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A bonus day of early Ansteorran life. Sparring. Early 2003.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 17, 2017 8:54 am    Post subject: A bonus day of early Ansteorran life. Sparring. Early 2003. Reply with quote

[Summary: I have like 3-4 logfiles that were contained in a .zip file among other things from way back in early 2003. It's... an interesting contrast, seeing how well everyone developed as a writer from 2003 to 2004. Largely it's embarrassing as hell and somewhat awkward, but I don't mind. I think we were mainly still figuring out how to RP. Many of us were apparently in love with the combat system and loved sparring. So much so that Seo/Bronze would eventually make a sparring bot for us, somewhere in this time period.

Ansteorra probably taught a fair few of us how to write well and gave us a knack for creative writing in record time.]

[#] Sirum Hest has arrived!
[#] Sirum Hest is pounced by a giant panda!
[ You whisper "o.O[]" to Ansteorra Kingdom. ]
[ Ansteorra Kingdom whispers, "[Sorry..I couldn't resist. :-P]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "Teonnyn im guessing? ^^[]" to Ansteorra Kingdom. ]
[ Ansteorra Kingdom whispers, "[Yep]" to you. ]
[ Ansteorra Kingdom whispers, "[Been watching Ranma 1/2 :-P]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[*will be able to watch that series some day...* >.>;]" to Ansteorra Kingdom. ]
[ Ansteorra Kingdom whispers, "[Scared because it has frontal nudity every occasional ep? :-P]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "I hadnt heard about that but... not really ^^[]" to Ansteorra Kingdom. ]
[ Ansteorra Kingdom whispers, "[Second episode you see Ranma in female form naked in the bath, then at the end of the same episode you have Akane slapping female Ranma because she saw her naked.]" to you. ]
[ Ansteorra Kingdom whispers, "[And the first episode..> Akane: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! THERE'S A MAN IN THE BATH! *grabs hold of a large stone and attempts to go drown Ranma*[]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "Akane was slapping Ranma because Akane saw her naked? That seems odd O.o[]" to Ansteorra Kingdom. ]
[ You whisper "Or I misread that ^^;[]" to Ansteorra Kingdom. ]
You say, "I agree"
[#] The sky is bright from the early summers sun. Colorful flowers draws ones attention to the majestic castle and Kingdom they have reached. Blue banners flout the sky, showing off their Kingdom. People roam the streets happily, while sounds of merriment drift up from the tavern. [Please read for kingdom and membership information. :) ]
[ Ansteorra Kingdom whispers, "[No, Ranma was Female at the time but Akane already knew about the curse and thought of her purely as a boy. She remembers when Ranma first saw her naked when he -was- a boy, earlier in the day, and slaps female Ranma because she walks in on Akane in the bath.]" to you. ]
[#] Gondorion has arrived!
[ You whisper "A curse... that changes someone between a boy and a girl... that sounds so strange ^^;[]" to Ansteorra Kingdom. ]
(You see Gondorion.)
> A Stunning Knight stands before you, he is wearing no armor and is wearing on his back a shield with the crest of a King long dead... He is in no service of any King anymore, and has a beautiful sword on his belt. He wears a magical amulet that gives him great magical powers. He is now a mercenary who wanders the land. [Archsword of Lighting][Shield of Arrav][Diamond Amulet of Magic]
Sirum Hest wonders where everyone is o.o[]

Gondorion: greetings

Sirum Hest smiles to him, "Hiya."

[#] Amnesia 180 has arrived!
(You see Amnesia 180.)
> A Furre walks by you keeping to the shadows and you notice a gleam of gold around his wrists. He took them as trophies after defeating crooked but powerful knight! He is wearing mostly black. His leather cape swirls around him as he walks from the shadows straight by you with a smirk gentle smile. -[Protector]-[Mercenary]- (Visit the link to read more about Amnesia)
[ You whisper "BOO []" to Ruby Pyralis. ]
[ Ruby Pyralis whispers, "[AFF: 0h 43m]" to you. ]
Gondorion: where is everyone?
You say, "[Eh... probably busy?]"
Gondorion: [probably]
* Furcadia Standard Time: 10:34:58 AM
Gondorion: [well i'm gonna explore for a bit]
[#] Helieos Jalinux has arrived!
[#] Teonnyn Kedenia has arrived!

Teonnyn Kedenia: hello..

Sirum Hest leans back against the canopy pole boredly, "Hiya Teonnyn..."

Helieos Jalinux: Hello there, again, Sirum

Teonnyn Kedenia: hello..

Sirum Hest looks to Helieos and frowns, mumbling something about magic and walls...

Helieos Jalinux frowns lightly with a playful smile "I am sorry about the incident upon our past."

Sirum Hest nods, "Right jus' dont um... cast anymore magic... at least around me, ya?"

Gondorion: whats wrong with magic?

Teonnyn Kedenia decides there were to many strangers and backs up against one of the stone statues

Gondorion: i may be a knight but can do a fare bit of magic myself
Gondorion: but i prefer to bash things up the old fasioned way
Gondorion smiles, and lets out a hardy laugh

Sirum Hest looks to Teonnyn and shakes his head, "Ya should get a slingshot or somethin'. Then if anyone gets near... like... Saba, ya can jus' keep firin' little pebbles at their head, hehehe..."

[#] Danu Mimitsu has arrived!

Helieos Jalinux smirks and nods, gently he laughed finding out how Sirum seem to be fearful of magic.

Teonnyn Kedenia: ..why would I do that?
Teonnyn Kedenia doesn't point out that he essintially needs magic to live, to Sirum

Gondorion: me and sirum are the only warriors..

Sirum Hest shrugs, "So ya wouldint have 'ta move away like jus' now?...". He would tell Teonnyn that he only disliked very powerful magic or fire magic had he known that o.o;

Teonnyn Kedenia: ..I don't really want to hurt others..

Gondorion: i only know a few spells.. and theyre all enchantments for my sword, or armor...

Sirum Hest scratches his head, "I dont think the pebbles really hurt 'em... hum..."

Gondorion: well shield at least..

[ Teonnyn Kedenia whispers, "[Teonnyn qualifies as a "highly magical" creature. :-P]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "By powerful spells I mean 15/15 ones >.>;[]" to Teonnyn Kedenia. ]
Gondorion: [i'm gonna restart furc so my desc is updated ok?]
Teonnyn Kedenia: [Go ahead.]
[ You whisper "How is he highly magical though? He seems like an ordinary dragon to me ^^; ... well, one that can use ice/cold magic? o.o[]" to Teonnyn Kedenia. ]
[ Teonnyn Kedenia whispers, "[Well, he needs it to live for one, his species of dragon is based more on the Metallic/Chromatic; Good/Evil lineup]" to you. ]

Gondorion: so..
Gondorion: how is everyone?

Helieos Jalinux yawns rather loudly, then speaks "Hungry"

Sirum Hest scratches his head, "Bored, worried..."

Helieos Jalinux blinks "Worried about?"

Gondorion thinks it is time for us to head to the tavern!
Gondorion: i'll buy
Gondorion: ...

Sirum Hest turns to Helieos and laughs nervously, "I-its n-nothin'..."

Gondorion: or, we could just stay here...

Teonnyn Kedenia curls up, keeping his eyes on the group

Helieos Jalinux smirks "Shall I use magic to get it out of you?"

Gondorion hears goblins in the distance...
Gondorion draws his sword
Gondorion: we should head to shelter!
Gondorion: and quick!
Gondorion: goblins arnt something to trifle with..

Teonnyn Kedenia: [-.-]
Helieos Jalinux: [LoL]
Gondorion: [lol]
Teonnyn Kedenia: [Gondorion.]
Teonnyn Kedenia: [Unless you are a member don't try starting this. :-P]
Gondorion: [i'm just trying to add some excitment here.. jeez, lol]
Sirum Hest hears a level 99 Death Knight in the distance![]
Gondorion: [lol]
You say, "[...*cough*]"
Teonnyn Kedenia: [lol]
[ Teonnyn Kedenia whispers, "[:-P]" to you. ]
[ Teonnyn Kedenia whispers, "[Well, I did need to inform him. :-P]" to you. ]

Sirum Hest frowns now, "I've had my dreams invaded, my mind invaded an' words forced out of me... w-what?"

Gondorion takes a crystal shard from his pocket and gives it to helieos...
Gondorion: you might need this, since your a mage

Helieos Jalinux blinks, he gazes upon the crystal. "What is it for?"

Gondorion: [are you a crystalism mage? or just elementalism? cuz crystal magic is really good..]
[ Ruby Pyralis whispers, "[hi o.o]" to you. ]
Gondorion: [well, that is if you know much about the fantasy world]

Gondorion: its used for crystalism spells
Gondorion: like vibration and causing heart attacks...

Helieos Jalinux: [Helieos is a Magi, he's one with the Earth and Spirits realm. He can harness powers from the two sources]
Teonnyn Kedenia: [We have a whole new system here. :-)]

[#] Ruby Pyralis has arrived!

Sirum Hest looks to the ground for a moment before mumbling, "...I-im going 'ta check on her...", probably neither of them would know who 'her' is but oh well. He scurries off to the Mages Guild.

Helieos Jalinux: [He -can- use othe magic, but must be taught it]

[ Teonnyn Kedenia whispers, "[Somehow I doupt Gondorion understands "playing within a system".]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "Me too o.o;[]" to Teonnyn Kedenia. ]
[ Teonnyn Kedenia whispers, "[He hasn't done anything to warrant eject yet, but I have a feeling he's going to slip up.]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "Ejecting him would mean no morning entertainment XD[]" to Teonnyn Kedenia. ]

Gondorion: hey
Gondorion: i thought you wernt into magic..

Gondorion: [>.<]
[#] Mint Aire has arrived!
[ You whisper "What happened to Mint last night?[]" to Mint Aire. ]
[ Mint Aire whispers, "[She went to the church to hide in a corner ya canti found her. blah blah talk talk. yup ]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "Ah... and why'd she run off near naked? o.o;[]" to Mint Aire. ]
[ Mint Aire whispers, "Just a tad bit dillusional she can be...OK SHH SHES A MANIAC IN DISGUISE!!!!!...eep...[]" to you. ]

Helieos Jalinux: Hello there, Sirum

[#] Arjanus McColin has arrived!
Helieos Jalinux: [y'there?]
[#] Hikari Xezo has arrived!
[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[Hi ^^]" to you. ]
[#] Charlotte has arrived!
[ You whisper "Hiya ^^[]" to Arjanus McColin. ]
[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[How is ya?]" to you. ]
[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[*pokes oo*]" to you. ]
[#] Gerard has arrived!
[#] Rakuro has arrived!
[ You whisper "Im good, you? ^^[]" to Arjanus McColin. ]
Hikari Xezo: [Why dont we meet in the OOC room?].
Charlotte: []

[#] Rashenel has arrived!

