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A day of chatting with Kendrick. 12-9-2004

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 01, 2017 4:04 am    Post subject: A day of chatting with Kendrick. 12-9-2004 Reply with quote

[It's been a week since we retook Ansteorra and Kendrick decides to show up. My log starts in the middle of nowhere.]

Kendrick simply pops into existence within the tavern, no lights or flames to announce the arrival of someone truly impressive, just a simple transformation from nothing to him as he takes a seat within the tavern, "Good evening friends, and how might you be finding your returned home? No problems I trust?" Rotating himself about on the seat to look about those assembled individuals, commenting idly as his gaze falls upon Ruby, "Your form has changed, but I recognize you still, and I think I might be owing something to you."

Butterburr the Bartender counts his coins, clinking each one merrily.

Kendrick loves the bot for his horrible obliviousness.

Ruby Pyralis' player wasn't looking at Furc. Anyway, she doesn't appear to know anyone is talking to her. >>;

Dirk Felis just raises a brow at Kendrick, and just as quickly resumes what he's been doing

Sirum Hest sits up finally then and motions a paw towards Kendrick. "That's another thing that can kill ya. One of the Heretic's, though he still needs to get killed by someone. On that note, why are ya here, Kendrick? Doesn't First Colony need ya to dress up as some random furre, get into a position of power an' raise havoc?"

[Si knows it's impossible to kill Kendrick, without something akin to the Wailing of the Void designed just for him. Call for the guards and they'll die. Run and he'll follow. Kendrick was the sort of Heretic you really couldn't avoid if you wanted to. He was something you had to put up with, whenever he showed up.]

Guts Arlong sighs. "I seriously doubt if everything you mention can kill me."

Kendrick simply grins as he rises easily to his feet, wings spreading outwards to either side of him as he offers a brief bow to the rodent, gaze flickering only briefly to Guts with a few choice words, "A simple thought on my part, and your head would turn an alarming shade of red, something inside would go wrong, and then... Well, I'd need to clean the tavern again of a person's remains." Then to Sirum, "I've retired my participation in the affairs of the Republic, I have instead come to check upon the ones who forward my cause so wonderfully, like old Aracthan artists before a tapestry you weave Dyarra's dream." Thought that with such knowledge they might turn aside from his goals was forgotten, or perhaps simply not cared about.

[Kendrick always was the Heretic who simply didn't give a damn. Who cares about the pawns on the chessboard know or think? They're the most expendable in the end.]

Du`ased Valinas arches a brow slightly within his hood, pausing in the sharpening of the guisarme's blade to look at Guts skeptically. "And I seriously think you overestimate yourself." Snide commenting containing no small amount of irritation. Subsequently, gloved hand would return to sharpening the instrument.

Kalannar growls visibly, sitting himself up straight and casting a sidelong glare at Kendrick, though he remains silent, as is.

Dirk Felis gives another light shrug as he looks once more upon the Heretic. "So... just what brings you here this time. I'd like to imagine for tea and chit-chat, but I doubt that you'd drop by for only that"

Guts Arlong has absolutely no idea what they are babbling about, so he sits in his chair idly. "So Sirum, who exaclty is this guy?" Motioning to Kendrick.

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side in confusion. "Ones who furthered yer cause? An' who jus' might that be? Everyone here worked towards Ansteorra's return, not for the Risin' Phoenix." To Guts, he shrugs and says simply, "Kendrick, Heretic of Lies an' Confusion, I think. Though he doesn't lie all that often, an' he's rarely ever confusin'.."

Butterburr the Bartender counts his coins, clinking each one merrily.

Kendrick hops off the chair then, wings folding behind him once more as he speaks briefly to the bartender, "Of course not, my purpose here is as it has always been, to forward my cause, but it hardly seems neccesary any more." To Sirum again, "You assume for some reason that I care anything about the Kebeyen Republic... They were simply a tool, as are the royalists of Ansteorra. Stating the obvious however is not my purpose here, for I've a gift for a few here, and business to deal with."

Granja: I'm back

Du`ased Valinas, finished with the task at hand, placed the whetstone once more in a random pouch between the studded leather armor that lay beneath robes and the robes themselves. Guisarme was placed against the countertop in a leaning position, crimson eyes finding their way to Kendrick.

