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A day of potions. 8/28/2004.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 03, 2017 6:37 am    Post subject: A day of potions. 8/28/2004. Reply with quote

[So... I have about two dozen logs not consumed by a computer crash from back during Caeseal days. They're mainly slice of life given how slow Caeseal was, some are plot heavy. I don't know if they would be of any interest to anyone. But I'll put them here for posterity, when I get the time to edit one. I'll leave the OOC in when it seems amusing to do so.]

[Summary: Slice of Life, Rakuro's magical potion bucket. Not particularly interesting to anyone but me, really. Further logs will have more stuff going on in them, but I'm doing this chronologically.]

Erk Mendon: [Bongo Bongo is just annoying -.-]
Chloe May: (Welcome back, Si. ^^)
Zoah Chant: [Damn straight].
Erk Mendon: [Gannondorf was a pretty good boss :x]
Zoah Chant: [Im in gannandorf's castle right now, still havent gotten to him].
Chloe May: (I didn't like that boss inside of the Whale. :-P)
Erk Mendon: [then you're weak]
Chloe May: (I haven't got my Zelda or N64, so, I can't play it again. .-.)
Zoah Chant: [But the most true thing is... SHEIK SO DAMN COOL! After i see her i want to change Zoah into a stealthy monk >.< EVERY TIME, unfortunetly, monks cant multiclass v.v].
Chloe May: (The Blue Tunic was the best. :O)
Erk Mendon: [That was confusing o.o;;; the guide I printed was like 'Boomerang the tentecles, then stun the jellyfish, then boomerang again, go up to it and boomerang the body'....]
Zoah Chant: [Guide? Pfft].
Zoah Chant: [N00b, REAL gamers dont use guides].
Chloe May: (I did Zelda all by my self. :D)
Chloe May: (I didn't know how to use the Internet back then. xD)
[%] Zoah Chant just gave Chloe May a cookie.
Erk Mendon: [Well, I forget things 24-7 :P]
Zoah Chant: [high five].
Chloe May: (Hiya, Ade. ^^)
Erk Mendon: [...I did...uh...Ice caves all by myself :x]
Zoah Chant: [Again, Pfft].
Chloe May: (Those were groovy. x3)
Erk Mendon: [>D]
Chloe May: (Didn't like those big scythes, though.)
Zoah Chant: [I did Water temple all by myself].
Chloe May: (Water Temple was the first temple I ever did. :3)
Erk Mendon: [Water Temple...too quiet]
Zoah Chant: [In the shadow temple? htose sycles were annoyin].
Erk Mendon: [Shadow Link was annoying for me...I didn't have Din's fire then :P]
Chloe May: (Making the Goron Sword was stressful.)
Erk Mendon: [I forget all the time to get it >D]
Chloe May: (When you're climbing up to do the final part, and spiders keep hitting you back down.)
Zoah Chant: [You get din's fire at the second you get the Goron's Ruby, And thats the second dungeon in the game!].
Zoah Chant baps Erk].
Chloe May: (Nuu, you don't.)
Chloe May: (You have to go into Hyrule Castle.)
Chloe May: (And blow up a wall.)
Erk Mendon: [o-o]
Chloe May: (Then it reveals Din.)
Chloe May: (Like, in the courtyard bit.)
Erk Mendon: [I know where it is :-P you can't get into the shadow temple without it]
Chloe May: (Ooh, ya. x3)
Zoah Chant: [I havent done Goron's sword yet, for those thing i need to be really patient day, I have the broken Goron sword, now i only need to give it to Biggoron, recipe, then eye drops, then Sword :3].
Aderion: [*Smacks Erk, Zoah, and Chloe* Can't you see what this game is going to you're souls?!]
Erk Mendon: [yeah...perfecting it ^.^]
Chloe May: (I haven't played it in forever. ;;)
Zoah Chant: [Entertaining me, I am already perfect thanks to FF7].
Chloe May: (The most annoying thing in the world is..)
Chloe May: (FFX.)
Zoah Chant: [Cuccos!].
Chloe May: (Getting 0.0.0 Time in the Chocobo race.)
Chloe May: (I did it after a few hours. ^^)
Zoah Chant: [And FFX v.v when i passed FFX I was like this: ... So? thats it? THIS IS THE GAME I SAVE UP ALL MY ALLOWENCE FOR?].
Chloe May: (I'm perfecting FFX, it takes forever. x3)
Zoah Chant: [I got 0.0.0 Time :P took me lots of time though]
Chloe May: (Collect all Al Bhed primers?)
Chloe May: (And every item?)
Zoah Chant: [I kept missing number 7... i dont know why].
Zoah Chant: [Every Item? Nope, still need some stuff].
Chloe May: (All your charachters have 255 in every stat? :P)
Erk Mendon: [hmm...wanna talk SSBM?]
Zoah Chant: [WHat is absolutely impossible is the lightning dodge 200].
Chloe May: (I did that, second try. x3)
Zoah Chant: [O.o Wow].
Chloe May: (I've done it three times total, 'cause Lulu's best. :3)
Chloe May: (Kimhari's Butterfly Hunt took me awhile.)
Zoah Chant: [Nah, that one for me was easy as eating pai].
Chloe May: (Did 'ya get all the Legendary Weapon? ^^)
Chloe May: (And, sorry if I'm secluding anyone from this convo. xo;)
Zoah Chant: [All of them... Freeing thems another issue, but i did get'em]
Erk Mendon: [*doesn't have that game so...wanna talk SSBM? ^^;;;*]
Chloe May: (Dark Aeons are hard. x3)
Chloe May: (Super Smash Bros Melee? :D)
Erk Mendon: [yep ^^]
Chloe May: (Never played it, but, sure. x3)
Zoah Chant: [I've played it].
Zoah Chant: [I at first like Zelda/Sheik, but then i just simply went for mario cause of his spin attacks and his Upper coin punch].
Erk Mendon: [Quickly. Catch a plane to KY, come over here, and help me get Mewtwo ;-; I just need to clear Mewtwo's target test to get MR. G&W]
Erk Mendon: [I go for Marth]
Chloe May: (Peach, I always pick Peach for anything. xD)
Chloe May: (She always sucks, tho. :/)
Erk Mendon: [you would think that Peach would learn some fighting moves from that game so she isn't always kidnapped o.o]
Chloe May: (Oh, quick question for Hiki. Did 'ya collect 10 of every monster and beat every Monster in the Monster Place? x3)
Zoah Chant: [Now thats just syncial Chloe].
Zoah Chant: [Synical*].
Chloe May: (I did it. ;;)
Zoah Chant: [>.> sorry, its just i find that that is just simply having too mutch free time].
Chloe May: (.-.)
Chloe May: (I was determined to get that game 100% done. x3)
Zoah Chant: [Only a phew games get my attention for 100% done, Very phew].
Zoah Chant: [Few*].
Chloe May: (Golden eyeee.)
Zoah Chant: [Mainly: Ape Escape 1&2, Castlevania symphony of the night, FF7 (Im still trin to get the Final Attack materia, from the stupid chobo racing bets to defeat RUby and Emerald].
Kivae hates that '!'. >.< She always types 'I agree' first..
Ranamor Quickfist: [Hello everyone.]

