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A day of 'Mistress Kitzibeth' & 'Master Rakuro.' 10-17-2

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 2:45 am    Post subject: A day of 'Mistress Kitzibeth' & 'Master Rakuro.' 10-17-2 Reply with quote

Ruby Pyralis is apparently resting, face down, on the table. Yay for being sleepy? o.o;

Sirum Hest, for note, is passed out on the table due to a lack of sleep from waiting for Rakuro, his paw coiled about one half of a lengthy, half-spiked blade on the table in front of him. Obviously if he went through this much trouble to get it, a slight obsession would form, even if he lacked the ability to move it. :-P No voidkin would be thieving it away tonight. "Mrrm...", is the only sound he makes.

[ You whisper "[]" to Zagnafein Silverleaf. ]
[ Zagnafein Silverleaf whispers, "Too technological. :P" to you. ]
Ruby Pyralis doesn't like the damned sword. Still has burnt and cut up paws from it D:
[ You whisper "[Well, yeah. It was forged by about every high level NPC in the continuity. xP]" to Zagnafein Silverleaf. ]
[ Zagnafein Silverleaf whispers, " :rolleyes:" to you. ]
[ Zagnafein Silverleaf whispers, "[Once I finish high school, and get those 8 months of vacation, I'll see if I can get some NORMAL adventuring to happen. >.O" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Well, there's always quick-adventuring. :P See: UtC articles marked with 'M']" to Zagnafein Silverleaf. ]
[ Zagnafein Silverleaf whispers, "[I know, but that's not what I'm thinking.]" to you. ]
Marlina Evenstar: [Ock, Polly shouldn't be.]

Zagnafein Silverleaf steps into the large hall, lowering his hood as he walks inside and takes a seat next to Ruby. The elf yawns, before lowers his pack onto the ground. "What is this? Some kind of forward outpost before we strike the city?"

Ruby Pyralis lets out a muffled yawn as the elf manages to unintentionally wake her, slowly getting into a sitting position while rubbing at her eyes. She blinks a few times at the elf, not having caught his question, and simply begins to pick at the burns on her paws.

Sirum Hest's ears perk as someone speaks within the meeting room, fingers involuntarily clenching tighter to the hilt. Which is just enough for him to touch the spikes, squeak out loudly in surprise and fwump back off of the chair and onto the floor. "Rrrnn... go 'way... or I crush ya with my tail... mm...", apparently dreaming about when he turned into a giant. Once he snaps to full consciousness, though, he grins meekly and waves towards Zagnafein, "Ah... um... hiya Zag. Ya must've not been around the villa when we left? But ya, this is one of the ten forts surroundin' the Kebeyan Republic, twenty miles out. This is nothin' but raidin' supply lines at the moment, though..."

[ You whisper "[Oh, right, Zag might see a body frozen, covered with a blanket and tucked away into the corner of the room. :P Kazunori if he actually inspected it.]" to Zagnafein Silverleaf. ]
[ Zagnafein Silverleaf whispers, "['Kay. :P]" to you. ]

Zagnafein Silverleaf rubs his head, and then nods. "How practical," the elf remarks with a bit of a smirk. "I'm sure that'll get us very far. Is there even someone in charge of everything, who's got some type of plan?"

Ruby Pyralis flicks an ear toward Zagnafein, rolling her eyes, "That would be the insane, yellow elf." Then stretching out a little bit, rather stiff from her long nap.

Zagnafein Silverleaf laughs quietly. "Splendid. I'm not getting involved, then. Just make sure you don't burn my treehouse down when you finally do attack."

Sirum Hest glances between the three doors in the room with a brow raised, as if waiting for someone to burst in at that moment covered in flames and laughing. Sadly Entad doesn't appear as if he's joining us today, however. "Ya, like Ruby said, Entad's leadin' the forts. He's gonna claim Ansteorra in the name of Xanthia, so the Republic can't touch it, an' if they try to he'll take their paws.", squeaking happily. "An'... the supply lines are only bein' dealt with right now... erm... we'll sooner or later hit the city altogether."

Zagnafein Silverleaf shrugs again. "Frankly, this is all moving too fast for me to keep up. And since everyone seems to be on top of things, I don't see any reason to get involved."

Sirum Hest scratches at the back of his headfur with a paw, a blank expression on his face. "Well... it's not so much that we're movin' too fast... we were at Kitzibeth's villa for a few weeks an' did nothin'. An' since we've arrived here we've done nothin' jus' the same."

Kalannar glides through the door, most likely unnoticed until he comes into plain view. He makes his way over to the table and takes a seat, folding his legs beneath him as he passes a nod to Zagnafein.

Zagnafein Silverleaf nods. "Exactly. Weeks are far too short, if you ask me." The elf chuckles, and then grins.

Ruby Pyralis mutters and pokes a few more times at a particularly foul burn, cringing slightly as she does so, "I'd have much rather stayed back at the villa. Much more comfortable than this dump."

[Dream reload.]

Ansteorra in Exile: This is horrifying.
Ansteorra in Exile: 98% of the screen is feline.
Ruby Pyralis: ^^
Taikris: bwahaha
Ruby Pyralis: Well, the reason is obvious.
Ruby Pyralis: Felines are prettier.
Ruby Pyralis: UGLY MOUSIE
Bush Babe: Raar.
Ruby Pyralis: Pointy-nosed canine!
Zagnafein Silverleaf: Y'see, guys?
Zagnafein Silverleaf: Sirum has 56k.
Zagnafein Silverleaf: That's why it takes him so long to upload.
Ruby Pyralis: ._.
Ansteorra in Exile: Nae, mate, 'f yae d'nae loik thae furr ('n 'f'n yae do Oi'd 'ave tae wondah juzz 'ow mooch yae loiked anehmulz, feeltheh weench) 'ooman 's thae wae tae go, oiya.
Marlina Evenstar: Aw
Taikris: We've kinda known tht Zag
Marlina Evenstar: Poor Sirum.
Zagnafein Silverleaf: Stupid 56ker.
Sirum Hest cries.
Ansteorra in Exile: 200/700 loaded
Taikris: o.<
Ansteorra in Exile: ...I lied.
Kivae pulls some marshmellows out of Sirum's hair.
Zagnafein Silverleaf: I HATE YUO
(You enter the dream of Ansteorra in Exile.)
(Lines of DragonSpeak: 105)
* Ach! Welcome to the Blockade, mates! This fort is set up to be stoppin' all traders that be tryin' to enter the great city of Ansteorra, with the forces here commanded by Lieutenant Grovnar. Ye'll be going no further, for impenatrable forest and mighty walls be blockin' your path.
[#] OH MY

[I had the slowest possible internet in the entire guild. DMs would sometimes summon me to their dreams on an alt well before everyone else so they didn't have to wait 5-10 minutes.]

Ruby Pyralis mutters and pokes a few more times at a particularly foul burn, cringing slightly as she does so, "I'd have much rather stayed back at the villa. Much more comfortable than this dump."

Zagnafein Silverleaf shrugs. "Perhaps. How'd you get those burns?"

Sirum Hest leans forward to rest his head on the table tiredly, tail thumping the chair beside him idly as he does so. "Those of us who don't live forever actually find wastin' weeks of our life sittin' around to be a terrible waste of the time that was given to us." Turning his attention to Ruby then, his nose wrinkles, "At least there's no alchemists from Valanthas. I thought the sword had only cut ya, though...?"

Zagnafein Silverleaf nods to Sirum. "Oh, I'm fully aware of that. I'm just giving you my point of view."

Ruby Pyralis motions toward the sword that Sirum pricked himself on a few minutes earlier, "Got em after I shoved that damned sword through the jackal." Shrugging slightly, "Apparently it burned me too."

Zagnafein Silverleaf raises a brow. "What jackal?"

Ruby Pyralis moves her paw in a circular motion as if trying to think of the right word, "Ka... Kazu, um..." Looking to Sirum to give the name, never having paid enough attention to figure it out.

