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A day of dark dreams, Valanthas, Pytch, The End. 7-30-2004

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 03, 2017 5:34 am    Post subject: A day of dark dreams, Valanthas, Pytch, The End. 7-30-2004 Reply with quote

[This is, I believe, the last logfile I have to edit and post up. Unless I'm wanting to post surviving Jes logs from the later years of Anst. Don't really have a fondness for those, though.

Those who were cursed by the Bloodstained Coins Si picked up and dispersed in 2003 got to go on a magical adventure into Nightmare Voidscarred Valanthas. That starts later down, past a slice of life build-up in Caeseal.

Enjoy this fully intact quest log as my final entry spamming the IC forums.]

Taereal strolls out merrily from the fort, greeting all those present as he heads over to the Scarhawk pens to tend Daedalon.

Marlina Evenstar glances inn the direction of the pointing, being the clever sort she is, the belief that this is some sort of planning stage for their little adventure does actually come to mind. Then of course the helpful human lass actually speaks to her, and she offers a brief shrug before muttering in a quiet manner.

Metael V'Or pads into the Garrison in a very undescriptive way and sits next to Sirum after a "shalom" and nod.
Metael V'Or takes out a few scrolls from his satchel and begins to read them wishing everybody wasn't aff.

Taereal finishes up tending to Daedalon and pats her on the head, resulting in a loud screech reverberating from the bird's beak. He says a few more inaudible words to the Scarhawk before heading on over to the populated area and nodding once more to those present as he sits down with a 'clank'.

Chaos stirred gently at the audiable clank, lids lifting heavily to stare at those that actually appeared to be more lively than she. Like a lazy cat she stretched, long forlimbs extending while grasping the earth with sicle bladed toes, scratching deep grooves in the soil.

Shawn Whitetail blinks. He'd visited Ansteorra a long long time ago. This was a switch. Curiously, he walks on, looking around.

Metael V'Or yawns and rolls up his scrolls too lathargic to concentrate. He yawns and leans against the wall with his eyes close.

Taereal moves his place, plopping down next to Sirum with another 'clank' of his armor.

Metael V'Or winces and rubs his head with every clank of Taereal's armor. He apparently has a head ache.
Metael V'Or: [Taereal, does your name mean New God?]
Taereal: [Nope. I made it up. At least to my knowledge, I did.]
Metael V'Or: [Taree=new el=god]
[#] IC. >.>
Metael V'Or: [But not the God god, lower case god]
Taereal: [Gotcha. *IC's*]
Rinoko Krew: [in other words a demi-god]
Kalannar grumbles a few audible words in his native tongue as he enters the garrison. He makes his way over to his usual place at the tree, sitting down atop folded legs and leaning back boredly.

Metael V'Or is unusually bored so he bigs righting in Paleo-Ivrit with his staff. After he writes his name, he mumbles "Ani osi or v'meektav." The letters begin to glow white. [1/1]

Taereal's eyes widen as his muzzle nearly drops wide, an idle paw pointed directly at Kalannar.. he's obviously amazed. A Drow! There's a Drow in the garrison. Hello?! Immediately drawing his sword and shield he dashes over to the offending creature and points the tip of his blade at the Dark Elf's head, "State your business, fiend!!"

[But Taereal is... oh. This must have been the first time Kalannar roleplayed both his characters on the same screen.]

Metael V'Or jumps up to Taereal, his eyes immediatly flash right white and his staff lights up. He aims his sword at Taereal and says, "Lower your staff goy."

Taereal looks apalled, "What?! Are you insane! Do you know what this -is-!?!"

Metael V'Or locks his stare. "I know what HE is. I said lower your sword." He grips his staff tighter.

Kalannar raises a bored eyebrow at the young lynx before him and simply lets out an audible groan. With little word, his hand lashes out to grab ahold of Taereal's wrist, quickly yanking the blade down, and likely Taereal with it while he spins out of place to allow the Feline to fall. Keeping his hand secure on Taereal's wrist as he draws one of his daggers with a free hand and places the blade against the back of Taereal's neck.

Metael V'Or satisfied that Kal has it under control he relaxes and sits back down where he was.

Taereal, having been paying attention to Metael, was easily caught off guard, and was indeed yanked down and restrained. He struggles to no avail until he feels the blade against his neck. He only breathes and doesn't say a word. He's a bit fearful of his life at the moment. x.x

Marlina Evenstar rises rather quickly as a squabble appears to break out before her, walking towards the little gathering at a sedate enouogh pace before speaking, "Well... Now, 'spose I shouldn't be surprised that a cleric who worships the void would also defend -drow-." Naturallyy taking the moment to wash the taste of that foul word, by spitting upon the ground. "Let him go ya hellspawned coward."

Erk Mendon is still alive! Woo! He wakes up and waves to everyone.

Metael V'Or: [It ok Taereal, I had an alt that only lasted an hour once]
Marlina Evenstar: [Tae is Kal. :-P]
Metael V'Or: [Nice]
Kalannar: [Figured I'd stir things up a bit. xP]

Kalannar jams his knee into the back of the Feline's armored back and leans down, far too close for comfort and speaks a silent threat into the paladin's ear, "Try it again, and you die next time.." With that he twirls the dagger back into its sheath and kicks the foolish young lynx out of his spot, then promptly sitting down once more upon folded legs and grumbling.

Taereal is kicked into a light roll aside. He darts up, breathing heavily while still holding his shield and sword readily. His ears twitch with irritation as he glances around nervously. How utterly humiliating. Deciding it best to heed the Drow's warning, he takes a few steps back before sheathing his sword and mounting his shield on his back once more and walking over, plopping down with a loud 'clank'. He eyes Kalannar for a moment before sighing in defeat.... how.. humiliating.

Metael V'Or gives a look at disgust at Marl. He still doesn't understand all the hate towards the void(yay mistranslations). He chuckles over Taereal's fate. Silly palidins.

Marlina Evenstar's eyes gleam faintly as an arrogant smmirk appears upon her features, advancing upon the black-skinned elf as he releases the paladin, "Now then hellspawn, get yer worthless hide runnin', less I decide to make a display of your threat.."

Metael V'Or silently wishes it wasn't impossible for a cleric to assasinate and assasine. He just glares at Marlina hoping it doesn't make her too mad.

Marlina Evenstar is just wishing the cleric would try. :-P

Metael V'Or notes the outcome would be more than slightly weighted in favor or marl.

Kalannar ignores Marlina, for the most part. He simply twirls one of his daggers into his left hand and fishes a tarnished rag from one of the random pouches on his belt. He begins to polish the blade of the dagger with scrutiny, paying no heed to Marlina.

Kivae quite simply, pads through the gate, and flops to the ground, eyes looking heavy and posture that of one worn. [Assassin is spell with two 'ass's, Metael. x3]

Taereal frowns... so much unnecesary violence.. although after that 'brave display of valor', he would gladly see the Drow gone... not necessarily dead.. but gone would be nice.

Metael V'Or is a child of spell check[ Marl's now twice the ass!]

Marlina Evenstar never really was much for accepting individuals ignoring her most vicious self, and shall certainly not tolerate by this lowly blemish on elves. Thus without the slightest hesitation her alternate dagger, not that nice one she used for falling on marauding acolytes, comes to hand before hurling itself forward towards the sitting ranger. Her aim's pretty good, though it wasn't intended to hit anything vital, if it did at all, "Run ye carrion worm."

Marlina Evenstar: [You needed Kivae to have you figure that out?]

Metael V'Or's eyes widen at the insane acts going on before him. He loses himself and starts yelling in Ivrit. "Et ze rok mashugna!"

Kivae doesn't do much besides breathe, and twitch her ears.

Marlina Evenstar has never bothered to react to shouting in another language, and holds true to this.

Erk Mendon falls asleep before anymore randomness happens. c.c

Metael V'Or continues to shout in his foreign tongue. "Ge'cocking agey ya et ishah sa'tan!" He will refrain from translating that.

Taereal: [For some reason Kal's lagging.. post won't show up... x.x]
Taereal: [One sec...]
Metael V'Or: [Are you rping with yourself?]

Kalannar was easily expecting a ranged attack of some nature. With a snap of his wrist, the tarnished rag falls into his lap as his willowy fingers lock onto the flying dagger's hilt. He still appears to be examing his own dagger's blade as he moves Marlina's dagger into his immediate viewpath, twirling it around between his fingers and whatnot. He hmm's before tossing the dagger back at Marlina's feet and going about polishing his own.

Marlina Evenstar had all that nice time he gave her for her to expect an attack, else she might have been distracted long enough for her poor foot to get injured, if only slightly. However, disregarding this she simply retrieves the weapon before advancing further, "Or we could go about just killing ye here sewerspawn, one more of yer bloody race gone from this land. Faenor will rejoice."

Metael V'Or shuts up and begins to find this entertaining. He'll let it play out knowing the drow will most likely prevail if it comes to it.

Marlina Evenstar: [Something has been bothering me about the name 'Faenor' it seems to me I recall seeing something about a place with that exact name, in Baldur's Gate.]
Marlina Evenstar could wipe out ten Kalannars. :-P]

Metael V'Or wishes he could wipe out ten Marlinas.

Marlina Evenstar lives for the sole reason to watching Metael get eaten by a voidkin.

Metael V'Or notes that would be irony at its greatest.

Marlina Evenstar agrees.

Kalannar continues polishing his blade until he sees that it is satisfactory. He stuffs the tarnished rag into the pouch from which it came, sealing it quickly as he looks up at Marlina and raises an eyebrow, "Are you finished yet, Darthiiri?" He lets his hands rest in his lap, his left one still graced with his dagger, which he taps somewhat impatiently against his leg.

Kalannar: [Feanor was the name of the King of the Noldor in The Silmarillian. One of Tolkien's books.]
Kalannar: [May've been spelled differently, though.]

Marlina Evenstar tilts her head briefly before speaking dryly, "Aye, as shall be your life, worm. On your feet or simply die there, it matters not." Again the dagger is held in her paw, it's bearer pondering again throwing the weapon as she awaits a response, certainly quite capable of killing him if he continued to irritate her... Then again, his existance was the real irritation, no one should be able to sit like that. :-P

[Always surprises me how Kal and Marl lived this long. Suppose it's because there were guards in Anst. You couldn't murder folk in the tavern, anticipate getting away with it. Caeseal? Wild west. No one around to stop you, save your fellow exiles. Who would raise a blade to Marl or Kal, though?]

Metael V'Or gets ready to do some healing if it comes to it. He lights up his staff and his eyes glaze over white. He doesn't draw anymore attention to himself though, keeping silent 'less he draws the wrath of the satan woman.

Sirum Hest pads up from the direction of the fort with his arms crossed up behind his head carelessly, apparently not paying a bit of mind to his surroundings as he entirely misses the two rangers. Well, at least, he does up until he passes right by them, spinning around after and raising a brow. After, he idly murmurs at sight of the dagger something along the lines of 'Not another bloody one...'.

Kivae remains lying, face down, side of her head resting on an arm, and face staring blankly ahead.

Marlina Evenstar: [Kivae died! :-(]

Kalannar sighs in exasperation. He continues tapping his dagger idly against his leg. The Drow cracks his neck to the side and twirls his dagger once more. He glares at Marlina, but makes no move to do anything, it would seem. He just waits.

Kivae is still breathing. >.>

Metael V'Or isn't.

Marlina Evenstar cheers.

Metael V'Or gasps.... for air, not out of shock.

Taereal watches the scene before him with a sort of sick fascination.

Marlina Evenstar mutters a brief expletive under her breath before completely disregarding the rodent and approaching the drow slowly, before simply crouching down before him as she hisses several further words, "Then you'd die on yer arse, a fitting pose for yer kind wouldn't you think?"

Metael V'Or says under his breath 'smack her drow, just do it, you'll like it, i'll like it.' He continues in the matter hoping that it might have some effect on the outcome.

Marlina Evenstar: [Metael... Eww! PG kthxbai. :-P]

Sirum Hest lifts a paw and waves over to Marlina, shaking his head to the assassin, "No one is gonna kill the best guard we have here, or the drow thats saved my tail more than once. Leave 'em alone, ya?", tail giving a sudden flick before padding over to Kivae, deciding to deal with the usual peace-making if any further conflict occured. Crouching, he reaches down to lightly prod at either of her ears, head tilting to the side. "Kivae? ... Ya okay?"

Kivae is disturbed. o.o]

Metael V'Or wonders how it isn't PG, then realizes that Marl's player is sick like that.

Kalannar looks at Marlina directly in the eyes and simply grins. He erupts suddenly into a raspy, metallic chortle. He twirls his dagger once more, but continues to stare deadly into Marlina's eyes. Rest assured, despite his appearance, he's quite on guard.

Metael V'Or looks over to Kivae and doesn't think anything of it. He just watches the drow and the evil fem. He is definitly enjoying himself.

Marlina Evenstar doesn't even glance at Sirum as she speaks to the rodent, not taking her eyes off of the evil sneaky drow, at least as evil and sneaky as she was, though likely more so, 'cause he's bad. "Stay out of it ratling, mind yer own business for a change." With such said, and no further clear provocation from the drow her hand moves in a sudden movement, hopefully catching her sneaky opponent moderately unprepared as she attempts to slam the hilt of her dagger into his left temple.

[Mind his own business... if Si had done that, Anst would have had a higher bodycount on the PC and NPC side. If it weren't for Si and Rak we could've had at least a few more players as corpses, I wager.]

Metael V'Or recognizes that move very well.

Kivae blinks, once. Then again, several times. Her eyes focus on Sirum, and she pushes herself until she's mostly sitting. Rubbing her head, and squinting, "Yea.." Slowly, she glances over his shoulder. "'R they fighting over who's the Ranger's guild leader, now, or something?"

[Oh, that's right. Kal and Marl were both Rangers under Zag's Guild... how the hell did they get along enough in there?]

Marlina Evenstar doesn't need to be leader of another guild. >.>

Metael V'Or looks over to Kivae. He's still prepared to heal. "You okay Kivae?"

Kalannar, is, as said, quite on guard despite his appearance. His left hand snaps upward swiftly in a diagonal motion. His blade would either make contact with Marlina's hilt, or quite simply slice through her wrist entirely. As this motion takes place, his other hand has already moved to draw his other dagger, twirling it into his right hand and holding it before him in a simple defensive maneuver whilst his other defensive/attack maneuver snaps into action.

Kivae now squints at Metael, but with a dash of irritation in with the tiredness. "Just said, yea." She could heal herself if she need it. :-P

Sirum Hest rolls his eyes at Metael's question, disliking it when people ask the same thing he had just asked others himself, though he makes no note of that aloud. Instead, he frowns and moves back up to his footpaws, offering a paw down to her for a second regardless that she never takes it. "Ya look like ya jus' came back from the Deadlands. Go take a nap upstairs, ya?", implying his empty room with the beefalo sheets. After, whether she takes it or not, he shifts around once more and cringes at the ensuing fight. Unslinging his bow, he pads forward cautiously, free paw reaching back to his quiver for a snare. "Stop it now before I call the Commander an' Kizzy an'... ... ...mrrf, jus' bloody stop it!"

[That long pause? Realizing they weren't around. No one else to rely on. Caeseal was scary in that regard. The last thing Si wanted was to play the part of rustbucket.]

Metael V'Or notes he is too distracted to have paided attention to what sirum said and to realize that kivae can heal.

Sirum Hest also answered Kivae with, "There is no more Ranger's Guild anymore, hasn't been since we left Ansteorra."

Metael V'Or remembers that he replaced the floor in that room and it hasn't been updated yet. :-( I need to start making beds and shelves.

Marlina Evenstar continues to ignore Sirum as her blow is deflected, for she rather likes her wrist, though she doesn't pause for even a moment in the sudden assault, as she viewed it the kind gentleman had just opened the whole door for actual stabbing rather than just the customary bonk on the head for proper unconciousness. For now however she simply uses her elbow in an effort to slam this forward now into the drow's face mere seconds after her first strike was averted. She too has another dagger, her nice Acolyte killing one, which her free hand moves to grab.

Kivae takes the paw, for once, and stumbles to her feet. She glances reluctantly up at the room, clenching her jaw to stifle yawn. "Well then.. rr.. the leader of being ranger-like?" She shrugs, and presses the palm of her hand to an eye. Then makes her way to the base of the tree, where she re-flops, and watches the fight.

Xanfeir Logweilos: [Get tired of the old kinddom?]
Marlina Evenstar: [RP Event sparked the change from an IC perspective.]
Xanfeir Logweilos: [I see, lovely job with it :-) Im not sure what one I like better]
Metael V'Or likes the old one better.[]
Xanfeir Logweilos: [I believe I shall.... IM interested in joining accualy, I know it looks horribly bad to run in here OOC and all, But Iv had other charecters in here, none of them lasted long tho :-)]
Marlina Evenstar: [You're the drow?]
Metael V'Or: [i was the drow]
Xanfeir Logweilos: [Drow?]
Marlina Evenstar: [The other drow.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Nevermind. :-P]
Metael V'Or: [Shaone mael was me]
[#] Back IC.
Marlina Evenstar: [I know.]

Kalannar reacts immediately to Marlina's continued assault. He pushes hard off of knees and feet, his legs' strength sending him flying what little distance there is between him and the tree trunk behind him, slamming him into it directly as he twirls his right-handed dagger, positioning it's blade to face the downside of his hand, the twirl itself also positioning the blade so that Marlina's elbow would quite suddenly find a blade jammed into the joint. His left hand reacts as quickly as the right, creating a tandem effect of deadliness as his free dagger now soars quite quickly toward the side of Marlina's neck.

Sirum Hest gives a light shrug to Kivae as he knocks the snare-arrow onto his bow, calling over to her, "I think it's jus' 'cause neither of 'em have had a good fight in a while. The both of 'em are like that, y'know. Primes, at this rate we'll need to call in a ressurector..." Without further word, he draws the bowstring back, then releases it, sending the snare hurtling forward for the assassin with intent to keep her caught up in it for a bit. Before Kalannar's dagger makes contact with Marlina, he shouts out over to the drow in case the snare should hit, "STOP!", less he wind up with a corpse due to his actions.

Marlina Evenstar utters a brief curse, falling back as the blade pierces the flesh at her elbow, her reaction quick enough to avoid the blade aimed at her neck. Oddly enough the wound there fades away rather abruptly, bearing that vile taint of magic as the amulet about her neck darkens. She would have moved forward then once more to press her assault, and likely carve the lucky drow into mincemeat, were she not suddenly ensnared.

Metael V'Or prays that Sirum succeeds in snaring them so he doesn't have to heal Marl. He wouldn't be able to live with himself, and he doesn't know if he could heal a drow to that extent.

Kalannar would note as well, that the blade that pierced Marlina was the Chapel's Lament. A life draining dagger. She'd feel just slightly weakened after the event of being pierced... though it was minor, and the life drain would more than likely be even more minor.

[Marlina had an amulet as far back as I can remember that absorbed up to some # of HP damage to her across the duration of a day. Kalannar was using a lovely vampiric dagger Sirum gave him. Because Si had too many unique daggers to his name and not enough hands for them all.

Chapel's Lament; -4 to hit, 1d4 damage, +2d10 lifesteal once per turn.]

Marlina Evenstar notes that she has a very nice amulet, though accepts the other note. :-P

Kalannar just wanted to point it out.. I mean, come on, how cool is that?

Metael V'Or content that this little skirmish is over he yawns and pads out of the garrison.

Kalannar stands up somewhat slowly, twirling both daggers to rest in front of his form, held in a relaxed grip as he merely glares at Marlina. He hmph's then looks over to Sirum and simply cracks his neck.

Sirum Hest slings his bow back over his shoulder and pads forward to the captured Marlinamon--er... 'Marlina'. After a few moments of consideration, he grins sheepishly and rubs at the back of his neck. "Sorry about that, it's jus'... we can't go around tryin' to kill each other off. If ya don't like the drow jus' stay away from him or ignore him, ya?"

Marlina Evenstar: [Out of curiousity, just how extensive is this snare, not really sure.]
You say, "[Well.]"
You say, "[It's like the rogues Net tactic weapon, I think.]"
You say, "[Not too hard to get out of, it simply slows you down for a short bit.]"

Kalannar continues watching Sirum, then shifts his gaze to Marlina once more as he speaks, no more angered than his usual tone, "She drew the first blade..."

Marlina Evenstar is so going to kill him for that little comment, while the captured ranger merely snarls at the offending rodent, "Told yeh not to interfere ratling..." This naturally said as she attempts tto cut herself free from the device or rope, or whatever it is. "We've no need of filth like that around here anyways." Noting for Aderion's benefit that Marlina appears to have been netted. >.>

Aderion Aderion enters from the keep, looking around to see what's going on.. Her curious eyes scan the area. Cautiously she moves away from the drow, an eye occasionally looking over to him to check on what he might do.

Kalannar has both daggers drawn in front of him, and is glaring at Marlina, for the moment.

Aderion: (Someone describe whats happening?)
Kalannar: [Marlina went psycho and attacked Kal.]
Xanfeir Logweilos: [Kal was asking for it]
Kalannar: [Sirum was being Sirum.]
You say, "[You IM'd me to get me IC. :P]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Marlina and Kalannar both have daggers out, the former attempting to cut herself free from Sirum's damn nets. Sirum's lecturing them it seems. :-P]

[I tended to avoid going IC when it was PvP... because no one likes having their violence interrupted by tiny mouse. Canti taught him a lot about the value of keeping the peace.]

Sirum Hest leans forward cautiously to take hold of one of the edges of the snare, pulling it back and off of the trapped femme as best he could. After, he then scurries over to beside Kivae, leaning back against the wall. "We have need for every furre here, they help to keep this town of ours safe an' to help get it repaired. If ya wanna want to go off an' kill each other, though, at least do it outside the fort. What would the ambassadors think if they came up an' saw us fightin' amoungs oursleves."

Marlina Evenstar does that from time to time, but she was ddefending the good paladin. :-P

Aderion's eyes widen, she scratche sthe back of her head as she looks between the combatants before sighing and walking over to sit near Sirum. She nudges him, "What append'?"