Tremare Clefon strolls towards the group, having recently awoken from his long, comforting (compared to rocks and bugs and dirt, etc) rest. He nods with a fresh smile, sitting down lightly on the ground nearby, wincing a little but replacing it with his comforting smile.

Zoah Chant Looks at the one who broke the ever lasting silence among the group, he lifts his hand in a short and none important wave.

Ranamor Quickfist appears from around the corner of the tavern. Walking slowly and casually. He notices the group sitting in the normal spot and wanders over before ploping down in 'his' spot.

Kivae sits up with a start that sets her floor-net bed in the tree rocking. She freezes like that ears twitching in all directions, before flopping back, and kicking the blanket up, over her head. "Nnn.."

Chloe May waves to Tremare as he sits himself down, smiling. Soon enough noticing Ranamor, she slowly moved over to him, taking the mace out of her bag. "H-Heya, again.. I want you to have this, incase another merchant comes by, or maybe for combat to help protect yourself." She forwards it to him.

Ranamor Quickfist's eyes blink open as he hears a voice quite near to him. It was the cleric! He literally jumped backward onto his back. He goes red in the face once again, ", I already told you! isn't mine! Its yours! K...keep it!" He looks positively horrified.

Chloe May smiles slightly, not quite sure how to feel about it. "O-Okay.. I'll put it away for now, but if you ever need some gold.. Feel free to ask for it." And just a bit curious. "A-Are you in anyway scared of me?" It seemed the halfing didn't like coming close to her.

Ranamor Quickfist looks slightly relieved that she has stopped trying to give him her mace. He swallows hard. " its just that..." his voice trails off weakly.
Chloe May didn't know what to think, continuing to smile at him. "J-Just what...?" Not quite sure where this was going.

Ranamor Quickfist shakes his head slightly his face still almost glowing red. "N...nevermind... it...its nothing." In some weird, ironic twist of fate, the little halfling thief has become infatuated with the beautiful blond cleric.

You say, "[Wow. People can't stop flirting with Chloe lately for some reason. :P]"
Tremare Clefon: [xD]
Ranamor Quickfist: [Hardly call it flirting, but I know what you mean. :-)]
Kivae: [She's just so smexy. Stay away from Jesto, you hear? :-P]
Tremare Clefon: [You know what being the acolyte of a female god can do to you, right? Either a semblance of beauty or an ugly old hag, latter being evil, beginning being good. Thus the reasons for good being better than evil. Yup.]

Chloe May brushes some hair behind an ear, smiling once more. "O-Okay.. Hehe." Still a bit confused, she moved back to the tree and rested for a bit.

Kivae remains lying in the hammock-net-floor-thing, the blanket pile over her head. The way she rolls over every so often, or shifts a leg indicates she's not actually asleep.
Kivae.. only trying to fall back asleep. x-x Stupid sunlight.

Ranamor Quickfist scooted back to his old spot the color draining in his face. He was half relieved that she had moved and half wanting her back. Silly halfling!

Tremare Clefon: [Be back soon.]
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Chloe May: (Ruby, you're back. :3)
Ruby Pyralis was at the mall and finally, after many months, buttered up her mom enough to let her get temporary hair dye :D]

Eliza Swiftblade walks into the garrison and sits down 'Indian style' against to commonhouse.

Ranamor Quickfist suddenly stands and walks off.


Erk Mendon might not stay on long due to t-storm, but oh well. Erk wakes up and waves to all the furres as usual.
Erk Mendon sighs, leaning back against his tree, "Another boring night it shall be, I guess..."

Kivae does not respond, having been sitting up in her tree for some hours now, the blanket still draped part way over her head. She is bent over some little trinket, each and every long, bony finger holding a knot or string in place, only two spared to weave the bundle of string in a pattern. One ear pokes out from under the blanket, swerving carelessly.

Erk Mendon has the powerful urge to push Kivae from her spot.

Kivae is not a mind-reader, and as such does not react.

Erk Mendon, when nobody is looking throws a waterball at Kivae's head.

Marlina Evenstar is always looking.
Marlina Evenstar except now, for she appears to be actually sleeping against the fence, undisturbed by the scarhawks.

Sirum Hest has been humming quietly the entire while in a soft, relaxing melody. Ever since he woke up this morning, he hasn't even budged from his hammock except to grab some rations or get a drink of water, figuring all the plants were watered well enough. What has been doing this whole time? Skimming over the thick books he had recently purchased. After a few minutes pass, his humming stops, as he squints at the page, then rolls his eyes. "Waste of arrows. So borin'... should've bought somethin' about adventure instead of this junk. Kivvy! Did Tatsu -ever- finish his story? I kinda drifted off after the Heretic burst outta the barrel."

Kivae makes a lightly clicking noise with her tongue, a tiny jerking tug being made with several of her fingers indicating a know of some sort. She is then drenched, by a waterball that has some how made it up to her little net-vine-floor-hammock thing, and falls backwards onto said floor, with a yelp of surprise. She freezes a moment, drenched, before her mind works again. Wrinkling her nose, a returning waterball is dropped down at Sirum's head, and something is muttered about 'mages.'

Erk Mendon looks all innocent. He knew Kivae would blame Sirum >)

Kivae assumes that Erk doesn't know how to do anything besides burn stuff. :-)

Erk Mendon is so insulted not. :P

Sirum Hest doesn't even look away from his book, merely lifting a paw above his head in reflex, seeming to be moving at a blur. But then again, near everything he does appears as such. As the water ball nears his head, it freezes entirely into a ball of ice and lands safely in his paw. After, he carelessly tosses it off to the left of his hammock, coincidentally headed right for Erk's skull. "I'd prefer it if ya didn't try to soak my books, Kivvy. What was that for?", tail flicking up at her playfully.

Zoah Chant Well, his current situation is unconcious lyin on his back on the floor, he hit himself horribly on his head, and is out cold.

Erk Mendon dodges. Luckily he decided to stretch his back some by bending forward.

