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A day of justice. Kazunori's end. Wailing Void. 10-15-2004

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 10, 2017 5:07 am    Post subject: A day of justice. Kazunori's end. Wailing Void. 10-15-2004 Reply with quote

[Summary: I would have just included all the IC posts, given the length of this...but the OOC chatter was just as much the Ansteorran experience as the IC. So, enjoy. This was a truly special day in Ansteorra, years of work towards the Wailing of the Void brought to fruition. For Ansteorra, this was akin to Aragorn finally reforging the blade that would make him King. It was a monumentous occasion. Kazunori had been the death of Canti twice and let Erisvan claim his body, he deserved this fate. It was also the first step in bringing Hikari back into the fold.]

Sirum Hest looks over AIM. []
You say, "[Ruby, Path, Solinox, Kele, Jonathan. We're missing Marlina, Kivae and Kitz. x.o]"
Ruby Pyralis: [For wha?]
You say, "[The... resuming...? >>]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Oh. FOrgot about that.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Yay for having nothing planned anyway xD]
Sirum Hest pats Ru, welcomes into the land of nothing-to-do-on-weekends. xP []
Ruby Pyralis clings to Si.]
Sirum Hest screams in horrible, agonizing pain. Well, not really, just fwumps. ^^ # <3 []
Ruby Pyralis drew a Sirum pookie today. But did it on a quiz when she finished early, so the teacher has it .-.]
You say, "[Clearly the proper course of action is to break into her house and end her in the way of the samurai.]"
You say, "[Retrieve the test, scan the back of it and return home.]"
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Ruby Pyralis: [OH]
Ruby Pyralis: [And I got a progress report]
Ruby Pyralis: [And there are no F's this time :D\
Ruby Pyralis: [It wasn't letters.]
Ruby Pyralis: [It was just things like "Pays attention in class"]
Ruby Pyralis: [Which I don't. xD]
You say, "[I always wondered how teachers can put things like that down.]"
You say, "[How do they expect to monitor 30-90 kids every day to tell which are paying attention? x)]"
Sirum Hest looks over AIM. .-. Now all we need is Kitz and Kivae and we can actually start with Jon here. []


Thorimar Woodfist: (Dream.sux)
You say, "[Kivae's circle r0x Riv + Kitz's.]"
You say, "[That's Thor's spot, Chloe. :P]"
Chloe May: (Well.)
Marlina Evenstar: [Of course you are.]
Chloe May: (You better believe it. I'm not butter!)

[ You whisper "[You're on prep 4 of 10 of the spell]" to Thorimar Woodfist. ]
[ You whisper "[We're already in battle. :P]" to Thorimar Woodfist. ]

[ Thorimar Woodfist whispers, "Thorimar has more preps per round than that." to you. ]
[ You whisper "[It's not so much 'prep' as 'rune'.]" to Thorimar Woodfist. ]
[ Thorimar Woodfist whispers, "Oh." to you. ]
[ Thorimar Woodfist whispers, "correct terminology.plz" to you. ]
Jona Ruddiwyne: [Reminder: Everyone has a +9 To-Hit / AC]
Marlina Evenstar: [We're still all going to die though, you realize?]
Marlina Evenstar: [=P]
[#] [We'll start once Kitz gets back. We need the init order reposted, the next person up, and how many rounds out of 10 there are leftover.]
Jona Ruddiwyne: [We're on round 4 of 10]
Ruby Pyralis: [Yeah]
Marlina Evenstar's turn? o.o]
Kazunori: [We need the init still]
Jona Ruddiwyne: [Jonathan, Kitzibeth, Sirum, Rakuro, Marlina, Ruby, Kivae, Kele.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Not me :D]
[#] [Any word on Kitz?]
You say, "[Maybe if we all AIM her the resulting sounds will draw her back. Or maybe she'll kill us all.]"
You say, "[[Jonathan, Kitzibeth, Sirum, Marlina, Ruby, Kivae, Kele. - Marlina]"
[ Ruby Pyralis whispers, "KELE BEFORE ME" to you. ]
[ Ruby Pyralis whispers, "n.n" to you. ]
You say, "[Jonathan, Kitzibeth, Sirum, Marlina, Kele, Kivae, Ruby.]"

Marlina Evenstar moves from shadow to shadow as combat initiates, moving with the practicesed ease of anyone decently proficient in her profession before finally hurling the thinblade gripped within her hands towards the back of one of the floating shades, of course her knowledge on whether or not it won't simply go through is somewhat limited, but Sirum's not a big loss anyways. :-P [Sneak]
Marlina Evenstar: [#3]
Marlina Evenstar: [It's not immune or something, right?]
Jona Ruddiwyne: [If you're OOCly here try to stay quiet, eh?]
[*] Frozen Shade #3 rolls 1d20+2 (wis) & gets 6.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d20+12 & gets 22.
[#] [For those of you unfamiliar, we are using the Path-o-meter! O------* If the fuse burns out, retribution shall be dispursed.]
Kazunori: [Marl, please describe what the roll was]
Frozen Shade #3: [Nondescript d20 rolls don't help.]
Frozen Shade #3: [Unless you didn't roll sneak yet? o.O]
Marlina Evenstar: [That was a sneak check, for the sneak.]
Frozen Shade #3: [Rgr. Thought you'd rolled it already]
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+24 & gets 52.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+18 & gets 26.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+18 & gets 44.
Frozen Shade #3 is hit once.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d100 & gets 36.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d5+24 & gets 25.
Jona Ruddiwyne: [Jonathan, Kitzibeth, Sirum, Rakuro, Marlina, Kele, Kivae, Ruby.]

[... wait. The -minions- had an AC greater than 44? We should have brought Kitzerin, Fyrious, Entad and the whole Goo Walker army with us.]

Frozen Shade #3 is struck, a thin line drawing through the shawl before the enchanted blade pops back into Marlina's paws. However, the shade doesn't seem affected.

Kele-De bites her lower lip and is glad that she had started prepping earlier and held those preps. She keeps her eyes upon what's going on about her though edges closer to Ruby, knowing the damage she has done in the past. Her speech speeds up as she preps hastily though very carefully. [4/?]

Kivae lets out a low growl, coming more from fear than anger as the shades move in. She ducks closer around the rock, either hand hastily delving into her bag. Both produce a bottle, the first of which is splashed unevenly across the worst of the mouse's wounds, trying to keep out of the way of the blurring bow, and then other is dumped (shook furiously to get the contents to move faster) atop his head. The goop inside soaks into his headfur.

Sirum Hest's low whimpering that had involuntarily started from the many various wounds suddenly halts as the first potion is poured on him. And as the second hits his headfur, he instantly seems to.. well, let's put it this way. Sirum is no longer a runt, but rather a 9'6" giant. Who is only mildly surprised at the effects the potion has done to him.

[Remember those nights of potion brewing? Wasn't just for kicks, we were preparing for a ridiculously unfair battle. Kivae straight up Rita Repulsa'd Si, heavily boosting his CON.]

Ruby Pyralis finally snaps to attention as a battle begins to break out, grabbing for her axe immediately as she watches the massacre begin. After witnessing the rather... amazing display of damage Sirum dealt to Kazunori, she deems him to be rather important. She flaps her wings a few times, sending gusts of wind around the general area before she actually gets into the air, heading forward in an attempt to get between Sirum and Kazunori. If all goes well, she'd give it a quick 'kick' to see if it was solid, and if so, would unleash three blows with her axe. [Before I roll, is he solid? xD]

[Aw, Ruby had the right idea. Tank up and protect the ranged people. ... The baddies ignored her all the same, but the sentiment was appreciated.]

[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+23 I think I get the bonus >>; & gets 30.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+23 & gets 50.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+23 & gets 31.
Kazunori: [1]
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d100 & gets 25.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 3d10+14 & gets 31.

Kazunori takes a nick to the shoulder, too absorbed with watching Sirum experience the first versions of miracle plant-food.

Sirum Hest gives the jackal a large, pointy, toothy grin. When your opponent seems to have shrunk, whatever fear was present vanishes.

Kivae: [Doesn't Thor get a turn, t'do the inscribing thing?]
Jona Ruddiwyne: [Oh, yes.]
Jona Ruddiwyne: [Sol?]
Thorimar Woodfist: (helo)
Kitzibeth is here. Grar.
Kitzibeth wonders who needs boosting?
Jona Ruddiwyne: [Not your turn. :P It's Thorimari's.]
Ruby Pyralis does.
[#] [Thorimar posts at the end of a round to add a rune.]
[#] [In this case, posting us up to 4/10, next will be 5/10 etc]

Thorimar Woodfist's digits weave precise and delicate patterns, the movements being replicated on the Voidthunder in the form of runes. The treant's concentration is evident as he seems to completely ignore the carnage occuring all about him. (4/10)

Frozen Shade #1 reels backwards, shawl billowing as Sirum's size doubles on the spot. Both weapons swing up over the empty cowl of the spectre, taking on a faint green glow along the edge. The glow sustained for only several moments, the spectre makes in a quick few jabs for the back of the massive rodent.

[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 1d30+18 [Spectral Poison] & gets 39.
[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 1d30+18 [Spectral Poison] & gets 47.
[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 1d30+18 & gets 42.
[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 1d30+18 & gets 47.
[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 1d30+18 & gets 43.
You say, "[Holy... all.]"
[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 2d100 (poisoned strikes): (2) (4) = 6.
[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 3d100 (normal): (100) (32) (90) = 222.
Ruby Pyralis: [o_o]
Kitzibeth: [Holy moly]
You say, "[Inari hates me.]"
Frozen Shade #1: [o-o]
Marlina Evenstar: [Well... That was... Unique. o.o]
Ruby Pyralis: [BWAHAHAHA]
[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 2d6+30 / 2 (poisoned strikes) & gets 41.

Kitzibeth is now allowed to fight dirty, Sirum? Please?

[Aw, she was hiding her powerlevel 'cause she knew I wanted to fight strong dudes Goku-style.]

Sirum Hest may be still alive.

[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 1d6+15 (normal) & gets 19.
[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 2d4+15 * 2 & gets 22.
[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 2d4+15 * 10 & gets 20.
Frozen Shade #1: [Two Con checks DC 18]
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d20+6 & gets 8.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d20+6 & gets 10.
You say, "[Oh snap.]"
[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 1d3 & gets 3.
[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 1d3 & gets 2.
Frozen Shade #1: [Next two turns, you're at -6 con, -6 Dex. Turn after that it's -3 con, -3 dex. Then effects pass]
You say, "['Kay.]"
Frozen Shade #1: [Con penalties come out of max Hp, by the way, not remaining Hp]

Sirum Hest is still standing, through that.

[Surviving a 100 from a Path NPC. Praise Giant Potion.]

Frozen Shade #2 meanwhile, is devoting itself to putting the hurt on Thorimar.

[*] Frozen Shade #2 rolls 1d30+18 & gets 21.
[*] Frozen Shade #2 rolls 1d30+18 & gets 42.
[*] Frozen Shade #2 rolls 1d30+18 & gets 27.
[*] Frozen Shade #2 rolls 1d30+18 & gets 35.
[*] Frozen Shade #2 rolls 1d30+18 & gets 46.
Thorimar Woodfist is hit four times.
[*] Frozen Shade #2 rolls 4d100: (18) (89) (66) (57) = 230.
Thorimar Woodfist: (Actually, 3.)
Thorimar Woodfist: (AC = 28, right?)
Frozen Shade #2: [What's your normal AC?]
Thorimar Woodfist: (26.)
Frozen Shade #2: [Yes, AC = 28[
Thorimar Woodfist: (My bad.)
Frozen Shade #2 chops of the 57[]
[*] Frozen Shade #2 rolls 1d6+15 / 2 & gets 21.
[*] Frozen Shade #2 rolls 1d6+15 * 2 (keen edge) & gets 20.
[*] Frozen Shade #2 rolls 2d4+15 & gets 18.
Frozen Shade #2: [68]
Thorimar Woodfist: (What type of damage?)
Thorimar Woodfist: (Blunt is reduced, in Thor's case.)
Thorimar Woodfist: (Err, anything but blunt is.)
Frozen Shade #2: [Slashing]
Thorimar Woodfist: (k.)
Frozen Shade #2: [They are using a scimitar and a mace]
Frozen Shade #2: [So teh 2d4 rolls are not reduced, the 1d6 are]
Thorimar Woodfist: (Alright.)

