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A day of yet more crazed alchemy. 10-6-2004

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 06, 2017 12:59 am    Post subject: A day of yet more crazed alchemy. 10-6-2004 Reply with quote

[Summary: Slice of life. Nothing too interesting here, I fear I missed most of this day as my log ends rather abruptly. Sol and Zag make an appearance, though.]

Maes Uroboros is slouched against the wall thingy, daydreaming. He notices people arriving and looks to see who they are. Anyone not AFK will notice him staring straight at you for at least twenty seconds.

Solinox's footsteps echo along the wooden floor as he makes his way through the villa. Of course, he pays particular attention to the statues, as the elves are quite fond of such artistic pursuits. He bows slightly to the group, clutching a fold of his new cloak (which is very much like the old one, save the torn bottom). He seems like he's about to say something, but holds his tongue in the presence of the stranger. "Solinox Avelhar, Lord Commander of Ansteorra in exile and Bladelord of Westernesse. I welcome you to the villa."

Maes Uroboros nods to Solinox. "I won't remember that for more than a day. I'm Maes Uroboros, wandering ranger of wherever I happen to be. Thank you for such a warm welcome, and am glad to have come here. You're a bladelord, is it?"

Kele-De perks her ears as she hears voices behind her. She closes the book she's reading and turns about in the seat, to look over the division. "'Ello Commander Solinox. Last I'd heard, you were leaving our prescence. What changed your mind?" She arches a brow as she looks a brow at the stranger, then directs her next comments to him. "I'm Kele-De. Kele to most around here."

Maes Uroboros waves to the lady behind him, as he doesn't want to have to turn around. "Nice to meet you, Kele."

Kivae leans against the fence, pleased at how it's not collapsing. She grins, drumming her heels on the wood. "Who wouldn't be glad t'have come here, with the food?"

Solinox nods to the adolescent. "Yes, indeed. Have you spoken to Zagnafein Silverleaf? I believe you may have heard of him. He is a legend among rangers, and perhaps he would be able to share his knowledge with you." He replies to the seal mistress thereafter. "The return of old friend," is offered as an answer. And lastly, to Kivae, "I can profess that I have not come for the food, although it is a nice change from the fatenning servings of a dwarven hold."

Erk Mendon comes back into the room, carrying his usual stack of books. He sits at the table, dropping the stack on it and taking a book. He opens it up and reads.

Maes Uroboros brushes his hair, as if expecting to still find sand in it. "Zagnafein? Aye, I've heard much about him. To say that he would be able, one would mean that he is at this time taken residence here?"

Solinox smirks at Maes' question. "Well, he is often out venturing in the wilderness for whatever reasons. I expect that he will stop by occasionally, or at least that he will come in the near future to prepare for our war efforts."

Sirum Hest pads up to the room with a wooden sword in his left paw dragging along the ground and a pair of wooden claws behind held gently in his right, appearing much as if he had spent the night without sleep. After glancing about everyone gathering dazedly, he moves to fwump by Kivae and carelessly drop the finely crafted weaponry on the floor. "I do what they ask an' they don't have the decency to wait on me for twelve hours or so... how rude... hehehe..."

Solinox spots the wooden weapon in Sirum's paw. "You lack both the training and fortitude to properly wield such a thing, Master Hest, but it is rather comical to see you try." A grin accompanies the subtle joke.

Maes Uroboros nods. "I look forward to seeing the famed ranger in person." He looks at Sirum. "And what, blue mouse, are you hefting such equipment for? I seem to have forgotten your name, as well."

Erk Mendon takes a break from reading, looking out the window, muttering to himself, "Why am I just sitting here doing nothing but reading?..."

Marlina Evenstar mutters something as fingers briefly become ensnared in her hair as she brings them through the wet strands, though eventually she struggles past this block, as Solinox makes his statement, she responds with one of her own, "'Course it'd be amusing, along with many things not to be bein' very complimentary to yourself Commander, but we'd not be sayin' those now would we? Where's to be bein' my money?" Of course she's interested in that matter...

