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A day of saucery at the Temple of the Red Fruit. 10-7-2004

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 06, 2017 5:26 am    Post subject: A day of saucery at the Temple of the Red Fruit. 10-7-2004 Reply with quote

[Summary: I'm relieved that this is among one of the few logs I have remaining from the early years. You'll see why, if you read it.

It's... difficult to explain. It begins as many good RPs with my friends in Ansteorra began, "What do you want to do today?" The answer on that particular day was retrieve the gift Lakorin gave to Sirum when she left Ansteorra, a golden dagger with the design of a unicorn upon the sides. He had that thing with him wherever he went for the longest time, as he always intended to give it back to her next time he saw her. It was effectively useless to him in any practical sense, having a tiny enchantment of +1 To-Hit/DMG on it. But Lakorin was his super cool friend and he tended to mope from time to time over losing her gift.

Which leads into, just how did he lose it? Well, when Kivae lost all her clothes and items from taking Harlequin cards, Sirum started stashing his gear in the church under the pews to ensure they would remain safe whenever he saw a Harlequine he could get a card from. Kitzibeth hosted the Castlemare quest, which was designed to be a loot wipe for everyone who attended, something none of us realized until we came back. The man was keeping us down, see. When Kitzibeth realized that Sirum had unintentionally circumvented her scheme... she whispered me that a band of 'Tomato Fighting Warrior Nuns' had ransacked the church and stolen all his gear into lands unknown.

She was just pulling out a throwaway IC excuse why all his gear was gone, and most people would forget about that. But Sirum never forgot a friend, and I never wasted an opportunity to make our world a little more bizarre. Flash forward over one OOC year later, and...]

Sigma Batraal: [*is ooc, don't mind me*]
Ruby Pyralis: [Dum dee dum...]
Sigma Batraal: [Hello ^.^;]
Kele-De: [Rubeh!]
Ruby Pyralis: [I keep getting phonecalls for people who don't live here .-.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Someone was looking for Rosemary and no Rosemary's live here XD]
Kele-De: [XD]
Kele-De: [Happens to me all the time.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Once, someone called, and was ordering a pizza o.o;]
Ruby Pyralis: [And even worse. I get a lot of mis-whispers cause 'Ruby' is turning into a popular name, apparently... and once, I got one from something like "Sexy Bunny" and I think they wanted to yiff or something o.o I posted it ont he forums, lemme find it xD]
Kele-De: [Apparently, someone has a char names Kele and I get all sorts of weird miswhispers becuase of it. o.o]
Kele-De: [*named]
Ruby Pyralis: [[ ~Fuzzy Bunny Butts~ whispers, "the catgrl ok wheres all the sex?" to you. ] * Sorry, there's no furre around right now with a name starting with ~Fuzzy Bunny Butts~! -- Beekin the Help Dragon ]
Sigma Batraal: [Freaky.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Yuh xD]
Kele-De: [I've actually gotten weird whispers like that and when I try to reply, the same thing happens.]
Sigma Batraal: [Most people like that have like one million alts, I guess. And switch when something bad happens, like doing a mis whisper.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Kendrick495: Vote Marl, voice of the future (^.^) Not Sol. (-.-) Just see the differance!]
Kele-De: [What?]
Ruby Pyralis: [XDDDD]
Ruby Pyralis: [Don't ask xD]
Kele-De: [Why shouldn't I ask?]
Ruby Pyralis: [Cause it's a long story o.o]
Kele-De: [Oh. Okay.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Jonathan Ruddiwyne waves back at Kivae, tilting his head as he watches her play with Solinox's pipe. Jonathan Ruddiwyne immediately regrets that last post. []]
Ruby Pyralis: [Kitzibeth waits for Sirum to light her fire. Sirum Hest: [>> <<] Kitzibeth: [o.o;;] Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Woo woo!]]
Kele-De: [XXDDDD!]
Ruby Pyralis is coughong sooo much because she's laughing xD]
Ruby Pyralis: [coughing*]
Kele-De: [I have to find something to wear for tonight.]
Sigma Batraal: [Going out, eh?]
Kele-De: [No. I have dance class.]
Sigma Batraal: [*nodsnod* Modern dance?]
Kele-De: [Trad Irish Step.]
Sigma Batraal: [I have a friend who does that, too.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Oooh.]
Sigma Batraal: [Looks pretty difficult, actually o.o;]
Ruby Pyralis: [Sirum Hest: [You can't, my neck is a quest item D:] ]
Kele-De: [I did it for about...10 years or so. Going back to it.]
Sigma Batraal: [Hello ^.^;;]
Rakuro waves. Wonders if anyone is IC? :-)]
Sigma Batraal: [Can't. Haven't officially joined yet.]
Rakuro: [Doesn't matter, really. It actually helps if we see you roleplay :-D]
Kele-De is willing to go IC for a bit, but has to leave in a little while.]
Rakuro does as well, unfortunately. Tooth pulling and braces attachment in half an hour. No fun at all]
Sigma Batraal: [Oh sure. That I can do, eh? But.. this being the manor of an archmage protecting the Exiles for the moment. It would be hard to get myself here, wouldn't it?]
Rakuro: [Indeed]
Rakuro: [That part I'm afraid I can't help with ^^. I'm fresh out of ideas]
Sigma Batraal: [And I don't know enough about the exact current situation to find a way around this problem, eh? Guess we'll figure it out when I receive an answer to my request, if I've been accepted and all.]
Sirum Hest blinks. []
Ruby Pyralis flops. Can't. Stop. Coughing. Goddamnit.]
You say, "[Protecting the exiles?]"
You say, "[Most people are just using the villa as a regrouping spot. :P]"
Sigma Batraal: [Bah.. alright, let's reformulate this into: He's accepting them into his Villa? ^.^;]
Ruby Pyralis: [Sigma and Rak, your ports makes me think of a child molester. .-.;;;]
Ruby Pyralis: make*]
Ruby Pyralis: [AIIIEEE![
Ruby Pyralis: [DIPSY]
Ruby Pyralis: [If no one gets that, you're too sheltered. xD]
Rakuro doesn't get it n.n.. yay]
Ruby Pyralis: [It's the teletubby with the stick on its head .-.]
Rakuro: [Oh o-o]
Rakuro: [Oh.. that... I saw -one- episode.. part of one, actually... one of them was tugging at a string <<]
Kele-De doesn't watch Teletubbies. :-P]
Rakuro: [And there was some kind of.. adventure.. about finding out why the string was no longer following him.. and they had to trace it all the way back across.. whatever land they live in]
Ruby Pyralis: []
Rakuro: [I was too frightened to watch it for very long]
Sigma Batraal: [Teletubbies. Tinky Winky's an homosexual stereotypes. I don't have anything against homosexuals, I have gay friends. But purple ones walking around with handbags.. I do.]
Ruby Pyralis: [XDD]
Ruby Pyralis: [ACK]
Ruby Pyralis: [I was laughing so I was coughing and I almost puked o.o;;]
Rakuro: [;.;]
Rakuro snugs Rubah]
Ruby Pyralis: [n.n]
Ruby Pyralis clings.]
Rakuro: [Get some cough medicine or something x.o]
Ruby Pyralis: [I used it all D:]
Rakuro: [o-o]
Rakuro: [Did it taste good? n.n]
Ruby Pyralis: [Pills :3]
Kele-De: [XD]
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Kele-De: [oops...]
Ruby Pyralis: [xDDD]
Kele-De: [XDDD!]
Ruby Pyralis: [o_o]
Sigma Batraal: [o.o;
Sigma Batraal: *]
Rakuro pops to go to appointment.. *mutter*.. braces]
Ruby Pyralis: [;-;]
Ruby Pyralis: [RAAK[
Sigma Batraal: [Later.]
Kele-De: [Bye Rak.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Bite his finger for me, kay?]
Rakuro waves. "Later folks. And okay" ^^]
Ruby Pyralis: [:D]
Sigma Batraal: [Hehe..]
Ruby Pyralis: [Sirum's neck is a quest item xD]
Sigma Batraal: [Bah.. Sleeping at the foot of the bed is almost as good as a +5 balefiring sword of Dhoom.]
Sirum Hest has other 'quest item' body parts, too. []
Sirum Hest ... like his thumb. []
Ruby Pyralis: [All dual-wielding dwarves must have pants.]
Sigma Batraal: [+4 thumb of button mashing?]
Ruby Pyralis: [Laaggg]

Erk Mendon comes into the area, drops the stack of books, and begins to read again, though looking a bit angry.