Sirum Hest motions a paw off towards the corner of the room, which held the frozen body of the jackal. "Kazunori. Finally ended his life, an' as soon as we get the chance I'm gonna see if Hikari's memories are still up in that head of his."

Zagnafein Silverleaf laughs quietly, and then nods. "So, you eventually killed him, hmm? What a pity, I would have liked to have participated in that." The elf does indeed seem genuinely disappointed.

Sirum Hest shakes his head slowly. "It looked like, when Ruby struck him with the blade, that whatever was inside him left. I figure if we ever find a Cleric around here I'll get him brought back, if for nothin' else than to find out exactly what he knows regardin' Pytch."

Ruby Pyralis shakes her head, "Be glad you weren't there. He knocked out everyone except for me and Marlina by the end of the fight. Even Kitzibeth."

Zagnafein Silverleaf nods, rubbing his chin. "Well, I don't know. It would have felt gratifying to cut him up a little. In the sake of vengeance, you know."

You say, "[Damned 100's.]"
You say, "[Path can't go a single quest without rolling one. ):]"
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [I rolled one on his quest.]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Against Amin-Briathe. My one and only 100.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Mazus will roll a 100, and then we'll never get Anst back. >.>]

[The Deathblow (natural 100, *10 damage) system always made for memorable moments... Marlina rolled a 100 against Keruki on the street in a miniquest. He got his revenge by rolling one on her in the Tower of Trials. Rakuro solo'd my blind dino-dragon in the Extraplanar Jungle Journey by grabbing a bone spear and ramming it up the things nose after engaging it in solo combat. Before I joined the guild, one of Path'en's bosses rolled a 100 on a full-party magic attack, and wiped out everyone except Rivyn, nearly ending the Heroes of Calenndor. Canti 100'd Sirum, Kazunori 100'd Sirum... I think I got the most 100's out of anyone in the guild. Weird, for an archer.]

Ruby Pyralis grumbles and leans forward on the table, face buried under her arms, "M' still sore from that fight."

Sirum Hest pokes his tongue out at the elf. "I'd say Dalin or Rivyn are far more deservin' of revenge than ya, but if ya really want to get some, I figure as soon as I find a way to lift this blade we can cut up that Heretic all we want. Oh, right, can ya try liftin' the sword on the table for me? For some reason its rejected everyone who isn't a femme as of yet...", nose wrinkling. To Ruby, he grins sheepishly, "Ya could ask Kivae to patch ya up...?"

Zagnafein Silverleaf raises a brow, and then stands up. He heads over to the table, and attempts to pick the sword up, and fails?

Ruby Pyralis shrugs slightly at Sirum's words, though only responds with a faint 'mmph.' In all honestly, she likes having an excuse to sleep more.

[ You whisper "[The WoTV is anti-pen0s. ): It'd be like trying to lift a gigantic tree if Zag or any other non-femme tried to lit it.]" to Zagnafein Silverleaf. ]
Taikris: [... well... it is Zag <.<]
Taikris: [So... I don't know o.o]
Marlina Evenstar: [An interesting point.]
[ Zagnafein Silverleaf whispers, "[Keekles.]" to you. ]
Taikris: [He -is- femmly, but is it enough?]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Good point.]
Kalannar: [Damn it all. I hate this connection.]
You say, "[Does he have a pen0s is the question.]"
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [In Soviet Russia, this connection hates you.]
Taikris: [What if he has both? o.o;;]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [>.O]
Ruby Pyralis: [In Path's words... " might as well be trying to lift a tree."]
Zagnafein Silverleaf could lift a tree, if he had enough buffing spells.[]
[#] IC now. ^^

Sirum Hest huffs and crosses his arms up in front of his chest, staring in annoyance at the blade that refuses to move. "See? Bloody knew it, it loves Ruby, Kivae, Kitzibeth an' hates ya, Thorimar an' myself. So... hum... if ya need to be a femme to lift the thing...", tilting his head to the side. " long as it's temporary, I wouldn't really mind it at all...", eartips flattening to his skull then. "But that'd be so horribly embarrasin'. Erf. Anyways, Zag, while we waited for Entad to come back around from his usual slaughter, I don't suppose ya could take some of us off to Tharivol? The guards were talkin' about Damien havin' some sorta important structure out there. I figure we could disrupt whatever it is long enough to divide Damien's attention to there for a while. There was somethin' about 'green lines'..."

Zagnafein Silverleaf listens to Sirum's words with a growing smirk, until he bursts out in laughter. "Try it. It'll be a sight to see, and a story to tell for decades." The elf returns to his seat. "From what I can see, it's a greatsword anyway. Far too bulky for me."

Sirum Hest also fwaps lightly at the laughing elf with his tail. :-P "It's not all that funny, or at least not anymore so than seein' Ruby, Kivae an' Kele as males."

Kalannar glides through the door, most likely unnoticed until he comes into plain view. He makes his way over to the table and takes a seat, folding his legs beneath him as he passes a nod to Zagnafein. [Reposts, 'cause his connection blows]

Zagnafein Silverleaf raises a brow. "Tharivol? It'll take a while to get there, especially with you people straggling along behind me." The elf simply raises a brow as the mouse mentions the females looking like males.

Kalannar snorts resentfully as Zagnafein mentions 'stragglers', seeming to have implied the Drow, as well.

Ruby Pyralis would honestly like to forget that aspect of that trip to Anst. .-.;

Sirum Hest rolls his eyes at the elf and slides off of the chair, moving over to flop near Kivae. "We're not stragglers, we're good at movin' fast when we need to. Kivae has her monsters, Ruby her wings an' me... well...", glancing over his magical oddities. "Besides, he more than likely has guards posted around there. An' if he gets whatever it is finished entirely, that might complicate things for when we try to get to it..."

Zagnafein Silverleaf shrugs. "I'm talking about how each of you can move through a thick forest or a steep mountain on foot. Without any of your magical mumbo-jumbo."

Ruby Pyralis flicks her wings around and shrugs, "Never really needed to walk much when travelling, so..."

Kalannar simple snorts again as he passes somewhat of a glare toward Zagnafein, "-I- am no straggler, abbil. You should know this."

Zagnafein Silverleaf turns his head to face Kalannar, and then laughs. "I wasn't talking about you, Kalannar. We both know that you know your way around. I was talking about the furred friends around us."

Ruby Pyralis grumbles, "I'd like to see you find your way through a forest with two giant wings without snagging onto a branch every two steps."

Zagnafein Silverleaf nods to Ruby, smiling. "That's why you don't belong in a forest. It's normal for you to be slowed down in one."

Sirum Hest snickers quietly. "Without magic it'd take forever, but if that's the way ya wanna go... I jus' hope we'd be back in time to deal with Entad's plans. Or before they use whatever has been planned to happen in the desert."

Zagnafein Silverleaf shrugs. "If you can get there on Kivae's eagles, then there really is no need for me to go with you, is there? You can easily see which direction you have to fly in from the air itself."

Sirum Hest grins weakly and shakes his head, shifting about to stare off at the opened door. "We're not really all that... ah... good at determinin' which way to go. We were headin' to Kitzibeth's villa from the Northern Forests, an' ended up flyin' quite a bit off course before. An' it's not only yer trackin' skills that are useful, not even Kivae, Ruby an' myself can take down Rising Phoenix soldiers ya know. Or sandscouts. Primes damned sandscouts...", obviously Canti's death fresh in his memory from seeing Kazunori.

Zagnafein Silverleaf takes a deep breath, and rubs his chin in thought. "Well... fine. I'm not perfectly comfortable with flying, but I'll go along."

Ruby Pyralis' player is still pissed about her father kicking her off the computer before she could see the end of that quest. :/

Sirum Hest cocks his head to the side. "If ya really wanna go by foot, I imagine that would be fine, Zag. Kivae loves the scenic route I'm sure, an' for Ruby whether or not we're flyin' isn't a problem.", grinning toothily as he glances over at her wings. "I was jus' afraid we might not have the supplies for it."

