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A day of bazaars, alcoholism and dinner parties. 10-1-2004

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 04, 2017 4:06 am    Post subject: A day of bazaars, alcoholism and dinner parties. 10-1-2004 Reply with quote

[Summary: The day after the RP where Sirum and Kivae acquired many thousands of arrows and crossbow bolts, they... needed somewhere to convert their bolts to gold, funds to aid in supplies for retaking Ansteorra. Which was in turn needed because everyone lost all their coin when we got exiled.

If you're wondering why all the Furn comments... I was told to make a dream for the bazaar. Who knew a copy of the Furn map looked just like Sargothas? Past the bazaar is just a shopping trip to pick up a pair of beloved alcoholics and nice, pleasant evening at Kitzibeth's villa full of underage drinking and people trying to kill one another. Any RP in Kitzibeth's villa tended to be an amusing one.]

You say, "[Welcome to the Sargothian Bazaar."
Rakuro: [xD]
Rakuro: [Well.. honestly.. it's easier if I just describe it]
Kivae: [We're selling bolts.. In FurN..]
Rakuro: [I'm good at describing things >>]
You say, "[Now.]"
You say, "[I can't help but wonder.]"
Rakuro: [Hey! FurN is a good map ;.;]
Kivae... doesn't want to know how they'll be used.]
You say, "[How you automatically recognize FurN.]"
Sirum Hest shifty brows. []
Kivae looks through her maps?]
You say, "[Excuses excuses.]"
Rakuro: [I didn't recognize it without all the people and dreams :-D]
Rakuro shifty eyes]
Kivae: [(Jesto should know. ;-)) *cough*]
Sirum Hest bites. []
Rakuro: [o my. Just don't go to the Yiffy Fur Bath. They've got an inappropriate patch :-P]
You say, "[Jesto doesn't take FurN hoes.]"
You say, "[His are strictly Imag.]"
Rakuro: [There're Imag hoes? o.o]
You say, "[Well.]"
You say, "[Weenches.]"
Sirum Hest points to Kiv. []
Rakuro: [Run o.o]
Rakuro: [Fast]
Maryn Cillanus: [Too late. o.o]
Kivae is a pimp, not a hoe. Get it right, hommeputain.]
[ Rakuro whispers, "...share" to you. ]
You are now sharing control of your dream with Rakuro.
Rakuro: [....]
Maryn Cillanus: [Eh.]
Maryn Cillanus: [Loser.]
Rakuro: [:-P]
Maryn Cillanus: [This is just an empty map. =P]
You say, "[Actually.]"
Rakuro: [Hey!]
You say, "[We scared all the yiffers away.]"
You say, "[They even packed up their dreams.]"
Maryn Cillanus: [Yiffers don't scare away, they move towards you... Vigorously.]
You say, "[You should know.]"
Maryn Cillanus: [Rakuro, you are but one small part in that emptiness to which i refer. :-P]
Rakuro: [Anyone got alts not used for Anst? :-P I kind of want to go try and sell crossbow bolts now]
Sirum Hest points to Marlina. []
Maryn Cillanus: [Yes, getting dragged to one of their dreams, I found out. Actually, same thing can happen in bars. o.o]
Rakuro: [Emptiness? A small... pa... what? o.o]
Maryn Cillanus: [Anywho.]
You say, "[Load us up a trader NPC, Marl.]"
Maryn Cillanus: [I'm tired, night all. Have fn with my bolts.]
Rakuro: [Night]
You say, "[For the Sargothian Bazaar--bah to you. :P]"
Maryn Cillanus: [Dude.]
Maryn Cillanus: [All]
Maryn Cillanus: [Sargothatians...]
Maryn Cillanus: [Are]
Maryn Cillanus: [Undead.]
You say, "[Undead]"
You say, "[Yes, we know.]"
Rakuro: [Aye]
Rakuro: [They are]
You say, "[That's what makes it fun. ^^]"
Maryn Cillanus: [Undeads don't buy bolts. o.o]
Rakuro: [Some do]
Kivae: [I bet the ones that use crossbolts do.]
Kivae: [*crossbows >.>]
Maryn Cillanus: [Sargothas undead would kill you, and then take the bolts. :-P]
Rakuro: [We aren't going to find zombies. The Bazaar is packed with Rivyn-esque folks]
Maryn Cillanus: [Why is there a Bazarr in the middle of the blasted plains?
Maryn Cillanus: ]
Rakuro: [Kind of like Kei mixed with Entad]
Rakuro: [...Where else would you deal necromantic wares, scrolls to flay every last bit of flesh off a target and other such evil bobbles?]
Maryn Cillanus: [Eh...]
Maryn Cillanus: [Screw it, I'm not going to argue reality any more.]
Maryn Cillanus: [=P]
Maryn Cillanus: [*Pops*]
Rakuro: [That's what I thought ^^]
Rakuro: [Night, Marl :-D]
Rakuro: [Actually, the Bazaar is Rivyn's idea]
Rakuro: [Vicera took Rakuro along once a long time ago]
Rakuro: [Yipe]
Rakuro: [Must go ea--..well, drink...]

Sirum Hest stumbles through the gate, squeaking out in fear from the 'long step' feel that the mage had described, nearly falling face forward down onto the ground, though he manages to catch himself before embarrasing himself in an undead bazaar. "Rakuro? ... Kivae?", quickly scanning the area for them, hopefully catching sight of them rather than undead.

Rakuro was apparently quite ready for the disorientation as he immediately reaches out and grabs onto Sirum's shoulder, roughly yanking the small mouse to stand next to him. Though the action is quickly proven useful as a giant beast covered in both a ragged 'cloak' and many, many horn spikes shambles through the space he just occupied. Once Kivae comes through she would recieve equal treatment, though nothing would be shambling past

Sirum Hest merfs out as soon as he is yanked over, reaching up to brush away the paw and rub lightly at his shoulder. "Ya gotta stop doin' this sorta stuff to us, it's not like--oooh!", letting out a pleased squeak as he catches sight of what nearly ran into him. "It's like a battleragin' dwarf, only without the shortness. Um... which way do we go for sellin'? None of these guys seem all that interested in bolts."

You are now sharing control of your dream with Rakuro.
You are now sharing control of your dream with Kivae.

[#] The entire area is covered in a hazy gray sort of fog that seems to press down on everything in the area like a wet blanket. Everything from the streets to the booths are done in varying shades of blacks and grays, with an occasional red thrown in just to show you how evil it is. Occult symbols of the sort seen in necromancy are prevalent, and hordes of what most consider 'undead' roam through the aisles without the least bit of care
[#] Haggling and bartering are the words of the day as it appears that every evil sort you could possibly manage to get your paws on have showed up here

(You see Shirikiki.)
> Before you is a very odd sort of furre, two over-sized rabbit ears poking out of the top of the hood of his dark black cloak. Green, grass-like hair flows down over a wooden mask, painted in the traditional style of theatres everywhere, only this one has a lopsided grin painted on it, giving him every appearance of insanity. A sapphire tear is placed just under the left eye and glitters with a kind of inner light. He stands only 3'6" tall, and smells strongly of pine.
Shirikiki is a trade NPC!]

Sirum Hest cocks his head to the side and continues scanning the area with a pleased look, not seeming to be intimidated by the undead in the slightest. It's not like he hasn't slain them dozens of times before. "Even in death people are worried about makin' a few extra coins, it seems, rather than jus' goin' on to the dream weave. How amusin'..."

Rakuro smiles faintly and hunches his shoulders forward, flexing his back muscles for apparently no reason.. of course, that's quickly replaced with a very good reason. His tattered draconic wings suddenly spread outward with a sickening rip as of flesh, flapping once just to make sure they still know what they're for, then settling a little closer. "Right then.. now that I fit in, let's find someone who could possibly want to buy a few tenthousands of bolts":

Shirikiki calls, as though on cue, over the din of the marketplace, "Bolts and bows, everything you've ever wanted in long-range armor-piercing wares you can get right here! BOLTS AND BOWS! RIGHT HERE FOLKS!"

Sirum Hest wonders what Ruby is shopping in FurN for. []
Ruby Pyralis is looking for a tree to cut down.]
Ruby Pyralis chops it down.]
Rakuro notes demons get clothing specially tailored for them... look at succubus <<]
Ruby Pyralis whacks Sirum over the head with it.]
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Ruby Pyralis: [What happened?]
Ruby Pyralis is vastly confused.]

Kivae remains huddled slightly towards Rakuro to avoid being trampled, ears seeming to be indecisive of whether to lay flat, or raise, but finally settle on a compromise- one of each. "You know what those," she refrains from pointing, "symbols mean, don't you?" Sounding a touch on edge, even as she glances everywhere, nose twitching. The other ear twitches up to point at Shirikiki, half-grin forming loosely.

Sirum Hest cringes as the wings make their appearance and scoots over a few inches, not quite fond of the idea of them making contact with him. They looked quite a bit more gruesome than some of the things nearer him, after all. As the merchant calls through the crowds, his ears perk, his attention immediately snapping in the direction of Shirikki, "He's sellin' 'em, but I wonder if he's buyin' as well... hum... wonder if we should ask 'em what he's sellin' 'em for first an' offer ours to him for a lower price?" Then, he answers Kivae, "They mean death, or 'Praise the Dark Primes', or 'I Like Casting Dark Spells', right?"

Rakuro nods shortly, his ears twitching towards Shirikiki.. "Aye, I know what they mean. Unfortunately. And I'd much rather do business quickly instead of waiting around here for someone to recognize who I am". He quickly herds the two of them towards the rabbit, who really doesn't look all that different from the description.. in fact, he looks almost exactly like that, except he's nearly eight feet tall and -very- thin. He calls up to him, "Right. I've got a couple first-timers looking for a deal"

Shirikiki's mask tilts awkwardly to one side like a puppet with a broken neck, his periodic shouting of 'Bolts and bows' breaking off at the prospective customers... "Aaaaaaah" he hisses, "Sssome new cusstomers are always welcome at the bazaar! Now.. what can I interest such delectable little morsels as yourselves in?"

Sirum Hest more than likely looks quite out of place in the bazaar of Sargothas, being as everything is black, spikey and evil, while he's just a little runty blue mouse. Wonder how many around here would recognize him. Kitzerina and him had had to flee some undead on the plains of Sargothas, after all. To answer the merchant, he takes a step forward and nervously coughs into a paw, "We've got all the bows an' arrows that we need, but we're here to try an' sell off some of our... collection. The finest bolts to ever come from the Kebeyan smithy, every last one of 'em recently forged."

Kivae lets the half-grin fade into a mildly curious expression, as she sends the occasional glance to either side, always coming back to look at the rabbit. Not doing much else besides that, and repress the grin whenever it starts again. Nothing to add, really. >.> She's not a merchant.

Shirikiki's head tilts back upright, a green glow suddenly growing within the two empty eyesockets as he looks over the small blue mouse.. "Aaaah... you wish to sell, is it? Well then! How many of what?"

Shirikiki: [Erk. We're not OOC :-P]
Erk Mendon: [you're kidding o-o they why the hell are you in FurN? Bah...tell me later.]

Sirum Hest draws up his cloaks hood after catching sight of the glow, as if trying to hide away from it. Though his little business deal isn't interrupted, "Jus' a few... crossbow bolts, is all. Only... ah... four-thousand, or so?", seeming to be expecting the merchant to burst out in laughter at the number. After a few moments of silence, he can't hold back his curiousity on other matters much longer, "...what kinda undead are ya, anyways? I've never seen one like ya before."

