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A day of Commander Jonathan & the Queen of Pies. 10-18-2

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 3:48 am    Post subject: A day of Commander Jonathan & the Queen of Pies. 10-18-2 Reply with quote

[Summary: Well, it seems only half of this day of RP survived. The other log is one of those many missing ones. Today a guard died, a silver rose was found and Jonathan was put in a position of authority. Also Cyan, Entad and others had some epic fight or something outside the fort, but... I didn't see it. Wonder what that was about.]

You say, "[Back. Bloody ISp kicked me.]"

Kele-De glares at Ranamor. "Shut up." She then sighs nad takes a seat. She runs her paws through her headfur, not really in a very good mood herself at the moment.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne would nod to Zag by means of farewell, but he's far too busy storming over to Ranamor's seat. "I'm tired of your mouth, halfling," says the bard almost calmly, as he patiently and gently leans back and delivers a stout kick to the little vermin's ribcage. "Sirum, tell me where Entad is. We need to have a discussion."

Taikris seems far to tired for such wanton adrenaline, and collapses promptly into the seat nearby Kele. "Might as well save your energy, Jon. If you scream and rant now... you might not be able to later"

Ranamor Quickfist smirks at Kele but says nothing. He begins then, to reach into his bag before noticing Jon walk over. He is surprised by the kick and has no time to dodge but he does manage to move him arm to his side to take the kick to his forearm. He cries out and imediatly attempts to tackle Jon at the ankles, easy enough when Jon is facing away from him.

Sirum Hest squeaks out happily as Jonathan has managed to get out of the rains quicker than he had expected, but he seems a bit confused regarding the bards question. "Entad? I imagine he's in Xanthia, or off for the daily slaughter or whatever he does. Jus' take a seat an' he'll be in here within a day or two. I was jus' waitin' for Rakuro or him myself...", grinning sheepishly.

Marlina Evenstar appears only slightly worse for wear on her continued trek after the small party that had originally set out from the rainy hellhole that was Caeseal, though her not having posted anything, it could be assumed that she made no impact upon the group, which she didn't. Now however, she simply walks forth from the shadows of the tavern, rather enjoying that little trick as she speaks, "There's a word to be bein' said about those who would be speakin' to demons of their own will."

Bryanna Dh'oul sticks her head in the door. "B'praimes'n, lasseh. Trackin y'corss t'lands ai b'n arder thain m'think'n eh? Sl'leffa booncha furr don annai road tho. Dun strun'up rail goot t'. Nay b'ye werk, Tae?" She addresses kel, but the last question remains toward the group, hoping that someone can explain the corpse with the map here.

Marlina Evenstar: [... >.>]
Ranamor Quickfist: [Same to you.]

Jonathan Ruddiwyne is well over six feet tall and weight almost two hundred pounds. A halfling attempting to tackle him is roughly the same as a large dog attempting to tackle him, and he views the altercation in much the same way - a sneer creeping across his face as he draws his dagger and presses the point against the back of the halfling's neck. "Get off me, knave," he snarls. "Give me a reason to kill you, and I will."

Marlina Evenstar: [She ate my post... Kivae says that means she owes me a cookie now.]

Kele-De jumps up from the seat and turns about. "Bryanna!!" She yells happily then streaks across and hugs her. "I've missed you. You stayed away too long. Where have you been and would you -please- talk some sense into Jonathan."

Ranamor Quickfist reaches up and yanks the bard's arm away from his neck, uncaring if the knife draws blood, his other arm pulls out a knife of his arm, "Hey na'. Get yer bloody knife offa meh neck." The tip of his own knife flicks back and forth as if eager to go to work.

Sirum Hest leans forward to plant his face right against the table with that, as the room is filled with threats of death and a horrible undecipherable accent. To himself, he mutters, "Funny how things can go from so peaceful to a livin' hell in under five minutes. Jus' don't light the meetin' room on fire, please?"

Bryanna Dh'oul's cookies are still baking. She stands passively as Kel embraces her, though she does rustle the younger femme's headfur. "S'naid m' t'tail s'sense inta' y'baird? Tae, lasseh. S'now that nae'b'appenin', eh? On'sa onna the' get onna innae t'maind, y'nae c'n straich t'm way fro' it. E'en w't'sail o'it, Kelly."

Kele-De turns her head. "You lay a paw on him Ranamor and I'll kill you myself."

Ranamor Quickfist merely ignores Kele.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne ignores the fact that what the halfling just did is likely physically impossible, and kicks him away. "Try it." He lowers the crossbow on his shoulder menacingly. "Try it. I'm in no mood to deal with the likes of you, and I've decided the best way to deal with irritating pests is to simply kill them."

Kele-De turns her attention to Bryanna. "Well, I've tried and nothing seems to be working." She sighs and shrugs. "Oh, just get it over with and kill the annoying runt, Jonathan."

Taikris slowly rises to his feet. "I swear you damned bastards won't give me a moments rest" he makes his way over to the halfling, locking his paw about the wrists, and yanks hard upon the foul creature. "Now, cut that shit out before I have to put you out for a bit"

Marlina Evenstar comments dryly as a hand absently toys with the hilt of her typical weapon of choice, in this case, the thinblade, "As the symbol-weilder would be sayin' bard, be endin' that bloody bastard's life, he's not to be bein' anythin' but a nuisance in all times that I've to be had the unpleasantness to see his stunted self."

Bryanna Dh'oul's paw unsheathes her polearm. It was the ancestral weapon of the seal acolytes, the polearm, though more modern acolytes preferred less complex weapons. She tosses the six-foot long staff and blade with uncanny dexterity, such that it implants itself three inches in the floor of the room, bisecting the line of sight bewettn Ranamor and Jon. "S'nuff 'o tha, eh?" She says, passively, as if what she just did was absolutely routine.

Ranamor Quickfist sneers, a small chuckle escaping his lips, "Ey, aren't bards suposta be all cheerfull? Go sing s-." Hes yanked back and quickly attempts to kick the man in... well where ever he can reach, "Oi, get yer paws offa me you bloddy idiot!"

Ruby Pyralis raises a brow and looks to the side toward Taikris. With a scoff, she turns away and leans forward on the table while muttering things about people thinking they're so strong.

Sirum Hest slips a paw beneath his cloak then and brings out the vial that had the giant potion in it, holding it up above his head upside down while squinting into it. Sadly, not a drop is left, preventing him from turning into a giant and joining the brawl. "Go ahead an' kill him. An' then when the soldiers in blue rush in here an' see the corpse on the floor, with ya covered in its blood they'll think spies have gotten into the fort an' will mow us down with their repeater crossbow. But if yer gonna do that, go off to the barracks, ya? I'd rather not be hit by the bolts myself."

[ Ruby Pyralis whispers, "Cookie. Now. n.n" to you. ]
[%] Sirum Hest just gave Ruby Pyralis a cookie.

[I swear I didn't mean to eat posts all the time.]

Ranamor Quickfist sneers, a small chuckle escaping his lips, "Ey, aren't bards suposta be all cheerfull? Go sing s-." Hes yanked back and quickly attempts to kick the man in... well where ever he can reach, "Oi, get yer paws offa me you bloody idiot!" He doesn't notice the polearm land near Jon as hes busy attacking Tai.

[ Ruby Pyralis whispers, "n.n" to you. ]

Bryanna Dh'oul didn't realize that Ranamor was attacking someone else? wtf?