Kendrick pauses a moment to throw a comment in Granja's direction, "That of course had all the wisdom, and intelligence of a bard's epic... Indeed all of us are far better for knowing that some insignificant creature has returned to the tavern through the wonder of two words."

Sirum Hest's nose wrinkles, at Kendrick's explanation. "What exactly is it that yer tryin' to forward? If it's chaos, then we've had enough for one decade, I believe. The furres of Pirostia have had hardly any though." More than happy to dump a Heretic off onto them. " I don't suppose yer into joke-gifts like Erisvan is? The kind that turn ya into a servant, addicts ya to anythin' or jus' removes a finger."

Dirk Felis gives only a brief sigh as he begins cleaning the countertop. "I've yet to see you do anything after arriving around here, nor have your supposed effects been known to any but yourself. I say show some proof of your works and mayhaps we'll give you more credit." he only frowns at Sirum with his last comment, still rather miffed at the mutilation of his right paw

Granja looks over at Kendrick "I was not talking to you, sir, I was talking to my friend but as I look into it I think he is gone right now
Granja: so I guess I will take my leav

Kendrick's gaze narrows upon Granja as a symbol upon his exposed forearm suddenly bursts into being, showing off an aura of changing hues, "Marvelous, another wonderful fraction of useless information." The air distorts briefly as the intricate design serves it's function and strikes at the mind of Dirk, for he had proved irritating upon every encounter. The helpless tender of the bar would be stricken with an overpowering fear of the Heretic, and for that matter every shadow that moved in the room. To Sirum though he simply laughs, "I've been to Pirostia, it's easy to act there with such going so well here."

Guts Arlong sighs deeply. "Hey Sirum, is it just me or is this guy," gesturing to Kendrick, "really boring?"

Kalannar glances at Guts, and simply grins darkly, shortly followed by a twisted chortle from behind slightly serrated teeth.

Sirum Hest squints at Kendrick. "Huh. I'm startin' to think ya might've picked up Rivyn an' Entad's little trick. There's no way ya can be in all these places doin' all these things day in day out all over Feanor. How many bodies do ya have, or is it yer doppelgangers doin' some of the work? An' ya didn't answer my question about the gifts..", whiskers giving a suspicious flick. Following that, he gives a heavy shrug towards Guts, "He jus' speaks far too much like an Archmagus, I think. It is kinda tirin', though."

Dirk Felis blinks a few times as he goes diving for the closeness of the fire, eyes shooting into odd corners as he mumbles about this and that.

Sirum Hest leans back and glances past Ruby, as well, to raise a brow at the cheetah. "Is... he... really that scary, Dirk?"

Dirk Felis eyes seem to dart back and forth. "He's in my mind >.> <.<;;;;

Butterburr the Bartender counts his coins, clinking each one merrily.

Sirum Hest frowns. "No... he's in front of the bar."

Kendrick's gaze lowers with all the finality of the old castle crashing into the crescent sea a paw moving to his new target to grasp the one who had the audacity to be accusing him of being boring by the neck. Without so much as a further moment of hesitation or apparent effort the paw moves to throw Guts flying through the air to crash against the tavern wall, "Idiots had best learn to curb their tounge or the next time I pay attention to them, they shall suffer a far more unpleasant fate." To Sirum once more, "The problem in your thinking lies simply with the fact that you think I'm in all those places, such is not neccesary... The gifts though vary depending upon who might receive them."

Kendrick: [For note, yes I'm powergaming, why? Because Kendrick's akin to a demi-god here. :-P]

Du`ased Valinas quirks a brow, and inquires : "Have you actual gifts to deliver or are you simply speaking for the benefit of hearing your own voice?" Head canting aside within hood, crimson eyes flickering to Kendrick's own. Paying little heed to Guts' `flying through the air to splat upon the wall` trick. He's seen better.

Guts Arlong is indeed hoisted in the air and flung with certainty. He goes crashing into the tavern wall and falls to the ground. Growling angrily, like a wolf that just got kicked, he makes a headlong charge at Kendrick. Longsword drawn, he swings horizontally, from the right, with all his force.

