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A day of... strategic... crossdressing...? 7-3-2004

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 29, 2017 4:57 am    Post subject: A day of... strategic... crossdressing...? 7-3-2004 Reply with quote

[This isn't my log. This is one someone saved elsewhere. It's... from... a 'unique' perspective during the infiltration of Ansteorra.

So, on the day of Ansteorra's infiltration, people were divided all across the city desperately seeking a way to escape. Zagnafein went to the docks and was later joined by Kalannar and some others.

Kitzerina, Kitzibeth, Rakuro, Sirum, Ruby, Jonathan, Kivae and Rak's bone golem fled into the sewers, where they were promptly cornered with their backs against the wall by Mazus (currently Kendrick in disguise, maybe...? I forget) and his forces, near the secret entrance leading into the Mage's Guild. The bone golem got splintered in the first round of combat and we had to hual out of there. Seeing Si standing side by side with Ruby there instead of hiding in the back makes me happy... because one of the only ways to get him out of the back row was if Kizzy and Kiv were behind him.

They all fled out into an encampment outside of the city and were later surrounded by vast numbers Rising Phoenix soldiers, demanding everyone disarm. But Si and Kiv were survivors and never surrendered if they could help it, running was a far better option. They whipped out a teleportation scroll and got zipped off to the northern forests with Kitzerina brought with them, leaving a hail of arrows raining down where they had been. They headed for Caeseal in the arms of Kiv's treants.

And then we have... the third group... uhhh...enjoy? :) ]

Ciran Acinonyx is idly milling about inside the tavern along with the rest of the refugees

Erk Mendon is too.

Kalannar paces like a tiger in a cage.

[#] Increasingly, the sound of marching, and the sight of soldiers bearing Damien's banner or the emblem of the Rising Phoenix are seen through windows. It seems only a matter of time before the brief interlude retreat brought them again changes to combat.

Ranamor Quickfist growls in a frusturated manner. "Damn it, don't you see? We can't let them--" he stops as he glances out the window, "Quick, the chairs and table, barricade the door!" He cries and leaps forward to grab a chair.

Erk Mendon sits nervously.

Kalannar continues to pace, his eyes locked on the windows as the number of troops increases.

Ciran Acinonyx takes a seat at the nearby table, idly fidgiting with a strip of blue cloth as he ponders how any of them are going to get out. He could try using undead rodents as scouts, but there were too many present for such, and he doesn't trust the feline in the least.

Ranamor Quickfist: [Did everyone just ignore his words?]

Ciran Acinonyx shakes his head to Ranamor. "Won't do a lotta good, unless you think we can barricade the windows too"

Ciran Acinonyx adds quickly "Though you could lock the door if you think it would help"

Ranamor Quickfist curses under his breath as the all sit down, but he brings a couple of chairs and a table over to the door. He also locks the door. He thrn turns to Ciran, "I have an idea for the windows as well. Help me rip up some floorboards."

Erk Mendon sighs, "Here comes another idea from him to tear up the city."

Ciran Acinonyx raises a brow briefly. "The simple fact is Ranamor, either they will find us, or they won't. Golems don't generally care about wooden blockades"

Kalannar thinks. The windows! Of course. He says nothing to anyone else, but merely moves to the side window and checks to see if it's safe, hopefully that he may bust out into the nearby trees, and carry on to the docks from there, keeping himself hidden as much as is possible for a ranger of his experience.

[Kalannar rescued himself from indignity. 'atta boy.]

Ciran Acinonyx watches as the drow dashes off. "I wonder if he knew there were enchantments here, and that the docks have probably already been secured by the opposing forces"

Ranamor Quickfist turns savegly on Erk, "Listen kid, shut your mouth or I'll shut it for you." He is almost nose to nose with the kid and his heavily scared face would indeed look menacing. After a moment of glaring at the kid he turns to Ciran with a small sigh, "You're right. I just need to do bloody something." He frowns as he watches Kal.