Erk Mendon...while his player twitches cause nobody seems to be IC...

You say, "[We're IC.]"
You say, "[I think we're just waiting for others to get on. :P]"
Sigma Batraal: [Yeah, or waiting to get accepted before rping. ^.^;]
Erk Mendon: [@.@;;;;]
Sigma Batraal: [D/ced.]
Sigma Batraal: [Well, dinner time, talk to y'all later.]
Sigma Batraal: [*poofles*]
Kivae: [Put on the classics, Rubeh. x)]
Sigma Batraal: [*is ooc, don't mind me in the roleplay*]
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Kivae snrks.]
Ruby Pyralis waits for portrait to be approved.]
Sigma Batraal: [afk a sec]
Ruby Pyralis: [Yer all gonne love it :3]
Mara Dark: [o-o]
Mara Dark: [Its so cute :O]
Ruby Pyralis wiggles.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Barrell, barrell, won't you marry meee? # ]
Mara Dark: [XD]
Erk Mendon: [<.<;;;;]
Marlina Evenstar: [What's with the pixie?]
Erk Mendon: [..and now my nose is slightly bleeding >.<]
Mara Dark: [it's cute. Don't you wana just snuggle it to death?]
Erk Mendon: [I would, but since it's ruby I'm afraid it might chop my head off :P]
Marlina Evenstar: [I want it's death alright.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Snuggle me! HRT]
Marlina Evenstar: [Snuggle that?! Eww. :-P]
Erk Mendon [wants to get IC <.<]
Mara Dark snuggls R00b to death.]
Ruby Pyralis: [n.n]

Erk Mendon waits for an IC post >([

Ruby Pyralis breathes.

Marlina Evenstar sniffs

Mara Dark lives.

Erk Mendon...

Sirum Hest pads up into the dining hall randomly and flops down next to Kivae, flashing her a toothy grin before leaning back against the table. "Kivae... ah... remember when Entad asked us to go see the dwarves? ... I was thinkin', how would ya like to come with me on a little sidetrip while we're in the area? Its slipped my mind for some reason, but there are Clerics up there that I have unfinished business with..."

Marlina Evenstar is newly cleaned once more, without her drunken stupour and subsequent hangovers befuddling her mind. Once more she looks both lovely and frightening, hair combed and unknotted, and clothes fresh, though where she had obtained fresh garments in this vile place, was anyone's guess, if not already guessed, she just entered.

Erk Mendon reads, slamming the cover of the book down when he finishes the book and roughly sliding it towards the stack, picking up another and angrily opening it to read.

Kivae rests her elbows against the edge of the table, tail idly flicking against the tablecloth. She raises an eyebrow slightly, ".. He said-" Pausing to half-wince, and shoot a glare over her shoulder at Erk, "-said, that we should visit the dwarves? Last I heard he didn't have anything for us to do. Which ones, anyways?"

Sirum Hest's whiskers and tail give a sudden twitch as the book is shut, giving a blank stare in the direction of the mage before shrugging it off, turning back to Kivae. "He told us to ask Kitzibeth about what they were, I remember. Jus' to get 'em to help us. But... ah... a few years back, Lakorin gave me her dagger before she set off. Which was stolen by this group of Clerics that steal from churches an' battle tomatoes, apparently. In fact, they aren't very good Clerics at all. An' that's not right, is it? We've gotta do somethin' about them." Of course, his own motives of retrieving what was taken is slightly obvious.

Erk Mendon blinks, then turns to glare back at Kivae, snapping, "What?" Angry mage...

Kivae flattens her ears, retorting, with a just a snapping, "What, what?" And turning back to Sirum, her ears returning up. "I actually meant the dwarves.. but that's more interesting, anyways." Grinning, "Battle tomatoes? Maybe they had problems with them like we had with the mushrooms.. Hn. How long'll it take to get there, then?"

Erk Mendon scowls over at Kivae and continues reading, this time angry and annoyed.

Sirum Hest springs up from his chair then and squeaks out happily, motioning a paw off in the general direction of Launcia. Or at least, where he thinks it to be, as he doesn't have a map in front of him. "Nah, they jus' seemed to be hackin' up their garden without mercy. Violent Clerics, they are. Hm... but... how long? It depends. If we leave now, a few weeks. If we leave tomorrow or later tonight, less than a day." His logic only makes sense if you have spent a while around mages, really. ^^
Sirum Hest also adds quietly to Kivae, in whisper, "What's his problem? Kitzibeth take away his badges or somethin'?"

Erk Mendon actually never takes the Journeymage badge off. ^^;

Sirum Hest never really pays all that much attention to Erk's wardrobe unless he has reason to.

Erk Mendon finds that rather...disturbing. <.<

Amerie makes Si organise her wardrobe, so he gets a preview of what she wears each day. :)
Amerie beats Si with her whip if he pays attention to someone else's wardobe. >:(

Sirum Hest .. means what he's wearing currently. >.>

Erk Mendon feels like burning Amerie's smart-ass face o.o;;; Amerie, though, not the nice Chloe ^^

Kivae nods, waiting for a yawn to pass, and then flopping over onto her side, across the seats, "Alright, we can leave then, then." She stretches out her legs, and tucks her arms under her head, as if prepared for a nap. "Maybe there're some plants left that I kin have.."

Sirum Hest feels like tackling Amerie to the floor in snuggles because she's so spiffy. ^^ Or would. If he weren't in love with Kitzerina. :-P

Erk Mendon notes rats are common sneaks, so cheating wouldn't be all that hard. ^^

You say, "[Rats = Sneaks. Mice = Timid.]"
Erk Mendon: [oh yeah...Si's a mouse v.v]

Erk Mendon suddenly turns his head towards Sirum, "Sirum, before you go, can you answer a question for me? Do you know anyone here that sells good but cheap armor?"

Amerie sells cheap goods.

Erk Mendon wonders how Amerie got those :-P

Mara Dark buys slaves on the black market :O.]
Marlina Evenstar: [She hung out at Rivyn's for awhile.]

Sirum Hest reaches a paw down to prod lightly at Kivae's forehead, much as one would do to check if someone were still alive, or just awake. "...though, I was -really- kinda hopin' we could've jus' broken off from the group once managin' to convince the dwarves to put down their mugs for more than a minute at a time.", snickering quietly. "Ya don't seem all that enthusiastic about it, though. Why would ya need more plants, anyways? Don't ya have quite a few herbs saved up already? Or.. wait a second, I haven't seen 'em around the villa anywhere.", nose wrinkling in confusion.

Kivae shrugs slightly, her nose scrunching up at the poke. "We could do that too, doesn't matter, does it?" She squints an eye at him, "Just tired..? And, I figured I shouldn't plant them yet, because we're going to be moving around some more.." sounding a bit sheepish at that.

Erk Mendon: [ Sirum going to reply to Erk?]
You say, "[Oh, whoops.]"
Erk Mendon [puts a dunce cap on Si's head :P]
Mara Dark: [We can dance, We can dance. Everythings out of control :O]
Ruby Pyralis feels a bard behind her. :O
Amerie: (I'm a slut. o_o)
Erk Mendon: [we know...]
Ruby Pyralis: [Monster boobs.]
Mara Dark: [XD]
Erk Mendon: [+1 AC ;)
Jonathan Ruddiwyne is being felt. >=D
Erk Mendon [takes out a whip and slashes Si until he types a post...-before- Survivor's on :o]

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side then in confusion. "Huh. It mus' be from all the magic castin' lately, an' all those portals. Furres weren't intended to travel like that..", trailing off into silence for a few lengthy moments before collaping back onto the floor, an exasperated squeak sounding. "Primes! We're turned into gypsies, now we're no better than Shaez or Cerris.", snickering once more before he answers Erk. "Oh, armor? Lesse... I'm sure Kitzibeth has a suit or two tucked away in here, but this isn't exactly the market."