Guts Arlong: [bah, this low int score of Guts' is gonna get him killed pretty quick]

Kalannar leans back and watches the warrior fly past him. He shoots his gaze over toward Du`ased as he speaks, though continues to remain silent within the general scene.

Sirum Hest doesn't understand why Kendrick seems to be abusive to all others except himself, and his faces expression shows it briefly. Perhaps the Heretic was afraid of spiders, or he simply didn't want to destroy everyone who actually acknowledged him. "Ya shouldn't do that. They'll call Cyan an' Entad up here, an' jam ya inside of a rock. Unless it's jus' Erisvan an' Trothfang who get sealed so often an' so long." As Guts charges Kendrick, he calls over to the furre, "He can't be killed..", in somewhat of a warning. But then he just continues on to the Heretic, hopefully distracting him from his butcher of Guts. "No one is gonna use a gift from a Heretic. Ya would've had a better chance at conveniently leavin' 'em layin' around, like Pytch did." Perhaps just suggesting such so that he could be on guard, if any trinkets started littering the ground.

[... Kendrick seemed to tolerate Sirum and Rakuro more than most anyone. Probably because he saw the value in them as bringers of chaos. Kendrick would sometimes just show up in Rak's shop, chill in his chair and shoot the breeze with him]

Kendrick's eyes flicker briefly to the side as the thrown individual decides to not stay where he had been put, moving back a half-step until the back of his lower leg touches the barchairs as his assailent gets within three feet or so. His next actions however, lack the measured stride of his first and blend in upon each other into a faint blur as a fist rises, then crashes downwards into the back of the sword bearing individual as he hurtles past. Again, for he is a kind benevolent individual, the blow is not meant to kill, merely to send sprawling to the floor once more.

Guts Arlong: [maybe I have to be extremely specific in my attacks right now. He's in one spot for the attack, not moving constantly forward.]
Kendrick: [So he charged forward, then stopped and swung?]
Guts Arlong: [yeah, turning on his heel and using the other foot for counterbalance so the forward vector gets transferred to the weapon]
Dirk Felis: [No... he hit forward twice, and then the verticle attack button]
Dirk Felis: [vertical*]
Guts Arlong: [lmao]
Dirk Felis: [So you see... he did a spin, and then brought down the zweihander from overhead]
Kendrick in that case nulls his last post, and alters.
Dirk Felis: [At which point... he
Guts Arlong: [lol dirk]
Dirk Felis: [o.< *shuts up*]
Guts Arlong: [that sounds like a soul calibur move]
Dirk Felis: [Soul Calibur 2 ^.^;]
Guts Arlong: [I dun have nightmare's sword dammit]
Dirk Felis: [A zweihander -is- <.<]
Dirk Felis: [Or rather what he used pre-soul edge]
Dirk Felis: [which then took the form of a demonic zweihander]
Guts Arlong: [blah freakin blah]
Kalannar: [Zweihander's a bit smaller.]
Dirk Felis: [I have the game, and did a double-take when I found out they're the same <.<]
Dirk Felis: [It says right in the weapon gallery]
Guts Arlong: [lol]
Kalannar: [Does it? Oh, oh. So that means I can make Taereal's zweihander much bigger. Yeeessss. xD]
Dirk Felis: [yar!]
Kalannar: [I had just assumed.]
Du`ased Valinas, frightened. ()
Dirk Felis: [I can only imagine what Hiki lugs around <.<]
Ruby Pyralis: [...]
Kalannar: [Hikari's 8 feet tall.]

[Ruby apparently caught that, but didn't post it on TOOC. Shame on you, Ru!]

Kendrick's eyes flicker briefly to the side as the thrown individual decides to not stay where he had been put, moving back a half-step until the back of his lower leg touches the barchairs as his assailent gets within striking distance. Without losing any of his normal composure he simply moves further now to the side as his own weapon flickers into being within his right hand, blocking a follow-up blow if one should be directed at him. The entire pose of the moment was simply to make his assailent look like an idiot, which admittedly wasn't difficult to do. Speaking then to Sirum, "Of course, you wouldn't want the leader of those still alive that follow the Republican council, for then you wouldn't trust my gift, but it might be difficult to simply let her lie on the ground somewhere."