Shirikiki's head once more tilts off to the side, looking significantly broken. "Four thousand is no tiny sum, truly.. but okay. I'd give you a crown to every four bolts. And I'm a Puppeteer. Highly unlikely you've seen such as me. My place is here in the bazaar"

Amerie: Oh God, hide my port. ;;
You say, "[We're IC, Chloe. :P]"
Amerie: (Can you do that? :-P)
Amerie: (Can I RolePlay any random person? oo Sorry for ooc.)
You say, "[Well.]"
You say, "[We're in Sargothas ICly.]"
You say, "[Every 'random person' is evil, undead or both :P]"
Amerie: (Oh great, I'll bring Bill the undead Necromancer from the Depths on Hell on. ^^)

Rakuro simply stands a little away from Sirum, even letting go of the mouse to let him deal with the Puppeteer. He does, however, keep one paw firmly on Kivae's shoulder, keeping the fox girl close by his side. Nobody'd bother the runt in a business deal, Kivae's another matter :-P

Sirum Hest's nose wrinkles at the offered price, rubbing at the back of his neck with a paw. If he just had the starting price at a gold per two bolts, he would likely try to haggle down from there back to one as nearly every buyer in Ansteorra did. Thusly, he decides to use a slightly different method, "We we kinda hopin' for a gold coin per bolt, like most merchants sell 'em throughout Calenndor."

Shirikiki throws an arm upward limply to its mask as though in shock, the green lights nearly dissapearing before, a moment later, flashing back into visibility, "A gold per bolt? I do not even charge that much. Nahnahnah..." the arm drops once more, "a crown per three is a good deal, truly. Far more then I'm sure you'd manage to wrench out of any honest businessman!"

Kivae flickers her tail, and starts to make a motion to Sirum, but hearing him, she drops the hand-paw again, smiling faintly. She shifts her shoulder slightly, as if in the equivalent to tugging on Rakuro's paw. Speaking quietly, "I guess they wouldn't sell any plants here..?"

Rakuro shakes his head shortly down to Kivae.. "Plants don't grow in Sargothas. They literally can't". He notes that the plants you see on the map are really either spires of pointy rock or utterly twisted and barren husks of dead trees

Sirum Hest pouts then and stares down at the blackened soil, idly worming a toe into the ground, ears drooping downwards. "Well... I -guess- we could go as low as two bolts per gold, but that'd be barely breakin' even.", seeming to be acting as if they had actually bought the bolts. "What do ya think, Kivae? Should we go that low?"

Maryn Cillanus switches to a scenery appropriate character.]
You say, "["Kendrick: My good sir Sirum, what are you doing here?"]"
You say, "["Sirum: Oh, you know, trading and such. You here for more undead wenches?"]"

(You see Greater Doppelganger.)
> A construct of shades writhing in the perfect image of perpetual torment, gaping maw opened in a soundless scream though no sound emerges. The shadows that make up the beings body churn in never ending circles, while elongated claws hand forlornly at the beast's side, scraping against the ground beneath it as it moves in a languid manner. Crimson eyes gleam forth, aside from it's claws the only truly coporeal thing about him, a reflection to both the pain and hunger that fuel it. [AK NPC]
You say, "[Oh. Kendrick sends his minions for grocery shopping.]"

Kivae flickers her attention back to Sirum as she's addressed, making a faint grimace of obvious disappointment, lightly biting her lip and flickering both ears back into her hair, ".. If you think we really need to.. but we'd need another few hundreds to be able to get the.. you know." She rubs the side of her hand across her cheek, looking somewhat distressed.

Greater Doppelganger: [Kendrick lurks not within Sargothas. :-P]
Shirikiki: [You go IC and I eject you]
You say, "[Why bother? :P it's not like he could go hostile.]"
You say, "[Without everything around him oblitherating him.]"
Rakuro: [People in Sargothas don't give a damn if you get murdered on the street :-P\

Greater Doppelganger is little more than one amongst thousands of shadowy entities that wander this desolate land, and as such, pays little attention to the slightly more colour-filled individuals and their business transactions. It's entire purpose upon the scene does not appear to be anything more grand then lurking.

You say, "[So if someone starts a fight people don't kill the people fighting? o.o]"
Rakuro: [No]
Greater Doppelganger: [Why would they? Have of them are dead anyways.]
Rakuro: [They let them kill each other, then loot the bodies]
Kivae: [Fight over the loot, too? Makes you wonder why everyone isn't dead already. :P]
Rakuro: [They are >>]
Kivae: [They're undead. >.> I mean dead-dead. Like, no moving.]
Rakuro: [Well, there aren't an incredible amount of fights ^^]
Greater Doppelganger: [You talk like this were a normal nation, with actually decent individuals. :-P]
Rakuro: [But if there -were-, that's what would happen]

Shirikiki's ears flop about as though being tugged on a string, his attention turning the Kivae. The green lights in his eyes spiralling outward until they cover the entire sockets.. "Aah.. I had not noticed you there, young lady. I imagine, then, you are the brains of the operation! A single crown per every two bolts. That's nearly half of what I've got stored away"

Greater Doppelganger: [And no one would care, they'd just animate corpses and such like.]
Rakuro also notes that if Marl at any time in the future claims Kendrick automatically knew that they were here, he'll zot her]
Sirum Hest doesn't see what it matters if Kendrick knows they were here? []
Rakuro: [It will eventually]

Sirum Hest rolls his eyes at the mention of Kivae being the brains of this little sell, leaning back to whisper to her, "Don't try to get anymore out of him, or else he might cancel the deal altogether. That's all we need, an' we'll divide the gold between ourselves.", grinning weakly before he returns to Rakuro's side. His eyes, every so often, do glance left to the Doppelganger in caution, however.

Kivae's distress fades away to a pleased grin at the comment, which in turn fades to a slight roll of her eyes as Sirum whispers to her, ear swiveling to follow him. She inclines her head a bit forwards, nose just faintly, "We accept the offer, then."

Greater Doppelganger's head turns as the rodent glances at him, powers beyond mortal reckoning causing him to just instinctively know that he had been glanced at, for such is the way of shades in Sargothas. It does pause then, for several long moments, shimmering faintly before turning away once more and continuing onwards across the paved square, claws scraping dully against the stone as he does so, while the rasping sound of struggled breathing continues to eminate from somewhere within.

Kivae: [<.<;;]
Greater Doppelganger is evil, no?
Rakuro is unamused]
Kivae: [Post eating and everything.]
Kivae: [Ejected? o.o]
Rakuro: [Aye]
Kivae: [What for? Was supposed t'give me a cookie for my post..]

Shirikiki nods shortly then, leaning forward against the counter his booth utilizes, casting a glane back and forth between the three.. "Ah.. right then.. however, it appears that none of you happen to be carrying about a bundle of four thousand bolts. Where, may I ask, are you hiding such a horde?"

Kivae's gaze flickers towards the side, and she idly takes a step forwards, again sticking near the were. She nods faintly, glancing up towards him, "Now you get t'show us what it does, right? We'll have them in a moment."

Rakuro makes a quick, snapping gesture and quite suddenly there is a quite exact amount of bolts pops into existance in front of the shop owner, covered in the magical blanket Sirum and Kivae had constructed. "I figured you had dealt with wizards before, puppeteer. You can have them all once the crowns are in my paw"

Sirum Hest shifts away from the Doppelganger as it nears, back towards the merchant, less he get touched by it and sucked away into some Primes damned void of non-existance. "I don't see why we can't jus' remove the blanket. It's not like he would steal from one of the greatest wizards in all of Calenndor..." Subtle intimidation? Oh yes.

Greater Doppelganger makes no overt reaction to the druid removing herself from his path, whatever he thought on the matter never reached the ruby shards the creature used for eyes, and instead it merely continued onwards.

[%] Greater Doppelganger just gave Kivae a cookie.

Shirikiki laughs harshly at that, his arms lifting and clapping together in a truly unnatural mockery of true applause. "Ahaaa... very well then. The crowns, as you wish". He swings one leg back in an exaggerated way and quite obviously kicks something, which scoots out from underneath the cloth-covered counter with a sharp, wooden *crack!*. "There's the crowns. Count them if you like, but I'm trusting -you-"
Kivae eyes the bolts a moment, then comments to Sirum, as if she had some sort of amazing look-and-count ability, ".. It's actually three thousand, nine hundred and ninety two." This had nothing to do with how she had taken eight bolts. Nope. "So, if that's two thousand, we owe'm four." She keeps both ears raised high, one towards the puppet, and another pointed behind her.

Sirum Hest crouches then and peers beneath the counter in curiousity, his tail waving in the direction of the merchant. "Two thousand gold coins? Under -here-? Or is it twenty platinums? An'... oh! Rakuro, once we get the gold we need to take a stop by a little town near Vincan. We've been there before, an' with luck we might find Marlina passed out outside the bar there as well."

Sirum Hest also adds, to Kivae, "If that's three thousand, nine hundred an' ninety two bolts, then what happened with the remainin' eight? The chests were all filled with the exact same amount of arrows an' bolts."

Greater Doppelganger: [No way you people are part of the party after I miss three weeks. :-P]
You say, "[I assumed the party had already gone off and Marlina was a town drunk somewhere incapable of sobering up enough to come home. :P]"
Greater Doppelganger[There's a thought.]

Rakuro nods shortly and takes a step forward to the chest, making another short, choppy gesture. The blanket around the bolts dissapear and the mass of bolts floats up and over the booth to land inside behind the puppeteer. "Right then you two. Let's get out of here". He grabs the chest, which is somewhere around two feet long but relatively narrow and short, and hefts it up to his shoulder. He nods shortly to the merchant, then quickly turns about and begins walking off into a deeper portion of the bazaar

Greater Doppelganger manages to finally make it's way to the other side of the paved square, flickering violently before vanishing into the air once more, an anti-climatic end to his glorious glide across the area.

Kivae shrugs innocently, and starts to open her mouth, but Rakuro's status of 'rapidly leaving the area' has an affect on her, and she shortly skitters after him, unwilling to loose sight of his head in the crowds of tall monstrous creatures. "There's nothing good t'buy here, then?"

Sirum Hest springs back up to his footpaws then and begins to take a step back towards the portal, until he realizes that it more than likely isn't still there, otherwise Kitzibeth's villa would be flooded with all sorts of undead. He too scurries after Rakuro, not wanting to be left behind, "There's likely tons of nifty things here, but each one so expensive that we'll be out of gold within the next ten minutes, an' won't have any left for the the magical ball."

Rakuro shortly shakes his head, "No. Not really.. nothing I could let you use anyway". He smirks faintly, then takes a quick, sharp turn to one side, pulling Kivae with him. Sirum, should he follow, would find himself suddenly rebounded high into the air, then, like a basketball through a hoop, dropping into the portal home.. which quickly blinks out of existance after they're all through

You say, "[Well.]"
You say, "[Since Kitz's villa isn't up...]"
You say, "[To Caeseal!]"
Erk Mendon: [>D]
You say, "[Oh. Also.]"
Rakuro has to afk for a bit x)]
You say, "[Erk and Ruby.]"
You say, "[Stop yiffing.]"
Erk Mendon: [...darn]
Ruby Pyralis: [Aw ;-;]
You say, "[It's bad for the guild.]"
Erk Mendon hugs a final time]
Ruby Pyralis kicks.]
Erk Mendon: [>)]
Ruby Pyralis clings to rak.]
Ruby Pyralis: [MEIN]
Erk Mendon: [...sooooo...]
Kivae sneezes on Erk.]
Erk Mendon [already has a cold :P Caughs on Kiv]
Kivae is unaffect by 'caughs']
Kivae: [*unaffected[
Erk Mendon: [coughs*]
Kivae: [My cookie says I will engage in a profitable busines activity. But it has it's tenses screwed up.]
Erk Mendon [goes BOOM!]
Sirum Hest tumbles through the portal. []


