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A day of magical lessons and chaotic candles. 10-11-2004

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 08, 2017 12:06 am    Post subject: A day of magical lessons and chaotic candles. 10-11-2004 Reply with quote

[Summary: Magic lesson time with Rakuro, with the remaining kid crew. It was just Sirum and Kivae there - Lux, Wilowah and Seo weren't with us anymore - but private tutoring lessons felt more enjoyable. I was doing some alting so I didn't get to enjoy it as much as I'd have wanted to.]

(You see Yuffie the enternal sun.)
> u see a girl. she looks nothing like any other girl. she walks straght past u to a guy who seems inregular as well.then u notice they don't look like they get along, then they walk away in a differnt derection. It hits u right then, this girl is the Godess Amun-Ra's girl, she is also one of the most deadly theifs in all parts of Egypt.the person beside her is also one!!! [Mateless][16][uninplode][looking; Yes]
Kitzibeth: [Yuffie the enternal sun?]
Kitzibeth: [wtf?]
Marlina Evenstar: [Saw that did you? :-P]
Ruby Pyralis: [I can't stop laughing xD]
Kitzibeth: [where is she?]
Ruby Pyralis shrugs.]
Kitzibeth: [Oh well. xD]
Kitzibeth: [Slow night?]
Ruby Pyralis: [Slow day.]
Ruby Pyralis: [I still see the message on my screen from when I went AFK at 12PM xD]
Kitzibeth: *sigh*
Kitzibeth: *poofs*[]
Ruby Pyralis: [.-.;]
Kitzibeth hasn't poofed yet. She's fixing a post. []
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Chloe May: (Hiya, Ruby. ^^)
[*] Kitzibeth rolls 200d27+237 & gets 3245.
Kitzibeth: xD Rock on.
Chloe May: (What's that? ^^)
Kitzibeth: That's Kitz's nex turn attack ^^;
Kitzibeth: Or so. I haven't figured out how many dice I want to spent on it.
Kitzibeth: []
Chloe May: (Scawy. :-P)
[*] Kitzibeth rolls 200d27+237 & gets 3120.
[*] Kitzibeth rolls 200d27+237 & gets 2891.
[*] Kitzibeth rolls 200d27+237 & gets 3017.
Kitzibeth ponders if Kazunori can take that kind of damage?[]
Ruby Pyralis: [O.O]
Marlina Evenstar: [*Coughs* Kitz has 200 Preps? o.o]
Ruby Pyralis wheezes.]
Kitzibeth: [You'll see :-)]
Kitzibeth: [Path said to use dirty tricks. He's been whipping them out left and right. Time for him to feel -my- love ^^]
Chloe May: (Ansty, Ansty. It's a hell of a town! The undead army's up and the CoT is down!)
Marlina Evenstar: [Your love disturbs me.]
Chloe May: (The council scares me. ;;)
Taikris: [o.o]
Ruby Pyralis: [My pinky toe scares me.]
Chloe May: (Imagining myself with a brain frightens the crap outta me.)
Kitzibeth sighs, as apparently IC isn't going to happen at any time in the near future. She goes afk. []

[Rakuro, Marlina, Ruby, Kivae and myself tended to hide away in Rak's shop and plan battle strategy or other sneaky ways to survive Path's quests beforehand. Seeing even Kitz indulge in it was wonderful.]

Kivae pads idly over to Chloe, or rather, clambers, to lazy to actually stand up and going on all fours. She buts her head into the Cleric's shoulder, and then fwumps to the floor next to her. "Did you ever keep some seeds of the flowers that were around the church, back in Ansteorra?"

Chloe May scratches the back of her neck. "Hm.. I-I didn't sorry, I never thought to.. Hehe. If I see any, I'll try get some." She smiles, sighing a bit as she didn't like to dissapoint people.

Kivae places her head in an handpaw, not looking disappointed so much as bored. "Ah.. 's okay. Just thought we ought to have some ready, t'replant, because the church looked a bit.. uh.." trailing off, with one ear flickering.

Kivae picks a bit of grass out of her hair, and begins tossing it ontop of the sleeping Ruby.

Kivae continues, the pile of foliage on Ruby growing to include leaves, and a feather or two. "Hmm.. hm, hm.."

Zagnafein Silverleaf cracks his knuckles as he sits down at one of the chairs, resting a dagger and a long, cylidnrical piece of wood at his lap. He doesn't pay much attention to those around him, and proceeds to cut (loudly) the cylinder into three pieces: a long, central piece, and two shorter ones. He does this with a hatchet, which he then places onto the table behind him.