Thorimar Woodfist's bark is removed rather easily, but underneath lies a thick wooden frame.

Frozen Shade #3 turns aside, seeing that Ruby apparently can't do much to them, and sets in on Jona, poison glistening on it's weaponry as well

[*] Frozen Shade #3 rolls 1d30+18 [Spectral Poison] & gets 27.
[*] Frozen Shade #3 rolls 1d30+18 [Spectral Poison] & gets 36.
[*] Frozen Shade #3 rolls 1d30+18 & gets 31.
[*] Frozen Shade #3 rolls 1d30+18 & gets 39.
[*] Frozen Shade #3 rolls 1d30+18 & gets 47.
Jona Ruddiwyne: ]3
[*] Frozen Shade #3 rolls 1d100 (spectral poison) & gets 41.
[*] Frozen Shade #3 rolls 2d100: (58) (22) = 80.
[*] Frozen Shade #3 rolls 2d6+30 & gets 37.
[*] Frozen Shade #3 rolls 2d4+15 & gets 22.
Frozen Shade #3: [roll con check, DC 18]
[*] Jona Ruddiwyne rolls 1d20+2 & gets 8.
[*] Frozen Shade #3 rolls 1d3 & gets 1.
Frozen Shade #3: [til end of next round, you're at -3 con, -3 dex]
Frozen Shade #3: [59 dmg total]

Kazunori barrels forewards, taking advantage of Sirum's weakened state. Taking no precautions from the stinging of the arrows, the jackal's form seems to blurr considerably from view even as it makes a beeline charge towards the mouse. [Kinetic Barrier, Wis check vs 25+ to gain partial knowledge]

Kazunori loses 1 attack as well.[]
[*] Kivae rolls 1d20+9 & gets 13.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d20+2 & gets 16.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d20+3 & gets 19.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d30+17 & gets 41.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d30+17 & gets 29.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d30+17 & gets 21.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d30+17 & gets 37.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d30+17 & gets 39.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d30+17 & gets 42.
You say, "[4]"
[*] Kazunori rolls 4d100: (43) (58) (92) (75) = 268.
Kitzibeth: [Wis check? You mean int check, bucko :P]
Kazunori: [No, I mean wis check]
Kitzibeth: [Bah on you then.]
Kitzibeth: [:-D]
Kazunori: [ :p]
[*] Kazunori rolls 2d6+44 & gets 54.
[*] Kazunori rolls 4d6 Ice damage. & gets 12.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d6+22 * 2 & gets 25.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d6+22 & gets 27.
[*] Kazunori rolls 4d6 Fire damage. & gets 15.
Kazunori: [158 total]

Sirum Hest tumbles back onto the ground behind him at the next surge of pain dished out to him, truthfully only taken down due to the removal of health from the poison. Oh so convenintly, the bow and quiver of the giant mouse are right within Marlina's sight, and that bow is just glowing with magic. Literally.

Kazunori advances to follow through with the charge, for cinematic purposes.

Jona Ruddiwyne, in true fashion, even as the poison courses through his body and as the blade sinks into him, the music coming from his flute doesn't stop for an instant. In fact, it even grows in volume and in pace, filling the area with a heated tune. [Passaigo of Precision] [2/2] [+9 AC / +9 To-Hit]

Kitzibeth notes that it's about time. She reaches into her satchel and pulls out a vial of a greenish substance. Shattering it in her paw, she absorbs the magical properties of the vial, and glows with the same greenish look in her eye. She simply waves her paw, and Ruby gets +20 ThD. [10/10][+20 ThD [Existans] BCR 39 Autoroll.]

Ruby Pyralis ish teh buffz0rz!

Marlina Evenstar doesn't really have much to say at the moment, aside from several curses as the rodent gets smited by the vile shadow creatures, and she inherits his bow, because, well, really. It's glowing, and her thinblade isn't, and securing the arrows was an easy enough task, for one with no respect for fallen companion's posessions. One of those aforementioned projectiles is nocked, and then loosed once more against the third shade. [-1 Attack for weapon switch, if memory serves.]

[Marlina may have been the only person to equip herself with the gear of her dying allies in the entirety of Ansteorra's run. Which meant Marlina was fantastic.]

[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+40 & gets 68.
Frozen Shade #3 is most definitely hit.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d100 [o.o] & gets 55.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d10+31 & gets 40.

Sirum Hest's bow is just awesome, isn't it?

Kele-De continues the flow of words, as she moves closer to Ruby. The green glow that has gathered about her as her words continue glows brightly. Bringing her glaive down and pointing it at the feline-demoness, it moves along the haft to the blade. "Adhmad fas." She calls out. The glow leaps from her blade onto Ruby. [6/6] [Wood Growth] [+8 ThD] [Lasts 3 rounds] [BCR: 22]

[*] Kele-De rolls 1d30+7 & gets 9.
[%] Ruby Pyralis just gave Kele-De a cookie.
[%] Kazunori just gave Kele-De a cookie.
You say, "[Since Marl forgot to note it, by the way, the arrows in Si's quiver are +3 to-hit/dam copper headed arrows. xP]"

Ruby Pyralis rolls her eyes as Sirum is taken down by an unfortunate severity roll. Still in the air, she hisses toward Kazunori and continues after him, her axe receiving a nice little bonus as she goes. With a sort of feline-roar, she releases a series of three, very well aimed blows for the foul... thing. Woo!

[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+43 I think that's right. ^^; & gets 62.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+43 & gets 46.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+43 & gets 68.
Kazunori turns and stands with both arms wide, accepting all three blows.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 3d100: (17) (46) (22) = 85.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 3d10+34 & gets 58.
Ruby Pyralis: [/2]
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 3d10+34 & gets 53.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 3d10+34 & gets 48.
Ruby Pyralis: [130]

Kazunori grits its lifeless eyes as all three blows glance off its fur, as if not disturbing a hair. The jackal seems stunned, but otherwise unharmed by the mighty strikes.

Ruby Pyralis is pwnd next turn. xD

Kivae's faint growl turns into a low whine-like noise as Sirum crumples back despite her efforts. She shirks a bit closer to the stone, quietly murmuring something, and weaving her handpaws. No visible sign of the magic, as this was any time to be practicing flashy tricks. When she decides it's finished, she blows lightly. Ruby might possibly note that her fur has a strange feeling of heaviness. [+5 AC, BCR 15] [3/3] >.>

[*] Kivae rolls 1d30+11 & gets 36.

Thorimar Woodfist shows remarkable dedication to his single task, not even flinching as he receives the wounds from the void creatures. The voidthunder edges a couple steps closer to completion. (5/10)

Frozen Shade #1 sweeps in towards Thorimar, gliding silently past Sirum's motionless body. Only one blade this time, lingers the irradiant glow of poison about it.

[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 1d30+18 [Spectral Poison - Slashing] & gets 43.
[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 1d30+18 [Slashing] & gets 25.
[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 1d30+18 [Slashing] & gets 41.
[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 1d30+18 [Blunt] & gets 28.
[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 1d30+18 [Blunt] & gets 42.
Thorimar Woodfist is hit four times.
[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 1d100 (poison, slash) & gets 3.
[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 1d100 (slash) & gets 25.
[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 2d100 (blunt): (58) (45) = 103.
[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 1d6+15 / 2 & gets 16.
[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 1d6+15 & gets 21.
[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 4d4+30 (blunt) & gets 41.
Frozen Shade #1: [con check DC 18]
[*] Thorimar Woodfist rolls 1d20+8 & gets 14.
[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 1d3 & gets 3.
Frozen Shade #1: [-3 con, -3 dex for three rounds, Thorimar]

Frozen Shade #2 is still laying in on Thorimar as well. Having not used up any of its poison the last round, it strikes in full now, both blades irradiating a sickly green mist.

[*] Frozen Shade #2 rolls 1d30+18 [Spectral Poison, Slashing] & gets 19.
[*] Frozen Shade #2 rolls 1d30+18 & gets 36.
[*] Frozen Shade #2 rolls 1d30+18 & gets 22.
[*] Frozen Shade #2 rolls 1d30+18 (Spectral Poison, blunt) & gets 26.
[*] Frozen Shade #2 rolls 1d30+18 & gets 25.
Thorimar Woodfist is hit once.
Frozen Shade #2: [remember to calc what you lost due to dex]
Thorimar Woodfist: (AC's the same.)
[*] Frozen Shade #2 rolls 1d100 & gets 86.
[*] Frozen Shade #2 rolls 1d6+15 & gets 18.
Frozen Shade #2: [18 thar, slashing]

Frozen Shade #3 glides further towards Jona, pressing the attack.

[*] Frozen Shade #3 rolls 1d30+18 & gets 38.
[*] Frozen Shade #3 rolls 1d30+18 & gets 37.
[*] Frozen Shade #3 rolls 1d30+18 & gets 23.
[*] Frozen Shade #3 rolls 1d30+18 & gets 21.
[*] Frozen Shade #3 rolls 1d30+18 & gets 37.
Frozen Shade #3: [3?]
[*] Frozen Shade #3 rolls 3d100: (3) (18) (43) = 64.
[*] Frozen Shade #3 rolls 2d6+30 / 2 & gets 40.
Jona Ruddiwyne is already dead. Woe be to the low HP bard.
[*] Frozen Shade #3 rolls 1d6+15 & gets 16.
Frozen Shade #3: [36 total.]
Frozen Shade #3: [o-O]
Jona Ruddiwyne: [-9 AC/-9 To-Hit to all.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Aw. Now Marl's screwed.]

Kitzibeth will boost Marl before zotting?

Kazunori turns aside briskly, barreling towards Kitzibeth. Both blades readily lift, as though the Jackal were intensely concentrating on something else. [-2 attacks] However, as the minion's swords come down, a great scything arc ripples through the air in the likeness of an intense wind, blasting directly towards Kitzibeth. [Kinetic Energy Barrier- Expending]

Jona Ruddiwyne: [Marl already has Si's boost.]
Kitzibeth: [Point taken]

[*] Kazunori rolls 1d20+18 [KB] & gets 19.
[*] Kitzibeth rolls 1d20+2 & gets 3.
Kitzibeth ponders if that was against wis?
Kazunori notes that was against Dex.[]
[*] Kitzibeth rolls 1d20+5 :-D & gets 12.
Kitzibeth still is hit. Oh well.
Kazunori: [Kitz, roll 200% indirect damage, or automatically take 130 hp damage.]
Kitzibeth takes the damage. Is utterly unruffled.
Kazunori: [You didn't fail by 10 or more, in which case it would've been my choice.]
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d30+40 & gets 63.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d30+40 & gets 68.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d30+40 & gets 68.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d30+40 & gets 58.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d30+40 & gets 55.
Kazunori follows through with his last 5 attacks as he clashes into Kitz.
Kitzibeth is hit 5 times! Oh gnoes.
Kazunori also notes that the Kinetic Aura is dispelled.
[*] Kazunori rolls 5d100: (3) (75) (61) (68) (61) = 268.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d6+45 / 2 & gets 50.
[*] Kazunori rolls 4d6+180 [total damage otherwise] & gets 193.
[*] Kazunori rolls 3d6 fire damage & gets 13.
[*] Kazunori rolls 2d6 ice damage. & gets 4.

Kitzibeth seems surprisingly injured by Kaz's attack, though she stands firm. She even mocks him, leaning into his attacks and snarling. "Oops."

You say, "[</Jonathan>, Kitzibeth, </Sirum>, Marlina, Kele, Ruby, Kivae, Thorimar.] [Kitz! Nuke!]"

Kitzibeth's wounds vanish intractably. [Lifebind: Item Effect] Her prediction should come true with a vengeance. Her head flays back and the greenish glow envelops her entire form. The magess rises a few inches off the ground and shouts a single word in the Elder Arcane >>Skunyoides!<< From every point of her being, a bright jet of some unidentifiable force spreads out from her, white hot rays that blind everyone who can view them. Targeting each Shade and Kazunori, but deftly missing her allies, she literally burns her magical power, expending it in one fairly robust blast. [200/200][Manaburn]
[*] Kitzibeth rolls 1d30+50 to hit ^^ & gets 73.
Kazunori throws up a paw and accepts the hit.
[#] All shades are auto-hit
[*] Kitzibeth rolls 200d27+247 Entropy damage to each. & gets 3161.
You say, "[This is what happens when DM's declare 'dirty battles' :P]"
[*] Kitzibeth rolls 4d125+47 damage to self & gets 432.
Kitzibeth is apparenly still standing after that too >.>

[ Thorimar Woodfist whispers, "Bah, I was going to summon a giant worm." to you. ]
[ Thorimar Woodfist whispers, "Kazunori's partially digested bones would be found in a giant pile of crap next week." to you. ]

[#] All three shades evaporate almost immediately, leaving behind nothing, not even ash. The bystanders would be able to see each fibre of cloth and metal alike evaporating from the top down in an instant.

