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Esoteric Order of the Broom

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 27, 2006 10:37 pm    Post subject: Esoteric Order of the Broom Reply with quote

You say, "The party now stands at the crumbling gates of the city slums, the very stink of it's inhabitants wafting out on the breeze as it's denizens trudge about their daily lives. Surprisingly a great deal of that is milling about in the streets or waiting to die of starvation. With the streets before you and the sun overhead, who knows what adventures await?"
You say, "You may now post Razz"

Sirum Hest would assume that people would actually leave Tumbledown and look for food in the countryside around Ansteorran rather than starving to eath in the streets. He assumes it so much so, that he speaks to a nearby group of starving furries, straying away from his current group. "Why don't you go pick apples or berries in the Ansteorran forest? You look really boney." So says the mouse who eats only stale bread and apples.

Shayde En'Kiar follows down to the gate, looking murderous as her mood. She is still, for the record, disguised as a dirt-covered canine, though her fur and hair color remain, and is wearing patched, torn clothes. Her greatsword is a walking stick. Whoo for illusion spells!

Nayaioh scuttles over to Sirum, grasping him by the arm and leading him away. "Come now, if they wanted to they would have done so already."

Nayaioh is dressed in her dark cloak, hood up, but with a dirty-looking poncho over it to hide the cloak itself. She doesn't look to be carrying any weapons, though anything resonably dangerous could easily be hidden underneath the cloak and poncho.

You say, "The nearest canine hobo responds to the rodent. "Why the 'ell shud I git off mah' ruddy ahss when the royals shoul' be payin' ta' feed mah chillin's. Now **** off I'm working here." holding out a single tin cup for charity."

Six Vandrena will join in for a while ^^; Six sits among the hoboes looking farily blank today, which is saying something, considering that she's usually very blank anyway. She has no ide what's going on, which mirrors her player's complete lack of scene information!

Dayla Algraves the Mouse-girl had gone a fairly different route than

Shayde, Her violet hair was set over her eyes, concealing them from sight, a certain lack of pose in her walk and lacking that slighest swagger she adopted. a rather boring very baggy tunic was worn, its sleeves falling over her paws, obvious tears within the collar showing the garment has suffered obviously, similar leggings, the hems tattered into oblivion with her bared footpaws shown, lacking a normal belt only a heavy looking wrap of cord, and..Absolution, hidden underneath layers of wrapped fabric was settled over one shoulder. " Sirum..Quiet." She said, drawing one paw up to press a paw to her forehead shaking her head.

Davilvi is walking near Shayde, his attire is somewhat different, yet very much similar. He's wearing a torn up and dirty poncho, longer than the other one so it looks almost like his only rag; He's not wearing a bandana, but his ears hang to his sides, looking weak and hungry; His face is smuged and weak, and his step has a limp. Stage Arts++. He appears, also, to have a hunch on his back, and does, indeed, act like he has a birth defect. He walks to the side of Dayla, while keeping a lazy eye out for anyone near them.

Sirum Hest is latched onto by Nayaioh, but digs his heels into the ground, to peer vacantly at the homeless furry. "Well. There's food outside Ansteorra, but no food here. Not going to get food just to spite the nobles isn't gonna work 'cause I don't think they really care about anyone here." The mouse smiles. But stares at the cup blankly. "No thanks, I'm not thirsty?"

Nayaioh yanks gently at him, "C'mon, please? He doesn't want the help, otherwise he wouldn't be laying about looking or handouts. He'd be walking around and finding them himself, just like we're doing." Nayaioh grins despite herself, and attempts to jostle Sirum back toward the group and inevitably their destination.

You say, "The ragged canine seems stare at Sirum for several long moments before just swiping at him with the metal object. "Piss off! If'n ya' be lookin' ta' pinch a bit o' me tree ya' ol' daughta's tail then maybe ya' can be axin' me how much penny""

Axani moves alongside Nayaioh as she chides Sirum, now, for the record, standing at a size of a normal furre. Five-foot-ten, she stands at a height of, appearances far from normal. Ragged hair and somewhat unkempt fur, the faerie appears exactly as would a poor resident in Tumbledown, who happens to be of the specie Canis Rufus, or red wolf. Wearing attire of a patched and torn dress, she places a paw on Sirum's shoulder with a small frown, shushing him before saying, "Leave th'fellow 'lone, ya?" Language arts++

Six Vandrena munches on a nutbutter sandwich as the group walks up. "Oh wow. I know you, what are you doing here? Here's not a place you want to be 'Sirum'." She knows his name, unlike most others. "You gotta be careful here 'cause the foods good but the Furres are kinda wierd. I came 'cause I heard of these great meat pies and then the store closed and they didn't have nuts anyway and now I'm all lost, can you help me?"

Seth Thompson was familiar with poverity, having grown up in it himself, though this was far worse then what he had experienced for himself. Shuffling along near the streets edge, dressed in the tattered clothes he left home with he wouldnt look too diffrent from those around him except for maybe his staff which to the best of his efforts he used as if it were indeed a walking aid which he needed, which may have been true with the luck he's had walking in these robes so far. Trailing roughly about 12 feet behind the others Seth remained quiet, just trying to follow lead and blend in.

Sirum Hest is thankfully dragged away from the furry before the tin cup can connect with him. The mouse waves over at Six, as he's dragged with Nayaioh. "I dunno why I'm here either, they just asked me to come along so I came along 'cause I didn't wanna be left alone in the tavern. Meat pies with nuts in them sound good right now, though, I can help you look for the store if you want?"

Dayla Algraves " Sirum...You can help her all you want, were here for a reason." She sighed shaking her head as she threw one arm around Davilvi's shoulders after a wide eyed look toward him " C'mere Hon." she winked towards the rabbit " Now tell me where that Dining hall was, and lets get a frikkin move on already?" She questioned acutally acting like a leader as she would move with Davilvi towards, hoping the rest of them follow.

Shayde En'Kiar stomps off after Dayla and Davilvi: "Kemmon.... I en't in t'mood fer chattin'," she says darkly. Well, go figure. >> The usually cheerful panthress is in no mood for banter today.

Ivia Relle looks to the others for their reactions, standing undisguised and alert. She may not be the strongest, or the cleverest, but she's confident in her ability to defend herself, and confident that she couldn't be TOO badly harmed considering she's a paladin, a servant of the Primes. She ensures that Conviction is easily unhooked if necessary, then turns to the group. "Are we juzz going to stand 'ere all day?"

Nayaioh looks down the street, following the group from the rear, and waving Seth to get closer to them. Anything could happen to him when he was twelve feet away that she or the others wouldn't be able to stop. Better to clump up together for now. "I think there's a new food hall down the street, where there hadn't been one before. Very strange, let's go have a look.'

Davilvi nods to her, emmidetly coughing like theres something inside his throught that wants to stay there. With a weak and crippled voice he says "... Sure thing.... Lass.... Follow" health wrenching cough "... me..." he would start to guide the group to the place they inspected last time.

Six Vandrena scampers over to Sirum and stops short of him, clasping her paws behind her back, utterly oblivious to anything that is happening other than her conversation with Sirum. "Oh no, the pie store closed and I missed it and I guess that there weren't any good pies there anyway 'cause the whole place smelled, but not really as bad as that Furre over there." She points. "'cause he hasn't bathed in like 4 weeks and you know that you're supposed to bathe yourself that's what my father said so I bathe all the time, but I've been down here for a few days and only the nice clerics will give me water."

Dayla Algraves " Stick close Lads and lasses!" She said as dourly as she could try, giving a nod towards Davilvi and his 'ailinging' condition, Dayla herself appeared tragically enough like a male youth with her choice of baggy clothing and adjusted hair style, keeping close to Davilvi looking more like she was leading him than he leading her, with Shayde, and Nayaioh and possibly Seth in tow.

Nayaioh throws her poncho over Taereal to cover up his armor, and pushes him along with the group. "Keep with us, or you're going to be accidentally left behind, and we wouldn't want that in the least." The last thing they needed right now was a fully-armored furre to be seen with them in the plain of day. Nayaioh was wearing typical farmer's clothes, loose linen shirt and belted breeches, and no armor to be seen. She'd packed light for this adventure.

Sirum Hest noddles quickly in response to Six. "I bathe every single night 'cause if I don't I'm afraid fleas'll get on my fur and the last time they did when Kizzy gave me them they were really itchy and fleas are kind've gross too.", the mouse squeaks out, pathetically. He then skitters after the remainder of the group, beckoning Six to follow after him. "Come on, though, we're going to a poorhouse. I'm not sure why it hasn't been lit on fire yet. Or the charity workers killed for their clothes. It must be a really horrible poorhouse if they don't even have anything worth being mugged over!"

You say, "As the party would arrive upon the foodhall, the street itself seems swamped with all manner of furres and vagrants eager to get inside it's doors at the next opening. Several shouts of "Trading 10 food vouchers for a shoe!" and other such shouts are exclaimed, increasing more and more as the half hour mark approaches. The Dining hall itself is rather meek... aside from the freshly repainted, and freshly grafittied mark of the Order above the door, the rather thick doors themselves, and the size of the building, it remains fairly indistint from anything else on the street. There seems to be a plaque written on the doors in lead."

Six Vandrena has the urge to brush the plaque off the doors. Portal hygiene is so important these days. "Wow. Is this the place with the pies? I wish I had shoes so I could get some foodvouchers, 'cause ten for one is a really good deal, you know?"

Axani pauses a few seconds to blink at Six's ramblings, but, with a shrug, she moves along to follow close beside Nayaioh. The now-lupine femme, clothed in rags of a dress, nods with Naya's words to Taereal, glancing down to her forearms for a moment. Where her bracers were before, there are now simple bands of slightly torn cloth, disguised to the fullest. A glance back over her own shoulder, she looks down to her rump, wagging her wolf tail briefly, before returning her focus to moving along, a small smile at her illusion. Axani turns to the large crowd of furres as they reach the hall, wondering idly how to handle this, and so with a glance to Nayaioh, she asks, "How do you think we should get in? Just move with the rest of them?"

Nayaioh does her very best to hide her doeskin shoes with the hem of her cloak so that she doens't get jacked for her footwear. "I would suppose so," says the snowlioness to the disguised Axani, "at least for the time being."

Taereal Sareen gives himself a fake limp and hobbles alongside Ivia, giving the fellow paladin a nod. The hobble appears mostly an attempt to prevent himself from 'clinking' as he walks. He keeps his head down, mostly, and simply walks along with the others.

Dayla Algraves the time honored skill of ignoring Sirum shined through at this moment, hearing those shouts, merely looking over her shoulder back towards Six "....Are you two related or something?" She questioned pointing from Sirum to Six, despite the fact of them being a squrriel and a mouse, a quick look towards the acutal words within the plaque " Through the door, Keep your wits about you and all that." she said perkily, winking towards the pair behind them.

Seth Thompson pulled in only slightly to the group from where he had been trailing before, if something did happen to the group he, for some reason, felt that them all being in one place might not be the best idea so he still traile behind the furres until their arrival at the hall, where Seth pauses and pauses for a moment before picking a random furre near middle of the line and aproaching him in as non threatening a manner as possible.

Sirum Hest seems to ignore Dayla altogether, as he nods back at Six, wiggling his bare toes. "We're in Tumbledown, why don't we just Tumble like the downers do and take one of their shoes? Then we can get like ten free meals from those vouchers!" He squeaks quite happily!

[ You whisper "The plaque reads as follows:" to Dayla Algraves. ]

Ivia Relle looks down at her clothing, then back at the others. She's in no state to go into a poorhouse as though she has the intention of getting hand-outs! "I do no' t'ink all of us are...equipped for such met'ods, Axani." She looks around shiftily, wondering if she shouldn't have found a disguise, but she couldn't hide her equipment without illusion, which she wasn't sure she could have undergone. She looks to Sirum. "If zey 'ad shoes, zey would no' be trading vouchers for shoes, would zey?" She quirks an eyebrow slightly.

[ You whisper "Breakfast 9 AM-11 AM. Noonday chef's special. 12:30-1:15. Cost 100 vouchers. Dinner 6 PM - 8 PM" to Dayla Algraves. ]

Davilvi keeps close to the Dayla, Knowing quite well who was leading. He looks around slowly, obviously crippled and weakend people can't look around quickly and curiously. He looks to the Mouse lady and whispers to her, while grabbing her arm, almost as if he were too weak to know where he is and using her as a guide.

Six Vandrena squints, looking around the poorhouse. "No, Sirum, you're silly. My Father told me that taking things from Furres was wrong adn we should do that, 'cause like .. it's wrong and stuff, right? Umm." She draws a blank. "Yeah. So how can we get food? I'm kinda hungry and that nutbutter snadwich I found wasn't too good."

You say, "As Sirum speaks those very words aloud a spark seems to go off in somebody's head and a fight breaks out as no less than six others begin to pummel some poor fellow for his only left shoe."

