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Days of crumbly tower climbing. Mid-2006.

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 27, 2017 6:47 am    Post subject: Days of crumbly tower climbing. Mid-2006. Reply with quote

[Summary: This is from one of Path'en's quests, sometime in '06. We all went across the sea to Pirostia, paid to investigate a strange land with crumbling old towers, giant blue orbs, strange shadowpeople in the forests and other oddities. We stayed on that map for around a month. Four groups went to explore four towers, and Path'en had me design the map and DS puzzles for each tower. Not sure why we didn't use one puzzle and have each group solve the same one, but this added more of a unique experience between the groups, I suppose.

I was brought in to handle the grunt work like emitting combat line-ups, or emitting puzzle stuff. They're here to reactivate the tower. It has Amerie(Chloe), Mara, Erk and Tantsui in it, so I'm happy I have this one. Shame I've lost Si's.

This has much less OOC in it than my quests because Path'en would destroy you for OOCing in his quests.

This is what the map looked like, if you're curious. Two different group push-puzzles and one room of four don't-hit-the-same-tile-twice puzzle. Dreamweaving aesthetics weren't quite my forte... ]

[#] The Captain's voice bellows through the camp, fast becomming a familiar noise. "Roight den! Second Expedition Group! Front n' Centah! Loine up boi da camp!"

Axani dodges the first attack, though is caught off guard by the second and her shield is thus hit. The shield does, however, deflect all of the attack, but as the captain bellows out through the camp, Axani holds up her arms and squeaks, "Wait, Lax!" She had not realized it would be so soon, and as she glances back over towards the fire, she nods up to the canine and starts hovering over, her shield dispelling as she does. "We're going to have to hold this off for later," she comments, frowning a bit at that.

Tekarin Hertzold yawns as she heads outside. "Sorry guys... We ready to go?" She'd already had all her gear with her when she went to sleep so she was already ready.
L'rox blinked and nearly fell backwards when she told him to wait, relieved to no end, but blushing some as he found himself on his back, and leaning up to peer around, "," he says with a huff of air...he then gathered his things, and scrambled to folow her.

L'rox sits on a crate, ears perked, and his eyes peering around curiously.

Amerie, luckily, manages to run into Axani whilst coming out of the tent. "A-Axaniii!" Her eyes were pretty much filled with tears, and she would hug Axani if she wasn't afraid of crushing her. "I-I've been travelling for f-foreveeer to find you guys! A-And Sirum just doesn't caaaare!" She was being quite hysterical now, not able to pronounce her words properly, but she had been through alot. "Pl-Please stay with me, I-I don't know anyone else on this frickin' site, and and.." She didn't quite know what to say, but it didn't matter, as she just continued crying.

[#] The Captain looks over the three anf 1/8th Leaders of the expedition with an even face. "Roight den. Did all ov ya talk te Team One? We gots some new infahmation that moight 'elp ya"

Tantsui appears to have two things with him that he doesn't normally have; a very long cloak with what appears to be lots of empty pockets, and a large, empty pack. His spear is still strapped over his left shoulder with a leather strap, but his pack is also safely secured to his back. Looks like he's planning on a real raid. He has his pipe with him as well, trying to finish the last few puffs before they have to leave. He takes a mental toll of the people showing up. He half-cringes when he sees Amerie, but shakes it off. At least Tekarin and Axani would be easy to use towards strategic advantage. He calls out to the rest of the group. "I've had a lot of experience doing this, and I'd like to know if you would let me take leadership in our party." He turns to the captain. "Maybe. Can you fill us in anyways?"

L'rox blinked at Amerire....and erfed as she cut off Axani from his shoulder. Frowning darkly, he shifted to fold his arms over his chest, then peered towards the captain, raising his bloody brow, "What information is that?" he questions, "...did anyone ever get that damned book from Fen?!"

Axani, on her way to the fire, darts inside the tent-tavern to collect her staff, but instead of being met with the image of the tavern, she is met with the image of Amerie's nose, heading straight into it. With a squeak, she falls back and coughs a few times, taking a moment to retain her balance in flight at about chest level with the femme, staring up into her eyes as Amerie explains. Blinking, pausing, and answering back, "You... followed us on another ship? I didn't know anyone else came out here," she does not, however, wait for answer for that, quickly zipping inside to get her staff and return back to sit upon the feline's head. "We're about to go on an expedition to the ruins, so... if you want to be with me, you're going with us all," she explains, tilting her head with a bit of confusion on the matter.

Ruby Pyralis pays 'the drow' plenty of respect. Nyah.

Kalannar needs to make a public display of one of these new fools that make a fool of him. Watching him slice off someone's head should keep the rest of them in line.

Ruby Pyralis totally calls the body. It would make a fine rug to furnish the camp.

[#] The massive Lynx crosses his arms over his chest. "Roight den. 'Ere's da deal. We were told dat these towers should be da same." His gruff voice reverberates through the trees. "Group One talked 'bout a Core. Yer lookin' fer infermation. Now OI'm no mage, but we got Foive ta consult. N' dey said 'spossible dat da Core-Marble ting contains infahmation. So dis time, if ya find a core- Start it up, N' see wot ya can get from it.
[#] 'Part from dat.. We're sendin' two mages wit ya dis time. Between em, dey should be able ta make sense o' da magical thingamajiggers. Orders came straight from Mastah Artique. 'Rest ov em r' ta pack up all da books, weapons, valuables an' put em on da carts.

Ruby Pyralis sexes Kalannar when no one's looking. Wootwoot!]

[#] Loike before, yoo Three-.. ah.." He looks at Axani. ".. Four.. r' gunta clear da tower a'fore moi men go in. Dey said sometin' about Golems, so ifn' any ov em start up, ya take em out. Oi don't want any casualties, roight?"
[#] Well 'ead out den! Ya got Seven lifters n' two mages. Tree carts ta take everythin' back. Dis tower be A day out, Soutwest. S'built along da coast at da top o' a cliff outlookin a cove. Ya can't miss it.

Tekarin Hertzold squints through the mist. "This damned fog.. Don't think I've ever seen fog AND snow at the same time before.."

Amerie moves around the new area, appearing quite dazed. Her attitude seemed to have lifted some now, and she wasn't quite as upset, the hard days travelling obviously stopped her thinking about Sirum. "Primes, I didn't come on this thing to turn blind.. Are you guys having the same problem?" Taking a closer look of her surroundings, she was quite frightened at the gothic appearance of this area. "Ooh, it's dead creepy 'round here, loves."

[If only Marlina had bothered to actually use Buenson Hatasashi, Amerie would have gotten the doppelganger Si she always wanted.]

Tantsui has already gone over the battle plan with the party during the day's travel here; Tekarin will provide front-line force, with Tantsui as support melee and tactical illusion. Axani will provide empowerment spells and healing, while Amerie will do whatever the hell she does. Mara will provide healing. For note to Mara, Tants took the role of party leader. He looks around at the site. "This looks like a battleground to me. Like a druid and... maybe a necromancer." He shrugs it off as his mind playing tricks. "Stick together."

[#] Up ahead, a suprising sight rises above the treeline, perched at the top of a steep rise, and nearly toppling off of the end of a high cliff. Beyond the ledge, the frozen ocean kisses against the base of the cliff some thousand feet below. At the very edge of this rise, sits a twisted, tilting and half-dismantled tower. The stately stone walls of the building are literally coated in verdant green ivy.

Tantsui adds to Amerie, "Listen. This isn't a game anymore. You do anything and I will throw you off that cliff myself. Just follow along and be quiet and maybe we'll get out of this with both our lives and some interesting things. You do a single thing to jeapordize the mission and I'll run you through on the spot. Got it?" He seems to want to put a handle on Amerie immediately, to prevent her from killing them all accidentally. His tone is fierce.

Tekarin Hertzold already knows she's going to be used as the front line meat-sheild. It's what she does and what she's trained for, so that won't come as any suprise. "Alright, looks like we're there.. Let's hurry this up huh?" Her ears perk up and she puts a hand on Tant's shoulder. "Calm down, huh?"

Axani would have protested to Tantsui that with one full healer in the group--Mara--she would have a better role as support magic and attack magic, instead of support and healing, but all the same she would have yielded to his orders, since she had indeed voted for him as leader. Riding along on Tekarin's head, she peers up at the ominous tower in the distance, eyes wide as she takes in the entire sight. Her attention is pulled from it at Tantsui's words to Amerie, however, at which point she comments, "She's not going to get us killed," then adding with Tekarin, "Yeah, calm down."

Amerie will have you know, she's not too bad in combat. Taking note of Tant's sudden leadership of the group, she gave him a 'who do you think you are look', but then nodding in a stubborn agreement. "Okay fine, love, but if you get your behind in a mess, don't expect my help." She smiled a little at Axani, now staying closer to her.

Tekarin Hertzold claps her hands together. "Great! Well it the tower doesn't kill us we can always kill ourselves. So boss, shall we keep on movin' then?" The longer they stood there the less she liked the trees.

Tantsui looks at them with a serious face. "This is bigger than just some ruins we're going to investigate. I wouldn't be saying this if it wasn't that serious." He walks towards the ruined tower. "Lets get in and out without accidentally breaking the entire weave." He pauses. "Oh, and we're not going to activate the orb until we've searched everywhere else first. Just trust me on this one." He motions the group to follow.

Tantsui waits for Miyth to either move or post.]
Tekarin Hertzold: [You mean we can't just rush in and tear through all the rooms in an unorganized fashion? ;-;]
Tantsui: [XD]

Axani frowns some with Tantsui's first point, believing truly that he is making far bigger of a deal of this than it should be, but then again, the faerie can sometimes understimate things. At his second point, however, she nods and agrees, adding, "Lax said that traps and wards appeared when they activated it. We should do that right as we're about to leave." Nodding at this, she figures that will allow for the best amount of looting before fleeing.

Tantsui motions to Amerie. "Stay close. It's no good if we get split up."

Amerie places her hand against her hip. "Okay, love -Just get going before we're old!" She again rejoined the group, staying about in the middle.

[#] [Erk has come along as well. >>]

Erk Mendon has been invisible the whole time. Yeah. [3/3]

Amerie: (Yay.)
Erk Mendon: [mkay]
Erk Mendon: [No problem]
Axani: [Wait... Erk's been invisible the whole time?]
Axani: [So, no one even knows he's with us?]

Erk Mendon also let everybody know

Axani: [Ah'kay.]

Erk Mendon just wanted privacy. Anyway, continue.

Tantsui motions for everyone to stop. "Wait. Everyone look for signs of anyone being here before us. Just for safety's sake."

Tantsui: [Group spot checks?]
Tantsui: [Miyth?]
Miyth: [>>]
Tantsui: [You want us to?]
Miyth: [For what.]
Tantsui: [To see if anyone was here before us. Tracks and stuff.]

Axani nods to Tantsui and holds out her arm. Glowing softly blue for a moment, she offers, "I'll clear the fog so we can see tracks better." With that, she does just that. The glow fading, a reasonably sized gust kicks up and disperses the fog from the immediate area in front of the group. [1/1]

Amerie moans something about wasting time. But, as Tant was the leader, she followed through looking over the snow areas. "Oh- I Found! - Nevermind, it was just my own heel print." Coughing, she looked around some more.

Tekarin Hertzold is looking ahead of them in the snow, squinting through the fog. "Hard to see any damned thing.."

[*] Tekarin Hertzold rolls 1d20 & gets 5.
Tekarin Hertzold doesn't find shit.

[*] Tantsui rolls 1d20 & gets 1.
Tantsui doesn't find his own feet.

[*] Axani rolls 1d20+3 & gets 21.
[*] Erk Mendon rolls 1d20+1 & gets 7.
[*] Amerie rolls 1d20-2 & gets 2.

Erk Mendon pushes his glasses up to his eyes and looks around. Unfortunately, Erk was never a looker, so the glasses could only help so much. Oh well, worth a try...

Tantsui looks around at the party. "Find anything?"

[#] There are no footprints in the snow whatsoever.

Tantsui motions for the party to move on. "Keep on your guard, though."

Axani can see perfectly that there are no footprints in the snow, and she should know, having had such an acute look at the ground. "Right," she nods up to Tantsui from Tekarin's head, then asking, "Shall we continue then?" The faerie holds her staff in both hands as she sits upon the bovine's head, ready to take on anything.

Tekarin Hertzold would note that Axani would probably be nodding DOWN to Tantsui from up there, but no big deal. "Yeah, let's get moving."

Erk Mendon sighs, adjusting his wristguards and resting his staff on his shoulder as the group trecks on. He mutters, "I should've figured there'd be snow." He shivvers and hurries after the rest.

[#] The large crevice in the side of the tower opens up into a huge antechamber furnished with an amalgamation of fine brickwork, and enormous slabs of raw stone. The ceiling is build high and domed, in the fashion of a great cathedral. The roof of the chamber vanishes into shadow high above. Soft, blue crystals inset into the walls all around provide the only illumination in the dim, dusty chamber. (c)
[#] The floor of the room is rough at the edges, but rapidly becomes furnished tiles, and further in, expensive slabs of finished black marble, perfectly smooth to the touch. In the epicenter of the chamber is a depression in the floor, spherically shaped. Above the depression, floating 5 feet from it, perfectly immobile, is an enormous, deep blue stone. It hovers without any sense of motion in the air, and yet suspended by nothing. The stone sits in the center of eight massive, thin- bladelike Claws that curve in around the Nexus of the tower. At the corner of the finished floor, sits a fine cedar podium-untouched by time, and holding a large, dust-covered tome.

Tantsui motions the entire group to stay where they are. "We don't know what any of this is, and it most likely belonged to a lich. We're going to do this carefully." At this he walks over to the tome on the podium to get a good look at it. "Stay there for a moment, and I'll see what this says." He then proceeds to look at the tome.

Amerie sniffs, making her way through the tower's door. Taking a first look at the insides of the tower, she wasn't too impressed. "You'd think they'd take some time to decorate better." But, she'd spoke too soon, as the whole area seemed to be changing around her. "Well.. I guess this'll do." Looking around once more, she noticed the tome, almost instantly going over to read it, but stopping herself because of Tant. "Well, go on then, leader, do what you gotta." Folding her arms, she began tapping her heel against the ground.

Tekarin Hertzold thinks this might be the creepiest looking structure she's ever been in, and she's been in a few crypts before. "Right.. Better decorations.." Tek felt that no ammount of flowers and paintings would help this place feel any less BAD.

Erk Mendon raises a brow as he looks around, "Nice living area. They must've had a ton of parties here." He leans back against the cave wall and folds his arms boredly. When Tant goes to the tome he nods, "Yes yes, you go on and read the book and possibly get your eyes burned out of their sockets. We'll just wait here. Good luck."

Mara Dark follows in after the others, one brow perking loveable atop her head as she looks about the chamber. A partial little snrk sounds from her throat at Amerie, her eyes slinking along to give her a side-long stare. "V'e aren't going tu v'e staying very long..." She simply mutters, passing it off with a little wave of her free paw. Moving forward a bit, she stops to watch Tant in that bored sort of manner.

Tantsui waves dismissively to Erk. "Eye. I lost the other one." He just feels like he has to add that.

Erk Mendon shrugs back, "Better eye than soul. Anyway, carry on."

[Two years and still Erk has no soul? Huh. I wonder if he ever got it back.]

Axani, from Tekarin's head, stares wide-eyed at everything around, the eyes widening even further--should that be possible--at the floating stone. Her eyes remain transfixed upon it for the better half of a minute, just staring blankly at it as throughts dart through the little one's head. She had heard talk about those before, but now upon looking at it, she cannot for the life of her figure out how it is being held up, unless the claws have permanent enchantments upon them. Finally turning, she frowns to Tantsui and simply answers, "Let us know when we can start... you know, helping, in a group effort?" A small huff is given at that, the faerie very much not liking standing around.

Tantsui speaks apologetically to Axani. "I just want to make sure everyone is safe to the best of my ability."

Mara Dark shifted her grasp on her staff, giving a similiar dismissive wave to Axani. "Let heem, He's dey big toough guy, v'emember?" Oh, lovely sarcasm.

Amerie groans. "Well, love, what's it say?" She was interested to be honested, and if the book was cursed.. Better him than her! "You can read, can't you?"

Tantsui sighs upon reading the only remaining page of the book. He motions to the group to follow him as he walks away from the book. "It doesn't say anything except a command word to bring you back to the central core if you get lost or trapped." He then conveys to them the word used. [@Exit is the command.]

Tekarin Hertzold nods. "Right. That'll be useful." She decides not to speak it out-loud because she doesn't want to be transported yet. "Alright, everyone get."

Axani scratches her head at Tantsui's explanation. She suddenly finds herself with a painfully difficult to repress desire to shout the word right now to see what it does, but... she does indeed resist, and as Tekarin moves on, she rides right along with her.

Erk Mendon seems a bit dissapointed that Tant's eye didn't burn out, but then again, that would just slow hte group down to have to take care of a blind man. Oh well. He nods at the command and follows after Tant.

Tekarin Hertzold can't even feel Axani's weight on her head, she's gotten used to it by now. She almost flicks her head to get her hair back out of her face then remembers at the last second that she's got a passanger and pushes it back instead.

Tantsui: [Miiiiyyyythhhh]
Miyth: [?]
Tantsui: [We're moving.
Tantsui: ]
Miyth: [Am I stopping you?]
Tantsui: [Dead end over there.]
[#] [Please stay IC. ^^]

Amerie smiles some what sadistically. "Well, that was useful." Following on after Tant, she had the unnerving feeling she'd been here before, but she obviously hadn't. "This place doesn't seem too bad.. Outside was worse."

Tantsui raises an eyebrow. "I can't see any doors or stairways. I think it's time to just throw caution to the wind and activate this orb. You all see these four pedestals, like the one in front of me? We need one person to stand on each. That's what Lax said. Someone get in front of each, and we'll all step on at the same time."

Erk Mendon sighs, "I'll be one of the lucky people." He proceeds to move to a spot
Tekarin Hertzold heads over to the nearest pedistal. "Sounds like a bad idea, I like it!" If they couldn't do something constructive they might as well get into trouble.

Tantsui: [Tek.]
Tantsui: [You need to go around that way to get to the middle one.]
Tekarin Hertzold: [Stupid little spikes.]
Tantsui: [Where you were.]

Axani scratches her head and nods a bit, before asking, "Weren't we going to wait until the end to activate it? Lax said it activates the core to do that." However, she has not enough weight to press one down anyway, and so she sighs briefly as Tekarin heads over towards one of the four.

Amerie grins. "Oh, would you look at that.. You've got enough people to do all the work, I guess I'll just stand here and watch." Smiling, she did just as she said she was going to. "Try to put as much weight on as you can, loves, I think I might be a bit thin!"

Tantsui sighs. "There's no other way right now."
Tantsui motions Mara to the unmanned one to his left.

Tekarin Hertzold shrugs. "I know, this is probably not a good idea at all. But lets give our 'leader' a chance huh? Besides, like he said, there ain't anywhere else to go."

Axani is on Tekarin's head, but avatar stays here.]

Tantsui motions Mara to the one all the way across from the one he's on.

