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Who is that femme?

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Feel my love!
Feel my love!

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 21, 2005 9:35 am    Post subject: Who is that femme? Reply with quote

The shadowed figure paced back and forth across the dark marble of the ruined hall. In truth, 'paced' is not accurate, as her footpaws barely graced the surface, not that they would do any good if they did. This ethereal figure was none other than Erisvan, Heretic of Greydark, sealed by the efforts of St. Cyan Dee Alexander Lo'Iocus and the Paladins of the Holy Launcian Empire. Sealed by her only kin, though she would slay any who would remind her of that. For her, the Saint's death became a pyrrhic victory.

Tonight, her mind whirred in thought. Powerless to do more than stew in her own impotence, the Heretic spent her days in heady contemplation of the intricate plots she has since woven. Like chess game, each piece has its purpose, and..

*clank* *clank* came a sound from the arched doorway leading toward Erisvan's chosen haunt. Grating steel on steel chains belonged to only one - Katrina, Heretic of Suffrith. Morbidly obese, her voice, nevertheless chimed out in sweet soprano: "Eris.. are you still brooding over the one that got away? I never even got her name."

Silence filled the dead air as Erisvan merely stared at Katrina.

"Well, no matter, Eris. I'm sure that I'll find another femme. Rolf has been looking so tired recently. I don't think he can keep up with me anymore."

With that, the lapine Heretic plodded off, dragging her slaves behind her. Erisvan was again alone in her silky silence - quickly broken by her own thoughts given sound.

"Why was she here, that mortal? How did she get here?"

But the darkness kept its secrets hidden.
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