Kele-De stirs from her position on the floor, blinking and waking up. She sits up and looks over to the source of the noise. Smiling, seh rubs the sleep from her eyes. "'Ello, Zagnafien." She offers brightly.

Zagnafein Silverleaf gives her a bit of a wave, and nods. "Sorry, didn't notice you sleeping." He picks up the knife, and one of the smaller pieces of wood, and begins to carve it into a conical shape. "Have you been practicing?"

Kele-De chuckles and shakes her head. "It's alright. It's about time I woke up anyway." She nods and grins. "Every day."

Ruby Pyralis grumbles from under her wing and shifts around a bit as a conversation seems to have started near her, thus waking her. Refusing to wake up just yet, she curls up tighter.

Zagnafein Silverleaf nods to her, still carving the piece of wood. "Good to hear, then. Think you're up to shooting a few arrows?"

Kalannar lurks in from some random corner of shadow and glides his way over to the seat by Zagnafein, sitting down with his legs folded beneath him, "Vedui', abbil."

Zagnafein Silverleaf gives Kalannar a wave. "Evening, Kal. How're you?"

Kalannar shrugs briefly as he replies, "As well as well could be in such circumstances. What of you? Been wandering about, I suppose."

Zagnafein Silverleaf nods. "A little bit of that. I'm a teacher, now." He points towards Kel, and chuckles.

Kele-De's ears perk up and her grin broadens to a smile. "I'd really like that, but I don't want to interrupt your carving."

Ruby Pyralis is also, apparently, covered in grass and leaves due to everyone's favorite druid.

Zagnafein Silverleaf's favorite druid is Moe the Gardener. Did Moe the Gardener cover Ruby in grass and leaves?

Kalannar raises an eyebrow as he grunts toward Kele-De, "What are you teaching this one, Zagnafein..." He seems skepticle, obviously.

Zagnafein Silverleaf shakes his head, slipping the pieces of wood into a sack, and slips the axe and knife onto his belt. "It's fine. I've got a lot of time on my hands. As always." He stands up.

Ruby Pyralis, as the noisy conversation still continues, she lifts a wing slightly to look around, a few leaves and pieces of grass sliding off of it. She grumbles and shakes her wing around a few times, sending pieces of grass and leaves flying around. Mmph.

Kele-De scrambles to her footpaws. "I've got to run up to my room and get the bow and quiver of arrows. I'm keeping it safe up there." She smiles and nods.

Zagnafein Silverleaf rubs his chin. "Kitzibeth's been giving out rooms? I'll install myself near the fireplace and make use of the vacant hammock, then. I'll meet you there," he tells Kel, before picking his pack up and walking away, whistling a small tune.

Kalannar glances at Kele-De, then looks back to Zagnafein, "Teaching her the bow.. mm.."

Kele-De turns and runs up to the guest room, which in truth she had taken over since no one else seemed to be staying there. She was just calling it her room. Grinning, she removed her polearm and the sheath and belted the quiver to her waist, then grabbed the bow and headed down the stairs and out the door.

Ruby Pyralis mumbles something incoherant under her breath as the two run off, getting into a sitting position and dusting the rest of the foliage off of her. Honestly having nothing better to do, she opts to follow after the two and watch.

Rakuro strolls into the room from the general direction of the library, murmering quietly to himself about something.. he absently flicks his tail towards those gathered about by way of greeting and fwumps down into a seat, his pawdigits make short, repetitive gestures towards his opposing palms..

Marlina Evenstar is... umm... Dozing.

Annari Salia makes her way to a seat at the table and sits down cross-legged, her tail curls around her waist casually.

Taikris seems to have taken this minor moment to snap out of his rather lucid dreaming to glance about his current area, giving a prompt wave to Annari from behind the partition

Annari Salia waves back to Taikris, smiling lightly, "Hey, Taikris."

Taikris would indeed give another brief glance about him before stating aloud. "Things seem rather dull at the moment. Care for another practice session?"

Annari Salia stands up, "Sure," She says simply before she makes her way to the place they normally spar at.

Kivae scoots across the floor towards Rakuro, ears raising out of her hair with hopes that he'd have some interesting bit of news, or just anything to do. "D'you know how much longer we're going to be stuck here, with invisible hands stopping us from doing anything?"

