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A day of birthday gifts, maps and fireworks. 10-23-2004

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 15, 2017 12:56 am    Post subject: A day of birthday gifts, maps and fireworks. 10-23-2004 Reply with quote

[Summary: Power was out, so I missed a lot of RP, it seems. This is a pleasant little day of RP, slice of life with a few strange things mixed in.]

[ You whisper "[The power here just came back on. n.n; And I was told to whisper you.]" to DM's Gaze. ]
[ DM's Gaze whispers, "Oh yeah. " to you. ]
[ DM's Gaze whispers, "You're b7'd" to you. ]
[ DM's Gaze whispers, "xD" to you. ]
[ DM's Gaze whispers, "Seriously, send methe dream, 'k?" to you. ]
[ DM's Gaze whispers, "^^;" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Sure thing. Though, where exactly is Kivae currently?]" to DM's Gaze. ]
[ DM's Gaze whispers, "She's in the mountains that border the dwarflands. " to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Hn. And I don't Si could've sped along behind her once realizing she had gone? Seeing as he has things to give her. xD]" to DM's Gaze. ]
[ DM's Gaze whispers, "Erm.. If he can -run- at a hundred miles an hour. I'm sure he could have chased. " to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Ah. They teleported then?]" to DM's Gaze. ]
[ DM's Gaze whispers, "Better. They took one of Kitzibeth's special carts ^^" to you. ]

[-If- he can run that fast? At 30 DEX light struggles to keep up with Sirum! Si being left behind is distressing because, well...]

[ You whisper "<<Bloody hells! Where in the Primes name did ya go!? I'm not gonna be blamed for forgettin' yer birthday!>>" to Kivae. ]
[ Kivae whispers, "<<We're getting a book for Kitzibeth, I don't think it should take to long. Sorry! The egg's in the hall, if you could make sure nothing hurts it, that's be a fine birthday present..>> There's a grin in her voice." to you. ]
[ You whisper "<<A book? Erm... okay then.>> A slightly uneasy tone to his voice, and not about the egg." to Kivae. ]
[ Kivae whispers, ">>I won't chat or anything, we'll be back soon. but it's strange. Really familiar. I thought you might be out somewhere with Rakuro, sorry. Something the matter, though? It's not hatching without me, is it?<< The impression is that the voice belongs to the wind, not sounding like Kivae's tones, and flickering about his ears. " to you. ]
[ You whisper "<<Nah, not really. Jus' the guards are startin' to give me funny looks since I'm alone. Or maybe it's 'cause I've been starin' at 'em for an hour or so to see how long it takes 'em to run. Hehehe..>>" to Kivae. ]
[ Kivae whispers, ">>You're staring at them to make them run?<< The wind laughs airly. >>Something tells me that won't work.<<" to you. ]

[I get to watch the last half of possibly the first quest I've missed in a good, long whle.]

Zhian Na'Graath quirks a brow, and motions again, this time towrd Ruby. Instead of being flung across the room, the air around the femme would harden to an icy sheen, freezing her into a R00bsickle. [6/6][Water]

Kivae's ears go flat, and she lets out a low growl like noise, crouching down to the floor by Kele, checking the back of her head and shoulders and any other injuries that might be apparent. If she shows signs of being conscious, "You okay?"

Taikris blinks a few times as he steps closer to thetable. He does his best to hold his composure when the others are down for the count. "Er... right then. Hello there Archmagus Zhian. I was the one who actually tried knocking. Exactly why won't you let us borrow the book?"

Ruby Pyralis would try, before freezing, kicking at the desk in front of her with all her might and hopefully topple it over onto the mage before turning into everyone's favorite summer-time snack.

Kivae licks Rubeh.]
Ruby Pyralis tastes like blueberries. ^---^]
[#] Watch out for the Lick King.

Kele-De is unconscious and slumped over. She looks like a rag doll that a little kid has thrown against the wall then left to fall upon the floor as a discarded toy. She's breathing though more than likely has several broken bones.

Taikris: [o.o]
Kele-De: [But, Rivyn's not around.]
Taikris doesn't quite get Kele's comment <.<[]

Zhian Na'Graath hems. "I do hope you'll be more polite than those two intolerable femmes. Now. What exactly is it that That worthless excuse for a mage needed?"

Ruby Pyralis missed the table, apparently.

Taikris umms briefly as he glances over his shoulder again. "Well... we needed to borrow a book for her. They already stated the title, and I believe it's going to be used for something important around Ansteorra."

Ruby Pyralis is the color of her wings. :3

Zhian Na'Graath grumps, and strokes his beard. "Well, I suppose I can let you touch that book. You seem honest enough! Here. Make sure that she gives it back to me, or I'll make sure that you spend the rest of eternity in excruciating pain."