Mara Dark stares between Tant and the pedestal for a long moment, as if considering this an idea. With a little sigh, she shrugs and wanders off to go to the unmanned one.

Axani sighs and submits to the two of them, nodding as both Tekarin and Tantsui agree. She just remains on the bovine's head, quietly sitting there with staff in hand.

Tekarin Hertzold grows impatient. "Are all of you ready?"

Amerie claps her paws together. "C'mon, loves, you can do this!" She gave a bit of a victory motion, obviously more concerned that it wasn't her on one of those pedestals. "Don't mess this up - I'll - Uh, watch the door!"

Tantsui shouts to Axani and Erk. "Relay the go signal!"
Tantsui shouts to Axani and Erk. "Now!"

Erk Mendon steps when Tant does?

Axani, at Tantsui's shout, calls out, "Now!"

Erk Mendon shouts, "Now!"

Tekarin Hertzold jumps up onto the pedestal as soon as Axani yells and.. waits for something to happen! "Am I supposed to jump on it or somethin'? Or just stand here?"

[#] The panels sink into the floor. Runes light up surrounding the lowered platforms. The text swivels around for a bit, and then forms itself into a recoegnizable language. "Mantinance Stairway opened."

Amerie notices how Mara didn't seem to be getting the signal, probably because she was so far away. "Oh, for Primes-" Marching over to her pedestal, she simply hopped onto it. "And that's how it's done, not hard is it?" Grinning to herself, she seemed to believe it was all because of her that anything had happened.

Tantsui calls out to the group. "Axani, Erk, relay command!"
Tantsui calls out to the group. "Regroup!"

Axani calls out as Tantsui does, "Regroup!"

Erk Mendon sighs out, "Regroup."

Tekarin Hertzold stares at the swirling words. "Well I'll be damned, it actually worked. Stairway huh." She starts looking around for it, and smirks a bit when she finds it, slapping Tant on the shoulder. "Good job boss, you didn't kill all of us."

Mara Dark scuttles over after the others as the panels sink, moving on over to follow in Tekkie's shadow. Mm she loved her. "V'right...Su. Oop v'e go?"

Tantsui gives Tekarin a return pat on the shoulder. "Lets get up that maintenance stairway and see what's going on up there. Everyone, follow my lead and stay close. I'll take the front, Tekarin, you stay right behind me."

Axani stares with fascination at the text, smirking down to Tekarin as she pats Tantsui. "Indeed! Good job!" she proclaims, excited now about all this going on. Swirling runes are very interesting, you see, as are things opening, and so she is ready to go.

Tantsui moves up the stairway, giving the OK signal.

Amerie runs over as quickly as she could, taking her heels in mind. "See, because of moi, we're getting somewhere! Glad I came now, eh?" Grinning, she continued to follow Tant's orders, his bossiness kind of knocking down her pride. Making her way up the maintenance stairs, she was a bit shocked at all the statues. "Uuh, what kind of room is this, loves?"

Tekarin Hertzold has to use the little cow's room and will be RIGHT back.]
Tantsui: [The calf's room]
Tantsui: [I'll be back in half a minute too. Miyth, I'll be back by the time you post.]

Erk Mendon turns to Amerie as he comes up behind Tek, "Be happy I'm not going to push you down the stairs. You probably didn't push a platform because you'd probably scratch your shoes or something." After arriving at the next floor, he raises his brow again, "Okaaaay...a bunch of statues. That's not suspicious."

[#] The next floor appears to be only half finished. The corners of the room not packed with books tied into bundles, are filled with bricks still unused to finish the northeastern walls of the tower. Statues line the end of the room, undoubtedly intented to be placed throughout the building when it was finished. Sadly, these plans apparently never came to fruition.
[#] Dust has not collected in the chamber, due to the chilling crossbreeze blowing in from the ocean.

Axani stares at the rows of statues, narrowing her eyes a bit. "Do we know what would bring them to life, if not the thing we just activated? I thought Lax said that would do it," she expresses, concerned that they may accidentally stumble upon whatever does in fact do just that. Her attention moves around afterwards, until she spots a bunch of books, and so she shouts, "Books! We should take them! Sir Miyth said he wanted information above all else."

[#] A table appears to be in the center of the room, also stacked with books, and several bundles of candles tied by rotting hemp cords.

Amerie rubs the back of her leg with her other foot, looking around more closely to the surroundings. "Yeah, noone cares about a bunch of old statues! Look over there, there's lots of stuff." Taking a few peeks to the other end of the room, she smiled a bit. "Well, actually.. Those books might tear off my paws, so I best not touch anything." She seemed quite remorseful, but at the same time, she was secretly greatful for Tant's precautions.

Tantsui motions the group to stay put, even though the room seems enticing. "Lets work for our own safety first. I'm going to check a thing or two out and if they don't cause the tower to collapse we can continue on." At this he walks to the table in the center of the room. He eases down his pack and puts the bundles of candles in his bag, making sure the hemp cords don't snap. "What can I say, I like candles." He waits to see if this agitates the statues or anything.

Tekarin Hertzold takes a step over toward the books and scrolls. "So, we make sure nothing is going to kill us, then gather up these books and scrolls.." She starts to look around slowly for anything that might be alive, glowing, moving when it shouldn't be...

Tantsui, in an eccentric way, is obviously trying to see if normal actions trigger the statues.

Erk Mendon sighs again and turns to Amerie, "Statues are interesting, especially the kind that look ready to spring at you, swords flying. And, just to let you know, I'm ready to slap something on your mouth to shut you up." Erk never really had much patience for Amerie from the moment he met her.

Amerie seems quite shocked at the words coming from Erk, Amerie making a 'hmph' noise, before turning away from him and moving to the other end of the room. "Ugh, I don't need that sort of abuse from some nobod- Ooh.. A chest!" Taking a few cautious looks around the room, Amerie used the back of her heel to inconspicuously try to lift the chest open. "La la la.. Find anything?" Not having much of a fetish for candles.

Mara Dark pauses just next to Erk, jotting out her staff to whack him in the back of his knees. "Don't be sooch a child...V'e are in dis toget'er. And V'i s'vear eef joo cause some sort of breakup...Ooh...Nevarmind." She shook her head and picked up the pace with walking about...apparently trying to look somewhat important.

Tantsui doesn't see anything immediately happening. "Ok. Chances are someone's going to accidentally trigger those statues anyways." He finishes putting the candles in his bag. Without even looking at Amerie, he says, "Get away from the chest, Amerie. Rule one of sneaking; don't talk while you do it." He shuffles through the books on the table, looking for anything interesting or of value.

Axani turns her attention over to Amerie as the femme exclaims about a chest. Chests are indeed interesting things, as one never knows what might be inside, and as long as they do not have the word 'Pandora' printed on it, it should be moderately fine to open! Her focus stays on Amerie and the chest, remaining seated on Tekarin's head, as she hopes to see what is inside.

Erk Mendon, after regaining his balance, turns to glare at Mara, "Tell that to her! I've never liked her anyway. So disgusts m-oh she's going to kill us all by triggering some sort of trap." He twirls his staff a bit to a ready position, thin blades coming out of his wristguards. You know...just in case something attacked them.

Amerie hadn't gotten anywhere in opening the chest, as opening it with your heel was quite difficult. Looking quite crest fallen when Tant had noticed her, she moved back to group. "Ugh, fine! Just to let you know, there's a chest over there, when you're ready to stop looking at books." Looking down, she noticed her boots had become quite dirty, so she took some time to clean them off.

Tantsui sighs. "We'll check that out next. I just want to see if the centrally located thing has anything of immediate value. It usually does."

Tekarin Hertzold trots over to the pile of books and parchments next to the chest and starts to do much the same thing. "Some of this I can't even read.."

Axani, as Amerie returns, proclaims, "I think we should see what's in there! If you think it will bring all the statues to life, we can get someone to open it while everyone else faces the statues and takes a defensive position." Nodding, she believes that to be a good idea indeed. As Tekarin peers down at the scrolls, she looks down as well, examining them from her perch.

Tekarin Hertzold nods her head, in agreeance with Axani and Amerie. "Someone's going to open it eventually. If the statues wanna fight then fine by me, we'll smash 'em to dust. Hell, there might be something really important in here." She rests her hand on it, but doesn't open it until given the all-clea.
Tekarin Hertzold pauses. "Or we could smash the statues now. While they're sitting still."

Tantsui sighs, finished looking through the books on the table. His player has no idea what's in them, so Tant heads over to the treasure chest. "Everyone get away from the chest for a moment. If there's some sort of bad enchantment on it, I don't want you all to get hit."

Mara Dark gives a little sneery look at Erk as she moves to step over towards the table Tant was sorting through, looking briefly. Her ears swerve atop her has Tek makes that lovely idea. "D'at might trigger d'em...Go for eet."

Tekarin Hertzold steps back out of Tant's way.

Axani, in turn, is moved away by right of Tekarin's stepping back. Yay teamwork!

Tantsui walks up and very deftly throws open the chest's lid. That is, if it isn't locked. He takes a look inside if it opens, to see what happens to be inside.

Amerie grins to Axani. "I think you had a fabulous plan, love." Folding her arms, she moved back to let Tantsui open the chest, a small bit of resentment inside her. "Let's hope nothing bad happens.. And stuff." Turning around, she followed Axani's plans and watched the statues, the, so far, lifeless, stone and dull statues.

Tekarin Hertzold looks in right over his shoulder. "Anything gonna kill us?" If there was something important in there she didn't want to give him the opportunity to squirrl it away. She didn't exactly know him that well after all.

[#] Dust violently assaults Tantsui's nasal passages. Apart from that, nothing happens. Inside is- suprise! more books, very old and packaged for transport by more hemp cord.

Erk Mendon looks over Amerie towards the open chest and smirks, "Well, that turned out well." He looks around the room some more and spots a parchment in between two of the statues. He looks over at Tant, "Hey...have you tried reading that thing over there yet?" He points to said parchment.

Axani's attention is divided between watching the statues, peering to the chest as it is opened, and grinning with a small, "Thanks," to Amerie for the mention of her fabulous plan. As there happens to be more books, however, the faerie blinks and titls her head, asking, "All that fuss for that? Well, let's get collecting them and move on, yeah?"

Tantsui coughs as the dust is sent in his face. "It's... *cough*.... nothing but more books. Lets head upstairs. Once we're done we can tell the mages about it." He turns to Erk. "A parchment?" At that, he walks over to it. "Everyone, stand on guard. This might trigger something." He bends over to pick up the parchment on the ground.

Tekarin Hertzold rolls her eyes. "Why not read it before moving it you..." She follows after him, hammers drawn. The way he was bent over if the statues DID come to life, which she was begining to doubt, they'ed lob his head off.

Amerie sighs, her head tilting to the side a little. "Nothing's happening with these statues.." Shrugging, she nodded to Tant. "Yeah, let's go upstairs, that's actually a good command coming from you!" Beginning to make her way over to the steps, she noticed that noone was following, then turning around to see why they had stopped. "Oh, now what?" Getting a peek of the parchment from the distance, she calls over. "Well, what's it got to say?"

Mara Dark presses her staff into the ground so she could comfortably lean against it. "Joo know, d'is potentially takes out dey foon out of soodenly finding a bunch ove statues attacking v'and sooch..." She says with a slightly sarcastic flare.

[#] The parchment appears to be a list of supplies, half checked off.

Tantsui takes a look at the parchment, mentally noting the supplies checked off for the building. He pockets the parchment. "Just a supply list. Might come in handy later. Lets go upstairs." With this he turns around and heads for the stairs.

[#] ".. Texts A-D (check) ... Scrolls (check).. 9x Imported statues (check).. Griffon statue, marble tipped wings (check.)

Axani frowns at this discovery. Indeed, she is frowning because nothing dangerous happened in response to the parchment, the faerie having really expected something new and interesting to happen. As he directs to head upwards, Axani raises an arm towards a statue, about to cast a spell on it just for spite, but... rather, she decides against it. That could only slow things down perhaps. "Let's go then," she mutters from Tekarin's head, and thus waits to go up.

Tantsui pauses, realizing what he just read. He walks over to the scrolls next to the chest and unstraps his bag. "I'll redistribute what's in this bag later. I'm pretty sure these scrolls are magical. Don't worry, we can share." At this, he starts putting ths scrolls into the bag. "Once these are put away, we'll head upstairs."

[#] Plot reminds the players that they have been instructed to pack up anything retrieved from the ruins and deliver it direclty into the public custody of the Basecamp.

Tantsui pauses. "Er, that is, if we get it back or something. Either way, let's head upstairs." He finishes putting the scrolls in the bag and heads for the stairs.

Tekarin Hertzold doesn't really have use for magical scrolls, or at least she thinks she doesn't. "Right. Keep moving everyone." She passes by Amerie and toward the stairway.

Amerie moans. "So, we're ready?" Catching some of what Tant was saying about these scrolls being 'magical', she figured they must be worth something. So, quickly moving over to one of the tables, she stashed a few of the scrolls and began making her way over to the stairs. "Well, I'll give this stuff to the camp people.. Yeah?" Giving quite a shifty look, she then made her way up the stairs.

Erk Mendon has about thirty minutes until his sister kicks him off. Perfect -.- . Erk shrugs and goes over to take his share of the parchments and follow the group.

Tekarin Hertzold gets to the top of the stairs and heads right for the first tall shelf with books and scrolls on it. Right away she starts to look through the books to see if there is anything useful, interesting looking, or potentially a switch that opens a gateway to hell or some such thing.

Tantsui waves to the group. "HEY!" He motions to the near wall. "Don't just go off on your own! We need to make sure it's OK first."

Axani, along with Tekarin, likewise begins looking over the scrolls and books straight away. At Tantsui's call, she would like to listen to him and move back, but she happens to be under the direct positioning of a cow, and so it is none of her fault that she happens to be elsewhere. That, and she is getting sick of taking this so incredibly catiously. "See anything?" she asks Tekarin curiously.

[#] The next floor is sectioned off into several rooms. It shows heavy signs of living (a long time ago), for roughly four or so researchers (judging from the number of beds and cots.)

Tekarin Hertzold waves her hand over her shoulder. "Right, then get to it. Clear the rooms and make sure the obvous stuff isn't trapped or something."

Tantsui motions to the group. "We're going to go room-by-room. But we need to stay in the same room." [For DM's convenience, too.] Start with the one we're in now." At this, he walks over to check the armor stand, giving Tek the go-ahead to study those shelves.

Tekarin Hertzold had already started to study the shelves. "This one looks interseting.." It was a book full of runes and strange pictures.

Erk Mendon passes by the others to take a look at the shelf with all the weapons. Surely some interesting artifact must be there. Maybe a ritual blade from a forgotten religion. Oh boy :P

Amerie nods. "I say this place would take too long to search if we do it all together. We need to split up for a little bit, loves." Giving a small sigh, she didn't move anywhere until it was alright with Tant, but it obviously wasn't and it probably was easier for Path this way. Moving straight to the shelf with all the weapons on, she looked for anything of interest.

Axani blinks and peers down to the book of runes, tilting her head a bit. Her player would like Path to give information to Axani as well, since Tekarin and Axani are looking at the same thing. Her gaze moves over the shelf once more, trying to spot another such interesting book as the one in Tekarin's hand is.

Tekarin Hertzold sets the few interesting books on the corner and tries to look up. "See anything Axani? I can't read all of these languages."

[#] The armor appears to be just as it appears; a black set of armor with spiked pauldrons, mounted on a stand. The rest of the room appears to be long unused supplies. Empty bottles or bottles filled with stinking, stagnant fluid; books and supplies, and weapons stacked haphazardly.
[#] All of it dusty, all of it rusted.

Tantsui moves over to the stacks of books that are being inspected. Instead of looking for anything and everything, he focuses his search; any occult or heretical title, or anything written in arcane.

Erk Mendon takes a look back at Tant, then reaches a paw to quietly search for any sort of fist/footpaw weapon or at least a staff. If he doesn't find one, he would just sigh, "Well...I doubt these are interesting enough to take. They'd probably break anyway if we moved them."

Amerie runs a paw over the ancient weaponry, a look of disgust on her face. "Ew.. This stuff is useless and gross." Moving over to the large candle nearest to her, she looked quite interested. "Look, Tant, there's another candle here - I saw you stashing those other candles earlier!" She said this with a grin on her face, no real interest in the candle at all.

Tantsui waves Amerie off, still searching the racks. It appears he isn't interested.

Axani shakes her head to Tekarin, looking over the objects for any books of noteable mention. Apparently, however, she finds none and answers back, "Nothing that looks worthwhile. I'll be glad to help you read something written in Fae if you find it." She giggles softly at this, truly not expecting to find anything at all of Fae origin in this place, though that would be fascinating if she did.

Tantsui shrugs. It appears there's nothing of interest here. "Lets move out to the next area." At this, he starts to head out.

Erk Mendon only has about fourteen minutes left, so he'll just note that once Erk's player leaves, Erk would go back to being invisible. Aaaanyway, after getting bored with the weapons, he decides to follow Tant.

Mara Dark: [Hugh sorry back]

Tantsui motions the group to the main area with the seats.

Tekarin Hertzold heads into the next room with everyone else and stares at the big table. She grabs a seat and puts her glasses back on so that she can actually read any of the parchments or books that are in a language she can understand.

Amerie leaves the candle at bay, deciding not to pick it up for Tantsui. "Hm.. This place sure seems dull, loves, they really need to use a bit more pink drapings, or some purple cushions.. Then I'd be pleased." Only fantasising decorating this place a few moments, Ame quickly came back to reality, looking over the new room. Nothing much interested her, but seeing as everyone was at the table, she examined what was on the fire place mantel.

Tantsui gets up when he sees Amerie heading for the mantel. He follows behind her, making sure she doesn't accidentally trigger something in her avarice.

Erk Mendon looks over to Tant as Amerie moves towards the fireplace and whispers to him, "Can I light the thing and see how she reacts?" He moves his paw toward the fireplace, ready to cast. He hopes Tant approves, in case he gets a nice, funny reaction.

[#] Half of the books appear to be refernce texts on all sorts of subjects. The other half appear to be record keepings. The records stop, mid-page, mid sentance, mid word, as though whomever had been recording the text simply stopped and left.
[#] The dusty mantle is adorned by a book, a dusty box, several dusty candles, and a rapier rusted beyond repair.

Tekarin Hertzold squints at one of the scrolls. "Whoever was writing this decided to stop in a hurry. Didn't even get the last word all the way down."

Tantsui moves to check out the book on the mantle. He figures Amerie wouldn't be interested in books. He picks it up and dusts it off, looking to see what is written.

[#] The book is a reference text on herbology.

Amerie was just as entertained by the items on the fire place as she was in the previous room. Figuring that they needed to collect items, she merely shoved the dusty box into her satchel without giving it a second look. "Doo la la.. Whoever lived here, liked to read alot." How very observant of the charachter.

Erk Mendon hmphs, dissapointed. Oh well. Erk picks up several parchments and starts reading. Once done, and if nothing happens, he just leans against the table and turns invisible again. If the group should get up and leave, he will follow. Player is getting kicked off by stupid sister, so bye -_-

[#] The box contains a few modest pieces of jewlery; personal affects of one of the mages, perhaps.