Kivae leans over the edge of the hammock, her hair sopping, and as such, pulled straight. She pulls the also dripping blanket from off her head, dropping it towards Sirum with a snicker. "You just said it was boring.. and anyways, -I'd- prefer it is you didn't try to mess me up when I'm almost done. She sticks out her tongue, then dangles the near-to-completed trinket down, holding onto the ends of the string, for Sirum to see.

Sirum Hest lifts a footpaw to intercept the blanket and have it wrap around the leg to protect himself and his purchases, kicking the blanking off to the side to land on the ground to dry. After, he sits up to stretch, yawn and snap the book closed, staring up at her blankly. "Well, ya, it's borin' but it's better than waitin' for Kitzibeth to come by to tell us about how much she motivated us to work. Might as well prove her wrong. An'...", his nose then wrinkles. "I didn't mean to mess ya up by speakin'. How'd ya get yerself soaked like that?", face having a lack of guilt, only confusion present. "Anyways, looks nifty. Still don't see how it's gonna catch bad dreams, but I'll wait until it's done to find out if that book was jus' listin' rumors.", tongue poking out at her.

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Your typing's a bit off today, tired?]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Well... I stayed up until 7 AM RPing... and I recieved some rather irritating information earlier so... yeah. Pretty much. x.o]" to Marlina Evenstar. ]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[mm.]" to you. ]

Kivae lays her ears back as he voices doubts -after- she's nearly finished with it. She waves her hair, random drops of water flinging from the now-gone curls. "Is that why we've been lazing about all day? I was wonder.. and that's not what nearly messed me up." She shakes the water at him again, then glances around, "Though.. I guess it wasn't you..?"

Sirum Hest merfs out quietly and draws his cloak up before him after a few of the water drops hit him, not quite feeling like getting soaked this late in the day. x) "Um... it's either 'cause of that or we spent so much time yesterday dealin' with plants that we don't really care for dealin' with anythin' else for the next week or so?", grinning toothily up at her. "Oh, I get it. Somethin' must've soaked ya. Well, unless I've gotten so well that I can soak people without even thinkin' on it, it seems like someone tryin' to mess with us." With that, he then leans over in the hammock and glances over each magic-casting furre present.

Kivae yawns, flopping back onto the net-floor, letting her hair drip that way. "Mmn. Doesn't really matter, does it? A little hot today, anyways.." She scrunches and unscrunches her toes, letting the floor-hammock swing from side to side, slowly. "You could borrow my book with the stories, if that one really is so boring."

Zoah Chant Awakens from his unconcious slumber, and first thing he feels is a very sharp pain in his head he touches it to feel a large bump in his head, he tries to sit up, but the pain doesnt let him and so he lays a bit more.

Sirum Hest, after a while of consideration, crawls out of his hammock, onto the branch it is connect to and from where drops himself down to the ground, squeaking out as he connect with it. "Well, it does, if we wanna get revenge-mischief on 'em. But if ya reeeally wanna jus' let it go, I guess that's fine too.", laughing weakly as he brushes the various twigs and leaves from him. "Nah, done readin' today. Figure I might as well do somethin' so the entire day wasn't a waste. Problem is, not quite sure what to do, other than help the plants grow or fly around on Elden until I see somethin' of interest. An' there isn't really anythin' happenin' around the outside of here lately.", ears drooping.

Marlina Evenstar comments then, despite her continued attempts to appear as if she's sleeping, just being that way apparently... "Perhaps ye'd be fixin' up that tower the Archmagess was to be talkin' about, keep her a bit quieter about how bloody unproductive we're all to be bein'."

Kivae sits back up restlessly, now pulling her hair over her shoulder, and starting to twist and wring it out, as if it was a piece of cloth. "Hn... We could do the pen's roof, if you remember how we did the blacksmith's." Tone indicating that she didn't waste her memory space with dreary things like that. "Nothing probably happening 'cause the Tigahrrim left. They don't try to kill us anymore." She grins.

Sirum Hest snickers at that and pats at his chest with a paw, nodding up to the half-fox. "'Cause havin' arrows an' swords planted in me was the most fun I've had in my life. How dare they leave without one final battle to scar us up.", sticking his tongue out at her once again, teasingly. "I think I'll pass on the roof, though. We're not buildin' raisers, that's more Brax an' Jonathan's line of work. Might save it until tomorrow, though." He then turns his attention to Marlina, raising a brow. "Primes, ya never really do sleep. Only ever seen ya fakin' it. But... I'm not sure jus' what tower she was talkin' about. I haven't seen any in the keep that were messed up, 'side from the one that Kele an' me patched up a month or two back."

Marlina Evenstar coughs slightly before shrugging off the appearance of sleep, "Restin' then, it'd be doin' the same, true sleep would be getting myself stabbed or somethin' along that lines, and I'd not be denying you lot the pleasure of my company... As for the tower, I'd not be entirely sure what she'd be meanin' either."

Sirum Hest tail-waves over at Marlina. "Ya know I wouldn't let anyone get stabbed around here, if I can help it. The peace is so bloody difficult to keep around here...", grinning sheepishly then as he stares off at the grass. "More than likely she saw a small crack on the wall an' thought the entire fort was soon to collapse. Either way, if she asks, we fixed it up. Primes help us all if she ever looks at the basements walls."

Marlina Evenstar manages to procur a half-sneer at that as she leans back against the fence once more, "Touchin' ratling." And with such she falls silent again.

Kivae absently presses several fingers to her cheek, seeming to be staring off into nothing. She snaps back into reality, shortly. "Well, we could fix the basement walls, then. Or plant the trees. D'you think Ader has any ideas for how to protect the farm?"

Zohar Zeya pads into the Garrison. He hasn't been seen in over a week. Not saying anything, he sits down in the grass.

Sirum Hest squeaks happily over to the assassin, knowing it would make her scowl even further, but not seeming to care. ^^ A grumpy Marlina was a funny Marlina. Assuming the grumpyness didn't lead to puddles of blood forming on the ground beneath him. His ears then perk, as Kivae brings up the trees. "Ah! Right, those things. Might as well get 'em in the ground now. The sooner they're here the better. An'... I don't think... Aderion really had any idea on how to handle the farm. Ya remember, she spent the majority of her time bickerin' with the knife, ya? Maybe she was jus' distracted, though... we gonna wait for her?"

Marlina Evenstar does indeed scowl, though the attempt is only half-hearted for her mind was elsewhere at the moment, dwelling rather heavily on the former intoxicants she'd used to make sleep easier. The theft of these was a great crime in her mind, and one she planned to take directly out of the bloody traitor's hide.

