said i have to find out ICly, so could you do me that favor pwease? :3" to you. ]

Sirum Hest's familiar apparently doesn't get to cling on to Triona's, as Triona is needing to resume an RP with Marlina and Taikris. His player should probably type up something about that tunnel being there, but.. nah. Later. Following Kivae's line of sight, he grins, "Appearances. That an' it makes it so much easier to tug her off." He then nods and shrugs, "She seemed mostly interested in stickin' by her eggs, really. Ya must've beat her near to death."
Sirum Hest also waves over to Albrecht as he enters, "Albrecht! ... Ah... Jonathan isn't around right now, he's probably signin' paperwork off in the locked room back there.", nodding past the tables to the door. "But... while yer here, erm... how is Hikari holdin' up in the Order?"

[ Hikari Xezo whispers, "Thanks :-)" to you. ]

Albrecht Steinnemann: Ach, mein Primzen! Yonosan ist der kommanandt? Vos aboot Kommanant Zolinox, ja?

Sirum Hest scratches at the side of his head thoughtfully. "Apparently... Entad appointed him as such. Solinox I haven't seen in quite a while, though Brax is here. Since he isn't by Solinox's side though that'd lead me to believe he was dead."

Albrecht Steinnemann finishes his thoughts. "'Ikari? Sie ist gut, ja. Eine kleine horsie.."

You say, "[In clean horsey? o.o;;]"
Albrecht Steinnemann: [Kleine = small]
You say, "[.. I'm.. small... horsey? xD]"
[%] Kivae just gave Albrecht Steinnemann a cookie.
[%] Sirum Hest just gave Albrecht Steinnemann a cookie.
[%] Hikari Xezo just gave Albrecht Steinnemann a cookie.
Kele-De: [It's "A small horsey" not "I'm small horsey"]
Hikari Xezo: [Also, Hikari = Small? o.o he's over 8 Feet tall o.o fisicaly atleast XD].

Zagnafein Silverleaf had been asleep near the stove for most of the day, and only now does he rise from his slumber, and stumble over to the table. He sits down heavily, and yawns as he scratches his stomach with one hand, and removes hair from his face with the other. "Mornin'."

You say, "[Ah, right. And I think she meant his mind, Hik. :P]"
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [You know what they're talking about.]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [*cough*Mr. Wang*cough*]
You say, "[English isn't his first language. He isn't supposed to get the innuendo.]"
You say, "[... wait. How come -you- get it?]"
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [I lied all along. I'm American.]
Hikari Xezo: [*slaps zag... indefenetly].
You say, "[xD"]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [I live in NY.]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [I just happen to know a lot of Spanish, and any Turkish you've seen me write is with a translator, and Canti's help.]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [My real name's Moe.]
Hikari Xezo: [Mhm... and your also a Mithmaniac right?].
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [I don't happen to know what that is.]
Albrecht Steinnemann: []Forever shall it be, Zagnafein Silverleaf will be known as Moenafein Silverleaf.
Albrecht Steinnemann: [IC now ^^]

Albrecht Steinnemann: Guten Tag, Herr Silverleaf.

Zagnafein Silverleaf gives Albrecht a bit of a wave, by simply lifting his hand. "Hello there, Albrecht. It's been a while since we spoke; I trust you are well?" The elf ties his hair into a ponytail.

Sirum Hest frowns vaguely at that and leans back against the counter. "He only looks small 'cause they're keepin' him surrounded in pookies an' the like. Ya would think with as much time as he spent around Cyan, he would've found a way to speed up the development of Hikari's mind an' thoughts." Following that, he waves over at Zagnafein, though appears confused. "Yer startin' to act like Rakuro, it's nearin' night.", snickering momentarily.

[When Sirum visited Hikari's room in Launcia, it was the most pathetic thing he had ever seen. It was all bright and colorful with coloring books, toys and pookies everywhere. Hikari was acting like a five year old, excited to see Sirum. I think... that more than anything pushed Si so hard to get Hikari his mind back. No one should live like a remnant of themselves.]

Zagnafein Silverleaf rubs his head as he turns to Sirum. "Mm? Oh yeah, I know. I only managed to get back from a little excursion at dawn."
[%] Zagnafein Silverleaf just gave Albrecht Steinnemann a cookie.

Albrecht Steinnemann: Ja. Ich ben trainink at der Oder. Eine Templarzen I vill be oon day." He looks satisfied, though his player is finding it hard to think like Alb today.

Hikari Xezo's player is finding it even harder to think that a Paladin just presumed o.o

Albrecht Steinnemann is very arrogant. Didn't you know that? "Heiliger Zyan ist nut vone to vaste '...vaste 'is time un der healink auf 'Ikari."

Zagnafein Silverleaf turns back to Albrecht, and nods. "Well, good luck with all of that." The elf seems disinterested in the equine's ambitions, at best. He yawns once more, and props his boots up onto the table. "Any plans for the night?"

Zagnafein Silverleaf's brow rises. "So they're actually working on him? I didn't know they took him seriously." He grins.

Sirum Hest arches a brow at that. "Really? An' I thought the Paladin's of Iocus would gladly go out of their way to help anyone, what with it bein' their Primes given duty an' all.", saying that rather dryly.

Albrecht Steinnemann nods. "Ja. Sie ist vorkink on 'im. Unt joo know vot I schay? Is vaste auf time. Ve should go to der Zity unt schmite der Ubel unt get 'Ikari beck."

Hikari Xezo: [Q sirum].
You say, "[Q?]"
Hikari Xezo: [As in, time for you to act XD].

Zagnafein Silverleaf nods once again. "Really, now. How intriguing."

Albrecht Steinnemann goes to the city. Is turned into glue. Happy?

Sirum Hest coughs into a paw. "The city no longer has his memories. Kazunori devoured them all, an' as far I know...", glancing back into the corner. "...they're still in his belly or his head one. I jus' gotta keep freezin' him, an' it's startin' to become tirin'."

Sirum Hest pulls a Ranma. Goes to the city. Gets twenty level ups. HRT
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Action-Sirum! Coming to a cheap store near you. Now with all-new SuperLootGrab action, and three special phrases he says when you pull his tail! "I've got 120 dex!" "I love you, Kitzerina!" "I'll arrow you to your death, bad man!"]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Batteries not included.]
Albrecht Steinnemann: [xD]
Hikari Xezo: [XD].
You say, "[You suck. :P]"
Albrecht Steinnemann: [$19.95. BUY NOW!!!]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [<3]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Anyway. RP]
Sirum Hest posted last. :-P []
Sirum Hest is also going to stare guiltingly at Kivae until she responds to his earlier, unimportant post. []
Hikari Xezo Thinks Albrecht would want to take the body and exorcise :Hint:Hint: XD Resumes shuting up].