Zagnafein Silverleaf shakes his head. "By foot, it would take us more than 10 days. By air, it'll only be five hours. I can hold my stomach for that long."

[ You whisper "[I take it that since we're going soon whatever you need is prepared? xP Well, not soon as in today but sometime this/next week.]" to Marlina Evenstar. ]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Go whenever, I'll host with whatever I have. :-P]" to you. ]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Not guaranteeing you'll find anything though, I'll just react to whatever you lot do.]" to you. ]

Kalannar casts a glance over to Sirum, "On foot it would take even longer than said estimations.. you are all too slow." Kalannar enjoys flaunting his quick traversing skills.

Sirum Hest springs up to his footpaws then and squeaks happily, actually seeming happy that their journey wouldn't involve weeks of travel. He wasn't exactly built for constant walking, but he could manage it when required. "Good, good. We jus' need to take care of a few things here first... like seein' if someone can't pull Jonathan an' his group from the Tigathan rains." He also, at that moment, whips a paw up in a blur and over towards Kalannar, a ball of water flying rapidly through the air right for the face of the drow. If he caught it, it would explode in his hand, but if he wasn't able to it would freeze but an inch from his nose, while the mouse laughed. [1/1] "Primes, ya pick up swords an' dress as if ya stepped from the Dhamzon themselves an' suddenly ya get to call everyone slow..."

Zagnafein Silverleaf nods. "Very well, then. I'll stick around the area and you all let me know when you're ready to fly." The elf catches the mouse's movements, and moves slightly towards the left to avoid whatever may be coming in Kalannar's direction.

Aoto Kreegan's cranium held low. Gloved paws tucked into his trouser's pockets. His not so tall physique emershed from the doorway and into the residency. Freed from the chilly wind. His cranium raised and his concentration was directed toward the group. He emitted a cough in an attempt to call thier attention. [Hi.]

Kalannar throws his hand out in a slapping motion, exploding the water ball over a majority of his lower arm and the floor beside him. He growls a bit then simply looks over at Sirum, "When you can keep up with me at long distance, rat, then speak." He gumbles in Drow. His armor's wet now.

Kalannar figured he would ignore it, then as he looks at his armor grows angered and simply decides to retaliate. Using his own granted speed, he whips a dagger from the back of his belt and tosses it in a straight beeline for Sirum's head, knowing full and well that the mouse was capable of catching it.

Zagnafein Silverleaf cannot help but grin, and then laugh at the exchange between the mouse and the drow. Still grinning, the elf invokes a small ember into his hand, and holds it out to Kalannar. "Here, use this to get rid of that water." He then glances over his shoulder, and gives the stranger a simple wave. "Afternoon."

Kalannar: [The dagger, for note, is Sirum's Dagger of Maiming. Kalannar's way of giving it back and saying thank you. :P]

[Sirum may have made a mistake in wanting Kalannar's friendship. ... You could say that about a good deal many people.]

Sirum Hest notes that whatever wetness was caused as a result of the flying ball of water would evaporate altogether within a few seconds, actually. "I'd like to test that out right now, but if someone saw us kickin' up dirt around the outside of the fort they'd-", pausing then as a paw snaps up to grab the hilt of the dagger before it reaches his face. Not missing a beat, it slides down into a sheath and he continues, "-think we were insane. An' now I've gotta find someone else to dump these daggers off onto, don't I?", laughing briefly.
Sirum Hest also then tail-waves in greeting to the stranger. "Welcome, ya with the soldiers?"

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[So you're going to Thamrivol? Or just some random place in the desert?]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Searching for the green lines. x)]" to Marlina Evenstar. ]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "They're everywhere, including Thamrivol, but I suppose random desert then?" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Well, really, any place that looks like it has anything of note. But specifically green lines otherwise.]" to Marlina Evenstar. ]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "Feh, just go to Thamrivol then, I can rip off the Therio map then. ^^;;" to you. ]

Kalannar nods to Zagnafein, only to note seconds later that the water had evaporated. He arches an eyebrow, then simply shrugs. To Sirum, he replies, "I have no use of them any longer."

Aoto Kreegan's cranium was motioned up and down. "Afternoon. Ain't this blockade? I am fox Kreegan may any one of ya direct me toward Commandor Solinox and his force" a quick respond to the greeting.

Sirum Hest tail-waves over at Kalannar and shrugs, "Right, right. Jus' tell me if ya see anyone in need of weapons then. These things are creepy to carry around." Turning back to Aoto, he shakes his head slowly, "This is a blockade, but this isn't Solinox's force. This is Entad's fort, manned by former Ansteorran soldiers. Solinox is... somewhere, I'm not sure."

Aoto Kreegan's head is tilt toward Sirum Hest. A slight scan at the mouse and returning a nod in respond. A slight grin formed upon his face. "I'm early." escaped his maw, directed only toward his own ears. "I'm a militia of a local resistance group located around the outskirts of Ponce du Lac."

Kalannar pays little interest to Aoto, though speaks to Zagnafein, "I hear the guards speak rumors and the like of strange occurrances not far from here, abbil."

Chloe May: (Can I be here ICly or not? xo)
You say, "[You can. :P]"
Chloe May: (Where are we? ^^;)
Kalannar: [Your DOOOOOM]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [AIIEEEE]
Chloe May: (But really, where are we? .-.)
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [20 miles out of Ansteorra.]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [In a fort.]
Amerie: (How'd we get here? ^^;)
Marlina Evenstar: [Entad cheated. :-P]
You say, "[Kitzibeth's magic.]"
You say, "[Or walking. x)]"

Sirum Hest springs backwards several times as if his footpaws were made of rubber, drawing his cloak up in front of his muzzle warily. "Does that mean ya are one of the infected?"

Zagnafein Silverleaf turns away from Sirum, now directing his attention to Kalannar. "Oh? What do they say?"

Aoto Kreegan nods. "I wouldn't be here. Would I? I was directed to aid Comandor Solinox's force and meet up here."

Amerie makes her way into the, what seemed like a Tavern. Seeing Sirum, she latches a hug onto him. "Jeese, My boots are frickin' killing me! I've been walking for ages, and my feet are soo bloody sore!" Throwing her boots at Sirum, she lost a bit of height. "Take care of them- Thanks, Love!" Sitting down next to Rubyle, she hugged her with one arm. "Ruth, doll! Can you fetch me some of that stew you wanted me to try?" Winking, she hoped she was charming, it most likely failed.

Kalannar raises a slender hand, motioning while he speaks, "They say a strange tree growthed fully of crystal stands not sixteen miles from here. Leaves of every color and sort, it has. And, as they say, those who approach it are stung with its light. It intrigues me." He lets his hand drop, "I scouted a bit of the way earlier in the day, and it is an easy road. I am going to go and see this thing for myself, if you would wish to come."

Zagnafein Silverleaf scratches his forehead, thinking for a moment. "I suppose it could be fun. When do we leave?" He grins.

Ruby Pyralis is napping, face down, on the table for the record. Apparently, she is woken up most rudely and grumbles, fwapping a wing at Ame, most likely knocking her onto the seat where Kele's avatar is, if all went well. z.z

Amerie: (It's not a good idea to hit Amerie's back. xo)
Kele-De moves.]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Well it's not much, but it's a map. ^^" to you. ]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "]" to you. ]

Amerie is pushed forward by Ruby, falling head-first into the chair. "Well, someone's a bit grumpy! And to think I almost found you okay, Ruth!" Fixing herself up, she points at Kal. "So.. You're going to a tree, eh? Full of crystals? I think you'll find that I'll be coming along, eheh!" ^^

Zagnafein Silverleaf raises a brow in Amerie's direction, and then grins at Kalannar, an air of mischief evident in the elf's expression.

