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Naysayers and Assassins

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 22, 2006 1:11 pm    Post subject: Naysayers and Assassins Reply with quote

Just a simple page of a journal, where the writer seems to ramble off like a ditzy redhead about the most inane things. But hidden within the gossip and the garbage, there was some current events that stood out as important.

[NOTE: All information herein OOC only unless otherwise IC known.]

"It all started when I was in the Broken Dagger, sitting with Jiiro. I thought I had heard something--Jiiro heard it too--when suddenly an assassin dropped from the rafters and killed a mage and his apprentice! I didn't know what to do, I was so scared! But I ran out the door and followed the assassin the best I could. Too well, I suppose, because I stopped, thinking I heard the assassin. I tried to reason with the assassin, but it was all for naught; the assassin dropped down and attacked me! That assassin was FAST, twice as fast as Sirum, and could move in ways I didn't even believe possible! I couldn't make out whether it was a he or a she, or even what it looked like... except for silver eyes. No irises, just eyes of silver. Oh, and finger claws! That's what it stabbed me with, three times! It hurt, too. In fact... I can't even describe the pain. It lasted much longer than it should have, long after I had been healed by Axani. In fact, without Axani and Jiiro arriving at the scene and taking me to the Cleric's Guild, I would have just lain there in the middle of the street! Can't have that, not even in the Castle District.

After suffering so long with the poison flowing through my body, everyone going out of their way to help me through it, I couldn't just leave this alone. I can never leave well enough alone. So, the next day, I decided to go to the Mage's Guild. My friends came along, too! In fact, more people showed up, and by the time we were speaking with Miss Alouette, the room was quite crowded! Miss Alouette is a very nice woman, but her Austian accent is very thick. Sometimes I think I'm the only one who understands her. Anyway, we went down to the morgue, to inspect the bodies. I can't remember which street it was that we went to, I'm so bad with directions! I should ask Shayde about that. So, when we got there, Shayde knocked on the door and this really albino-looking rodentfurre opens the door, and scares the lights out of Sirum when he speaks about Erisvan! That's another thing, I need to find out more about this Erisvan... she sounds quite interesting, to say the least.

We got the door shut on our faces the first time, and then the second time! By that point, I thought our trip to the morgue was going to be a total bust. But just then, Jiiro started to cry! It took me but a second to figure out why, and I don't even understand that. I mean, I'm so ditzy most of the time, how did I pick up on that? I think it's maybe because Jiiro and I are such great friends. So Jiiro started crying about his father, who was in the morgue. It was a ruse! He's such a devilishly clever little boy! I played along, consoling him, and there was this paladin too--I didn't catch his name. He was consoling Jiiro too, but he didn't know it was a ruse until after we left the morgue. It's a good thing too, because those paladins live by strict codes of chivalry and stuff.

Only the three of us were allowed to enter, me playing the concerned seeing-eye snowlioness for Jiiro. He did so well! He was smart enough to make up his father's name, then make up his own name when it came time to sign for their affects at the guard house! I didn't get to see much of the bodies, and I'm no doctor, so I couldn't tell what I was looking for. It smelled real bad, and it was so cold I nearly froze alive! But all that cold couldn't hold a candle to the pain... not by a long shot! Not even a Sirum shot! I don't think there was anything of importance down there in that basement, but the stuff that we found... the mage and his apprentice, their personal affects, that's the true booty tonight. They were the clues. The things we had been working so hard to ascertain. The only reason we were able to get the personal affects of the two mages was because Jiiro got a paper from the mortician, then gave it to the guard at the guard depot next door. I signed his fake name for him, I hope they don't recognize my handwriting!

I don't remember everything that we found, but what I know for sure is that we got a few gold pieces worth of silver which I split between Jiiro and me, a really old-looking spellbook, an amulet I think Jiiro has, a little black orb thingy, something that Shayde took that was in a vial and looks like oil, and a little bag of powder that this really crazy mouse who wasn't Sirum tasted. It nearly burned his mouth off from the inside! Luckily Axani was there to nullify it with a magical antidote. She's so great! Axani always knows what to do in tough situations like that. I'm lucky to have her as a friend!

For some reason... my mind keeps returning back to that one night a couple of weeks ago, where that fox lady was speaking about overthrowing the government and such. Not only that, but I've been feeling so paranoid lately, like the world is just crashing down around us bit by bit and there's nothing we can do to stop it. Why? Are these two things related somehow? Probably not. But how could I know for sure? I think I'm going to have to investigate some more... but for now, I need my beauty sleep!"

There is no signature below, as it's in a personal journal kept well hidden and read only by it's writer.
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Feel my love!
Feel my love!

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 24, 2006 9:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Soft footfalls land upon the hard stone floor, throwing up a small cloud of dust in their wake. The assassin lifted her shrouded head toward the darkness. The room could be small or large, lit as it were only by small braziers glowing with deep purple flame near the center. Long cast shadows melted into blackness, obscuring the edges of the space.

With shaded, echoing voice, words sounded throughout the stillness, coming from what seemed to be no source at all.

"The Mage is dead?"

The assassin nodded with assent.

"Were you seen?"

The assassin remained unmoving, head bowed.

"You are my favorite, Poisonclaw. Do you not love me as well?"

The assassin spoke not a word, only the quiet, throaty rasping of one rendered mute.

Silence. Broken after a pause by the metallic footfalls of another coming to a stop next to the assassin. His face unseen in the darkness, the bare-chested human drew one of his twin swords from its scabbard at his belt. Blackened steel, ancient even to the Aracthans reflected the dim light of the room eerily, a foreshadowing of what was to come.

One swift movement found the blade plunged through the kneeling assassin's back and through to the chest; another withdrew the unstained blade and returned it to its home. The assassin jerked in pain, confulsing as what would be lung and flesh pierced through. Voice crying out in a pained rasp before falling to the floor, writhing slightly. The other clinking out of the room, returning it to silence, saved for the quietly pained moans of the assassin.

"Apology accepted."
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