Rashenel nods, "Hello Sirum.."

Sirum Hest waves to Rashenel and continues down the path to the dock, "Hiya Rashenel... er... lookin' for someone...", seemingly worried about something?
Sirum Hest sits down beside the crate and smiles weakly, "Hiya Arjanus... erm... was somethin' wrong yesterday?"

[Sirum was so timid I think because this was shortly after Erisvan's corruption had been removed from him. He turned into this really meek mouse for a while, always so unsure of himself.]

Arjanus McColin: [sorry, was looking at fanfics ^^;]
You say, "[I just walked up here >.>;]"
Arjanus McColin: [Good >.>]
You say, "[^^]"
Arjanus McColin: [^^]

Arjanus McColin looks down at Sirum, and when she sees him she quickly looks away to hide her reddening cheeks. "Nothing was wrong."

Sirum Hest nods to her, his head tilted slightly to the side in confusion but he figures she'll tell him eventually, "Hum... now that I think about it... havent been out here in a while...", glancing around the dock as he speaks.

Arjanus McColin looks out at the water and nods, watching the gentle waves.

Sirum Hest then remembers something else, "...are ya mad at me? Ya seemed 'ta ignore me yesterday by the Clerics Guild...", frowning somewhat.

Arjanus McColin sighs. "I'm sorry I did that..." As she says this, she blushes slightly again. If Sirum weren't there, she'd slap herself for being such a moron.

Sirum Hest looks up and now smiles, "...rain...", not really seeming to mind it. "Its erm... okay, though. Jus' thought I did somethin' wrong..."

Arjanus McColin shakes her head. "'s not you..." She then gets up and walks away a few feet, then stops with her back turned to him. "'s me." She then continues on her way.

[ Ruby Pyralis whispers, "You get +1 dex for every rogue level??? []" to you. ]
[ You whisper "No, who said that?[]" to Ruby Pyralis. ]
[ Ruby Pyralis whispers, "[Rashenel said you told him he gets +1 dex for each rogue level o.o]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "You dont get +1 dex for each Rogue level...[]" to Rashenel. ]
[ You whisper "That +1 to the sneak was just +1 to that number for -being- a Rogue[]" to Rashenel. ]
[ Rashenel whispers, "No, I said to her +1 sneak for each Rouge level..]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "Thats wrong too @.@[]" to Rashenel. ]
[ You whisper "meet me in the tavern[]" to Ruby Pyralis. ]
[ Rashenel whispers, "That's what you said though...]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "Meet me in the tavern[" to Rashenel. ]
[ Ruby Pyralis whispers, "[We are in the arena though >.>]" to you. ]

You say, "[ah, nevermind the tavern then]"
Rashenel: [That's what you told me though...]
You say, "[Your sneak is determined like this"
Ruby Pyralis: [I can see again!]
Ruby Pyralis: [Bwahaha]
Ruby Pyralis: [Regn!]
You say, "[1d20+ (dexmod + 1) at the moment]"
Ruby Pyralis loves doing that =3 []
You say, "[The +1 is only for being a Rogue]"
[#] Saba Donahin has arrived!
Ruby Pyralis: [Does that mean I get it too? o.o]
You say, "[Yes. you dont get +1 dex mod or +1 to sneak every level though]"
You say, "[You do however get +1 sneak every six levels of Rogue]"
Rashenel: [Hmm, you told me that though...]
Rashenel: [Ok...]
[*] Rashenel rolls 1d20+4 & gets 13.
You say, "[+1 to sneak I mean ^^]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Ok, reroll the sneak.]
Rashenel: I still beat your Wis roll...]
Sirum Hest's sneak roll is 1d20+8 >.>[]
[#] Solinox has arrived!
Rashenel: [What level are you Sirum?]
You say, "[6]"
Rashenel: [Howd you get so much then?]
You say, "[But I have some addons to mine ^^]"
Ruby Pyralis feels sick, just ate a bag of candy. []
You say, "[+4 dex mod, +2 'Sneaky' Microfeat, +1 being a Rogue, +1 six levels of Rogue]"
Rashenel: [So I forget to do damage yet again...]
Rashenel: [How do I do it?]
You say, "[what did Ruby roll for wisdom?]"
Rashenel: [11]
Ruby Pyralis: [1d20]
Ruby Pyralis: [Ooh.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Hehe]
Rashenel: [You got 11 though...]
Ruby Pyralis: [Ya.]
You say, "[roll 1d30+to-hit]"
[*] Rashenel rolls 1d30+2 & gets 29.
You say, "[and again]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Holy mofo >>]
[*] Rashenel rolls 1d30+2 & gets 6.
You say, "[1 hit]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Friggen dice gods.]
Rashenel: [Yyyyyyyyyup!]
[*] Rashenel rolls 1d100 & gets 47.
Rashenel: [Normal Damage?]
Ruby Pyralis: [Yus.]
Rashenel: [And damage his weapon and str mod?]
Ruby Pyralis: [Yus.]
[*] Rashenel rolls 1d10+2 & gets 5.
Ruby Pyralis: [10]
[ Saba Donahin whispers, "[Hey, do the weather commands work for those of you who don't have share?]" to you. ]
Rashenel: ?[]
Ruby Pyralis: [It was the back stab, right?]
Rashenel: [How do I get 10?]
Rashenel: [The first one hit...]
Rashenel: [But I didn't beat your by 5 or more...]
Ruby Pyralis: [The first is back stab.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Oooh]
Ruby Pyralis: [Nvm ^^]
Ruby Pyralis: [5 then]

Rashenel takes his Katana out and thrusts smoothly into his opponents thigh

Ruby Pyralis: [You were supposed to post that before the rolls xD]
Ruby Pyralis: [Ooh well]
Rashenel: [Ohhhhhhhh....]
Rashenel: [Anyways your hurt...]
Rashenel: [Your turn now?]

Ruby Pyralis cringes slightly at the hit and swings around with her katana, slashing for his side.

[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+2 & gets 12.
[ You whisper "Nah, Ruby occasionally messes with the weather...[]" to Saba Donahin. ]
Ruby Pyralis: [Damnit >>]
Rashenel: [Miss]
Rashenel: [Can someoen give me the combat site?]
Ruby Pyralis: [I kinda figured that]
Ruby Pyralis: [The site is down]
Rashenel: [Dang]
[ Saba Donahin whispers, "[Does she do it ICly?]" to you. ]
You say, "[Ruby]"
Ruby Pyralis: [?]
You say, "[When you turn the rain on is it an IC thing?]"

Rashenel backflips over the Katana as he comes down with the blade towards her shoulder

Ruby Pyralis: [I didn't turn it on o.o]
[*] Rashenel rolls 1d30+2 & gets 13.
Ruby Pyralis: [I dunno antway.]
Ruby Pyralis: any* []
Ruby Pyralis: [Miss]
Rashenel: [I know that...]
Rashenel: [You have like 22 AC or something]
[ You whisper "Odd... she said she didnt start this rain though. But the times she does its ICly on I think[]" to Saba Donahin. ]

Ruby Pyralis: [21 since I am using the katana and can't use my shield at the same time]
Rashenel: [I don't have a shield...]
Ruby Pyralis: [It only adds +1 AC]
Rashenel: [ :-(]
Ruby Pyralis: [The one I got at least]
Rashenel: [Ok... XD]
Rashenel: [Go btw]
[ Saba Donahin whispers, "[Hahah.. I just meant that Saba kinda considers the sky here her property and that it's going to be a mess when she finds out that someone else has been touching her things.]" to you. ]

Ruby Pyralis steps to the side, dodging the blade. She jabs forward at his torso.

[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+2 & gets 3.
Ruby Pyralis: [x.x]
Rashenel: [XD]
Ruby Pyralis: [DAMN YOU DICE GODS!]

Rashenel splits down to the ground and slashes at her chins

[*] Rashenel rolls 1d30+2 & gets 17.
Rashenel: [Barely missed]

Ruby Pyralis jumps to the side, dodging again. She slashes for his shoulder.

[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+2 & gets 10.
You say, "[Rashenel]"
Ruby Pyralis: [I swear >>]
You say, "[Whats your AC?]"
Rashenel: [20]
You say, "[Odd...]"
Ruby Pyralis: [?]
Rashenel: [+2 Leather Armor and +3 Dex...]
You say, "[Should buy studded leather ^^]"

Rashenel parries around the blade to her side and slashes at her back

Rashenel: [No gold left]
Ruby Pyralis: [xD]
[*] Rashenel rolls 1d30+2 & gets 7.
Ruby Pyralis has a lot left from the quest o.o []
Ruby Pyralis: [406 I think.]
Rashenel: [!!!!!!!]
Rashenel: [Me have some!!]
Ruby Pyralis: [Nu nu xD]
Rashenel: [I started with 70 and blew it all]
Ruby Pyralis ducks, missing the blade, and swings around at his legs.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+2 & gets 7.
Ruby Pyralis: [....]

Rashenel jumps over the blade and slahes towards the chest

[*] Rashenel rolls 1d30+2 & gets 19.

Sirum Hest walks off...?

Charlotte: [Were there more than one .fsh file in the portrait patch?]
Hikari Xezo: [Its working, thanks Charlotte].
Charlotte: [:-D Cookie?]
[%] Hikari Xezo just gave Charlotte a cookie.
[%] Hikari Xezo just gave Charlotte a cookie.
Charlotte: [ :-)]
[%] Hikari Xezo just gave Charlotte a cookie.

Sirum Hest still needs to corner Goriel and take up his offer of buying lava for three thousand gold. Has a lava stone. [That should count if I use the ' froze on the way back' excuse ^^;]

[I honestly have no idea why Sirum needed lava. Probably something to do with protecting himself from Rivyn.]

You say, "[At least, it should o.o;]"
You say, "[...right?]"
You say, "[*runs from the odd silence and perhaps to try and pawn off a golden box* >.>]"
Rashenel: [GAHHHHHHHH]

Ruby Pyralis leaps over him, landing on his other side, slashing down.

[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+2 & gets 25.
Ruby Pyralis: [XD]
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d100 & gets 88.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d10+2 & gets 3.
Ruby Pyralis: [You got 2 HP left? XD]
Rashenel: [I'm alive!!]
Rashenel: [ya]
Ruby Pyralis: [lmao]

Rashenel feels the blood seering out of him as he staggers but again slashes towards the chins

[*] Rashenel rolls 1d30+2 & gets 26.
Rashenel: [I HIT YOU!!!!]
Ruby Pyralis: [W00![
Ruby Pyralis: [CONGRATZ! XD[
[*] Rashenel rolls 1d100 & gets 19.
Ruby Pyralis: [/2]
Rashenel: [Normal damage?]
Rashenel: [GAH!!]
Ruby Pyralis: [XD]
[*] Rashenel rolls 1d10+2 & gets 6.
Ruby Pyralis: [3 lol]
Rashenel: [3 dmg]

Ruby Pyralis barely even cringes at the weak hit, and slashes down at his other shoulder.

