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Dryll Ferch's application

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 26, 2008 2:18 am    Post subject: Dryll Ferch's application Reply with quote

Preferred method of contact: Through Daeavel- the person who recommended that I attempt to join the continuity, or through AIM. Don't check email often, unfortunately.

Character's Full Name: Dryll Ferch

Character's Login Name: Dryll Ferch

Character's Species: Elf

Character's Age: Young, 135 years of age.

Physical Description:

Dryll Ferch is an elven female, young and tall, but with a greater sense of hardened muscle than many elves possess.. Her build possesses the quick an powerful muscles of an elven archer, to draw a mighty bow; But also the strength of a competent sword fighter. She wears a dual-layered cloak with two sides. The two are made of lacquered and treated leaves, turned into a hide-like, leathery substance; One of autumn, the other of spring leaves and buried flower petals. A bandoleer crosses her chest, atop hardened animal hides, bearing two curved Longblades at her back, and a swath of leather holding 5 knives hangs from the bandoleer's low point, at her hip like a gunslinger's holster. Her hair seems to have been brown, before being sun bleached to it's current color; It fades from a color of roasted wheat at the crown of her head, to a straw-tone at her lower-back. Her eyes are a vibrant green, like the leaves atop a fresh strawberry.

Character's History:

Dryll Ferch is a fairly young Elf of the Freelands, living by her blade and her talents as a tracker and bounty-hunter. She is rather self-reliant, even to the point of leaving her apprentice-ship as soon as she finished her study, as soon as her master recognized her as a true Hunter like himself. When she turned down his offer to accompany him as a full partner, he accepted her decision- But left Keegan with a warning; If Dryll were to disappoint him, he would withdraw his endorsement of her- Bringing Dryll ultimately to a position less than the apprentice to the lowest-ranked Bounty Hunter of the guild she trained in, rather than her fairly high position as the apprentice to a higher-up hunter.

Unfortunately, it didn't take long for her to disappoint her former master. A bounty had been placed on a merchant for tax evasion, and Dryll set out to claim the bounty, apprehending the Merchant and bringing him back into the custody of the region which he had fled. Another hunter- One lower-ranked than her master, though more experienced than herself- arrived minutes after she had apprehended the merchant, and the crooked Halfling fled in the chaos that followed. The other Hunter left to his next mark, but when Dryll returned empty-handed with an outstanding Mark of Warrant, she was humiliated and disgraced, even disowned.

She returned home, finding a charred wasteland where the forest had been- And she could find no trace of where her family had gone; the trail had run colder than a Lich's heart. Upon arrival at the nearest settlement, she went to the tavern to try and track down some rumor of where her family had escaped to- It was unthinkable to her, at the time, that they might have perished. What Dryll found, however, was something much more terrible; The same hunter who had disgraced her, who would do anything to bring a mark dead or alive, had followed his impulses yet again. An Elf who had assaulted a Noble's third cousin twice removed (Arguably in self defense) fled into the forest lands, and H'lagh set fire to the forest in a ring around where he'd lost the man, recovering a prized ring from the charred husk, and a chamber-pot full of scorched flesh remains for 'Identification' as the 'criminal'; The forest he'd set aflame was the same in which her family, and several others she'd grown up knowing, had taken residence within.

Dryll Ferch found her vengeful side, full of rage, on that bitterly cold afternoon; She challenged the hulking Orcish warrior to single combat for his deed, and managed to succeed- Some say from the lightning fury in her movements, others say by Avandra's luck; But the supporters of the Orc declare that H'lagh couldn't hold his drink, and that his single flagon of ale cost him his life. When asked about her motives by some of the bystanders, she ended up finding that a man with a burnt face, otherwise matching the description of her brother, had passed through town with a caravan of elves; None of the others were memorable, for it seemed as only a merchant party.

Dryll now wanders, seeking redemption, seeking her family... Or seeking the fame that may help her family find her, on the other side. of the coin. She trusts in Avandra, goddess of Travel and Luck, that the fates may smile on her, that she may yet earn the favor of her master again- And ask him a favor: To help her find what became of her brother, and any other living members of her family she may yet have.

Desired IC Position: None listed. However, IC, would be a bounty hunter. Possible future profession, Entertainer- Using her training in combat acrobatics and her study of the Style of the Stormwardens to perform dervish-like dances with the blade, as a form of centering herself and meditating. This could possibly be turned into a type of performance over time, with IC effort.

Other Notes: A character sheet for this character, built upon a 4th-edition Dungeons And Dragons base, has been created

Sample RP Post:
Dryll Ferch settled into her blade meditation as the moon rose, breaching the canopy of the trees surrounding her. She had chosen this glade for it's isolation- Not merely for lack of interruption, but to help her ensure that no one inadvertently got injured, as she felt herself begin to sink deep, deep into the meditative trance.

The elven maiden draws one sword as she sweeps into a combat stance; The first form. A dagger is drawn, carving fluid S's into the air with the fluid grace of a dancer manipulating trailing ribbons. The second form achieved, the dagger sweeps through the air, a deft motion with a fully extended arm- A flick of the wrist- causing her dagger to be released, sliding back into the leather swath-sheath hanging at her hip.

As the dagger flew, she shifted, her hip angling aside as she guides herself to 'catch' the dagger, perceiving it's path from the corner of her eye- Her now free hand draws a second blade from twinned pair of scabbards at her back with the fluid motion of an expert archer drawing his next arrow to carve the air. And carve she does- As she draws, she makes a low sweep, followed by a quick pivot and lunging assault with her first sword after the dagger sinks with a whuff of air being forced from the sheath, bare moments later.

Dryll continues, having reached the fourth and final form's execution, and fades into her reverie; She relives a one of her former battles, every sweep, every ounce of pain and elation, analyzing her technique that she may grow stronger. As she finishes minutes later, the blades return to her scabbards, and the maiden sinks to her knees- Eyes open but barely aware. She is far away from this copse of trees, after all- Deep within the Reverie, reliving the good, the bad, and the important as all elves must to stave off the ravages of time to the memory.

(BTW- Sorry that everything's so long. x___x I have a bad habit of being longwinded.)
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 26, 2008 5:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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