Kazunori drops his second Wakizashi to the ground and adds another paw, accepting his quarter of the blast. The shockwave beams and streams past the shadowy figure, drowning it completely from view as it flies back into the pillar of the druid circle. All fades out to white...

[#] [Magical soak: All mages (xcept Kitz), roll d20+int or wis, (your casting stat), DC 15 to absorb 3 preps.]
You say, "[Do KO'd people wake up?]"
[#] [Or in this case, 3 runes worth of casting, THorimar.]
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d20+1 & gets 19.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d20+3 & gets 7.
Kazunori: [Unconcious people dun count]
Marlina Evenstar: [Aw]
Sirum Hest doesn't get to bathe in magic. Cries.
[*] Thorimar Woodfist rolls 1d20+8 & gets 11.
Kivae: [Mages? >.> Pft.]
Ruby Pyralis wonders if that goes for seals? >> <<]
Kazunori: [THor, roll twice more]
Kazunori: [One for each]
[*] Thorimar Woodfist rolls 1d20+8 & gets 28.
[*] Thorimar Woodfist rolls 1d20+8 & gets 21.
Kazunori: [kk, +2 runes]
[*] Kivae rolls 1d20+9 & gets 22.
Kazunori: [+3 preps to Kivae]
Ruby Pyralis assumes seals = teh no.]
Ruby Pyralis... even though she doesn't need any preps. n.n;]

[#] As the blast dims away, the shadow lays crumpled on the ground. Long moments pass as dazzled eyes clear.. And the figure lifts itself up, smoking and bedraggled. Most, if not all of the jackal's clothing and equipment have been likewise evaporated by the blast, leaving behind only the two blades upon the ground before him, and the smokey black sillouette of the minion itself.
[#] Sparknotes version: OMGZHURTZ![]

[#] [Kitzibeth, Marlina, Kele, Ruby, Kivae, Thorimar.] [Marlina. ^^:]

Marlina Evenstar retreats further into the trees as further arrows are raised, briefly sighted along, and then launched from the rodent's bow. The target differant than the one who had just defeated the bard, in fact apparently this time her target is the leader itself, who was crushing the magical enchanter type individual. Even if she didn't feel she owed her life to the mage any more, that was still just mean. [Sneak]

Marlina Evenstar: [It's still alive? o.o]
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d20+14 & gets 27.
Kazunori: [No effect.]
Marlina Evenstar: [No sneak?]
Kazunori: [No sneak.]
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+34 & gets 60.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+34 & gets 63.
Kazunori is hit twice.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 2d100: (28) (22) = 50.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 2d10+68 & gets 78.
Kazunori accepts both without noticing, the projectiles tearing great round gashes through the inky shape.
Kitzibeth: [copper arrows?]
You say, "[</Jonathan>, Kitzibeth, </Sirum>, Marlina, Kele, Ruby, Kivae, Thorimar.] [Druid!]"
You say, "[Copper, Existans, +3 To-Hit/Damage arrows]"
Kitzibeth: [ouch >.>]
Kazunori isn't Etherial btw, kthnx o-o[]

Kele-De shakes her head, blinking from being momentarily blinded by Kitz's attack and plants the haft of her glaive into the ground. She then begins speaking low and soft, prepping once more. [2/?] [For note, Kele is a wench and a Seal, not a Druid.]

You say, "[Oops. xD]"
You say, "[</Jonathan>, Kitzibeth, </Sirum>, Marlina, Kele, Ruby, Kivae, Thorimar.] [.. Dancer!]"
Kazunori: [Hay, Wenches rhymes with Wrenches o-o dur...]
Ruby Pyralis: [.-.]
Ruby Pyralis seduces Kaz. Yeah. Right. Okay then.]

Ruby Pyralis damned near falls from the air as the -huge- spell takes effect, stunned by the sudden brightness. She somehow manages to land before the spell fades away, though takes a few extra moments for her eyes to focus to the normal light once more. Not entirely sure about what the hell just happened, she opts to stay still for now, though keeping her attention sharply on Kazunori. [Skip]

[#] +10 exp to Ruby for good RP. No, by skipping your turn you will not also get exp.[]

Kivae's hair and tailfur raises, crackling as if having been rubbed with a balloon for several hours as Kitzi begins her spell. She lingers in the shadows, eyes wide, absorbing not only the sight, but the magic. Using the extra power, she casts out a line to draw back a familiar summon. [6/3, Auto]

Thorimar Woodfist seems to have momentarily acquired a large amount of magical power, which he puts to use without so much as lifting a brow. He contiues to weave runes on the blade, and yes, you can bet your best bow tie that he hasn't taken his eyes off his work. (8/10) Incidently, his roots dig into the soil, empowering him with quicker regenration and making him as sturdy as a small mountain.

Kitzibeth is, for the record, huffing and puffing on the ground.

Kazunori leans forewards, as though he were about to collapse, though the Kin catches its momentum halfway into the fall, and brings it into a lazily unpredictable charge towards Kitzibeth. The pommels of both weapons come up towards her face rapidly.

[*] Kazunori rolls 1d30+18 & gets 32.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d30+18 & gets 42.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d30+18 & gets 45.
[ Thorimar Woodfist whispers, "Dear lord." to you. ]

Kazunori then spins about to drive Ruby back.

[*] Kazunori rolls 1d30+18 & gets 30.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d30+18 & gets 26.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d30+18 & gets 38.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d30+18 & gets 38.
[ Thorimar Woodfist whispers, "That last sentence can be taken out of context easily, but I don't want to point that out on pain of being called a pervert. :P" to you. ]
Ruby Pyralis cheers for Kivae's bonus. 3 ^^]

Kitzibeth is, sadly, hit three times. Not that she could really dodge >.>

[*] Kazunori rolls 3d100 (Kitz): (37) (64) (31) = 132.
[*] Kazunori rolls 3d6+66 & gets 73.
[*] Kazunori rolls 3d6 flame damage. & gets 10.
[*] Kazunori rolls 3d100 (ruby): (28) (83) (8) = 119.
[*] Kazunori rolls 2d6+44 & gets 50.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d6+22 / 2 & gets 26.
[*] Kazunori rolls 3d6 ice damage. & gets 13.

Kitzibeth has 1 hp left >.> She had 64.. took 73, got healed for 10.. >.>
Kitzibeth keels over anyway from blunt trauma.
Kazunori uses his ubar NPC abilities to hit Kitz for 1 damage by the air blowing on her face as he spins around o-o
Kitzibeth dies from void-halitosis.
Kazunori: [76 to Ruby]

[#] [Marlina, Kele, Ruby, Stumpy Kivae, Thorimar.] [Marl]

Marlina Evenstar somehow got shunted to the forefront of the posting order, though once again despite her falling companions, she fires the rodent's bow at the damn shade leader.

[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+34 & gets 39.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+34 & gets 54.
Kazunori is hit twice once more.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 2d100: (99) (91) = 190.
Marlina Evenstar: [Booyah.]
Kitzibeth: [o.o!]
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 2d10+69 *2 & gets 81.
Sirum Hest notes his bow is just the shizz.
Chloe May: (Yay, Marl. ^^)
Marlina Evenstar: [162]
Marlina Evenstar: [Plus whatever applicable bonuses..]
Marlina Evenstar: [If any.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Confusing boosted rat weapons. ;p]

Rakuro assumes the position!... the position, that is, of being unconcious.. since he is. His subconcious, however, continues cheering the good guys on

Kazunori seems indeed battered, but still standing, its shape barely defineable.

Kele-De continues to watch the battle, while standing around muttering words in Tigathan beneath her breath. She suddenly steps from teh shadow of the rock and heads straight toward Kaz. The glow about her strengthen as she walks. Her glaive lowers, pointed directly toward him as her eyes narrow. A swirl of what appears to be angry green sits poised on the edge of the blade. "Oinseach!" She cries, the angry swirl on the end of her blade suddenly jumps to life and speeds toward Kaz >>
Kele-De: appearing as a bolt of lightning. [4/4] [Wood Spike] [BCR: 20]

[*] Kele-De rolls 1d30+7 & gets 34.
[*] Kele-De rolls 2d223+7 & gets 249.
[%] Ruby Pyralis just gave Kele-De a cookie.
Kazunori: [I want to cry for you all right now...]
You say, "[She just healed him?]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Self-destruct upon death?]
Kazunori: [Point to Sirum :-(]
Chloe May: (Mr.Snuggles is DEAD?)
Kitzibeth: [You're proud of us?]
Thorimar Woodfist: (Generic bad thing that will happen to the party?)
Chloe May: (..Oh.)
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o;]
You say, "[Ahaha.]"
You say, "[We're screwed. xD Unless Ruby can knock off more than that.]"
Kazunori gains roughly 124 daggerblows worth of vitality.
Kitzibeth: [o.o;]
Chloe May: (If I somehow MAGICALLY healed him, what'd happen? .-.)
You say, "[...daggerblow by a leper halfling or by Marlina?]"
Kazunori: [daggerblow = hp]
Kitzibeth: [How did Seal power heal him?]
Marlina Evenstar: [Percentage spells it looks like.]
Kitzibeth: [Seal magic isn't magic ><]
Kitzibeth: [It's not the same thing.]
Kazunori: [Ice]
Kazunori: [Durr, Lighting, sorreh.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Ice?]
Kitzibeth: [She cast Wood?]
Ruby Pyralis: [It's wood .-.]
Rakuro: ['tis Wood. Wood seal. Wood Spike ^^]
Kele-De notes it's Wood.]
You say, "[Lightning was just a metaphor. x)]"
Chloe May: (Well, that explains it all!)
Kazunori: [Aaaaah]
Ruby Pyralis: [n.n]
Kazunori takes said damage then :-D]
Rakuro gives Kazu a cookie, but they're still baking so... rain check]
[%] Kitzibeth just gave Kazunori a cookie.
[#] Anyway! Next
[%] Ruby Pyralis just gave Kazunori a cookie.

Ruby Pyralis, despite her intent focus on Kazunori, was caught off guard by his attacks, only managing to avoid one of the hits. She lets out a harsh growl at the jackal, taking a step forward and attempting to land three blows on the pitiful creature while ignoring her own wounds for now.

[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+34 & gets 51.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+34 & gets 42.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+34 & gets 64.
Kazunori is hit thrice
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 3d100: (58) (53) (22) = 133.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 3d10+34 & gets 50.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 3d10+34 & gets 48.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 3d10+34 & gets 55.
Ruby Pyralis: [153]

Kazunori's form seems very fuzzy indeed.
Kitzibeth snuggles fuzzykaz.
Ruby Pyralis wants a fuzzyKaz pookie ;-;

Stumpy lets out only one low click at where it finds itself. Stepping delicately over the demon to lean menacingly across her, legs suddenly blurring into rapid motion (though admittedly not as quickly as many at this gathering), attempting to tear into and through the dark substance as best it can. [Could I take your spot, Chloe? ^^]
Chloe May: (Sawwy. ^^;)

[*] Stumpy rolls 1d30+15 & gets 22.
Ruby Pyralis has a spid-brella.
[*] Stumpy rolls 1d30+15 & gets 28.
[*] Stumpy rolls 1d30+15 & gets 27.
Kazunori is, however, still fast enough to dodge a spider. >.>
Kazunori: [0]
Stumpy is sad. :-(
Kitzibeth: [Summon beefalo next time]
Chloe May sings Incy Winch spwider.
[#] Lets keep it moving!
[#] Nextuh?
Rakuro notes it's Kivae]
You say, "[She has to type two posts side by side. x) Give her a second.]"
Chloe May: (When I was a young girl.. We never had computers.)
Chloe May: (Sorry for the ooc, Path. ^^; -being quiet-.)
Kivae: [Sorry. >.>]

Kivae.. doesn't have a post, and simply slumps against the rock, taking a deep, shaky breath. In her handpaw she draws some power, sunbeams swirling in her palm, and flings it, most likely quite uselessly, at the fuzzy form. It was something, at least. .[3/3]

[*] Kivae rolls 1d30+11 & gets 34.
Kazunori takes the hit!
[*] Kivae rolls 1d100 & gets 57.
[*] Kivae rolls 3d12+12 & gets 32.