Sirum Hest smiles at Six. "That's okay, I'm sure we can find a human, an elf or a dwarf somewhere around here, or maybe even a wyrmme with a shoe. They're not furries so it shouldn't be too bad right? Erm." He cuts himself off, to peer around. To Ivia, "Someone has to have shoes--see, that guy has some!", he points at the fight breaking out. "Can we have his right shoe, when you're done with him? Six and I want to eat. Though if you'll brawl him for his shoes I don't see why you won't just beat up the guy with the food vouchers directly." Oh, dear. Something he shouldn't have suggested.

Dayla Algraves " S'it mentions Times for breakfast, lunch in dinner, Chef's special tooo, Taereal..and Ivia, forget it, Just come into the Poorhouse with us, offer healings and laying of hands and promises of a better tomorrow, Hrmn?" She said looking back towards the others, nodding towards Davilvi at his whisper and smiling " I'll figure somethin' out." She says, pushing open the door and leading the 'crippled' Davilvi within, loosing that smile looking the part of a helpful wretch for the moment as they entered within the poorhouse....

Axani nods to Nayaioh softly, before glancing back to Ivia with a tilt of her head. A conspiratorial look is given around the area, and then a nod, reaching out her paws to Ivia. Promptly, all the cloth of her uniform suddenly appears tattered, worn, and in very poor condition, no signs of the markings of her paladinhood as before--likewise, the metal armor of her uniform takes on the same appearance, and the faerie can only hope no one saw the miraculous transformation which took place over about eight seconds. "There. Not a bad look, Ivia," she speaks, a grin on her lupine muzzle. Turning to look to the group around, she asks in a hushed voice, "Anyone else need a makeover?" [2/2 Illusion]

Nayaioh feels the need to whip out whatever weapons she had on her body to rain down a heavy collection of strikes to all the Tumbledowners beating the man up for his only shoe. But that would blow their cover, and she seethes with the need to cut them open for their blatant disregard for respect of life. In the end, she does nothing, and settles herself down without the slightest hint of outward agitation.

You say, "Another fight breaks out as a wave tackles the fellow who'd only been hoping to obtain a pair of shoes. The crowd shifts noticeably as the eager ones rush to fill in the gap in the mob about the door and continue their trading of scraps of cloth for the chance to taste the fabled chef's special. A few of the party members might even have drool leak onto them in the process."

Dayla Algraves adds " Into the Dining Hall! already! were not getting taken into this damn battle!" she screamed towards Axani, Nayaioh, favoring Sirum once more, as he was instigating this all.

Six Vandrena: Oh yeah, we can take a Dwarf's shoe, 'cause Dwarfs are nasty horrible things that come up from the ground and eat your kits and feed the blood to their evil Gods of evil. 'Cause thats my father says. Dwarves are bad news and you should wipe them out.

Six Vandrena is politcally correct? No.

Ivia Relle looks down at herself after Axani's illusion takes hold and jumps! "Petite, I do no' t'ink zis is.." She shakes her head. "Please, t'ank you for ze thought, but there are other ways.." She's clearly not comfortable with the illusion, for some reason. She looks at the fight breaking out, torn between listening to Dayla, knowing that getting caught up in the fight is a bad idea, and her duty to help.

Seth Thompson takes advantage of the shift in the crows as he had gotten close to the line prior to the fight, the moment it happens he tries to shuffle into the line.

[ Axani whispers, "[The door's open for people to enter?]" to you. ]

Nayaioh reaches out and takes Six and Sirum by an arm each, leading them into the dining hall if possible while all the fighting breaks out. While it was unfortunate that it was all going on, it provided the cover they needed to slip in hopefully unnoticed.

[ You whisper "The door will not open for another minute or two, hence the extra push against it" to Axani. ]

[ Axani whispers, "[Then you might want to tell Dayla that, since she seems to be going inside.]" to you. ]

Axani gives Ivia a small shrug with a sheepish smile, though she does not dispel the illusion. There may be other ways, but certainly there is not enough time to work through the possibilities; for the moment, her illusion is already in place, and it gives the disguise required for the moment. Thus, moving alongside Nayaioh, she gives the leopardess a little nudge towards the door, walking with the snowlioness to gain entry.
Shayde En'Kiar edges away from the fights discreetly and follows the leader straight into the dining hall. "We still 'avena found anythin' in t'way o' black magic," she says crossly to the mouse as she comes up beside her.

Six Vandrena thinks that Naya should not have done that. As her paw clasps around Six's thin squirrel-arm, a marked change crosses over the face of the femme, eyes blaze white with electricity, and she shouts with an eerie fright: "Don't touch me!" as her body explodes with a burst of lightning, zotting out isotropically, though with particular fury toward Naya. [2/2][Wild Surge, Air]

Taereal Sareen hobbles shortly after the rest of the group into the dining hall. As he carefully drifts along, hunched over, he manages to get hit by some fellow who was thrown back from the fray, the sound producing a nice metallic 'clank' as he is rather immediately knocked out from the force of being thrown head-first into a breastplate. Taereal looks up and his eyes dart around.. as it seemed no one noticed, he then whistles innocently and edges his way forward along with the others. As Six flares up, he merely sighs and shakes his head, "Oh, dear.. this won't end well."

You say, "An announcement sounds out from a behind the door as though magically amplified. "Now opening the doors for the lucky few who have scrimped and saved for this golden opportunity." And sure enough there is the sound of chains and gears crackling as the door begins to open outward, only enough to let possibly two or three people through at a time... and even then many are tumbling through full speed. Several of which seem to slam into an invisible barrier and drop flat on their faces at the entrance, clogging up the path that would normally lead others to food abound. After a minute of this chaos... the doors begin to seal shut again, sadly crunching the body of two poor souls. When Six zaps Naya, not even the few unlucky enough to be close to her seem to care as they move to pound upon the closed doors. It's possible with this many the charge was dispersed too thinly for an effect"

[*] Six Vandrena rolls 2d7+8 damage to Naya & gets 19.
[*] Six Vandrena rolls 1d1 prep loss & gets 1.
[*] Six Vandrena rolls 2d2 turns & gets 2.
Six Vandrena: [That's if DM will let damage through.]
You say, "[Half damage because there's so many for it to ground out on Smile]"
Nayaioh: [9 then?]
You say, "[yes]"
Seth Thompson: [I am confused, have we actually made it inside? Since the door's have just opened it seems.]

Sirum Hest opens his mouth, "You really shouldn't touch Six, she--" But it is too late, as Nayaioh gets shocked by Six reflexively. "..doesn't like being touched. It hurts. Like. A lot when she is." The mouse frowns. But something else catches his attention, as two furries are suddenly mangled by the doors. "..who in the nine hells set up this place? Inari, that's.. disgusting."

Axani stops in her tracks as Six freaks out on Nayaioh, stepping a few paces away very quickly, and bumping into some random furre in the crowd in the process. However, her attention turns up to the announcement, and then to the doors as they open. She takes one step towards them, and then stops again as it seems everyone is piling inwards. This all becomes moot, though, as she spots the two people suddenly crushed in the mechanical doors. Axani lets out a sharp--though cut off after just half a second--scream to pierce through the area, truly horrified at the sight. Spinning around to grab Nayaioh and Ivia in both of her canine arms, she quickly speaks, "We need to find another way in, now!"

Dayla Algraves Day and Davilvi already near the line definately move to get in as quickly as possible, even taking the care to step over the knocked over furres <3.

Nayaioh is rocketed forward, into the mass of Tumbledowners trying to scamper their way into the building. She collides with a whole lot of them, knocking them head over heels. Either way, she lands with a layer of smoke coming off of her whole body, coughing and groaning. For a moment, her vision goes red. She just got attacked with magic for grabbing the femme, and her natural primal reaction is to pull out her sword and kill her. "I will... never... do that again." Nayaioh narrowly calms herself down, hands still shaking and adrenaline still pumping through her body to temporarily mask the pain of the shock she was just given.

Ivia Relle reluctantly goes with Axani's nudge, then looks horrified as she sees the doors close. "What manner of..." Her eyes widen with the implications of the closing. She is grabbed by Axani, and nods. "Ze illusion, please, zen.." She looks around the building to see if there's a way around the building, or any other likely ways in.

Shayde En'Kiar jolts a little: "Naya, lass, yeh arright?" she says with narrowed eyes, but as the doors start opening and chaos ensues she shoves in after Day and Davi. She ain't gonna get left on the outside! Besides, she really wants to kill something, remember? :3 However if getting in is impossible she would instead trot over to Axani and Ivia.
Dayla Algraves Ditto for Shayde's if impossible post.

Davilvi follows Dayla to the best of his ability!

You say, "The doors have shut, there are two bisected corpses at the door's entrance, and many more are pounding to still gain entrance. There is no 'line' so much as several dozens of homeless desperately trying to gain entrance at any and all cost, even their very lives. Nay, the entire street seems crawling with those who are waiting for the dinner hour when the doors shall open again. At Sirum's comment.... another older fellow speaks up. "Yeah, but it's the only half decent food in the district if yer' not a ganger. They open 'dem up to everybody come night and mornin'. Jus'... there's supposed to be a buffet if'n ya' make it in at noon. Costs a lot though...""

Six Vandrena's pupils slowly reappear in her eyes, and she staggers back blindly, static sparks still running across her fur for a few moments. After a short pause, she shakes her head as if to clear it. "Wow. I didn't think there was going to be a storm today. Did those doors open yet? I'm kind of hungry, and i wanna get in, and away from all these Furres.. I don't want to be touched, you know." She says to Sirum as if she'd not missed a beat.

Seth Thompson cringes at the sound of the two furres being crushed in the doors of the hall and sighs in thanks to the primes he was not able to see it. Shrugging Seth makes his way out of the line, though really more of a crowed and shuffles his way back to the gathering of the others who were on this adventure with him. Unaware of what had happened between Six and Naya as Seth had been keeping his distance and to make them out among all the other furres for him unless trying was impossible, Seth simply says to them, "Anyone know of any alleys around here?".

Axani literally screams over at Shayde and Dayla, "Get away from those doors!" The now-lupine certainly does not want her friends getting crushed to death come next time the doors open and close. Corralling Nayaioh, Ivia, and Shayde if she comes, into her arms, she adds, "We're finding another way in, right now. Not using this way in. Got it? Good! Let's go!"

Sirum Hest doesn't try to swarm in, as he doesn't particularly want to be crushed by the doors. Holy hell. "You think maybe since they're in the practice of killing furries they just take the remains of the people they kill and use them as food?", he asks the furry that had spoken to him. "It happened before, I think. What do they get out of letting furries eat here?", he asks with a frown. To Six, "You did it. I think your fur is really really shock-y or something, 'cause you always send people flying back." With that said, Sirum would quite simply try to skitter up the wall and onto the roof of the food hall. He was going to get trampled if he stayed down there any longer.

Dayla Algraves " Is there a backway?" She questioned her arm still over Davilvi's shoulders looking towards the older furre that volunteered that information, trying to steer them far away from the crushed furres, shaking her head, her eyes narrowing into slits at the Order of the Broom. "...Yet furres die, every meal time.." She sighed shaking her head once more.

Dayla Algraves and is for Axani's idea nodding cutely.
Shayde En'Kiar, as she gets corralled by Axani, looks at the fae: "Damn... we kin go up on t'roof or... mebbe there's an unn'erground entrance? T'employees o' t'place've got t'get out sometime fer supplies n' food n' stuff, an' I don' think they go through t'front entrance..." she stares at the evil doors.

Six Vandrena doesn't comprehend what Sirum says about her. "Yea, it's pretty shocking, you know, I haven't really bathed in a few days, and I'm pretty scummy, you know. So what are we doing now?" She shouts after Sirum as he runs to climb the wall. She follows closely, at least not to lose him.

Axani glances back to Dayla and nods, nodding again to Shayde. "There's a back way," she answers, looking back to Dayla to add, "Remember?" before turning back to the group and whispering, "I tried getting in there last time, but it's magically protected against lockpicking. We could try the chimney again? Anyone have spare rope?" A glance over to Seth, she waves him over to join their conspiracy.

Shayde En'Kiar nods at the faerie: "I got some," and she does indeed have the lengthy coil from the Dracodile quest. How very nifty! Ooh reference to a past quest, how unheard of!

Nayaioh stands up, or rather she uses the Tumbledowners to pull herself up, even punching a few when they try to get too fresh with her and her red hair. "Get off! I will kill you! You wanna sleep forever!? I will stab you in the primesdamn EYE!" By the grace of Axani and the others she is corralled from an oncoming fight, throwing her cloak over her body and putting her hood up to hide her crimson locks.