Taikris would then make his way down towards the normal sparring area

Kivae made an attempt at getting RP earlier, but eventually gave up and idled. Of course, it starts after she leaves. :p

Rakuro smiles lightly at the question, his paws continuing their strange, alternating pattern. Jabbing here, swirling there. After a moment or two of this, a small vortex of black and white light swirls into existance between his paws.. "I haven't a clue, sorry. And I'd beat the ever-living daylights out of the invisible hands if I could, but unfortunately they're invisible and if I tried I'd have the entire Villa come after me"

Kivae props her head up in a handpaw, ears twitching unhappily. "I think I might've stepped on one, once. Though it could've been someone sleeping on the floor.." Squinting suddenly at the vortex, and leaning a touch forward, nose twitching. ".. What're you doing?"

Rakuro's paws slowly spread out to either side, his digits pressed together so he forms a sort of 'bowl' with his palms. "You see.. one large part of magic is using gestures to produce an effect, not just concentration or words. Well, seeing as how my mastery is chaos, I decided I would attempt to produce a very small amount of chaos with nothing more then gestures. Tiring as heck, but worth it"

Kivae leans over a bit more, head cocking to one side. But she stops before actually coming in contact with it, and stares crosseyed down it. ".. What's chaos do? I mean, in a form like that." Was doing dishes, sorry. ^^;

Rakuro shrugs faintly and slowly begins to spread his paws apart, the tiny vortex beginning to speed up in its rotations as his paws retract, "It can do a lot of things. But this particular little guy is a tornado.. normally, if I made something like this, I would be about a mile from anything worth keeping and I would simply snap one paw back to my side. The whole thing whips out like a top and rips up lots and lots of land before ever even slowing down.."

Rakuro slowly brings his paws back together, the vortex slowing to a more peaceful spin. "The reason nobody ever uses it, of course, isn't because of how much power it contains.. but because if you don't understand it, it's about ten times more likely to kill you then help you"

Kivae eyes the paws, and then the tornado, warily. "So.. it's not bad, just very misunderstood?" She wrinkles her nose, straightening up, looking puzzled for a moment before an 'oh' expression comes over her face. "It's one of those things you need to spend years studying before you can do it, you mean." One ear flicks back.

Rakuro shakes his head, then nods.. "Well, yes and no... it's very bad and quite misunderstood. Evil? No. But extremely... unpredictable. It's kind of like having a temperamental pet. It's nice to have around when it's in a good mood and you can control it, but if some jerk started ordering it around, or if you accidentally tripped over it, it can get really, really nasty"

Kivae: " So, Celest's plants and your magic have a lot in common. I don't see how anyone could trip over a tornado that's ripping up land, though." She settles back into her 'somewhat bored' position, chin in hand, on knee. ".. You didn't happen to collect any seeds from about the church, before it got all.. crushed, did you?"

Rakuro shakes his head lightly, "Nope. Sorry. And to an extent, Celest and I do share some magical beliefs.. but that's only because we grew up together and I had time to influence her" he sticks his tongue out at Kivae and suddenly slaps his paws together, snuffing the vortex out of existance. "Mostly, though, it's just because she had to learn at least a -little- something to stay alive during my experiments.. I was never very... ah.. careful"

Kivae grins, "Was?"

Rakuro nods lightly, "-Was-. Now I'm extremely careful and simply deal with extremely.. unstable material. So much so that I doubt even Kitzibeth could properly handle it. Of course, I'm being boastful, but that's because I'm most likely right". He winks at her and grins

Kivae grins back, teasingly. "I'm still getting over the 'careful' part.. but, I think Kitzibeth would likely have a defense for that.. Is chaos always black and white, like that?"

Rakuro shrugs, "That's the most common manifestation, if I'm trying for something basic... but it can take on any form, really. The only problem is that it has to be shifting around a lot. That's why I took up fire as my chosen element. In just a single candle, there's enough chaotic energy to power.. say... Si's spells"

Kivae glances around for an example of a candle to examine, being the sort of visual type. When finding none, she lays either ear back. Pressing her pointer finger and thumb together, she rubs them for a moment, until a tiny petal of flame peels into being, jumping energetically on her fingertips. She watches it for a moment, then glances up, "Is that why it moves around so much? And.. chaos fuels spells?"

Rakuro nods lightly to both questions, his vacant eyes turning towards the magical flame. He goes quiet for a long moment, merely staring sadly at where he knows the flickering spell to be, before quietly saying, "Aye.. that's part of why it moves around so much. And chaos certainly fuels spells. It's just extremely dangerous to do it with even a moderate amount of chaos present. There's a lot that can go wrong... sometime soon, I'm going to show you a proper candle ritual"

Kivae watches the flame as well for a moment, as if attempting to search out what about it made him sad. But she's broken from this with a flashing, interested grin. "Really? When?" Pausing just a few beats, then, "What is it?"