Kivae shrugs, "If we somehow manage to grow all the trees big enough by the time of the rains, then we'll still have to figure out a way to get sunlight in. And I'm not going to sit up there all day feeding it to them." She drops her hand-paw, as just having noticed it's presence. "Just thought she might have some idea."

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Playing Suikoden today, and I encounter a creature with Rivyn's mouse mastery ability, 'cept with Kobolds.]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[The Target Woman?]" to Marlina Evenstar. ]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Strongarm thingies, with the kobold soldiers and wizards.]" to you. ]

Zohar Zeya wipes a large amount of dirt from his rob. His robe is covered in black dirt and so is his face. He tries to wipe it off his face but only smears the dirt of his hands on his face.

Sirum Hest stares off at Kivae's tree and taps the side of his head with a paw. "Well... ya can convince trees to use their limbs as fists... I don't see why ya couldn't ask 'em all to move their branches off to the side when the suns up to give 'em sunlight. That'd work, wouldn't it?"

Tremare Clefon walks over, this time without his staff, seeming to have grown younger within the day, the grey hair that had begun forming slowly fading away, his joyful step returning, as is the glimmer in his eyes.

Kivae ponders, "Yeah, I guess that might work.. They'd really be competing for space, if they got too big, but I think we could figure out something.." She ponders, toes tapping in the grass, because while her player was afk, Kiv climbed down. "But, we still don't know if they'll be big enough. Let's just plant them." She grins.

Sirum Hest tail-waves in greeting to Zohar, Tremare and everyone else that had just walked up, though he speaks first to the fellow rodent. "Don't suppose ya have managed to come up with the funds to pay off yer debt to Jonathan yet, have ya? Or were ya intendin' on workin' that huge sum off...", head tilting to the side. Back to Kivae, "Right now? Sure. Jus' space 'em out far enough. If they are too close together, ya can always have 'em unroot themselves and position themselves somewhere else.", rising up to his footpaws then.

Zohar Zeya shakes his head at Sirum. "I couldn't work this week. It was a holiday and I was planting trees. I'm ready to work when there is work to be done."

Kivae brushes her hand-paws, which don't really have anything on them, off on her pants, and holds up the bag of fruit tree seeds, which she, of course, though to take down with her while her player was afk. "'Kay. I'll go start." Commenting offhandedly to Zohar, "The basement walls and doors are pretty bad.."

Zohar Zeya: How would I go about fixing the basement walls? I have never worked in stone before."

Sirum Hest hops up to his footpaws with that and follows after Kivae quickly, not about to miss out on the fun that is burrowing into the ground. x) "Ask Brax how to, or have 'em show ya how it works!"

Kivae holds out her arms, "I was thinking.. maybe an entrance somewhere?"

Sirum Hest pads around the garden slowly with eyes narrowed, not in a bad way, just trying to visualize something in his mind. "Lesse... hum... if...", seeming to be just mumbling under his breath. "...oh, sorry, was jus' thinkin'... how're the branches gonna reach the center of it? Unless this type of tree has huuuge limbs. But... we'll find out when we grow 'em, I guess? The best entrance seems to be where ya are at, too."

Kivae wrinkles her nose. "I don't know.. that's what I meant, about them having to get really big.. Maybe we can stretch something across the trees.." she gestures, spreading out across the top of the garden, "That'll block the worst bits.."
Sirum Hest tilts his head back and stares off at the sky, fwumping down to the ground after several seconds of this. "Stumpy's web is durable enough, isn't it? If he could make really strong, really thick webbin', he could make a giant net out of it to catch the monsoons rain." He adds, in afterthought, once plucking a leaf from his headfur. "...or the vines we usually sleep in ourselves could work jus' the same.", the both of his ideas merely suggestions.

Kivae tilts her head, and squints, in a Rivyn-like way. "Yeah, he could probably do that. It'd have to be really tight weave, but it'd be okay if it let a little of the rain through." She drops down to a crouch, tugging open the bag, and slipping her hand inside. "I think he said there were two dozen.. 's that enough to do around?"

Rakuro waves. Hope you don't mind, but for the love of god, there's no one else doing anything ^^;]
Kivae waves, and notes they're discussing how to grow trees, and make a Stumpy-net, to block rain.]
Sirum Hest waves. ^^ []

Sirum Hest lifts a paw and points at various spots around the farm, nose wrinkling as he does so. "If I counted right... if we space 'em around far enough... we can have fifteen, maybe eighteen. The garden is so close to the keep that we can't plant trees along that side. Or if we do, only one or two, an' it'll be a reeeally tight squeeze. By the way, I forget... did ya say six months with yer magic, or six months without? 'Cause we could probably get 'em done before the monsoons even become a threat if ya start feedin' 'em magic."

Kivae nods, shifting to the side, and scraping a little at the dirt, her other hand holding a seed between two fingers. "They'll start making fruits in a half-year, without any'f my help." She slides the hand holding the seed into the earth as easily as if it were raspberry flavored jello. Or water, if you don't like fun similes. Then withdrawing it. "I could probably feed them around the same time I do the garden.. I think I could manage it." She sounds a bit edgy at the idea, tail batting the ground.

Sirum Hest squeaks happily and scoots back over to the cart behind her, lifting a spade out from beneath it, where someone had likely forgotten to put their tools away the day before. Perhaps him? Nooo. Not at all. x) "If ya would gimme half the seeds so we can get this done before someone else runs over offerin' to help like, say... Ruby or Ciran.", cringing at the thought of the two garden-brawlers returning to give a helping hand. "Come to think of it, ya have all yer herbs, the trees an' now the garden to tend to. Isn't this gonna make it so ya have hardly any free time? Or are ya gonna start givin' up yer nights in yer hammock to stick around here talkin' with the veggies?", tongue poking out at her, as it always did following such comments. ^^

You say, "[9/100% done of Ultima Online. .-.]"
Sirum Hest was convinced to DL it... but... it's taking forever... o.e []
Kivae: [You can download that, now? o.o]
Rakuro: [Yay! Another person to come play the world's most annoying game x)]
You say, "[*noddles*]"
You say, "[I was waiting until I was done loading to link you.]"
Kivae has the CD, but is too lazy to pay anything monthly, or find it, and then find a shard.]
You say, "[Sol and Ruby found a free shard. x)]"
Rakuro: [And I. Unless they stopped playing on Metropolis]
Rakuro: [But I haven't played in a real long time <<;;.. Animal Tamers <3]
Kivae always used to get her taming skills++ She would just run around with a pack of wolves following her. Or tell them to follow random people around. :3]

Kivae rolls her eyes, picking out some seeds from the bag, and tossing them his way, with a general air of 'let's see your blurring paws catch all of these.' She then scoots several large paces away, and repeats the reaching trick, this time seeming to feel around a bit. When her hand-paw comes back up, she tosses a rock over her shoulder. "While having a somewhat limited world perspective, you'd be surprised the sorts of things they do have to say." She informs him. Joking? Perhaps. "I guess I might have to; Wouldn't be able to feed them all in just a burst." She winces at the idea of draining herself that much, then grins, "Maybe I'll just turn into a hermit, and live in the farm, eating the fruits and doing nothing but talking to plants. You'll come visit, won't you?"

