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A Botched Delivery

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 30, 2006 3:57 pm    Post subject: A Botched Delivery Reply with quote

Following the announcement of the Austian King, many of the supporters of the War-Hero Damien Reelin celebrated. They believed this marked the first step in establishing their own place within the world of Callendor, by forging alliances with formerly hostile nations. The response was not all fun and games however, for there were many things that simply had to be done, if they were to get Damien to Ansteorra safely. There were threats to be dealt with, the greatest of which being within the Kebeyen Republic itself; the Blackwatch Akelain.


Kebeyo-Ansteorran Border
Two days ago

"...Damnit! It's bloody cold out here, where the hell are they?"
"Dunno. We were told the imposter's party would be here and long gone by now."
"But we've been waiting a week!"
"Maybe our information was wrong again."
"It can't be bloody wrong, the Blackwatch is never wrong."
"Sure they are, we rarely have an accurate report on where this Reelin fellow is."
"But they're so successful in other nations."
"Guess that just means we're smarter."

A large raiding party, of thirty mounted men and women abruptly decided that now might be a good time to finally give up their attempt to ambush the impostor and bring peace to the Republic. Their emblems ranged from that of a lieutenant in the Liberation Army, to a member of the Blackwatch council, so their loyalty could not be questioned, but they had still been defeated. Their quarry had already managed to slip past into Ansteorra, much earlier than should have been necessary to meet a conference that wasn't expected to start for another few weeks.
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