Dirk Felis remains incapacitated in his corner. w00t

Guts Arlong pulls his sword to a halt. He hops slightly as he brings his sword up over his head and down vertically, putting his whole body weight into it and probably looking like nightmare when he does a hopping vertical swing. Guts demands teh satisfaction!

Butterburr the Bartender counts his coins, clinking each one merrily.

Dirk Felis: [So you hit back twice and then vertical?]
Guts Arlong: [no, just up and vertical at the same time]
Guts Arlong: [you know, the slight hop]
Dirk Felis: [Oh... the slight hop backspin thingie]
Guts Arlong: [thats horizontal]
Guts Arlong: [vertical is bringin it down with both hands and ending sorta crouching]
Kalannar: [You're not gonna hit him, Guts. Just.. accept it, man. He's like level 30. What are you, 4?]
Dirk Felis: [that's back twice and vertical <.<]

Sirum Hest arches a brow and glances about the room for several lengthy moments, as if expecting the one Kendrick was speaking of to just magically pop in ala Catharine. "Leader of those still alive? Ya mean Damien or someone else? An' I think havin' him might be nice, if ya wouldn't try to stage his execution or make it seem as if some noble had tortured him in the streets when ya were done."

Dirk Felis: [Kendrick actually boasts being level 128 supposedly]
Guts Arlong: [so? I can't control my character's actions using ooc info]
[#] Wench Goddess requests less OOC please
You say, "[Who's Wench Goddess? <.>]"
Kendrick: [Kele]
You say, "[But Kele's not here..?]"
[#] Yes she is
You say, "[The walls, they have ears..]"
[#] Oh my god, ninja!
Dirk Felis hmms as he glances upon each desc[]
Dirk Felis: [Kele is on Burr? <.<]
Dirk Felis: [oh.. tari o.<]
Kendrick: [Hey Tari, ninja!]
Ruby Pyralis: [BWAHAHHAHA]
Du`ased Valinas, killeth the ninja. >.>; ()
Du`ased Valinas: (SAVE ME.)
Tari Ancalime <3's Kendrick.]

Kendrick notes ansetly that Guts is horribly, horribly, denied, as the trident swings upwards in what to him was a negligent swing, but to his assailent was a more than substantial block to his assault. His gaze turns upon him then as he speaks dryly, "I'm growing weary of this game, try it again, and one might begin to get rather annoyed... If memory serves though, I already offered this warning."

Dirk Felis remains incapacitated in his corner. w00t

Guts Arlong makes another random swing which his player is too tired to explain in detail, so it's just at an angle. Whee. Guts is all pissed still, and yells taunting thingys. :P

Dirk Felis just blinks a few times as fears subsides to view upon the corners at the rather large assortment of creatures there... in his mind anyway. "You're... not all here for the stew are you?" his brow raised as he recollects only one prior experience with such humanoids

Sirum Hest waits patiently for an answer from the Heretic.

Du`ased Valinas does also.

Kendrick tilts his head slightly then speaking to Sirum as he ducked beneath the swing, before planting a fist upwards into his stomach, regardless of armour or other protections, the trident shifting moments prior to the left paw, "Oh no, no interference, but she'll try to kill you once unbound, see... As she sees it, you lot are responsible for the crumbling of the Republic, and Mazus' installation as the new High Chancellor. Allow me to be introducing this person to you now my friends, meet Miranda Truesight." And then indeed a struggling figure would appear in the centre of the tavern, swaying for a few moments before toppling. Pawns and feet are bound, and the archer is gagged, though her eyes gleam dangerously.

(You see Miranda Truesight.)
> Auburn hair is pulled back tightly in a single braid, falling to the level of the green cloak pulled about her shoulder. In stark contrast to the colours of her emerald hued cloak, lies the wood of a longbow, hanging from the opposing shoulder is a quiver of arrows. Orange eyes gleam with a fierce intelligence, alighting her sharply featured face in an intimidating manner. Chainmail beneath the cloak bears the sigil of a phoenix rising forth from the flames. [Ansteorra Kingdom NPC]

[Miranda... I forget... wasn't she one of the people who visited Damien in the Rogues Guild, when Si was leader? If not, she was one of Damien's early followers all the same. Si had some history with her, at least]

Guts Arlong coughs a bunch of stuff up onto the floor as he is slammed in the stomach. But, being the mindless tough guy he is, he reels back and throws out another cross swing.