You say, "The aged panther pulls himself free of the majority of the crowd to rest his wearied bones against the nearest abandoned building. "Dunno, never thought to think about it, but I don't care. It's food, and that's what matters. It's really the best shine of hope we've seen here in ages." only to discover the rodent had vanished somewhere. A few of the odd hobo's seem to perk ears at the party at mention of another entrance...."

Dayla Algraves " I have an idea" She said with a wide grin " Help us break in through the back door, You can get all the food you want that way Hrmn?" She questioned nodding with a rather wild grin towards Axani. smirking for a moment saying that last part towards all the Tumbledowners around " We have some buisness within, Y'all in or what?" She said, a quirk of a brow, yet she thought she smelled some burnt fur for the moment.

Ivia Relle ponders thoughtfully. "If we could all fit down ze chimney, an' if zere is no fire below it, an' if it is a proper chimney above a proper fireplace... per'aps it could work. Did yu go zat way last time?"

Sirum Hest sits upon the roof quite happily, apparently, as he hadn't been stopped from climbing up. How did he get up there so easily? He's a mouse. Albiet not a feral one, he still has a few traits for his feral brothers and sisters. Assuming Six has a similar ease due to her squirrel nature, he waves happily at her as she joins him. "I dunno. But the view up here is nice. I wonder if there's anything up here." The mouse turns around to inspect the roof.

Axani nods to Shayde and Ivia, answering the former with a quick, "Wonderful," before the latter, "Yeah, I flew down it, and there didn't seem to be anything at the bottom of the shaft. It's a long ways though; hence the rope." Turning up to look at Dayla, however, she winces softly, not sure if that is such a good idea. Inciting a riot? Oh yes, that's a grand thing to do.

Six Vandrena is squirrely, if nothing else. Up on the roof with Sirum, she looks around carefully. "This is a lot better than being on the ground, yep, it is. I mean look at them they all want food and I do too and I'm really hungry, 'cause that sandwich wasn't good. I found it in this round metal can, you know, out on the street. I was excited 'cause I wanted something but it was kinda green, but that's ok, 'cause my mother used to make us greens to eat all the time, and she said that if it's green it's good for little squirrels and I'm a squirrel, so it's ok. My tummy hurts though."

[ You whisper "Six discovers a chimney towards the back, churning out a great deal of smoke. It seems unusually large if it were to just use up only one fireplace" to Six Vandrena. ]

Shayde En'Kiar snarls: "Ey!" helping fend off the others as best she can from Naya since the snowlioness is nearby. Picking on the younger ones, how cruel. She then turns and whispers to Axani; "Kin yeh do yer mindspeak when yeh tell us where t'... other... entrance is? Don' want these idjits followin' us.." so quietly only the faerie might be able to hear.
Shayde En'Kiar apologizes for late post o_o Damn connection.]

Davilvi frows at the sheer number of people. Trying to be the first ones in as a group will probably be impossible and end up with someone being maimed. So, for now, he decides it's best to follow Dayla's attempt to be diplomatical and go with some other hobos to the backdoor, to see if the horde of people also stands there.

Sirum Hest motions to the unnaturally large chimney upon the roof, for Six, his free paw offered to her before he skitters over to it. "You could just go to the Broken Dagger, Six, I think today's special is Cheesecake with Cheeses-of-Feanor Stew." The mouse noddles, the watches the billowing smoke with fascination. " probably shouldn't have eaten any of that. It might've been diseased. Ew. .. Um. Six. What do you think will happen if I cover this chimney? The smoke'll go back down and flood the place, right, and then they'll have to open the doors to let it out?"

Six Vandrena notices a chimney too. "Uhh. Maybe? But won't the smoke just you know, like.. go.. somewhere?" Her brain shuts off from problem-solving overload.

Axani gives a tilt of her head to Shayde and answers, "It's a tiny vocal illusion, in your ear. I've never bothered learning mindspeak." However irrelevant that is, she gives a sharp nod, before leaning back up and glancing around. A flick of her paw is given, small waves of distortion about the air around it, before she promptly begins ambling her way around the building towards the back, looking casual as ever as if having no specific destination.

Ruby Pyralis decides to make an appearance during something for once! Homg, the end is near! Anyway, luckily due to the nature of her wings, she doesn't suffer the same fate as the people on the ground and simply arrives via air on the roof. The true reason she is here, most likely, is revealed by her sudden interest in a rather unique smell coming from the door area. Ooh, fresh meat. She leans over the side a bit to get a better look at the menu. Yummy.

Nayaioh is about ready to bury the sharp end of Alfonsina in some hobo's face, but she just does her best to keep herself calm and not flip out after being rocked, shocked and manhandled by more dirty furres than she could count. She nods softly to Axani, and follows her without a word.

Sirum Hest removes his cloak, while everyone else is busy on the ground, to raise up upon the tips of his toes. The mouse's large cloak is spread out over the chimney hole, using his arms to pull it tightly down over the hole after. "Back down you go, smoke!"

Shayde En'Kiar, after hearing the vocal illusion, moves around back looking as nonchalant as ever. She's a good actor when she wants to be.

Seth Thompson remained quiet at the passing events, and not having any idea what exactly was going on he simply followed Nayaioh as she followed Axani.

Davilvi nods and grabs on to Dayla's arm, pushing her with him. "Less go aroun'. There may be less crowd over there..." and with that he'd walk with the rest of the group to the door behind the house.

Ruby Pyralis: pouts upon seeing the poor condition of the meat. Or what's left of it anyway. With a grumble, she turns around and calls over to Sirum, the most familiar face within earshot, "The hell is all the commotion? People down there just ruined my bloody meal!"

Ivia Relle follows Axani, nodding. Hopefully, they'd be able to get in, one way or another.

You say, "Several of the hobos nod eagerly and conspiratorially duck their heads in once they hear the news, immediately rallying to Dayla's side. A total number of three have caught interest, the other one just shaking his head in disdain. Shall emit for Sirum in a moment...."
Sirum Hest: [Sirum and Six are up on the roof.]
Sirum Hest: [Everyone else is on the ground]
Ruby Pyralis is on the roof too.]
Sirum Hest: [Oh. W00t, then.]
Seth Thompson: [Shayde is at front with what seems to be three hobos and Ax, Naya and I are looking for the other way in.]
Sirum Hest answers Ruby, "We're here to see some chefs about some investigations I think. Also the doors eat furries. Stay away from them!"
Shayde En'Kiar is following Axani too. o_o
Shayde En'Kiar just isn't bein' obvious about it.
Dayla Algraves " Right then, Shall we go. Thanks Boyos!" She said with a wide grin her dipolmacy worked better than she had expected, squeaking a little as Davilvi tugged upon her arm pushed around with Davilivi, Nayaioh, and Shayde, giving a little chuckle " I love starting riots" she whispered towards the rabbit with a wide grin.
You say, "The moment the chimney is covered, a surprising amount of pressure begins to build up behind it, enough so that after roughly a few moments... black smoke comes billowing out the sides and the center of Sirum's blue cloak begins to burn through if not in some way magically protected."
Six Vandrena squeaks and steps back if Sirum's cloak does, in fact catch fire. "Oh Primes, Sirum, your cloak is on fire it's like burning and you should move it!"
Ruby Pyralis calls back, "Lovely. Flew all the way across town for a big nothing. Not even a goddamn scrap of decent meat left. Jeez!" She crosses her arms and finally begins to... take notice of what the hell is actually going on up here. She quickly trots over to Sirum and the smoking chimney, "I may be missing a few key parts of your plan up here."
Axani, arriving in the alley behind the Dining Hall if not stopped, glances around the area cautiously, before awaiting the arrival of the others. A glance is given to the door she remembers attempting to pick the last time they were here, before glancing up to the roof. Her canine tail wags briefly before calming, ears perked high on alert.
Davilvi notes to Ruby that theres a bisected corpse down in the massess. Apparently the door cut him in two when it closed.
You say, "[She knows, I've already informed her Smile]"
Ruby Pyralis notes she came here with the hopes of getting a piece of whatever that lovely organic aroma was.
Nayaioh is right behind and to the right of Axani, right hand gripped tight on the hilt of her dagger, the other hand on the hilt of her sword. Her rounded ears were not perked, but they were alert, as was every other part of her.
Sirum Hest notes that, indeed, the cloak was enchanted. It was given to him by Rakuro, to produce warmth by 'absorbing' other sources of warmth, just a tad bit. Usually this is only used in the winter when he is cold, but as the cloak starts getting a bit too hot for him, he quickly jerks it back and onto the roof, dropping it while madly waving his paws. "Oww! This chimney sucks!", he whines. The mouse thrusts a fist forward. "<" [1/1] Immediate following his words, a large sphere of water would appear above the chimney, rocketing down the chimney to hit whatever was at the bottom.
Sirum Hest answers Ruby, "I was gonna make the smoke go back down so they'd have to open the doors again."
Ivia Relle is right behind Axani and, since the alley is mostly unwatched by the group of Tumbledowners outside for the moment, at least, asks of the faenine once more. "Petite, zis's no'...please, take it off me." Perhaps the third time's the charm? She looks around the alley, as well, for anything of particular interest.
Ruby Pyralis raises a brow and then nods slowly, "Aah. Right then." She's a tad confused about why they're all interested on getting inside for some crummy food anyway, but who is she to judge? "Perhaps this isn't the best time to chat, but... ah... this makes utterly no sense at all. I suppose you had to be there at the beginning of all this, eh?" She takes a moment to take a look at the ground to catch a glimpse of any havoc.
You say, "Dayla finds a single steel door, marred by any number of scratches about the brick and lock in the middle of a back alley, a few assorted sleeping furres here and there, but for the most part none seem interested in trying to break in through this entrance. The chimney, however, yields different results. The water falls for almost two full seconds before striking something, an incredible amount of steam rising up from the depths, but sadly the only noise coming up is that of the water striking metal and not the fires that fuel the still pouring smoke."
Sirum Hest shakes his head slowly. "Nuh-uh. I don't even know why I'm here except that I was asked to come along. Everyone else wants to get inside so I'm trying to--" The mouse cuts himself off, as steam rises. "..well. I'm out've ideas. Unless you want to punch a hole in the roof, Ruby?"
Dayla Algraves "...Right steel door. Enchanted to thwart lockpicking eh?" She said releasing her grip from Davilvi's shoulders for a moment slamming down the bundle that was Absolution, stepping back calmly, as her paw scythed down, tearing a clean line as she withdrew the mighty Headsman's axe " Heres my lockpick.." She said with a wild grin stepping forehead to tap it neatly upon the door testing its strength " Axani, do what you did last time, so im stronger?..Shay, Get your sword out and hit it in time with me?" She questioned looking over her shoulder towards the Pantheress, looking back towards the assembled Hobos " Get ready to charge in after us, just..dont trample ?" she requested delicately.
Ruby Pyralis recoils briefly from the steam and then shakes her head, "I'm afraid that was a one time deal." Hell, it's been a long damn time since she's gotten in on anything exciting. May as well take part in this fiasco, "I'd be more than willing to break anything that won't bust my hand, though."