Kalannar: [Welcome, Sirum. See us dance. Aren't you in Sargothas?]
You say, "[We're back.]"
You say, "[We just went for roughly 10-20 minutes.]"
Kalannar: [Already? Cool.]
Kalannar goes IC.. he wants RP, I tell you.]
Kitzibeth notes that's it's a beautiful.. Dry.. day. []
Kitzibeth: @rain-on
Ruby Pyralis: [.-.]
Kivae doesn't know if we're here, or in the villa? *prods Si*]
Ruby Pyralis notes that she thought Kele was Kivae from that view. >> <<]
Kivae's hair is not that red.]
Sirum Hest waits for Rak to come unAFK, or Marl to become unbusy. []
Kivae.. or maybe it is.]
You say, "[Or, load the villa, Kitz? :P]"
Sirum Hest gnaws on Kitz's skull, like an evil little gnaw-y thing. He also sucks at the metaphors. []
Kele-De and Kivae do look rather similar though]
Kivae: [Only hair and cape. My cape would be darker, but furc sucks with the greens.]
Kele-De: [Furc does suck with the greens.]
Kitzibeth is going to load the villa near the main entry point so people know where to go.
You say, "[Or you could just load it in place of AoE? :P]"
You say, "[Since no one is ICly here anymore.]"
You say, "[I think...]"
Kitzibeth: [Good point. I'll do that then ^^]
Kele-De is, but she's about to return to the villa.]
Sirum Hest is returning from the Sargothian Bazaar with Kivae and Rakuro.
Ruby Pyralis: [AoE?]
You say, "[Age of Empires.]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Oh.]
You say, "[... Ansteorra in Exile.]"
Kele-De: [I think he means AiE]
You say, "Oh, snap.]"
You say, "[I is not O.]"
Ruby Pyralis: [XD]
You say, "[Anyways... on that note...]"
Kivae: [Ansteorra on Ecstasy?.. er.. my mind.. friday.. nevermind.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Ooooohhhhhh.... o/']
Ruby Pyralis: [Chiki chiki chiki, I found ya by the haaay.]
Sirum Hest goes over his checklist. Ebonstar. Ansteorra. Sargothas. Launcia. Vincan. Hell. Tigath. Dhamzon. City of Towers. []
You say, "[Where hasn't Si been yet?]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Oh chiki chiki chiki, oh chiki come and plaaay.]
Ruby Pyralis: [ # # ]
Ruby Pyralis: [Heaven.]
You say, "[Besides Aracthia...]"
You say, "[Nah, he's been there before.]"
Kivae: [Across the sea thing. And Westernesse.]
Tarani: [Austia?]
You say, "[He was just sucked back into his body on his last turn.]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Meovanni.]
You say, "[Nah, Si has been to Ponce du Lac, I think.]"
Tarani: [Rainbow Bay!]
You say, "[!]"
You say, "[I know!]"
Ruby Pyralis: [I know where Si's never gone. And I hope never will.]
Ruby Pyralis: [In bed with Hiki.]
You say, "[Let's go to the Lich King's castl--...]"
You say, "[1) Si has been to RBB several times. In Anst's continuity, only once, though.]"
You say, "2) NO. NO NO NO.]"
Kele-De: [I really hope no one ever goes there.]
Ruby Pyralis: [XDD]
Tarani[tries to scrub out brain. Bad Rubeh! BAD!]
Ruby Pyralis: [Nyehehhe!]
Sirum Hest isn't sure if the scrubbing is to get out the images of Si or the images of Hikari. []
Ruby Pyralis: [Oh God I am so messed up xD]
Ruby Pyralis takes a long breath of the early spring air, basking in the glorious light of a new rebirth. The sounds of whistling birds bringing a happiness to her heart she had become so used to that it was almost second nature. Her fingers moved deftly through her hair, braiding it into an intricate and beautiful design as she rushed off towards the fairy glade where she knew the happy beavers would be dancing. And today, she would join them!
Ruby Pyralis: []
[#] Everyone.. Join the bot.
Ruby Pyralis got that from the old thread about what characters wouldn't do >> <<]

Kitzibeth is going to be sitting at the bar.

Kalannar is still here, I guess?

Sirum Hest pads down the stairs, whistling cheerfully as he goes and looking around the villa in consideration. "Well, it seems most people are elsewhere at the moment. I guess we might as well ask Kitzibeth about why Caeseal isn't a pile of rubbish while we wait for Rakuro to recover from the castin', ya, Kivae? Or do ya have other ideas?"

Kalannar seems to enjoy lurking about Kitzibeth's Villa... only wondering why the Archmagess hasn't yet smote him for.. you know, existing, and all that.

Kele-De bounds up the stairs and tears throught eh door way. She looks about a bit wild-eyed then skids to a halt in front of the table. "Where's Kitzibeth? I have to speak to her imediately." She glances about, becoming a bit more upset that Kitz isn't there.

Ruby Pyralis is face down on the table, drooling slightly. >> <<

Kalannar leans against the railing, arms crossed idly. He raises an eyebrow in slight bafflement toward the rushed Tigahrrim.

Kivae idly taps her fingers against each other, going to respond to Sirum, but simply shutting her mouth at Kele's entrance, nose wrinkling. She gestures a hand-paw in the correct direction, towards the bar. Shortly after padding across the hard wood in the direction she'd waved. ^^;
Kivae doesn't know actually. <.<
Kivae figured it was in sight, but offscreen.

Sirum Hest tail-waves to Kele and continues on after Kivae, "More than likely gettin' drunk off of Brandywine or gnawin' on cookies. That or she actually has somethin' to keep her busy.", tongue poking out at the Tigahrrim as he makes his way for the bar and tables.

Kivae does everything but the wave, then. And follows Si.

Kalannar glances back, his eyes following the Druid and Marksfurre. He simply pushes himself up off the railing and follows in the same direction.

(You see Butterburr the Bartender.)
> A young, brawny furre dressed in leather, a tattoo of a soup bone with the words 'bad to the bone' is imprinted on his arm. He looks at you and and speaks in a gruff voice, 'What'cha want.' [Barbot, whisper [help] for commands.] [Don't forget to do [pays tab]! :-)]
Kivae: [Is Butterburr really Butterburr? o.o]
Butterburr the Bartender is actually Butterburr.

Kele-De eyes widen at being completely ignored and storms off after the others. "Kitzibeth!" She calls, a tone of urgency in her voice.

Kalannar, as he would have in the tavern at Ansteorra, makes his way to the farthest seat on the right and sits, folding his legs in indian style and hunching forward as he leans his right elbow against his knee. He then boredly rests the side of his head in his open palm, a few slender digits tapping against his head as he examines the outside area through the windows.

Kivae flops down on a seat next to Sirum, flashing a short grin at Tarani, and sublty mouthing something. She stretches her elbows back onto the table, and raising an eyebrow at Butterburr.

Kitzibeth grins and munches on a cookie or three. "Thanks Tara!" She smiles, but is taken off guard by Kel, who apparently is insisting on talking to the Archmagess. "What is it?"

Sirum Hest pauses as he comes across the bar, having been expecting to question Kitzibeth regarding Caeseal as he waited for Rakuro, but as he comes across Butterburr his eyes narrow. Not in anger or anything such as that, simply remembering something. Near immediately after, he bolts over to behind the counter. "Butterburr! I heard ya found my stash in Ansteorra. Ya didn't spend the lot of it, I hope?"

Butterburr the Bartender: Arr! T'good t'be back at me old bar. Me lady Kizzybet dun give m' mah first job as a landlubber sh'did. An I b'eternally grateful fer it.
Butterburr the Bartender: Y'stash? Aye laddie. A lot 'o it went t'the war effort, it did.

Kele-De pants nad puffs. "Caeseal. How long can you keep the portal open? We have to get everyone and everything we can through it. As soon as possible." She stops to take a breath then as she's rattling on a quickly as possible. "I don't know what happened but the whole damn place is starting to crumble. One of the walls has already toppled. Nearly fell in on me." She moves further on into the bar.

Ruby Pyralis, once getting herself situated on the seat, leans back against the table and spread her wings to either side slightly lest they get too balled up. She flicks her ears toward Kele as she speaks, raising a brow slightly at the news.

Sirum Hest blinks in confusion for a few lengthy moments. "...I never heard of any war effort, jus' a bunch of people hidin' around inside the Kingdom. An' anyways, Entad can handle things on his own.", flashing the bartender a toothy grin. "Ya really shouldn't have closed the escape on us in the armory, thoug--", getting cut off as Kele comes in. "So either the box or a Heretic -was- keepin' it together all these years. Nearly everythin' that was bein' taken out has been taken out, an' everyone either here or in Vincan, anyways. Let the floods have it.", not seeming overly worried.

Tarani whips around and throws a muffin at Kivae!

Ruby Pyralis doesn't seem too worried about Caeseal either, shrugging to herself and diverting her attention toward Kivae, wrinkling her nose at the muffin, "What -is- that?"

Kivae's nose scrunches up. "Don't know why it didn't sooner.." Nodding faintly, "Or maybe that's why.." She then tilts her head slowly towards Butterburr, tail lashing once against her seat, "We nearly got cau-" she doesn't finish the word, being absorbed in tearing savagely at the delicious baked good. Murring faint, "Ehz uh huffs.." Swallowing, "It's a muffin. Thanks, Tara."

Kitzibeth blinks. "I'll be. Sirum is right - whatever magic the donjikaan had, it was keeping it's marker safe. Perhaps there are more followers of Trothfang alive than I thought. This is ratehr distressing news." She hopes someone will post on the IC forums the fate of Caseal. Sighing, she finishes her cookie. "The Tigahrrim will be happy to see it gone. It was a lot fo wasted work, but perhaps it is better destoyed." She refers to the garrison, her player refers to the grand experiment.

You say, "[Hee. Telling our characters Caeseal is falling apart like telling us Damien's palace has caught fire. ^^ We either don't care or are delighted.]"

Butterburr the Bartender: Bah. That lad has n'sense. Aye 'e can kill a few 'o th'orange idiots, b'thar b'more 'o them than t'is 'o him.

Ruby Pyralis makes a 'yuck' face as she watches the druid dig into it, "Looks like year-old meat that's been left in the sun for too long."

Tarani: It's a muffin!

Butterburr the Bartender cleans a glass, humming pleasantly.

Tarani: It's closer to bread than meat.

Kivae raises an eyebrow, licking crumbs from her fingers. "That sounds like something you'd like." Ducking slightly afterwards, obviously teasing.

Sirum Hest shakes his head slowly. "It's not so much that he has no sense, as... well... he can't be killed. Or even cut, unless he's fightin' an entire army. I guess that's what happens when ya spend the majority of yer life around Rivyn." To Kitzibeth, he simply shrugs, "Followers of Trothfang are... chefs, or somethin'? I don't see what the problem is.", laughing quietly as he moves back to sit by Kivae. "Anyways, while we're here... Kivae, I need ya to contact Thorimar as soon as possible, if ya haven't already."

Kele-De grumbles and growls, then turns about. Her booted footpaws, echoing down the corridor her steps clipped and quick.

Ruby Pyralis looks toward Tarani for a few moments, "Bread is overrated. It's dry and tasteless." Then to Kivae again, "That actually tastes rather bitter. Believe me..."

Kitzibeth shakes her head. "Trothfang's followers are far more than chefs, Sirum. You'll find out about that when they flay you alive and cook your entrails as you lay bleeding to death." She smirks and pads off, looking for Kel, who seemed a bit distraught.

Kivae watches Kele and Kitzi exit with only the same raised eyebrow, before sticking her tongue out at Ruby, "You've obviously never had one'f Tara's cookies." She winces faintly at Sirum, "I don't want too.. we can wait here a while, can't we? Still need to get the orbs.."

Tarani throws a cookie at Sirum's left ear.

Sirum Hest's left ear perks as Kele storms off, not quite sure why people did such things as it was basically just shouting 'Follow Me'. Hopefully she wasn't headed back to the fort, or if she was, Kitzibeth was there to ensure she didn't get flattened. Anyways, a paw snaps up to pluck the cookie from the air, though he doesn't yet eat it. "Thanks, Tarani. But.. um... after visitin' Sargothas, ya kinda lose yer appetite. I've never seen so much rottin' undead an' spikes before in my life...", nose wrinkling. Back to Kivae, he grins sheepishly and shrugs once agaion, "I guess, though I try to get things done as quickly as possible. What orbs are ya gonna buy? An', yer gonna split the cost of the future-seein' one, I hope?", grinning hopefully.