Albrecht Steinnemann exercises. "'oo ist der Kazunori, ja?"

Zagnafein Silverleaf: Who is Kazunori? Some jackal who knows his way with blades." Zagnafein reaches into his pocket and draws out a small vial, and drinks down the last remaining drops of the liquid, before setting the glass onto the table.

Kivae wrinkles her nose. "I didn't nearly kill her. And I healed her.." She seems slightly offended, crossing her arms. [Stop staring at me. ;-;]

Albrecht Steinnemann: Ach. Zo? Eine jackal vis blades." He taps his blade, which is strapped onto his back. "Der Schmizen ist der only vay to schtop der Ubel. Zo sprechen sie Primes."

Sirum Hest nods slowly and motions towards the covered, frozen body once again. "He was a minion of Pytch, that I hope to get either ressurected or have everythin' in his mind removed. After that, he can get himself killed for all I care if he willin'ly joined up. Hey, ya got a few capable Clerics at the order, don'tcha? If they brought him back we could get all the information about Pytch, the City of Towers an' Hikari's memories that we need."

Kivae is now cushy. She could fall from a high up place.]

Sirum Hest adds, to Kivae again, "But she had so much blood on her. ... Or... wait. What were those red rings around her? Natural markin's?"

Zagnafein Silverleaf looks at Albrecht. "I understimated him, and he made pate out of my stomach."

Sirum Hest, as he says this, eyes the giant egg covered in mud in Kivae's arms warily, should it be there. >.>

Albrecht Steinnemann hrms. "Zat ist eine qvestion auf der Clerics, ja. Zey may be able to brink 'im back. Buut vor vot? Vos if 'e gos to der Zity, unt joine beck oop?" He looks at Zagnafein. "Ja. Boot joo ist eine Alf. Ich ben der Paladin."

Zagnafein Silverleaf grins at the paladin, and then laughs. "And a confident one at that, it seems. You're all as skinny as elves once you get rid of all that garbage and junk that hugs your bodies." He points to the armor.

Sirum Hest pokes his tongue out at Albrecht. "Pytch's influence is no longer with him, or he would be still alive right now. An' ya speak as if we would allow that to happen. If he set one footpaw in the direction of the City of Towers, it'd be the last step he ever took." His tail flicking up to smack against the bottom of his quiver as he falls silent.

Zagnafein Silverleaf turns to Sirum. "Why the hell do you want to bring him back to life anyway? He's not going to tell you stories and tuck you into bed, you know."

Hikari Xezo notes that hiki isnt Skiny, is actuaslly quite well built.

Sirum Hest flashes the elf a toothy grin. "It's not all that easy to go through the memories of a frozen corpse, his mind isn't even workin'. If he still refuses to tell us stories, we'll know he voluntarily joined up with Pytch, an' sift through his memories ourselves."

Albrecht Steinnemann, under is armor is to Zagnafein as Arnold Swartenegger is to Rick Moranis.

Sirum Hest one of these days needs to make a macho, buff character. But, no... []
Zagnafein Silverleaf doesn't know Rick Moranis, so your analogy FAILS.
Albrecht Steinnemann: [Whatever Moe :P]

Kivae nods, shifting the egg warily away from Sirum. "Uh-huh. I think she might be poisonous. And if you hurt the egg, I'll give you a haircut." Sticking out her tongue.

Zagnafein Silverleaf shrugs. "Why the hell do you want to go through his mind, then? You'll go crazy."

Sirum Hest doesn't know Rick Moranis either. >.> What is he, some old guy only Kitz knows of? *ducks* x) []

Albrecht Steinnemann seems a bit impatient. "Zo.. ehr.. I vont to scprecheten auf Jonasan." She notes that Rick Moranis is the actor from Honey I shrunk the Kids, and Spaceballs?

Zagnafein Silverleaf: []
You say, "[Oh! xD Now I remember.]"
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Sorry. I only watch movies that MTV features.]
Albrecht Steinnemann: [Zag only watches crap. >.>]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Yeah. It gets really exciting when the flies start to show up.]

Sirum Hest snrks. "I can't go through his mind, an' the only furre around I know of that can is already insane, so we've got no worries. An' like I said, to learn every bit of information about Hikari's memories an' Pytch that we can. Pytch has had his minions take Canti's life twice, then gave him over to Erisvan for him to kill Dirk. An' he didn't bloody stopped there, he -killed us- in his sick world of dreams. If he is solid enough to have a head by the Primes I'll have it on a pike before I die."

Zagnafein Silverleaf nods, and then rubs his nose. "Mm. Good luck with all of that, just don't get me involved. I already went too far out of my way to get Erisvan annoyed with me, and that didn't work out too well, did it?"

[Poor Gholae Zagnafein. Poor Sirum, tasked with scooping his silver eyeballs out of his skull.]

Sirum Hest also answers Kivae then, after lightly nudging her in the side. "I'd have Kizzy grow it right back out then. I'd look... weird with short hair." And by weird, of course, more male-ish seems to be implied. :-P "'Sides, don't wanna hurt it, jus' bein' cautious is all." Turning back to Zagnafein, "Pytch is already annoyed with us. His slaughterin' of the hundred towns has already started up jus' as he promised for every rune we put onto the sword, an' I figure that sooner or later he's gonna send his minions to Ansteorra or Kitzibeth's villa if we don't clean the City of Towers of his disgustin' voidkin."

Albrecht Steinnemann: Der Zerstorer ist Ubeluberubel. Joo are luck to be aliv, Herr Silverleaf." His player idly notes that there aren't one thousand towns in the freelands.

You say, "[I said one hundred. :P]"
You say, "[Unless there aren't one hundred towns on Calenndor.]"
Albrecht Steinnemann notes that there are ten runes. And he didn't clear that with cont dev.[]
You say, "[10 x 10 = 100? <.>?]"
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Bureucracy time! w00t]
You say, "[Or... am I missing something? x.o]"
Albrecht Steinnemann: [I thought he said 100 per rune. In any case, That's a significant chunk of the Freelands. He'd be stepping on a lot of toes to even think about doing it. ^^]
You say, "[Aww. Since when was our right to destroy nameless, faceless NPC's and towns revoked? *pouts*]"
Albrecht Steinnemann: [And by Toes, I mean Balseraph would have his owwies in a knot in 15 seconds. See: Erisvan Kendrick]

Kivae frowns, drawing her legs up slightly. "You thought I should pop it." She wraps her arms around the covered egg. >.>

Zagnafein Silverleaf blinks a few times. "Oh, right. I seem to recall all that, now. My mind's been a bit hazy since I was shipwrecked." The elf sniffs. "It sounds like you brought that problem onto yourselves, Sirum. You'll fix it, somehow." Then, to Albrecht: "Aye, I am. And I still hold that grudge, you know. I'm just delaying it for when I reach apotheosis." Grin.