Axani looks over the door for a few seconds longer, before noting the steam coming from above the roof. Brow raising, she considers it for a moment, but her attention is taken away by Ivia's complaint. Raised brow retains and is turned upon her, and with a small sigh, she shrugs and answers, "I don't think we're going to be using diplomacy or tricks anymore anyway." With a wave of her hand, Ivia's uniform returns to its original state in its entirety, though despite Axani's words, her own illusion of appearing as a red wolf furre remains standing. Her attention flicks over to Dayla with her headsman's axe, another small sigh given at that, with a nod. Paw raising up, it glows white for a few moments, and thus the canine steps forward to tap Dayla on the shoulder, a powerful surge of augmenting power flowing through the simple tap to fuel the rodent's muscles. [2/2 +4 STR]
Sirum Hest flops out upon the roof, to crawl over to the edge of it on all fours, watching the people he had come here with upon the streets. "I can't find anything else to break. Unless you want to break some Tumbledowners. That seems like it should be fun, but they've already busted up two people today for shoes and pieces of paper. I think they're just a bit antsy."
You say, "The steel backdoor waits ominously >.>"
Seth Thompson tilts his head in surprise what Dayla was suggesting as it would create quite a bit of noise and attract the attention of not only everyone out here in the ally with them but possibly whatever was inside as well. It was this thought that Seth spoke up, though quietly as not to draw the attention if possible of anyone he didnt want to hear and in his usually unconfident voice, "Ummm, if I may, we could try a less destructive and noisy way.".
Nayaioh looks to Seth and says quite plainly, "We don't have other options. Axani attempted to pick it the last time we were here. Hopefully this will work."
You say, "The steel door still awaits Dayla's attempt to swing...."
Dayla Algraves " Mmn, Thanks Axani, Hrmn..Ivia! properly big weapon, Care to help me with this door?" She questioned shifting to stand far enough to allow the other femme to get a proper posistion " Were going to hit it, at the same time, hopefully breaking the door down, if we cant..We should meet back up with Sirum and try another way in..Hes on the roof still isnt he ?" She questioned, awaiting Ivia for a paired strike. it'd cover more ground.
Ivia Relle nods and gives a small, but nevertheless very grateful, smile to Axani, and tries to gesture to Dayla not to smash the door. "Non! We should wait until someone opens ze door, an' ambush them, not smash down the door. Too much noise, too much attention inside!" Her eyes are almost as wide as they can get, trying to get across her point: fear of what would happen since it's easy to assume that many people would hear the door being broken down, if it worked, and come to defend the place.
Ruby Pyralis peers over at the people, "Somehow, they hardly seem worth the effort. Not much different from ripping apart a bag of sand, y'know?" She continues on normally as we all wait for the outcome of the door breaking. or whatever is going on.
Dayla Algraves "...You know what....Screw it i'll do it MYSELF." she said softly shaking her head as she drew back Absolution " Fuck Stealth, Fuck sneaking around it isnt going to work, Hopefully Sirum is having better-...Ruby? Help me break down this door if you would?" She called forth, raising up one paw to wave towards the Demoness.
Seth Thompson smirks at Nayaioh's suggestion as if he had mentioned picking at all. "Options are abound Miss Naya, one simply has to look. My suggestion was going to be either I, or Miss Fae as I know she is more adept with magic, freaze the lock. Metal becomes brittle in the cold and if we were lucky we could shatter the lock.", Seth offers in reply to Nayaioh in his still hushed and unsure voice, though smirking. 0.o
Nayaioh, "The door may be warded to steel, or magic, oh primes I hate not knowing... or even knowing how to find out without being killed."
Davilvi looks to Dayla "I like Naya's option better, If we sneak up on them when they opent he door, we'll have an instant pass. However, You are the one calling the shots here, Dayla Dear" he smirks and awaits the outcome.
Ruby Pyralis peers down toward Dayla at the request, "That seems quite simple." She simply walks off the roof and lands softly as though it were from on a few feet of height, "I hardly see what the sudden interest in breaking into this place is, but I don't particularly care at this point." She cracks her knuckles, "Where am I hitting?"
Dayla Algraves " Axani was here earlier, she sensed a great evil within, Know if an uncle of yours is visiting?" She teased playfully, obviously nervous at the side of the Demoness, bringing back Absolution " In time with me, Center of the door, Sound good?" She questioned towards the Demoness, tapping the door with Absolution, as she brought it back, looking towards the Demoness and back to the door ready to start the breakage.
Axani observes Dayla for a few moments longer, but at all the talking behind herself, she finally gives a huff of frustration. Turning back to Nayaioh, Seth, and Ivia, she leans in close to look level with them, speaking, "Alright. Look, they just killed two people without even concern," gesturing towards the brick wall--though it can be assumed she means the doors on the other side of the building--before going on, "They only let in like... what? Four people? It's obvious they're not doing this to help anyone--they're up to something, and it's not philanthropy." That said, she pauses, and nods back to the door, still speaking with the three, "It's time to set things right, and destroy some evil," with a bit of a crazed grin at that.
Ivia Relle sighs and, resignedly, unslings her spear. "Well, I tried the diplomatic way. Let's do this. On your count, ma'mselle." She holds Conviction in front of her, preparing to lunge in time with the mouse, as well.
Ruby Pyralis is exactly interested in dinging up her weapons today, so instead she opts to go barehanded, "Right then. Tell me when." Of course, she isn't going... entirely unarmed, as a dark shadow forms around her hand, sucking away all the light. If nothing else, the additional energy from her seal will give it a bit more, 'umph' and a bit less pain in the fist area.
Ruby Pyralis isn't*
Davilvi looks back at axani with a stranged look on his face "... You know, It's not often that you talk like that.... It's actually quite ammusing" he grins and looks back at the door. Since now the demoness is with them, they should have no dificulty bringing the door down or handling whatever comes their way... but... So much for stealth.... Still, he couldn't complain, Getting in is Getting in, it gets the job done afterall.
<>NodOff: Exiting Away Mode...
Nayaioh, "Freeze the lock," Well now she's has an idea. Alfonsina comes out, and Nayaioh calls for a "Hold for a moment," to the others. Nayaioh points at the door with her sword and begins tapping at it over and over again, little hits of cold coming off the sword and into the door magically as per the effects of the sword--ice damage. She concentrates her raps upon two places: the middle of the door where they're going to hit, and the lock wherever it may be.
Dayla Algraves "......Right Now!" She called out, grinning wildly, noting that dark shadow, swinging Absolution forward into the Door, balancing herself first yet putting her entire weight into the strike, the Headsman's axe and Axani's own spell making the strike most likely deadly to all Doorkind, and indeed she aimed towards the middle of the door letting Nayaioh get out of the way first. HRT
Sirum Hest watches the furries upon the ground with mild interest from the rooftops, waving his paw down at them. "I'd help you smash down the door but I'm not a very good smasher. And I don't think I can kill the lock with my arrows. Unless I shoot it really, really, really fast.."
Ivia Relle lunges with all her strength at the door, so that Conviction hits it precisely at the same time as Absolution, though she doesn't make any noise or even a facial expression beyond a fiercely concentrated one.
You say, "The door remains oddly resolute under their combined powers, though oddly enough the wall it's attached to seems to shake visibly, enough so that the dust accumulating around the mortar falls to the ground. Dayla's axe however, appears to have acquired a minor chip on the edge."
Dayla Algraves "...Fucking Door..." She grumbled eyes narrowing, a glance towards Ruby " The wall?" She said stepping to the side as she realigned her strike towards the wall, her heart beating faster, anger obvious as the razoric edge of Absolution, held a chip..."Heads..will Roll!"
Ruby Pyralis slams the side of her fist against the door with the others, smart enough to use the squishy... fleshy area instead of the boney, painful part. Common sense and all. At the failure, she simply states, "The maker of the door should consider contacting Burr sometime." She narrows her eyes at the wall, "I wouldn't say the same for the maker of the walls though." She gives the wall a cautious kick with a fair amount of strength behind it... but still not overly much.
Dayla Algraves Dayla however would put just as much strength into the wall if not more than she delivered towards the wall around it.
Ruby Pyralis idly comments over to Dayla, "Sorry, that's my job." She grins wickedly.
Dayla Algraves " I'll aim for the torsos then?" She offered with a similar grin, yet a bit more mirthful than the Demoness's.
Nayaioh uses her sword to begin tapping at the wall around the door, attempting to freeze it. If this is indeed possible, she too will give the wall a swift kick with the heel of her foot.
Ruby Pyralis: Fair enough.
Ivia Relle steps back and shakes her head. She looks for any weaknesses in the bricks that may have resulted from their strikes, anything they might be able to exploit quickly.
Axani gives a small snicker to Davilvi's comment and nods, before stepping away from the chaos about to ensue against the door. However... the door seems to hold up, and it is at that the now-lupine reaches a paw up to scratch her chin softly. Hearing Ruby's comment regarding the wall gives certainty to her own thoughts, and thus her paws raise again. With a soft blue glow about the finger tips, she wiggles those digits around the wall, and it is thus that hundreds of tiny wisps of wind cut into the mortar around the door's edge, like a saw blade, to separate the door from the rest of the wall--which would lead to it being able to be knocked over with a simple nudge. [2/2 Air]
You say, "The brick chips considerably, apparently the members of the order had either not thought to replace the walls, or perhaps they just didn't want to go through the trouble. As more and more effort is putting into destroying them however, a rather large, an incredibly large crowd actually, has begun to gather about the party. Cheering them on with hungry looks in their eyes."
Dayla Algraves " Dont just stand there help us tear down this Fucking wall!!" She called out towards the crowd eagerly, aswell as the three hobos she intitally contacted.
Sirum Hest waves down at Dayla. "They're gonna trample you the second you get that wall down and the people inside who murdered those two furries are gonna be able to get escape in the swarm."
You say, "None of them seem even remotely equipped to be part of a siege, and not a single one of them has a greater strength mod than +1"
Seth Thompson sighs as the smash agianst the door happens, in his mind they'd be lucky if who or whatever was inside didnt come checking to see who was knocking. As the others began to crowed and Seth figured he couldnt really be of much help with the wall, he turns to the crowed and following Ruby's comments he speaks ina loud voice, though not quite a yell. "Help us keep the hall workers busy once we are inside and we'll try to make sure you get all the food you want that's inside the hall".
Ruby Pyralis grins at the progress on destroying the wall, "Ha! I was born for this sort of thing!" Knowing that she most likely possesses the most strength of any single person involved in the siege, she actually sends forth a rather bone shattering slam into one of the weak-looking sections of the wall... perhaps one with a crack. Whatever the case, it should, if nothing else, knock part of a brick off. Or make a large 'boom.' Either is acceptable.
Nayaioh backs away from the wall, turning toward all that have gathered around them, sword still out. "This is not good," she voices, sticking close to the others. She agreed with Sirum, but there wasn't much that they could do to rectify this situation now. They were past the point of no return, so Nayaioh stood there as a guard against the hungry furres that had gathered around them, ensuring they didn't leap out and attack them from behind.
Dayla Algraves "...Maybe im going about this.. in the wrong way.." She said Not pausing in her strikes, With Pyralis leading the strikes, as she paused Absolution swept in striking neatly, aiding the Demoness as best she could with Axani's strength spell boosting her, she wasnt terribly far behind the Demoness's strength.. ".Axani! Hold the line behind us, Sirum..get ready to hold them at bay..Maybe we should've just gone down the chimney?" She questioned outloud, yet she had chosen a course and would stay true to it.
Ruby Pyralis has 29 strength, pshaw. >>;
Dayla Algraves has 22 Mrowl!.
Nayaioh has... 17. Sadface.
Ivia Relle has only 19 with her spear D:
You say, "The crowd begins to well... crowd about Ruby as she makes the first visible hole in the brick. Only a few more strikes should be needed and yet.... even those inside seem to be taking great measure for their own safety as evidenced by the numerous yells coming from within. "Hurry up with that!" comes faintly echoing from within."
Seth Thompson has 10, lets all point and laugh at him. []
Sirum Hest shakes his head down at the rat. "The chimney is really hot and it has some metal plate in place, can't get past it. Maybe you should just wait until closing time when they have to leave. That or have Axani use an earth spell beneath the brick wall to crack it."
Davilvi grins at Dayla "... You're hesitating... Tsk Tsk Tsk" he pokes his tonge out and looks back "... Get ready everyone or you'll get trampled on..." but then he hears something inside... He frowns and whispers "... Get out of the way of the mob" to his group members and walks out of the mass. Walking far enough to not be visible, he quickly jumps on to the edge of a building, and then runs back the original building, whilst not being fully visible as to not give away his "Crippled" discuise. He knows that whatever they're preparing, it'll probably hurt to be in the front lines, so He'll watch.
Axani gives yet another small sigh as the work around the door seems to not be helping in the least--well, perhaps in the least, but that is not enough. At Dayla's command, she nods and turns around to face the crowd, her eyes widening a bit at the sheer quantity of furres. "No, Dayla! The chimney's being used right now--wouldn't work," she answers, before stepping right behind Ruby to stand back-to-back with the demon. Hands raising up, she speaks assertively, "Get back away from the wall!" Axani seems to be concentrating on something rather deeply, though no shows of any magic forming are present. [2/?]
Ruby Pyralis growls out triumphantly at... the dent in the wall. It's something! Unfortunately for anyone that may piss her off too horribly from this point on, she seems to only acquire more strength with each passing blow she hurls against the poor wall. Though still sane enough to distinguish friend from foe, the crazed rage which she has been made known for begins to surface, shown only by the bright golden glow shooting out from her eyes. [Rage - For note.]
Ruby Pyralis isn't really listening to anyone anymore. >>;
Nayaioh puts her back up against Axani and Ruby, sword out and at the ready, "Get away from from us! Go away! Get! Shoo!"
Ivia Relle keeps lunging at the bricks with Conviction [haw haw, get it?] until Axani's warning, at which she jumps back suddenly for the faenine to do her work.
Axani was speaking to the crowd, for note.
You say, "The brick is destroyed under Ruby's next series of blows, lying in rubble with a shout out from the crowd as they go rushing inside full tilt with little care for the bystanders. Only Ruby, the champion of the citizens of Tumbledown seems worthy of not being trampled outright. Over a hundred starving furres fly inside one after another, tumbling in a frenzy of rioting as several are killed outright after falling. Those of you on the ground without wings roll 1d20+con+str vs 15 for 3 turns or take 25% damage."
Ivia Relle: [Well lah-tee-dah Razz]
You say, "[Ruby is exempt from trampling]"
Axani: [Wait, Dirk!]
Axani whispers Dirk.]
[ Axani whispers, "[Axani's prepping a wind spell to push them all back the second they approach. Can I cast that now?]" to you. ]
Seth Thompson: [wow, I die underfoot. x.x]
Dayla Algraves " Ohh..Well Hey im doing something right then!" She said perkily enough, stepping away from the wall, shifting herself into a defensive posistion " Everyone Get ready, we may have the Order of the Broom after us, everyone who isnt attacking the wall, Get your weapons ready, and Lovely Crowd careful alright!" She shouted towards them, shaking her head at her own defensive stance "...F-FUCKERS!" she screamed int othe roving crowd.
Dayla Algraves: 1d20+9
[*] Dayla Algraves rolls 1d20+9 & gets 24.