Erk Mendon sighs, going back to his book again, waiting for Kitz now.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne notes that as long as Sirum has his gold card, there's a market. :-P
Sirum Hest can't draw armor or weaponry out of thin air. Isn't a Final Fantasy merchant. :-P
Erk Mendon: [then where did you get all that dex?]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne notes that Rakuro apparently can, but okay.
Marlina Evenstar notes Rakuro had a magic desk, yeah, magic!
Ruby Pyralis has magic silia.]
You say, "[Rakuro keeps his wares in the Bottomless Sleeves and Inbetween. xP]"
Ruby Pyralis can't spell.]
Ruby Pyralis: [cilia :3]
Erk Mendon can burn things in about two seconds flat ^^ You know it's strange how there isn't a Burn poison and stuff o.o
Ruby Pyralis notes there isn't a bleeding condition either.
Marlina Evenstar: ['Rakuro keeps his wares Inbetween']
Erk Mendon: [it's like video hit them yet no blood pops out...]
Erk Mendon: [but at least video games display burning :-P]
Ruby Pyralis: [Not always D:]
Erk Mendon: [o.o]
Erk Mendon: [name one :P]
Ruby Pyralis: [Mario bros for NES]
Erk Mendon: [...*points to NES*]
Marlina Evenstar: [Finding Nemo PS2]
Ruby Pyralis: [XD]
Erk Mendon: [hmm...that's a good question. Why can't the fish burn? >D]
Ruby Pyralis: [They're in water?]
Erk Mendon: [you know what I mean :P]
Erk Mendon [puts a dunce cap on Ruby as well so she and Si are dunce buddies.]
Ruby Pyralis eats the dunce cap.]
Erk Mendon: [there's another reason why Si and Kizzy shouldn't be together! Si=mouse. Kizzy=cat.]
Erk Mendon: [Cat chase Mouse. Not the other way around!]
Erk Mendon: [and -definatly- not in the other case o.o;;;]
Ruby Pyralis: [From what I've seen you'd have never guessed.]
You say, "[Um...]"
You say, "[Mouse isn't chasing kitty? Kitty got mouse. :P]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Kat chase mouse to bed... And river.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Cat*]
Erk Mendon: [but then there's a size both ways...]
Ruby Pyralis: [She gonna ride the mouse like a car.]
You say, "[Isn't Erk's parents a canine and a feline?]"
You say, "[Well."
You say, "[Thank you Erk, for making me consider properties of my character that I haven't bothered to before.]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Haha!]
Erk Mendon: [you're welcome ^^]
Ruby Pyralis: [Oh, yes you haave.]
Sirum Hest adds to his site: Hung?: LIKE A HORSE, BABY. []
Ruby Pyralis: [Don't deny ittt.]
Erk Mendon: [...SEE WHAT OOC BRINGS US?! @.@]
Ruby Pyralis: [o_o]
Marlina Evenstar: [o.o]
Erk Mendon: [O.O;;;;;;;]
You say, "[(Do not tempt me, you only provoke comments such as that. :-P)]"
Erk Mendon: [something tells me that wasn't me that provoked you <.<]
Amerie: (;-;)
Ruby Pyralis: [It was Ame's monster boobs.]
Amerie: (I'm not a wh---e .-.)
Ruby Pyralis: [Not since the plastic surgey went wrong.]
Erk Mendon: [...we know you aren't, but what about Amerie?]
Sirum Hest plays the bongo's. []
Ruby Pyralis: [surgery*]
Ruby Pyralis: [+1AC/+1AC]
Amerie: (:~()
(You see Beatrice The Dancer.)
Beatrice The Dancer gets +10 AC. That give ya a clue? ;)[]
Ruby Pyralis: [O_O]
Amerie: ((Ew.)
Ruby Pyralis: [She must not be able to walk.]
Sirum Hest prefers +1/+1, thank you very much. []
Amerie: (RUby.)
Amerie: (It's like having an extra Leg.)
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Amerie: (Beatrice didn't tell you? oo)
Beatrice The Dancer is like that Egyptian God of Birth ^^
Amerie: (Oh man, changing. :S)
Beatrice The Dancer [carries guns despite the time period ;)]
You say, "[Changing?]"
Amerie: (Nothing. xo)
Ruby Pyralis: [Once]
Marlina Evenstar: [Puberty.]
Ruby Pyralis: [In a book I was reading]
Ruby Pyralis: [Where I got the name Nhamo from cause it was about a girl in Africa]
Ruby Pyralis: [She was all]
Amerie: (Is it just me, or does it not seem like Beatrice used to be a man? o_o)
Marlina Evenstar: [Beatrice is a guy!!]
Beatrice The Dancer: [...]
Erk Mendon: [She's on to me![
Ruby Pyralis: [Beatrice is Both.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Kinky.]
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Erk Mendon: [Beatrice is 60% female, 10% Feline, 30% other, and 10% Sex]

Sirum Hest rises back up to his footpaws then and begins slowly padding out of the villa, tail-waving back behind him. "I'm gonna go steal the hammock for a bit. Someone wake me if Rakuro comes out of hidin', please. Mrrf...", continuing outside with that.

Ruby Pyralis: [SEEJIE]
Ruby Pyralis: [omg]
Ruby Pyralis: [I have that miyth thing in my locker .-.]
Ruby Pyralis: [And the magnets keep falling off x.x;]
Mara Dark: [XD]
Ruby Pyralis: [But, like, when I open the locker it's like OMG TEH SMEX]
Ruby Pyralis: [I think I killed him.]
Mara Dark: [XD]
Mara Dark: [brb playinv checkers iwth friend.]
Ruby Pyralis: [oo;]
Ruby Pyralis: [Miyth]
Ruby Pyralis: [You awake?]
Ruby Pyralis: [.-.]
Mara Dark: [I think we killedh im ;-;]
Taikris: [o.o[
Atroticus Oks: [COOOOOOOOOOL! :-D].
Atroticus Oks: [Nice dragon path... what the?].
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Atroticus Oks: [Fairy?].
Ruby Pyralis: [XD]
Atroticus Oks: [Oh, its rubeh :P].
Atroticus Oks: [Whats that fairy dusty thing?].
Ruby Pyralis: [Classics + Feline]
Atroticus Oks: [Is it being beta tested on silver sponsors?].
Atroticus Oks: [oh].
Taikris: [o.o]
Ruby Pyralis: [Who's Atro? D:]
Taikris: [Hiki]
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Ruby Pyralis: [My AIM died.]
Ruby Pyralis: [HIKI CLICK ME]

Atroticus Oks Comes from the stairs, stepping up to the room, for some odd reason being quiet... until he comes up and the reason is obvious: His cloathes have nothing inside o.o his mask and hat seem to be floating on the nothingness themselves, this is only "Obvious" on the face, for almost the rest of his body is covered.

Atroticus Oks: [Cool portrait Rubeh].
Mara Dark: [Omg .-. He gots kinged twice]
Ruby Pyralis: [!!!!!]
Ruby Pyralis: [I almost puked. Too much coughing ><;]
Taikris stabs Hiki for bad indicipherable grammer[]
Atroticus Oks: [o.o what'cha eat?].
Ruby Pyralis: [Nothing. I just got a bad cough.]
Taikris: [indecipherable*]
Atroticus Oks: [*Ignores Taikris's futile grammar and spelling mistakes* I will never improve, and the reason why is preaty obvious v.v].
Ruby Pyralis: [pretty*]
Atroticus Oks: [Thanks].
Ruby Pyralis: [Taikris'*]
Ruby Pyralis: [And the . goes inssiiiidee the []'s .-.]
Mara Dark: [XD]
Atroticus Oks: [And it will forever be like that]
Atroticus Oks: [Now, IC!].
Taikris: [And exactly what reason is that, Hiki?]
Atroticus Oks: [Uh... Im in colombia? South america? Aqui no hablamos Ingles, es un milagro que yo sepa hablar ingles desde los 5 a~nos].
Ruby Pyralis: [Only been speaking english for five years?]
Atroticus Oks: [Since i was five :-)].
Mara Dark: [He won .-.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Oh well. xD]
Taikris: [I thought you were in Canada, Hikari]
Ruby Pyralis: [No o.o]
Ruby Pyralis: [That's Sol and Marl]
Taikris didn't know Sol was Canadian o.o[]
Ruby Pyralis: [.-.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Didn't you notice how he's always going to play ICE HOCKEY?]
Taikris: [I didn't even know he played ice hockey <.<]
Atroticus Oks: [*adds a "DUH!" note to the end of Ruby's post* :3].
Ruby Pyralis: [We really need to make one of those hippie circles and get to know eachother.]
Mara Dark: [o-o]
Taikris: [ummm... kay <.<]
Mara Dark: [I like circles ^^]
Atroticus Oks: [Now, Taik: Stop picking my spelling, it aint getting any better. Rubeh and the rest IC!].
Taikris: [picking -at- my spelling*]
Taikris: [Ain't is not a word in the English language :-P]
Mara Dark: [Yes it is .-.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Like hell I am. My throat is on fire and I'm hyper.]
Taikris: [It's slang :-P]
Taikris: [Very bad slang[
Mara Dark: [I use it all the time. Along with ya'll.]
Atroticus Oks: [oh, that last tipo was a brain fart... :P].
Taikris: [typo*]
Mara Dark: [typo*]
Taikris: [Oh*]
Ruby Pyralis: [Howdy ya'll. I hope you'll ain't got nothing worryin' ya.]
Mara Dark: [.-.]
Mara Dark: [You all XD]
Taikris gets in the hippie circle <.<[]
Mara Dark: [Not you'll. You all XD]
Ruby Pyralis: [oops]
Ruby Pyralis: [XD]
Ruby Pyralis: [I got it right the first time .-.]
Ruby Pyralis: [I]
Ruby Pyralis: [Really]
Ruby Pyralis: [Wanna go to]
Ruby Pyralis: [Bed now]
Taikris: [Night Ruby :-)]
Ruby Pyralis coughs on everyone and gets them sick too.]
Mara Dark: [Bye Ruby :O I'm already sick]
Atroticus Oks: [bah bai rubehsan].
Ruby Pyralis poofs in a toxic cloud.]
Atroticus Oks: [Anyone IC?[,
Miyth: [RAwr! o.o]
Atroticus Oks: [noes! its the REAL miyth!].
You say, "[Miyth is IC.]"
You say, "[Interact with him.]"
Taikris: [He poofled[]
Atroticus Oks: [So mutch for interacting XD].
Mara Dark: [Fiddle De. Dee]
Taikris: [Fiddle De. Dum]