Rakuro shakes his head shortly, turning his attention up towards the roof instead.. "Well.. I can't really think of a reason not to do it right now, actually.. other then that we'd have to gather up as many candles as we can find"

Kivae's fingertip flame goes out in a tiny, murky-green smoke-ring, and she bats at the floor with her tail, looking with the same excitement at something to do, and a bit of skepticism, "You have some up your sleeve, don't you?- That must make you really unpopular in card games- Or should I go ask Kitzibeth where she keeps hers?"

Rakuro thinks about that for a moment, then straightens both of his arms out in front of himself and shakes them both vigorously. After a long moment or two, a distinct clatter of metal could be heard coming from both of them, quickly followed by a minor avalanche of candles, every last one of them identical to the last, plain white with a dull brass candlestand.. "There! Thanks for reminding me. I wonder how long I've had all those"

Kivae skitters quickly backwards at the piles of candles, remaining crouched on the outskirts of them, with her tail brushing the floor in surprised sweeps. "Sure.. but.. why do you?" She starts to paw some of them off the edges of the pile, standing them upright, while muttering something about giving up exploring Kitzibeth's satchel to go on a trip into Rakuro's sleeves. "And, what do we do with them?"

Rakuro looks down at the large pile of candles, then makes a short 'hrumph' noise.. "Well, I should've thought of this before I dumped 'em all out, but we'll have to move them somewhere.. open. Or at least somewhere not public. It wouldn't do well if it got all interrupted". He gets slowly to his feet and gestures, nearly 7/8ths of the pile rising to his beck and call and neatly ordering themselves upright in a ribbon above him.. "Right then.. off we go". He then begins marching off towards the library
Rakuro is apparently oblivious to the candles he left behind.. it's only about five or so anyway

Kivae sweeps up the left behind candles, assuming they were left for her, and pads quickly after him, quicker steps making up for the shorter slides.

Kivae erfs a bit, nosing her face out of the way of both hair and the candles. "..Did you want these?"

Rakuro glances towards Kivae and gestures once more, adding the candles she had so thoughtfully carried to the ranks of their brethren, the others moving about to make room for these new additions, until he's got an almost solid circle fully around him made of candles. Inside of this he lowers himself slowly until he's sitting on his heels and carefully draws a line from the candle directly in front of him back towards himself, leaving behind a deep blue smudge..

Sirum Hest pads down the stairs quickly, more than likely having spent the majority of the day with Kitzerina, evidenced by his messier than normal headfur. He fwumps down right inside the door and stares puzzledly at the circle of candles about Rakuro, letting out a confused 'Mrrf?', "Ya should've called me if ya were gonna be summonin' up some great demon. Or is this a new method of potion brewery?", grinning weakly.

Rakuro speaks as he begins marking the floor several more times, doing such for each one of the candles, going left, right, left, right, and so forth, "The most important thing about doing a ritual, is A. Containing the magic into a properly warded area. B. Giving the magic a proper place to gather and focus itself. C. Never dealing with an extremely large amount of magic unless you know -exactly- what you're doing. It's as dangerous as kicking a wolf in the shins"

Kivae watches the candles be added and the line drawn with studious silence, "We're not. We're doing a -candle ritual.-" Sticking her tongue, before tilting her head slightly, ".. Though I guess it could do either of those things.." Ears lowering, as she had no particular idea just what it is. She settles on the floor. "A wolf furre, or a wolf feral?" Just to show she's listening. ^^;

You say, "[Actually... kicking Kin in the shins would be quite effective. All that armor -> fwoomp to the ground. x)]"

Rakuro smirks at the question, "A wolf feral. Like Kin-Rah... exactly like Kin, actually"

Rakuro: [x)]

Sirum Hest pulls the door closed and slumps back against it, crossing his arms up behind his head. "A candle ritual? Ah, I get it, yer summonin' up a giant candle then. ... Or I'm missin' the point entirely, as that sounds even more insane than some of the spells we usually cast. Whats it do, Rakuro?"

Kivae wrinkles her nose. "That would hurt. All the spikes."