Kivae rolls her eyes. "You must be desperate for work, to get it done so fast.." Flickering her tail at the sword, and leaving it to Sirum to correct Solinox. Instead, she raises her ears. "War efforts? The last I heard was just that everyone was hiding inside.. and something about dwarves. Entad said he didn't have anything for us to do."

Sirum Hest glances between the claws and the sword blankly at Solinox's comment, before laughing briefly. "They're not for me, I couldn't hit a behemoth with either if it was drunk an' passed out. Some people requested weapons an' offered payment, so I took some of Kitzibeth's wood an' made 'em." Turning his attention to Erk, "Because ya only do three things. Sleep, read an' cast fire. Kitzibeth would burn ya if ya burned her villa, so that's ruled out. Ya more than likely jus' woke up, so sleepin' isn't an option. So, yer last option is to read. That's why.", squeaking happily.

Erk Mendon turns around, glaring at Sirum, though not saying anything. With that done, he turns back to his book.

Kivae's nose twitches faintly as she sends a sudden glance towards Maes, as if just having noticed his presence. "'F you forget names so easily.. I guess it would be good t'give you mine so you'll remember it sooner. Kivae. You're Maes, yea?" Moving to see Erk. >.>

Sirum Hest also nods to Kivae and grins sheepishly. "It's jus' been so long since I've had the opportunity to craft with wood. An' seein' my work put to good use like Ruby an' Rakuro do... well... it makes me wanna ensure that everyone will have at least a bit of protection."

Kele-De glances back over her shoulder at Erk, rolls her eyes, then shakes her head. She arches a brow then turns to Si. "What do you mean?" She asks, brows furrowing. "Why would they want wooden weapons.?"

[+8 STR claws, 3d4 -> 3d10 executioner's scythe, +6 to-hit bow, +8 WIS emerald leaf pendant... why would anyone want anything but wooden gear?]

Maes Uroboros nods. "Thats correct. Good to meet you, Kivae. And why," he adresses Sirum, "did you make wooden weapons? That sounds useless."

Solinox turns around as he's addressed by the crossbowoman. "This way, if you have the other part of the bargain." He motions towards the other room.

Atroticus Oks Comes from the stairs with less books this time, three or four tops, he sits down calmly only to discover a new persone, but also seeing Marlina, he hesitates from prancing, after all, he doesnt want to be Alchemist Chiskabob >.> he steps up to the elf and says with a friendliesh smile "What here? And elf? Who might you be, Mr. Elf Sir?" chuckling after his joyful sentence.

Sirum Hest simply shrugs then and rises up to his footpaws, leaving the weapons by the wall. "The sword is for trainin', an' the claws are actually for usin'. Some people prefer wooden claws over metal ones, I guess. That or they're cheaper an' don't require Brax." To Maes, he adds, "With enough magic wood can become stronger than orichalcum. Don't underestimate it, ya?" With that, he idly scans over his bow and Kivae's beautiful pendant.

Annari Salia makes her way to a chair at the table and sits down. crossing her arms over her chest.

Marlina Evenstar smirks as she offers a brief nod, "Certainly, wouldn't want the bloody thing to be goin' missin yeh know. Lead on Commander."

Solinox furrows an eyebrow to the book-carrying fox. Quite perplexed by his manner, he offers a simple introduction. "Sir Solinox Avelhar, Lord Commander in exile and Bladelord of Westernesse, at your service."

Kele-De shrugs. "I suppose so. At least it gives you something to do." She turns, opens her book and begins reading once more.

Solinox walks away on that note.

Marlina Evenstar follows, in proper creepy fashion, 'cause she's just that cool.

Maes Uroboros rubs his eye. "And who might you be?" He is, of course, adressing the masked fox who just arrived.