Amerie: (Bye. :-( )

Axani just looks over the books and parchments of the table for several long moments, peering down to the one in Tekarin's hands as she makes mention of it. Frowning at that, she--finally--hops off of the bovine's head and flutters over nearer to Amerie and Tantsui, commenting, "I think we should try to find out what made them leave so quickly. What are in the other rooms?" Buzzing over to a doorway, she peers inside curiously.

Tekarin Hertzold pockets the parchment and heads over to the last room. "Right Axani." She draws her hammers again, never know when something will pop out at you around a corner!

Amerie frowns at Axani, pondering her question. "Well, if I was stuck in this ugly place, I'd wanna leave too.." She noticed that the box she had stashed was relatively heavy, and that usually meant that something was inside.. Taking the box back out of the bag, she opened it up to see what type of jewellery these people liked, whilst looking at the jewellery, Amerie wandered into the next room to see what was in it, not that she was paying too much attention.

Tantsui lets Amerie's arm go. For all he's concerned, she can keep it. He walks into what looks like the bedrooms to see what is there to see.

Mara Dark follows belatedly after the others. Seeing as she's been quite out in la-la land. She pokes her head through the corner of the wall to look after the others before falling in. Her eyes slid along to watch Amerie as she studied the jewelry, keeping to her pace of wandering after the others. "Du v'e joost grab anyt'ing ove interest?"

Axani, getting passed by so suddenly by a Tantsui, a Mara, and an Amerie, blinks and hovers in quickly, whilst calling out, "Wait, I wanna see too!" With that said, she hovers up to the middle of the room, near the ceiling, and looks down all around the room. Her gaze lingers on the table right below her, looking it over for anything that may be atop it.

Amerie takes out a small engraved locket from the box, looking quiet pleased with herself. "Oooh.. This is pretty, shame my second name doesn't begin with N, then I could wear it myself!" Looking up to the group, she waved the locket in the air. "Does anyone know someone with the initials A.N? I got a nice little locket for 'em if you do."

Tekarin Hertzold's gaze is immediately caught by a small teddy bear. She trots over to it and carefully picks it up, turning around to show it to them. "Children lived in a place like this?"

Tantsui calls out to Amerie. "Try opening it." He looks under the beds to see if any of the residents put their things under there. "I think there's something on the far wall over there. Someone check it out."

[#] The table appears to have nothing on it O.o

Tekarin Hertzold investigates the whatever-it-is closely. "It's a uh..."

Amerie shrugs, placing the locket in both of her paws, attempting to open it and see what might be placed inside. "What was that name of the lithe guy again?"

Tekarin Hertzold turns back. "It's a Tom-Tom. Kinda dusty.."

Axani blinks and peers over to Amerie. "That's one letter too many for my name," she comments, shrugging softly at that, before turning to Tekarin and blinking once again. The faerie flies right over to Tekarin and examines whatever it is as well, asking idly as she does, "Children, Tek?"

Axani also turns to Amerie yet again, raising a brow and asking, "What lithe guy? That's a really vague description."

Tantsui notes the table has a Miyth on it. "Amin'Briathe. Though he might have had another name as well. I can't imagine him with a panzy-ass locket, though." He checks under the beds for things.

Amerie: (Notes that there's Tant and Tek, Ame and Ax and Miyth and Mara, first initial twins! -shutsup-)

Mara Dark turns her head to watch Tek as she investigates the whatever, following around to circle around the table and look down at the teddy bear. She kneels down to gently grab hold of it and pick it up, looking it over. "Eit'er d'at or some'vone v'eally likes dollies."

Amerie frowns. "Oh.. I knew it had an A in it.." Finally cracking the lock open, a small lock of auburn coloured hair would fall out, landing in Amerie's paw. "Ew.. Who would want to keep someone's hair in a locket? Weirdos.." Placing the hair back in the locket, she closed it up and put it back into her satchel.

Tantsui apparently doesn't find anything under any of the beds. "We all set here? I think it's about time to move out." He turns to Amerie quickly. "A hair? Pass the locket here. It's important."

Amerie moans as she has to get the locket back out. Once finding it, she moved over to Tant and placed the locket into his paw. "Be careful with it, we could get that metal melted down if it's valuable."

Axani's eyes widen as she hears mention of the hair. "Could that be what we're looking for?" she asks with concern, staring at the two of them for a few moments. Her interest, however, soon fades as she finds herself asking yet another question, "What's in that cask over there?" Pointing to said cask, she flies over to examine the faucet, waving Tekarin over as she calls out, "Tek! It could be ale!"

Tekarin Hertzold rolls her eyes as Axani guesses about the cask being full of ale. "I ain't drinking anything that comes outta this place." She opens it just a bit to see what liquid might pour out.

Tantsui picks the locket up from Amerie's hand and moves his hand into his cloak. The hand comes out but didn't appear to go in one of his pockets. "I'm going to get the hairs divined later. Let's head out. Upstairs."

Amerie shrugs. "Sounds good to me, love, this floor's smell is getting on my nerves now, and just look at the colour on those blankets." Shaking her head unapprovingly, she made her way over to the steps and was ready to advance up them once everybody was ready.

[#] The cask contains water. Stagnant, several hundred year stale water.

Tantsui motions to them. "Lets go."

Amerie: (Everyone ready? :3)
Axani: [Hay, what if we're still RPing?]
Amerie: (I know. :/

Axani frowns at Tekarin's words and at the sight of the horrible water, cringing lightly and hovering up to the bovine's head to sit down upon it once again. A small sigh is given, the faerie shrugging and admitting, "I guess it's not ale then. Probably a good idea not to drink things from here, yeah." With that, she waits for Tekarin to follow the others.

Tantsui: [I need to go.]
Tantsui: [Let's finish tomorrow.]
Mara Dark: [Mmk]
Amerie: (I guess if you want. x.o)
Tantsui: [What time?]
Tantsui: [I can't stay.]
Tantsui: [What time tomorrow?]
Mara Dark: [Ill be on after 2 PM FST]
Mara Dark: [And I'm free all tommorrow]
Amerie: (I think Path may have wanted a rest tomorrow. I dunno. :/)
Miyth: [...]
Miyth: [We are not stopping.]
You say, "[They're talking about pausing :P]"
You say, "[And resuming tomorrow]"
Axani: [Tant has to leave.]
Miyth: [Does anyone else have to go?]
Miyth: [Because so long as there are 4+ people.]
Axani: [I can stay.]
Tantsui: [Look. If you're not stopping I'll try to stay as long as possible.]
Mara Dark: [Dunno how long I can stay. Depends on how my internet holds >>]
Amerie: (I can stay for around 2 more hours if I don't collapse. x3)
Tantsui: [Lets get a move on.]
Tantsui: [I'll stay as long as possible.]
[#] [The DM has been doing quests for the past four days straight. He wants to get this down to be doable inside of one night. However, each group takes consecutively longer on this floor trying to turn the place over for loot.]
Amerie: (Is Teka okay?)
[#] [If multiple people have to go, then we will suspend, but I make no promises for when we continue.]
[#] [If just Tantsui has to go, we will be continuing.]
Tantsui: [Let's just go. Time's wasting.]
Amerie drags Tek.()
Axani: [Tek logged off AIM. Not sure if she's here.]
Amerie: (Awr. .-.)
You say, "[She might've froze]"

[Doing quests for four days straight... that's what I call a good time.]

[#] The next floor is almost completely unfinished. The north and eastern walls are nonexistant, the room unfurnished, and the floor only half constructed. A simple four-way arch and panel sits in the northern end of the room.

Amerie comes by quite a shock in this new room, a small look of fright on her face. "Oh, my, there's holes all in the floor! That can't be a good sign." Scratching her head a little, she slowly moved around the craters in the floor. "Looks like there's something in the middle of the room.." After getting past the first crater, she went to see what was in the middle of the room.

Tantsui motions everyone along. "Watch your step. Let's see if there's anything else up here, then we can head back down." At this he walks towards the middle.

Mara Dark follows after the others again, having placed the teddy bear under her arm for various reasons. Her ears perk brightly atop her head at the near completely unfinished room, gaining a little bit of a jittery touch. Her attention near immediatly darts to Ame as she moves ahead, picking up pace and being weary of each step to her side.

Tantsui walks towards the strange construction in the middle. He examines it from all angles before realizing. "Ok. This looks like the teleporter L'rox was talking about. Give me a moment. I think I'm going to go through."

Axani is, for no explained reason, riding atop Amerie's head once again. Peering around the room, she stares at all the unfinishedness around her. Wondering how this part of the tower even holds up at all, she glances towards the center object and instantly remembers, pointing out, "Lax described a teleport thing! I think that takes us underground!" Of course, then Tant speaks about the same time as her, so she shrugs and nods. "Let's all go through," she directs, not wanting Tantsui to have all the fun to himself.

Amerie quite envies the fairies ability to be able to simply hover onto people's shoulders. "I tell you, I need to get me some wings." Scratching on the bridge of her nose, she peered at the contraption in the middle of the room. "Well, loves, it's got those four golden pads.. Maybe it's like on the first floor, where we stood on those blocks!" But, her idea was quite stumpted by Axani's and Tant's.

[#] Inside of the archway is a shimmering portal. It is quite obviously a magical teleportation portal.

Tantsui shrugs and just walks through it. No moral dialemmas; either he dies or he doesn't. He's not going to tell any of them not to do it, either.

Mara Dark quickens up her pace again as the shimmering little portal. "V'ell...Off v'e go d'en." Her eyes close as she steps forward, almost as if to expect certain death or some boogey man to appear...which she seemed to think wasn't entirely impossible.

Amerie puts her paws against her hips. "Hmph, well I'm not just letting him take all the glory! I want in, too!" And with that, she followed him into the portal, not minding where it was going to take her.

Axani leans down and clings to the femme's head as Amerie follows into the portal, tensing up with anticipation as she does.

[#] The teleportation is accompanied by a sickening sense of "dropping" For a split second, as each goes through the portal, there is the distinct sense of dropping down, and the adventurers are treated to the visual cue of falling right through the floors of the building, down through hte base of it, and deep below the earth. They come to rest in a chamber lined with identical stone Pillars lined with runes on all sides.

Amerie feels a bit bizarre after being teleported, holding her stomach straight away. "Oooh.. I don't do that very often, I won't be pleased if I puke over my clothes." Even if her clothes were already relatively dirty. Taking in her surroundings, she looked over all the continuous pillars. "Ugh, if I wasn't gonna be sick, I think I am now." Breathing lightly, she waited to see what Tant had to say about the room.

Tantsui looks around and notices the most important things; the two levers and the colors. It appears the drop had no adverse effect on him. Maybe it's because his creepy cancels it out. He motions to the levers. "I'm going to try one and then put it back. After that, someone else should do the other one."
Tantsui tries a lever.

Mara Dark once again experiances the very awkward feeling of dropping right straight through floors. Upon landing, she bends her knees a bit, right about near toppling over as she tried to regain her posture. "Augh...Primez..." Herears swerve uneasily over her head as Tant marches off towards a lever. "Hokay d'en..."

Tantsui puts it back.
Tantsui motions to Mara. "Pull this lever again once I tell you to. I'm going to check something out."
Tantsui goes to where the thing came down.

Axani squeaks as she goes through the feeling of falling, cringing all the more from before. Feeling sick as does Amerie, the faerie, upon coming to a stop, covers her mouth with both hands, trying to keep herself from throwing up on Amerie's head. She succeeds at that much, and she glances up to Tantsui, blinking as he goes about trying to figure things out.

[#] As Tantsui pulls one of the levers, at the north and south corners of the room, two tall boxes slide out of the floors. What lay within them is not able to be seen just yet. When the lever is pulled once again, the crates instantly drop back down through the floor, as if it the floors surface were made of water only in regards to them."
Miyth is now sharing control of this dream with you.
[#] Also within the room, there are four tiles that appear to be rather different from the rest. One is still smooth, like stone, but colored as if healthy tree bark. A single rune is able to be seen upon it. Similarly, there were two crystal tiles, a single ruby set upon them in the middle.

Tantsui looks at the lever he just pulled for a moment, and then decides to try the other one. He pulls it and looks around to see what happened.
Tantsui puts it back.

[#] As the secondary level is pulled, at the east and west corners of the room, two pillars slide out from the floor. Upon either of the four sides to the pillar is a red ruby. Once the level is tugged upon again, they vanish back into the floor, the same as the crates.

Amerie would terribly hope that Axani wasn't sick in her hair, but at this stage, probably wouldn't even notice. "Ooh.. Those look interesting." She was referring to the crystal tile on the floor, not touching it for the moment. "I wonder what they're there for." She began to think of Axani as Tinkerbell, if that fictional charachter even existed in this world.

Tantsui shrugs. "Easy enough. Move the crates into the bark-colored squares and move the pillars into the ruby-inlayed crystal squares. Lets get this done quickly."
Tantsui pulls a lever and gets to work moving a pillar.

[#] The pillars rise out from the floors.

Axani scratches her head at Tantsui's claim of having figured it out. "Um... There's only one wood square," she announces, raising up an eyebrow to him questioningly.

Amerie wonders how anyone expects a fairy to push a crate or pillar. "I think there's another wooden tile down the bottom, love, this is all racking my brain - What do you want us to do, Tant?"

Tantsui coughs. "Amerie. Help me out here. Axani, you too." He turns to Axani. "I'm going to need you to relay commands. He motions to Mara. "Go to where the pillar on the right pops up, and stand in one of the corners. When it appears, push it out a bit so anyone can move it along. Then stop." He motions to Amerie. "You pull the lever when Axani tells you to. I'll do the other pillar. Once you move it enough to get out, come back here."

Mara Dark just sort of stands there a moment in total confusion, her ears twitching idly as she listens to Tant. "Joo v'ant me tu push a pillar?" She states blantly, her arm moving to swing and strap her staff to her back. "Nyeh..Fien." She states simply before turning to move off towards the corner in wait.

Amerie ponders these instructions for a few moments, counting them in her head. "Uuuh.. Okay, Take Axani's order and push the pillar.. Fine, as long as it's not too heavy." She began to look quite tired at this stage, waiting for her orders.

Tantsui moves towards his corner. "Axani, help me relay commands. Amerie, move to this lever." He motions to the lever behind him. "I'm going to show Mara where to stand quickly."
Tantsui: Not you, Amerie.

Axani tilts her head to Tantsui and nods reluctantly, hopping from the dancer's head into flight. She follows after Tant a ways, looking back towards Amerie before looking all around with uncertainty.

[ Amerie whispers, "Madness! x3()" to you. ]

Tantsui: Axani, over here.

Axani flies over towards Tant with a blank look on her face. She is confused.

Tantsui: Tell Amerie to throw the switch.

Axani calls out. "Amerie! Throw the switch!"

[ You whisper "[Axani would find the crates, pillars and switches all featherlight, capable of moving them herself]" to Axani. ]

Tantsui: Push it out a little, Mara.
Tantsui: Towards me.

Mara Dark pushes the bloody thing when told to.

Tantsui: Keep pushing it.
Tantsui: Get it in front of me.
Tantsui: Push it towards me, Amerie.
Tantsui: Stop.

[#] As the pillar is pushed atop the crystal tile, the four rubies upon either side of the stone column glow brightly, reflecting onto the runes of the other, stationary pillars around it.

Axani flies over at Tantsui's call, looking back and huffing softly. She moves over to the pillar and gives it a shove, pushing it into place.

Amerie claps her paws together. "Yay, we actually did one! I thought this was going nowhere!"

[#] Oddly, despite Axani's size, the pillar would feel featherlight to her. As it is placed, the rubies upon its surface illuminate the surrounding rows of columns, the same as the last."

Tantsui: Mara, follow me.
Tantsui: Other one.
Tantsui: There.
Tantsui: Stay there until I get over to help you.

Amerie seems to have clicked to what's going on. "Okay, so it's just with the crates now! Ooh.. Those pillars sure do make some pretty colours." Possibly the idea of being underground was making her
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Tantsui: Throw the switch.

Axani relays to Amerie, "Throw the switch!"

Amerie does as she's told!

[#] As the first crate is slid upon the bark-colored stone, the wood of the crate slowly slide down into the floor. The contents of the crate can now be seen, a large oval orb with a stand, keeping it propped up. Within, sparks of electricity can be seen dancing within the glass of the oval. The surrounding columns glow yellow from being near the energy. And with the orbs and pillars in place, two of the columns sink down into the floor, large buttons of sorts rising out of the floor in their place."

Tantsui stops in his tracks. "Well, I don't know what to do now. Do we stand on one or both?" He turns to the party. "What do you all think?"

Amerie performs a small victory dance. "I can't believe we just did that! And I thought you didn't really know these things, Tantsui.. Maybe I was wrong.. - Nah." Grinning, she noticed the new items that had come to revelation in the room. "Soo.. Uh, what do you say we do now, eh?"

Axani raises her brow to the orbs upon stands. Turning back to eye the buttons on the floor, she holds up a hand and calls out, "Wait!" Flying over towards one of the orbs, she peers into it studyingly, before asking, "What do you think would happen if we took one? Or both?"

Tantsui looks at Axani with squinty eyes. "I'm pretty sure the puzzle would reset. Don't do it."

[#] The orbs, when the term 'large' is used to refer to them, means they appear as gigantic glass eggs the size of an adult furry, reaching to near the ceiling.

Mara Dark moves to rest one paw on her hip, looking between the two large buttons. "V'i say try v'one d'en dey next. Den v'oth if d'at doezn't v'ork." She shrugs as she takes a step forward, testingly poke at the side of one of the buttons with the side of her boot.

Axani still asked it all the same, logic not finding its place in her mind when things of such interest are present. However, at Tantsui's response, she sighs and nods, flying back over to them. "Let's just try standing on one alone first. I think Amerie should step on the one by her," she directs, nodding with a point towards it.

Tantsui shakes his head. "I'll try it. I distinctly remember L'rox talking about certain things electrocuting people. I'm willing to take that risk." At this, he walks over to the one next to Amerie and stands on it.

Tantsui coughs. "Fuck."
You say, "[I will replace them all.]"
You say, "[Just once.]"
You say, "[But if you mess up again, no more :-P]"
Tantsui: [:P]
Amerie: (Tant move from where you're standing. x3)

[They bumped into the reset switch... oops.]

[#] As the button is tapped at by Mara's boot, it lowers every so slightly, a dim glow sparking through the four currently placed pillars and orbs. As it is lowered back up, they all seem to flicker a bit, as in warning to not step off of them.

[#] As the button is tapped at, it lowers every so slightly, a dim glow sparking through the four currently placed pillars and orbs. As it is lowered back up, they all seem to flicker, as if in warning not to get off once fully pressed.

Tantsui sighs. "Ok. We have to get on at the same time. I'll count to three, then just jump on. Ready?"

Mara Dark draws her foot back as the pillars begin to flicker. She nods to Tant simply. "V'alright."

Tantsui: One.
Tantsui: Two.
Tantsui: Three
Tantsui: Ok. Do NOT get off, Mara.

