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A day of deserts, tunnels and ladders. 10-20-2004

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 9:35 am    Post subject: A day of deserts, tunnels and ladders. 10-20-2004 Reply with quote

[Summary: Bit of a scrambled log. Half of it is adventuring into Thamrivol to investigate the green lines, not sure when that RP was resumed, maybe it was one of the RP logs I lost. The other half is a party Returning to Forest Funk to investigate the tunnel.]

Erk Mendon enters. Sits. Phear the post.

Kalannar trods in from outside, grumbling in Drow tongue as he takes a seat on the table, folding his legs beneath him as he does so. Once seated, the Dark Elf cracks his neck to the side shortly before resting his right elbow against his knee and hunching forward to lean the side of his head against his open palm.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne steps into the room. "Any word from Solinox yet?" asks the bard. All traces of manic impatience seem to have left his face, to be replaced with obvious lines of worry and sleepless nights of planning and conferring with his temporary lieutenant.

Kalannar grumbles, and simply stands to go and explore off somewhere.

Kele-De brows furrow and her ears perk as she hears Jonathan. "From what I heard last night, he's on his way. That dwarf, Brax was here." She brushes a paw through her headfur. "Did you send out those scouts, Jonathan?"

Sirum Hest motions a paw off towards the door Jonathan just walked through, his player semi-busy typing things. "Brax has already arrived an' set up shop yet again. His great Lord Commander shouldn't be too far behind, they're near inseperable.", grinning toothily. "Why?"

Taereal Sareen strolls in, coincidentally. <.< He passes along a pleasant nod to those present, and makes his way to the nearest seat, in which he promptly 'clanks' down into.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne sinks onto a stool, relief crossing his face. He wipes at his eyes with one hand, before letting his chin fall onto his propped arm. "Primes, I'm tried," he confesses. "I guess I didn't give Entad enough credit, and certainly not enough to Solinox. Commanding troops is hard work, even outside of battle. Do you realize how much paperwork and accounting there is involved in keeping seventy-four soldiers from wandering off? And that's not to mention our lot from Caeseal, that's just the company at the blockade. I couldn't imagine commanding an entire army without supernatural means."

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side and arches a brow, glancing about the room puzzledly. "Why would ya need to deal with any paperwork? There's no one to file it with around here, nor any need to type it up unless ya really wanna sit behind a desk. It's no like Damien is gonna waltz in an' demand to know everythin' that has happened here the past few weeks.", poking his tongue out at the bard. "Did ya ever find out what the cloth an' the rose meant, though?"

You say, "[TuxedoMaskTuxedoMaskTuxedoMask]"

Kele-De arches a brow and shakes her head. "Jonathan, you do realize that you don't have to do everything yourself. That's usually why commanders have aids to help them." She chuckles a bit. "You've enough of us at your disposal who are willing to help."

Taereal Sareen's ears flick as he appears thoughtful for a moment, his expression showing a slight of concern as he looks at the bard, "Heavens, Trademaster. You look as if you haven't slept in weeks.. and somehow I doubt that isn't far from the truth." The paladin raises a suggestive paw as Kele-De speaks, "Indeed, Jonathan. You really ought to get some rest. If there's anything I can do to help, anything at all, simply ask."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne shakes his head. "I'm not worried about Damien, and I know Entad doesn't want to see reports. I'm worried about the soldiers not getting their pay, and that has to be accounted for exactly, or they'll try to skinflint me. Eleven of them came to me last night and tried to convince me that they were promised fifty crowns a day, when I know for a fact that they're making fifty crowns a -week-. And I appreciate the offers, but you can't really help me in this unless you want to join their company. From what I've seen, you don't. There used to be five hundred of them." He sighs. "I haven't been researching the rose thing, since Taikris wanted to do that. I assumed it would get done. And as for the scouts, I have yet to recieve a report."

Erk Mendon just sits, staring at the table in deep thought.

Sirum Hest's ears droop at that. "I can't believe they're botherin' to ask for pay. They're the Ansteorra soldiers for Primes sake, they got paid at a rate of one -gold- per week, with the luxury of havin' free meals an' a warm bed. It's not like they're mercenaries...", tail thwumping annoyedly against the floor behind him. "I wonder where all that gold is comin' from, though... hopefully Entad is sendin' fake gold like he did before, hehehe."

Taereal Sareen looks himself over, noting his armored form, then the others, as well, "I am a soldier, Jonathan. As are we all, in some form or another. We are all here for the same battle to take back your home. If you don't mind my saying, we're all a part of this as much as you or any of those soldiers. If there are ways we can help, just ask."
Taereal Sareen adds, in afterthought, "Besides. I very much dislike sitting here and remaining idle all day while there are things that need doing."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne wonders why Sirum accented 'gold' and not 'one'. He shrugs. "Soldiers are soldiers, and I can't blame them. It's a job, it's a dangerous job, and if they fail, they will certainly be killed, either in battle or at the hands of their captors." He eyes Taereal. "You're starting to sound like me. What sort of things did you have in mind that need to be done, that you feel you are qualified to do?" Note that the question is genuine, and in no way sarcastic.

Sirum Hest emphasized on 'gold' and not 'one' because his player is still drowsy. Having to deal with PC's trying to kill one another for an hour or two can be extremely tiring, even after a day. :-P He fixes it appropriately. "Ah... right. It jus' seems like they have less of a chance of dyin' out here than they did when they were guards. It must be nice to not have to worry about Heretic's, Liches an' other undead eatin' 'em every day. I wonder, though... if they're bein' paid that much, it must mean that we're gonna storm the Kingdom soon enough, right?"

Kele-De shakes her head and runs a paw through her headfur, having been lost in thought for several moments. "Primes be damned I was hoping to be gone by now. The more information I can gather on things and the quicker I can gather it, the better off we'll be." To keep her paws busy, she begins plaiting her headfur into a long french braid.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne nods. "That's the idea. Either that, or I misread my forms and it's actually five gold a week, in which case I'm going to go find those eleven and make them clean the cesspool with toothbrushes."

Taereal Sareen sighs, his ears flicking as his face goes a bit more serious, "The Primes sent me to you all for a reason, to help. And if there is any way I can do so, then I will. What would you have me do?" He raises his paws, his expression lightening with a warm smile, "Paperwork? Patrols? Cleanup detail? Whatever's needed most. I don't know the particulars of how a fort runs, but I could learn just as well as any."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne shakes his head with a grin. "Paladins aren't Primes-sent to clean things. However, I'm sure there are some here who would appreciate a bit of ministry, if you can find the time to deliver it."

Sirum Hest snrks quietly. "That's not as fun as pawin' 'em off to Entad to ensure that they spend the rest of their days as femme felines, but it's nice all the same. Hum... I don't suppose anyone knows where Zag has run off to? Kivvy an' myself are gettin' behind."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne raises an eyebrow. "Getting behind on what?"

Taereal Sareen places an armored paw on his chin, "Granted, I am a Furre of the Church. Very well," he drops his paw down to the table, "Although, as a Paladin I am a defender of the Primes' cause. Not necessarily a preacher of it. However, that doesn't mean I can't do both." He smiles, nodding, "I'll do what I can, granted the circumstances."

Kele-De grumbles as she finishes off the braid. "Jonathan, I still think you should have someone you trust as your aid, to do a bit more of the meanial tasks." She drums her fingers on the table then her brows furrowing in thought, as she goes over a mental checklist in her mind.

Sirum Hest slumps forward against the table to rest his head against the wood at the question, seeming awfully impatient. "I was hopin' to find out jus' what it was Damien was doin' in the desert -yesterday-. As it is, Zag is likely wanderin' the forests an' we've still got a five hour eagle ride ahead of us."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne blinks. "So, go?"

Sirum Hest grins weakly. "I'm not too fond of gettin' lost in the middle of scorpion an' sandscout filled deserts that more than likely have a Risin' Phoenix base or five inside of it with Kivae. We're... ah... not that good at directions."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne taps his chin. "I'm confused. You want to go, but you don't want to go?"

Sirum Hest raises a brow, "Wha? ... I said I wanna go, but we can't go 'cause Zag has apparently vanished, an' he can help us find our way back an' make sure nothin' happens to us."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne's eyes widen in comprehension. "Ohhhhhhh. Okay, that makes sense. How is it you know that Damien was doing something out there, anyway?"

Kele-De blinks, having finished going over her list and then arches a brow. "Why would Damien be in the middle of the desert?" Her left brow arches as her lips purse. "That doesn't make much sense."

Sirum Hest motions a paw towards the door outside. "The guards. Apparently Entad was gonna do somethin' about it, but decided not to. I'm still not entirely sure why anyone would need that many green lines racin' around the desert. Maybe he's conjurin' up somethin' in the middle of it all like one gigantic summonin' circle?", head tilting to the side.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne chuckles. "Maybe he's out there talking to his pet Heretic." He grins slyly at Sirum. "You're on good terms with most of them, right? Why don't you stroll on over and see what's going on."

Taereal Sareen tilts his head, "What need of a summoning circle would Damien Reelin have? The only reason I can think of is to summon something large, and extremely destructive. But why destroy what one has worked so hard to conquer?"

Sirum Hest snickers briefly. "Tigath, Xanthia, Sargothas, Aracthia an' Pirostia still aren't under his control, Taereal. I wouldn't put it past him for goin' for complete control over Faenor some day." Following that, a small, pebble-sized chunk of ice is lightly tossed over at Jonathan's nose. "I'm sure he'd welcome me with open arms after firin' a few arrows at his head in the sewers."

Kele-De's brows furrow and her lips purse further. "A summoning circle?" She muses aloud. "It may not be too destroy what he has already conquered, but to summon something to help him conquer more lands?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne winces and covers his nose as the icerock bounces off of it. "Ow. That's a good point, I suppose. I'm glad it's him and not various others we've had contact with - it's not in his nature to just wander out and blow us all up, as I understand it." To Kel, he shrugs. "Desperate people do desperate things."

Sirum Hest fwumps back onto the chair. "Or maaaybe... it's... like... ah... jus' lines for the caravans to follow through the desert. But that is the most borin' of the scenarios, so I'll jus' assume it's some horrific monster from the lower Planes of the hells bein' conjured up to drag Entad all the way back there kickin' an' screamin'." What an imagination.

Taereal Sareen simply raises an obscure eyebrow toward the young mouse, "Er.. of course."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne laughs. "We can only hope that's not the case. At any rate, if I see Zagnafein before you do, I'll let you know. I'd like to know about what's going on out there too."

Kele-De shrugs and her features relax. She fidgets a bit, her boots tapping against the floor, while her finger entwine and unentwine with one another. "What are the scouts you sent out looking for exactly Jonathan?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne shrugs. "A way in for you and Marlina, mainly. Once you're in, the two of you should be able to start feeding information through the thieves' guild."

Sirum Hest can speak so freely about hell due to having personally been there. ^^ It's actually a lovely place, once you get past the lakes of blood, the gigantic skeletal constructs and the tasteless interior designing. "I'd even ask ya to come with us since it seems pretty important, if it weren't for the fact that ya likely have to sign about five hundred pieces of paper with 'Ruddiwyne'.", grinning toothily with that.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne sticks his tongue out at the mouse. "It's not that. It's more for the sake of appearances, and the fact that people who don't go along with Entad's temper tantrums tend to wind up unpleasantly rearranged."

Kele-De arches a brow. "A way in? Why can't I simply walk up to the gates, claiming to be a mercenary Seal? From my understanding of it, that's all the Seal portion of his army is comprised of." She tilts her head.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne resists the urge to facepalm. "And it wouldn't look at all suspicious if you did that way. I mean, it's not like all the roads to the city are blockaded by an obviously hostile force, and you certainly wouldn't be questioned or magically probed."

Taereal Sareen places his elbows on the tabletop, paws clasped together, "Don't you think that would be a little obvious? It's a time of war."

Sirum Hest lifts his head up then, to give Jonathan a confused look. "He rearranged people around ya? Primes. All he ever bothered to threaten me with was plague. An' I've already had -that-." He then tail-waves over at Kele, "We found only one of the exits out of the sewer systems when we fled Ansteorra. I'm sure there are dozens of others surroundin' the Kingdom, ya jus' have to look."