Ciran Acinonyx begins to rise. "Or maybe he was headed for the sewers..." he does however take a seat once more, as he had orders to remain.

Miyth nods towards Ciran. "Very welle, Ie truste thehte thies woulde be all ov themme?"

Ciran Acinonyx shrugs momentarily, only to nod towards the windows. "One dashed out moments ago"

Ranamor Quickfist looks to Miyth and cocks a brow, "All of who?

[#] The Dragon's howling and smiting of large numbers of troops stops suddenly as the spell effect ends.

Ciran Acinonyx glances to the doorway. "It seems we would do well to flee as the primary distraction of the soldiers has left the area"

Erk Mendon sighs, "Well...I guess this is it. We have to flee now before anything bad happens."

Ranamor Quickfist looks to Erk, "Before anything bad happens? Its not like this has been a party or anything."

Erk Mendon ignores the annoying halfing.

Miyth glances back. "Thehne he woulde be dead to us." The maerl withdraws a paw from his pocket. "You wielle see, Cieran. We muste holde off untiel thee mobs subsiede."

Ciran Acinonyx shrugs briefly, idly toying with a whip he swiped from the goode's shop during a riot.

Ranamor Quickfist makes a mental note about the fire mage. Assasination time. Ran also notes to do it in Aderion's name, for the hell of it.

Miyth nods towards Ciran. "Ie wielle returne, Cieran. Whene Ie do, we wielle be ready to leave. Untiel thehte tieme, mekk sure thehte all of these ones staye out ov trouble, ande mekk sure thehte thee tavern doors do not falle."

[#] What appears to be a group of several soldiers, halts before the tavern, one going so far as to peer inside before hastily retreating. Muffled conversation is heard by those nearest the doors.

Ciran Acinonyx looks over to the entryway as the soldiers seem on the verge of entering before looking to Erk. "Can you cast illusions?"

Erk Mendon: [what a coincidence! He would if he got 30 more XP :P Oh well.]

Erk Mendon sighs and shakes his head, "I think I almost got the hang of it, but I'm not entirely sure I could do it."

Ciran Acinonyx nods briefly. "I see. I need you to conjure up the image of a large breasted femme. Can you do that?"

Ciran Acinonyx adds "A vixen"

Erk Mendon grins slightly but shakes his head, "Even if I was entirely sure I could make illusions, I've only read about changing my own appearances. Sorry." [in other words, I see nothing about that kind of illusion on the magic page]

[#] While the golem enjoys initial successes, he's soon confronted by a rather more powerful set of opponents then before. And you'll hold while I deal with NPCs.

Ciran Acinonyx hmms briefly... he began to look between the three of them. "Then it seems one of us will have to assume the appearance of a vixen."
Ciran Acinonyx adds "Or all three of us"

Ranamor Quickfist shrugs, "And then what? If we all are, we'll just be raped or something like that." HE says that so bluntly, it would seem as if he was rather bored with the whole thing.

Erk Mendon shrugs, "Any volunteers?"

Ciran Acinonyx briefly goes over his religious dogma for any hinderances to such.

You say, "[He studies under Kitzi, end of line]"

Ranamor Quickfist shakes his head slightly, "I have a better idea. I can sneak up on a guard or two, sap them and steal their clothes, then we could just simply waltz out of here."

Erk Mendon turns to Ranamor, "In broad front of thousands of soldiers...riiiight."

Ranamor Quickfist looks back to Erk with an annoyed expression, "Obiously there are going to be lone soldiers in houses and the like, I could do it."

Ciran Acinonyx chuckles slightly. "This requires a bit more tact I'm afraid."

Erk Mendon looks to Ciran with a Sacrifice-Ranamor? kind of expression.

Ciran Acinonyx he looks over to Ran. "And they are not likely to split up during an assault."

Ranamor Quickfist shakes his head, "I believe that they would, but if you believe that it isn't so, then we shall think of something else.