Taikris sits there, idly fiddling over his wooden claws that Sirum made for him ^.^

Mara Dark takes part of the small IC and tilts her head up from her wall sitting. space. thinger. Although, it's just for a moment before she tilts her head back down to stare at the wooden floor.

Atroticus Oks Looks to most people in the room and hopes no one notices him, but its kinda hard not wanting any atention when your basicly an attention whore :P he looks to Mara and fights his own impulses to talk to her.

Mara Dark yawns wide and stuff...Staying where she was in her sitting like glory.

Taikris just gives a slight glance to the floating mask thingie, raising a brow before going right back to what he was doing

Atroticus Oks Decides that he cannot fight his struggles, and so he proceeds to grab a potion from his bag and move over to her, if she were to look at him, he would let the potion fall, and it would create a purple puff of smoke "Why hello there young Lady, What be your name?".

Taikris blinks at the sudden puff of smoke, yelling out thusly. "Don't breath it in!" before holding his breath, and diving through the nearby opening.

Mara Dark snaps her head up at the sound of someone talking, head tilting indeed upward to look at the. mask. thing. And, as a reaction to the yell, she jerks her head away quickly as Tai dives into the other room. "uhm...V'hy?"

Atroticus Oks Notes that the puff of smoke would only appear if she were to look at him.

Mara Dark: [afk o-o]
Taikris: [The shattering of glass would certainly be sufficient to draw attention Hiki :-P]
Atroticus Oks: [True True].

Atroticus Oks Looks to Taikris "Your being over dramatic, Im a fox, not a advance form of unnatural life, I wouldnt explode toxics on myself... normaly" he gigles, but then he notices Marlina and hides behind the wall.

Marlina Evenstar switches characters.]
Taikris: [Anybody else here play starcraft?]
Annari Salia: [I know someone who does. o.o]

Taikris slowly peeks his head up from the partition, checking to see if the smoke had cleared before inhaling deeply. "Just keep your vials to yourself"

Catherine O`Hara smiles cheerfully despite oddly haunted eyes shifting about those gathered, toying briefly with a black metal rod before hastily drawing her paw away from the object, "This place seems oddly quiet today, even in a room I could hear many voices yesterday, has something amiss happened? I could help maybe..."

Atroticus Oks Notices the person behind him and hesitates in spinning to see her, and so he covers his face with his robe and says "Nope, nothing special anyways, it was like this when i came here though".

Taikris stays right where he is, in no mood to subject himself to any fumes of the rather insane alchemist, giving only a slight wave to the purple furred femme

Catherine O`Hara's expression changes to one better representing her shy nature, as she edges closer to the stone wall, not avoiding the gaze of the other entirely despite this however. Her gaze turns to the floor once more as she responds, "Ah, it is good at least that no one was harmed, and that was the reason for this unnatural silence."

Kitzibeth lives. "Why are you still here, potion-maker?"

Annari Salia makes her way to a seet at the table, sitting down with her legs folded underneath her, her tail wrapped around her waist.

Taikris glances over his shoulder to spot the arrival of Annari, grinning as he rises to his footpaws. "Hey Annari, and miss Kitzibeth" taking a seat, leaning with one elbow upont the countertop as he inquires. "Feel at all up to another practice session, or just like taking it easy today?"

Kitzibeth twitches. She opens her mouth to shout, but instead stops, agape, for a half-beat. She simply grumbles. "Archmagess. Damnit."

Catherine O`Hara: [Ah, the scene was like a barren blasted waste without your shining presence to alleviate the tedium. See what your absence has wrought?]

Annari Salia yawns, resting her elbow on the table, "Mmm, I dunno, I'm not exactlly in a practice session mood. Unless you really want to."

Sirum Hest pads back into the villa from the hammock outside, brushing a leaf or two from his headfur before tiredly flopping back into the chair and stretching. It is notable that his nose wrinkles, if only briefly, at the mention of another spar, but he doesn't say a word regarding it. Anyways, he waves back to Catherine then, "I don't suppose that ya have had a chance to get yerself blessed or whatever Kitzibeth was talkin' about was yet? Or are ya still walkin' around with a locked away psychopath up in yer head?", cringing before then going on to idly comment to Kitzibeth. "Entad said we should talk to ya about findin' out where the dwarves were, or get us there. Somethin' about them helpin' us retake Ansteorra, but he was kinda vague about it. He didn't tell ya anythin', did he?"

Atroticus Oks Notices that he is now a walking robe, his masks seems to be floating "Because i came to have a word with you, My dearest of Archmages, And also, i would like you to remove the dreaded AntiMagic field off me... they can cast spells, why cant i? Are you afraid Ill blow this place up? Please, If i wanted it, my potions would have done it the second i flew over here, and you know it" he gigles.

Taikris blinks a few times as he turns about to face Kitzibeth. "Sorry about that your archmagedness ^^;" It's fairly obvious he's not used to such formality. His attention drawn to Annai once more. "If you're not in the mood, then it's no worries. Let me know when you feel more up to it :-)" He just looks arrily at the floating mask once more.

Kele-De glances back around the statue to Atroticus. "You make another threat like that nad I'll drag you out of the villa and kill you."

Catherine O`Hara enters the dining area of the villa as the rodent speaks to her, glancing briefly at the Archmagess before bowing her head once more as seems to be her normal habit, "Tried the church again, but the same thing happened, if what you've said is true, then it is still there."

Annari Salia yawns once again before smiling, "I'll do that."

Taereal Sareen strolls in through the door, smiling warmly as he immediately spots Kele-De. He steps over toward her, tufted ears flicking, "Hello there, Kele."

Kele-De blinks and glances up at Tae. Her features soften and she smiles sweetly at him. "'Ello, Tae. How are you today?" Her ears stay pricked and alert just in case the potion maker decides to threaten Kitz again.

Atroticus Oks Pokes his toungue out playfully, Typical of Fox people "I would do not such thing, what do you think i was? Born yesterday? I know if i so mutch have that in my mind i shall be slaughtered on the spot by your ethereal servents, My dearest Archamages".

Catherine O`Hara: [No, born about three days ago, not yesterday. :-P]

Rakuro hops into reality with the practiced casualness of a casual hopper of the rules of reality. It's not much of a hop, anyway.. both of his paws stuffed loosely into his pockets.. more like jumping over a fallen limb in a forest. After hitting the floor, he simply takes a step or two forward, pauses, and inclines his head towards no one inparticular by way of greeting

Sirum Hest slides off of the chair then and pads over to in front of Catherine, staring at the area right between her eyes thoughtfully. "Huh. If only Rakuro were here he could rip out O'Hara, but then again, he more than likely wouldn't do that. Maybe ya should take a little trip down to the Iocan Order? No one here can help ya it seems." His ears perk then, seeming to be reminded of something else, following that shouting out through the entire villa, "RAKURO! Are ya here!?", not noticing the mage behind him. ^^;

Kalannar sort of.. fades in from some random shadowy corner of the villa. He leans against the wall, keeping a close, watchful eye on Catherine.
Kitzibeth sighs. "I'd prefer that it not come to that, Alchemist. And I'd prefer.." A couple of ethereal hands would jab him in the back, punctuating her words. "'d.not.stay."