Taikris doesn't seem to mind the struggling at all, quickly twisting the arm about to lock it behind his back. "Drop the knife, or I'll see you never get it back." [*is tempted to say "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say, can and will be used against you in the court of law :-D*]

Jonathan Ruddiwyne shrugs. "You see how it is. If you come near me again, I'll kill you. If you open your mouth to me again, I'll kill you." He smiles at Tai. "If he gives you too much trouble, I'll kill him. As it is, you have our full permission to kill him yourself." He takes a seat across the table, leaning the bow on the wood pointed toward Ranamor, and sinks his face into his other hand. "What's been going on here, Sirum?"

Kele-De sighs and takes up the seat she had previously been in. She nods to one next to her. "Come sit Bryanna. I've missed you."

Ranamor Quickfist notes that he is a strong little man, despite his size and thus he puts up quite the fight. He quickly pulls a leg back and kicks the man in the shin. "I said get offa me!"

Sirum Hest gives a light shrug and rests his own head on his arms, tail flicking back behind him cheerfully seeing as Jonathan wasn't going to be slaying anyone just yet. "The usual. I'm Rakuro now an' Kivae is Kitzibeth, people have been goin' off to inspect freakish trees, there have been talks of some sorta great plan in the desert developed by Damien. Nothin' much as of yet, I think Entad is jus' gettin' all ten of his forts ready before he strikes."

[Not sure what happened the past week? Just ask Sirum and he'll give you the tl;dr. Si probably put every newspaper in Ansteorra out of business.]

Bryanna Dh'oul's shock and awe attack was ignored. Alright then - no issues there. Her left paw glows with a silver hue momentarily, and the metal polearm is drawn directly to her paw. With a deft motion, consisting of a flip and twist of her paw, the rod buries itself in her sheath and she takes a seat. "Tae, lasseh. Seems s'laik no'much 'as chang'd eh?"

Marlina Evenstar watches the struggling halfling for several moments before losing interest as it appeared he would live yet another day to continue his miserable existance. Aside from that lack of interest she's simply leaning against the walls, not really trying to be creepy, her player's just trying to force it upon the assassin. Evil player.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne sighs. "Idiocy. What happens if the battle is won? The people won't fall in line so easily. And at any rate, I don't trust Entad one bit - better to have Damien on the throne. Or maybe Erisvan. The idea of a demon in control of the most powerful city in the world nags at me somehow."

Taikris sighs as he sees the rather runty halfling wind up for the kick, pulling high upon the arm as the other takes grip of his shoulder, spiralling him face first onto the table "Do that again, and I'll break your arm, and sna yur' neck"

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side in confusion with that, ears lowering back to his skull. "All we really need to do is have Kivae tell Entad to obey. I'm sure he has to follow her every command, what with him bein' a servant of her father an' all. After he takes the Kingdom, we can appoint her as our new Queen, an' the streets will be lined with flowers an' pies.", seeming entirely serious with this suggestion.

Ranamor Quickfist manages to turn his head to take the blow to the side of his face before he crashes down onto the table. He groans slightly and goes limp, wondering why everyone hates him so much.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne chuckles. "Delicious pies. I could use a pie right about now. Or a stiff drink." Jon notes that everyone hates Ranamor because Ranamor is an asshole to everyone. "Where is Kivae, anyway?"

Bryanna Dh'oul shakes her head. "Ah. As aif tha' b's'good 'o a suggest'n." She mocks Sirum with her tone. [Language, Jon ^^]

Taikris just kinda sits there, grinding the runty halflings face into the wooden surface. "Could somebody fetch me one? I'm a bit busy at the moment"

Sirum Hest motions a paw out the door behind him and gives a light shrug, "She's more than likely settin' up a tent somewhere around the fort. We can't sleep in the barracks, they smell of dirty, sweaty rustbuckets. It's near enough to make ya wanna throw up.", nose wrinkling. "An' there was quite a bit of alcohol around the barracks too, if I remember rightly." He then turns to Bryanna and pokes his tongue out at her, "Ya don't like pie or somethin'?"

[The only guard who ever escaped the title of 'Rustbusket' was Canti. Because he was a friend. And also because he didn't wear armor. Yay monks.]

Kele-De laughs then shrugs. "Well, a few things have changed but we can talk about that later." She grins and shakes her head.

Ruby Pyralis growls lowly as the two next to her seem to be brawling still, slowly turning to face them with an expression that would mean almost certain death if they didn't cool it. ><

Ranamor Quickfist lays all limp-like on the table. He groans once more. His knife, having long since been dropped, lies embedded in the floor. Clearly Ruby should destroy the mean monk beating on the poor little halfling.

Bryanna Dh'oul: Nae s'mooch, laddeh. Bait s'n'wai t'run a coontry aif'n y' n ave laidership, eh? Pai n'gonna lead n'one." She smirks, being realistic. Passing a glance to the brawl, she says. "Shouldn' Ai b'puttin a stop t'tha?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne wipes at his face. "I'm not staying here long. In a day or two, I'll slip the barricade and enter the city alone. There needs to be someone on the inside, lowering morale and gathering support."

Kele-De arches a brow. "Not without me you aren't, Jonathan. Someone has to keep you from killing yourself." She grins then. "I can get in easily enough being a Seal and all."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne rolls his eyes. "I'm really not sure why everyone just arbitrarily assumes that I'm going to die. Doesn't anyone have any faith in me?"

Sirum Hest nods briefly to Bryanna, though doesn't seem all that interested in breaking it up himself. Ranamor had tried to kill Aderion, and the monk he didn't really know all that well. "Ya should, but maybe it'd be best not to get involved. As long as they aren't killin' one another. I've given up on stoppin' brawls near entirely." Returning his attention to Jonathan, he frowns, "Ya can do that easily enough from here. If we fire flamin' arrows over the walls an' capture every supply cart goin' in an' outta the city, I figure they'll feel jus' as good as we did after the Tigahrrim nearly killed the bunch of us."

Ruby Pyralis casts a glance toward Jon, though stills cowls at the two next to her, "None at all."

Ranamor Quickfist would, for sure have a cutting insult to throw at Jon at this point, but perhaps fortunately for Ran, hes unconsious.

Kele-De chuckles. "I have faith in you Jonathan, but I know you well." She shrugs then. "Besides two pair of eyes are better than one. Especially if one has access to the Seal's guild or whatever it is they have there."

Marlina Evenstar rubs absently at the pad of her right hand with the thumb of the left as she comments once more, "And I'll be aidin' yeh there bard I'd be thinkin', followin' yeh lot across the plains. Even if I am to be believin' yer goin' to be diein', least the guild bein' the ones to be gettin' yeh in might be lettin' yeh take a few with yeh to the plains of hell, aye?" And with that she moves to a seat by the struggling halfling, while making no move to interfere.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne grins. "All right then, if you two are so insistant. However, I do want to speak with Entad before we go - it will be hard to sneak in if its raining bodies on us, and I'd really like to punch him in the nose anyway."

Taikris isn't even hot-tempered. One paw is twisting the arm of the halfling, the other his holding his face in the table. He doesn't even seem to be paying attention to the things pains. "Is anybody going to get me one of those pies, or maybe some tea?"
Ranamor Quickfist doesn't move?"

Bryanna Dh'oul stands up, and remars to Sirum offhandedly: "Aye. b'tn y'dun deserve tha' laddeh." She pads out the door, and takes a seat, thinking. The indoors was too stuffy, and the Tigahrrim was far more comfortable on the grass than in a rather iffily-made chair.