Ciran Acinonyx leans onto the table before him. "My primary plan is to get them soo liquored up they won't be in the least bit concerned with fighting"

Erk Mendon shrugs, "I could try changing someone's appearance, but I need a volunteer." [if changing someone ELSES appearance is possible]

Ciran Acinonyx sighs briefly. "I'll volunteer, but I'll not only need payment ahead of time... but also a vow of secrecy after the fact"

Ranamor Quickfist chuckles at Ciran, "I'm afraid even this place doesn't have enough. I could go for a nice drink about now though..." He walks over and fills himself a glass of ale beofre halting and looking under the counter. He then discreetly grabs the change box and puts it in his bag silently.

Ciran Acinonyx perks his ears briefly as he hears the rattling of coins. It's fairly hard to move change when it's in a metal box. "That'll do nicely. I'll take it"

Ranamor Quickfist looks up and shakes his head, "Nope. Its mine, sorry." He shrugs, "I'll do it if need be, but the money is mine."

Ciran Acinonyx shrugs briefly. He'll just have to convince the guards to take the halfling as prisoner when they enter. "You're choice... or... that could be your entry fee for the... 'archery club'"

Ranamor Quickfist shakes his head, "Nope. But I'll tell you what, I'm feeling generous, I'll split it with you."

Ciran Acinonyx nods once more "Interesting. Let's see how much there is first before we come to any agreement."

Ranamor Quickfist nods and opens the box. He begins to count the money with a practiced eye.

Ranamor Quickfist: [So how do we decide?]

[#] Two minute time limit by the way, or auto-skip. Prepare posts before hand.

Ciran Acinonyx is asking Kitzi how much change is in there[]

You say, "[There are 10 gold coins worth... in coppers <.<]"

Ranamor Quickfist counts out 5 golds worth of coppers and pushes them to Ciran. "There, 50-50 split. Now lets get out of here." He pockets his share.

Ciran Acinonyx blinks at the coppers before him, pocketing them as quietly as possible

Ranamor Quickfist normally would have been greedy and would have tried to take more than his share, but he was just to worn at the moment. "Yeah, so lets excape."

Ciran Acinonyx nods once more as he looks to Erk. "Let's get this under way shall we? I need the illusion accurate down to the scent in case canines are present"

Erk Mendon shrugs, "Alright. You're the volunteer, right?"

Ciran Acinonyx nods once more as he begins to stand. "Let's get this under way shall we?"

Ranamor Quickfist smirks and steps out of the way, "Don't forget your bra." He chuckles.

Erk Mendon focuses, and uses everything he learned to work.
Fortunately, he doesn't notice that he instead starts to change everyone. Their appearances, smell, and everything else starts to change into what a vixen would be like. [halfprep/5. This will take a while]

Ciran Acinonyx stands there, eyes closed as he begins to plan his course of action. He'll remain that way till the spell is complete

Erk Mendon continues to prep, feeling himself changing. [1/5]

Ciran Acinonyx stands there.. whee

Ranamor Quickfist feels the changes on himself, "Hey!" he cries. "You stupid kid, don't change me!"

Erk Mendon notes Ran shall not break his concentration! Beads of swat appear on Erk's forhead as he mutters, "Then move away then..." He continues. [1 1/2/5]
Erk Mendon waits for others to post so he can keep prepping.
Ciran Acinonyx stands there
Erk Mendon preps. :-) [2/5]

Ciran Acinonyx glances over to the halfling only to raise a brow slightly. No matter. He'd just have to make sure the others stayed quiet.