Tarani shrugs. "Fine, give it to Kivae, I doubt she EVER loses HER appetite."

Sirum Hest snickers quietly. "If I did that I wouldn't have anythin' for later, though. Well, aside from whatever feast Kitzibeth dumps onto the table tonight, at least."

Ruby Pyralis crosses her arms and shakes her head, "Cookies are disgusting."

Tarani chuckles. "Cookies aren't all I know how to cook Ruby, just the most popular."

Kivae eyes the cookie, but turns away when it becomes apparent that it won't be handed over. She leans back again, looking somewhat thoughtful. "Split cost, split questions, yea?"

Ruby Pyralis scratches her ear idly, "Don't see why."

Tarani: Well, not everyone' shall I put this...a demon?

Butterburr the Bartender cleans a glass, humming pleasantly.

Kalannar taps a few slender fingers against his head as he stares outside at the passing skies.

Sirum Hest's nose wrinkles at that. "Split questions? But... there are three questions, an' two of us. How does that work out?", tail flicking over to lightly prod at her."

[ Maryn Cillanus whispers, "[Discussing the orb?]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Yus. :P]" to Maryn Cillanus. ]
[ Maryn Cillanus whispers, "[Orb blows up, half of Calenndor sinks.]" to you. ]

Kivae tilts her head, "We probably both want to know the same sorts of things.. but.. one each, and then one we both agree on?"

Taikris quietly and casually paces his way into the villa, finding the others with relative ease. Taking a nearby seat, he leans onto the table, wondering just what, if anything, is going on

Sirum Hest springs up and off of his chair with that, taking one of Kivae's paws and tugging her up with him. "Rakuro's probably recovered by now from his spell, so let's jus' go to the town an' pick it up. Watchin' Butterburr scrub glasses isn't as fun as I remember it to be. But then again, that's likely 'cause there was usually a fight goin' on around him while he did it.", squeaking happily as he makes way for the stairs, Kivae hopefully following.

Kivae allows herself to be tugged to her feet, and pads after the mouse, tapping her toes on the floor. A tolerant, thoughtful expression on her face, which shortly turns to a grin, as she speeds up to catch up with him, "What're you going t'ask?"

Kalannar casts a sidelong glare toward Taikris before turning his attention back toward the surroundings.

Sirum Hest shakes his head slowly, staring down at the floor as he goes. "Mm... I was actually hopin' to keep it with me until I had to ask it somethin' important. Like, say, where is Ciran an' how would we be able to kill him the easiest. Or the best way to escape any given situation..", tail giving a sharp flick at the last suggestion.

Kivae: [Rakuro said he's not feeling good on AIM.]
You say, "[I was going to assume he just sent us there anyways."
[ Maryn Cillanus whispers, "Need a dream?" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Yus. :P]" to Maryn Cillanus. ]
[ You whisper "[Load the town up.]" to Maryn Cillanus. ]
[ Maryn Cillanus whispers, "Righto, soon as I find it." to you. ]
Kivae: [K.]
Sirum Hest waits for Marl to load the map. []


Maryn Cillanus: [Summon the other one.]
You say, "[Kivae has a name, you know :P]"
You say, "[And Marl isn't here, is she? x)]"
Maryn Cillanus: [And you aren't a rat, blah blah blah.]
Maryn Cillanus: [Eh.. What the hell. Drunken Marl in a gutter somewhere, I can do that.]
You say, "[Good.]"
You say, "['Cause we need another high level.]"
You say, "[To slay whatever minion Path throws at us next Sunday. :P]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Dis one!]

Sirum Hest pops into existance in the area between the four buildings, dusting himself off lightly once taking a few steps away from the portal. "I wonder why we never bothered usin' this magic before. It's jus' so handy an'--", cutting himself off as he spots someone laying in an alley dressed in Marlina's clothing and then to the shop, looking between both with a brow raised as if considering which was more deserving of checking out first. Ah well. "...erm... Kivae? Is that... who I think it is? An' why does it reek of cheap ale?"

Marlina Evenstar is at the moment, leaning against the wall of one of the shops, looking at the wall of another building, and muttering various things to herself. With her knees brought up almost to her chin she lets a bottle of some unknown intoxicant hang listlessly from her fingers. And for note, she does not reek of cheap ale, but fine wine, and various other things.

Sirum Hest still says cheap ale. ^^

Kivae rubs an eye, both closed, "Because it makes me feel sleepy.." and then squinting open first one, then the other as she drops her hand-paw, "It is a her." Her nose wrinkles slowly, but she merely stands indecisively.

Marlina Evenstar abruptly laughs, a harsh and unfriendly sound with the reason behind such a thing remaining unknown as again she drinks from whatever bottle currently lays in her possession, apparently not noticing the pair talking about her, so lost in her own little world.

Sirum Hest rolls his eyes and sticks his tongue out at Kivae, "I still wonder how it is ya can tell what gender somethin' is from a distance away, even if that thing is near entirely in the shadows of an alley.", tone more teasing than what it should really be, disturbed. Slowly he begins to pad over to the alley and crouches just outside it, head tilting to the side. "Marlina? Jus' what in the Primes name are ya still doin' here? An' where's Aderion? I hope ya didn't send her back to Caesel, 'cause its fallen to pieces."

Kivae rolls her eyes, padding after Sirum, but remaining standing. "Nah. She just smells like Marlina did during the trip, but also like the tavern. You're just 's blind as a wingless bat, apparently, and can't recognize a dirty sock's scent if it was pulled over your muzzle." She half-grins, then wrinkles her nose again. ".. Gunna dump water on her?"

Marlina Evenstar frowns as her gaze turns to the rodent who seems to be talking to her of all the rejects lurking about the town, "Waitin' fer the ferry, to be draggin' us across the river, we're to be goin' back to a rathole of a town yeh know, worse to be bein' than this blasted place." Leaning forward slightly then, "'Ey, I know yeh."

Sirum Hest tail-waves briefly to Kivae, "I mostly meant Huggy an' the Eagle, but whatever.", laughing quietly before he turns back to face the assassin, reaching over to prod at her. "Nah, she's awake, an' I don't feel like gettin' a knife to the gut." After a bit longer of prodding to ensure that she wouldn't immediately lash out in a drunken rage, he offers her a paw to help her up. "Ya were supposed to get on the ferry three -weeks- ago, Marlina. Now c'mon, let's get ya to Kitzibeth's villa, that's where everyone else is, includin' Butterburr, an' he has a nice glass of wine jus' waitin' for ya at the bar. Sounds nice, ya?"

You say, "[Aaaand here's Ader.]"
Aderion: [Err. What's happening? >.<]
You say, "[Kiv and Si came back to buy the orb and found Marlina drunken out of her mind on the ground.]"
You say, "[You could RP Ader as having left there for a bit and is just now coming back. :P]"

Marlina Evenstar's gaze narrows as the rodent prods her, before she does indeed lash out, attempting to knock away the offending paw in a magnificant feat of drunken prowess, thus missing by about half a foot, "Was to be gettin' on then yeh bloody rat, now I'd be goin' back." Snorting then as her gaze shifts to the now empty bottle in her hands, before dropping it in disgust, "'oo? An' wine?"

Sirum Hest sighs in relief. "So ya haven't spent the past long while here wastin' yer gold away on drinks. Well, that's good to hear, at least." He begins backing away then and motions a paw back to the still open glowing tear in the air next to the tree, within it showing the hallway within Kitzibeth's villa. "It's right through there, some of the finest in the whole of Calenndor. Jus' make yer way to Butterburr once ya get inside, he shouldn't be all that hard to find." After a brief pause, he takes a deep breath and calls out into the air. "ADERION! If yer here c'mon, or else yer gettin' left behind!"

(You see Aderion.)
> Streaming bands of rawhide fasten dual braids of wispy brunette hair, strands of swarthy lock acting as boisterous framework for the palest of skin; complexion nearly flawless, jeweled by a pair of cerulean eyes. Cotton slacks hastily makes it's way down either leg to come to an abrupt end at the shins, a similarly cast blouse is worn above--sleeves absent to allow swifter and more cunning actions. Certainly adolescent, about the age of fifteen. Human. (AK)

Aderion's sprinting figure comes into view, head occasionally glancing behind her suspiciously. Aderion has a folded dress held in one hand while the other tightly grips the neck of a bottle. She looks over to Sirum's calls. She stops in front of him and wipes sweat from her brow before taking a swig, "M' don'. Les' g' fas' though, eh'? Sm' merchans' might com' aroun' throwin' a big hissy fit any' secon' now."

Marlina Evenstar mutters something under her breath, though slurring it in such a manner that whatever it should have been was quite unknown, before trying to pull herself of the ground, swaying for a few moments, before leaning against the wall for support, "Ain't to be payen a penny rat, not once..." She blinks then before shaking her head violently, "Sehrim..? The hell yer to be bein' 'ere fer?"

Kivae leans against the wall, rolling her eyes, and being afk/aff. x.o; She offers a short wave to Ader, and then chews absently on a claw.

Sirum Hest can't help but burst into laughter at sight of Aderion's dress, taking a bit to recover from the initial shock. "If ya are still carryin' that with ya after the ball ya must've really liked it. But I'll hear about it later, jus' fall backwards a few feet an' ya will be in Kitzibeth's villa." In response to Marlina, he motions a paw towards the shop and nods to a pouch on the ground by his footpaws. "Jus' here to buy somethin', along with Kivae, that we didn't have the gold for the last visit. It's amazin' how much of a profit ya can turn in Sargothas." As he speaks, he begins dragging the gold pouch towards the shop door.

Aderion's eyes narrow into a glare directed at Sirum, "Don' laugh y' idiot. An' this ain' th' dres', this s' another n'... I kinda wish I picked this n' though, jus' look t' th' cloth.. Wish ey' ad' t' fer' sale befor w' lef'..." Aderion lowers her head in a sigh before taking another swig from the bottle, "S' was' th' next mov'... Les' mov quick, eh'? I thin' thos' idios' r' onta' me."

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Were I a bit more nitpicky I might retcon that bloody thing, but... :-P]" to you. ]
Aderion: [...I killed role play.]
[%] Kivae just gave Aderion a cookie.
Aderion: [*Sobs on Kivae's shoulder*]
Kivae sneezes on Ader.]

Sirum Hest facepalms and sighs in annoyance, realizing that whatever guards might be stationed here might be arriving shortly. "Sorry, sorry, but ya should've left that one where it is. Yer current clothes are jus' fine, Aderion. Now put down the bottle an' jump in the portal.", sticking his tongue out at her." [`join Huggy if you are] Following that, he tugs the gold pouch into the store and waves to the shopkeeps, "We're back!"

Kivae pads after Sirum, occasionally giving the pouch a push with her foot, and then shoving it off behind him, so that it's not quite so obvious. Also, waving to the two before she ducks inside.

Marlina Evenstar holds her hand briefly to the bridge of her nose before dragging herself off after the rodent, not yet going through the portal as she speaks to the other one she's recognized in the blurry haze that is reality, "Be takin' the birds with yeh if yer goin' any-place." Her reason for following remains unknown.

[#] The first shopkeeper speaks up now as there are customers, "Ah, you are back? ... Well of course you are! What would bring you two individuals forth from the outside world?" ... He's interrupted by the second who seems to have thrown a shoelike object at the assassin who just entered, "Told you to not come back here!"

Aderion glares directly at Sirum as she takes another swig, eyeing him the entire time. Tiredly she walks into the store, only to hop back as the object is thrown at Marl, "Ey'! Wh' kind f' idiot' throws stuf' eh'?! EH'?!" Aderion fumbles with the bow slung over a shoulder, trying to grab it with her only free hand is quite a challenge for her.

