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A day of Ansteorran infiltration. 9-27-2004

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 04, 2017 2:20 am    Post subject: A day of Ansteorran infiltration. 9-27-2004 Reply with quote

[Summary: This is a continuation from an RP to infiltrate the Ansteorran armory from five days prior... a log I don't have anymore. But this is where the meat of it transpired, after sneaking back into Ansteorra. They were transformed into a bunch of generic cats by Entad and given a special bag to put all the Kebeyen's weaponry into, as well as a bracer that manifested brittle copies of those weapons that would shatter into nothing on the battlefield. This was necessary to reclaim Ansteorra without a bloodbath on both sides.

The start of this log takes place the day after Trothfang's unsealing... and is here for posterity.]

Sirum Hest returns back down the stairs, having been double checking to ensure he hadn't forgotten anything. As it seems only Kalannar and Kele are in the tavern now, his nose wrinkles and he murmurs, "I don't suppose either of ya know how to set up a teleportation portal to Kitzibeth's villa?"

Kalannar raises an eyebrow in mild distaste for Sirum's question. He doesn't even answer.

Erk Mendon enters the tavern, then sees Sirum and stops. He looks to the side as he slowly makes his way over to the counter, seemingly interested in a little piece of wood on the countertop.

Sirum Hest actually tail-waves to the mage as he enters the tavern, giving him a short warning. "Ya would do good to hide if Jonathan or Rakuro steps through those doors. Thanks to ya another Heretic has been freed an' we got ambushed."

Erk Mendon's ears perk and he turns to Sirum, "What? What heretic? I havn't done anything since I came back here!"

Kitzibeth: [h'lo]
Kalannar: [y helo thar missus kitz]
Erk Mendon: [Hola Senora Kitzibeth. Como estas?]
Kitzibeth: [Muy buena. Es tu?]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Jaja. Su castellano es como las weas.]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Btw, Kitzi, you just said you were very attractive.]
Kalannar: [Shouldn't that be 'Y tu'? Es means is, right?]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [That too.]
Kitzibeth speaks Spanish about as good as she speak German. Ja.[]
Kitzibeth: [Or, as she speaksEnglish :P]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [:allnighte:]
Erk Mendon: [Kal is right]
Kalannar speaks Spanglish.]
Erk Mendon: [Bien, gracias Kitzibeth]
Zagnafein Silverleaf, naturally, speaks Spanish.[]
Kitzibeth is the Rah. Is right. Spanish will therefore be modified such that 'es tu' means 'and you?'[]
Erk Mendon: [>D]

Sirum Hest squeaks happily as Kitzibeth enters the tavern, only vaguely thankful that neither Ruby or Kele had bothered to yet dish out pain on the Journeymage. A similar note of cheeryness comes from the glider monkey attached to the back of his skull. Devouring his brain. .. Not really. "Kitzibeth! Can ya get us out of this Primes forsaken hole now, please, an' off to yer villa? Or at least some of us. Stumpy has probably gotten the place covered in webbin' by now..."
Sirum Hest adds, after, "...what happened to the girl that we found? She's okay now, right?"

Zagnafein Silverleaf, while normally awake at this time of day, seems to have fallen asleep at the table. Beneath his outstretched arm is a map of the region drawn by the elf himself, covered in jots and marks. He is snoring lightly.

Kitzibeth grumps. "If that spider lays a hairy leg on anything in the Villa, it'll probably be webbed up itself. Corrinne? She's well, as far as I can tell. I sent her to Grak'thar and the healers there to recover. I didn't realize how badly those drugs affected a furre's system."
Kitzibeth: I suppose she should feel lucky. At least the worms didn't eat her.

Kele-De pads down the stairs and behind the bar. "'Ello Kitzibeth." She smiles and her tail waves to everyone. "When can we leave for your villa? I'm tired of being here in this Primes Forsaken place."

Sirum Hest appears relieved at the mention of the femmes whereabouts, "Ah, good. I was thinkin' that maybe Kivae's magic couldn't have fixed her alone." He pauses, then merfs at a thought, "No one has bothered to tell her that her home was completely destroyed, I hope..." Then, he takes a step back and his tail flicks in the direction of Zagnafein, the glider monkey on him releasing the mouses head in favor of swooping back and latching onto the rangers, the both of its small paws resting in front of his eyes to somewhat blind him. "Waaake up, Zag! We're gonna leave soon enough, I figure. ... Why are ya makin' a map of this place, though?" He then finally gets around to answering Erk, "Ya bloody told Erisvan about our traps an' gave her enough time to form a plan an' have her Harlequine gather. Remind me next time we go do anythin' important to have Rakuro alterate yer mouth away, ya?"

Kitzibeth shakes her head. "She knows it was destroyed, Sirum. She was captured as the city was swallwed by the burrowing horrors. As for my Villa. I suppose we could go now, if you wanted to. So long as we're not expecting any surprise trips to the southern jungles?"

Kael Pierce throws open the commonhouse door and takes an extremely labored step inside, travelling pack held loosely in his paw and dragging behind him in the mud. The young fox's ears droop, and he is, as one could assume, utterly soaked. He's shaking rather profusely and even in spite of his arctic fur, he appears most unhealthily pale, his footpaws almost a complete blue. He glances around through glazed eyes at the environment and barely manages a, "H-.. Hi." After his greeting, th young Canine simply passes out and collapses into a soaked mess on the commonhouse floor.

Zagnafein Silverleaf grunts as the monkey latches itself onto his head, giving sudden life to his hand, which snatches up towards the monkey, in an attempt to grab it behind the neck. If successful, he would hold the creature out before him, and lift his head to take a drowsy look at it, before sliding it across the table. A moment later, he sits up and looks at Sirum, rubbing his eyes. "Wuh? Leaving? Guh... yeah, sure. Map? Feel like it. Might be useful later. Trying to learn to predict weather."

Kele-De smiles over at Sirum then turns a passive gaze toward Erk. "You're lucky I didn't lob your head off as well as that fake Ciran's." She looks far too calm, probably a dangerous sign. A slow smile graces her face then. "Oh, Sirum, do you think that you could reform the blade upon my weapon? Hopefully I'll be able to locate another one soon."

Sirum Hest also says, simply, "T'ang.", to answer which Heretic had been released. To Kitzibeth, he nods thankfully, "The only reason I would wanna return to the jungles is to find Thorimar, an' the reason I need him for isn't even with me so there's no sense in searchin' for him.", grinning sheepishly. He notes then that, as Huggy would be shoved across the table, she would roll off of it and onto the floor in a ball. "Get whatever stuff ya need packed, packed. It doesn't look like we'll ever be returnin' here." In response to Kele, he pads over and shrugs lightly, smiling as he does so, "Sure thing, jus' paw it over here an' I'll have Zag or Kitzibeth help me?"

Kitzibeth stands up, and pads out the door. Or she should, if there wasn't a giant wet puppy in the way. She looks at it witheringly. "Great. A waterlogged furre. Someone take him along as well. I'm going to open the portal, and going to the Villa. Feel free to join me."

Erk Mendon blinks, "Umm...Sirum...I didn't know there was such a heretic named T'ang..." Obviously there was something he missed...

Kele-De blinks as Kitz gets up and starts wandering away. "Do you want to fix it when we reach the villa? Since it seems Kitz is in a bit of a hurry to get there." She bounds up on the counter then, directly in front of Erk and gives him an almost menacing smile before side stepping and bouncing down off it.

Zagnafein Silverleaf nods to Sirum as he stands up and turns around, glancing briefly at the furre who just happened to collapse in the doorway. The elf turns around, and begins to roll his map up, speaking as he does so. "Bring him to the table and I'll see what his problem is." The elf yawns as he approaches the counter and rests his backpack onto it. "Mm. Not that I've got much to pack. The only things I salvaged from the shipwreck are what I have on me now."

Sirum Hest rolls his eyes, "That's 'cause he had been sealed away for tens of thousands of years, until yesterday." In response to Kele's question, he considers it for a moment, then laughs weakly, "Well, I don't suppose ya will need it for anythin' at Kitzibeth's villa, unless Erisvan still has a spy lurkin' about there. An' in that case Kitzibeth can likely zot it herself." With that, he makes way for the door and slips an arm underneath either of Kael's, dragging him weakly over to the elf. "It looks like he's jus' had a bit too much monsoon to handle. ... Oh, hey! This is the furre that used to live where the church is. Weird... wonder why he bothered to come back here."

Erk Mendon still looks confused but doesn't say anything. He just sits there, watching.

Zagnafein Silverleaf lifts the small canine up with relative ease, and sets him down on the edge of the counter. "Let's see now..." Zagnafein checks Kael's pulse, and then his breathing, and then thinks for a moment. "He'll be fine. Let's see if we can find him some warm clothes, and a warm fireplace. Kele, mind whipping him up some warm cider? It'll warm his innards up."

Kael Pierce's expression is somewhat akin to this: @.@

Kele-De jumps back over the counter and digs for the cider. "I'm on it." She nods to Zagnafein then whirls about to grab the pot. "While I'm heating it up, does anyone else want any?"

You say, "[Damn.]"
You say, "[We're leaving.]"
You say, "[Kele, Ruby, Kal.]"
Kalannar: [Are we? Kiv on?]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Whosajiggywhat?]
You say, "[TO WAR!]"
Erk Mendon: [o.o;;;]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Jus' make sure you get ridda them thar [AK] tags, y'hear?]
You say, "[When we kill them with our dice.]"
You say, "[We intend to plant an AK flag in their base.]"
Erk Mendon: [>D]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Good luck.]
Sirum Hest throws dice at Kitzibeth. []
Kitzibeth: [o.o]
[#] By the by, Avanbane was destroyed :P
[ You whisper "[What? When? Why? Is the guild dead?]" to Kitzibeth. ]
Kalannar smooches Kitzibeth. HRT]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "No, the guild is ok, but the city was wiped out. " to you. ]
[#] Why?
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "they did our two year plot after 5 months :-P" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Damn. It would've just been further proof that leaving Anst to start your own Kingdom leads to ruin. ):]" to Kitzibeth. ]
You say, "[So.]"
You say, "[Yar.]"
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "Yep. Usually happens. All who leave Anst are smited at some point. " to you. ]
You say, "[Everyone follow me.]"
You say, "[And by everyone]"
You say, "[Of course.]"
You say, "[I mean those who were in the frozen RP. :P]"
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [bi2u]
Kalannar: [Har har.]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Toodle-doo.]
Kalannar laffs @ Kele, Erk, & Zag.]
You say, "[Kele was with us, n00b.]"
Kele-De wonders why she is being laughed at N00b.]
Kivae: [<.<]
Kele-De can't spell for beans today.]
Kivae: [Sirum's been possessed!]
Kivae: [By Rubeh!]