Kazunori seems wavery, still o-o

Thorimar Woodfist is nearly complete the runes that will make the Voidthunder into the Wailing of the Void. He is clearly focused on nothing else, and his wounds seem to be slowly regenerating. (9/10)

Kazunori slips forewards, the likeness of a wolf completely dropping away. The shadowy figure redoubles in size as it spreads out overhead, causing all of the circle to drop into shadow. It becomes increasingly clear that the Puppetmaster is devoting its entire attention to this point, as the darkness becomes absolute.

[*] Kazunori rolls 1d20+10 (Sneak vs Kivae) & gets 18.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d20+10 (Sneak vs Kele) & gets 27.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d20+10 (Sneak vs Marlina) & gets 29.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d20+10 (Sneak vs Ruby) & gets 15.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d20+10 (Sneak vs stumpy) & gets 18.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d20 & gets 6.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d20+3 & gets 14.
Marlina Evenstar: [Oh crud.]
[*] Kele-De rolls 1d20 & gets 7.
[*] Kivae rolls 1d20+9 & gets 12.
[*] Stumpy rolls 1d20+5 & gets 9.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d100 vs Stumpy & gets 54.
[*] Kazunori rolls 20d10 vs Stumpy & gets 117.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d100 Kivae & gets 97.
[%] Ruby Pyralis just gave Kivae a cookie.
[*] Kazunori rolls 20d10 * 2 vs Kivae & gets 127.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d100 Kele & gets 92.
[%] Ruby Pyralis just gave Kele-De a cookie.
[*] Kazunori rolls 20d10 * 2 vs kele & gets 114.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d100 vs Marlina & gets 82.
[*] Kazunori rolls 20d10 vs Marlina & gets 124.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d100 vs Ruby & gets 69.
[*] Kazunori rolls 20d10 vs Ruby & gets 112.

Ruby Pyralis is still standing! Wee!
Ruby Pyralis... though thinks she just went blind. o.o;

[#] Looming overhead are two massive yellow points of light, akin to eyes.. the eyes of the Husk of Kazunori.

Kivae collapses against the stone, eyes winced shut, limbs dangling weakly.

Kele-De barely has time to notice the ever encompassing night, when things go completely black and she drops to the ground with a heavy thud.

[First all the guys get KO'd, now all the ladies follow suit in a single attack. If this was what fighting Kazunori was like, perhaps it's a good thing we never fought Pytch. I have to imagine half of us would have died ascending the black tower.]

[#] All of the afflicted would feel perfectly ebony tendrils, like thin spikes, penetrating their bodies cleanly.

Ruby Pyralis is hit -quite- hard, letting out a small cry of pain and falling to her knees, leaning forward and keeping herself up by leaning on her axe, panting heavily.

Marlina Evenstar blinks rapidly for several moments as yet more fall to the ground, and she herself is carved into rather bloody mincemeat, though she does manage to remain standing somehow. Forced briefly into a retreat she drinks one of the conveniant potions at her side, still attempting to quell the shuddering the vile creature's tendrils had caused. Unfortunately this keeps her from attacking.
Marlina Evenstar: [+150 HP -1 Potion of Greater Healing. >.>]

Stumpy staggers slightly, as well as an eight-legged creature can, making no noises of distress. It digs the legs into the ground, holding steady. Gleaming eyes reflect the points of light. Unexpressive.

Thorimar Woodfist's rune-inscription comes to a magnificent finish, as shard of light briefly pierce the darkening air. The runes on the Voidthunder are now complete, and so is the Wailing of the Void reconstructed (I think). (10/10)

Kitzibeth is at 0 hp. Woo.

Sirum Hest is at 9 HP or so, but is still unconscious, apparently. ^^;

Marlina Evenstar is at 192 HP.

Ruby Pyralis lets out a few gargled hacks, having seen better days. She releases her grip on the axe, letting it fall onto its side and finds her self holding herself up with her paws, looking much like she just went through a giant meat shredder. ;-;

Kazunori lunges in from amidst the darkness, sending a backhanded strike towards Ruby's cheek with a freezing blade, whilst the flame from the offhand weapon cuts a searing white path through the thick blackness clinging about the area. The blade may have been crafted, but the battle was not yet won.

[#] Order: Kaz, Ruby, Marl.
[#] Thorimar is out of it.
You say, "[What 'bout Thor?]"
You say, "[Ah]"
Stumpy is as well?]
Ruby Pyralis: [My turn? o.o;]
You say, "[Did Thor drop the WotV?]"
Thorimar Woodfist: (Nope.)
Ruby Pyralis: [Is it my turn? o-o]
Ruby Pyralis figures it is and posts. .-.]

Ruby Pyralis lets out another cry of pain, rather faintly as she was already in bad enough shape as it was. Now on her last leg, she musters enough energy to grab her axe once more and slowly get back to her footpaws, beginning to swing the still-enchanted weapon in the general area of the jackal, the attacks somewhat unaccurate naturally, but more than likely striking true due to the enchantment. [FF, right?]

[#] The Wailing of the Void would remain suspended in the central ring of the Druidic circle, glistening. In its natural state, the blade itself would resemble a massive Claymore. A shimmering blade, divided down the middle, forms the weapon's edge, the first side a blinding white, and the second a deep blackened ebony. In a sloping, graceful arc, the blade tapers into an organic looking hilt, again half of the crossguard formed by a convolusion of soft slopes, the second a jamming of sharp edges. Half of the long, two-handed hilt is a smoothe white, while the other lies ringed with sharp spikes that would surely pierce the paws of the wielder. Inlaid ad the conjunction of the hilt and blade, is the single, massive Ruby, alight with a cerulean light in its core.
[#] [Take a good look at about two years worth of work.]

[Two years. Every small detail listed in the description of the blade was a component with it's own quest, it's own battle, it's own riddle, it's own tragedy, it's own triumph. The lich, the dragon, the Scrollkeeper, the blueprints, the ancient books, Canti, the soul, the ruby, the black steel, the scales, the crypt, the raid on the Mages Guild basement, the... Sirum and Kivae had witnessed just about every moment of every single chapter in that story. Were Sirum conscious at this point, he likely would have wept with joy and relief. The only thing left to do was pay Pytch a visit. But we never did.]

[%] Ruby Pyralis just gave Kazunori a cookie.
[%] Thorimar Woodfist just gave Kazunori a cookie.
You say, "[We need stats. xP]"
[%] Kitzibeth just gave Kazunori a cookie.
[#] [Mark's up!]
[#] [Marls]
[%] Sirum Hest just gave Kazunori a cookie.
Ruby Pyralis: [XD]

Marlina Evenstar healed once more the ranger emerges briefly from the trees, not far from actually running at the moment as an arrow again launches into the air at the glowing eyes this time, a brief glance is spared to the blade, but she's not all that proficient with large weaponry, and she likes shooting things, and running if someone else dies.

Kazunori whirls around, Ruby's axe finding purchase only on darkness. Thousands of the tiny, pinlike spikes wind their way about the gloom in order to draw more gashing holes in the two remaining fighters, like pinpricks of ink amongst a massive blot. The shapeless silouette undulates backwards and, in a twin sweep, brings both weapons around in a stunning blur to attempt to sever Marlina's bowstring.

Ruby Pyralis' attention is immediately diverted to none other than the wailing of the void itself. If common sense should serve her well, she'd figure that this particular weapon must -really- be valued if there was a fight this huge over it. If nothing happened to stop her, she release her axe and head, somewhat sluggishly, right for the sword, reaching to grab it from the air. Suspense! -dun dun dun-

Sirum Hest's bowstring, for note, is quite tough, being as it's hooked onto a naturally highly magical bow. o.o; But it can always be fixed..

[#] Ruby has a hand on the WotV, Marl's turn o-o

Ruby Pyralis strokes it. Mmmm.]

Marlina Evenstar is startled then suddenly by the assault of spikes, backing up several halfsteps as once again she bleeds freely upon the ground, only to have the further insult of having her pilfered bow have it's bow strings snapped, with that final insult and several curses later she practically scuttles backwards into the woods, never one for continued onslaught when her death was certain, and she wouldn't take down anything with her.

Marlina Evenstar: [Ruby has something for large multicoloured weapons.]
Ruby Pyralis drools.]

Kazunori spins back around to face Ruby, dashing forewards at a breakneck speed. No longer toying at all, both blades come down in equal and opposite arcs fore Ruby's face, fully intending to split the annoying feline's head open both ways.
Thorimar Woodfist's eyelids slowly shut, and his face seems to disappear for the moment. His arms resume their normal positions as large branches, and he almost takes on the appearance of a regular tree in the woods.

[#] [DM is almost done with a sketch of the WoTV btw ^^]
You say, "[A bow-WoTV, hopefully? :P]"
Marlina Evenstar: [A dagger-WoTV hopefully? :P]

Ruby Pyralis, as she changed her mind half way through writing her other post, tightens her grip on the sword and nabs it from the air, having only enough energy to hold out the weapon straight in front of her, hopefully running through the jackal before her head could be turned into mincemeat. Of course, she leans back slightly while doing so, just to be safe. She likes her head. ;-;

Marlina Evenstar and with the methodical precision of someone who has done this many times in the past, attacks despite her previous retreat, her dagger spinning through the air rather thn one of the rodent's little arrows as she finally speaks in the otherwise quiet field of battle, "For such a strong creature of the flamin' shadows yeh'd be watchin' yer back poorly." Hoping to all the bloody primes that she could outrun it.

Kazunori dashes forewards, the swords descend, Ruby's hair is singed by the fiery blades. All about, billions of tiny threads writhe and skip though the air to converge upon the weapon, one and all melting away as the eyes themselves disintegrate in a wash of stinging verdant energy.

Ruby Pyralis got a haircut. o.o

[#] The darkness clears away slowly, revealing a mere Jackal, battered and nude kneeling impailed across the length of the blade. Blood, red, mortal blood seeps down over the crossguard slowly, dripping into the grass alongside two extinguished blades. The light in the creature's eyes is gone, and the puppet was cast aside. The only thing left in its wake, is a soft trace of whom the Husk of Kazunori once was.

[#] Everybody wakes up, Sirum move, Darkness go bye-bye!

Kitzibeth wakes up. "What a nice nap. Oh, Kazunori's dead. Maybe Ciran wants a fresh corpse?"[]

Marlina Evenstar's eyes gain a positively feral gleam to them then as the blade appears once more in her hands, absently retrieving Sirum's bow as she moves into the clearing once more, "I'd see yer all to be wakin' up, 'spose there's to be bein' a downside to be vanquishin' somethin' like that, neh?"

Kitzibeth does in fact stir a bit less flippantly. "Ow.. Remind me not to use that stuff anymore. It felt like my insides burnt out from.. well.. my inside, and I don't like the idea of -me- burning." Kneeling on her haunches, she shakes her head as she observes Ruby's victory. "Primes.. Thank the Primes."

Sirum Hest, in his giant form, slowly sits up, though he isn't really all that bad off as the rest of those gathered are. On his body the swords cuts seem to have been the equivalent of a dagger, but they are quickly remedied after he gets to his senses and realizes the pain surging throughout him. Quickly he reaches down to grab a potion from beneath his cloak, which is poured into his mouth to remedy most of them. Slowly he stumbles up to his footpaws then and looks.. er... -down- at Ruby "Where in the hells... I'm not supposed to be bigger an'... where'd Kazunori go an'... what's that sword?", thoughts still apparently a bit fuzzy.

Thorimar Woodfist's foliage moves slightly under the light breeze, and his rooted, true dendroid form makes no other motions. A bird atop one of his higher branches chirps happily, barely taking notice of any of the surrounding furres.

Kele-De blinks and her brows furrow as she looks about the ground. About all she can see is the grass. She lifts her head, noting slowly that it was light out once more. After raising her head several inches from the ground, her gaze surveys the area again. "What...happened? THere was a cloud of night and then everything fell into darkness." As her eyes gain more focus, she notices the corpse. "Is it over?"