Erk Mendon preps. :-) The boobehs are starting to take place. [2 1/2 /5]

Damien Reelin: [He's turning into a girl? o.o]
Lieu Faunus: [o-o]
Erk Mendon: [vixen. Hello.]
You say, "[It seems the three of us are]"
Erk Mendon: [not the halfling]
You say, "[What's the halfling doing then?]"
Erk Mendon: [staying away from it all]
You say, "[ah]"

Erk Mendon preps some more. Ciran will just post that he's standing there. :P [3/5]
Ciran Acinonyx stands there
Erk Mendon preps. Scent changing. [3 1/2 /5]
Ciran Acinonyx stands there
Erk Mendon preps. Almost done....[4/5]
Ciran Acinonyx stands there
Erk Mendon preps...Voice, hormones, stuff is changing. [4 1/2 /5]
Ciran Acinonyx stands there
Ranamor Quickfist has moved away long ago and simply watches the two transform.
Erk Mendon finishes! Erk's new eyes shoot open. He is covered in sweat. He weakly grins at the Ciranvixen, speaking in a girl voice, "There....*pant*...done..." [5/5]

Erk Mendon: [time for a Int/Wis mod check from the baddies when Erk and Ciran walk out :P]
Damien Reelin: [Wassup? Status report.]
Erk Mendon: [Erk and Ciran are changed into vixens]
You say, "[Erk and Ciran have been turned into femme sex symbols, and are about to begin liquoring up the troops]"
Damien Reelin: [Eww.]
Damien Reelin: [Dude.]
Lieu Faunus feels that: OI YEW WANT THE SEX!?!?! is needed to be said here.]
Erk Mendon: [Tell me about it]
Damien Reelin: [+5 XP. :-P]
Erk Mendon: [woot!]
You say, "[OI YEW WANT THE SEX!?!?!]"
You say, "[yay]"
Damien Reelin: [Tell me when you people are getting out.]
Erk Mendon: [can I have 25 more XP?]

Ciran Acinonyx looks over his.... rather alluring red fur. "This will do quite nicely. Now then, halfling. Help me get as many mugs of ale filled up as possible. Feel free to gently spike them with a stronger liquor."

Ranamor Quickfist nods and says, "Ran is my name by the way." He begins to fill numerous glasses of strong ale."

Erk Mendon notes that Ciran is no longer a 'his'

Ranamor Quickfist: [Do I get XP too?]
Damien Reelin: [Yeah sure Ran.]
Damien Reelin: [Don't know what you did, but what the hell. >.>]
Erk Mendon: [he thought about killing me more than once in 5 minutes]
You say, "[Ran is going to.... supply the booze?]"
Ranamor Quickfist: [Erk, everyones done that before.]
You say, "[lol]"
You say, "[C'mon folks. IC]"
Erk Mendon: [yes, but you actually knew how annoying Erk -SUPPOSEDLY- is]
Ranamor Quickfist: [Supplying the booze is worth MORE than 5 XP. I should be level eleventybillion, but I'm not greedy. *jumps IC*]
You say, "[Yeah right]"
Ciran Acinonyx goes IC[]

Ranamor Quickfist brings the glasses over to the table on a couple of large trays.

Erk Mendon tossses long blonde hair back while saying, "Watching Fiora act all girlish all my life...this should be easy..."

Ranamor Quickfist continues to fill up mugs and ferry them to the table. "Don't forget to be graceful and sexy. That'll be especially hard for you kid." He looks to Erk.

Damien Reelin is rather disturbed.[]

Ciran Acinonyx nods briefly as he makes his way over to the counter.
Checking over his clothing and is happy to see it at least fits the part. He decides to try briefly on the halfling. "I'll do all the talking. Now... you just fill up those mugs, and let me do -all- the work." he... er... she? grins before giving a brief wink

Erk Mendon rolls his eyes, "I already have a starting line...Ahem..." He...bah...she puts on a girlish charm and goes, "Hey, we're new here. May someone please tell us about this place over some ale? Heehee..."
Erk Mendon turns to Ciran, "You do all the talking? Am I just the one who disguises us?" He says this quietly, in case the soldiers are evesdropping.