[Commence return to infiltration RP.]

[#] You all were in the process of changing clothes.

Kivae thinks Rivyn cut himself off midway through the last emit..]
You say, "[Just Si was, actually. o.o;]"
Kalannar: [Yes. The rest of us are just naked.]

[#] After a moment, the sound of steel-on-steel is heard, as the squad of guards that stopped the group earlier encounters the raging thing. Body parts begin flying backwards. From the direction of the former castle, several figures approach. These are obviously much more highly skilled, as they actually engage the elf in battle.

Sirum Hest has more than likely by now gotten himself suited in the Ansteorran guards clothing, tucking the guards weapon into the pocket before rising back up and waving the others on. "Hopefully they won't suspect anything.", his usual way of speaking cut off by Entad's spell. "Just look busy, frantic and as if you're waiting to get equipped."

Kivae's ears go back, sending a somewhat worried glance towards the rest of the approaching guards, and nods to the path, "Let's just hurry."

Kele-De chuckles beside herself to do anything else. "I don't think that will be a problem. Now, can we hurry?"

Sirum Hest "Fine, was just making sure we all knew the plan, is all. It's... this way!", trying his hardest to ignore the sounds of the heated battle as he darts off.

Ruby Pyralis might go a little slow, but is coming anyway. x.x

(You see Entad D'lune.)
> A titanic golem, crafted in the shape of a draconic monster. Razor sharp, sickle-like claws hang from elongated arms, and it's broad feet sport clutching talons. Spindly wings protrude from it's back, spanning some twenty odd feet. The monster itself stands some 9' tall, and sports a dull black finish. Coursing along it's sleek, metal plated form are thick lines of molten fire, evidently providing power and propulsion for the creature.

Entad D'lune neatly eviscerates a guard, before turning and marching back towards the Seal Acolytes. Large chunks of his suit have been blasted off by spells.

[#] More guards can be seen running towards the group.

Kivae continues on, shuffling at a hurried, anxious pace, while her eyes flicker about the scene.

Ruby Pyralis has no clue as to what is going on, just figuring that following Sirum would be the best choice.

Sirum Hest cringes as he catches sight of the golem, though forces himself not to focus on it for too long, simply making his way carefully across the pile of corpses towards their destination. "Why he needs us to do any of this is beyond me. From the looks of it he is handling himself wonderfully..."

Kalannar hurries along in a rushed manner.

Sirum Hest picks up his pace as he runs for the armory, not even bothering to try and exchange words with the guard. After all, why bother stopping to explain himself in the middle of a heated battle, best to let the guard figure out what they were doing for himself. ^^ "This way!"

Kalannar continues running with the others, appearing rather rushed.

[#] A guard hurrying up the road gives the group a sharp look. "What're you all doing up here civilia-oi! What the hell do you think you're doing!" The guard pauses for a moment. "Get suited up quick, we need every man we can get!" After, he hustles along himself.

Sirum Hest's only response to the guard is, "Exactly what we were headed to do, but make sure no further civilians follow, yes?" Still, he goes on. This was actually kind of easy. But then again what isn't when you have a demi-god backing you.

[#] Upon the groups arrival, the spearmouse at the door draws himself up sharply. "Halt! What're you doing here!"

Sirum Hest gives a smile as the armory finally comes into view, though it quickly enough fades once the mouse moves in front of their pathway. In an authoritative tone, he barks out at the poor spearfurre, "Stand aside, soldier! We've orders to get what able bodied civilians we can suited to battle off the demon! There is no time for this...", a low growl forming in the back of his throat.

[#] The guard snorts. "Not likely! The Rising Pheonix has the situation well in hand, so you can just take these ones back off to their homes." The mouse gives them a funny look. "They your family or something? You all look a lot alike."

Kalannar does what he does best, and likewise, glares at the guard.

Sirum Hest is, for note, clad in the same uniform as the guard is.

Rivyn should point out that the uniform is not of a high ranking soldier, unlike an armory guard.

Maryn Cillanus assumed as much.

Kivae halts methodically behind Sirum, staring stony-faced forward, but she hisses something under her breath towards the Sirum-ears in front of her, paws sliding to link behind her back.
[ Kivae whispers, "D'we knock him out?" to you. ]

Sirum Hest's eyes narrow at the guard briefly, seeming highly offended at his words. "Just because you are unable to tell one of my species from the other is no reason for such rudeness, friend. If you will not allow them inside, please at least lead me inside, for one of our crossbows." He gives a slight nod back at Kivae's question, and his tail flicks towards the others as if to signal her to spread the word.

[#] The guard growls. "What unit are you from. The paperworks hell when buggers just wander in and start taking things."
Kivae gives no indication of having spotted the nod, but the paws already behind her back begin softly glowing, fingers hooked inwards. One of them twitches slightly, gesturing to the mouse, hopefully having already caught Kele and Ruby's attention. [3/?]

Sirum Hest raises a brow then, not quite sure just how the mouse could be so calm when a gigantic golem was ripping apart buildings not too far from where he was. "To hell with the paperwork, there are more important matters to deal with at the moment. Though if you must know I am from (what sounds like a garbled mess here)-bane's unit." Bane seemed like a pretty common last name, after all.

Rivyn notes the DM would like to know she's about to do, kthx.

Kalannar stands in front glaring at the armory guard, therefore not noticing Kivae's spell.

[#] The area near where Entad was suddenly goes eerily quiet. The mouse snorts indignantly. "See! Lord Mazus must already be on the scene. Doubtless the intruder's been put down, so no need for you to get your fur all ruffled and my paperwork out of order." The mouse sniffs indignantly.

Kalannar is overcome with the intense desire to simply thrust his daggers into each side of the guard's head.

Ruby Pyralis' attention is, indeed, caught, her eyes having been wandering around anyway as she listened to Sirum talking to the guard. Thus, she watches Kivae. n.n

Kele-De subtly arches a brow as she catches sight of Kivae's paws, wondering what she was doing.

[#] The guard makes a dismissive gesture. "Don't just stand there looking funny. Scoot off."

Kivae's eyes narrow faintly, the fingers suddenly curling inwards to fists, and all traces of the glow feeling her paws, and her tail lashing once. Gaze seeming trained on the tree off to the side. [7/7]

[#] A limb of the tree suddenly gains several thins: Mobility, flexibility, and mild homicidal urges. The branch reaches down and promptly wraps around the guards skinny little neck. He immediately drops his spear and begins thrashing, squeaking rather pathetically. [6/6 or 8/8. Don't remember Kivae's level. :-P]

Kivae has the old-version feat that lets her indirect cast with an extra prep. ^^; But forgot it in the first post.

[#] Of course, the squeaking is liable to draw attention due to the rather eerie silence.

Sirum Hest, as soon as Kivae puts the finishing touches on her spell and casts it to go for the spearfurre, swiftly unslings his bow and reaches for an arrow in his quiver. The arrow is knocked onto his bow, and fired dead center between the guards eyes. If the guard someone managed to survive said arrow, four mour would quickly follow suit, yet at random sections of his face. "Why didn't he just move aside..."
Sirum Hest is a violent little bastard towards the Kebeyan Republic and the Rising Phoenix, isn't he?

[#] The guard soon goes limp, and slowly slumps down. Within moments, a small gem in his armor begins flashing red.

Kalannar's eyes lock onto the flashing gem. He then looks to Sirum as he step forward and runs a paw over it, "This could be a signal to other guards."

Kele-De bites her bottom lip nervously. "I don't like this silence. Let's get this over with." She galnces about, her footpaw tapping anxiously.

Rivyn performs the online version of the DM rattling dice in his fist as the players decide what to do next. []

Kivae moves forwards as soon as he goes limp, tugging on the branch to pull it free, and then kneeling by him, as she doubted she could pull him anywhere, "Who's going t'stand watch out here? They can take the armor." Experimentally covering the gem with her paw, to see if the flash can still be seen, apparently agreeing with Kal.

[#] Over the course of a few seconds, the gem grows noticeably brighter. Ten seconds have gone by.

Sirum Hest cringes as he spots the flashing jewel, glancing between the guard and corpse pile a ways back. "Of course it is, the Ansteorran guards had something exactly like it. Bloody hell, I didn't think they had the magic to do it with, since they don't have a Mages Guild, just Seals... Ruby, quickly, drag the guard off to the nearest pile of corpses you can find face down. If we are followed, claim he went off to fight the golem. Or we can use Kivae's idea, and Ruby dump the body behind the crypt. Pick one, quickly!" He seems to be expecting Kele or Kivae to suit up in his armor.

Kele-De grows more anxious as the seconds seem to stretch into minutes which seem to stretch into what seems like hours. "Just dump the damn bloody body someplace quickly and lets go."

[#] The gem's light grows yet brighter as Sirum and Kele speak. Twenty seconds have gone by.

Kalannar is glancing around on occasion as if he were quite himself walking through Westernesse.
[ Maryn Cillanus whispers, "[You're all gonna die!!]" to you. ]

Ruby Pyralis heads forward as she listens to Sirum, making a grab for the body and beginning to haul it off, "He's heavier than he looks." Is all she says as she heads over to plop him down near the rest of the corpses.

[#] A group of guards can be heard running down the path on the opposite side of the trees.

Ruby Pyralis comes back. ^^

Kalannar moves to open the door as soon as Ruby begins moving the body of the fallen guard.