Sirum Hest doesn't really need to catch all of the seeds, he simply brings up his free paw and wiggles his fingers at each seed quickly, a small bubble of water surrounding each. They then, following that, float over to him and into his waiting paw, the water vanishing into thin air. "Gotta be careful or I might lose these, Kivvy. That's some bad aim ya got there.", grinning toothily to her. "An'... they really talk? What do they say? 'Oh, bugs've been munchin' on me all day but I'm doin' jus' swell'?", snickering as he begins to dig a hole in the ground with the spade. But as he sees that it is taking a bit too long, he just tosses it to the side and burrows into it like a true rodent should. ^^ Squee! "Mm... a garden-hermit though. Sounds nice. We could set ya up a tree house in the middle of several of the trees an' everythin'. Stumpy could be yer watch-dog--er... spider, an' there could be a boom-back spell to keep away unwanted people. ... Let's do that, ya!?", seeming to be entirely serious.

Kivae moves on, merely snorting as her used magic as if 'I should've suspected you'd cheat.' She seems to be going through the seeds at a much faster rate, thanks to her little spell. ^^ "Don't put them too deep, but not too shallow, either." Very specific. She seems to consider the plants gravely. "Mm. They like to gossip. 'Oh that mouse boy is so careless; just last hour he pulled off a leaf that was only half-brown! It was horrible.' 'Oh yes, and his awful aim; If I had arms an a bow, I wouldn't waste -near- so many arrows.'" She grins merrily, scampering a few more steps back, to reach down and deposit another seed. Then, rolling her eyes. "I already have my home."

Sirum Hest tail-waves over to Kivae and shakes his head, smiling as he plants a seed in the hole and carefully smooths the dirt back over, patting it down. "I've spent enough time around Path'en an' ya to know what I'm doin'. In fact... spend so much time around ya I nearly fired an arrow at Ciran jus' for flingin' bags of seed around as if they were rocks.", eyes narrowing momentarily. Ah well, onto another hole for him, digging up the ground happily. :3 "Which of the plants are sayin' these things, so I can show 'em jus' what type of magic I specialize in? I'm sure they hate the cold.", mock-grinning devilishly. "An' it's a wonder they bring up my aim but not yer terrible accuracy with yer spells.", ducking then less he get pelted with something from afar. x) Finally, he adds, "...but... a tree house would be so nifty. Hammocks would have to do, though, I guess...?"

Kivae laughs, retrieving another seed. "They prefer to remain anonymous, and it's no wonder." She tilts her head, as if listening, "They also say, that if they had teeth, they'd bite your tail." She raises an eyebrow, looking faintly worried, ".. I hope Celest didn't sneak and carnivorous plants into ours seeds." She sticks her tongue out, "I recall you saying that my spells always make things explode, actually. And, I practically do have a treehouse. Have you looked at it? My floor-net could fit... maybe, five or six furres. Without any eyes getting elbowed!" she sounds pleased by this, and continues to plant. A wary glance is sent around. "Think we should try making some sort'f potion, after we finish here?"

Sirum Hest cringes then at the thought of some plant snapping up his tail in its jaws, shaking his head. "They probably haven't a clue in a few months it'll be my teeth sinkin' into 'em. Or do they not realize we're growin' 'em to stew 'em up in a pot an' dine on 'em?", tone of voice that of an evil overlord speaking of the slaughter of thousands of innocents. ^^ "If she did, then... well... it seems the stew might be eatin' us, instead of us eatin' the stew. An' that's not a very pleasent thought...", tail coiling about his waist defesnively. "An' yer spells do. Usually. It's jus' like when ya don't really need 'em to work they fizzle out. Huh.", head tilting ot the side. "Why would ya wanna have six furres in yer net, by the way? That seems kinda awkward, hehehe. But I was suggestin' a tree house 'cause... well... its got walls. An' a door. An' ya can put things inside of it, without worry of some nosey furre starin' at it or a thief tryin' to take it. That's why I keep all my things inside, rather than hidden in holes like I did in Ansteorra.", his tactics of hiding things similar to a squirrels hiding of nuts, apparently. "Potion... oh! Right. We do need a test subject still, don't we? Think Rakuro would let us feed him weird, unusual potions which may or may not bunny-ify him?", face taking on a mischievous appearance.

Kivae does more seeds. "We only eat -parts- of them, Si. I'm sure they'd only eat parts of us." Sniggling. Following that, she tilts her head. "The only thing I have that someone might want to steal that I don't keep on me is, um, the hat?" Tossing another rock away. "Unless... Ciran might take my herbs. But then I'd -get him.-" She says this with as much evilness personified as she can manage, before patting the ground with a cheery grin, and hopping to her feet, with easily distracted-ness, "Of course he will! Let's go make something?"

Sirum Hest springs up to his footpaws after burying the last seed had been given into the ground, sending little jets of water over each recently dug hole as he makes his way back over to Kivae. "That's nice to know. It's not like I need my arms or legs, jus' as long as they leave my tail alone.", tail lightly and playfully fwapping at her as he wipes his paws off onto his pants. "If he does we'll hang 'em by his tail in the basement. Somehow. Might need someones help to get 'em lifted that high.", snickering at the thought of putting the necromancer into such a position. "We have the materials to make whatever we need, don't we? ... Or... hopefully Rakuro has an alchemy kit or two. Don't really feel like mountin' Elden an' searchin' for a wanderin' merchant this late.", glancing off at the sky with that.

Rakuro pads out of thin air (which is actually quite thick with magic, if you were to pay attention) and coughs faintly, looking dazedly to the left and right.. "Er.. well.. this isn't quite where I wanted to be....". He then begins to head off into the air once more, out up and above the little 'farm'

Sirum Hest spins about at sound of the voice and arches a brow as the mage comes out of nowhere, "Speak of the dev--... um... werenam. RAKURO! Get back down here!", squeaking out pathetically. x.o Their test subject was fleeing!

