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A day of beatboxing bards and lewd haikus. 10-16-2004

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 1:36 am    Post subject: A day of beatboxing bards and lewd haikus. 10-16-2004 Reply with quote


[Summary. The dream and the forums were completely broken for much of the day. So everyone piled around the Imag being godawful bored and playing other games. This short log is only included because Jonathan is hilarious.]

Sirum Hest, for note, is doing little more than sitting at the table leaned back with his arms crossed up in front of his chest, staring at it with eyes narrowed. Or rather, not it, more along the lines of the half-spiked half-white blade Kivae had moved for him. Also his clothing appearing a bit stretched, more than likely due to reverting back from his 9'6" form. "This doesn't make any sense. Kivae, I know yer not all that much stronger than me. So why wont it let me move? It's like it hates mice an' treants. Primes..."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne, for note, is currently muttering a steady stream of insults and curses under his breath. And being rained on.

Taikris is sorta following Jon, and expanding his vocabulary ^^;

Marlina Evenstar is somewhere, presumably on an ostrix.

Sirum Hest notes everyone here sucks.

Kele-De is upon her scrahawk, watching rest of them trudge through the rain and muttering her own strong of curses.

Sirum Hest .. er... not... here?

Miyth needs to know where 'here' is, before he knows if Miyth is there[]
You say, "[20-24 miles away from Ansteorra.]"
Ruby Pyralis: []
Marlina Evenstar: [*Coughs*]
You say, "[Inside of a fort manned by Entad and some of the former Ansteorran soldiers.]"
Miyth: [Gotcha]
Taikris: [o.O]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [Hubba hubba. ^^;]
Taikris: [who drew that? o.o;]
Ruby Pyralis: [It was a doll base, Mara edited it xD{

Sirum Hest also notes, for reference, that Kazunori is in the corner of the room politely covered by a sheet, his body frozen to prevent decay. They just might need to ressurect the blademaster one day, after all.

Taikris: [... can we shove Dirk in there? <.<;;;]
Ruby Pyralis is the one that actually wound up killing Kazunori. ^-^
You say, "[No you can't have necrophilia smex with Kaz.]"
Hikari Xezo: [XD Is everyone IC now?].
You say, "[If you're OOC, lay down, please? :P]"
Taikris: [Actually I was wondering if Dirk could have Kaz's ... wait, that's already sounding wrong >.<]
Sirum Hest waits for people to fall like bricks. []
Hikari Xezo: [XD].
Marlina Evenstar: [Taikris wants Kaz's body? But... but... =(]
Taikris: [Can Dirk use the corpse of Kaz for a new place of residence?]
Miyth: [Th'hell is with people falling in love with my villans?]
Ruby Pyralis: [Well, stop making them sexy .-.]
Taikris: [Marlina... you know I'll always be true ;-)]
Miyth: [How bad can I be at this? o-O]
Hikari Xezo: [Path, its not you, its you].
You say, "[Oh Sandscout #3.]"
Miyth: [So, just because they aren't ugly, all of their evil deeds can be excused?]
You say, "[I love you.]"
You say, "[Please take me right now!]"
Miyth: [The Matrix Leezard]
Miyth: [Will return]
Miyth: [Mark my words.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Yus. Cause they're sexy.]
Hikari Xezo: [*was the one who smote matrix lizard* is Mr.Hikari].
Miyth: [Maybe for Haloween]
Miyth: [Halloween]
Taikris: [So... can Dirk come back as Kaz? :-D;;;]
Hikari Xezo: [can you re-encarnate into the body of an atleast level 43 monk? i dont think so :P].
Taikris: [I never asked for Kaz's XP :-P]
Ruby Pyralis: [NUH!]
Ruby Pyralis: [No stinky cheetah gonna go into Kaz ;-;]
Ruby Pyralis: [I claim all of Miyth's alts.]
Hikari Xezo: [well, anyways, the answer is chefno].
Taikris: [The stinky cheetah needs to go somewhere u.u]
Hikari Xezo: [he will :-) just, not in the body of the enemy of calendor :P].
Taikris: [... can I borrow Hiki then? :3]
Hikari Xezo: [Hiki is alive].
Marlina Evenstar: [That, changed, can be.]
Taikris: [and nobody is home.]
Hikari Xezo: [Hikari Xezo is Dead, But Hikari De Iocus is preatty mutch alive and kicking].
Taikris: [So if Dirk were to move in.... :-D]
Ruby Pyralis: [Kicking what...?]
Taikris: [The padded wall?]