Mara Dark is so ready to jump off...hah, hah Not. She rolls her eyes at Tant. "V'i s'ink v'i got d'at."

Amerie starts chewing her claws. "What do we do, loves?" Then realising that she was indeed chewing her claws, she stopped, looking a bit disgusted with herself.

[#] As both buttons are lowered into the floor by the weight of Mara and, surprisingly, the fae, a winged stone statue rises from the floor. At the four corners of the room, a layer of the floor slides away, to reveal glowing runed tiles. The very bottom of the statue seems to match the color of the glowing tiles.

Axani: [Actually, Mara and Tant are the ones on the buttons.]
Tantsui: [XD]
Amerie: (x3)
You say, "[Change Axani to Tantsui then]"
Amerie: (..He's calling you fat!)
Mara Dark: [XD]
Axani cries while eating cookie dough. "I'm not fat!]

Tantsui raises an eyebrow. "Try pushing the statue, Amerie."

Axani is just hovering there, watching with a slightly interested, slightly bored expression on her face. At Amerie's words, she nods agreement to the others and lands upon the dancer's head. Awaiting instruction, she waits there, sitting on the head and looking to the runes at the edge of the room.

Amerie shrugs. "Okay, Love." And with that command, she attempted to push the statue forward. "Urgh.."

Tantsui: Watch it! Don't push it into a corner.

[#] The statue would seem to slide upon the floor as easily as the other four objects had.

Tantsui: Axani, help her.
Tantsui: Don't accidentally hit the switches, either.

Axani glances back to Tant with an eyebrow raised. "Help how?"

Mara Dark eyes the base of the statue, her head turning this way and that to examine the corners of the room with glowing tiles. "Du v'e move it tu dey tiles in dey corner?" She asks just curiously.

Tantsui: Yeah. I think that's right, Mara.
Tantsui: You pushed one before, Axani. Either way, just make sure it gets into one of those corners.

Amerie thinks for a moments. "Uhm.. I think we just gotta push it all the way around the maze, can you get in the corner's for me, please? Then the statue won't get stuck. It's practically weightless, Ax!" And with that, she began pushing the statue, hoping that Ax understood. ^^

[#] As the statue passes over each tile, the rainbow mixture of colors solidify into a single, glowing rune.

Amerie squeals. "Yay, we did it, Axani! I don't think we'd be getting anywhere without us.. Phew." Even though the statue was practically without weight, this was all exhausting for the dancer.

Axani, needless to say, really enjoys being able to so easily push around an object over twelve times her own size in height, not to mention volume, and she grins with great joy as they finish, the faerie promptly flying back over to Amerie and landing upon her head. "That was kind of fun!" she exclaims, beaming happily.

Tantsui exhales deeply. He cricks his neck, looking around. "What's next?"

[#] A loud thrum emits from the floor and the ceiling all at once. The runes lining the room filled with the pillars flare to life with a quiet, blue glow. Moments later, a deep, mechanical clunking noise sounds off from the walls; the echo of impossibly large gears whirring to life.
[#] Another portal materializes in the center of the room, followed by a series of words and phrases echoing through the back of everyfurre's mind.
[#] <<Pylons alligned.>>
[#] <<Elemental Flux Repositories empty.>>
[#] <<Core Power... Online.>>
[#] <<Constraints Activated... Core Purged.>>
[#] <<Wards Online.>>

Miyth: [Replace Online with Activated. xP

Amerie frantically looks around, wondering what in feanor is going on.

Tantsui is sitting quietly, with his eyes closed.

Mara Dark flinches a bit at the sudden sounds of gears and the words that echo in the back of her brain. Ohgod, she isn't crazy, right? Amerie surely confirms she isn't...Or maybe she's crazy too! No...No, no. Random thoughts, it seemed. She clears her throat a bit. "Su...V'hat now?"

Axani just sort of stares, partially at the portal and partially at the walls, but most of her attention is on the words echoing through her mind. "That... is bad," she speaks out, eyes wide as she tells, "Lax mentioned wards. We just turned on the core. The tower is going to be filled with... with... stuff!" Perhaps ruining the drama by not being able to find the right word, her emotion is still clear in her voice, and she is quite concerned about the 'stuff.'

[ Amerie whispers, "What's going on? o-o()" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Path's emitting now, not me]" to Amerie. ]
[ Amerie whispers, "(Okie, doke. oo)" to you. ]
[ Amerie whispers, "(I'm just worried that I may have to leave soon. ._.)" to you. ]

Tantsui wonders what happened to the pillars they had to stay on. Are they still on them and have to stay?

[#] The buttons that they were on, if they bothered to look down, would have turned into solid rock.

Tantsui gets to his feet. "Alright. Let's get the hell out of here." Without wasting a moment, he walks through the portal. He expects everyone to follow his lead.

Mara Dark does indeed follow after. Whoo!

Amerie follows Tant, it seeming like the best idea for now. "What's going on?"

Axani's eyes grow even wider. "Did you just hear what I said?!" she screams to the intreped Tantsui, before she too rides in along with Amerie, a small whimper coming out.

[#] What once was featureless blue marble, now glows with an inner light, and crackles with powerful energies. Simple proximity to the divice is enough to charge the air, and cause one's fur or hair to stand on end.

Tantsui looks back at Axani. "About the wards? Yeah, I heard."

[#] Sections of the wall slide away, revealing engraved, oval shapes.
[#] The Ovals slide out from the wall and way, each proving to actually be a shield for some type of golem crouched away in the recesses of the rock.

Amerie keeps looking around, a worried expression on her face. "I-I don't understand, loves - What do we do now?" She couldn't quite keep her feet still.

[#] Unanimously, in the fashion of large toy soldiers, the Golems step forth from the alcoves, shields in hand, and begin to take up positions around the core, at the four corners.
[#] The golems stand at attention, staring at nothing, and do not move further.

[#] [Looks like we'll hav eto continue tomorrow. It is getting late, too late to start combat.]

Mara Dark flattens her ears to her skull beautifully as they shift back into the main room...with what appears to be giant golems stepping for the core. "D' bad, v'right?" She moves her paw back to grip onto her staff uneasily.

Axani, feeling the static of the orb in full, clings to Amerie's head and whimpers again. She stares at the golems, hardly able to get a word out for several moments, before exclaiming, "Let's go now! We have the scrolls!"

Mara Dark: [Works for me o-o]
Amerie: (Sure.)
[#] [I know you guys wanted to go to bed alot earlier than this, so I won't put you through late night combat.]
Amerie: (xD)
Tantsui: [Plus we don't have Tekarin. :P]
Amerie: (Thankyou Uncie Miyth. :3)
Tantsui: [What time do you want to pick up, Miyth?]
Amerie: (Now that was just creepy..)
Axani: [True. We need the Tekkie.]
Amerie: (It's gonna be hard to get to sleep in sun light. xx)
Mara Dark: [Poor Amecake]
Amerie: (But, good morning everyone and sleep well when you do!)
Tantsui: [You're lucky. You're getting sleep tonight.]
Mara Dark: [Nightt <3]
Tantsui: [I sacrificed my night for you guys. :3]
Axani: [Good morning, Amerie! XD]
Amerie: (x3)
Amerie: (Bye! Thankyou for the quest, Path!)
[#] [Early tomorrow evening.]
You say, "[CRACK OF DAWN]"
Tantsui: [Like 6 or 7 FST?]
[#] [Goodnight to those that are going to sleep. I am heading back to camp.]
Miyth: [Yeah, about that.]
Tantsui: [Kay.]
[ Amerie whispers, "(Thanks for helping! :3)" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[You're welcome. ^^]" to Amerie. ]
Tantsui: [Night people.]
Axani: [Night, Tant.]
You say, "[Who wants to go shove statues off the mages guild?]"
Amerie pops.()
Amerie: (Night!)
You say, "C'mon"
You say, "THIS WAY"
Axani: Sounds fun.
You say, "Oh"
You say, "They're all gone"
You say, "Oh dear.."
Axani: >.>
Mara Dark: NOOO
The co-DM places more
Axani: So... These statues... weren't anything at all?
Mara Dark: Well they dsissapeared for some reason o-o
Mara Dark: ...
Mara Dark: Dissapeared >>
Axani: True. >.>
The co-DM looks
You say, "SHOVE EM OFF :O"
You say, "YEE"
You say, "SPLAT"
You say, "Ax"
You say, "You can walk on the clouds I think?"
You say, "Butter wings"
Axani: No... >.>
Axani: That'd be fun DS though.
Axani: I demand special privileges!
You say, "NEFFAH"
You say, "KILL THE FAE"
Axani: And I'm stuck...
You say, "Hey"
You say, "You guys"
Mara Dark: <3
You say, "Want to do the first groups puzzle?"
Axani: YES.
Mara Dark: YES
Axani: Any emits for us?
You say, "NOPE!"
Axani: >.>
Axani: Interesting.
You say, "Damn Ax is good at this"
Axani: ^^
You say, "Someone's been playing a lot of Zelda"
Axani: XD
You say, "Ouch"
Mara Dark: Crap XD

First groups quest was my favorite to design. It was four of those walk-on-every-tile-once puzzles that the Zelda games are good with. Except you got shocked for 3 HP every tile you repeated. Ouch.

DAY 2 - Resuming

Erk Mendon glares at Tantsui, "Not all mages are defenseless you know." He waves his wristblade to prove his monkness.

Axani is... apparently... by virtue of her shouting the word, transported over here. Blinking and glancing around, the faerie, if no other effects are wrought from her shouting of the word, darts back over to Erk's side, giggling nervously and saying, "Okay, guess that didnt' work."

Tantsui turns to Erk. "You're better at spells than I am, and it'll be easier for Axani if she has one less person to heal."

Tekarin Hertzold shudders, and spikes erupt all over her armor. The spikes have changed somewhat from what many would remember from the last time they'ed seen them. They were less uniformly spread out and more wicked looking. Some of them were twisted and some longer than others.. "Good. Now that the strategy is settled.."

[#] The golem repeats itself, a deep, grating voice echoing through the back of everyone's mind. <This area is restricted. Without Rank with the Odarian Ring you may not proceed. Surrender your arms to be escorted to the holding Cells. You will be interviewed by the acting Stewards of the Tower.>

Axani blinks at the announcement in her mind. "Cells?" she repeats, adding to the echo, but then she has something to offer, "They're not planning to just attack. Maybe... We could learn more about this place if we go willingly?" Regardless of her words, she stays hovering there, two hands on her staff and ready to defend should it come down to it.

Tantsui raises an eyebrow at Axani. "There's nobody here. Some of the floors aren't even finished. I'm not ready to be taken to an incomplete holding cell for the rest of my natural life." He shouts to the golem. "We will do no such thing!"

Amerie moves back a small bit after hearing the Golem's threat, her face looking quite unpleased with the creature. "Look, I aint going to no cell, love!" Folding her arms, she expected everyone to feel the same, wondering what the golems would do next. "U-Um, how about you just go back to where you came from and everything will be fine, yeah?" With that, she gave a sweet smile, something unusual of this femme.

Tekarin Hertzold licks her lips and gives no other responce than that. It was GO time as far as she was concerned.

Axani scowls at Tantsui and retorts, "If it's unfinished, we can just walk out! They're bound to take us to rooms we haven't been before, and there's bound to be stuff of immense power down there, just like the room with all the runes and stuff." The faerie really wants to give it a chance. If things start looking bad, they can always blast appart some golems down there, right?

Erk Mendon stands in the ready position, face tense...until Axani speaks. He looks at her with a confused expression, "Neat a cell?"

Axani answers before anything else, "Not in the cell. Around it! We leave the cell when we get the chance!"

[#] The golem does not move any further, though the other guards posted around the Core turn unanimously and line up alongside the first. They drop artificial hands to very real swordhilts. The lead one projects once again; <Submit your arms and accompany the Sentry to the holding cells.>

Tantsui looks at the group. "Make your decision, and quickly! All in favor of fighting, say 'Aye'. All in favor of surrender, say 'Nay'!"

Axani remains flying there, holding her staff still as she gives out a stern and sharp, "Nay!"

Erk Mendon shouts over Axani, "Aye!"

Amerie takes a small step forward, eyeing up the golem that was telling them what to do. "Look, Love, we aint going nowhere you you!" Then turning back to Tantsui, she hadn't completely been listening to what he was saying, more annoyed by these impotent golem-things. "Uuh.. Way?"

Tekarin Hertzold nods. "Aye.."

Axani scoffs and turns away from the group, quite displeased. Sure, they should be able to crush these things, but someone is bound to get hurt in the process, and furthermore, untold wonders of the tower underground will go undiscovered. Such is why she is displeased, but only after a few moments turned away in anger does she turn back to the golem, ready to defend her friends anyway.

[#] The golems lift their shields as one. Contrary to Group One's descriptions, these golems do not appear to be quite as decrepid. (The lsat group described barely functioning, and malfunctioning golems.) These golems appear to be worn, and with rusty weapons, but their motor functions are most certainly intact.

Tantsui calls to the group. "We stand and fight! Prepare for battle!"

Amerie's shoulders drop. "Bloody hell, I just wanted some loot."

[#] INIT.

[*] Axani rolls 1d10+4 & gets 6.
[*] Erk Mendon rolls 1d10+3 & gets 4.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d10+2 (1) & gets 3.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d10+2 (2) & gets 8.
[*] Amerie rolls 1d10+3 & gets 4.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d10+2 (3) & gets 9.
[*] Tekarin Hertzold rolls 1d10+1 & gets 2.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d10+2 (4) & gets 5.
[*] Tantsui rolls 1d10+1 & gets 2.
Erk Mendon: [A lot of ones >_>]
Axani: [Wow... Everyone in the group but me got ones.]
[#] Golem #3, Golem #2, Axani, Golem #4, Erk, Amerie, Golem#1, Tekarin, Tantsui
[ You whisper "[Share me and I'll handle init]" to Miyth. ]
Miyth is now sharing control of this dream with you.
[#] G3, G2, Axani, G4, Erk, Amerie, G1, Tekarin, Tantsui. [..Golem 3. >.>;]
[#] [Sorry for the pause, DM is setting up something to make comabat smoother.]
[ Amerie whispers, "(How're you? xD)" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Good, DMing ^^]" to Amerie. ]
[ Amerie whispers, "(Sorry. :-P Good luck!)" to you. ]

[#] The golem on the far left draws its weapon and advances, while the rest of the line shifts north. All four of the things bring their shields to bear protectively. The third advances with a cautious stance, its longsword raised high above and behind it's head. (Defensive stance.) The thing takes a few testing strikes at the lead, the broad strokes still carrying force behind them.

[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 28.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 42.
[#] [That's vs. Tekarin >.>
Tekarin Hertzold: [1]
[*] Miyth rolls 1d100 & gets 32.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d7+12 & gets 14.

Tekarin Hertzold is hit hard enough to feel it. "Damn.." The other strike she blocks quite easily.

[#] G3, G2, Axani, G4, Erk, Amerie, G1, Tekarin, Tantsui. [G2]

[#] The other flank of the line advances at a quicker pace- great foot-blocks thudding solidly against the raw rock of the floor. The golems, even in their worn state, are masterworks of the craft. The stone juggernaut bowls into Tantsui from the side, shield first, attempting to flank and blaze through the adventuring party. (Bull-rush)

[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+17 (Bull Rush, vs AC) & gets 36.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 24.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 37.
Tantsui: [Considering hit and I have no idea what Bull rush does, any further explanation?]
Miyth: [It's vs your AC. Does it hit or miss?]
Tantsui: [All of them hit.]
[*] Miyth rolls 1d100 (bull rush) & gets 58.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d100 & gets 12.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d100 & gets 84.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d7+12 / 2 (Bull Rush, natural 1/2 damage) & gets 18.
[#] [Tantsui is tripped.]
[*] Miyth rolls 1d7+12 / 2 & gets 13.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d7+12 & gets 16.
Tantsui: [31]
[#] G3, G2, Axani, G4, Erk, Amerie, G1, Tekarin, Tantsui. [Ax]

Tantsui just had his HP halved in one strike. He slams onto the ground, bones cracking and breaking. He coughs up blood from the sheer force of the attack.

[#] [To confirm- yes. The Golems look EXACTLY like the picture. I drew it, and that's all the information you are getting outta me about them. A picture should be enough o-o]

Axani squeaks softly as Tekarin is hit by one of the attacks. Though she looks to be okay in light of it, the faerie as ever knows not to underesitmate foes, and as ever, she knows who deals the real damage around here. Sparkling flecks of white light reminiscent of stars, Axani holds her staff up and concentrates upon the magical energy about her. As she does, the flecks shower out from her staff pointed towards Tekarin's Golem Smasher, and thus spirals of cutting wind begin swirling around the hammer's head. [2/2 +4 Damage Enchantment. Element: Air. BCR: 9]

[*] Axani rolls 1d30+9 & gets 38.
[*] Mara Dark joins you.
[#] G3, G2, Axani, G4, Erk, Amerie, G1, Tekarin, Tantsui, Mara. [G4]

[#] The other flanking construct steps up alongside the leftmost, and locks shields with it. They both lock into an identical combat stance, and exchange alternating strikes at Tekarin. Their attacks are slowed by this, but the creatures have effectively formed a shield-wall facing Tekarin.

[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 25.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 25.
Miyth: [miss miss?]
Tekarin Hertzold: [Sorry. Yes.]
[#] G3, G2, Axani, G4, Erk, Amerie, G1, Tekarin, Tantsui, Mara. [Irk]

Erk Mendon smirks, "About time we got some action. Alright, time to blast!" He curls his paw into a fist, flames starting to burst from either side. Since Tant just got hit pretty hard, he decides to go for the one attacking him first. After gaining enough power, he flings his paw outward as if pitching a baseball. A pretty powerful-looking fireball shoots out towards Golem2's head. [3/3 Fire Evocation]

Erk Mendon: [Thanks :P]
[*] Erk Mendon rolls 1d30+5 & gets 30.
Erk Mendon: [hit?]
[#] [Hit.]
[*] Erk Mendon rolls 1d100+5 & gets 45.
[*] Erk Mendon rolls 3d13+8 & gets 29.

[#] The golem is clipped in its exposed, allbeit heavily armored shoulder by the blast. The construct takes the damage in stride, and does not break formation from its companion.

Tantsui: [Uh. Erk shot the stray one, the one that attacked Tant.]