Taereal Sareen nods, "Well enough, I suppose. What of yourself?" He kneels down, smiling toward Kele.

Taikris remains fairly quiet at the moment, seeming ready to hold his breath in case the fiendish vulpine tried something else <.<;

Annari Salia stands up, stretching, "Well, I'm off, g'night."

Kalannar wants to see the mage get skewered.
Kalannar.. wants to do the skewering, now that he ponders it.

Catherine O`Hara glances nervously at the drow as she becomes aware of him, though through great restraint she manages to not let out a demeaning whimper, instead she hastily returns her attention to Sirum, "If things are as you say Sir Hest, then they would likely kill me before I ever got near enough to one to ask for aid, and they would be right, if it saves others from harm."

Kele-De chuckles and nods. "I'm fine." She smiles back, her head tilting slightly.

Catherine O`Hara: [He's mine! I shall skewer.]

Taereal Sareen raises a slight eyebrow, an expression of ponderment finding his face, "Fine? Fine as in well, or fine as in terrible?"

Kalannar will see about that...

Atroticus Oks Frowns "Oh common, I promise I will leave as soon as you hear out what I came to say, really, its just to pass some of tmy theories and then im right out of this place" laughing nerviously, the magess famous for her short fuse, and feeling very umfortemble cause of the unseen guard grip "Really, no need to throw me out, i just came to show you this and then leave".

Rakuro's ears flatten back against his head at the loud shout and he bares a tooth or two.. "Bah. You shouldn't be shoutin' so loud for folks that 'appen to be sittin' roundabouts when you shout for 'em, Si. S'bad manners'n'wot. But, since I'm here.. what?"

Sirum Hest cocks his head to the side in confusion then, scratching at the side of his headfur in thought. "Well... ah... there is another way, Kizzy used it to help me remove everythin' that linked me to the Heretic's. I jus' don't remember the actual ritual, but since she spent so much time around Cyan I'm sure she could help ya. ... But if she would, I'm not s--", cutting himself off there to spin about and spring up onto the chairs, hopping along them until he lands in front of the mage. "S-Sorry, Rakuro, I jus' thought ya were in the Inbetween an' my shouts could've reached there. Though, I was hopin' we could take a trip to the Launcian mountains." Subtle.

Kitzibeth: Fine." She motions to the table in the parlor, where she usually holds court. This will change, of course, as her player updates the dream. "Come with me, if you will." She says as she pads there unceremoniusly swaying her tail underneath the folds of her robe.

Kele-De shakes her head and chuckles. "I'm fine as in well." She smiles at him then. "Why?"

Taereal Sareen smirks a bit, "Because I would have it no other way." He nods in confirmation as he pushes himself up to stand.

Catherine O`Hara scratches absently at her arm in a nervous gesture before speaking once more, "Erhm, well if you could introduce me to the Archmagess..." Cutting off as the said individual suddenly departs the room, "Or... Well, suppose that won't work, with her moving about like that." Then her gaze drifts naturally to the other newly appeared mage, though she doesn't say anything to him.

Kalannar is watching you, Catherine. Feel his stare.

Rakuro laughs quietly at that and shakes his head slowly, "I can't hear things of this world in Inbetween unless I'm actually listening, you know. Or.. I'm close by.. but I can't exactly explain those things anyway. You probably wouldn't understand it". He smiles brightly, "And anyway, I.. um.. suppose we could indeed go to Launcia. But.. that's a long way away. I'll need a mirror or at least an appropriately convenient archway"

Catherine O`Hara: [Big Brother is watching.]
Rakuro: [Just pretend I'm omniscient]
Rakuro: [It makes everything go smoother ;-)]
Taikris sits there :-D
Catherine O`Hara: [To Kal, not you. :-P]
You say, "[Lagged, Kitz?]"
Kalannar: [Big Brother doesn't scare me!! I read! Bookes! Lots of 'em!!!]

Kele-De nods and lifts her face to look up at him and smile. "Making another patrol?" She wonders idly.

Catherine O`Hara will never understand the movement habits of mages.

Taereal Sareen chuckles softly, "For once, no. Just taking a harmless stroll and enjoying the environment."

Kele-De arches a brow. "A harmless stroll? I didn't realize strolls could be dangerous."

Sirum Hest tail-waves back to Catherine before reaching forward to take hold of the mages paw lightly and tug it towards the archway beisde them. "As luck would have it, we're right next to an archway, hehehe. I hope ya remember where it is I'm talkin' about, ya once pinpointed the exact location on the globe in Kitzibeth's office. We even looked at it through yer old orb. The tomato nuns who stole Lakorin's dagger. Ya remember, right?", tail giving an irritated lash at the mere thought of them having stolen Lakorin's parting gift. He also continues, with, "An'... while we were in the area... we could maybe safely bring Catherine to the Iocan order. I'm sure they don't kill those who wanna be saved, ya?"

Taereal Sareen shrugs briefly, "One may never know." He offers a paw, "Care to join me?"

Kele-De reaches her paw up, then stands. She looks about, then nods. "Alright. There's not much going on right now."

Catherine O`Hara: [You're going to Dwarf-Launcia, right?]
You say, "[The Iocan Order is located in Launcia, yes?]"
Rakuro: [No...]
Rakuro: [Not dwarf-launcia. Tomato-fighting Warrior Nun Launcia]
Rakuro: [And I think it is]
Catherine O`Hara: [The Great-Divide is between Paladin-Launcia, and Dwarf-Launcia as well.]
You say, "[Well.]"
You say, "[We're not going to Dwarf-Launcia]"
You say, "[We're going to Paladin-Launcia, which conveniently has Thieving Nuns Launcia located in it.]"
Catherine O`Hara: [What's a tomato-nun?]
Rakuro: [...We're going to a properly remote and secluded area of Launcia that is wholly unaffected by Callendor's petty plotlines!]
Catherine O`Hara: [Booyah!]
Rakuro: [Tomato-fighting Warrior Nun]
Catherine O`Hara: [It's the attack, of the killer tomatos # ]

Rakuro takes the step forward and exhales sharply through his nose, almost like a snort.. but more of a harsh laugh.. "Right.. the Iocan order. I highly doubt Miss -Blackthorne- would last more then five seconds there, and I would need precisely four hours more then that to do what I'm sure you want done. Maybe there's a way, but it wouldn't be long before twenty thousand paladins scream 'Smizchen der ubel!!' and rush her and I"

Catherine O`Hara puts a paw behind her neck then in a fair imitation of the rodents old habit before dropping it as she moves forward to take a seat once more, "But they don't know anything more than they see, and they'll see only what they believe, and that would be that I am the vile creature that you claim I am Sir Hest."

Rakuro then turns towards the archway and waves a paw across it, causing the whole portal to shimmer as it becomes... a portal. Though it's obviously not done yet, as you can still see Kitzi's villa on the other side. [4/?].. "Anyway.. of course I remember the place. When you lose the ability to stare in wonder at things in everyday life you begin remembering"

Kivae's legs twitch, as if she was dreaming of running, or kicking something, and her nose wrinles. Shifting in places, she rolls over and off the seats, hitting the floor with a low 'fwump.' ".. Mn..g." Lifting her head a bit.

Sirum Hest cocks his head to the side, puzzled obviously, and every so often he glances back and forth between the necromancer and mage. "But they let me right into the order after everythin'... an' Cyan tried to help me while I had Erisvan's mark. An' I didn't think anyone could touch Catherine if we were there. No stupid Paladins can take us down.", grinning toothily.