Sirum Hest nudges Aderion back, lightly, and nods his head towards the pair by the tree. "Elves an' drow hate each other, that's what."

Marlina Evenstar comes so very close to actually attacking Sirum at that moment, but decides against it at she twirls her blades once before slamming them down into their respective sheathes as she speaks, "Don't care in the prime-damned slightest what the ambassadors think ratling, try somethin' like that again and you'll be the one I'd be stabbing rather than this filth, or your girlfurre." Obviously extremely irritated if she's actually threatening Kitz, however ignoring such a thing her gaze falls upon the drow once more, "Get out of my sight, worm."

Kalannar smirks devilishly at Marlina. Though as quickly as the smirk found its way to his face, it vanishes once more, replaced by his usual scowl. He merely twirls his daggers into their respective sheaths. He rolls his shoulders, resulting in a series of sickening cracks. Shortly following this he merely launches a wad of saliva at Marlina's feet as he replies, "Leave whenever you should feel so inclined." With that, he sits once more, eyes not leaving Marlina's face.

Sirum Hest slips a paw back to grip his bows handle once again as Marlina actually threatens Kitzerina, ears lowering back and to his skull as his eyes narrow. "If ya so much as lay a finger on Kizzy it'll be the last thing those hands ever touch. Not gonna let ya push me around anymore like ya used to." Though despite his tone, he really seems to be bluffing. He couldn't very well attack the femme that had saved his life without very good reason, hence his using a snare rather than a real arrow.

Aderion blinks a bit, "Doesn' everyon' at' th' drow s' much as th' elves..." She leans against the wall. Obviously, Aderion doesent think Kalannar is paying much attention to her, so she considers herself safe from him.

Sirum Hest answers Aderion quickly, "That drow even Zag didn't hold a grudge against, that an' he's the only one that bothers to keep the bad drow out of our garrison while we're busy off doin' other things."

Marlina Evenstar's features twitch faintly first at the minor slight from the drow, then Sirum's little threat, oh how she hated that rodent being the best at battle in this bloody place. However, rather then retorting she merely whirls about and storms off into the fort, planning bloody murder and all sorts of fun things.

Kalannar watches Marlina go, muttering a word as she goes, "Darthirii nadorhuan.."

Sirum Hest grins and shakes his head as Marlina makes an agry retreat, leaning in to whisper to Kivae as she goes. "Guess she only likes givin' out threats an' not recievin' 'em... I hope she's not too mad, though. Anyways, I didn't get the chance to really find out. What's wrong with ya today?"

Marlina Evenstar pauses for half a step, before deciding to spare the drow for now anyways.

Kivae seems to have fallen asleep, and therefore doesn't respond. No posting to the aff person. <.<

Xanfeir Logweilos: [I just hit a minor problem with the class's]
Zoah Chant: [Wonders if anyone would like to visit him downstairs, anyone? >.<].
Xanfeir Logweilos: [help?]
Zoah Chant: [Xanfeir, Ask a Mentor, Anyone here a mentor? >.<].
Marlina Evenstar might just walk down and slay him in her current mindset, thus she doesn't. :-P]
You say, "[Um.]"
You say, "[People are assigned mentors when they join.]"
You say, "[Otherwise it's 'nice people who help'.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [I'm a nice person who helps, but not a mentor, some people bug me and I have to try hard not to strangle them. :-P]

Kalannar twirls his right-handed dagger from its sheath, once again drawing the tarnished rag from one of the many pouches on his belt. As he begins to polish it, he notices a very slight spatter of blood on the tip from its encounter with Marlina's elbows. He narrows his eyes for a moment before, in a rather creepy fashion, he slowly licks the blood from the blade's tip. He runs two willowy fingers over the length of the blade, then goes about polishing it with much fervor.

Xanfeir Logweilos: [yes yes, Im supposed to be joining on the website first?]
Kivae: [Just ask a question, and someone will answer, or drag you to the OOC room, and then answer. .-.]
Kalannar: [I already asked him what the problem was through whispers.. no response.]
Marlina Evenstar is disgusted with Kal. :-P]
Xanfeir Logweilos: [oh, dident notice, Im doing 80 things at once]
Kalannar is disgusting. >) []
Aderion: (...I never got a mentor.)
Zoah Chant: [The Mentor plan was just recent aderion].
Marlina Evenstar: ['Sides, you have nice helpful me Ader. :-P I'm better than a stinkin' mentor... Offence intended. x)]
Aderion: (Heh. I really hope I dont become a mentor.)
Aderion: (I struggle with the CS, and the Magic System makes my head spin.)
Zoah Chant: [You have to volunteer for that Aderion].
Marlina Evenstar: [It's not a draft.]
Aderion: (Phew.)
Marlina Evenstar: [=P]
Zoah Chant: [I Could Teach people, I know it quite well, Its quite COmplex, but indeed Easy, The Only thing that doesnt let me become a mentor: My Lacking Of a Patience Bar].
Marlina Evenstar: [More then that Hiki. >.>]
Aderion: (Bleh, be back on in a second.)
Zoah Chant: [No one asked you :-(].

Kalannar stands up, boredly, and quite simply strolls off to some random point within the garrison's walls.

Kitzerina is OOC until the quest.
Rinoko Krew: [what quest?]
Kitzerina: [finishing up the last epic quest. ]

Rinoko Krew smiles at the equine as he walks in her head wings waving to him. She follows him and studies his breast plate "Whats it mean?"

Marlina Evenstar: [People with the mark that are still here, and aren't off eating hot dogs for 25 cents. >.>]
Rinoko Krew: [...?]
Hikari Xezo: [Actually, Path told me that those who arent going still get to RP :-D I dont know how, But thats what he said o.o].
Marlina Evenstar: [Right, they get to be in dream. :-P]
You say, "[>.>]"
You say, "[If he's going to make us fight the non-marked people.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Woot.]
You say, "[The non-marked will be slaughtered without remorse. :P]"
Marlina Evenstar: [We'll slaughter them!]
Marlina Evenstar: [^^]
Hikari Xezo: [That is the reason im scared of HIki comming to the Garrison if he ever returns o.o You people are insane :P Not to mention, most are Honorless and Rebels XD].
Marlina Evenstar has honour.
You say, "[Sirum lacks honor, has morals. :P]"
Kele-De has plenty of honour.]
You say, "[And is quite sane.]"
Marlina Evenstar has honor, but no morals.
You say, "[In fact, likely the sanest person in the fort.]"
[ Rakuro whispers, "[Alright ><; Question. Did you or did you -not- get the sword finished, forged, and in every way perfectly completed?]" to you. ]
You say, "[...or ranking up there. >>]"
[ You whisper "[We didn't.]" to Rakuro. ]
[ You whisper "[It's lacking its runes.]" to Rakuro. ]
Marlina Evenstar: [Ruby's the sanest.]
Game Master's eye: [Share plez]
Marlina Evenstar: [I mean, just look at her.]
[ You whisper "[Because Path told us to hold off on forging it.]" to Rakuro. ]
[ Rakuro whispers, "[Okay. So this quest is to rune it and give it to someone]" to you. ]
Rinoko Krew is a cleric so gusse she has honor
Kitzerina is pretty damn sane, thank you very much. [>:*]
[ You whisper "[Nope.]" to Rakuro. ]
Marlina Evenstar: [Will get it for you Path.]
Game Master's eye: [Kitz, are you in a bad mood today? >.>]
You say, "[Right.]"
Kitzerina has been rather irritable for a week now ^^;
You say, "[Kitz is sane, it's perfectly normal to have thoughts of peeling someone like a potato.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [o.o]
Marlina Evenstar: [That's...]
Marlina Evenstar: [Creepy.]
[ You whisper "[What's with you this week? oO Ragnarok Online-goers still? :P]" to Kitzerina. ]
[ Kitzerina whispers, "No. just stressed out over moving and that, and .. other issues ^^" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Ah, 'kay. ^^;]" to Kitzerina. ]

[Ah, the days when we only had Ragnarok Online to worry about as competition. Everything was alright until the Warcraft Nation attacked.]

[#] As the day wanes on, all those afflicted with the Fell mark; a disk run through by a blacksteel longsword, would begin to feel drowsy. The charred symbols would begin to itch faintly, and the senses of the Marked would become dull.

Hikari Xezo: [No Duh :P Anywho, I Envy you all :P Going on exclusive quests and all <.< Well, I wish you all look and hope you dont survive :P J/K Good Luck, May Dalin be with you].
[#] And fer Chrissakes.. while we're gone, RP >.<
[#] [Quest Rules now apply. Please RP accordingly.]

Marlina Evenstar is actually in the fort right now, being her irritable self after getting chased off by Sirum... Anyways, she does indeed feel drowsy, though attributes the itching to a return of the damn fleas.

Sirum Hest remains slumped back against the wall of the common house tiredly, ears drooped downwards as he idly scratches at the back of his neck, head tilting to the side. "So tired... an' so uncomfortable too. Gonna freeze Kivae into a ice block if she put poison ivy in our bed...", staring off at the balcony of the fort which leads to his room.
Sirum Hest seems to be just murmuring to himself. ^^;

Chloe May is restarting her comp and will be right back.()

Kitzerina is now tired, irritable, and itchy. Someone's gonna die ^^; "If they did, Si-si, can I make sure that they get poison Sumac in their beefalo tomorrow?"

Ruby Pyralis, as she can't see her own neck, yawns slightly. She had finally just finished recovering from the attack a few days prior and was rather tired anyway, idly scratching at the back of her neck.

Rinoko Krew sits aginst the well witha bucket of water cleaning and re wrapping bandages

Sirum Hest would normally be snuggling Kitzerina, were it not for the fact that he could barely move due to dizzyness. "Go ahead, Kizzy, do whatever ya want... jus' as long as... ya don't... kill her." *Yawn* "Mrrf. Sorry, I can barely keep my eyes open. I think maybe I'm gonna take a short nap now, ya...?"

Rakuro ICifies himself, casually leaning back against the tree, sleeves rolled up to form more of a t-shirt/robe. His forearms show obvious signs of the recent hardwork, as well as some rather long scars. His ears swivel to listen to Sirum and Kizzy, but his attention seems far more captivated by the sky

[#] The drowsyness would continue to set in for the Afflicted. The Marks would begin to feel as manacles about the neck, weighting the body down. Reactions and thoughts would come slowly, sluggishly as the pull continues to draw them towards sleep.

Chloe May yawns slightly, placing a paw over her muzzle. "I-I woke up with the most terrible head-ache.." Still, feeling very tired. "M-Maybe the fort's got some sort of virus going around.." She closes her eyes slightly for a moment, leaning forward.

Marlina Evenstar experiancing similar dizziness problems, she merely stumbled against various walls,s till wandering around aimlessly before simply collapsing into a sitting position within the fort. Her thoughts were slowed enough that she didn't really think about the itching and later the feeling of a manacle, her thoughts were more on trying to avoid sleep, for she was certain that drow would surely try to strike at her then, being the suspicious sort she is. But her eyelids droop eventually.

Kitzerina yawns as well, as she's drawn into a happy yet distressingly horrible sleep. But it's in Sirum's arms, so if her nightmares return, she'll at least keep comfort in that. *sigh* Sirum's so dreamy.

Sirum Hest quite simply then leans over and collapses onto Kitzerina, having given up on trying to rid himself of the scratch in favor of wrapping his arms around the snuggly kitty. "S... so sleepy. Night n.. night, Kizzy...", nuzzling into her fur as he drifts off into unconsciousness.

Ruby Pyralis, having been tired without the mark anyway, simply flops right onto her side in a few moments, not even fighting the sleep. Her wing wraps around her as a blanket as she rolls over and falls asleep as well.

Rakuro's tail randomly flicks behind him, smiling faintly.. it seems to him that a rather peaceful air has fallen over the place, a fact reflected in his expression. Eyes closing, he casually puts his paws into his pockets and takes a deep breath of the refreshing summer air..

Marlina Evenstar within the dank confines of the fort, she too falls asleep, falling upon the floor in an ungraceful sprawl. Her paranoia not enough to fight off her sudden weariness.

Rinoko Krew links looking up to the sky the sun not even setting yet she glances aroun dand shrugs "Early to bed early to rise I gusse"

Chloe May slowly tries to get up, her foot-paws being almost reluctant todo so, she having to place a paw against the ground to keep her from falling over. Lightly moaning, she found it hard to concentrate on what she doing, a second paw coming forward and stopping her from falling over. But, she wasn't strong willed enough to go on much longer, falling on her chest and dozing off.

[#] Each of the Afflicted, one by one, would drop into a deep, unshakable sleep. Breathing would slow, and then soon become shallow. Each would fall into a dreamless Void that flows into a manifestation of fear. The Marks perpetuate and drawl out each insecurity and twinge of resentment, weaving an elaborate, personal hell for each victim.

Rakuro opens his right eye and casts a curious look over to Chloe, his tail's twitching stopping almost immediately as she falls asleep. "Er.. is that normal?".. he blinks, face mirroring the inner confusion of his mind, and in an almost Leirunian post he kneels down next to the femme and puts a pawdigit or two to her neck to feel for pulse, "Hello? Chloe? You alright?"

[ Game Master's eye whispers, "[Sirum would be tied to a stake in a dark room, burning alive. He'd be able to smell his fur burning beneath him, the pricks of excrutiating pain as the fire lapped up at him. The darkness lifts, showing a vast, neverending shadowy crowd of silouettes watching on expressionlessly. He remains as thus; burning alive, and yet never burning away.]" to you. ]

[Was nice to be an established enough character in Anst that DMs knew your characters personal fears and weaknesses through experience around them... even though it was magic fire Si was afraid of, not regular fire. Let's see... I think Kivae dreamt she was in Castlemare, Ruby dreamt her wings were being torn off, Kitzerina dreamt she was the one setting Sirum on fire in that dream. Chloe and Marlina...? Wish I'd asked.]

Chloe May's face was in slight distortion, her expression looking confused, angry and scared. She slowly let some air escape from her muzzle, only moving slightly as Rakuro touched her neck. After a few odd noises, Chloe finally stopped showing any sign of life besides the soft breathing escaping her lips.

Kitzerina, asleep in Sirum's arms, mrrfs out some sort of sound. A type of sleep-talking, but not in a describable, or even a lucid language. Perhaps this sleep is wracked by her nightmares. But only Sirum would really know that, as he is the only one who'se seen her sleep. Besides Kel of course. She tosses aside, and then back, pawing around before she finds the nearest furry thing to cuddle into.

Sirum Hest, despite how peacefully he had just then dozed off, after a short period of time begins to twitch in his sleep. The twitching gradually progresses further into cringing and whimpering, tail coiling about his waist as groggily manages out as loud as he can, "Nnnnggg... nooo!", his most practiced spell flying forth from his pawdigits as he tries in vain to rid himself of the dreams fire. [1/1] The globe of water doing little more than crashing onto the ground several feet away.

Ruby Pyralis is wrapped in her wing, twitching a bit underneath. She soon begins to flap it half heartidly as if trying to fly away from some non-existant creature.

Marlina Evenstar is hit rather badly by this little detail, for her array of minor resentments, and insecurities was a large one indeed, and locked with naught but that about her did nothing for the assassin. Her personal hell was an elaborate one, that was reflected quite adequately as the normally rather reclusive and silent individual actually goes so far as to utter a whimper, though luckily with her being alone, no one would hear such a demeaning thing.

Rakuro's head swivels upward and he looks to his right, where apparently Kitzerina and Sirum have also fallen asleep.. His ears flatten back against his head, eyes narrowing as an entirely involuntary growl escapes from his throat.. he may not be the most perceptive furre in the world, but this is obviously not a good thing. His teeth clench and he returns his attention to Chloe, lightly patting her on the cheek (entire side of the face) with one of his large paws, repeating, "Chloe! Wake up, darnit! I'm not a healer, and this is a very not good thing"

Rinoko Krew looks over at siurm as he yells out she gusses he's simply having a bad dreammand looks to Rakuro standind up leaving the bandages she hurries over kneeling beside him and the girl "What's wronge with her, did you noticed anything strange before she fell asleep?"

Rakuro shakes his head shortly, not looking to this strange femme but obviously speaking to her, "No, not really.. I wasn't paying attention.. she seemed like she was trying to get up but couldn't, but I figured she might've just gotten up too fast". Concern echoes in his voice, for some reason appearing rather protective of Chloe.. on a backstory related note, the black/blue/white feather attached to the back of his hair sways in the wind, almost as though sharing the concern

Kitzerina's dreams are always nightmares, yet this one seems a bit more poingnant than the others. She feels that she's done this. That she's to blame. Not Erisvan. But.. Perhaps she's always been Erisvan? The flames. The burning. The laughing.. Something in her enjoys this, and she hates that. She loathes it. Out of her mouth comes a yelp and a rowl, fear and anger running together as she bats the air at some invisible cage, perhaps?

Chloe May moves around frantically, almost looking like she's trying to free herself from something. The fur on her bottom body starting to rise on end and herself shaking, the sensation moving higher and higher towards her body, until her chin was rising higher and higher, unable to escape something that wasn't visible to to eye, but she was now shaking all over. She couldn't escape, the Cleric beginning to cough repeatedly, her eyes tightening and water streaming from both.
Chloe May eyes? oo

Marlina Evenstar's features tighten then as her body struggles against some imagined bonds, her sleeping mind halting her from doing anything that might cause her physical harm in the real world, for her movements reflected the bindings that were imposed upon her by the dream. The pathetic half-whimpers still came forth from her, eyes moving franticly beneath tightly closed eyelids.

Rakuro's eyes shift rapidly from Chloe to Sirum and Kitzerina, back to Chloe, then to the femme.. "Do you have -any- idea what's going on? It's like the plague, only too fast.. and they wouldn't all have gotten struck with it, would they?".. his knowledge of diseases is obviously limited at best. He takes his paws away from Chloe and fixes his attention on Rinoko, "Can you do -anything- for them?"

Sirum Hest thrashes about wildly in an attempt to break free of the non-existant bonds that tie him to the dreams flames, rolling away from Kitzerina and over to the common house wall in his movement. Flurries of snowflakes and several other, smaller marble sized drops of water appear around him, as if trying nothing more than to use his power to rid what plagues him. Suddenly, a high-pitch, near deafening to those around him squeak erupts from him, sobbing loudly after.

[#] The seven sleeping Afflicted would lie spawled. What once was a normal sleep becomes fevered. The breathe of each is ragged and gasping; that of an ill furre. Temeratures would rise, and sweat would appear upon the brow of each.

[Lakorin, Kivae, Seo, Faiga, Kitzerina, Solinox, Ruby, Marlina, Rivyn. Those are the ones that took Bloodstained Coins from Si almost exactly a year prior. Somewhere in the world, Lak, Seo, Faiga and Rivyn are feeling confused, I imagine. Chloe got marked because of a... ring? Or spellbook she looted? Si's not responsible for her marking.]

Erk Mendon wakes up to find the tree crowded. o.o "Er...good evening everyfurre..."

Kitzerina doesn't sweat, fyi ^^;;

Rakuro notes for Erk that several of the furres are currently sprawled on the ground looking ill and more or less dying, apparently in a fevered sleep

Rinoko Krew bites her bottem lip still being younge for an elf she's never delt with -anything- like this before "Um....I can try if you can get them up to beds...I'm not sure at all whats going on, I have a very fient idea though"

Ruby Pyralis lets out a faint cry in her sleep, back arching sharply as she begins to break out into a sweat. She fails around a bit, claws digging into the ground around her. She soon makes a violent shudder and groans out, as if in pain.

Erk Mendon realizes everyone is sick O-O, "What in Feanor happened?!"

Kivae doesn't move and thrash as the others, her body still, excepting the vibrating shivers that roll and twitch down her spine, and the clenching of her hands. A strangled whimper escapes, quiet and muffled as she curls into a compact ball.

Rakuro shakes his head shortly, "I can't get them -all- into beds. Besides, the ground is probably cleaner then the beds ever will be. Isn't there something that you can do now? I can get just about anything you need, just ask!".. a faint note of desperation creeps into his voice, eyes mirroring a sort of helplessness in the face of this situation

Chloe May pushes her body forwards, her muzzle moving on some sort of slow motion. Rushing tears ran past her cheeks, dampening her fur while they rushed to the ground. She was going crazy, and seemed posessed, her middle body swinging it's self all over the place, and her head following in motion.

Kitzerina lies there steaming slightly. If her temperature gets feverish, she's probably near 130 degrees Fahrenheit - hot enough to scald those who touch her. Her paws frantically bat at herself, like she's coated in fleas. And Primes know, fleas suck. Only in this case, they munch. And as her mind drifts down into a painful hell reserved for only Erisvan's annoyances, She manages a wailing sound. Uncanny in it's effect, and sudden - a plea for help. Her screem falls silent, no echo of it reflects upon the ethereal chambers of her mind. To those watching, her mouth opens and closes suddenly. Silently. A mute roar when all other words have failed.

Sirum Hest begins to huff quietly and rapidly in his rest, no longer thrashing about but pressting himself against the cool wall in the shade of the tree. The sweat does little to bother him in his dream, as he is already under the impression that he is surrounded on all sides by pillars of raging flames. "K.. Kiz.. K.. Kiv... ... h.. he.. .. lp.. m.. meee...", after managing out in mumbles what he is screaming within his dream he returns to doing little other than whimpering loudly.

Erk Mendon looks around, thinking aloud, "What to do what to do what to do...Water might help them but not Kitzerina..." He pulls his head-fur, trying to think of an idea.

Ruby Pyralis suddenly goes entirely limp, still groaning out in pain, soon becoming rather noisey. Soon, she begins to shudder violently before going limp once again, never stopping her painful groans.

[#] Each and every one of the afflicted would give out their final throws, and within the corner of their own mind, in their nightmare, each one would finally succumb their individual, fated death. The nightmare would shatter, and plunge each into a dark nothingness. Though not dead in the world of the waking, each Husk would still, taking on an unpleasant, feverish sleep.