Albrecht Steinnemann nods twice. "Dunt ve all? Der Zerstorer hast destroyed zo mooch. Unt mein family. Unt der Zity auf Launzia. Unt Schkarport."

Zagnafein Silverleaf: But she didn't turn you into that one thing which you hate most. That stings, and leaves a mark.

Erk Mendon wakes up with a start, sweating and panting. He rubs the back of his neck and stares at the table.

Sirum Hest whistles innocently and turns away from Kivae, forcing away a michevious grin. "It was jus' a passin' suggestion, is all. I wonder if it'll ever lay eggs of its own... if it's a femme spider." He then nods back to Zagnafein and shrugs, before turning his attention to Albrecht. "Maybe if Cyan had taken my warnin' of Danu more seriously the Destroyer wouldn't be out an' about. It's like Danu was allowed to waltz right up to her pillar."

[Danu is the reason Erisvan got freed. Sacrificed himself. I forget the exact details, but Sirum was suspicious as hell of Danu in the weeks leading up to that. He wasn't acting quite right.]

Erk Mendon's player also wants an Action-Sirum. :-D

Albrecht Steinnemann smiles. "Heiliger Zyan did hav 'is rezons fur zat, Zirum. I vish zat I knoo vos zose vere, but der Primes do, unt zat ist vot matters."

Zagnafein Silverleaf smiles. "Perhaps it just was meant to happen. Things get awfully dull when there isn't a contest of good versus evil. It's a recurring pattern. And that's also a good thing, because it means that on the long run, we'll be victorious."

You say, "[And our pwrlvl will rise.]"
Hikari Xezo: [Speak for yourself :P].

Sirum Hest hums quietly in thought. "Maybe... he realized... that if Erisvan was sealed forever, he would have to find a new Heretic to terrorize. An' from the looks of it Erisvan is the only one he really knows how to deal with, 'cause I've not once heard of him brawlin' Kendrick.", the guess not even serious for the most part.

Albrecht Steinnemann takes offense at that. "Zat ist eine lie. Heiliger Zyan vos joost out 'ere schmiting der armies auf der demons."

Tori Dusk: Sprechen wir deutche huete oder was?

Albrecht Steinnemann: Nein. Ich bin sprechen sie Lanzostich ^^ [Albrecht speaks with a german accent. Badly. He's from Launcia]

Sirum Hest's nose wrinkles. "There are armies of demons? Where? I haven't heard of a good renegade army since... I think the orcs."

Albrecht Steinnemann: Ja! Der damon! Der ist eine Alf, ja? Unt Roter Alf. Unt der Damon, sie sind seine Bedienstein!

You say, "["Yes! The demon! There is one (Old Sitcom Star), yes? And (...?) (Old Sitcom Star) And the demon, he (...?) (...?)" Whaaa?]"
Albrecht Steinnemann: [Alf = elf. Roter = red. They are his servants]
You say, "[Aaah. xD And the last two words?]"
Albrecht Steinnemann: [Sie sind seine Bedienstein = they are his servants]
You say, "[Oooh. >.>]"

Sirum Hest stares in surprise at Albrecht for a few lengthy moments, before suddenly smacking the palm of his paw against his forehead. "By the Primes. He's on our side, the side of the good furres, an' I never knew he was actually demonic. Why is Cyan tryin' to halt our march into Ansteorra with Entad? He should know well that we're tryin' to remove from position a furre that was aided by a Heretic."

Triona wanders back in after suddenly having left, settling behind the counter this time, Skadi hops down to the counter

Annari Salia walks into the building and sits down on the floor next to the door, her tail resting casually on her lap as her play reads the forums...

Sirum Hest uses the term 'good furres' loosely, as only really a few of them were actually that. >.>;

[The vast majority of Ansteorrans were True Neutral, only out for themselves or their friends. Even Solinox, Jonathan and Hikari showed a little disregard for the law on the odd occasion. Kivae and Lakorin got arrested trying to jailbreak Sirum... gosh, the only truly law abiding person I can think of was Canti. And he paid for that many times over.]

Taikris seems to be snapping out of whatever spaced out he was in, eyes moving to focus once more upon those nearby

Marlina Evenstar is a good furre. >.>

Albrecht Steinnemann waggles his hoof. "Nein. Ist written: 'Do not take demons as companions against the tides of dark, for they are one and the same, and are companions with each other. Truly a blazing fire is set before them, and their paths shall come to naught.'" Assume that his accent remains for the quote from the Vincan Bible.

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side. "Odd. I don't remember him or anyone else tryin' to smite down Ruby." But he shrugs the thought off with that, "An' I don't believe Entad is takin' Cyan as his companion. Cyan would do good to stay out of our war an' let us reclaim our home, leave the bloody smitin' until after we're comfortable on our canopy seats once more."

Triona if anyone were paying attention they would notice that she seems to have become even more lost within her own thoughts than usual, eyes staring into space, pulling her cloak tight as if curling into herself, even her ears are still despite the occasional soft chirp from Skadi

Marlina Evenstar appears out of the shadows then, becoming obvious only as she speaks to Sirum, and proceeds to move to a seat at the table, "Some reason I'd be doubtin' that Cyan is the evil the paladin's to be speakin' of ratling."

Sirum Hest was obviously talking about Entad.

Marlina Evenstar notes that one way or another Cyan would have to be one of the forces of evil allying with each other, or being the same.

Albrecht Steinnemann shrugs. "Vould joo fight vis der Zerstorer if she vos goink to deschtroy Pytch? Nein?"

Sirum Hest shakes his head. "No. I wouldn't help any of the Heretic's. But no one is askin' Cyan or his Paladin's for help, especially not Entad. Entad isn't a Heretic, though, he's jus' an elf--er... demon that kills when he needs to an' bluffs when he doesn't. If he kills every last furre that supported Damien an' drove us from our home, I wouldn't shed a tear."

Albrecht Steinnemann: Nein! Zirum. Joo dunt oonterschtand. Zat ist der Ubel schpeakink. If joo vont to kill everysink, vot makes joo better zan der Zerstorer?

Sirum Hest appears confused for a moment, and actually considers whether or not his killing of that Rising Phoenix soldier in Ansteorra a while back was the right course of action. "...huh. I guess ya have a point, but I don't wanna kill everythin'. I view the armies that marched into our Kingdom as little better than Erisvan's ghola, Pytch's voidkin or Kendrick's doppelgangers. In fact, they're worse, unlike the Heretic's servants they actually had a choice.", huffing then as he crosses his arms.

Triona is curled as tightly in her cloak as she can be, even Skadi's soft, worried sounding chirps don't get a response, not even an ear flick

Sirum Hest notes it's amazing what 1-2 years dealing with Tigath and Caeseal can do with you. ^^; So much pent up aggression.