Kele-De arches a brow as she turns toward Sirum. "Who found what exit? I wasn't with you all when you fled the city." She then turns to Jonathan and Tae. "And it won't at all be suspicious when Marlina and I happen to just appear within the city?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne shakes his head. "There are fifty thousand people inside the city, Kel. If you can't lose yourself in that many, I'd rather you didn't go."

Kele-De glares at him. "If I can lose myself in the palins of Tigath what makes you think I can't lose myself in a city teeming with bodies?'

Jonathan Ruddiwyne makes his saving throw versus glares. "I'm not the one who suggested you couldn't. You're the one who said it would be suspicious if you and Marlina were inside the city, not me."

Sirum Hest scratches at his headfur thoughtfully. "Path'en did. An' we wandered for hours tryin' to find the way to it. The guards know of that entrance, though, an' likely have magical eyes on it."

Kele-De rolls her eyes. "Of course I can lose myself within the city, but I want access to the building where the Seals are. I don't know how many there are and if a strange one suddenly appears, who know what trouble it might cause." Her arms cross over her chest. "Seems like one of the best places to get information on what's going on and I'd rather not have to sneak around in that building. There aren't very many places to hide."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne sighs. "In that case, I would rather you didn't go. You can't just walk up to the walls of the city and knock. And you can't just appear in the city and offer your services. That sort of suggests to me that this plan is a no-go."

Sirum Hest coughs into a paw. "How can ya have trouble hidin' in a place with more secret passageways than a labyrinth? Ya could even dress in rags an' sleep behind the tavern. No one would pay attention to a begger.", squeaking happily. ^^
You say, "Though... that... wouldn't be much enjoyable at all, would it?"

Kele-De sighs, closes her eyes, then rubs her temples. "Fine. It would have been easier for me if I had open access to everything, but if I have to sneak around I can and will."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne bites his knuckle to prevent himself from admitting that sneaking around and dressing like a begger to avoid detection actually sounds like a ripping good adventure. "I can't force you to stay, Kel. I'm just saying I think it's a really bad idea."

Kele-De shakes her head. "I'll skulk through the shadows with Marlina and if I have to dress like a beggar as Sirum suggested then I will. I'll gather as much information as I can. I'll unequip and hide my Seals on me, just in case I need them. You need the information Jonathan and you need Marlina and I to start dissention from within."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne wipes his face again. "Or, you could sneak in and then try to join the other Seals. I doubt they rounded up all of the seal users in the city."

Kele-De shrugs. "I'll do what can." She smiles softly at him. "I've no plans on dying in there. I'll keep myself safe and do what I can to get as much information as
Jonathan Ruddiwyne nods. "When I get my reports, I'll send you and Marlina in. I'll leave it up to you as to how you act once you're there, but I'd like you to be aware of the fact that if you get yourself killed I am going to dig your corpse up so I can personally kick your ass, and then after I die I'm going to kick your ass again."

Zagnafein Silverleaf slips into the building quietly, and moves to sit down next to Jonathan, smirking quietly as he listens to the bard speak. Preferring to remain silent, the elf removes his cloak and folds it, placing in on the table.

Kele-De laughs and shakes her head. "I don't think you'd be the only one. I've already been warned that I'd better keep my ass alive." She shakes her head then and grins. "I promise that if things start to go wrong, Marlina and I will get out quickly. I've no intention of dying any time soon."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne nods again. "Level-headed and rational as always. I would have told myself to stuff it at that point." He starts slightly at the sudden movement of a cloak being folded next to him, and then grins. "Greetings, Zag. Sirum wanted to talk to you about the desert."

Sirum Hest sits back up then and stares in surprise at the bard. "Ya must love her quite a bit to be able to threaten that without fear of gettin' yer eyes clawed out. I don't believe I've ever heard... -any- couple wish each other luck like that before.", doing his best not to laugh. As Zagnafein enters, he nearly squeaks out happily, though cuts himself off as Kivae isn't here yet, intending on waiting for her before bringing it up for the Ranger again. That is, until Jonathan goes ahead and just brings it up anyways. "We already have talked about it, I was jus' waitin' for him. An' now it appears I'll be waitin' for Kivae..."

Kele-De nearly chokes. "Level-headed and rational? Who are you talking about?" She raises a brow.

Zagnafein Silverleaf interjects into Kel and Jon's discussion. "Me, of course."
Zagnafein Silverleaf then turns to Sirum, and nods. "Aye. Just let me know when it's time to fly." The elf yawns, and leans back, propping his boots up onto the table, He laces his fingers behind his head. "It's a nice afternoon," he seems to mumble to himself.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne is profoundly grateful for Zag's interjection, as explaining to Sirum that he and Kel were not, strictly speaking, a couple would have been more awkward than he likes to have his conversations be. "I meant you. Well... rational, at least."

Zagnafein Silverleaf grins in Sirum's direction. "Oh, and it's really not as bad as you think. You just happened to find romance with a bundle of hysteria."

Kele-De simply rolls her eyes and nods to Zag. "I certainly hope it was you,
Zagnafien, because Primes know I'm hardly level-headed nor rational at times."
Zagnafein Silverleaf nods to Kel. "Me? I'm the personification of all that is rational. Especially near undead. Mhmm."

Sirum Hest was going off of the nuzzles back in Caeseal, though perhaps that would explain why he hadn't heard 'mo cohirde' or however it is pronounced in quite a while. :-P "Mm... romance with hysteria seems to explain every relationship I've seen. Though that's mostly due in part to the Heretic's inability to leave furres alone.", merfing out quietly then as he rises up to his footpaws. "I'm gonna go find Kivae an', when I find her, I'm gonna drag her back by her tail. Be back soon-ish." With that, he heads out of the meeting hall. x)

Jonathan Ruddiwyne folds his arms on the table and leans his chin on them. "If by 'rational' you mean 'howling maniac with swords', maybe."
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: "Speaking of which, wouldn't it be easier to smite the undead with an axe or a hammer than a sword? They don't respond well to much other than tearing them apart, I've noticed."

Zagnafein Silverleaf nods to Sirum, and then to Jon. "Why, I most certainly do mean that, my friend." He then thinks for a moment. "Well, it depends. If you're fighting against some type of boney skeleton, then a mace or a hammer does the work much more efficiently. As for zombies... do what you like to them - they are equally affected by slashing weapons and bludgeoning ones."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne shrugs. "My personal favorite method of dealing with the undead is running away. Unlife gives me the jibblies."

Zagnafein Silverleaf smiles. "That's alright. I'll gladly handle any problems you may have with people who can't die properly."

Kele-De perks up from her thoughts. "Have you finished the bow you were making Zagnafein?" She smiles over at him then.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne grins. "Sounds good to me. You take care of the walking dead, and I'll go after the disgusting necromancers who bring them about." He pauses a moment. "We might all need to gang up on any liches, though," he adds.

Zagnafein Silverleaf sits up, and nods in response to Kel's question. He stands up and walks over to a small pile of his things that lie in the corner, and draws out his new bow. It's got the standard wooden shaft, but into it are slotted small pieces of bone. He holds the weapon out to Kel, before sitting down again. "Lich aren't so bad. They don't scare me anymore."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne chuckles. "I don't doubt that, but that doesn't mean I'd feel okay about letting you tackle one all by your lonesome."

Zagnafein Silverleaf grins. "Oh, well, of course. I could do with a song or two to boost my morale and sharpen the edge of my blade."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne rolls his eyes. "You and everyone else. I taught myself a few new songs. One of them summons this enormous bear, and I can tell it what to do by playing different tunes. Fascinating magic."

Kele-De nods and smiles. She takes the weapon from him and looks it over a minute before setting on the table. Leaning back upon her paw, seh closes her eyes and listens for a few minutes, her thoughts drifting off.

Zagnafein Silverleaf reaches over and takes his new bow, and gives the bowstring a bit of a twang to demonstrate just how taut it is. It's really taut. "Really? That sounds interesting. You could do some really crazy things with that." Thoughts stream into Zagnafein's mind, and he grins.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne chuckles. "I know. I've given plenty of thought to waking Sirum up with the bear. Not to mention, I believe he'd be useful in battle. His claws are as long as steak knives, and sharper than razors."

Zagnafein Silverleaf nods. "You could also use him to fish, or hunt. Bears make formidable survivors, if they are in their habitat."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne taps his chin. "Usually I do my own fishing, but I've never been much of a hunter, even when the game is plentiful. That's a good thought."

Zagnafein Silverleaf nods. "Try it. While you set up and test a hammock, your bear can fish." He grins.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne laughs. "Excellent. Except... what if he eats all the fish while I'm 'testing'?"

Zagnafein Silverleaf: Hmm. You give him a musical scolding?

Sirum Hest returns back into the meeting hall roughly twenty minutes after he left, tugging Kivae back in by her tail more than likely. "Primes, ya could've set the tent up in a more obvious place, Kivvy.", bapping lightly back at her with his own tail. x) "Yer ready now, ya?"

Kele-De perks up once more at the mention of hunting. "Are we going to go hunting soon, Zagnafein? I'm getting better at being able to hit things with the bow."
Jonathan Ruddiwyne shrugs. "Or I wait until he's done to fall asleep."

Zagnafein Silverleaf rubs his nose, and then nods. "Sure, Kel. Although this region is somewhat barren of life." He nods to Jon. "That could also work."

Kivae patters after Sirum, kicking at his footpaws until he releases her tail. "I wouldn't have come with you if I wasn't, tail-puling or not. We're finally leaving, then?"

Sirum Hest kicks back at Kivae's own footpaws after he finally releases her tail. What a non-violent friendship the two have. ^^ "Well, Zag is there, an' he doesn't exactly pack much. Though I was thinkin' more along the lines of... ah... the eagle? We don't have the time to travel for weeks to the desert by foot an' weeks back."

Zagnafein Silverleaf: [I have to go in about 10 minutes. =\]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [pwnt]
You say, "[We don't -need- you. We can take... take.... ... ...-Erk-. Yeah.]"
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [I might be back in the evening.]
You say, "[n00b]"
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [FIEN]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [In fact, I'll just leave now. Later.]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [Later, Zag.]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Bye2u, mistar.]
You say, "[Later, mang]"
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Bye2u, mistar.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Buenos noches?]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [brb.]

Sirum Hest apparently watches Zagnafein dart out the door just as Kivae and himself enter. "... I swear, it's impossible to get ya two together. It's like rangers an' druids push away one another when within a hundred feet of one another."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne is back, with toast. "It must have something to do with their affinity for nature. Like two ends of a magnet, they repel each other."

Marlina Evenstar is a ranger, doesn't repel. >.>
You say, "[You multi-classed to assassin.]"
You say, "[You only push away Paladin Druids.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Ah. That would explain it.]

Kivae rubs an ear slightly. ".. That would be strange.. but if it's something in common, why would we be repelled?"

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side. "Huh. That would make sense, but I'd have to question why Kele an' Kitzibeth seem to have the opposite effect of that. Magic an' Seals are supposed to be the exact opposite of one another, hehehe." Never mind his being with Kitzerina and all the conflicting problems there. ^^; Opposites attract? "Though... I don't suppose we absolutely -need- Zagnafein. Goin' to the desert an' comin' back would only be a twelve hour trip. An'... ah... I don't suppose that ya are busy for the next twelve hours, Jonathan, or mind five hour long eagle rides?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne taps his chin. "I can leave things in charge with the Lieutenant. I got most of the work done last night."

Kele-De shrugs. "Bryanna trusts Kitzibeth. There was no need for me to distrust her."

Sirum Hest claps his paws together with that and squeaks out cheerfully, bapping lightly at Kivae with his tail once again. "That means we can travel right now. Um... that is... ya can get it up an' ready within sometime soon, right?"

Kivae tilts her head, blinking back to reality. ".. Um.. get what up and ready?"

Sirum Hest raises a brow, "The eagle?"

Marlina Evenstar: [Warm up the engine before engaging the eagle, or it might seize up.]