Rakuro rolls off his knees onto the balls of his footpaws, straightening up in one smooth gesture. His paws already beginning to rise. With a good deal of concentration and what appears to be an almost painful bending of his pawdigits, he summons to his palms two orbs of water [2/2]

Marlina Evenstar is still within the crumbling walls of the fort, struggling more vividly now as she grows further emersed in her dreamworld reality. All alone as the whimpers continue to make themselves known throughout the walls, before a sudden unearthly scream makes itself heard throughout the garrison as it's creator succumbs to her dream-dealt death.

Ruby Pyralis suddenly comes to a halt in her groaning, making a sort of choking sound before she falls silent, once again gone limp.

Taereal's ears twitch backward toward the fort as he looks back, then looks forward again, an expression of utter bafflement plastering his face.

Erk Mendon's eyes widen, "Uhh...Rakuro...t-they aren't......aren't...are they?"

Kitzerina does in fact go limp. Her last hurrah in wooting it up for the unconscious. ^^;

Rakuro's concentration is abruptly broken by Marlina's scream, his ears flattening back against his skull.. his head swings around, the two orbs of water still remaining attached to his palms.. "What was -that?!-"... he shuts his eyes against a sudden overload of emotion and says shortly, "No, but Erk, do whatever this lady tells you. Paladin, you as well. Make sure these people are well taken care of while I go make sure that wasn't one of our own"

Chloe May rises her chest, bringing in a deep breath, breathing it out, as if you'd just given birth. She continued giving these loud, deep breathes, but a slight smile was seen on her face, as her body drooped down, feeling pretty heavy from what she'd just been through, herself now resting peacefully, but, only showing some signs of life.

Rakuro's arm swings towards Erk, one of the blobs of water floating wobbily towards him, "Use this if you have to". With that, he quickly bolts towards the fort in pursuit of the scream, not even waiting for a response

Sirum Hest begins gibbering unintelligbly within his final moments as he begins to truely die inside the dream. Though the words are his final thoughts and screams, they never make it out ('Please don't let me die'/'Just a bit longer with Kizzy and Kivae, that's all I want!'), before suddenly collapsing back and onto the grass, head tilting off to the side.

[ Game Master's eye whispers, "[+10 exp.]" to you. ]

[Good RP EXP was something that always made you feel all warm and fuzzy when the DM whispered you it.]

Erk Mendon nods and takes the water blobs. Staring at Rinoko, if that's the "lady"
Taereal is still quite confused, though he nods to Rakuro, nonetheless. He looks toward Rinoko, assuming Rakuro meant her. He steps forward and looks to her in inquery.

Kivae continues shaking, curling more tightly, with her arms squeezing her legs to the point that tender bruises begin to form. Then, a long, haggard sigh, as if the breath of it was simply being drawn from her lungs, discontent to stay there. Her body relaxes, limbs sliding limply away.

Kitzerina would not be cuddling with Sirum. That's the true indication that there is something desperately wrong. Well, that and the fact that she's burning up, steaming slightly, and generally completely unconscious.

[#] [Marked. Follow me. For all intensive purposes, the bodies are still on the floor as they are, and would not change.]
[#] [For those of you awake, the sleeping bodies are: Chloe, Sirum, Kivae, Kitzerina, and Ruby around the tree, and Marlina in the fort.]

[I never bothered to ask what everyone in the fort were doing while we were asleep. Perhaps Path made everyone fight our possessed bodies? Mn... no one else would remember these days.]

(You enter the dream of Game Master's eye.)

Kitzerina just walked into Threads of Fate. []
Sirum Hest is in a black void. []
Sirum Hest ... the loading screen. Which fits the situation. x) []
Game Master's eye waits for Chloe[]
Game Master's eye: [Thar be Chloe.]
[#] [Everyone loaded?]
You say, "[[I think...]"
You say, "[I remember this from a long while back.]"
Kitzerina needs to ask one question.
You say, "[Doesn't this lead to two two puzzles and at the end a floating and lowering item?]"
Kitzerina: [the black. Deep cavernous nothing? Or walls.]

[Kitz is still traumatized from her hallway/pit incident back in the end of 2003. Will she ever see black tiles the same way ever again?]

Game Master's eye: [Black, deep cavernous nothing. Don't fall into it.]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[You make it sound like Wild Arms. o.o]" to you. ]
Kitzerina: [kk. Yay for Rainbow Road.]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Kay. She'll stab you, but that's nothing new. =P]" to you. ]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Ack]" to you. ]
Ruby Pyralis: [Is that from mario Kart?]
Marlina Evenstar: [Quiet people, you have a chat, use it. :-P]
You say, "[We're waiting on an emit, I think. :P]"

[#] Each of the Afflicted would awaken to the same surroundings, viewing one another with some measure of surreality... Equipment and weapons were gone, leaving only the most basic of clothing with each; be it a frock, a Tunic, or undergarments. The pain from each individual death would echo within the minds of each, growing dimmer to the reality, but never truly fading. The platform seems crafted of a deep, cold and purplish crystal; not all to dissimilar from the pulsating pylons suspended amongst the blackened void beyond the pathway.

[There were five women on this quest and only one Sirum, who barely even counted as a guy. What better opportunity to get everyone in their underwear, eh?]

Ruby Pyralis slowly opens her eyes, blinking them a few times before she grumbles something along the lines of, "I thought hell had more fire in it..." Before slowly sitting up, still shaking from the pain that was so real. She looks back a bit and notices her wings are still there, flapping them a few times.

Chloe May finds herself in the position that she'd been in before she fell to the ground and into a deep sleep. Looking around slowly, she took in sight of what her surroundings were, not having much to near a clue of what in The Primes was going on. Finally, taking into fact that this was real, she gently pushed herself up, noticing the other furres and demon, and half-furre. "Wh-Where a-are we..?" She blinked to herself.

[#] [At this point it would be unapparent that they were in a nightmare. It would be as if they'd just woken up. An Int check DC 20 is required to realize that the world is a dream.]

[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d20+1 & gets 7.
[*] Chloe May rolls 1d20 & gets 6.
Ruby Pyralis can't pass it. ^^
[*] Kitzerina rolls 1d10+8 & gets 14.
[*] Kivae rolls 1d20+1 & gets 6.

[Yep, we're all dumb as rocks. 'cept Kizzy. It's great that she's smart, she can know enough stuff for all of them.]

Sirum Hest remains huddled up into a ball on the ground for several minutes, head ducked beneath an arm to try and block out the rest of the world and sounds around him, as if the things next to him might be the shadowy figures that were the ones watching him burn to death. "K-Kizzy, Kivvy, p-please d-don't leave me here... n-not alone... w-with them...", apparently thinking he is in the dream weave where Canti had departed to.

Kivae remains on the floor, her cheek pressed against it, and eyes wide. She seems to be staring blankly before her. Slowly, she breathes in, uncertainly. Her hands move across it, nails pressing into it as if attempting clutch to the realness of it. Her voice is a drifting whisper, with a, atypical to her normal tones, quaver to it. "S.. Sirum? 's that.. you?"

Kitzerina shivers. It's kind of chilly in the netherworld. She blinks a few times. Perhaps she was dreaming? No.. It seemed too real to be a dream. Her voice cracks - at least she could hear herself speak. "H-hello?" She wonders if what she hears is Sirum, if she could hear in the dread silence. "W-where am I? Si-si? Anyone?" A singular thought flashes into her mind - perhaps Erisvan got her again. Perhaps this is some stupid game.

Ruby Pyralis soon realizes there is -nothing- behind her, scampering forward so she nearly trips over Sirum, instead just bumping into him. She then becomes quite confused. She supresses her shivering and asks lowly, "...Sirum?"

Sirum Hest's ears perk at the voices around him, whiskers twitching suspiciously for a few second before he raises his arm to peer around the area blankly, eyes widened in the shock. This didn't quite appear like what he thought would be the dream weave, nor did it appear anything like the hell he had been to. As Ruby nears him, he leans over to latch onto his leg for a moment as if to keep himself grounded near her, though quickly enough after he scurries over to Kitzerina to wrap his arms around her. "Kizzy! I thought I'd lost ya an'... I thought... I was never gonna see ya again. T-There was this fire an'... an'...", trailing off into whimpers. Regressed at the sight of the large display of fire magic, as always.

[#] [By the way. It is up to your OOC discession what your character would be wearing at this point. Essentially whatever form of pajamas, or relaxed / not-for-public clothing.]
[#] [Keeping in mind that we're trying very hard not to break any rating rules!]

Chloe May steps forward once, falling back just as quick, hearing her footsteps. Once sure she had recieved her balance back, she took a look around the confided area, in which all the people rested and sat. She silently thought, what was linking them together, why were only these people stranded in this, glowing, unatural world? ..Then, taking a better look at herself, she noticed her oversized pink frock, which frilled at ends, and which she wore to bed, gasping in the shock that people could see her bedwear, how ever, it was something you'd expect a grandmother to wear.

[... thank god it was Chloe and not Amerie here.]

Ruby Pyralis, in any case, isn't wearing her cloak and is wearing simply her shirt and pants. Thinking she is dead anyway, she doesn't even get suspicious over this. As Sirum scampers off, she simply crosses her legs and looks around, "This is definately -not- the hell I know."

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Need an update on what's happened since my internet killed me?]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[We're here, lacking our items, dressed in whatever we want.]" to Marlina Evenstar. ]

[#] [Rating rules, meaning that if its bordering / is inappropriate. Don't go into detail. Kthx.]

Sirum Hest is wearing what he always wears, minus the cloak. A tunic and pair of pants. Anything else was a restriction of movement. (:

Kitzerina gleeps, lucky that she doesn't sleep in the nude. ^^;; "Si-si?" She says, turning to him, and scootching away from the edge of nothing so that she doesn't get knocked in. "Why are you here? Erisvan got you too?!" Her eyes widen appreciably, but her rational mind kicks in. "No. That's not right. Erisvan wouldn't grab you.. What was that about Fire? I saw you burning.. It was like I had did it. But.. " She should pull an Emrys here. :-P
Kitzerina sleeps ina pair of light bloomers and a thin shirt.
Kitzerina is sezzy ^^

[#] A faint twinge of pain lapses through the marks, newly burned onto the back of each furre's neck.

Marlina Evenstar forced herself backwards into her own little corner of the new realm, quite certain that this was some new torment, with the firm belief that she was just killed. Rocking herself back and forth slowly as she mutters to herself, most evidently not acting like her normal self.
Marlina Evenstar is modestly dressed, though the clothing is a white silk, not quite fitting her normal character, though adequate for her current persona.

Sirum Hest can't help but wonder why they've never done anything, then--forget that thought, don't want to give Kitzerina any ideas. <.<; He buries his face into Kitzerina's fur as if to hide away and shakes his head, tail wrapping about her leg to ensure that he doesn't get seperated from her. "I-I'm not sure... I-I think... t-thought... I was dead but... yer here so I-I can't be. A-An' I'm sure y-ya wouldn't do that to me, Kizzy. P-Please lets jus' get outta t-this place. I-I wanna g-go back home."

Chloe May, somewhat feels easier, as everyone else was unfittingly dressed, a slight smile placed on her face, a quick recovery to the nightmares she had, although Chloe was the type to put on a smile, even if it wasn't there for a reason. Looking around once more, she let out a rather loud, "Ah!" Both paws grabbing onto the back of her neck, and her knees falling forward and banging into the cold, hard floor.

Kivae sits up, arms shaking as she does so. Garbed in the same knee-ripped pants, and her older, small cotton shirt. She watches Sirum and Kitzi a moment, then starts to pull herself forward.. a hug did not sound horrible, right now.. but she stops. Hand instinctively reaches for a pocket that's not there, and a comforting pookie, missing. Her shivers return, and she hardly notices the pain.

Ruby Pyralis remains in her indian-style position, turning to look at Marlina. She looks aboutt o say something before she cringes and grabs the back of her neck.

Sirum Hest also, then, unwraps an arm from around her to clasp onto the back of his neck, cringing. "N-Nooo!", assuming that the flames were still upon him.
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Kitzerina slowly, gently, takes Sirum's arm down from where he'd flung it. "Si-si. I don't think we're dead. 'Cause when you're dead you can't talk to furres. You become one with the dreamweave. So if we're not dead, we're somewhere else. I dunno where."

Chloe May cringes, the pain rushing to her shins, feeling the blood weigh her legs down, her fur would have a job of concealing purple marks tomorrow, if of course, she ever gets out of this place.. Taking some attention away from herself, she slowly noticed what everyone had in common, a pain in the neck? .. What does that mean?

[#] There would be no trace of physical harm on any of the Afflicted. No singed fur, no lacerated flesh, no burst lungs. It would all be as a memory.

Marlina Evenstar is not deaf, though her actions represent a somewhat dazed individual, and as the pain effectts her neck, her mind clears somewhat and she listens to the properly rational explanation proposed by Kitzerina. Though some aspects of it varied from her own beliefs, the sheer fact that she was there, was what convinced her. For were this some self-imposed hell, she would have picked someone slightly more intimidating, or one she knew better as a representation. Thus she falls silent and stops her rocking.

Sirum Hest shakes slowly as his paw is taken away from the burning mark on the back of his neck, chewing on his bottom lip nervously. In all appearances, it seemed as if he were exactly as he was during the corruption of the Six-Star after being nearly shredded by the group. Though only a pawfull of furres had seen him at the crypt those days. "T-The dreams... they were like... l-like a long while ago. Back when those marks first appeared. T-There were all those gray shapes back then in them t-too... y-ya remember, r-right, Kizzy?"

Ruby Pyralis, once the pain ceased, looks past Sirum and Kitzerina toward the rest of the 'ground.' She slowly gets to her feet and takes a few careful steps around the two, kneeling again to inspect the ground.

Kivae glances to the floor, her hand clenching around nothing. "Wha..whatever it is, I don't want to st..stay." She presses her other hand to the floor, as if reassuring herself of it's existence, and solidity. She says no more, still taking slow, hesitant breathes.

Kitzerina notes that the feeling of pain is not stored in memory, either. Only the event o.o; She nods. "I know.. it was kind of creepy, because it seemes so real. My memories of Erisvan are real.. but they seem fogger.. You were burning.. and then.." She winces, panfully, recalling the bizaare sensation of being eaten alive. "It was.. bad. What are we gonna do?"

Marlina Evenstar next of course shifts her gaze downwards to what she was wearing before giving a noticeable shudder. Slowly she brings herself to a standing position, turning about still in a relatively dazed manner as she takes in first the blackness, then the others. She seems about to say something, but falls silent at the last moment.

[#] [This RP will take as long as it needs to. Don't feel any rush. If we run on late, and you're still asleep, the Dream will resume Saturday :-) So take your time and try to get into it.]

Ruby Pyralis finally takes in once last shaky breath before she calms herself, looking toward the rest of the group, "So, any ideas on where we are or why we're the only ones here... or how to get out."

Chloe May places a paw behind her, using it as a form of rest, while she unfolded her legs, trying to let the blood flow through, feeling some relaxation in this. "I-Is e-everyone alright..?" She winces, looking down once. "A-are you all here, too?" She found herself asking odd questions, which more so suited this odd world.
Kitzerina notes that there is an RP on Sat and Sunday dealing with Jon.

Game Master's eye notes the quest probably won't run over. So if it does, it'd be a relatively short RP.[]

[Path usually liked knocking quests out in a day, if he could. Mainly in the concern that the same group wouldn't be around on both days. Meanwhile... I had all the time in the world. We can go an entire weekend if all you guys wanna do is RP in a new location. We only left my quest maps when the characters felt like going home. x3]

Sirum Hest cringes as Kitzerina begins detailing the same dream he had just had, shaking his head hastily. "P-Please stop... d-don't b-bring it up, K-Kizzy... i-it's...", trailing off into little more than whimpers once again, paying little attention to everyone else in the room. After a while, though, he weakly manages to get up to his footpaws, staring down at the oddly colored floor. "Not even sure if I'm still asleep... or not... j-jus' wanna wake up or get outta here. Lets leave this place... a-as fast as we can... w-where's an exit?"

Marlina Evenstar shakes her head then violently, and with the gesture comes a small measure of composure, though something still nagged at her mind, like a papercut under the fingernail, both small and hideously annoying. Stumbling forth a half step she makes her first words since arriving, "Whe..." She pauses for a few moments as she notes the shaky tone to her voice, before continuiing on in a marginally better manner, "Where are we?"

Kitzerina's eyes narrow, and she stands up. "Waitasecond." She needs a bit of trust here - something is paining her neck, and her senses are being torn. She's convinced that there's something behind this - Erisvan probably - as the evil powers that be shouldn't care about her. "Tell me something Erisvan wouldn't know.. Sirum.. I want to make sure you're you, and not some shade meant to lead me to a bad place." She looks at Sirum angrily, but she doesn't mean it, if Sirum is really him.

Chloe May lets some air escape from her nose, running her paws over her legs, messaging them a bit, while her frilly frock was risen a bit, but the continuous layers of frills stopped anyone from seeing anything. Wincing a bit, she tried to get herself up, her legs beginning to feel slightly numb. Even though her questions weren't answered, she had a feeling these people were here, because they were, afterall, interacting. Silently standing still, she waited for others to make a move.

Kivae glances towards Chloe, as if it was a welcome release from the floor, or Sirum and Kizzy. "I'm not al." She winces, and wishes a painful death on that lingering shake to her voice, "alright.. But I'm here.." Her hand curls into a fist, again. "Are you?" Her eyes flick towards what is the only path away, then towards Kizzy. She manages a small frown. "Of course he's Sirum.. he's right there.." She trails away, starting to shake a little.

Ruby Pyralis soon starts to become impatient with the rest of the group, getting her feet, "We can ask where we are all day but no one knows the answer. I say the only way out is to -move-."

Kitzerina: b.. but what if he isn't Si-si.. and what if you're not Kivvy? What if you're all here to make me think I'm not really here wherever that is, and just willingly go and join her?" She's agitated slightly, and for good reason.

Sirum Hest takes on a surprise appearance at Kitzerina's angry look towards him, stumbling backwards along the path defensively. He hadn't gotten a look like that from her in quite a while, "O-Of course I'm Sirum... w-we went to that stream on the Scarhawk an'...", eartips reddening despite the current situation he was in. At least embarrasing thoughts were better than horrifying ones, at the moment. "P-Please believe me, Kizzy."

Kitzerina: What did we do, Si-si?" She asks pointedly, purposely thinking the wrong answer so just in case someone was probing her mind. If nothing else, and if this was real, then the nasty rumours would be quenched ^^;

Marlina Evenstar glances about her then suddenly for no apparent reason, though evidently satisfying herself about some particular manner as she edges forward, "Right... The Demon's right, if we're not dead..."

Kivae stares back, her tail's speed of lashes increasing. "Of course he's Sirum." she repeats, "He has to be because everyone is here, and, and, he is too.. and we're here.." She stops, as if not quite understanding herself. She wobbles to her feet.

Chloe May brushes some blonde headfur out of her face, her insecurities of being in bedwear coming back around. "C-Can w-we go..? W-we won't getr anywhere standing around, mind aswell try.." She smiles weakly and crosses her arms, looking around, a bit nervous of what could be awaiting ahead..

Ruby Pyralis rolls her eyes and glares sharply at Sirum and Kitzerina, "Stop this nonsense and let's get going while we still have -some- sanity."

Sirum Hest grins sheepishly and stares down at the floor, slowly coming out of the regression. Kitzerina had that kind of effect on him. "We er... got the blood off of yer clothes, ya? But anyways... right." He then stares around thoughtfully at the room, the thoughts of being roasted alive attempting to be blocked off by the defense mechanism of his mind that was to try and erase such things. ^^; "Is there anythin' else ya need to ask, Kizzy?"

[See! Nothing happened! Si is a proper little gentleman!]

Ruby Pyralis opts to wait for the two to stop bickering and looks over the side of the... ground. She squints a bit, shivering slightly as it reminded her of the hole she fell in during her dream. She swallows wearily and then takes a deep breath, looking straight ahead again.

Kitzerina giggles and rushes to Sirum, giving him a big hug. "It is you! I'm so sorry about that. I thought you were a doppleganger or something horrible. I'll never doubt you again. I love you!" She squishes him and then lets go. "I just worried that you were like made by Erisvan.. and you'd have said that we did stuff, and.. well, you know." She blushes redly, facing away from the crowd, and whispering the last part.

Marlina Evenstar mutters various things under her breath, though they might as well be in a differant language for all the sense they bear with them. The ranger's gaze also drifts down the path before them, though she seems curiously reluctant to move without the group about her.

Chloe May looks around nervously, her crossed arms tightening. Her foot tapped gently against the ground, the reality that she was on a platform that was pretty small, was inching in on her. Noticing Kitzi's movement, Chloe ran off to catch up with her, having to get out of that square.

Sirum Hest's eartips merely go a brighter red at the whispered part, laughing nervously as he hugs her back. "No need to apologize, I'm not mad, it's jus'... got kinda worried there for a second. An' I love ya too, Kizzy.", planting a kiss on her cheek before he realizes something. "Before we try to find the exit to... whatever in Faenor this is... erm... ... ...why are most of ya wearin' yer bedclothes?"

Marlina Evenstar simply shrugs, not feeling up to the task of going further then that simple gesture.

Kivae's arms cross, in more of a self-hug than anything. "Please.." not often heard from her, "let's just.. get out.." One arm pulls away, the hand brushing hair over her face, instead of away from it. "I want to go home, now.."

Kitzerina smiles. "'Cause they are comfy! Or so I've led myself to believe." She takes that moment to tighten the drawstrings on her bloomers, so that they don't fall down. I don't think we're on Feanor, Si-si." She grimaces, pondering where they actually could be. "Where are we going?" She asks this aloud to anyone, but mostly to Si-si, 'cause she'd follow him to the ends of Feanor, off to the Plane of Radiance, and back through the Plane fo Shadow if he'd asked.

Sirum Hest nods to Kivae and releases Kitzerina from the hug after planting a kiss on her muzzle, padding further down the thin road that was the groups exit. "Sure thing, Kivae. Jus' tryin' to figure out where exactly we were to get home from, is all. An' why everyone seems so... weird." He hestitates then, peering off into the blackness and off to one of the crystals. "Two paths to choose from, an' not a clue to which either leads. Anyone have any idea on which to pick?"