Sirum Hest's paw snaps up to snatch the shoe from the air as it's thrown at Marlina, not quite wanting her to pull out her crossbow. "Please don't kill each other while we're tryin' to have a business deal, save yer shoes an' insults for later, ya?" With some effort, he manages to haul the hundred and fifty gold up on the counter, Kivae hopefully having brought the other hundred and fifty from her share with her. "We're hopin' to buy that future-seein' orb, assumin' it can really see the future."

Marlina Evenstar ducks, despite the shoe being caught, although the reaction bears a certain lag to it, "An' I'd been tellin' yeh it was a flamin' accident, who's to know he didn't like fire!"

Kivae watches this with a somewhat mixed expression. Eventually settling for a facepalm, and then short laughter. "Looks like we might have to actually shove the drunks through the portal." But she's distracted from this, merely waving a hand-paw across Ader's face as she passes, shoving the bag with a foot. "No reason t'draw weapons."

[#] The second retorts violently to the Assassin, "He was so obviously part water-elemental you drunken lout! Get back to your coirner, and stay there..." Interrupted by the somewhat more moderate first shopkeeper "Alright then! You have enough to pay for it I'd assume, lad?"

Sirum Hest motions a paw to both his bag and then to Kivae's, "Three hundred gold here, plus extra, since I think Kivae more than likely was hopin' to buy some more of yer orbs. Before we buy it, though, I wanna take a look at it. So my friend here can make sure it's authentic." After a moment, he realizes it must sound terribly rude for him to accuse them of trying to scam them, then adds, " case whoever sold it to ya was advertisin' it wrongly, I mean." He then calls over to the Assassin and the human, "Go into that portal or we're callin' Rakuro to jellybones the both of ya, an' it's not a pleasant experience!"

Aderion rolls her eyes at Kivae, "Don' d' tha'." Aderion slowly stumbles towards the counter, obviously slightly inebriated. Aderion rests her elbows on the counter before looking up at the merchant and trying to speak in an innocent voice, "Cn' I look t' th' orb, pleas'?" Aderion outstretches her hands, as if wanting to hold it.

[#] The first speaks once more, first to Sirum, "Certainly, we are simple merchants, but we are aware of less trustworthy individuals that seek to sell less than ideal merchandise, though until it's purchased we won't be able to hand it over. I would hope that this would not interfere with your friend's talents?" The second to Aderion, "Your lack of respect for our intelligence is hurtful."

Marlina Evenstar mutters something as she responds to the rodent once more before stumbling off to some unknown area, presumably to retrieve the Ostrix's... "And he'd be dead 'fore he could be tryin' it ratling.. Yeh should be knowin' that." As she says this the first merchant procurs the future seeing orb, holding it out of the reach of the human girl.

Sirum Hest flashes Aderion a warning glance as the orb is held near her, obviously cautioning her from taking it, as they would more than likely try to confiscate their gold if they did that regardless. "Aderion. I think Erk followed us out, an' he went off to the Ostrix's to steal yer supplies. Ya might wanna go deal with him, ya?", hoping to take advatange of her drunken state. Back to the shopkeepers, he motioning to the two sacks of gold, "The entire payment is in here. But... since it's right here, Kivae, divination?", smiling to her as he nods to the orb.

Kivae nods to Sirum , having been running her nail/claws across the counter for a bit and refraining from snrking at what he tells Aderion. She slowly raises one hand-paw, the palm facing the orb, but keeping it's distance. A look of fierce concentration crosses her features, eyes unfocusing. [1/2]

Aderion doesent seem to interested in what Sirum is saying until he mentions the mage. Aderion's eyes visibly widen as she grips the bottle tightly, "Tha' idiot followed' us eh'? Thas' t' m' gonna go kick is' ass. Thas' th' onl' way tha' spoiled freak l' learn." Aderion finishes the bottle with a lengthy swing. Feeling inclined to make a dramatic exit, she throws the bottle full force across the counter, not really caring wether the glass shatters on the wall or one of the products the merchant has available. She quickly storms out, using rather colorful language to describe the fire elementalist through shouts as soon as she's out the door.

[#] The merchant catches it deftly before procurring a price tag, and depositing both upon the table, clever soul that he is.

Sirum Hest flops down onto the ground at that moment, obviously relieved that his story had been bought. "So is it authentic, Kivae?"

Kivae curls her fingers inwards a tad, pointing it at the ball, and then blinking several times in succession. She lowers the hand-paw, shaking her head faintly, as one returning to reality. [2/2]
Kivae: "'s fine."

[#] The merchant merely smiles politely, and waits.

Sirum Hest rises up to his footpaws then and reaches both paws over to accept the orb, "Then my shoppin' is done, an' the only thing left to do is for ya to buy toys or whatever they have here. I'll be waitin' for ya back in the villa, ya? Jus' don't take so long that the portal closes."

[#] The first merchant raises an eyebrow faintly at this as his companion first secures the gold, opening the carrying bag, or bags as the case may be, glancing over them before nodding briefly, only then does he move the orb to the rodent's outstretched paws. "Here you go."

You say, "[Si's bag: 150. Kivae's: 200.]"

Kivae rolling her eyes a bit as Sirum attempts to take the orb before she's gotten her half paid. She hefts her bag up as well, tugging out from inside it a smaller bag, apparently the extra fifty she had taken. Offering a slight shrug. "I won't be too long."

Sirum Hest tucks the orb beneath an arm, free paw waving back behind him. "Oh, right, an' if the drunks pass out by the Ostrix's jus' leave 'em there. They'll find their way back one way or another.", squeaking happily before he makes his way out of the shop.

[And away we go.]

Annari Salia smiles and retrieves her hand, placing it back on her knee. She then turns to him, "I see, welcome. So, where are you from?" She asks casually, turning to him.

Butterburr the Bartender cleans a glass, humming pleasantly.

Taikris chuckles slightly as he signals for another round of cream for himself. "I'm from Austia, though my parents of Ansteorra descent. Yourself?"

Annari Salia raises a brow, grinning lightly, "Really? I'm from Austia as well. I'm not sure where my perents were from though."

Sirum Hest returns back into the tavern with Aderion, Marlina and four Ostrix's in tow, having tucked the orb into Kitzerina's room as he passed it by. "Now we're all back together again, aside from Hikari. We jus' need Marlina to sober up an' Entad to realize we're still alive an' hopefully we'll be back home within the year.", curling up onto he chair with that.

[At this point, Hikari was mindless in Launcia after having his memories eaten by a Mindshatter Voidkin, as I recall... getting Hikari back seemed something only Si had a vested interest in. :( ]

Marlina Evenstar is not in tow!
Marlina Evenstar is at some undisclosed area, wandering and smelling of cheap ale.

Taikris hmms slightly in response to Annari, only to turn and wonder why the hell four Ostrixes are in the room as he gives order for more cream!

Butterburr the Bartender takes a bowl from under the bar and pours fresh cream from a carafe for Taikris.

(You see Ollie Ki.)
> A half grown cat, awkwardly so. Her legs are too long and skinny, her paws too big. She's fairly clean, but would seem a bit scruffy in the eyes a fellow cat. Her fur is a brilliant shade of white, like the afternoon sun reflecting off snow. It makes for a sharp contrast with the patches of black wrapping around her front paws and tail, like bracers. Her ears also have a splash of black, just on the top half. Oddly reddish eyes gain a lazy look as they close halfway. [Feral]

Kitzibeth pops up and blinks. "What the -Primes- is going on here? Has my Villa become no more than a bar? Burr! Who are these furres?"

Butterburr the Bartender shrugs. "G'evenin' Lady Kizzybet. S'furres 'ere needed s'drinks, yar. Annai b'allpy t'blige them, y'know."

Ollie Ki rubs a paw across her face, having, as cats tend to do, run across and through the portal. Like she was going to stay there while everything fell over and let the rain in. She needs furres to pet her. "Mrroah."

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side as Kitzibeth pops into the villa, motioning to the furres at the bar, "They were at Caeseal, they jus' must've kept to the basement for the most part. The drunken woman that keeps stumbling around the hallways, though, would be Marlina. Or Aderion in a dress. Is the entire of the fort gone by now?"

Butterburr the Bartender cleans a glass, humming pleasantly.

Kitzibeth shakes her head. "No, Sirum. The garrison is still mostly intact, but it appears that age is catching up to it a lot faster now that there's no magical 'battery' of sorts to keep it as a marker." On Marlina, she adds: "Primes. I hope she doesn't stain the floorboards. They don't take kindly to stains."

Sirum Hest glances back behind him, looking over the other end of the fort for signs of the assassin. "If she doesn't stain the floorboards, the Ostrix's that she has likely let loose in it will, hehehe.", squeaking happily. ^^ "Ah well. At least I got Path'en's books out in time. How long are ya intendin' on erm... keepin' us here, by the way? Entad an' Rakuro were supposed to take us to the Northern Forest but, ever since Erisvan an' Ciran it seems they've forgotten.", frowning at this.

Marlina Evenstar has been properly house-broken. o.o

Sirum Hest doubts it. Filthy assassin. :-P

Marlina Evenstar bites.]

Kitzibeth shrugs. "You aren't being held here against your will, Sirum. You can leave at any time. As for Path'en's books, you can store them in the library downstairs. I'll make sure they return to him.. eventually."

Sirum Hest waves a paw dismissively at her first comment, "I was jus' thinkin' that eventually ya would get tired of yer home bein' a tavern an' give the lot of us an Erisvan-like partin' by warpin' us out onto your doorstep.", sticking his tongue out at Kitzibeth.

Kitzibeth: Oh no, Sirum. I rarely have visitors, except at the school holidays. The College Tower is only about a mile east of here. Many students like to come by for the free food, I suppose.

Sirum Hest glances off to his right then to the statue with a brow raised. "They must either love the food that the hands make or they aren't as bothered by the statues as some of us are.", snickering quietly and pausing for a few moments, until he realizes something. "Oh! Right, Kitzibeth? Is there a way ya can track down Thorimar for me? Kivae has been kinda... erm... slow with her trackin' lately an' I figured maybe ya do somethin'...?"

Kitzibeth shakes her head. "If I had part of Thorimar, i could lead you directly to him. But it's not very easy to track down a single treant. They are not fundamentally different than trees, and most divination spells treat plants as non-beings."

Marlina Evenstar: [What is the statue doing? o.o]
You say, "[It's weeping for its lost arms and staring at its chest?}"
Kitzibeth: [*rolls eyes* It's like the venus de milo, people. Eyes off the boobage*]
You say, "[But the tiny pixels are just so sezzy.]"

Sirum Hest rubs at the back of his neck and slides off of his chair to move up to the bar, not sure why Marlina had yet to arrive for the wine that was offered. But it's best that way, as he wasn't about to order her any just to get her to go into the bloody portal. ^^ # "It's not like we need to find 'em today, jus' sometime this week is all. An' I always thought he was different from the other treants... or at least, a powerful enough one to be able to be sensed with divination anywhere. Since I don't keep any of his twigs or leaves on me... is there any other way to locate him?"
Sirum Hest adds, in afterthought. "...actually, there's more than likely a piece of him stuck on Kivae somewhere..."

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Kitzibeth: I'm sure that there is a 'find plant' spell. Treants are natural druids, Sirum. A Treant of great power doesn't register as much as Rivyn did. It's part of how the weave works. Magic ley lines flow better when they flow through regions attuned to them. A Treant is attuned to the flow of the natural weave. Rivyn was not. Being undead, his un-natural-ness contrasted with his Druidic powers, rendering him akin to a magical lighthouse. I could sense him from at least a hundred miles.

[#] Kitz is looking for home improvement suggestions. Whisper her :-)
You say, "[There needs to be magical items littering about.]"
You say, "[And ninja, in the corners.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Indoor swimming pool.]
You say, "[ARCADE!]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Fyak'norr simulation!]
You say, "[And beanbag chairs.]"
You say, "[We need slave pens too.]"
Ben of Valengar: [A bordello]
Kitzibeth points to the 'whisper her' ><[]

Marlina Evenstar ways rather alarmingly as she suddenly appears in the doorway, still reeking of the various intoxicants she had consumed over the past week or two, and the consequent lack of concern for personal hygiene. Needless to say, she didn't look good, or smell like a rose, "Still to be owin' me that drink ratling."

