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A day of new lodgings at Entad's Fort. 10-14-2004

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 10, 2017 4:45 am    Post subject: A day of new lodgings at Entad's Fort. 10-14-2004 Reply with quote

[Summary: We're out of Kitzibeth's hair. At long last.]

Kalannar backstabs Erk.]
Erk Mendon burninates Kal.]
Kalannar: [Pah, you're not Trodgor, nor will you ever be.]

Erk Mendon comes into the room, looking as if he hadn't slept in days. He plops on the chair and tries his best to keep his eyelids up.

Kalannar would believe Erk's decision to be a wise one, were it coming from anyone but Erk. If he falls asleep, though, the little Journeymage would likely find a blade in his back were it any other place.

Sirum Hest, for note, seems to be doing little else than pacing back and forth across the villa with his arms crossed up behind his head, staring off at the ceiling boredly. "Primes, if they're not yet back Entad must be workin' slow. The entire place seems so... quiet."

Erk Mendon decides to switch alts then. Erk gets up slowly and walks downstairs. Maybe reading will make him stay awake...hey, it might not work for some people, but it works for Erk. :P

Kalannar steps in from outside on the garden path and trods over to the corner, which he leans back in and folds his arms as he glances around briefly.

Sirum Hest's pacing about the villa eventually comes to an end, apparently having given up on waiting for both Jonathan and Entad to appear. Jonathan with or without consciousness. Anyways, he fwumps next to Kivae and merfs then, "I'm not gonna sit on my tail here for the next few weeks. We're not even sure if Entad's takin' the suicidal bunch into Ansteorra himself an' is ditchin' us. Ya got any ideas on what to do? I usually have at least one or two but... I can't think of a single thing."

Catharine O`Hara pops into existance in a completely unspectacular display, before quickly moving over to the location she had intended, and taking a seat, her appearing is time just coincidentally with the rodent's statement, "Who's suicidal, Sir Hest? What happened?"

Kivae lets out a low 'hn' as it seems she's addressed, and creaks open an eye, then both, blowing on the candle with a short puff of breath. "Use Divination to see what is happening, s'that we know where we want to be?"

Catharine O`Hara: [You two ever use the future-seeing orb?]
Kivae: [Not yet.]

Sirum Hest's ears perk as Catharine speaks, glancing past his shoulder with a brow raised, the expression on his face clearly showing surprise. She couldn't have been there before.. but no matter. "Ya haven't noticed roughly half of the people here have up an' left? Jonathan whipped out his crossbow an' started aimin' it at people. He got so impatient that he up an' left. Though why he went all the way back to Caeseal I dunno..." Then, turning back to Kivae, "Usually where we go bad things happen an' as a result we don't really wanna be there anymore. So wouldn't it jus' show that we wanna stay right here?", poking his tongue out at her teasingly.

Kivae looks confused, staring incomprehensively at Sirum. "What?" She shakes her head, "No.. I meant, what's happening with Jon and the others, so we're not just guessing when we decide if, where, and when we want to go.."

Catharine O`Hara shows a complete lack of comprehending who this Jonathan character was, though she gathered he was some sort of hostile individual by what the rodent said he did before speaking once more, "Well no... Hadn't noticed that, not as if there's much of a reason to be going around the place looking for groups of people when they'll hate you anyways... Err... Sorry, no didn't notice that anyone was gone."

Sirum Hest fwumps back onto the floor then and waves his tail in the general direction of Kitzibeth's room. "Thought ya wanted to see where we wanted to go, nevermind. But... hum... I'd rather we jus' have Kitzibeth wave a paw an' make a nice flashy gate appear in a few days. By then they'll likely be past Ponce du Lac, an' we won't get diseased.", grinning toothily. And then rolling his eyes at Catharine's words. "Near about only Erk hates ya. If the others dead ya wouldn't be in here right now or ya would be dead."

Catharine O`Hara traces a claw absently upon the wooden plank in front of her before nodding slightly, "Perhaps, but some of them still think I've hurt them in the past or something, or would if I made myself much more visible than just wandering around, and that's just as bad."

Kivae shrugs, relighting the candle, with a fingertip, apparently going to resume her practice. "That was my idea, I'll tell you if I have another on the subject, then."

Sirum Hest nods slowly at the necromancers words, while watching her from an upsidedown view. "If yer that worried ya could jus' stay away from here for a while or have Rakuro find ya a nice place to stay. I'm sure he has hundreds of homes in dozens of Planes, an' at the very least one here.", smiling weakly before his tail flicks over to coil about one of Kivae's ankles and give a light tug. "If that's all we have, then it sounds like a wonderful idea. Even though it feels kinda... odd to spy on people like that."