Albrecht Steinnemann: Ja. Unt zat ist der differenz. Zey are doink vot zey sink ist right. Zey are nut Ubel. Der Heretics! Zey are der Ubeluberubel! Unt zey dunt vont to do vot ist right. Sie mochten jeder toten!

[ You whisper "[The last four words? o.o;]" to Albrecht Steinnemann. ]
[ Albrecht Steinnemann whispers, "they want to kill everyone" to you. ]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Ubeluberubel has got to be bad.]" to you. ]

Sirum Hest's ears droop. "When I was with Erisvan, I thought helpin' her was the right thing to do as well. But it wasn't. I was jus' a pawn of hers, an' that's how Damien an' his armies are to Kendrick. Though... what is it that yer suggestin' we do here, Albrecht? Pack up an' return to Caeseal an' rebuild it out of the mud? Leave Damien, Kendrick and the Kebeyan Republic as it is to enjoy their victory?"

Zagnafein Silverleaf smiles. "Let's all go across the sea."

Albrecht Steinnemann shakes his head. "If joo vont joor 'ome beck, Joo moost Struggle fur it. Boot joo cannut mochten toten furres, ja? If joo do, joo vill be nu betteren zen der Zerstorer."

Zagnafein Silverleaf nods. "He has a point there. I've always been an advocate of subterfuge. An invasion of Ansteorra is the last thing I would see. A subtle, political victory coupled in with a little bit of thievery and fake accusations are so much more effective."

Sirum Hest nods. "That's an option as well, but it still won't reverse whats already happened. Ansteorra is surrounded by ten forts, each manned by what's left of the Ansteorran army. No matter how much I hate the rustbuckets, I'm not gonna abandom them to die defendin' the only place I really actually cared to defend along with 'em, the day the armies came..." He then turns back to Albrecht, appearing shocked. "-Struggle- for it? What have we been doin' all these years an' what're we doin' now? We're sittin' in small, cramped forts prayin' that the army doesn't flood out of their gates to swarm us before we're ready. An' as it is, the main person helpin' us is gettin' pestered by someone on a holy mission. I jus' hope that the Goo Walkers live up to their word."

Brax Thunderclap enters the building with a soot-stained beard, face and apron. In his right hand is a charred smithy's hammer, with a dwarven rune that seems to have been scratched into the flat of the tool. "If aney'un needs some equipment fixed or the like, I can get it done now while the forge's still warm," he speaks with a slightly grumpy voice.

Sirum Hest also adds, once again, to Zagnafein with a curious look. " would we go about doin' that? It sounds so simple, but... I'm afraid of the Kingdom Damien built."

Albrecht Steinnemann sighs. Sirum will never learn anything. Straight to hellfire he will go, and will never know the 72 Houri... Erm..

Marlina Evenstar: [72 is a bad number. :-P]

Sirum Hest is a good, M'Rill worshipping furre. ^^; Well, Neutral-Neutral / Neutral-Chaotic at the moment, but for the most part good.

Zagnafein Silverleaf looks at Sirum, and shrugs. "Well, I don't know. We plant someone into the kingdom, who makes his way into Damien's trusted circle one way or the other. He sends us information, and in turn, we plant more spies into the kingdom. An assassination here and there, and a few bits of false evidence placed near important figures, and hey presto! You've got chaos erupting in the kingdom. Then we can start our own revolution."

Brax Thunderclap grunts indignantly after Zagnafein's remark. "I suppose ye're plannin' to dance all over the walls of the city when it's taken, too? I'd rather stick with old-fashioned warfare, not yer silly elven tactics."

Kele-De opens the door and her ears perk as she catches most of Zag's statements. She runs a paw through her headfur, as she sidesteps around Brax, then takes a seat at the table. "That's why I want to get into the city and into the Seals there." She says simply as she sits. "The more inside information we can get, the better off we'll be."

Sirum Hest rubs at the back of his neck as he considers that. "I see... how long would this take, an' are ya sure it would work? So far they've followed Damien nearly to their death, it seems all he'd have to say was that it was all lies an' they'd worship him." Following that, he squeaks happily over at Brax. Finally, something they agree on!

[Ansteorra was Sirum's home. It was the heart of everything he loved. I imagine he would have used all 4,000 arrows in his bottomless quiver reclaiming it, if needed be.]

Triona may as well be asleep for as much noise and movement she makes, Skadi however seems to give up on getting Tri's attention and hops down the counter to Sirum, chirping softly at him

Zagnafein Silverleaf taps his chin. "That's the problem. It'll take longer than a full-scale invasion, but there'll be a lot less people dead at the end of it all. You just have to get some skilled people on the job. I've seen it done in Westernesse.

Albrecht Steinnemann: Sprechten auf der Alven, vos ist der statuz?" He seems confused and looks at Zag and Kel, wondering if they have the same plans.

Brax Thunderclap crosses his arms, one hand still held firmly around the blacksmith's hammer. "If yer will's as resolute as your plan, and yer plan's as strong as the ranks behind yerself, then ye won't have to worry about dead people... exceptin', of course, the bas'rds that're on Damien's side."

Sirum Hest leans over to wrap his arms lightly about Skadi and cuddle the penguin cheerfully. ^^ Archer God hell-bent on revenge for the torture that was Caeseal by day, happy-go-lucky teenager by night. "Westernesse is Westernesse, though, an' ya elves actually have a mind of yer own unlike the farmers of Damien's army. I don't see why Cyan doesn't get rid of Damien an' Kendrick for us, that way we won't need Entad's help, most of the Republic's army will diminish an' there'll be quite a few less dead furres."

Zagnafein Silverleaf shrugs at Albrecht. "I don't know. I suppose they're worrying about their internal politics, in Westernesse." [Zag doesn't know they got involved.] He then turns to Brax, and shakes his head. "Why waste so much life, when you can just as easily avoid all that violence? It seems like a better plan to me."

Albrecht Steinnemann notes that Kel was roundly ignored by everyone except for herself. "Ve must scmitezen der UBEL."

Triona's Skadi continues to chirp at Sirum, snuggling against him and not seeming too happy though the attention seems to cheer the small penguin somewhat

Albrecht Steinnemann recomposes himself. "Ja. Unt ve cunt do zat visoot knowing who der Ubel ist, ja?"

Sirum Hest and everyone else have already explained why the seal idea is the suck before. :-P No one can get in our out of Ansteorra due to the blockades, and a seal joining the Seals Guild out of nowhere would be highly suspicious.

Marlina Evenstar finally responds to something, and just by an odd coincidence, it happens to be something she's involved with, and the target of her speech is the acolyte, "So when's the bard to be plannin' yer little forray, lass? Bein' here with all the bloody dim-witted soldiers and a dwarf is not to be sittin' well with me."