Sirum Hest hums quietly for a bit, then suddenly springs back up, apparently unable to sit still for more than five minutes today. Seems Sargothas doesn't tire someone out as much as it should. "I see, so I'll need Kivae for the spell regardless. Mrrf. Thanks, Kitzibeth, I'll be back in a minute assumin' the gate hasn't already closed on her." With that, he scurries off towards the stairway at the other side of the fort. Or rather, he would, had Marlina not just caught him. "Drink? What drink would that be? Livin' off of ale an' wine for the past two weeks must be messin' with yer head. Oh, right, erm... an' go outside an' jump in the nearest pond. Yer startin' to remind me of Hikari."

Kalannar stands, and makes his way off toward the entrance.

Hiro Diamondtear Passes through the door apparently lost, the sound of a voice asking "Anyone here?" is familiar, upon comming to full image, its hard to recognize him, he seems familiar... it is him "Why hello there everyone! Can anyone tell me how i got here?".

Marlina Evenstar stumbles forward another half-step, closing her eye briefly before speaking in a somewhat more controlled manner, "The wine ratling, I'd not be forgettin' that, one thing to be keepin' itself in meh memory..." She breaks off then, before glowering at the rodent, "Never be comparin' me to that bloody moron."

Kitzibeth facepalms. "Another one? What is this, open house at the Villa Ti'Khurdhan-Skyree? Who tin the name of the Primes are you?" She says to Hiro, being annoyed.

Marlina Evenstar was tricked into it!

Marlina Evenstar would not be in the house of a -Mage- otherwise.

Kitzibeth notes that this house doesn't like Marl either. :-P

Hiro Diamondtear Smirks "I dont think we've been introduced, I am Hiro DiamondTear, Seal Acolyte of Tigah, I came here searching for Lady Kele-De and everyone who was in Ceasel garrison..." Those who had seen him would be indeed confused, hard to recognize.

Marlina Evenstar should have a long talk with it then.

Hiro Diamondtear Looks to the room "But i dont know how tripping in the ruins of that Place could have brought me here... must be dreaming...".

Sirum Hest spins about as soon as Hiro's voice reaches him, squeaking out in surprise and quickly enough forgetting his little trip to go fetch Kivae. "What're ya doin' back here? I thought Bryanna took ya off into the middle of the Dhamzon...", pauses as Marlina snaps at him and stumbling back. "Fine, fine, ask Butterburr for some Brandywine, or whatever he has. He's hopefully not chargin' today, especially not to femmes as drunken an' heavily armed as ya...", tail coiling about his waist.

Kivae pads lightly down the hall, peeking in, and blinking at the rather increased gathering of furres. She readjusts her bag across her shoulders, before slipping, with a light 'hm,' around the table, to drop into a seat, idly pulling the cat into her lap.

Kele-De blinks and pulls her glaive out then growls low and loud. "What in the nine hells is your bloody air dair, baoghalta, bides, diolain, droch muin, galla, mac an donais, oinseach, stalcaire, toll, tudan, umaidh thoin doing in my prescence again, Hiro? I warned you the next time that I saw you, I would kill you. I suggest you prepare to defend your lousy geocare, papanach, boireannta thoin now or I'll kill you in cold blood."

Taereal Sareen pads in shortly after Kele-De, nodding politely to those present, warm smile ever-present on his face as he speaks, "Good evening, folks." At mention of Kele's name from the new Furre, he raises a suspicious eyebrow. At Kele-De's reaction his eyes widen. Not another two seconds passes before he has his own guard lance drawn, it's long, sharp tip suddenly thrown across the way in front of Kele's chest horizontally, "Lady Kele! Calm yourself! There will be no bloodshed!"

Hiro Diamondtear Turns around "Oh, Lady Kele" He smiles Happily "How very nice to see you aswell" he seems alot calmer than before "I have come to make ammends to what happend, Bryanna tought me alot, she was going to come with me to see you, but said she had to "Catch a necromantic rat" around tigah, i dont have the fogiest either" he laughs a bit softly then looks at her "Oh come, I am a whole new different persone, Bryanna's teachings have done wonders! Here, i bring you an offering" he reaches into his painted garb with painted paws and foots all over it and draws out a cloth bag he kneels and unwraps it... inside, a small exotic plant rests on another small bag, probably filled with earth "A plant from the Dhamzons, Quite nice for growing, i thought a seal of you type woul like it" Smilling, To mear sight, he has no weapons and his hands are clearly not equipping a seal.

Sirum Hest motions a paw towards Kele's glaive, a bubble of water surrounding the very end of it. If she tried to smack anything with it, it would be like hitting someone with rubber, but after the first two attempts it would just pop. "What the Paladin said, an' besides that, no one here wants to eat in a room with a floor covered in blood. If ya wanna spar him go off an' take him outside. There's no reason to kill him, anyways, this is no longer Tigath an' he can no longer get us killed, nor do we have to fear his 'Mathair'.", grinning toothily. He then waves to Kivae and idly asks, "Welcome back, what'd ya get? An' I need yer help with somethin', but it seems things have gotten a bit busy..."

Kitzibeth glares at Kel. "If you stain my Primes-damned floors I'll be quite displeased. I don't care what this Tigahrrim did in Tigath, but we are not there now. Here in the freelands, we don't go and start threatening somefurre's life in the house of another when we are guests."

Marlina Evenstar blinks before smiling faintly, given her current condition, not even this doesn't approve her appearance as she moves over past the Archmagess, to take a seat before the bartender. Moments later she raises a hand to snatch his attention, before collapsing forward in a foul smelling, unappealing version of her normally quite well-groomed self.

Butterburr the Bartender always considered Marlina to be foul-smelling and boorish, so this is no big change for Burr. He places a mug of ale in front of her. On the house.

Marlina Evenstar is normally nice-smelling! Really. And she's somewhat asleep at the moment.

You say, "[Ah, things are already returning to normal. Marlina is being violent, a daily brawl in the tavern and Butterburr is serving. :-D :dances:]"
Marlina Evenstar is being unconcious, not violent.
Sirum Hest considered the whole demanding of wine to be violent. ):
Marlina Evenstar didn't.

Kele-De sets her glaive back into the sheath, if only for Kitz's and the other's sake. "I will not tolerate his presence anywhere that I am." She completely ignore Hiro, his very presence making her ill. "I will see you outside or better yet, I will drag your bloody ass back to Caeseal and kill you there if I have to." She continues growling low, her eyes narrowed in sheer hatred and she didn't hate anyone.

Hiro Diamondtear Forgot to mention that his Tigah accent is alot more thicker than before >.> will start writting as such now on <.<

Kitzibeth facepalms. "You're out of line, Kel. My -home- is not a place for some stupid, worthless Tigahrrim honor-battle. Get out." She points to the door. If this was Ansteorra and the Broken Dagger, that's one thing. But this is Kitz's -house-.

Taereal Sareen cautiously places a paw on Kele's shoulder as he eases his guard lance down, placing the blunt end against the floor, "Lady Kele... please, calm yourself." His ears flick.

Kivae shrugs, leaning over slowly, as if to glance out the window, and then shakes her head. "Tell you later." Seeming to agree with how busy things've gotten, she turns in her seat, propping her head in her hand-paw, and raising the other. "If you don't want the plant, Kele, could I have it?"

Marlina Evenstar ponders how long it'll be until someone throws her in a lake or something.

Kitzibeth has a slolarium pond ^^

Hiro Diamondtear Grins "Oy, C'mon now, A'm not th'e same 'anine you laid 'yes on b'fore!" he looks at Kele in a playful manner "Ay dunt know 'ow B'yann'a put 'p with me b'fore!" He laughs quietly "This is a 'eace o'ffering, o'course".

You say, "[If English is not your main language, do not make a character with an accent. o.o]"
Kivae agrees. ^^;;
Hiro Diamondtear: [I was actually thinking that, Sucks to be you then :-\].

Kele-De grumbles and growls again. "This is not about my pride nor my honor Kitzibeth. He threatened on numerous occasions to kill every last furre in the garrison. Including nad not limited to having his clan seek revenge upon everyone." Her paw dismisses the gift and she mimes spitting on the floor. "How dare you offer me anything you damhair diolain."

Butterburr the Bartender cleans a glass, humming pleasantly.

Sirum Hest coughs into a paw and idly comments to no one in particular, while idly inspecting the chairs behind him. "Would it be too much to ask for the Tigahrrim male to leave the villa an' go off to Vincan, or Tigath, without Kele or him endin' up as a corpse? That glaive we found ya in the armory is far too nice to get bloody jus' yet, Kele. So jus' ignore him, close yer eyes an' give him ten seconds to flee. If he's still here... erm... well then, he deserves what he gets for not followin' yer request."

Hiro Diamondtear Raises an eye brow "Ay th'ought ya'd like it, B'ryann'a said it 'ould be a good idea after 'll" he raises an eyebrow "'said you'd be reasonable 'bout it".

Taereal Sareen casts a glare toward Hiro as he angles his lance toward the Canine as his voice takes on a loud, commanding tone, "Silence. Get out of here."

You say, "[All you're doing is placing apostraphe's randomly. ;.;]"
Hiro Diamondtear: [Yes, aint it fun?! ^_^].
Marlina Evenstar: [So he is. o.o]
Marlina Evenstar: [But they don't mean anything when you do it like that. o.o]
Taereal Sareen: [Somewhere, on Kitzibeth's harddrive, Bryanna's .ini is weeping.]
You say, "[Oiya, mate, 'f'n'y'd'nae stahp wivv thae fookin agsenn Oi'll bae plehnnin moi boot 'p yer arse, s'stahp 't koindleh.]"
Kitzibeth: [Ach 'n Begg'rah! W'y'do tha' t'me ac'snt eh? Y'thain tha't'tim' wi'a'Pib d'do ye good! Ba Tae, laddeh - b's'mucha'faillin.]
Taereal Sareen: [Holy crap. I can't read. I've lost the ability.]
Hiro Diamondtear: [XD ok ok, lets just assume he talks in a thick accent and save everyone the horror ^^].
[#] Bryannatranslation: <Exclaimation> Why did you do that to my accent? You'd think that the time with the clan Pib would have done you well. But, my child, you do nothig but fail. :-D

Kitzibeth pads up to Kel, one of the few furres that Kitz herself towers over (by a whole 3 inches). "How dare you." and then to Sirum. "How dare -you-! Lest you forget exactly where you are. You are no longer in the flat mudpits of monsoon-season Tigath. And you are no longer in the City of Ansteorra. You are in my house and here, what I say is law. You are threatening someone who has offered peace in my presence. I don't care what happened before. You are in the wrong."

Kitzibeth waves at Kel dismissively. "You will leave now."

Sirum Hest's nose wrinkles as Kitzibeth speaks to him, though otherwise doesn't seem phased all that much. "How dare I -what-? I'm jus' tryin' to make sure Kele doesn't go ahead an' try to off his head anyways."

Hiro Diamondtear Nods to Kitzibeth "Thank you Miss... sorry, I havent caught your name yet" to Taereal he looks however confused "I dont recognize you though" then to sirum "But i do recognize you, and as another token of ammends and friendship, i bring this" From his seemingly "Garb 'o infinte stuff" he draws out a glowing vial and hands it over to Kitzibeth "Its a power potion, once you drink it, it will increase your power in a certain aspect, but the aspect is random... Its for everyone to use" :-)

Hiro Diamondtear weeps as he gets scolded by bryanna "BUT I CANT EVEN SPEAK ENGRISH CORRECTLY!" :~(:~(:~(].
Marlina Evenstar: [xD]

Kele-De glares at Hiro. "That damhair diolain, fual, galla, guanag, mac an donais. stalcaire, toll, boireannta, air dair, thoin wouldn't know what peace was if go datchta an diabhal thu! Damnu ort! Are you all blind? The galla yuur will probably slit your throats while you sleep!" Her gaze doesn't leave Hiro as she continues. "Go hifreann leat! Loscadh is do ort! Marbhfhaisc ort!" She then turns and storms off somewhere.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne has conveniently been sitting on a stool, half-paying attention and half dozing. "Why didn't you let her do it? It's unwise to let a Tigahrrim femme let all that anger get bottled up. Now she's going to bitch and moan for days. Blood cleans up easily."