Kivae shakes her head, though it's a motion to clear it, rather than an answer. She pads lightly out. "Right, sorry. It'll take a bit."

Sirum Hest waits for only a minute before tapping a footpaw against the floor impatiently, whistling quietly, and then darting out after her. Hoorah for watching Kivae make show-off-ish spell effects. x)

Jonathan Ruddiwyne stands. "I guess I'm going to the desert, then. Leave a note if the scouts come."

Sirum Hest waits for Hiki. []
Hikari Xezo: [Drum roll plz].
Ruby Pyralis: [YEOW]
[*] Hikari Xezo rolls 1d4 *tanananananana* & gets 4.
Ruby Pyralis: [I just slammed my own nail into my finger ow ow ow ow ow]
Hikari Xezo: [XD].
Marlina Evenstar: [Ow.]
You say, "[Level 9 xP]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Pwned.]
Hikari Xezo: [Stupid four, you appear when i less need you XD].
Hikari Xezo: [Ok, Latter].
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d4 to test & gets 2.
Ruby Pyralis: [xD]
Hikari Xezo: [STFU XD].
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d4 & gets 1.
Ruby Pyralis: [PWND]
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d4 & gets 4.
You say, "[If Si ever dies, I'm keeping that roll]"
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d4 & gets 4.
Sirum Hest clings. []
Kivae.. probably should've been typing a post.]
You say, "[Move in for ze keel.]"
Jonathan Ruddiwyne is cornfused. []
You say, "[She's summoning a bald eagle]"
You say, "[We're all going to jump on its back.]"
Kivae: [.. A bald eagle?]
You say, "[And demand it fly.]"
You say, "[Yes.]"
You say, "[If it is crushed to death, it never deserved to be our mount in the first place.]"
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [That's interesting. Most bald eagles weigh about ten pounds.]
You say, "[It should still be able to fly, damn you.]"

Sirum Hest scurries out of the gates after only a short bit of waiting for the eagle to get readied, "While we're waitin', I don't suppose we have any particular destination in the desert other than jus' green lines? Or are we plannin' on jus' flyin around until we see somethin' that catches our eye, since we'll be so high up?"

Kivae is sitting on the ground cross-legged, with her tail wound closely over her feet, and a look of intense concentration on her face. In the distance, a shadow can be spotted, against one of the lighter clouds. She hardly seems to have taken note of Jon or Sirum, as if having been in place for a long amount of time. However, an eye slides partway open at Sirum's questioning, "Why're you asking me? You're the one that heard about whatever it is that's out there."

Sirum Hest, usually one to do things out of impulse rather than devising some grand scheme, appears rather confused at that. "Ah... erm... I was kinda hopin' ya would pick a spot once we got there, seein' as ya steer the eagle. I suppose fly around over the desert for a bit is good enough though, an' if we don't find anythin' of note like that, we can jus' land an' search for the lines."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne frowns. "Wait a minute. So you don't actually know what you're looking for?"

Sirum Hest shakes his head. "I know what I'm lookin' for, the lines, I'm jus' hopin' to see what they're all connected to before I get near one of 'em."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne hmms. "Well, that makes sense, I suppose."

Kivae after another long moment of silence, sighs, and opens her other eye. The silhouette becoming more detailed and recognizable as it approaches at a quick rate. A breeze picks up, marking the even closer approach. The shadow passes overhead, feathers gleaming golden, and then going dark. This overhead sweep is repeated several times, as it seems to be circling loosely in descent.
Kivae perks an ear, "What lines?"

Taikris: [Ah. I'm guessing this is the desert quest :-)]
You say, "[We're going digging for machina parts for the Al Bhed.]"
Taikris: [But... I thought you were going to hunt Osame first?]
Taikris: [Osama*]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [Go be OOC somewheres else, Dirk. =P]

Jonathan Ruddiwyne tilts his head back to watch the form circle. "Better tell us exactly what you know, Sirum. It'd make things easier on us."

Sirum Hest pads over to behind Kivae uneasily as the eagle slowly nears closer to the ground, trying to prevent getting accidently landed on and promptly squished. "It's like no one has heard a word I've said... mrrf... the green likes runnin' about all through Thamrivol's desert. The only thing I overheard from the guards was that the Kebeyan Republic an' Damien were behind it an' all around those lines."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne strokes the tuft of hair on his chin, nodding. "We might be seen flying in. Can your eagle fly us low to the ground, Kivae?"

Sirum Hest's nose wrinkles. "I think we should try to avoid the ground as much as possible. Sandscouts can spring up out of the sand to pierce whatever is walkin' above 'em in a heartbeat."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne grins. "Low to the ground as in a hundred feet or so, Sirum, not skimming the surface of the desert. Besides, we don't want to be that close to the sand, it'll tire out the bird with all the radiated heat."

Kivae also tilts her head back to watch. "Oh. I thought you meant on a map, or something. Seems kind of pointless to be drawing lines on the desert, really.. they'll just get blown away with the sand. At least, they should." The great bird makes a final sweep over head, and then comes to a somewhat ungainly stop, digging talons into the ground behind them, and turning a large, amber eye to inspect them quietly, with none of the screeching pride as the last one. "I think he could manage."

Sirum Hest nods slowly, though still appears somewhat worried. Terrible encounters with sandscouts, and all that. "Ah... right, right, we should see the lines easier line that anyways. As soon as we find one we can jus' follow it until we reach somethin'." He then pads over to the eagle and reaches over a paw to lightly pet at it, glad that it lacked the ability to snap off their paws in the summoned state. ^^; "Ya get on first, Kivae? Seein' as I haven't a clue on how to make it go."

Marlina Evenstar: [Stick the key in the ignition, and turn as if your life depended on it. :-P]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne shoots Marl. []
You say, "[...but eagles... don't have a key hole and... I don't have a ke--...]"
You say, "[You're a sick, sick woman.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [*Whistles innocently*]

Kivae is also glad he lacks the ability to snatch off their limbs. She gets to her feet, stretching slowly, as one having sat in the same position for a long time. She glances up at the bird, which, after ruffling a few feathers leisurely, crouches his body tolerably close to the ground. She sticks out her tongue at Sirum, "That's because you didn't summon him." With a bit of trouble, she manages to scamper up without displacing too many feathers.

Sirum Hest has a bit more trouble than Kivae does scaling the eagle, being the shorter of the two, but just the same he eventually manages to climb up behind her. And fwap lightly at one of her ears. x) "Well then, what do ya do when ya want him to take off, summoner?"

Kivae grins as the bird twists about to deftly tuck all the feathers back into their rightful place, and gives the head a light push to the other side. It complies with a trilling chirp. Batting her tail back at Sirum, "Now that Jon's settled- Like this." Without any visible sign of direction, besides her hands on his neck, the wings spread outwards, and they make a bumping transfer from the ground to air, where he continue to gain height, the flaps moving from strained to leisurely, measured.

Sirum Hest gnaws on Kivvy. []
Kivae is not a chew toy. :-(]
Sirum Hest treats her as one anyways. HRT []
Jonathan Ruddiwyne falls to his splattery death. Not really.
Marlina Evenstar gnaws on the druid as well, latest fad. HRT]
Kivae has teeth marks, now. .-.]

Sirum Hest clings onto Kivae's tail tightly as the bird takes off, rather than risking tumbling off the side of it. "Now jus' head directly west an' a bit up, an' watch the ground for all the weeks worth of forests an' hills we'd have had to cross on the way there otherwise." And off to Tharivol they go. ^^

You say, "[Load us that thar dream.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Me? o.o]
Sirum Hest gnaws on Marlina. []
Jonathan Ruddiwyne shoots Sirum in the back of the head and pushes him off the back of the eagle. Ha-HA! Not really.
Sirum Hest's tail wraps about Jonathan's ankle as he falls and drags him down with him to his horrible, painful death.
Marlina Evenstar: [Thought you had something? o.o Ah well. *Drags out Thamrivol.]
Kivae: [.. Is it FurN, too? .-.]
You say, "[We're gonna have so much fun. :-)]"


You say, "[I hear no music"
Marlina Evenstar: [Hrm.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Nor do I.]
You say, "@music"
Sirum Hest presses F3. []
You say, "[I almost expected to hear Gregminister's theme.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Get out of the tmp file you loser.]
You say, "[Neffah!]"
Jonathan Ruddiwyne eats the cheese!!! []
Kivae: [.. This is Thamrivol? o.o]
Marlina Evenstar: [Behold the rip-off!]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [Behold the cheesiness!]
Marlina Evenstar: [You hear something though Sirum?]
You say, "[So.. ah.... the entire desert is filled with these lines too?]"
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [Behold.... THAMRIVOL!!!!]
You say, "[Or do they just lead here?]"
You say, "[And yes, you have to hit F3]"
You say, "[Or, for Kiv, CTRL+U]"
Kivae hears nothing.]
You say, "[Is your Music and Sound on under the E menu?]"
Kivae hears it!]
You say, "[So.. ah.... the entire desert is filled with these lines too?] [repost]"
You say, "[Or do they just lead here?] [repost]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Oh, sounds just off. >.>]
Marlina Evenstar: [Yes, starting at the borders.]
Marlina Evenstar: [To the entire desert.]
Kivae: [The cheese is mine.]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne waits for actual RP to start? =P []
Marlina Evenstar: [Yoink.]
Kivae: [! <.<]
Kivae: [.. I don't know what's going on. :P]

Sirum Hest, as soon as they reach the borders of Thamrivol, whistles queitly in surprise as he watches the ground beneath them zip past, but it's mostly at the neverending sea of sand and green lines rather than the speed. "By the Primes, I thought there were only a few. Who would have had the time to set all of this up? Unless it's one gigantic magical field. Kivae, steer us to Thamrivol, ya? Maybe someone there has some answers."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne sits quietly, observing the lines as they zip by. His only concession to the situation is to calmly take the crossbow from his shoulder and winch it to the 'loaded' position.

Kivae leans over briefly to glance around a wing and down at the ground at Sirums surprise, but she thinks better of it, pulling herself back into place, and straightening. "Sure. .. Uh.. Which way is that?" Her voice lifted over the wind.

Sirum Hest tugs upwards on her tail, as if trying to steer her and make her raise the eagle up. "Fly a bit higher, an' we'll see it as the place that has somethin' other than dirt. We're gonna be flyin' in anyways, it doesn't matter who sees us at this rate. If they try to attack us, it's not like they can keep up with this thing anyways." He then glancing back behind him suspiciously at the crossbow, "Preparin' for a fight?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne shrugs. "Better prepared than dead. I'd rather not use it if I don't have to, but it's certainly quieter than a swordfight."

Kivae flicks her tail in Sirum's grasp, attempting to bap him with it. Their progress slows a touch, the ground no longer moving quiet so quickly, but instead seeming to shrink away as they half-glide up on the hot air moving up from the sands. "And much more useful from so high up?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne chuckles. "You were planning on taking a closer look, weren't you?"

Sirum Hest glances between Jonathan's crossbow and his bow, nose wrinkling as he realizes, "So those things do have a use. I couldn't even hold mine right from here." As the ground shrinks, he scans the area with squinted his, after about a minute catching something off in the distance. "Ah! I think that's it over there, or I'm startin' to see mirage's already."

Kivae squints at the area Sirum points to slowly swings into position before them, and begins growing in size as they approach. A low whistle comes from their ride, but he seems otherwise content. She grins sheepishly at Jon's reply. "'s true, I guess. Depends on what we find, doesn't it?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne raises an eyebrow. "You wouldn't see mirages from this high up. Mirages are the reflection of the sky being distorted by heat waves - you'd have to be on the ground to see them. Also, I have another crossbow with all the liquor, if you want to use it."

[#] Though it is getting later in autumn, even in this blasted plain of sand, heat beats down upon any who would move into the Tharivol domain. Heat in mere moments would cause an individual unaccustomed to the harshness of the climate, to grow lightheaded, and sweat profusely, or pant if they lacked the proper equipment for sweating. The magical lines that stretch across the deserts pulsate with power, their purpose unknown.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne looks out over the pulsing, shifting, hot shafts of power. "How much longer?" he asks.