Atroticus Oks Ahs at the noblemens introduction and follows him skipping a steps, he leaft his books behind, but once he sees marlina is moving he quickly lets his cloud platform potion drop and rises to the cieling letting her pass, afterwards, the cloud vanishes and he looks at Maes "Why, I am" he draws a scroll that he extends that have his name written in color shifting letters "Atrtoticus Oks, I dun like long names, so here, read it" he extends the scroll that falls to the ground and rolls over>

Sirum Hest reaches back behind him then to lift the wooden sword from the floor, padding over to offer it to Annari. No fear of splinters in this, it seems as if it was crafted by someone greatly skilled with their pawwork. "Since he offered to pay for it, I'll collect later, but hopefully this'll suit whatcha needed."

[ You whisper "[Wooden Longsword: 1d8 damage (Bashing Weapon)]" to Annari Salia. ]

Atroticus Oks about 4 feet or so of total leanght "I be alchemist of Valanthias, And you?" he then looks at Sirum upon him saying that wood > oricalahum "Oy, defing the laws of logic?... I love it! May i be able of some assistance, i know many potions of soldification! My best one is wood as strong as Diamonds... if only it werent make it as heavy as steel" he sighs.

Kivae grins as she watches Sirum, arms folding behind her head. "So I was right, huh?" No gracious winner here. ^^

Annari Salia nods, "Alright thanks," She says taking the wooden sword and resting it on her lap, "How much do you want for it?"

Maes Uroboros scratches his head. "Atrocious oaf, did you say your name was? How uncommon, I'd say. But taking it rather literally, I would see reason for such an intriguing mask. You're quite the character, although I'd suggest you choose a name better suited to an alchemist. My name is Maes Uroboros, and you may find my namesake familiar to one of your field."

Taikris casually makes his way up the entryway, giving the occasional glance to the surrounding foliage. Tail swishing to the ebb and flow of the breeze, he begins to blink a few times as Sirum seems to have finished the sword. "Hey everyone."

Erk Mendon slams his book closed suddenly, looking quite annoyed with something. He just sits there, paw on the cover of the book and looking angry, clearly thinking over something.

Sirum Hest sticks his tongue out at Kivae. "Ya, ya were. I jus' didn't think he would wanna slam his fists into her is all. It seems so painful..." Then, turning his attention to Oks, "Nah, that's okay. I do all my serious work with Rakuro an' Kivae's help. It somehow makes the finished product better.", ears drooping. As Taikris enters the villa, he moves back over to gather up the wooden claws and paw them over to the furre. "Yer femme friend has her sword, an' here are yer claws. What exactly were ya intendin' to pay with, anyways? Some little magical artifact, or anythin'...?"

[ You whisper "[Wooden Claws: +1 d#]" to Taikris. ]
[ You whisper "[I think.]" to Taikris. ]
[ Taikris whispers, "I only needed it as a prop. I already have iron wristclaws as starting equip" to you. ]
[ Taikris whispers, "Thanks for making them in the first place, btw ^^" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Welcome. ^^]" to Taikris. ]

Taikris shrugs slightly. "I don't exactly have anything of the magical variety. I have some gold saved up from when I was working bars, but it's not terribly though."

Sirum Hest's ears droop at the mention of gold, going over how much he had gathered in recent weeks. After a short period of thought, he shakes his head and moves back over to lean against the wall. "Nevermind, then. Jus' give 'em to the next person who needs 'em when yer done with 'em, then."

Taikris gives a firm nod to Sirum as he slowly slips them about his paws. "Thanks a lot, Sirum. Now I won't have to use those rather nasty looking metal ones for our practices ^^." He quickly marches through the archway to give a wave to Annari. "Shall we try these things out?"

Annari Salia shrugs lightly then stands up, "Sure," She says, resting the wooden sword on her shoulder.

Atroticus Oks Looks to Maes "Oh... Hmmm... I dont recall, care to refresh my memory? Oh, wait, i have a potion for that" he chuckles "I'd use it, but i dont really have to have a over abundant hair right now, And i like my name just as it is ya know" he skips to a side, he then looks over to both Sirum and Kivae "Oh... Hmm... Care to try it anyways?" he draws a potion and hands it out to sirum "It'll gurantee you wood as hard as diamonds, but be sure to not move it too mutch cause it'll get heavy".

Kivae wrinkles her nose, glancing up at the fox. "We have our own potions." And then rubbing the side of her hand over her nose, like a cat pawing its muzzle.