Kalannar grins and appears about to speak to Zagnafein, until Amerie speaks. He turns a sraight, death glare toward Amerie, "No. You will not." His eye catches Zagnafein's expression, and his glare fades. Though he doesn't speak again, his form visibly relaxing.

Amerie giggles slightly at Kalannar. "Oh.. You drow, will you ever get.. that.. thing, that's in your head!" Smiling evilly. "Who ever said I was going with you, loves? I'll happily go there by myself, or with my Seejie. Ehe."

Zagnafein Silverleaf turns back to Amerie once again. "Ah-ha. You're welcome to try, but we may not run into your corpse for a couple of days, and by that time, healing magic'll be useless."

Kalannar a cruel, devilish sneer slowly tears its way across his cheek at Zagnafein's words.

Amerie twitches a little. "Well, yeah.. Of course you won't run into my corpse, just the ones of everyone I've killed! So you better watch out, Elfy boy!" Putting a paw on her side, she grinned at the both. "And.. Who would want to ever hurt a lovely, attractive girl like me?" Winking.

Kalannar's sneer instantly fades as he reaches for, and draws his left held scimitar and stands, as he starts up the table to simply walk onto it and engage a direct assault against Amerie, his tone becoming dark and echoey, "Usstan orn'la."

Zagnafein Silverleaf sighs quietly, shaking his head as the drow rises. "Sit down," he says slowly, yet clearly, to Kalannar. The elf isn't angry, and a bit of humor trickles through the tone of his voice. "Save your strength for later."

Sirum Hest can't help but laugh at the argument starting between his dancer friend and the drow, obviously not all that interested in going anywhere near the drow in his infuriated state. "We're not in Kitzibeth's villa anymore. While there may be no hands about, there are guards here, an' I figure they might find us a cell to stay in if we actually fight here. Calm down, ya? Maybe ya should jus'... erm... not stay near one another."

Amerie's knees tremble a bit. "Bloogali Shamoo Sagoop!" Biting her bottom lip. "Touch me with your filthy weapons and my Father will have you neck within hours! Ehah." Even though her daddy would most likely be sending a thankyou note.

Kalannar stops himself at Zagnafein's words, openly displeased at forcing himself to do so. He spits a curse out and seems to almost physically struggle in sheathing his scimitar as he sighs and clenches his fists. With that he simply turns his gaze to Zagnafein and speaks, "Come. We leave now."

Albrecht Steinnemann trots in, heavy armor clanking underneath his simple blue and black hauberk. Upon his chest lies the esteemed Indigo Rood of Iocus, and upon his sleeve sit five chevrons and a bar. "Hallo. Der Heiliger Empire auf Launzia vishes ein parlay fur der movement auf toops."

Kalannar doesn't really wait to see if Zagnafein follows, though he stands and nods toward the door as he trods out bruskly.

Aoto Kreegan lowers his head and leaned against the building's wall. Paws still tucked into his pockets. He emits a sigh.

Zagnafein Silverleaf's brows rise. "Oh! Splendid." The elf reaches behind the table, and picks up his pack, which he then places onto his back. He then stands, and checks over his armor and weapons belt. "You lead the -- " Seeing as how the drow leaves quickly, the elf follows!

Albrecht Steinnemann waves that the prospective member ^^[]
Albrecht Steinnemann: [*at the. Spelling--]
Sirum Hest is finally running a MQ. n.n Idles. []

Amerie blinks. "Well, isn't it odd, that I plan to leave now!" She follows on. >>

Albrecht Steinnemann hmphs as everyone seems to depart. "Mein Primzen. Joo sink zat ein Kapitan ov der Paladinz vould get mur respecht." He shakes his head sadly. "Unt I zuspect zat nun auf joo haf any auzority 'ere?" Tapping his hoof annoyedly, he clanks rythmically on the floor. Someone had better speak or he's going to keep talking.

Amerie isn't prospective, love!

Ruby Pyralis: [Back]
Albrecht Steinnemann eats Amerie. Was talking to Aoto.[]
Amerie: (Okie. :D)
Amerie is juicy and.. Silicony.()

Aoto Kreegan's head is raised and directed toward Albrecht Steinnemann. He studies the figure at the same time he made an attempt to understand his words.

Albrecht Steinnemann is Launcian. Picture a bad German accent done by someone who doesn't do accents. "Vell. A vat lod auf good joo are." He points to Aoto. "Joo! Joo look familivar. I sink. Ja. Anyvay, vot rank are joo? Do joo kno Kommandant Solinox?"

Aoto Kreegan's eyes widen. "Why is he pointing me?" Removed himself from the wall and removed his paws from his pockets, closing them and placing them against his thighs. His stance became one known to the military 'attention'. "Private ranger Kreegan, sir!"

Albrecht Steinnemann trots up to the ranger. "Achtung! Vinally. Kommandan Solinox 'as at least vone 'oo vill schtand oop unt zay zere name vis guschto! Ease, ja? Mein name ist Kapitain Schteinnemann auf der Indigo Rood."

Aoto Kreegan swallowed hard. He only understood so little that emitted from this officer. "Permission to speak."

Albrecht Steinnemann: Ja ja. I schait Ease, neigh?" He waves his hoof, looking for the private to speak. Idly he simply remarks: "Der discipline ist gut."

Aoto Kreegan's paws are placed behind his back. Head held high. A slight nod. "Captian Schteinnemann, I was directed by my officer to aid Commandor Solinox and his force. I mis-calculated and arrived the blockade before him. I belive he is soon to arrive."

Albrecht Steinnemann: Gottdammerung!" He exclaims. "Joo schouldn't let eine Alf do der job auf der furrzen. By ze time zat he vill 'af coom 'ere, it vill be too late."

Kivae, has made progress on her science project. ^^ She slips inside, stretching her arms over her head, before flopping down next to Si.

Erk Mendon walks into the building, looking very confused since his player has no clue what the heck's going on. o.o;;; Anyway, he sits down at the table, looking around the place.

Albrecht Steinnemann notes that everyone is at some blockade between Launcia and Ansteorra, apparently. Oh, and she's back ^^;[]

Aoto Kreegan's head is lowered. He emits a sigh. "Captian Steinnemann, it was my duty to guide Commandor Solinox into the blockade. I failed to do that. I take full responsibility of what has happen and I place all of my faith that Commandor Solinox will arrive soon.

Albrecht Steinnemann: Vell, if joo vere mein Paladin, I vould haf joo doink extragebet, auf gestandnis! Boot, joo are nein eine Paladin, ja.

Aoto Kreegan raised a brow. "... Yes, sir.". He swallowed hard once more wondering what he got himself into.

Erk Mendon looks over to the side, blinking at the two and wondering what happened. He doesn't dwell on this long, however, as he soon goes back to staring atthe table in deep thought.

Albrecht Steinnemann wonders if Erk ever actually is not in deep thought. "Ja. Go unt get eine qvill unt eine papier. I moost take down eine letter auf der Kommandant. Zis ist important, ja? Het to! Bewegung schnell! DURCHLAUF!"

Aoto Kreegan's head raised and came down. "Yes, sir." He mantain his head low. Digging his paws deep into his trouser's pocket. His anatomy escaped through the doorway.

Albrecht Steinnemann: [xD]
Erk Mendon: [...]
Albrecht Steinnemann: [You forgot your skin!]
Erk Mendon: [really >D]
Taikris: [... xD]

Kivae watches, her head propped up in a handpaw. She comments to no one in particular, "I didn't know he was here.. is he recruiting the soldiers to Iocus's Order, or something?"

Erk Mendon ish a mage. Always in deep thought. Anyway, he looks towards Albrecht, his head cocked, "Did something bad happen?" He keeps his confused expression.

Albrecht Steinnemann: Nein, Kivaemadscen. Meinselv ist 'ere gespracheten mit Kommandant Solinox uber waffen unt truppe.