Ruby Pyralis clenches her fists and spins around sharply, growling at Taikris, "Cool it. -Now.-" Not at all happy after a certain bard disturbed her nap.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne invites Ruby to play with him and his bear, if she doesn't like it. =P

Marlina Evenstar: [Eww]

Kele-De chuckles. "It'll give me time to get a bath, provided I can find a stream or something around here."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [>=D]

Jonathan Ruddiwyne just stares at her. "You just spent weeks slogging around in the rain, and you want to take a bath?"

Ranamor Quickfist[notes that if you turn that face upside down its a sad oompa-loompa...]

Kele-De snorts. "I want to be clean, Jonathan. Not covered in dry mud and grime from travelling."

Taikris blinks a few times at Ruby. "Cool what? I'm not even trying hard. I'm giving -him- time to cool off, but if you want to hold him down for a bit. You're more than welcome to."

Ranamor Quickfist is probably cool, considering hes unconsious.

Taikris didn't knock him out <.<

Marlina Evenstar finally intervenes on the halflings behalf, largely because the struggles there were beginning to distract her, thus a swift blow to the arm that imprisons the halfling's own, in the hopes of allowing that to disrupt the hold and let the irritating half-sized individual go free.

Taikris: [what struggle? o.o]
Marlina Evenstar: [Well...]
Marlina Evenstar: [I suppose if Ranamor wasn't moving at all, there's no struggle, but he's not unconcious, just thinks he is. :-P]

Ruby Pyralis looks up toward the ceiling while digging her claws into the table, as if giving the primes a glare. This done, she looks back to Tai, "Stop. Being. An. A$$!" ><

Ranamor Quickfist: [Tai smashed his head into a table. Hes unconsious.]
Taikris: [His -face- not his head. You're not out cold :-P]
Taikris: [You cheek is just flush with the table :-)]
Ranamor Quickfist: [I posted that he turned his head.]
[#] Whispers
Ranamor Quickfist: [Its instinct to turn your face away from an incoming table. *waits for Tai's post.]

Marlina Evenstar comments after her quick action, whether succesful or not, to the bard once more, "Of course I'd be bein' insistant, not as if there's much else to be bein' done that might be suitably interestin', neh?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne chuckles. "Unless you want to help us kill the halfling." He arches his back, letting it pop a few times. "The three of us can probably cause some significant trouble in the city before the army comes in. Little things, like breaking the windlass on the gate, or setting fire to the armory."

Taikris seems to have largely given up on holding the creature before Marlina would make her strike, lifting up the halfling under his arm. "Jon.... where should I dump him?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne shrugs. "Outside. Turn him face down, in case you concussed him and he vomits, and put him in the shade."

Ranamor Quickfist: [HRTHRTHRTHRTAww how cute, Jon cares about Ran! HRTHRTHRTHRT]

Taikris nods promptly and leave the building to do so, only to return a moment later to take a seat where the halfling had so recently occupied

Kele-De nods and brushes her fingers through her headfur. "Sounds like a plan." She leans back a bit in the seat and sighs.

Marlina Evenstar taps her hands absently upon the table then as she considers this and other matters before speaking once more, "We're to be also havin' teh worry about gold, we're not to be bein' all that greatly succesful if we're to be starvin' while attacking that group of orange clad traitors. The guild's not to be bein' all that charitable I'd be thinkin'. A job like the Tigath-lass' idea might not be bein' far off the target, plus it's to be hidin' yeh better."

Taikris wishes he could find Dirk's stash, but alas u.u "I miss anything while I was dumping out the halfling?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne pulls a bottle from his satchel and uncorks it with his teeth. "I have a small some of gold, and I can find work in the city if I need to." He takes a long pull from the bottle. "And if nothing else, theft is always an acceptable way to live off the enemy."

Sirum Hest, having spent the better portion of the last while trying to ignore the conflict with the halfling, flicks an ear in the direction of Marlina at the mention of gold. "Kivae can grow food quickly enough. But I suppose if we really need to contribute gold... ah... how long would sixty-nine gold pieces feed a group of twelve to fifteen?"
Sirum Hest adds, afterwards, "Or I'm sure with all the tomato sauce Rakuro bought he can make a bottomless pot of spaghetti."

Marlina Evenstar nods once more, about to speak before the rodent suddenly makes his comment, "It would be feedin' them well enough aye... Right before yeh'd be seein' Mazus or whoever the hell's to be leadin' that lot would be comin' and clappin' yeh in irons. Large groups are to be gathering notice, large amounts of money are to be bein' noticed, noticed would be in turn meaning that tounges would be waggin'."

(You see Oakleaf Evolution.)
> A young pegasus half-feral of mean stature stands before you, wearing a simple and tattered green tunic. Her emerald eyes gleam with a strange glow, though the pupils reflect little light. Her wings are a mottled silver with sea-blue flight feathers. The feathering around her hooves and the markings on her face are the same colour, contrasting with her ruddy strawberry-roan fur.

Oakleaf Evolution enters, golden leaves in her long blood-red flowing mane. She shakes the dangling strands out of her eyes, and looks around. Oakleaf appears young, fifteen at the most, judging by her height and the size oh her gleaming emerald eyes. She wears a tattered, light green tunic of poor cloth. A dark green cape, splattered with half-dry mud and torn, flows behind her back, ending just below the tail. Two mottled silver wings with sea-blue flight feathers are folded at her back. She gives a slight smile of greeting, and then remembering she is in a place >
Oakleaf Evolution: unknown to her, she bows, sweeping one wing out in a gesture of greeting.

Marlina Evenstar: [>< THere goes another post. :-P]

Jonathan Ruddiwyne's player wants spaghetti. "A poor meal costs a copper or two. Sixty-nine crowns would feed fifteen people for quite some time... but like she says, that many people would be noticed very quickly."

Taikris leans forward onto the table, his last question apparently ignored as he tries to follow the conversation in progress. "I have about a hundred saved up from when I quit my job if it counts for anything, but I seriously doubt we can 'live among the enemy' for any extended period of time. Especially since they have most of your names and faces.

Taikris he would then give a glance towards the most recent entrance and ask quietly to green clad femme next to him "Who's she?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne smirks at Tai, and begins to whistle a tune. After a few moments, the features of his face begin to blur and change as if being remolded from clay... and by the time Jon has ceased whistling, his face is an imperfect but recognizable replica of Taikris' own. "Faces can be changed, my friend." [2/2]

Marlina Evenstar narrows her gaze first at the new arrival, then further as her attention returns to the one who questioned her, "Not to be knowin' that lad, or for that matter, I'd not be knowin' who yeh are either."

Sirum Hest fishes a paw into either pocket and digs around for a bit, before coming up with precisely nineteen gold coins. Which he places onto the table and scoots over to Jonathan. "Part of the profits from a little adventure to Sargothas. Find some with a caravan that works for the Risin' Phoenix, kill 'em, fill their caravan to the brim with food - 'cause the prices for it inside of Ansteorra are insane - an' head inside. Sounds like a good enough idea? Oh, right, an' before ya go into the Kingdom, shouldn't we do somethin' about Damien's project in the desert..?", tail waving politely back in greeting to Oakleaf with that. ^^ "Hiya!"

Ranamor Quickfist thuds through the door and staggers over collapsing weakly. His eyes shoot murderous daggers at both Jon and Tai, he would get them, oh yes he would, and they won't be expecting it!

Jonathan Ruddiwyne lets his face relax and assume its own features once more. "That will help, Sirum." He tilts his head. "Do you have any of those empty bottles I made for you and Kivae, or did you use them all to put potions into?"