Ruby Pyralis exhales and opens her previously clenched eyes. As the darkness clears, revealing what was left of Kazunori, she raises both ears, almost immiediatley falling into a sitting position, paws still clamped onto the blade, her paws becoming red with the jackal's blood, though nothing was said.
Ruby Pyralis is the queen of run-ons. .-.;

Kazunori stares down at the hilt of the weapon, possibly dead already, possibly not. No matter the conciquence, the light of Pytch's influence had left the defeated minion.

Kitzibeth would think that someone should stabilize him, so we can gain a meat shie.. Ally for the upcoming wars, but that idea would float like a lead baloon.

Kazunori: [Wailing of the Void:]

Sirum Hest's sight turns to his right then, noticing the bloody and limp body of the jackal next to him. This only provokes a slight, forced grin from the mouse, and he mutters to no one in particular. "After all of those fights he finally got what was comin' to him an' I wasn't awake to see it. ... But... he couldn't have died that easily. An' he's no longer a voidkin? ... Ruby, remove yer weapon, if Hikari's memories are still in his head it'd be better if we left him alive for the moment."

Marlina Evenstar: [Something about that looks familiar. o.o]
You say, "[A giant version of one of Kal's dagger.]"
[%] Ruby Pyralis just gave Kazunori a cookie.
Kitzibeth: [Kind of looks like Soul Calibur]
Kalannar: [<.<]
Kitzibeth: [Looks painful to wield and to be hit by.]
Kazunori just invented that, it damn better well not[]

Kivae moans quietly, remaining slumped against the stone. Murmuring something incomprehensible, and then creaking one eye open, followed by a pained wince. "Nn.. Stupid.. sword.." she goes on to mutter about it, using several more colorful adjectives. Without moving, she stares at jackal, ".. S'.. he's real." Closing her eyes for a moment, then squint them open. "D'you think he had a choice?"

Marlina Evenstar continues to approach the growing group, idly passing the damaged bow back to the rodent as she considers the possibly dead Kazunori as she speaks, "If the bloody paladin's mind ois to be bein' in there, then even if he's not to be bein' already dead, then we'd be riddin' ourselves of that problem now, wouldn't yeh be thinkin'?"

Ruby Pyralis doesn't seem to respond to anything around her, staying almost perfectly still. o.o;

Kele-De lays her head back down on the ground though she shifts her position enough to keep an eye on what's going on.

[#] The bird sitting on Thorimar's branch takes flight into the woods.

Sirum Hest, having regained his vitality a bit quicker due to a potion than everyone else, narrows his eyes as Ruby fails to move. To test out his new found strength, the mouse moves over to behind her and tries to pull her and the sword back away from the jackal, tail-waving over at Kivae quickly. The minor wounds remaining on him seem to be being ignored, "Kivae, please, ensure that he doesn't die jus' yet. There's always time for that later." Then, glancing over at Marlina, his noser wrinkles at sight of his snapped bowstring. "Pull a bit too hard, Marlina?"

Kele-De lays her head back down on the ground though she shifts her position enough to keep an eye on what's going on. Noting Ruby's lack of response, she forces her sore body up to its knees and crawls over to her. "Ruby?" She lifts a paw and places it on her shoulder. "Ruby?" Giving a gentle shake, she tries to snap her out of it.

Thorimar Woodfist stirs slightly. His fully healed trunk groans slightly as the weight shifts, and his wooden eyelids open themselves up. He casts a glancearound at the party, and a smile stretches the corners of his mouth. "Ahh, I see that you have deffeated the darkk one. I knew you couldd," he speaks to everyone in general.

Marlina Evenstar crouches down then behind the still impaled form, pulling the customary glove free of her left hand, and feeling for a pulse from the creature, "'Course not ratling, I'd be knowin' how to fire the bloody thing, this thing though was to be attackin' it unfortunately."

Kivae shakes her head slowly, wincing at the movement. "It'll just bleed more if you take it out.." She staggers forwards, moving along on her knees. And then grimacing as he does anyways. She kneels in the rapidly forming puddle of blood, leaning forward to squint at the creature's eyes, checking if there was any life left to preserve.

Ruby Pyralis is apparently pulled away, still holding the pretty sword without a word. At Kele's shaking her shoulder, she finally looks down at the bloody sword, then toward Kele. She whispers a single word, "Wow."

Kitzibeth gruffs as she stands. "And that's that then. We'd best walk back. I can't open a portal, at least not for another month or so, if I'm lucky."

Kazunori crumples forewards over the weapon, and quite simply expires. Glassy gray eyes cast something of a thankful look in Ruby's direction, before the light dies completely.

Kele-De blinks and watches Ruby a moment. "Are you alright?" She asks tentatively.
Thorimar Woodfist's eyes focus on the awakening archmage. "If you wish to lleave so soon, I have frriends that can bear you all hoome quickly."

Sirum Hest, once having successfully moved Ruby, his tail flicks back, slamming into the stone behind him loudly. Quickly he rushes over to by the blademasters side and glares down at him, muttering back to Kivae, "We can't damn bloody well heal him with it still in him!", more than likely just lashing out due to believing that Kazunori just passed on. "He's... he's still alive, isn't he? We can still get Hikari's thoughts out of his head, right?"

[The Wailing of the Void took a backseat to saving Hikari. Canti couldn't be saved, but someone could.]

Kitzibeth shrugs limply. She coughs a few times and shakes her head. "Quite simply, I'm spent. I'd just as well not move, because I don't feel up to taking one damn step." She ignores Sirum's pleas, concentrating now on the utter lack of magical ability she has.

Marlina Evenstar simply snorts then as she rises to her feet once more and speaks, "Whatever he's to be bein' he's to be bein' dead now ratling, perhaps yeh'd be tellin' us what it was we were to be fightin'? He's... Differant then he was to be bein' before, and I'd still be knowin' no more."

Kivae glances away as the form collapses, merely reaching out a hand to rest against the stone for support as she gets to her footpaws. "You made a portal before, Thorimar.. that'd be even quicker than walking. Even with long, tree-strides."

Ruby Pyralis looks back toward the jackal for a few moments before blinking a few times. Quite suddenly, the blade falls to the ground while still in her grasp, as if it weighed a ton, literally. She lets go of the sword and inspects her paws, "Mhm."

Kivae just makes a motion that could be taken as a shake of her head to Sirum.

[%] Ruby Pyralis just gave Kazunori a cookie.
[%] Kivae just gave Kazunori a cookie.
[%] Ruby Pyralis just gave Kazunori a cookie.
Kazunori: [+65 exp All around]
[%] Kitzibeth just gave Kazunori a cookie.
[%] Kitzibeth just gave Kazunori a cookie.
[%] Marlina Evenstar just gave Kazunori a cookie.
[%] Thorimar Woodfist just gave Kazunori a cookie.

Thorimar Woodfist shakes his head to the half-fox. "I was thinking sommething more along the linnes of the sky-lords." With that, he glances upwards towards the sky. He seems to be focusing on something, perhaps gathering energy.

Sirum Hest's giant footpaw winds back at that moment and kicks at the limp body of the jackal roughly, more than likely sending him a foot away. "You killed my friend not once but twice you bastard! An' I'll not let ya bring more sadness when we have to explain to Chloe that Hikari'll never be the same again! -Wake up-!"

[Some justice for Canti. But Kazunori had only been the sword. Pytch is the one who was swinging it.]

Ruby Pyralis clenches her fist, cringing slightly in pain as she notes that her paws are quite bloody and burnt. Pffeh, no thanks for the one who didn't run away like a coward, eh?

Kazunori keels over, torn body sent flying several feet. The blade, comparatively far too heavy to move, would simply slip out of the limp canine's corpse, and possibly smart Sirum's toe.

Kele-De doesn't quite beleive Ruby, so she sits down next to her. "Are you sure?" She runs a paw slowly through her headfur. "I just want to go home now."

Marlina Evenstar didn't run away, made a strategic withdrawl, and then attacked again. :-P

Thorimar Woodfist's mouth extends itself as open as it can, and at that precise moment, the sound of a majestic eagle leaves the treant's throat. It remains unanswered for a few seconds, but those with keen eyes would be able to hear a distant reply... and then another. "You will fly home on the baacks of the great eaggles, unless you have anny objections," he explains.

Ruby Pyralis nods, "I'm sure. And I want to get out of here too." For all intents and purposes, she may as well be a living dead furre with all of the wounds she sustained.

Kitzibeth didn't expect thanks. She'd burnt out two very fing expensive magic items, and was displeased by their loss. "I don't care. He's dead, and the return of the city is now possible. Not that it does us much good now. We need Ansteorra returned first. Sealing the Heretic comes later - we've already dealt him a crushing blow."

Kazunori: [If you want a loot list, share meh.]
Ruby Pyralis can hear with her eyes?
Kivae did.]
Kazunori: [Thankee]
Kitzibeth can't share anyone.
[#] Loot: Runed Blue Wakizashi (unidentified), Runed Crimson Wakizashi (unidentified), Blindfold (unidentified.)

Sirum Hest tail-waves over to Thorimar, with the enourmous tail seeming to just miss hitting the treant. Seems he has some adapting to do for the next two days. "I can't fit on an eagle, an' this worthless piece of trash here can't either." He then crouches and lifts the jackal from the ground, carrying him over to Kitzibeth. "For the love of the Primes, do somethin', anythin', Kitzibeth?"

Kivae glances up as well, and though she remains leaning heavily on the stone, brightens a bit. "I love flying.." She seems to be trying her best to ignore Sirum's anger, as it was frightening when he was this large. Perhaps he'd just get rid of it my kicking the corpse. Stress-relieving, and all that.

[*] Kivae rolls 1d2 For number of days Giant-potion is in affect. & gets 1.
You say, "[Ah. So Si reverts tomorrow at around 8 x)]"

Marlina Evenstar will do the unexpected thing and go for the blindfold, largely because she thought it might have been something more interesting, rather than just a piece of cloth.

Marlina Evenstar: []
Sirum Hest will also go for the blindfold. xP []
Marlina Evenstar: [Like hell. Away from my blindfold! *Stabs*]
Ruby Pyralis goes for the blindflold because she was the closest one to the corpse for a while. .-.
Marlina Evenstar: [You people suck. :-P]

Thorimar Woodfist eyes the rodent strangely. "Hmmmm. I do bellieve that you'll need a grreat eagle all to yourrself. The otherrs will be able to sharre two more."

Ruby Pyralis... and she doesn't want the damn things that almost split her head open.

Sirum Hest is currently carting around the jackals corpse and holding it in front of Kitzibeth.

Kitzibeth blinks. "And what do you want me to do with this? I can't so much as spit on it right now. I'd need a drink of water to even do that." Sirum, being close to her would notice that she looks like she hasn't slept in about a month, though she doesn't seem tired, just drained.

[#] [K, resolve loot OOC or IC?]
Kitzibeth: [IC]
You say, "[OOC, as anyone who would go for loot ICly--...]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Sure, IC]
[#] ICly then, sort it out yeselves.

Ruby Pyralis looks around, spinning until she finds where the corpse currently is, with the mousie. She slowly, and no doubt painfully, gets to her feet to approach him, looking at the jackal without much expression. Poor Kaz ;-;

Kazunori is being held out. Is limp,.. and nekkid.
Kazunori oh yeah, and dead.
Ruby Pyralis: [<3]

Kazunori: [Just about 0/3 thar.]

Kivae after a moment, shifts around a bit, taking her hand off the rock. "Just drop him, Si. And cut him up, or something, so the void can't take him back.." Voice lacking any sort of tone besides exhaustion, and traces of melancholy.

Sirum Hest flops down to the ground then with a loud 'thud', setting the blademaster down beside him and pressing a paw against his forehead, breathing heavily. "I told him I'd be back with his memories. I can't break that promise, Kitzibeth, I'm not askin' ya to do anythin' jus' to tell me what to do. ... Nevermind...", biting down on his bottom lip to hold back a whimper. "Hopefully once we return Rakuro can sort through his mind. Jus' someone help me take him back?", he then glances between the WoTV, Thorimar and everyone else present, nodding weakly in thankfulness. "At least he's gone now, an' soon so will Pytch be..."
Sirum Hest seems to have done exactly what Kivae asked, minus the cutting. ^^;

Ruby Pyralis, in that case, sits down next to the corpse. Cause she's creepy. And Kaz is cute. .-.

Kele-De sighs and curls up, waiting to return to teh Villa.