Sirum Hest rests his arms upon the roof of the building, tail swaying back and forth in the air above himself as he watches his allies get trampled down below. "..told you."
[*] Axani rolls 1d30+10 & gets 24.
[ Dayla Algraves whispers, "[ Have someone throw a rock at Si please <3]" to you. ]
Ruby Pyralis honestly has no idea why she even bothered to knock down the wall, considering she has little benefit from helping the hungry. But hey, at this point, who cares? She just knocked down a bloody wall and caused a damn riot! That alone makes it worth it, especially in such an primal state of mind. Still sporting a large, tooth-revealing grin, she slowly walks along inside with those stampeding around her... possibly to find something else to break. Like one of the evil people everyone was here for in the first place.
Ruby Pyralis still has plenty of long, wingy appendages to latch onto to!
Ruby Pyralis kills the last to.
Axani's paws suddenly burst into bright blue as the mob began to approach, and with her semispherical wall of gusting winds pushing the crowds back, the now-lupine immediately turns around and reaches into the collar of her dress, at the back, and pulls free her wings. The appendages of flight blurr unrealistically with the illusion of the dress, as in reality they are sticking out of the holes in her adventurer's tunic, but, with little care for that, she reaches forward and grabs Dayla by the waist, embracing Dayla as her wings begin a furious buzz to lift the faerie and rodent together, up to the roof above. [4/4 Wind Sphere to buy one second. >.>]
Ivia Relle doesn't jump then, because of the major meanieheads :~( and latches on to Ruby since she seems to accept that as a better alternative than, y'know, being trampled
Nayaioh begins backpedaling as soon as the rush of furres surge toward her, ready to defend herself right from the get-go. But it was sucicide to resist the deluge of hungry furres. So, she continues to move backward, swinging her sword to the left and to the right, taking down any of the hobos that openly attack her or attempt to bowl her right over. "HELP!"
[*] Nayaioh rolls 1d20+5 & gets 15.
Nayaioh praises the primes as she barely succeeds in keeping herself standing.
Ruby Pyralis doesn't resist because she doesn't seem to notice, really. Nor care. She's still swimming around in her imaginary world of blood and gore while she searches for her next target in reality.

Dayla Algraves a rather embrassing squeak as Axani grabbed her around the waist " Sirum! Catch The axe!" She called towards her fellow rodent, not wanting to burden Axani more so than with her own weight, Hurling it up and over, either upon the roof or towards Sirum, not bothering with spinning as that would take alot of the power out of the toss . " Thanks Xan!" she said thankfully.

Sirum Hest isn't going to catch a freakin' axe. The mouse simple scoots a bit to the left, watching it as it clatters upon the roof by him. "This is great. Ruby, how long you want to bet until the building gets burnt to the ground?"
You say,
Chloe May turns to Erk frowning slightly "I'm sorry, but you're going to burn in hell forever."

Grivyn: Your ideal line is "The world is ending and the only shelter is in my pants."
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Sirum Hest isn't going to catch a freakin' axe. The mouse simple scoots a bit to the left, watching it as it clatters upon the roof by him. "This is great. Ruby, how long you want to bet until the building gets burnt to the ground?"
You say, "Axani manages to lift Dayla to safety, by some miracle the party manages to find safety from the crowd in one form or another, possibly even by being dragged inside with them, or by latching onto something solid. in either case.... they are safe. Ruby proceeds inwards to a whirlwind of chaos as furres gourge themselves, loot anything that's not bolted down and on fire, and generally got absolutely nuts on anything to be seen. Oddly enough.... not a single member of the Order of the Broom is in sight, but then again that might mean they were just as easily trampled in the chaos."
Axani, upon reaching the roof with Dayla, simply... drops, the rodent onto the roof in question, as there are more important things right now than Dayla's comfort. Hearing Nayaioh's cry for help, the faerie instantly returns to fly downwards, though she does not allow herself into the mob. Instead, reaching her hands down as her wings bring her body horizontally parallel with the ground, she seeks to grab, while calling out, "Naya! Reach for my hands!" and then, of course, flying to take her to the roof if she succeeds.
Nayaioh is still down there in the thick of it, lost to the others and unable to be seen. Nayaioh felt disoriented, she didn't even know where she was anymore. Whether she was still outside or had been inevitably pushed inside despite her survival thus far remained to be seen. However, Naya could not reach out for Axani's hand. Unfortunately, she could only concentrate on keeping herself alive lest she be lost to the influx of furres clawing for something to eat. "AXANI!"