Kivae sits on the table, looking uninterested, and sending frequent glances up towards the ceiling. "Does it matter? You'd hardly be able to pick the thing up anyways." She begins to idly swing her dangling feet, ears twitching to some skittering noise. "Hn. This place is just like Kitzibeth's villa, but with fewer books and furres we know. Boring."

Hikari Xezo: [*baps ruby with fish*].

Ruby Pyralis is most likely sitting where Kele's avatar is, face down on the table. .-.

Hikari Xezo: [Well that was odd].
Hikari Xezo: [Kitz logged on Aim and at the Next second she logged off o.o].

[#] Directly in front of Sirum, an indistinct shadow appears, wavering as if cast from the light of a sputtering torch. Emanating from that shadow is a low humming sound - a sound which, if one were to listen for a while, appears to be modulating like a song.

Sirum Hest springs up onto his chair then and back over to the table next to Kivae, fwapping lightly and playfully at one of her ears. "It matters in the fact that we spent a good few years cartin' the pieces of that thing around. An' I wanna know -why- it rejects me. We didn't do anythin' different, ya even gave the blood up for that ruby in it an' still it accepts ya, Kitzibeth an' Ruby. Even if I couldn't use it it'd be nice to try, I mean, we didn't spend all this time on it for nothin' did we? An'... hum.. yer right... but everyone was leavin' Kitzibeth's anyways. At least here we don't have to worry about Entad threatenin' us with plague if we don't come along."

[#] My post, she was eaten. ;.; []
You say, "[I devour worlds and the internet. But mostly, the internet.]"
You say, "[Scoot, pony-man]"
Albrecht Steinnemann scoots.
Ruby Pyralis: [Wrong pony]
Hikari Xezo nevar!].
You say, "[I meant Hikari, Kitz. xP]"
Hikari Xezo: [There ya go].
Albrecht Steinnemann forgets that Hiki is also a poneh.[]
Albrecht Steinnemann poofs anyway. She can't think.
Albrecht Steinnemann: [Nite all :-)]
Hikari Xezo: [*baps albrecht with the tabloids*].
You say, "[Aw.]"
Hikari Xezo: [Nite].
Ruby Pyralis: [Night :O]
You say, "[But... we need you kItz]"
Albrecht Steinnemann: [why?]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne luffs on Kitz. Goodnight. ^^[]
You say, "[To exploit your NPC abilities for our own agend--I mean, to RP with you. HRT]"
Kele-De: [Lotz....nuuuuu!!! Dun go!!!]
Kele-De notes that her spelling has been atrocious tonight.]
Kele-De: [Lotz = Kitz]
Kivae: [o.o]
Albrecht Steinnemann is Albrecht. >.> She has no NPC powah.[]

Ruby Pyralis is still rather sore and battered from the fight against Kazunori, her paws still a burnt-black and cut up from the sword. Thus, she is snoozing on the table. z.z

Sirum Hest meant Kitz. xP No one else has a chance in hell of divining a BCR of 75. []
Hikari Xezo: [YOu see, as Rah, she has the power to create PCs that have far beyond the power of NPCs, simply because she rules :3].

Sirum Hest also then glances back off at the table with a brow raised, nose wrinkling in suspicion. "Mm? Where did that shadow come from? The room is lit up brighter than day.", looking Ruby over briefly in thought.

