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Murder Notice

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PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2007 1:08 am    Post subject: Murder Notice Reply with quote

Friday May Four, Sixteenth year of the Fourth Age.

The body of a white-furred vulpine was discovered this early morning by one of the guardsman, stashed somewhat haphazardly into a semi-secluded alleyway in the Merchants' Quarter, near the main path between that area, and the Castle district. The method of death, quite gruesome. Probably some sort of bloody rampage.

A bit of investigation quickly revealed that the corpse was that of Cyra Tansa, resident of the Merchant's Quarter, and owner of two nearby homes--one a little more recently than the other. As searching the home's premises would reveal no trace of any sort of will, or anything, and no leads on any relatives could be traced, settlements would turn to Cyra's current house guest, Lakdidaon--as well as a certain amount of suspicion, which would be cleared up without too much trouble. Laki's not the murdering type, after all.

All possessions would be turned over to Laki's care, both houses and everything in them, as well as the bloodstained purse taken from her corpse--still filled with all her change, the key to her house, and her makeup--until further notice.

The body itself... was a mess. Lakididaon would have been called forth to identify the victim, to make sure that it really was Cyra, because the remains would hardly look like her at all. More blood was smeared across the cobblestoned ground, and the walls, than was likely left in her body. Likewise, much of her corpse was mangled badly, or even missing entirely--perhaps just mashed into a bloody pulp, but there were gaping holes where the majority of her forearm area had been. Also, her body was littered with what appeared to be boot marks. Painful, deep looking ones... and to be noted, from the amount of blood and carnage littered around, it looked as though she were alive through most of it.
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