Kivae opens an eye to a slit, her nose wrinkled. She gives her foot a light shake, and then grins. "I don't think I could spy on them at all, not that good. But I could probably figure out what they're doing." She doesn't put out the candle yet, idly continuing to tug on the foot. "Or we could wait for Rakuro to do it."

Sirum Hest's tail, in response, continues tugging backwards but is seems it coiled around the foot a bit too tightly, and as a result is giving him some trouble breaking free. o.o;; He sits up then and squints at it, head tilting to the side. "At the moment, they're likely sloshin' through miles of mud. An'... hmm...", pausing briefly to glance around at the corners of the villa. "I don't see him around, so he's probably Inbetween as usual."

Kivae blows out the candle for the second time in the past several minutes, and sets it down. She uses her fingers to attempt to peel the tail off, and then unwind it. If able, she'd give it a light revenge-tug, and then return its freedom. Sticking out her tongue briefly.

Roger Montango comes back into the area, playing his lyre again. He sits down, still playing and humming slightly to the music.

Zagnafein Silverleaf sniffs and clears his throat as he sits down. The elf's attention seems to be turned towards the skeleton of a bow he carries on his lap. It would seem that the elf is attempting to create a composite longbow! Egads.

Roger Montango blinks and looks down at the elf next to him, "Hello...may I ask what you are doing?" Desperate-attempt-to-resist-boredom++

Zagnafein Silverleaf blinks, and looks to the side, to the human. "A replacement for a weapon I gave to a friend of mine, who wanted to learn how to shoot the bow. I figured I could use all this spare time to craft myself a new bow."

Roger Montango hmms with interest, "I see..." He turns his head again and grins, "Ah! Hello there Annari! How are you?"

Annari Salia waves to Roger as she sits down, "Hiya, Roger. I'm fine, you?" She smiles, curling her tail around her waist.

Sirum Hest sighs in relief as his tail is uncoiled easily enough, though a light mouse-like 'yelp' is given at the tug. He leans over to swat at one of her toes, then straightens up entirely. "I wanna go somewhere but there's nowhere to go without 'Kuro or Kitzibeth. Since every time we try to make a gate we pass out the second we hit the other side or fail and burn the grass. ... Hmm... maybe the grass knows where they are or what they're doin'. But I wonder how hard it is to listen to a particular blade of it, or how friendly they'd be to us for as much as we step on 'em.", snickering for a moment or two with that.

Roger Montango nods, still playing the lyre, "I'm doing just fine. How have your spars with that other furrey been?" He grin's his fake grin, though now it's slightly harder to tell.

Annari Salia nods, "They've been fine, though I seem to be a bit unfortunate as he keeps winning." She shrugs lightly, "It's good practice though."

Sirum Hest also adds, over to Zagnafein, after looking over the wood, "Magical or Normal?"

Roger Montango chuckles, "He keeps winning, eh? What kind of weapon does he use?" He stops playing his lyre to rest his fingers.

Zagnafein Silverleaf now stands up, and turns around, taking a few bones and blocks of darker wood from his backpack. The elf then does something quite peculiar. He flexes the main shaft of the bow, effectively bending it in the opposite direction. This reveal little slots in the shaft of the bow, into which the ranger inserts a piece of bone and wood, and then secures by tieing them up with a strip of leather, onto which he then applies a transparent paste. This is repeated on the opposite end of the bow, after which Zag lets the shaft go - and it automatically flexes back into it's original shape. Now it looks like a proper bow - but with horn-like bones jutting out of the top and the bottom. As the elf begins to thread the bow, he looks to Sirum. "Normal, of course."

Entad D'lune: [Yeah. What the hell kind of elf has a magical bow. Jeez.]
You say, "[All the spiffin' archers have bows of +4 dexterity.]"
Catharine O`Hara: [Aw. I'm not a spiffin' archer. >.>]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Zag's not a spiffin' archer. :-(]
Kalannar throws marshmallows at Zag.]

Annari Salia shrugs again, "He doesn't use any weapons save for a pair of wooden claws. I use a wooden sword, and both the weapons are thanks to Sirum who made them," She said, rather nonchalantly explaining the history of both their sparring weapons.

Roger Montango hmms, "Maybe you should try a weapon that isn't made of wood? But hey...what do I know? I'm not very good at fighting." He gives a light, yet disbelieving chuckle.