[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+2 & gets 19.
Ruby Pyralis: [Oi xD]
Rashenel: [MISSSS!!]
Ruby Pyralis: [lmfao]

Rashenel rolls to her side and stabs from the ribs

[*] Rashenel rolls 1d30+2 & gets 7.
Rashenel: [...]
Rashenel: [I CAN'T HIT!!!]

Ruby Pyralis spins to her left, dodging the blade easily and slashing at his side.

[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+2 & gets 26.
Rashenel: [NOOO]
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d100 & gets 53.
Rashenel: [NOOOO]
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d10+2 & gets 6.
Rashenel: [I'm dead]
Ruby Pyralis: [6 xD]

Rashenel dies

Ruby Pyralis: [I WIN! AHAHAHAHA!]
Rashenel: [XD]

Rashenel gets up as the Arena heals him

[You know this is early in 2003 because the arena still magically healed everyone post-battle. I think we all really, really wanted to kill stuff SRPG-style and wanted to go on combat-heavy quests. Solinox was usually ready to provide.]

Ruby Pyralis is healed by the arena, bla bla.

Ruby Pyralis walks out of the arena.

Rashenel takes a bucket of water and cleans the blood

You say, "[*could probably take the both of you on at once :-P*]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Dun push it >.>]
You say, "[*...and would be glad to*]"
Rashenel: [Bring it on!]
Ruby Pyralis: [x.x]
Rashenel: [Come on Ruby, me and you vs Sirum
You say, "[An OOC spar in the rouges guild, then?]"
Rashenel: ]
Ruby Pyralis: [Uh.]
Rashenel: [No, spar in here...]
You say, "[Why?]"
Rashenel: [Arena, sounds better...]
Ruby Pyralis IS GONNA ME L337 AFTER MONDAY! []
Ruby Pyralis: be* []
Rashenel: [PLus we heal here...]
You say, "[but its an OOC spar]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Draggeh =P]
You say, "[Meaning it will have never have happened]"
Rashenel: [Umm Ruby, it's 1337, no real L]
You say, "[As Sirum wouldint spar ICly anymore :-P]"
Ruby Pyralis: [I DUN CARE!]
Rashenel: [Fine...]

[Even if it meant no more gaining daily spar EXP, Si stopped sparring after the Erisvan corruption for a while. Being hurt by others, even in the context of a spar, kind of freaked him out.]

[#] The Broken Dagger Tavern. Be warned to enter at your own risk. Well known for it's food and ale. Owner of establishment - Butterburr

(You see Teonnyn Kedenia.)
> A dragon hatchling,though not quite matching the color of a adult,his scales show him to be a full-blood Silver.Being ten years old,he is only four feet tall,and his wings appear to have a feather-like texture on them,though they feel similar to rubber.His usual weapon,attached to a belt,is a curved silver dagger.Clipped onto a scale is a golden leaf brooch,standing out against his coloring.[][Mother:Alizon,Father:Goriel][Ansteorra][Na'Kitzibeth] #C&

[#] A rogue at the door exclaims, "The rogue in training has entered the guild!"

You say, "[Start OOC mode]"
Sirum Hest takes out his longbow.
Rashenel: [?]
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d10+4 & gets 8.
You say, "[roll init]"
[*] Rashenel rolls 1d10+3 & gets 10.
Ruby Pyralis: [Dun we get +5 to-hit?]
You say, "[4]"
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d10+3 & gets 6.
Rashenel: [?]
Ruby Pyralis: [4, fine.]
You say, "[Rash > Si > Ruby]"
Rashenel: [How would we get +5?]
Ruby Pyralis: [He is using a long bow]
You say, "[Melee attackers get +4 to-hit against ranged weapon users]"
Rashenel: [Hand crossbows count as range weapons?]
You say, "[Yup]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Ya]
Rashenel: [Or can I just use them at any time?]
Rashenel: [Can I pull it out in the middle of a battle?]
You say, "[Yeah...]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Takes a turn to switch I think.]
Rashenel: [Then put it away next round?]
You say, "[yes... now attack >.>]"
Rashenel: [It's a hand crossbow though...]
Ruby Pyralis: [IT IS A RANGED WEAPON! o.o Attack xD]
Rashenel throws a rock at the gold and riches surely to distract Sirum and he gets to his side to attempt a sneak attack
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d20+2 & gets 8.
[*] Rashenel rolls 1d20+4 & gets 19.
Rashenel: [Beat your by more than 10!!]
You say, "[So?]"
Rashenel: [What affect does that do?]
You say, "[You need four levels or higher than mefor that to go into effect]"
You say, "[Nothing, you only get the auto-critical bonus :-P]"
Rashenel: [Ok, but I get x2 right?]
Ruby Pyralis: [What go into effect?]
Rashenel: [I roll 1d30+6 now?]
You say, "[If you beat your opponents roll by 10 or higher and have 4+ levels on him it becomes an auto-deathblow]"

[Oh good lord that was a terrible rule. It meant particularly DEX-heavy rogues could essentially assassinate everyone. During one of Solinox's quests, he told me to roll an attack vs a small, low level army of approaching greenskins as Sirum was perched up in a forts archery tower. To determine how much they should all be wounded. He was 4 levels higher than them and they failed their roll massively. He ended up doing *20 damage to them all by way of backstab bonuses and auto-deathblow. That was an... interesting moment.]

Rashenel: [Since your using ranged weapon?
You say, "[yeah you do]"
You say, "[twice]"
[*] Rashenel rolls 1d30+6 & gets 32.
[*] Rashenel rolls 1d30+6 & gets 33.
You say, "[both hit]"
Rashenel: [WoO!]
Ruby Pyralis: [+6? O.o]
[*] Rashenel rolls 1d100 & gets 93.
You say, "[+2 for to-hit +4 for ranged bonus]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Ooh]
Ruby Pyralis: [Nvm xD]
Ruby Pyralis: [I forgot you had a longbow xD]
You say, "[The first attack is x4'd]"
Rashenel: [So what bonus am I at now?]
[*] Rashenel rolls 1d100 & gets 34.
Rashenel: [x4 and normal dmg
Rashenel: ]
Ruby Pyralis: [Yus]
Rashenel: [right?]
[*] Rashenel rolls 1d10+2 & gets 6.
You say, "[24]"
Rashenel: x4=24[]
You say, "[I know, I know -.-;]"
[*] Rashenel rolls 1d10+2 & gets 5.
You say, "[29]"
Rashenel: [Weh...]
Ruby Pyralis: [xD]
Sirum Hest cries out in pain as he is attacked and moves off to the side, wanting to take out his other opponent as fast as he can, aiming randomly with his bow and arrow to try and make her drops her guard. [Sneak]
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d20+8 & gets 22.
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Ruby Pyralis: [Can't win >> Just go ahead.]
You say, "[drop her guard*]"
You say, "[Whats your level?]"
[#] KittyGoddess has arrived!
Ruby Pyralis: [Me?]
Ruby Pyralis: [4]
Sirum Hest fires, then takes another arrow and fires again.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+4 & gets 20.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+4 & gets 24.
You say, "[Hits?]"
Ruby Pyralis: [2nd 1 hits]
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d100 & gets 61.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d10+4 & gets 14.
Ruby Pyralis: [x.x!]
Ruby Pyralis: [14 total dmg?]
You say, "[yup]"
Rashenel: [Can you dodge a ranged weapon?]
You say, "[what?]"
Rashenel: [Like if they try and shoot you with an arrow can you attemt a saving throw like in D&D?]
You say, "[No x.x]"
Rashenel: [Or no...]
Rashenel: [Ok..]
Rashenel: [XD]
Ruby Pyralis cringes as she is hit. She runs up to Sirum, slightly weak already from the hit, slashing at his shoulder.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+6 & gets 16.
Sirum Hest manages to dodge.
Ruby Pyralis: [God damnit to friggen hell.... &^W&*^%&*]
Rashenel runs up to Sirums side as he slahes towards the ribs
[*] Rashenel rolls 1d30+6 & gets 24.
Rashenel: [Hit or miss?]
You say, "[AC is 22.]"
Rashenel: [So I hit you...]
[*] Rashenel rolls 1d100 & gets 74.
You say, "[...but as soon as I get some enchantments its gonna be +2-3 XD]"
[*] Rashenel rolls 1d10+2 & gets 11.
Rashenel: [You've lost a total of 40 Hp now..]
Sirum Hest is now just barely standing but it doesnt really matter, he wants to knock Ruby unconscious >:)
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+4 & gets 31.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d100 & gets 54.
Ruby Pyralis: [x.x]
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d10+4 & gets 7.
You say, "[2/42 HP :-P]"
Ruby Pyralis is hit.... again... and charges at Sirum again, slashing at him.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d30+2 & gets 13.
Sirum Hest sidesteps.
Ruby Pyralis: [I SWEAR!]
Rashenel: [How much HP you normally have RUby? 36?]
Ruby Pyralis: [Ya.]
Ruby Pyralis: [44 after I get the draggeh =3]
Rashenel runs up to SIrum and thrusts towards his torso
[*] Rashenel rolls 1d30+6 & gets 35.
Ruby Pyralis: [HAHAHAHA]
You say, "[Im KO unless you get a 1]"
Ruby Pyralis: [xD]
[*] Rashenel rolls 1d100 & gets 70.
[*] Rashenel rolls 1d10+2 & gets 12.
Ruby Pyralis: [:3]
Sirum Hest is knocked out and explodes into lewt
Ruby Pyralis TAKES! XD []
You say, "[noooo ;.;]"
Rashenel: [Hey!!]
Rashenel: [I did all dmg to him]
Ruby Pyralis: [HahaHahaHAhAHAhAHAHhahahaH!]
You say, "[...good thing this way OOC, no? :-P]"
Ruby Pyralis: [XD]
You say, "[was*]"
You say, "[Start IC mode]"
* Current players: Draken Dracaro, Sirum Hest, Hikari Xezo, Rashenel, Ruby Pyralis, Arjanus McColin, Impending Oblivion, Charlotte.
* 8 players in the dream of Ansteorra Kingdom.
* 1688 total players online. Uptime 16:02
* Max players this session: 2474
Rashenel: [I did 52 dmg that round!!]
(You see Impending Oblivion.)
> Tattered, torn robes can only partially conceal the remains of its rotten pelt hanging loosely over patches of raw flesh. It staggers, clinging desperately to a gnarled walking staff. Its eyes, painted with fear and immeasurable sadness, also reveal deep compassion and caring. This cursed fright that walks the earth veers away from others, wishing to cease the harm he has caused to the world... Doomed to watch the effect of his sins in this ruined body to the very end.
Ruby Pyralis: [HA! I DID 0!]
Rashenel: [So Sirum, you still think you could take me and Ruby on again?]
You say, "[I once did 36 then 40 damage to demons in hell :-)]"
You say, "[...both in just one turn]"
Rashenel: [In three attacks i Killed you...]
Rashenel: [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]
You say, "[Fear the backstab]"
You say, "[>:)]"
Ruby Pyralis: [YOU WERE LUCKY! o.o]
Rashenel: [Ya....]
Ruby Pyralis: [How much did Danu do again? Over 100 right?]
Rashenel: [Wait a seconds, Ruby the site can't be down, I just sent in my character sheet earlier today to try and join the game...]
You say, "[Yeh]"
You say, "[Sites down, emails not]"
Rashenel: [Ok...]
Rashenel: [Site was up earlier today...]
Sirum Hest walks off?
[ Ruby Pyralis whispers, "[Does this look right for a dragon?]" to you. ]
[ Ruby Pyralis whispers, "[Abilities Modifiers Strength 16 + 5 Dexterity 13 + 2 Constitution 14 + 4 Intelligence 10 - 2 Wisdom 12 + 1 Charisma 10 -2 ]" to you. ]
[#] A shadow passes by the window.
[ Ruby Pyralis whispers, "[Half-demon template]" to you. ]
Hikari Xezo: [Ok! as soon as charlotte stops walking her DOGGY! we start].
Ruby Pyralis: [Start what?]