Kivae glances off the edge of the floor, and then away again with a wince. ".. The wider one?"

Ruby Pyralis heads forward a bit after the mouse, crossing her arms. She looks from side to side uneasily, though tries to keep her gaze from looking beyond the floor.

Kitzerina would flip a coin, but has none. "Well, we could play rock paper scissors. Rock is left, Paper is right, Scissors is left."

Chloe May breathes.. calmly, ready to break out any time soon, because being on a narrow path with no barriers was making her over nervous. "I-I really want to get out of here.." She swallows, looking around a bit.

Marlina Evenstar rubs at the back of her neck for several moments before realizing just what she's doing and dropping her hand. She doesn't make a suggestion for which way to go, and for all appearances looked distinctly unsure of herself already.

Sirum Hest considers both paths for a short while before shaking his head, nose wrinkling. "I'm not gonna risk anyone fallin' off the narrow path, there's nothin' to hold onto if we were to slip. Lets jus' take the wider, then if there's nothin' down it we come back. Um... oh! Or we could jus' use Kizzy's idea. Either is fine.", laughing weakly. Now entirely back to normal, it would appear.

Kitzerina simply follows Sirum. She's not going to argue at all about anything. "You're right Si-si. I don't even ant to think what's at the bottom, if there even is a bottom." With a few jaunty japes, she's back at her boyfurre's side, letting him led the group, as he's obvioulsy the most qualified.

Ruby Pyralis continues forward, mouthing a few words to herself as she still avoids looking toward the sides. She soon stops and looks toward Si and Kitz, "Are we going or not? Don't just stand there."

Marlina Evenstar might question those qualifications, were she not horribly mucked up in the head, thus she merely follows after the others, back to her new-found habit of muttering quietly. Something needed to shoot at her... Again the furtive glances about her, real frightening at the moment in her silk nightclothes... Yep.

Kivae skiters after Sirum, hand reaching out a moment, then dropping to her side. She avoids looking to the sides. "Keep going..?" She glances over the shoulder to the wider 'room.'

Chloe May follows on after the two, not having much say in where to go, as she had not a clueth herself. Trying her best not to look down, she tstayed in the middle, feeling most uncomfortable.

Sirum Hest claps his paws together once and nods, idly glancing down to either one as he realizes that the both of his rings were missing. Odd. Especially since one of them had an extra little magical anti-thievery resistance enchantment on it. No matter, he would deal with it once he was free from this hell. "Was jus' makin' sure no one had any arguments against it, Kivvy." With that, he spins about and pads off, making sure to wait for the others as he goes.

[Ah, that's right. Si had Rak put Popback enchantments on his daggers and his ring. So he could throw his daggers as much as he wanted, and his ring wasn't ever getting farther than ten feet from him. He paid, what, 2-3k gold for it? Ain't no one swipin' that.]

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[What's Sirum's Dex now?]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[+5 >>]" to Marlina Evenstar. ]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Hah! No.. Wait. >.>]" to you. ]

Ruby Pyralis begins to mutter to herself something along the lines of, "Don't look down."

Chloe May notices a piece of floor, which was much wider than the path, moving slowly towards it.. Then quickening her pace the closer she got, finally letting out a sigh of relief. Looking upwards towards the crystal-like building infront of them. "Th-This place.. Sure is weird.." The fact she'd been wearing a silly frock had completely slipped from her mind.

Kivae seems to be attempting to move while never actually lifting her feet from the ground. She stares intently at the backs of Sirum's footpaws as she moves, tail occasionally throwing a spastic fit.

Sirum Hest pauses at what appears to be a gigantic building, leaning forward to run a paw along the walls of it gently. "It's so beautiful... like one gigantic crystal palace." After a few moments, he quickly shakes his head to focus his thoughts and frowns. "Who would live in a place like -this-?"

Ruby Pyralis slowly continues forward until she is on a thicker piece of the floor, wings quivering behind her. Upon seeing what appears to be a building in front of the group, she immediately begins to move forward, "If it's solid in there go -in in in-." Seeming quite anxious to get away from the black abyss.

Chloe May blinks, running a paw over the oddly shaped home. "Y-Yeah.. It is quite pretty.." She smiles a bit, imagining what the inside must be like.. Turning around, she faced the rest of the group and awaited any decisions that were going to be made.

Kivae shrugs, suppressing further shivers, as she edges away from the ends of the floor, closer in with the group. "Knock, and we'll find out.. There's floor inside, isn't there?"

Kitzerina crosses slowly, using her kitty-dexterity to not fall to her untimely doom. "Erf. I... going.. to fall.." She's not. She's being a dramaqueen. By the time she reaches the palace, she stops and sits for a bit, enough away from the edge to feel safe. "I wonder who it belongs to."

[#] The afflicted eventually come to a narrowing of the passage. A wide wall blocked by a crystaline golem lies at the end of the path. The statue is rigid and lifeless.

Marlina Evenstar blinks owlishly for several moments as she takes in the new structure, before again halting her muttering. In an almost forgotten reflex, over what had seemed an eternity of suffering such small thing were easily forgotten, she had reached for her shortsword, only to find it in abscence.

Chloe May, of course, must not have noticed the crystaline figure blocking the door, jumping a bit as she turned to face the entrance. Calming herself down, she began to lightly touch the figure. "Th-This is kinda pretty.. B-But, it's a golem.."

Ruby Pyralis, in that case, glares at the golem, "Damnit! Thing looks solid." She looks back, "Anyone want to..." She swallows a bit, "Go back to on the other path?"

Sirum Hest glances over his shoulder and frowns to the demon, ears drooping. "Forgive me if I don't immediately rush into a place located in what seems to be one big black hole. I don't wanna put anyone in danger here, ya?" After, he leans over to take one of Kitzerina's paws in his own for a moment, smiling weakly. "Ya wouldn't have 'cause I'd have caught ya.", having ICly been in front of her the entire time. (; "We can't go back, this golems jus' in our way. Anyone recognize it? Doesn't remind me of any of Rivyn's pets..."

Kitzerina ponders summoning some goblins to mine the walls.

Sirum Hest <3s.

Ruby Pyralis looks to the void for a moment before turning back around, "What if it -isn't- friendly? We're unarmed and can't have a fight next to giant GAPING HOLE!" Shouting the last words harshly, not at all liking the idea of standing near a giant hole.

Kitzerina squeezes Sirum's paw. "That's cause you're the sweetest most loving wonderful beautiful-heared and handsome furre on Calenndor, Si-si." She mushes. But she's allowed.

Marlina Evenstar shifts uneasily as her attention as well is drawn to the pit before she states rather pointedly, some small attempt at reclaiming what she normally is on such occasions, though naturally falling short... "Why'd you care, you've got wings. We'd fall, you could be comin' back."

[Marl always had the best commentary on quests ICly and OOCly.]

Ruby Pyralis shudders at Marlina's words, having a certain amount of pride and not going to outright admit she is friggen' terrified, "What good would that do me if you're all dead?"

Kivae doesn't seem to mind the shout, her ears actually raising, as if she welcomed some noise. She makes no faces at the two, glancing over her shoulder for the duration of the mush. "Maybe there's a password to get it to move.. but we could go back, too.."

Sirum Hest's tail gives an irritated flick at Ruby's shouting, scowling at her. "If ya wanna fly back an' look around the other path, go ahead an' do it. Then come back here an' tell us whatcha see. Screamin' at everyone isn't helpin' any of us a bit. Stay calm an' maybe we'll find the exit of this place soon, ya? ... An' if it's not friendly, we can always go back down the path, it doesn't look like it could fit on the walkway, anyways." With that, he lightly reaches forward to place a paw onto the golem, murmuring quietly. "All I knows it's in our way... but if we can't get it to move... we'll go ahead an' go back. Ya?"

[#] As the golem is touched, the creature stirrs, its eyes flaring to life.

Ruby Pyralis shakes her head, "I am not flying anywhere." Though not giving a reason. She turns around carefully and looks past Marlina, "And I am not doing anything alone. We have no idea what's around here."

Chloe May yawns, blinking a few times. "I-I really hope it's friendly, I-I'm not in a very comfortable position." She looks around worridly, scritching on a paw lightly. Taking a notice to the Golem's eyes, she jumps back a bit, emitting a light 'Ah!'.

Marlina Evenstar assumes a dry sort of voice, again taking on for only a few moments, her normal attitude, "Why would yeh be carin' what happens to us.. Yer kind aren't exactly known for being so sentimental... 'Less you're scared?" Barbed comment, yessiree.

Kivae's legs jerk, but she refrains from jumping back (and off the edge), even as twitchy as she's being. She stares at the creature, and asks, with a hint of 'I-don't-know-why-I'm-even-trying' in her voice. ".. Move?"

[#] The golem steps back through the doorway in a single, wide step. It vanishes into the darkness.

Sirum Hest bites down on his bottom lip as the golem comes to life, glancing over at everyone in his way with a look that severely implies 'GO!'. As he does so, he freezes perfectly still, murmuring quietly up to the golem. "I'm sorry... w-we... didn't mean to... disturb ya--...", trailing off as it vanished. "...what in the Primes name? It jus'... moved?"

Ruby Pyralis doesn't see said golem, as she isn't facing it. She raises a brow at Marlina, "You're not one to be saying anything about me, Marlina. You don't have a very clean record yourself." She turns a bit at the commotion over the golem.

Chloe May smiles a bit, placing a paw to her heart. "Y-Yay.. It moved..!" She smiles, looking around a bit. "But.. Should we go in..?" Blinking a few times.

Kivae blinks, but recovers quickly, staring after it for a only a moment. She gives Sirum the lightest of possible pushes on his shoulder. Pointing to the darkness, "Is there a floor in there..?"

Marlina Evenstar mutters something along the lines of "And yer a hellspawned demon..." As she attempts to push her way past, though not roughly as it didn't help her all that much either if pepople started falling off. Evidently trying to get away from the pit of nothing below her, and the door representing such salvation.

Sirum Hest pads forward and leans in an inch or so, peering off into the room blankly. "It's kind of hard to tell, but if the golem went in there, there must be. So lets follow it, the only other way is back where we came from." He then experimentally takes a step inward.

Ruby Pyralis narrows her eyes at Marlina, "I don't even know if I always was one, so just shut your filthy mouth." Before continuing in.

Sirum Hest, under the assumption that Kitzerina had stayed with the group, continues on it a bit further, crossing his arms up behind his head so that one of them was resting along the burning area behind his neck before. Back to the group, he calls, "Fightin' an' bickerin' isn't gonna help any of us. Primes, I swear, it's like the lot of ya wanna rip each other to pieces instead of helpin' each other outta this place." His words obviously only directed at Marlina and Ruby. He continues forward a bit, then adds. "...bookshelves... chairs? Tables? Is this somefurres home?"

Ruby Pyralis grunts at Sirum, muttering to herself as she knows Marlina is the one who started it. xP

Marlina Evenstar falls silent, not really having the heart at the moment to continue in her normal insult flinging matter. Complacent once more, she steps after the rodent, seriously wishing she had a crossbow, or even a decent sized stick, anything that might be used as a weapon.

Sirum Hest, assuming anyone has fifty levels of druid, can be used via Mouse Mastery.

Kivae notes that got removed. :-(

[Well, there went Kiv's reason to grind to Archdruidess. No wonder Tarani wasn't interested in going past level 1.]

Chloe May makes a few steps in, looking around curiously. It seemed to be full of more crystals, the owner must be a fan of expensive things, as this wouldn't come cheap. Following a bit after Sirum, she listens to what he has to sa and ponders a bit. "W-What kind of person would live h-here? They much be most fortunate money wise.." She looks around a bit more, taking a few steps forwards.

Kivae glances around, her ears lowering. "Where'd the golem go..?" Continuing her never lift your feet shuffle, she moves after him. "Maybe it is.."

Game Master's eye: [Where's Kitz?]
Kivae: [Afk.]
You say, "[AFK for a bit.]"
You say, "[ICly with us.]"

Sirum Hest shrugs lightly back to the groups questions, answering them as he moves to pull out a book from the bookshelf and skim through it, to see what its contents were and what language it was in. "From the looks of it... this is some mages little world. Like that world Kitzibeth took a few of us to. ... Come to think of it... the last thing I remember was gettin' drowsy in Caeseal. Ya don't suppose some mage took us all here for whatever reason...?"

Ruby Pyralis looks toward Sirum, "You too?" Then looking around at the rest of the group, "What happened to everyone else before they got here?

[#] Six chests lay in a row before the most elevated chair.

You say, "[What does the book say, though?]"
[ You whisper "[He's pulling out a random one to flip through. :P]" to Game Master's eye. ]

[#] Upon trying to touch the books, one would touch something akin to canvas, reaching into what would appear to be an elaborately painted cloth... Behind the cloth, no real substance can be felt.

Kivae's arms again wrap about her torso, half-folded. "That wouldn't explain the.. the before.. And where is the mage, if he brought us here?" She continues glancing around uneasily. "I don't see it.. thought the golem stepped in here.." She raises her eyebrows, at seeing the chests.. "Maybe that's our stuff.." She steps towards them, but remains a good foot away, holding her elbows, and glancing unsurely towards the others.

Chloe May notices the six boxes resting comfortably infront of the altered chair. Taking a few small steps towards them, she knealt down, her shins feeling painful, it wasn't too comfortable. Nervously, she placed a paw out to open one of the chests.
Chloe May noticed them after Kivi mentioned 'em, and decided to take a look. ^^

Marlina Evenstar mutters a single word as she edges nearer to the chests, growing steadily more composed as minutues tick by as minutes are wont to do... "Nightmares... Then here." Again she rubs her neck in what appears to be an almost nervous gesture, though likely just to relieve the itch beneath her skin, unsuccesfully.

[#] Each box appears identical to the other. As chloe approaches one, she would open it, to discover that it contained all of her clothing and equipment.

Kivae would also like to know if the starry black is just like the void, or looks different.

Sirum Hest jumps back an inch or two at the nothingness, eyes narrowing at the bookshelf. "There's nothin' really there. What is this? All jus' an illusion? Somethin's horrible wrong about this place, an' it's not jus' the blackness an' the floatin' stones." As the others seem to have been distracted by something, he pads over after them though does not reach for a chest. "What's all that?"

Ruby Pyralis looks at Marlina, then twitches her wings a few times, "You too?" Then rubbing her chin as she watched the cleric."

Chloe May blinks, a smile appearing on her face. "H-Hey.. It's my normal clothes.. A-And my mace, and armour..!" She blinks, pawing the items into a grasp, and hugging them a bit. Standing, she approached the others, having no idea how she planned on changing into her clothes. "Tr-Try looking inside the others.. M-Maybe your stuff will be there too.."

Marlina Evenstar seems modeerately surprised as she becomes distracted from the chests by Ruby, "Demon's fear?"

Ruby Pyralis glares at Marlina, "I don't even know of that's what I am, and if it pleases you so much, yes." She then looks over at Chloe and moves forward toward the chests.
Ruby Pyralis... while her player sneezes all over the screen. Eck.

Kivae continues gripping her elbows, and leans towards Chloe. "What is it..?" At the suggestion, she does step forward, kneeling by the next box and beginning to open it. As she does, she murmurs, "Maybe someone did bring us here.. 'n just doesn't know how this stuff works. When we get.. when we get back, we can ask Rakuro if he's ever been here."

Sirum Hest pads into the room to select one of the boxes as well, merely hoping that his things are inside of it and he doesn't end up with Kitzerina's clothing and jewelry. "I wonder who managed to take all of our things from us. Or why they would leave them here, an' not bother leavin' any note." He had began to form suspicions of there being a link between the Scrollkeeper and this place due to the shadowy figures from a long while back and from not too long ago, but he had already attempted to bring that up and was promptly ignored.

[#] On opening a box, each character would find that their own equipment is stored within.

Kitzerina lives ^^

Sirum Hest notes everyone is changing out of their bedclothes and into their normal ones. <3
Sirum Hest ... not really.

Marlina Evenstar again can't work enough effort to actually be malicious at this moment, thus she merely nods, not commenting on it further as she again moves slowly towards the chests. At the moment she found many things odd and her recently tormented mind found all this rather hard to deal with. However, she did open up one of the chests, after getting through those in her way.

Marlina Evenstar: [Sirum would like that... He's the only guy. o.o 'Cept the DM of course.]

[#] [Just keep your posts PG-13.]

Ruby Pyralis continues forward and looks inside the first chest she finds to find her equipment. She simply hefts the whole thing up and continues back toward the thicker floors.

Kitzerina apparently finds her equipment. Sadly, the ring that was stolen by the Tigahrrim was not in the box. Bastards. Looking around, she doesn't find any place to change. But, thinking about it, she realizes she doesn't have to! Flipping oher robe over her shoulders, and slipping her pantaloons on over her bloomers, she simply dresses herself as she normally would. Quick, clean, simple and G-rated.

[Wow, I forgot the Tigahrrim perma-looted the people they took down. The Tigahrrim are literally as bad as Erisvan. ... Good thing Si and Kiv didn't fight them. Pick your battles. Or just bravely run away. Either works.]

Chloe May was not going to take her dress off, she was going to put all her stuff over it, however uncomfortable it would be.. First, she slipped her dress over the frilly layers over the bottom of her frock, making her look puffier than usual. And next, she place corset around her waist, tightening it and finally wrapping a shawl around herself.

Ruby Pyralis sets the chest down and looks through it, happy to find everything in it. First she takes out the chainmail and slips it on over her clothing, though it would usually go under it. She soon takes out her cloak and drapes it around herself, not liking to go without it as she can get quite cold. She then slips on the two rings on the bottom of the chest and grabs her axe, feeling more herself with all her stuff.

Kivae, with a happy, yet muffled 'murr!' hugs the pookie to her chest, while pulling her cloak over her shoulder. Then her wooden chain, over her shirt, for one, and the Eagle's Eye amulet. Her ears twitch as she finishes, and she is reminded of her search for the path of the golem. Avoiding looking at the others, she glances over the other side of the room. "How did we all pick just the right ones..?"

[That pookie Si had Rivyn help him make over a year earlier, prior to the Harle Card quest. It survived that quest, it survived the exile from Ansteorra and so many other things. I don't believe Kitz loved anyof her pookies as much as Kiv loved that thing.]

Sirum Hest's only articles of clothing he needs to retrieve from the chest his cloak and belt, which he promptly puts into place, accompanied by his daggers, quiver, rings and bow. "Ah... there we go. All back to normal now.", squeaking out happily before he moves to sit on the stool behind him. "Well... we have our things back an' now I'm pretty sure we're in jus' one big illusionary maze. None of the books are real, at least, so where do we go from here, aside from the other path--", pausing at Kivae's words. "...maybe all of our equipment an' clothin' is illusions too? Even though they all feel solid enough."

Chloe May is glad she didn't take off the frock underneath, if these were illusions. oo

Ruby Pyralis notes that would be quite comical. xD

[#] A sensation of tugging begins to eminate from the starry void beneath them, as if the floors were slanting in all directions towards the pit...

Kitzerina squeaks, as she seems to topple slightly. "The floor's moving! Si-si!" Shouting and grabbing at him is the only sane course of action she knows. Of course, that's not going to help the situation any, but perhaps Sirum's got a plan. A good plan, 'cause they're all about to disorient themselves into a pit.

Ruby Pyralis isn't above the starry void. Bwahah.

Kivae seeing no golem, sits on the ground, pookie still in an iron-like girp to her face. "And, there were more people around when we fell asle.." Trailing off as it slants. She doesn't scoot back, that being just as bad, but wraps her free arm tightly about the pole beside her. Clinging.

Marlina Evenstar gathers up her assorted equipment, moving back across that little alley whereupon with proper haste and lack of discretion she changes her clothing, not at all pleased with silk anyways. After such she mourns the loss of her nice cloak from the fire, bloody Tigahrrim, as she works the buckle on her belt, once again armed with a shortsword and an ebon dagger. Her boot is also adorned by one of those vicious looking weapons as she pulls it on. Then of course her world shifts.
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Sirum Hest, being as he was sitting on the chair and is right next to the pit, can do little about his falling into it. Of course, he does do his best to latch on to the leg of the stool that Kitzerina was on, squeaking out loudly in surprise. "Someone help us! We're fallin' an' I don't think I can hold on much longeeer!"

Chloe May smiles a bit. "A-Atleast we've all been safe so fa-" Blinking, she feels the dropping sensation, her paws grabbing onto her stomache, as this made her feel like she was ready to puke. She closed her eyes, slipping on the slanted floor and falling down towards the starryy void.

Kivae deserves a cookie from Marlina.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Why? :-P]
Kivae's post got eaten. :-(]
[%] Marlina Evenstar just gave Kivae a cookie.

[#] The walls continue to tilt, sensations of gravity toppling the Afflicted forewards towards and into the starscape.

Ruby Pyralis would normally fly in and rescue the ones on the slanting floor, but seems to have been avoiding anything to do with flying or heights. She takes a step toward them, though stops as she once again sees the mental images from her nightmare.

Marlina Evenstar after being reunited with her proper clothing and armanents with a startled cry she falls backwards stumbling over the cushion behind her before failling into the starry void. She fell, and primes only knew what she would suffer for it. >.>

Kitzerina ponders and blinks on an idea. "Si-si! Hold my paw! You too, Kivvy!" Straining to support the both of them, she readies as spell to anchor them to the ground with strong strands of webbing, hopefully at last until the room-warping ends. [3/?]

Chloe May lays in the starry void. :-P

Marlina Evenstar notes that if she misread the DM's emit, then she's screwed. >.>

Sirum Hest desperately tries to hang onto the stool for as long as he can, but with Kitzerina's weight added along with the gravity pulling him down there is little more that he can do. He loses his grip and falls off, down, down into the nothingness with a scream. o.o;

Kivae continues clinging, but one scrawny girl-arm is hardly enough to keep her in place, as the magnitude if the slant increases further. She gives Kizzy a look that implies she's rather crazy, being so far away. As she falls, she lets out the same strangled whimper as when she had been sleeping, holding her pookie, and trying to twist to keep the others in sight.