Kivae pats her stomach, elbowing Sirum as she gets up, "Nah, not the arms. The center's the best part." She nods. "'n I'm sure Stumpy can climb onto the ceiling for us-Mm?" Turning, at the spoken words, and taking a step backwards in the same direction she had been going, before stopping and waving. "Careful not to step on any shoots, if you see them. 'Nd yea, you need to heellpp uss. "

Rakuro pauses in mid stride and, in the oddest gesture known to Feanor, actually slides back down through the air, backwards, in a very long loop. Sweeping down, around and above Sirum and Kivae before, with a thwump, he lands on both feet solidly in front of them. "Oh! Well, there you are".. unfortunately, his eyes seem to be centered right between the two of them, "So then. What's going on?"

Sirum Hest stumbles back a bit as the mage lands before him, not quite wanting accidently be knocked over in case his aim was a bit off. ^^; "Well... the herbs we've been growin' have so far brought us six of each to use as we want. An'... we was wonderin' if ya could help us make some potions out of 'em. We don't exactly have the right supplies.", letting Kivae take it from there.

Kivae reaches for a paw, as if to prevent further escape, or aiding in dragging him places. She nods at Sirum's words. "You're helping of course." She grins in the hopeful sort of 'You can't say no or it will weight on your conscious for years to come.'

Rakuro's paw is quite quickly taken and he tilts his head to one side, "An alchemy shop then, is it? Well.. I suppose I could conjure up one of those without much trouble. I mean, it'd be a little bit too tough for me to try on a regular basis, but if you two can find me a bucket and some kind of rope, I'll make you a very temporary little lab"

Sirum Hest pads over to behind the smithy, where various little supplies that had yet to be sent inside were resting. From these, he takes a simple coil of rope, and from the garden he takes the empty bucket, returning over to offer both up to Rakuro. "Wow. Findin' things have never been this simple before. Didn't have to go half-way across for Faenor for either of 'em.", snickering quietly. "Not really a shop, though... at least... Kivvy? Are ya gonna be sellin' any potions, or are these for... responsible, studyin' purposes only?", unable to hide all traces to his voice that would simply shout out obviously 'Mischief-Mischief-Mischief'.

Kivae shakes her head, and lowers the hand-paw she was about to wave to the very supplies he had collected. She nods solemnly to the question, before splitting her face with a wicked grin. "I don't think anyone'd buy potions that they didn't know what would do, anyways." She drops the paw when it becomes apparent that he won't be trying to escape.

Rakuro takes the rope and shovel and kneels down, carefully shoving the bucket into the dirt and then quite forcefully shoves it further down.. what should, more or less, be entirely impossible for most furres to do. The bucket sinks into the dirt halfway or more, and the ground spiderwebs oddly around it. He then takes the rope and begins to very carefully thread it through the rim of the bucket.. even though there isn't a hole there.. but it seems to go through anyway.. his voice takes on a tone of lecturing as he babbles on, "The making of a temporary alchemy lab requires both a steady base and some kind of tube or another. Of course, we don't have a tube, but this rope'll do just fine because it's a rope and ropes are handy for just about everything!"

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side in confusion at Kivae's words. "Didn't know what they'd do? 'Course they would know. We could jus' tell the merchants the potions were magical elixers, able to cure any disease, injury or other nasty thing." Following that, he stares blankly at Rakuro, the creation of the 'lab' and the explanation that comes after. "...I don't.. understand what ya are talkin' about in the slightest, but hopefully Kivvy does. How're we supposed to make potions with that thing? It looks like jus' a bucket an' some rope."

Kivae Just drops to the ground, content to listen with a tilted head, and watch. "It's not done yet. At least.. I don't think?" A questioning glance to Sirum, before she begins waving her tail happily against the ground. "We could actually find a cure to the plague in Austia; I'd bet that'd get us a lot of food. Maybe. Hn.."

Rakuro waves a paw dismissively with a small laugh, "Aha! But you see, Sirum, you have to think like a wizard. Most people think that we're entirely kooky and wierd, but then again.. most people can't do -this- either". As he emphasizes the word he yanks on the rope and the bucket begins to rapidly spin in its little hole, gradually growing in size much like a little expandable top. Not only that, but it becomes decidedly metallic in nature, gemstones sprouting out along its surface, runes etched deep into it in mysterious and obviously magical ways. The rope itself snaps back down and latches on to the top of the bucket, wrapping tightly around the brim and snapping down until it seamlessly integrates itself into the bucket itself. Now, you've got a waist high alchemical bucket of power.. yay!

Rakuro notes that 'waist-high' is based on his own height.. meaning it's probably around chest level for several people >>...

You say, "[How dare you insult our size.]"
Kivae is taller than Sirum! ^^
Rakuro: [Rakuro's over 6' tall :-P. Actually, he's not even done growing yet. He's 6'5" right now, and his kind grows, on average, to around 7'6" or maybe even above]
Kivae: [Acording to his description, he's 6'5". :-P]
Kivae: [Er. 4" >.>]
Rakuro: [So it is <<.. *corrects that on this computer anyway*]

Kivae stares for a moment, and wrinkles her nose faintly at the metal and gems. "I think I liked it more when it was a bucket.. But, this looks a lot more impressive." She leans over the rim, peering inside. ".. So.. we just put the stuff in it, and mix?"

Rakuro laughs quietly and rubs the inside, which is still entirely made of wood. "Well, some things never change, you know. And yep. I suppose you'll need a big stick too.. but that doesn't need to be changed at all. Just throw stuff in at random and mash and mix it all up. Something will eventually come out of it. Alchemical water pours out of the bottomm as you add things. Always the right amount!"

Sirum Hest leans forward to peer into the bucket blankly, arms resting on its brim. "I could -live- in this thing... wonder how we're gonna fill it up with jus' a few herbs an' some water.", nose wrinkling at the thought. At Rakuro's comment, "I would, but I'm not a wizard. Jus' a hobby to me.", tongue poking out at the mage. To Kivae, "Go get the herbs quick, ya?"

Rakuro taps his chin for a moment.. then coughs, "Well.. okay. Not -always- the right amount"

Kivae raises an eyebrow, tapping the inside lightly, "What do we do if it's not the right amount?" Looking suddenly much more interested, "Will something explode? Oh, eh, right.." She pushes herself away from the once-bucket, pattering off to get a string of herbs down from the tree.

Rakuro scratches at the side of his head for a moment, then shrugs lightly. "I haven't a clue, actually.. but it's usually entirely self-contained!" he grins brightly, "Just add what you want and eventually something comes out of it. Might grab a ladle or something if you can find one.. test it every so often"

Kivae returns, before Rakuro is kicked off the computer, holding a wrapped about strand of twine that seems to have different bits of plants tied to them for drying, or for keeping fresh with taps of magic, and a pouch or two. She also seems to have retrieved one of her two remaining jars, thoughtful mini-druid. Responding as she shuffles up, trying to keep everything from dragging on the ground. "You'll help us test it, won't you?" Bright grin.