[I don't know why we were still posting in an OOC spar. We were still kind of new to RPing and silly kids. ^^;]

Sirum Hest sits down beside Charlotte and smiles, "Yer a kitty again!", leaning back against her as usual, " less fluffy though... oh well..."
Charlotte is still a phoe. >.< []
Ruby Pyralis: [w.w]
You say, "[*stabs*]"
Charlotte turned it off by accident x.x []
You say, "[- the 'Yer a kitty again' and 'er less fluffy though oh well' lines then :-P]"
Hikari Xezo: [Ok, lets go to the arena!].
You say, "[you're joking...]"
Hikari Xezo: No [].
You say, "[A level 3 fighter, a level 4 rogue, a level 6 Rogue and whatever level Rashenel is rogue o.o]"
Hikari Xezo: [If you'd like].
You say, "[...and the level 6 Rogue doesnt even fight :-P]"
Hikari Xezo: [Im not all that powerful].
Charlotte: [I'm level 4, biatch.]
Hikari Xezo: [a level 8 paladin].
Hikari Xezo: [And i promise i wont heal].
Hikari Xezo: [Common!].
Rashenel: [I'm a level 4 rouge...]
Hikari Xezo: [Ruby, rahenel, Charlotte, and 1/2 sirum, and you still dont want to?].
Ruby Pyralis: [Huh?]
Draken Dracaro: [Anyone for free form sparring?]
Ruby Pyralis wasn't paying attention. []
You say, "[1/2 Sirum?]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Oh]
Hikari Xezo: [Ruby, i was talking about a spar].
Ruby Pyralis will watch >> []
Charlotte: [I'll fight...I'm taking my dog out right now, so I'll be back in 15 or so minutes..]
Hikari Xezo: [And i say 1/2 cause your a chicken!].
Rashenel: [Lol...]
Hikari Xezo: [So, you want to or not?].
Ruby Pyralis: [Not me]
Hikari Xezo: [Or are you going to let me beat up poor charlotte alone?]
Hikari Xezo: [:-D].
Charlotte: [Revenge?]
Hikari Xezo: [:-D].
Hikari Xezo: [Oh and by the way].
Hikari Xezo: [I kicked Xek's butt yesterday].
Hikari Xezo: [Your next :-D].
Draken Dracaro: [afk]
Charlotte: [Just wait till I get mah second attack, horsey.]
Sirum Hest is going to be powerful someday!... With enchantments ^^
Charlotte: [Will have 2 attacks by 7th level, and +4 to hit and damage by level 8!]
Sirum Hest already has +4 to-hit and damage ^^;[]
Charlotte gets her bonuses faster :-P []
(You see Charlotte.)
> Wrapped in a tattered shroud, a mysterious entity stares at you through ravenous black orbs. Silken midnight plumage covers her sylph form. A long, exotic black cloak encases her, outlining supple curves. Hood pulled up, seductive beauty is well hidden in a blanket of shadows. Enveloped in darkness, the enigmatic phoenix known as Charlotte gives an illusive smirk as she glances at you, diaphanous shawls blowing about her slender form. [AK] [Adventuress] #C6#C6#C6#C6#C6

Sirum Hest turns around and reaches forward to grab at Charlotte's cloak, tugging it lightly, "Charlotte?"

Hikari Xezo: [So... We battle?....Wimps?].

Charlotte groans, turning slowly to face him. "Yes?"

[%] Sirum Hest just gave Charlotte a cookie.
[%] Sirum Hest just gave Ruby Pyralis a cookie.
[%] Sirum Hest just gave Charlotte a cookie.

Sirum Hest smiles happily, "How come ya are never in kitty-form anymore?"

Hikari Xezo: [What about me?].

Charlotte rolls her eyes. "Because I don't like being a feline. This is much better."

Hikari Xezo: Do not deny what you are....

Sirum Hest pokes at the feathers, "If ya say so... an' shes originally a Phoenix, Hikari..."

[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[*snigger*]" to you. ]
Draken Dracaro: [Goddess Diana Liko'rial is an annoying GDF idiot]
[ You whisper "???[]" to Arjanus McColin. ]
[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[I wanted to start up some chaos, so...]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "o.o[]" to Arjanus McColin. ]
[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[If you go to the Rogue's Guild, pretend there's an envelope on the table. =P]" to you. ]
You say, "[*likes dumping cookies on Charlotte*]"
[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[I can only hope it will lead to hilarious insanity like in a bad fanfic. XD]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "Did Arjanus try to steal something? She would've been mowed down with crossbow bolts and arrows if she had O.O;[]" to Arjanus McColin. ]

Charlotte raises an eyebrow at the poking, sighing. "Yes, being a phoenix is enjoyable, although I haven't seen many of them.."

Draken Dracaro: [Anyone up for a free form spar?]
[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[No...]" to you. ]
[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[The envelope on the table is...]" to you. ]
[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[...A love letter. XD]" to you. ]
Draken Dracaro prefers Feline, Dracon, Draconian, Gryp, and Medieval rp []
Draken Dracaro: [*] Dragon [*]

Sirum Hest curls up, "Hum... wonder why... dont ya all jus' burst into flames and get reborn every time ya die?", figuring if that were the case then there would be tons of Phoenixs around.

Charlotte: [No phoenixes? :-(]
Draken Dracaro: [To much of a both to rp for me]
Draken Dracaro: [bother*]
Charlotte: [Eh, then leave. Phoenixes are allowed here.]
Draken Dracaro: [even though Dragon rp is truly the hardest rp there is, when done properly]
Draken Dracaro: [I was refering to the types of rp I play]
Draken Dracaro: [:-P]
Draken Dracaro: [nothing personal]
Charlotte: [I don't really follow Phoenix lore...otherwise I wouldn't be able to have the colors I wanted.]
You say, "[So if Charlotte died she wouldint burst into flames...]"
You say, "[...but Sirum needs to know that ICly o.o;]"
Charlotte: [Phoenixes don't burst into flame when they die....they burst into flames every 500 years. x.x]
[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[Whaddaya think? ^^]" to you. ]
Draken Dracaro: [Actually, There is such a thing as a Black Pheonix. At lest in lore]
[ You whisper "Whats the letter say or... did you email it to me or something? ^^;[]" to Arjanus McColin. ]
[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[Um...hold on. ^^;]" to you. ]
Temala Silverhair: [Boards still down?]
You say, "[Steelangels still down o.o]"
You say, "[Temala here ICly?]"
Hikari Xezo: [Back].
Hikari Xezo: [Now lets spar!].
Hikari Xezo: [OOC spar ofcourse].
[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[I came up with the letter.]" to you. ]

Draken Dracaro arches his wings skyward as he stands, and with a single, powerful, thrust he vanishes into the sky

[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[^^;]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "Whats it say o.o;[]" to Arjanus McColin. ]
[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[Don't blame me if it's corny, okay? >.>]" to you. ]
Hikari Xezo: [Where did charlotte go....? o.o].
[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[It says "To My Beloved, *insert space here* Ever since I met you, I knew we would be friends. But now I know I want to be something more. When I look into your eyes, I feel happy. When I'm around you, I feel safe, like nothing in the world can get me down. You're the pillar that supports me, and that is why I love you. *insert another space here* Truly and sincerely, *yet another space* Your Secret Admirer.]" to you. ]
[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[I came up with this plot the other day; I'm hoping total chaos will ensue. Like, so-and-so finds it and thinks so-and-so likes them, then whoever finds it and thinks whoever likes -them-, yadda yadda...]/Sirum [Love letter insanity. XD]" to you. ]
[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[o-o Bah, made a mistake..]" to you. ]
Hikari Xezo: [<.<]
Hikari Xezo: [>.>].
Hikari Xezo: [*stabs sirum*].
Hikari Xezo: [^.^].
[ You whisper "Kypho, Shadowspawned, Garrett Riev, Kivae, Lakorin, Rhyanna Tirininn, Laterose, Mikaru Rynko Xilosent, Rashenel, Brin Swiftfoot, Rivyn, Asteona and you know of the Rogues Guilds Location[]" to Arjanus McColin. ]
[ You whisper "Most of them are guys or too old or too young, narrowing it down for Sirum to Asteona, Laterose, Lakorin or Arjanus.[]" to Arjanus McColin. ]
[ You whisper "Lakorin is too injured to move though and Laterose would never have written it so it narrows it even more XD[]" to Arjanus McColin. ]
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Hikari Xezo: [*Stabs sirum again*].
Hikari Xezo: [*Stabs sirum again*].
Hikari Xezo: [*Stabs sirum again*].
Hikari Xezo: [^.^].
Hikari Xezo: [^.^].
Hikari Xezo: [^.^].
Ruby Pyralis: [>.>]
Ruby Pyralis: [<.<]
[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[o-o; Well, there goes my plan... -.-;]" to you. ]
Ruby Pyralis: [*stabs Hikari*]
[ You whisper "Theres still Asteona :-P]" to Arjanus McColin. ]
Hikari Xezo: [*stabs ruby while being stabbed*].
Hikari Xezo: [^.v].
Ruby Pyralis: [-ows-]
Ruby Pyralis: [*stabs Hikari*]
Ruby Pyralis: [*stabs Hikari*]
Ruby Pyralis: [*stabs Hikari*]
Ruby Pyralis: [*stabs Hikari*]
Ruby Pyralis: [*stabs Hikari*]
Ruby Pyralis: [*stabs Hikari*]
[ You whisper "But then again, she thinks of him as a little brother. So that knocks her off the list too o.o;[]" to Arjanus McColin. ]
Ruby Pyralis runs. []
Hikari Xezo: [*Spams the scree*].
Hikari Xezo: [*Spams the scree*].
[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[I was hoping everything would go downhill in a really funny way.. .-.;]" to you. ]
Hikari Xezo: [*Spams the scree*].
Hikari Xezo: [*Spams the scree*].
Hikari Xezo: [*Spams the scree*].
[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[But if you notice, the letter doesn't -clearly- say it's addressed to Sirum, even though it is. >.>]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Sirum wouldint have acted on the letter anyways ^^;]" to Arjanus McColin. ]
Hikari Xezo: [I STAB RUBY!].
Ruby Pyralis: [*stabs Hikari*]
Ruby Pyralis: [*stabs Hikari*]
Ruby Pyralis: [*stabs Hikari*]
Ruby Pyralis: [*stabs Hikari*]
Ruby Pyralis: [*stabs Hikari*]
Sirum Hest trips Hikari []
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 30d1+2 & gets 32.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 100d1 & gets 100.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 10d1+4 & gets 14.
You say, "[ded]"
Hikari Xezo Grabs Sirum's bow and shoots ruby [].
[*] Hikari Xezo rolls 1d30+2 & gets 13.
[*] Hikari Xezo rolls 1d30+2 & gets 10.
[*] Hikari Xezo rolls 1d30+2 & gets 19.
Hikari Xezo: i
[*] Hikari Xezo rolls 1d30+2 & gets 3.
You say, "[You suck at the archery XD]"
[*] Hikari Xezo rolls 1d30+2 & gets 28.
[*] Hikari Xezo rolls 1d30+2 & gets 27.
[*] Hikari Xezo rolls 1d30+2 & gets 28.
[*] Hikari Xezo rolls 1d30+2 & gets 7.
Ruby Pyralis dodges. []
Rashenel: Younger
Hikari Xezo: ?
Hikari Xezo: [*stabs ruby*].
Ruby Pyralis dodges. []
[ You whisper "Er... sorry ^^;[]" to Arjanus McColin. ]
[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[I wanted to see everyone actin' all funneh. .-.]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "It would've been probably just, 'Er... hi... did you write this letter?' '...what letter?' 'U-um... nevermind! *runs off*' XD[]" to Arjanus McColin. ]
[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[o-o;]" to you. ]