Annari Salia shakes her head, "Naw, I don't think it'd be a good idea to be waving a sharp blade around in a spar."

Kalannar assumes during his long AFK that he had gone off somewhere, and thusly now returns. He grumbles in Drow a bit as his eyes dart about the room. He simply grunts a bit and continues forward until he spots Zagnafein, in which case he simply steps over and takes a seat beside the Elf.

Sirum Hest grins sheepishly at the mention of the weapons originating from himself, though doesn't say a word regarding it. Instead, he sizes the bow up from across the room, actually seeming disappointed as the elf mentions it being just 'normal'. "That's not much fun. What good is a bow if it doesn't light ablaze yer arrows the moment ya fire 'em, or imitate a lightnin' bolts sound for every one it fires?", obviously joking.

Kalannar assumes during his long AFK that he had gone off somewhere, and thusly now returns. He grumbles in Drow tongue a bit as his eyes dart about the room. He simply grunts a bit and continues forward until he spots Zagnafein, in which case he simply steps over and takes a seat beside the Elf and speaks, "Vedui', abbil."

Roger Montango shrugs, "I guess not." He goes back to playing his lyre before asking, "So...umm...tell you anyone by the name of...Eleanora?" He looks at her hopefully.

Zagnafein Silverleaf gives Kalannar a bit of a nod, but he seems to be rather busy threading the bow - which seems to be quite difficult to flex. The elf is eventually successful, however, and raises his work up towards the light to get a good look at it. He then plucks the bowstring, and verifies that it is extremely tense.

Annari Salia raises a brow, and shakes her head, "No, I don't. Why do you ask?"

Roger Montango lets out a sigh, "It's nothing, really." He continues playing the lyre, but now he's strumming slower.

Annari Salia shrugs, "Alright then." She says, placing an elbow on the table beside her and resting her chin in her palm.

Kalannar eyes Zagnafein's new creation with a slight of admiration glinting in his eye. He nods to the fellow Ranger, "A fine creation, Zagnafein."

Roger Montango looks downwards for a few minutes before saying, "I'm take a little walk. Good night Anna." He gets up and walks off.
Annari Salia nods, "Good night, Roger."

Zagnafein Silverleaf nods to Kalannar, with a grin. "Isn't it? The bones and wood in those slots help to make it a hell of a bow to pull. The string should fire arrows like those drwarven contraptions... smokepowder cannons, I think they were."

Sirum Hest shifts himself back and forth in his spot, as if unable to sit still, and after a short while suddenly just rises up to his footpaws and begins heading out towards the hammocks. "Mrrf. Wake me when it's tomorrow, or when someone appears in a flash of fire, smoke or... on the off chance that someone has found out an original entrance, burst of snowflakes, wake me then. Suddenly feel so tired for some reason...", padding off then.

Kalannar ponders this, raising an eyebrow and placing a slender hand on his chin, "Indeed." A bit of nostalgia comes over him in memory of his hand crossbow, though he had been meaning to make a bow of his own and further his archery skills with such.

Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Anyway. I'm gonna go old school, and play some Heart of Darkness, before I go back to the wonderful realm of vectors.]
Ruby Pyralis: [My friend is obsessed with getting a corset o.O]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Anyway. Later, peepz.]
Ruby Pyralis: [;-;]
Zagnafein Silverleaf disappears.[]
Kalannar thinks Ruby should get a corset.]
Ruby Pyralis: [.-.]
Entad D'lune notes that Ruby would have mind control powers then. Men's wills are easily crushed (like your ribs) when wearing a corset. []
Ruby Pyralis: [Ooh, there's a thought.]
Kalannar: [Hm. True. Kalannar's already got a girl... although, it doesn't really make a difference, 'cause she's Ruby's alt. xP]
Ruby Pyralis: [xD]

Entad D'lune appears, looking fairly wrathful. Though it's only his normal background wrath. The elf must've done something nice and relaxing between last night and now.

Ruby Pyralis rolls her eyes as the elf appears, leaning back against the divider and leaning her head back through the little window thing. Oi.
You say, "[I thought Ruby left after Kele and them?]"
Ruby Pyralis came back after a few minutes cause she didn't see em and wasn't gonna go through the portal for nothing. Rain + Fur = -.-

Sirum Hest had only had time to reach the hammock, until he glanced back into the hopefully well lit villa to see the elf by the statue. He rolls his eyes then and scurries back inside, returning to his seat next to Kivae. "'Bout time, we've been waitin' for ya all day. Or at least, I have. Where's Jonathan at? ... Ya didn't kill him, did ya?"