[ You whisper "[You remember roughly a year ago, with the RP involving tomato fighting warrior nuns in the mountains of Launcia? :P]" to Kitzibeth. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "Not really" to you. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "I must have missed it. " to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Darn. xD But it was your semi-sorta-plot.]" to Kitzibeth. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "It was?" to you. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "o.o;" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Just CTRL+F your logs for 'warrior nuns']" to Kitzibeth. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "Alright xD" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Anyways, we're going to go murder them. Or at least exchange some words." to Kitzibeth. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "I've been too busy to think recently, so I probably forgot. " to you. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "Oh. Why?" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[They took Lakorin's parting gift from Si. :P]" to Kitzibeth. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "They did?" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[You remember... Si dumped his stuff in the church... Tomato Fighting Warrior Nuns took it, ran back to their monestary with it, Rakuro looked in his orb to divine out their location and pinpointed out their monestary.]" to Kitzibeth. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "OH!" to you. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "Now I remember" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[There you go. :-P]" to Kitzibeth. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "That whole plot was to steal your items because you cheated in the Castlemare item loss. " to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Cheated? Pfft.]" to Kitzibeth. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "Hey, when everyone loses their items - and you don't - then that's unfair. " to you. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "Plus the point was to item reset everyone " to you. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "So :-P" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Well, we're going there now to retrieve it or whatever. :P Rak's prepping and we're getting ready to set off.]" to Kitzibeth. ]
[ You whisper "[...and after, I think we're heading to the Iocan Order for Catherine. o.o]" to Kitzibeth. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "Well, I'm sure that the nuns will keep you busy ^^. As for Iocus, we can do that tomoorow. Remind me, and I'll load the Dream. " to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Are you going to RP the nuns or what? xD Or is it just assumed that we go in, say 'Give it back or we take your spines' (exaggeration) or what?]" to Kitzibeth. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "Well, I suppose that I can RP the nuns, if you want. " to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Thanks. ^^]" to Kitzibeth. ]

[Kitz was always a great sport. Who else would oblige us in this ridiculousness? Putting Rakuro, any given Marlina alt, Sirum and Kivae in a room together tended to result in some mad, magical adventure.]

Catherine O`Hara could shred a paladin to pieces upon contact, if she were in a heightened state of fear, all the power, no finesse or discipline whatsoever.

Rakuro shakes his head slowly, his paw casually tracing the complex runes necessary for the spell in the shimmering sheet of light resting in front of him, his other paw still sitting in his pocket as though he does this sort of thing every day. Because, more often then not, he does. "There are some paladins who wouldn't even have to look at us twice and we'd be struck dead. But the point is, Si, you weren't wholly corrupted and Death Incarnate"

Catherine O`Hara doesn't appear to take that little comment very well, her gaze once more drifting to the floor before her, as her paws wrap repetitively about each other.

Sirum Hest also tugs lightly on Kivae's tail, "Ya have been sleepin all day, get up off of the floor. Ya wanna go get some tomatoes, don'tcha?" He also squeaks happily to Rakuro and stares expectantly at the archway. "I thought ya could still see Rakuro, jus'... not like the rest of us could. Better, even." Pausing then to frown at the explanation, "Neither is Catherine, though, I thought. She's jus' Blackthorne right now. If they so much as raise their blade against her we could jus' flee, right? Or say we came under the command of Cyan's sister."

Kivae allows herself to be conviced off the floor, at least, mostly. Saying nothing for now, only squinting and rubbing an eye.

[*] Generic Nun 1 joins you.
You say, "[We're not there yet. xP]"
Generic Nun 1 cries. :-([]
Catherine O`Hara: [Creepy.]
(You see Generic Nun 1.)
> Habit, Black Robes, Cincture.

Rakuro shakes his head slowly as the portal shimmers, adding a higher level of thickness and strength to the spell. "No she's not, Si". As though that explains everything, he steps back from the portal and nods lightly towards it. "Righto then. Everyone hold on tight to whatever you're bringing along and follow me". He then steps into the shimmeringness, through which can be seen a pretty view of a high-walled nunnery [12/12]

Catherine O`Hara wasn't actually asked to follow, thus she sort of sits there, watching the rodent and portal summoning mage.

Taikris somehow decides against joining the little excursion as he wasn't exactly invited

Sirum Hest leans over to wrap a paw around Catherine's tail and give a few tugs. "C'mon, we might as well take ya with us. If we do decide to drop by the Order, it'll be one less trip back here.", seeming to be waiting on Kivae as well before he strolls into the magical gate.

Kivae shrugs, wrapping an arm around her bag, and shuffles inside. Did it matter where it lead to, really?

Catherine O`Hara snatches her tail back after giving a brief yelp as it's so cruelly tugged on, though despite this she does indeed bring herself to her feet, following after the rodent, not speaking as Sirum had already passed on. R.I.P Mouse.

Sirum Hest gives the necromancer an apologetic look, before hopping through ala rabbit hoppery and cringing, having to get used to the climate of the mountains all at once.

Rakuro, along with the rest of the Hero Party, strolls easily into the temple of Lakorin's Dagger, a shimmering oval of blueish light dancing happily behind them. At the sight of the nun, of course, he pauses long enough to hiss behind him, "Careful. Remember what they did to those tomatoes". He then takes a short step forward and waits for the nun to do something nunnish

Sirum Hest rubs at his forehead with a paw for several moments as he waits for his ears to stop ringing, once getting comfortable glancing about the monestary with a brow raised. More than likely they ended up outside it rather than in, as that would terribly pain Catherine were this a holy establishment. "Well then... where exactly is it at? An' I do, but we're not tomatoes. We're made of... non-vegetably-stuff."
Sirum Hest adds, after. "...or is that non-fruity?"

Generic Nun 1 turns around. "Why hello there!! Welcome to the temple of the Red Fruit! I am your hostess, Sister Mary Cherry Tomato."

[%] Rakuro just gave Generic Nun 1 a cookie.
Rakuro: [HRT]
[%] Catherine O`Hara just gave Generic Nun 1 a cookie.
Catherine O`Hara: [xD]
Rakuro: [I love you]
[%] Sirum Hest just gave Generic Nun 1 a cookie.
Catherine O`Hara: [This is a monastary to a tomato... Not a prime?]
Rakuro: [Not just 'a' tomato! -The- Tomato]
Catherine O`Hara: [Alright, no burning then. o.o]

Generic Nun 1 tries her best to look perky. Like Chloe, only without the creepy undertones. "What can I do for you? Are you here to view the fabulous fruit? Taste our ever-so-luscious produce? Join the order of the Red Fruit?"

Rakuro's ears twitch faintly at this cheery greeting, his eyes widening a faint degree at the name as well.. this wasn't what he expected from the warrior nuns, "Er.. hello. I'm er.. Rakuro.. and this is Sirum, Kivae and Catherine O'ha-Blackthorne.. in no particular order. We were just.. ehm.. stopping by.. to.. ah.. pick up something that we believe showed up here several years ago?"

Sirum Hest apparently ended up inside it, then, but as Catherine isn't bursting into flame he assumes things to be safe. After sizing the cleric up briefly, he casually walks forward and gives a weak nod, "We're not really here to join or to have a meal, jus' to retrieve somethin' of mine. A while back I had a dagger, kinda ordinary, really, jus' a tiny bit of magic about it an' it went missin'. We took a look inside an' orb, an' it showed it to be here. Any idea where it is?"

Generic Nun 1 tilts her head slightly. "Many things heppen to end up here, Er.. Rakuro. What exactly are you looking for? You see, we here at the Order of the Red fruit are the holedrs of the Eternal Astral Lost and Found. if you lost something, we probably found it."
Generic Nun 1: If you're looking for lost, love, however, I can't help you with that.." She continues obliviously. "You're looking for a dagger and an orb? Or an orbic dagger?"

Catherine O`Hara finds herself in a holy place once more, instinctively cringing as memories suddenly strike back, before straightening and gazing about in a befuddled manner, as she's introduced she adds, "Good evening." Then a modest bow of her head to the cleric of the red vegetable.

Rakuro's ears perk upwards at that, "I say, that's pretty bloody handy, that.. I've got about ninetyfive and a half things I've rather unfortunately misplaced.. and that's rounding off the decimals too. However, as my friend here said.. ah.. we're looking for a dagger"

Generic Nun 1: Well, you'll have to hold on just a few hours. Today is the Festival of the Garlic. We're making sauce. Or well, at least everyone else is. I'm on visitor detail.

Sirum Hest nods quickly at Rakuro's words. "No orbic daggers or orbs, jus' a dagger. An' it's not so much lost anymore, as we've found it here, makin' it not property of the Astral Lost an' Found... right?"

Kivae merely stares as she's introduced, then edges a step towards Sirum and Rakuro, leaning her head down, along with her ears. She rubs her foot on the floor, and glances around. ".. Do you sell any plants..?" But going sheepishly quiet again when she remembers why they're there.

Generic Nun 1: Can i interest you in a jar of our finest vine-ripened? It's positively smashing, let me tell you. It mixes with just about any meat or vegetable dish you could dream about.

You say, "[I'm never going to be able to come here again without thinking that those are tomatoes growing along the vines.]"
Generic Nun 1: [For this RP.. They are Tomatoes ^^;]
Catherine O`Hara: [*Snorts*]

[If you're wondering what we were looking at for our 'tomato' stand-ins...]