You say, "Song!"
[#] Bard: Ever since I heard of magic, I've felt the forces call, from Breacon down to Krydain, I must have used 'em all, but I ain't seen nothing like him, in the guildrooms or the halls, that quick, nimble, cute Elf sure casts a mean fire ball!
You say, "Song!"
[#] Bard: Our fighters bravely battled out, but it was all for naught for we had not the measure of the monsters that we fought. Twas our bard that finally saved us, for he could do no wrong. He really had them running when he belted out this song.
Ruby Pyralis: [LAG!]
You say, "Song!"
[#] Bard: The young man liked to play with arrows and his bow. The barn wall was his aim; and no one else would know. One day the King rode by,his army at his side; on the way to war again; his fame was far and wide.
Ruby Pyralis: [What the hell?]
You say, "[Say Bunny Song!...]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Bunny Song!]
Ruby Pyralis: [XD]
You say, "[Without the []'s]"
Rashenel: Bunny Song!
Ruby Pyralis: Bunny Song!
Ruby Pyralis: [>.>]
You say, "[Ruby doesnt have share anymore?]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Bot not on]

Sirum Hest smiles happily and hops across the counter, "Anythin' I can get ya?"

Rashenel lays his head down on the counter against his arms

Ruby Pyralis looks at Rashenel, and then at Sirum, not responding.

[You say, "[Sirums bartending skills = crap, by the way]"
You say, "[Mostly due to it being a random roll o.O]"
Ruby Pyralis: [xP]

[Oh, that's right... whenever Butterburr wasn't around, Si would go behind the counter and bartend. If anyone ordered anything from him, I'd just roll a dice to determine what they got. Because he didn't know his way around all the kegs and bottles. If you wanted a mixed drink... you... were probably getting some undrinkable abomination.]

Sirum Hest looks between Rashenel and Ruby, "...somethin' wrong?"

[Editing out private information from Rashenel.]

Ruby Pyralis: [Ghost >>]
Rashenel: -
Rashenel: -
You say, "[?]"
[ You whisper "What happened to him?[]" to Ruby Pyralis. ]
[ Ruby Pyralis whispers, "[I have no idea, he won't talk x.x]" to you. ]
Rashenel: -
Ruby Pyralis: [O.o]
Ruby Pyralis: [Awr!]
Ruby Pyralis pet pats. []
Ruby Pyralis: [;-;]
You say, "[Why not ask her?]"
Ruby Pyralis: [?]
You say, "[About why she did it I mean...]"
Rashenel: -
Rashenel: -
Rashenel: -
Rashenel: -
Ruby Pyralis: [O.o]
Rashenel: -
Ruby Pyralis almost had open heart surgery... but that is another story x.x []
Rashenel: -
You say, "-"
Ruby Pyralis: -
Rashenel: -
Ruby Pyralis: [Ya]
Rashenel: -
Ruby Pyralis has the loudest heart beat out of all ya I bet =3 []
Ruby Pyralis: [=O]
Rashenel: -
Ruby Pyralis: [x.x]
You say, "-"
Rashenel: -
Rashenel: -
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Rashenel: -
Rashenel: -
You say, "-"
Rashenel: -
Rashenel: -
Rashenel: -
Ruby Pyralis: [I got share, what am I supposed to say again?]
You say, "-"
You say, "-"
Rashenel: -
Rashenel: -
[ You whisper "Bunny Song! I think?[]" to Ruby Pyralis. ]
Rashenel: -
Rashenel: -
Ruby Pyralis: Bunny Song!
[#] Bard: My bunny lies over the ocean, my bunny lies over the sea! My bunny lies over the ocean, oh bring back my bunny to me!"
Ruby Pyralis: [XD!]
Ruby Pyralis: [Bunny Song!]
[#] Bard: My bunny lies over the ocean, my bunny lies over the sea! My bunny lies over the ocean, oh bring back my bunny to me!"
Ruby Pyralis: [BWAHAHAHAH!]
You say, "[Im not really good at dealing with those sort of problems so.. I dont think I'll follow him o.o]"
You say, "[What about the open-heart surgery, though?]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Huh?]
Ruby Pyralis: [Ooh.]
Ruby Pyralis gotsa heart murmer, literally a hole in it. []
You say, "[Its not that bad is it? o.o"
Ruby Pyralis: [Not really, gotta go for another check up later this month though x.x]
Ruby Pyralis: [When I was 4, I went to the hospital and was REALLY close to open heart surgery.]
You say, "[What stopped it from happening?]"
Ruby Pyralis: [They didn't think the hole would kill me xD]
Ruby Pyralis: [Not yet at least xD]
You say, "[o.o]"
You say, "[Thats good then ^^]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Hehe]
Ruby Pyralis: [BWAHAHAHA!]
You say, "[...thats just disturbing o.o]"
Ruby Pyralis: [ehehehe]

Sirum Hest glances to Ruby with a brow raised, "...why so quiet?"

Ruby Pyralis: [Ghosts x.x]
You say, "[Ghost bust ^^]"
Ruby Pyralis: [GHOST BUSTERS!]

Ruby Pyralis looks over to Sirum, "What is there to talk about?"

Sirum Hest smirks and starts to list, "Yer past in hell, the arrows that kept hittin' ya but not anymore it seems, why ya seemed mad that a few people in the Clerics Guild were lookin' after Lakorin, why ya tried 'ta kill me a few times before ya accidently burnt the Clerics Guild down... pick one?", sticking his tongue out at her.

Ruby Pyralis leans back a bit, "How about we talk about respecting others' privacy, hmmm?"

Sirum Hest hops atop the counter and looks down at her, "Whats the fun in that?"

[Every character was a new book and Sirum wanted to understand every last one of them.]

You say, "[Ruby should've forgotten her attempts to kill Sirum and that would've probably come as a surprise to her as well, no?]"
You say, "[When he mentioned it I mean]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Oops, sorry, was AFK.]
You say, "[wb then ^^]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Nothing ever seems to come as a surprise to her anymore >.>]
Ruby Pyralis: [ty lol]

[Ruby would sometimes go into this possessed state and try to kill Si. Nothing new there.]

Ruby Pyralis is already seeming to get angred.... which isn't a hard thing to do. "Life is not all fun you know."

Sirum Hest now frowns, "Never said it was, its jus' that ya never seem 'ta have any.", reaching over to poke at her wings as he speaks.

Ruby Pyralis: [Ya, btw, a lil side note, just cause they expired doesn't mean they are not there xP]
You say, "[I know, which is why he's poking at them :-P]"
Ruby Pyralis: [xD]

[Ruby probably went through every type of wing on Furc before eventually settling on her badass batwings.]

Ruby Pyralis pulls both wings back a bit, "I, unlike you, wasn't created with the concept of 'fun' in mind."

Sirum Hest now hops down off of the counter to beside her as the wings are out of reach, "' ya never said who yer creator was. But oh well... are ya sure yer from hell, though? Ya dont seem evil at all, jus' really grumpy. But then again, yer from hell, an' thats only the plane below this one..."

You say, "[Sirum learned quite a bit about the different planes o.o;]"
Ruby Pyralis: [O.O;]
You say, "[Thanks to Path'en ^^]"

Ruby Pyralis clenches her teeth, already being angry, "You are one curious creature, are you not?"

Rashenel: [Anyone wanna spar in the Arena?]
Ruby Pyralis: [Not again >.>]

Sirum Hest shrugs, "Ya, an' yer a grumpy one.", snickering quietly for a few moments before adding, "... cheer up, Ruby!"

Rashenel: [What did I miss while I was gone? I went AFK, had to take my dog for a walk...]
Ruby Pyralis: [Nothing much o.o]
Rashenel: [Well, I know I missed something to do with your heart...]

Ruby Pyralis growls, her anger increasing steadily, "You think you can just go around and solve everyone's problems don't you?"

Sirum Hest nods to her, "Yup, or at least, try to..."

Ruby Pyralis slams her fist on the table.... thing... "Well you can't!"

Ruby Pyralis: [Nothing special with my heart, just gotsa holein it.]
Ruby Pyralis: hole in* []
Rashenel: [Whoa, howd that happen?]
Rashenel: [I said my story now tell me yours! Lol]
Ruby Pyralis: [Was born wif it xP]
Rashenel: [Ever get it fixed?]
Ruby Pyralis: [That is why they wanted to do open heart surgery, butm ultimiately, I still have it >.>]
Ruby Pyralis: [-m]

Sirum Hest winces as he hears her hit the table, turning and leaning forward against it afterwards. He mumbles, "...sure I can... ya jus' dont seem like ya wanna be helped though..."