Brax Thunderclap grins slightly. He indicates the equine as he speaks to the elf, "Kinda like what he's sayin'. If we don't kill 'em in battle, we'll have to deal with them as rebels." He takes the moment to subtly shift the topic. "So does aneyun' need any armour or weapons? We have some left in the stockpile."

Marlina Evenstar: [Pfft, PG-13 Kitz. :-P ^^;]
Albrecht Steinnemann: [:-P]
You say, "[o.o ... xD!!]"
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [You didn't notice? :P]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Poor, naive Sirum. So much to learn.]

Zagnafein Silverleaf shrugs. "Well, whatever. Handle it amongst yourselves, and I'll be happy in the knowledge that I, Zagnafein, had the better idea."

Kele-De shrugs and runs a paw through her headfur. "Whenever the bloody scouts get back and it's deemed safe for us to go into the city." She looks about then. "Taikris found a way in, though where the bloody bastard is, I don't know."

Albrecht Steinnemann shrugs. "Vell if der Kommandant ist nut in der blockade, zen I vill be beck latre." He stands and clanks off toward the road to sit down, his player's eyes bleeding at her monitor's bad refresh rate.

Marlina Evenstar comments dryly at that, "He's to be findin' somethin' is he? What was to be bein' wrong with the route from before lass? Was seemin' to be rather fine to my thinkin'."

Sirum Hest waves over at Zagnafein. "No one is stoppin' ya from doin' yer idea. Go in, assassinate a few people, spread some lies an' we'll see what happens.", not sarcastic in the slightest, simply wanting to see the effects of that. "I still don't see how they won't find a new acolyte joinin' the guild when none can even get in the city will go unnoticed. Kivvy an' myself were noticed when the gates were still open an' we were claimin' to be from Themhall."

Zagnafein Silverleaf laughs quietly. "I'm not the best liar, and even if I wanted to do that, I would have to spend at least a week finding a proper alibi and a cover identity. But the idea does seem intriguing..." The elf falls silent, thinking.

Kele-De shrugs. "I was just mentioning that there was another way in. It matters not to me which way we go." She turns to Sirum then. "More than likely they have so many Acolytes they aren't keeping track of them and it won't matter at all if I just walk in." She shrugs then. "That remains to be seen though. Have to scout out the place and see how many Acolytes there are and how many go in and out of the building."

Marlina Evenstar appears satisfied with this explanation, and with such she falls silent, returning to her own thoughts once more.

Zagnafein Silverleaf stands up, and walks outside.

Triona suddenly gives a shake of her head as she comes back to herself, blinking, it takes Skadi only a moment to notice and she gives a rather louder chirp, scrambling from Sirum and back to Tri as quickly as the small creature can move

Taikris quietly makes his way into the meeting room, giving a slight wave to those within that he does know, and a slight nod to the ones he doesn't.

Brax Thunderclap stuffs his hammer into his apron pouch. "A'right, have a good night an all 'at. Y'know, I reckon a lot o' ye can use some better armour or even just a little blade sharpenin', but that's jus' my opinion." He walks back out the door, where he proceeds to yell at someone. "Snorri, did yeh mix up the smokepowder with the pepper like last time? 'Cause last time yeh..." His voice trails off into the distance.

Sirum Hest nods to both Zagnafein and Kele, content to see how their plans turn out. It's not like their sneaking in would endanger the forts, Damien was already well aware they existed, more than likely. As Skadi slips from his arms, he frowns but waves after the penguin regardless. "Right, then, so... ah... when is it that yer goin' into Ansteorra? 'Cause if the scouts have taken this long, somethin' has to be up."
Triona flicks an ear and looks at her small friend, absently reaching a paw to caress Skadi as the penguin chirps worridly

Triona: [brb]
Triona: [back]
Triona: [anyone still alive?]
Taikris is[]
Ruby Pyralis is fuming and seeing red.]
Taikris: [Why? o.o]
Marlina Evenstar: [She's a train. Choo-Choo?]
Taikris begins poking random people[]
Ruby Pyralis: [>:{ }]
Ruby Pyralis: [^ Pissed off vampire.]

Triona sighs very softly as Skadi seems to be lecturing her now, petting the small bird gently and deftly avoiding the nips aimed at her paw

Taikris quietly begins drumming his fingers on the table, glancing about lazily to the others within the room. "So... how is everybody today?" he inquires of any willing to answer

Triona flicks an ear and glances at Tai, giving a shrug, Skadi on the other paw chirps loudly in response to the question, sounding as if she's complaining about something and isn't happy, still aiming occasional pecks at Tri as she does

Annari Salia comes back from AFKness and looks up at Taikris, "I'm fine. You?" Her tail twitched idly on her lap.

Taikris can't help but raise a brow at Triona's silence. You might be inclined to think somebody ripped out her vocal chords :-P. To Annari, he gives a minute shrug. "A tad bored. Where've you been though? I was almost hoping my sparring buddy could have come along for my first little adventure"

Annari Salia shakes her head, seeming disappointed she had missed the spar, "I didn't know they were leaving at first. Otherwise I would have been there."

Triona's ears flatten at Skadi's continued scoldings and she tries to sooth her friend, no longer avoiding the pecks and nips

Triona's ears flatten at Skadi's continued scoldings and she tries to sooth her friend, no longer avoiding the pecks and nips [repost]

Taikris nods slowly to Annari. "Well... hopefully you'll get a chance to next time" he then turns his attention over to Triona and the incredibly odd aquatic bird "And just what is up with that thing? All I've heard it do is chirp at you"

Triona flicks an ear then whispers something so softly that the only reason one would know she's talking is because they saw her lips move, she may as well have been silent though even that slight whisper seems to excite the bird into louder and oddly, happier chirps

Triona's are still flat against her head though, just to note

Annari Salia nods to Taikris and stands up, walks over to the table, and sits down. She looks over at Triona, "'Ello."

Triona blinks a couple times and nods to the femme

Taikris very gradually, begins to flatten his ears back in turn. "Just... feed it or something so it'll stop already o.<" he then watches as Annari tries to talk with her, when he notices the entrance of the skunk

Corzara walks in quietly and stops to survey the room, moistening his lips just a smidgen with the tip of his tongue and hardly blinking at all.

Annari Salia nods back and yawns, "I've never seen you about, where'd you come from?" She asked casually.

Triona looks up and noticing Corza she actually gives a small wave, Skadi had calmed down though at Tai's words and being called an 'it' she starts to chirp loudly once again, Tri seemingly soothing the bird with pats Skadi quiets to only the occasional quiet chirp. Tri's attention returns to Annari at the question and she bites her lip lightly, as if trying to decide what to say, half her attention on the skunk

Kivae remains seated, leaning against the counter, her arms resting on the roughly basketball sized sphere in her lap, and staring vacantly at the wall. She blinks a bit at the entrance, though, and waves. ^^

Annari Salia sighs as her question is unanswered. She glances at Corzara smiling lightly and waves. She then looks back at Triona, "What does it eat?" She asked, motioning to the bird.