Ruby Pyralis is trying to keep away from the pit, backing up a bit. It's quite hard to swallow your fears when you are facing them head on.

[Ruby's greatest fear was... being sucked back into hell, maybe? She wasn't usually afraid of most anything.]

Kitzerina screams down as they both fall. Her voice lost in the wilds of nothingness. She doesn't want to let go. She's had enough of this crap, but Sirum was her support, and she'd only waekly tried to fire off a spell before he fell into the darkness. Sadly, he pulled her down with him. At least they'd die together.

Ruby Pyralis is not interested inc omitting suicide for a lost cause. .-.

[#] Everyone would fall into the starry Void, and again lose conciousness. When they would awake, they would find themselves within this dream right thar.

[#] The grim scene of the Residential district gradually peels away, leaving small, spacious ring through the mists, before the inner walls of the city loom up from the mirk. Overhead the shadow of what once was the high tower stands imposing, but dwarfed by the height of the ominous Observatory beyond it. A great pylon of eerie blue light hovers overtop of that tainted structure, cradled by the framing of the bulb that once was the top chamber of the tower. [Entering: Market District]

You say, "[140 / 1013 loaded]"
Sirum Hest whistles as he watches the download bar. []

[I never really thanked everyone enough for putting up with my terrible internet on quests. I'd get disconnected, I'd take forever to download dreams... some days it was a struggle to stick with the quest, but I wasn't givin' up.]

Ruby Pyralis, having had been sucked into the pit despite her actions, also finds herself... here. Wherever the hell that is. She grumbles as she wakes up again, feeling around to make sure she still had her axe. o.o

Marlina Evenstar stirs from unconcious sleep once more, before her eyes open once more and she struggles to pull herself up to a standing position once more. "This better not start to be becomin' a habit... Anyone dead?"

Kitzerina looks around. "So.. umm. now where are we?" She says quietly to Sirum. "It looks like we simply appeared in some sort of city area. It's.. different. Feels wierd." She runs a paw theough her headfur and puts her head on his shoulder in one well-practiced motion. "I just wanna go home."

Chloe May's face was resting against the uncomfortable substance named dirt, her eyes blinking a few times. Bringing her head up, she wiped any mess that could've ended up in her hair, looking around to see if everyone's alright, it seeming so.. "W-What h-happened..? And where are we..?" She pushed herself into a sitting position, leaning forward a bit. "I-I'm alive.." She smiled.

Ruby Pyralis slowly gets to her feet, looking forward at the city. She wrinkles her nose, never having had been here before, "So, anyone recognize this dump?"

Sirum Hest isn't RPing till he's loaded as he can't see a thing, blegh. >.>;;;; []
Marlina Evenstar: [We're in a black pit of nothingness Sirum, on a little platform, not much to see.]
[#] [Everyone loaded?]
You say, "[Uh... I'm at 680/1013. oo;]"
You say, "[20 to go ^^ # ]"
[#] [f3 for music track ^.^]

[My speakers were broken for like... half a year or so? Maybe more than that? So for the longest time I didn't actually know what DMs were putting in their quests, music-wise. Looking back over all of Path's old quest dreams, he favored Final Fantasy quite a bit for battles. Even had the post-battle fanfare song.

The days of spending a good hour searching the internet with Yahoo for the -perfect- midis to put into your quest dreams for the different areas and scenes, just to further immerse a small group of your friends. x) I tended to favor Suikoden midis on mine.]

Kivae stirs, still clutching the pookie to her chest. She lets out what seems to be a sigh of relief when seeing the others, and her face brightens further as she takes in the surroundings, and lack of void. "Whoever it was must've kicked us out.. or just realized we were there.." She forces her voice to an optimistic tone. "We can find a town and ask directions..?"

Sirum Hest doesn't respond to anyone for about a minute, too busy looking over the surrounding area thoughtfully. This place was eerily familiar, but he couldn't place just where. Once that minute is up, his eyes widen in shock and he shakes his head, murmuring quietly. "We can't be back here. This has to be a nightmare. It looks like... the City of Towers, but we were in Caeseal."

Ruby Pyralis looks back toward Sirum, "Is this wear that idiotic paladin was killed?" Then looking back at the city, "Hrm."

Chloe May blinks, turning around to Sirum, her one paw clenched a bit. "B-But.. How can this be..?" She looks down for a second and turns to face front again, looking over the place. "Hmm.. What should we do..? W-We can't stand here all night, can we..?" She smiled weakly.

Marlina Evenstar's attention is suddenly focused upon the city before then as mention of the City of Towers is made, followed by a quick curse, aand then the normal speech, "It couldn't possibly be..."

Kitzerina stands to her footpaws. "The City of Towers? That's almost two thousand miles away! How could we be here in only a few minutes.." She scratches the back of her neck mindlessly. "I mean.. Kitzibeth and Dalin and You and.. You didn't even make it deep into the City. Who knows what kind of things we'll meet here!"

Kivae squints, at Sirum and Marlina's comments, then puts her hands in front of her, fingers limiting her veiw in a circular fashion. "Oh.." She frowns. "Maybe we went through a different plane, like Rakuro does.. Either way, lets just not go in." Glancing uneasily up at Sirum. "Right?"

Marlina Evenstar speaks up dryly as she edges forward slowly, looking for anything that might prove beyond any reasonable doubt that this was not the City of Towers, "We didn't make it past the first street before retreating..."

[We never got past the first street in the City of Towers, outside of a nightmare. Bloody Pytch and his level 99 Voidbastards.]

Sirum Hest nods to Ruby and pads over to in front of Kitzerina, offering a paw down to help her up. "Exactly the spot, though we were in another section of the towers. Lets hurry along an' find a safe place to hide at, who knows where the voidkin might be. For some reason, they have trouble gettin' past doors..." To Kitzerina and Kivae, he nods. "Lets jus' try an' find a way outta here. As long as no one uses magic, we... should be fine, ya?"

[#] Realization would then gradually dawn on the Afflicted, that the Market district was very close to the heart of the city...

Kitzerina beams so brightly that all the Voidkin in the city would probably be drawn to her winning smile. "I can handle no magic. You taught me to bow, remember?" She smiles, pointing to the longbow on her back. "But you're right. We need to get out of this section of the city, or find somewhere safe. What do you see?" She asks generally, hoping someone had better nightvision than a feline.

Chloe May bites her bottom lip, catching a bit of the frost. "I-I.. Wanna get home.. This just doesn't feel right.." She shakes her head to herself, walking back and forth and thinking to herself. She awaited any decisions that needed to be made, focusing on the floor.

Marlina Evenstar turns her gaze slowly about the area, noting indeed their proximity to the centre of the city before speaking harshly once more, memories of this place chasing away the nightmare brought fugue fully for a short span of time, "Bloody hell... Took us hours to get through a street... Looks like we're in the flamin' heart, take us days to get out, at least..." Taking the hopeless outlook, even though she hopes the DM doesn't want to smite them.

Sirum Hest squeaks happily and nods to Kitzerina, the only thing keeping him calm in this situation was her prescense. "No fightin' either, though. It took Kitzibeth an' Dalin last time to fight off even one of these monsters. If ya see one, -please- jus' hide. Don't wanna see ya get hurt.", leaning in to nuzzle her cheek before padding forward to the front of the group. "I can't believe we're actually this far, thought. How did we make it past the main road? We can't go back, voidkin swarm that area like ants."

Ruby Pyralis doesn't really do much, not having had been here on the first trip. She simply opts to listen for now.

Kivae is simply sitting, seeming to be absorbing information. Both arms press the pookie to her chest. "Hn.. If we figure out how we got in, that's probably how to get out, too."

[#] Some unnamable force continues to draw the group towards the Market District.. or more precisely the large, gray tower rising up from behind the walls... though it and of itself is shadowed by the silouette of a great ebon spire rising up into the mists...

Game Master's eye notes that the DM follows you, not vice versa, too >.>[]

Kitzerina: I keep having this feeling that we need to go this way. I don't know why - but something is drawing me there. Like.. a little voice whispering in my ears. Anyone else feel that or am I just crazy?

Chloe May blinks, stopping her pacing up and down. She then faces the District, having an urge to walk inside, almost feeling like she was being forced.. "Uh.. Umm. I'm gonna check it out.." She couldn't help it. .-.

Marlina Evenstar casts another brief glance around the area before simply moving forward several more steps, "Perhaps... We might find a better way through, if we looked out from atop that tower..?" Moderately civil now as she had no choice, this place could and would squish them if they weren't careful. She justifies her curious urge to go nearer to the tower with her suggestion.

Sirum Hest nods back to Kivae and grins weakly, stumbling forward a few steps towards the mist. "I get the same feelin', Kizzy. It's like... the exits that way. Or at least a door back to home. We jus' have to go that way..." With that, he heads on slowly without further word, listening to the voice in his mind which keeps telling him to go.

Ruby Pyralis doesn't seem too shaky at the moment, as there is a lack of high places or pits. She simply continues on with the rest of the group.

Kivae starts, as Chloe leaves, "Wait, we shouldn't just.." But then she does, just.

Marlina Evenstar: [Anyone starts charging through, I swear I'll kill you. :-P Before Path gets his hands on you.]

Chloe May is weak. :(

Sirum Hest continues on, then.

You say, "@search"

[#] The group uncovers what appears to be a scrap torn from a journal of a "Lord Counselor Nalfain." (1 of 5) [use @read-journal1]
[#] Another journal page is found, though this time it appears to have been torn down the middle.(2 of 5) [use @read-journal2]
[#] What appears to be the bottom half of the last journal page.(3 of 5) [use @read-journal3]
[#] Another of the journal pages, written in a faintly shaky paw. (4 of 5) [use @read-journal4]
[#] The last of the journal pages, apparently... (5 of 5) [use @read-journal5]
You say, "@read-journal5"
[#] The scrap of parchment appears to be a page missing from a journal. []
Chloe May: @read-journal1
You say, "@read-journal1"
[#] The scrap of parchment appears to be a page missing from a journal. []
[#] [Errmm...]
Game Master's eye sighs and looks at DS[]
You say, "[Erm..."
You say, "[404, Path.]"
Ruby Pyralis: @read-journal1
You say, "[]"
You say, "[Upload them all there?]"
[#] [Hold on, I need to fix some variables and reupload.]
[#] [Ok, all things fixed.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Woot.]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Two hours later, Sirum arrives.]" to you. ]
Kivae missed the entry text last time. o.o;; Reads.]
[#] [Once you load, come back through the gate]
[#] The group uncovers what appears to be a scrap torn from a journal of a "Lord Counselor Nalfain." (1 of 5) [use @read-journal1]
[#] Another journal page is found, though this time it appears to have been torn down the middle.(2 of 5) [use @read-journal2]
[#] What appears to be the bottom half of the last journal page.(3 of 5) [use @read-journal3]
[#] Another of the journal pages, written in a faintly shaky paw. (4 of 5) [use @read-journal4]
[#] The last of the journal pages, apparently... (5 of 5) [use @read-journal5]
Game Master's eye: [What are you doing to trigger that?]
You say, "[Picking up the map and using it.]"
You say, "@read-journal1"
[#] The scrap of parchment appears to be a page missing from a journal. []
Chloe May: [@read-journal1]
Chloe May: @read-journal1
Ruby Pyralis: @read-journal1
[#] [Only use the map ONCE!!!!!!]
You say, "[Bleh. I'll load the pictures once 'm done loading the dream... again... >>]"
Kitzerina: @read-journal1
Marlina Evenstar: @read-journal1
Kivae: @read-journal1
Game Master's eye grumbles as the novelty of the quest is now ruined by button mashers[]
You say, "[Who's being a button masher?]"
Kitzerina: @read-journal2
Kitzerina: [o.o;]
[#] [Unless you've missed it; there are 5 pages of the journal in all. You picked up #1]
You say, "[...ah.]"

[Ah, technical difficulties. Happens to the best of us. I'd go through my quest maps several times doing the worst possible things before letting anyone inside of them. Because god forbid I have to reload the map, they'd be waiting an hour.

I wish we had saved all those terrifying, bloodsplattered images. They were so friggin' creepy. There were so many, many images on Path's old image host that are lost forever.]

Kivae sticks close behind Sirum, switching to her tip-toes in order to read over Sirum's shoulder.

[#] [Because I didn't Button-mash proof the journal pages, you should only get ONE page, per page you picked up.]
[*] Chloe May joins you.
[ Chloe May whispers, "Ty. ^^" to you. ]
[#] The party has journal entry #1. You may now go IC.

Marlina Evenstar has evidently read the paper through some freat difficulty in the sparsely lit area, and her natural problems with handwriting and small print. She had also apparently been reading over the rodents shoulder. "Doesn't really help us much... Would've been nice if it were a map for escaping this bloody place." Speaking ina somewhat wistful manner before beginning to pace back and forth across the floor.

You say, "[Er... small writing.]"
You say, "[*saves, selects 'Enlarge Picture'*]"

Marlina Evenstar has better vision then her player.
Chloe May blinks, walking up to whoever holds the piece. "S-So.. What's it say..?"

[#] The streets seem devoid of all life, save for thick patches of mist about the courtyard... Here and there, the scene seems interrupted by disturbing patches of 'nothingness'.. as if the dreamweave itself were being slowly gnawed away by the heavy fogs. Such patches are all too common, and cause pain when looked at directly.

You say, "[Er... Path. Don't suppose you have a site with the letters typed up in normal text, do you? :P]"
You say, "[This font makes my eyes hurt. x.o]"
Kitzerina: [be glad it's not in Arcane]
Sirum Hest knows Arcane now. ^^ #
Game Master's eye: [No, I don't.. Can you people not read cursive? *is viewing this at a very high resolution (meaning it's very small) and has no problem reading it.*]
Marlina Evenstar: [Can translate if you're having difficulty... :-P]
Ruby Pyralis' player has awful eyes. >.>

[#] [Entry 01, I have just recieved the news. It is truly depressing that yet another great lord will pass from Valanthas on such pressing terms. Still, I would believe that it is for the best. The tales about Lord Thelmin's actions recently before he was killed were most grim, and it will be a long road to recovery before the Council truly regainst the trust of the Valanthian people. Thankfully, however, Sir Path'en has agreed to stay behind and aid in the recovery. I believe that>]
[#] [he will make an excellent standin to face the people, and assure them that their leaders still have the best interests of the province at heart. As the next highest in the Order under Thelmin, his posessions fall to me, here they are now with the crates. I'd best take a look at them. I do believe there were several books of notable interest.]
[#] [Entry 02, Well, things have been going well. There are some odd rumors, however, that concern me. There have been several disturbing reports that the former ruler of Valanthia is not deceased. However, I find this very unlikely. It was the Heroes of the Runes themselves that banished Thelmin in the first place, after all. Nonetheless, I am being called to the southern outlands to investigate the matter. I'd might as well take along several of the books from these old crates>]
Game Master's eye: enutkiyd [with me. It will give me something to read during the caravan trip, in any event].
[#] [Entry 03, As I suspected, the entire matter in southern Valanthia was a hoax. In fact, the entire matter was uneventful. the only interesting object that was recovered was a set of spectacles and a pile of ashes. Some event regarding... 'Erisvan.' Apparently the imposter came up against a true demon, and faced the reprecussions because of it. A fitting punishment, I believe. Nevertheless, I'll be making my way back towards the City of Towers. Something did strike me today>
[#] [>, though. I believe I am beginning to see Telmin's ways. Mayhaps he can still help us yet.]

Sirum Hest laughs quietly as he finishes reading the page, staring off at the sky and shaking his head. "Wow... I can't believe they actually managed to find Thelmin's apprentice's remains. ... Come to think of it, a few of us were there. We went to get Kitzibeth out of Erisvan, but someone who looked like Thelmin was there. Erisvan blasted him into nothin' more than ash, then got rid of us. Feels like such a long time...", smiling weakly at the memory. "Anyways, it says they began to see what Thelmin was tryin' to accomplish. No wonder this place has ended up as little more than a giant heap of rubble."
Sirum Hest says 'got rid of us' in the most cheery way possible, mostly due to the fact that they had been ejected from her chamber and not slaughtered.

[That was... early April 2003? Time always felt like it passed so slowly in Ansteorra.]

Kivae's shivering returns for a short moment, but she merely pulls her recently returned cloak closer. Not familiar with what Sirum is speaking of, she doesn't comment on it. Instead, she glances upwards, towards the tower.

Marlina Evenstar speaks then calmly as she continues her pacing, surely the tone not at all representing her feelingns if she had gone so far as to actually start moving back and forth without reason, "So they toyed around with things above them... Mages." This last part mentioned in a not entirely polite manner. "If you lot are done readin' some fellow's journal, might we be continuin'? 'Fore the eyes start appearing."

Kitzerina ponders. "I remember that. S'when I me and Kitzi got torn from Erisvan. Wasn't pleasant.. not one bit. Kitzi's head was a bit more cramped than I'd liked it." She does, however, look around. "It seems like that apprentice was a loon. He 'saw' Thelmin's ideas? That's .. from the look of this place... like saying that he understood Erisvan's need for random destruction."

[That's what I love about epic quests. The events during them could be recalled so much later on, still had some meaning. So much of our continuity was written into our characters, written down nowhere else but our minds. We really should have written more of it down. I've managed to catalogue... what, almost 50 days of events in Ansteorra on the IC forums now? Out of around 2000? That's just a drop in the bucket.]

Sirum Hest nods to Marlina first and then to Kitzerina, padding off towards one of the buildings. "Before headin' off to that tower, that looked like only a ripped out piece of a journal. I'd rather find out jus' what's happened to this place, ya? Huh... funny... the eyes aren't appearin' jus' from our steps an' words this time. Where've they all gone?"

[#] Shadows pass through the mists, faintly visible.... They appear as great, hulking silouettes. A few moments of observation would generate a stunning conclusion; Voidkin. The creatures lumber and prowl as they usually do, the translucent glow of their eyes shearing through the mists... For all of this, however, they seem to be oblivious of the party's presence.

Marlina Evenstar does indeed notice the return of these might threats before letting her breath out in a sudden hiss, "No time ratling... Run fer it, 'less ya want to be bein' lunch, get to the bloody tower."

Kitzerina gleeps, and pads to Sirum. She doesn't say anything in hopes that they'll just go away without murdering the party randomly. She motions for Si-si to just go!

Sirum Hest begins to bolt for one of the doors as he realizes Voidkin are amoungst them until he realizes two things. One, that Kitzerina was back there, and he couldn't just abandon her. Two... "...t-they... can't see us? What's wrong with 'em? ... Marlina. No eyes are around, so they aren't able to see us, it seems. We're safe for the moment. But Primes, lets head on to the buildin' in case one does show up..."

Kivae was walking after Sirum, as usual, but freezes entirely at the sight of the shadows. Her hands tighten convulsively about the fox pookie. She relaxes.. several hairs, at Sirum's words. "Y.. yea.. let's go." She waits for someone else to move, first. Not leaving the group.

Sirum Hest is apparently playing leader today. ^^ #

Marlina Evenstar backs up a halfstep before speaking once more, "Won't be taking them long to be showin' up, and be able to actually see us, you could outrun them probably, I might... But they won't, and I'd not like to be having that happen again. If we stay indoors though, they shouldn't bother us... like last time."

[#] The Market square seems to have only one exit, to the southeast... giving way to a sparse array of towers for the higher class. Up ahead, a large shadow looms in the middle of the road.

(You see Greater DreamShatter #1.)
> Bigger than the others, and more terrifying. Powerful images of legs taper into wide seven ended claws; arms numbering six in all, two from the shoulders and four from its back grow forth, each bearing three joints and ending in a massive, scythelike talons. Unlike its blind counterparts it bears two sets of fiercely curved blue optics, accompanying the eerie blue light balled up in an empty black ribcage. []

Sirum Hest pauses his fleeing from the voidkin as he comes across what appears to be a shop, motioning for the others to follow them inside. "If we wait for a few minutes maybe they'll go off to another section of the city. They always did it before." With that, he pushes the door open and waits for the others.

Greater DreamShatter #1 slowly lumbers across the road, a soft scraping accompanying it as the sharp, featureless claws drag over the cobblestones of the pathway.. It's partially translucent form halts in the middle of the road, two sets of deep blu eyes blinking slowly, before looking towards the party... It is as if the creature can almost see something, and is attempting to focus...

Kitzerina rushes quickly, yet silently after Sirum, ready to follow his lead. As he'd been here and survived, she was perfectly willing to let him direct her.

Marlina Evenstar mutters various expletives before simply darting her way into the shop forsaking the others, though hoping oon some level that they're not so horribly slow that they'll stay out here.

Kivae, with unusual meekness, darts inside at Sirum's instructions, her only response to the sound a scraping behind her is to trying and pull him in as well.
Kitzerina looks around frantically for something to barricade the door with. "What do we do? What do we do? It's going to come right in the doorway! And then we're as good as dead." Her player notes that this is the shop that Kitzibeth is banned from forever. "Unless.. you said somehting about doors, right, Si-si?"

[#] The scraping slowly resumes, crossing the road, and then growing fainter... It finally receeds back into silence.
[#] [Questers, remember your @search commands ;-)]

Sirum Hest sighs in relief as he makes it into the room, slamming the door behind him closed as quickly as he can glancing around blankly for a few moments. To Kitzerina, he nods as he experimentally prods the books, to make sure that they were more than illusion as before. "Right, Kizzy. They don't understand how to get into doors. Now... to see if this place -is- real."

You say, "@search"

[#] After some searching, and pushing aside of relatively uninteresting books you find a bag. Inside of the bag is a box. Inside of the box is another bag, which contains a bent copper piece, and a short series of books of voyerous decent and an adult nature. [DM added this one at 2:00 AM :D]

Kivae slumps to the floor, looks exhausted, because she is. Her eyes are, for the most part, trained on the door, as well as her ears. "When I was watching, they never came inside.." Her ears flicker at the scraping. "Is that how we tell it's gone?"

You say, "[Uh.]"
You say, "[Sirum found a bunch of adult books.]"
You say, "[They're not... the... crotch-sticking ones... are they?]"
Game Master's eye: [Yep, they are.]