[Context: Ruby had recently acquired a Shadow Seal. I think Ruby and I were the only high level people who gimped our characters by breaking out of our classes and investing in something that sucked for us CS-wise. An archer with +1 int and a level in Mage, a warrior/berserker with next to no wisdom and a level in Seal. Thankfully CS 3.0 was much more forgiving to multiclassing.]

Albrecht Steinnemann: [Technically, not even Kitz can beat that unless she's using a power potion.]
Ruby Pyralis twitches. o.o

[#] The shadow grows more distinct by degrees. It begins to take shape and form - the form of a tall figure, shrouded in a cloak, holding a torch that emits no warmth or light. The humming grows louder, and fills the room. Words begin to form in the long, low notes - hollow sounds, as if nothing more than an echo. "Ssssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm..."

Kivae ducks away from the tail, her nose wrinkling. She holds up a handpaw in defense, also attempting to either bat at the tail, or grab it. "You'd really want to use it? What've I told you about heroi-What the hell is that?" Her would-be lecture cut short by a stare. "..Er.. Who, I guess. D'you need something?"

[Kivae was probably a large contributing factor in ensuring Sirum didn't get himself killed in his lust for adventure. Because adventure in Ansteorra meant things dying. Everyone needs a little half-fox with enough wisdom to know where to draw the line in the sand.]

Sirum Hest quickly looks back and forth between the only other two within the room, to ensure that he hadn't gone insane from the encounter with the voidkin. Apparently in the time since the fight he had managed to restring his bow from the supplies within the fort, as he quickly unslings it from his shoulder and reaches for an arrow, but he doesn't yet knock it. "That can't be real. It has to be some sorta illusion, like Entad's messin' with our minds, right? It can't find us here, can it!?", actually seeming to fear the creature on the table to due the lack of a Kitzibeth around to obliterate it. And of course assume it to be of the void. "What is it that ya want from me, an' who in the hells are ya?"

Hikari Xezo crosses fingers].

[#] Though hazy and indistinct, the shadowy figure in the center of the room is now clear enough to be recognized as a tall feline in a hooded cloak, holding a torch. His cloak drips continuously, although no water pools on the wood beneath him. His eyes open after being addressed - light blue eyes, and full of irritation. "Took you long enough to answer/This magic must be some kind of cancer/Listen up, lad, and listen well/I'm tired of this rainy hell/It's your old friend Jon, so thin and long/I've cast a spell that comes in song/So hear my words and hear my rhyme/If this torch quits, I'm out of time/I'm in Tigath, and tempest-tossed/Where the hell are you? I'm f***ing lost!"

[%] Ruby Pyralis just gave Jonathan Ruddiwyne a cookie.
[%] Kele-De just gave Jonathan Ruddiwyne a cookie.
[%] Sirum Hest just gave Jonathan Ruddiwyne a cookie.
[%] Taikris just gave Jonathan Ruddiwyne a cookie.
Kivae joins the cookie spam. :P
[%] Kivae just gave Jonathan Ruddiwyne a cookie.
[%] Kivae just gave Jonathan Ruddiwyne a cookie.
Jonathan Ruddiwyne bows. ^^;

Sirum Hest blinks for a few moments in confusion as he listens to the song, then after it passes he rolls his eyes and slips the bow back onto his shoulder, springing back over to the chairs to poke his tongue out at the shadow. "Yer a real bastard, ya know that? I thought I was about to get murdered by voidkin. Try not sayin' my name so stretched out like that.", grinning weakly. "We're about twenty miles to the west of Ansteorra, it's hard to miss us since we're directly on or near one of the supply routes. Get yer tails here, ya? We need furres like ya here to help ensure we don't get ourselves killed."

Kivae after tilting her head to the side at the tune, almost immediately slides down from the table, taking swift steps across the floor towards the tables, to rifle through the papers there, "Can you see a map if I find one?" Adding onto Sirum's words, "Killed from boredom."