Corzara gives a very brief nod to Triona, as he feels somewhat concerned about her birdy as well, as evidenced by his glancing first at the bird, then the sleeping Jera, then the bird again. After a moment, he decides not to bother with it right now, and slides his eyes to look at Kivae, who receives a smile and a considerable inclination of Cor's head.
Corzara gives a brief nod to the other female as well when she looks at him.

Triona flicks an ear and mouths the word fish at Annari, oddly Skadi seems to have settled down and hops to the edge of the counter across from Annari, Tri's eyes however return to Cor for a moment before looking down to her paws, her ears had started to perk somewhat but flatten to her head once again

Corzara remembers Triona well enough, of course. He just happens to be much more bastardly these days.

Annari Salia hmms, "Well, I haven't seen any fish for awhile. If I had anything I'd give it to the bird. But I don't," She said, obviously understanding 'fish'.

Taikris sits there quietly from his end of the table, finding the sudden upsurge of activity a pleasant change to the otherwise dull interior of the meeting room. "Hello there" he states in a rather nonchalant matter to the priest. "Need some help with your kid there? You seem to have your paws full as it is :-)"

Triona winces slightly at the indidgent chrip from Skadi and finally actually says something that can just barely be heard, looking first at Annari "Her name is Skadi..." then looking to Tai "...and she is a minature penguin and doesn't care to be called it..." her voice seems to have an unused quality to it though it is as gentle as any who know her would remember

Annari Salia nods, "She's loud, but cute. How long have you had her." She said. Hurray for conversation.

Corzara's eyes become a little more steely than they already were at the sitting fellow's comment. "I can take care of Jera and myself just fine, thank you." It would have been one thing if he were in Ki or if he were trying to do something, but when he's offered a lighter load for no particular reason like this, it comes off as an insult, and as a result his words were quite curt.

Hikari Xezo: [??? Excuse me, Sorry to intrude on the RP, but dare i ask, can someone tell me what the poster on the upper wall is about? It looks like... Megaman o.O?].
Kivae: [It's a take off of this I think.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Yeah, Entad dreams of becoming Megaman, didn't you read that on the forums? Everyone knows it.]
Hikari Xezo: [It looks more like megaman in his full armor in a pose].

Taikris hmms slightly as his ears swivel over to Triona. "Oh. Sorry then. I didn't know it had a name or an opinion of herself." then to Corzara "Well then I'm sorry to you too. I didn't exctly know you could manage on your own at your age, and thought I'd at least offer a helping paw"

Triona's ears start to perk up a bit again, slowly, Skadi much quiter now hops back to Tri and nuzzles into her paw, nodding to Tai, her attention turning back to Cor, noting how he's changed and wincing at Tai's final comment

Corzara makes a minute readjustment in the position Jera is in before standing up even straighter than he usually does and asking, "Do I -look- like I am having difficulty?" As he says this, the skunk's face turns somehow tougher and he actually looks like he could beat up an orc that's about his size if he were to have both arms and no child in either.

Kaim: ( Whatever happened to the good dream this guild used to have..? )
Taikris: [Plot :-)]
You say, "[We're in a fort while we retrieve that dream.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [IC Events keep us having sucky dreams. :-P]
Hikari Xezo: [We're currently, ICly, not there, We've been exiled, Plot issues].
Kaim: ( Ah. )
Kaim: ( Any OOC excuses for the disapearance of that dream? Computer crash or somethin'? )
Corzara: [No]
Taikris: [Nah. All IC]
Kaim: ( Kk. )
Hikari Xezo: [None, the dream is perfectly fine, All issues IC].
Kaim: ( I'll stop the OOC, as I'm sure it is rather annoying. )
Corzara: [Thanks]

Triona bites her lip lightly, contemplating Cor before speaking softly again "Corzara... t... tis good to see you again..." almost she says more but leaves the statement at that

Taikris doesn't exactly notice Triona wincing, but does notice Corzara's rather heated reaction to him. "Well I didn't before, but now you look ready to pop a vessel."

Taikris blinks a few times as he gives another shrug. "Look. I'm not -trying- to offend you. I just offered my help. If you don't want it, or rather don't need it, then have a seat already."

Corzara's face resoftens at Triona's voice and he turns himself back to face her. Sensing the frailty that came along with her voice, he makes an extra effort to sound more like the kindly old fellow he'd been. "Hello, Triona. It is good to see you too."

Triona nods gently, her ears perking a bit more, Skadi giving a happy little chirp: "It... has been... hard... it still is..." she seems to want to talk now, her voice remaining soft but growing stronger with each sentance

Corzara glances sideways at the fellow who had offered his assistance and eases his tone a bit from the one he had been using. "I will stand, thank you. I have been sitting and praying all day." With the end of his sentence, his eyes swivel back to their old position, looking at Triona. Once again his voice is gentler for her. "Of course it is hard. I know myself. If you need milk for your strength, I summon a goat every so often for my son. You may have some too, should you wish."

Triona gives a small shake of her head: "Thank you but I'm alright physically..." she gazes at Corzara a moment before asking: "How old is he?"

Taikris slowly rolls his shoulders in an upward motion, head tilting to a side in a classic gesture of passive care. "Suit yourself." Says this particular feline, deciding to listen to the conversation for the next few moments, and to give the priest a chance to calm down

Corzara looks down at the still-sleeping infant in his arm and allows a small smile to come across his face. "He is in his fourteenth month."

Annari Salia turns around in her seat and looks at Taikris, "So, when should we start with the sparring again?" She asked.

Triona nods and seems almost to smile though she doesn't quite manage it: "Congrats Corzara... I never thought you'd be a father... but always thought you'd be a good one if you were..."

Corzara's eyelids lower a little bit with a sort of pleasantness. "Thank you, Triona." And then he added a little more on, realizing that it had ineed been a while since
Triona had been around. "I have not seen you for a long time."

Taikris hmms slightly as he considers just when would be a good time. "Anytime you feel up to it. I suppose :-D"

Triona's ears lower a bit and she nods gently, her voice growing quieter again: "I know... I.. needed time..." she looks up at Cor, the sadness in her eyes obviously reaching to her soul "I... lost track of time... didn't realize it had been three years..." she shifts on her seat and Skadi gives a quiet, worried chirp that also sounds half hopeful

Annari Salia nods, "Well, I'd be up for a spar right now. If possible. Of coures, I don't know where a good sparring place is...."

Corzara raises his eyebrows and turns a little more fully towards the woman. "Where did you go?"