Amerie quickly pulling herself together, she picked one of the Golems to strike first."U-Uh.. A-And now, Love! You will experience one of the greatest moments in your life just before the end of it!" With a rather pompous bow, Amerie moved infront of the Golem #4, suddenly moving her feet in a rapid dance for the creature, her dance skills would seem quite impressive, also given the fact she was in heels. As her distracting and rather random dancing took place, four attacks from a sharp whip swiftly came lashing at the Golem.(TornadoTango)

[*] Amerie rolls 1d30+7 & gets 26.
[*] Amerie rolls 1d30+7 & gets 19.
[*] Amerie rolls 1d30+7 & gets 33.
[*] Amerie rolls 1d30+7 & gets 25.
Tekarin Hertzold: [Cripes.]
You say, "[Amerie's Sheet: Brought To You By Sirum.]"
Tantsui: [My balogna has a first name, it's holy F*#$ing Christ]
Erk Mendon: [that's...a lot of whipping :3]
Miyth: [Which golem..?]
Amerie: (4. ^^;)
Miyth: [Aha, see it now.]
Miyth: [3]
[*] Amerie rolls 1d100 & gets 74.
[*] Amerie rolls 1d100 & gets 44.
[*] Amerie rolls 1d100 & gets 50.
[*] Amerie rolls 1d10+7 & gets 17.
[*] Amerie rolls 1d10+7 & gets 11.
[*] Amerie rolls 1d10+7 & gets 16.
Amerie: (>> 44)
[#] G3, G2, Axani, G4, Erk, Amerie, G1, Tekarin, Tantsui, Mara. [G1]

[Amerie was a joke character, I think, like GenRah. Which is why I wanted her to be as capable as possible. A whipping machine. Ansteorra needed it's fun jokey characters, a reminder that we were only a 'serious' RP guild.]

[#] Amerie catches the golem right in it's unprotected flank as the construct bowls Tantsui over. She causes deep chips and gouges in its back and arms.
[#] The last golem actually -leaps- over Tantsui's prone form (an impressive feat for a construct, particularly a 200 year old construct) and lands with a massive 'BOOM' infront of Erk, leaving cracks in the ground beneath it. The thing backhands at the Magus with its shield, and then follows up with a two-directional strike.

[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+17 (Shield Bash) & gets 29.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 29.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 25.
Erk Mendon: [ouchie *3]
[*] Miyth rolls 1d100 (Shield bash) & gets 26.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d100 (Shield bash) & gets 10.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d100 (Shield bash) & gets 91.
Erk Mendon: [yay! no!]
[*] Miyth rolls 1d7+17 & gets 18.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d7+12 (/ 2) & gets 18.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d7+12 (*2) & gets 13.
[#] G3, G2, Axani, G4, Erk, Amerie, G1, Tekarin, Tantsui, Mara. [Golem-Buster]

Erk Mendon is totally surprised by the shield bash, and manages to slightly deflect the second blow. Unfortunately, that left his body wide open for the third attack. All in all, it still kinda hurt.

Erk Mendon: [total damage since I'm lazy?]
Miyth: [53, I think.]
Erk Mendon is also in the teens now. Great.
Tantsui: [Mara?]
You say, "[Nevermind her. Her comp is on the fritz]"
[#] [DM will brb in 20 seconds. He is getting chip-dip. >>]
Amerie: (Do we just talk for now then? ^^)
Tantsui: [Someone make a quest chat room.]
Axani: [Tekkie. Fix AIM?]
Amerie: (Dum dee doo..)
Axani wishes Amerie could come into the chat.]
[#] [Back. Is Mara intending to post? >>]
Erk Mendon: [It's Tek]
[#] Tek, Post o-o

Tekarin Hertzold decides that the golem that is standing right in front of her is the one that needs to die first. She pulls her hammers up over her shoulders and bears them both down toward it's head, spikey-end first. "You know this.. would have been a lot worse if this happened upstairs! There were what, eight of 'em?" Small talk durring battle. Awesome.

[*] Tekarin Hertzold rolls 1d30+11 & gets 24.
[*] Tekarin Hertzold rolls 1d30+11 & gets 29.
Axani: [Note, only the Golem Smasher has +4 Damage.]
Tekarin Hertzold: [Thanks.]
Tekarin Hertzold: [...hits?]

[#] Tekarin's blows land mightily, but they are blocked by the wall of shields between her and her opponents.

Tantsui: [Am I allowed to give commands when it's not my turn?]
Tekarin Hertzold is taking out the trash and will be back momentarily.]
Tekarin Hertzold's AC is 29 for the DM's note.]
[#] G3, G2, Axani, G4, Erk, Amerie, G1, Tekarin, Tantsui, Mara. [Tantsui]

Tantsui climbs to his feet and stays where he is. If anything, he doesn't want to have one of those statues bowl him over again. "Tekarin! Put your back to the exit and focus on the one attacking Erk, the one that broke rank! If those two defending statues move out of their formation, think of something! Axani, use healing magic! Amerie, attack the one attacking Erk!" He tries to get to his feet as quickly as possible in order to be prepared in case any attacks are launched against him. "Axani's in command if I go down!" [Recovering from Trip]

[#] G3, G2, Axani, G4, Erk, Amerie, G1, Tekarin, Tantsui, Mara. [Marmar]
[#] [.. is not here.]
[#] G3, G2, Axani, G4, Erk, Amerie, G1, Tekarin, Tantsui, Mara. [G3]

[#] The golem infront of Tekarin takes another few strikes at the large tank. o-o

[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 25.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 38.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d100 & gets 82.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d7+12 & gets 15.
Miyth: [15]
[#] G3, G2, Axani, G4, Erk, Amerie, G1, Tekarin, Tantsui, Mara. [G2]

[#] The other golem that had previously floored Tantsui whorls about and tries to clap the dancer right in the side with its massive tower shield, before following up with two stabs- a similar attack pattern as the one used against Erk.

[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+17 (Shield Bash) & gets 28.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 40.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 22.
Amerie: (3. ;_;)
Amerie: (I hope you botch, botch I say!)
[*] Miyth rolls 3d100: (34) (61) (46) = 141.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d7+17 & gets 24.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d7+12 & gets 13.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d7+12 & gets 18.
Tekarin Hertzold: [Okay]
[#] [DM thinks that Mara needs to come back alive.]
Erk Mendon: [Erk thinks Mara isn't even online so it's useless to talk about her]
You say, "[Her computer has been dying]"
[#] G3, G2, Axani, G4, Erk, Amerie, G1, Tekarin, Tantsui, Mara. [Ax

Amerie lands flat against the floor, close to unconciousness. "Urgh - Not so rough next time."

Axani, hearing Tantsui call out, blinks and instantly replies, "The power of M'Rill is no magic!" But... besides this, she does indeed start praying. Holding her staff in front of her face and bowing towards Tantsui, the faerie whispers soft words of Celestial up to the Prime, praying for healing. A soft, blue glow envelops the necromancer's primary wounds, her limited power working to heal his pains. [1/1 Heal]

[*] Axani rolls 1d30+9 & gets 24.
[*] Axani rolls 1d6+10 & gets 16.
[#] [DMtip. It's not in your favor to stop thinking clever and rely on your rolls to win.]
You say, "[He's trying to tell you to collapse the ceiling on yourselves and hope that the 150% damage KOs all the golems and don't kill any of you HRT]"
[#] G3, G2, Axani, G4, Erk, Amerie, G1, Tekarin, Tantsui, Mara. [G4]

[#] The companion golem to the one that has formed a shield wall, prods out at Tekarin from behind the defensive structure.

[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 21.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 14.
[#] G3, G2, Axani, G4, Erk, Amerie, G1, Tekarin, Tantsui, Mara. [Erk]

Erk Mendon is slightly panicing now, one paw supporting a bleeding side. He coughs a bit and places his other paw in front of him, red energy pouring out to form a transparent bubble around the mage. Hopefully it should hold out enough to give Erk time to get a few safe blasts in...or even...He gasps! Between coughs, he sputters out, "Could someone PLEASE disarm them?! I'll be able to in a moment." [3/3 +5 AC shield BCR=15]

[*] Erk Mendon rolls 1d30+5 & gets 9.
[#] G3, G2, Axani, G4, Erk, Amerie, G1, Tekarin, Tantsui, Mara. [Amerie]

Erk Mendon manages to sputter up some blood while he tries to cast, thus screwing the spell up.

Amerie spends a few moments trying to get herself up from the ground, her clothes covered in filth. She acted quite dazed for awhile, seeming as she only had four health points holding her up. "Urgh.. N-Not fabulous.." With that she moved over to the corner of the room, trying to pull herself together. (Get up?)

[#] G3, G2, Axani, G4, Erk, Amerie, G1, Tekarin, Tantsui, Mara. [G1]
Miyth: [Amerie was not tripped.]
Miyth: [Shield Bash is not Bull-rush.]
Miyth: [Shield bash is just attacking with the shield.]
Amerie: (Oh. x.o)

Amerie whilst recovering, sends two lazy whips to the Golem No. 3.

[*] Amerie rolls 1d30+7 & gets 13.
[*] Amerie rolls 1d30+7 & gets 35.
Miyth: [1 hit]
[*] Amerie rolls 1d100 & gets 81.
[*] Amerie rolls 1d10+7 & gets 10.
[#] G3, G2, Axani, G4, Erk, Amerie, G1, Tekarin, Tantsui, Mara. [G1]

[#] Amerie's golem begins to show signs of wear around its sides and chest from the repeated beatings.
[#] The golem facing Erk actually drops into a defensive posture, almost back to back with Tekarin. The thing makes two, mechanical stabs out from behind the shield towards the spellcaster.

[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 21.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 40.
Erk Mendon: [2 ;-;]
[*] Miyth rolls 2d100: (68) (96) = 164.
Erk Mendon: [!@#$]
[*] Miyth rolls 1d7+12 & gets 13.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d7+12 *2 & gets 17.

Erk Mendon lets out one final cough of blood, "N-No....Ciran...must...di...." He drops to the floor.

[#] G3, G2, Axani, G4, Erk[Died Spouting A True Fire Emblem Death Quote], Amerie, G1, Tekarin, Tantsui. [Tekarin]
Erk Mendon: [So...death's real?]
[#] [I'm not the DM, I'm just the silly guy who emits HRT]
[#] [Please stay IC and stop asking me things that don't have to do with the fight.]

Tekarin Hertzold hears Erk hit the ground and spins around with both her hammers to strike at the golem. She couldn't get through the sheilds in front of her so a strike from behind would be perfect. Sure, she might be left exposed for a second, but that's why she dropped all that gold on armor isn't it? Silently her hammers cut through the air as she sends them smashing into the thing's back.

[*] Tekarin Hertzold rolls 1d30+11 & gets 30.
[*] Tekarin Hertzold rolls 1d30+11 & gets 27.
[#] [2 hits.]
[*] Tekarin Hertzold rolls 1d100 [GS] & gets 4.
Tekarin Hertzold: [Damnit.]
[*] Tekarin Hertzold rolls 1d100 & gets 27.
[ Amerie whispers, "(Are we gonna die if we don't run? ;;)" to you. ]
[*] Tekarin Hertzold rolls 1d8+11 & gets 12.
[*] Tekarin Hertzold rolls 1d8+11 & gets 18.
Tekarin Hertzold: [The GS has x2, so the /2 is negated.]
Tekarin Hertzold: [30]
Axani: [Wait. You didn't factor in the Damage Enchant?]
Tekarin Hertzold: [34 then!]
Tekarin Hertzold: [Sorry, forgot again. >_>;]

[#] The golem takes a powerful hit right in the back which causes it to falter forewards. The second hit, then, connects with its shoulder and causes more damage still. The thing takes a step backwards, and rebounds, but it looks very damaged.

[#] G3, G2, Axani, G4, Erk[KO], Amerie, G1, Tekarin, Tantsui. [Tantsui]
[ You whisper "[I dunno~]" to Amerie. ]
[ Amerie whispers, "(xD Eee.. Scary. :o)" to you. ]
[ Amerie whispers, "(Is it possible to Mambo and drag someone at the same time? xD)" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Mambo doesn't take AP to use, so I'd assume so]" to Amerie. ]

Tantsui clenches his fists tightly. "Amerie! Take Erk and get outside so he can be stabalized! I won't have anyone die on my watch! Tekarin, Axani and I will hold them off as best we can!" He turns to the golem on his right. "And now, for something completely different!" He swings his leg up to kick through the weak defensive points on the golem, hoping to break through. He follows up with a knee smash.

[*] Tantsui rolls 1d30+3 & gets 15.
[*] Tantsui rolls 1d30+3 & gets 14.
[#] G3, G2, Axani, G4, Erk[KO], Amerie, G1, Tekarin, Tantsui. [G3]

[#] The third golem takes a few testing shots at Tekarin's back, but does not come out from behind its protective shieldy-thing.

[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 18.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 29.
Tekarin Hertzold: [1]
[*] Miyth rolls 1d100 & gets 6.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d7+12 /2 & gets 15.
Miyth: [7]
[#] G3, G2, Axani, G4, Erk[KO], Amerie, G1, Tekarin, Tantsui. [G2]
Tekarin Hertzold is poked harshly!]

[#] The second golem breaks away from the shield wall and squares off against Tantsui. (Defensive stance, end shield wall)

[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 18.
Tantsui: [Miss, sir.]
[#] G3, G2, Axani, G4, Erk[KO], Amerie, G1, Tekarin, Tantsui. [Ax]

Axani whimpers as Erk drops to the ground. Flying back towards the wall behind herself, the faerie glances around in looking for the best way to aide in helping out, and as per Tantsui's orders, she lets Amerie and Erk deal with things as they will, deciding instead to help the necromancer in fending off attacks. Raising her staff up again, Axani takes upon herself that light blue glow, radiating for a moment as it flows into the staff and vanishes. The air around Tant's body collects about himself, forming a thick wall of semisolid air that conforms to his movement. [2/2 30HP Shield. BCR: 12]

[*] Axani rolls 1d30+9 & gets 28.
[#] G3, G2, Axani, G4, Erk[KO], Amerie, G1, Tekarin, Tantsui. [G4]

[#] The golem facing off with Axani swivels about to face the one that just tried to put two into its side. The golem sweeps its sword around, and about faces to turn it shield towards Tant.

[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 41.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 15.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d100 & gets 29.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d7+12 & gets 17.
[#] G3, G2, Axani, G4, Erk[KO], Amerie, G1, Tekarin, Tantsui. [Ame]

Amerie moans, still quite dizzy from being attacked so vigorously. Nodding to Tant's orders, she moved over to Erk's body, grabbing him by the shoulders and dragging. "C'mon, love - Out we go!" Amerie must've been quite happy to leave, because as she was dragging him out, it seemed she was also doing a small dance, to her best efforts. (Mambo De M'rill, 28 HP Healed.)(Do I just leave, or will there be stop attempts?)

Amerie: (Fate's Fandago^)
Miyth: [Nah, go ahead.]
Amerie: (Should I go outside, or stay here ooc?)
[#] G3, G2, Axani, G4, Erk[KO], Amerie, G1, Tekarin, Tantsui. [G1]
Mara Dark: [>> I'm here now for as long as I can be]
Tekarin Hertzold: [Heal.. uhm.. Everyone but me I think.]

[#] The first golem notes Erk being dragged off, and then whirls about. As is the construct's normal pattern of attack, it tries to smack the sense out of Tekarin with its shield before following up wiht two jabs of its sword.

[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+17 & gets 22.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 33.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 40.
Tekarin Hertzold: [2]
[*] Miyth rolls 2d100: (93) (45) = 138.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d7+12 *2 & gets 18.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d7+12 & gets 17.
[#] G3, G2, Axani, G4, Erk[KO], Amerie, G1, Tekarin, Tantsui. [Tek]
Miyth: [53]
[ Amerie whispers, "(What do I do now..? o_o)" to you. ]
Tekarin Hertzold: [NM Mara, I'll need it pretty soon here too.]
Mara Dark: [XD Gotcha]

Tekarin Hertzold is viciously wounded and falls back a single step. She's not going to be able to attack it from the ground so she spins around to it's side and hopes that it's not quick enough to turn. Once there she swings both of her hammer sideways toward the weak back area. This might be her last chance to take down one of these things and change the pace of this fight!

[*] Tekarin Hertzold rolls 1d30+11 & gets 20.
[*] Tekarin Hertzold rolls 1d30+11 & gets 41.
[#] [Now that Mara is back, please re-insert her at the end of the order. She's ICly in the room again.]
[ Amerie whispers, "(Do I go outside..? Or do I just type a stabalizing post, with or without consideration for the init list?)" to you. ]
Axani: [This is the last round you get it.]
Tekarin Hertzold: [I KNOW.]
Tekarin Hertzold: [THANK YOU LOVE]
[#] 1 hit!
[*] Tekarin Hertzold rolls 1d100 & gets 47.
[ You whisper "[You need First Aid to stabilize :P]" to Amerie. ]
[ You whisper "[And just stay in here I guess]" to Amerie. ]
[*] Tekarin Hertzold rolls 1d8+15 x2GS & gets 16.
[ Amerie whispers, "(What the hell happens to Erk? oo)" to you. ]
Tekarin Hertzold: [32]
[#] G3, G2, Axani, G4, Erk[KO], Amerie, G1, Tekarin, Tantsui, Mara. [Tantsui]
[ You whisper "{Ask Path? :P]" to Amerie. ]
Tekarin Hertzold: [Aww it's not a kill? Damn.]

[#] The golem gets promptly sidestepped and crashed in the back. The magically enchanted mallet shatters the golem's spine and its chest cavity. The rock cracks into many pieces, and the top half of the golem literally explodes in a shower of stone bits. The lifeless legs of the construct drop to the ground.

Tantsui calls out to Mara. "Mara! Heal Tekarin! Axani, give Tekarin a shield or something! I don't know, just don't die! Just keep us alive!" He grabs the golem he was fighting by the shoulder and raises his right fist, trying to slam the offending rock thing with his knuckles a lot.

Tekarin Hertzold grins. "ALRIGHT! Now let's get the other three! We can still come out of this on top!"

[*] Tantsui rolls 1d30+3 & gets 33.
[*] Tantsui rolls 1d30+3 & gets 27.
[#] [1 hit. The second deflects off of the golem's shield.]
[*] Tantsui rolls 1d100 & gets 20.
[*] Tantsui rolls 2d8+3 & gets 8.
Tantsui: [4]
[#] G3, G2, Axani, G4, Erk[KO], Amerie, Tekarin, Tantsui, Mara. [Mara]

Mara Dark seems to pretty much just come to life from...well, whatever was inhibiting her before. Her eyes dart frantically from side to side, grip upon her staff tightening. Well...Seems everything went to royal hell. Hoorah! A slow beat of a golden glow forms itself around her paws, The glow gradually gets larger before she forces it out with a thrust-like motion of her paws in the direction for Tant to send the healy, glowing goodness to him. [2/2 Heal]

[#] The golem takes another chip off of its shoulder. >>

[*] Mara Dark rolls 1d30+4 & gets 31.
[ You whisper "[Where did Tant get 2d8 gloves?]" to Tantsui. ]
[*] Mara Dark rolls 2d16+7 & gets 18.
[ Tantsui whispers, "[No 2d8 gloves. Martial arts/claws.]" to you. ]
Tantsui is fully restored to health!
[#] G3, G2, Axani, G4, Erk[KO], Amerie, Tekarin, Tantsui, Mara. [G3]

[#] The golem notes that one of its flanking comerades has dropped, and takes a cautionary step backwards. Seconds later, it links up with the second golem to reform its shield wall, this time squaring parallel with Tantsui. (Engage shield wall, defensive stance.)

[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 17.
Tantsui dojez.
[#] G3, G2, Axani, G4, Erk[KO], Amerie, Tekarin, Tantsui, Mara. [G2]

[#] The second Golem locks its stance with its partner, and does a quick double-jab for Tantsui's legs.