[He threatened to add that into Valanthas... and he did. And of course Sirum was the one to find them.]

Marlina Evenstar glances at Kitzerina before speaking in a rather sharp manner, "Quiet, they won't get in here. Unless of course your voice attracts somethtin else here lass. Yeh don't want that to happen, or your the main course for a nice lunch."

Kitzerina would take those away from Sirum. She's the only 'adult' thing that he needs. :-P

You say, "@search"

[#] While shifting aside several books, a rather unpleasant sensation creeps over you. The wall behind the area you just cleared away begins to deteriorate, and a series of mirky black tentacles lashes out in an attempt to grab your hand. [d20+dex vs BCR of 18 or be grabbed. If grabbed, roll d20+Str to break free, DC 15. For each turn you are grabbed, lose 1 point of Constitution for the rest of the day.]

Kitzerina snaps her mouth shut, and whispers. "Sorry. I don't like getting rudely dumped into the middle of a hell-bound city. If we get out of this alive, I'm going to need a month at my Villa to recouperate."

Sirum Hest, as he searches through the shelves, first finds an adult book which apparently flies down right to his pants and sticks there. o.o; But before he can react to this, a tentacle from behind another section of books lashes out at his paw, which he promptly attempts to jump back and away from. "What in the nine hells...!?"

[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d20+14 & gets 25.

Marlina Evenstar's gaze narrows as she again speaks, though her tone now merely cold rather then sharp, "None of us like being here, but I for one would be preferin' that we're here, rather then the meal from some bloody void-beast.

Kivae rubs her head with the palm of her hand, letting the pookie rest in her lap. "What'd you find, Si? Anything good to eat?" She calling to him, but in a somewhat hushed tone. Strangely, her expression seems to brighten at Kitzi's comment.

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[I hate you.]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[It was a CON draining attack.]" to Marlina Evenstar. ]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[But you dodged. :-P]" to you. ]

[I swear every single time I rolled anything relating to DEX, Marl was happy to sing me a song of how thoroughly she loathed me. Might as well have called it the Ring of Tormenting Evenstar. Worth every penny, nyahaha.]

Sirum Hest dodges that thar tentacle, apparently, though he doesn't stop stumbling back until he reaches Kitzerina, nose wrinkling. "There's somethin' behind the shelf an'... it tried to grab me an'... there's... a book... stuck to my pants. ... I-I'm confused.", weakly trying to pull the adult magazine off of him. o.o;;

[Si would've been more embarrassed, if he knew he had something to be embarrassed about. But he was painfully naive. :) ]

Kitzerina notes that this current portrait is Kitz's actual portrait, when she gets a space. She pads over to the bookshelves, and quirks a brow at Sirum. "Si-si, what have you getten yourself into? You know better than to go poking around a Wizard's shop in Valanthas. Valanthians hate furres." She tuts, being overgeneralistic. "You know how they treated Master Rakuro."
Kitzerina wonders about tentacle monsters. A trend? A book? What kind fo book, si-si?"

Game Master's eye wishes this port patch was in Anst, personally ^.^[]

Sirum Hest continues weakly tugging at the corners of the magazine, ears drooping downwards and turning a bright shade of red. "Well... um... its fused itself to my pants... an'... on the cover is a femme not wearin' any clothes." He then immediately after stares off at the ceiling and coughs. "Though it's not really a Wizard's shop anymore, it seems like its kept its tricks... anyone able to dispell this thing?"

Marlina Evenstar appears to be somewhat amused, and not about to actually aid the rodent, however duty calls and she moves towards the door once more, listening for more of the large creatures, like a proper guard of the little gathering of demon and children.

[#] [By the way, t'is ye olde book, as magazines don't exist.]
You say, "[Oh, right. xD Mixed up my words.]"

Sirum Hest decides not to question the two halflings on either side of the femme on the cover of the book.

Kivae slowly gets to her feet, as her player is all distracted and tired. She leaves Kitzi to do the dispelling, Edging towards the bookcase Sirum was at, she glances it over for signs or the tentacle, without touching anything, or getting very close. She then glances up the staircase. "Has anyone looked up there?"

Kitzerina pokes at the book. "Why is it stuck to your.. pants near your belt, Si-si? Is it trying to tell you something?" She giggles, and kisses his cheek. "I wonder. What kind of enchantment would do that? Seems like some 'blue' magic or something like a prankster would use." Pondering deeply, she asks the powers that be.

[ You whisper "[See: Chat. Pony is back. ^^ # ]" to Kitzerina. ]
[ Hina Riev whispers, "think you could use your character..maybe i can have you play him in me and garretts rps?]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Busy exploring the City of Towers. :P]" to Hina Riev. ]
[ Hina Riev whispers, "erm..that..doesn't exactly answer ^^; saying when me and garrett hold role plays im wondering if you would join us and use sirum" to you. ]
[ Hina Riev whispers, "would ya?" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Maybe if nothing was happening in Anst. :P]" to Hina Riev. ]
[ Hina Riev whispers, "well usually we dont do rps if something is going on in anst]" to you. ]
[ Hina Riev whispers, "hest [yeah we may have um..differences ICLy but garrett and hina love him :P hes one of the family regardless]" to you. ]

[I don't think I ever actually joined in those RPs, since Si usually had something to do in Anst. But from what I recall, those RPs involved assassinating time traveling nazis, or... something. Hina and Garrett got up to some weird stuff outside of Ansteorra. I could've had Si headshot Hitler... damn, I should've made time.]

Sirum Hest fwumps down to the ground and rolls his eyes to Kitzerina, crossing his arms up in front of his chest. "It seems like it's tellin' me some furre has nothin' better to do with their days than enchant things pointlessly.", sticking his tongue out at her. "Can ya get it off of me, though? I'd rather not... erm... walk around like this for the day. It'd make the Voidkin die laughin', but it's horribly embarrasin'."

Kitzerina ponders how to dispel such a terrible enchantment. She scratches her head, and paps her paws together. "I have it! Alright if I do this.. and this.." She pokes at the book, and reaches into her satchel for her common magical reagents, placing a bit of Bulot there and some Stankar here. "Alright. Let me see... >Bibram es..< [3/?]

Sirum Hest quirks a brow at the reagents being pulled out and applied to the book, shifting about uncomfortably. "Make sure they don't accidently take my pants along with it, ya? ... An'... erm... Kizzy. Don't use too big a spell, please, or else the eyes'll appear."

Kivae glances back at the two, eyes rolling. She sticks with her decision to let Kizzy handle it, as it was her 'area of expertise' so to speak. :3 Instead she takes another step for the staircase. "Anyone want to take a look upstairs with me?" Seeming, for whatever reason, reluctant to continue without company.

[Never wasted an opportunity to tease me. Pffff. Almost as bad as Marl!]

Kitzerina finishes her spell, and touches the book. The BCR is absurdly high, giving her a whole of a 9/30 chance of success. Woe be to Sirum's crotch. [5/5][BCR = 35-3=33]

Game Master's eye: [... 32]
[*] Kitzerina rolls 1d30+10 ^^ She meant 7/30. My bad >.> & gets 32.
Game Master's eye: [xD]

[#] The book falls to the floor.

Kitzerina can add! :-D And the book falls off of Si-si's owwies.

Kivae waits for a response to her question, and notes that the quest has slowed to a crawl. :x

Sirum Hest sighs in relief and hops up to his footpaws, edging away from the perverse book and to the stares, sticking his tongue out at it. "Disgustin' book, who would sell those kinds of things... Rakuro never had any on -his- shelves." With that, he nods in thanks to Kitzerina and squeaks out happily, answering Kivae finally after. "I will, if ya need."

Marlina Evenstar notes that such things happen when a book and Sirum and Kitz are involved... I'll shut-up.

Kivae scampers up the stares, then. Checking behind her once, to see if Sirum is following.

You say, "@search"
[#] Folded neatly on its rack is a white linen robe inscribed with silver runes across the cuffs and tails. It has a high collar, tied with a deep azure gem at the throat. [Unidentified BCR 47, (Ivory robe of Kal'mesh, the Windwalker; +1 AC, +4 Int, +4 wis.)]

Kivae, seeming to hardly wait for Sirum once she gets to the floor, start exploring. It wouldn't be long before everyone followed them, and the place was too full to search properly.
Kivae: @search

Sirum Hest glances about the room slowly in thought, tapping the side of his head with a pawdigit. "Lesse... books, books an' more books--ah!", a robe from the line of those along the wall catching his eyes, apparently. "Here we go. Kivae! Ya think this'll look good on Kizzy?", holding up the ivory robe to her.

[We probably would've been less interested in searchables... had our characters rolled high enough to realize we were dreaming. Nothing found in dreamland comes back with you. Baw.]

Ruby Pyralis: @search
Ruby Pyralis had to try it ^^]

Kivae glances over her shoulder, a hand resting on a book that she'd pulled halfway from the shelves. She shrugs. "Ask her yourself, I dunno that stuff.." And then pulls out the book, sniffing at it.

Sirum Hest pads over to behind Kitzerina and smiles, lightly tugging at her tail as he holds up the robe to her with his other paw. "Figure ya might want this, if not to use then to sell when we get back to Caesel.", squeaking happily to her. Voidkin? City of Towers? The only thought on his mind now was making his girlfurre happy. ^^ #

Kivae also raises an eyebrow. "Eh.. who'd just leave money in a shop?" But she doesn't question it long, sliding the change into a pocket, using her pookie to sweep it. Holding the book (which smelled suspiciously of magic, but mostly musty *sneeze*), she continues her exploration.

Marlina Evenstar showed up for the simple reason that everyone had slipped off without her.

[ You whisper "[[#] Folded neatly on its rack is a white linen robe inscribed with silver runes across the cuffs and tails. It has a high collar, tied with a deep azure gem at the throat. [Unidentified BCR 47, (Ivory robe of Kal'mesh, the Windwalker; +1 AC, +4 Int, +4 wis.)]]" to Kitzerina. ]
[ Kitzerina whispers, "I can't divine it. " to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Just giving you the specifics, since Si's pawing it off to Kitz. :P" to Kitzerina. ]
[ Kitzerina whispers, "Kitz could, if she was lucky ^^" to you. ]

Kitzerina squeals. "What is it, Si-si?" She looks over the robe carefully. Satisfied that it's accetibly pretty, and also way out of her league, she stuffs it neatly into her satchel. "It's beautiful. Thank you!" Her posts have gone to hell. Sorry ^^;

You say, "[All of ours have, it's late. :P]"

[Should've paused. We might've actually gotten to fight a big bad here. So many opportunties to be traumatized by horrific voidscarred Valanthian mages!]

Sirum Hest leans in to plant a kiss on her cheek before heading back over to the other side of the shop, having thoroughly explored the place aside from two or three bookshelves, which he skims over before returning back downstairs. "Glad ya like it, Kizzy. Doesn't look like there's anythin' of interest here left, though. Time to go."

You say, "@search"

[ Game Master's eye whispers, "[Ahem. I know you triggered that trap. Now roll :-P]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[What trap?]" to Game Master's eye. ]
[ Game Master's eye whispers, "[Ahem.]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "Sirum Hest searched all four bookcases and got no emit, so left. []" to Game Master's eye. ]
[ Game Master's eye whispers, "[Just checking ;-)]" to you. ]

[I do wonder what that trap was. Knowing Path, it was probably the Cursed Thong of Gender Switching. He threatened to inflict that on me more than enough times!]

Kitzerina nods. "Alright, Sirum." Following him down the stairs, she gives the mouse a look. "You think it's safe to go outside?" She asks worriedly.

Kivae sniffs at the door. .-. "How do we tell if it's gone..? Just, no scraping?"

[#] Sounds would indicate that the creature departed some time ago.

Kivae remembers this, but is worried they could just be still, and make no noise. "Guess there's only one way to tell, right?"

Sirum Hest nods to the both of his femme friends, padding over to lightly push open the door. "They never stick around where we aren't, or at least, that's how it was last time. Ya were watchin' us last time, Kivae, so ya should know everythin' about how they act the same as me.", tongue pokingly out at her teasingly. "On to the next buildin'... or wherever."

Kivae twitches her ears. ".. I was distracted by the squirrel." She follows, swinging the hand holding the pookie a bit.

[Lots of searching edited out.]

Kitzerina grumbles, as her poor paws are burnt, even as lightly as they are. "Ow! Primes! What the hells are these.. ow!!" She flings her paws left anf right, trying to get the melted metallic flecks out of them. "ow ow ow ow ow!!!"

[ Kitzerina whispers, "I'm never @searching again. " to you. ]
[ Kitzerina whispers, "first thing I do, I get teleported to C. " to you. ]
[ Kitzerina whispers, "Next thing, i take 10 points of damage and lose 5 dex. " to you. ]
[ You whisper "[At least... eh... you get a spiffy robe? ^^;]" to Kitzerina. ]
[ Kitzerina whispers, "Yay!" to you. ]

Kivae blinks at Kizzy, her ears flattening. She watches, not moving closer less whatever the things are go for her to, but her face is in a wince, instead of impassive. ^^ ".. Probably an anti-theft spell.. You could probably see what it is better if you hold still." She comment, with a strange amount of logic. o.o

Kitzerina holds her paws still for a moment. Though they did get burned, they didn't burn too badly. "It's a terrible spell. I'm glad this place got destroyed." Eminently miffed she pads over to Kivae and shows her. I can't even bend my paw right. See?"

Marlina Evenstar speaks dryly once more in a small effort to speed up this process, "So... Why did we wander in here again ratling? Can't actually recall a reason for it..." Que looking at the camera.

Kivae reaches for the paws, to try and turn it about, and see what exactly was plaguing her. "Eh.. how much magic attracts the things, Sirum?" She's shifted the book and pookie all to one arm, the other poking at Kizzy's paws.

Sirum Hest pads back out from behind the counter as he hears the cries of pain coming from Kitzerina, nose wrinkling as he sees the burn. "Bloody Valanthians, if they jus' flung around enchantments like this without care... mrrf. Kizzy, it's not too bad, is it? I mean, it'll heal quickly enough if Kivae helps, I mean..." To Marlina, "Was lookin' for the rest of that journal.

Sirum Hest answers Kivae with, "Small amounts of magic like what Kizzy used only makes an eye or two appear. Gigantic explosions or floods would have voidkin swarmin' the house, though."

Kitzerina erfs at every one of Kivvy's pokes. "Ow. ow. ow. ow. ow." She mutters through clecnched jaws. "Not your fault Kivvy, or Si-si. These silly mages I suppose just wanted to make life difficult. Stupid.. Ow." She grumps. "Anyone have bandages or something?"

Kivae isn't the gentlest of healers, to say the least. ^^ She hardly responds to Kizzy's ows, ears flicking forwards. "I could numb it, and you could use them like normal for a while, but they'd probably just hurt worse when it wears off, 'cause off all the using."

Sirum Hest notes that the only bandages he had were given to Dalin. Over a month ago. c.c "Er... the only ones I can ever remember havin' with me were carried off with Dalin. He was the type to find more use in 'em than I could." Despite having no bandages, he does draw out his dagger and cut off two thick strips of his cloak, figuring he could always sew it back on later. It torn up enough as is, anyways. "Use this until we get back to Caesel."

Kitzerina smiles. "Thanks, Si-si. When we get there, maybe Sister Chloe can patch me or with Kivvy or I'll just sleep. Seems that everytime you take me out I get myself hurt somehow."

Sirum Hest motions towards the exit with a paw with a nod, "But I didn't mean to bring ya here this time, it's jus' we... kind of got thrown here. In any case, on to the tower." He also, for note, scans over the weapons littering the floor. Why? Because there might be some need for them in Caesel, and his curiousity is eating at him.

[ You whisper "[Dammit, so many buildings being passed by...]" to Kitzerina. ]
[ Kitzerina whispers, "IIRC, they are all empty. " to you. ]
[ Kitzerina whispers, "I have this dream xD" to you. ]
[ Kitzerina whispers, "And I doubt that Path put that much time into making every tower count. " to you. ]

Kitzerina glares. "Wow. This was the tower?"

[#] The gray Council tower looms up ahead, still shadowed by the infinitely larger black silouette of the Great Observatory.

[#] [At what time would be good for everyone to resume?]
Ruby Pyralis: [3 FST]
You say, "[Actually.]"
[#] [Keeping in mind that you guys are locked as asleep in the real world til we finish this.]

[ Rinoko Krew whispers, "XD I'm putting your hand in water :-P" to you. ]

[I vaguely suspected that the people in the Caeseal weren't fighting some horrors, but tormenting our unconscious bodies. I blame Rakuro for not protecting us from them. Seriously, what WAS everyone doing back at Caeseal while we were here?]

You say, "[I've no problem missing a Twilight episode for this.]"
You say, "[^^ Lets go?]"
Ruby Pyralis: [But I can't stay awake and Chloe's gone.]
Kivae has an all-day championship meet tomorrow, and then an end of the year dinner after that. .-. 1 FST, or Sunday.]
Kivae: [* 1 am]
Kivae: [*year=season. >.<]
You say, "[Jonathan is hosting a quest tomorrow, and Kitz is leaving on the first...]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Nooo AM's >.>]
Kivae: [Jonathan is hosting a quest? D:]
Ruby Pyralis: [If I'm caught online now I am D.E.A.D. -dead-.]
[#] [We're almost through,]
Ruby Pyralis: [Lemme go make it look dark in the hallway, hollon'.]
You say, "[Less OOC, more IC, or else we have less time to finish this tonight.]"

[Missing a .hack/Twilight episode. Mn. If anyone is reading this and ever wonders if it's worth watching the .hack series beyond /Sign? ... No. Enjoy the series with Tsukasa, it's all downhill from there. Invest your time into Log Horizon instead. Perhaps Overlord, if you don't mind something more befitting the 2006-2008 years of Anst. Log Horizon is suitably 2003-2005-era Anst, though. I completely adored the characters, story and world of LH.]

Sirum Hest nods to Kitzerina, sighing in relief as they had apparently gotten done roaming the city. "Finally. Maybe that feelin'... in the back of my head will go away once get inside."

[#] The boards creak slowly underfoot. The entire area appears more desolate than the rest. Patches of that inky nothingness lay thick about the area, as if its tendrils encrusted the entire building. Cracks of liquid absence are visible all throughout the floorboards and the mortaring in the walls of the building; a carcass, being consumed from within.

[#] [Entering: Vil'tash; Tower of Council.]

Ruby Pyralis: [If I stop doing stuff, AIM me to wake me up.]

Marlina Evenstar enters then tower hastily, still rather uneasy with the whole thought of voidkin being about the city somewhere, it had been alot worse upon her last visit... And they still needed to get out of the city, these things diidn't sit well in our hero's mind.

Sirum Hest winces at the sight of the inside of the tower, tail wrapping about his waist in a defensive measure. "We're at the heart of the entire cursed city... yet all the voidkin are nowhere to be seen. It's like somethin' is jus' invitin' us right on in to its home."

Kitzerina shivers. "I don't think that an invitation is what we wanna get from whatever is in this place, Si-si. It's creepy."

Kivae seems uneasily, walking as if trying to touch the ground as little as possible. "Don't talk about stuff like that, Si. It brings it up to the Primes' notice, and then they fix it." In shorter words: Stop jynxing it! "Let's just see what's here.."

[Kiv standing in for Rak with life lessons like that.]

Marlina Evenstar pauses as she catches sight of the fountain, finding it odd that the thing still ran with water, though she knew no reason why it shouldn't, it just seemed out of place.

Sirum Hest spins about and frowns to Kivae, arms crossing up in front of his chest. "Look at it this way. We were in Caesel, then we fall asleep, wake up in the middle of some tiny crystal-plane. From there, we fall off into nothin'ness that spits us out here, an' there is a voice shoutin' in the back of my mind -tellin'- me to get to the top of this thing. Somethin' brought us here an' isn't lettin' us go until we meet it.", padding forward a few steps.

Kitzerina follows Sirum. "Well, the worst that could happen is that we all die. But I figure that we've done that enough already today." She says referring to the dreams, "Why not try for the whole thing?"
Kitzerina is being strong for Sirum ^^

Kivae shrugs, "Then lets go, I want to get home.." She adds, somewhat under her breath, "You missed a stage.." She steps bravely off, but stops shortly, checking to see if they were all going.

Sirum Hest leans in to plant a kiss on Kitzerina's muzzle, shaking his head. "Nothin'll kill us 'cause I won't let it kill us. I'll drag Kivae an' ya out of here an' to the entrance if I have to. Now... lets get goin'."

You say, "[The paper isn't giving me an emit. .-.;"
You say, "[...and it disappeared when I dropped it.]"

Marlina Evenstar does indeed agree thhat she's already died once today, a second time couldn't be that much worse... Ah well. Probably would be, but she still moves.

[#] The group now has journal #2.
[#] [Use the #read command on journal2]
[#] The scrap of parchment appears to be a page missing from a journal. []

Kitzerina thinks Path is evil for cutting off half the page :P

Marlina Evenstar in a perfect stating the obvious tone says, "It's burnt..."

Marlina Evenstar: [That is evil. :-P]

[Damn, I really want to know what was on those pages... all that effort, just for 5 people who would see them. DMs in Anst really went above and beyond making things fun for the small group they were catering to. In the hopes of creating an experience that would last for those they cared about. x)]

Game Master's eye notes the rest of it might be elsewhere... *nudge*[]

Kitzerina: Yeah. Just as it got interesting. Wierd how they talk about it like it's something 'new'. Kitz was studying up on all of this stuff for her qualifying tests." She scratches her head, and looks confused. "Maybe it's something else. I dunno. Someone's trying to hide their tracks."

Kivae blinks, dones with the page, but not with sucky posts. :x "Let's keep going, yea?" She scratches a foot against the wood.

Sirum Hest s nose wrinkles at the parchment. "Wonder what burnt it. There weren't any fires set here, it looks like, jus' a bunch of void." To Kitzerina, he grins, "If they were they'd have picked up these journal entries instead of leavin' 'em conveniently littered about." He then heads off into the next room.

You say, "@read-journal3"
[#] The scrap of parchment appears to be a page missing from a journal. []

Kitzerina: It's like they are leaving them in a trail for us to find!