Kitzibeth sighs. "I'm sorry, Sirum. I'm a bit tired right now. As for his mind.. Who can say? If he took Hikari, there is a chance that you can get him back. Rakuro is an accomplished mind-mage. He'll be helpful." With that, she starts to head back to the Villa. The long way.
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[#] Three majestic eagles soar down from the sky.. at first, they don't look so big, but when they land, they are obviously larger than a scarhawk. Thorimar makes brief squawking sounds that they seem to understand quite well, and they lower themselves closer to the ground as if to accept passengers.

You say, "[Bah. :P Everyone is in a rush to leave.]"
You say, "[There's unfinished business, n00bs.]"
Kazunori: [Yah, K. This be me salvaging the rest o' mah evening. Let me know if you need any info, or if you keep the corpse or not.]
Kazunori: [Normal PC death rules apply to the body.]

Thorimar Woodfist announces, "These frriends of mine will brring you back to your Villla. They cann easily carry abbout three of you on their backs." Sirum, of course, is an obvious exception.

[#] [Again, we're resolving loot ICly. Don't ask me about it.]

Marlina Evenstar resolves loot ICly by watching one of the discarded weapons warily, hesitant to even touch it as if she feared it might bite her or something, an odd reaction for the normally bold assassin, she does however make a brief comment without looking up, "So... Yeh might be draggin' the mind of the paladin, out of his body somehow rodent..?"

Sirum Hest rises back up to his footpaws after a few lengthy moments and wanders over to the Wailing of The Void just laying about on the ground, reaching down to tap at the non-sharp side of its hilt with a paw. "After all that an' this is it? It seems so normal jus' sittin' there." He tries to carefully lift it from the ground then. "An' ya, I am. He doesn't deserve to live a life without memories."

Kitzibeth figures the blades can't be too bad. She scoops them up in her bag to melt down later.

You say, "[Baad NPC. Stealing our loot.]"
Kitzibeth: [Noone uses swords here :P]
Marlina Evenstar: [Hey, gimme my sword, Sirum gets the rag. :-P]
Ruby Pyralis: [I want the rag, demmit.]
Marlina Evenstar: [... xD]
Kitzibeth notes that since they are Wakizachis, they are technically Oriental weapons and are banned :P[]
Chloe May: (I never get that dam RAG.)
Marlina Evenstar: [Whatever, short sword... Or... DAGGERS!!! Bwahaha.]

Kele-De slowly rises to her footpaws and then clambers up onto one of the eagles. She waits a bit impaiently for the rest of them to join her, leaning forward and closing her eyes, trying to rest a little.

Kazunori notes the weapons preceed the weapons ban, and are therefore antiques :-P[]
Chloe May: (What happened? :o)

Ruby Pyralis sighs and heads to the other side of the corpse, staring at the blades that nearly killed her... before Kitzi nabs them. Apparently, all that's left is a blindfold of some sort. She rubs a burnt paw digit over it before nabbing it (if no one minds o.o) as a momento. .-.

Marlina Evenstar shall not allow the Archmage to take the one she's watching no matter what OOC laws might say about the thing, it's there, she sees it, she can use it just as well as the mage can. :-P

Kitzibeth notes that they are finely made single bladed shortswords ^^; She leaves them. Whatever ^^;; I'm going back to the villa.

You say, "[Um. >.>]"
You say, "[The WoTV?"
You say, "[Or is everyone just forgetting it? >.o]"
Ruby Pyralis notes it's too heavy to lift?
Kitzibeth: [Damnit. I'll stuff it in my satchel.]
Kitzibeth: [Weight = 0 in the astral plane]

Sirum Hest eyes the three eagles briefly in thought, before continuing to tug on the sword. "If ya could, Thorimar, could ya make us a gate back?" He tugs even harder on the hilt, making sure to avoid the spikes. Only to realize that he can only barely just drag it a few inches. "Why won't it move!?"

[#] [Okay, here comes the killer. Ruby, Kitz, Kele, Kivae, and Marlina are able to lift the weapon, but it's too heavy to swing. To Sirum, it might as well be trying to lift a tree.]

[I just realized... that's why he killed all the guys off first. Shame Kivae wasn't the last girl standing, seeing her stumble over with the Wailing of the Void and try to bop Kazunori with it would have been hilarious.]

Chloe May: (Girls rawk.)

Sirum Hest would sooner grip the spikes than let Kitzibeth put it in her satchel to never be seen again. (;

Kitzibeth sighs. "Because you're a weakling, Sirum. Try giving it to Ruby, or slide it into my bag. We're leaving. I need to lie down, and all of this noise is making my head hurt."

Chloe May: (Congrats on the quest, everyone. :3)

Marlina Evenstar eventually retrieves the weapon that she had been watching, assuming that Kitzibeth would not have simply run about pilfering things, and in such case would have picked it up sooner, fear of being bitten or not." The shortsword, not the WoTV.

Thorimar Woodfist responds to Sirum as he looks at each of the party members briefly. "I'm affraid not. That requirres a group of trreants, and my colleagues are nnot here at the moment." He then addresses the whole party. "Is anyone injurred?"

Ruby Pyralis looks like a walking bloodbank.

Kitzibeth is going to stuff something in her satchel, even Sirum. She's tired. "Just put it in. You can play with it later!"

You say, "[Put that on TooC]"
Kazunori: [xDDD]
Marlina Evenstar: [Tehehe]
Kitzibeth: [o.o;;;]
Ruby Pyralis: {XDDDDDD]
Kazunori: [PZwned]

Ruby Pyralis apparently nabbed a blindfold though. o.o

Sirum Hest can't help but wonder why so much innuendo from Kitzibeth is directed at him. Regardless, he gives a weak nod and motions down to the thing. "I'm bigger than Ruby an' I can barely budge it. Ya find a way to stick it in yer satchel."

Thorimar Woodfist's right claw gathers up some degree of nature's energy before focusing it towards Ruby with the aid of a single digit. (Healing, 8/8)

You say, "[Oh, um, by the way, Kitz, we went to a fort 20 miles from Anst. ^^;]"
You say, "[At least nearly everyone did I think...]"

Kivae pads over, squinting a bit at Sirum. "I thought that that potion gave you muscle, too.." She raises an aching handpaw. "I think we all are." But she sidesteps away from any attempts at healing, instead moving to pull herself onto the least occupied eagle, stroking its feathers.

[*] Thorimar Woodfist rolls 8d22+26 HP healed & gets 120.
[#] [By the way, Congratz on winning the fight :-D]
Chloe May: (Well done. ^^)
You say, "[You made us fight dirty. xP]"
Chloe May: (Thanks for the quest, Path! :-D)
You say, "[I feel so unclean.]"
Kazunori: [I made you fight to win]
You say, "[But yar, thanks, Path. x)]"

Kitzibeth grabs the sword, and simply lifts it without effort. The blade, finely crafted and painful, sings as she drops it unceremoniously into the confines of her satchel. "There. It's not that hard. Primes."

Kazunori: [And tell me, was the victory more satisfying knowing that you had to give it your all, and it was a tossup?]
Kitzibeth was satisfied.
Kitzibeth: [By Sirum]
Marlina Evenstar: [No doubt.]
Sirum Hest sues Kitzibeth for sexual harrasment. HRT

[#] The weapon, unless Kitz noticed in-time, would infact puncture through the bag and come out the other side, breaking the magical device in the process.

Ruby Pyralis closes her eyes as she feels a sudden, soothing sensation mending up most of her wounds. She looks around for a few moments, now more alert, and offers the treant a nod of thanks before slowly getting to her footpaws.

Kitzibeth points out that the bottom of the bag isn't part of the magic :P

Marlina Evenstar: [Oh god, there's a millenia worth of junk in that satchel.]

Sirum Hest nods weakly back towards Kivae and arches a brow as Kitzibeth so easily lifts the blade. "What in the Primes name is goin' on here? If I couldn't lift it as is Kitzibeth shouldn't have been able to. Especially how she is right now. Is the blade broken or what?"

Kazunori: [Kitz, is a Magical Artifact of unknown power that took you guys 2 years to build. S'not gunna work well with new-age magick.]

Kitzibeth looks at the hole at the bottom of her bag. "Well. That's going to require a needle and thread, now isn't it?" Unless the WotV slices portals, the item isn't even harmed. But that means that we can't bring it back with us to wherever we go. >.>

You say, "[So I can't magically tattoo blue lightning bolts on either side? ;.;]"
Kitzibeth: [It's a portable hole. That's as first age as you can -get-]
Kazunori notes it would destroy the portal, but not cause the junk to drop out.
You say, "[I wanted to rice it up.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Good, we'd all be buried.]
Kazunori: [So it'd be a case of opening a new portal.]

[#] [Oh yah, the official call:]
[#] [Items Lost: Voidthunder, Pattern.]

You say, "[It's a good thing I used the duplication trick to make more Voidthunders to throw.]"

Kitzibeth mehs - annoyed over the damage to her bag. "Well. Today has gone wonderfully. I blew the snot out of a voidkin, and put a hole through my satchel. I think I'm about even."

[#] [Item Gained: Wailing of the Void. (Unidentified), (Quest Item), (Magical Null- Nullifies all enchantments it comes in contact with.)]

Marlina Evenstar still thinks that cool as the WoTV, it should be a dagger... And with magical null, should -really- be a dagger. Anti-mage++ :x

Sirum Hest pads back over and offers a paw down to Kitzibeth, as if asking for the sword back. "Whatever must've been keepin' it down should be gone by now. I'll carry it the rest of the way back, along with the jackal."

Kitzibeth removes the sword from her satchel, muttering darkly. "Here. Take it." She paws it over with ease, but Sirum probably topples over and is crushed. With that, she hops aboard a eagle and waits paitently. [I'll be back in a while. I need to run to the store.]

You say, "[Later, Kitz. x)]"
Chloe May: (Bye, take care. ^^)
Kazunori: [Bai]

Marlina Evenstar twirls the blade once in an elegant arc before making a practice swing with her new found weapon, merely testing the weapon for the moment, before evidently deciding that it wasn't evil and that it would do as a counterpart to her pilfered one from Miyth. Eventually however, her attention returns to the other survivors of the battle, "Right, so who's to be makin' some wonderful portal through which we're all to be sprited way to some haven? Seems to be bein' the normal way."

[#] The great eagles begin to show signs of slight impatience, shaking their wings a little.
[#] Sirum would indeed be crushed by the blade, toppling to the ground and struggling to breathe.

Marlina Evenstar then of course notices the eagles.

You say, "[Seeing as he would just tale it by the unspiked side of the hilt with his paws I don't see how it would make breathing hard. :P"
Marlina Evenstar: [It goes for the throat.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Whatever happened to the other weapon? The blue one?]

Kele-De sighs as she waits for the rest of them to climb up onto the eagles. Noticing the impatience of the one she's on, she pats it lightly with a paw.

Sirum Hest does indeed topple backwards though with the Wailing of The Void atop him, squirming about furiously under its weight. "I... I can--... I can't... K-Kiv...", trying his hardest to shove it off as he looks back at her desperately.

Marlina Evenstar might rescue the rodent, but she finds his predicament somewhat amusing.

Kivae is already on an eagle. .-. But she stirs vaguely from her exhaustion-induced stupor at the squeaks, tumbling off the feathers, and scrambling over to the blue clad mouse. She pushes at it, attempting to roll it off with the palms of her hands. Because she's nicer than Marl. :-P

Thorimar Woodfist's leafy eyebrows raise at the rodent. That one was acting quite like a street jester, and the treant would compare the day's events to that of one of those travelling circuses he'd heard about.

Sirum Hest blinks in confusion as the sword easily is shoved aside at Kivae's efforts, nose wrinkling in suspicion once regaining his breath. "Erm... Thorimar... give us a moment with the eagles, would ya? Somethin' isn't right here. It seems nearly everyone here but I can lift this thing. Ya wanna give it a try?"

Ruby Pyralis reaches down and grabs her axe, lest she forget about it and leave it there, before heading to one of the eagles and climbing on top of it, preferring to wait on some feathers rather than just standing. .-.

Thorimar Woodfist doesn't quite understand the logic, but offers an open wooden palm outwards. The great eagles seem to have calmed down a little, perhaps due to some form of communication with the arch-druid.

Sirum Hest obviously seems to be trying to understand if it's only him who can't lift it, as he had yet to see the completed project within the 'hands' of the treant. He steps aside, allowing him to try lifting it from the grass. While he does so, he moves over to Kazunori, removing his cloak to wrap about the blademaster and lift him up once again. After that, he moves to retrieve his bow and quiver, while watching the treants progress.