[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 32.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 22.
Tantsui: [2]
[*] Miyth rolls 2d100: (72) (72) = 144.
[*] Miyth rolls 2d7+24 (total damage.) & gets 29.

Tantsui gets kneecapped, but the shield blocks some damage.

Axani gives a firm nod to Tantsui's orders, raising her staff up towards Tekarin this time. Taking upon her glow and having it fade from herself yet again, the same wall of swirling, solidified wind forms around the bovine now instead. A thickened force to hold back oncoming attacks and deflect them, the shield is formed as Axani hovers to the side a bit closer to Mara. [2/2 30HP Shield. BCR: 12]
[*] Axani rolls 1d30+9 & gets 27.

Tekarin Hertzold grins and nods to Axani as a light sheild pops up around her.

[#] The Golem that Tantsui is squaring off of notes the abrupt turn in battle, and reverses strategies. Warding off a strike from Tantsui, the golem steps back to disengage from Tant, and charge Mara! O_O

[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+17 (Bull rush) & gets 28.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 25.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 35.
Mara Dark: [Oh right sorry XD All three]
Tekarin Hertzold: [I meant, light as in not heavy. Not a BIG like.. 500,000,000,000HP sheild.]
[*] Miyth rolls 3d100: (22) (49) (36) = 107.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d7+12 /2 (Bull rush) (Tripped Mara.) & gets 13.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d7+12 & gets 14.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d7+12 & gets 17.

Amerie comes running back into the tower, looking a bit more refreshed than before. A little out of breath, she called out to the group. "Erk's being tended to by the other guys, he'll be fine! - Shame, I can't say the same for these thigs!" Getting back into her fighting position, she did a replay dance of what she'd done in the first round, quickly moving her feet to the rythmn in her mind, then sending a few quick slashes at the Golem she'd been working on earlier. "Chew on that, Love!" (Tornado Tango)
Amerie: (things^)

[*] Amerie rolls 1d30+7 & gets 24.
[*] Amerie rolls 1d30+7 & gets 22.
[*] Amerie rolls 1d30+7 & gets 13.
[*] Amerie rolls 1d30+7 & gets 21.
[ Amerie whispers, "(Was I allowed to attack then? x.o)" to you. ]
Miyth: [1 >>]
Amerie: (vv)
[*] Amerie rolls 1d100 & gets 39.
[*] Amerie rolls 1d10+7 & gets 9.

Tekarin Hertzold rushes the golem that had rushed Mara now that it's back was turned. She easily manuevers past Tantsui and flips her hammers both over her upper left shoulder, pounding them both straight at the middle of it's back. She couldn't think of any more fatal a spot, as she wasn't sure they really needed heads. She'd learnd long ago that not all golems needed their heads to fight.

[*] Tekarin Hertzold rolls 1d30+11 & gets 15.
[*] Tekarin Hertzold rolls 1d30+11 & gets 22.
Tekarin Hertzold: [Boo..]
[#] G3, G2, Axani, G4, Erk[KO], Amerie, Tekarin, Tantsui, Mara[KO]. [Tant]

[#] Though Amerie's strike isn't particularly tough, it is just enough to drop the statue. The thing takes a chip across the face. The light in its single option open to the air go down. Since Tekarin didn't wait for a response, her shots also land on the ALREADY DEAD golem, further smashing the stone construct to a pulp.

Mara Dark is currently on the ground, likely bleeding...also very unconscious which prevents her currently feeling any of the emense pain the rest of her body is going through. Just for note.

[#] G2, Axani, G4, Erk[KO], Amerie, Tekarin, Tantsui, Mara[KO]. [Tant?]

Tantsui uses this moment to try and break into the defensive line of the two golems, just like they decided to do to him. He jumps up onto Tekarin's shoulder and then off of her shoulder and over the two remaining golems. Since he'll be behind them, their shields won't be in the way. He leaps up onto the back of one and starts smashing at its head with his fist.

[*] Tantsui rolls 1d30+3 & gets 32.
[*] Tantsui rolls 1d30+3 & gets 5.
[#] [1 Hit.]
[*] Tantsui rolls 1d100 & gets 82.
[*] Tantsui rolls 2d8+3 & gets 16.

Tantsui forgot to add. "Amerie, get Mara to a healer!"

[#] G2, Axani, G4, Erk[KO], Amerie, Tekarin, Tantsui, Mara[KO]. [G2]

[#] The golem, takes a solid hit to its back, but is not taken down.
[#] The second golem disengages from its shield wall and about-faces to spin about and defend its ally from the front. The thing squares off against Tekarin's back, and drops into a defensive stance. (End shield wall, defensive stance.)

[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 32.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d100 & gets 36.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d7+!2 & gets 2.
Miyth: [14 damage.]
Tantsui: [Against Tek?]
Tekarin Hertzold: [Yes]
Tekarin Hertzold's HP sheild is half-dead! But she's feeling fine and dandy.

Axani frowns as she glances around, the only two still standing fighters--excluding Amerie who is assigned to help Mara--already having shields currently active. Titling her head a bit, she shrugs and decides to go offensive, and with her staff poitned towards the golem which is attacking Tekarin, she glows that blue hue once more and lets it focus into the staff, from which cracks out a strong arc of lightning towards the creature's face. With good aim, she just might fry whatever is keeping it alive. [2/2 Air]

[*] Axani rolls 1d30+9 & gets 36.
[#] [Hit]
[*] Axani rolls 1d100 & gets 1.
You say, "[Hehehe]"
You say, "[You're cursed with 1's]"
Tekarin Hertzold: [Oh my god.]
Axani coughs. "Glad this comes in handy.]
[*] Axani rolls 1d100 [Divine Domain: Luck] & gets 86.
Erk Mendon: [XD]
[*] Axani rolls 2d6+11 & gets 20.
Tekarin Hertzold: [SWEET!]

[#] The golem's head is blasted into tinybits by Axani! The rest of the construct goes limp. It drops its sword and shield, and then collapses off to the side.

[#] The other golem spins about and stands back-to-back with the only other remaining construct. It drops its shield off to the side and takes two powerful swipes at Tantsui, then follows it up by trying to punch him in the face with the weighty stone disk.

[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 20.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 28.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+17 & gets 19.
Tantsui: [2]
[*] Miyth rolls 2d100: (14) (64) = 78.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d7+12 / 2 & gets 18.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d7+12 & gets 14.
Miyth: [23]
Tantsui: [23]
Erk Mendon: [23]
[#] Axani, G4, Erk[KO], Amerie, Tekarin, Tantsui, Mara[KO]. [Amerie]
Miyth: [.. Yes those are the words I said. IC.]

Amerie groans something about always having to do the dirty work. "This better be the last one, loves!.. Or you're in trouble." And with that, she grabbed Mara by the shoulders and pulled her out, doing the same thing she had done with Erk.

Mara Dark is dragged, Whee!

Tekarin Hertzold wheels around at the last golem and attacks! She's got an opening, it's not even LOOKING at her! Fantastic! Her hammers cut through the air and... "Come...on...."

[*] Tekarin Hertzold rolls 1d30+11 [GS] & gets 18.
[*] Tekarin Hertzold rolls 1d30+11 & gets 19.
Tekarin Hertzold: [DAMNIT.]
[#] Miss-miss
[#] Axani, G4, Erk[KO], Amerie, Tekarin, Tantsui, Mara[KO]. [Tant]
Miyth: [Tek, why did you move my statue? >>]
Axani: [Because you left it there. There's only one golem left, Path.]
Miyth: [Ohyah! o-o]
Tekarin Hertzold: [I didn't know I could move it.]

Tantsui is righteously pissed at this point. He's bleeding from multiple wounds on his body, and the blood is dripping on the floor. With a yell of "HRRRAH!" he runs straight up the body of the golem, jumping off it's arm and then bringing a metal-booted heel straight down on it's head. He spins around as he passes over the golem, kicking a Chuck Norris brand Roundhouse Kick to the back of the head.

[*] Tantsui rolls 1d30+3 & gets 22.
[*] Tantsui rolls 1d30+3 & gets 11.

Tantsui is apparently having trouble seeing straight and focusing his attacks. Needs more time studying Chuck Norris's self defense tapes.

[#] Axani, G4, Erk[KO], Amerie, Tekarin, Tantsui, Mara[KO]. [Ax]

Axani hovers for a few moments longer, once again assessing anyone who may be in need. With Amerie carting the wounded out, she nods to herself and once again sets into attack. The staff once again raised with colorful glow coming and fading, she again points and releases a bolt of electricity towards the golem! [2/2 Air]

[*] Axani rolls 1d30+9 & gets 28.
Axani assumes hit.]
[*] Axani rolls 1d100 & gets 31.
[*] Axani rolls 2d6+11 & gets 21.
[#] Axani, G4, Erk[KO], Amerie, Tekarin, Tantsui, Mara[KO]. [G4?]

[#] The golem gets zapped good, but recovers the strike, and moves to backhand Tekarin with its shield, then follows it up with a double-jab.

[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+17 & gets 37.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 39.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d30+12 & gets 28.
Tekarin Hertzold: [3]
Tekarin Hertzold: [2!]
[*] Miyth rolls 2d100: (52) (25) = 77.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d7+17 & gets 18.
[*] Miyth rolls 1d7+12 & gets 13.
Miyth: [31]

Tekarin Hertzold looses her HP sheild and takes the rest of the damage. Another good hit like that and she's done. "Damnit.. Come on.. Just one left!"

Amerie comes rushing back in, a little annoyed that she was being used as a stretcher. "Anymore?" Running over to the final Golem, she placed her paw against her hip. "One left, eh, loves? Let me finish this one off for ya!" And with that, Amerie began doing her quick tribal dances around the golem, lashing out four whips towards the creature's back, whilst her heels clankered against the ground. "Kiss Kiss!" (Tornado Tango)

[*] Amerie rolls 1d30+7 & gets 23.
[*] Amerie rolls 1d30+7 & gets 9.
[*] Amerie rolls 1d30+7 & gets 26.
[*] Amerie rolls 1d30+7 & gets 22.
[*] Amerie rolls 1d100 Footloose & gets 18.
Amerie: (><)
[*] Amerie rolls 1d10+7 & gets 9.
Amerie: (4. vv)
[#] Axani, G4, Erk[KO], Amerie, Tekarin, Tantsui, Mara[KO]. [Tek]
[ Tantsui whispers, "[I don't even think that Tant has any magic items aside from the spear.]" to you. ]
Erk Mendon: [Though we could just assume she attacked the only guy left and roll for her]
Tekarin Hertzold: [Backmoo]
Miyth: [>>]
[ Tantsui whispers, "[If he did, I lost track of them a long time ago. ><]" to you. ]
[#] [Tek's turn! Smush it!]

Tekarin Hertzold does indeed plan to smush it! She flings both hammers up into the air and catches them by the tips at the last second, then she pulls them down as quickly as she can, pulling back on them to put some power behind the swing as well. He was going down. Or her name wasn't Tekarin A. Hertzold!

[*] Tekarin Hertzold rolls 1d30+11 & gets 17.
[*] Tekarin Hertzold rolls 1d30+11 & gets 32.
[*] Tekarin Hertzold rolls 1d100 & gets 79.
[*] Tekarin Hertzold rolls 1d8+11 *2 & gets 15.
Tekarin Hertzold: [30]

[#] The golem's head is smashed direclty down into its torso with the sound of cracking rock. The thing collapses to its knees, and then falls over- immobile.
[#] End combat. If you were dragged outside you are unconcious and stabalized.

Erk Mendon: [woohoo]
Tekarin Hertzold DANCE]
Mara Dark: [Alrighty =D]
Amerie: (Tek, that's my job. D:)
Tekarin Hertzold: [Then hop too it!]

Tekarin Hertzold pants once and drops both her hammers away. "Alright.." She looks around slowly. "Everyone alive? Everyone alright? Amerie. How're they outside?"

Amerie gives a sigh of relief, pushing some hair out of her face. "Phew, that was a close one, loves. - Lucky you had me around, you might've not of lasted that by yourselves!" Then turning to Tekarin, she replied to her question. "Yeah, they'll be fine.. The other guys are patching 'em up, no biggie." She seemed awfully laid back even though they'd just fought four golems.

Axani stares for a moment as the golem crashes down to the floor, before holding her arms up and cheering gleefully! She buzzes right over to Tekarin's head and flops down to peer down her forehead and compliment, "You were fantastic, Tek! Your hammers crushed right through that rock!" Raising up her staff again, she again gives another loud 'woo!' of joy, before sitting up and resigning to look around at the crumpled masses of rock. Her grin still holds, pleased, as she looks for anything of worth in the piles.

Axani ate Amerie's post. Sorry. >.>]
Amerie: (No worries. <3)

Tekarin Hertzold is slightly less pleased than Axani, not because winning wasn't awesome, but because she only had 15HP left and that was out of 115. "Knew we could pull it off.. No problems.. Now what'dya guys say we patch everyone up, grab the loot, and get the hell outta here, huh?"

Axani: [Path, what does Axani see?]

Tantsui coughs up a mess of blood onto the floor. "Let's just... get the fuck out of here." He struggles to his feet. "We're done here. Area secured. Let's go home and hope something good came out of this." He makes sure his backpack his safely secured on his back, candles and scrolls still inside. "I need a fucking drink." He starts to limp his way towards the exit. Axani might remember that the day before the journey she gave him a temporary cure for his fatigue; she might also remember he didn't sleep at all during the journey here. The human is apparently in dire need of medical attention.

[#] [Hold 2 secs.]
Tekarin Hertzold: [I now have to leave. I'll be back later though! Just.. assume Tek stands around dumbly and carries heavy stuff. I needa meet my parents for dinner.]
Tekarin Hertzold: [You have 2 secs.]
Miyth: [Spot check.]
Miyth: [Where noone else can see.]
[*] Axani rolls 1d20+3 & gets 5.
[#] Resume RP.
[%] Erk Mendon just gave Tekarin Hertzold a cookie.

Tekarin Hertzold stands around dumbly, hurt, and tired, and helps move heavy things if needed. Like boxes of books. People. Both. Whatever.

[%] Amerie just gave Tekarin Hertzold a cookie.
Tekarin Hertzold will be back in an hour or two.. Hopefully no more than two.]
Amerie: (Bye!)
Axani snugs. "Bye!]
Tekarin Hertzold passes around cow-lve!]
Tekarin Hertzold: [Later! GG Miyth! :-D Be back soon!]
[#] [+40 Exp to all ^^]
You say, "[Thanks for the EXP, Miyth]"
Tekarin Hertzold cow-dances!]

Erk Mendon is currently being tended. Ironically, he ends up leveling up :-D In true Fire Emblem fasion, trumpets seem to blare in the distancve...

[Erk joined... when? Early 2004? And he's only now level 10. Ruby, Kivae and Sirum went from level 1 to around level 18-19 by the start of 2005. Shame we didn't give people like Erk and Kalannar an EXP allowance for missing all those quests.]

You say, "[Now I can buy Illusion Plus 36-40.]"
[#] [Except The co-DM. He loses 50.]
Erk Mendon: [omg....[
Erk Mendon: [ERK'S 10!]
Erk Mendon celebrates a decade of leveling]
Amerie: (Level? oo)
Amerie: (Kk..)

Axani, after having so happily exclaimed her joy, notices Tekarin's wounds, and thus, she sends up a prayer to M'Rill for healing. The soft white glow basks over the bovine's body as the faerie looks around at the crumbled remains of golems. "Looks like we bashed them in really good," she comments, specifically at the destruction of the golems. Scratching her head a bit, she squints down at the weapons, asking aloud, "Anyone see anything interesting? Like what might have been keeping the things alive?"
Axani notes that's [1/1 Heal]

Mara Dark thinks she leveled o-o]
Tekarin Hertzold: [Later!]
Tekarin Hertzold grabs her XP and RUNS.]
Axani has also leveled! HUZZAH!]
Tekarin Hertzold is... 55 XP from leveling she thinks.]
Tekarin Hertzold will look it up later.]
Erk Mendon: [Run]
Mara Dark: [WHOOWHOO. Level 8 =D]
Erk Mendon: [o.O]
Erk Mendon: [Mara, I've been here for a shorter time than you, and I'm two levels higher.......oh wait, don't you hate CS?]
Mara Dark: [Yes I do]
Erk Mendon: [riiiight]

Tantsui just starts walking out. "We're done here. Let's get out and get back to camp." He leaves spots of blood on the ground as he walks out, untreated wounds dripping. His voice sounds cracked and he walks with a limp of sorts.

Erk Mendon is waiting for the end emit so Erk can head back to camp and talk to others.

Amerie coughs. "I'm leaving this dump! I don't even know why I'm here, anyway!" Then remembering she only followed Axani here because Si had upset her, Ame quietened down a bit, following on after Tantsui. "Psh, they didn't have any good stuff in this place, I was looking forward to finding some new boots!"

Mara Dark is likely dragged or hauled back to the camp or something.

Axani glares at Tant. This is no frown, no scowl; this is a genuine faerie glare, which does not often come around. Growling softly--though that part is a little cute if nothing else--she hops from Tekarin's head and flies out in front of Tantsui's face, barking out, "No!" She figures talking will do nothing here, and so she resorts to a bit of trickery. Magical flecks coming from her body as she hovers there in front of his face, she waves a hand in front of his eyes. "Now... You want to look through the stuff to find something," she states, her voice calm and steady, a grin spreading as she asks, "Don't you?" [2/2 Charm Enchantment. Tant roll 1d30+CHA for BCR if resisting.]

[*] Tantsui rolls 1d30-1 & gets 8.
[*] Axani rolls 1d30+9 & gets 15.

Tantsui falls to his knees and then to the floor, unconcious. He appears to be bleeding still, and his wounds have not been tended to. More than that, however,
Axani might now realize that she has overlooked a key fact. Tantsui has gone without proper sleep since three nights before their expedition. She had used magic to help him with that, but it's now very apparent that he's been fatigued the entire time. Were she able to understand that he was only being driven by his own willpower, she would understand that changing what he wants would result in the breakdown she is now seeing. He's past a state of sleep; he's out cold, unconcious.

Tantsui notes that Axani was deisgnated second-in-command.

Amerie: (I'm gonna have to run now, incase I get caught this early in the morning. So bye everyone and well done on being here, it's been fun!)
Axani: [Ack, bye!]
Tantsui: [I"m giong too. There are things that need to be prepared for tomorrow.]
Amerie: (Take care everyone and sleep well when you do. Thanks again Path and Si. ^^)
Erk Mendon: [bye!]
Amerie: (See you all soon!)
Erk Mendon: [I need to go soon too]
Amerie waves and pops. ^^()

Axani's grin holds for a moment as he falls, then gradually fading and finally leading up to a rather blank look as she blinks at his crumpled body. Reaching a hand up to stroke through her hair, she looks up to Amerie and Tekarin and chuckles nervously, "Heh... Well, okay then! Let's get going!" It should probably then be assumed Tekarin and Amerie carry out the bodies, a blushing faerie following after.
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[My log of another group going through the tower... how did they fare?]