You say, "[Hm.]"
You say, "[Thelmin is alive and is communicating to people through his books.]"
Kitzerina: [Harrypotter++?]
Marlina Evenstar: [You people found the third one?]
You say, "[Where have I heard that before?]"
You say, "[Yes, Kitz.]"
Kivae was just thining that. x3]
Kitzerina: [^^]
Kivae: [*thinking >.<]
You say, "[:P Voldemort.]"
Kitzerina: [only with a not quite as cool name. Voldemort > any wizard name]
Marlina Evenstar inspects Sirum's back for mysterious heads. >.>]

[Thelmin Waterpasser. Named by, I believe, Dalin who thought he was just creating some throwaway NPC and didn't really put too much thought or effort into it. Turns out to be the driving force behind so much junk in our world for many years after his death. WELP.]

Sirum Hest narrows his eyes at the second sheet of parchment, huffing quietly. "I knew he wasn't dead, he had to do somethin' with this. Why would they follow the instructions of someone who tried to abuse the power of a rune, I know Path'en isn't the sanest furre in Faenor, but Primes, these Arch Mages seem almost as power hungry as Kendrick or as evil as Erisvan."

Kivae: Or knowledge hungry.

You say, "If they were knowledge hungry, they'd have only learned about it. Not use it to seal themselves off from the rest of the world an' kill themselves off."

Marlina Evenstar never had much experiance with Kendrick, why you might ask? Well... again the look at the camera, thus she can't really comment on that after reading the third page.

Kitzerina shrugs. "Probably not." She says bluntly. "I'd say they were just stupid. You don't go poking around in the books of madfurres - especially when you know that that particular madfurre just tried to destroy the world. Primes.." She seems dejected. "And to think that this place coulda been used for so much more than one furre's ego-trip. Makes me mad. Erisvan, Kendrick? They're supposed'ta be bad."
Kitzerina is really too tired. Kizzy -> Kitzibeth.

Kitzerina will shut up and start acting her int mod. (though +8 is still genius level >.>)[]

[If we all acted our stats, Kivae would be spouting philosophy, both Kitz's would be wikipedia, Sirum would be blip around like a master teleportationist and Rakuro would bench press the Mages Guild in the full moon. Also, Gen-Rah would lead vast armies of Paladins to war against fine china shops all across the land. Plenty of dur ebil in them, so sayeth the charismatic leader.]

Marlina Evenstar: [Ego++ If we could act at that level we would be at that level. ;-)]

Kivae rubs her eyes, while her player wonders if someone still asleep but not aware of that can be tired. ".. Are we going?"

Sirum Hest calls back to Kitzerina as he continues across the room, "At least the council are gone. Once all these voidkin are destroyed an' the rubble pushed away... Kitzibeth could come here. An' run the city like it should've been all along, maybe, ya? Jus' a shame we couldn't have finished the Wailing of the Void before gettin' thrown here."

You say, "@search"

[#] You discover what appears to be a small compass. It is made from a silvery substance that does not appear to be guilded. It dangles from a small, black chain. [Unidentified. (Adamite Compass, BCR 37. -1 AC, +4 MR)]

Kitzerina looks dow the hallway. "There's another bit of scroll here, Si-si!" She points.

Ruby Pyralis: [TREE MUST DIE]

[There was a tree item that kept throwing us all out into the Vinca. And we were already at... what, 2-3 AM? God, we really should have paused, everything was going to hell.]

Sirum Hest nods to Kitzerina and crouches, poking at it with a paw as he skims over it.

You say, "@read-journal4"
[#] The scrap of parchment appears to be a page missing from a journal. []

Kitzerina erfs. "So they opened the gate.. then what? Is that what caused this disaster? I remember Kitzi was watching the city from the outside when it exploded. Master Rakuro too. That was just.. creepy."

Marlina Evenstar frowns faintly at this before speaking once more, "Just who is the lord that these fools are sacrificing themselves for?" Evidently intrigued despite her lack of understanding on the matter, she liked mysteries.

Kitzerina: Thelmin. Duh." She says. "It's really obvious, first page. 'Oh oh, I love Thelmin. He's soo evil!'" She mocks the Journal writer, secretly hating herself.

Marlina Evenstar blinks, "Would think they'd mean someone other tha one who's dead, but... Whatever." She doesn't like being outdone by a geeky looking teenager. :-P

Sirum Hest facepalms at the writing on the letter. "What did Thelmin ever do to get so much love around here? Seventy-five poor fools sacrificing their lives for his return... was the entire of the City of Towers one big cult?"

Kitzerina has two eyes, no matter how geeky she looks. Depth perception++ ^^

Marlina Evenstar: [=P]

Sirum Hest lubs the geekyness. <3 No 'flawless visage' or rubbish that everyone else has. :-D

Kitzerina shrugs. "Probably.. You try living up the glory of Aractha." She snuzzes Sirum playfully. "Not that it's out of your reach, Si-si."

[#] [We're almost done people! Lezz keep duh plot mooving]

Kivae wrinkles her nose at the snuzzing, "Maybe if we find the next page, we'll find out.."

Sirum Hest lightly baps at Kitzerina with his tail and snerks. "I'd rather not lead to the downfall of an entire Kingdom." With that, he goes!

Sirum Hest finally reads the last piece of parchment.

You say, "@read-journal5"
[#] The scrap of parchment appears to be a page missing from a journal. []
Kitzerina: [that rules ^^]
Marlina Evenstar: [That was... Wordy. o.o]
Ruby Pyralis: [Nifty effect.]
Game Master's eye: [scoot]
Kitzerina: [even if it does remind me of the last page of Balin's book.]
You say, "[Holy ****.]"
You say, "[That's... just... just...]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Who's the blue-blood?]

[If I remember correctly, this final journal entry involved... scribblings devolving into pure madness, inky blue splatters and eyes everywhere, a man driven to pure madness as his mind was shattered. I so wish I had that picture.]

Kivae stares over whoever's shoulders, blinking. o.o; Speachless.

(You see Yavin Triage.)
> A strange, foxlike ceature stands, matured but still relatively young. Runes marked across her wiry frame, visible though bright blue strikes of fur easily show that the oddity's purpouse was magical. Her attire speaks volumes about her ancestry, a foreign looking style of breaches cut off above the knees, light blue satin shirt, and a sleeveless grey overcoat that reaches to her ankles. [] [AK NPC]

(You see Lord Counsellor Nalfain.)
> A bent figure, no pity taken upon it by the transformation that was exacted on it in revenge of those that it dragged into the Void with it; The Husk of Lord Counsellor Nalfain. Long, entwining ghostly beard flowing down from a bald and pale speckled cranium into robes of the blackest pytch sewn in with deep, cruel blue gems. Eyes watch the desolated landscape with a soulless, posessive glow evermore. []

Sirum Hest's jaw drops at the blood and writing on the parchment, stunned by it. "T-This place... it's nothin' more than a nightmare. Primes. He killed his own followers..."

Kitzerina's eyes darken. "No less than some have had to do for power, Si-si." She simply leaves it at that. Her mind churns slowly through memories, and regrets that she dare not speak.

Lord Counsellor Nalfain chuckles quietly, seemingly just standing there... It was unclear whether or not he'd just appeared, or had been there all along...

[Suspect if we'd gotten here prior to 3 AM we would've fought this dude. Real life shouldn't get in the way of a proper fight. Lemme at 'em!]

Kivae, on edge, as seems natural in a place like this, and especially after reading something.. like that. She starts at the chuckle, eyes and ears flicking to its source.
Marlina Evenstar glances upwards then from the odd parchment to catch sight of Nalfrain before speaking, "Any of yeh know who that is?"

Sirum Hest jumps at the chuckling, gaze instantly flicking over to the one who would actually dare laugh at something like this. "Who in the nine hells are ya an' where did ya come from--... w-wait... it's a voidkin. Isn't it...?"

Lord Counsellor Nalfain takes his time, apparently folding over a chain.. attached to the chain are a long series of circular boubules... He grins madly to himself, watching the boubles dangle.

Kitzerina looks over. "I wish Kitz were here. She'd know what to do. I'm just a big old screwup." She looks back at the parchment and sighs. She knew exactly what the poor mage felt.

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Marlina Evenstar taps her foot lightly upon the tiled floor, evidently not particularily pleased that the man hadn't offered a proper response to the rodent, something she'd been wondering too, however she speaks up to him as well, "State your name sir, and why're you alive while the rest of the city is dead and plagued by those beasts..?" Obbviously not putting much faith in the voidkin theory.
Marlina Evenstar said that before he stated his name. >.>

Sirum Hest ignores Nalfain or a moment, reaching down to take both of Kitzerina's paws in his own and lift her up. "No yer not, Kitzibeth is jus' some femme who has spent all her life tryin' to cram as many book-related things into her head as she can, so of course she can handle any situation. None of us know exactly what to do either, an' that doesn't really matter, lets jus' get through this an' back home. Please, don't be sad, Kizzy.", kissing her on the forehead before he shifts around to see the Counsellor. "Why have ya brought us here an' when can we leave? I've had enough of this city an' everythin' it has to offer."

Kivae pushes an ear away from her face, blearily. She speaks quietly to Sirum. "It.. I mean, he, doesn't look like a voidkin.." Following this, she hisses in surprise, upon both the realization of the eyes, and his approach. Tactlessly, she backs through the group, and to a better spot.

[#] [Plot connection, remember that the Voidkin in the residential district clawed the dead furre's eyes out, and that the statues at the entrance also had their eyes clawed out.]

Yavin Triage seems to be lying on her side, clearly unconcious, and badly beaten.

Kivae elbows Sirum, her eyes rounding a bit. She attempts to subtly get a cleaner view, checking if Yavin still has her eyes. She doesn't do any of the talking to the creepy man..

Sirum Hest leans left a bit and raises a brow at sight of Yavin, murmuring quietly, "She got dragged away to here too... what is it with voidkin an' her? They all seem to want to shred her for whatever reason -- an'... are those... a line of eyeballs...?"

Lord Counsellor Nalfain takes another step forewards, moving a bit too close to Sirum for comfort. The eyeballs are thrust foreward with eagerness befitting a child. "I collect them.. all different colors... they are pretty..." The mage's wild eyes pause, and then stare at Sirum with a cocked head. "..What color are yours?"

[Holy CRAP how did we never have an opportunity to come back here and put some swords, arrows, fireballs, roots, claws and daggers in this terrifying man?]

Kitzerina made that connection. It's a nice connection ^^ Eyeballs make great snacks. The femme stands, her eyes watery, but firm. She nods to Sirum. "Mhm.. Why are we here?" Is her words to the Councilor. She's undisturbed by the eyes, and wouldn't have made the connection in any case.

Sirum Hest blinks for a few moments in surprise, springing back over to the top step of the staircase, nose wrinkling. "Ya need a better hobby. ... But... mine are the color of tree bark. Why do ya ask?" Cautiously circling over to the side.

Marlina Evenstar advances a half step, only with difficulty keeping her hands from the hilt of her sword as she speaks once more, "You don't want his eyes good sir, they're diseased, like any of those from Ansteorra... A plague from awhile backm they'll melt once we're dead..."

Lord Counsellor Nalfain scowls, and then retreats. "I like all eyes... if we meet in the Waking Weave... I want to collect yours... I like to trade.." The mage pouts, even as he fades into nothingness.

Sirum Hest sighs as the male vanishes, rubbing at the back of his neck. "My eyes are mine alone, I don't wanna end up like Hikari... that was almost kind of depressin'. He brought us all the way here jus' to get his hands on some eyes? Anyways, Yavin! Speak to us, if yer conscious!"

(You see Pytch.)
> A completely spindled frame, devoid of dimension and composition, solely the space betwixt things, and thusly not subject to the laws applying within. Composed of angles and bound by nothingness. Two points of blueish radiance reach out from the mass of blackness. By sheer need of a mortal mind to percieve that which is caught between Existans and Vacuus the creature bears a moral silouette; A dimensionless shadow of the lines between the dreamweave. [AK NPC]

[#] In the space above the book, something slowly materializes... it is a spindly figure.. devoid of dimension... Rather than it and of itself being visible, only the shadow that it casts on the underside of the Dreamweave makes itself visible in the air; a scarecrow like silouette pocked by a single pair of powerful blue-gray points of light.

[Pytch, high upon his lonely tower in the black city. Sirum's dreamt about coming here for years. And now he dreams he's here. Unable to actually hurt the creature, no Wailing of the Void.]

Marlina Evenstar has very little idea of what's happening now, too much having happened that day, thus she doesn't question it though she remains on guard.

Ruby Pyralis' player just fell asleep and drooled everywhere. >.>

Kivae starts to step towards Yavin as the mage fades away, but steps back at again at the sight.. or, sort-of sight of Pytch. She freezes after, strangling her fox pookie with her grip.

Sirum Hest glances between Kitzerina, Kivae and the book that seems to be leaking void from it, murmuring back to Kitzerina. "Light the book on fire as fast as ya can. We need to get Yavin treated -now-, who knows what the voidkin have done to her..."

[#] The entity does not so much speak, as the surrounding world does... a sense of meaning reverberating emotionlessly through every particle. <<You have questions.>>

Sirum Hest adds then, as Pytch materializes further, to the voidkin that makes itself seen above the book. "It's that sad voidkin from the tree, an' in the basem--... ya, I've got a few hundred of 'em, how many are ya willin' to answer?"

[The tree... we camped out around a tree on theee... quest where we killed Stun, I believe? And Pytch briefly appeared there, surveying the group before vanishing? The basement is beyond me, though I do recall a voidkin breaking into the basement of Kitzibeth's Guild, attempting to attack her and steal her satchel to retrieve the plans for the Wailing of the Void ages ago. We fought it off.

Behold, my dream come true. Sirum's not kidding here, if the DM had permitted it I had a mile long list of questions across two years of questing. Si may hate Pytch, but he's not passing up an opportunity to let the bastard fill in the blanks that had accumulated across all those adventures. Anything that would give him insight on how to destroy him.

Un...fortunately, Pytch was making an observation, not an offer. So many unspoken who, why, where, how, when and many other things.]

Kitzerina moves her paw to set up a fire-boosting spell as Pytch appears. Taken aback by the sudden 'poit' of being, she sort of takes on the deer-in-the-headlights look and her spell fizzles.

[#] <<Those that will be asked.>>

[#] Rather than wait for the questions to be asked, each of the Afflicted would be hit by a sudden wave of understanding, events as they occur slamming with jagged hard color and realism into their minds...
[#] What plays out is a long, elaborate tale.

[#] [Hold while I type it]

Sirum Hest flops down onto the floor carelessly as it seemed they were in no danger of attacked, having been awaiting answers ever since he first saw that damned sword pattern., "Well--...", getting cut off as thoughts fill his mind.

[#] Ages ago, when mages were well versed; attempts were made at drawing life from the vacuus. Unlike summoning, which brings a creature's spirit to another plaine, this would attempt to draw forth new life in the image of its creators thoughts.
[#] These beings however, were flawed, being created by flawed beings themselves. Each of these produced a spirit of sorts, but a twisted, half existance; fueled byt he subconcious emotions and instincts of their creators.
[#] A lone entity is left to float with these fragments; abandoned by the Dreamweave in and of itself. As time ages, it grows increasingly bitter, until the pathetic existance of this army of emotion is snatched, and pity is taken upon it, by Tiglinn.

[Tiglinn, the Dark Prime of Nightmares and Fear.]

[#] The creature is given a resentment, and the means to continue its wretched existance, fueled by the basic instincts. It needed magick, and it needed Existans. The existans of the Dreamweave.. And yet, it was starved of it, cutoff from it in the Vacuus. Again, Tiglinn took pity on it, and gave it a gift... What this gift was is kept a careful secret from the party.
[#] But this Gift had a special property. It existed in the Dreamweave, and yet Pytch could touch it, breathe through it. Once more, it allowed the tortured creature to View the dreamweave once more.. and in doing so develope a hunger for magick.. It would prey, as it always had sought, off of the emotions left repressed within the mind.
[#] The images then shift, to three Silouettes. The three Brothers. A simile, and the beginning of an elaborate plot. The first brother, the Lord and Reign of an ancient Kingdom, deep within the prime Rennisance of Magick... It was deceptively easy to manipulate the Gift into his hands... To prey upon those emotions, until the King became a part of Pytch. The King then selected a new, self incurred name.. The Scrollkeeper.
[#] Pytch, through his First puppet, ordered the creation of Four Great Runes... Four powerful artifacts that, when combined, would be powerful enough to tear open a rift through the dreamweave large enough for it to pass through, and begin to feast upon the weave itself.
[#] Fueled by Tiglinn's hatred, Pytch made its first mistake, openly declairing itself.. the populace rose up, drove its Voidkin back, and scattered the runes. His first Puppet, the Scrollkeeper; the Husk of the First Brother, was entombed.
[#] Ages past, and the tremendous loss of information bled way to a Second Rennisance. Though its puppet was entombed, and Pytch starved half to sleep, its Gift remain in the world... And in time, it again fell into the paws of a powerful being. The King of a land bordering the west of the Continent. Another great civilization had erected itself, based off of the predecessors of the Paladin; The Dragonguard.
[#] It was in this leader; The King Ellithshar, that Pytch did slowly craft its second Puppet.
[#] And it was as thus, that the second brother was born. This time, however, the creature had had an Age to dream, and plot, and analyze every mistake... It created a war between the Kingdoms. The High Priest of the Dragonguard; Tyrius, and the King Ellithshar. In the ensuing chaos, it again begot to harvest enough Magick to open a Rift. It succeeded, but only to a point. Months before completion, The High Priest Tyrius had seen that he'd been played for a fool,>
[#] >and forged himself a great Blade. Anger flares here in the memory, resentment and pain... The image blurrs, as though Pytch skips this part. The general knowledge that through this, he was defeated again, and its Puppet entombed.
[#] The entire west of the continent, and the City of Unath was forevermore overrun by Voidkin, and upon Pytch's recess back into the Vacuus, the entire west of the continent gave way, and the empire collapsed into the seas.

[Unath, we went to that city under the sea and found Yavin. As well as the silver dragon, sitting in it's lonely library. That log is under 'A day of questing with your buddies.']

[#] It was then, many passings later, that the Gift finally fell to a third leader, and the youngest of the Brothers. A foolhearty young leader; an amateur among his people. Pytch learned well through Tiglinn, then, of how to manipulate.. preying on the young leader's insecurities to sap away at whatever independant spirit he might have had; thus creating his third great Puppet... Again learning from its mistakes.. the Husk of Thelmin Waterpasser began gathering the hearts of the easily corrupted; and began the long search for the Four Great Runes it had built so many ages before.

[The three brothers, completely laid out. Strange how they seemed to working against one another, unaware of Pytch or his players.

Wonder what the Gift was? ... The Wailing of the Void?]

[#] Again, its puppet was defeated, flung into the Vacuus along with the Puppetmaster. With naught but its Gift remaining, Pytch continued to wait, siezing control of the next nearest thing; Councellor Nalfain.
[#] The process would have taken a long while... Save that as Pytch grew closer and closer to this Dreamweave, and began to awaken more, so did its First two Great Puppets. It was then, in a foolheardy gesture.. and unwitting group of adventurers awoke the Husk of the Scrollkeeper, and left it to free the Husk of the Second King.
[#] It was easy, then, with the Mages under the Puppetmaster's thrall to alienate the city, gather the majority of the magical artifacts within its borders... and in a great ritual that cost the lives of hundreds of mages; tear open a Rift in the Dreamweave that was growing wider by the day.
[#] The Voidkin; simply Extentions of Pytch's will, are content to travel the confines of the city, gradually devouring the Dreamweave that comprises it... As it progresses, the realm begins to fall into its own Demi-Plane, before eventually, some time in the far future, disintegrating entirely. Only then woudl Pytch be able to slip through the Dreamweave.
[#] For the time being though, the Puppetmaster is content to pull its strings through the portal, using something that could be best described as "The Nexus" to act as its body in this Plane; The shadow that floated before them now.
[#] And yet it still wanted something... The sword. In a way, it wished the weapon obliterated, and in another, it wished it created.. for some purpose left unknown. It was then through the Husk of a humble monk; Kazunori, that the puppetmaster Slipped a map leading to Amin-Briathe's tomb into the pocket of an adventurous, obsessive compulsive feline.

[Miyth, for those not aware. Amin-Briathe's tomb was quite a long trek across several desert maps. Both are included in the zipfile I put together. Those quests, long as they were, helped bond all of our characters so well.]

[#] It needed the pattern stored in the Tomb below the pass; its true intent... And yet, some force; appearing in the minds of the Afflicted as naught by a swirl of all colors into one, that prevented the Husk from entering... It then blocked the pass with a staged ambush, and then chased the party into the tomb.
[#] Its original plan had been to allow the group to retrieve the pattern, and then ambush and kill the group when they emerged from the stairs... It was there that the plan went awry... The group never emerged from the steps; somehow evading the Husk of Kazunori.
[#] The memories withdraw all at once, leaving a cold, empty silence.

[And there it is. The closest thing anyone would ever get to answers or resolution to the Three Brothers storyline. Behold. It's a beauty, ain't it?]

Kitzerina takes umbrage at being called obsessive-compuslive. She's Histrionic :-P

Ruby Pyralis thought that meant Miyth. o.o;

Marlina Evenstar merely stands there mute as she attempts to digest all that she's just learned, though apparently having some difficulty with it.

Kivae sits. Quite heavily, I might add.

Sirum Hest stares forward at Pytch in shock for several minutes, going over the swarm of information in his head. Though, a look of confusion comes over him, not all that he had been expecting to be answered had been answered, the majority of it were unimportant little details. Most of them which could be linked to Kazunori.
Sirum Hest slowly rises up to his footpaws after a period of time and steps forward, motioning over to Yavin with a paw. "Now that that's all out of the way... there's a few last things I need brought up. Like why ya have tried several times in the past to murder our friend Yavin. What has she done that has made ya wanna end her life so badly?"

Yavin Triage stirrs behind Pytch, slowly shuddering. She pulls herself up, seeming to take a certain strength from the voices of the five on the Platform.