Kitzibeth is a bit intrigued, and pockets the potion in the folds of her robe. She's dolled up in a much less form-fitting and dramatic robe as she usually is. Her look is far more 'casual kimono' than 'Baralai from FFX2' "Archmagess Kitzibeth Ti'Khurdhan-Skyree M'Xanthia J'Tyrol Na'Vision Sa'Fire Lo'Calenndor, Order of Fire First Class, Council of Arkeen."

Taereal Sareen sighs as he tightens his grip on Kele's shoulder to get her attention, "Lady Kele. Enough. Please, calm down." His ears stand upright as he passes a glance toward Jonathan.

Hiro Diamondtear Looks to Kele as she marches off "Wait, Kele! I am a new Canine, If you dont belive me, ask Bryanna herself, she belives me!" he knows she -will not- go against what her friend and teacher said and so he uses it to get some sense knocked into her... also astoundish as how she could say all that so quickly o.o

Kitzibeth: If anyone will die in the house of an Archmagess, it will be the Archmagess doing the killing." She says this dryly toward Jon, though she looks not in his direction.

Taereal Sareen retcons his post, didn't see the part about her storming off.]

Marlina Evenstar if anyone is going to be unconcious in the house of an Archmagess, it damn well will be the stinking assassin doing it.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne kicks his booted footpaws out in front of him, and crosses his arms behind his head. "Then you should have done it. Kel's going to be furious with all of us, and it will take weeks for her to calm down enough to not draw steel on this idiot every time he walks into the room."

Sirum Hest motions a paw back behind him towards Kitzibeth in response to Jonathan, "'Cause Kitzibeth doesn't want a fight in here, an' it's her home, an' both Kele an' myself are darin' things apparently. I didn't quite get what she was sayin'." He then huffs quietly and curls up on the chair tiredly, having been through one too many magical gates today. "He can't really slit our throats... can he? I mean, ya have a couple thousand enchantments on the villa to prevent attacks in the night, right, Kitzibeth?", his tone somewhat uneasy.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne hopes Sirum enjoyed his post, as he'd been marinating it in the fridge all night.
Sirum Hest finds it delectable.

Hiro Diamondtear Nods to Kitzibeth and does a Tigahrrim bow "Thank you, I assure you that Im no assasin here to kill you all in your sleep over something petty as trying to starve me" he nerviously laughs "Tigahrrim's Honor".

Taereal Sareen sighs a bit as he watches Kele-De storm off, his right ear drooping a bit. He shakes his head slightly before sheathing his guard lance in the sling over his back. The lynx ponders following after Kele, though looks toward Jonathan, and decides it best not to. He makes his way over and takes a seat beside Kivae, letting out an exasperated sigh as he does so.

Kitzibeth: If I did not, Sirum, we would not be speaking so freely. Let her stew, barrister. I'd rather that she suck it up and deal with her righteous anger before she gets herself killed. Bryanna would have been terribly displeased with that explosive emotional display." She claps her paws. "Dinner is served."

Kitzibeth: @banquet
[#] Invisible paws rush forth from the pantry and set the banquet table!
Marlina Evenstar: [That is like, so cool.]

Kele-De turns and merely glares at Hiro as he tries to stop her escape. "Muchbhfhaisc ort!" She swallows then and pads over to sit next to Jonathan a moment. "I promise I won't make any more trouble Kitzibeth." She says sweetly then leans against Jon for a moment.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne shrugs and wraps an arm around his girlfurre. "Bryanna will learn to get over it. The Tigahrrim are remarkably adaptable - and if they aren't, that's too damn bad."

Taereal Sareen frowns blandly and shifts in his seat, turning to face the table.

Butterburr the Bartender cleans a glass, humming pleasantly.

Kivae glances after Kele, nose twitching, then head tilting slightly. Seeming to be addressing Jon, or she would, but stops, as it seems she's returns. Scratching lightly at her cheek. "Can I see your plant for a moment, Kele? I've been collecting them." For once, not seeming all that hungry.

[#] Tonight, we're having fresh lamb curry, nan, Chicken Saag, and vegetable curry, complete with basmati rice, and a nice rice pudding chaser.

Hiro Diamondtear Looks as the meal is served and nods to Kitzibeth "Im grateful for this meal... But i must ask how -did- i get here? I was in the ruins of the Ceasel one minute, then i tripped, then im lying here... in the freelands? I must know how this happend... and how can i get "Leith Leich here, i placed him in the entry of the Ceasel...".

Kitzibeth: The garrison is undergoing a magical breach. The portal I opened to return everyone to this Villa was probably in the process of being disenchanted, and you got sucked through a tear.

Sirum Hest sits back up then and shrugs lightly, "I never said I had a problem with it. I was tryin' to end the fight the same as ya. Can everyone sit down an' eat now? It seems Kitzibeth made too much again an' we'll have to eat for two furres if we wanna clear what was prepared.", his tail waving teasingly int he direction of the Archmagess.

Kele-De nods and smiles at Kivae, seeming to have instantly returned to her normal, rather happy self. "Of course you can. If you'd like you can keep it. I don't want it."

Kitzibeth does, in fact, sit down. Looking at Kel, she nods, with a look that says 'you'd better be good'.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne vastly prefers it when his womenfolk are naughty and misbehaving. >=D

Marlina Evenstar at this moment, slides from the counter, onto the floor, still apparently asleep, because she has nothing better than to be the unwashed assassin adorning the floor. [You would. o.o]

Hiro Diamondtear Looks at Kele then at Kivae sighing "Oh well, atleast it wont go un attended to" he goes and picks up the plant and hands it to Kivae "Its a humid plant, place it somewhere near watter, it doesnt need mutch of anything else, and it can grow very very tall" he smiles to the child.

Sirum Hest also leans in and whispers to Kivae, "Ya don't wanna use up one of the questions on the orb, do ya? It doesn't look like there's much to ask right now, but I'm jus' checkin'...", obviously anxious to see just how the trinket worked.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne sticks his tongue out at Kel for reasons that only she would understand. "What orb?"

Kitzibeth flops a pile of rice on her tray, and slathers the lot of it with the orange-colored curry sauce and chunks of meat. If people weren't eating yet, whatever. She's not going to wait.

Kivae accepts the plant, grinning brightly, "I'll take lovely care of it, promise. What's it called?" Glancing sideways at Jon as he questions. "Our question-orb. It's really nifty. Only got it today. And no, I can't think'f any. You?"

Marlina Evenstar believes Kitzibeth must often have drunken low-lifes upon her floor, for all the notice she's gotten... She's been selling alcohol to students! That's why Valanthas' student G.P.A is dropping.

Sirum Hest had already started drinking his soup (literally drinking it, too. What are spoons?), only to pause suddenly as Jonathan questions him. "Erm... it's another overpriced magical item that more than likely shouldn't have ended up in our paws, but has. Apparently if we ask it somethin', it'll show us jus' what we're lookin' for or what will happen. I'm doin' my best not to jus' outright ask where Ciran is right now." To Kivae, he shrugs, "Not a thing."

Taereal Sareen yawns widely, placing a paw in front of his muzzle out or reaction, then placing it down atop the table. Those who would take notice, would see that his Seal tattoo has formed around his paw, onto, and just above his wrist into an intricately woven spectacle of blotches that look like liquified tendrils, a strong muddy brown in color.

Kitzibeth points out that Valanthian (read: Gryffindor) apprentices are punks. Nothing like her perfect little Themhall (read: Slytherin) apprentices.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne points out that clearly, fame isn't everything.

Kele-De snorts lightly under her breath. "More than likely, I would guess Ciran is at Ebonstar mountain with his Mistress and her Chef."

Hiro Diamondtear nods to the Child "Hmmm I think its a <Kele, please insert the name of a normal Dhamzon tree name>, take good care of it, when it grows big, Its suggestable that you remove it and place it somewhere else more... Open, there, it will develope roots to reach the watter, but if you let it grow dirrectly here, i feat that it's roots may destroy the floor, And i trust you" with that he gives off another smile and simply flops down for a lovely dinner to the side of kitzibeth, apperently, she is>>

Kitzibeth points out that there's no soup on the menu >.>

Sirum Hest cocks his head to the side in confusion. "Erisvan allows livin' mortals inside her castle? From how she treated Danu I thought she preferred all her followers to have silver eyes, rhyme or be a walkin' bag of bones." He then changes soup' to 'red wine', assuming it's not bloodwyne in the glasses. :-P

Kitzibeth notes that yes. Bloodwyne, complee with viscera of the innocent. []
Jonathan Ruddiwyne notes that, ew! []
Kitzibeth titters. []

Kele-De shrugs and begins dishing herself out some rice. "I don't know who she lets in that mountain. I just know that that is where she is supposed to live, so I thought perhaps that's where he might be."

Kitzibeth: Who knows. Ciran may have been Trothfang's main course.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne taps his chin. "I strongly recommend against an assault. I know everyone here wants Ciran horribly dead - I do too - but a showdown with Erisvan can only lead to greater tragedy. Time is on our side, in this case."

Hiro Diamondtear Serves himself moderatly small, not feeling trust worthy enought to help himself really, He looks at what they are discussing and drinks a tad... this wyne tastes different than your common Tigah one... Oh well, he begins to eat famishly.

Kivae picks absently at some of the rice, eating less than she moves around, and leaving the Kapok plant in her lap. Every so often she glances towards the windows with twitching ears.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne continues to tap his chin thoughtfully until someone responds, damn it. =P

Sirum Hest's lips would slowly form into a stupid grin as he consumed more and more of the red wine, bringing out Tarani's earlier cookie to nibble on rather than bothering with the food on the table just yet. n.n Nummy. Drunk. "Hehehe... an' if he was eaten he'll be with Greydark or whoever it was he served right now. Why don't we jus' let Cyan know what happened an' have him put Erisvan back in her place?", squeaking drunkenly. n.n

Hiro Diamondtear Tries to tag into the group with a simple question directed to Kitzibeth "Lovely Home you have here, Its very beatiful, How much time and work did you have to put into it?".

Taereal Sareen is sitting casually, head down, eyes locked onto his Seal tattoo. He appears to be in thought regarding some matter.

Kitzibeth answers Jon. "I agree. No need to worry about Erisvan at present. And this house? It has been in my family for three generations."

Kele-De shakes her head. "I don't think we were planning a frontal assault on anything mo cridhe." She chuckles and offers him the rice that's in her paws. "I think at teh moment, we are merely speculating."

Kitzibeth needs the sleep. ICly, Kitz is still eating, OOCly, her player is slipping under the covers and passing out.

Hiro Diamondtear Nods "Very Very lovely... Mind if I stay for a while? Monsoons are such a bore" he looks around, gorgeous.

Kivae, when not glancing out the window, absently reaches out to pull the glass away from Sirum, expression much like e.e She reaches out, retrieving an empty glass. "Fill this with water, 'n drink it, Si. Or you won't feel very nice tomorrow, and that's not allowed."