[Featuring Zagnafein, Kele, Davilvi(Hikari) and Ruby. Ruby had to drop out early, though.]

Zagnafein Silverleaf follows Kele right out of the tent, with a bit of a smirk. "We can exchange pleasantries on the way. It appears that I have been drafted for this task." Once outside, he looks out for this captain fellow, to explain his intention.

Kele-De chuckles some at Zag's words. "Once an adventurer, always an adventurer, hmm? Not that the help won't be welcome. At least there will be a few of us who are quite competent on this adeventure."

Davilvi walks outside "Sorry! Sorry, Reading something real quick..." he looks at those who are heading out with him and nods to Zagnafein "Hello, Don't belive we've met" he streaches his paw at him "Davilvi's the name".

Zagnafein Silverleaf crouches atop one of the boulders. "Quite right," he tells Kele-De, before turning to Davilvi. Taking his paw, he gives it a firm shake and flashes him a grin. "Pleasure, Davilvi. Zagnafein Silverleaf is mine. You must have arrived in Ansteorra after my departure."

[#] The captain looks over the group appraisingly, his rage quelled for the time being- until he sets sights on Zagnafein. ".. Who th' hell'r ye? I'd remember seein' another elf."

Zagnafein Silverleaf leans forward, balancing on the boulder. "I'm an old friend of a few people in the expedition, Zagnafein Silverleaf, formerly of Ansteorra. Looks like they're out of participants, so they asked me to come along, at least for this brief sortie. D'you mind?"

Ruby Pyralis appears to be outright miserable, rubbing at her temples annoyedly at all the noise floating about. Not that she plans to do anything about it, but still. As she looks about the frozen ground, she can't help but regret having woken up in the first place. She looks around at the gathered group anyway, at least finding some relief in the fact that she's not the only capable person here.

Davilvi's character apologises that he's been AFKing so much, Class Room hasn't been able to do a Workshop and everyones calling me to ask me how to do it.] He nods to Zagnafein "Zagnafein... I..."

Kele-De runs a paw through her headfur, before drawing the cloaks hood up over her head. wrapping her cloak more firmly around her to keep the warmth in, she waits to hear what it is they are going to be doing nad where it was they were going. She was hoping the captain would provide at least that much information. She hadn't had time to catch up with Sirum and find out what was going on yet.

[Ah... right. I had been writing a daily diary entry for this quest series, Si passing around all his notes on what happened every single day to keep everyone in the loop. Important, plot-driving things happened around camp every day. People who came back from the towers or other places were immediately interviewed by Si to add to his notes.]

Ruby Pyralis has been here all along and still barely knows what's going on. Wee! <3

Dirk Felis has a decent clue, but he's keeping to himself for the moment, primarily busying himself with gathering up the various necessities of dungeon diving. Like grabbing up a lengthy amount of rope, some survival rations, a canteen of clean water, etc....

[#] The captain sputters. "Dat aint an explanation! We're months from any kinna civilization! Dis is da middle o' nowhere! Bah!" He exclaims, growling. "Fine. Go, but afterwards, ye've got some explaining te do. Alot o' it. Move on out."

Zagnafein Silverleaf hops off the rock, and gives the captain a grateful nod. "I'll be sure to do so, captain. You'll recieve no trouble from me, I assure you. Lead on."

Davilvi will kill his math teacher. People... asking too mutch...] "I've heard of your name... yes, Zagnafein Silverleaf, Famous Leader of the former Ranger's guild... I was a bit disapointed when I came to Ansteorra and didn't find you... Theres another living legend I can writte on my met list" he grins. And follows wherever they are going.

Davilvi path?]
Davilvi: [Are we suppose to move anywhere?]
[#] [The Expedition team is the team lead. When they give the order to move out, the caravan will move out. >_>]
You say, "[They're all waiting to go, load the dream.]"

Ruby Pyralis gogogoes!

Dirk Felis sighs, double checks his gear, ensures the integrity of the healing potions, and straps the lot of it into a pouch on his back and about his assorted belts. "Alright then. Let's move out!" hoping the others had at least had the foresight to pack equipment besides just weapons. It was an excavation, if there were monsters.... well that was just an extra tidbit.

Kele-De: [ooOOOooo...]
Zagnafein Silverleaf gropes.[]
Kele-De will be back in aabout a minute.[]
Ruby Pyralis licks Zag's elf ears. >>]
Zagnafein Silverleaf keekles.[]

[#] The surroundings of the camp are as they are for miles in every direction; Coniferous trees interspersed throughout petrified trees. This particular expedition, as their accompanyment will notify them, is to head two days North, past the thick of the Woods and up into the mountains looming over the very northernmost points in Pirostia. (more)
[#] On nightfall of the first night, the group is surrounded and accompanied on all sides by shadowy figures that bound and lope through the woods on either side of the caravan- a safe distance from the light-. They never come into view, and do not bother the party, but they are always watching. On the evening of the second day, after winding up through the foothills of the mountains, the group comes upon a ridge overlooking a valley to the north. All around, the completely petrified trees appear large and gnarled, as though they'd grown very quickly in a short order. Whatever the reason, they are naught more than dead stone now.
[#] At the top of the rise just up ahead, sits a half-toppled tower, flanked by packs of crumbling bricks.- The structure is half completed, and was never finished. The construction site has fallen into ruin along with the rest of the building. Verdant green vines grow rampant across the exterior of the building, despite the freezing chill of the snow and winds at this high altitude.

[#] [You may now IC.]

Zagnafein Silverleaf is finding these surroundings to be particularly eerie. The petrified trees disturb him, more so than the constant stalking of the shadow-people. Nevertheless, being in the company of old friends keeps his nerves from fraying too much; and, when they spot the crumbling tower, the elf smiles. "We can rest in there for the night."

Davilvi Nods to all about him "Well... This is gloomy..." he seems to be looking around for more Shadow creatures, but upon noting the distant structure, he wows. "Interesting... If this..." he hmmms... His cape waves ever so slowly behind him, and his steps are just as slow... He Keeps by side of the elf "Probably abandoned... Who knows?".

Kele-De sighs softly, huddling in her cloak. "Could be the silence...there's little other than the crunching of our own feet in the snow to keep us company. Rather lonely up here. Who'd want to build a structure all teh way out in the middle of no where? It's rather puzzling."

Dirk Felis glances back over his shoulder at Zagnafien voice highly muffled by the scarf covering his face. In fact... even his eyes are barely exposed "I'd really rather not spend my nights in the old laboratory of a lich. Things have a nasty habit of waking up in the middle of the night. If you insist, however.... we can set up camp within the ruins." the barkeep takes a few steps towards the building. "My greater concern for the moment is.... will those vines come after us the second we approach the building. Paranoid? Yes... yes Iam, but all the same if you wouldn't mind checking them miss Kele."
Dirk Felis adds to Kele. "The Lich Amin'Brathe built this and the three other ruins in the area"

Zagnafein Silverleaf misread the emit. He identifies the ruin as the placething they're looking for. "Charge!"

Davilvi Looks at Dirk "Nah... Vouzer Vines are from Xanthia, I doubt that they'd import a myth up till thise lairs... Though it -is- a Leech's lab..." he hmmms and continues walking all the same.

[Even three years after "What do leeches do?" / "They suck?", he's still using 'leech'. Hikari's wonderful.]

Kele-De arches a brow, glancing over at Dirk. "I can't divine anything Dirk. My Seal only has the power to manipulate elements. That's the extent of my abilities. If the vines attack, I can try to prevent it, but that's about it." Her nose wrinkles when she hears the ruin was built by a lich.

Zagnafein Silverleaf squints, and looks into the distance. "I might be able to get a good look at the vines once I'm up close - mind you, I've only been here a few months, so I probably will not know. I wager you're being slightly paranoid, though. Off we go." And onwwards he plods.

Dirk Felis shrugs "I was hoping you could attempt manipulating them and see how they react. Not everything needs to be clear cut as divination. Sometimes you just have to improvise." he quickly molds a snowball and hefts it at the thing, nearly facepalming as Zag rushes for the thing, but he steadily follows behind, if with a slight distance

Ruby Pyralis' player is having some bad issues so... just assume she's following along in case her avatar falls behind. o.<

Dirk Felis misguaged the distance to the tower it seems >.>;

You say, "[Miyth is inside waiting, RP at yourleisure to entry x)]"
Davilvi: [Lagspike]

Davilvi Frowns "Lovely... A puzzle... Really, What is it with Mages and their puzzles? What use to happen to traps that animated suits of bashable armor? Is it hard to be just abit original" he really just dislikes puzzles. Alot.

Zagnafein Silverleaf takes a good look at the structure before doing anything. He remains quiet.

[#] The group passes through the crevice and into a large antechamber. The walls appear to be a mismatched mix of finished brickwork, and large slabs of raw stone. The center o fhte massive, open chamber is floored extravagantly with marble. Eight, bladelike, curving obsidian claws reach up from the ground some fourty feet, encompassing a massive, blue sphere of marble. The sphere hovers in the air, completely immobile, and as solid as though it were on the ground. High overhead, the domed ceiling of the main room curves up into the darkness. (more)
[#] From the briefing that they had recieved, this team would most likely realize that this structure fits the description of the Core Room from the other two Towers, from the last two expeditions. Their task, then, is to reopen the Mantinance Stairway, and find a way into the bowels of the structure to repair the magical mechanisms of the Stone.
[#] Upon the one remaining page of the book, that hasn't been damaged beyond comprehension is merely thus, a line readable in the native language of whoever should read it: Speak >>@Exit<< to return to the central core, should one become trapped in construction.

Zagnafein Silverleaf is quite bewildered by this whole structure. He steps back, allowing the others to move forward and do their thing. "This is the place you need to be in, right? Do you recognize it?" He gives the book on the pedestal a quick glance.

Kele-De drops the hood to her cloak once they are within the ruin. "I'm guessing this is the right place. I haven't had time to catch up with Sirum and learn exactly what is going on, but I hope this is where we're supposed to be. She waits patiently for her chance to look at the book, hanging back and letting the others look.

Davilvi Speaks "I've talked to Sirum, He spoke about thise things... Other groups claimed to have re-activated the other two... So, For now, We need to find a way to start it again..." he looks down on the book and simply states "If anyone gets trapped or lost, Say the wordexit and you'll be back at the central core... Nifty heads up...".

[I loved my role as Living Newspaper.]

Dirk Felis blinks for several long moments at this rather wonderfully handy guide. "I'm at a loss for just how useful that sort of an enchantment is, though I still can't help but wonder why anybody would want to 'wake up' this thing." he sighs quietly, thoughts drifting briefly to Miyth's reaction in the tavern when he found out who might be inhabiting the place before pushing such thoughts aside. They could wait for later. "Yes. This is the core room, we need to open the way down and get everything working again." he looks to the rest of the expedition team. Yay friendly NPC's ^^ "Alright, start fanning out in pairs, one of you will have to have somebody extra along. Meet back here if you find anything"
Dirk Felis adds "And try not to touch anything...."

[#] The rest of the expedition team grumbles. ".. We're 'ere fer the liftin'. Yer the ones that'r asposta clear the tower. We's just te carry off tha stuff yah find.

Dirk Felis grumbles briefly. "Fine...." he looks over his shoulder. "I suppose Zag and myself can take one set of rooms, while Kele and Ruby take another. Davilvi.... I dunno. Figure out what you wanna do and go do it." he says, and that's the last of it before he starts off the explore

Zagnafein Silverleaf follows along.

Dirk Felis blinks. "You.... don't suppose... we have to walk into this thing?"

Kele-De getting the chance to look at the book, takes a quick peek, before taking off exploring and hoping Ru is with her.

Zagnafein Silverleaf shrugs. "Not many other places to go, I'm afraid."

Dirk Felis sighs... prods it with a forefinger for safety sake and proceeds in if he doesn't become an amputee... again

[#] The stone is cool to the touch, but trying to move the floating object is like trying to move a wall. It doesn't budge, or even give way at all.

Dirk Felis thinks... "Miss Kele... if you'd be so kind as to stand on the far pedastal while Ruby or Davilvi takes the other? It's clear this isn't a portal at a glance. I think we need to turn it on"

You say, "[Hold for emit by the DM?]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Agh, what's going on >>]
Ruby Pyralis: [I'm so sorry ;-;]

[#] As the four step up onto the blocks, the stones depress into the ground. A heavy clunk sounds from somewhere beneath the floor, and behind; a previously walled off outcropping from the wall slides back brick layer by layer, forming into a staircase. Runes run up alongside the sides of the depressed blocks, briefling flashing and morphing below the adventurer's feet to read: "Mantinance Stairway open." Before flickering out and fading.

Zagnafein Silverleaf points to the stairs. "It appears that this is where we go next." He turns around, and begins to make his way towards their newfound passage.

Kele-De stumbles some as the block beneath her moves and nods. "Well, let's not linger down here. I think we've examined the room as best we can. Might as well continue on." With that she heads toward the stairway and if she's followed, she just goes right on up.

Davilvi claps "Very Nice, Sir Dirk, Very" he heads towards the newly found stair way "I just do hope that we'll find no problems down there..." he hmmms...

[#] The next floor of the building is only half complete. Large sections of the northwestern and northeastern walls are missing, making the level victim to a ghusty crossbreeze. Lines of statues packed closely together are bundled into the north of the room; no doubt to be distributed as finery through the tower at a later time.- A time that never came to pass.

Dirk Felis arrives up the floor after Zagnafien, taking only a cursory look at many of the items therein. "You know there's something that's been bothering me... why would he build four of these things, and why would they all be equidistant?" referencing the distance of the actual ruins from each other, and the fact that the camp somehow ended up in the center of it "Would you care to open the chest, miss Ruby?"

Kele-De wraps her cloak tightly about her as a gust of wind attempts to knock her down. "Shall we explore this room thoroughly before continuing on? We wouldn't want to miss something important that we might need later on."

Zagnafein Silverleaf heads towards the papers and things on the nearest table.
Zagnafein Silverleaf... and then the other parchments by the statue. :-P

Davilvi Nods to Kele "Yes, We should and shall..." he looks over twords the statues, trying to see their details, sniping for any runes or something... Also, he aproaches the Griffon one, being the only one here different".

[#] Plot points out that, if someone plans on visiting all four Ruins, and already knows their location- the sensible place to put the camp is in the middle.

Dirk Felis can see false conspiracies if he wants too demmit!

[#] The statues appear to be just that; statues. Made by artisans, payed for by buyers, and transported to the tower wll over two hundred years ago. They have since then sat undisturbed.
[#] In the southwest corner lies a chest, and several stacks of books and scrolls- all tied with rotting hemp cords; still packed up from their journey to the tower. It seems that the books were never unpacked to be put into their proper places.

Kele-De wanders about, inspecting things as she meanders through the room. "It makes for good defense Dirk. I'm wondering if you can see from tower to tower at the top. You could always send some signal, like a fire or something if one of the towers is being attacked to warn the others. The Tigahrrim use fires to signal to one another all the time." Having said that, she walks over to the chest and tries to open it.

[#] The chest opens in a puff of dust that assaults Kele's nostrils. Beyond the thick layer of dust lies more books; all tightly packed for transport.

Zagnafein Silverleaf strains his eye to read the scroll's contents. After a moment or two of going over the faded words, he looks up and shrugs, waving the paper about. "This here is a simple list of the objects in this room, and their prices." He drops it by the table so that others may look through it at their leisure. "I believe this room may just be a red herring for now.

Kele-De backs away, nose wrinkling, then sneezes. "It was at least a good try. Seems there's nothing in here but a bunch of books and dust. Shall we continue on up then? Or does anyone need to satisy thier curiousity more?"

[#] The central table has a stack of candles- also bundled with dusty, rotting cord- several books, and a diagram faded beyond recoegnition.

Davilvi hmms "The statues don't seem special... Except for a phryphon one..." he moves over to the table "Perhaps we should take this diagram?" he reaches for it and if nothing stops him, roles it up and staches it carefully.

[#] Plot notes that Books and the like will be looted and loaded up by the Loading team as they follow the expedition team up the tower.

Kele-De glances about the room one last time. Noting what's on the table, she nods. "Take the candles, the rope and the diagram. They might come in handy later on. It certainly can't hurt and it's not like they'll weigh us down at all. Everyone else in agreement? And if so, shall we continue on?"

Zagnafein Silverleaf nods, and motions to the stairs as he picks up the rope. "On we go."

Dirk Felis nods slowly as he follows along after Kele. "Aye, we can let the loading teams catalogue everything we find and sort it out afterwards. Technically speaking anything we find belongs to the expedition anyways...." and thus he's up the next flight of stairs

Kele-De nods and should no one else grab the candles, she'll pocket them before following the others up the stairs.

[#] The next floor is likewise uncompleted- leaving gaping holes in the north and eastern walls. The level, however, is divided up into three rooms that shows heavy evidence of furres having once lived in it. To the west, old, dust covered supplies, books, and even weapons lay on shelves undisturbed. To the east, a bedroom with the beds still disheveled from a night's sleep, and mouldering from time. The largest room, in the north, features a hearth and a large table strewn around with books- some of them still open. Textual refernces all- save for some Logbooks, recording notes on the texts. These logs all stop mid-chapter, mid sentance, mid-word. It is as though all life in the tower simply stopped.

[#] Gobblets still sit out on the table, wood is still stacked next to the hearth; and tattered piles of cloth are all that remain from the heavy tarp canvas that was once hung over the Gaps in the Northeastern walls to ward off the chill of the elements.

Kele-De ponders several thoughts as she wanders about this room of the tower, taking in the sights around her. For now, she keeps quiet about her own pondering, thinking perhaps she might discuss them with others later, but unsure as to wether she'll share her conclusions or not.

Davilvi appologises, Fax needed to change paper ink. "Hmmm... This part looks actually complete... If not for the missing walls... They were probably keeping this place for meetings... "How about we see if theres anything else that can be inspected?" he moves for the table and tries to see if anything is readable, specailly anything that shows signs of suddenly being stopped from compleation.

Dirk Felis quietly walks from room to room, eyes flickering across the various items as he spends more time trying to figure out what the tower itself was used for, rather than any given item in particular. "There's a pookie in here..." he comments idly to himself. Glancing then towards the far wall by the beds and trying to figure out just what that particular object is. Was it a mirror?

[#] The table is covered in books. Davilvi will have to look at one at a time to read them.
[#] This process may take a week.
[#] The thing on the wall is a tomtom. It is faded anf mouldering.

Kele-De's attention is perked at Dirk's comment about the pookie and she wanders over to look for herself. Curiosity getting the better of her.

Davilvi picks a random scroll open and not faded beyond understanding.

Kele-De, after studying the pookie for a few minutes, stands from teh squatting position she had been in and wanders about the rooms some more.

Dirk Felis presses onwards, his eyes flicking amongst the various armors and weapons both browsing for himself... and taking a general inventory to get a sense of just how heavily armed the tower as a whole was.

[#] [You have all successfully scattered yourselves to the EXACT opposite corners of hte room, where th DM can't see any of you. Good job. >>;]

Zagnafein Silverleaf loses interest in this level. "I propose we keep climibg."

