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Blackwatch Akelain

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 22, 2005 8:22 pm    Post subject: Blackwatch Akelain Reply with quote

Dusk had settled upon the city of First Colony once more, the people retiring to their beds as their various activities were concluded for the day. No one but the guards of the city and the various other less savoury individuals would choose such a time to be up and about. Thus it was that Elric Radim found it very odd indeed as his eyes settled upon the group that made their ways through the poorly lit slum-like setting of this portion of the city. He did not like being here, not at all, too many things happened to guards who moved about at nights in the less well-off locales, and he had no reason to believe he'd be an exception to this., but he did not disobey orders. He had been told to investigate the suspicious occurances, and he dared not return until either his next shift demanded he return to report for duty, or he had a deffintie lead into solving the mystery. In all hsi eyars of service in the guard, he had never questioned his superiors or disobeyed an order, as a veteran of the War of Liberation, he knew such thoughts as treason, and treason was a vile thing that always resulted in death; one way or another.

Perhaps this was his break then, he might have something here, for aside from him, there should have been no guards present in the area. He moved closer, intent upon challenging them, then paused. Perhaps it would be better to simply follow them? Yes, the canine soon decided that this was by far the better alternative.

Fading into the shadows, he set after them, following slowly into the richer portions of the city. Upon this realization he blinked, something was not right at all with this, at best they should be lurking in the suburbs, working whatever vile acts they would. Instead they moved ias if intent upon a specific location, through richer and richer portions moving -Elric realized with an emotion quite similar to outright terror- directly for the Blackwatch Headquarters.

Perhaps it was this fear that made him foolish enough to shorten the distance between himself and the group, perhaps it was soemthing else, but whatever it was, it did indeed drive him closer. In the dim lighting he gasped, eyes finally catching sight of the silver badges that adorned the clothing of the rearmost guards. Blackwatch guardians, and worse yet, one of the Akelain Council. Huddled amongst the guards moved many disheveled individuals, shackled together by chains at all paws, chains linking one to the next.
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