You say, "[Night, Kitz. ^^ By the way.]"
Hiro Diamondtear: [G'night kitz].
Kivae: [G'night. :P]
Kele-De: [Night Kitz. :-)]
You say, "[Can you add a delete-item DS to your dream? ... For trashing it while you're asleep. And stuff. >.>]"
Kitzibeth: @delete-item
You say, "[o.o]"
Taereal Sareen smooches Kitz. HRT]
You say, "[It's already in here xD"
Sirum Hest shares himself. []
Ansteorra in Exile is now sharing control of this dream with you.
Kitzibeth: [Nite all :-D]
Sirum Hest wavies. ^^ []
Hiro Diamondtear: [Night].
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [Goodnight]
Kivae: [You're going too? :-( Night..]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [No, I was saying goodnight to homeslice.]
You say, "[She had already left. :P}"
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [Well, smell me next.]
Kivae afks a moment.
Jonathan Ruddiwyne is still here?
Kivae: [Back.]

Sirum Hest murmurs sometihng out drunkenly beneath his breath and places a paw over the top of the glass, crossing his eyes to watch his nose as he concentrates. Though he becomes distracted, it would seem, as his glass is filled to the brim with ice rather than water. "...mrm? I'm not gonna be able to drink all that..."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne takes the rice and spoons some onto his plate. "I know. I'm just saying, is all. It would be better if he came to us, instead of the other way around."

Kivae rolls her eyes, "You'd think, that if Kitzi has spell-hands serve food, and students here, she'd at least spell them not to serve wine to children.." Apparently still categorizing Sirum and herself as such. She taps the glass with a finger, and then once more, as the ice turns to slush, then pleasantly cool water. "Maybe we can lure him here with something.."

Kele-De nods and reaches for the saag. "Aye. I don't know how he got through the Tigahrrim. Apparently he's craftier than I gave him credit for." She nods then as she dishes some of the saag onto her plate. "I'm sure there's a weakness of his we can exploit. Perhaps we can use Erk and possible the femme he had working for him to our advantage."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne crosses his arms. "I'm not so sure I agree with that. I don't like Erk, but I don't think he deserves to be used as bait because he's stupid."

Hiro Diamondtear Watches them discuss manipulation... interesting and evil o.o;; he searves himself a little bit more meat and vegies and curry Yum yum ^^.

Kivae picks at more of her food, swirling it around on her plate with a (perhaps) surprisingly clean-looking finger. "It's hard to know what he'd want, that would bring him here, if we don't even know whether he's alive or not, nevermind his status."

Kele-De passes over the saag to Jon. "That came out much worse than I intended it. I wasn't actually thinking about using them for bait. Although they may be able to help us figure out any of his weaknesses." She tilts her head. "I beleive Ciran has a contract with Erk, perhaps we can find a way to use that to our afvantage." She nods thoughtfully. "True, as Kitzibeth said, he..." She shudders then. "I think I'd rather not finish that thought."

Taereal Sareen blinks a few times, then stands up from the table and makes his way off somewhere, without saying a word to anyone.

Kivae raises an eyebrow slightly. "That reaction would explain why you didn't seem very interested when Kizzy was talking about his wonderful cooking." She seems unaffected, but no longer even picks at the food.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne takes the saag. "If I know Ciran, he'll return - to gloat, if nothing else. I've never met a furre more fond of smirking knowingly in my whole life. It's entirely possible that he derives sexual pleasure from condescending to people, and he'll be back to do some more of that."

Hiro Diamondtear Notices its food, and as such it is ment to be eaten, so munch munch! He pays mutch attention to what they say and to his meal, kind of like one two one two.

Kele-De pushes her food away. "I was paying attention Kivae. I was just trying hard not to pay attention as well." She sighs softly. "As wonderful as this meal looks and smells, I find I'm no longer hungry." Her paw lifts the glass of wine nad she takes a small sip. "It actually wouldn't surprise me in the least if he returned to gloat."

Kivae props her head in her handpaw, licking away remains of rice and curry from the finger. "It'd surprise me. He wasn't the prideful type. Never took offense at any of Tressym's insults. But, then again.. he's a cat... So, I guess I don't know. All I remember is that he drinks tea, and tries to talk to Aderion's dagger."

Hiro Diamondtear Stops chewing as he hears the man talks to a weapon.... He looks over to kivae and raises an eyebrow, are they talking about an escape madman by any chance?

Kele-De shrugs. "He was always power hungry though. He wanted me to make him some sort of advisor or.." She pauses a moment in thought. "...what was that term?...Oh yes. He wanted me to make him my companion when he thought that he could gain power through me because of the Tigahrrim." She shakes her head. "I honestly don't know what his motivations might be. We may never see him again."

Sirum Hest hasn't seemed to be paying much attention to the conversation the past thirty minutes, having been busying himself with such enlightening things as hanging backwards off of his chair and staring at the statue in the other room while the blood rushes to his head. ^^^; "Mm... jus'... find out where he is precisely an' have Rakuro go there an' yank him by the tail into the Inbetween... hehehe... first there'll be dozens of Ciran pieces, then thousands, then millions, then nothin' at all.", seeming a bit too pleased with this line of conversation. But that might just be the wine.

Kivae didn't know that Sirum grew another eye when he was drunk!

Hiro Diamondtear Sighs and pulls his plate away "Thank you for the absolutly delicous dinner, my regards to the Chef, Now, May i ask if you have any free rooms? If you dont, i'll be happy to sleep outside ya know" he seems glad and grateful.

Kele-De completely ignores Hiro, content to lean over against Jon and close her eyes. "Sirum, I think you need to drink some water and then go to sleep. Perhaps you should eat something as well."

Kivae reaches down to tug Sirum, back up, and if successful, would place the glass of chilly water, no longer ice, in his paws, glowering until he makes a move to drink it, at which point her expression would change to ^^. She shrugs to Hiro, "I can't find my away around this place. Just, stay out of the hammock, that's my spot. ... Your 'companion'?"

Kivae has already been trying to get him to drink water.

Hiro Diamondtear: [booze + no food = baloons @.@ and silly headaches and vomiting].
Kivae: [Plus Sirum's body weight. :P]

Hiro Diamondtear Nods to Kivae, "I'll guess i'll just find myself another place... Would anyone mind i take one of thise lovely flowers?" If no one stops him, he takes a single flower from the pot and takes a long pleasent sniff "Excelent" he then moves out of the room to find somewhere to acomodate.

Kele-De opens her eyes and nods. "Aye. I have no idea what he was talking about. He kept going on about me needing furres about that I could trust. So, I told him I had Jonathan and didn't think I really needed any other advisors." She shakes her head then. "I found it rather odd and a bit creepy at the time, but I just shrugged it off."

Sirum Hest sniffs about in confusion as he is lifted back up, eyes more closed than they are open and thusly not seeing what is shoved into his paws all that easily. Though he does get a good enough grip on it, and begins to sip from the glass obediently. "Rrr... it tastes... glass-y... like magic... an'... ... an'... which way is Kizzy's room, again? I think I wanna go to bed..."

Kivae releases the glass when it's apparent his grip is firm. "Keep drinking that.. and.. um. Eat so rice before you go." She starts putting some of the rice on his plate, narrowed eyes implying that this is -not- a suggestion. She flickers an ear. "There has to be some sort of anti-drunk potion.. I'll find it someday."

Sirum Hest shakes his head slowly despite Kivae's demand that he eat rice, placing the chilled water back on the table. And immediately after tumbling back off of his chair and onto the floor in a pile. He weakly rises back up and to his footpaws, stumbling over towards one of the windows, only to realize it wasn't the way to the room he was staying in. "No... um... right! This way... right?" Dizzily he spins about and begins to head the other way, if not stopped by the wrath of a fox-girl.

Kele-De yawns and looks around. "I suppose, I should wander off and find some place to sleep." She closes her eyes a brief moment. "I'll even refrain from hunting Hiro down and killing him in his sleep." She grins then and shakes her head. "Sirum, I think you need to sleep."

Elphaba Raven sits quietly, listening to the conversation...that is not occuring
Elphaba Raven pretty much sits in silence like everyone else

Sirum Hest sticks his tongue out at Kele. "That's jus' what I intend to do if... if I can... make my way up the stairs... or figure out how the doorknob turns...", words still slightly slurred from the wine.

Kele-De chuckles. "Do you need some help?" She arches a brow. "I was about to wander off and find some place to sleep myself." Her head tilts as she watches him.
Kele-De has become too braindead to type. Time for bed folks.]

Kivae grimaces, turning a half scowl on Kele as she gets to her feet, easily keeping up with the inebriated Sirum. She attempts to catch him by the tail. "Oh, so you want to throw up all over Kizzy?" Giving the tail a sharp tug if she's caught it. "You're not going t'sleep until you've eaten something. You'll regret it in the morning, feeling like that on your birthday even." Should she succeed in tugging him to the floor, she'd sit on his feet, and pass down the glass of water. "Y'have to finish it, or I won't make your headache any better tomorrow."

Elphaba Raven sighs and brushes the hair from her eyes, looking at the boy, waiting for his response to the girl.

Sirum Hest cocks his head to the side in confusion and only gives a low 'squee' as his tail is pulled on, flopping down to the floor easily. His tail flicks about, in attempts to get free, though the mouse doesn't seem to be trying to get free otherwise. "I wouldn't do that to... to Kizzy. Mm... I jus' wanna go to sleep an'... it's my birthday? Wha? Why didn't anyone tell me...", apparently having forgotten for the moment." He pauses to stare suspiciously at the magical water. "But it's glaaasssssy.", yet he continues to sip at it regardless. "' now I'm seein' people who aren't there... at least I don't think she's there... 'cause I dunno her...?"

Elphaba Raven lifts a brow and smiles slightly at the rather odd conversation
Elphaba Raven blushes slightly and responds, "I am Elphaba, I am new to Ansteorra... sort of..."

Kivae pauses in her eye rolling to glance over her shoulder, at Elphaba, remaining sitting on his feet. She squints a bit. "I think you're a bit mixed up. This isn't Ansteorra; This is Kitzibeth's villa. Are you one of her students?" Nose wrinkling slightly. "People are always saying about the crazy Valanthian mages, anyways." She watches the water be sipped from the corner of her eye.

You say, "[A little recap for you:]"
Elphaba Raven: [thanks x.x haven't been here in eons!]
Kivae: [Woah. o.o Wb.]
Kivae: [And afk a moment. >.>]
You say, "[Ansteorra was taken over by a resistance, we got sent to near the other side of the continent. After a bunch of hell there, the fort began to fall to pieces, and thus we have moved to a different spot, this is Kitzibeth's villa.]"
Elphaba Raven: [what happened to alizon?]
You say, "[She left to start up City of Avalbane and left Ansteorra in Kitzibeth's hands.]"
Kivae: [.. And, back. ^^]
You say, "[City of Avalbane has been disbanded.]"

Sirum Hest, once finished with his glass, sets it down onto the floor next to him and sighs tiredly, rubbing at his nose with the back of a paw. "It's nice to meetcha then, Elphaba, even if... ya are kinda blurry, an' stuff." His attention is then returned to Kivae, giving light nudges at her as if trying to get her to move. "I don't see why I have to eat..."

Elphaba Raven laughs.

Kivae keeps sitting on his feet, only faintly rolling her eyebrows as she brings down the plate, holding it out him, and saying rather simply, "Because I say so." She retrieves the empty glass, placing it on the table. Yay.

Sirum Hest eyes the rice blankly for several lengthy moments, before collapsing back onto the floor of the villa, apparently having passed out or just having decided to sleep.

Kivae stares blankly at the mouse, before sliding the plate back up and shaking her head. She gets to her feet, dragging the mouse out of direct passage, and propping him up against the counter, on a seat. Pausing to check over the area for a moment, and leisurely take a long, back-cracking stretch, she steps over the also passed out Marlina, and to the doorway.

Sirum Hest, as soon as he is placed atop the stool and she begins to walk away from, slowly 'drips' down to the floor near silently. Were it not for the low 'squeak' that sounds when he lands. Seems she wouldn't be forcing him to eat anything he didn't want to after all. :-D He creeps over towards the other side of the villa around the tables as Kivae's heads towards the door, seeming to be relying on her not noticing him.
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