Dirk Felis presses onwards, his eyes flicking amongst the various armors and weapons both browsing for himself... and taking a general inventory to get a sense of just how heavily armed the tower as a whole was.[repost if needed >.>;]

Kele-De inspects the shelves where the supplies seem to have once been kept. Looking them over carefully, should anything of use to them be sitting on one of the shelves. "Yea, about all this room has told us is that whoever lived here, either died or vacated the place quickly."

Dirk Felis follows after Zag shortly thereafter ."A good suggestion, Zag. Though I wonder how many floors are there."

Kele-De is ready to follow up the stairs when everyone else goes.

Miyth is now sharing control of this dream with you.

[#] The last room appears to be the least finished of any of them. Holes still remain in the floor where stone was never put in, and the stairs to the next floor are in pieces packed up against the far wall. In the centre of the otherwise empty room is an archway containing a large metalic Basin inset into the floor.
[#] Within the room, the group would encounters a rather unusual sight. A fat vase sits in the middle of four jade and golden tiles, Upon each tile is an arrow pointing opposite the direction the vase rests. If one bothered to look inside, it would seem empty, bottomless, leading into blackness.
Zagnafein Silverleaf steps closer, and peers into the basin carefully. "Someone get a candle in here," he asks the group.

[#] As Zagnafein steps upon the arrow facing South-West, the golden markings glow.

Davilvi apologises for the lag spikes, and wonders why the DM said nothing about the mirror. "Sorry To Lag behind, There was a mirror i was looking at..." A pot? I wonder what for?" he walks forward and peers in... "Oy... this is like the cascet we found in that other tower... I wonder if All we have to do is..." Then he looks at where Zag stood "Oy... I think this is to trigger something... Shall we?" he stands on the north western pad.

Kele-De pulls one of the candles she had taken from the other room out of her cloak and hands it over to him. "Here you go Zagnafein." Her lips purse as she examines the floor around the vase.

[#] The tile beneath Davilvi's feet glows golden, its arrow pointing North-West away from the vase.

Dirk Felis sighs and takes a look about the room. Looking for some manner of directions on the walls. If he still finds none he steps onto the next tile. It worked the first time....

Zagnafein Silverleaf peers into the gaping hole, this time with the lit candle.

Kele-De waits for the others to step on the tiles and for Zagnafein to see if he can see anything within hte vase before she steps upon the final tile.

[#] The vase would appear to lead far down to an area many stories below the tower. Despite the fact that there were several floors in the way of this sight being accomplished. Tall black pillars would be the only thing most easily seen.

Zagnafein Silverleaf looks back up. "I reckon this is a hole straight down to the bottom of this tower, if not lower. We should all move onto these tiles and see what happens."

Davilvi nods to Zagnafein I agree... But before we do just that... I propose we look for clues as to any order. Mages aren't the ones to have puzzle themes..." he steps off and hopes that de-activates it.

Kele-De moves onto the tower once Zag has spoken. She trusted his judgement having adventured with him a few times before.

[#] Kele's tile, as she steps upon it, flares brightly golden, the arrow pointing South-West. Davilvi's tile, as expected, loses its fine glow. No, this is not Dance Dance Revolution.

Davilvi awws.... Would have owned.]

Dirk Felis steps onto his tile... or would if the DS didn't block it for some reason. A glitch perhaps?

Davilvi moves for the other room in search of something, and does indeed find something on the wall... He would indeed try to read it.

[#] Dirk's tile, once moved upon, would glow with an arrow pointing towards the dragon. For the reference, Davilvi's moving off seems to be the only thing halting progression.
[#] The papers appear to be faded beyond recoegnition.

Kele-De, unlike her usual nature, waits patiently for Davilvi to finish his exploring. Perhaps he might find something important.

Davilvi frowns "Well, I found some pappers, But they are unreadable..." he sighs and walks back into the room "Alright, Everyone get ready, for all we know this entire Things gonna come to life and eat us up..." and with that, he stands on the platform.

[#] Finally, as Davilvi returns back to his tile, the arrow beneath his feet glows golden. Immediately following this, everyone would feel as if their bodies were being sucked forward into the hole, falling down, down below, each one being blown into a different direction. Though when they landed, they would not be harmed, merely feeling a bit dizzy from the rush.

[ You whisper "[Type @left]" to Davilvi. ]
[ You whisper "[Type @right]" to Kele-De. ]
[ You whisper "[Type @front]" to Dirk Felis. ]
[ You whisper "[Type @back]" to Zagnafein Silverleaf. ]
[ You whisper "[Type @back]" to Miyth. ]

Davilvi walks forward, waiving at Zagnafein "Oy! Hey ther!" he can't walk forward, but he can see Kele... "I guess this is one of those team effort things... Anyone know what to do?" he looks at Zagnafein, who apparently has the most space to move.

[#] Their surroundings would be well lit, despite the lack of any sort of lanterns or torches. Within the room would rest eight identical crystal tiles, set with rubies in the center. As well, would rest eight columns -- which were quite a bit lighter than they looked, two tall statues barring passage, tall bars lined with spikes, and three giant black pillars preventing their regrouping with one another.
[#] As well, at the back of it all, rested a simple lever.

Kele-De chuckles some. "I suppose we should have expected something like this." Taking a few moments to examine her 'cage' she sighs. "I don't see anything helpful here to get any of us out. What about the rest of you?"

Zagnafein Silverleaf rubs his chin, and looks around this maze. "It appears that we may need to work together to get out of this one. Let's have a look."

[#] The statues and pillars all appear to have stone runes etched through their surface, matching the many pillars- making each item resemble some sort of a magical device than a furnishing. Everything in the room appears to actually be functional- the heart of some massive magically driven contraption.

Kele-De nods in agreement with Zagnafein. "I can't see or hear Dirk, can anyone else?"

[#] Each of the three columns within Davilvi andKele's cages glowed, until the lever was pulled. At which point, all the statues and the pillars would sink into the floor, as if it were made of quicksand that affected only them.

Kele-De, after Zag hits the lever, begins to make her way down the passage.

Davilvi Advances, but Finds nothing "Sir Zagnafein, Dead end! Perhaps another switch?" he looks around for another root... or something else really.

[#] The rest of the room appeared to have objects within it prior to the levers being pulled. But now, it was barren.

Zagnafein Silverleaf returns, and pulls the switch again.

Davilvi is impaled?

Dirk Felis stands there, waiting patiently without even being able to see the entire room. He tries one on a whim...

Davilvi Shakes his head "Nope, Nothing yet... Perhaps another lever?" he frowns, not mutch help, no.

[#] As the lever is tugged upon again, the statues and the columns all shoot back up through the floor, again as if it were composed of little else than mere water.

[ You whisper "[Roll a WIS check]" to Zagnafein Silverleaf. ]

Zagnafein Silverleaf rubs his chin. "Let's try something else. Dirk, stand on one of those platforms, and I'll move to each one of these. We'll see if they do anything."

[*] Zagnafein Silverleaf rolls 1d20+3 & gets 19.

Kele-De sighs. "Well, we know what that lever does at least. There has to be some way to get each of us out of these cages. Can any of you see a doorway out of the room or anything else that might point us in teh direction that we need to go in. It might help us formulate a plan or figure out how to get out of here."

[ You whisper "[Zagnafein would notice a carving alone the base of the black statue behind him. It showed four creatures each pushing upon pillars. The pillars seem to be incapable of passing over spikes, but glide through mere railings as if they were ethereal." to Zagnafein Silverleaf. ]

Davilvi shakes his head "All is See here is a Pillar..." he touches it to see if it triggers anything....

Davilvi raises an eyebrow "It moved!".

Zagnafein Silverleaf turns, and notices an inscription on the black statue behind him. He describes it to the others as showing four creatures each pushing upon pillars. The pillars seem to be incapable of passing over spikes, but glide through mere railings as if they were ethereal.

Davilvi Raises an eyebrow "So..." he pushes the pillar twice and calls over Dirk "Sir Dirk! Push this one on a special tittle" he points at one "Namely this one!".

Dirk Felis thinks.... "Oh! I see.... O believe we might have to push the pillers onto the tiles...

Davilvi points!.

Kele-De brows furrow. "How many pillars are there? And how many white tiles on the floor? Perhaps there's a pattern of pillars to put on the tiles. Or maybe we just need to place them on the tiles."

Zagnafein Silverleaf rubs his chin. "No, no. Wait. You'll need to push the pillars onto the tiles near Dirk."

Davilvi raises an eyebrow... Did anything happen?".

Dirk Felis thinks "Let's try to get a set of four to a room. We can try each tile set at a time

[#] The column glides across the floor, as if hovering a tenth of a centimeter off of the floor. As Davilvi's column rests upon the tile, it sinks downwards, a locking mechanism sounding. The pillar glows a soft white.

Davilvi Looks "Sir Zagnafein! There are two more pushable Pillare back here! Push the lever once more!.
Davilvi: They vanished! Re press it!

[#] The set columns all vanish, once the lever is pulled.

Zagnafein Silverleaf frowns. "Steady now. We need to think this through. The columns reset their positions when we pull the lever."

Davilvi Raises an eyebrow.... "I think were suppose to interlock them all in a single go".
Davilvi pushes one to Zag's aid "Here goes one!".

[#] As with before, the columns glow upon being set into the ruby tiles.

Zagnafein Silverleaf nods. "Now pass the other two.
Zagnafein Silverleaf: Right then... now for the other four.

[#] With all four of the initial columns set into place, the four stop their soft glowing, turning into a solid golden color. The color seems to pulse yellow energy, as the statues sink away into the floor.

Davilvi pushes some more "We can continue up ahead! Heads up Cap'n Dirk!".
Davilvi calls over Cap'n Dirk "Cap'n! Please think how you'll use thise!".

Dirk Felis: Push this one

Davilvi pushes one through to the tittle "Yes!".

[#] [HOLD]

Zagnafein Silverleaf admires the portal. "Well, how delightful!"

[#] As each of the remaining four columns are set upon the tiles, they too begin to pulse that unusual yellow color. The tall black pillars all sink away into the floor, as four archways surrounding a white light appear.

Davilvi goes through the jailings "Oh thank the primes... That one wasn't so bad though... The Box one back at the Tower was just eye nailing..." he frows but looks at the peaceful tower of light.

[#] All around, a deep buzzing noise fills the air. The great clanks and clunking of ancient gearworks turning resounds and grows steady to the background. The very space itself feels charged with magical energies this deep below ground in the tower as the structure awakens.
[#] Voices, hundreds of voices, whisper back and forth through the air, at first making no sense whatsoever. After moments it becomes apparent that there are, in fact, no voices, merely fuzzy noises in the back of ones mind. Those noises refine themselves into voices, and then into a singular stream of concious meaning. The words are never spoken, yet this exact meaning is conveyed:
[#] >>Core Functional. Crystals Stable.<<
[#] >>Elemental Repositories Clear.<<
[#] <<Pylons are purged and charged.<<
[#] >>Wards are restored.<<

Dirk Felis blinks. "I don't know if I liked the sound of that last one...."

Davilvi smiles "It would appear we have been successful... Hey, wheres the Loading team?" he looks around "I do hope they didn't get sucked into another puzzle..." he looks twords the archway "So... On the count of three?".

Kele-De doesn't like voices in her head, unless of course, she's allowing the voices in. Reminds her a bit too much of being stuck in the Kaortic Realm. She weathers through the invasion in her head though. "That's all we were supposed to do?" She asks, not quite trusting what she had heard in her head. Especially teh part about the wards being restored.

Dirk Felis shrugs. "Well it seems we've turned this place back on. I don't know what pylons it's talking about... unless it meant that giant crystal in the... Oh... I see. That's why that staircase was the maintenance hatch. I'm guessing that in the event something bad happened. they'd flip this leverl and what was it it said.... purge the pylons and clear out all the other crap in there. Putting the columns back must have been some kinda restart sequence."

Zagnafein Silverleaf nods, looking around him. "I'm quite sure we can leave, now. See what we have done, yes?"

Dirk Felis blinks... "So then... the only thing this tower is really used for was just that giant crystal thing in the main room?"

Kele-De shrugs. "Well, if you all think it's safe to leave, why don't we get out of here then?"

Davilvi Looks at Dirk "Probably. But then that leaves another question: What does that sphere do?" he frowns and looks at Zag and Kele "Well, We won't get any answers just standing here... Let's go".

Davilvi sighs and takes the first step then.

Davilvi Looks around "Oh... Well, That was a short expedition..." he gazes at the sphere... Its bright... "Should we do something about it? It really just doesn't sound right that we're done just by being here... To short... plus we didn't get attacked, which differs from the other groups..." He looks around "Oh, and wheres the Load team?".

[#] After a disorienting sensation of being shot upwards through solid rock, the group finds themselves deposited back onto the main floor of the Structure. The tangible feeling of magic is nearly enough to make ones fur (or hairs) stand up on end. In the center of the room, the previously dead blue marble has transformed itself into a massive, beautiful blue, translucent gem. The Crystal crackles and sparks with arcs of brilliant cyan lightning.
[#] The sound of cranks spinning to life resounds from the four walls. Panels all along the sides of the room unfold themselves, revealing Oval, dome-shaped stone Slabs.
[#] The Slabs crack and lift away from the wall- proving to be the shields of numerous, well preserved Stone Golems. At least, some appear to be well preserved. Some of the Stone Ovals do not open at all, and others break away to reveal broken, or half-finished golems. Four, however, appear to be fully functional, and immediately march over to take up a four-corner position around the Core. []

Zagnafein Silverleaf watches the crystal carefully. "Is this our task complete, then?"
Zagnafein Silverleaf's player struggles to stay awake as 6AM approaches. "Fisticuffs and whatnot. Hear, hear."

Kele-De is pretty tired herself, but she soldiers on. "I suppose the only way we're getting out of here is to fight these things."

Davilvi opens his eyes at the machinations "... Breathtaking..." he then blinks "... Now what? And wheres the Loading group?! If they took off without us they shall... Be rich bastards, Damn them!".

Dirk Felis humms to himself as he watches the golems, taking a health step back as they begin moving, but once it seems they decide not to attack.... he calms down a great deal. "Okay... So every floor but the pillar room was designed to house the maintenance crew. And I'm certain we could walk out of the tower at any time... they wouldn't care. But that brings us back to the main topic... why is this here in the first place, and why are there four of these things in total? The spheres, not the golems"

Kele-De shrugs. "I can only think of two reasons. One being that perhaps once all four are activated, they erect some sort of magical barrier that runs between all the towers. Or perhaps they form some sort of weapon."

[#] The golems are standing passively, and unresponsive to the group. A member of the loading team strolls in and freezes, appearing suprised at the apparent change.

[#] [Plot notes that if Zagnafein wants sleep, he is by no means held here >>]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [No fight? Oh, awesome.]
Dirk Felis: [Well we could if we really wanted to]
Zagnafein Silverleaf sort of kinda just moseys on outta here then.[]
[#] [Like everything in Ansteorra, the probability of a fight entirely depends on how the group handles a situation.]

Davilvi Frowns "So, Why were we sent he-" he notices the Loading midget and turns around "Hey" he walks over to them "Wheres the rest of you guys? And what are we suppose to do now? We activated it. Mission accomplished?".

Zagnafein Silverleaf: [If I can't come on and RP in the camp dream, assume that Zag said bye and went off on his travels again.]

[#] The loading worker clears his throat. "Uh.. yah... We got th' stuff on the first two floors loaded up. All except fer the statues.. Thems was too heavy..."
[#] He trails off as one of the Golems disengages from its position and ushers him over to the rest of hte group. The other golems turn, as though seeing the party for the first time.
[#] A single Golem steps forewards, a stone hand on its sword. >>Halt. You are without access to the structure. Please identify yourselves or submit yourself into custody.<<

Davilvi Returns to the group "... I think they just became aware of us... I don't think they'll hurt us though... We're not doing anything-" and then it speaks "Davilvi. I work here, bringing in all this stuff" you never know when that might work.

Kele-De nods as the worker speaks. "I suppose it's alright for us to be on our way then. I'd rather not attract any more attention from these things than we already have." Her words fall short as the golem speaks and she mutters a curse. "I had really hoped we'd get out of here without a fight." Trying a more pleasant tack, she smiles and nods to the golem. "I'm Kele-De D'houl, Ambassador to the Plains of Tigath. I've come to speak with whomever is in charge here." Hoping maybe a diplomatic track would get them out of a fight.

Dirk Felis blinks for several moments, getting the strong sensation he'd lose a fight with such finely crafted creations. He looks between Kele and himself and just shaking his head with disdain at Davilvi. Chances were high they'd be able to catch any sort of lie. "Ummm... the name's Dirk Felis, and... well... I'm not sure. The place was abandoned---" fur bristling at the thought Kele might want to speak with a lich "--- and we just sort of started everything up again."

Kele-De doesn't want to speak to a lich, she just wants to get out without fighting.

[#] There is a long pause as the mechinations consider the varying responses. Two of the golems lurch forewards and step up to attempt to sieze Davilvi and Dirk respectively.
[#] The third steps up alongside Kele, but does not attempt to touch her. >>The Steward of the North Tower is not present. Please follow the construct to your left. You will be afforded a room until such time as he returns.<<

Kele-De still attempting to avoid a fight, tries once again. "These are my associates. Please do not harm them and please release them. We do have our own accomodations, if you would please allow us to return to them."

[#] Simultaniously, the constructs respond to Dirk and Davilvi. >>Neither name matches lists of approved workers. You will be escorted to holding cells until the Steward of the North Tower returns.<<

[#] The golems release Dirk and Davilvi.

[#] The lead golem sheathes its weapon. >>Please do not re-enter the tower until you are summoned, Ambassidor. If you do, you will be escorted to the holding cells until such time as the Steward of the North Tower returns.<<

Davilvi raises an eyebrow... "Wait a sec there!" he is however, not too fond of being grabbed. "I'm-" and then Kele speaks, He smiles at her and looks straight forward... Smart. He keeps quiet for now.

Kele-De nods, hoping they won't have to return to the tower. "Your warning has been taken under advisement. Unless there is dire need, we shall not return." Glancing at the others, she nods toward the door. "Shall we then?"

[#] The four golems turn to watch the Expedition team exit the tower, while responding; >>If you return without summons, you will be escorted to the holding cells until such time as the Steward of the North Tower...<< The voices fade as they leave the structure behind.

Davilvi nods "Yes, Ambassador", he moves to behind her like a good assistant. He's silent and serious, thise things really just... didn't seem very friendly.

Dirk Felis quietly proceeds out the doorway....

Kele-De, heads for the door with a sigh of releif. Once outside, she flops on the ground momentarily. "Well, I'm glad that worked. I was worried for a moment that it wouldn't."

[#] Outside, the carts are loaded to the brim with books scrolls, furnishing and weapons. The nine loaders look shaken by the events that transpired in the tower, but are nonetheless ready and all too willing to depart. Two days later, the caravan arrives back in camp without incident. [+40 Exp.]

[The diplomatic route. It was nice, every now and then. Personally I liked a good fight, even if Si went out of his way to ensure none of the enemies died... except if they really deserved it.]
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