Rakuro would, actually, get kicked off the computer about half an hour ago. But nobody's home ^^. Johnny Limbo and the Lugnuts are playing off somewhere else on the beach. Annual thing. Everyone's there
Rakuro nods lightly... as... unfortunately... people get home... damn the irony!

Kivae: [D:]
[#] Inari goes seeking the Irony Gods, to pummel them. But, along the way, Inari finds out that Inari -is- an Irony God. Ironic?
You say, "[Later, Rak. x)]"
Rakuro is almost disturbed by this play on words, but is too far gone to have it matter much. But if this rhyme takes too much more time, he's gonna get eaten for lunch. >>
Rakuro: [Righto! Use Si's list. If people bitch tell them to bitch at Rak instead of you. The Alchemy pot dissapears once the first rays of sunlight appear over the horizon ^^]
Kivae: [<3 Later. ^^]
Rakuro: [If you're dealing with BCRs, you get an effective +20]
Rakuro: [Please don't make more then six-eight potions though :-P]
Kivae: [Right. ^^;]
Kivae resists.. urge.. to..abuse..]
Rakuro: [Right then. I'll trust it to you two ;-)]
Rakuro pops for the night!. Sleep well :-D]

Sirum Hest frowns at the sight of only two jars, motioning a paw off towards the tavern. "If we make more than two - which I hope we are - we'll be needin' to get some extra bottles from the tavern. We'll get 'em when we need 'em though, I suppose." He then pads over to a nearby tree and lifts a large stick from the ground, padding back over. "I'll handle the stirrin', if ya don't mind...?"

Kivae shakes her head. "I'll handle.. the.. uh.. dumping stuff in." And with that intelligent comment, and the sort of grin that a child makes when they're given the opportunity to mix chemicals that could possibly explode, she begins picking clumps of dried leaves, and such, off the twine, and tossing them into the bucket, murmuring to herself as she does so. "D'you think we should divine what they are, since no one's around to test them on?"

Sirum Hest nods slowly to Kivae as he carefully stirs the pot around, leaning back a bit as he does so as if fearing the contents of the pot would blow up in his face. "Sure, or else we might make somethin' we'd rather not have. I don't wanna turn into a toad, after all, an' I'm sure ya don't wanna grow bunny ears.", flashing her a sly grin.

Kivae appears to be doing the exact opposite of Sirum, actually leaning over, it, peering in, sniffing faintly. Every chemistry teacher's worst nightmare. She watches the water add, suggesting to Sirum, "Try mashing it, too?"
[*] Kivae rolls 1d10 Botch, botch, botch... *drumroll* & gets 3.
You say, "[Quickpaws. ):]"
Kivae: [You can use that. :-P]

[#] From the area behind the commonhouse, where a few would know the new farm to be, comes a slithering thsss-sizzle, and then a large puff of multi-colored (trust Rakuro to make everything flashy) smoke, which lazily drifts upwards and disperses.

Kivae gives a face full of smoke, and promptly retracts it, though it doesn't seem dangerous to breath. She coughs lightly, and waves it away from the bucket, tail swishing eagerly. "What's its color? Can you see? Is there a lot?"

Sirum Hest erfs out and stumbles backwards, drawing his cloak up in front of his face. "Primes, that smells horrible. Hopefully it's not poisoned or... ... ...mrrf. It looked... well... it looked like a sky-blue with swirlin' white blotches. ... Exactly like a cloudy sky, come to think of it. Dip the jar in an' scoop up as much as ya can? This is actually kinda fun. Oh! An' whazzit do?"

Kivae picks up her jar, and does indeed, scoop it into the somewhat thick, liquid, wrinkling her nose as she does so. "Doesn't smell too bad for me.." Lightly dipping a finger into the jar as she withdraws it, and then giving the finger a lick. A -magical- lick. [1/1] "I wonder how much of this stuff has to be taken for it to have an effect.. and we're going to need to buy more jars, you know." She tilts her head, rolling the taste across her tongue. "It's like your ring, I think."
Kivae sounds mildly put out that it didn't explode.

Sirum Hest cocks his head to the side and glances down to his ring, tapping at it lightly. "Oooh. Makes ya faster then. I'm sure we could give it to Path'en so then he'd actually move around at a normal pace." He then sniffs at the bucket once more. "My guess is... the entire bottle, though. Lets stick some more herbs in now, ya? Looks like it's ready to give another brewin'."

Kivae nods, twisting the lid onto the jar and sliding it off to the side. Without bothering to get the remaints of the last one out (it'll give it a new effect), she begins squeezing some of the aloe's juice into the bucket, letting him stir it a bit as she crumples and mashes bits of the other two together, and then drops them into the water, laughing happily. "I feel like we're witches from stories, dropping in bits of animals to our caldron."
[*] Kivae rolls 1d10 Um.. I no longer have a preference? & gets 1.
Kivae: [HAHA! Reverse psychology, -bitch.-]
[#] BOOM!
Kivae has.. just.. always wanted to do that, ICly.

Sirum Hest rolls his eyes at Kivae's comment and flicks his tail over at her. "Ya may be a witch, I'm that kid who gets dumped into the pot an' eate--", getting cut off as an explosion booms up and out of the pot, thankfully only the tips of his whiskers being singed. "P-Primes, the hell was--...!?"

Kivae topples backwards as well, though luckily still avoiding squishing any shoots. She crosses her eyes, rubbing her nose. Once done with that, she lets out a gleeful laugh, "It exploded! Rakuro said it mi~ight!" Apparently most of her spells involved explosions for a reason. :-P She coughs, then, and shuffles towards the pot, checking to see if anything's survived. "I guess.. it is sort of a waste of our herbs, though. Better luck next time?" She grins, nearly looking as if she's purring. This was her kind of mischief.

Sirum Hest, once the dizzyness of the explosion passes, weakly crawls back forward and gets up to his footpaws, rubbing at his face with his paws. "Yer happy 'cause ya didn't get a face-full of the boom.", tongue poking out at her. "Shame we're gonna have one less potion but we have... what, four, maybe five different tries left? Hope ya brought 'em all."

