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The Royal Flag Flying Ceremony

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Elizabeth Karskarov

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 28, 2008 8:53 pm    Post subject: The Royal Flag Flying Ceremony Reply with quote

[RP at 10:30 am, 29th April.]

[#] There comes loudly a distinct young male's voice, obviously one of a town crier trying to make a few pennies with the latest news: "HEAR YE, HEAR YE! This at sundown: Lord Solinox Avelhar's undergarments flown up the flagpole for all to see!" The crier's announcement rings throughout the district-- and indeed there are a pair of braies, stockings and socks strung up the flagpole in place of one of the usual banners.

Alex Parker wandered out of the gates! Apparently he had sbolutely no idea what was going on! "Whats going on here?!" He blinked at the flagpole for a moment, did he find no humor in the fact Solinox's underwear were floating in the wind?

Icara comes forth, sits rump on ground. Lololz. "Is that . ." palm pressured against facial expression as well late reaction of a giggle.

Wilowah had nothing better to do, so he came on over, cane leaving a poke in the dirt road with every step or so, only to stop when he had a good view of the undergarments flapping in the wind. Wyrmme eyed the others present before he rose his right hand to salute the flag of sorts for an indefinate period.

Alex Parker shrugged. "Well Im not going up there to get the flag down... Solinox can order someone to do it later..." His job was anti tax hording afterall... Not anti teenage pranks. "Though I do wonder how someone actually got his underpants..."

Icara glanced upward at the male, head tilting into confusement. Was it the societys duty to remove this? Blush formed beneath furred cheeks in realizing that maybe her previous action of laughing at this show was wrong. Hence palms still pressed upon face, not revealing expression.

[#] Some of the guards have noticed in the immediate area. A few of them look like they might be the ones to go climb the towers and fetch the underpants down, but aren't quite sure that they want to be the first to touch Lord Avelhar's undies-- a few others are trying to make chuckles look like coughs.

Alex Parker sighs and points at two guards. 'You two! Get those panti- pants down from that flagpole now!" He called at them. "This is slander for the entire patriocy of Assteo-... Ansteorra!" He was obviously finding hard to take this seriously.

[#] Both of the guards abruptly stop laughing and snap to attention when Alex yells at them. One can't help but let out a last guffaw, and the other elbows him sharply-- "Shut up, idiot," he grumbles. The two of them, repressing snickers, move to begin their climb up the ladder to the tower's top.

Icara's grip was tugged at males trousers, facial expression was obviously out in the open with the allowance of grip. "Can't you just let it be for alittle more?" bodice shrugged downward onto ground, awaiting either a lecture of 'why this is bad', or just the glare. "It's not that bad, right?"

Alex Parker gives the girl a rather evil smile before calling up to the guards. "AND DO IT SLOWLY! YOU WILL HAVE THAT FLAGPOLE DOCKED FROM YOUR PAY IF YOU DAMAGE IT!" He sounded angry, but was it all an act to hide his own ammusement? He pointed up dramatically like a guard should in such an insulting situation!

Icara -- Position was changed to arising upward in standing, self was rather suprised and nervous at this point; hence the descision to walk away D<

[#] The guards both fall about into a half fit of laughter, carefully hidden as a series of short coughs as if they'd both suddenly caught some awful lung disease. "Uh. Y-yes sir!" and they begin to slo-o-o-owly take the "flag" down from its former position. The braies wave delicately in the wind, like twin swans, like-- oh, to hell with the similes. They're frilly mens' underwear! ;-P

Violet Hawk personally, enjoys frilly men's underwear. But who is she to comment? Yes ma'am. Off she wanders.

Alex Parker grinned and wandered off. "Oh and put that on Solinox's desk. He'll probebly want it back." He had other things to do now. Oh, his panties were oh so magestic~

[#] The guards are only too happy to comply. Looks like Solinox is going to have an awesome surprise the next time he visits his desk!

Wilowah puts his hand down, standing attention like a soldier, before twisting around and starting to march away. Then he just resorts back to his cane and snickers like a madman.
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