Taikris can't help but raise a brow at Jon's rather neat trick. "That'll do us well, but I probably won't need it, as I've never been there :-)." he then addresses Marlina "Hmm, oh! The name's Taikris, and you are?" He takes no notice of the muderous glare, but does turn to wave and speak greeting to the femme at the entry way

Kele-De leans forward against the table then upon her arms. "So, bath, sneak into the city and wreak havoc, hmm? I'm up for hte challenge." She chuckles then as her brow arches. "I thought we were keeping the party small? I'm not trying to be exclusive but the more of us who go in, the more likely weare to get caught."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne nods. "I'm thinking just the three of us, and Sirum if he wants to come along. Beyond that, we'd stick out like a polar bear in a coal mine."

Marlina Evenstar doesn't even glance at Taikris as she responds once more to his questioning, "I am to be bein' many things I'd be thinkin', though my name'd be Marlina, and not any bloody shortening thereof." Her attention returns to Jon as he makes that statement, "A what kind of bear?"

Sirum Hest nods slowly and scoots the bottle that held the giant potion across the table as well, afterwards squinting at the air in front of him. Or rather, a inch to the left of it, while lifting both paws into the air as if to grab at something. And oddly enough, he does draw something out of thin air, a crystal ball, which he rolls carefully between either paw. "I'd have to ask that Kivae come too, since we're near about inseperable an' she keeps me from doin' stupid things." He pauses then, to squint down at the ball. "This ball can see the future, but I'm not surely sure whether we should use it or not. It only has three charges, an' as nice as it would be to know what would happen if we went inside Ansteorra now, it'd be nicer to use once the armies started fightin'."

[More evidence that Sirum pays attention in Rakuro's classes. Kiv and Si would, on the rare occasion, place or retrieve something from the Inbetween.]

Jonathan Ruddiwyne stares at Marlina for a moment, uncomprehending. "A pol.. oh, right. There are some areas of Feanor that are frozen over, solid snow and ice. The bears there are completely white, to camoflage them in the snow."

Marlina Evenstar: [I'd hate to see Sirum be surely sure about anything, that strikes me as scary.]
You say, "[><]"
You say, "[That's what I get for AIMing while RPing.]"

Taikris nods firmly as he somehow decides against shaking her paw "A pleasure to meet you Marlina." he then looks over to Jon with a rather odd look. "I spend weeks following you through rain, miss out on a chance to pursue that mapmaker fellow I've been hearing about, and now you're just gonna let me sit this out? I'd like to see the capital at least once before it gets turned to rubble"

Oakleaf Evolution stands in front of the doorway, listening intently to the conversation now that attention has shifted back away from her. Perhaps there are more important things than what I came her for, she decides, and sits down, hopefully unnoticed.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne raises an eyebrow. "You weren't required to follow me. All I said was that if you got in my way I would kill you."

Kele-De arches a brow and sighs. "Okay, let's all go off with the entirity of everyone here and go get ourselves killed." She huffs softly then. "There's a reason only a few of us need to be going, so we don't get killed. Jonathan, Marlina and I can blend in easily."

Marlina Evenstar nods faintly at that, as if that were all the explanation she needed, which perhaps it was, considering her journeying days and all, though again the object hearing her speech is Taikris, "Who's to be sayin' that the capital's to be bein' rubble? Can't be livin' in a ruin, and aye we'd be doin' just that, yeh'd be riskin' our lives by doin' otherwise."

Taikris shakes his head as he rises to his footpaws. "You're all going to be wreaking hell on the place, that Entad fellow is going to take it by assault, it's already been through one major war" he turns to Kele "And I really don't even need to blend in. I've never been there!" he shakes his head with a sigh. "But fine. I'm gonna go ask about for that mapmaker again while you guys figure out who's going"

Sirum Hest frowns vaguely as his question regarding Kivae was ignored, but he just tucks the ball back into the space of air that it was pulled from. Inbetween Storage was such a lovely trick, thankfully not too many knew of it. ^^; "Mm... why would anyone need maps... everythin's gonna get busted up an' moved around after this war an' they'll all be outdated..."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne waves to Taikris.

Taikris walks out the door ^^

Jonathan Ruddiwyne drains his bottle. "What else has been going on? Have there been many caravans stopped?"

Sirum Hest slips AFF for a moment. []
Jonathan Ruddiwyne watches the RP die in the meanwhile. []
Oakleaf Evolution: [[Mm. Should I pop in?]]

Marlina Evenstar returns to a moderate level of conversation involving activity, "From what I'd be bein' told, the prices aren't to be bein' quite as high as the ratling supposin' them to be, and caravans are some of the most heavily guarded things now, with the nation still recoverin' from the war."
Marlina Evenstar ... "As there to be bein' prized so highly, they'd not be bein' stopped as easily."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne raises an eyebrow. "What's the point of this blockade, then? To let them through?"

[Popped outside for a second to do some rolls, missed some posts.

Marlina Evenstar raises an eyebrow at that before speaking once more, "And then he'd be sacrificin' one of the core points of his whole bloody war, I'd not be expectin' him to be doin' that, or to be lettin' a nation reform. I'd be hatin' him as much as anyone who's to be bein' here, but I don't see him being any better than a king who had certain tastes that really shouldn't see the light of day. Or a queen that did nothing."

Sirum Hest shakes his head slowly and draws up his cloaks hood, appearing as if he would prefer nothing more than to take a nap right now. "We aren't lettin' 'em through, I think we're stoppin' every last one headin' in or out. Well, not so much we as the guards, but ya would have to ask Entad about that. I jus' hope Entad realizes we're still alive sometime soon."

Oakleaf Evolution tries to gather the sides of the conversation, and finds it becomes confusing after a while. She fiddles with her long wavy hair in which golden leaves are occasionally entwined as she listens.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne nods. "What are you doing with the supplies you sieze from the caravans?"

Sirum Hest's nose wrinkles as he considers that, tilting his head back to peek out at the bard from beneath the hood. "Actually, I don't have a clue what we're doin' here. We only arrived a day or three before ya did, we're still tryin' to get into the loop around here. Though... one of the caravans that were brought in were put out there.", tail flicking towards the door to his left.

[#] A short scream echoes into the still nighttime air, before falling short rather abruptly with a loud thoud and the clatter of metal upon metal. Moments later a horn would blast and the sound of many rushing feet would be heard along with yells and speech in the direction of the main gate.

Sirum Hest snaps to attention the second the screams fill the air, glancing back behind him off at the door with a brow raised. "Either Entad is back, or the gates of hell have appeared right outside our own. Suppose we should get out there quickly, Jonathan?", paw already reaching for his bow.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne stands abruptly, pulling his bow off the table. "Let's go," he agrees. "Knowing him, it could very well be both." Out the door goes Jon.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [It's a whole lot of nothing!]
You say, "[It's the langoliers!]"

[#] Upon the paved floor lies a metal clad soldier, sword drawn and helmet missing from the rest of the body nothing visible remains that might indicate what had caused his death, aside from the impact and consequent crushed bone of his oddly unprotected head. About him a fair number of other soldiers have gathered, the reason for the sound of rushing feet and shouts.

Sirum Hest rushes to the gates with his bow readied, though he seems to be mostly focusing on the guard tower as if considering climbing it for a better viewing position. But as it seems that the only reason for the disruption is a dead guard, he arches a brow and returns the weapon to his shoulder. "What in the Primes name happened here? It looks like Grok was revived an' used the 'Eadsplitter."

[God, that was... a year ago, maybe more. I don't think people got half the things Si alluded to. Including that bit about the spaghetti sauce earlier.]

Jonathan Ruddiwyne touches the shoulder of one of the living guards. "Can you tell me what happened here?"