Marlina Evenstar: [Ew. ><]
You say, "[>.>]"

Sirum Hest murmurs something about merely having been making a joke, though shrugs back to the bard all the same. "Those things would be hell to lift, an' my quiver only accepts arrows for some reason. Anythin' else it spits back out. But either way, it's a bit late to get one now, hehehe." His laughter slowly turning into panting as the sun beats down on him. "I think... maybe, we need to find some shade quickly, Kivvy. I'd almost forgotten how quickly this place can make ya drop."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne is pleased to have been your innuendo master for this evening. "Or just send him back. We can take the time to wait for her to summon a new one if it means we won't be killing the one we've got."

Kivae shrugs a bit, her eyes remaining squinting. "D'you see any shade around here? What about coming up with a bit of ice for all of us?" She shifts slightly on the eagle, leaning her head gratefully the wind their speed produces. At Jon's words, she shakes her head, "In the book I got back at Caseal, it said how they're only astral's of the real thing. Besides.. It's getting closer.." She pats lightly at the bird's neck, as if checking with him for his position on the heat.

Sirum Hest rolls his eyes. "I meant in the town. It doesn't seem like it'll take too much longer until we get there, anyways...", noting that it's more than likely rapidly coming up from the giant eagles speed. However, he does snap a paw into the air, and closes his eyes entirely, slipping into full concentration to make a chilly air surround the four. Which is trying its hardest to fight the desert heat from overcoming it..

[#] As the scarhawk riders grow nearer to the desert city of Thamrivol, first 'conquest' in the War of Liberation by the forces under the command of Damien Reelin, they might be able to make out the vague outlines of people moving about the city in an almost normal manner. Noises of a typical city do sound, but in a somewhat subdued manner, and the entirety of the poulation is clothed in light clothing that nevertheless manages to cover most of their bodies.

You say, "[Aren't they all covered in bandages? :-D]"
You say, "[Like Raajh.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [No. No bandages. :-P]
Marlina Evenstar: [Eagle, not scarhawk.*]

Jonathan Ruddiwyne spits a curse as he catches view of the townsfurres. "We're going to stick out like sore thumbs here," he says as he watches them move about in their fruity cruiseship clothes.

Marlina Evenstar fails to see how their clothing could be in any way linked to cruishships. o.o]
You say, "[Jonathan's wearing a pink, tropical shirt.]"
Jonathan Ruddiwyne has seen people on cruise ships in their really light cotton clothes. Old people. Scary. []
You say, "[And bright green short-shorts.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [>.<]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne IS wearing a pink tropical shirt, but not the shorts. []

Sirum Hest snickers quietly, his concentration being momentarily disrupted as a result, but the cold air still manages to continue swirling about them. "I'm sure they get visitors here all the time, as well as merchant. If anyone asks, we're here to buy a few things or we're goin' on a tour of Faenor."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne nods. "Good plan, except you and I are visibly armed. I think we'd be better off just avoiding as many furres as we can."

Kivae ponders that, scanning the area for a good spot to land, and shifting her legs somewhat uneasily. "A city in the middle of the desert gets visitors..? But, I guess.."

Sirum Hest hums quietly in thought. "... well, our bein' armed is to be expected. What with this section of Calenndor bein' filled with creatures rivaled only to those in the City of Towers an' the Dhamzon. As long as we leave our bows where they are, we should be left alone for the most part." To Kivae, "'Course, otherwise how would they have been able to set up so many lines? Obviously someone came here an' did it for 'em. Hum... take us down over there, by the trees, ya? The eagle can rest there."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne chuckles. "We can discuss it when we get on the ground. My legs are getting sore, and it's making it hard to think."

Marlina Evenstar: [><]
Marlina Evenstar: [No trees. :-P]
You say, "[Magic.]"
You say, "[Wizards.]"
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [WORK WITH US PLEASE I would like to actually do some playing rather than going 'when are we gonna land?' sixteen more times >.<]
Marlina Evenstar: [Hrm... Fine, some trees, but not that many. :-P]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [That's what I thought. =P]
You say, "[I demand that they be pine trees]"
You say, "[That grow lemons.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Not because you people were whining, but because I can tie them in with the magic lines. =P]
You say, "[!!]"
You say, "[The lines are a sprinkler system!]"
You say, "[It's so obvious now!]"
Marlina Evenstar pantomines bashing self over the head.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Pantomimes even.]

Kivae lands. Near the trees, but off to the side with the least people nearby. The eagle promptly folds it's wings, and once they've all slide or jumped down, begins preening feathers into place. Yay. She squints around, "Where do we start looking?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne shoulders his bow, but keeps it loaded. "What are we looking -for-?"

Sirum Hest dismounts from the eagle and dusts himselff off, holding his paw out palm flat to shoot a stream of water at his face. Refreshing. n.n "Mm... lesse... let's jus' ask random people what all the lines around here are for. We're obviously visitors, so our questions shouldn't be out of the ordinary." To Jonathan, he continues, "An explanation as to what Damien is doin' out here with all these lines." All of this of course being in whisper.

[#] An individual nearby glances at the newcomers before speaking to his companion in a tone not meant to be concealed from the objects of his conversation, "Not to ever be someone who makes a normal entrance, we've got a gate for a reason." An affirmitive then as they walk off.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne facepalms. "In-con-spicuous. I'm surprised they didn't call the guard."

Kivae grins, sheepishly. ".. I didn't see the gate. Besides, we're on an eagle. How can you be inconspicuous with that? Let's just move somewhere else...?"

[#] They didn't, they simply didn't care enough to bother with that, though another individual does in fact make his way towards the newly landed party, having evidently caught sight of them. As well as the silken clothing that garbs his body, the emblem of a rising phoenix rests over his heart. A tail swishes absently behind him as he walks, before stilling as the man speaks, "'Lo there! What's to be bringing you to this reflection of hell travellers?" Just appearing mildly curious.

Sirum Hest nods his head off towards the eagle, whispering again. "We've already made our entrance, if we act borin' or plain people will really get suspicious. We're jus' flashy visitors is all, who would find two teenagers an' a noble lookin' furre suspicious anyways?", grinning toothily. "I wonder where we should start. Hum..." He pauses to glance about the area, then moves over to the first furre that appears to at least have some level of intelligence. "Excuse me, but what's with all these lines? The last time I visited I remember a distinct lack of... green."
Sirum Hest is more than likely not asking the Rising Phoenix soldier, but a citizen in the opposite direction. ^^;

Kivae, rather than responding to the soldier, as she didn't have the skill with words that Jon did, glances to the side, after Sirum, her ears flattening at the unpleasant heat.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne chuckles at the idea of being a 'noble'. "Curiosity, my good sir," he addresses the Rising Phoenix in a manner similar to a certain canine with an insultingly rich tone. "Come to see the wonders of Feanor from the air. Shocking good view, you know!" He looks the soldier up and down. "I say, it's beastly hot. Can you direct us to the local oasis, before we make a few purchases at the bazaar?"

[#] The individual spoken to simply offers a shrug before walking off onto her own business once more, not very polite perhaps, but she was a busy furre. The guard however responds to Jon in a cheerful enough manner, "Then you've come to the wrong place friend, there's not much to be seen here but bleak walls and desert sands. Rumour has it that might change though in the future." He pauses then before continuing, "Unfortunately any oasis here is restricted to ->>
[#] Residents only, unless you're willing to pay. Prices are down a fair bit though in recent days with the influx of the mages."

Sirum Hest would have not asked a busy person, obviously. >.>

Marlina Evenstar: [They're all busy. :-P You don't wander around boiling if you don't have a reason for it.]

Sirum Hest wanders back over to the guard carelessly, almost as if not caring at all to be cautious. Then again, maybe that's to prevent being suspicious. "So ya are sayin' that there are no shops around here at all?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne hums a little tune, and shakes his purse, which jingles with the sound of an impressive number of coins. "I can handle it, neighbor," he says with a laugh. He then tilts his head to the side. "What rumours do you hear about change? Sounds... lucrative." He resists the urge to kick Sirum in the hip.
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [1/1][Aural Illusion], by the way. []

Sirum Hest merely asks due to knowing a merchant has nowhere to go and can answer all the questions he needs. :-P

Jonathan Ruddiwyne notes that a rich merchant looking to make purchases in a town with no shops has no reason not to jump back on his eagle and fly away. =P

[#] The guard turns an eye upon the rodent, not a single glint of recognition or suspicion marrs his gaze as he responds, "I can't say I recall saying such, Thamrivol has ever been a place to purchase oddities." Again his words return to the bard, "And then there are those who might take your purse from you friend, be careful where you spend, and make no point of how wealthy you must obviously be to gain such a charming song from your gold." He pauses then before briskly ->>
[#] shaking his head, clearing it of the momentary greed. "As for rumours, they are not much more than that, though the Chancellor and the council are said to be doing something to make life for all here better, and inspire others to move into the area as well. Hence the smbol-casters moving about."

Sirum Hest hums quietly and crosses his arms up behind his head, spinning about to survey the area shortly for the sign of shops rather than the normal residential areas. He also, for note, idly cants his head in the direction of Jonathan. [1/1]

Jonathan Ruddiwyne taps his chin. "Interesting. An influx of settlers would certainly be a business opportunity." He digs into his full purse and draws a plain silver half-crown from it, pushing it into the guard's palm as he takes it to shake it. "Good day, friend. Thanks for the information. Have a drink when you come off-duty."

[ You whisper "Mindspeak <<Don't spend too much time around him. We don't want him remembering our faces for later.>>" to Jonathan Ruddiwyne. ]

[ Jonathan Ruddiwyne whispers, "[Is this a link, or just a single message?]" to you. ]

Kivae remains entirely silent, drawing lines on the ground with a foot, or scanning the area, occasionally turning to glance back at the eagle, which continues preening.

[ You whisper "[A single message, though Jonathan should be able to send one back or keep it connected with his own magic. :P]" to Jonathan Ruddiwyne. ]
[ Jonathan Ruddiwyne whispers, "Jonathan Ruddiwyne is too busy to whistle at the moment. =P []" to you. ]

[#] The guard grins at that before offering a mild bow, "Many thanks Master Merchant, may your stay within this city be a good one, and remember what I mentioned about showing a possession of too much money, Thamrivol, even under the Chancellor's leadership, is a dangerous place." With that said, he pockets the coin and returns to other duties.

Sirum Hest suddenly takes off towards the center of the city then, almost appearing as if he were trying to lose Kivae in the crowd. Another light nod of the head is also given towards Jonathan as he goes to one of the stalls. [1/1]

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Telepaths.sux]" to you. ]

Sirum Hest suddenly takes off towards the center of the city then, almost appearing as if he were trying to lose Kivae in the crowd. Another light nod of the head is also given towards Jonathan as he goes to one of the stalls. [1/1] [repost]

[ You whisper "Mindspeak <<I need to get Kivae a present while I'm here, it's her birthday soon an' I'd feel terribly guilty if I didn't get her somethin'. Sorry!>>" to Jonathan Ruddiwyne. ]

[Yep. Important mission? That took a backseat to birthday gifts.]

Jonathan Ruddiwyne tilts his head as if to listen, and then begins to laugh. He moves to Kivae's side. "When he returns, we'll head for the tavern. I'd like to follow up on that rumor, and perhaps find a way to reach this 'Chancellor' or someone close to him," he mutters to her.

[ You whisper "Sirum Hest wanders up to one of the stalls that doesn't appear to specialize in weapons, armor or anything of the like. Perhaps one that specializes in oddities more than anything. After a bit of surveying the merchants goods, her coughs as if to get attention and calls up, "Um... hiya! I was kinda lookin' for a few magical trinkets, or somethin' nifty along those lines. What are some of yer more unusual items?"" to Marlina Evenstar. ]

Kivae swivels on her foot, about to patter after Sirum, but she only gets a step or six at a normal pace, before only able to catch flashes of blue of the mouse, She comes to an abrupt halt, arms crossing and ears going back, and mutters, "Fine." Her ears come back up at Jon's words, nodding, "We could go now, even. I'm no good at this sort of thing.. but what would Damien have to gain from getting people to flock here? Support?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne crosses his arms. "Support. A standing army. Or, there's something here he wants to protect, and he's building a city over it. Like the fortress at Caeseal. It was built over that thing Ciran stole."