Rakuro reaches out to lightly backhand Si, hissing out, "Don't mess with temporal mechanics, Si. It's part of the Astral Lost and Found, otherwise it isn't here". He then looks back to Sister Mary Cherry Tomato. "Er.. I suppose that's alright then. I don't particularly mind waiting for tomato sauce to be prepared.. actually, if we help out, could we get some? I think Kitzi ran out"

Catherine O`Hara raises her head briefly at that, eyes alighting with an idea and her poaw moves to the halfway point between being at her side, and being up in the classic question pose, crafting food was a fine pasttime of hers, though one in her mind, she had neglected for many months. Though as other matters continue apace, she doesn't voice her interest, and soon drops the paw.

Sirum Hest flops down to the floor then, somewhat bothered by the lack of answer, but he doesn't question it again. He simply leans back to whisper to the mage, "I don't see why we're botherin' with the thieves like this, especially considerin' jus' what it was they took, but if it's part of yer plan...", he coughs into a paw then and grins sheepishly, speaking up. "I dunno how to make tomato sauce?"

Generic Nun 1 pulls a rather nice glass bell jar full of a reddish paste from her volumous sleeves. "One Jar is only 3 Gold. I know it's a lot, but 90% of it goes to Charity. This month, we're supporting the Ansteorran Orphans of the War Orphanage of War Orphans. It's run by the Socety of Redundant Nomenclature."

Rakuro's mind instantly does the math on that, and he blinks at the sum he comes up with.. "huh.. that's odd.. so do you grind up the gold to give them the 90%.. or.....?" he trails off, then shakes his head shortly, "Sure. I'll take twenty. And.. is there any possible way we could get that dagger quicker?"
Rakuro begins digging in his sleeve for the necessary sixty crowns

Generic Nun 1 begins stacking jar after jar after jar on the ground until there are twenty fully loaded jars of Tomato Sauce, each labeled with the face of a smiling nun holding a tomato in one paw, and a holy symbol in the other. The tagline reads: Our Sauce is Heavenly.

[%] Catherine O`Hara just gave Generic Nun 1 a cookie.
[%] Sirum Hest just gave Generic Nun 1 a cookie.
You say, "[There aren't enough cookies.]"
[%] Rakuro just gave Generic Nun 1 a cookie.
Catherine O`Hara: [No. No there's not. =/]

Sirum Hest goes over the figures in his head and slips a paw into a pocket then, drawing out from it three gold coins. He could afford to spend a bit if it meant ending this without a pile of ash or the raizing of the Temple of Red Fruit, after all. ^^ "I guess I'll take one as well, though I'm not really sure what I'll use it for. Do ya think M'Rill will see it an' get mad, thinkin' I'm worshippin' another deity, though?", frowning briefly.

Rakuro smiles happily at all the jars of sauce as he procures a small bag from his sleeve, holding it out to the nun. As soon as she takes it, he would begin dropping jars into his sleeves. Handiest transportation around

Catherine O`Hara has a... Bottomless hat!
Sirum Hest has a bottomless quiver. Poor Kivae doesn't have any bottomless things. :-(
Rakuro suggests stomach

Kivae wonders uneasily at what might need twenty jars of tomato sauce, but her attention is caught by the jars of sauce, at which she stares, looking somewhat afraid. ".. What about.. the actual plants? Or, are those too sacred.. or something.." Edging a bit away from the stack, and wondering the label-nun's eyes are the kind that look like they follow you.

Generic Nun 1 stacks up one more jar. "What was that? You're here looking for a dagger? I think I can take a look for you if you'd like. We have the AStral Lost and Found here, you know. If you've lost it, we probably acquired it."
Generic Nun 1 notes that the labels are in no way creepy. "Oh, we couldn't ever sell our sacred plants! We give them away! It's better to spread the love of the great Tomato if everyone plants a tomato vine in their own home."

Catherine O`Hara folds her paws before her as she raises an eyebrow at the odd statement of the nun, "You already mentioned that though, didn't she?" Glancing at the others for reassurance.

Rakuro found that incredibly creepy.. >>

Catherine O`Hara: [Um. I think that the vine is poisoned, or is some form of weed.]

Rakuro backs away from the nun slowly, then glances around shortly, "Ah.. right.. well, ah.. it's just a smallish sort of dagger.. er.. pretty plain looking.... um.. it's rather hard to describe properly, actually".. he looks to Si for help

Generic Nun 1: [Over their bed.. where the great tomato can see you... yes.. The Tomato sees all. Fear the tomato..]
Catherine O`Hara: [^^%# *Burns the stuffed tomato looking at her. ><]

Generic Nun 1 nodnods quickly, and then turns around. Moments later, she comes back dragging a sack, and then back again with another and another. "I think these are all the lost daggers for the past hundred years or so. It should be in here somewhere. can I interest you in some tomato knicknacks? We have an assortment of statues and stuffed tomato toys."

Sirum Hest tosses the three coins over towards the nun and lifts the jar from the floor, lightly tucking it beneath an arm. "If anythin', at least when we return to Kitzibeth's villa we can make the biggest pot of spaghetti on Faenor." He rises up then and closes his eyes, trying to envision the dagger. "It had... a gold handle, with the strangest little design along it. Lines spirallin' down around it with the image of a tiny unicorn on either side of it. I think. It's been so long..."

Generic Nun 1 offers the bags for you all to paw through. Roll 1d100 ^^ 98+ finds the dagger.
You say, "[We have other methods. (;]"
Rakuro wants to use divination? ^^]
You say, "[... like that one.]"

Kivae doesn't think that'd be very good for storage. She nods, somewhat slowly, "Right." But she doesn't offer to take one of the plants, though, just shifting her weight from foot to foot, and glancing back towards the portal.

Catherine O`Hara blinks at this before again raising her paw, "Oh! Though with everything associated with a fruit around here being a bit odd, I wouldn't mind one of the stuffed toys you mentioned... Profits still going to the War orphans and Redundant Nomenclature, and... Well, anything else you might have said?"

[*] Catherine O`Hara rolls 100d1 & gets 100.
Catherine O`Hara: [Woot.]
Generic Nun 1: [Divination spells will add +preps to the roll. These are bottomless bags :-)]

Sirum Hest flashes the nun a toothy grin then and leans in to whisper something quietly to her. After several seconds pass, he suddenly stops and and nods back to Kivae. "Since we can't sit here all night an' sift through these bags... could ya find the one I described here? Ya probably saw me with it several times after she left."

[ You whisper "Could ya get me one of the tomato dolls right before we go? I figure it'll be a nice gift for someone after we leave. I could pay, if ya need?" to Generic Nun 1. ]

Rakuro yays and casts a 40 prep divination spell!... then promptly flops over dizzily and lets Si's extraordinary luck do the rest? <<;;

Kivae can't help but wonder what Sirum would be whispering a nun about.. but, anyways. She does, in fact, contribute 10 to the preps, being at half-prep, due to divination. :-P ".. I could give your paws some help, I guess. Not that they need much, at the rate they'll be looking though the bags."

[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d100+50 & gets 89.
Catherine O`Hara adds!
You say, "[Cath adds 10 preps I take it? :P]"
Catherine O`Hara: [Sure. :-P]
You say, "[What amazing luck we have.]"
Rakuro: [x) Fight the system :-P]

[*] Rakuro rolls d100 just to see & gets 92.
[*] Catherine O`Hara rolls 1d100 & gets 68.
[*] Catherine O`Hara rolls 1d100 Taco bell! & gets 74.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d100 & gets 7.
You say, "[Inari hates me]"
[*] Catherine O`Hara rolls 1d100 Give me a 100! & gets 18.
[*] Rakuro rolls d100 DUNGO! & gets 12.
[*] Catherine O`Hara rolls 1d100 Give me a 1! & gets 67.
Rakuro shrugs
[*] Kivae rolls 1d100 But Inari loves me. <3 & gets 39.
[*] Catherine O`Hara rolls 1d100 Rakuro! & gets 28.
[*] Catherine O`Hara rolls 1d100 & gets 71.
[*] Catherine O`Hara rolls 1d100 & gets 99.
Kivae.. more than Sirum.
Catherine O`Hara: [Woot]
[*] Generic Nun 1 rolls 1d100 ? & gets 51.

Generic Nun 1 notes that you found it! Yay! The nun paws a stuffed tomato to Sirum. "Three Gold. 90% goes to charity! We're supporting the Ansteorra Orphans of war Orphanage for war orphans."