Kele-De slips quietly into the room adn takes a seat at the table. Her paws run through her headfur quickly, then she begins to pull it back into a french braid, merely listening to the conversation about her, not wishing to be a distruption or disturbance.

Taikris gives a light shrug. "Probably anywhere around here." he chuckles. "This -is- an army fort after all"

Triona gives a bit of a shrug, looking down now: "To my house... about... wandering... I really don't remember..." she pulls Skadi close, hugging the small penguin close

Annari Salia nods, yawning lightly and putting her elbows on the table and resting her chin on her palms before replying to Taikris, "That's true."

Corzara nods his head once and looks for a few seconds at a spot on the wall somewhere to the left of Triona before focusing on her once more. "You are all right now, however?"

Triona is quiet for a couple moments before responding in a near whisper: "I... am not sure Corzara... I... don't know... if 'all right' is surviving then I suppose I am... barely..."

Taikris nods once more as he glances about the current occupants of the meeting room. "Well... if your up to it then Right outside seems just fine" he then looks to a few of the others. "Any of you are welcome to join us on that note" he would then slowly rise to his footpaws

Annari Salia stands up, stretching once and looks around to see if anyone would follow.

Corzara takes a few involuntary steps towards the apparently distressed woman and furrows his eyebrows together a tad. "What do you mean?"

Kele-De arches a brow as she finishes plaiting her headfur then glances over at Taik. "Join you for what?"

Triona curls into herself as much as she can and slips into her old habit though she'd tried not to

Taikris turns his attention over to Kele at this point. "Oh. Me and Anna there are going to go out for a bit of practice. If you like it can be us two, versus yourself :-\"

Sirum Hest peeks his head out from beneath his cloak then and glances about the room tiredly, having mostly been reflecting on what Albrecht had said earlier. The curious glancing stopping as soon as he catches Triona's words, springing back up onto the counter. "Ya seem to be doin' fine, Triona. Both Skadi an' ya look as healthy as ya ever have, an' this fort'll take care of ya jus' fine. Don't worry, ya?", flashing her a weak grin as he stares off at the counter.

Kele-De laughs and raises both brows. "That hardly seems fair, two against one. Though, I might be up for the challenge." She slowly rises to her footpaws.

Taikris chuckles slightly as he begins making his way for the door. "Don't worry, we'll be using blunted and wooden equipment ;-), and you're greater battle experience will probably give you the edge anyway. Shall we?" he says, stepping towards the doorway

Corzara is very much unsure as to how he should be interpreting this up until her voice enters into his mind. He's unsure how to interpret that very action in itself, and stares at Triona for a while before cautiously moving closer, glancing once at Sirum as he does so. "Of course you do. I can... sympathize with you, Triona." It was quite obvious that it was difficult for him to get those words out, and he certainly doesn't feel better now for having done it.

Triona blinks at Sirum a couple times and without warning reaches to him and pulls him into a tight hug, oddly Skadi gives a cheerful little chirp as Tri now hides her face against Sirum's shoulder, whispering: "She is... and I am physically..."

Marlina Evenstar glances upwards from her gloved hands, having been resting in a half-doze for quite some time now, disturbed only by the thought of combat, which ever was one of her more enjoyed things, though she's soon dissapointed by knowledge that it's only a spar. Though she does ask a question of the acolyte in her brief period of being awake, "Where's to be bein' yer bard friend? Haven't been seein' 'im."

Triona upon hearing Corzara she glances up at him, knowing he understands, still hugging Sirum she reaches a paw to Corzara, well able to tell just how hard that was for him

Kele-De shrugs as seh glances over at Marl. "More than likely he's in a meeting or signing papers." She turns about and starts toward the door. " She laughs then as she turns to head toward the door. "My greater battle experience? Even with my experience, fightin two at the same time will not be easy."

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side as he is hugged, though after the initial surprise is worn off he returns the hug and murmurs quietly down to Triona. "Please don't be sad, I'm sure he wouldn't have wanted ya to spend the rest of yer days mournin', Triona. In fact... he's not even really gone. He still exists on this plane, he's jus'... with Rakuro.", having seen that the marble reacted to people before and hoping that seeing it might make her a bit happier.

Corzara would most likely take the paw offered up were he not quite unable to. As a way to sort of make up for this, he slowly kneels slightly so that his head is level with her head. He then kisses it--quite awkwardly, of course, seeing as how he's still holding an infant in his arms--and then touches his forehead to where the kiss was planted.

Triona's paw is shaking as she whispers so only Sirum and Corzara would hear: "H... how did it happen? W... who... " she bites her lip and can't manage the rest, hoping they'll understand

You say, "[One day we're going to get you a robotic arm.]"
You say, "[Because one armed Corz is seriously depressing.]"
Triona: [heh]
Corzara: [Pfft. He's fine]
You say, "[He needs -robotic limbs-, demmit.]"
Corzara: [Besides, he wouldn't dare to hold and infant or a hand with a robotic arm]
Corzara: [Now... IC]
Taikris: [ummm have Kivae regenerate it?]
Marlina Evenstar: [I'll be back.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Bwaha.]

Corzara gradually straightens his body once more, finding it quite difficult to do so while endeavoring not to wake the sleeping Jera. For now, unfortunately, the priest has nothing meaningful to say to Triona. He hopes that Sirum will be able to take the initiative and say something comforting. Knowing that such was unlikely, however, he continues to search for the words.

Sirum Hest assumes she's questioning the marble, and not how he came to die. "It was through some invention of the gnomes, his spirit is now in a glass ball an' inside of Rakuro's sleeve or on his cloak one. At least, last I remember it was there. I'm sure he'd give it to ya if ya asked.", forcing a smile.

Triona's ear flicks as Skadi chirps a couple times and she hears Sirum's words, blinking at the mouse as what he just said and what he said a few moments before registers her eyes go wide and she just stares at him, unable to find words, looking almost as if she doesn't believe what she was just told

Corzara will have to one day develop some sort of healing that will prevent Sirum's mind from coming up with such foolish things. This now leaves him to cover up Sirum's blunder with poorly timed speech or to let someone else say something--hopefully something that would allow him to do his priestly duty. He opts for the latter.

[When Sirum made stuff up, you would know it. The bizarre things in his life he actually experienced were too strange to be a lie.]

Sirum Hest's nose wrinkles at Triona's expression. "Ya doubt that mages wouldn't be able to do it? Like I said, jus' ask Rakuro the next time he comes by. I'm sure he would want to be with ya again rather than stickin' around with Rakuro." His tone entirely truthful. He wouldn't joke about such things like this, obviously. >.>

Marlina Evenstar truly has nothing better to do, and the muscles in her legs were beginning to grow unpleasantly stiff, thus she stood as well, persuing those who would soon be sparring, though this was only a secondary objective.