Kalannar eyes the archeress, recalling her from his trip to Ansteorra during one of Entad's rampages.

Sirum Hest shifts about then and rises up to his feetpaws, watching the femme on the floor with a slight cringe. "After hearin' that, I doubt she'd do any such thing. All we were doin' was gettin' back our Kingdom, an' yer the real monster behind it all. Why have ya brought her here, though? She's obviously not gonna kill us, an' I'll personally fill the paws of any who lift a blade towards her with an arrow. Her death would likely mean Mazus gettin' a higher position of power, or us bein' framed for her assassination. So which is it, or is it both?"

[Being a plot NPC around Si was like having a guardian angel.]

Dirk Felis nods very slowly as the shadows... or rather what he percieves in them before backing away slowly. "Sirum... nail a few of those kobolds for me.. they don't look friendly in the slightest o.o"

Butterburr the Bartender grumbles.

Kendrick brings a paw up in a salute before vanishes, the sword flashing through the air he had occupied moments before, "She's been abandoned, the council thinks her dead, but she's your enemy still. If she lives, more will die, and the Republic might one day return... Kill her, and you shall be safe."

Miranda Truesight: [Butter lives!]

Butterburr the Bartender 's motion is subtle, but deliberate - sounding a silent alert.

Du`ased Valinas sort of.. looks at the femme on the floor with a quirked brow. Hearing Kendrick's words, he shrugs. "He's a Heretic of Lies." And.. that's all there is to it.

Sirum Hest looks over his shoulder and eyes Dirk in confusion. "There are no kobolds... did Kendrick screw with yer head or somethin'?" And after asking, he pads over towards Miranda, moving to undo her gag. "He thinks he can get us to kill someone that easily. She's not my enemy, 'cause she hasn't yet done a thing against me. Miss, are ya okay? Ya really wanna kill us like the Heretic said?"

[I knew it! There never had been, nor would there ever be any kobolds in Ansteorra! Not as enemies, not as players or anything else. Kiv and Si condemned their entire species as a cruel joke.]

Kitzibeth poits into being, rather flamingly, complete with the brimstone and the sulfur. "We have not yet been back a week and already there's an issue? Primes. This city is the crux of everything on Callendor isn't it?"

Guts Arlong grips his sword, looking around frantically. "Where'd that @#$#% @#%@ #@%#@ go?" He rambles off explatives, looking around for the now-departed Kendrick.

Sirum Hest's post gets munchied. []
Kitzibeth: [('< o o o o ]
Ruby Pyralis chews on Kitzi's feet.]
Guts Arlong: [is tht the magic school bus, kitzi? :-D]
Kitzibeth: [You wish you could be that lucky]
Mara Dark: [I loved that show ;-;]

Kalannar has to go. Therefore, he shuffles out in a most lurking fashion, casting a glare back at Du`ased as he leaves.

Kalannar: [Bye folks.]
Guts Arlong: [bye]
Ruby Pyralis: [Bye!]
Mara Dark: [Bye]
Ruby Pyralis: [MISS FRIZZLE]
Du`ased Valinas: (Bye, buddy!)
Mara Dark: [YAAHH]

Miranda Truesight closes her mouth then as the gag is removed from her mouth, working the foul taste out of her mouth and enough saliva to suddenly spit at her helper. Struggling for several moments, she finally is able to force herself away, despite the bonds about feet and paws.

Mara Dark: [Kitzi should be Miss Frizzle <3]
Kitzibeth: [Nite Kal]
Ruby Pyralis: [Beep beep.]
Mara Dark: [Let us go on a magical adventure into OUTER SPACE]
[#] Let's go on a magical adventure to IC.