Catherine O`Hara was the one who wanted the stuffed tomato, and found it. ^^

Rakuro mrfs as the spell is cast, falling over and landing on the tiled floor with a dull 'thud', accompanied with what could be construed as a crack of bone.. though if it's -his- bones is questionable. He merely continues falling until he's lying flat on his back, staring up at what ceiling there may be.... "Right... wonderful.."

Sirum Hest, after padding over to ensure that Rakuro was going to be okay, apparently spends the next thirty minutes rummaging through the sacks, only to have a faint glimmer of gold catch his eye. From the pile he manages to not get himself cut, while reaching in to bring out the unicorn dagger. Bringing it up to his nose, he sniffs at it lightly, then squeaks out happily. "It's Lakorin's! I'm sure of it, it's got the same smell an' everythin'." He slips the nun three gold then and tucks the doll beneath his cloak quickly, afterwards padding back and sliding the dagger into his sheath. "... thanks for yer help, but before we go anywhere, I have to ask... how is it that ya come across 'lost' things? Since the way it was reported a year or two ago in Ansteorra, the church was raided by Clerics."

You say, "[Is it enchanted!?]"
Rakuro: [Yes, Si... it is]
Rakuro: [:-P]
You say, "[The doll, not the dagger, in all its +1 to-hit/dam glory.]"
Catherine O`Hara: [Cursed, -6 Manliness. For some reason Sirum is not effected.]
You say, "[:P]"
Rakuro: [o my]

['Is it enchanted'... I think that was a meme in the guild at the time, born from questions being posed to DMs for the oddest things players would try to loot on quests.]

Generic Nun 1 blinks. "I don't know what you mean?" She shrugs, and huffs the bags back to the altar, where they vanish. "Alright. Thank you for visiting the Order of the Red Fruit! Come back anytime. May the great Tomato Bless you!

Rakuro slowly rolls over onto his stomach and slowly makes his way towards the portal that has, this whole time, stayed open. How he does it is somewhat akin to doing the worm.. with less effort and more squeaking

Catherine O`Hara raises a paw once more to gain attention, "Excuse me, sorry, I'm afraid you didn't hear me before, I'd like to buy one of the stuffed fruit things as well.'

Sirum Hest raises a brow in suspicion at the Cleric, but he shakes it off and scurries back over to Rakuro, crouching down to weakly try and help the mage back up. "Ya shouldn't have cast such a big spell, Rakuro. Are ya gonna be okay? I don't think we can carry ya back."

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Generic Nun 1: Oh! Of course. Three Gold." She paws over a stuffed tomato, complete with a stitched smile and googly eyes.

You say, "[Catherine is Cursed, -6 Maniless, dropping her down to a 12.]"
Catherine O`Hara: [Ouch.]

Kivae sits down by Rakuro, tugging lightly on his tail, with a faint frown. "Having some spaghetti will make you feel better." Then glancing up as the nun dismisses them, seeming to be trying to decide something before raising a handpaw, "Could I have a plant before we go?" Staring with round eyes at the stuffed tomato. o.o;

Rakuro makes a short 'mrf' noise and says, "Right.. could you get me one o' them stuffed tomatoes? It'd look good at the tree. And I'll be just fine, thanks"

Catherine O`Hara is somewhat creeped out by the stuffed fruit, though she does accept it, retrieving three gold pieces from a small brown pouch at her side, pleased with her contribution to the Redundant Nomenclature society.

Generic Nun 1 offers a small, potted tomato plant. A single red fruit hangs from a part of the vine. The fruit looks perfect. Unblemished. Smile-y.

You say, "[This...]"
You say, "[Has to have been the weirdest RP I've ever been in.]"
You say, "[So.]"
You say, "[We came to a church, lost 72 gold, gained 21 jars of tomato sauce, three plushies and a dagger.]"
You say, "[Best quest ever. :-P]"

Catherine O`Hara is contributing to a good cause! Plus she has something that can scare O'Hara into not taking over her mind.

Sirum Hest nods slowly and whispers down to the mage, while occasionally glancing to the Cleric. "They have to have been the ones that raided the church. Who knows how long they've been pillagin' places an' all those peoples daggers an' other things."

Rakuro shrugs lightly, an action that's truly impressive considering he's worming his way out of the building "Or, they're truly Feanor's Astral Lost and Found. Such places -do- exist, y'know. Besides.. I got a lot of tomato sauce and I really would like some spaghetti"

Catherine O`Hara takes a seat, as the others appear to be doing, in time to whisper in response to the rodent, "But the money's going to a charity, so... It's all turning out for the best."

Rakuro also doesn't particularly feel like ripping Sister Mary Cherry Tomato's head off and eating her innards.. <<;;

Kivae gets to her feet, holding her handpaws out for the pot to be placed it, and then staring half-transfixed at the fruit. ".. Right. Thanks." She steps back, then turns for the portal, holding the pot in front of her, and following after Sirum and worming Rakuro. "You got what you were looking for either way, right?"

Generic Nun 1 tastes like meat sauce.
Rakuro wants to now
Catherine O`Hara has a pet gopher she can feed the nun too.
Generic Nun 1 cries :-(

Sirum Hest slides the dagger into a sheath on his belt then and springs back up, after taking ahold of one of Rakuro's paws. "Well, I guess I would too, even though there were a few other things I'd lost. Those claws were kinda... creepy, though, an' I've no need for those rings any longer. They'd be more use to someone like ya." He then begins padding over towards the portal slowly, murmuring as he goes, "Seems we're puttin' off the trip to the Iocan Order until later as well, then?"

Catherine O`Hara just has one, wouldn't do it, the last fellow made it fat.

Rakuro slowly manages to get to his feet and shakes his head firmly, his hair swaying out like only good, old-fashioned scraggly chin-length hair can.. think.. Aragorn. When he struts into the hall after getting flung off the cliff. Yea, like that. He stumbles backwards a few steps, then clears his throat and starts forward once more, "Yes. I rather think we will be"

Catherine O`Hara got a tomato, and didn't get fried, so... Woot!

Generic Nun 1 is glad people are pleased. Nite []
Rakuro: [Night! _]
You say, "[Night Kitz. :-D]"
You say, "[And thanks ^^]"
Taikris: [Night Kitz :-)]
Kivae: [Night. ^^]

Sirum Hest exits the monestary then and hurls a fireball back behind him, sending the entire Order of the Red Fruit up in flames, slaughtering thousands upon thousands of tomatoes. Or not. Really, he just steps through the portal and back to the villa, bearing such things as toys, tomato sauce and unicorn daggers! Huzzah!

Catherine O`Hara has a stuffed tomato!

Catherine O`Hara: [Anywho, I'm out. That was... Unique. o.o]
You say, "[And now.]"
Rakuro: [:-P Night]
You say, "[I'm going to go eat lunch, dinner or whatever.]"
Rakuro: [I need some food as well]


Eagle0600: Help!
Eagle0600: please help me
Eagle0600: what i suposed to do here?
Kivae: [.. Um..]
Kivae: [This is a strict RP dream. :-)]
Eagle0600 slips into character
Eagle0600: "what is there to do around here?
(You see Eagle0600.)
> Not a bad person, just wants to be happy without making others unhappy. Adoptive freind of Dylan Germs and Frammilor
You say, "[...]"
You say, "[Ahahaha.]"


Kivae: [Haha. Lookit your port.]
Rakuro: [Whoa o.o]
Rakuro: [Sorry]
Rakuro: [I totally forgot this was open <<]
Kivae: [x)]
Rakuro: [...xD]
Rakuro slips into character
Rakuro: "what is there to do around here?
Rakuro: Dang.. I wish I could've seen his lack of desc >>
Kivae will paste.
Kivae: (You see Eagle0600.) > Not a bad person, just wants to be happy without making others unhappy. Adoptive freind of Dylan Germs and Frammilor
Rakuro: Manliness: -4
Rakuro: How are you an adoptive friend, anyway?
Kivae: I want to adopt you as my friend? Since all your other friends died?
Rakuro: ....
Rakuro snrks
Rakuro: Anyway. I've gotta run off before my mom grounds me or something bad like that <<
Kivae: Later.
Rakuro sends cookies to the both of you, even though the nun actually has them all
Rakuro: Oh wait..
[%] Rakuro just gave Kivae a cookie.
[%] Rakuro just gave Sirum Hest a cookie.
Rakuro: Midnight cookies n.n
Kivae: :D
Rakuro pop!
[%] You have no cookies left!

[... I miss Ansteorra and all the ridiculous people, characters, plots and RPs in it.]
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