Ruby Pyralis notes she didn't talk. ^^

Pytch reels backwards, spinning through the air with the same instinctual anger that was observed during its infusion of knowledge. The creature, at this point, would seem to have every intention of engulfing all six beings upon the platform... The area around it begins to dissolve into a painful darkness; tendrils of the void lifting to lap precariously at the edges of the tower.

Marlina Evenstar appears rather startled then as she attempts to backtrack hastily from the expanding darkness, though whether this would work, would soon be seen.

Yavin Triage drops her paws, eyes widening. She looks about almost feverishly, before a sudden burst of understanding floods her mind- and it shows in her eyes. She dodges forewards past the rapidly disintegrating form of Pytch's Nexus. "Follow me, and wake up!" Her muzzle parts, enunciating in perfectly understandable common; her voice quavering in something bordering supressed fear.

[DAMNIT YAVIN, don't ruin this for me! >:( Let him monologue! We've waited two years for this moment! This is why no one invites NPCs on quests. Unless they're Kitzibeth. Then, please, blow everything up for us Miss Boomsplosionist.]

Sirum Hest's ears lower to his skull as the void begins to creep upwards, quickly unslinging his bow as he considers having Kitzerina aid him in the torching of the book that Pytch had emerged from. However, as Yavin darts over, he hesitates in reaching for an arrow, shooting her a surprised look. "Will do, but it seems to me that we're all wide awake, it's all too real an' it makes too much sense to be nothin' more than a dream."

Kivae watches as it begins to get consumed by the emptiness, a somewhat helpless look on her face, but her head snaps up at Yavin's words. She stumbles to her feet, arm wrapping the pookie to her chest. Following, blindly. "Dreams make plenty 'f sense.. but Si's right... We're awake."

Sirum Hest had meant that the dream connected far too much together regarding the void, the brothers, Pytch, Tyrius and Kazunori.

Yavin Triage ducks forewards, grabbing hold of Sirum's paw. She attempts to whirl the mosue around, mandhandling him somewhat to get a good look at the mark on the back of his neck. With a deliberate intent, she extends a claw from her paw and attempts to draw a long, shallow cut through the mark, drawing blood.

[Yep, she would have to drag Si kicking and screaming out of there. Well, more like finally severing the Bloodstained Coin curse that lingered in him.]

[#] The world continues to dissolve, everything coming alive.. Again, a sensation of tipping is felt, as though the world were being dropped into a vacum.

Kitzerina shakes her head. "We're not awake. We can't be.." She rubs her temples. "We were in the Garrison. We were .." As she notices Yavin manhandle her Si-si, she flies into a rage. "What are you doing, Yavin?"

Sirum Hest erfs and drops to his knees as he is flung about, cringing and jerking a paw back to his neck. "W-Why're ya attackin' us, Yavin? We were only here to help ya..."

Kivae only responded to what he said. She hisses in surprise as Yavin spins him, but lacks the rage of Kitzi, stopping to watch. At the mark, she blinks, holding up her marked hand, as in comparison. "That's.."

[#] Sirum would waver, and vanish as though he were only an illusion.

Kitzerina: Si-si!

Marlina Evenstar is not yet in the illusion state, and has no reason to not think of this as real as her world tips, though her efforts to prevent herself from falling into the void are more succesful this time as she scrambles with hands and feet upon the tiles to avoid slipping.

Yavin Triage whirls about in a state of near panic, to Kitzerina next. "Destroy the marks; on the back ofyour neck now, while his guard is down!" She glances nervously at the enclosing walls, in the process trying to scratch out the mark on the back of Kitzerina's neck.

Ruby Pyralis, as her player is about to faint, scratches the back of her neck?

Marlina Evenstar hadn't yet been observant enough to notice the mark or connect them, thus she continues to try and escape through mundane channels, though this looks more and mroe hopeless.

[#] Ruby vanishes as well.

Kivae's eyes round, and she takes a step back, watching Yavin with more than a little confusion. "What did you do?" But she seems to, again, take in the approaching void. With uncertainty, she decides that vanishing is better than the void. Her claw-nails go to the back of her neck, and dig.

You say, "[Mm... Rune Quest 2.0]"
You say, "[Only with chibi-characters.]"

[The portraits here were too friggin' cute. I think Kitz added them to her villa. Kitzerina's portrait from here was added to her description picture in the Halcyon topic.]

Kitzerina reaches back with her right claw, and tears at whatever could be there. "Ow! What the.."

[#] Kitzerina vanishes.

Marlina Evenstar is still here in likely one of the most idiotic manners she could be, trying to race a tilting floor.

[#] The wold continues to close in; shapes becoming visible... An army of icey blue eyes, all reflecting the same intent.. a thousand eyes with the same mind pressing in from all sides... The Voidkin press so tightly together that they become a black mass.

Yavin Triage dodges to the left, siezing hold of Marlina in an attempt to tear a scratch through the mark on the back of her neck, and then finally destroy her own.

Marlina Evenstar is scratched with a muffled curse, she presumablly vanishes as her player collapses upon the floor.

[#] The last two figures pop from existance in the Nightmarish weave, leaving a thousand hungry mouths to close on nothingness, and then sink to become part of it.
[#] All six of the Afflicted would fall into a fitful, dreamless sleep for the rest of the night, and awaken the next morning weary, distrought, and with a painfully clear memory of the events that transpired.

Marlina Evenstar: [Night all! Awesome quest, just really tired.]
[#] [G'nite :-P]
Marlina Evenstar: [^^]
You say, "[That was beautiful. .-.]"
You say, "[Two years of questing comes to an end. Assuming we don't return with the proper weapons for pwnage.]"

[We wouldn't. But this portion of closure was nice. We understood our Sauron's grand schemes now, but he would live on in the world.]

Kivae hopes they'll be a forum post? :-P]
Yavin Triage: [It'd be nice if someone, (SIrum) could post the events that happened at the top of hte tower.)
Yavin Triage: [Oh yah
Yavin Triage: [Forgot hte best part]
Kitzerina hopes that there will be a forum post that won't make the Rah beat the Continuity pillow to a pulp[]
Ruby Pyralis: [Must goo.]
Yavin Triage: [+50 Exp.]
Ruby Pyralis: [o-o]
Ruby Pyralis: [:D]
Kitzerina: [Level 17 and below, right?]
Kitzerina: [xD]
Yavin Triage: [You do NOT get to keep any items you found.]
You say, "[That's the only reason I came here.]"
You say, "[xD]"
Yavin Triage: [But you get +50 Exp all around]
Aidan Ruddiwyne: [Woo!]
Yavin Triage: [.. Unless your name begins with an S, and you are a mouse.]
Aidan Ruddiwyne: [Sweet!]
You say, "[helo.]"
Yavin Triage: [Except for Aidan.]
You say, "[My name is Buenson Hatasashi]"
Aidan Ruddiwyne: [aw.]
You say, "[I am a rat]"
Yavin Triage: [Tell everyone.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Good bye.]
Yavin Triage: [Oh, and Chloe gets +30]
Ruby Pyralis: [G'night.]
Yavin Triage: [Nighty]
Ruby Pyralis pops.]
Yavin Triage: [If you plan on sticking around, go back to Anst to do it :-P]
You say, "[We can't explore? .-.]"
Yavin Triage: [No]
Aidan Ruddiwyne: [pwnt]
Kivae is going to bed, too. Has to get up in 5-6 hours and swim at Championships.]
Yavin Triage: [If you wanna Explore you have to do it in the real world.]
You say, "[But we can't explore the corners of the dream in the real world to see what Valanthas looked like :P]"
Kivae: [Night. x.o Lovely quest. ^^}
Yavin Triage: [Thanks ^^]
You say, "[We'll be in a group, and if we stray from the group we'll die. Or get `summoned by our party. x)]"
You say, "[Anyways, great quest.]"
Kitzerina will show you the Valanthas not pwnt dream ^^]
Yavin Triage: [Did the ending live up to your expectations? :-P]

[Path always wove a damn fine story, and he hosted dozens of them. Nothing was ever anything less than overwhelming.]

You say, "[Well...]"
You say, "[Lotsa things got left unanswered.]"
Yavin Triage: [I'll answer some things for you]
Kitzerina: [Continuity pillow has a hole >.>]
You say, "[But I figure we'll learn them when we come back.]"
Yavin Triage: [But I had to leave some things unanswered or else it'd be too easy for you to figure out the remaining stuff.]
Yavin Triage: [This is the end of the Epic, as it occurs as a "You -have-to-do-this" quest.
Yavin Triage: It's now a Side-quest.
Aidan Ruddiwyne: I'm gonna side quest in the horrible death dream.
Yavin Triage: So ask me what you need to know.
You say, "[1. Why were we brought here? 2. Why did it want to kill Yavin - twice? 3. What happened to Rivyn / Kazunori?]"
You say, "[The first thing three that popped into my mind.]"
You say, "[Well."
You say, "[Actually.]"
You say, "[Wait.]"
Yavin Triage: Pytch had every intention of bringing you here and imprisoning your minds.
You say, "[I know why it wanted to kill Yavin, the sword is hers.]"
You say, "[And she'll use it to tear Pytch a new one, so nevermind that. x)]"
Kitzerina: [Nein.]
Yavin Triage: When it attacked Yavin in the real world and put her in a coma, it did the exact same thing to her that it did to you.
You say, "[?]"
You say, "[You cut our flesh along our veins to seep our blood into the void?]"
Kitzerina: [Yavin sword, yes. But from what I gathered, yavin+sword = imprisoned pytch. ]
Yavin Triage: In a more dramatic sense, yes.
You say, "[...]"
Yavin Triage: There's still a ton of lore regarding the sword that you don't know.
You say, "[The swords mine, you damned dirty NPC. :P]"
Aidan Ruddiwyne is at home, stealing the sword.
You say, "[Bastard!]"
You say, "[But still.]"
You say, "[Rivyn / Kazunori?]"
Yavin Triage: Also part of the Side-quest.
Kitzerina bites her tongue about things people don't know.
You say, "[...]"
Sirum Hest uses divination to find out. [3/3]
Yavin Triage: xD
Kitzerina: Kaz beat Rivyn. Duh :P
Yavin Triage: And if you want the stupid people summary of what just happened.
Yavin Triage: Yavin sensed your presence, and jumped to try and escape with you guys while Pytch had his proverbial pants down.


Yavin Triage: Yeah, so seriously.
Yavin Triage: Sirum
Yavin Triage: Listen closely
Yavin Triage: Are you ready?
You say, "Not really."
You say, "My mind is being bouncy."
Yavin Triage: And sure you won't forget this tomorrow like you did at the dwarf quest.
Yavin Triage: Do - not - worry - about - the Side quest.
You say, "It's not so much that I'm worry about it."
You say, "That I want every aspect of it over and done with."
Kitzerina: AFAIK, it is over and done with.
Yavin Triage: Saving the City of Towers is something for you to accomplish in a long time; once we're done with all this plot, and bored of the small things again.

[*coughs* Saving the City of Towers took long enough that a group of wizards came in and handled it, I think... or saved the vast majority of it, save some small location where Pytch was held up in. Bit like dropping Disneyland onto Mordor, with Mount Doom tucked into the back if anyone felt brave enough to peek their heads in.]

You say, "I'm a completionist. ^^; It's a horrible disease. >.>"
Yavin Triage: Pytch is to me, as Kitz is to Erisvan.
You say, "Oh."
You say, "So..."
You say, "The Voidthunder should remain under Si's bed for a few months?"
You say, "But Rivyn'll be dead by then..."
Yavin Triage: No; the Voidthunder is a legitemate item, passed by Kitz.
Yavin Triage: You can use it for things other than this quest.
Kitzerina: Kitzibeth and Valanthas will run containment on the City for the next thousand years, much as Cyan and the Paladins (who descended from the Paladiche of Taigorr) watch over Erisvan
You say, "But. Rivyn. Will. Be. Dead. And. Side. Quest. Will. Be. Over. ):"
Yavin Triage: So?
Yavin Triage: Rivyn isn't the only level 25+ druid in Callendor.
Sirum Hest blinks.
You say, "...there's another?"
Yavin Triage: Many.
You say, "Who? o.o"
Yavin Triage: You'd just have to seek them out.

[Thorimar, Solinox's Treebeard clone of a treant. He'd saved our butts a few times in the past. Can't believe he didn't come to mind at the time, but he was who we used. I'll chalk that absent-mindedness up to it being... what, 4 AM at the time?]

Yavin Triage: So seriously
Yavin Triage: You have recieved your two-year plot suppository.
You say, "Nyeh. *would rather have the WotV jammed under the bed than the V* xP"
You say, "But fine."
Yavin Triage: Enjoy the Voidthunder, revell in the fact that you aren't dead, follow Kitz' advice and enjoy the small plots
Yavin Triage: As they are much better than the big ones ^.^
You say, "Surely, because laying bricks and applying mortar to a Scarhawk Stable is much more enjoyable than watching Pytch squirm and die xP"
Yavin Triage: Even with the WoTV
Yavin Triage: In your current state
Yavin Triage: You wouldn't quite be able to do it.
Yavin Triage: So just forget about it.
Yavin Triage: It's a long term problem anyway.

[Ideas like that is what caused us to band together and make demi-Gods of ourselves. Years of experience crafting and enchanting between Rak and Si, combined with a wealth of gold between their circle of friends, to make them into true monsters on the battlefield. Those involved in the great magical arms race were - I believe - Rak (+8 INT / +8 STR), Ru (3d4->3d10), Si (+4 DEX bow, later turned into +6 To-Hit following DEX IB increases), Kiv (+8 WIS) and Chloe (+8 WIS). We had slain Amin-Briathe, Kazunori, Stun and so many ancient horrors, armed and armored ourselves with finery forged by our friends and by those from the first age alike.

At times I wonder what we were lacking that we didn't have, save turning the Voidthunder into the Wailing of the Void. I wonder if Path'en expected Anst to live on longer than it did? In the final year I recall Kitz and Path making all these grand plans. People magically forgetting about Harles, Gholae and other Erisvan servants due to their absence in the world, ushering in a new age of discovery and horror. Path running plots as a refresher course to remind people about Pytch, the Voidkin and everything else. But... this was in 2004. Anst died in 2008. I guess we put things off a little too long. I wonder what their plans were, if everyone who was the glue to Ansteorra stuck together, instead of drifting apart...

That's a mock-up of the image that filled my mind whenever I was on a Path quest, acquiring the pieces to forge the Hilt of the Voidthunder, forging Voidthunder itself, runing the Wailing of the Void, delving into Valanthas, being ambushed by Voidkin. The end of the long and painful road, perhaps on a patch of earth suspended high above the lonely black tower in the City of Towers, or the party delving into the Void to seal or slay him there. It was always this epic final chapter in my mind, ushering Faenor into a new age, the party returning heroes the likes of which fell Thelmin Waterpasser. The Heroes of Calenndor had been people Si was in awe of when he was younger, swinging around that dumb katana he could barely hit anything with. The thought that he could follow in their footsteps with all his friends avenging everything and everyone that he had lost, that people would speak of grandly around bonfires in great cities, shaped so much of his life across 2003 and 2004. Listening to Kitzibeth, Zagnafein and Rivyn weave the tale of the Rune Quest during Sit On The Ground Like A Druid Day had been as memorable a scene for him as it was for me.]

You say, "...even... even with a 100? ;.;"
Yavin Triage: Sure, in 10,000 years or so all of valanthas will be a hole into the Vacuus, but yeah.
You say, "Wait."
You say, "Even if Pytch is slaughtered Valanthas is still going to be destroyed?"
Kitzerina: actually, that won't happen Path.
Yavin Triage: Hm? >.>
Yavin Triage: No, not if Pytch is sent back into the Vacuus.
Kitzerina: If the dreamweave is disrupted too much further, Wevvyn and Sek will notice.
Kitzerina: And then Pytch will find himself next door to Shadowwake.
Yavin Triage: Yar.. which would end up triggering a fight with Taglinn etc.
Kitzerina: no.
Kitzerina: The Primes don't fight the Dark Primes.
Kitzerina: Wevvyn and Sek though have their own ways of dealing with problems.
You say, "They live together in peace and harmony. # "
Kitzerina: As Iocus has Cyan for Erisvan, they'd have something for Pytch.
Yavin Triage: Prolleh
Kitzerina: Well, that and Rivyn's plot with the Prophets being released will pretty much seal the Heretics away for a while anyway.
Yavin Triage: The idea isn't to devour the entire dreamweave though.
You say, "n.n;;;"
You say, "Story."
Yavin Triage: It's just to make a tear big enough for Pytch to fit through.
You say, ""
Yavin Triage: You still don't know, and probably never will, what Pytch looks like.
Yavin Triage: If anything at all.
You say, "... a snotswarm goblin? .-."
Aidan Ruddiwyne: He looks like you, Sirum.
You say, "That's no surprise."
Yavin Triage: Talk about Heretic of Nightmares.
You say, "Everyone wants to look like Sirum."
Aidan Ruddiwyne: No.
Aidan Ruddiwyne: I mean he looks like -YOU-.
Aidan Ruddiwyne: The player.
You say, "o.o"
You say, "He's a bunch of pixels?"
Yavin Triage: .. Quote: "Talka bout heretic of Nightmares."
Aidan Ruddiwyne: ...You're a bunch of pixels?
You say, "Yus."
You say, "Sikasa."


Aidan Ruddiwyne: Fantastic.
Yavin Triage: And then the copyright police show up, and devour Sirum's soul.
Yavin Triage: ... And he becomes Goku.
You say, "I have no soul. D:"
You say, "Well."
You say, "I do."
You say, "It's just in JPG format."
Yavin Triage: No transparent backgrounds?
Yavin Triage: I knew you were satan.
You say, "^-^"
Sirum Hest blinks.
You say, "Wait."
Sirum Hest looks to clock.
You say, "It's 4:30 AM."
You say, "Kitz is awake."
You say, " o.o"
Yavin Triage:
Yavin Triage: Behold.
Yavin Triage: The trailer for the movie I'm making ^-^
Kitzerina: adrenalin
Yavin Triage: So...
Yavin Triage: How was the conclusion? >.> Did you get into the plot at all?
You say, "Nah."
Yavin Triage: I hated that it felt so rushed.
You say, "I pretty much skimmed over the plot."
You say, "The highlight of my day was the EXP boost."
You say, "... >.> Of course I got into the plot, otherwise I wouldn't have been trying to rush everyone into getting your sword stuck together for the past 6-8 months. :P"
Yavin Triage poits.
Kitzerina: [poo :-(]
Kitzerina: [bah. I'm loggin']
Kitzerina: [nite ^^]
Aidan Ruddiwyne: [Night]
You say, "Night, Kitz. x)"

[Rushed as it was, it was still one of the most memorable quests in Anst history. That infodump from Pytch at the end was what I had been longing to see since I first laid eyes on the Three Brothers plot. It's why I wanted so dearly to reach a high enough level, get a strong enough character to attend the Epic Quests alongside Kitz, Zag, Dal and Sol. If you wanted to matter, or make a difference in epic storylines, you needed at least one of a few things. Connections with the plot NPCs, a wealth of necessary plot items, the drive and motivation to assemble groups to further the story down it's path as a leader, a keen memory of every minor and major detail of the plot, or the strength to stand alongside the Heroes of Calenndor against the Heretics and their pawns. Si at one point or another checked off everything on that list.

I'm glad I got to be in Anst from the start of the Three Brothers storyline until it was deemed a side-quest in this RP log. I'm not sure if Si would have grown quite so close with everyone in the guild without it, or if he would have developed quite so clearly as an individual. Our characters traversed the world together, camped out, solved riddles and save one another from death so many times over.

I don't know what the Rune Quest was like beyond bits and pieces shared by the Heroes of Calenndor around a campfire, but this story was so much of Ansteorra for me. The big and important moments, between the many sweet and simple days spent under the canopy that made everything feel truly alive with the wonderful people and characters who became a part of the world we built together.

I don't imagine any D&D group will be able to live up to what Ansteorra was. Because I don't believe it's an easy thing to replicate that feeling, the long stretches of halcyon between venturing out and undertaking important, world-shaping missions. Moments like Ruby being hounded with arrows from another plane of existence, or Path'en turning Si blue and tiny from an alchemical mix-up, or Kitzibeth giving Si the test to let him become a part of her guild, or Rakuro falling from the sky and becoming a crater, or Kivae turning into a cute feral fox by accident and yapping at Si for wondering what color bow he ought put on her tail, or poorly trying to imitate Burr by serving random drinks, or Rivyn going out of his way to further and further murder a dragon's corpse because Si kept insisting that it may yet still be alive, or... too much retrospection, I'll stop. x3

If you've read all the logfiles I've put up here by now, then hopefully Ansteorra is a little less foggy for you. Most all of them are from my perspective, so I don't know how much many of them will mean to you, but about 50 days of Anst's life should paint at least a vague picture of all the characters I spent time with and was fond of from those years.

I've no more IC logs left from the best years of Ansteorra. The IC board can return to it's regularly scheduled blue circle on the forum. Thanks for being someone who helped create all these wonderful stories and memories with me in the same strange, terrifying, hilarious, exciting, heartbreaking and heartwarming book I loved reading and writing in day to day those years ago.]

Now you all know
The bards and their songs
When hours have gone by
I'll close my eyes
In a world far away
We may meet again
But now hear my song
About the dawn of the night
Let's sing the bards' song

Tomorrow will take us away
Far from home
No one will ever know our names
But the bards' songs will remain
Tomorrow will take it away
The fear of today
It will be gone
Due to our magic songs

There's only one song
Left in my mind
Tales of a brave man
Who lived far from here
Now the bard songs are over
And it's time to leave
No one should ask you for the name
Of the one
Who tells the story

Tomorrow will take us away
Far from home
No one will ever know our names
But the bards' songs will remain
Tomorrow all will be known
And you're not alone
So don't be afraid
In the dark and cold
'Cause the bards' songs will remain
They all will remain

In my thoughts and in my dreams
They're always in my mind
These songs of furres, demons and men
And elves, Come close your eyes
You can see them too...

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