Ranamor Quickfist gives Ciran a rather revolted look then turns to Erk
and facepalms. "Are you joking me? Ciran, you gotta talk for the both of you."

Erk Mendon tries to charm Ran then. :D
[*] Erk Mendon rolls 1d20+2 & gets 7.

Ranamor Quickfist sighs, "Anyway, while you distract him I'll sneak out and scout as best I can," he waves to the window, "The evening should help me stay hidden."

[*] Ranamor Quickfist rolls 1d20+0 & gets 15.

Ranamor Quickfist looks over to Erk and rolls his eyes. "Shut yer bloody mouth you twit."

Ciran Acinonyx nods "It may be better that way. You can if you want, but if things turn sour, send them to me" He then arches his back, and leans over begin picking up the mugs, two to a paw before turning to face the door. "Now then... let's do this" Looking one last time to Ran. "Keep the booze coming. I'll send Erk in for more." he then marches outwards

Erk Mendon snickers.
Erk Mendon follows?

You say, "[what bonuses to charisma for being a scantily clad vixen with booze?]"
Lieu Faunus thinks this must be one of the best plans to ever have existed. Way to put magic to good, responsible use. <3]
You say, "[May this go down in Anst history.]"
Erk Mendon: [it did. In the interesting posts forum >D]
Damien Reelin: [Umm. o.o Charm roll +8]

Ranamor Quickfist moves about and rolls two kegs over near the door, he then fills up a few more mugs and leaves them near the door. He then opens the door a crack and peers out.

Ciran Acinonyx steps out into the open area, swaying her hips with each step as his tail sways hypnotically behind her. Back arched and chest presented, she does her best to act out the fantasy of most males as she eyes the soldiers sexily. "Care for a good time comrades? ;-)"
Erk Mendon giggles girlishly. [this is so unorthadox]

Ranamor Quickfist: [This is SO bloody creepy.]
You say, "[Indeed, but if it works. We'll have not only escaped, but have plenty of loot afterwards]"
Erk Mendon: [>D]
[*] Damien Reelin rolls 10d20 (+1 to each, each one under your charm rolls, will be charmed. :-P): (6) (7) (13) (8) (14) (8) (5) (6) (3) (9) = 79.
[*] Ciran Acinonyx rolls 1d20+12 & gets 20.
[*] Erk Mendon rolls 1d20+10 & gets 16.
You say, "[w00t]"
Erk Mendon: [>)]
Ranamor Quickfist: [Got em all, nice.]

Erk Mendon ish so totally sexay.

Ranamor Quickfist notice right away that all of the gaurds are under the spell of the two 'girls' and he quickly slips out and into the trees next to the bar and crouches out of sight, watching, a large grin on his face.

[#] The entire squad of soldiers advance, drooling foolishly as their weapons remain undrawn. They are quite drawn to Erk's and Ciran's feminine charm.

Erk Mendon does nearly all the things girls normally do to make guys bow down to them.
Erk Mendon: [nearly=no flashing/nudety]

Ciran Acinonyx begins to sway his way over to the nearby kegs. "Now, now boys. Can't have a party without beer. ;-)" she grins mischieviously. "Now... who wants to tap a keg for me?" she asks as he places a hind paw upon the keg, kneeling on it slightly

Ranamor Quickfist hides quietly in the trees, his sword in one hand and his sap in the other.

[#] Obediantly the lust-struck males advance upon Ciran and his keg, complying with his/her wishes.

Ciran Acinonyx looks over to the halfling by the corner. "You there, fetch some mugs for our tired troops. I'm sure their exhausted and could use a good drink.... among other things ;-)" winking to the guards as she moves by the other keg.

Erk Mendon just keeps giggling and such.

[#] One of the guards, in an abruptly lucid moment speaks to the giggling girl, "How 'bout you and me go find a room in the tavern, issie. Can show you a real nice time!"

