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By Sirum: Lef'Deon and the Centaur

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 19, 2005 10:48 pm    Post subject: By Sirum: Lef'Deon and the Centaur Reply with quote

Lef’Deon is located deep within the Dhamzon south of Tigath, past the tribes and ruins that at first glance seem to be little more than what the jungles home. Those who claim to have visited the centaur stomping ground are undoubtedly lying, due to the strong, expansive magical ward surrounding the entire of it. The ward does little else than return those who wander too close to the town right back to their entry point, as if they had went in a complete circle. Any who persist in trying to enter are eventually met by a patrol of centaur guards and captured at spear point.

Within the barrier no jungle grows, for Lef’Deon is one gigantic clearing.

Admittedly, Lef’Deon is not as inhabited as most of the other lands throughout Calenndor, populated by roughly 1,500 creatures, despite the fact that almost every single centaur on Calenndor can be found here. 99% of the population is centaur, the leftover 1% of which is those who persisted in attempting at finding out the oddities of the jungle and have no other choice but to spend the remainder of their days there.

Most of those that live in the jungles are without modesty, either trotting around without a shred of clothing or covering only the bare minimum with the hides of animals. This reason is due to it requiring quite a bit of effort to dress themselves. The higher ranking members of Lef’Deon as well as some of the guards are donned in ancient armor built for the centaur physique, passed along through the generations and well preserved.

Some of the centaurs are content with sleeping and living much as a feral horse would, such as those who practice in druidic magic, but those that can afford to or have collected enough hides have erected large tents.

Marriage is a foreign concept in Lef’Deon, perhaps at the lack of Prime worshippers or that they have found little need for it. Two centaurs that love each other simply stay with each other for as long as that love exists, or should it go away they split up in search of new mates without much thought to it.

On the note of children, the saying ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ applies quite well here, because Lef’Deon is such a close knit community to have to rely on one another to survive and live in peace. Everyone treats the child as if they were its own mother or father, though at the end of the day it does return to its real parents, up until the age of fourteen where it is set free to aid in the caretaking of lands as everyone else.

Trade is near entirely non-existent, discounting those who occasionally trade among the tribes in the Dhamzon or - during desperate times - seeking help even from the Tigahrrim for medicine to return to the land of Lef’Deon with. What the residents need, they grow on their own or find alternate solutions to acquire.

Even though they seem much like any wild tribe, they centaur are actually quite intelligent and some are very familiar with the Arcane arts. Those who have learned druidic magic are used mostly as farmers and protectors of the trees, the Arcane users purpose to maintain and repair the enchantment around their home and to refill the watering holes artificially or just by forcing rain.

Though they for the most part live without the various Gods, Goddesses and religions influencing their daily life, they do acknowledge the existence of the Primes.

Prisoners and Law:
It requires precisely three attempts at forcing your way through the enchanted trees to be taken prisoner and hauled off to jails, which are nothing more than small tents that are guarded constantly. The prisoner has a very nice chance at sneaking away from these, but you have to remember, anything that doesn’t have the body of a feral horse here is an oddity.

Thusly prisoners are easily spotted and returned back to their tent, but bound in magically strengthened vines. Other than this, the captives are taken care of nicely. They are fed thrice daily, allowed to bathe, given hides to cover themselves with if they so wish it and aren’t even forced into doing any work they don’t want to do.

As to how the law system works for centaur, though, it becomes a very different story. The oldest, wisest and most adept with magic in Lef’Deon are looked up to as leaders, however their status is not written in stone. When a centaur is caught breaking a law they are brought up to one or several of these leaders to determine their fate. As the centaurs prefer to live in peace, this practice doesn’t happen often, though.

Minor crimes such as stealing or the like is punished by being sent into the Dhamzon for a week to let the lawbreaker think over the error of their ways, and are promptly allowed back into the village if they so wish it. A major crime, such as intentionally starting fires on the tents/trees or attempted murder on another centaur is punishable by permanent exile into the Dhamzon and Calenndor.

Foreign Relations:

Regarding allies or enemie they have, in a word, none. They remain completely neutral to outsiders, forming no alliances and not bothering themselves with pointless fights within the jungle, as they prefer to keep to themselves. Whatever deals they make with the Tigahrrim or the Dhamzon tribes once in a blue moon are strictly business.

Though they rarely ever have to face combat, Lef’Deon does have a guard system, yet not much like what one would find in the average Kingdom. The system in Lef’Deon is patrols composed of one leader, three assistants and one assistant in training, should the leader take it upon himself to allow one into the party. Those who join the patrols are skilled in fighting, from practicing with one another and hunting in the jungles around them.

The preferred weapons of the patrols are spears, javelins and bows, but in rare cases a centaur using Arcane or druidic magic may be allowed into the party.

Lef’Deon has three languages, two of which are known by but a small percent of the population. The first, the language of the centaur, is known by all but the prisoners, unless they manage to eventually pick up on it. The second is common language, which most have found little need for in what they consider to be their permanent home. It spoken mostly by leaders of patrol groups, but whoever likes can choose to learn it in their free time as well. The last is Arcane, which the spell users of course have to take upon themselves to learn from the texts that were originally brought to Lef’Deon by the first enchanters of the trees.


Two hundred years into the third age centaur finally began appearing on Calenndor from Pirostia, after boats had began setting out to trade with Rainbow Bay and Themhall and ferry between each of the two continents. The centaur’s size had made it not possible to take very many to Calenndor each trip, though they slowly moved there bit by bit on the boats return voyages. Those that actually were adventurous enough to take the trip, at least.

For a period of time, the centaurs were able to live freely in Calenndor and explore the new continent to their hearts content. Up until they were noticed by slavers or farmers who just wanted to take workers that were better than Ostrixes and Scarhawks, from their ability to understand and follow through with orders easily.

Not too long after that word started being spread throughout Calenndor from centaur to centaur to free as many of those that had been captured and ride south, staying as close to the shore and as far away from the clans of Tigath as they could manage. Not all of their kind could be rescued, sadly, though enough made it to the Dhamzon to start up the new colony within the Dhamzon. They found a large enough clearing within the jungle, expanded it bit by bit and eventually the first spell casters were brought forth to set up the enchantment. Lef’Deon then got its name, which in the centaur tongue meant ‘Sacred Forest’.

Miscellaneous on Centaur in general, or the Lef’Deon inhabitants:

Centaurs live up to roughly the age of 150 and are considered adults at the age of 20-ish.

Centaur from Lef’Deon are strictly against adventuring or leaving their land unless in dire situations, mostly from the belief that there would be a repeat of what happened when they first came to Calenndor, and if too many are coming from the jungles their location would be found.

As they so rarely manage to leave their home, they are quite a bit behind on the new developments in Faenor. As far as they are concerned, Calenndor is still at peace.

While centaurs living out of Lef’Deon on Calenndor are a rare sight, it is not entirely unheard of. Even more so on Pirostia, as only a small percentage of the centaurs living there headed for Calenndor.
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 19, 2005 10:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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Dalin Kayde, Veudir X'Tare, Cerris T'Kel, Paran Narel, etc.
"Ansteorra is as high as what I get for being a pelican."
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