[*] Nayaioh rolls 1d20+5 & gets 14.
Axani: [Disconnected. Missed posts after Dirk's emit. Please whisper.]
[*] Your request has been sent to Axani.
Ruby Pyralis if she can still hear Sirum, would call back through a harsh snarl, "Give it time, rat!" Nothing speaks happiness like a charred building. She goes about spreading the fire with a sudden gust of air brought about be a sweeping flap of her wings... enough to completely blow anyone nearby onto their knees while she feeds the flames.
You say, "[Naya is swept under the crowd. Roll 1d(Max HP/4) u.u]"
Axani, upon reaching the roof with Dayla, simply... drops, the rodent onto the roof in question, as there are more important things right now than Dayla's comfort. Hearing Nayaioh's cry for help, the faerie instantly returns to fly downwards, though she does not allow herself into the mob. Instead, reaching her hands down as her wings bring her body horizontally parallel with the ground, she seeks to grab, while calling out, "Naya! Reach for my hands!" and then, of course, flying to take her to the roof if she succeeds. [What I was posting before I disconnected.]
Dayla Algraves "Hrfph!" as she hit the ground, slipping down into a low crouch, amber eyes sweeping back and forth for a moment as she skittered still upon all fours snatching up Absolution, looking as if a friend had been murdered infront of her at the chip in her axe. "..Not the greatest idea" She spoke nodding towards Sirum " Im Checking the other entrance to see if any of the Brooms ran off" She called towards him, hefting the weapon over one shoulder " Ruby!..Not fire yet please? " She called towards the Demoness " We'll burn it down later i promise! " and indeed that was her plan HRT.
Sirum Hest peers back behind himself to the front of the building, to make sure they hadn't escaped through the main doors. "..what happened to the three furries who went in..?", he murmurs. With that said, the mouse slowly rises to his feet, unslings his bow and draws out three arrows, each having a fully dulled arrow-head, painted red. The arrows are fired down into the crowd, upon the ground, where they would filled the area with a bright red glow. Perhaps a bit of surprise will stop the stampede.
Ivia Relle falls over from the force of Ruby's wind, crawling away once the crowd is inside enough for her to get her bearings and find the other party members
[ Axani whispers, "[Does Axani save Naya?]" to you. ]
Dirk Felis notes 30+ furres made it inside before the door's closed, despite Axani's exageration[]
[ You whisper "[She failed her next check and was swept under before Axani made it to her]" to Axani. ]
[ Axani whispers, "[>.< If I didn't disconnect, I would have had that posted beforehand.]" to you. ]
Davilvi: [Sorry, I was talking with my dad about something, *reads*]
Nayaioh: 1d(50/4)
Ivia Relle: [12, then, I believe]
[*] Nayaioh rolls 1d12 & gets 4.
[ Axani whispers, "[I blame it on Satan. *nods*]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[x3]" to Axani. ]
Sirum Hest: [Er. No.]
Ivia Relle: [Gets rounded down, doesn't it?]
Ivia Relle: [50/4 - 12.5]
Nayaioh: [Dirk and I spoke on it, I know what he means now.]
Sirum Hest: [25% damage is your 1d(your max HP/4)]
You say, "[Yes, we spoke already]"
You say, "[[Her Max HP is 50]"
You say, "[So she rolled and took 4 damage]"
Sirum Hest: [Oh, nevermind. I was looking at the '1d50' thing and overlooked the /4 >>;]
You say, "[x)]"
You say, "The crowd continues to press inwards, no sign of the thirty who made it in earlier, or if they are still present, they've long since joined the crowd in looting once they figured out what was up, in fact several seem to have charged through the door seperating the meager kitchen to the tables and are busy taking them apart."
Axani: [Is anyone else still in danger on the ground?]
Ivia Relle: [I wouldn't think so.]
You say, "Those who failed their check, or are still on the ground (Ruby exempt) please roll resist one more time. If you have already failed, just roll damage again]"
Ivia Relle: [Resist what, exactly? >.<;]
Sirum Hest: [Being curbstomped.]
You say, "[Yup]"
Ivia Relle: [And what do I roll?]
Sirum Hest: [DIS IS HOW WE ROLL]
Dayla Algraves: [ Hellz yeah]
You say, "[1d20+con+str"
[*] Ivia Relle rolls 1d20+8 & gets 9.
Ivia Relle: [...]
[*] Nayaioh rolls 1d12 & gets 6.
Axani: [Didn't Ivia grab Ruby and get to the roof?]
You say, "[Ruby is still going inside]"
Ivia Relle: [Did Ruby fly up? She's still on the ground]
Axani: [Oh. Never mind then.]
You say, "[Did she succeed her first roll?]"
[ Dayla Algraves whispers, "[ is anyone trying to escape from the gear door ?]" to you. ]
Ivia Relle: [Who? I didn't know we HAD to roll.]
[ You whisper "[Nope]" to Dayla Algraves. ]
Ivia Relle: [Nobody told me >.<;]
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o;]
Axani: [It was in the emit. <.<]
You say, "[It's okay, it's okay >.>;]"
Nayaioh is now completely lost to the crowd, flat on her back getting stomped in the legs, arms, chest, face, everywhere. And still she keeps fighting, swinging her sword with absolute reckless abandon and warrior's zeal. It didn't get her on her feet, it didn't save her from getting hurt, but it saved her life. Nevertheless, it was safe to say that today simply wasn't Naya's day. But it wasn't her day to die.
[%] Ruby Pyralis just gave Ivia Relle a cookie.
Ivia Relle: [I didn't see it.]
You say, "[If you've grabbed Ruby, you're fine <.<;]"
Ruby Pyralis miiight have just knocked everyone down.
You say, "[Thank Axani for giving you that split second to get ahold of her ^^;]"
You say, "[As I've said.... Ruby's exempt from trampling for being a 'champion' of the people or some such]"
Ruby Pyralis: [If she was latched onto Ru's wing.]
Ruby Pyralis: [She just got flung.]
You say, "[Ah...]"
Ivia Relle: [Yeah, so that 9 *Sniffle* was for the second roll, I guess]
Ruby Pyralis: [Otherwise, she's cool. xD]
Dirk Felis hugs[]
You say, "[Roll 1d(maxhp /4) It's not that much, I promise Smile]"
Axani: [Now that everyone rolled thrice, is the crowd all inside or gone?]
You say, "[I'll emit]"
Ivia Relle: [It'd get rounded down even if it was a decimal of .75 or somesuch, right?]
Axani: [Yes.]
Dayla Algraves: [Yes]
Ivia Relle: [Wewt]
[*] Ivia Relle rolls 1d9 & gets 7.
Ivia Relle: [damnit >.<]
Ivia Relle: [lol]
<> Tekarin Hertzold is logged on.
You say, "Things inside seem to have calmed down considerably, many of the hobo's having dragged out the two stew buckets out to the main dining area where they begin devouring it greedily, hording it amongst themselves in small makeshift gangs much to the dismay of femmes and the elderly. At a glance it looks like the dining hall was well equipped to handle the intense crowd that now flooded their doors probably up to a 300-400 furre capacity, and most are happily seated and devouring the food to be had... or making off with all manner of swag out the hole in the wall. The gates in the front, are still very much closed."
[ Dayla Algraves whispers, "[ No swag that happens to be a certain flesh and bone candle yes ?]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[None]" to Dayla Algraves. ]
[ You whisper "[All perfectly normal cooking supplies]" to Dayla Algraves. ]
Ruby Pyralis is spreading havoc and disaster! And fire, can't forget the fire.
Dayla Algraves even when Dayla asked her not to fan the fire...sniffle u.u.
Ruby Pyralis is gonna have a nice roasted furre meal after this is over. Hurrah!
Sirum Hest: [Question.]
Sirum Hest: [What is the majority of the meals being served composed of?]
Sirum Hest: [Meat?]
Ruby Pyralis is getting Castlemare flashbacks.]
You say, "[Bread, rice, some meat, stew, carrots, onions.]"
Axani, hovering just above the heads of the moving river of furres, screams at the sight of Nayaioh pulled under, and at the very first chance she gets, the faerie swoops down and grabs the snowlioness to be taken up into the air. It is quite difficult, and a little painful to her back, for the wings to work on such overhaul, but she pulls Naya to the roof as well, where Axani promptly kneels at her side. Arms still wrapped around Nayaioh, she hugs tightly and whispers prayers for M'Rill's healing, a gentle glow taking form over the pair as she does. [1/1 Heal]
[*] Axani rolls 1d6+7 & gets 9.
Sirum Hest whistles down to those upon the ground, paw waving rapidly down at them to get their attention. "Can anyone tell me why we're here in the first place?"
Sirum Hest adds, "And what we're looking for. Specifically. I can't see what we've accomplished."
You say, "The hobo crowd is rather busy partying in the eating area, not yet aware of the fires spreading in the kitchen. It seems like there's a garbage heap thrown in a corner of useless crap none of the mob cared for. Like wood, rotten food, etc...."
Dayla Algraves " Because Axani and the others felt an evil presence here. and ..Causing riots is Fun!" Said Dayla at Sirum's side, patting his shoulder for a moment " Ruby!" She called out secondly, as she slipped of of the roof, hitting the ground with a rough thud and rolling up into a crouching psoistio nthe strain of the ten foot fall heavy upon her, yet she'd live, her eyes narrowing once more seeing the chip in Absolution. " Lets head in already..Oh Primes Nayaioh..are you alright? a Candle of some Flesh and bone sort!" she called out towards Sirum.
Nayaioh lies on the roof with her right hand still gripped white-knuckled to the hilt of her sword. She coughs weekly, unable to give Sirum the answer he asks for. She stops bleeding internally from all the stomps she recieved, and all around feels a little bit better--at least she doesn't break down into tears.
Ivia Relle nurses a couple of bruises and, seeing as the crowd's finally inside as much as they'll get, she stands up to examine the situation. Open wall, taken some trampling damage though everyone else, after Axani's healing of Nayaioh, seems intact, and somewhat dusty so she brushes the dirt off her uniform and looks around.
Ivia Relle: [The crowd IS all inside, at least, at this point, right?]
You say, "[For the most part, yes. A few going in and out, but nothing of the tidal wave that happened earlier]"
Ivia Relle: [Kay]
You say, "[Candle?]"
You say, "[There's no candle >.>]"
Ruby Pyralis no longer seems to be fueled by her previous rage, the sharp glow from her eyes having faded into their normal hue. That doesn't seem to change the fact that she is very much enjoying the fire she is spreading with continued wing flaps, doing so in more strategic areas now that he head has cleared, "Looks like I'll get a bigger dinner than I thought." Taking note of the many hobos about to be cooked.
Sirum Hest's nose wrinkles down at Dayla, ears drooping pathetically as he squeaks out, "Wait. What is so special about a stupid candle? .. And why is more smoke come out of the building than before?"
Davilvi is still looking from above the gate way at the crowd that keeps going in "... So much for finding out what the Order was about, This is the end of 'em" he looks at Dayla and Sirum, who, to his understanding, are standing on the roof aswell "I'd be guessing that the fire from inside. You think they wont set this place on fire?" he sighs and looks at Dayla "Now, SHall we go in, risk being moshed to death, and find out about the Order or what?".
Dayla Algraves is back!]
Nayaioh sits up, "I smell smoke." Nayaioh felt that this mission had been horribly snafu-ed beyond repair. "I don't care," comes her reply to Davilvi, just trying to get her breath back to the way she likes it: working.
Ivia Relle [is leaving.]
Dayla Algraves and is acutally back on the ground now.]
You say, "Surprisingly enough there are a few odd hobos littered about the kitchen with their skulls or faces or whatever bashed in. Such a horrid thing... trampling, though it seems Ruby has assumed cleaning duty, piling up dead bodies in a corner and setting them alight in turn with some source of flame, though the DM knows not what. Sure enough, the smell of burnt fur wafts through the building and up one of the cooking chimneys. The vents themselves seem rather complex, several leading upwards to a single main black duct that extends up from the floor."
Ruby Pyralis doesn't neeed no instructions to know how to rock!
Axani stays huddled over Nayaioh for a few moments longer, eyes closed and whispering prayers, the glow ever present. When that aura finally fades, she murmers to the snowlioness' ear, "You're going to be okay, Naya. It'll be fine." Then, Naya sitting up, the faerie releases her as well. Blinking softly to the snowlioness' demeanor after she had just been healed, Axani raises her brow and asks, "Are you alright? You know... Are you feeling okay?" She is now concerned with Naya's emotional state, rather than physical. [1/1 Heal]
[*] Axani rolls 1d6+7 & gets 8.
Sirum Hest isn't going in the building quite just yet, as he doesn't want to see the carnage within. He remains happily upon the roof with Dayla's axe, if it is still up there. "Ruby! You find anything down there?"
Dayla Algraves " Eheh..Okay maybe not the best plan got the job done didnt it?" She questioned whincing heavilly as she indeed ventured into the Dining hall itself, Settling Absolution over her shoulder giving a wave towards Davilvi and the others "..Lets see..." She murmured for a moment looking over towards Ruby " Ruby, Can you wait a second on those corpses?" she took Absolution with her fyi, and was already looking around the innards of the dining hall, looking up at the oddly complex venting system with a quirk of a brow.
Ruby Pyralis gets a bit closer to her nicely assembled pile of bodies, continuing to fan the flames while she calls back over the fire's crackling, "Just a bunch of dead furres and vents!" She promptly snaps off a random appendage from one of the furres in the pile and bites off a piece hungrily, "Don't know what everyone's looking for, but I'm satisfied."
<>NodOff: Entering Away Mode...
Davilvi frowned "Alright then" and he'd hop back down, running inside, hunch and all. He'd be careful to not get in the way of looters and madmen, as he looked for doors into rooms rather than just the dining hall and the kitchen. DM, How many rooms do I see?".
<>NodOff: Exiting Away Mode...
Ruby Pyralis looks over at Dayle while enjoying her dinner, "What, you think I knocked down a damn wall to wait around? Pff, eat them while they're still juicey, I always say."
Ruby Pyralis: Dayla*
Nayaioh screams at Dayla, "THIS PLAN BLEW!" And then she just proceeds to sit there and stew, right hand still gripped tight onto her sword, the other balled up into a white-knuckled fist. For the most part, she seems fully healed except for the glancing cut or two, but her attitude has taken a nose dive. She doesn't appear to want to talk to anyone at the moment, or for that matter do anything about sitting on top of a burning building.
You say, "[You see: The Dining hall, the counter between the kitchen and dining hall, a small corridor near the south wall that hooks around into a corridor parallel to the east wall and the back door. Upon further inspection of the damage the only things still there are... a garbage heap in the northeast section of the kitchen and the ducts to the chimney.]"
You say, "[If anybody goes in the corridor, they face the wall they just came in through, and the back door (in addition to another wall) on their left hand side]"
[ Davilvi whispers, "[Huh?]" to you. ]
Dayla Algraves "Hrmn, Alright if we find anything we'll most likely be screaming for our lives.." She said and right on cue ...Nayaioh!, she squeaked at that scream " Well...No one was giving anything that was viable, and as i remember you were for this plan." She said frowning obviously but nodding, looking a little unhappy about Nayaioh's injuries and attitude but..not all plans are perfect. " Corridor could be promising? Or does anyone want to take over the leadership?" She questioned, a brow quirked as she looked from Axani, to Davilvi, even Nayaioh. not Sirum however..his ideas she'd definately listen to, if they were valid.
[ Davilvi whispers, "Corridor..... That leads to where?" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Essentially there is a wall existing as a privacy curtain between the back door, and the kitchen itself. Like you might find in some public restrooms only much longer]" to Davilvi. ]
Sirum Hest slings his bow back upon his shoulder, as it seems it wouldn't be needed further, terribly confused about the entire ordeal. "I just wanna know what the candle is for. Why is everyone so worked up over it? What is it?"
[ Davilvi whispers, "So there are no rooms other than the kitchen, dinning hall? What about any stairs to the basement?" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[You see none at this time]" to Davilvi. ]
Erk Mendon: [The dream's entrance is broken ><]
Erk Mendon: [So why are we here? >.> <.<;[
Davilvi raises an eyebrow... He sees the corridor, but shakes his head, that doesn't go anywhere.... But then... what about? "... This is strange...." and with that he'd pass through the corridors once to try and find anything that might lead him into a new room.
Axani: [Tekarin's in the way. She's blocking the dream entrance. >.>]
Sozuto: [Everyone still questing?]
Nayaioh hops down off the top of the roof and follows Davilvi, Axani, and Dayla. Hell, if she's going ot get trapped in a burning building, she might as well do it with some people, faes, and furres that she knows. Her death-grip on her longsword has let up simply due to the fact that she's burned out her grip holding it tightly for so long, and she doesn't offer any words to anyone for the moment. Only follows with the intention of cutting anything down that isn't them and attacks them.
Dayla Algraves: [ Davilvi confused me waaay back in the beginning of the quest so forget any mentions of candles]
Axani, at Nayaioh's outburst, gives a rather hurt expression, looking up to the snowlioness for a moment, and then leaning back to peer downwards at the ground. She had just gone out of her way to pick Naya up from the ground, carry her to the roof, pray to M'Rill to heal her wounds, and ask if she is alright, but all Nayaioh does in return is yell about the plan. When Nayaioh gets up and hops down to the ground, Axani sighs and follows, hovering to land gracefully onto the ground as well, and move inwards to the building, without a word.
<>NodOff: Entering Away Mode...
Dayla Algraves "...Hrmn..." She murmured outloud settling down Absolution axe-head down, crossing her arms over the weapon as she thought outloud for a moment staying in the common room, with Axani and Nayaioh close by "....Axani, you went down through the Chimney right?..was there anything, werid about the vents? looks really overcomplicated." She said looking towards the venting system again, maybe they should try to get down in that manner or...something?
<>NodOff: Exiting Away Mode...
You say, "[Davilvi discovers the outside >.>]"
Ruby Pyralis isn't overly interested in whatever else may be going on around here and begins to sift through the pile of bodies, not seeming to mind the flames licking at her skin. Once a suitable body is found, she simply heaves it out of the pile and begins to drag it off, "Well, I've got what I came for. Have fun with the hobos." Yup, she's gonna just heeeaaad outside and have her bloody dinner now. Like she wanted to in the first place.
You say, "The Hobo pile, now unattended, continues to burn and smoulder"
Nayaioh turns around as Ruby leaves the fire unattended, "Someone put out that primesdamned FIRE!" Yep, that's her current contribution to the adventure at hand.
Dayla Algraves " Um..Xan...might want to put that out...Dont want the place to burn down yet..." she whinced heavilly her line of thought being disrupted by the ever increasing smell of cooking furre.
You say, "[It smells like barbeque ^^]"
You say, "[And burned furr... ew]"
Nayaioh: [It smells like shit.]
You say, "[That too Very Happy]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Smells like tomorrow's breakfast, lunch, and dinner. <3]
Davilvi frowns, he then nods "The answer must be unnaccesable from the public" and thus, he moves to the kitchen, where after noticing the pile of garbage, he pushes it to the side, knocking it over; half in the spirit of finding things, half in the spirit of mindless destruction.
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Dirk Felis notes it's a very large pile of garbage, it's unlikely it would be pushed out of the way by just one furre.
Davilvi Calls Dayla and Naya over "Come 'ere, Leader! You too Naya! Help me move this!" and with that, he'd continue to try and push it over.
Dayla Algraves waits on Axani post HRT.
Dayla Algraves er...or not.
Dayla Algraves " Yessir!, and...Next time, if you guys let there be a next time, I'll try to keep staging Riots out of my plans alright?" She offered up towards Davilvi and Nayaioh, with little fuss she simply tore off that rough homespun looking tunic of hers, revealing the shapely banded mail underneath and far more important the Harness for Absolution, sliding it down to a locked posistion as she strode forth, her paws free as she would move to help Davilvi with the..impressive pile of garbage.
Axani shrugs to Dayla's question regarding the vents and answers in a voice that seems to not altogether care that much, "That's where the darkness took hold of me. I'm not feeling it right now though, so something must be different." Turning to the pile of smoldering furres, she nods and raises up her paws, taking upon herself a dark blue glow in the process, and after just a brief moment, soaking water washes through, the flames effectively doused. [2/2 Water]
Axani's player apologizes for slow posting. Having to talk to people on AIM.]
Nayaioh doesn't listen to Davilvi or Dayla. Instead, she walks over to the fire and begins whacking at it with Alfonsina, hoping that the ice produced by each strike would calm down the flames into nothingness. Hopefully with the help of Axani, and the other way around, it could be done. Nayaioh does not stop whacking with her sword until it is.
You say, "[>.>]"
Dayla Algraves: [ Yeah Alfonsina can dispell fire and mage flame, did it on the fourth tower and Path allowed it <3]
Sirum Hest: [Just because one DM allows something does not mean they all do Razz
Davilvi notes that it's Dayla and him then, pushing said suspicious pile of garbage.
Sirum Hest: [Just noting that.]
Dayla Algraves: [ 'Kay.]
Nayaioh would of course stop whacking at the corpses if it doesn't work the way she expects it too. She's pissed off, not stupid.
You say, "Naya is quickly covered in the blood and viscera of dead furres, but the fires do go out under her and Axani's combined efforts. As for poor Davilvi his efforts seem to be in vain, after only minimal digging he discoveres what seems to be.... more garbage... and now an overwhelming amount of smoke billows up from below. So much in fact, that the entire room fills with it."
Sirum Hest, as he now has absolutely no clue what they are looking for given that there is no candle, slips down from the roof to enter the cookhouse. "Okay. What did we accomplish here today? We got two furries beaten up and we destroyed the only food hall in Tumbledown. I get the feeling all of us who own houses are gonna have them burned down. Job well done, or do we need to go burn down the four poorhouses as well?"
Ruby Pyralis got a meal. It wasn't totally in vain.
[ Dayla Algraves whispers, "[ Below what exactly?]" to you. ]
Nayaioh feels the sting of smoke in her eyes even after the fact that their own personal fire had been doused. This was not good, not good at all. "GET OUT OF HERE NOW! MOVE!" She was no leader, but she knew imminent danger when she saw it, and smelled it.
You say, "[Clarifies: Below the garbage heap]"
Davilvi was trying to pusht the garbage over.
Davilvi: [Ah]
Davilvi: [Wait, huh? Theres smoke comming from bellow the Garbage heap?]
Ruby Pyralis has autosummon on in case anyone gets disconnected, just for note.]
You say, "[Yes]"
You say, "[Lots, and lots of it]"
Axani grits her teeth as Nayaioh shouts for everyone to leave, glancing up to the smoke. With a shake of her head, paws raise upwards again, a lighter blue aura, and in a short matter of time, wind kicks up throughout the room. It swiftly moves to force all smoke from the room, out the hole in the wall--should more smoke be pour into the room, she sustains the spell to keep forcing it outwards. "There. No more smoke," the faerie answers dryly. [2/2 Air]
Dayla Algraves "...C-rap. Axani! Can you try to levitate the Garbage to the side, Sirum were looking for an as of yet undetifinifable Evil...And im doing the best that i can here with little to work with!" She called towards her fellow mouse, for once not sounding antagonistic of the male, he had a definate point..this wasnt working out well. hopping backwards quickly one paw set upon Davilvi's shoulder to drag him backwards with her "..Whats going on?" She questioned...rather cleverly, heading Nayaioh's advice as the smoke stung her eyes just as wonderfully.
You say, "The smoke doesn't stop coming up from the narrow opening under the garbage, and now with a clear exit to allow fresh air.... the floor heats up considerably"
Nayaioh: [The floor around the garbage? The floor in that room? Or that whole level of the building?]
Sirum Hest lifts a paw. "I'd say the people who have done the most evil today is.. well.. us. We've found us. Should we go home now before we get a knife in the back by angry Tumbledowners?", he offers. The mouse, noticing the large amount of smoke in the air, casually walks back outside the building, standing in the archway.
You say, "[The entire kitchen area.]"
You say, "[The floor of it anyways. The dining hall seems unaffected by the temperature shift]"
Davilvi frowns at the bloody heat. How is it possible? Whats going on down there thats heating the room so?! Regardless, he continues to dig in the trash, throwing it back quickly to try and get a possible opening for the basement "I'm gonna need some help to turn off the smoke down here!" he shouts out at Dayla. "It's not over, not yet!"
Ruby Pyralis notes that smoke usually = fire.
Dayla Algraves: [ Quiet you, Your logic has no place here!]
Ruby Pyralis cries.]
You say, "To Davilvi's odd discovery, it seems there is indeed a large fire blazing beneath them, even through the on pouring smoke it seems there was a second kitchen underground equipped to handle the otherwise rush-hour traffic the dining hall recieved whenever the door opened. Faintly there seems to be another set of stairs, but as the fires continue to escalate and with only a small amount of the garbage cleared..."
You say, "[The other set of stairs continues downwards for note]"
Nayaioh is standing on a floor that's heating up. She doesn't like that one bit. "We can always come back later, Davilvi! But we can't do that if we're DEAD. Once you die, that's it, nothing comes after that!" Nayaioh looks to Axani, "Tell me right now if you and I can put out the fire below us. Give me an honest answer. If you can't, I'm leaving with Sirum and I'm taking you with me, kicking and screaming if I have to. I will not bring home a charred corpse for Lax to find. I will NOT."
Axani, as the floor beneath her bare feet heats up, blinks, once or twice, and gives a firm nod to no one in particular. Thus, she dashes at top speed for the hole in the wall, making escape to the outside as she calls back, "Everyone get out! There's a raging fire--I don't know how it started--and there isn't much time!" Along the way, she grabs Nayaioh by the shoulders and runs along with the snowlioness in her arms, hopefully not having to carry dead weight. That... should be enough of an answer for Naya.
Dayla Algraves " I say we move downward, and get rid of these fires..We dont want the entire block burning down atleast.." She said definately losing heart, looking around as she nodded quickly towards Davilvi, a glance towards Axani once more, Sirum's words were affecting her, she looked...obviously sad, disapointed in herself, this was her debue as an group leader, and..she was really fucking things up, sighing softly.
Ruby Pyralis resumes munching on the charred corpse outside, oblivious to whatever is happening inside.
Nayaioh runs. Plain and simple.
Davilvi shouts out quite histerically "I found stairs! Help me dig this up!" the angered bunny continues to shovel trash out of the way, as quickly as possible. He was not failing, not again. "If we can put out the fire bellow, there will be more time!" the bunny seems hysterical, Obviously not noticing that Naya and Axani are retreating, his sources of Putting fire out.
You say, "[I'll need a list of who is sticking around and who is/has run(ning) out Smile]"
Sirum Hest was already outside, leaning back agaisnt the building next to the food hall. "Which direction do the stairs lead in?", he calls into the building. "One of the poorhouses?"
Davilvi: [Sticking Around]
Dayla Algraves " HELP US Damnit!" she screamed towards Nayaioh and Axani " Axani I need you get back here They go Downwards!" she called out towards " Sirum! Please your a mage-sort've help me!" she called out aiding Davilvi in moving aside the Garbage quickly.
Dayla Algraves: [Sticking around]
You say, "The stairs seem to just lead downards to whatever is below the second kitchen"
Ruby Pyralis: [This seems appropriate.]
Ruby Pyralis plays 83. Katrina and the Waves - I'm Walking On Sunshine.
You say, "[<3]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Sorry. :3]
Davilvi Shouts out to the mouse, that is, if he can hear him above all this damn noise "Downwards! To a second Kitchen!" the Bunny roars. It would seem, my esteemed DM, that unless this garbage is slime, they've been digging enought to step ont he stairs. Three rounds. Two people.
Sirum Hest shouts back, "You're gonna have that collapse in on you, you know. And I'm not digging through rubble to look for you. Rubble, garbage, and corpses, and.. Inari knows what else."
Axani only stops once they reach the exit to the outside, her spell of wind to cut down on the smoke having been abandoned in the process. The faerie screams back at Dayla and Davilvi, "Are you two insane?! Get away from the fire--you'll die!" Of course, rather than just screaming her head off, she seeks to prevent her prophecy from coming true. Paws raising up, she releases from her fingertips a small array of deep azure sparkles, for which a chilling breeze wraps around both the rodent and the rabbit, protecting them from the flames if at all possible. [2/2 Chilling Enchantment]
You say, "Davilvi and the rest discover what seems to be the kitchen fires left on during a blind rush to get out, no less than six or seven seem to be burning holes in the room. There are two colums of three counters each, walk space afforded in between. Nothing short of a miracle could possibly put out the flames as they've developed, the roof now just starting to catch on fire. The path down the second set of stairs remains.... unobstructed."
Nayaioh: [Running/Outside of the Building.]
You say, "[The roof = the floor of ground level]"
Axani: [Outside of building/hoping Dayla and Davilvi have enough sanity left to use her ice enchantment and run outside as well *nods*]
Nayaioh waits out on the edge of the building in the back alley with a pit in her stomach and her throat tight with the need to break down into tears. "We need to save them!" But is there anything they can do. She looks to Axani and Sirum, then back into the opening. She teeter-totters on the brink of remaining where she is, safe, and running back in there to bodily drag the two of them out. She can't even see them anymore, and that scares her more than anything.
Dayla Algraves " Its..Its too much flame.." She said sighing, feeling that icy rush of Axani's spell, she wrapped her arms around Davilvi's waist and pulled him backwards abandoning their adventure for the moment to drag him away from the garbage pile and the stairs " The Stairs are free but..Your all right" She said helplessly.
Davilvi is puzzled, The answer to what this was all about is right infront of him. A door to a second level. It'd be the answers to it all.... But he'd be crazy to go on.... Mental.... He looks back at Axani... And would nod "Lets get out! Now!" and with that, he'd point towards upstairs. It took too long to get down And now, they cannot access the truth.
Sirum Hest lifts his paws up in front of himself, idly twiddling his thumbs at Nayaioh's exclamation. "I don't really know Davilvi or Dayla all that well.. why should I risk my life to save them from their own stupidity?"
Davilvi adds that he'd obviously would try and run out with Axani and Dayla.