[#] A group of guards can be heard running down the path on the opposite side of the trees, just before Ruby crosses into their line of sigh.

Ruby Pyralis is apparently screwed. xD

Kivae backs off as Ruby moves, muttering something about face-down. "If we find armor like it inside, then we can send someone to watch." Stepping back to let Kal go through. She hesitates, glancing back for Ruby, to see if they're waiting for her.

[#] Kal, please get your ass back to the upstairs room for a moment please.

Ruby Pyralis is sure to place him down face-first, cause golems don't shoot arrows into faces. >> <<

Sirum Hest cringes at the sound of guards running. Now what would Rakuro do. ... Obviously the mage would cast some sort of teleportation spell on them all, but that's a luxury he doesn't have. So instead, he motions those around him to follow him, figuring Ruby can just as easily fly over the walls and out of the Kingdom to safety. His destination is the area behind the crypt, motioning those still there to follow him. Damned guard.

Ruby Pyralis has no wings, damnyooou.

You say, "[It was an illusion spell. I think.]"
Ruby Pyralis: [I asked lsat time and he said they went 'poof']
Rivyn: [It was an Alteration, Tard.]
You say, "[So we all really are felines?]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Yuh.]

[#] As the group heads inside, a dull roar sounds without. The noise of the guards charging around the corner is drowned out by a long series of dreadful howls, which degenerate into barking and screams. Lots of screams.

[#] The group is inside a smaller room, crammed with dusty crates and shelves with rather sub-par weaponry on them. In one corner appears to be some sort of crude lift, but several rather larger crates have been stacked on and around it, and the mechanism is nowhere to be found.

Sirum Hest moves to lift a sword from the shelf, at the same time drawing out a small black pocket from his his pocket. This pocket is tossed towards Kivae, and he motions the group to go downstairs. "I'll... come up with a plan. To the downstairs, now, and toss the entire of--", his plan is cut off at the sounds of death just outside. "...or not. Seems we have plenty of time. Regardless..." Assuming Kivae opened the pocket, the shortsword would go in it and he would tap his bracer, a fake sword appearing from thin air. This would be placed back onto the shelf, while he says to the group as a whole, "Put every weapon on these shelves into the pocket, an' then head for downstairs. Quickly. I'm not sure how long he can give us."

You say, "[If that post seems confusing, it's because I re-did it three times because of emits. xD]"

Kivae presses a paw over her muzzle to keep from sneezing, the other holding the pocket open for Si. "D'you think there's any weapons in the crates? Or is that just.. food.. or whatever guards need." She also stretches the pocket towards anyone who starts collecting weapons.

Kalannar head to the shelves and takes weapons, two by two in his hands and stuffs them into the pocket held by Kivae quickly.

Kele-De nods and begins gathering up what weapons she can as hastily as possible. Scurrying back and forth between the shelves and Kivae, she deposits the weapons into the pocket quickly.

Ruby Pyralis begins to head toward shelves, looking over the weapons and such briefly before grabbing as many as she can hold in two paws and shoveling them into the pocket.

Sirum Hest pauses as the others come to help, keeping his eyes locked onto what weapons their paws go for. For every spear they take, a tap is made to the bracer for one to appear on the floor in front of him. The same motion occurs for every sword, mace and axe. "If there are we shouldn't bother with wasting time opening them. There's more than likely a larger collection of weaponry downstairs." Once the group has finished looting the weapons, he moves to put the stack the faulty weapons onto the shelves one by one, hopefully aided by the others. x)

[#] In a matter of moments, the group has replaced all the weapons. Sirum eyes would reveal them all to be glowing a soft yellow, but the others would detect no discrepancy from the originals.

Sirum Hest, in that case, makes way for the stairs.

Kele-De runs a paw through her headfur as they finish, then follows SIrum down the stairs.

[#] Once you get downstairs, kindly stop.
[#] You can move a little, just don't go dashing into the room. Thanks.
[#] The group is surrounded by stacks and stacks of crates, each marked with the royal seal of Ansteorra. Most have been defaced. Immediately into the room, several sword racks hold weapons showing a much higher level of craftmanship than the blades upstairs. a shelf near the stairs holds nothing but a few broken pieces in need of much repair.

Sirum Hest, at this shelf, nearly repeats the process that occured at the room above, though once witnessing that the weaponry here is just junk he shakes his head and moves on farther into the room. "Kele. You were needing a new weapon, right? You have an entire armory at your disposal, find one you like, yes?", flashing her a toothy grin before waving Kivae on towards him.

[#] In the distance, hushed voices can be heard.
[#] Forgot to mention that. Whoops.

Kivae follows, beginning to stretch the pocket open. She eyes the crates warily, and then slows slightly, her ears lifting to try and discover the source, and head rising to peer upwards uneasily. "Um.."

Kele-De arches a brow. "If I can find one to suit my height, provided it's a glaive, I will." Her ears perk a bit then. "Does anyone else hear voices?"

[#] Once the group moves forwards, rows and rows of weaponry can be seen on display. A blazing gust of heat wafts through the room, and off in the distance can bee seen a cherry blaze. Farther off yet, urgent whispers can be heard. "...Ripped his head right off!!..."Shh, you'll bring them do.." "...Don't see no wine.."

[#] The laws of FurcPhysics have been temporarily suspended. Each square here is 20 feet on a side, rather than 5.

[#] Thusly, This room is extremely large.

Kalannar, being a Drow, would likely hear them more than simply hushed, "Indeed."

Rivyn wonders if the group is speaking in normal tones or whispering.

Sirum Hest's ears perk at the voices coming from a direction he can't quite detect just yet, but he's pretty certain that they're coming from the right side of the room. To his group, he murmurs, "It seems we have battle abandoners down here. How should we deal with them?'
Sirum Hest is, of course, speaking softly.

Kivae raises a finger to her lips, ears remaining high. She steps carefully after Sirum. Also speaking in low tones, "I'd say: don't let them know that we're here. If they do.. then.." trailing off, and reaching out to lift one of the swords carefully from the shelf, sliding it into the pocket.

Kele-De furrows her brows and her ears perk to ear any more tidbits of what's being said. She concurs with Kivae in continued hushed tones. "For the moment let's quietly continue our business."

[#] "...there, by the stairs. It's the Pheonix fo..." "Shut up, ya' pollyarse. Aint nothing to be no 'fraid of.." A voice rings quite clearly. "Merciful M'rill! There's a damn CABINET OF IT!!!" About seven or eight "SSSHH!!"'s follows this statement.

Kalannar speaks softly, as well, "I say we kill them.. we should not risk being discovered. Even by desserters."

Ruby Pyralis, for some odd reason, really thinks that she doesn't even -want- to know what's going on.

Sirum Hest rolls his eyes and taps the bracer, setting a sword in place of where the one Kivae had taken was. "That's kind of hard, seeing as we have to lift all these weapons and go to the other side of the room where they are more than likely hiding. Maybe they will just ignore us." He can't help but crack a grin at the further voices, resisting screwing up the mission by scaring the hell out of those at the other side of the room. Without further hesitation, he begins lifting the swords. And once replacing five, he idly comments, quietly, "...maybe we could convince them to help us, though..."

[#] A few scuttling noises indicate that the voices have moved northwards a few dozen feet.

Kalannar moves to begin taking swords quietly and putting them into the pocket, "My suggestion stands."

Kele-De steps over to the swords and begins to carefully lift them and place them into the pocket. Her voice lowers some more. "I wonder what they found in that cabinet though...." She trails off as she continues the task.

[#] The group works quickly, and has soon replaced all the swords in the racks.

Ruby Pyralis helps. Most descriptively. >> <<

Kivae suppresses a snicker, continuing to lift the weapons. "If they don't get us caught before then. I don't think so.. stealing weapons is worse then stealing wine." Glancing sideways as she holds out the pocket open for Kal, "They'll make more noise in the process."

Sirum Hest moves on towards the other side of the room then, murmuring back to Kele, "More than likely the wine." Adding afterwards to Kalannar, "We're not gonna get ourselves killed by fightin' off so many soldiers. Let's jus' go have a talk with 'em, as it doesn't seem as if we'll be avoidin' 'em anymore."

[#] The occasional clink of bottle-on-bottle can be heard in the distance.

Kalannar follows after Sirum quietly.

Kele-De nods to Kivae and moves on. She shakes her head hearing the clinks of bottles.

[#] The group would soon come into view of several dozen rodents and felines of various species.

Kivae tiptoes after Sirum, wincing as he seems set on talking to them. "I really don't think.."

Sirum Hest notes there really isn't any other direction to go, unless you would like to leave the armory and go outside.

[#] ...Clad in scrounged clothing, oddly enough it's predominantly blue. Perhaps they're imitating their hero. Maybe they're rebelling against Damien. Maybe they just have bad taste. Who knows. Regardless, a familiar figure soon rushes his way to the front. "Ey! You ther' lad, what're ye' up to?" Butterburr grins. Behind him, a small cadre of rodents carefully carries several green bottles of liquid into a small, obviously artificial hole.

Rivyn is also a felines of various species.

Sirum Hest spots the color of blue, the color that only the most intelligent, handsome and heroic of mice wear. "Butterburr? The hell are you doing here? And with everyone else? Fleeing the Kingdom or something?" He sheds his guard uniform at that moment, tossing it over to the side. "It's me, Sirum, I've just been... ah... changed around a bit by Entad, along with everyone else."

[#] The gruff bartender-turned-rebel snorts. "Aye, I'd be believin' it. E's out there summinin' all sortsa things. We're makin' off with the last of the ol' druids firewine while we're gettin' the chance. What're ye in 'ere for, though?"

Kivae offers a small wave before sidestepping towards the weapon-shelves, fiddling with the pocket. "We'll probably need that to get back out again, Si; don't loose it.."
Kivae hasn't noted the hole, apparently. >.>

[#] Quite shortly, a line of rodents and felines has emptied the far off cabinets into the small aperture from whence they came.