Rakuro makes a sweeping gesture, drawing a crescent through all the lines he had been making, essentially making a form of web with him in the center. He takes a deep breath, closing his eyes, then answers softly, "A candle ritual to show how candles are used to power magic. They aren't just pretty, you know. And... I haven't honestly decided exactly what it's going to do yet.. but I'm sure you're both advanced enough to -sense- magic, yes? Just keep tabs on how much I gather"

Sirum Hest nods slowly and shifts himself over along the wall, not quite feeling like slamming back on the ground should anyone try to enter the library. Once near Kivae, he motions a footpaw towards the candles and squeaks happily. "I can feel it on an' off, but never on a constant basis. Kizzy never taught me how to sense it exactly...", taking on a sheepish appearance. "If it gets strong enough I bet even Zag'll be able to feel it, though, so no worries ya?"

Rakuro takes that deep breath again and places his paws out to either side, pawdigits spread. With a slow exhale, both would feel a creeping sensation up their spines before, with sudden exactness, the candles all light up, starting with that one directly in front of him, and zipping off to either side until all the candles are lit. Accompanying this with a short gust of wind and the collective dust sweeping from the ground, and the overall effect is quite nifty and cliche. Once lit, the mage smiles once more and responds, "Aye.. I imagine you'll be able to feel it. Just feel for it, okay? You can even put your paws out towards the candles, if you want.. but under no circumstances should you cross over the circle"

Kivae's tail fur floofs out, somewhat suddenly at the creeping expression, but she pays it no mind and watches the candles light up with a mixture of awe, and looking like she might roll her eyes. xP She doesn't hold her handpaws out, only tilting her head, ears perking and nose twitching, giving off the general sense of 'alert.' Unable to resist asking, ".. What happens if we do?"

Sirum Hest nods slowly and leans forward, reaching a paw out to wave near one of the candles, but not hard enough to put out the flames under normal circumstances. "Huh. Maybe the candle ritual could be used to, say... summon up a permanent alchemy-lab-in-a-bucket.", grinning mischeviously as he glances between the lights. "That or a mixture of my other two ideas, a giant demonic candle monster? An'.. what Kivae said."

Rakuro clears his throat and swirls arms outward, upward, then inward, his pawdigits slowly touching at the tips until they come to what is most commonly called a person's 'center'. Dead center of the ribcage, bottom of the front bit, just above your stomach. All of the candles flicker almost as thought about to go out, then very slowly begin to sway in his direction, until every tongue of flame is pointing diagonally over at him, "I imagine it would rip your hand to the bone and try to suck the rest of you in for the same effect"

Kivae offers a bright, "Neat!" Before sinking sheepishly into silence, eyes squinted. Her amulet lets off a very faint glow, dim and shadowy in comparison to the many candles.

Sirum Hest jerks his paw back as the mage clarifies on just what would happen, safely tucking it beneath his head to ensure it would get nowhere near the candles. "Sounds like the kinda thing we might wanna have Chloe down here for. In case the spell goes, wrong, I mean. We don't wanna have to drag every healer in the surroundin' hundred miles down here if ya get hurt.", poking his tongue out at Rakuro.

Rakuro shakes his head slowly, "Now.. watch.. all of these candles are doing what they're doing because I'm 'drawing energy' from them. I think you've both been on either side of that sort of thing.. helping each other with spells. There's only one difference.. in this, one side isn't helping you out. You have to reach out to it and funnel the magic into yourself. Each candle is constantly giving off energy, so all you have to do is direct it to send it in your direction"
Rakuro continues the mini-lecture, "Now, whenever I have either one of you try this, I'll do it with far less candles and you'll probably be trying to draw magic from the candle for the whole time.. eventually though, I'll be able to teach you how to make proper, semi-permanent spells that will put a constant drain on the candle's energy"

Sirum Hest's tail flicks up behind him and over to the candles, pointing at them as he trusts it can't reach far enough to get sucked in. "What does the energy come from, though? The light? The minor heat? ... The melted wax?", head tilting to the side in confusion. "Unless those are all magical candles an' no one bothered to tell me yet. Huh. How do people use the candles in the middle of battle, too?"

Kivae watches the candles with slitted eyes, waiting for a break in the mini-lecture, then, ".. But isn't that what we do normally? Drawing magic from things?" Nudging Sirum with her knee. "You missed the first part. They have more chaos-energy stuffed into them than magic items into Kitzibeth's satchel.. Or. maybe not that much, but still." Nodding at his last question, though, "Can they still be blown out like this- Will it make it -explode-?" Full of questions. ^^;