Aoto Kreegan quietly sneaked into the barrack, as not to catch the captain's attention. He headed toward the door but it seemed locked.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne kicks in the door, swearing and cursing like a pirate. Except, he doesn't really, because he's not here.

Erk Mendon thinks he can hear swearing and cursing in the distance...

Albrecht Steinnemann kicks Jonathan, swearing and goostepping like a Naz.. Paladin. []
Jonathan Ruddiwyne tackles Albrecht and forces him to say 'uncle'. []
Taikris: [o.o]
Albrecht Steinnemann: [Onkel!]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [=D]
Kele-De: [o.O]

Kivae gives no indication of having understood anything besides her name. "Oh."

Aoto Kreegan's left paw was removed from the pocket as he grabbed then pen. He removed his right paw aswell and grabs the blank sheet. He heads toward Albrecht Steinnemann and hands him the two items. Placeing his paws behind him.

Albrecht Steinnemann: [[Sie sind ein schrecklicher Musiker, und Ihre Musik kingt wie Schweingas]]
Erk Mendon: [english please]
Aoto Kreegan: [Where is the water bucket. The horse taste like meatballs.]
Erk Mendon: [xD]
Albrecht Steinnemann: [You're a terrible musician and your music sounds like pig's farting. But close enough ^^]
Aoto Kreegan: [xP]

Erk Mendon thinks his question was ignored...

Albrecht Steinnemann was talking to Jon, anyway ^^; "Danke private. I vill set to vork mit writing mein letter auf Kommandant Solinox, Ja." He doesn't speak with Erk, thinking that his question was rhetorical. The Captain takes a seat at the table, and starts to scribble something in terribly broken Common.

Aoto Kreegan nods. Once again tucking his gloved paws deep into his trousers' pockets. He kept his cranium low. A sigh emited from him as he begans to step toward the left side of the room. Leaning against it's wall.

Erk Mendon blinks at the dumb paladin, then sighs. He goes back to staring at the table in deep thought again.

Tarani: [Alright, why do only FEMALE horsies get turned into dragons in their portraits? >.>]
Erk Mendon: [cause you're special]
Ruby Pyralis: [Cause God hates you.]

Maes Uroboros comes into the room ruffling his own hair. "Aagh, it feels quite strange to be in such a place." He looks around. For any person he hasn't seen before, he takes about thirty seconds to just stare at them. For people he has seen, and does see, he nods. Yawning, he waits, or doesn't wait, for a response.

Taikris: [Cause there is no God]
Erk Mendon: [you're so special, God hates you]
Aoto Kreegan: [x) I think Ruby hit the jackpot.]
Maes Uroboros: [Because we couldn't figure out how to draw a female horse without giving it HUUUGE lips and teeth?]
Erk Mendon: [to make the long story short, because we can :P]
Tarani: [Yes, Tara is hawt. So says Geir's portrait of her. Which I'll happily give a link to. x)]

Albrecht Steinnemann stops what he's writing, enthralled with Tara's hawtness. Remembering that vow of chastity, he immediately curses himself.

Kivae wouldn't think Erk one to be talking.. but then, he's not. She waves to Tarani, "Good to see you're still keeping up with all the moving we're doing. Don't know what we'd do without you." To Maes, "What's strange about it?"

Tarani chuckles. "I suppose you'd have to go without cookies without me, Kivae."

Kivae looks devastated, in a mockingly-dramatic sort of way. "Never!"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [What, never?]
Tarani: [ <-- Ph34r the hawtness!]
Taikris: [never do without cookies]
Kivae: [Yes, never.]
Tarani decides to take out four cookies...and pelt Sirum and Kivae! WHOOSH go the cookies!
Taikris: [How does she keep baking cookies, and maintain such a slim figure?]

Albrecht Steinnemann takes his eyes off of Tara, and continues writing. Signing his name with a flourish of frakturish style, he stands and nods. "Taramadschen. Ist gut to zee joo again."

Maes Uroboros keeps ruffling his hair, as if it were bothering him immensely. "For one thing, I have to sleep in a BED. For another, I can't go three feet without putting my eyes on the edge of a spear, sword, or axe. I'm not mentioning the fact that this is a barracade."

Kivae decides to take Sirum's for him, since he's comatose. She speaks to Maes inbetween happy bites. "You don't -have- to sleep in a bed. It smells funny in there, anyways." She munches, "And, we shouldn't be here for very long, anyways."

[I was hosting a miniquest! My cookies...]

Tarani smiles. "Good to see you too, Albrecht."

Erk Mendon looks behind him to Kivae, "You mean we'er moving -again-? It's like we're nomads." Soon we can get horses, then tents, then all the other stuff. :P

Taikris: [BARBARIAN!]
Albrecht Steinnemann: [council folk, meeting++ for plot direction ^^;]
Taikris: [Can I come along? :3]
Erk Mendon: [can I watch and stay as silent as the grave? :3]
Albrecht Steinnemann: [no]
Ruby Pyralis: [What happened?]
Albrecht Steinnemann: [... maybe. But only if your hawt xD]
Taikris is hawt ;.;[]
Tarani: [I think the Geir portrait proves it. Proves it I say! Tara = hawt foreverHRTHRTHRT]
Erk Mendon is hawt+ ;.;]

Maes Uroboros brushes down his hair with his hands. He adjusts the cloth over his mouth, which makes his voice just a little bit muffled as he replies to Kivae. "It's still disturbing, to me. Killing and baracades aren't my idea of a good time."

Tarani decides to place a cookie on the nose of Maes, carefully trying to balance it, then leaving it there and giggling.

Kivae rolls her eyes, and has the decency to swallow before sticking out her tongue, "No, -mage-, I mean we'll get Ansteorra back. Though I don't think moving around would be to bad." She has a few more bites. "We were sort of doing that, before we stayed at Kitzibeth's villa.." likely meaning Sirum and herself, "and we got to see lots." She shrugs, slowly to Maes, "It's the world. But at least we haven't gotten attacked."

Maes Uroboros freezes in place, not wanting to drop the cookie on his nose. He looks over at Tarani only by shifting his eyes. Moving his mouth slowly and carefully, he says, "N-o-t Fu-n-n-y." He finds himself unable to take the cookie off his nose, though, so he just sits there.

Tarani laughs and takes the cookie off, and offers it to him. :-D

Maes Uroboros takes it. "Thanks." He looks at it for a second before placing it on the table. "I don't suppose anyone would know where I could get a pipe? I still havn't acquired one."

Erk Mendon raises an eyebrow at Kivae, "I see....-Kivae-..." He goes back to table staring know the rest. >.>

Tarani: What kinna pipe?

Maes Uroboros squints at Tarani. "The kind you smoke with."

Erk Mendon sighs, looking around the area before asking to nobody in general, "Hmm...Where are some books?"

Tarani: Two druids and a mage in the room, yet we can't get th'poor boy a pipe.
Tarani makes tsk tsk noises

Kivae stares, and then slowly points behind her. ".. Try a bookshelf? You are, of course, assuming that Entad won't mind anyone taking some."

Erk Mendon sighs, shaking his head, and folds his arms across the tabletop, resting his head upon them. Bored and in deep thought...not a good thing.

[Council meeting starts, most people left. Cut a lot of people frowning that the RP died, wondering how long until everyone came back. Have no fear, mouse is here.]

Sirum Hest pads back into the meeting room after a while of wandering about the fort in thought, pausing once he ends up in front of Kivae. "I can't take this waitin'. It's obvious Kitzibeth isn't gonna be stoppin' by here, but that sword ripped right through her satchels enchantment so it'd likely do the same to a gate or teleportation magic. But we never got her to have a look at it... erf...", the curiousity seeming to be eating at him.

Maes Uroboros looks over at Sirum with his usual confusion. He's never here for the important things. "What are you talking about now, Sirum?"

Erk Mendon yawns, "Probably about some pointless mischief that he's gotten himself into." He looks behind him boredly.