Nayaioh full on cries now. "But they're my friends... I have to help them... I have to...." And yet she can't throw down a clear, groundbreaking reason as to why to go in herself. "Come on! COME ON! DAVILVI! DAYLA!"
You say, "[The entire party pulled out?]"
Dayla Algraves: [ Yeah]
You say, "*nods*"
Davilvi: [Yes]
Sirum Hest slumps down to the ground, content to watch the building roast with fascination. "That's why I'm not friends with people who dive into fire. Except Kizzy. 'Cause the fire just makes her feel warm."
Axani nods back to Davilvi and Dayla, and thus steps back to embrace the crying Nayaioh in her arms. "They'll make it," she murmers to the snowlioness, a single paw reached up to continue her ice enchantment, weaving strands of cooling air around the escaping pair. [2/2 More unnecessary Chilling Enchantment]
You say, "By this time, as the party stands outside watching the flames break into the kitchen, a moment of horror might dawn on the group as screams begin to eminate from within. It seems the poor bastards on the other side, in their rampant looting, damage the mechanism to open the main door in the first place. Those poor bastards...."
Nayaioh stands there for what seems like an eternity, she too watching the fires with a morbid fascination of death and personal revelation. The world sucked, and so did most of the creatures who lived in it. The depravity of Tumbledown was hitting her hard, and she wasn't nearly as numb to it as the others were. Eventually she sheathes Alfonsina with nary a sound but steel brushing against leather, and says to no one in particular: "Let's get out of here."
Dayla Algraves afkz
Axani stares for a few seconds, until the screams hit her ears. "...No!" she cries out, realizing the mass numbers of people near the front of the building. Turning to run out of the alley, she calls back to the group, "We have another wall to break down! We can save them! Come on!" With that, the faerie dashes out towards the main street, up to the front of the large, mechanical doors, and stares at the front of the building, searching for a weak point in the structure.
You say, "Several of the homeless try to blitz through the kitchen and out the other side through the hole they came in, ten die horribly as the floor gives way under them, sending them plummetting onto the source of the flames. Oh god the furranity, you can still here the women and children and old folks screaming on the other side as they batter against the other walls and the main door."