Dirk Felis bounds onto the table as he clasps ahold of Sirum's tunic if possbile. "Sirum! I can't take on fifty of the buggers, maybe four or five at a time, but not fifty... and they keep pourin' in. <.<;;;" then over to Kitzi. "They're sealin' off the exits, do something!"

Kele-De pads into the tavern, smile upon her face until she catches sight of the bound Miranda. The sight causes her to stop dead in her tracks and blink several times. "Miranda? How in-? WHat the-?" She takes a deep breath, then gathering her wits. "What is going on here?"

Guts Arlong grips his zweihander tightly, the effects of his rage still burning. "Where the #@$@ did that bastard go?!?!?" He searches the room frantically.

Sirum Hest merely points a finger at the spit headed towards him, and it suddenly drops to the floor. Minor helpful spells are so nifty. Following that, he pads over towards where Miranda is heading, shaking his head. "Every time I try to help someone they try doin' that. It's like people have forgotten how to speak. I don't suppose that we -can- find out what has happened to ya, an' hopefully return ya to the Republic to oust Mazus? Havin' ya die here wouldn't be good at all for anybody." He also, for note, knees Dirk's crotch as he used to, hopefully sending him to the floor in pain. "Go take a nap, Dirk. Someone really did mess with yer head, Primes. Kitzibeth, can ya do anythin' for him?" And to Kele, "Kendrick came by. With presents. For us to kill."

Kitzibeth shakes her head. "Wonderful. Dirk's been illusioned to the Dragon's Palace and Apparently Kendrick was just here. I can smell his cologne. Nasty stuff, that is - it's like bathing in rosewater. Pray, Sirum - lend me a bit of help here. What just happened?"

Dirk Felis would likely stop to block and scream somethin' aobut being betrayed before hefting the nearest seat as a mock shield against any incoming ballistic attacks... only to flip it over as a feral lion tamer might. "Come and get it ya' filthy bastards! Kitzi... I could use some support... Burr.... anybody? ;.;"

Miranda Truesight mutters something in response to Sirum, though for whatever reason it doesn't reach the audible level, then as she attempts to roll further away, not exactly sure what she hoped to achieve, but merely wanting to be away from her new captors.

Kele-De nods, then rolls her eyes frowning. "Let me guess, we're supposed to kill Miranda becuase she's the enemy?" Shaking her head, she slowly approaches the named femme and smiles at her. Not exactly expecting a warm reception, she prepares herself for whatever might be coming. "'Ello, Miranda."

Sirum Hest gives a bit better explanation to Kitzibeth, "Kendrick came by, messed with people an' dropped her off here, tellin' us to end her life. An'... can we get her into yer guild, fast, to remove her restraints? I don't think this environment is the best for her."

Kitzibeth: Wonderful. I do hope he offered himself - I tire of these Heretics and their games." She hops down off the stool, and pads to Dirk, touching him lightly on the head. >>semnústa<< [3/3][Sleep it off!]

Kele-De is owed a cookie as her post was eaten.]
[%] Sirum Hest just gave Kele-De a cookie.
[%] Ruby Pyralis just gave Kele-De a cookie.
Kitzibeth gives you no cookies, wenchie xD[]
[%] Guts Arlong just gave Kele-De a cookie.
[%] Mara Dark just gave Kele-De a cookie.

Guts Arlong feels the effects of his unnatural berserker rage fade away. He looks over at the "present" that was brought.

Dirk Felis whirls about as Kitzi comes to his aid. "Alrighty then, let's kick some kobo--- *fwump*" going out like a light
Dirk Felis and likely dropping the chair nearby <.<

Guts Arlong walks over to the captive furre. "So are you gonna kill her or what?" He looks at Kele as if that were the most natural thing in the world.

Miranda Truesight mutters another small comment under her breath, appearing about to lash out at Kele as she noticed her before collapsing in a resigned matter upon the seat, she couldn't escape like she was now, and needed to conserve her strength. Eyes turn then slowly upon the acolyte, reflecting a bitter betrayed appearance as her first words that can actually be heard are, "Appears you didn't die..." Not significant in itself as words, but the meaning in her tone speaks volume she's unable to.

[And the log abruptly ends there. No doubt Furc's servers, yet again, frying themselves for a bit.]
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