Thorimar Woodfist's claws firmly fasten themselves around the blade. His arm bends, and his wooden frame groans and shows signs of wear. Pulling rather hard on it, his seven-foot arm simply seperates at his shoulder and falls limp onto the ground. It seems as if he can't lift it. "Oh, mmy. That thing is rrather heavy."

Marlina Evenstar hasn't attempted to lift the blade, and rather doubts that she'd be able to with the loss of an arm from a treant.

Kazunori: [And Sirum.]
Marlina Evenstar: [=P]
Kazunori: [If you come to me in a week and say that the group is traveling to Valanthas]

Sirum Hest gives a low cringe as the treants branch snaps off, quickly scurrying over to it to try and shift it back up with an arm. "Oh Primes, I didn't think that would happen Thorimar. I'm so sorry, Kivae, can ya help reattach it before we go? From what I've seen, the only people here that can lift is are ya four femmes."

Chloe May: (Marl lost an Arm? oo)
Marlina Evenstar: [He'll bite you.]
You say, "[We're going to Valanthas right now.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [The treant lost an arm.]
You say, "[Not in a week.]"
You say, "[So no worries. :-D]"
Kazunori: [I will personally ensure that you end up with the correct prerequisites, or lack thereof, to use the WoTV.]
Chloe May: (Oh. xD)

Thorimar Woodfist would simply pick up his arm with the other hand, and with a rather potent dose of druidic energy, he mends it back on like new. Flexing the replaced limb a few times, he then resumes a casual expression.

You say, "[Actually.]"
You say, "[I'm intending on fixing that myself.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [xD]
You say, "[Sirum's gonna go Ranma.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Self-castration++]
You say, "[Near blade -> Femme. Not near blade -> Male.]"
Kazunori: [Blade is a magical null, remember that.]
You say, "[It's not magic. xP]"
Kazunori: [Alchemy counts as enchantment.]
[%] Ruby Pyralis just gave Kazunori a cookie.
Marlina Evenstar: [When did French take over for referring to females? I can't quite remember.]
Thorimar Woodfist: (Castration won't get you anywhere. Thorimar doesn't have a pen0s.)
Marlina Evenstar: [Hrm.]
You say, "[How does Thorimar mate then?]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Surgery and hormones.]
Kazunori: [Thorimar and Rivyn both asked if they could use it, as they were neither gender.]
Thorimar Woodfist: (Pollination and flowering.)
Kazunori: [And the answer is no.]
You say, "['Pollination' and 'Flowering', am i rite?]"
Kazunori: [It aint' what you lack, it's what you have, so to speak.]
You say, "[]"
Marlina Evenstar: [*Ponders that]
Ruby Pyralis: [BWAHA]
Marlina Evenstar: [Just how is the blade tied in with that? o.o;;]
Thorimar Woodfist: (A high strength modifier?)
Thorimar Woodfist: (Levels in fighter?)
Kazunori: [Actually, MArl.]
You say, "[A PEN0S]"
Thorimar Woodfist: (A special item?)
Kazunori: [There is an explaination that I'm very proud of]
Kazunori: [But you have to figure it out ICly]
Kazunori: [And yes, it is important to plot.]
Ruby Pyralis: [It was originally made as a gift for a certain female? >>]
Kazunori: [Not that simple.]
You say, "[Path, you already told us that a while back. :P]"
Kazunori: [Not really Sirum.]
You say, "[So it's not Yavin's? o.o]"
Thorimar Woodfist: (It's simple. The blade is the embodiment of an ancient lesbian empress that declared war upon men... leading to the sex wars, a dark period in history.)
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
You say, "[Lovely idea, Sol."
You say, "[Do go on.]"
Kazunori: [Psh.]
Kazunori: [You guys should already know the history of the damn thing by now.]
Marlina Evenstar: [A dark period? I'd assume you would consider it a high point in history.]
Thorimar Woodfist: (That's it.)
You say, "[It's for use by the Dragonguard."
You say, "[The Dragonguard were all femmes.]"
Kazunori: [Well.]
You say, "[Yavin is a member of the Dragonguard.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Actually, I have very little idea of what's going on unfortunately. >.> I was only tied in with Valanthas, and the SK with Cathy.]

[#] Psst, Tyrias, the old Dragon ghost, was the guy who forged it when he was alive.
[#] You should know that by now.

Ruby Pyralis: [Whosat]
Ruby Pyralis: [>> <<]
You say, "[Um... the silver scaled dragon.]"
You say, "[Who nearly made Kitz's brain into jelly.]"
Kazunori: [One you got the silver dragonscales from]
Ruby Pyralis didn't go there, probably.]
Kazunori: [Well, he was important to the plotline.]

Kivae shakes her head, "He can do that himself..." And, with that, reaches down to grasp the handle, and drag it backwards and to the eagle. She'd then attempt to slide it into the eagle's claws. Whether or not Marlina stops her and takes it, she pulls herself back up onto the bird, resting her head on the feathers.

Kazunori: [Since it was his fault Pytch woke up for the second time]
Thorimar Woodfist: (So, as I was saying...)

Sirum Hest stares puzzledly at the treant as he fixes himself, and can't help but grin sheepishly. "Ah... nevermind... then. Kivae, um... jus' carry the sword for me, please? An' then I'll start helpin' ya remake those potions ya used on me.", the giant mouse giving his smaller friend a weak smile.

Marlina Evenstar wouldn't bother touching it.

Kazunori: [So to rectify the Situation, he invented the Wailing of the Void specifically because it was just about the only thing on the plane that had the strength to completley drive him back.]
Thorimar Woodfist: (The sword found its way into different hands, all of which were female. It just so happened that the sword itself had a sexual prefence of its own.)
You say, "[That's why one of the WoTV's forms is a stave.]"
You say, "[And not just for mages.]"
Thorimar Woodfist: (It later moved on to lead a successful career as the proprietor of a downtown bar called "One-in-ten.")
Ruby Pyralis: [BHAHAHAHA]
Marlina Evenstar: [And a dagger? ^^;]
Kazunori: [And I will tell you this]
Kazunori: [Once you identify it.]
Kazunori: [It's a switchblade]
Kazunori: [Meaning it's any weapon you want.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Bwaha!]
You say, "[I want it to be a LASER]"
Marlina Evenstar: [*Prepares to mug Sirum in his sleep.]
Thorimar Woodfist: (SOULCUBE)
Kazunori: [Get back to Anst and RP.]
Kazunori: [Foos.]
You say, "[Um...]"
Ruby Pyralis: [I'm RPed out.]
You say, "[We would...]"
You say, "[But I'm not sure if Entad's dream is still up]"
Ruby Pyralis: [He died.]
Thorimar Woodfist: (Well, I've roleplayed for a good five hours today. I'll see you all later.)

[Five hours? Not too unusual for Ansteorra. Map Master Michael's Mountain, The Tower of Trials, the Desert of Digging and the Planeswalker Jungle would span 5-10 hours across a weekend day. Sometimes two. Long quests were the best, if only because you could see everyone gradually descend into sleep deprived insanity.]

Marlina Evenstar eventually moves off to the eagle, having taken her lewt.

You say, "[Later. x)]"
You say, "[Wait!!]"
You say, "[.. did Thor lvl up?]"
Thorimar Woodfist: (The great eagles take you to the villa or whatever.)
Thorimar Woodfist: (Thor's level in currently static.)
You say, "[Aw."]
Ruby Pyralis: [Wow]
Thorimar Woodfist: (goodnighte missuses and mistar.)
Ruby Pyralis: [Lotsa shrooms.]
You say, "[I'm Charlie.]"
You say, "[And you can all be my angles.]"
Sirum Hest points at Marl. []
Ruby Pyralis: [Angles?]
Marlina Evenstar: [Angles?]
You say, "[You can be Boslie.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [xD]
Ruby Pyralis: [XDDDD]
You say, "[Angels, dammit. xP]"
Ruby Pyralis is 90 degrees!]
Marlina Evenstar kicks Sirum in the groin.]
Kivae: @rain-on
Sirum Hest walks off to the spiffin' treehouse. []

[Speaking of sleep deprived insanity... this is what always became of everyone after exhaustingly long quests. Enjoy.]