[#] The shadowy form of Jon waits for almost half a minute before responding. "Twenty miles to the capital's west?/I don't think so, Sirum Hest./The map I've got is clearly marked/Entad wants our arses parked/A few leagues south of the city gate./(This rhyming thing, I'm learning to hate.)/I've got a map, my druid friend/Come closer, so my quest can end./I'll point it out, and you can find/The lot of us. We're left behind./When we catch up, a plan we'll make/To cause a distraction, so the city you can take." He pauses a moment, and grins. "That last line I stretched so thin/To find a rhyme, it lets sunlight in." He holds the map out somewhere in the direction of Sirum and Kivae.

[%] Ruby Pyralis just gave Jonathan Ruddiwyne a cookie.
Taikris wants to see grudge match in rhyme between Jon, and a Harle <.<[]

Sirum Hest's tail flicks back to swat at Kivae as she moves, but is obviously too short to reach her. Seems being a giant, even for a day, has somewhat messed with his mind. x) "It's not all that bad, Primes. We at least are able to get away from the hands." Turning back to the shadow, he grins sheepishly, "Well, south or west, either one, I haven't had much of a look at a map around here or a compass. An' we don't need a distraction, we jus' need ya here with us so we can storm the city as a whole. No matter how strong we are, we can't surround an' conquer a city with two groups of a dozen each.", snickering quietly as he waits for Kivae to point out the section on the map.

Miyth: [Sleep time. G'nite]
Miyth: [o-o]
You say, "[Night, Miyth. ^^]"
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [Goodnight]
Ruby Pyralis: [Night :o]
Kele-De: [Night.]
Ruby Pyralis is going to bed too. Sleepy. z.z]
Hikari Xezo: [night].

Kivae spins back around on a foot, already holding a somewhat appropriate map, and abandoning the other papers, as Entad likely wouldn't be to pleased to have them messed, anyways. She scampers back in the table's direction, letting Sirum get the better angle for a look, as he was more experienced with the maps than herself. She grins as well. "This is a pawy spell, even if you do have to rhyme." Holding up the map (which I'll assume is marked with the various positions of the different forts) in comparison to his. Should there be substance to the map, she would run her finger across it. "If you come here, when Entad comes back he can share his plans, or probably take you where you need to be." Adding in a hiss to Sirum, "Is so."

[#] The map is insubstantial.

Kivae.. just points, then?

[#] After a few more moments, ShadowJon shakes his head. "I'm afraid not, Kivae./The map shows the proper way./I will admit, for your ears alone/I probably won't follow the path that's shown./You and my companions can/Use Entad's ingenious plan-/I myself will go ahead/And rend destruction in your stead/Until you arrive to send relief/In the form of the saber's teeth." He grins. "Thanks for the help/Druidic whelp./ Now I'll end in haiku/Just for you." He clears his throat. "The spell I have cast/Is useful, but soon to end./Guess I'll go--" Abruptly, the torch in Jon's hand goes out, and a split-second later the shade disappears.

[I hate that I still remember the ending to that haiku. God damnit, Jonathan.]

[#] [Ladies and gentlemen, the Torchlight Song spell. Available at Wal-mart, $19.95.]

Sirum Hest coughs into a paw as Jonathan vanishes and fwumps down onto the chair, rolling his eyes as he runs a finger along the Wailing of the Void's ruby. "He actually expects that we're gonna let him walk here, over that distance. I don't suppose ya brought one of candles, did ya? Or wouldn't that be enough to open up a portal to swallow him an' Kele up? The others can be retrieved later with Rakuro, but it's best that he gets here now so we can get the thought out of his head that he's gonna play some sorta Hero an' wreak havoc with songs alone."