Kivae sticks her tongue out at Erk, "You're just jealous 'cause you kin never think of anything interesting t'do." She crosses her arms behind her head, nudging the mouse with a knee. "I told you, yesterday."

Erk Mendon shrugs, "Well, with Ciran thankfully gone, there isn't much to do. Still, I'd rather be doing nothing than being with him." He shivvers.

Sirum Hest rolls his eyes and crosses his arms up in front of his chest, nodding towards the half-spiked sword laying on the table. "Ancient treasures of great power. Or at least, it better be an ancient treasure of great power, otherwise that man in the underwater city gipped us.", seeming disappointed at that. To Erk, he pokes his tongue out at teasingly. "It's not -pointless-. It's... ah... a test of Kitzibeth's abilities?" To Kivae, he raises a brow, "Told me what?"

Kivae: Told you that it was boring, and there was nothing to do.

Maes Uroboros looks at the sword with extreme interest. "So you're telling me this sword has extreme powers? And nobody is using it?" He grins. "I don't suppose anyone would mind if I used it?"

Sirum Hest fwaps Kivae's tail with his own lightly. "It's not borin', jus' tedious. We could leave for the desert right now on the backs of Great Eagles with Zag. But I've got other things to deal with, that require Rakuro an' Kitzibeth. An' for some reason, they both seem to be avoidin' this fort like the plague."

Kalannar enters the room, taking a moment to remove something from his belt. A strange, jewel flower. He glides further in and speaks to the people as a whole, "Is there anyone here who can identify this." He holds it up for all to view clearly.

Erk Mendon hmms, looking at the flower, "It appears to be...well, whatever it is, it seems pretty harmelss anyway." He shrugs.

Maes Uroboros squints at both Kalannar and the item. "Not sure, friend. It seems to be just a crystallized flower. Not quite natural, so it's most likely a magical effect."

Sirum Hest waves a paw over at Maes carelessly. "Go ahead an' try, but be careful that ya don't cut yer paw. One side of that hilt is so bloody sharp it sinks right into ya." He then looks off at Kalannar with a brow raised, "'s made of a large emerald, chiselled into the shape of a flower with a ruby in the center?"

Maes Uroboros grabs the sword and tugs on it a few times. It doesn't seem to be budging. "Whats up with this thing? The metal it's made out of shouldn't be this heavy, unless it's adhered to the table. Mind explaining that?"

Kalannar raises a brow at the apparent lack of progress. He first looks to Maes and replies bluntly, "I am not your friend." He then turns toward the general group once more, "Someone divine this, if any of you can." No one ever said he was grand at asking.

Kivae holds up a handpaw, starting slightly, "I could try. It's not something I'm that good at, though.." Adding, "That is, if you want an opinion besides Erk's."

Erk Mendon yawns, "I'll try if ya' want me to...I'm kinda good at it though not totally."

Kalannar scowls a bit, then hands the jewel flower to Kivae. [BCR=10, 2 preps]

Sirum Hest snickers quietly as Maes fails to budge it, it just furthering his theory. "The sword rejects males, so it seems. I'm gonna find out jus' why we can't move it the next time I see Kitzibeth--", cutting off as the jewel flower is brought closer. "Huh. Looks valuable enough. Ya should jus' sell it."

Kivae accepts in, unable to suppresses a smug smirk, and runs her fingers across the crystal, tiny green sparks jumping from her fingertips and scattering across the material and sinking in. She flips her tail at Sirum, "It'll be more valuable if it -does- something." [1/2]

Maes Uroboros squints at Kalannar. "You may not be my friend, but I don't care about something like that, because I'm yours." He turns to Sirum. "Rejects males? How useless." He lets go of the weapon.

Kalannar grunts, responding in a harsh, metallic tone to Maes, "Usstan inbal nau ssrig'luin xor ssinssrin d' dosst folggash." He then simply turns his gaze back to Kivae and the jewel flower.

Maes Uroboros yawns, scratching his head. "Any idea what that flower really is yet?"

Kivae then raises in towards her face, peering through the crystal, and turning it from side to side. She raises it to her nose, sniffing quizzically. Her eyebrows lower, face taking on a puzzled expression. The sparks come to an eventual halt, and she holds the flower back out to Kal. [2/2, Auto] "It's good for magic, mostly.. Not the arcane type. More for, songs, or natural castings."

You say, "[Jewel Flower Broach: Near entirely made of beautiful emeralds with a ruby set in the center of it all. [If the wearer relies on nature magic, the broach gives a +4 CR to nature spells. If the wearer relies on spellsong, the broach gives a +4 bonus to Charisma.] [Item Bonus: 2]"

Sirum Hest squeaks happily over at Maes, "Useless indeed, but I'm not all that willin' to part with it, after all the hell that thing has caused me."

Kalannar ponders this for a moment as he takes the flower back, and holds it to his face to examine it more closely.

[#] The jewel flower would smell of fresh roses, oddly enough.

Maes Uroboros scratches his head. "Natural casting, you said? By that, you mean pertaining to nature magics, don't you?"

Kivae nods. "'s exactly what I mean. What else would I?"

Maes Uroboros shrugs. "Dunno. Thats why I asked, because I'm not you."

Erk Mendon sighs. An item he has no use for. Oh well. He gazes this time at his ring, grinning at it, wondering 'is there anything you can't do?'

Sirum Hest's ears perk at the mention of songs. "It looks as if it would fit nicely on Kalannar - to go along with his ranger badge - or Jonathan to me. It'd jus' make him look like even more of a noble though, hehehe. Where did ya get it from, though, Kalannar?"

Kalannar examines it a moment longer before pocketing the broach in one of his belt's many pouches. He replies as he moves to take a seat on the table, folding his legs beneath him, "While investigating the rumors of a tree growthed entirely of crystals, with leaves of every color and sort on it."

Maes Uroboros rubs his head. "I walked by that a long time ago, but it gave me a weird feeling. I assumed it was some sort of sacred place."

Kivae twitches her ears, staring at the broach until it's pocket, and then turning her glance to the ceiling. "Hn.."

Sirum Hest frowns and stares off at the ground at the mention of an investigation. He really should have pursued the two, there was an adventure gone. But alas, he's the DM and doesn't get to enjoy such things. :P "Mrrf. That's it. I'm gonna try an' locate Rakuro. With as much time as our minds have been connected with one another it should be somewhat easy. [1/1 Rakuro]

Erk Mendon sighs, "And I might as well try to figure out where Ciran is so I can kill him. He'll probably just not respond, but what the heck." He closes his eyes. [1/1 Mindspeak-Ciran]

You say, "[You're trying to contact someone in Ebonstar? :P]"
You say, "[I wonder what sort of guards Erisvan has up to prevent that.]"
Erk Mendon: [mindspeak reaches everywhere]
Taikris: [I thought I told you to double check with Kitz about that :-P]
Erk Mendon: [it's the connectivity of two minds, not some wave of communication like telephones.]
Erk Mendon: [uhh...I...don't...remember? >.> <.<]
Maes Uroboros: [or elephants, cause thats what I thought you just typed before I read it over once. ):]
Taikris: [... ask her now then :-P]
Erk Mendon: [Kitzi, can mindspeaks reach to Ebonstar?]
Albrecht Steinnemann: [no]
Erk Mendon: [>.<]
Erk Mendon: [aww :P]
You say, "[Can mindspeaks reach the moon Kitz!?]"

Netopher Vinpok for a while now, you've heard a small little bell ding and dong for quite a while, each time growing closer and closer, until it enters the door, its actual small mouse, with a small little bell strap to his tail, he looks to everyone and says in a shy tone "...H-h-hello everyone" he moves to the most separated chair "E-e-e-e-excuse me, do any of you know Misses Kitzibeth? The Ar-ar-archmages?".

Erk Mendon nods, "I'm her student. I don't know where she is, though."