Taikris turns about, wondering just where a good spot would be. "Hey Sirum, any spot you could recommend for us to try these things out?"

Maes Uroboros: [posts parts of what atr just said on the forum. XD]
Atroticus Oks: [XD].
You say, "[I'm doing so now.]"
Maes Uroboros: [no dammit! I wanted to T.T]
Maes Uroboros: [well at least don't forget what kivae just said, too]
Kivae doesn't get it?]
Kivae: [... o-o;;]
Kivae: [Leave me out of this. :-P]

Maes Uroboros reminds Atroticus. "The Uroboros, The snake which bites it's own tail? You need to brush up on your lore, good sir."

Maes Uroboros: [note to general public- any grammatical errors made by this character are completely intentional.]
Marlina Evenstar: [!! Bad Alchemist, bad!]
Marlina Evenstar: [Sure they are.]

Sirum Hest smiles weakly and gives a light shrug, staring off at the ceiling. "It's no problem, I needed somethin' to keep me busy, anyways. Ya might wanna try outside the chapel, though. It's nice an' open out there." After nodding at Kivae's words, he too answers Oks, "Besides, Kivae can make wood better than any mage can. It's what ya get from workin' with nature for so long..."

Kivae: [Even ones involving 's? :-P]
Maes Uroboros: [nope, those are just me screwing myself over.]

Taikris gives another nod as he swivels about to face Annari. "You heard the mouse. Come on :-D"

Atroticus Oks rings a bell: Ding Dong :P "Oh yes, that thing, Well, Interesting really, But does anyone in your family have to do with my job kind?" he jumps kivae with a summer sault, he should be half Alchemist, Half Bafoon actually, he snaps his finger and sits down... after a while of waiting he remmembers "Cursed Anti-Magic field, it takes the fun out of being a mage" he sighs.

Erk Mendon froze...did you catch my last post?

Atroticus Oks: [Someone enlighten me what does Wood mean in your slang o.o].-
You say, "[You see, Hikari.]"
You say, "[When a woodchipper and a branch love each other very much...]"
Atroticus Oks: [Tell me it doesnt mean pen0s].
Erk Mendon: [lol]
Atroticus Oks: [Please god tell me it doesnt >.<].
Marlina Evenstar: [o.o]

Maes Uroboros scratches his head. "Well, my parents were alchemists, and somewhere along the line I assume a grandfather Uroboros of mine took to doodling. Aside from that, I think I'll..." His sentence is cut short as he notices Zagnafein arriving. "Greetings, good elf."

Sirum Hest leans down to whisper to Kivae, while keeping an eye trained on the mage which is more disturbing than insane. "We might wanna put a bit of distance between him an' ourselves. In case Marlina doesn't feel like bashin' him to the floor in our defense, again...", flopping back over into a chair to move away then.

Zagnafein Silverleaf somehow winds up at the table, and takes a seat. He hasn't spent much time in Kitzibeth's villa, instead preferring to wander in the whereabouts. "Hello," he replies to Mae, giving him a quick wave. The elf then sits, and yawns, before flipping his pack open and removing a small leather back from within.

Kivae twitches her ears to the whisper, scooting after him, but mostly just looking confused. "... Marlina bashed him to the floor? In our defense?" Tail curling around her feet.

Maes Uroboros turns 'round in his seat to face the elf. "Did you just arrive, or have you been here for a while? My name is Maes, by the by."

Atroticus Oks Jumps over the chair to the other in a very dashing athletic movement, rolling on the floor on the other side standing quickly saying "Hello Good ELF! Your now the second lucky elf i've seen today, a new persone and a elf, quite the place Kitzibeths got here! this is motive for celebration" a potion vial rolls off his hand and falls to the ground making a puffing mist of pink smoke "Dont worry Haha! its hahaha! Laugh Gas! hahaha! not Hah toxic hehehe!" his laugh sound joyful, not bad.