You say, "[Oh, yes:]"
You say, "[]"
You say, "[Please. Please pursue one of the [M] marked plots.]"
You say, "[Anyone.]"
You say, "[You like it from the sum of gold listed. xP]"
You say, "[There are roughly 8 endings to that plot. >.>]"
Taikris: [Actually I was hoping to buy a map >.>]
Taikris: [Only draw back is that I can't pursue it, given the current circumstances u.u]
You say, "[*shrugs* If your group stops by a tavern or some place on the way back and catches word of it, they can deal with it as a side-trip. :P]"
You say, "[Unless you want a roll to decide whether or not you randomly come across him by chance alone.]"
Taikris: [I don't think Jon is going to let anybody take a side-trip <.<]
Taikris hmms at the chance of a roll[]
Kele-De: [If Kele and Jon get swallowed up and end up here, I don't think it'll matter if you take a side trip.]
Sirum Hest doesn't want to interfere with Jon's plans, though, and waits to see if he wouldn't mind. xP []
Jonathan Ruddiwyne doesn't mind. Jon's going on alone if no one follows him. =P []
Kele-De nods. "Of course. I was just making a note."]
You say, "[I meant your randomly encountering him. ^^;]"

Kivae frowns, her ears going back. She lowers the map, fingers twitching a corner back and forth. Eventually, she follows suit, dropping down to the floor, and leaning against the tables. She wrinkles her nose. "Rakuro only got to teaching me how to -see- it, not how to take it, or how to use it. " She looks thoughtful, then, tapping one heal against the ground. "He's not acting like he was.. I don't think he'd do just go about killing, like he said before." She speaks rather casually, glancing up towards the ceiling, "Working from the inside doesn't sound so bad. I mean, nothing's going on here right now, and that's what we were going to do before, wasn't it, when we went by?" Trailing off, to yawn.

Sirum Hest leans back to tumble off of the chair and onto the floor then, curling up on it tiredly as he watches the ceiling. "Was jus' a suggestion, is all. Rakuro can shift them all here himself when he arrives. Hum... I'd still feel better knowin' he was with us. For both our sakes." He then flashes her a grin and shakes his head, "Workin' from the inside is a terrible idea, considerin' that Entad swoops in for a surprise slaughter once every few days. 'Sides... while we waited, I was hopin' we could bust up whatever it was the soldiers outside were talkin' about. The lines for whatever Damien is plannin' in the desert. It sounds pretty important, an' it might change his attention to there long enough to help Entad's army really get movin'."

Kivae just squints her eyes, somewhat tiredly. "What're you talking about? The only things I heard them talking about were beans.." Yes, that took ridiculously long. <.<

Sirum Hest's nose wrinkles at the talk of the 'bean' guards, rolling his eyes off at the door. "They're so terribly borin', aren't they? I meant the other ones, other side of the door. They mentioned the Kebeyan Republic settin' up many, many green lines in the desert for some sorta event but Entad won't let 'em go check it out. Mm... but... we can't get there without Rakuro, an' we need him to bring Jonathan here. An' Primes know Jonathan is gonna stab us in the throat for darin' to put him an inch off his course... mrrf..."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne is offended by that statement. Jon slits throats, he doesn't stab them.

Hikari Xezo: [Well, im tired, G'nite everyone].
You say, "[cul8rhomeboi]"
Taikris remembers Dirk trying to stab a throat <.<[]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [deuceouttharoofmahhomelandsecurity]
Hikari Xezo: [Bai].
Kivae has lost her ability to focus. Therefore passes on the posting, and attempts homework. It makes sense, quiet.]
Kele-De feels the need to complete the square.]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne thinks he's got it. Oh, he thinks he's got it. But got it doesn't get it 'till there's nothing at all. []
Taikris feels alone u.u[]
You say, "[Only bards and meece get the chicks.]"
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [Mainly bards.]
Sirum Hest is constantly subjected to Kitzibeth's Fruedian Slips. Since when has she made one directed at you, eh? []
Jonathan Ruddiwyne notes that the exciting things Kitz says to the bard are not slips. ;-) []
Taikris: [<.<]
You say, "[She doesn't really love you then. ;.;]"
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [I'll take her lust, then. I'm easygoing like that.]
Kivae never got to train her giant sunflowers to eat people.]
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