Rakuro shakes his head and laughs lightly, causing the candles to flicker almost upright before the mage wrests control back, tilting them once more.. "That's actually been a point of a good deal of argumentation, Si. What it appears to be, though, is the melting. The fire melts the thing, not -destroying- it, as so many seem to believe, but changing it... converting it into what most non-magic folk simply call 'heat'. They aren't necessarily -full- of chaos, it's simply the type of energy they create.. it's what all things create when they burn. That's why it's hot. And yes, actually.. that's exactly what we do. But this has a physical, tangible item giving off a well-known form of energy. A lot of people can never get past the need to envision magic as 'heat', and as such never get very far in magic"

Sirum Hest hums quietly and scoots a few more inches closer, really unable to help himself from his curiousity. "Oooh. So that's why ya don't seem to mind them drippin' wax on Kitzibeth's floor, it turns into magic as it gets melted down. ... At least, I think that's what ya were sayin'? But... jus' how much magic do these things give? On a Kitzibeth level of power? Or Kivae, or myself... or even lower than that..", seeming to be just as full of questions as Kivae.

Kivae reaches out to grab for Sirum's tail, and give it a sharp tug back. ".. Oh. Is it stronger because it's tangible, or just harder to control?"

Rakuro hmms quietly, then closes his eyes, "And that, is exactly what we're about to find out.. and it's both, Kivae. Candles act as natural creators of energy, available in both a steadily controlled and actively available state. This would be much harder if I were using a fireplace or something similar. So, it's not necessarily -stronger-, so much as more readily available to grab at then magic straight from the Weave. Not.. let me just channel all this into something visible...."

Sirum Hest squeaks out as his tail is grabbed, sitting up then and lightly nudging at her with an elbow. "I wasn't gonna get inside it. My tails not made of rubber, ya know, hehehe." Then turning back to Rakuro, "A portal to Tallus' closest eye!?", seeming a bit too enthusiastic about this suggestion. The moon was one of the few places he hadn't been to, after all. ^^

Rakuro draws in a deep breath and the blue lines he drew suddenly light up with a deep, dark sort of luminescence all their own. The candle flames bend in towards him even further until they're horizontal and the very air in the small circle seems to suck inward towards him. All with a tangible noise of rushing wind and then.. the flames simply flicker back upright, and he sits in the center with an expression of intense concentration.. both would feel an incredible amount of magic gathered around him.. much like the sensation one gets around a phylactery.. or better yet, an extremely powerful staff

Sirum Hest scoots back at the sudden rush of power coming from Rakuro, as it felt quite a bit stronger than Kitzerina's stave, Rakuro's claws and Ruby's axe combined. "Primes, I think ya might've drawn in a bit too much, Rakuro. Ya could make Kitzibeth's entire villa go up in a giant blaze with that - if it weren't protected from that happenin' like it more than likely is."

Kivae nods slowly, all of her fur standing on end, and her ears going from perked to flattened in a sharp swivel. "He said.. proper wards, remember?" Still, she looks somewhat uneasy, and crouches down a bit, like a cornered feral.

Rakuro's eyes open, quite literally ablaze with blue fire, and the air between his paws erupts into an equally blue flame, though extremely large. It towers from the mage up to the ceiling, licking away at the luckily solid roofing and forming an upside-down pool of magic. As quickly as it had come, however, he dispels it, the entire thing evaporating into nothingness. He himself merely drops forward onto his knees and coughs painfully, a hacking sound, then shakes his head fiercely and leans back once more... his voice is hoarse, as though he'd tried eating sandpaper and gotten it stuck in his throat, "And that.. is about how much power is in twenty candles and a chaos mage" [40/40]

Sirum Hest doesn't seem all that bothered by the blue fire, having seen it down in the depths of the desert before and it actually felt cold instead of a burning hot. As the spell finally comes to an end, however, he glances about the room as if expecting some sort of change. "What happened? It seemed like a pretty powerful spell but all I saw was a bright flash of light. Erf?"
Sirum Hest adds, after, at the coughing and hacking, "' it seems to have hurt ya. Are ya okay, Rakuro?"

Rakuro laughs quietly at that and shakes his head slowly.. "That was kind of the point. If -that- would have done something, it would've been erasing Kitzi's Villa and about half of Valanthas from the face of Callendor. All of these lines are so that that magic couldn't get out of control and do that. I'll have to show you both some protective runes before you try anything quite so strong as what I just did.. but if you use single candles it should be okay"

Sirum Hest cocks his head to the side, a mixture of a blank and scared expression on his face. "So really... any Journeymage with enough candles can destroy a huge portion of Calenndor if they really wanted, or through an accident. ... The fact that these things are more than likely able to be obtained by Erk is frightenin'.", cringing then. "Kivae an' myself don't need candles though, do we? We usually jus' cast our spells by poolin' our energy together an' hope for the best.", laughing weakly.