You say, "[Cue response: 'BECAUSE I DONT WANT HELP' :-P]"
Ruby Pyralis: [O.o XD]
You say, "[At least, thats what I'd expect Ruby to say]"
Rashenel: [So Ruby, why did you never get it fixed?]

Ruby Pyralis clenches her teeth, quite ticked off, "I have three words for you: LEAVE ME ALONE."

Claire Anderson sighs

Ruby Pyralis: [Cause the doctors didn't think I needed it and open heart surgery is quite risky.]
Rashenel: [Ahhh, ok...]

Rashenel just stays quite but motions a rock towards Ruby if she needs it

Sirum Hest doesnt bother giving her a response, figuring he'll try again when she's calmer. After a minute, though, he mutters under his breath, " all demons have an anger control problem..."

Rashenel pushes the rock even further and responds to Sirum, "No, I'm only Half-Demon and I stil don't have an anger control problem, if anything I'm too sensitive for one..."

Ruby Pyralis' eyes widen in anger at his comment. She growls rather loudly. She suddenly spins around and gets up, storming out the door.

Rashenel: Your just getting on her nerves...

Sirum Hest calls over to Rashenel, "Half-demons as the best kinda people I'd say!"

Rashenel looks plainly at Sirum with a bit of a dumb look face that he gives to Sirum, "Why do you never understand the feelings people show?"

Claire Anderson looks at the Gallow.
Claire Anderson: Are you hanging that man?

Rashenel raises a brow towards the person who just spoke, "No, I sit here when she sits there just because I like sitting here, and you might be?"

Sirum Hest shakes his head to Claire's question before looking back to Rashenel, "I do, why?"

Claire Anderson: I'm Claire
Claire Anderson walks off

Rashenel sighs, "Because you seem to not notice how mad she is at everyone at the moment... Then as you criticize where she is most of her time..."

Ruby Pyralis looks straight ahead, ignoring the two bickering.

Sirum Hest crosses his arms in front of his chest, "Shes mad at everyone for bloody reason at all, an' if theres a reason she wont say anythin'..."

You say, "[no bloody reason*]"
Ruby Pyralis: [You just sounded British for some reason xD]
You say, "[Sirum slowly adapts to how his friends act]"
You say, "[Kivae rolls her eyes, Canti usually mutters and says 'Bloody']"
You say, "[ he does those sometimes]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Bwahaha xD]

Rashenel picks up a rock and throws it at Sirum

[*] Rashenel rolls 1d30+3 & gets 26.
[*] Rashenel rolls 1d100 & gets 71.
You say, "[You know, not all fights revolve around the combat system]"
[*] Rashenel rolls 1d1+3 & gets 4.
Rashenel: [I know]
Rashenel: [I just got bored]
Rashenel: [Btw you take 4 dmg...]
Rashenel: [lol]

Sirum Hest narrows his eyes and picks the rock back up, chucking it at him. He doesnt like pain that much.

[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+4 & gets 12.

Rashenel dodges by moving his head
Rashenel takes the rock out of the wood and throws it back at Sirum

[*] Rashenel rolls 1d30+3 & gets 26.
[*] Rashenel rolls 1d100 & gets 88.
[*] Rashenel rolls 1d1+3 & gets 4.

Sirum Hest takes out his bow and arrow, standing he aims right between Rashenels eyes, "Throw one more rock."

[Eight damage was a -lot- when you're a low level. With a low CON modifier. And a low HP class.]

Charlotte frowns, watching the scene from her hiding place. Picking up a rock, she tosses it at Rashenel, not thinking it very nice to throw rocks at children.

[*] Charlotte rolls 1d30+2 & gets 26.
[ You whisper "Thrown weapons damage and to-hit rely on your DEX mod[]" to Charlotte. ]
[*] Charlotte rolls 1d100 & gets 84.
[ Charlotte whispers, "[What do I roll fer damage?]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "1d1+dex mod[]" to Charlotte. ]
[*] Charlotte rolls 1d1+3 & gets 4.

Rashenel gets hit by the rock
Rashenel looks around
Rashenel: Who did that?

Sirum Hest just stands there with his arrow still aimed, "..."

Charlotte snickers from beneath the stairs.

Ruby Pyralis continues to stare straight ahead, ignoring the others.

Rashenel: I found you...

Rashenel: [Little boys shouldn't play with weapons lol...]
Rashenel: [XD]

Rashenel motions to Sirum to put down the bow
Rashenel: We don't want anyone dieing do we?

Sirum Hest puts his bow away with a 'hmph', before moving over to in front of Ruby, looking up to her.

Ruby Pyralis seems oblivious to anything around her, not blinking or moving.

[ Charlotte whispers, "[Did Sirum see Charlotte?]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "Nope[]" to Charlotte. ]
[ Charlotte whispers, "Should I throw another rock at him?]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "Sure... ^^[]" to Charlotte. ]

Rashenel: Ruby, are you ok?

Sirum Hest reaches up to poke at one of her hands, trying to see if it would give a response, "...y-ya... um... R-ruby?"

Ruby Pyralis: [Ack AFK, Ruby will just stay this way while I am gone for about 5 minutes =P]
Rashenel: [When using a ranged weapon, when calculating the dmg do you add your dex modifier or your str modifier?]

Charlotte giggles again, throwing another rock at the side of Rashenel's head.

[*] Charlotte rolls 1d30+3 & gets 5.
Charlotte: [Bah.]

Charlotte flees the scene.

Rashenel notices and catches the rock this time seeing where it came from

You say, "[dex]"
Rashenel: [K]
Charlotte: [To the Ratmobile!]

Arjanus McColin walks down from the dock, and when she sees the three she casually walks up to them. "Hey guys. What's up?"

Rashenel cocks a brow to the person who just arrived, "You might be whom?"

Ruby Pyralis wonders what she could possibly do with 400 gold... hmmmm.... []

Arjanus McColin looks at the black canine, who she didn't notice before, and she flashes her trademark cocky grin. "The name's McColin."

Sirum Hest smiles to Arjanus and then looks back up to Ruby, a bit worried from the silence.

Ruby Pyralis is still in a stare? I dunno, someone else go >.>

Rashenel yawns

Sirum Hest stands up and reaches upwards to poke at Rubys horns, humming to himself boredly.

Rashenel yawns again

Arjanus McColin leans against the coffin and looks around, blushing slightly when Sirum smiles at her. She looks up at the sky and wonders if he found the letter...

Ruby Pyralis continues to stare ahead, her pupils gone, but it not being very obvious since they disappeared very slowly.

Sirum Hest squeaks out quietly, "...R-ruby?...", remembering what happened the last time she got like that he takes out Perennial and gets ready to swat away any oncoming arrows.

Ruby Pyralis still appears to be awake, just obvivious to everything.

Canti walks up--or did he skip?--with a huge smile on his face, "And how are all of you folks doing today?"

Ruby Pyralis: [I really need a spell check on this thing >.>]

Rashenel falls off the wooden thingy he's sitting on

Arjanus McColin doesn't notice what's going on behind her, since she's looking up at the clouds. She looks at Canti and shrugs. "Decent..." She raises an eyebrow. "Why're -you- so cheerful today?"

Sirum Hest sheathes Perennial and looks to Canti with a brow raised, " manage 'ta calm down Mint?"

Canti smiles even wider, and spreads his hands out, palms down in some sort of smooth-looking motion, "I calmed her down, yes of course."

Arjanus McColin continues to stare at Canti strangely. "That doesn't explain why you're so happy."

Canti: She's now quite calm.

Rashenel runs off

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side now, "...shes still not walkin' around near naked is she?"

Canti laughs and does some sort of odd random dance, "Reason enough... and as far as that, I'm not sure." He settles down a bit after that.

Arjanus McColin blinks. "....Did you have too much mead or something?"

Canti continues smiling and shakes his head, "Not a drop today."

Sirum Hest sits on the ground now and yawns, "Where'd she run off 'ta anyways? She wasnt in the caravan like usual..."

Canti chuckles and winks at the poor ignorant mouse, "Ah, but that is for me to know and you to find out. Let's just say it is indeed quite surprising."

Arjanus McColin smirks coyly. "Did you and Mint..." She touches her forefingertips together demonstratively.

Sirum Hest looks to Arjanus blankly, "Did he an' Mint what?", still worried about Ruby but the two in front of him have his attention at the moment.

Canti raises his eyebrows at Arjanus's suggestion, "Why.. that's actually a very good question, Arjanus. We'll leave that at a maybe," he guffaws a bit and winks again.

Ruby Pyralis: [Let's just say Ruby isn't doing anything different unless stated otherwise ;P]
Canti: [heh.. I'm not even sure myself what happened]
You say, "[Mint said she spent the night talking in the church with Canti]"
Canti: [I had to leave]
You say, "[...*cough*]"
Arjanus McColin bonks y'all IC.[]
Canti: [yeah, I let Mint take care of figuring out what happened]

Arjanus McColin snickers at Canti's statement, then looks at Sirum and blinks. "...You honestly need to get out more."

Sirum Hest lays down on his back and stares up at the sky, "But I'm almost always outside... hum..."

Canti grins, and points to his own groin, "You know that thing that resides there, Sirum?"

Arjanus McColin clamps a hand to her mouth and fights back a burst of laughter.

Sirum Hest doesnt seem to notice Canti, his attention focused on a seagull in the sky.

[Absolutely anything dealing with that topic immediately went in one ear and out the other for Si. That never changed.]

Arjanus McColin flicks a pebble at Sirum's head. "Hey, Canti's talkin' to ya."

Canti shrugs as Sirum appears to be ignoring him... he'll just have to instruct him later.

You say, "['Instruct'? o.O]"
Arjanus McColin: [XD!]
Ruby Pyralis: [lmao XD]
Arjanus McColin: [Sirum's gonna find out about "the birds and the bees". XD]
Canti: [yeah, what they said]

Sirum Hest sits up and yawns, "What? Oh... sorry...", glancing around.

Canti grins, "Did you want to understand what Arjanus is talking about?"

Arjanus McColin once again fights back a gigglefit.

Sirum Hest shakes his head, "She said 'Did ya an' Mint'.... but she didnt finish her line?"

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Canti: Yes, she was implying a certain action.

Sirum Hest isn't good at picking up things implied. Or sarcasm. Or most jokes, "...oh... which?"

Arjanus McColin clamps both her hands over her mouth, though she looks like any second she'll burst out laughing.

Canti clears his throat a bit, "All right, Sirum, she was implying an action involving that thing that is right here," he points again to his groin, "You have one too, yes?"

Sirum Hest nods to him, "My pants are nicer than yers."

Ruby Pyralis: [XD]

Canti shakes his head, "Not the pants. What's under the pants."

