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Wedding ceremony musings

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 18, 2005 7:36 pm    Post subject: Wedding ceremony musings Reply with quote

Kele sat quietly in the back of the cathedral, bearing witness to Mara and Vithís wedding. She was quiet throughout, having come to the church earlier to think things through. Her thoughts drifted during the ceremony and toward the end, she came to a conclusion. It wasnít going to be easy, but it was a conclusion at least.

A few hours later, after gathering her things together and speaking to only one other, she stood at the gates of the city. Placing her thumb and middle finger to her mouth, she gave a shrill whistle and waited. Turning to her companion, a small smile fluttered over her face and she ran a paw through her headfur. ďReady? Iíve left a letter posted for those who care to know where weíve gone. Not the specifics of where weíre going, just that weíre gone.Ē

Donning her hood, she piled her pack on Nova and waited for her company to climb up, then clamored after. With a sharp kick to Novaís ribs, they took off into the air. As she flew over the city, she glanced down unsure when she would see it again.

For any who may have seen her note tacked up on the post board near the tavern, it reads:

To whomever may feel this concerns them,

Iíve left for home. Iím not sure how long Iíll be there. Itís something I need to do after spending as long as I did in that otherÖrealm. Donít bother coming to look for me as you will find it extremely difficult if not impossible to find me.

Ruby and Marlina, should you read this, know that no matter what any others in this city think, I trust you to watch my back any timeÖwhether or not thereís combat involved. Iíll always remember our excursion into Ansteorra when it was over run by Mazus. Also know that I am safe. I just need time away from the city to heal after everything that happened lately. Iíve been missing from the city for months and in what was my reality in that other place, I was gone for a thousand years. Marlina, please donít feel as though youíve failed as my guardian and please donít worry about me either, as Iím not alone. Jon is with me.


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