Sirum Hest decides to have a bit of fun with the new arrival, as he shifts about lightly poke at the side of Kivae's head. "Mistress Kitzibeth, are you taking appointments at the moment?"

[This is why you don't leave them unsupervised for longer than a day. No responsible adults around leads to...]

Erk Mendon blinks, turns around, and looks sternly at Sirum, though says nothing.

Netopher Vinpok looks to Kivae and steps up from his chair and moves twords her "H-h-h-hello Misses Kitzibeth! I-i-i-i-my name is N-n-Netopher".

Erk Mendon sighs, facepalming and shaking his head, though continues to stay silent. He gets up and walks out. [gtg! Email me the log of the meeting please :P]

Kivae blinks out of her stupor. "What?" glancing to the side. "Oh.. Um. He'll have to wait a minute or three. I have this area scheduled for deep thought. As we mages are always thinking." And returns to staring rather pointedly up at the ceiling. "You're so unobservant, Apprentice Erk." She pretends not to hear Netopher, as this is thinking time.

Sirum Hest does his best to hold back laughter as he shifts back around, crossing his arms up in front of his chest and biting down on his bottom lip to keep silent. Once the need to snicker passes, he answers the male, "My apologies, the Mistress is busy at the moment. She may be thinking up a cure for the plague, or whether or not the color green will still be 'in' this time next month."

Netopher Vinpok Mums a bit and looks to the floor, he then shuffles his feet nerviously and the bell stops ringing as he moves to the chiar and stays there silently while looking at the floor, he moves his tail, and over all, he moves the bell to his hand, he holds it still as to not have it ring and disrupt mistress "Kitzibeth"'s Concentration.

Albrecht Steinnemann is, in fact, watcing this screen. He is satisfied by Sirum and Kivae.

Netopher Vinpok: [Who is satisfied? Albrecht Kitz or you? o.o].
Albrecht Steinnemann: [Is there any difference?]
Netopher Vinpok: [Point taken ;-)].
You say, "[Well, Albrecht has a...]"
You say, "[...Dreihander.]"
Maes Uroboros: [to say the least.]
Albrecht Steinnemann: [IC now :P]
You say, "[So his levels of satisfaction may be different from Kitzibeth's. *ducks, pops IC*]"

Sirum Hest raises a paw then and snaps two fingers in Netopher's direction, a golfball sized ball of ice appearing in front of his muzzle and floating there, the ice tinted the color orange. "Here, have an Fruitball while ya wait. I haven't tried this particular flavorin' yet. An' tell me whatcha think of it, ya?" He notes that the ice would melt as slow as your every day gobstopper would, and would taste of fresh oranges.

Kivae, after a sufficient length of thoughtful time, announces, with a grand air, "Butterburr will never be able to achieve the same levels of flavor in his cookies, as Tarani does." Then, staring down at the mouse. "Yes?" She murmurs something about wasteful cantrips while watching the iceball, and makes a motion to push glasses (that she doesn't have), up her nose.

Netopher Vinpok Looks at the Iceball and at the mouse, he then nerviously takes the spheare and places it into his mouth, suprised by the flaver "Its very good, It-t-t-t-t tastes like Oranges, Yummy" he smiles and then erases it into his shy manner once Kivae speaks "H-h-hello Misses Kitzibeth, My n-n-name is Netopher, Im from Launcia" he seems to look at her eyes once and a while, not to fond of Eye contact.

Sirum Hest tsks and shakes his head, lifting one arm up to rest his paw against his cheek and a finger in his headfur. "-Mistress- Kitzibeth, please. It is a sign of disrespect to call her anything less, surely you should know that. Oh, yes, I suppose I should introduce myself as well. I am Master Rakuro Daregh, at your service.", giving a half-bow, which is really a half-half bow, since he's sitting down.

Netopher Vinpok Panics as soon as he sirum says the disrispect thing "Oh! Im s-s-s-s-so sorry, Mistress Kitzibeth, And Master Rakuro", he dives his head down in a bow.

Kivae gestures a handpaw pacifyingly to Sirum, "Archmagess will do as well." She then inclines her head to Netopher, "And? No titles?" She then holds up a handpaw across her mouth, as if to block a yawn. But behind is a grin at Sirum's words.

Kalannar rolls his eyes as he casts a glance at the new mouse. Great, another rat. Not too bright, either. He places his elbow against his folded left knee, then rests the side of his head in his open palm, hunching over to achieve this position. A few slender fingers tap against his head, unintrigued by what he sees.

Netopher Vinpok shakes his head vividly "No, Mistress Kitzibeth Archmages, I was actually seeking you cause... i wanted to study magic, and I heard you we're the best at magic, so i wanted to know if i could study under your training, please, I'll do anything".

Sirum Hest nods slowly and gestures a paw towards Kivae, as if pointing out some sort of celebrity from afar, despite sitting right next to her. "Quite. All business should be done with the Mistress as quickly as possible, you never know when she will return to a thinking time again. Be thankful you caught her just as her hourly one ended." He then cants his head to his left and arches a brow, "Another apprentice? Do you have room for him among your thousands of students, Archmagess?"

Kivae manages to suppress the grin after a moment, now looking a bit unamused. "It is doubtful. But if he is so insistent, he should travel to my school, and fill out the formal applications and papers. We will see then."
Kivae: .. And, of course, the standard testing. Unless you could think of something you could do to prove your worth..

Sirum Hest frowns deeply then and turns his gaze down the floor, sighing heavily. "You aren't going to give him the 'Destruction of an Eye of Tallus' test, are you? It took me forever to get that one down correctly. Ah! Might I make a suggestion, Mistress? Due to his age, the 'Defeat the Leviathan' test would be most appropriate. Even though it is the easiest, unless you have a better idea, M'Lady?"

[The 'Eyes of Tallus' in our continuity were the stars.]

Netopher Vinpok Looks to her, Disapointment in his eyes, almost as his big chance seems to be going away "Oh, Please mistress, I'll do anything!" he then looks at Sirum horror filled.

(You see Corzara.)
> To those that have known him since his coming to the city, he appears younger somehow. Still the same wrinkles, same white hair, same priestly smile, but his disposition is just a little less old than it used to be. Granted, this skunk won't be doing any backflips or destroying orcs with a tap of his staff, but the change is significant. Now no longer a bachelor, this fellow's appearances in public are less frequent, and when he does come out, he looks a bit ruffled.
You say, "[Asshat!]"
Albrecht Steinnemann: [IC!!!]
You say, "[Welcome back. :-D]"
[ Corzara whispers, "Thanks, slutface" to you. ]

[Canti. <3 Well, a smellier Canti. It'd been ages since we had seen him. I don't think Kitz realized who it was and paniced at seeing him 'insulted.' There was no friendlier way to greet Canti than with a warm cry of asshat.]

Netopher Vinpok Is waiting for "Mistress Kitzibeth"'s response.

Kivae hms, slowly, peering thoughtfully at him. "Yes, I suppose that would be best. If he doesn't manage it, he can always go through the proper process." She clears her throat. "And, it certainly is convient that you were so recently practicing your Alteration, Rakuro- which is really quite lacking, you know." She addresses Netopher, "That," waving a paw in the general direction of Kalannar, "Is the Leviathan you must defeat."

[%] Kivae just gave Corzara a cookie.
[%] Sirum Hest just gave Corzara a cookie.

Netopher Vinpok: [Kivae is ready to send a 7 year old to his deat? o.o].
Kivae: [Death? She expects him not to be that stupid, and give up. xP]

Corzara steps slowly into the room. His son is tucked into the crook of his arm where he's a bit difficult to see, and for a change he doesn't seem to be the main purpose for Corzara's socializing. Of course, this doesn't mean that the priest is planning to initiate any conversation; he sticks to a few simple nods and stands with a sort of dignity that indicates that he doesn't need any foolish "chair" contraption.