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "An individual the very image of one of those stereotypical cowboys from the old west turns about to look down upon the suddenly appearing rodent, instantly procurring a gem, "'Course I do son, like this 'ere crystal out of the desert plains itself, though it's to be costing many a pretty coin, and I've no time for beggars."" to you. ]

[ You whisper "Sirum Hest looks the 'cowboy' for several lengthy moments before biting down on his tongue, to resist laughing. After the feeling passes, he pokes his tongue out at the merchant, "I'm not a beggar, I'm a member of the Merchants of Calenndor, an' I'm here to buy a gift for my friend since her birthday is comin' up. What does the crystal do...?", head tilting to the side." to Marlina Evenstar. ]

Kivae frowns, one ear flickering thoughtfully. "The only thing I know about around here is where we found Yavin.."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne tilts his head. "Who?"

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "The merchant's gaze narrows slightly at that before a grin covers his features once more, "Well friend, if yeh've the coin to back up a purchase, this is one of the mighty seals from the deserts themselves, greater than all possessed barring only the leader of the communes herself. But perhaps it's to be a bit pricy for a gift, I don't hold much stock in small trinkets after all."" to you. ]

Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [I'm sorry guys, I have got to get something to eat or I will vomit. Back in half an hour - if you get too bored, don't wait for me.]
You say, "[Nah, it's fine.]"
Kivae: [Nah, I have homework anyways. ^^:]
You say, "[I can finish the trading with Marl.]"
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [We continues later, then.]
You say, "[And the RP with Kiv/Dirk]"
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [Cool. See y'all in a while, then.]
Kivae: [Later.]

Sirum Hest shakes his head slowly and frowns at mention of the seals, glancing over the rest of the merchants wares. "My friend isn't a seal uiser, she's a druid, though she's mostly into magical toys. If ya have nothin' along those lines, though...", pausing to glance about the other stalls. [Does Si see anything of note?]

You say, "[Or rather anything along the lines of what he's searching for. xP]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Ahah! You learn well young jedi. :-P]
Marlina Evenstar: [Nothing that doesn't feature high-priced items of evident magical qualities, some perhaps actually real.]
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
You say, "[He doesn't seem to care about price. :P]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Bah, you think of something then, the best I could dredge up was bouncing crystal orbs and a future-seeing thing... Oh, and the disco-gem. :-P]

[#] The fellow tilts his head slightly at that before shaking his head, "'Fraid not lad, now be running along, I'm sure your mother must be worried sick about you, so why not run along home?" Kind enough, but not disguising the fact that he wanted the rodent gone.

Sirum Hest nods slowly and heads on over to the left stall over, peering over the various bags littered on it with a brow raised. "Hey, miss! What're these for? Ya aren't keepin' a stall of jus' bags for sale are ya?"

[#] A weary looking young woman peers over the counter at the rodent, "Magical bags lad, are you here to be buying anything?"

Sirum Hest hums quietly and leans over to inspect each bag thoughtfully. "Huh. What do they do? An' ya, I'm lookin' for somethin' to give my friend for her birthday."

[#] Her eyes alight briefly then as she leans upon the counter then before grabbing one of the bags, "Ah, was thinking perhaps you would be another one of those lowlifes trying to steal everything. The chancellor's soldiers try to stop it, but they can't be everywhere." She pauses then before brandishing the violet object, "This here is a bottomless bag of berries, seems a name hacked off one of those new writer's fantasy books, but it's what the fellow I got it from called it. When imbued with the same type of power the druids and rangers invoke, it will provide any type of berry you could desire."

[Remember that throwaway conversation all the way back in the Temple of the Red Fruit log? Rakuro has bottomless sleeves, Sirum has a bottomless quiver, Kivae didn't have anything bottomless. Foreshadowing small things in RP was fun.]

Sirum Hest's nose twitches then, sniffing over at the bag as if trying to smell the berries within it. After a few moments pass, he squeaks happily and nods quickly, "I'll take it! It sounds like she'd love it, but... erm... how much is it?", grinning sheepishly.

[#] Despite her evident exaustion, the merchant smiles slightly as she lays the bag down upon the counter, a paw still held absently atop it as she speaks once more, "Ninety gold, lad."

Sirum Hest cringes at the price, though he needs only a moment to think it over before nodding once again. "It seems a bit pricey, but... ah... I really need to get back with my group. I'll take it!", flashing her a toothy grin as he crouches and waves his paw about in the air before him, drawing out a pouch full of gold. Which he removes ten from and tucks back into the air. Afterwards, he rises back up and sets it onto the table. "Thanks!"

[#] With the practicesed ease of one who has done something many times, she holds the pouch of gold up for a few moments, gazing at it, before spiriting away, and pushing the bag forward, "The berries won't run out, so eventually it'll pay itself off lad, now run along, the night's getting late and you don't want to be caught out alone at night."
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Sirum Hest happily takes the pouch and, after nodding in thanks to the merchant quickly, darts back off into the direction of Jonathan Kivae. Apparently not worried about being scammed, as Kivae could easily enough divine out the merchants whereabouts. ^^;

[Apparently the RP was paused here? Probably something discussed via AIM. The log switches back to the Forest Funk area.]


You say, "[Lead on.]"
Kivae: [You posting following? :P]
Taikris seems content to follow Kivae for now [repost]
You say, "[Just go and don't wait for me. x)]"
Kivae is just getting IMs. xP
[#] The scent of sunflowers is once again vaguely present.
Kivae was here and just never got the description. .-.
You say, "[Sorry that the pond looks crappy.]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Gah, AFF a sec. ><]
You say, "[The other tiles were broken]"

[#] As the group once again nears the pond, there would be little change. The bullfrog that was on a lilypad has hopped over to land on the stone sticking up from the middle, and seems to be watching Kivae and Taikris lazily. Burrrrop. Burrrrop. :-P The scent of herbs fills this area as well, overpowering the sunflower scent that faded away.

Taikris yawns lazily as he sits atop the chest, wondering who would want the staff

Kivae settles down on the ground, and seems content to stare rather pointedly at the bullfrog, as if that was her entire purpose for having wandered here.

Taikris sits there. yay :-D

[#] As the bullfrog on the stone in the middle of the pond is stared at, its croaking comes to a halt and it focuses its unblinking eyes on Kivae. Inspecting her from a distance, perhaps wondering why they had ventured to its pond.

[#] [DM reminder - Herbs can be taken, if any want them. They need merely to search. HRT]

Taikris seems to be willing to just let Kivae search as she's a million times better at it. Both stat, and dice wise o.<

Ruby Pyralis crosses her arms and kicks at the boulder next to her lightly, "So, why're we still here...?"

Kivae after a moment of this, turns away from the scene of Marlina and Sirum underwater together.. I mean, the bullfrog. She again gets to her feet, wandering off. No, you don't need to follow her; she is, in fact, just padding absently around, with her nose twitching. "I just didn't feel like going back yet. It smells nice."

[#] The bullfrogs tongue darts out in the direction of Ruby suddenly, but as she is far, far too long a distance away from her. More than likely having mistaken her as an oversized fly. ^^

Ruby Pyralis raises a brow and rolls her eyes, spinning around and following the druid. >>

Taikris is apprently going for one more regen mushroom before he heads back (total of four now)

Taikris would then head over to the hallucination place and check it, at a distance, for any slots

[#] As before, three skeletons lay stretched out on the rock in the middle of the hallucinageti flowers, three rusted swords laying on the ground on either side of him. Something obviously isn't right about this area, seeming to have the same properties as the rest of the unusual additions to the Northern Forest and the crystal tree, in that it just doesn't.. 'feel' real, but it is.

Taikris frowns slightly, and holds his breath, pinches his nostrils shut, and steps closer for a better look

[#] As Taikris had covered his nose, nothing happens. No slits in the rocks at all.

Taikris frowns slightly, taps the rock once with the sword anyway. If nothing happens still... he turns about and begins heading back to the fort, eager to shove the reality of his map in the disbelievers faces


(You see Triona.)
> You see a petite furre, barely 5' tall. Gentle eyes glance at you before turning quickly away. Her hair flows down her back past her waist and is often tied with a bit of leather. She wears a simple dress that falls to her ankles and carries a bag over her shoulder. Often seen riding upon her head is a minature penguin, Skadi. Appearing pure white at first glance if one looks they can just see the thin, black outlines around her markings, an odd mixture of Cheetah and Tiger markings. [AK]

Sirum Hest, for note, would have been napping behind the counter by now from having waiting for Kivae to return.

Taikris quietly begins dragging in the crate after him, not even having bothered to pull off the wristclaws, or even drop the cutlass for that matter as he plops down in the nearby chair. "I -told- you the map was worth the coins"

Kele-De arches a brow as she watches him drag the crate. "I never said it wasn't. I merely said I wouldn't trust a map from a map maker who had a bounty on his head. You got lucky." SHe shrugs then. "It could have led to a trapa dn your death."

Sirum Hest sits up slowly and stares blankly at the old chest dragged in behind Taikris, nose wrinkling as he looks it over. "Where did ya get that thing from? I'd have thought everythin' in the Northern Forest would have been found by now..."

Marlina Evenstar is roused by the irritating entrance of a speaking person from her doze, she responds with a simple bleary, "Eh?" She appears slightly out of the loop of course, such is her punishment for having the disposition of killing one who might lead to great adventure.. ^^;

Taikris chuckles as he leans onto the counter, finally taking the time to remove his equipment. "It nearly was, and -yes- it was booby-trapped. and -yes- it was by the Bandit King"

Ruby Pyralis wasn't even there to see what happened because she wasn't told the quest was resuming, so just pretends to know what's going on. >>

Taikris looks over to Sirum. "Guess not" he mostly fails to notice Marlina as he speaks to Kele once more. "Oh... thought you and Jon might like to know." he sits upright for this one ^^ "I found a safe way into Ansteorra ^^"
Taikris coughs "At least it looked like it was headed that way"

Marlina Evenstar blinks owlishly for several moments before becoming fully aware and awake once more, "The bandit king's to be bein' dead lad, not to be seein' him lay too many traps, I'd be supposin..."

Kivae notes that Ruby came in just as they were resuming, most of it happened last night. x.o;

Kele-De perks up a bit then. "You did? Where?" She leans over the table anxiously.

Kivae wanders inside, carrying with both handpaws what appears to be a roughly basketball sized mudball, the mud of which doesn't drip to the floor or smear on her handpaws. She smiles a bit, and wanders over to settle down by the counter. Outside, skittering steps indicate she'd had a short visit with Stumpy.

Sirum Hest coughs into a paw. "The sewers were nearly entirely destroyed through all the destructive force used by Kitzibeth an' Entad. Are ya sure it isn't crumbled into ruin?"
Sirum Hest also adds, to Kivae, in surprise, "What in the Primes name is that..?"

Triona wanders in silently, stopping briefly just inside the door and glancing about from beneath the hood of her cloak, after a moment she wanders and settles at one of the empty seats just beyong Sirum, pushing her hood back as she settles, her tail curls about her waist, ears flicking slightly to catch the sounds about her

Taikris would turn to Marlina in this moment. "And his hovel looked the p--- oh! Right ^^." he leans onto the table, pulling off his one remaining set of claws as he calmly responds. "Well... there was this huuuge tunnel that apparently extends for miles. Right on into the city itself." he chuckles. "I guess it's how the bandi managed to sack the city." he looks over to Sirum. "It's a possibility, but Kivae there didn't detect any obstructions when she divined it"

Kivae grins brightly, patting the orb. "'n egg. And it didn't go through the sewers, so it's probably fine."

Sirum Hest nearly begins to answer Taikris, until a familiar face catches his attention out the corner of his eyes. Even if it had been years since he had seen the feline, it isn't that hard for him to forget anyone. Though no cheery squeak is given, instead a slight cringe, and a guilty looking away as the mouse murmurs. "T-Triona... it's been so long since I've seen ya. W-Where've ya been all this time? The last I can remember of ya, it was...", worried for some reason, as he suddenly cuts himself off.