Kele-De runs to the gate, stopping short of those gathered. Getting a look at the soldier she arches a brow, Sirum having taken the words from her mouth.

[#] The guard blinks, eyes unaccustomed to having any sort of intelligent light within them gazing at the bard for several moments before he nods and speaks in a quick response, "We don't know, the dead soldier was stationed atop the tower, then a few minutes ago he simply fell with that scream. He was always a dextrous fellow though, and I can't see why he would have slipped."

Sirum Hest shifts around to stare off at the top of the tower, narrowing his eyes up at its roof before asking to the guards as a whole. "Has anyone checked up there to see if anyone else was up there, or if he was pushed off by somethin'?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne found a clue! Let's split up, gang. "All right. I'm going to investigate the tower, then. Where's his helmet?"

Taikris seems to have made his way back to the for after his brief excursion into the surrounding area. It was upon not finding any of them in the meeting room that he arrives amongst the others. "Who's the dead guy?"

[#] The guard currently preoccupied does not appear to be able to c omprehend two conversations at one time, thus limits himself to responding to jon, rather than the rodent, "Probably fell off in the fall, and is somewhere in the fort."

Sirum Hest isn't asking just that guard, is asking them as a whole, for any who would respond.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne motions for Sirum to come over to his side. Should Sirum do so, he would proceed to whisper in his ear.

Oakleaf Evolution runs, having fallen asleep and awoken to find everybeast was gone.
Sirum Hest does just that.

[#] The other guards appear to have not been paying attention to the rodent as they mill about without other orders telling them what to do, and without a proper dismissal.

Kele-De sighs, a paw running through her headfur before pulling her glaive out and looking around.

[ Jonathan Ruddiwyne whispers, "These guys are either dumber than bricks, or something's making it hard for them to think straight. Have Kel try to find the helmet, and you stay here and observe the guards - I've never seen soldiers act like this before. I'm going up to the tower to have a look-see." to you. ]

Taikris lacking any real answer from the assembled group before him, he taps one of the guards upon the shoulder. "Where was he stationed exactly?" having only arrived recently, and thusly missing the previous statement

[#] The second guard tapped tells the same story, that he had been atop the tower, and then fallen.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne is done talking to Sirum, and proceeds to climb the tower. I'm looking for clues! =D

Sirum Hest leans back in to whisper something in response to Jonathan, though he nods quickly after and glances about the pathway in thought. "Kele, let's find that helmet, ya? It should be somewhere near here."

[ You whisper "Sirum Hest leans back in to whisper something in response to Jonathan, though he nods quickly after and glances about the pathway in thought. "Kele, let's find that helmet, ya? It should be somewhere near here."" to Jonathan Ruddiwyne. ]

[ You whisper "[Sirum would have whispered] They're probably jus' in shock that the friend they've spent the last few weeks with is dead." to Jonathan Ruddiwyne. ]

Kele-De nods and her brows furrow as she watches Jon climb the tower. Nodding absently to SIrum, seh starts looking about, though her gaze drifts to the tower every few minutes, just in case.

Taikris wants to beat Jon to the top, and thusly dons his iron claws to aid in such an endeavor :-D

Oakleaf Evolution looks about nervously. Fallen off the tower? One does not fall off a tower randomly, she thinks, but then remids herself that she has not heard the full story. All the same, she grasps the green pommel of her sword, just in case.

Sirum Hest isn't entirely sure why everyone seems so intent on going for their weapons, as there was no threat posed in the current area. So he simply heads off back into the meeting hall to grab a torch and returns ith it, circling the tower shortly before heading outside the gates to look around there.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne returns downstairs, holding a silver rose in his palms. "Found this underneath the telescope," he announces.

[ You whisper "[Does Si find the helmet anywhere around the tower/outside the gate?]" to Marlina Evenstar. ]

Oakleaf Evolution squints at the metal rose surprisedly in this dim light. A rose... strange...

Jonathan Ruddiwyne blinks. "How would you know? We just arrived today."

Sirum Hest returns back into the gates coming up empty pawed, raising a brow at the rose within Jonathan's paws. "Looks kinda like the Rangers Guild badge."

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Outside the gate, just west of the tower, a patch of torn black cloth on the palisade.]" to you. ]

Kele-De glances up from searching for the helmet. Her brows furrow as she listens to the conversation then she sinks into thought.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne traces the lines of the rose with a fingertip. "Where was it found? Do you still have it?"

Sirum Hest actually returns with a patch of torn black cloth, and adds after his previous comment, "An' this was on the palisade. Though... nah, it's in Kalannar's posession. Doesn't Kalannar wear black, though? An' he's a member of the Rangers Guild... we jus' gotta check an' see if Zag or Kalannar are missin' their badges."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne looks down at the body. "That doesn't explain this."

Marlina Evenstar is back in action as she comments idly, to quell the suspicion about the ranger's guild being connected, seeing as she's here and all, "Zagnafein's guild is to be usin' a silvered leaf as a broach, rather than a rose like yeh'd be havin' there. See?" And with that she would procur her own symbol of the guild to display.

Kele-De brows continue to furrow and her lips purse. "What were the circumstances of finding the other rose Sirum?"

Sirum Hest gives a light shrug and fwumps down to the ground, toying with the shred of black cloth between his fingers. "No one can jump over those palisade. Meanin'... someone had to have flown over it an' ripped their cloak like this? An' I'm not entirely sure. Kalannar jus' mentioned a crystal tree."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne waits for the answer to Kel's question.

Sirum Hest answered as best he could.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne thinks Sirum's answer sucked.

Kele-De nods and drums the fingers of the paw not clutching her glaive upon her leg. "Well, in that case where's Kalannar? It's important that we know the circumstances. Is he the one that found it?"

Sirum Hest was the DM of that plot. :-P Isn't supposed to know much of anything regarding it.

[The thing that was unique about Ansteorra was, given we had so many DMs, sometimes it made it difficult to figure out which events were connected unless you knew which DMs were behind them. Our plots were largely completely disconnected from one another.]

Jonathan Ruddiwyne taps his chin. "I'd also like to hear more about this crystal tree, then."

Taikris is just standing there ^^

Sirum Hest fwumps back onto the pathway and crosses his arms up behind his head, busying himself with eyeing the cloth for anything unusual. "It's not too far away from here, Primes, if Tallus' eyes are hittin' it jus' right it should be easily able to be seen from miles. I was lookin' at it through the telescope up there earlier."

Oakleaf Evolution outstretches an aching wing, thankful she is relatively unnoticed in this town where strange things happen - not that her destroyed home was exactly normal - and trying to sort out the comments.

Marlina Evenstar made a comment about the rose not being related to the ranger's guild, and gave evidence, by the way. >.>

Jonathan Ruddiwyne heard the comment, but wasn't speculating along those lines anyway. "And Kalannar's been out to the tree? Has anyone else?"

Taikris would give a shake of his head, glancing only occasionally to the rather odd looking equine o.o

Sirum Hest nods quickly, "Zag was out there, or at least, he left with 'em. I didn't see 'em come back though. Personally, I don't see a connection between the roses. One is made of silver an' the other jewels. I don't suppose anyone here knows divination magic? Kivae said Kalannar's flower helped spells made through song an' nature magics. We don't even know if this one has anythin' similar to that through magic."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne shrugs. "It might not be all that important. It's entirely possible that this fellow simply fell." He turns to the guards. "Was anyone on, in, or near the tower before the incident?"

Oakleaf Evolution speaks up in a small voice. "Divination magic... I don't know... but- I can do earth magic...". Her words die into a mumble and she looks a little embarrassed.

