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A day of apostrophes and continuity. 10-13-2004

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 09, 2017 2:21 am    Post subject: A day of apostrophes and continuity. 10-13-2004 Reply with quote

[Summary: Not much happened today, thanks to the Furc servers going down. But we discussed continuity a fair bit for a new member and Bryanna caused everyone's eyes to bleed. Seriously, how the heck did Kitz do that? Did she have a website to do the accent, or did she randomly replace letters with apostrophes, or...]

Fyedakin Xiloscient: [>.> Can I assume that you limit dragons purely to Chromatic and Metalic?]
Kitzibeth: [That issue is fixt]
You say, "[I don't think we restrict any dragons?]"
Ramzus: (Thank you very much Kitz. ^^)
You say, "[We've had two-three as members...]"
Ramzus: (No wait, it's still down.)
Kitzibeth: [Dragons are kind of special - continuity wise. We don't restrict the types, but you can't be some sort of eon-old ancient elder dragon :-)]
Fyedakin Xiloscient: [Yea, it's down still Kit]
Kitzibeth: [try refreshing the page]
Fyedakin Xiloscient: [Still down]
Kitzibeth: [ ? ]
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d2 Himo, Space. & gets 1.
You say, "[Fyed, you're from Himo.]"
Fyedakin Xiloscient: [>.> I was just wondering. Fye's dragon species is taken from a D&D book just like the Chromatic and Metallic]
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d2 Himo, Space. & gets 2.
You say, "[Ramzus, you're from Space.]"
Fyedakin Xiloscient: [>.> What the hell is Himo?]
You say, "[Below Space.]"
Ramzus: (Not this Ramzus.)
Ramzus: (In this continuity he's gonna be a regular person.)
Ramzus: (Canine/Fox though)
Taikris: [Himo is an a port town in this Continuity]
Entad D'lune: [Hard as it may be to believe, we didn't completely jack D&D's continuity. >.>]
Fyedakin Xiloscient: [>.> I assumed as much, Entad.]
Entad D'lune: [Especially when it comes to the migraine inducing geographical physics.]
Entad D'lune: [Also, all the dragons are dead. Hunted to extinction. On this plane, at least ^^;]
Kitzibeth: [Hey now. A four dimensional flat space with wraparound borders is perfectly reasonable. ]
Fyedakin Xiloscient: [Doesn't mean one couldn't pop in from another plane! :-P]
Entad D'lune: [Only what you'd know as 'lesser' dragons are here.]
Kitzibeth: [Woah. Riv. :P The Elder Dragons left completely. And don't forget exactly whose Dream Feanor is :P]
Entad D'lune: [Kitzi: Not when you're trying to explain how the place ORBITS AROUND A SUN.]
Fyedakin Xiloscient: [No true dragons, then]
Entad D'lune: [Basically.]
You say, "[The sun doesn't really exist.]"
Fyedakin Xiloscient: [Magic, Entad, magic. HA!]
Kitzibeth: [The sun moves across the sky. Duh]
You say, "[The Dragon just dreams its movement and vanishing/reappearing over the borders.]"
Kele-De: [Do I have to bring down the Continuity Hammer upon you all?]
Fyedakin Xiloscient steals said hammer[]
Entad D'lune tried IC. Scroll up.]
Entad D'lune: [And Sirum wins that discussion. Sonuva..]

Entad D'lune storms in, preceeded by slamming doors and angry muttering. Muttering is something of a mistake, perhaps, because a proper 'mutter' can't be heard halfway across the Villa. "Bloody useless; maim' the lot of 'em..." Reaching the room, he thumps in and glares around. Clenching his fists, he glares at anyone who happens to make eye contact.

Kitzibeth erfs. "Entad. Must you storm into my Villa and make a complete boor out of yourself every time you make an entrance? I mean, seriously. You'd think that you were knocking down the doors of Dis, and expecting an audience with Erisvan or something."

Sirum Hest merely winces as he catches Entad's glare, and quickly enough springs up to his footpaws, actually rushing over rather than keeping his distance. "Entad! Jonathan, Kele, Ruby an' a few others went to go get themselves killed by the Kebeyan's. Or go look for ya. I'm not sure which, but Jonathan is intent on gettin' himself killed one way or another..."

Kivae flattens her ears, having been unfortunate enough to glance up. She tilts her head downwards quickly, as if enraptured by the unlit candle. Only sneaking another look as Sirum speaks. "Yeah. He said he was tired of waiting for you.."

Entad D'lune shakes his head. "What! They must be lost. Probably didn't even bother to make copies of my map." He indicates a series of burn marks on the floor that are suspiciously resemblent of central Ansteorra. "Hm. Why are you still here then. Not doing any good."