Ollie Ki: It's a waterfall in a treehouse. Don't question it.
You say, "What is that?"
Ruby Pyralis: o.o
You say, "An escape route from the bed?"
Ollie Ki: I have no clue. o.o
Ruby Pyralis: XDDDD
You say, "y helo thar"
Ruby Pyralis: dfdhd
Ruby Pyralis: DUCK
You say, "OMG"
Ruby Pyralis Drags.
You say, "U R SKENEHDEEPIN?!??1/"
Ruby Pyralis: XDD
You say, "Praise be our new duck overlord."
Ruby Pyralis: o.o
You say, "..."
Ruby Pyralis: ...
You say, "Duck/Dragon/Mouse gangbang?"
You say, "xD"
Ruby Pyralis: O.O
You say, "Kivae's dream is so beautiful. n.n"
Kivae: Do not question the possibiliy of a waterfall in a treehouse. -Wizards-
Sirum Hest prefers 'Illusionists', himself.
You say, "welkom 2 mi luvv shag"
Marlina Evenstar: Beware! The powers of physics have no sway here.
Marlina Evenstar throws sharp things at Sirum.
Sirum Hest cries.
Marlina Evenstar: o.o
You say, "We've really got to ask Entad for the map. n.n"
Kivae is working on making the bedsheets green, a sunlight item, making the fire able to go FOOM and showing rain around the treehouse..
You say, "!!"
Sirum Hest nearly forgot. Sends UtC idea to teh Marl.
Marlina Evenstar: Oh crap.
You say, "Wha? >.>"
Marlina Evenstar: UtC.
You say, "You forgot about it, didn't you? :P"
Marlina Evenstar: Shuddap. :-P
Kalannar snogs Sirum.]
You say, "[>.>]"
Kalannar: [Let me love you, SiSi. HRTHRT]
Sirum Hest points to Kele. []
You say, "[She's looking for a good time.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [She said so too.]
You say, "[She love you long time.]"
Kalannar: [o mai]
Marlina Evenstar: [Bruce so horny, he love you long time.]
Kele-De: [Hey! I go off to work on Continuity for a bit and I come back to find I'm being slandered?!? I demand satisfaction.]
Kalannar: [But, Sirum. It's HRTyouHRT I want.]
Sirum Hest satisfies Kele. []
Marlina Evenstar: [Kal, you heard her.]
Kalannar quotes Sirum. Sends a picture and a letter to Kitzerina.]
Kalannar: [You're screwed now, man! Hah!]
You say, "[That's fine with me.]"
You say, "[I've got Kitzibeth.]"
Kalannar: [Harty har har.]
You say, "[Who needs the earlier model?"
Kalannar smooches Kele. HRT]
Marlina Evenstar: [Kitzibeth doesn't like men, even runty ones like you. :-P]
You say, "[But...]"
You say, "[She wants Si to light her fire...]"
Kalannar: [Don't worry, Si. Erisvan's available. Eh, eh?]
Marlina Evenstar: [Erisvan told Kendrick about your little affair with her.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Silly rodent.]
Kalannar: [Mine? What are you talking about. <.<;]
Marlina Evenstar: [Sirum's. :-P]
Marlina Evenstar: [What did -you- do?]
Kalannar: [Oh, of course.]
Kalannar: [Me? Nothing. Not a thing.]
Kivae: [o.o Did someone eject her?]
Kalannar: [My heart belongs to my ladies.]
Kalannar: [Which.. Erisvan is one of.. so it's all good.]
Ollie Ki: Thanks for the telling me where you got your patch, btw, Kal. ^^
Kalannar: What? Plant patch?
Ollie Ki nods.
Kalannar: Ooohh yeah.
Kalannar: No problem. ^^ Easy to find on the site.
Kalannar just did a total revamp on his camp dream from Ansteorra. Has a different dream for every season.
Kele-De: The ones you showed Ruby and I?
Kalannar: Yep, yep. I've added a bit since then.
Kalannar: Grant me uploading rights, Kiv. ^^
Ollie Ki: Oh
Ollie Ki: <.<
Ollie Ki: ^^;
Kalannar uploads.
Ollie Ki: Kele, did you see inside my tree? :3
Kele-De: No. I didn't.
Kalannar: It won't let me upload. ;-;
Kalannar: Tree? Inside?
Kalannar is in the process of uploading.. slooooow.
You say, "The top of the bed = spiffin'."
You say, "The bottom is... eh... o.O"
Ollie Ki: Yeah. I told you furc colors messed it up.
Ollie Ki: The top is my attempt at fixing.
Ollie Ki: Though it still looks grungy..
Kalannar is having a severe amount of trouble uploading his dream.
Kalannar but finally gets it to work. x.o
(You enter the dream of Kalannar's Camp.)
[#] As you navigate your way through the impossibly dense forests on the Southeastern outskirts of the Kingdom of Ansteorra, you come to a small clearing in the dying trees. In the distance, against the cool Autumn breeze ruffling through the trees, you can hear the faint sound of a crow calling.
[#] Velcome, to your DOOOM~~@
Ollie Ki: Say it, Si. x)
Ollie Ki: sayitsayit
Kalannar: I don't think he knows about the pass.
Kalannar: xD
Kele-De: He must say the password.
Kalannar: Okay, follow me, Si.
Kalannar: @entrance
Ollie Ki: @entrance
You say, "@entrance"
You say, "Bellock"
You say, "Tatersd"
Kalannar: Now, then. The password to get into the camp....
You say, "What's the password?"
Kalannar: Sirum is my sex hound
Entad D'lune: Sirum is my sex hound
You say, "Sirum is my sex hound"
You say, "Ahahaha"
You say, "@entrance"
You say, "Sirum is my sex hound"
Kalannar: Try again, Si.
You say, "To the botcave!"
You say, "To the botcave"
You say, "You suck."
[*] Your request has been sent to Ollie Ki.
You say, "@oocroom"
Kalannar: xP That was the other dream in Tigath.
Kalannar: This one is just @oocroom.
Entad D'lune thinks the bot should be a giant flail.
Kalannar: Why a flail?
Entad D'lune: The real question is, why not a flail.
Kalannar: Informed, though difficult to answer.
Entad D'lune: Quite.
Entad D'lune: Did anyone listen to the guys in my dream last night
Sirum Hest schemes different ways to bypass Path'en's rules.
You say, "I did. :P"
Kalannar: What guys?
You say, "But you really need to upload the zipped dream somewhere."
Entad D'lune: Yeah.
Entad D'lune: I'll get right on that.
Entad D'lune: Just point me to free file uploading.
You say, "^^"
Kalannar: That means he's not gonna. >>
You say, ""
Entad D'lune: o.o
Kalannar loves Freewebs. Loves freewebs good.
You say, "You didn't know you could upload .zip's to freewebs? xD"
Kalannar: In my dream, since it's mine, everyone gets +20 ThD. Just because I say.
You say, "That's all?"
You say, " -Kitzibeth- can give me that."
You say, "And she's far more attractive than some drow."
Kalannar: Correction. Everyone except Sirum.
[#] Varunia zots Sirum.
You say, "Your ploy to lure me in with temptations of higher to-hit/damage mods has failed, good sir."
Entad D'lune fails to locate this shit.
You say, "File Uploader."
You say, "It's on the left side of the menu."
Kalannar did it for himself. Screw everyone else. xP
Sirum Hest logs in to pinpoint it.
Entad D'lune figured it out already.
You say, "Ah, 'kay. n.n"
Kalannar: So. Yeah. This be me Autumn setting of the camp.
You say, "(Kivae's Camp > Kal's camp)"
Kalannar's Camp waves. :-)
You have been ejected from this dream.
[*] Kalannar summons you.
Ollie Ki snrks. Your cape is funny, Si.
Entad D'lune: (Rivyn's Camp != Exist
[#] :-P
Kalannar: All the capes are funny.
Kalannar: Obviously, not the caliber of Ansteorra's. But it was the only cape patch I could find with all the races.
Entad D'lune uploads. []
Kalannar: Except of course lapines.. they.. don't deserve capes.
Kalannar: Oh, that's right. You have share, don't you. ^^
Sirum Hest slips idle.
Entad D'lune:
Entad D'lune: []
Kalannar downloads.
You say, "[Entad.]"
You say, "[When something says you can summon 'animals'.]"
Entad D'lune: [Aye?]
You say, "[Does that apply to the entire druids conjuration list?]"
You say, "[Since it seems rather vague.]"
Entad D'lune: [I suppose. What're you referring to?
You say, "[Conjuration Canon, Bards level 12 feat.]"
Entad D'lune looks []
Entad D'lune: [I'd probably rule out the more fantastical ones for bards. That abilities pretty easy to abuse as-is.]
You say, "[Thanks. x)]"
Entad D'lune: [Anyone want to see the latest little schpiel in Marl and I's rather not-private IC war?]
You say, "@oocroom"
You say, "I want to see Kaz / Entad. :P"
You say, "Er, / Rivyn*"
You say, "Since Kazunori is officially dead now."
You say, "But sure."
Entad D'lune: [!.doc]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne wants a Dread Infernal, so he can ride around in its '91 Corolla.
Kalannar: Heh.
Kalannar: So when does everyone discover that Rivyn's dead?
Ollie Ki: When do we get story.. ssstoorrry...

[The best part about being among Ansteorra's crew of late night insomniacs was catching Rivyn online. If you were extremely lucky, he would have a bizarre story about his life to share with you. Ballistas exploding swans, handaxes, IT jerkery. No one really cared if any of it was real, fake or exaggerated, as it was always amusing.]

Entad D'lune mumbles.
Jonathan Ruddiwyne laments the lack of 24-hour pizza restaurants.
Kalannar agrees.
Jonathan Ruddiwyne could murder a pizza right now.
Kalannar could eat one. <.<
Entad D'lune is going to make his. Almost forgot. Thanks Jon.
Jonathan Ruddiwyne considers running across the street to Kroger to get pizza ingredients.
Sirum Hest is semi-back
Sirum Hest scrolls up.
You say, "Yes, we demand story."
You say, "Or we will kill this here kitten."
Ollie Ki needs story like cliched zombies need brains.
You say, "... one day she'll invent the cure to cancer, AIDS and balding. Do you want that on your conscience?"
[#] A cute, fluffy kitten pops into Sirum's hand, a knife in the other.
Sirum Hest shanks Ollie.
Sirum Hest ... with a spork.
Ollie Ki is immune to sporks.
You say, "It's an anti-magic spork."
[#] The knife disappears, a spork replaces it shortly.
You say, "That only works if you don't have female-parts."
You say, "Like the WoTV"
Ollie Ki is an anti-spork kitten.
You say, "Then you cease to exist."
Ollie Ki.. wins!
[#] Goddess makes Ollie Ki vulnerable to sporks.
You say, "Oh!"
You say, "Right."
You say, "I was going to ask."
You say, "Why the heck did Entad butcher Thamrivol? x.o"
You say, "They hadn't done anything wrong, they even fought off Damien's army."
Kalannar: Yeah.. that didn't make a lot of sense to me, either.
You say, ""My enemies enemies are my... enemies"?"
Entad D'lune waves. "Hi. I'm Entad. I really like killing people. Who's part of the Kebeyan of those stupid gobs know anyone in Thamrivol." *SLAY*
You say, "Well... er..."
You say, "Why not just... you know... slay the Kebeyan Republic?"
You say, "Or Xanthia."
You say, "Fyak'norr."
Ollie Ki: Sirum's mom.
Entad D'lune: He also views Thamrivol as weak, since they were subjugated by the Kebs without much of a fight.
Kalannar: Har har.
Entad D'lune: Anyway, I'm out.
Ollie Ki: Night
Entad D'lune will check ya'll later. []
Ollie Ki: Storrry.
Entad D'lune: Bugggerrr offff.
You say, "Wow."
You say, "Someone actually doesn't fall for Kivae's pleas."
You say, "Even with Ollie."

[That -was- impressive. Kiv's puppydog eye routine could convince Erisvan to join the Iocan Order, doubly so under the avatar of the kitty Ollie Ki.]

Ollie Ki has failed.
Ollie Ki: Pfft. Hi, I'm Rivyn, I get people hooked to my good writing, and then don't feed their addiction.
You say, "HELO"
You say, "MI NAEM IS OLIE"
Ollie Ki sticks marshmellow in Sirum's hair, having stolen them from Kal.
Kele-De: Wait...Thamrivol was destroyed...when did that happen?!?
Ollie Ki laffz.
You say, "Oh."
You say, "Ah."
You say, "Sometime earlier today."
You say, "One gigantic massacre."
You say, "It's on the IC forums."
You say, "And in the .doc Rivyn posteed."
You say, "posted*"
Kele-De somehow missed all that.
Ollie Ki: You didn't unload your dream, did you, Kal? xP
Kitzibeth: @oocroom
Ollie Ki: 'llo, Kitzi
Kitzibeth wavies :-D
Ollie Ki: ^^
Kele-De: Hi Kitz.
Sirum Hest blinks.
You say, "Kitz stays awake past 1:30?"
Sirum Hest checks the time. Then again, it's only 1:10 FST... meh. x) *returns AFFish*
Kitzibeth is not awake
Kitzibeth is a zombie
Kitzibeth: Rar
Ollie Ki keeps her brains hidden. As usual.
Kitzibeth: Awrs
Sirum Hest blinks.
You say, "Wait a second."
You say, "Why are we all here again?"
Sirum Hest unloads the dream in Imag., loads the new dream. >.o
You say, " `join Ansteorra in Exile."
You say, "Or I will eat you all."
You say, "Except Kalannar."
You say, "He's too bitter."
You say, "And Ollie."
You say, "She's too evil."
Ollie Ki: >3
Kitzibeth: Bot isn't summoning me.
Kitzibeth cries
Kele-De isn't sure why she's going as seh's not really there anyway, but goes.
Sirum Hest explodes out of the bot, nijna-style.
Ollie Ki: [Aw.. but he's smexy..]
[#] Enjoy exploring a DSless dream. :-P
[#] if Dalin saw this dream, he'd cry.
[#] Dreamweaving--
[#] At least the barracks have a nekkie bunny.
[#] Riv said nothing was showing. :P
[#] It doesn't just violate PG-13.
[#] Even with naked lapine - the dream is still foogly.
[#] It violates /NC-17/
[#] .. How can you violate.. nevermind.. just.. nm..
[#] Either way - nite all - Kitz ^^
[#] With a--*is attacked by rabid weasles* Night, Kitz
[#] Night Kitz ^^

[The Wailing of the Void...

[Hilt of the Voidthunder: +4 Str + 4 Dex, +4 Con. +1 AC/MR/Focus. Wielded in the off-paw. Does not require two handed fighting, but cannot be used with a 2 handed weapon. User takes 1/2 damage from Void-based attacks, and 2x damage from Summoning magick used as direct evokation.] [+7 Item Bonus, Quest Item] [Can't be used as a weapon]

[Voidthunder: (+3 Str, +3 Dex, +3 Con, +3 Int, +3 Wis, +3 Cha. +2 To hit-rolls. Counts as a 1 handed Longsword. Rolls 1d8 damage, add 2d6 Prismatic Damage.[Prismatic = deals 1.5 damage to every element.][6+ Item Bonus, Usuable for all classes]

[Wailing of the Void: (+3 Int,Wis, Cha, Str, Con; +2 Dex.),(+3 to either To-hit -OR- casting roll.),(Switchblade--[Any melee]),(adds 3d6 Prismatic Damage),(Magical Weapon),(Indestructible),(Prismatic),(On the natual severity roll of a 2-19, it deals half damage to wielder as well as target),(Effect: Balance, 1 Charge / week),(Summon Effect: Arbiter. 1 Charge. Requires 1 level of Dragonguard.),(May only be used/picked up by Female characters.),(Quest Item).(Must have at least 1 stat above 20 to Equip.), (On the roll of a 50, roll 1d2. On the roll of a 1, deal 5x damage to wielder. On the roll of a 2, deal 5x damage to target), (Magical null.-- Wielder cannot be the target of any Enchantments. Blade cannot be targeted by spell. All Enchantments on the wielder are dispelled when blade is equipped.). (Item Bonus: +8)]

Pytch should have been forced to eat that thing. Sirum should've been able to swing it at least once, too, after all he went through for it. Damn swords with sexual preferences. Also... I always wondered if Kazunori even had a lifebar, or if the only thing that would have stopped him was the WotV. If he didn't, we were probably better off attacking the minions, boosting AC and playing the survival game. Whoops.]
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