Kivae remains crouched for a moment, head tilting to watch the flames go up. She makes a light sigh of appreciation, and then shakes herself all over once. "It's.. probably good that we won't ever use that many.." eyes round, and ears remaining halfway back. "And any Journeymage that could control that isn't a journeymage, Si."

Rakuro shakes his head once more, "Not quite.. see, the only reason I didn't just pass out is because I've trained myself in doing things like these for literally... -years-. Ever since I was really young I'd work with candles. Erk would probably suck in all that energy and simply explode. Then the only damage done is that we'd have to clean up afterward"

Sirum Hest squints down at the floor, then each of the candles and finally to the room about them, making a disgusted face. Obviously visualizing what was just spoken of. "...I think I'm gonna be sick for the rest of the night. If he ever gets a candle or two, make sure to have Jeeves handle it, ya?", rising up to his footpaws then to move back to the door. "We aren't gonna handle any candles ourselves tonight, are we?"

Rakuro smirks at that, "Not unless you'd like to. If you do now, I can supervise it and whatnot.. but I don't mind one way or another"

Kivae presses her handpaws to the floor, apparently now fully recovered. "I want to!"

Sirum Hest scratches at the back of his headfur and cough into his free paw. "I guess that means another night without potions, then. Ah well. Kivvy can go first, then me, if there's still time."

Rakuro straightens up slowly, looking significantly older then he usually does, his eyes and cheeks more then just a little sunken; an effect even further heightened by the dim light of the candles. "Right then.. let me just...", he then gestures lightly, putting out all but one candle.. "put these out.. and you can step inside". He then, of course, steps out of the circle. Apparently, the lines don't smudge even as he moves over them.. hopefully they come out, otherwise Kitz'll kill him :-P

Rakuro notes for Tara that Kivae's going to be using the candle semi-circle _]
You say, "[We're worshipping the Pagan God, Satan.]"
You say, "[Earth, Wind and Fire!]"
You say, "[Back to the Shire!]"
Rakuro: [Graaaa.... I'll be back in a minute or two]
Rakuro pops momentarily]
Tarani thinks they should worship the Equine Goddess of Cookies.
You say, "[Goddess by default have to be scantily clad.]"
You say, "[Are you a scantily clad Goddess?]"
Kivae: [Sorry, Si. Then you don't qualify either.]
Tarani: [No, I'm the other kind, that smack you down if you insult them or suggest they should be scantily clad.]
Tarani: [>.>]
Tarani: [Okay, fine, I'll be a scantily clad Equine Goddess of Cookies. According to Geir or something.]
[*] Kivae rolls 1d100 Tarani! & gets 10.
[*] Kivae rolls 1d100 Tara! & gets 35.
[*] Kivae rolls 1d100 scantily clad Equine Goddess of Cookies! & gets 2.
You say, "[Yay! ^^ *snugs*]"
Kivae: [Why don't you love me? ;-;]

Kivae gets to her feet, smoothing down her tail fur by pressing either palm to it and flattening it down, then combing her fingers through it. She step-jumps nimbly into the circle, assuming that's not where Tara really is, and flumps to the floor much less gracefully. "Mm..uh.. What do I do?" If she is in that spot, then Kivae blinks in surprise.

Tarani is behind the circle. There. Happy?

Rakuro laughs quietly, "So you weren't paying a whole lot of attention, then. Right, well.. has anyone ever taught you to see magic?"

Sirum Hest murmurs something about Kivae tasting magic and leans his head over against the wall, tail lightly flicking up to wave over at Tarani. "Ya might wanna not get so close there, Tarani. I'm not sure if only one candle will take yer hand or not.

Tarani chuckles. "I am not the one who worries about fire, Sirum."

[Makolev loved setting Sirum on fire early in Ansteorra, so I gave him a fear of magical fire. And only magical fire. It took a lot of time with being around Kitzerina for him to ever move past it.

Rakuro shakes his head lightly, "It's not just fire, Tara. It's a candle ritual that I'm teaching to these two. Channelling magic and whatnot. But no, one candle wouldn't do more then make your fur prick up uncomfortably"

Kivae is mock-indignat. "I was! You just sort'f.. pulled it towards you. But, I didn't want to make anyone explode. Or even just their paw digit exploding is bad." At his question, she rubs a cheek, somewhat sheepishly. ".. I don't think so.. you more, sense it, don't you? Unless you mean.." squinting, as if trying to remember something out of focus, ".. seeing Inbetween? You showed me how to do that once, maybe, I think."