Kele-De nods as she listens. Her ears prick back as Kivae speaks. "An egg? From what?" She turns back to Taik then. "A tunnel you say? WHere's the tunnel located?"

Taikris raises a brow slightly at Sirum's odd response, but thinks nothing of it. "I guess you'll want me to show you." he looks over to Kivae. "You don't think the spider will bother us anymore... will it?"

Triona's ears flick towards Sirum and she looks over as he speaks, not even attempting a smile she simply nods to his words and brushes a bit of hair from her face
Triona's eyes then glance about the room again, noting those she remembers and the ones she doesn't as well, Skadi however gives a very soft, quiet chirp, hopping down and onto the counter in front of Tri

[Skadi was the cutest little familiar. Bitty penguin.]

Kivae glances briefly over her shoulder at who Sirum is talking to, nods, but her attention is soon absorbed by Kele, grinning cheerfully. "It's another spider. Like Stumpy, only the mother was smaller, so maybe not -as- big." Tilting her head at Tai. "It's her nest, 'f course she will. But not if you use the hatch by the stump, and keep a wall between you 'n her."

Ruby Pyralis' ears flatten, a low, rumbling sound vibrating in her throat as Triona entered. She never much liked her, as she had never honestly seen her do anything productive. However, she keeps her opinion to herself and stares intently at the table.

Sirum Hest chews nervously on his bottom lip and scoots over to in front of Triona, tilting his head to the side as he focuses on her. Apparently since they had last met he had been trained in the Arcane arts. [1/1]

Kele-De runs a paw through her headfur, brushing it from her face. She moves some of it behind her ears, in a vain attempt at preventing it from fallen forward once more. "I would like you to show it to me. Though I wish Jonathan were around. He should see it as well." Taking a deep breath, she sighs it out softly. "I hate to be delayed even further." Her attention is caught by Kivae's words and she turns to gaze at teh egg. "So, there's going to be another spider around here?"

[ You whisper "<<Ya... don't know what happened to Dirk, do ya? Or... if ya do, I'm so sorry.>>" to Triona. ]

Taikris nods very slowly at this point. "I see. Well... you might need to come along then and make sure it leaves us alone. If I recall the walls don't close off to her nest"

Triona blinks several times at Sirum, absently reaching a paw to pet Skadi she simply gives a very slight nod, as if answering a question

Sirum Hest sighs in relief and leans forward to hug the femme, before sliding back over towards Kivae, relieved he didn't have to be the bearer of bad news. "If yer goin' to Ansteorra I'd like to come along as well an' see this path. Jus' to make sure it actually exists, 'cause I thought I'd seen every last path in the Kingdom."

Kele-De nods and her left brow rises slowly, while the other furrows and a look of quiet thoughtfulness falls over her face. "What do you mean the walls don't close off to her nest?" Her head tilts to the left slightly as her features relax.

Kivae nods to Sirum, and then grins at Kele, "Yea, but she won't be any trouble.. I don't think. And the only traps left were some that closed walls.." [*needs to go eat dinner, afk* ^^;]

Taikris nods slowly in response to Sirum, before giving a much more vigorous head motion to Kele. "You heard me. The walls don't close off that section." he then looks to Kivae. "That's what the cutlass was for :-P"

Triona seems completely startled by the hug and just barely manages to return it. Skadi gives another little chirp as she returns to Tri's head. Tri's ears flicking a bit as she listens to the conversation

Kele-De laughs and nods. "The way you had said it, I thought perhaps that her web closed the walls off." She leans over then, whispering something to Ruby.

Ruby Pyralis clenches her teeth at the whisper and leans closer to respond.

Taikris gives a light shrug as he pops open the chest, trying to decide which bracer he wanted to put on. "Well... when any of you are ready. I won't mind leading the way. It's not like I could give you the map anyway. That damned drow ripped the map to pieces"

Kele-De nods as Ruby whispers to her, her brows furrowing. She leans over to whisper once more to Ruby, then turns her face to Taik. "I appreciate the offer, though you'd have to talk to Jonathan about leading us there."

Triona seems to close her eyes, her tail uncurling then recurling about her waist, Skadi settling down to nap atop her head

Taikris gives another shrug as he slips the cutlass into the chest, popping on one of the jeweled bracers onto his wrist. "Suit yourself." He then blinks a few times. "Wait... this is my chance to see the city before it's turned to rubble :-D"

Kele-De shakes her head vigorously. "Oh no it most certainly is not. Marlina and I have a job to do. We are not about to take along others who might get us killed." Her fingers drum on the table in front of her. "The less that go into the city, the less we have to worry about. Marlina and I can blend in and take care of ourselves."

Sirum Hest leans down to whisper to Kivae, after a few moments of staring off into the chest, "How come he didn't share any of the treasure with Ruby or ya? At least, ya both don't look all jeweled up."

Ruby Pyralis nods to Kele and scratches at her head, just behind the ear. She begins to get up, responding in a low tone, though loud enough to be heard, "Sad, isn't it?" Then then begins to gead for the door, apparently retiring for the night. [Night. ^^]

Taikris raises a brow. "Hey. I wanna go have a look about. Even if briefly, and you'll have one hell of a time getting anywhere without the key." he shuts the top of the chest promptly. "A quick tour of the place is all I need, and then you'll not need worry about me again"

Kele-De glares at him, a low growl forming in her throat. "And risk being noticed nad getting killed, not in this lifetime."

Sirum Hest waves over at Taikris. "I'd personally prefer to see where it is tonight. Even if yer not goin' into Ansteorra, it'd still be nice to know where exactly it ends an' how it has managed to avoid bein' found after all these years."

Triona flicks one ear slightly, shifting she crosses her arms on the counter before her and lowers her head to them so that her chin rests atop her folded arms, eyes once more open, glancing about now and again though she mostly seems to stare off into space, as if she isn't fully there

Taikris raises a brow once more. "I already told you I have no interest in running sabotage and mayhem. I just want to give a quick tour of the city. I've never been in this country before, nobody has a damned clue who I am. I just want one hour in the city, and then I'll head back here"

Kele-De blinks as though she really isn't hearing what Taik just said. She shakes her head then calmly stands up. She walks over a few paces and within the blink of an eye, her glaive is out and at his throat. "This is war. There isn't time for personal tours of the city." She growls and slowly removes teh glaive. "This isn't fun and games. We don't have time for your stupidity."

Taikris blinks a few times as the glace appears at his throat, before falling back with a slight yelp. "Don't do that shit. It's not fun, and having some spider stick it's fangs in my neck isn't helping either. Look. I just spent a good portion of my time tripped out on nuerotoxins, and scared out of my freakin' wits. You seemed so damn sure about finding a way in then fine. I'll go have a tour by myself. I'm damn well aware a war's in progress, which is why I want to see Ansteorra before it falls
Taikris: I'm -not- looking to comprimise your mission. I'm -not- looking to join you. I'm looking to walk around the city amongst the crowd, see what is to be seen before it's all flatter than I nearly was!"

Kivae tilts her head at Sirum's whisper, smoothing over some of the mud on the egg and warming it up. She responds in the same faint tones, "Because I didn't want any, and I don't know why Ruby didn't take any."

Kele-De snorts and shakes her head. "There's no time for such things. You could compromise us just by being there. Do you not think?" She tosses her headfur over her shoulders then sheaths her glaive. "You could be discovered leaving the city and then they could set a watch upon that entrance and exit, preventing Marlina and I an escape route. There are so many reasons why you should not do something so foolish. If you get us killed I will haunt you for the rest of your days."

Taikris snorts briefly, leaning onto the table. "Whatever. I'm still going into the city. If you and Marlina and the others want to do what you were doing before. Then fine. Go ahead. My way is much faster and safer. It wasn't found in centuries, and was trusted by the greatest thief in existance. I don't think discovery is a problem"

Kivae shrugs, "Why doesn't he just go up to the gates, and say he wants to look around the famed Ansteorra? It's what he does want to do, after all. Can't see any harm in that.."

Taikris adds in an afternote "And if I get you killed, chances are I'll already be dead"

Triona shifts, sitting up once more, ears flicking as she looks through her bag briefly, pulling out a brush she starts to umbraid her hair

Sirum Hest nods slowly down to Kivae. "It'd still be nice to have some of that as a momento of the trip, though. That's how I view everythin' I have stored away, it's to help me remember the journies I had to each place.", smiling weakly. Continuing, "An' that's 'cause I don't think we're lettin' anyone in or out of the Kingdom."

Kele-De nods then to Kivae. "That's fine with me, Kivae. I don't have a problem with him doing that." She snorts then and takes a seat. "However, I do have a problem with him endangering Marlina and I by using an entrance that should only be used for espionage, just to take a damn tour of the city. Primes. WHat the hell are you thinking? Or are you thinking at all?"

Sirum Hest whistles quietly and snaps two fingers up in front of him, a small pink colored ball of ice appearing in front of Kele. Just as she was ending her speech, it would try to pop into her mouth, and would taste strongly of peaches. "Is there a problem, at least, with findin' out exactly where it is without exitin' it? I wanna see its exact location in Ansteorra. It may be easily viewable by all, or impossible to find if ya don't know where to look." He then smiles weakly, and adds, "Plus, there's nothin' to do here."

[Sirum only knew two schools. Enchantment and evocation. Fruit flavor enchantments on ice, truly he was an innovator the likes of which Valanthas should have seated on their High Council.]

Taikris shrugs "I'm thinkin' that I'll get a nice view of the lake from the edge of the docks, and even the sunken castle." he chuckles. "Why... I can't wait to see the sort of tavern's they've got there." he starts to drift off about how much he'll enjoy a well prepared cup of tea before snapping back to reality. "Err... right then. Shall we?

Kivae's suggestion is not replied to by Tai?

Kele-De finds her mouth full of peach flavored ice, otherwise she'd have a few more things to say to him, more than likely in Tigathan and they wouldn't be pretty. As it is though, seh busy trying to chew her way through the ice ball.

Triona finishes brushing and rebraiding her hair, blinking slightly at Sirum as she tucks her brush back into her bag without looking, ears perking suddenly her gaze darts to Tai as the docks are mentioned, tail tip giving a flick

Taikris seems to have missed it in the rather heated talk they were having <.<

Sirum Hest notes that the gobstobber-sized chunk of ice wouldn't be all that easily chewed away, and would instead easily be spit out or it would slowly melt. ^^;

Kele-De didn't realize it was gob-stopper sized.

You say, "[In fact, it has the exact same properties as a gobstopper, just cold. ^^;]"
Triona: [lol]
Kele-De: [It's even tasty. Woohoo!]

Taikris shrugs slightly, deciding to go on Sirum's suggestion as he opens the crate, grabs the cutlass and makes way for the door. "If any of you are coming. Better follow me now." he then summarily heads out the door, lest he be stopped by the angry Tigharrim femme

Kivae props her head up in her hand, watching Kele chew somewhat enviously. "Have you mastered the blackberry-flavor, yet, Si?"

Triona gathers up her bag and follows the, to her, unknown male

Kivae would go, but she has homework. As it is, "Don't hurt the spider."

Sirum Hest simply nods to Kivae and pops a blackberry one in front of her, before sliding down off of the counter and heading after the two.

Kele-De spits out the hunk of ice and glares over at Sirum. "If you wanted to shut someone up, you should have done it to him." She points at Taik. "Primes! Have you all lost your minds? Do you not realize how dangerous it is to go into that city?" She pulls her glaive out and starts after them, cursing vociferously beneath her breath.

Sirum Hest shakes his head to Kele and grins sheepishly. "I wasn't tryin' to shut ya up, it's jus' those things usually calm people down. If I had wanted to shut ya up I would've made it bigger." He idly notes that it would melt to the floor the second she spat it out.