Kalannar eyes the would be Elf as he appears. He seems mildly intrigued, though simply remains and waits for the rat to start running that mouth of his.

Entad D'lune shrugs. "He'll be joining you all shortly. Gather your supplies and personal effects; we're relocating."

Sirum Hest glances off to the left, then to the right, and finally down at himself puzzledly. "Everythin' I need I have with me right now, though I think... oh! Right, Kivae, yer bringin' Stumpy with ya aren'tcha? An' leavin' the plants here to grow while we're gone too, I hope..."
Sirum Hest is a mouse, too, curse you. ;.;

Kivae tilts her head slightly, then nods confirmation to Sirum. "Of course.. but," Rubbing a cheek lightly with the heel of her hand, "Where're we going? If it's traveling Si's right."

Entad D'lune grins devilishly. "A lovely little fort, quite unlike the one you recently left. Lovely climate, good food, good company, and a distinct possibility of being hopelessly overrun within the week."

Kivae considers, and then shrugs. "As long as it's not flooded." She slides off her chair, pads off to get Stumpy.

Sirum Hest squeaks out cheerfully, even at the last example, and bounds up to his footpaws. "Should be fun, assumin' yer gonna be there to ensure we don't end up on the ground either dead or in shackles. 'Sides, for some reason, most of us fight best when we're atop a forts towers.", momentarily reminded of the war against the swams of orcs. n.n "We're leavin' tonight, I hope?"

Entad D'lune looks around. If none others are coming along, then right now."

Ruby Pyralis: [AFK for 10 minutes - Dun do anything without me D:]
You say, "[Okay. Let's go kill the Lich King, shall we?]"

Kalannar grumbles a bit, though pushes himself up and approaches the doorway. He then leans back against the arch's collumn as he continues to eye the Elf. Obviously, some indication that he's coming.

Sirum Hest taps the side of his head thoughtfully, as he looks between Ruby and Kalannar. "Hum... these are the only two we need, really. Kizzy I'm afraid'll get herself hurt bad like always, an' Erk will hopefully wake up sometime after Ansteorra is reclaimed.", grinning toothily.

Entad D'lune grunts. "I count four of you." He indicates Kivae.

Kivae thought Ruby went after Jon. ^^; She returns, with the mentioned creature skittering quietly across the wooden floor behind her. "Rakuro can probably find his own way if we leave a note.. so, then there's.. um.. Butterburr? But he probably wants to stay with Kitzibeth. And Zagnafien was here earlier.."

Sirum Hest coughs into a paw. "Well, her too, but ya weren't intendin' on puttin' us in charge of protectin' a fort, are ya?", laughing weakly and seeming to be implying Kivae and him. "Kitzibeth'll probably send Zag our way, if someone bothers to leave her a note."

Entad D'lune holds up a finger, flame smoldering on one end. "Could just leave a map."

Kivae grins. "Sounds fine."

Sirum Hest takes a cautionary step back as the finger is raised, only seeming slightly squeamish at sight of the fire. "Ya could, but then Kitzibeth would likely burn a map into yer fort as well. The entire fort. Maybe jus'... ah... hang a sign around the statues neck?"

Entad D'lune snickers and retrieves a scrap of paper from his sleeve. He scribbles a few notes onto it with one curiously pointed fingernail, and tucks it into the statue's hand. "No worries."

Sirum Hest seems relieved at the lack of a floor-burned map, and frowns as he looks over the robe of leaves on the statue once more. "She never did burn 'em off... ah well. We're ready when ya are. There a gate somewhere around here?"

Kivae watches with a somewhat disappointed expression, while Stumpy shuffles its legs in some form of impatience. "She said they looked nice.." Frowning at that.

Entad D'lune buffs his nails. "Of course. Just walk through those doors." He gestures behind him.

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side. "What use is mischief if no one recognizes it as such. Huh. An'... I think I've forgotten somethin'... ah! Right!" He then lets out a high-pitch squeak throughout the villa. After a few seconds pass, a blob of brown fur swoops down off of the chandellier above the dining room and into his cloaks hood. Where it is met with the feral kitty, where it's forced to bunk with. >.> He then nods to the elf and walks off to the archways.


[#] Rushing sensation, blah blah blah, you were there and now you're here. The grand road apparently heads northish, but comes to an abrubt halt at a sturdily built palisade.

Entad D'lune appears with the usual pomp, burst of flame and bad smell.