Davilvi grabs axani by the shoulders "How?! It took Ruby several punches to make a hole in a wall, If we do that right now, the Entire building will collapse! ... I hate to say it, but theres not much we can do...." he frowns and looks down to the floor, ashamed.
Sirum Hest isn't going to save the stupid Tumbledowners. Is he evil? No, just apathetic to the plight of those who would willingly run into a burning building for chow time. The mouse pushes himself off of the wall and begins to walk away from the burning building, into the streets to stare off at the poorhouses.
Dirk Felis notes the building wasn't burning when they went in Razz
Axani spins around as soon as Davilvi grabs her shoulders. Rotating clockwise, she brings her right elbow up to smash into the side of Davilvi's face, following up smoothly with her left paw fisted straight into his muzzle, all in a brief instant. "Dayla! Use Absolution! Naya, use Alfonsina! I'll use magic!" she calls out, still running to the front of the building whether or not she hit Davilvi. If no one follows her, Axani is going to be one pissed faerie.
Nayaioh is almost as bad as Sirum right now, mentally. They ran in there, they didn't run out even though she had screamed over and over again, they deserved to die horribly. She doesn't run, she jogs listlessly around to the front, keeping an eye out for any random Tumbledowners that may attack due to the chaos and commotion.
Ruby Pyralis eats her charred hobo.
Davilvi is hit square in the face! THE PAIN! He falls back a bit and looks up to Axani "No!" he runs after Axani "If you hit a wall, It will crumble directy! ... Calm down the fires enough so that they'll have a way to run to the door!" he suggest, because if a burning building receives a massive blow, chances are, it'll collapse.
You say, "The floor of the kitchen has collasped, there is no way to the hole in the wall anymore"
Dayla Algraves "....Im so sorry...I...I should've waited....Or ...something." She said weakly "...Wait..Maybe theres some way we can salvage all of this, If we can stop the fire or atleast limit it..Maybe we can still find out what was down there, Or one of the other Poor houses.." she tried to find something, yet she merely slipped down into a cross legged posistion eeriely enough somewhat close to Ruby, clutching Absolution close, looking.. on the verge of tears really.
Ruby Pyralis is fully aware of what's going and and seems to classify it as evening entertainment to go with her meal. Mm.
Sirum Hest would sit in the middle of the street, relatively nearby the burning building. Peering around the streets, the mouse says nothing, until a random stick upon the ground catches his eye. Reaching over, he lifts it, then fishes a paw into his pocket, rummaging around for a few moments. Eventually, he brings out a big, fat marshmallow, which he skewers onto the end of the stick, reaching forward in wait for the wall to collapse inwards so he could roast his marshmallow. ^-^
You say, "[Ha!]"
Axani merely stops in her tracks, staring at the building, with Davilvi's words. She seems to be deeply considering his advice, knowing absolutely nothing about architecture. "...Dear M'Rill..." she gasps quietly, uncertain what to do, uncertain how to help, and, after several seconds, she just falls to her knees, staring at the collapsing, burning building. Paws helplessly to her sides, she kneels in shock, mouth slightly agape, at the sight of so much death as result of their doing.
Sirum Hest notes marshmallows taste ten times better when they're cooked with the blood of the innocent and poor.
Dayla Algraves: [ LOL]
Ruby Pyralis seconds that.
Davilvi idea! "Axani! Quickly, Lets go around the building and knock the door down! Quickly!" and with that he'd call towards Dayla and Naya, to follow him as he quickly tried to go around the street to the other side and start ramming the door to see if it gave in.
You say, "The hundreds of people inside seem to be already trying that"
Davilvi notes that the hundred of people inside don't have a mage with 'em Wink
You say, "For whatever reason... the flames do not yet seem to be coming in through the floor of the dining hall, instead.... fires continue to billow upwards to consume the roof over the kitchen eventually causing that too to collapse into the basement/kitchen. Now... half the building remains on the floorboards while the other half remains cut off from escape. Several have passed out from smoke inhalation, but as yet none have caught fire."
You say, "[Ie... the half of the building with the kitchen has collapsed entirely, and flames are slowly spreading along the roof of the other half]"
[ Axani whispers, "[Did the doors open outwards or inwards when they first opened?]" to you. ]
You say, "[Outwards]"
Sirum Hest finally seems to notice something, as he looks away from his marshmallow to set his eyes upon Ruby. "..Ruby? .. What are you eating?"
Nayaioh is a whole lot more hardened to the facts of life now that they all fucked up this badly tonight. Nayaioh grabs Dayla with one hand, and Axani with the other, hauling them up to their feet. "They're going to die, we failed, we can not save them. Let's go home." If they don't follow her, if they don't get up, she will let them go and leave of her own accord. The last thing she wanted was her face on the next issue of Under The Canopy. She'd seen all kinds of horrible things tonight: the mob mentality, cooking and eating furres, failed leadership with absolutely no plan behind it, and the apathy of one who has lost all respect for other life that isn't close to his own. And the snowlioness wasn't even quite sixteen yet. She was past her limit of insanity for the night, and went to go back to the main district of Ansteorra in order to lick her wounds, and wait for the others.
Sirum Hest, true, doesn't give a damn about people who aren't his close friends. He tried that once, several times, it always ended poorly.
Ruby Pyralis seems to have sliced up the hobo into nice slabs of meat, unidentifiable aside from the pile of fur a few feet away. She replies casually to Sirum, "Dinner." Then raises a small mouse-sized piece and chucks it in his direction, "Tastes alright, considering." She even has enough to offer a piece to the nearby Dayla.
Axani is... already in front of the main doors, for Davilvi's note. With his words of hope, she only twitches slightly at first, but stands when Nayaioh pulls her up. Never taking her eyes off the building, she gives a very brief, very small shake of her head to Davilvi, answering, "We can't save them... We failed..." Her voice choking up after that, she turns around from the building, waving a paw softly through the air once, her illusion fading to return her image to that of an elf dressed in her tunic and pants. "Naya... Can you hold me?" she asks, waving her hand again as she hops up into flight, returning to the faerie's height of six inches, flying over to the snowlioness.
Dayla Algraves and she moved bonelessly up from Nayaioh, by her paw, looking very much...not all there, as soon as Nayaioh's paw left her she flopped back into that sitting posistion "...I failed, Why couldnt i have waited..." she questioned, taking the offered meat as she was just about to take a bite before she realized what it was from, instead of throwing it into the flames she merely handed it back to Ruby "...Thanks, But im not hungry." She said, buring her paws agaisnt her face as she sobbed openly.
Sirum Hest's paw snaps into the air as the piece of hobo comes flying at him. "<>", he squeaks out in a bit of disgust. [1/1] A sharp gust of air smacks the meat right back at Ruby. "'re really kind've creepy at times, Ruby. I'm not going to even get into how disgusting that is for cannibalistic reasons, but on the fact that he's.. from Tumbledown. Do you know where he's been? He's probably diseased."
Davilvi opens is eyes wide at Axani "Lass! You haven't even given it a try! What are you doing?!" he Bunny would try to Desperatly pull the door open, but he's not very strong "Axani! You can blow this door to Kingdom come! You can save them! Please!" he'd try, uselessly, pull from the door, as he's sure everyone on the other side are trying to push it aswell.
You say, "The flames of the kitchen continue to smoulder without spreading the only new fuel for the fire being the roof of the eating area left to slowly creep along the top as embers occasionally fall beneath. One of the more clever hobos seems to have been struck with an idea, and after dousing himself in the broth... charges through the few falling embers and out where the kitchen wall had collapsed shortly after that half of the building burned down. He's still pretty badly burned however."
Ruby Pyralis simply catches the piece and swallows it whole, "I'm not cannibalistic. I'm not eating another demon, that would be cannibalistic. And something about this particular specimen does taste a bit funny. Kind've tangy, really." She slurps another piece, "Actually a bit sweet..." Yuummm.
Ruby Pyralis adds in again, "Besides, I cooked him!"
Sirum Hest frowns. "You don't look much different from a human to me. Darker skin, horns, eyes and that's about it. No matter, though.. does it seem odd to you that no one has arrived to put the fire out yet? Does Tumbledown not have a Mage Department?"
<>NodOff: Entering Away Mode...
<> Tekarin Hertzold has logged off.
Ruby Pyralis snorts, "You look like a rat to me, doesn't mean you are one." She pauses, "A rat wouldn't reject such fine hobo meat."
Ruby Pyralis chomps.
[ Axani whispers, "[How many preps and what BCR would it take to Alterate the door into Lime Jello?]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[I'll be with you in just a sec. Give me time to post][AFF 0 hours & 1 min." to Axani. ]
Nayaioh, "I'm leaving," is all that she offers the group before making good on her actions from before, and walks down the street away from the scene with the intent to kill anyone and anything that jumps out to attack her, be it one or a hundred motherfuckers. She pulls up the hood on her cloak, sticks to the shadows, and hopefully makes it back to the Broken Dagger without being jumped, jacked, raped, or killed.
<>NodOff: Exiting Away Mode...
[ You whisper "[...]" to Axani. ]
[ You whisper "[<.<]" to Axani. ]
[ You whisper "[*opens mouth*]" to Axani. ]
[ You whisper "..." to Axani. ]
[ You whisper ">.>" to Axani. ]
[ Axani whispers, "[I'm going to need an answer here. <.<]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "ummm" to Axani. ]
[ You whisper "One sec...." to Axani. ]
[ You whisper "10?" to Axani. ]
[ Axani whispers, "[<.<]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "BCR... uhh...." to Axani. ]
[ You whisper "45" to Axani. ]
[ Axani whispers, "[Bah... You're just prejudiced against jello.]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "You're essentially trying to alterate doors that were designed repel a siege on a castle >.>" to Axani. ]
[ You whisper "And then some <.<" to Axani. ]
[ Axani whispers, "[XD Never mind then. Razz]" to you. ]
<> Tekarin Hertzold is logged on.
[ Axani whispers, "[Oh, how about the walls?]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "Per brick?" to Axani. ]
[ You whisper "Uhhhh" to Axani. ]
[ You whisper "3 preps." to Axani. ]
Sirum Hest tilts his head to one side. "But rats and mice are from the same family. Chim represents both too, I think, just like M'Rill represents panthers, lions and cheetah all together.."
[ You whisper "BCR of.... 7 per brick" to Axani. ]
[ You whisper "You'd need about..." to Axani. ]
[ Axani whispers, "[And, for a furre-sized section?]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "Maybe 20 for somebody to crawl out" to Axani. ]
Sirum Hest, after Nayaioh departs, sets his eyes upon everyone else still here. "We're not going to lock the doors of the poorhouses and set them ablaze?"
Dayla Algraves " Im a Rat, Sirum's a mouse..I just prefer being called a mouse cus its more polite....No...were..not..., Maybe tomorrow...Primes, If Erisvan steps down i guess i should fucking take her place." She murmured darkly " Davilvi..Im sorry, Everyone...Im sorry...Free drinks at the Tavern..for a week." She sighed, slowly drawing herself up, wiping her eyes, as she simply dragged Absolution through the streets of Tumbledown.." Atleast we destroyed whatever they were doing..." she reasoned..or tried to.
Axani is flying right in front of Nayaioh's face by the time she asked the snowlioness to hold her in her paws, but as she gets no response other than that Naya is leaving, the faerie gives a sharp scowl and huff, and flies back towards the building. "Fine!" she roars as well as a faerie can back to Davilvi, holding up her hands towards the building, glowing a deep blue aura, and quickly starting to summon forth waves of water to douse the flames over the rooftop, hopefully to keep it from caving in. [2/2 Water]
Davilvi can't stand it "... Don't be sorry... We can... Still... save them?" he looks to Axani, who has given up.... Then Dayal and Naya.... And then, Axani, out of bad and or good will pops up "... Thats right! A rain! something! anything! You can do it Axani!" and he pops out from his hunch a violin and bow, starting to play a rather quick symphony that empowers Axani's spelles. [Madrigal of Mages]
You say, "While several chunks of the roof do fall down under the added weight of the water, the progress onto the poor civilians trapped inside slows considerably. Almost to a crawl along the edges, and just for sake of the DM's sanity and the grief created unto the players for mishearing all too many emits... a hobo comes outta nowhere, knocks over the lapine and steals his violin!"

Davilvi would rabidly follow the cursed hobo, pouncing on him with fangs ablaze "GIVE ME THAT >:*" perfectly bitting him with big teeth if need be.

You say, "The hobo escapes in the crowds, fading amongst his all too similarly dressed brethren. Axani however, seems to have made wonderful progress, by now the impending doom on the dining hall populace has stopped entirely, the wood along the roof and floors too wet to catch ablaze from the smoulding pit that was once the kitchens. Once the fires die down, the people are saved! Yay! Total body count for the quest: 30+ An all time low Very Happy"
Chloe May turns to Erk frowning slightly "I'm sorry, but you're going to burn in hell forever."

Grivyn: Your ideal line is "The world is ending and the only shelter is in my pants."
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 27, 2006 11:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Quest Summary:

Yeah, this was pretty much a failure for the PC's, I still had fun DMing though. ^^

+5 XP to all who contributed. Taereal being the only one who was not there long enough to my current knowledge.

+1 to Axani for preventing the body count from hitting 200 hobos.

Status with the Order of the Broom:
Body count: Unknown
Questions asked: Zero
Face to Face contact: None

Dinner hall: Razed

Poorhouses: uninvestigated

Salvagability of currently questline: Unknown

[Edit: Apologies for the lack of editting on some parts. It's late, and I've already been forced to re-edit the log a number of times due to the forum crashing. Maybe I'll clean it up later =/]
Chloe May turns to Erk frowning slightly "I'm sorry, but you're going to burn in hell forever."

Grivyn: Your ideal line is "The world is ending and the only shelter is in my pants."
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