Sirum Hest huffs quietly at that moment and eyes the bottles in thought. "They must have either raided his home or he had a secret stash here I couldn't find in years. Entad has employed us to replace all of the weapons here with junk ones, for his cause. I don't suppose you all could help us speed things up a bit, before you go? Just grab whatever weapons are around and toss them into the bag... or pocket in Kivae's paws." To Answer Kivae, "There's a crack in the wall. We're going to follow it out instead of going outside, I thought..."

Kele-De watches Kivae move and follows behind her to help her with the weapons.

Kalannar sets about the task of grabbing up weapons from the racks and stuffing them into the pocket Kivae carries.

[#] Butterburr scratches his patchy beard, grimacing. "I called in a few favors with Daft Wully to let us use his cove to be gettin' in here, we can't be to long..Lads! Toss a few in, then get hell out. Sorry we can't be helpin' more lad, but Wully's not one ye'd cross twice."

Ruby Pyralis grabs a few things, as well, and begins to shovel it into the pocket. >> <<

[#] The small group of rebels begins snatching weapons left and right, tossing a few each into the bags before leaving in turn. With a final bow, the florid bartender disapears after them. "Good luck to ye', lad."

You say, "[Are there any glaives in the room?]"
Rivyn: [Aye.]

[#] A solid third of the weaponry has been replaced, though the crates lack inspection, as does the smithy.

Sirum Hest laughs quietly and begins moving about the room, fingers drumming along the bracer to make weapon after weapon appear in place of the looted ones. "After taking my lost gold here he should be a bit more generous. Kele, there's a row of glaive's over there, find one that you like and hold onto it. I'm not sure if Entad is going to want this back."

Kivae holds the pocket open as the weapons are removed, grinning faintly as they depart, and tilting her head. "Looks like you were right.." Ears twitching for any sounds from above, "and that we still have of time.." glancing around the room.

Kele-De nods and begins going through the rack of glaives, setting any she doesn't deem wrothy into the pocket. Finally coming across one she sets in on the ground, spends a moment twirling it about, then sets it to the side. She then hastily begins grabbing the rest of them and putting them in the pocket. "I've chosen that one, so don't let anything happen to it." She points to the floor by the wall. "I'll grab it when we're done here."

[#] After a bit of work, two-thirds of the armory has been cleared and replaced. The noises from outside have grown muted and distant, with only the occasional scream or howl reaching down into the depths.

[ You whisper "[Anything of note within the chests?]" to Entad D'lune. ]
[ Entad D'lune whispers, "[Ammunition. Arrows and Bolts.]" to you. ]
[ Entad D'lune whispers, "There's 4000 of each, and they come in neat bundles of 50 from the bracer >.>" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[What are there tips made of? Copper, iron, steel, silver?]" to Entad D'lune. ]
[ Entad D'lune whispers, "Iron" to you. ]

Kalannar glances around, then goes to work on the shelves at the wall.

Sirum Hest spins about then and pushes one chest after another, having expected some sort of highly valuable weapon within each. Yet, as he sees they are nothing more than ammunition crates, he frowns. "Ah well... Ruby, can you get over here and lift all these bolts for me? It would take me forever to get all these out." But apparently he isn't delayed enough to start dumping arrow after arrow into his quiver, which devours them and seems to make them vanish entirely. Every single arrow in the crate is replaced, too, though this takes up a lengthy period of time unless the bracer spits them out in large quantities.

Kivae continues after Kal, holding the pocket open, and shoving some in it as well. Tail flickering, she sends an occasional glance over her shoulder.

[#] The armory nearly empty, only the shelves towards the forge remain to be done. And, of course, the dusty crates near the stairs.

Kele-De continues on gathering up what weapons she can find and placing them into the pocket.

Ruby Pyralis nods toward Sirum and begins to head over there, looking over the bolts for a few moments before looking back to Kivae, "Once you're done over there, I'll need to put these in the pocket." Beginning to reach in and grabs paw-fulls.

Kivae flicks her ears back, as soon as the shelf is done sliding over to Ruby, and pulling the edges of the pocket open for the arrows to fit. She nudges Sirum with her toes, "It seems like we'll have time, can we at least check if the boxes do have weapons? 'd hate to miss that many."

Kalannar finishes up on this set of shelves, and moves to the next, grabbing up as many weapons as his arms will allow and stuffing them into the pocket Kivae holds.

Sirum Hest, after replacing the arrows and bolts within the chests, merfs out quietly. "You would think he would give the lot of us one of these to speed things up. Hmm. But... sure, the boxes. Even though I doubt we could empty them all." With that, moves on to the crates, tail-waving over to Ruby, "Pull the lid off of one of the dark brown ones and one of the light brown, please?"

Kele-De pads over to the crates, picking up the glaive she'd picked out. "Will the pocket open wide enough to just replace the entire crate, or do we need to go through all of them?"

[ Entad D'lune whispers, "The bracer cannot manufacture a crate." to you. ]

Kalannar deposits armfuls of weapons.

Ruby Pyralis heads over toward the crates, having finished getting the bolts. She hops on top of the chest so she can lift off the top of one of the darker crates. (If not, use her axe to pry it off.)

Sirum Hest shakes his head back at Kele's question, holding the bracer up, "It only forges weapons, nothing more. Besides, I doubt even Ruby could lift a crate filled to the brim with swords, maces or whatever is inside." Up to Ruby, "What's inside?"

[#] Shortly, all but the crates and forge have been inspected. The dark crate is easily pried open, revealing what look like bags of sand.

Kalannar goes to check the forge.

Kele-De nods. "Well, it was at least worth a try."

Ruby Pyralis reaches a paw in to poke at one of the bags, "Looks like bags of sand... do we need those for anything?"

Kivae tests it, stretching at the edges, ears perking as it opens easily. She twitches her nose, and then nods. "They'll fit.. But, what Si said." Letting the pocket close again, she makes a face, ".. Why would they keep sand.. in boxes?"

[#] A faint cloud rises at Ruby's touch, and the torch on the wall near her sputters wildly.

Kele-De furrows her her brows then her eyes widen as she watches the torch. "I don't think it's sand and I think we'd better very quickly get it all into the pocket."

Sirum Hest's nose wrinkles at sight of the sandbags, head tilting to the side. "What in the Primes name would they need sandbags for... floods or something? A collection of saps? Either way, check the light brown crates, too. I'm going to see where Kal--", getting cut off as the cloud rises and as the torch begins to shift about. "...Kivae, can you divine out what those things are?"

Ruby Pyralis acks and pulls her paw away, "Yeah, definately not sand. I'd be careful putting this into the pocket."

[#] From above, the door of the armory slams open, and several booted feet crash about up the stairs for a moment.

Kivae tilts her head slightly, tossing the pocket up towards Ruby, and pressing a paw over her muzzle to keep from sneezing, "It's smokepowd.." Cutting herself off, and glancing sharply towards the stairs, darting away and around the corner, if they steps don't pause.

[#] Kalannar walks up to the group, armed with a glowing red hot sword.

Marlina Evenstar: [Kinky.]

[#] The crowd above seems content to wander around in the first chamber, not a one coming down the stairs.

Kalannar carries in a gloved paw a sword with a searing red-hot blade. He holds it out away from himself as he approaches and speaks, "I found this in the forge.. I attempted to cool it, though within a matter of moments the water had all evaporated, and the sword remains hot." He motions to the sword's blade in confusion.

Entad D'lune awards the Kebeyans the "Stupid Award". Torchlit Room + Smokepowder + Rivyn's Firewine = Ansteorra Castle 2.0]
Marlina Evenstar notes that it was Entad's Kebeyen's, not hers, that are at fault here... Just as a matter of pride. :-P]

Sirum Hest's ears perk at the sound above them, muttering quietly, "Sounds like we've got company. We might want to flee before they take notice to us...", pausing to scan the room to ensure that all of the equipment was yellow. "In that case it's likely magical. Just drag it along and we'll figure out it's use later. Unless you all would like to stay around and greet our visitors?", tail flicking up to the roof as he grins sheepishly.

Kalannar grunts in response to Sirum, and simply keeps the blade in-paw.

Ruby Pyralis, as her player was distracted, carefully places as many bags as she can into the pocket, careful to not let any spill out anywhere. This done, she silently hops off fromt he chest and looks around.

Entad D'lune will be back in about twenty minutes. Promise ^^]

Kalannar has a nifty glowing fire sword of DETH!111]
Sirum Hest remembers what Si told Kalannar a while back... []
You say, "["These are only until you can get a weapon of yer own, ya?" xP]"
Kivae thought Si took the daggers when Kal was tied up, anyways.]
Kalannar doesn't. Therefore slays lots of innocents.]
Sirum Hest gave them back after. Always does. It's not right to leave him unarmed.
Kalannar can't use just -one- weapon.. it isn't right, I tell you!]
You say, "[Well then. Gimme that thar sward.]"
You say, "[...even though I can't use weapons over 1d5 damage...]"
Kalannar: [<.< Dunno if this even has stats.]
You say, "[It's a Sward of FIAR!]"
You say, "[Ethereal Sward of FIAR +5]"
You say, "[+23 to-hit]"
You say, "[-23 damage]"
You say, "[+5 to climbing rolls]"
Kalannar: [Har har.]
Entad D'lune: [Alright, lets finish up.]
[#] Booted feet upstairs, crates full of smokepowder, and Kal's holding a big red hot sword. Moving along! []
Ruby Pyralis needs a shower.]
Ruby Pyralis: [AFK - 10 minutes.]

Kivae holds her paws out to Ruby for the pocket to be tossed back as she jumps down, nodding agreement to Sirum's words, and speaking quietly, "Guess we don't have time for the lighter crates."

Ruby Pyralis tosses the pocket back to Kivae and wipes some powder from her paws, "Hm."

Kele-De arches a brow. "Should we at least check and see what's in the crates before we just leave them? Or do you think it's just more smoke powder?"

Kalannar glances toward the direction of the stairs, then checks to see if it's safe enough to hold the sword without the glove, tapping at the hilt and handle with is free paw.