Sirum Hest's eyes widen in surprise, not at Entad's teleportation or his own portal hopping, but at the palisade erected not too far from them. "Primes, how did ya get that built so fast? For months we barely even got a fourth of ours up."

Kalannar remains stoic, as it were. He doesn't seem impressed.

Ruby Pyralis crosses her arms as she looks around. Not exactly luxury, but a change of scenary actually seems quite nice.

Kivae gives Stumpy's leg a pull to ensure that he doesn't go skittering off, and then checks her bag, before glancing up to survey the area. "How d'you know its 'so fast' Si? Could've been here for years."

Entad D'lune looks at the fort. "Effort, plentiful woods coercion. That and it's a few dozen professional soldiers instead of you morons doing the building."

Sirum Hest's tail flicks back to bap at Kivae's legs. "'Cause we're near Ansteorra, I'm assumin', an' they wouldn't have let this been built for years. ... At least, I'd assume they wouldn't, or Damien is more of an idiot than I'd thought.", looking away from the elf at the mention of their building skills. "We're fighters an' explorers... I'm not even sure why we bothered." With that, he takes a few steps in the direction of the fort, just to get a better look at it.

[And there's the reason why Caeseal failed. Our characters were mainly a bunch of good-for-nothings who enjoyed lives of relative leisure, keenly watching the quest or bounty board to survive off of adventure earnings. What good are kids, wizards, lawyers, merchants, alcoholics in fort construction? Were it not for their ability to destroy things Si and Kiv probably would have had to perform on the street for coin.... Instead of just their own amusement.]

Kalannar is a ranger, ask him where 'fort building' is on his resume.

Ruby Pyralis pffts, muttering lowly, "If we're such idiots why do you even bother with us." Though it was rather mumbled.

Entad D'lune grunts. "Historical significance. That and you're popular in some circles. Move along with you, hup-hup!" Entad stalks up towards the gates of the palisade.

Ruby Pyralis rolls her eyes and follows along.

[#] Inside, the group is greeted by a few weary looking Ansteorran soldiers (former). Their weapons look rather familiar, as does their armor. Could it be that this is the endpoint for that little bit of thieving done?

Ruby Pyralis lags behind the group, though it is rather intentional. Why lead when you can follow? Anywho, she looks inspect a few of said gaurds, raising a brow slightly.

Ruby Pyralis can't spell tonight.

Kalannar glides along with the group, his movements almost graceful, if not for the fact that he's a Dark Elf.

Sirum Hest appears pleased as he catches sight of the soldiers. More than likely due to the fact that he had their arrows and thusly wouldn't be shoved aside on the towers by rustbuckets if it came down to it. "I don't see anythin' for the mages an' bow users to stand up on. Or haven't the gate towers been built yet...?"

Entad D'lune gestures to the tower. "It's on the wrong side, but it's mostly magical equipment as it is."
Entad D'lune snickers. "I did some pillaging not to long ago. Got one of those Magic Dampening devices."

Sirum Hest's nose wrinkles. "Hopefully it only affects the Kebeyan's an' not us. Or... it affects seals? I can't remember any mages inside the Kingdom." He then pads over to the tower and tilts his head backwards, staring up at it as if looking up at a cloud high in the sky. He wasn't the tallest of furres, after all.. "Bloody hell, this thing is huge. All the other ones we've had to use have only been a fourth of this things size. Hm... anyways, what else is here? Or rather, where are the barracks? I was gettin' ready to nap until ya came along, hehehe."

Kivae trails after Sirum, glancing around, and then to the soldiers, with slightly lowered ears. Her nose slowly wrinkles at the mention of the device. "Anything we need to help with while we wait to be possibly overrun, or can we go have a look about?" Stumpy having already skittered off in some random, shadowing direction once they'd entered.

Entad D'lune points. "Knock yourselves out. I've got a half-dozen more of these things to watch.

Kalannar eyes the entirity of the area, noting the disparaging looks passed to him by the soldiers. He ignores it, as could be expected as he turns his gaze over in the direction of Sirum and Entad.

Ruby Pyralis' player has the attention span of a potato, so finally takes a few steps forward and takes a good look around, "Mmm... seems nice enough."

You say, "[Out of curiousity, how many miles away from the Kingdom is this?]"
Entad D'lune: [two days forced march, or about 20-24 miles.]

