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Late Night Study Session

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 07, 2006 7:30 pm    Post subject: Late Night Study Session Reply with quote

The morning was inspiring. The day was just beginning, children were waking up to a new day of playing, men were already working and the shops were already selling. The single apprentice mage was rushing down the streets, towards the Mage’s guild. He over slept and was late. He took a sharp left and arrived to the door, hurrying past the mage that was just stepping through the door.
He climbed the stairs as quick as he could and, gasping for air, reported to his mentor. He wasn’t very pleased, but let him off with a warning. Nodding, the apprentice went into the library to pick up his master’s copy of “Theory of Elemental Magic”.
The room was dark and musty, the books seemingly endless, neatly placed in the stands. Then went straight to the shelf marked “Elemental Magic”, as it seemed the most logical thing to do. But as he walked past the shelves, he noticed that there was someone lying down on his chair, while resting on the study table. He shrugged “Probably did some late night studding” he though. He found the section he was looking for, and fair enough, he found the book almost instantly. He was walking back to the exit, when he saw again the feline. He stopped in his tracks, considering it’d be best prudent to awaken the wizard. He didn’t seem old, so he wasn’t to be shot at for waking him up… He’d probably be thanked! So with a good will, he walked towards the sleeping stranger, and tapped his shoulder.
No response. Convinced that he didn’t tap hard enough, he tapped twice again. Nothing. Amazed by how heavy the stranger slept, he grabbed the shoulder and shook it a bit. Still Asleep. Confused, he shook the shoulder significantly harder. And the mage still slept. Scared now, he placed the book down and pushed the figure back on to its chair. He placed his finger on the stranger’s nose to check if he was still breathing, and he was. With his biggest fear out of the way, he decided to do the last bit to see if he was going to wake up or if he was out cold. With a couple of moderate slaps to the face. Nothing.
The mage panicked… He had heard about this! Stepping back, he ran out of the library, and called on his master.

The history major, Maryn, had been the new victim of the sleep epidemic. He was placed in the care of the cleric’s guild, and Alde was summoned. Arriving as soon as he could, he checked the victim. And just like the others, he didn’t present illness, problems, nothing…
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