Corzara is finally quite agitated enough by Sirum to just break out with a sharp, "Sirum." It was enough to make a wailing banshee shut up. Unfortunately, the skunk had nothing meaningful to add now. Except... "Triona, please do not get your hopes up. It is much more complicated and involved than what Sirum says."

Triona nods numbly, she does know quite well what mages are able to do, being one herself, she hugs Sirum tightly, nearly squishing him this time as she can't help but cry, though exactly why is unclear, she then looks to Cor and nods, rubbing at her eyes: "I know... but... it is something" she looks at him a moment longer then give in and sits on the counter to hug Corzara, though more carefully than she did Sirum, not wanting to wake the child

Sirum Hest narrows his eyes birefly at Corzara before erfing out at the overly tight hug, lightly returning it once again and trying his best to still breathe. "I don't see what is so complicated about it, Rakuro explained it to me himself. But fine, I'll not mention it again until she can see it for herself."

Corzara feels exceptionally awkward now; and not just because he's trying to hug a woman while he's holding a baby. Getting hugged after trying to lower someone's hopes just doesn't feel right.

Triona gazes at the child now that she has a better view of him, almost reaching to caress the small head but stopping herself before she does, she watches the child as she speaks quietly to Corzara: "I... don't know what can be done with the marble Corzara... I don't dare hope or dream for what I wish... but... to have his spirit with me..." she rubs a paw across her eyes: "If nothing else it is a form of closure... you have no idea what it has been like... not getting to say goodbye... "not knowing what exactly happened... how... who... why..." she absently reaches a paw to caress Skadi who is quiet now but seems quite content as opposed to earlier

Corzara nods his head once more and looks down for a moment before turning his eyes to Triona's own. "You do not know who killed Dirk?"

Sirum Hest's tail flicks over to fwap at Corzara, murmuring something about this not being the time nor place to discuss such thngs. Nothing further is said however, as the mouse wasn't exactly used to dealing with such situations, prefering not to dwell on things in the past. If he did, he'd go insane within a week. x)

[Si was pretty much in a perpetual state of repression. Maybe that's why his mind was so innocent enough that all flirting, innuendo and everything else sailed over his head. So long as he had his friends, though, let the good times roll on~]

Triona gives a shake of her head, ears drooping slightly: "No... I was away... I heard and couldn't manage to make myself come back then to find out what happened..." she sighs and looks down, whispering more quietly: "Wish I hadn't stayed away so long... but first the shock and then the memories... I couldn't manage to come back... I only came now because Skadi wouldn't leave me alone." she ruffles the small bird's feathers gently, lovingly

Corzara opens his mouth to say something immediately, but stops, jaws still parted. It wasn't because Sirum touched him with his tail, but rather that he wasn't sure how exactly to phrase this. He knows personally that he would need to know these things if he didn't already. "He was killed by Canti the ghola while he was tending the bar." He doesn't say more, of course. He had heard some of the gory details, and he wasn't sure how many of them were true, but he didn't dare to relay them.

Sirum Hest mutters quietly after Corzara, as that seemed to be a bit degrading to Dirk. "He died protectin' Kivae an' myself from the Ghola. It would've gotten us in a heartbeat if he hadn't delayed it. There wasn't a thing we could do except cower inside a church an' pray he didn't get past the barrier.."

Corzara nods in agreement; he hadn't heard anything about what Sirum mentioned, and he wasn't certain whether or not to believe it entirely, but it definitely was something that Triona needed to hear. Besides... Sirum wouldn't lie about something like that... hopefully.

Triona nods slowly, falling silent again for several moments before whispering: "Thank you..." it somehow seems to have helped her, she seems less tense, after several more minutes she brushes her eyes dry and looks up, attempting but not quite managing to smile as she changes the subject, looking to the child again: "He's darling Corzara..." glancing to Sirum and adding a whispered "Thank you" to him as well, then returning her attention to Corzara

Sirum Hest appears quite guilty now, full well knowing that Dirk had only been gotten due to the ghola after Kivae and himself. If only he had the skill to drop the undead machine from so far away as he did now. In response to Triona, he gives a weak nod, though keeps his silence.

Corzara beams proudly as much as a fellow who was just talking a few breaths ago about someone's murder. As he often does, Corzara glances down at the little skunk, smiling and this time giving him a little kiss on his upturned forehead. Once that's through he looks back to Triona and nods towards the infant. "His name is Jera. Did you want to hold him?"

Triona nods gently, shifting and gently moving Skadi back to the top of her head where Skadi settles down to sleep, her tail gives a flick: "I'd like to... yes..."

Corzara with care and deliberateness extends his arm towards Triona so that she may pluck Jera right off. With care, of course.

Triona's whole attitude seems to lighten as she carefully takes Jera and cuddles him close into her arms, her tail flicking slowly: "We never got the chance to have a kit... I wish we had... and yet between the two of us things were so uncertain..." she then coos softly as she holds Jera and rocks him slightly
Triona notes, btw, that she still floats one to three inches above her 'seat'

Corzara softly pats the woman on the shoulder with his now free hand, trying desperately to be a little bit more comforting. "I am sure you would make a fine mother, Triona--make sure to support his head."

Triona nods gently though she is already doing so, her gaze remaining on Jera as she talks softly: "Thank you... though I am not sure I can be one..." she coos a bit more "My... reactions... to things have always been so odd... and there is always so much magic around me... I worry what problems a child of mine might have"

Corzara would normally say that Kilikarina would protect her; that she would make sure Triona's child would be healthy, happy, and normal. Of course, these days, Cor doesn't say such things. Instead, he makes it more generic. "Triona, you cannot worry about things like that. You should not let worries like that interfere with what you want."

Triona nods a bit: "Perhaps... but it doesn't really matter now does it?" she glances up at him, stating little more than reality, though she has yet to manage a smile her mood seems lighter, as if a burden has left her: "As much as I didn't want to come back... I'm glad I did"

Corzara obviously understands the reality and does not dare to go any further with the subject, instead hopping the bridge to the much happier tone of I'm here now. "Indeed. It is good to have you back. I have only recently arrived myself and I do not talk to anyone very often, but to be among Anteorrans again and so near to Ansteorra... it is pleasant."

Triona nods slightly then remembers the city as she saw it when she followed the still nameless to her furre there [Tai] and a small shiver runs up her back: "I got to see it... Ansteorra... that one that offered you help knew of a tunnel and I went along... the Castle is gone... the docks no longer where they once were but where the castle should have been... it was so different... the people so different, strange..." a small sigh escapes her "But being back with friends is comforting..." Tonight is the first I've spoken to anyone... verbally or otherwise... I didn't even say a word to Sirum until tonight...

Triona shrugs and shifts offering Jera back to Cor: "Too long away from every and anyone"
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