Kalannar finds that the sword is, indeed, cool to the touch. He, therefore, removes the glove and simply holds the blade as if it were his own drawn weapon within his left paw's grasp, though makin sure to monitor the blade enough not to come into contact with him or anyone else.

Sirum Hest shakes his head at Kivae's words, though as the people upstairs still don't come down, he considers something. "We don't have the time to empty them out, but we do have the time to check one. Though it wouldn't matter one way or the other if we knew what was inside."
Sirum Hest's voice has a tone of urgency to it, and he is constantly glancing towards the hole in the wall, for note.

Kalannar speaks up, "If we are taking nothing more, then there is no need to check. Come and make haste, we have little time." He nods toward the hole in the wall.

Kivae steps back for the hole, rather than glancing at it, waving a paw with a shrug. "You can if you want. Settles curiosity." Saying such, she continues stepping backwards for the hole, preferring to keep an eye on the stairs, should they eventually come down.

[#] A pair of booted feet stomp down the first couple steps, then pause. Some shouting occurs. "Hah! We showed 'im! Wont be comin' 'round here in quite a bit o' time with that lickin'!" There's a muffled response, during which the group acts...

Kele-De shrugs then starts moving toward the hole with the others, lowering her voice some. "Alright. Let's go."

Sirum Hest's ears lower back and to his skull at the voices which don't sound to be on their side, quickly scurrying off for the hole. "Run!" This said only loud enough for those in the immediate area around him to hear clearly.

Kivae simply spins at the sound of the boots on the steps, darting across the large room and for the hole, keeping a tight grip on the pocket. Once reaching the hole, she'd crouch down and duck through, nose wrinkling at the strangeness of being larger than normal.

Kalannar simply darts for the hole, not particularly caring if the others were following or not.

Kele-De takes off at a quick pace at Sirum's warning, holding the glaive she had taken close to her.

[#] Some twenty feet inside the hole, Kalannars glowing hot blade lighting the way, there is an obstruction in the form of a rather large slab of granite, roughly circular, in front of the hole's exit. A faint breeze indicates the opposite side is quite a bit larger than the armory.

Kalannar places his palm against the slab of granite and pushes his weight against it with his shoulder to see if he can push it out of the way.

Sirum Hest motions a paw towards the granite for Ruby and Kele, as Kivae and himself weren't quite up to the task of shoving anything that large away. "Think you can get it moved before we get swarmed by guards? Why did Butterburr block up our escape route..."

Kivae crouches quietly, ears flicking back. "He said it was a favor, and he had to close it, remember..? Maybe they won't check in here, and we can wait 'till they leave."

Kele-De shrugs and moves around Sirum and Kivae. "I'll try." She whispers softly, then begins to push the granite slab with Kal.

[#] The granite remains implacable.

Kalannar growls a bit as he continues to push.

[#] Still implacable.

Ruby Pyralis, as she was just informed as to what's going on, also tries to help move the granite. :x

Sirum Hest sighs and rubs at the back of his neck with a paw, "I'm sure they would notice the hole there, Kivae, but if we board up the other way we might end up like the Tigahrrim soldiers. Ruby, get to pushing already, -please-...", the same urgency still there. "Or, Kivae, I don't suppose you can roll it a bit with some magic?" This was lovely. They were literally trapped between a rock and a hard place.

Kivae turns about, peering in vain down the other side of the passage for any sign or sound of the guards. ".. Maybe it's passworded?"

Ruby Pyralis' player always takes a shower when she actually -is- needed ICly xD

Kele-De sighs and stops. As Ruby joins her nad Kal, she pushes a bit harder.

Sirum Hest is going to fear the rock if Ruby can't move it, for it is evil.

Kalannar is stricken with an idea as he looks down at his sword's blade, "Quickly, the black powder. Perhaps we can blast our way through here... although we run the risk of destroying the tunnel, itself.."

[#] The rock fails to move.

Ruby Pyralis, once she realizes that it's rather hopeless to continue pushing the rock, removes her paws from it and nods to Kal, "It's impossible to move otherwise."

Kivae shifts uneasily at that idea, though she begins tugging the pocket open. "Exploding it? While we're right here?" She begins tugging the corner of the bag out from the pocket, merely wrinkling her nose doubtfully at Sirum's suggestion.

Sirum Hest's tail wraps tightly about his waist at mention of the smokepowder, the mouse taking a few steps back. "That'll alert the entire Kingdom as to where we are, will more than likely destroy the tunnel or get us set on fire from the blast. Primes, how did they open it..." He pauses for a moment, then stares at the granite block blankly. ">Open<?" Arcane, of course.

[#] Nothing happens.

Kele-De turns and leans against the rock. "I'd be more afraid that it would close the cavern in around us. Is there anything-" She's cut off as Sirum tries to open the door.

Marlina Evenstar: [>>Open Sesame!!<<]
Entad D'lune: [<<Open or it shall go very bad for you, indeed!>>]

Kalannar growls in anger as he paces and simply turns toward the rock and strikes it with the sword.

[#] Booted feet begin tromping down the stairs.

[#] The sword produces a shower of sparks, burning anyone in the immediate area.

(You see Miranda Truesight.)
> Auburn hair is pulled back tightly in a single braid, falling to the level of the green cloak pulled about her shoulder. In stark contrast to the colours of her emerald hued cloak, lies the wood of a longbow, hanging from the opposing shoulder is a quiver of arrows. Orange eyes gleam with a fierce intelligence, alighting her sharply featured face in an intimidating manner. Chainmail beneath the cloak bears the sigil of a phoenix rising forth from the flames. [Ansteorra Kingdom NPC]

Ruby Pyralis acks and begins to swat at the sparks as they singe the ends of her fur, hissing lowly, "Hey!"

[#] A group of guards is wandering around. "Hey. Someone's been in the firewine!" "Over here! Looks like some little buggers knocked a hole in the wall." Torches begin gathering around the exit to the hole.

Kele-De purses her lips. "Entad didn't tell you how to get out of here?" She backs away as she singed by the sparks and bites back a string of curses. "Quickly, what are we going to do?"

Miranda Truesight absently brushes a pawdigit against a stray lock of hair as the men behind her continue to chat in their manner, her purpose unknown as she moves about the armory. Interestingly enough however, she comes across a group of soldiers, "You lot! What has happened here?" Assuming of course that they weren't responsible, as any normal person would do... mmhmm.

Kalannar goes silent as he gazes toward the entrance.

[#] One of the soldiers snaps a salute to Miranda. "Ma'am! Someone's stolen the firewine, and it appears as though they escaped through this hole!"

Kivae pinches the pocket closed again, lightly elbowing Sirum, and then letting out a low hiss at the sparks, edging away from Kal, and brushing frantically, but quietly, at her arms. Speaking almost inaudible to even herself, "What about the guild's password, Si?" Then, desperate, and trying just about anything, she knocks lightly on the granite. [3/3 Rivyn's Knock]

[#] A small green bottle is slid through the crack, followed by a gruff voice. "Go away, ye durn fools!"

[#] The crack between the slab and the tunnel. []

Sirum Hest mutters a curse under his breath and pads over to the exit of the room, just enough to not be seen by Miranda or the soldiers. "Let's blast it out of the way with smokepowder then. If it works, we have an escape route. If not, then we are going to fight them either way, since they'll more than likely find us--", cutting himself off as the bottle appears. Quickly he scurries back over to the boulder, "Move it out of the way and let us pass or we'll blast it open! We're trapped!"

Miranda Truesight actually meant those filthy exiles, but whatever works, her attention is briefly diverted by the speaking soldier, "Take one of the others, and report this to Mazus, he will need to know of this." Making a gesture briefly behind her then to hurry the soldier on his way.

Sirum Hest adds, to Kivae, puzzledly, "@Tallus?"

[#] The man on the opposite side of the slab laughs. "Hah! Good luck to ye then." An irregular shuffle heads away.

[#] A soldier nods sharply, and grabs one of his fellows. They disapear, leaving only half a squad (7 Furres) to guard the back.

Miranda Truesight presses her hands together briefly as she turns about once more to face those that lurked so suspiciously by the walls without having explained themselves, "Again, what are you doing here? And what do you know of the thefts?"

You say, "[We're not by the walls...]"
Entad D'lune: [Marl, they're twelve feet into a tunnel.]
Entad D'lune: [There's seven guards outside, looking around.]
Miranda Truesight: [o.o]
Miranda Truesight: [Ah.]
Miranda Truesight: [That would explain something.]

Kivae eyes the bottle for a moment, and then promptly begins tugging on of the smokepower bags free again, careful to keep it away from Kal's sword, and motioning him back a bit. She shoves at the bag, attempting to wedge it into the crack, or pour some of the powder there, should it be too slender. Hissing, "Blasting it? Can't think of anything better.." edging back from it, and completely ignoring Miranda.

Miranda Truesight's gaze instead apparently moves to the various other soldiers lurking about, though they are already likely examining already, she speaks anyways, "Another of you, find the inventory list, and then make a list of all missing Firewyne, and check to see if anything else is gone."

Ruby Pyralis widens her eyes at Kivae, hissing softly, "Oh, like that won't grab their attention."

Sirum Hest unslings his bow at that moment, keeping his eyes trained onto the exit of the room. "They likely wouldn't believe that we were just peasants that fled here to hide, would they? Especially if they searched us for the bag..."

[#] One of the shoulders hustles upstairs to find the mysterious paperwork the door guard alluded to.

Kivae lays her ears back, looking sheepish. "As a backup, if they try to come in here after us, at least.."

Ruby Pyralis shrugs, "But we don't know how potent the stuff is. For all we know just a little bit could blast this whole tunnel to pieces."

Kalannar nods slightly toward Kivae, then turns his attention grudgingly back to the hole.

Kele-De shudders, not at all liking the thought of blasting the granite slab with them still in the tunnel, but she edges away from the slaba nd against the wall all the same, her ears lowering against her head.