Kivae nods, holding up the string, "These're the useful ones.. the others are just there 'cause they smell sort of nice, or are good to eat, or put on cuts." She sets to work, once again plucking bits of leaves, crumbling, juice from flower buds, anything you can think of. It would, of course, turn out to be colors having nothing to do with what she puts in. Magic! "If this one works, we're going to have to borrow some of Jon's bottles.."
[*] Kivae rolls 1d10 Hyper-ness.. fading.. & gets 8.
Kivae giggles, evilly.]

Sirum Hest sniffs quietly and smiles, halting his stirring of the pot now to lean in and stare down at the fluid in the pot. "Mm... smells like strawberries... an' it's pink colored, too. I wonder if they're supposed to look like this or if it's the pots doin'. An'... lemme guess, I'm gonna have to go get two, three more jars?", grinning weakly.

Kivae dips the jar into it, also inhaling the smell with a somewhat 'mm' dazed look on her face. [1/1] "Mm.. This one makes you charming, but stupid, essentially.." She begins twisting the lid onto the jar, still looking somewhat distant for a second or two, and then shaking her head. "Yeah, about three. I hope we do find that bunny one.." she mutters, beginning to prepare more ingredients.

Sirum Hest waves his tail teasingly at Kivae. "Ya will have to drink it before we - eventually - go to the Launcian ball, then. Give Rivyn's swingin' arm a bit of practice an' it'll give me somethin' to let ya never live down." Following this, he pads off to the tavern and returns quickly enough with three empty bottles. All of which he sets next to his half-fox friend. "On to the next one, then."

Kivae laughingly, tosses a bag of extra seeds at him, which he likely catches. For once not minding the mention of Rivyn. Like another girl might, she doesn't make any joke about 'Are you implying that he wouldn't have to hit anyone if I didn't?', as she generally hoped that most did not think of her like that. >.> Once it becomes apparent he has the stick, she drops the herbs in, all at once, and waits for him to mix, subtly adding touches of magic to the runes, just to see what might happen.
[*] Kivae rolls 1d10 Oh! Right. I'm rolling. n.n & gets 10.
You say, "[You get 5 preps / round for 2-4 rounds. x)]"
You say, "[x) *]"
Kivae: [If -I- take it. :P]
Kivae: [Doesn't it take a turn, or something, to use, too?]
You say, "[I think. But you could always use it pre-battle.]"

Sirum Hest catches the bag easily enough and tosses it over onto the cart, not about to risk them spilling out randomly along the ground. "This one smells... kind of weird... it's like... a... a rose, maybe? But there's also somethin' else, can't quite put my finger on it, though. It's black an' green striped, too. Funny how the colors don't jus' blend together. Whazzit do?"

Kivae slips the bottle into the mixture, waiting until it fills up, and then lifting it to examine how the stripes stay in shape. "Must be a Rakuro thing.." She sniffs, "It smells.. sort of bittersweet to me.." The hand-paw not holding the bottle waves idly over the bucket, a look of concentration passing her face. "It.. empowers you, bending the body's limits, but as such, damages it."

Sirum Hest frowns at this potions description, releasing the stick for a moment to cross his arms up in front of his chest. "If it hurts ya ya... might wanna pour it out. Even if it does sound powerful. Unless... it doesn't hurt ya too bad, does it, Kivvy?", obviously worried about such a mixture being downed by her or his girlfurre and one of them getting too seriously injured. x.o

Kivae shakes her head, capping the bottle with a note to tell Jon later that they had taken the bottles, not a certain looting land pirate. "Even at it's worse, it couldn't knock even me unconscious." She grins reassuringly, and doesn't give much more thought to it, running her fingers along the herbs, picking bits of them from the twine, and tossing it into the pot. Descriptively.
[*] Kivae rolls 1d10 <3? & gets 10.
Kivae wants either a love potion, or the bunny one in the next batch. :-(]

Sirum Hest never ceases his stirring of the cauldron, actually seeming to enjoy this for the moment. After all, they were going to have spiffy potions to trade for even more herb seeds and other sorts of rare, exotic plants. ^^ "Mm... I think... ya added the same amount of each herb as ya did the last time... or the pot is broken one. It looks an' smells exactly the same as the last. 'Least we can sell the double."

Kivae nods. "Something like that.." She dips the bottle in, just as she had done the last time. "We'll probably have lots'f different ones when we get the rest of the herbs grown." She makes a ^^ face at the thought. "Maybe, ones less for fights and more for pranks.." nose wrinkling mischievously, and she simply dunks the twine in, removing all traces of herbs, also giving it a pinky-zap of magic. Be something new!
[*] Kivae rolls 1d10 You heard thae goil. & gets 8.

Sirum Hest frowns as the strawberry scent reaches his nose once again, sighing quietly. "It must be busted. That's the only explanation. Ah well... we can always have Rakuro set up another next week. Maybe we can get some better potions then. For now... we have one type Jonathan would like, one that's useful to Marlina or myself, an' one type that we should save until dangerous situations. Might as well put 'em up in the tree an' head to bed now. Or did ya have somethin' else ya wanted to do?"

Kivae glances idly to the side, at the mention of doing something else, as if expecting something else to do, like a treasure chest dropping from the air, or a monster walking up, was going to present itself. But as it apparently doesn't, She stands up with a shake of her head, fitting three of the bottles between her fingers, but is only able to get one jar in her other hand. "Erm.. Can you give me a paw?"

Sirum Hest nods and pads over to scoop up the jar containing the Quickpaw potion, motioning her onward towards the tree with his free paw. "Lets get these hid before people start noticin' what we did out here. Ciran'd never stop buggin' Rakuro if he knew he could raise up an alchemical bucket like that.", rolling his eyes and laughing quietly.

Kivae giggles back, but more at the thought of how they can do this, but Ciran can't. Yes, they are evil giggles. She pads over to the tree, and gets up, somehow. Likely by pawing off potion bottles and then getting them pawed back. "It's too bad we have so many repeats.."

Sirum Hest shifts about cautiously at the giggles as he paws the bottles and jars up one by one, tending to know that those sort of giggles can only be followed by dark, evil, little-girl-indued plots. But as nothing explodes, he sighs in relief and climbs up to his own hammock, stretching out and yawning. "Look at it this way - at least we've got the general idea of how it works now. An' we only had it blow up in our faces -once-!", squeaking happily. Seems he's ready for bed, though. x)

Kivae claps her hands together, following the general trend of 'yay!' She took her now dry blanket up with her, too. Kivae now tucks her feet under the blanket, and scoots her net-floor back enough so that she can lean against the truck of the tree. The fox pookie is set in her lap, where she idly scritches behind it's ears for a moment, then closes her eyes. "'Night then, Si. We can make a roof or patch walls or something tomorrow. Or I can become a hermit."
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