Ranamor Quickfist nods and strolls out prending to be entranced as well. His sword and sap are in his belt. He goes inside and grabs a bunch of mugs and brings them out to Ciran. He hands them to 'her' and chuckles dumbly. He then slides back and maneuvers himself to the back of the pack and waits for one to break loose from the group.

Erk Mendon feels so much like burninating the soldier, but remembers he shouldn't or else. He/she just giggles some more while saying, "How about later, after a drink?"

Ciran Acinonyx looks over to Erk who seems to be in a bit of trouble, looking immediately over to the lucid guard. "Now, now. How dare you speak out of turn. You need to be -punished-. Anybody have a whip? :-\" before setting the mugs nearby

[#] A brief series of chuckles and 'ooos' emerge from the others as they advance upon the femme with a keg. The one by Erk though, appears to enchanted to speak, "How 'bout now though, don't need to have a drink to give you the time of your life little missie."

Ranamor Quickfist waits for a few more moments until he sees his first opportunity one of the 9 gaurds fewll out of the pack. He moves closer and slips his sap into the palm of his hand. He steals up silently and deftly knocks the gaurd out. He catches the body before it hits the ground and hoists it over his shoulder, he then steals of and deposts the body in the bushes before coming back. All in the place of but a few seconds.

Ciran Acinonyx steps forward briefly to accompany his friend. "Now then... this one seems to be trying to steal her for himself. Can't have that can we. What -shall- we do about that boys?"

Erk Mendon acts as if the guard is still there, "Oh come now, let's have a drink. Please?"

Ciran Acinonyx hopes Erk shuts up

Damien Reelin: [That guard -is- still there you knocked out another one.]

[#] The men mutter amongst themselves for a few moments before declaring, "Make him share!"

Ciran Acinonyx nods once more "That's right, but first. Let's get you boys outta that armor. It certainly is getting hotter out here isn't it?"

Erk Mendon shuts up, nodding after Ciran makes that statement.

Ranamor Quickfist grins as he watches the two at 'work'. He puts his sap away and whips out a garrot. He wraps one end around his right hand and the other around his left. Already he was standing with the group, still pretending to be entranced, he waits for another one to fall out of line.

[#] The soldiers nod then rapidly as they quickly begin removing their armour, though the one by Erk appears to be still trying to lead her away.

Erk Mendon wonders what to do...if she led him away, Ran could get him, but then Erk might also feel something he never wanted to feel...especially after he changes back. A pregnant boy child...ew... He glances towards Ciran, wondering what to do.

Damien Reelin: [...o.o Wow, his enchantment extends far.]
Ranamor Quickfist: [Dude.]
Ranamor Quickfist: [That is awful.]

Ranamor Quickfist grins as the one that was the farthest back bends over to take off his leggings. He reaches out and as the man stands back up he deftly slips the wire over the mans next and pulls it tight. He holds firmly until the man colapses before he deposits this body in the same way as the last one.

Ranamor Quickfist: [2 down, 7 to go.]

Ciran Acinonyx decides to take a slightly more domineering role to the one trying to lead Erk away. She steps forward, grasping him by the shoulder, and helping him to kneel. "If you boys would help me with this one... I'd soooo greatly appreciate it ;-)"

Ciran Acinonyx adds shortly thereafter. "With this one out of the way... there'll be more of us for the rest of you"

[#] Rather quickly, and obediantly to the female Ciran, the other soldiers move to hold the one trying to lead Erk away. Preventing him from moving.

[#] Quite soon after they beat him to death, rather soundly and violently.

Aubrey Rhodes: {lol}

Ranamor Quickfist smiles thankfully as the shadows deepen, this would make it easier. He pulls out his knife next and readies himself to take out the next one. He suddenly raises his arms and waves them silently, attepmting to catch Ciran's attention, whilst the beating ensues.

Ciran Acinonyx blinks briefly at the scene, but shrugs it off with a smirk. "My, my, you boys are eager aren't you? How about this... the first to drain these kegs will get kiss" she would then nod to the nearby kegs of ale behind her. "And maaaybe even get a bit more"

Erk Mendon giggles some more.