Kivae winces slightly, speaking around her gobstopper, "I recall you going into the city too.." but she's not following, so it's probably missed. Homework. ^^;

Taikris seems to have taken off at a jog when he sees her weapon out. "Put that damned thing away. I don't wanna get stabbed in the back again e.e;;"

[#] The sun has, for the most part, nearly already entirely set, the birds having gone to sleep for the night and thusly the chirping has stopped, but the crickets have started up.

Sirum Hest seems to be following along at a leisurely pace.

[#] [DM's note for Kele: Herbs are in this dream, you just need to look if interested.]

Kele-De trails after Taik, smirking as her curses turn to chuckles beneath her breath at his fear of her weapon being out. She uses the haft as a walking stick as she continues along, head shaking. "I'm honorable. If I'm going to kill you, it certainly won't be by putting my blade through your back. There is no honor in that." She has a strange code of honor and ethics, being Tigahrrim and all.

Triona follows silently

Sirum Hest isn't going to be posting much as he is busy with emits. ^^; []

Taikris slows down to a trot, not entirely sure about that. "I was stabbed by that damned drow, and then mugged later. So excuse me if I'm a bit skittish around here." he would then begin marching along the pathway.

Kele-De leisurely takes her time, saving her energy should she need it later. She doesn't say anything to Taik, though secretly relishes him fearing her.

Taikris: [If any of you want to stop and search, let me know]
You say, "[Can I search me fer some lewt?]"
Taikris: [Ur the DM :-P]
You say, "[Don't wait for me. x)"

Taikris slowly approaches the grasses. "Well... here we are. I guess you'll want to see the tunnel first soo..." he starts to slowly approach the area, tapping the ground till he reaches the edge. "You can use Kivae's vine to climb down. "Careful... it's pitch black, but feel around in the goop for a bit and you'll spot a small tunnel"

Kele-De arches a brow and sheaths her glaive. "How far down is it?"

You say, "[For note, the top part of the hatch had a line too]"
[ Taikris whispers, "I know xP" to you. ]
[ Taikris whispers, "It's payback for Tai damn you" to you. ]

Triona continues to simply follow this stranger, remaining as silent as she has been since she first arrived

[#] The hole would appear bottomless currently, from how dark the area was.

Taikris gives another nod. "I'd say about thirty feet or so. It'll almost seem like a lapine hole. The tunnel itself goes about a few hundred yards of twists and turns before coming into a main area. If you hear clicking sounds... like mandibles. Then uh... you might want to turn back. Make sure you don't scream though. I found that out the hard way e.e;;"

Triona unconciously begins to glow faintly, just enough to light the area around the four dimly, the light not reaching more than a foot in front of or being the group

[#] As Triona would begin to glow, parts of the hole would become visible. Just enough to show that the walls were coated in an oozy, web-like substance, though you couldn't get caught on it, it would simply slowly slide you downwards.

Kele-De clammers down the vine, rather quickly, anxious not to get left behind.

[#] At the bottom of the hole, Kele would be able to faintly make out a waist-high crawl space, apparently burrowed by some sort of creature. Its walls are coated in the goozey substance as well.

Taikris nods slowly, watching from his vantage point up top, whispering back to Triona. "You go ahead and get moving Kele" he says as he begins to lower himself down. "There's not much room for more than one."


Taikris appears to have been waiting at the base of the stairs as Kele crawls out of the cramped space. "You see what I had to put up with? Now imagine falling into that hole without knowing it was there"

Kele-De arches a brow. "It's a hole? So you had to search around for a hole and crawl through it. What are you whining about?"

[#] Kele's crawl through the gooze covered crawl way would be mostly uneventful, but horribly creepy. Once coming to the end, she would see a stone staircase leading upwards and out into the grassy area above. Farther in the tunnel, a large pitch black spider with red rings around her legs would be standing over her nest of gooze covered eggs, tired after the battle with Stumpy.

Triona is rather startled by the whisper, she hadn't even realized what she was doing and promptly, suddenly they are in complete darkness again before reacing the bottom.

Taikris shakes his head. "I fell in that hole you climbed down, and had to crawl in here... alone, where I was wrapped up to die by that spider. Thankfully it seems tired... so if we move quietly, and quickly against the back wall... we should be just fine." he would then slide against the nearby wall... making his way into the adjoining chamber as he waves for the others to hurry. The second they were in, he'd shut it behind him


[Continued later, after a long OOC pause.]

[#] As we last left our Heroes, they were within the basement of the Gooziferrus spider - which at the moment was docile, but would more than likely lob any of their heads off with its razor sharp legs given the chance.

Triona was and is simply following Tai silently

[#] Room appearance: Long, somewhat wide room. At the very end of it and to the left there is a narrow corridor leading to a nest of eggs and Gooziferrus. To the right, a wall with a small slit in the middle.

Taikris is apparently leading the group along the far wall from the creature. "Right then... just... stay close the wall and be quick" moving readily into the first closable section, waving for the others to follow. He would then shut the wall after the last of them made it through

Kele-De sneaks along, her steps silent as seh makes her way along the corridor following after Taik. She nods her head at his words then noiselessly slips through the door.

[#] The Gooziferrus mades a few low 'clicks' as Taikris moves towards her feeding area, though she seems mostly content to guard her nest rather than allowing more eggs to be pilfered. The walls would be unable to be closed manually, but would close automatically after a minute.

[#] The room they are in currently is covered in dust, save for the middle, where the chest had been and the next wall has a slit the same as the last.
Gooziferrus clicks

Sirum Hest is assumed to be following at a care free pace. ^^;

Triona continues to keep silent and follow, staying close

Taikris slowly begins walking backward, stomping a few times about where the treasure chest was in hopes of triggering the closing mechanism for the wall they had just past. When the wall would finally close, he'd breath a sigh of relief. "Right then... the tunnels right behind this next wall" With a sudden new state of leisure in his stride, he slides the blade of the cutlass into the minute opening.

Kele-De pauses to look about the room. She rubs her nose with a paw as she inhales some of the dust. Noting the lack of dust upon the floor in one area she arches a brow. "I'm guessing that's where the chest was?"

[#] As per usual, a 'click' sounds as the enchanted cutlass is shoved into the slot. The walls divide, and the group is suddenly hit with over four thousand year old air. Apparently both ends of the several mile length tunnel were completely sealed off. The group would note that the walls and floor were as clean as those of a palace, more than likely due to some form of magic.

Triona looks about the room a bit but doesn't seem to take much of an interest beyond continuing on to wherever the tunnel leads, noting the various thing but staying as silent as she has been all along

Sirum Hest isn't going to make you RP out several miles worth of walking, though the group would note as they went that the tunnel would slowly slope downwards bit by bit as they went. []

Taikris nods an affirmative to Kele, as he begins hacking at the sudden release of stale air hits his lungs. "Well... *cough* on--*hack*" he gives up and just points in the direction they must go.

Kele-De covers her mouth and nose with a paw, her nose wrinkling as the stench reaches her. "I should have brought something to cover my face with. That air is putrid." She nods at Taik's pointing and strats through the tunnel, then walks and walks and walks, noting that it slopes downward.

[#] Eventually, the group comes to the very end of the tunnel and to a steel ladder. Which would only lead up for about twenty feet or so, but would appear to lead upwards forever. On the wall left of the ladder would be the usual slot, but what does this one do..?

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Door opens... Tallus: "Hey guys" PC's get sucked up into flatspace.]" to you. ]

[#] At the very beginning of the tunnel where they came from, a giant round object of some sort would be heard hitting the floor. And rolling their way. And quickly picking up pace. []
[#] [:-P]
Taikris: [Time to run Indiana*]
Kele-De shakes her head, her ears perking at the noise. She turns to glare at Taik before scrambling up the ladder.
Taikris: [...]
You say, "[It was a joke emit Kele. xD]"
Triona: [*thwaps Si with pillow*]
Sirum Hest ows. xD []
Marlina Evenstar: [*Plays Indiana Jones music?]
Kele-De is trying to fix dinner and rp...don't do that shit to her. :-P]

[#] The ladder that was only twenty feet high would suddenly shoot up at a rapid pace, seeming to be coming out of the floor and heading up several hundred feet. Perhaps they should have climbed up on it and held on tight first, but then they didn't know how to make it work, or what brought it back down. If they climbed it as it was now, it might take forever..

Triona blinks a couple times at the ladder then gives a bit of a shrug and starts up it without waiting for the others

Taikris frowns slightly. "Well that's just spiffy." he looks at the slot again, waiting for the general consensus before attempting the switch again

[#] Triona, after only getting a few steps up, would suddenly find herself flung back to the floor as the extraordinarily lengthy ladder whooshed back down into the floor of the tunnel. It now remains as twenty feet high once again.

Kele-De watches the ladder go up in dismay. She nods at Taik's suggestion. "Aye. There must be a way to get it down."

Taikris coughs a few times as he sees what happened to Triona when she tried to hop aboard. "Um.... sorry about that o.o" he takes a moment or so to examine the device. "So... who wants to go first?"

Sirum Hest squints up the past the ladder and tilts his head to the side. "Where does it end..? I wonder where it leads. I never saw any secret areas in Ansteorra besides the Thieves Guild..."

Triona is flung from the ladder but doesn't hit the floor, instead she ends up hovering about an inch above the floor for a moment before getting her feet beneath her, glancing at Tai and giving a shrug

Taikris shrugs slightly. "If you insist Kele. Just make sure you hop off quick when it stops. I can't exactly wait forever to call it back down" with that... he slips the sword into the lock

[#] Kele would feel the ladder suddenly zoom upwards, her pathway illuminated by a dull shine of silver around her. At the top of the tunnel, Kele would see nothing to get off on. The only notable things around would be stone above her with a slit in the middle and a slit onto the wall next to her.

Taikris waits for the ladder to come to a stop before counting out roughly thirty seconds before slipping the sword into the slot once more [post faster Kele :-P]

Kele-De's grip tightens reflexively as she flies upward upon the ladder. She nearly loses her grip at the top, not expecting the abrupt halt, though manages to stay on. She looks about, curses silently, then hangs on tight for the ride down.

Kele-De is making dinner and had to ask the DM a question. Hold your horses. :-P]

Taikris frowns slightly, taking this moment to lean against the eerily lighted wall as he inquires of the Tigharrim femme. "Why aren't you up there?

[#] Much as Triona was done, Kele is whisked back to the ground by the hastily declining ladder. Though she isn't attempted to be flung to the floor, having been on the actual twenty feet of the ladder that doesn't go into the ground.

Kele-De blinks and clears her head a minute, not used to such dizzying rides. "I would have if you didn't need -that-," She points to Taik's cutlass, "blade to get everywhere within these tunnels. She then goes on to explain how there are two slits at the top one in the wall and one above. "So, either you give me the blade and I'll open it or you can go up first and send the ladder down. I'm guessing the slit in the wall opens the tunnel and the slit on the top send the ladder up and down."

Taikris gives another frown as he gestures for Kele to move. "Alright... get on the other side." he looks over to Triona. "Find a spot to grab on... it seems we have to go up together." When she finally hops on, he'd slip the cutlass into the slot, and pull it back speedily"

[#] The ladder, as can be expected, zips upwards.

Kele-De moves to accomodate the others, tehn holds on tightly once more.

Triona holds on tight, Skadi in her bag

[#] Taikris would see the same things Kele did, two slits for for his sword. :-P

Taikris tries the slit above them

[#] A low rumble would sound as the cutlass was inserted into the crack, as if having trouble getting its mechanism working, but after a bit it slides over into the wall. Just in time for cluimps of dirt to fall down onto the three. The only thing above them would appear to be a thick layer of dirt.

Taikris curses as more dirt gets in his muzzle. "Bah... dead-end." he looks over to Kele. "Should we try and dig through?"

Triona reaches up to prod gently at the dirt above them, trying to determine how 'deep' it is

Kele-De, luckily isn't looking up, so when the clumps of dirt fall, they merely cover her head and her clothes. She shakes it off, then glances up. "We don't know where it comes out. If we dig through, we might be noticed...if we are even in or near Ansteorra." Her brows furrow then, in thought.

Taikris sighs as he tries stabbing the dirt with his cutlass a few times. "Well... it's up to you Kele."