Taereal Sareen is here!!

You say, "[We needed Kalannar. :P]"
Taereal Sareen: [You whores...]
You say, "[HRT]"

[#] One of the guards responds once more then, "Aye, the night guard, but we've already questioned him, he just fell suddenly, and screamed. Nothing before that."

Ruby Pyralis just now, apparently, catches up to the rest of the people, having most likely been napping before... someone paint me a picture here.

Sirum Hest considers that briefly before springing back up to his footpaws, shaking his head to Jonathan. "That doesn't explain the cloth ripped on top of the palisade, or the rose placed up there, or why none of us have yet to find his helmet. This doesn't add up."

Kele-De sighs. "We really need to talk to Kalannar." She sighs and runs a paw through her headfur, brows still furrowed in thought.

Taikris hmms slightly before giving another shrug. "I don't think earth magic is going to help us much at the moment miss." he then wonders when Bryanna arrived... if she's IC that is :-P

Kalannar glides up.. more than likely unnoticed as always. At mention of his name, the Drow narrows his eyes toward the Seal Mistress, though he remains silent.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne grins manically. "You're right, Sirum. Maybe it's-" He waves his hands and fingers. "-eeeeevil spirits." He chuckles. "There's an explanation for this somewhere. Any flying creatures in the vicinity? Giant birds? Harpies? Wyverns?"

Sirum Hest reaches the paw not holding the cloth up behind his head and rubs at the back of his neck, grinning sheepishly. "Well... there's Huggy, but she doesn't fly so much as glide. Why would birds, harpies or wyverns be wearin' black cloaks, though?"

[#] Beneath the assembled's feet, the ground begins vibrating ever so often, extremely soft. Some of the guards seem to be looking knowingly at each other.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne kicks Entad in the chest. >.> "What's that?" he asks, concern rising in his voice.

Oakleaf Evolution feels the ground shift under her hooves. She looks nervously around to see if anyone else notices it, then thinks it may be - no, it can't!- she glances, frightened out the gate.

Taikris quickly moves to tap one of the guards upon the shoulder once more. "What the hell is going on now?!"

Kele-De blinks as the ground shakes beneath her. Her eyes dart about catching some of the guards looks.

Taereal Sareen's ears flick downward as he raises an eyebrow and glances around, "I say, what on Feanor's that?"

Marlina Evenstar shifts slightly with the vibrating ground, casting a wary eye downwards, never one to really enjoy things like sudden snowstorms burying the roof, or earthquakes. She might have voiced something, but questioning of what was happening had already begun, so she remained silent.

[#] The guard just looks at Taikris and blanches slightly. "Just one of them giant stone thingers wandering here. Probably bringin' more soldiers, as usual." He mutters something after that.

Ruby Pyralis doesn't seem to be paying much attention to anything going on, arms crossed nonchalently.

Bryanna Dh'oul quirks a brow, the earthshaking apparently not even fazing the Sealmistress. "Tha twas onna groun' 'o Fe'nor dun quakin' innae s'boots, eh? Tae.. Y'nor'land'rs b't'jumpeh."

Kalannar is immediately suspicious of the ground moving, until the guard speaks. He then relaxes and continues watching.

Oakleaf Evolution trembles. She is unsure of what the guard means, and the word "soldiers" associated with shaking ground does not give her a good picture.

Sirum Hest stares down at the ground with his nose wrinkled as the ground begins moving, scurrying over to the palisade to sit by it. Better than being thrown to the ground if they get any worse. "I'm takin' it we're givin' up on tryin' to find out where that rose came from or who managed to rip their cloak from that high up? Ah well. Maybe Entad'll be arrivin' with the soldiers."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne shakes his head. "We're moving it to a back burner in favor of not getting killed by the 'stone thingers'."

Taikris nods rather slowly at this point. "Hopefully friendly soldiers then?" he doesn't seem to catch the end comment, but seems to assume that it's some under the breath curse. "Well... if the 'stone thingers' are Entad's... then I don't mind looking into that odd rose of yours"

Kele-De simply nods, off in her own thoughts, wondering what was going on.

Taereal Sareen scratches the back of his neck and tilts his head at Bryanna, "Northlander? Me?" He chuckles, "Oh, no, Seal Mistress. Eastlander, is more befitting a title." He nods.

[#] After a brief amount of time, the shaking is noticeably increased, and a large group of figures can be seen approaching. Another of the guards scoff. "Bah, nothin' to worry about. Just they give ya' the heebie-jeebies somethin' fierce." Several others grunt an agreement. "Aye, the heebies."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne rolls his eyes. "The 'heebies'." He turns his attention back to the rose. "Someone divine this, please? I'd like to know who left it on the tower."

Kalannar takes a few steps toward the gate, raising an eyebrow to the group. Strange no one's noticed him, though not uncommon.

Oakleaf Evolution jumps, already nervous from the ground shaking, seeing Kalannar move out of the corner of her eye.

Oakleaf Evolution sighs. "Oh.. h--hello..."

Kele-De arches both brows, shaking from her thoughts by the increased shaking. "What in Primes name is going on here? There's a dead furre. Some unknown brooch. A scrap of cloth left in a nearly impossible place and now the ground is shaking."

Bryanna Dh'oul shakes her head. "Tae, laddeh. Y'ail b'nor'land'rs t'maiself. An whazza b't'rose fer, baird? Y'thainkin t'paick m'up or summat, eh? S'nay t'werk, y'kno." With a graceful leap, she hurtles over the crowd and perches on the palisade rather creakily. From her vantage point, she looks across the group and over the horizon, trying to ascertain the source of the shaking.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne bites his tongue to hold back the obvious retort of not being attracted to femmes who can't even form simple phrases in Common without sounding like somebody had been grating their tongue with a rasp. "I don't know what the rose is for, actually."

Taikris slowly takes a seat upon the ground, deciding to wait out the movements of the 'stone thingers' "I think that if we don't come up with any answers, the best idea might be to go see this tree itself."

Taereal Sareen looks down at the rose, taking a moment to absorb its appearance, and simply shrugs, "It's not like anything I've ever really seen."

[#] All at once, the heavy vibrations stop. Off in the distance, several titanic figures can be seen taking up positions on either side of the road, and a great many more charge off in either direction. However, a relatively large group remains intact, and continues heading towards the fort.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne idly steps aside, back against the building and clearing the path. "It's a rose made out of silver, Lord Paladin. My father has made countless hundreds of them. The more important thing is determining who left it up there, and whether or not that person threw this guard to his death."

Kalannar turns from the gate, no longer intrigued, his interest now drawn on the silver rose. He takes a step forward, more closely into the view of everyone else, and simply kneels down to inspect it, though without touching it.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne is holding the rose. >.>

Oakleaf Evolution steadies herself, having become accustomed to the shaking, and grimaces.. diziness is the last thing she needs now. Hearing the bard's comments, she speaks quietly again. "I think I may know what it is... a murder, someone murdered the guard, as a warning... and left the rose as a token."

Kalannar assumed it was on the ground. Reposts.

Kalannar turns fromt he gate, no longer intrigued, his interest now drawn on the silver rose. He takes a few steps forward, moving closely toward Jonathan to inspect the rose.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne looks up at the speaker. "We can hope not, miss." He looks around at the assembly. "None of you can use divination magic?"

Taikris calls up to Bryanna from his seat upon the ground. "So... are they Entad's 'stone thingers'?"

Kele-De arches a brow. "Kalannar. Sirum told us that you have a rose similar to the one Jonathan is holding. What were the circumstances in which you found it?"