Sirum Hest tail-waves over to Kivae before heading off down the path, calling back to her as he goes, "See if ya can't wake Aiken an' Lieu up inside one of the trees around here before we get overrun, ya? But for now, c'mon, let's see if we can't find somethin' to do around here.", seeming to imply mischief.

Entad D'lune waves a hand. "Whatever."
Entad D'lune stalks off towards the command house.

Kivae pads behind him, idly refilling through the contents of her bag. "He said within a week, so we probably have a while." After several steps she breaks into a quicker trot until caught up.

Ruby Pyralis shrugs, figuring she'd take a walk around.


[ You whisper " [Your barracks have pornography. ):]" to Entad D'lune. ]
Damaskivon: [That was actually part of the conversations between the NPC's I planned to have, prior to the DS fucking itself.]
You say, "[.-.]"
[%] Sirum Hest just gave Damaskivon a cookie.

Sirum Hest pads into the barracks slowly, cringing as if preparing himself to be hit by the smell of dozens of overworked soldiers. Once stepping inside, he draws his cloak up in front of his mouth and coughs, "I'm -not- sleepin' in here. We'd be better off collapsin' on the grass." And then he catches sight of the bunny poster. Which results in a blank stare. o.o;

Kivae wrinkles her nose as well, but only crosses her arms behind her head. "I was planning on doing that anyways. Could probably make a tent or something if it was going to rain." Once following Sirum's line of sight she rolls her eyes, and kicks at his footpaws. "Why're we in here?"

Sirum Hest erfs as he's kicked, though it's mostly a disgusted erf. "Why in the Primes name would... -that- thing be in... an' Entad hasn't yet ripped it... n-nevermind." He spins about then and turns to the door. "I was gonna see if there were any private rooms, but that doesn't seem as if it's the case. What're we gonna make a tent from, though..?", head tilting to the side as he heads out of the barracks.

[#] For note, it's not porn. It's a scantily clad pinup - Nottin' showing, pervs. []
You say, "[That's still enough to provoke the reaction Sirum got. :P]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Did I miss something?]
You say, "[The last picture like that he saw tried to latch onto his crotch.]"
You say, "[So of course he's wary of them now. ):]"

[See, Kitzerina, blame Path for your lack of hybrid babies. That dirty magazine latched onto his pants in Valanthas and just wouldn't let go. Forever traumatized. Or something.]

Kivae follows. "They have to have some extra blankets, and we can find some sticks.."

Entad D'lune peruses hastily written documents.

Catharine O`Hara: [So they somehow manage to go around all military establishments, and avoid assault, to build a fort within enemy held territory?]
Entad D'lune: [Entad = Gates/No more military establishments. Take your pick.]
You say, "[Well. They could've casted one gigantic invisibility bubble over this area.]"
You say, "[So it made it seem as if everything looked normal? <.>]"
Catharine O`Hara: [Phah, I'll argue about this more later, for now I'll just resume getting my ass kicked in Starcraft by Ciran. >.> Stupid game.]
Entad D'lune: [What's there to argue?]

Sirum Hest pads into the next building and smiles, seeming to like its uncramped style such as the last building. "Actually, we might be able to sleep in a corner of here, Kivvy. This place seems nice enough. Entad! Why're the guards blockin' the way into the rest of the fort?"

Entad D'lune looks over a shoulder. "That's..the Ansteora.."

Sirum Hest blinks in confusion. "They're watchin' the wrong way, then, an' on the wrong side of the wall too."

Entad D'lune just looks at Sirum. "There's a device on top of that tower that can see fifty times farther than any furre, manned at all times. They'll have time to get outside the gate. Anything else?"

Kalannar glides in, taking note of those present, though remaining silent.

Sirum Hest scratches at his headfur and wrinkles his nose. "So that's what that thing was. I thought it was jus' a gigantic magical weapon. An' no, not really.", grinning sheepishly as he makes his way around the room, merely inspecting it curiously.

Kivae rolls her eyes a bit. "If it rains. Otherwise I think I'll be fine outside.." She trails after Sirum, a step or so behind, and nudges the back of one foot with her toes. "Let's go see the tower.."

Entad D'lune goes back to his perusing. "Don't take anything. Just supplies and weapons." He looks over one shoulder. "The walls are braced with orihalcum. Quite impressive, really."

Sirum Hest pokes his tongue out at the elf. "We're not gonna loot yer fort, there doesn't look like there's much of anythin' to steal anyways. Unless those books covers are lined with gold.", glancing off at the bookshelf thoughtfully before making for the doorway. "Sure thing. I wanted to look into what Entad was talkin' about, anyways."
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