[ You whisper "[Would it be possible to mindspeak Kitz and call for her help? :P]" to Entad D'lune. ]
[ Entad D'lune whispers, "There's someone a lot closer. []" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Yeah. Well. Entad's a jerk. ):]" to Entad D'lune. ]

Sirum Hest coughs into a paw. "Does anyone feel like being arrested and likely hung as opposed to blasting a tunnel to bits? Or... Primes. Why didn't I think about this before." He closes his eyes at that moment, seeming to be doing nothing but concentrating deeply. [1/1 - Mindspeak, Entad]

[ You whisper "Entad <<We're trapped in a tunnel between a giant rock and a half-dozen guards. I don't suppose you could get us out of here somehow?>>" to Entad D'lune. ]

[ Entad D'lune whispers, "Entads reply comes thundering back. "Make your own damn way out. They've got me cornered."" to you. ]

Sirum Hest squeaks out quietly in frustration at the response, deciding to try the next person to get him out of this hell they were in. [1/1 - Mindspeak, Kitzibeth]

Miranda Truesight mutters various things under her breath then as she moves about the armory, looking for anything amiss, before eventually moving in the direction of the hole, that had been mentioned as the escape route for the firewyne stealers.

[#] Far down the hole, Kalannars blade glows treacherously.

[ Kitzibeth whispers, "[how's stuff?]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "(Sirum's voice suddenly floods into Kitzibeth's mind) <<Kitzibeth! We're stuck in Ansteorra in a tunnel in the armory basement. Butterburr's helpers blocked it off, and the only way out leads to a half-dozen guards. Can you get us out of here?>>" to Kitzibeth. ]
[ You whisper "[^That's how. :P]" to Kitzibeth. ]
[ Kitzibeth whispers, "Kitzibeth yawns. <<You what want now?>>" to you. ]

Kivae shifts slightly, attempting to put her body between the glow and the entrance, her fur bristling all over. She doesn't say anything, shooting Sirum a quizzical glance.

Kele-De hisses over at Kal. "Stick that thing down your pants so they can't see the glow."

Sirum Hest isn't going to post that to TooC. It's too obvious! []
Miranda Truesight: [xD]
[ Kele-De whispers, "Kele-De sometimes doesn't think about what she's posting....obvious or not." to you. ]
Ruby Pyralis: [XDD]

[ You whisper "Sirum Hest's mental voice sounds like, if it could project such a thing, it would be rolling its eyes right about now. :-P <<Kele, Kivae, Kalannar, Ruby and myself are trapped and are likely going to be captured and hung if you don't either teleport here or teleport us out of here.>>" to Kitzibeth. ]

[ Kitzibeth whispers, "Kitzibeth pauses and catches her thoughts. Apparently, she was asleep. <<Give me three minutes. I'll open a portal. Why isn't Rakuro there when you need him? Primes. This isn't going to be easy.>>" to you. ]

Kalannar glances around and drops to his knees and makes his best attempt to partially bury the blade in the dirt and hide its glow. He simply glares back at Kele-De in response.

[ You whisper "<<He was supposed to be here, but he kind of... wasn't. I'll try getting him here now.>> The mindlink connect is then disrupted. More than likely calling up the insane mage." to Kitzibeth. ]

Rivyn: [..Fuck it. I've still got plenty to do before I go to bed, and we've already been at this way to long.]

Sirum Hest smiles brightly suddenly, though no explanation is given from him. He goes onto try another source. [1/1 - Mindspeak, Rakuro]

Miranda Truesight absently rubs a hand across a sore shoulder muscle, muttering various things as she attempts to look into the hole, unbarring it if it blocked her. "Can't ever have one day go nice and peaceful can we?"

[ Kitzibeth whispers, "[I'll start summoning, one by one in exactly three minutes ^^ It'll be like you are pulled rather forcefully from your position, and hurled across the continent. Unpleasant but functional.]" to you. ]

You say, "[ Kitzibeth whispers, "[I'll start summoning, one by one in exactly three minutes ^^ It'll be like you are pulled rather forcefully from your position, and hurled across the continent. Unpleasant but functional.]" to you. ]"

[ You whisper "<<If you can hear me, we're trapped in Ansteorra in the middle of a tunnel. Kitzibeth is going to try and teleport us out, but if she can't maybe you could help us out of here...>>" to Rakuro. ]

Kivae holds up a paw, eyes narrowing as a outline appears across the entrance. If allowed by the DM, she begins leaching the light from their general area, shrouding them in shadows. [3/3]

[#] The granite slab shudders, and several cracks form along the surface. After a moment, the whole piece flies backwards, revealing several things: A large grotto, complete with ship; several pieces of rather airborne granite, and a cut, bruised, and bleeding Entad with a halfspear in one hand. This occurs as first Ruby, then Sirum disapear.

[ Rakuro whispers, "A faint grunfle echoes back, followed by a low growl and a snort, quickly followed by a rather obvious sensation that something is looking through a tunnel at you.. followed by a distinct impression of a nod >>Right. Let me know if she can't manage it<<" to you. ]

[#] The noise would quite obviously alert the guards at the entrance to the tunnel. Woe for them.

Kalannar is particularly good at fading into the shadows, whether he tries to or not. Though the opportunity fails him when suddenly the granite is ripped away from the exit. He leaps to his feat, bringing the sword in-paw as, well, blade still aglow.

Miranda Truesight is an elf, and as such, can see rather well, though as the granite wall within explodes, she flinches back before calling out another order, "Lieutenant! Get over here, the whole lot of you, there are people in there, likely the thieves, after them." Protocal, not cowardice.

Sirum Hest is apparently ripped from the space in the room he was occupying, a pained squeak just barely sounding before fading off entirely. How nice it was to have powerful friends that can painfully move you about like a ragdoll. ^^

Kivae blinks, then hisses in surprise at Entad, her ears flattening to her skull. After the intial shock, she scrambles through the newly opened passage, sending a sideways glance at the demon, as if waiting for direction.

[Kitz summons everyone.]

Kivae also looks and sounds very much like a male, mid-20s feline.

Ruby Pyralis notes everyone does. :3

Kitzibeth erfs, as the portal snaps shut with a rather large explosion. "Gah. Next time - don't have me cast that. I almost killed the lot of you. And apparently, I screwed up a few things too." She notes Kivae's voice."

Kalannar blinks a few times and settles once his eyes fall on Kitzibeth. He lets out an exasperated sigh and stands up straight to his full height.. all 5'2" of him. He glances down at the sword he holds, relaxing his grip on it as he then glances about the room.
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You say, "[Our voices are different too. :P]"
You say, "[It's a complete alteration.]"
You say, "[ that means... Kele and Ruby and Kivae...]"
Ruby Pyralis' player is almost as tall as Kal is ICly. xD
Ruby Pyralis: [Entad says it lasts for about an hour, but could easily be dispelled by Kitz.]

Kele-De drops to her knees and looks about the room. She giggles then as they all still look like male felines. "I thought for sure they were going to capture nad hang the lot of us."

Sirum Hest drops to the floor as he pops into existance, letting out a low 'mreowl' of pain. "I can't stand this body or this voice. I want to go back to being a mouse... this height is so... dizzying..." As soon as he realizes just where he is, however, he grins toothily. "Ah, the villa. Thanks much, Kitzibeth, but you might want to get Entad here as well. He was banged up pretty badly when we left him."

Kivae is way taller than Kal. :-P She yawns widely, letting her jaw stretch. "Nah.. they couldn't have taken us. And I bet Entad was faking it. What could Seals and guards do t'him?"

Kitzibeth blinks. "Who the Primes did I summon?" She stands up. "Sirum Hest! Where are you?"

Sirum Hest should've tipped Kitzibeth off with the 'I'm tired of this body' and the 'I want to be a mouse again', but it seems she was distracted. :-P "Erm... I'm me, I just don't look like me. Entad's spell."

Kalannar looks rather like himself.. well.. were he a pitch black Feline.

Kele-De slowly rises to her footpaws. "Kitzibeth, where are we? This isn't Caeseal." Her eyes widen as she looks about, having never been to the villa before.

Kitzibeth looks at Sirum, and sniffs the air. "It's you all. But I suppose someone decided that illusions would be better for your little subterfuge. No wonder I was getting feedback, I didn't expect you to be enchanted." Either way, I'm glad you're safe at my Villa. "

Kivae coughs lightly. "Can you change us back? Cats get hairballs and things, don't they? I don't want.." Trailing off, with an idle glance from Kele to Ruby, to Kitzi. "Um.. I don't like my voice, I mean. And could I pick up Stumpy while we're here?" Her tail bats against the floor.

Sirum Hest rises up to his footpaws then and scratches at his headfur, which is annoyingly neat and tidy with the aid of the alteration. "Can you dispell me before I go anywhere? I don't want to have to explain to Kizzy why I'm now four to five years older than her and look near exactly like four other felines.", poking his tongue out at the Archmagess.
Sirum Hest also can't help but snrk at the 'hairball' comment.

Kele-De's eyes widen then and she nods. "Oh, change us back please? I don't want to be a male anylonger." She shudders. "It just seems unnatural to sound and look nearly like Devnet."

Kivae hisses (rather literally), "Shut up.."
Kivae is, of course talking to Sirum, not Kele. o.o;

Sirum Hest crosses his arms up behind his head and stares off at the ceiling with a mischevious grin, "I didn't say a word, not a word..."

Kitzibeth doesn't get hairballs. (That you know. That's private!) "I suppose I should. I can't have you lot getting 'hairballs' now can I?" She giggles and waves her paw in a small arc, incanting a generalized dispel magic - her thaumaturgical thought plane slicing the threads of magic that bind to each of your forms. >>Eksmagicae tue essita!<< [6/6][Dispel]

Kalannar quite suddenly becomes himself once more. He grins devilishly to see his Drow form restored.

You say, "[Shame that won't solve Kele and Ruby's problem. :P]"
Ruby Pyralis: [...o.o]
Kele-De doesn't get hairballs. She doesn't groom herself with her tongue. :-P
Ruby Pyralis doesn't get hairballs either. .-.
Miranda Truesight does...n't

Kivae would like to believe you both, she really would.. Well, not really. She merely lets out a small 'murr' sigh.