Arjanus McColin runs off behind a building, then loud and near-maniacal laughter can be heard. It stops after a few seconds, and she comes back, red-faced and grinning. "Okay, I'm done."

Sirum Hest reaches in his pocket and pulls out a bag of various items, "Mirror... golden box with mirror and lava stone... five tailorin' needles..."

Canti grins wider and winks and Arjanus before shaking his head, "No, I mean a part of your body."

Arjanus McColin tries -very- hard not to have a laugh attack again.

Sirum Hest reaches behind him inside his pants and pulls out his tail, "Oh. Ya. I havent brought this out since... erf..."

Canti shakes his head, "The other side... what you use when you go to the bathroom..."

Sirum Hest blinks, "What?", understanding only the 'go to the bathroom' part of his line.

Canti sighs, "Describe how you go to the bathroom, Sirum."

Arjanus McColin chews her lower lip to prevent herself from laughing.

Sirum Hest looks as if he's about to be sick, "Yer disgustin'..."

Arjanus McColin finally loses it; she falls over, laughing loud and hard.

Ruby Pyralis continues to stare ahead, seeming to not actually be there... But she is actually quite aware of everything that is being said and done.

Arjanus McColin: [If my mom weren't in the room I'd be weak as hell. XD]

Canti shrugs, "Or just tell me what you use when you go to the bathroom... I'm sure it's not much of anything on you, but it's where the liquid comes out..."

Sirum Hest mumbles, "...liquid comes out...", thinking for a few moments then opening his mouth, "Here, ya?"

Canti frowns, "When you go to the bathroom?"

Arjanus McColin rolls around on the ground, clutching her sides and laughing insanely.

Sirum Hest's face gets a very confused expression, "...huh?", before turning to Arjanus, wondering whats wrong with her.

Arjanus McColin finally calms down after a few seconds, then sits up and gasps for breath....then falls over as she bursts out laughing again.

Canti sighs, "Sirum, where does the liquid come out from?"
Canti: The yellow liquid.

Ruby Pyralis notes that half of this conversation is going on the forums after they are back up xP []
Arjanus McColin: [XD!!]
Canti: [come on, Sirum... even Sirum should know this stuff]
You say, "[When Sirum gets confused he gets ditzy :-P"
Arjanus McColin: [Maybe Sirum doesn't have one. XD]
You say, "[And has trouble paying attention]"
Arjanus McColin: [jk ^^;]
Ruby Pyralis: [=O]
Canti: [hmmm.. would make sense]
Ruby Pyralis: [Ok, back IC again, sorry about that xD]

Sirum Hest scratches his head, "Apples, usually is where yellow liquid comes from...?", before moving over to Arjanus and whispering, " he confusin' ya too?"

Canti: [that's just ridiculous]
You say, "[He's forgotten most of what you said already, up to the part about yellow liquid XD]"
Canti: [hmmm]
Arjanus McColin: [Poor naiive little mousie. XD]

Arjanus McColin stops laughing enough to shake her head at Sirum, grinning and biting her lower lip.

Sirum Hest pulls a letter out of his other pocket after putting his bag of items away, "...oh... right... I got a letter in the Rogues Guild... that said I was a pillar... or somethin'...", confused by the letter as well.

Arjanus McColin instantly stops laughing and her eyes widen as her cheeks turn crimson.

Canti walks over to Sirum, "What?"

Arjanus McColin quickly gets up and runs off.

Sirum Hest reads the letter aloud, though wondering why Arjanus had run off, beggining to read with his way of talking "...Ever since I met ya, I knew we would be friends. But now I know I want to be somethin' more. When I look into yer eyes, I feel happy. When I'm around ya, I feel safe, like nothin' in the world can get me down. Yer the pillar that supports me, and that is why I love ya."

Canti frowns, "Is it signed?"

Sirum Hest nods, "'Yer Secret Admirer'. I dont know anyone by that name, though?"

Canti shakes his head, "It means that the person is not ready to make herself known."

Canti grins and sits down, clapping his arm on Sirum's shoulder, "It looks like I might have to try to teach you what I was talking about again."

Sirum Hest puts the letter away and pokes down at the ground, "Asteona, Arjanus, Laterose, Kivae, Kypho, Arjanus, Mikaru an' Lakorin are the only girls who know of its location though, hum..."

[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[What's happening? =P]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "Canti is trying to explain again XD[]" to Arjanus McColin. ]
[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[XD]" to you. ]
[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[What about the ketter?]" to you. ]
[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[*letter]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "Sirum read it aloud o.o;[]" to Arjanus McColin. ]

Canti rubs at his chin, "Do you think Arjanus may still like you?"

[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[*letter]" to you. ]
[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[Heh. =P]" to you. ]
[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[What happened after that?]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "Hide behind the buildings and watch >.>[]" to Arjanus McColin. ]

Canti: I mean, she DID run off when you pulled the letter out.

Sirum Hest shrugs, "She's been sayin' she loves me alot more often lately but... ya said the the person wanted 'ta remain hidden so... it couldint be her?"

Canti: Why couldn't it be her?

Arjanus McColin walks back, her cheeks still flushed red and her eyes downcast to the ground. She sits down, but a few feet away from Sirum this time, and she doesn't look at any of them.

Sirum Hest mumbles, "'cause if it were her she wouldnt be hidden anymore. ... It probably is but... ya said the person didnt want to herself kno--hiya Arjanus!"

Canti looks from the letter to Arjanus and back.

Arjanus McColin waves slightly at Sirum, and she doesn't notice Canti's double-take.

You say, "[Whats a double-take again? x.x]"
Arjanus McColin: [Like in cartoons when they look at something then look at it again but like "WTF?!" ^^]
Canti: [seeing something out of the corner of your eye, noticing it, then realizing that you saw it and turning]
You say, "[Oh ^^]"
Canti: [yeah\

Canti wonders if he should ask Arjanus about the thing, but decides that it's Sirum's prerogative and holds off.

Sirum Hest yawns and moves over to the gallows now after putting the letter away, curling up on it and beggining to hum to himself.

Canti: [all right folks... I'm gonna go off and play some soccer simulation type stuff until folks start coming back]
You say, "[Later ^^}"
Ruby Pyralis: [k xD]
Ruby Pyralis: [Bai]
Canti: [::AFKifies::]
Arjanus McColin: [Bai ^^]

Arjanus McColin listens to Sirum hum, and worried thoughts begin to swim around in her head.

Sirum Hest stops humming for a moment to mumble, "...what was he talkin' about... oh well...", then glancing to the mages guilds top floor with a worried expression on his face.

Arjanus McColin glances at Sirum as he mumbles, and catching his expression she looks up at the Mages' Guild as well.

Ruby Pyralis: [Hi Charlotte xD]
Charlotte: [Man, you two are still here?]
Arjanus McColin: [Yep]
Ruby Pyralis: [Mebe xP]

Ruby Pyralis' pupils suddenly reappear in her eyes, but she doesn't otherwise move.

Sirum Hest notices Arjanus looking in the same direction as he and frowns, scurrying off to it.

Arjanus McColin runs up the steps, and stops when she nearly trips over Sirum.

Sirum Hest didnt expect anyone to follow, so scurrys away from the stairs as Arjanus comes up them, "U-um... hiya...", looking to the injured Lakorin on the bed he begins to chew on his bottom lip, "...need somethin'?"

You say, "[Lakorins here ICly but not OOCly >.>]"

Arjanus McColin shakes her head. "I followed you because you ran off suddenly after looking at this building all weird." She looks around the room, wrapping her left hand around Seigi's hilt. "So what did you see?"

Sirum Hest shakes his head, "N-nothin'... I jus' didnt want 'ta leave her alone for a long time...", remembering her fear yesterday.

Arjanus McColin notces Lakorin for the first time and frowns in concern. "What happened?"

Sirum Hest shakes his head, "A bad spell...", not really knowing how to put it otherwise so leaves it at that.

Arjanus McColin nods. "I see..." She looks from Lakorin to Sirum. "...You really care about her, don't you?"

Sirum Hest slumps back against the wall and mumbles, "...y-ya...", having spent nearly the entire of yesterday in the Clerics Guild basement making sure whatever she was afraid of couldint come and hurt her.

Arjanus McColin smiles sadly. She stands in silence for a few seconds, chewing her lower lip, then she walks out of the room.

[ Temala Silverhair whispers, "[Beware! =P]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "Beware what?[]" to Temala Silverhair. ]
[ You whisper "o.o;[]" to Temala Silverhair. ]
[ Temala Silverhair whispers, "[Merf... Me! ;-)]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[If you say so :-P]" to Temala Silverhair. ]
[ You whisper "Sirum Hest cant find Temala x.x" to Temala Silverhair. ]
[ Temala Silverhair whispers, "[No wonder I couldn't find you.]" to you. ]
Temala Silverhair: [o.o]
[ You whisper "Sirum Hest was OOCly hunting, though ^^;" to Temala Silverhair. ]

(You see Temala Silverhair.)
> An agile feline smiles upon you, revealing several elongated fangs as she does so. Eyes twinkling with both mischief and malice, as with an arrogant toss of her head she passes by. A sword rests at her side, unadorned aside from the single emblem of a blue moon on it's black surface. Despite her odd appearance there can be no mistaking her for anything less than a warrior. A dark menacing cloud hangs above her head, a neccesity for one of her vampiric upbringing. [Ansteorra]

[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[What'cha doin'? ^^]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "About to talk to an evil lady ^^[]" to Arjanus McColin. ]
[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[OO;]" to you. ]
[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[Don't you DARE do a repeat of the Erisvan incident! x.x]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "Im not, this evil lady likes her ears scratched, and isn't really a corruptor. She just follows Catherine :-P[]" to Arjanus McColin. ]
[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[Ah. ^^;]" to you. ]
[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[*is embarrassed oo;*]" to you. ]

[I'm not 100% sure who Temala was. An early, early alt of Marlina?]

Sirum Hest smiles to Kivae as he sees her, waving to her. [Temala isn't here ICly yet...]

Kivae takes a seat agianst the wall, muttering something under her breath about stairs. She nods to Sirum, and yawns, slumping against the wall.

Sirum Hest hears the muttering about stairs and motions to the window, "I jus' crawl in an' out of it...", scurrying over to beside her and taking a seat, about to ask her to summon a treant but deciding against it.

You say, "[Apparently Kivae can summon level 1 treants by the way o.o;]"
Kivae: [Yus. Pretty nifty, eh? I think I'm supposed to be able to summon 2 lvl ones or 1 level 2.. I'd know how to and for sure if the webpage was up.]

Kivae glances at the window, blinking, ".. How do you reach it?"

Sirum Hest grins, "Trees make good ladders... an' the stones are easy 'ta climb up."

Kivae closes her eyes partially, "Hn."

