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NPCs in Ansteorra.

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PostPosted: Wed May 21, 2008 11:54 pm    Post subject: NPCs in Ansteorra. Reply with quote

This is just a quick clarification. There are two kinds of NPCs in Ansteorra. Most NPCs are the generic, nameless, faceless hoards of peasants, guards and the like - the sort that are never really played day to day and have no avatar.

Then there are plot NPCs, or continuity NPCs, NPCs that move plots ahead or stir up RP in the process of starting a new plot. One should not expect to be as weak as any other character, but nor should they expect the NPC to attack their character to try and wound it. Plot NPCs for the most part exist just to further RP, not to wound your character. They have avatars and descriptions, and are marked with [Ansteorra NPC] at the end.

They will, at times, cast spells of a non-harmful nature. Levitating your character for example, if they try to make a hostile action around them, or changing the interior of a room. Unlike normal characters, they are not bound by a single prep per round and as such can cast pretty much anything short of massive destruction in a single post.

But make note: Not all NPCs are super-powerful. Ye Olde Farmer or Guard McKnightly are typically as weak as any other character, there are just select few that are vital to a plot or to the continuity that are put on a different level from Brandynae, Carradoch or your own character.

The only people allowed to RP NPCs are official GMs of Ansteorra, this prevents them from being abused.

If you are not a member and do not feel comfortable RPing around characters that are more powerful than your own, you do not have to - you can leave at the first sign of an NPC. If you have applied for and been accepted for membership, however, it is generally expected that you will roll with whatever an NPC present does so long as it does too negatively influence your character beyond a level you are uncomfortable with. You may whisper them or the DM controlling them if you wish to express this or have questions.

Here are a few NPCs for reference:

Rivyn: An arch-druid, Duke of Xanthia, whose purpose is usually to advance a plot involving Rivyn or spread continuity information.

Kitzibeth: A Valanthian Archmagus, used to run the Collegium Magicka. This NPC is typically used to further any of the the Rah's plots, but this NPC will attack if she is attacked, usually in the form of conjuring a massive fireball. It's typically not a good idea to attack characters willy-nilly in Ansteorra.

Ajax Avelhar: Commander of the Starlight Avengers. He's currently recruiting for a quest in the tavern and is there to raise a bit of hell to bring up a few recruits. He casts magic on other characters, but almost never of the harmful variety - in fact, he uses magic to prevent battles from breaking out around him.

Takewa Zheng/Selene/Lord Strathmore: The Faction Head NPCs, played by Kele, Marlina and Solinox respectively. They further faction related RPs and plots, and are almost never found outside of their respective headquarters.

Catherine O'Hara: A necromancer who uses her magic to manipulate or suck the life those around her. Her activity in dream is usually to serve one of the Heretics in some larger purpose.

The Council of Heresy: Any NPC listed here may be hostile if encounted in dream. They are the worldly minions of the Dark Primes, who are directly fueled by the Dark Prime's power. The person playing them will typically ask your consent if they are going to do something with hostile intentions towards your character.

If you have any questions or complaints about how NPCs in Ansteorra work, please post them here.
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