Kele-De sighs and looks herself over. She runs a paw through her headfur and pulls to forward to make sure that it really is hers. Sighing in relief, she bends over and picks up the glaive she had dropped when she arrived.

Sirum Hest shrinks back down into his regular size, holding his paws and arms up in front of him to inspect thoughtfully. "Hehehe! I'm back to normal, an' I don't have that horrible rustbucket voice anymore!" He suddenly pauses then, and pads over to in front of Kivae, holding a paw out for the bag. "We're not actually gonna -give- him all that looked weaponry, are we? I'm sure we could find a buyer for hundreds of swords, maces, axes, bows an' thousands upon thousands of arrows an' bolts."

Kalannar holds the sword up and eyes its still fiercely glowing, red-hot blade. He then approaches Kitzibeth and holds the sword up, "I found this in the armory's forge... even after cooling it with water, it remained as is. I am intrigued to discover what power it holsd..." Well.. no one ever said he was good at asking for anything.

Kitzibeth: You raided the Ansteorran armory didn't you? Wonderful. I'm sure that each and every one of those weapons aren't tagged with locator spells. I'd be pleased if you kept them in your bag until I have half of the republic breathing down my gates." She looks at Kal. "Looks like some sort of heated blade. Let me see."

Kivae keeps her fingers wrapped around the pocket, grinning. "Of course not. .. Unless... um, he asks for it. But I don't see why he would want them. And we replaced them, y'know. They won't notice a thing." Again, making a light murr noise, before reaching out to prod at Sirum's feet. "We could go merchant-hunting later."

Kalannar holds it out for Kitzibeth to take, though seems almost reluctant to let it go.. a weapon, to him, is a very valuable tool.

Sirum Hest shakes his head at Kitzibeth's words and taps his bracer, an exact replica of a typical sword appearing out of thin air. "They won't be lookin' for a thing, every last weapon looted was replaced. But, if they use 'em against the Xanthian army, well..." He snaps two fingers then, and the sword turns to dust. "A mercenary fort, or two, I was thinkin'? The Vincan City?"
Sirum Hest, after looking the sword over for but two seconds, answers Kalannar. "It's a sword that is enchanted not to lose the warmth it had when it was forged. It holds the power to burn things. ... Right?", head tilting to the side.

Kivae twitches her nose faintly. "Might've been better to have kept the spell on if we're selling them in large numbers.. 'specially if they have a labels on them.. can't remember. But wherever's fine."

Kele-De arches a brow and holds the glaive she had been clutching out to Kitz. "Can you tell if this has a homing spell on it. If it does, it needs to go into the bag as well."

Sirum Hest laughs quietly and moves back over to the stairs, waving a paw towards the group. "Ansteorra has lost its Mages Guild in favor of a Seal's Guild. They have no one with enough power to put spells like that on every weapon. ... Come to think of it, I don't think it has a Seal Guild anymore either, wasn't the golem smackin' it around?"

Kitzibeth runs her paw along the edge of the blade. No matter how hot it was, she'd probably not be burned. A thin blue glow follows her paw, as she says the phrase of divination. [6/6][Div.]. In a moment, she smiles and says "That's rather neat!." Of course, Riv's not on to give her the info :-P

Kalannar cries a lot.. he wants his nifty sword...]

Kalannar trains himself, painfully, in how to ask for something once more as he addresses Kitzibeth once more, "Would you.. perhaps have a sheath that could withstand the blade in this place?" He glances around at the surroundings.

You say, "[Why won't you accept Si's non-magical divination. ;.;]"
Kivae: [No.. it gives +5 rolls to climbing things, remember?]
Kalannar: [Ethereal Sward of FIAR +2!!!!!!! +32 To-Hit, -32 Damage!!]
Kalannar: [And +5 to all Climbing Rolls.]

Kele-De snorts. "Those aren't true Seals. True Seals are pledged to Grak'thar." She pauses a moment in thought. "Although if they are true Seals...they can't hang around the Republic if they are called back to Grak'thar fro soem reason." Her mind goes to work, thinking things over in her head.

Kitzibeth looks at the Glaive, and shrugs. "I don't know, Kel, let me see it." She would cast the same divination spell, and find whatever Rivyn wanted her to. But She's going to assume that there isn't any tracking spells.

Kitzibeth shakes her head. "No, I don't happen to carry special scabbards for flaming blades. Do I look like Rakuro's shop?"

Kalannar grunts in response as he takes the sword and eyes it up once more.

Sirum Hest tail-waves to Kele. "Someone who uses a trapped elemental for spells is still someone who uses trapped elementals for spells. No matter what vows they have taken. Nelaymae had the right idea, she jus' took her seal casually...", poking his tongue out at the acolyte before he heads upstairs.

Kivae rolls her eyes. "I bet you have something like that in your bag, and just don't know about it.. which reminds me. Can we go exploring in it, sometime?" She slowly pushes herself up and to her feet, pocketing the pocket. "Are we staying the night here?" Head tilting up slightly.

Kele-De shakes her head. "When you spend years training under Bryanna..." She trails off then losing herself in her own thoughts for several moments.

Sirum Hest is, more than likely, depositing his things in Kitzerina's room, tackling her and giving her kisses and retrieving the Voidthunder from Kivae's eagle. The last thing happening thirty minute to an hour after the second, of course. HRT

Kitzibeth rolls her eyes. "Alright. Up! up! Go upstairs! We don't have any seats down here, and I don't have anything prepared but a light supper, which should be enough for everyone."

Kitzibeth waves her paws annoyedly.

Kivae notes Kivae's eagle is a summon, and not here anymore, therefore..

Sirum Hest ... or, rather, going to eat dinner with her. :-D

Kalannar simply shrugs as he carries the blade at his side and makes for the stairs.

Ruby Pyralis: [o.o I just fell asleep. 'm gonna go .-.]
Miranda Truesight: [Dumbledore.]
You say, "[...]"
Kele-De: [Night Rubeh!]
You say, "[We need to divine out where Kivae's eagle is.]"
Kitzibeth: [night ^^]
You say, "[And manually bring it here.]"
[#] hold!
Ruby Pyralis pops.]
[#] The funnah!
Kitzibeth: Blaze Damorine: I mean, christ, please tell me you're older then 17.
Kitzibeth: [ Why, so you can feel like you're talking to someone older and wiser? I may as well tell you that I'm a 14 year old prodigy, and you'd be forced to accept it because yu don't know better. ]
Kitzibeth: Blaze Damorine: a 14 year old prodigy. Yeah right. The 14 year old thing I can understand. But I highly doubt you're any sort of a prodigy.
You say, "That's Cerrahan?"
Kivae: [She'll eat the-*snort*]
Kitzibeth: Blaze Damorine: What kind of a budding genius spends all their time running a guild and wasting their lives on the internet?
Kitzibeth: [yesh]
Kitzibeth: [ You'd be surprised. ] Blaze Damorine: No, no I wouldn't, now that I think of it. Blaze Damorine: I'm a prodigy myself. Just not in the same way as you.
You say, "...that's Ruby, isn't it? :P"
Kitzibeth: [it's Cerrahan]
You say, "I meant."
You say, "The person other than him. :P"
Kalannar: [Cerrahan. Good Lord. He needs to just go away and leave us all alone.]
Kitzibeth: [I'm the one with the wispers]
Sirum Hest blinks.
You say, "...what's wrong with wasting your life on the internet...?"
Miranda Truesight: Yeah!
You say, "And how can someone who has been banned from 50+ dreams -not- waste their life on it?"
Kitzibeth: [ Being an asshole and mildly literate doesn't a prodigy make. Oddly enough neither does facial tattoos and a creey song about pyromania. ]
Kitzibeth: [Tee hee, ok, back IC :-)]
Miranda Truesight: [doesn't a prodigy make... YODA!]

Kitzibeth: @dinner
[#] Invisible paws rush forth from the pantry and set the dinner table!

Sirum Hest has more than likely managed to drag Kitzerina out here since everyone else is present, and if so greets Kivae with a sickening display of luvvy-duvvery. n.n

Kalannar takes a seat, though doesn't do much else other than continue to examine the sword.

Sirum Hest also has, at his side, that horribly irritating sword that poofed to the ground when Kivae's eagle vanished, and is ignoring whatever food may be on the table. "Kitzibeth? I don't suppose that... since our trip to the ruins ya have heard a thing about T'ang or Ciran whereabouts? Or whether or not Erisvan has bothered to kill him yet?", the idea just having popped into his head. >.>

Kivae flumps down, eyeing the table, and food, and not the luvvy-duvvery, less she be forced to start a food fight starting with the insides of her stomach. Idly, she checks under the table. "Don't you have any pets..?" She likes her question much more than Sirum's.

Kele-De smiles as she had lagged a bit behind coming up to dinner. She was still a bit disoriented from teh transprt. "Oh, Kitzibeth if I pen a quick note, could you make sure that it gets to Jonathan. He'll be quite angry with me if I don't let him know where I've run off to again."

Kitzerina is all lurvey-durvey with Si-si.

Sirum Hest also nuzzles Kitzeirna, at the confirmation that she is indeed here. ^^ "Kizzy! Sorry I ran off again so soon after comin' back, Erisvan sorta... came up an' ruined our plans to stay here.", grinning sheepishly. "I'd almost thought she had gotten ya back in her head too. There was this femme that acted so much like ya do...", head tilting to the side in confusion, as he awaits an answer from Kitzibeth.

Kalannar growls silently at the mention of Erisvan from Sirum.

Entad D'lune, barring any number of assorted wards, appears in a brief, twisting spiral of flame.

(You see Entad D'lune.)
> A black robed figure just a few inches shy of six feet tall; his movements detail a certain elvish grace. A black bandana keeps his several inch long snow-white hair from his face, and all his extremities are covered in uniform leather accroutments, dyed a deep red. At his side rests a simple looking wooden scabbard, with a similarly aesthetic sword inside. His most notable feature are his eyes, which seem to shine with their own yellow light when all others are extinguished.

Kitzerina loves on Sirum lots. "It's ok, Si-si. I missed you!"