[#] The soldier's eyes light up like merry little candles as they set upon the kegs, quite quick they are about it too, so entranced are they by Miss Ciran.

Ranamor Quickfist sighs as he fails to catch Ciran's eye, but he shrugs and walks up behind the nearest man chugging the ale amd calmly slips out of the shadows, reaches up, and slits the man's through, before dragging him off. He decides to wait a bit and goes over to drink a little and to pretend to try to win the kiss. [5 left.]

Ciran Acinonyx grins slightly as she watches them descend upon the kegs like a swarm, hoping Ran remembered to spike the drinks like she'd asked. "C'mon boys. You can do it!"

[#] The DM is still creeped out, but one by one, various soldiers fall, either from alcohol induced feints, or being bashed over the head by Ranamor.

Ranamor Quickfist waits until they all fall asleep then calmly stemps to each one of them and slits their throats from ear to ear.

[ Damien Reelin whispers, "[What did Miyth tell you to do?]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "Hold the tavern" to Damien Reelin. ]
[ Damien Reelin whispers, "Nothing more?" to you. ]
[ You whisper "That was about it. Keep the tavern doors from falling" to Damien Reelin. ]

Ciran Acinonyx sighs slightly as it seems to be over. "That was easy enough." she turns to Erk "You should have been more careful. You can't take a weak pose." she then begins to go over some of the pockets, exacting her reward.

Erk Mendon does too, hoping they have some gold with them.

[ You whisper "As a small force. I knew none of us could fight it out." to Damien Reelin. ]

Ranamor Quickfist does as well, he takes a suit of armor and a sword for souveniers as well.

[ Damien Reelin whispers, "As a small force I would have probably had you facing two or three, not ten. but this way's better. =P" to you. ]
[ You whisper "I thought so. And it kept Ciran from getting his arse kicked" to Damien Reelin. ]

[#] +20 Gold each, Ran gets studded leather armour. Ciran gets a 1d4+1 Dagger

Ranamor Quickfist: [Tight.]

[#] Erk gets... Something...
[#] Wooden buckler?

Ciran Acinonyx looks over the dagger, pocketing it even though he already had his ebon thinblade

[#] The illusionists are victorious, though another party of soldiers appears to be coming from the Northeast.

Erk Mendon is happy cause he didn't dispel the illusion.

[#] +15 For Succesfully accomplishing the goal. +5 for originality. (XP)

Erk Mendon just needs 5 more XP -.-

Ranamor Quickfist's eyes widen and he gestures toward the two 'femmes'. "Time to go guys, don't forget your purses." He waits for them to get their stuff from the tavern then he leads the way down the street. [We still gotta escape the city guys.]

You say, "[What about Miyth though?]"
Damien Reelin: [You worry about the fighters, I'll worry about the towers.]
Ranamor Quickfist: [They'll just be gone.]

Erk Mendon can feel his boobs getting smaller. He/she pokes Ciran and whispers, "The illusion is wearing off. We can either run or hide for me to re-illusionize us." He made up a word. o.o

Ranamor Quickfist nods to the two, "Follow me guys." He moves of along the side of the road steathily.

Damien Reelin: [The gate is still blocked by soldiers, and you're now being approached from the Northeast, Ciran, lead them to safety. :-P]
Ranamor Quickfist: [We'll wait.]

Ciran Acinonyx feels the illusion begin to wear off, and ponders going into the tavern, or making a break for the sewers..

Ranamor Quickfist looks to Ciran and points to the pushes as he sees her/his cleavage shrink. "In there, follow me and we can make it out of the city alive."

[#] The party of soldiers from the Northeast grow nearer to the scene of unconcious fellows, and unfortunately, they take notice of the dead fellow, who had his throat slit, and speed up. Creepy blood-sniffers.
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