Sirum Hest crosses his arms up behind his head leisurely. "'Cause they went back to Caeseal. I'm not gettin' covered in mud, once they get near Ansteorra I figure Rakuro will make us pop in front of 'em. We can't let Jonathan kill himself, after all.", nose wrinkling. "Ya could jus' bring 'em all back here? An'... Jonathan said somethin' about wantin' proof ya were doin' a single thing to win back Ansteorra."

Entad D'lune smacks his head. "Back to..! WHY THE HELL ARE THEY HEADING THAT DIRECTION!" The latter is said with a great deal of spittle.

[And this is why Sirum was so hellbent on waiting for Entad as ordered. You do not screw around when it comes to Rivyn or his underlings. Si learned that lesson when Canti, Kiv, Rivyn and himself nearly died in a barn.]

Kitzibeth winces, and snaps her paw, padding over toward the marking and flashing an angered look at Entad. The floor seems to flow, liquid-like for a short moment, and after the ripples settle, the burn marks are gone. "-AND- You vandalize my house? What kind of barbarian are you?"

Entad D'lune glares at Kitzibeth. "For such a bookworm, your house lacks convenient supplies of paper."

Kendrick: [Marlina's gone too for note, and her Ostrixes.]

Sirum Hest fwumps down onto the ground at all the yelling and merfs out pathetically, "Screamin's not gonna do a bit of good. An'... ya know, I'm not entirely sure why they've gone. Unless they wanted to gather somethin' from the ruins of Caeseal." Turning back to Kitzibeth, he frowns, "I'm sure Kivae can fix it easily enough..."

Kitzibeth: Of course - they are used to write important things, not worthless scraps of a map. If you needed a map of Ansteorra, you -could- have gone to the basement, Stacks section 93F, F for Maps, and there would have been a wonderful choice of maps of the central Calenndorian area from the past four millennia.

Kivae eyes the floor, shifting uneasily as it moves. ".. If you can do that, then why're you so obsessive about floor-stains? And, are we going to bring them back or not?"

Bryanna Dh'oul pads in the door, hearing Kitz's annoyance. "Ach, lasseh. Ai c'ear y'fair a'Tiga, eh? N'whai d'ye call m'ere fer? S'ai'n g't'dutai 'o s'ai't'Grak'tha. Kel dun b'saidn' m' lait'rs s'well. Wha'b'on 'ere?"

Sirum Hest leans left a bit to see past Entad, though he hardly needs to do so to recognize just who is speaking. After waving, he says simply, "Ya are late by a day. Kele decided to follow Jonathan rather than waitin' around for her, though I'm sure that the both of 'em will get yanked back here before the end of the night."

Kitzibeth turns her head. "Oh. Bryanna. Exactly the femme I needed to see. Apparently Kel has got herself into a mad dash toward the Keybean Republic and needs some assistance. But that is not why you are here. I need your Seal's powers to free Hikari's mind."

You say, "[Shouldn't we wait for that RP to be completed before speaking of its details? o.o;]"
Kitzibeth knows the ending. Kaz escapes or dies. ^^;
Sirum Hest is pretty sure he's gonna pwn Kaz.
Kitzibeth will not allow any other ending. ^^;

Entad D'lune flexes his fingers a few times, eyebrows knotted together. "...Proof." His nostrils flare. "I see."

[ You whisper "['Kazunori springs for the stone tile and the portal within it.' 'Kitzibeth casts an Existans barrier around it'? :P]" to Kitzibeth. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "Actually better. " to you. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "Kitz whips out a bottle of green liquid. She Manaburns. (i.e. shatters the bottle and burns all of her preps per day in one attack ^^ 3000+ damage to all enemies in a 9 square area. Turn after that, she takes a potion of mana renewal and gets her preps back. " to you. ]
[ You whisper "[o.o;]" to Kitzibeth. ]
[ You whisper "[Please don't use what unless you really, really need to. :P]" to Kitzibeth. ]
[ You whisper "Sirum Hest wants to see a good fight. x) []" to Kitzibeth. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "Well, i'm planning on doing it if everyone goes kerplutz. " to you. ]
[ You whisper "[As long as you enchant Ruby's axe and Path doesn't hit Si with all 4 baddies on the turn after the Giant Potion, we're good. x)]" to Kitzibeth. ]
[ You whisper "[... then again, he's more than likely going to murder Si.]" to Kitzibeth. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "Most likely. It's the Path thing to do. " to you. ]

[Yeah, see, it's not fun unless half the party is bleeding out from the big bad. As is tradition. I swear we just scraped by most every battle... Sirum usually standing by merit of cowering behind people with Kivae. Who pays attention to the overpowered kids in the back row?]