Sirum Hest notes that Zagnafein more than likely entered the portal supplied in Caeseal before the fort crumbled into ruin due to the lack of barrier. Regardless, he tail-waves to the ranger, "I was startin' to think ya might've gotten left behind. What happened with ya lately? It seems whenever anythin' big happens ya jus' up an' disappear. Ever since that battle in the forest...", tone teasing rather than condemning. Then he nods down at Kivae, grinning toothily, "That's right. Well, not so much in our defense, as in the defense of all magic casters everywhere."

Zagnafein Silverleaf raises his brow at the human, as he undoes the string that keeps the pouch shut, and withdraws some grapes from within. After tossing it into his mouth, he nods. "Just got back." The elf's mind seems to be on something else - until the mad fellow decides to pick on him. The elf reacts quickly to the gas, and waves his hand a few times. A gentle gust of wind quickly moves the pink gas out of the house. "Sorry," he smiles. [3/3]

[ Zagnafein Silverleaf whispers, "[Zag's already been in the house once.]" to you. ]
[ Zagnafein Silverleaf whispers, "[It's not his first time here. :P]" to you. ]
Atroticus Oks: [No spells allowed ^^].
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Why not?]
Atroticus Oks: [Anti-magic field].
[ You whisper "[Sirum didn't see him. x)]" to Zagnafein Silverleaf. ]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Fine then.]
You say, "[I think Kitz just has the anti-magic field on Atroticus.]"
Atroticus Oks: [The whole villas got it :/ I wish not].
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Wait. Set up by who?]
[ Zagnafein Silverleaf whispers, "'Kay. Who is Atro?" to you. ]
You say, "[Since Kivae, Sirum and Rakuro have been able to cast without restriction.]"
[ You whisper "[Level 12 NPC, Hiki.]" to Zagnafein Silverleaf. ]
Maes Uroboros: [yeah, that makes sense.]
Atroticus Oks: [O.o i gotta speak that with kitz, I havent been told of this v.v].
Atroticus Oks: [Why would she have it only on me? v.v],
Atroticus Oks: [IC kitz ofcourse :P].
You say, "[I'm sure she includes Erk too.]"
Atroticus Oks: [Dirk cast a shield spell at dinner :P].
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Well, whatever. Just go back and do something else.]
Atroticus Oks: [Eh, no? :P you respond to it in a different manor :P My Laugh gas cloud is viable].
Atroticus Oks: [Its chemistry, not magic v.v].
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Fine.]

Zagnafein Silverleaf quickly asks Sirum to cast a quick gust of wind to remove the gas. Seeing as how he can use magic.

Atroticus Oks notes that the smoke should be reaching Zagnafein.

Maes Uroboros doesn't seem to care about the gas, or whether he'd be affected. "Pray, whats your name, good elf?"

Zagnafein Silverleaf doesn't respond to Sirum, and Maes. Seeing as how some gas is headed his way, the elf holds his breath, stands up, and walks outside.

Sirum Hest's nose wrinkles as the gas appears, noting that Zagnafein would likely be allowed to cast magic as he isn't an insane mage like Atroticus, but he complies with the elfs request. Mostly to get it away from him. A paw is thrust out and in the motion a chilling gust of air moves forward, not enough to harm but enough to blow the smoke back into Oks face. "Laugh about yer own joke."

[ You whisper "[Why can't Zag be violent.]" to Zagnafein Silverleaf. ]
[ You whisper "[Lop his head off.]" to Zagnafein Silverleaf. ]
[ You whisper "[Collect the lewt.]" to Zagnafein Silverleaf. ]
[ Zagnafein Silverleaf whispers, "[Don't want to stain the floorboard.]" to you. ]
[ Zagnafein Silverleaf whispers, "[Plus I gotta go in about 10 minutes. Fight would take too long.]" to you. ]

Kivae thinks that Zag would be able to cast a spell, but if we're getting picky, thought that Kitzi actually sent Atroticus back. She pulls her shirt up over her nose, idly edging away as she responds to Sirum in a muffled, whispered, voice, "Why didn't she take his potions when she did." She nudges the wind make sure it complies with Sirum's spell correctly.