You say, "[Wonder how big a level 1 treant would be anyways... o.o]"
You say, "[wb]"
Kivae wishes the website was up. ;-; []

Temala Silverhair had found her way up through the window somehow, feel free to speculate, and now stood staring at it in a curious manner, "Fancy that being there... Useful"

Sirum Hest smiles as he sees Temala then turns to the left and seeing Lakorin asleep on the bed [Rakuro moved her last night from the Clerics Guild to the mages, whee... XD], "Hiya Temala... why'd ya attack Hikari in front of so many people?"

Temala Silverhair: [What the devil was she doing in the cleric's guild? eww. :-P]
You say, "[Being badly injured?]"
You say, "[Thats what most people do in the Clerics Guild, unless they're healing the badly injured :-P]"
Kivae: [Or visiting the badly injured. oo;]
Temala Silverhair: [She's dead, bit farther than badly injured. =P]
You say, "[*was about to say that* oo]"
Kivae: [*'s cat continuesly meows, until she turns to ask him what he wants, at which point he runs away.* O.o]
Temala Silverhair: [o.o]

Temala Silverhair turns, startled by his voice, before speaking, "He snored... That annoyed me, and coming from the idiot who caused the opening which allowed the elf to attack... Well, let's just say I have a bad temper at times."

Temala Silverhair: [Druids are wierd. ;-)]
Kivae: [Thankies. ^^}
Kivae: [Whoops. Wrong screen. x.x]
Kivae: [*dies*]
Temala Silverhair: [*ressurects.*]

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side and scurries over to beside her, tugging at her cloak to get her to sit, "Catherine still not alive again yet?"

Temala Silverhair complies with the request to sit as she replies once more, "Doubt she'll really be alive..." She stresses the final word quite vividly as she continues, "Again, but all you need to know, or I can tell you at the moment is that plans proceed smoothly..." She idly rubs her neck as she pronounces the last bit.

You say, "[Dont want Temalas neck to explode?]"
Temala Silverhair: [Would be unpleasant, to say the least.]

Sirum Hest reaches up to rub at her ears as he hadnt done so in a while, and she was one of the few who actually liked it, "I hope so, never got 'ta find out what she wanted with me... hum... next time ya think ya have 'ta try an' kill Hikari though... please jus' knock 'em out an' take all his stuff. That'd hurt 'em worse than death... no?", really not wanting anyone else to die.

[Sirum pretty much treated felines as actual feral cats early on. >_> Ear scritches.]

You say, "[Hikari would probably go insane IC if his gloves and Dreuhander were taken away @.@]"

Temala Silverhair purrs softly as she moves her head down a bit and gently shifts the rodents paws with one of her own, down to her shoulders as she continues, "You try knocking someone out in the middle of the street, and see how it works..."

Temala Silverhair: [Felines, gotta love 'em. ;-)]

Kivae yawns slightly, and mumbles something under her breath, shuffling down the stairs. [Must go clean room, so I can go get books. x.x]

Sirum Hest gives her a blank look as his paws are moved, but then loses it as he grins, now rubbing her shoulders though he prefers rubbing ears, "Thats why ya lure 'em off 'ta the lake if ya gotta.", not really trying to sound evil just not wanting either of them to get hurt. Since the corruption had left him he had become to dislike pain and death more and more, like he had when he first came to Ansteorra.

Temala Silverhair grins suddenly, revealing her vampiric fangs for a moment as his words pass through her mind before she speaks once more, "That's plan number two... I have permission to eliminate him as long as it doesn't bring to light certain things. The lake would be a fine place though, all know how foolish he is, mayhap he tried swimming with his armour again."

Sirum Hest looks to the fangs and lowers his head a bit, trying to hide his neck as he didnt want to get bitten. He sighs once and shakes his head, "Jus' dont kill 'em please... or ya an' Catherine will be in more trouble than already. If they put a bounty on ya...", remembering how many people were after him, then shifts for a moment.

Temala Silverhair shrugs, concealing the fangs once more as they seem to disturb the mouse, "My group can protect me from that, but they need never know anything... Equines are netoriously bad swimmers, when armoured."

Sirum Hest smiles as the fangs go away, glancing to the stranger near the staircase for a moment before deciding to try and ignore him, "...'group'?"

Temala Silverhair smiles before speaking in a tone of some regret, "Afraid I can't say more than that. Extremely anti-social people."

Gaeven: *Gaeven, expert sneaksman/woman/thing, hears the voices in the upper levels of the mage guild. Creeping along the stairs like a creepy black bug, he surveys the occupants once, thent wice, and finally, climbs over the railing by the stairs, and into the room...along the wall, and behind the bush, making nearly no noise (he hadn't much clothing to make noise) and, since he did not touch the bush, he could rustle no leaves. He crouched on all fours, listenning for anything interesting about the place he was in.*

Sirum Hest would tap his head as he usually did when thinking had his paws not already been busy, deciding instead just to nod, "Hmm... sounds like Ruby would fit into that group.", remembering her very anti-social attitude this morning, "...but oh well. What've ya been doin' aside from tryin' 'ta kill Hikari lately?"

Temala Silverhair shrugs, speaking in a vague manner, "Work..." Not more does she say, having the distinct impression of being watched, due to heightened senses which really don't do her that much good as she has no idea if they're accurate or not. She fiddles with the hilt of her blade for a moment before speaking again, "I've heard you've been busy, aside from the sleeping and all.."

Gaeven: *Considering that 99% of everyone on Furcadia has heightenned senses, it makes sense that people in the bussiness of sneaking around would adapt ways around such things, yes? Gaeven is no exception. Though he's not perfect, he's pretty damned good, doing his best to keep himself from producing musk. He listens intently, knowing not of who either furre spoke of, but finding it mildly interesting for now.*

Sirum Hest glances behind him to the bed that Lakorin lay on for a moment before returning his attention to Temala, "...I've been in the Clerics Guild an' up here nearly the whole while since she got covered in a bunch of runes. Somethin' had scared her badly apparently... an' im not gonna let it get her!", thinking he could actually be able to protect her.

You say, "[Sirum doesnt have heightened senses, but then again, he doesnt have anything special about him at all o.o]"
Gaeven: [Yea. It's tiresome to play a character such as mine, because nearly everyone has some sort of heightenned sense; and if they don't, they make it up on the spot. Well, realistically, if so many people did have heightenned senses, evolution suggests that ways would be found around it and people would adapt.]
Temala Silverhair: [*shrugs* I know most people do, that's why I avoided locating you, like 70% of those would, she just thinks someone might be watching, not even really knowing.]

Temala Silverhair nods slightly before yawning, her mind wandering as she glances at Lakorin.

Sirum Hest brings his paws back down and curls up on the floor, reaching forward to poke at her swords hilt idly as he mumbles, "...I thought ya said ya were guardin' her... that day in front of the item shop but... I've never seen ya around 'ta do it... odd...", deciding she must be really busy with her anti-social group.

Gaeven: *Swords, swords, and more swords. Why was everyone so VIOLENT around these parts? Gaeven couldn't wrap his mind around it for the moment, and the bussiness with runes and anti-social groups had his mind pre-occupied wondering about them. He would have to investigate further...*

Temala Silverhair blinks, replying absently as she continues to watch the one she was supposed to be guarding, "Haven't had the time to take part in that. Unfortunately, much as I hate to say it, I had more important things that needed to be completed."

Gaeven: *Gaeven decides he's learned enough from the people in front of him, and decides it's not worth listenning to their personal problems. He had stuff to find out, maybe an item to steal for some coin, and people to yiff! Creeping out from behind the bush, he once more made his way towards the stairs*

Gaeven: [..]
Temala Silverhair: [o.o]
You say, "[o.O]"

Sirum Hest nudges her lightly, smirking again, "But isn't it yer job 'ta... erm... nevermind, hehehe...", sitting up once more and trying to wait until she speaks again to reach forward and poke at her fangs, "'d ya become a vampire anyways? Arjanus got bitten so she became one... hum...", not having met any others besides her and Temala.

Temala Silverhair shifts her gaze back to Sirum, before assuming that faraway look again, "Quite a long time ago... I suppose, I wasn't really bitten, instead altered would be the appropriate word. Catherine's influence was minimal in that area, and she had but a few followers, rejects, outcasts, and the like of those. The one who started the process that made me what I am now was a novice, leaving me alive and not turned. This of course leads to the Hunter gene, which would of greatly fouled Catherine's plots of that time period, so she was forced to complete that transformation. 'Tis likely that she also influenced my feelings toward her, but I can't be certain. I am devout in my loyalty to her."

Temala Silverhair: [Bah, been reading to many second-rate RP board posts. o.o]

Sirum Hest tries to understand her story as best he can, finding it a bit far-fethed but then again this is Ansteorra..., "Hum... so thats what she does 'ta people. Thanks for the warnin' then, I guess...", noting not to let Catherine get too close to him anymore, " the way do ya know of a 'scrollkeeper' that Rakuro an' Hikari kept talkin' about? An' if ya do, who is he?...", seemingly in a very curious mood today.

[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[Someone's raggin' on me. -.-]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "Raggin?[]" to Arjanus McColin. ]
[ Arjanus McColin whispers, "[They're chewin' me out for being a vamp that can fight off sulight and bloodlust.]" to you. ]

Temala Silverhair idly lifts a paw, claws extended, she gazes at them as she speaks once more, "The scrollkeeper? As far as I know, he was an entity that resided in Catherine's head for a time, before being forcibly removed. I don't think it's dead so likely it's drifting somewhere. Catherine won't say much about it, source of some embarrasment I believe."

Temala Silverhair: [With Path'en back, that fellow might be back as well.]
You say, "[That guy Path'en's alt?]"
Temala Silverhair: [Yep.]

[Oh, god... it's so early on in Ansteorra that I didn't even know who Path'en or the Scrollkeeper were.]

Sirum Hest brings up a paw to hide another smirk, "...sounds jus' like Erisvan bein' removed from Kitzibeths head...", wondering what sort of embarrasment it had caused Catherine, but seeing as Temala doesnt know he decides to save that question for when she is alive.

Temala Silverhair: Maybe.

Sirum Hest stands and moves away from her over to by one of the beds, "...if Catherine doesnt get revived... what would ya do?", noticing it seemed like she was usually always just following Catherine's orders.

Temala Silverhair shrugs not looking wooried as she replies, "Not to worry, she will be, that's already being taken care of. There is naught to do but wait." She gets up then, once more rubbing her neck as she considers Sirum, "Why do you keep asking? Patience is a virtue..."

Sirum Hest frowns as she caught on, he had been trying to worm out of her anything about Catherine that he could, not knowing about the rune in her neck, "U-um... s-sorry, heheh... I was jus' curious as usual.", scurrying under one of the beds, "...but it looks like ya might've hurt yer neck or somethin' in yesterdays battle, ya wont stop rubbin' it, might wanna see a Cleric..."
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