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Order of Recall

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The Solinator
The Solinator

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 27, 2006 5:26 pm    Post subject: Order of Recall Reply with quote

A procession of heavily armored knights made their way through the streets of Ansteorra, the slow galloping of their ostrix mounts accompanying the shifts of plated armor and metal weapons. Indeed, all appeared to be relatively high-ranking officers, but one figure stood out from the rest, despite his central position in the mounted escort.

The majestic winged helmet of elven make, decorated with red hair too fine to be that of a horse, rode in full battle regalia. To the commoners who knew him by reputation alone, there was no denying that this was the former Lord Commander of Ansteorra. Though proud in composure, his grave sadness was well-masked by the nosepiece of his helm. His leave was sudden, and perhaps only fully explained to the one person in Feanor whom he truly loved.

The elf held a trio of lillies in the digits of his riding glove, occasionally twirling them with a particular degree of care. In the other hand, the order of recall that had so suddenly, so cruelly caused the whole thing.

Addressed to Lord Solinox Avelhar, the Baron Avelhar.

Her Royal Majesty the Queen of Ansteorra, Ruler of the Realm by Divine Right, Defender of the Faith, et cetera, hereby recalls you into the active service of the Crown, effective immediately.

You are hereby granted no more than one day to arrange your affairs and personal possessions before commencing your journey to Ponce-du-Lac, where you will act under the orders of Louis Brandt II du Mont la Claire, King of Austia, insofar as your orders do not threaten the sovereignty and interests of the kingdom of Ansteorra.

Your arrival in Austia is expected shortly.

The procession arrived shortly thereafter at the army's scarhawk stables, whereupon the elf encountered a timeless companion that had carried him above the skies of many a battle. Rubbing his beak soothingly, the scarhawk tilted its head with familiarity. Fluffy, snowy white feathers decorated its glorious form.

"Until we are done in Austia, Nim'rama, I fear you will be my only friend."

Later that night, a group of three scarhawk-mounted figures raced into the horizon. On the grassy slopes leading up to the city of Ansteorra, three lillies fell from high up in the air, one at a time...
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Shayde Enkiar
Map Wench, apparently?

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 29, 2006 12:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

At the very edge of the Merchant's Quarter, just before the city molds into Tumbledown Gate and the slums beyond, Averon Cartography displays a rather meager scribbled sign in the shop window.

Closed for business until further notice.
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