Kitzibeth notes that Entad is allowed past any number of wards barring one. He appears with a red puffy clown nose attached to his face.

Sirum Hest assumes both Kitzibeth and his girlfurre are busy stuffing themselves with cookies, cakes and other sorts of sweet things that renders them incapable of speech. :-P But he doesn't think on that for too long, as Entad suddenly pops into existance with flaming things, which results in him tumbling back and off of the chair. Just missing some of the lovings. :-(

You say, "By the Primes, Entad, can't ya find an entrance that doesn't involve fire? One day yer gonna teleport into a place filled to the brim with smokepowder..."

Miranda Truesight: [There's a thought.]

Entad D'lune shrugs. "And I will survive, foolish little boy." He plucks off the clown nose, tossing it towards Kitzibeth as an afterthought. The elf looks somewhat battered, but whatever happened between his disapearance from the city and his appearance now seems to have fully restored him.

Kele-De tilts her head, thinking that she hadn't heard her previous question as Kele had been eating. She stops eating and asks again. "Kitzibeth, if I pen a quick note, can you make sure that it gets some place where Jonathan will see it? He will be angry if I don't let him know where we all took off to again."

Kitzibeth: I'd like to see that happen, Sirum." She catches the nose and honks it. "He didn't even try to look surprised. I'll send the note to Jonathan, Kel, if that is what you'd like."

Kivae winces slightly, her ears going back. But otherwise continues nibbling idly, and not suppressing the grin as Kitzi honks the nose.

Sirum Hest crawls back up onto his chair a lifts a cookie from the table, tossing it over at the elf with a +17 damage modifier. "If Rivyn went through hell from such little things as spittin' dwarves an' barn roofs I don't see how it is that near nothin' can hurt ya.", poking his tongue out at the elf. "What happened after we left, though, an' why didn't those idiots on the other side of the boulder open up for us? I swear I'm gonna gnaw Butterburr's tail off if he told 'em not to let us in.", chomping his teeth with that, as if to prove that. After wrapping an arm around Kitzerina in a hug, and to prop himself up from the tiredness that is looting an entire armory, he continues, "' -neither- of ya know what happened to T'ang or Ciran...?"

Kitzerina snugs Sirum. "Ooh, Trothfang is out? That's so neat. He cooks really good, even though it's kind of creepy."

Miranda Truesight: [Cannibal!]

Kele-De furrows her brows then shakes her head. She nods then to Kitzibeth. "DO you have any quills and parchment around, so I can write him a note quick?"

Sirum Hest sighs and gives a weak nod. "Thank Erk for that, an' his givin' Erisvan a nice little warnin' ahead of time. ... What... exactly... of his did ya eat, Kizzy...?", raising a brow suspiciously.

Kitzibeth waves toward the table, and a quill and parchment float in, caried by invisible hands. "Shush, Kitzi. Let's not speak of those things."

Kitzerina scowls, but shuts up. "Oh, Just .. food." She says, not saying anything else, but holding Sirum tightly.

Kele-De smiles happily as the quill and parchemtn arrive. She grins sheepishly at Kitz then. "Ink? I forgot to ask you for ink."

Kitzibeth smiles. "Just write."

Kele-De shrugs then nods. She sets the quill to the parchment and begins to write, "Jonat-" SHe draws back, astounded that the ink simply flowed from the quill. A grin alights her face and then she sets to writing once more.

Sirum Hest's tail gives a light twitch with that, having gotten a pretty .. bad visual. "Ah... right. Nevermind. I'll jus' assume he baked cookies, an' stuff.", burying his muzzle into Kizzy's neckfur with that. And even like this, his tail continues on with its movements until it reaches Kivae, batting lightly at one of her footpaws. Subtly asking for the bag, more than likely.

Entad D'lune looks around. "Enjoy your stay. As soon as I can find a group, we're going to start raiding political caravans." With that, the elf begins the action of snapping his fingers, then pauses. "Oh yes. Boy. Give me the bracer and the pocket."

Kitzerina nods. "Right! Cookies and pies. He liked meat pies. They're pretty good with his special ketchup, you know."

Kitzibeth kicks Kitzi under the table.

Kivae ignores Sirum, staring with a wrinkled nose Kizzy, before glancing back up at Entad, and frowning. She then becomes rather absorbed in picking at the food in front of her.

Kalannar remains fascinated with the blade.

Sirum Hest can't help really but laugh, though at whether it's the kick or the talk of 'meat pies' is hard to determine. Regardless, his tail flicks back over to coil about Kitzerina's. ^^ # "Nevermind, Kizzy, nevermind--huh? The bracer I've got, but... the bag... I don't have with me. I think it's layin' in the armory somewhere... erm... whoops?" He removes the bracer from his his arm then, and tosses it over at the elf.

Entad D'lune snatches the bracer from the air, and snaps it into place on his own arm. "Oh? Is that so? Hm." Entad nods, apparently to himself. "That's unfortunate."

Kele-De glances up from her letter writing. "Sirum, paw over the things that Entad wants. Stop trying to use it for your own personal gain. This isn't about personal gain. It's about getting our kingdom back."

Kitzibeth shakes her head. She stands up and pads to th stairs. "You all have fun. I need some sleep."

Kivae takes a bite, propping her head up on the table. "What would we've done that many swords, anyways?" Stifling a yawn. "And we get to go on the raids, too, right?" She then glances sideways at Kele, looking faintly surprised, while her tailfur bristles.

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side at Kele's words. "If that's the way ya feel about it ya might as well paw over that glaive ya got from the armory to him. But I honestly don't have it with me, really, though if I did I don't see how pawin' it off would help our Kingdom.", turning his pockets out as if to prove he lacks the bag. Following that, he waves to Kitzibeth. "Make sure yer wards are workin' tonight, I don't want any Harlequine's spyin' on us."

Entad D'lune begins patting around in his coat, and at last withdraws a small bottle. "You've heard about that little plague running around, yes? Dreadful thing. Even the ashes of the burned dead carry the stuff." Entad swishes around the murky liquid inside the near-opaque bottle. "But the blood, oh yes. Blood carries it like nothing else. It makes you bleed, too, to spread itself better. Within days, you will spend hours sneezing and coughing up your life-fluid, all over your loved ones, knowing you kill them with every hack and wheeze. It's quite saddening."

Sirum Hest, as he says that last bit, nuzzles into Kizzy's cheek once again. Of course he meant them. ^^

Kitzibeth nods. "I shall." She then absconds to bed. ^^;

Kele-De shrugs. "Alright. I beleive you if you say you don't know where it is." She then returns to writing the letter, apparently it was longer than she had meant for it to be. "And if you want the glaive, you can take it Entad. I'll paw it over." She shrugs then. "I'll get one some place else if I need to."

Sirum Hest .. though, pauses his nuzzles at sight of the bottle, eyeing it suspiciously. If Entad had really looked the mouse over he would see a complete lack of magical pockets. "One of these days I'm gonna have to call Cyan an' tell him yer playin' with things like that... but why're ya showin' it to me?" He then gives Kitzerina a saddened look, though tail-waves all the same. "Night, Kizzy! I'll be along shortly, assumin' I'm not covered in plague."

Entad D'lune shrugs. "I find it interesting, is all." At Keles wods, he scoffs. "I have no need of weapons; it is the druid's pocket I must reacquire. Now, boy, where is it."
Entad D'lune's tone is, at this point, anything but friendly.

Kivae rolls her eyes, removing from her own pocket, another, black. "He really doesn't have it, you know. If you don't need the weapons, you can dump them out, outside, before you leave with it." Frowning.

Sirum Hest merfs then and rises up to his footpaws, padding over to behind Kivae and leaning left and right. "I'm not even sure -why- ya have one of Rivyn's pockets. What did ya do, take a pair of scissors to his cloak? But... um... we might as well return it, Kivvy. Jus'... dump out all the arrows an' bolts an' whatever else ya want before ya do that, ya? Jonathan needs bolts, anyways."

Kivae's post is eaten. >.>
Sirum Hest is Pac-Man. ('< o o o o o
Kitzerina needs sleep, really. Sorry - not been RP-y tonight.[]
You say, "[Night, Kitz. ^^]"

Entad D'lune rolls his eyes. "You idiots. It doesn't work like that. You cannot dump them out, it is the door to a magical conservatory, deep within Grimhold." Snatching the pouch from Kivae's hand, he snarls and holds his hand out in front of it. Within seconds, arrows and bolts begin pouring it in an unorganized pile, dozens, then hundreds, then at last thousands. With that, the elf turns about and stalks out of the villa, growling. A short ways out, he disapears in a puff of smoke.

You say, "[Let's see...]"
You say, "[4,000 arrows.]"
You say, "[4 arrows on average per turn...]"
You say, "[I'll only survive 1,000 rounds of combat! ;.;]"

Kivae bares her teeth as it's snatched, but the expression is replaced by a grin. She stretches happily, resting her head on the table, with an accomplished look. "Right. We can do merchant hunting tomorrow. Tonight I have to wander around until I find the hammock.. this place is obnoxiously huge and empty."

Sirum Hest snickers quietly before Kivae falls asleep on the table, if she is going to be doing so anytime soon. x) "He only gave us the arrows an' the bolts. An' the arrows... well... they're mine. I suppose we could give a hundred bolts to Jonathan, though, an' sell the rest." Without further wait, he brings his quiver down off his back and holds it down to the floor where the 4,000 arrows currently reside. Amazingly, they begin to slowly get sucked in towards the 'mouth' of the quiver, then after a minute passes they start flying in by the dozen, then hundred after hundred, each one seeming to vanish or miniaturize into nothingness as it does so. After about a minute or five, this process finally stops, and the only thing that remains on the floor is the gigantic pile of bolts. "An'... there we go. Night, Kivvy, Kele, Kalannar, gonna go make sure Kizzy doesn't get cold--... er... doesn't... get lonely?", blinking in confusion for several moments before padding off.

Kivae is back!.. but doing homework. She wanders off to find the hammock.
Kivae also, idly slips three or seven bolts into her bag. ^^;

Kele-De continues writing, apparently this is a very long note.
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