Rakuro shakes his head slowly and kneels down once more to sit on his heels.. "Right then.. I'm sure you know all about the magical theory about magic being everywhere, right? How it moves in and through every last bit of everythingness? Well.. I want you to close your eyes and imagine the air around you is a big pool of water.. make it any color you like, as long as that color means -magic- to you"

Kivae nods, and closes her eyes, shifting once to get more comfortable on the floor before going still, only her tail tip flicking. "You did this one before, with the sparkles."

Rakuro nods, even though she can't see it.. then murmers, "Right, now.. this is the part that people always find difficult. Try to 'turn off' your imagination. Picture absolutely nothing but that watery... stuff... and then open your mind up completely and let images come to you. Don't even -think- about... thinking.. just relax, calm yourself, and let the images come".. his paws lift, apparently getting ready to do something

Sirum Hest slips idle-ish for a bit. n.n [] [b][I was being pulled away for a Kendrick RP throughout this lesson... a shame, Si loved class time.]

Kivae lets out a light sigh, her tailtips subsiding in its twitchings, and posture slumping just slightly. Her eyelids scrunch up, as well as her nose, then slowly smooth out, faint movements under the cover.

Rakuro makes a small gesture, and a tiny, invisible spike of magic juts out of nothingness a foot or so in front of the fox-girl. If she was, in fact, properly calm, she would rather instantly see a sudden flash of light in the midst of the colorful 'water', where it would stick, glowing happily with the knowledge that it simply exists.

Kivae does, in fact, note it, and straightens up immediately, eyes flashing open in surprise. Ears back to her head, she blinks several times. "Ah.. wasn't supposed to open them, was I.." Half-wincing, and then glancing sideways at Rakuro, "Is that how you always see things now..?"

Rakuro nods lightly at the question, leaning back against the table behind him more or less casually, "Yes.. that's pretty much it entirely. I haven't seen the light of day for nearly.. a month now? I lose track of time even easier now then before.." he laughs.. a short, mirthless laugh, "But no matter. What's important is that you did, in fact, see it. That means you've either gotten at least a little bit of training in it before, or you've got some inate ability. Either one is quite good"

Kivae wrinkles her nose, slowly, one ear turning back at the laughter, and it takes a moment longer for the half-wince to fade away. ".. Well, that's good, I guess.." She slowly curls a few sunbeams into her fingers, for Rakuro to see, but makes no mention of it. "Do I have to see the candle that way, somehow?"

Rakuro nods towards the candle, "Aye. Pretty much exactly like that. Just open your mind a bit more, and eventually you should see something that looks like a little stream of tiny particles of light, floating merrily upward". He smiles, looking, for once tonight, truly happy, "That's why I enjoy fires so much... they're pretty, no matter how you look at them"

Kivae eyes the candle, "So.. I really won't be able to do anything until I can see it, like that? Doesn't it take practice, though?"

Rakuro shrugs, "Indeed it does. You may not even be able to see it tonight... that magic spike I made was bright enough to be seen from across the room, if a person has enough practice in Seeing. If you can't see it, then simply keep practicing, and we'll try again later. Remember that you can ask me questions about just about anything at anytime"

Kivae nods, slowly, and fans her handpaw a bit, just to watch the flame flickering. "Sounds like something to work on while we're stuck here.." Pausing to grin brightly, "I think I like your lessons better than Path'en's. Even the one where we went swimming.. And, we do," referring to the excessive amount of 'what's 'why's and 'how's that go flying about anytime he's talking. "Unless you mean about things besides this, I guess."

Rakuro laughs quietly, his voice apparently mostly recovered, "Of course. Any sort of question, really.. even if it's not relating to magical theory. Though, as a teacher, I appreciate the magical theory ones the most. They're the most fun" he winks then straightens up.. "And I'm glad you think that way. I enjoy teaching, even if I can't always come up with a good answer on the spot"

Sirum Hest frowns at the mention of Path'en's classes, glancing about the near empty room as he murmurs something about 'Lux', 'Seo' and 'Wilowah'. But the murmurs cut off soon enough, and he tail-waves to the two by the candles. "I think I'm gonna go outside an' get some fresh air. All these burnin' candles in such a closed space are makin' me dizzy."

Kivae rolls her eyes. "There's only one." And she promptly blows it out. Assuming that Rakuro cleans up the lines so Kitzi doesn't freak, and that he leaves one candle for them, she takes the candle. Yay.
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