Maes Uroboros resists the extreme temptation to get up and kick Atroticus. He gives Sirum a thumbs-up. "Good to know someone here is relatively sane. Sirum, right? Kitzibeth, or rather Archmagess Kitzibeth, told me to talk to you. She said something to the likes of 'all the trouble seems to revolve around him, so you should speak with him'."

Kivae is only pulling up the neck of the shirt, as a note. >.>

Maes Uroboros has, for note, a cloth over his mouth and nose already. He always has.

Atroticus Oks Does indeed "Hahahhahahahahaha!" after about a minute or two the smoke goes out the window "Neither of you all are fun" he frowns "Where did the laughter go anyways?" he looks to Kivae "Because im an alchemist, and to strip me of my potions and materials would be that same as jailing you in a metal cage inside a tall stone tower? Your outfit tells your powers Druid" from out of nowhere, his right glove's ruby starts to flashing in tones, like a phone ringing or a clock>>.
Atroticus Oks< He sighs "i hate to cutshort on the jokes, but its time for me to do some studies, alchemy never stops, and i must study every day" he smirks and moves over to the floor and draws out a box no bigger than a jewelry box and sets it on the it "Full Size" and suddenly the trunk grows to the size of a big chest, he opens it and says "Organize" suddenly, all the materials inside spring into life and set themselves outfront in order and ready to be used, they're vials and bottles, the>>
Atroticus Oks<rest in the trunks are vials with potions or powder, he then takes out his Note Tome and does the same spell word and opens it, reading on the last written page "Hmm... Alright, what does Mercury do when boiled with some distilled vinager do?" he smirks, he takes out his "Glasses": Two hudge magnifing glasses stuck toghether to make bifocals, as soon as he puts them on he notices the etheral servents "Oh, quite nifty".

Atroticus Oks: [Longest post i've ever done >.>].
Maes Uroboros: [also horribly paragraphed, spelled, and punctuated.]
Atroticus Oks: [Who are you? :-P My english teacher, get off my back :P].
Kivae: [*Who are you, my english teacher? :-P Get off my back. :P *ducks*]
Maes Uroboros: [wafflemayo]
You say, "[*'oo 'er yae, moi ennlesh teechah? Geh ovv moi bagg.]"
Maes Uroboros: [ahahahah.]

Sirum Hest rolls his eyes and gives a light shrug, tail wrapping about him as he scoots over a few inches. "She was too busy enjoyin' her victory to consider the spoils, I suppose." He then grins toothily back in the direction of Maes, "Actually, I'm pretty sure Kivae an' myself are insane, we're jus' too busy makin' mischief to laugh our heads off an' fling glass vials everywhere.", a toe then pokes at her back. "Right, Kivvy?" Continuing to Maes, "What were ya wantin' to talk about, though? Sure, enough trouble happens around me, but that's usually reason for people to stay away."

Kivae frowns, tugging the material down. "Never said I was trying to hide it. But you don't see me going around lacing people up in vines, and have sparrows attack thier heads, do you?" Only nodding confirmation to Sirum, "You can be crazy, but it doesn't mean you have to be obnoxious.. all the time."

Sirum Hest flops back onto the chair then and, rather than curling up, he hangs his head beneath the table and his legs off the other end of the chair. An uncomfortable position for some, but he for some unusual reason seems to find it relaxing. "An' now, I'm gonna get some rest. Insanely. With craziness. Mrrf... wake me when somethin' happens."

Atroticus Oks Hmms as he mixes things with stuff, powders with liquids, he has many interesting quircks, like for example, he does thing very rapidly, and takes note of almost any change in the experiment and is the quickest hand in the west to write things.
Atroticus Oks Seems very bussy at work, seeing him makes it hard to belive this fox is insane... he seems dilligent until he mixes some solf of asulfer with an acid, he starts writting down the bubling of the vial and its shacking until he realizes... Shacking?! BOOM! goes the vial, splashing alot of things around it, not really producing any more than a small fire work, but he sees himself covered in it "Curses".

[Apparently my log ends here. Power or internet outage, I guess.]
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