Corzara: [Thanks everyone]
Taikris: [Canti :-)]
Corzara: [Hello person whose alt I don't know]
Taikris= dirk/Ciran[]

Sirum Hest brings both of his paws up behind his head then at Kivae points out Kalannar, wiggling his fingers about while focusing on the area around him. Kalannar might note that four orbs of water surround him at all sides, giving off the impression that he truely is the sea serpent of the water within the body of a drow. "Right here? Primes. They will make sure a mess, but Entad wouldn't dare lecture us, I suppose, Mistress." He flashes the skunk a toothy grin, but keeps quiet for the moment, less he unintentionally ruin their fun

Netopher Vinpok Looks at kalannar and then back at kitz, He shakes his head "no, no, im sorry Mistress Archmagess Kitzibeth, I dont have any att-t-t-t-tacking magic, Im from a farm out at launcia, I've never been in a magic school, I know i have magic, but i dont know how to use it, the most i can do is make things move, i w-w-w-w-want to learn how to use it, Please Mistress Kitz-Archmagess Kitzibeth, t-t-take me in" he is about to burst into tears.

Kivae frowns, looking as if she's starting to dislike the game. She lowers her gesturing handpaw, propping her head up in it. "If you're not read for it, then head off to my school. That's where students go, not some fort."

Corzara gives Sirum a slightly more emphasized nod, but does not come close to returning his grin. The priest can't be said to be grim, really, so much as simply mirthless at this point. The difference between grimness and mirthlessness, of course, is that the latter looks a bit more fierce on the skunk's face.

Kalannar raises an eyebrow as he sits up, the for orbs of water floating about him. He simply scowls and speaks, "Sevir uns'aa doeb d' dosst inthen, jor."

Netopher Vinpok Shakes his head "I was searching for you and a nice man took me here cause he heard that the A-a-ansterrora eksililies we're here, and i wondering if you were with them" he seems to be very mutch serious "If if need to go to a school, I went, I went to one in Valanthias, they told me to find a Profesor before i entered to test me to see if i could even enter the school" he being a naive little boy wouldnt know that the mages we're actually making fun of him, imagine, a farm boy studing at Valanthias on a hunch he's got magic, unheard of! XD

Sirum Hest nods quickly to the half-fox next to him then, and lowers his paws back to his sides, the water vanishing into thin air. "Indeed. And when you reach the Archmagess' school, our maid should be there. Dressed in robes, roughly about fifty to sixty years of age and with fiery red headfur. Tell her that those she serves are waiting for her in the fort, would you? We forgot and left her behind when we went on vacation in this... dreary hole." With that, he slides off of the table and heads over to Corzara, whispering up to the skunk. "It's nice to see that ya have finally found some place with enough milk to keep him fed to his hearts content, but where have ya been? I was afraid ya had gotten stranded in the floods. It's good to see ya again, regardless, Corzara.", still grinning widely.

Kalannar stands up, and walks out, without any word. Whether the circling water followed him, really didn't matter.

Kivae needs to afk for dinner and family meeting. <.< But she grins and waves.

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Corzara closes his eyes and seems to almost move his head in the very slightest of nods. "I have learned to do a great deal of walking, Sirum. It is good to see you too." Even though his voice inflection rises a little bit for that sentence, his face remains as stony as it was when he walked in.

Netopher Vinpok Realises this is all a joke and that she isnt Kitzibeth 5 Minutes after sirum said it "Hey mister! So she isnt Mistress Archmagess Kitzibeth?" he seems horribly disapointed and scammed.

Sirum Hest glances off to his left with a brow raised, "Only my closest of friends address me by 'Sirum'. It is an old school nickname, now please, head for the school in Valanthas immediately.", whispering back up to Corzara once mor then. "Somethin' seems to be troublin' ya... what's the matter? I haven't ever seen ya this gloomy before."

Corzara deliberately shifts his eyes from Sirum, to the boy, and back. "It is a simple matter, mouse-friend. I have prayed for months to Kilikarina, and she has not seen fit to acknowledge me."
Corzara does not comment on Sirum's obvious lie, of course, owing to the fact that Sirum's last question was much more important, and saying something like 'why are you lying, Sirum?' would only make Sirum think it less important. But this was big, and Corzara was willing to be selfish for it.

Sirum Hest's nose wrinkles at that, taking a few cautious steps towards the corner of the room to put some distance between the boy and himself. "Prayin' to the Primes is nearly always useless unless yer doin' it in a church of theirs. Inari hasn't done a thing to help Kivae, an' the only time M'Rill has helped me was after goin' through some ceramony in a church with Kizzy. Don't pray for things from the Primes an' expect it to come true, the time spent prayin' is wasted for tryin' to achieve what yer prayin' for yerself. ... What is it ya were hopin' to get from her, though?"

[The church with Kitzerina... what happened then... oh. It was this wonderful RP where Kitzerina helped Sirum purge the Six-Star scar from his cheek, at long last. Sirum didn't believe the Primes did absolutely anything for anyone, and Kitz wanted to show him they actually had power. ... Just not the power to save Hikari, Scarport, Cyan, legions of innocents, Sirum from that filthy magazine...]

Netopher Vinpok Sighs and sits down, tired from the walk over here.

Corzara is torn between asking just what the ceremony was that Sirum performed with Kitzerina and telling Sirum the answer to what he's asking. Judging from the ways conversation often plays out between them as he remembers it, he goes with the latter. "I prayed for guidance. I prayed for knowledge. I do not know what has happened to Ki, and I have everyone to teach the faith to here. I needed her to assist me like she always had, but she was not there."

Corzara looks quite tragic while he explains this to the rodent, his eyes focused on a point somewhere towards the ground in front of him, and his voice so soft and smooth that it could not possibly be right.

Sirum Hest flashes the skunk a weak grin and motions a paw off towards the table, as if suggesting that he sit down, as he seemed far too depressed to be standing. Whether or not he goes over, he takes a seat himself and responds. "Maybe it's that she wants ya to guide yerself an' find the answers on yer own. Or even to go back to Ki to investigate ony er own - I'm sure Kivae could make a way to show Ki as it is now if ya really needed. The Primes can't help everyone, found that out a long time ago.", his grin fading as he becomes reminded of certain incidents with Veudir, Erisvan and the Scrollkeeper.

Corzara acknowledges Sirum's gesture and walks slowly to the table and choosing a seat next to the familiar equine. He made sure not to appear to be too relieved to have the seat. He never had liked to look feeble, even when he was old. Corzara answered then as he adjusted the infant in his arm. "I needed Kilikarina to show me who had the right spirit, Sirum. I needed her to let me show people great things; her great power. She has always answered me before, Sirum, even if that answer was no. She would take her hand in everything, because the Primes have their hands in everything. They can help everyone, Sirum. It's when they do not that we question."

[Members meeting cuts RP short.]

Kitzibeth: What -does- Ansteorra mean to you all?
Hikari Xezo: Home?
Hikari Xezo: No asskissing intended.
Ruby Pyralis: Living hell.
Ruby Pyralis: ...kidding. xD
Kivae referred to herself as Kivae in her head, the other day. Thinks that says enough.
You say, "Ansteorra is to me as Tsukasa is to The World."
Ruby Pyralis: My friend IRL calls me Ruby by accident sometimes.
Kele-De: I almost told someone to call me Kele.
Hikari Xezo all his nicknames, and loggin names are Hikari :P
Taikris: Lesee... a place to mindlessly pursue a single goal, to interact with fellow PC's while coming up with creative ways to go through quests as opposed to rather one-tracked choices in commands. To play a furre, to chat with Sirum and others about anime, and... maybe bartend again?

[I think to very few people in Ansteorra, Ansteorra was just some game to pass the time with. To some it was friends, to some family, to some home, escapism, dealing with real problems through a fictional character, or any other number of things. Sometimes I wonder if it means anything to anyone anymore. Ansteorra's been dead for a long, long time and everyone is gone now. I wonder how many years it's been since most have thought about it?]
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