Taereal Sareen places a paw on his hip, nodding. He then frowns ever so slightly at catching sight of that Drow. He simply shrugs inwardly.

Bryanna Dh'oul shakes her head. "Methainks s'tah b'kno'n, lasseh. T'onleh bai a'murd'rer s'kails summat, annae b'thainking tha s'rose b'a sain." She then calls down to Tai with a bit of a shrug. "S'nae c'n tail f'ere. Bigguns tho, sa'fsure. Tooma dun sai wha n'Taigrr'm fou' innae wars."

Oakleaf Evolution shakes her head in response to Taikris' question, a little annoyed at her suggestion being practically ignored, but takes into account that she is, after all, little more than a child...

Kalannar turns, his gaze narrowing on Kele, "It is a jeweled flower, I discovered it while investigating the crystal tree with Zagnafein."

Kele-De crosses her arms over her chest. "What crystal tree?"

Kalannar snorts, and simply replies, "Ask the guards, it is a local rumor." He steps off to the side without revealing any more details.

Kele-De arches a brow. "A local rumor? I'd much rather hear the tale from one who'd been there."

Taikris frowns slightly at the vague answer by Bryanna, and thusly begins rising to his feet to get a look for himself. "Once we figure out who the 'stone thingers' belong to, we can probably have a look for ourselves. It's not supposed to be too far from here, or so the guards say"

Bryanna Dh'oul continues her watch over the wall, blatantly making herself noticable, as if she had no fear of attack.

Kalannar, having grown visibly irritated, spits his words back, "Were any of your business, which it is not, then perhaps I would be more inclined to tell you. As it stands, there is no reason for me to reveal my personal affairs to any of you."

[#] The approaching group is within a mile of the fort now, and marching hard. At the forefront is a figure cloaked in bright red, and the rest of them seem to be wearing pale blue.

Bryanna Dh'oul shakes her head. "S'saims t'bai 'o yer folk. Assain b'wairin blue."

Taereal Sareen growls a bit, then raises his Seal-tattooed paw from his hip, his voice going stern toward the Drow, "Now, you see here, you! You will answer lady Kele's questions!" He looks almost as if he's ready to attack the Drow.

Oakleaf Evolution's ears perk to the marching, and she turns around again. At first she thinks it is the soldiers of Ranarron, and ducks behind the wall with big eyes... but then she sees that the blue is light on the uniforms and regains her composure, standing confusedly at the gate.

Taikris bahs briefly at the sight, not caring for the complete vagueries of what he saw. Dashing up the tower, he intends to use one of the telescopes for a better view

Jonathan Ruddiwyne regards Taereal with a slight grin, but says nothing.

Taereal Sareen is partially racist. o.O

Jonathan Ruddiwyne isn't grinning about that.

Kalannar pays little mind to the ramblings of the Paladin, and simply remains where he is, awaiting the oncoming spectacle.. perhaps some blood would be spilt.

Kele-De gently lays a paw on Tae's arm. "It's fine, Taereal. I'm used to such responses from Kalannar." She shakes her head then rolls her eyes. Catching Jon's grin, she merely glares at him for a moment.

Taikris makes his way back down the large establishment, probably to tap Jon on the shoulder unless he already knows. "Hope your lungs are ready. He's here <.<"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne's eyes meet hers and hold them for a long moment, as he obviously attempts to hold in a laugh. He is then distracted by the monk. "Entad?"

Taereal Sareen looks at Kele as his ears go level with his head. He huffs a bit, though concedes. He simply goes silent and places a paw on his hip, his ears raising once more.
Taereal Sareen is, for note, completely oblivious to Jonathan's apparent mockery.

Taikris nods firmly in response to John. "The one and only. I never noticed how short he was till I saw him through the scope upstairs. He stands about a foot shorter than everyone"

Kele-De shakes her head as Jon catches her eyes, then sticks her tongue out at him. She smiles at him then turns to Tae and gives him a smile as well. She steps away then, muttering something beneath her breath and sits down by the palisade, beneath Bryanna. She looks up toward Bry and sighs.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne's face becomes set. "Excuse me, then. I need to go give him a piece of my mind." Off he charges, oblivious to the fact that he's about to go chew out a demon.

Bryanna Dh'oul looks at Kel, questioningly. "Wha's'y'maiter, Kel, lasseh? Y'ave mal'furres fight'n o'er y' laik y'twere t'laist femme 'o t'plains. Ai'd b' raither 'appy, f'maiself."

Ruby Pyralis notes that was the only time she understood Bryanna all day.

Bryanna Dh'oul must try harder ><

[Ellroc Sekrep gave Kin-Rah a collar that let her speak common. Where the heck was he for Bryanna.]

Taereal Sareen's ears swivle up at Bryanna, his face going a shade of red. He clears his throat quickly, looking over toward the command structure in the corner of the fort.

[#] Approximately half a mile out of the fort, all but one of the approaching figures suddenly veers off the road, disapearing into the trees. After some time, their steady clomping can be heard passing close to the fort, and departing up the road to Ansteorra. Entad continues strolling along, not pausing when he's sees Jon's hasty approach.

Oakleaf Evolution: [[The accent burns.. but at least it's a real one unlike the ones at horse stables! It's fun to read.]]
Entad D'lune drags Jon ^^ []

Oakleaf Evolution slips out the gate a bit, curious.

Taikris plops down the ones just outside the entrance to the gate and nearby Kele. He didn't want to miss a thing going on out there ^^

Kalannar grins darkly at Jonathan's decision to speak with Entad. This would be most interesting. It would be even more interesting if the bard lived. He pays little mind to the soldiers.
Taereal Sareen: *swivel

Kele-De chuckles slightly and shakes her head. "I'm fine Bryanna." She smiles at her, tehn sighs.

Ruby Pyralis alternates her feet a few times, standing on one for a few moments and then the other - probably because her feet are beginning to hurt from standing in place for so long. After a few minutes, she sighs and sits down right where she was standing.

Taikris turns about slightly, leaning back to see the source of this distraction. "Something wrong, Kele?"

Bryanna Dh'oul shrugs, and backflips off of the palisade, landing with nary a sound upon the soft earth. She rises and looks Kel in the eyes as she doe so. "Y'know s'ai c'n tail if'n y b'lain t'maiself, Lasseh. Y'aget mai sail b'watch'n y' s'if y'thouts raise t't'surf'ce."

Taereal Sareen's embarrassment quickly fades as he steps over to gain a more clear view of the 'thingers' and the soldiers. As they veer off of the road and around the fort, he simply raises an eyebrow, "Now, that's odd. If they're that Entad fellow's soldiers, then why would they be skipping over the fort." He places a paw on his chin, apparently unawares of anything but the situation before his eyes. His tone lightens then, in a jesting manner, "Unless of course they're planning to attack The Kebeyan Repub-" He cuts himself off, then simply looks toward the others, as if to question whether or not they caught his meaning.

Kalannar grumbles, and simply takes a seat beside the pathway. No battle? Curses.

Kele-De chuckles. "Aye, I know I can never lie to you Bryanna." She runs a paw through her headfur. "Though at the moment-" She arches a brow at Tae's words. "What?"

Taikris seems to have had his comment lost in the wake of the aged seal mistress. No matter. "I think he said that a large scale assault is about to take place on the capital, just like I predicted earlier" he turns his head to the pavement.
Taikris: Now I'll never get to see it intact u.u

Taereal Sareen looks back toward the other side of the fort, "Well.. correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the city in that direction?" He looks back at the others, his gaze focusing on Taikris, "Did he, now? Hm. Shouldn't we be going? Or is this merely a skirmish?"