Bryanna Dh'oul shudders to think what her accent would be like if she were to add -more- apostrophes. "S'ai 'ear. Whay 'ynaid m't'do 'bout cha' eh? Ai s'not y'slave, eh? Tain't'tae, lasseh, dun spain 'nuff o' me'taime look'n affer y'femme fer ye."

Taikris: [... why the hell does hiki get -another- resurrection? ;.;]
You say, "[He's not being ressurected damnit. He just doesn't have a mind.]"
Ramzus: (Does anyone know much about Launcia that can explain a bit to me?)
You say, "[Good Guy Central. If you're a Paladin, Cleric or otherwise, it's best that you come from there. x)]"
Kendrick: [Good guys? They're the freakin' romans! She's warping your brain, she is!]
Kivae afks for a moment.]
Ramzus: (But it was pretty much obliterated from the Liberation war, right?
Taikris: [... ... ... technically he didn't have much of one in the first place Si :-P. Second, for all intents and purposes. He did die]
You say, "[Nah. Its been remade as Vincan City.]"
Entad D'lune: [Half obliterated. Making a jolly good come back.]
Kitzibeth: [Well, whatever comeback was made, got smited when Erisvan destroyed Launcia and Scarport. All that's left is the Church now.]

Kitzibeth sighs. "Bryanna. I promise that I will not ask you to do anything that you don't feel that you should do. If nothing else, remember that kel is the only family you have, really. Think about it."

Sirum Hest isn't really sure if Bryanna answered him or not as he finds it nearly impossible to understand a word coming from her mouth. Anyways, returning his attention to Entad, "Jus' show 'em yer army an' I figure that'll get the job done. Or show 'em that yer not killin' every dwarf yer comin' across, I believe he mentioned that. Oh, right, shouldn't someone inform the Goo Walkers? I got 'em to promise they'd help us."

Entad D'lune's flinty glare and complete attention seem to be fixed elsewhere.

Bryanna Dh'oul hates being pressured - and certainly hates being guilted into doing things. But Kitz is right. Kel is her 'daughter' if she ever had one. She did answer Sirum, by the way.

Ramzus: (Okay, so if I were to grow up in the Freeholds, how could I?)
Ramzus: (What kind of buildings or food, and money is there, there.)
You say, "[It's not really growing up. :P It's only been 2 IC years since the war. Nearly 2, at least.]"
Ramzus: (Then that only makes it more difficult to me. ><)
Kendrick: [Lessee... Beginning of July right?]
Bryanna Dh'oul: [Alright. The freeholds are pretty much what is left of the Xanthians in the east. You'd have been born Xanthian, but in the past two years, you've been rebuilding your nation from the wars.]
Ramzus: (I'm still trying to make up a history.)
You say, "[Then again I'm not that good a tracker of IC time. My character is supposed to be 20 by April of next year, but he's only 16 now and is going to stay that way. x)]"

[Oh, Kitzibeth wasn't happy about that. She force-aged Sirum up with Erisvan's magic during the final corruption. Forever young, I wanna be forever young.]

Ramzus: (I have no idea what I could put.)
Bryanna Dh'oul: [Kendrick - assume that Erisvan/Kendrick happened around the same time as the fall of Anst]
Ramzus: (My character is 23 years old.)
Ramzus: (Furre - Canine/fox.)
Kele-De: [He could always be from Tigath.]
Bryanna Dh'oul: [He's a monk]
Ramzus: (Yes, a hand-to-hand fighter.)
Kendrick: [Freeholds are one of the beneficiaries of charity funds in the Republic. >.> Not of course that anyone cares about charity when they could just be having personal vendetta's led by their leaders. :-P]
Ramzus: (So...)
Entad D'lune: [No one knows about charity because nothing is put up on the IC boards.]
Entad D'lune: [Wench.]
Bryanna Dh'oul: [Hmm. Being 23, you'd know about the Birth of Erisvan, Heroes of Calenndor, the War of the Runes, the Liberation War.. Pretty much the entire second decade of your life was ruled by war. ]
Kele-De: [Hey now...-I'm- the only wench around here.]
You say, "[And you have a pretty good chance of worshipping Si.]"
Ramzus: (Okay, so I still need to figure out all of this.)
Bryanna Dh'oul: [Especially since the Freeholds are at the forefront of the Sargothan border]
Kendrick: [If I recall correctly, it was mentioned in the officilising of the Republic..]
Ramzus: (You guys are speaking a totally different language to me. ><)
Kendrick: [*Checks*]
Taikris: [Somebody... put the damned map back on the site]
Bryanna Dh'oul: [Ramzus. Come with me ^^ I'll explain :-)]
You say, "[That's because we more than likely know more about a fantasy world than we do the real one. :P]"
Bryanna Dh'oul: [It's on the site >.>]
Taikris: [nu]
Ramzus: (I saw the map.)
Kele-De: [I think that's just you Si.]
Ramzus: (But I don't know how I could make up a history.)
Entad D'lune knows a lot about Greece n' Rome. Anything later tends to be boring. ^^;]
Bryanna Dh'oul: [ ]
Ramzus: (Especially based off a life I never had.)
You say, "[Right. Which is why I should take over Kele's position.]"
Ramzus: (But don't know much about.)
You say, "[Scoot over, wench. :P]"

Bryanna Dh'oul pads out, heading for Kel. Rescue ho!