[#] The ground above them (why does that seem so amusing..) would feel quite solid, more than likely at least 3-4 feet thick. Easily able to be dug through, though it would take a bit of time to do so.

Kele-De brows furrow further. "I don't know." She pauses tehn, warring with herself as to what to do. "I suppose we can try digging..." She trails off then hoping she'd made the right choice.

Triona gives a tiny sigh at the feel of the ground above them, shifting a bit on the ladder and waiting, she may want to see Anst once more but she isn't stupid, though as she hears the one called Kele she starts trying to dig

Taikris gives a bit of a nod as he looks to Kele once more, slipping the cutlass into his beltline. "Right then... try to keep hold of my waist to keep me from falling." With that... he begins to ascend a bit higher, putting those iron claws to use once she managed to get a good grip on him

[#] After a few minutes pass, if Taikris had spent that long digging into the ground, he would eventually get a good look up into the night sky through some grass. That is, if his head wasn't entirely covered in the dirt, rocks and hacked up earthworms.
[#] ..Feanorworms..

Triona stops digging as she notes that Tai has a better 'handle' on the digging
Kele-De begins to dig and speaks then. "If this leads to the city, no one is leaving this tunnel. We'll cover it back up and go back the way we came. Do you hear me Taikris? This is not a pleasure tour."

Marlina Evenstar: [Sandworm! Freemen get a free ride.]

Taikris is almost tempted to stop at that. "I am getting that pleasure tour. I found this damn hole, and now I intend to get a good look around."

Kele-De furrows her brows. "Then stop digging, we are going back now!"

[#] Further digging would result in a large enough hole to crawl through appearing to Taikris, but only if Kele hadn't managed to get him to stop. It would likely be best to cover it somehow, if they were returning.

Triona turns her gaze to glare lightly at Kele for a moment, she has no intention of going back, not when she's this close, though she stays silent

Taikris just gives Kele a look. "I'm not exactly inclined to care so much right now. I -could- have chosen not to tell you, and you'd be no beter off. You keep saying it's -war-. Then you know what... a day above ground isn't going to bother you, or your objectives."

Kele-De glares at him, then begins to yank on him, trying to get at the cutlass. "You are -not- taking some damn tour. That's not what this was about. All you were supposed to do was show me how to get there. That's done. We are going back -now-."

Triona ignores their argument, holding silently to the ladder, seeming to be thinking, her eyes have closed

Taikris yipes at this point, trying to move the blade away from her, slipping it into his right as his left tries to bat away her paws without cutting her. It is at this time... that his entire right forearm seems to light up in a brilliant fireball. "Holy.... o.o;;;"

[#] DM notes that they are several hundred feet up on a ladder, and that fighting may not be the best choice of action. o.o;

Kele-De's eyes widen as his arm lights up. She pauses in her efforts to get at the cutlass for a moment. "What the bloody hells is that? Damnu ort! Stop it before someone sees the light coming from down here."

Triona startles at the sudden light, very nearly letting fo of the ladder then quickly getting as far from Tai's arm as she can without leaving the original 20 feet of ladder

Taikris meeps and seems on the point of clutching his newly aflamed paw... when it suddenly goes out again. o.o "Err... right. <.<" he says simply. He blinks a few times... when an idea enters his head. "I'm still gonna have my tour." with that... he shoves the blade into the slot... only this time... he lets go of the ladder.

You say, "[So he's sending them back to the ground and is keeping himself held in place by the cutlass handle sticking out the wall?"
Taikris: [pretty much <.<]
You say, "[xD]"
Marlina Evenstar: [George, George, George of the Jungle, strong as he can be. # ]
Triona: [WATCH OUT FOR THAT.... tree...]

[#] The ladder zooms back down to the ground with Triona and Kele in tow, the both of them more than likely landing in the thick pile of dirt there. The tunnel that they had come from by now had more already closed off, and, at that moment, a low 'click' can be heard. And with that, the stone begins to slide back into place, leaving him trapped hanging in his place from the wall until his grip gave out. Yet...
[#] ...the stone stops 1/4 the way out, instead of sliding all the way closed. More than likely to help him climb up.

You say, "[If I were a bastard, I'd have let it close all the way. :P]"
Taikris: [He'd then have to brace himself against the walls o.<]

Taikris climbs to freedom then, thanks to the wonderful diety Chim. Who the hell needs Inari anyway?

Marlina Evenstar: [Blasphemy! The pink guy's a heathen!]
Taikris: [Inari abandoned me already :-P]
[*] Taikris rolls 1d20+2 see? & gets 19.
Kivae waits patiently for tears of acid, and death by suffocation.. with rice.]
Taikris: [... Bribes won't save you now!]

Triona isn't expecting the ladder to go back down and was rather distracted when that happened so ends up losing her grip and landing with a jarring thud, looking back up a low growl forms in her throat [damn you Tai, Tri wanted to go too]

Taikris: [Damn Kele. She wasn't gonna let -anybody- go :-P]

Kele-De sputters and curses and pulls her hunting knife out of her boot. She tries to jam it into the slot next to the ladder and go up after him. Her voice echoing up the tunnel as she shouts nasty insults in Tigahrrim up at him. "Air dair! Baoghalta! Damhair diolain! Guanag! Mac an donais, oinseach!"

Kele-De: [Tigahrrim should be Tigathan...sorry, it's late nad it's been a long day. Brain is fried.]
Taikris: [It's alright :-)]

[#] As Taikris gets up past the top part of the stone, he would notice that there was another slit on this side of the stone floor. Its purpose not yet able to be seen. Kele's dagger, at attempting to go into the slot, would have no effect.

You say, "[I should introduce more BKBC's.]"
You say, "[So this doesn't happen. :P]"
Taikris: [eh?]
Triona: [?]
You say, "[Taikris has basically left Kele and Triona for their deaths if he doesn't return for them. >.o]"
Taikris: [He'll be back in an hour or so <.<]
You say, "[Or, if Triona knows a good deal more floatation magic. :P]"
Taikris: [Especially once he figures out that the walls are shut o.<]
Sirum Hest waves to Marl. []
You say, "[This is where you pick up. Anst is your ground. (;]"
Taikris: [She logged off u.u]
You say, "[Ah. ... Mm. I suppose this can pick up tomorrow, just assume your characters haven't left yet. x)]"
Taikris: [kee o.o]

Triona doesn't growl for long, knowing it is useless, instead she checks quickly on Skadi then closes her eyes in concentration [it has been a few years for her Si... was getting there]

Taikris: [Sirum's down there too <.<]
You say, "[Sirum also has mindspeak and a good amount of powerful friends. x) He's likely raced back towards the other entrance to try and find ways to open it by now, though.]"
Sirum Hest is trying to avoid getting too involved in his own plot, though, and wants to be a last resort if it comes down to it. >.o []
Triona: [anywho....]
Taikris can always RP out the overground section later <.<[]
Taikris: [Shall we assume that Tai comes back in an hour or so?]
You say, "[Sure ^^ If no one has to go.]"
Triona: [I'm here]
Taikris is here[]
You say, "[But before we forward one hour, what was Triona doing?]"
Triona: [getting ready to float/fly up to the top]
You say, "[Ah, 'kay, she could more than likely do that.]"
Triona: [trust me, by now she could Si]
Triona: [we figured she's been gone about 3 years ICly]
You say, "[Is she going to wait for him by the hole or go exploring herself? ^^"
Triona: [mmm... head for the dock and then follow him after he finds them]
You say, "[You two can RP that out tomorrow with Marl, unless Kele has her own method of getting up as well?]"
Triona: [meh... not sure I'll be here tomorrow]
You say, "[Well, whenever then. :P"
Triona: [not in the evening anyway until Mon... I think I'd rather just wait by the hole then]

[#] After an hour or so passes, both Triona and Taikris apparently end up back by the hole behind the tavern, hidden mostly from view by surrounding bushes. The stone would still be 1/4 open, with the slit at the top.

Taikris frowns slightly at the still open grating, but slips the sword into the slot anyway. He looks to Triona. "Mind going down first and trying to reason with Kele. I have this feeling she's gonna want to slit my throat <.<"

Kele-De: [And how is Kele supposed to get up? Sorry, she's a Seal, not a Mage. She's gonna scream bloody murder at them when they come back though.]
You say, "[I was just checking, in case you had some sort of idea. xD]"

[#] The stone slides back entirely shut, as the cutlass is slid into it.

Triona simply looks at him, she still hasn't said a word but gives a slight shake of her head

Taikris slides it in once more then, expecting to have needed to do as much. "Then... I really don't know what to do. Obviously leaving her down there is a bad idea"

[#] The stone then slides back to 1/4 the way open then, and the ladder could be heard whooshing back up to greet them in the silvery glow of the tunnel.
Triona shurgs, getting ready to head back down, Skadi still in her bag, as the ladder arrives she grabs onto it, know it is the faster way down

Taikris lays flat upon the opening, sliding the cutlass into the sidewall slot as he sends Triona down first. He'll then wait a few moments for them to sort things out

Kele-De paces at the bottom of the ladder, fuming. She'd stopped yelling curses a while ago, saving her voice to verbally flay them when they returned.

[#] Down goes Triona. Whee!

Triona quickly climbs off the ladder, not knowing how long Tai will wait to call it back up

Taikris deciding to wait another minute or so... he does indeed call the ladder back up, hopping on with all speed before sealing the passage shut behind him. Another moment passes as he prepares for the worst, and sends the ladder downwards

Kele-De notices Triona's the only one who's come down and the fact that she's gotten off quickly, sp she holds her tongue waiting for Taik to come down.

[#] With the passage finally sealed off from above, the ladder zips back downwards with the cutlass wielder in tow.

[#] +5 Exploring EXP to all, for note.

Triona waits silently, taking Skadi from her bag and settling the penguin back atop her head, the penguin just finishing off the last of a fish

Kele-De glares at both Taik and Triona. "Are you both guanag? Do you not think? You could have been followed...there could be eyes on this place as we speak." She runs a paw through her headfur. "Are you really that stupid that you had to go see the city and endanger so many?" She paces the small area, trying not to physically lash out at things. "You could have endangered everything and you very well may have!"

Taikris raises a brow as he takes a defensive step backward. "I doubt I've really endangered anything. If they did follow this place, then you're right back to trying to find a way in with Marlina like you had planned. In the end... you would have lost nothing."

Triona simply gives Kele a look, still as silent as ever, she seems not to care for Kele's opinion and has no desire to explain herself, instead she starts back up the passage the way they originally came

Kele-De whirls around to face him. "You bloody well could have gotten yourself or," she absently waves a paw agrily at Triona, "or....her killed." As she doesn't know Triona's name she simply uses a pronoun then continues on her tirade. "This isn't a tiem to be taking a personal tour of a city that is having its trade cut off. If you have a brain, use the damn thing."

Taikris not exactly knowing what to say... he replies with the first thing that comes to mind. "I think she knew the risks. It's not exactly like you -couldn't- know them, and besides... if you can't appreciate a city as great as this... then what the hell are you fighting for?!"

Triona continues back towards the other end of the tunnel, ears flicking as she hears Tai defending her, she turns and looks back at them, waiting now, tail giving a few flicks

Kele-De growls then closes her eyes. She sighs then, calming herself down. "Let's just get back to the blockade. I need to tell Jonathan about this."

[#] To the other end of the tunnel the group travels.

Taikris nods firmly as he begins to walk towards the exit. "On a sidenote... I'm surprised you didn't want to have a look." he sighs "You know how Jonathan was talking, it's not terribly likely we'll ever see it in such splender again within our lifetimes once the war's all done" he then arrives at the other end eventually

Triona follows them once more, trailing behind slightly when safe

Kele-De shrugs and tries to contain her temper for a while longer, simply remarking, "Do you know how selfish a move that was?" Before taking off at a quick pace down the tunnel, anxious to get back.

Taikris gives another shrug. "Sure it was selfish, but like I said. What the hell are you fighting for anyway?"

Triona keeps her thoughts to herself, knowing quite well that her own reasons were rather selfish though she gives no explination, still not once having said a word to anyone

Kele-De continues on her way out of the tunnel, walking very quickly, wanting to get back.
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