[#] A bright spark rushes westward toward the fort, flying no more than a hundred feet in the air. Still far distant, the trail of light it leaves behind it is still blinding like the sun itself. Within moments, the light alters course, tracking the first bit of troop movement. Silence shrouds the treetops for a pause, before a mass of birds take wing from the last known vicinity of that column of golems.

[#] [Aint golems. Try PMing or AIMing me before doing this kinda thing, aye?]
[#] [Will do. Retcon the 'golem']

Taikris watches the pretty thingies ^^

Taereal Sareen squints, then covers his eyes as the light makes for the direction of the would-be golems, ".. What was that?"

Bryanna Dh'oul smiles. "Tae, Tae, lass. Y'naid t'bai true t'y'self Tha's'wait s'importan't." She ruffles Kel's headfur, and looks around. "Wha' s'wha?"

Taikris simply gestures skyward for the sake of Bryanna "Those thingies. Hard to see jack crap though"

Oakleaf Evolution watches keenly, squinting.

Kalannar growls. He picks up a pebble and tosses it in a beeline toward the Paladin's head, "Shutup and sit down, wael. Do not expect an explanation for Entad's plans." Having noticed that pattern, the lynx's obsession with the moment is growing bothersoem.

Taereal Sareen scratches his neck, then looks to Bryanna, "There was a light, just a few seconds ago. Seemed to follow the same path of the soldiers and those.. things."

Kele-De stands and leans into Bry, sighing. She closes her eyes and draws from the other femme's strength. "I know that Bryanna." Her voice lowers then.

Bryanna Dh'oul looks up. Sees nothing. "Wha y'bai talking boot? I sai nothin' o t'sort." Her attention floats elsewhere as the breese floats across the plains. It was her way, though - Serious, and yet flippant. A true Tigahrrim. As Kel whispers her, she shakes her head softly. "'Ave y'asked y'heart what s'railly thin's?"

Taereal Sareen, paying attention to the gate, is struck sidelong with the pebble. He simply blinks and looks around blankly, having no idea where the small pebble had come from. He rubs his head a bit, then sighs and takes a breath.

Kele-De sighs and nods. Her paw runs through her headfur and she shrugs.

Oakleaf Evolution thinks a bit, and decides perhaps she could see more higher up. She spreads her wings and gets a small running start before leaping into the air, beating her wings furiously to stay up as she sails toward the pallisade. She barely manages to hold on and lift herself up while avoiding impaling herself on the spikes at the top. Folding her wings, the young Pegasus perches crowlike, and is dissappointed to find her view only improves a little.

Taikris shrugs slightly in response to Bryanna. "Whatever. I'm gonna head up to the top of the tower for a better look. Any of you feel like joinin' feel free to do so" he then marches up the stairs, ears flickering only occasionally to the words between Bryanna and Kele

Bryanna Dh'oul shakes her head. "If'n y'ear nuffin, then y'aint b'listnen', Kel." She kisses the femme's forehead, and then ascends the tower to have a look, leaving Kel to puzzle out the meaning of her lesson.
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Taereal Sareen waits only a few moments longer before halting any more attempts to see. The activity had died down for the most part, all he could do was wait. He strolls over to Kele, and just now takes note of the fact that she doesn't appear all too well. He lowers his tone a bit before speaking, "Kele? Are you alright?"

Damaskivon calls into the tower. "All clear!" and resumes his guard position.

Kele-De nods and steps away from Tae. "I'm fine." SHe smiles at him, then clibs up the tower after Bryanna.

Taereal Sareen blinks a moment and watches her go. Something feels wrong, though he decides best not to press the matter.
Oakleaf Evolution sighs, wrapping her tattered cape about her.

[ You whisper "[You're winning, yes?]" to Entad D'lune. ]
[ Entad D'lune whispers, "[No one's really winning.]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Ah. The usual high-powered NPC battle that ends in a stalemate or coming to an OOC compromise. xD]" to Entad D'lune. ]

[I missed the epic NPC-only battle. :(]

Kele-De sighs and shakes her head. "Sorry. Bryanna might. I mean, she does have the Mind Seal after all."

Bryanna Dh'oul shakes her head. "E'en tha' seal cannae catch t'mainds o'them o'er thar." She doesn't realize that she's standing next to a power sink, but it seems the most likely reason why she can't get a reading on them.

Taikris frowns slightly as he puts his eye back on the telescope. "Shame. They spend almost their entire time just talking to each other with words I can't even hear. I wonder when those daggers are going to start moving"

[#] Apparently, Entad and his army vanished, and Cyan took flight, now seeming not much more than a bright speck of light on the eastern horizon. Who won? Who lost? Who knows?

Jonathan Ruddiwyne won.

Taikris hmms slightly as he pulls back from the telescope turning to face the others. "It seems an awful lot like that feline won so... yay I guess." he glances over his shoulder once more. "But then... if he won... what becomes of the offensive on the Kebayan Republic?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne grins. "Entad placed me in command of this garrison. If he doesn't return, we can do it ourselves."

Bryanna Dh'oul nods. "Tae.. G'luck w'tha, eh?" She hugs Kel, and proceeds to jump three floors to the ground, landing softly in the dirt.

Bryanna Dh'oul needs to go nite nite :-)

Taikris blinks a few times when he suddenly realizes Jon was behind him. "Guess I was watching the fight too intensely ^^;." He gives a brief cough "Right then. So... o.o" he seems to be suddenly distracted by the drop of the aged femme

Bryanna Dh'oul is ony 60.. Yeesh :-P[]

Kele-De shrugs then nods and is suddenly hugged. "Are we still going to sneak into the city?"

Taereal Sareen raises an eyebrow, then turns to look at Jonathan.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne shakes his head. "I can't. I can't abandon the post. I'll have to think of something else, or hope that Solinox arrives soon." [Goodnight Kitz.]

Kele-De turns about and nods. "Well, my offer to sneak in and get what I can still stands."

Taikris takes a moment to glance over the edge of the building, wondering left to wonder how the hell that femme did that, before turning his attention back to Jon. "I see, but we still need to check into that silver rose and the death of that sentry"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne grins. "You do it, then. Suddenly I find myself with more pressing matters on my mind."

Taereal Sareen doesn't say a word to anyone, though makes his way off into the tower.

Kele-De nods. "Well, I can imagine. You have an entire fort to look after now."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne nods. "And everything that goes with it." He frowns. "Did I ever mention to anyone that I hate that demon?"

Kele-De laughs and rolls her eyes. "Several times." She runs a paw through her headfur. "Well, you're in charge it seems. Do you need my help here or would you prefer I sneak into the city?"

Taikris shrugs, giving a slight nod to the bard. "You were murmering something along those lines the entire trip up, Jonathan." It's his turn to sigh now as he glances to the stairwell. "I remember somebody saying there were pies about. Is there any credit to that statement?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne chuckles. "Probably not. You could check the soldiers' mess, though."
Jonathan Ruddiwyne taps his chin. "Let me send a scout or two out first, and we'll see how it is. If it really is as dangerous as all that, the answer's no, but otherwise some inside information would certainly be useful."

Kele-De nods. "Well, what can I do to help you here then, while you do that."
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: "First thing tomorrow morning, then."

Kele-De's brows furrow. "First thing tomorrow morning what?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne raises an eyebrow. "I'll send the scouts out?"

Kele-De laughs. "I figured that. I wanted to know what I could do to help you here while we're waiting to here from teh scouts."
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