Entad D'lune, for note, appears to have completely closed in on himself.

Sirum Hest waves after Bryanna, still a bit fuzzy on what exactly it was she had told him, but he isn't interested enough to follow after her. Instead choosing to poke lightly at one of Entad's boots. o.o; "Entad? ... Erm... Jonathan? The rest? Yer goin' to get 'em, right?"

Kitzibeth: Question is, do you want to make a big production of it? If they intend to infiltrate the society, then it's safer not to rat them out.

Kitzibeth takes a seat.

Sirum Hest raises a brow. "I doubt they're even within a thousand miles of Ansteorra as it is, unless they've been given Heretic-charged Great Eagles. They don't need to get inside anyways, it'll jus' complicate things for when Entad's army moves in. Ya can't blow up large sections of people if ya know yer friends might be among 'em.", huffing quietly.

Kivae spins the candlestick about in a circle, rolling it across her fingers. "I liked the idea about rotting the docks, though."

Sirum Hest pokes his tongue out at Kivae. "Most druids would cringe at the thought of rottin' that much wood away with their own powers. ... At least, I'd hope they would be, otherwise what's the point of becomin' one?", head tilting to the side in confusion. "It is a nice idea, anyways. We jus' gotta find a way to do it without gettin' the magic traced to us.

Sirum Hest gnaws on Kend and Kele. []
Kendrick: [Ew, rabies! Black plague!]

Entad D'lune's mouth, ever slow slowly, curls back into a feral grin. Every visible muscle on the elf's body appears to be taut, and a vein on his forehead looks ready to detonate.

Sirum Hest stares blankly up at the elf's expression for but a second, before jerking his paw back and springing over to the chair by Kitzibeth. "The hands can erm... pin him to the ground if he jus' go insane here, can't they?", this obviously being whispered. ^^;

Entad D'lune disapears with barely a ripple of energy into the air, except for the faint odor of brimstone which always seems to linger about him.

Kitzibeth nods. "Even Entad cannot resist them." [Nite Rivvy! *snoogs*]

Kivae: Except by leaving..?

Kitzibeth: Too true. Usually teleportation defeats a grapple.

Sirum Hest waits patiently for roughly ten seconds after Entad leaves, until it becomes apparent he isn't returning with a mud-soaked Kele and Jonathan in either paw. "Lovely. He could've at least made a portal, or told us where he was goin', or sent us off to the supply routes like he said he was. Ah well. At least it gives us a chance to get around to the poti--...", cutting himself off there to glance about the villa. "...aaan' Rakuro isn't here, so nevermind that."

Kivae tugs on one of many knots in her hair, not particularlly working on taking it out, but tugging on it. "We still have some left from the last batch, anyways.."

Kitzibeth "What batch? Of what?"

Kivae flicks her tail, idly shoving her bag around and to the side opposite of Kitzi, and keeping a handpaw on the strap. Somewhat warily, "Potions.."

Sirum Hest rolls his eyes with that and stands up off of the chair, springing off of it and over Kivae to land nimbly in front of her. "Then think up inventive ways of dealin' with 'em. The last time my whiskers got singed, I still need to see the ends of yer curls on fire.", snickering quietly.

Kitzibeth smirks. "Keep your secrets." She stands up and pads off, trying desperately not to giggle.

[I always wondered what Kitz thought was happening behind the scenes with Si and Kiv when she wasn't around. She only ever caught bits and pieces. 'They went to Sargothas to do shopping?', 'They're brewing what?', 'Rakuro taught them -what-?' I think most people just assumed they were making most of it up, until they decided to follow them around and bear witness to the true madness they delved into.]

Kivae watches Kitzi pad off head tilted to the footsteps, and when they're sufficiently faded, she reaches into the bag, producing a wine-bottle filled with a fluid colored every tone from the rainbow, and a few inbetween, which shift as she shakes it. It smells of lemon. "What about this one? No one would drink it, looking like it is, but we could.. um.. cook it into something.. or bake it.."

[And the server went down. Good old reliable Furcadia.]
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