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Late night musings (Rescue Kele-De endgame)

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Feel my love!

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 15, 2005 9:13 pm    Post subject: Late night musings (Rescue Kele-De endgame) Reply with quote

Darkness had long since crept over Ansteorra, lights, once bright, dimmed as the later hours approached, allowing the bright shining shards of Tallus to illuminate the still night air. From the second story window of the Mage's tower of Ansteorra, one of the few lights in the city shown ever so dimly against the oft encroaching black. Seated in the dim twilight of her office, a figure sat contemplating a gemstone that ever so recently came into her possession.

Through the jeweler's loupe the secrets of the gemstone were laid plain. Scratches, too small for the eye to discern, were carved around the long and short circumferences, intersecting at two blank points. "Hmm." The figure thought to herself, as she looked over them, copying each jot and tittle onto a parchment filled with schematics of the gem itself.

Through the lens, the scratches (as if diamond could be scratched!) formed letters, symbols whose meanings were at one point enigmatic, but in this Age, such simple enigmas had been reduced to unsolvable mysteries. Whatever secrets this stone held had been sealed to time and thought and mind by the markings on the gem. Such language was that of her ancestors, Furres lost to the mists of time, who had deigned themselves Gods, and perhaps may have even been such. Furres who, in their arrogance, challenged the Creator and found that they were merely the created. Their secrets too were locked in this language; powers beyond comprehension trapped behind words they themselves had the foresight to render meaningless. Mortals were not meant to tread in such waters.

"I know you're there." Her voice cracked the contemplative reverie. "You arrived just after Togeru's fit yesterday. I dare say, it was a stroke of luck to have found them distracted."

Into the dim candlelight another figure stepped, shaded by a wide brimmed hat and long coat. "It was skill, m'lady." The voice, distinctly feminine chimed sternly, yet reverently. "It worked now didn't it?"

The Archmagess nodded her assent. "Yes."

The shaded figure cracked a small smile. "And y'witchin' didn't break it?"

"Do you not trust me?"

"Do I 'ave a choice?"

The archmagess tipped her head to the side, looking over her shoulder slightly toward the other femme. "You never do. Do you have the items I require?"

With a rough slap and a clatter, a pouch plopped upon the desk. "There y'go, m'lady."

The Archmagess held up the stone in her paw, ony to have it quickly snatched by the other femme. "Shaa.. T'Heart 'o Princes. It be a good decoy y'put out t'lure them in as well. Truly.. ye be as good as they say."

A smirk crossed the magess' lips. "We are finished now." Turning back toward the book, she began placing small notes to herself upon the page with deft penstrokes.

"N'much fer talkin' eh?" the other grumped quietly. "Good day to ye, M'lady." With that, the other vanished silently into the night, a gaunt shadow amongst many.

Mid-stroke, the Archmagess stopped her notation, well after the visitor had absconded to the night, a single thought flashing across her busy mind: "What decoy?"
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