Taikris can't resist glancing over his shoulder again as he catches that last part. "I'll certainly do my best, but like I said. I don't know exactly what she has planned for it c.c"

Kalannar: [The most technical definition of 'eterinity in excuciating pain' = 'eternity being crucified'. :3]
Taikris thought it was looking at Hiki's grammer, or listening to Shatner sing >.>[]
Ruby Pyralis: [XD!]

Kivae winces at the sight of Kele, her nose wrinkling. "We'll have to find Chloe, or the fort's healer.. 'less," Glancing back at the mage with her ears still down, and nose wrinkled. "Can you fix them up so we can actually leave?"

Kalannar: [Nope. The word 'excruciating' was created for the simple intent of describing the sheer amount and intensity of the pain one experiences when being crucified. There was no word to describe it, so they made one.]
Ruby Pyralis baps everyone to shutup.]

Zhian Na'Graath paws the book to him. "Here. Now take your ragdoll and your icicle out of here before I change my mind?" He claps his paws - Ruby melts, and Kel's bones are mended. [8/8][Revert]

Kele-De wakes up from unconsciousness and stretches slightly. She's sore and bruised, btu that's better than being unconscious and having broken bones.

Ruby Pyralis thaws out quickly, blinking a few times as she looks around, rather dizzy in all honestly. She wipes her nose and shivers slightly, "I am -never- running errands for Kitzibeth again." Is all she says as she heads over to Kele and leans against the wall. >.>

Kivae gets to her feet, offering a handpaw down to Kele to help her up. Or possibly restrain her from flying at the mage. She mutters lightly, ".. How do we get back.."

Zhian Na'Graath shrugs. "Not my problem. Just go."

Taikris nods firmly as he takes the book in paw, glancing over his shoulder at Ruby and the others. "Next time... we knock, and wait." he says simply before moving quickly out the door. "I'm sure the cart'll be back <.<"

Ruby Pyralis hisses at Taik, "Next time, you're not coming."

[#] The carts are in fact back. They will return everyone to the fort in exactly 5 hours.

Kele-De stands up and leans against Ruby, to steady herself. "You and me both Ruby." She glares at Taik. "I was perfectly codial to him. It wasn't my fault he didn't hear me and pissed me off." She grins at Ruby. "I concur wiht that whole-heartedly."

Taikris glances over his shoulder as he keeps moving. "Hey... I managed to get the book at leat :-P" before jumping onto the cart. "And I didn't get blasted to all hell"

[#] Everyone gets +10 RP XP.
Taikris: [w00t]
[#] And you get the book ^^
Kalannar: [Me, too!? =D]
[#] Not you, Kal :P
Kalannar: [v.v]
[#] DM is gonna poof now. Must get food.

Ruby Pyralis glares at Taik, "We were getting to that. And believe me, that was nothing like hell."

Kele-De shrugs. "A few broken bones never bothered me. It's happened before it'll happen again."

Ruby Pyralis: [Bye! Thanks for the good RP ^-^]
Amerie: (Bye, Kitz. Have fun shopping. \:D)
Amerie: (Take care. :3)
Zhian Na'Graath: [yay! :-) Nite all!]
Zhian Na'Graath poufs.
Ruby Pyralis waves. :3]
Taikris poofles back to Anst[]

Kivae slides into a cart, muttering something about hoping it's still her birthday when she gets there.

Sunshadow Fortuna yawns and thuds head on the joining aplication


Ruby Pyralis grumbles as she walks in while rubbing at her lower back and shivering slightly, "I don't even care. Just leave me alone for the next few days." Soon finding a seat and fwumping down. ~.~

Kivae pads inside, shaking her head as if was spinning, and grinning easily. After a moment of concentration to make the world stop moving, she manages to jump onto the counter, holding her arms out for Sirum to give her the egg.

[Kivae had a fondness of sitting on tables, counters, any surface off the ground. Which was a problem, since she was covered in dirt, leaves and twigs... but are you really going to tell Rivyn's daughter she can't sit wherever she pleases?]

Kalannar actually sits in a seat. He's hunched over in the seat, elbows leaning against the table, head resting in his palms. He looks.. blatantly bored out of his mind.

Kele-De sighs running a paw through her headfur. "I'm going for a walk. I need some air to clear my head."

Annari Salia blinks, looking at the people who seemed to have flooded in while she was day-dreaming. She shifted positions so that her back was against the wall and her footpaws were crossed in front of her.

Sunshadow Fortuna yawns and stretches and looks around, thinking to himself and stands and stretches a bit, his eyes slowly opening and looks about at everyone and thinks

Kalannar grumbles a bit before raising an eyebrow and speaking aloud his thoughts, "Where did you all run off to.. and why wasn't the rat with you..."

Sirum Hest actually wasn't holding the egg, he had it on the chair behind him and was watching it with narrowed eyes, as if daring it to pop without Kivae here to stop whatever lurked inside from coming at him. As she comes in, however, he scoots off to the side and allows her to take it. At the same time, he brings out a tomato plushie and sets it atop her head and grins toothily. "Happy birthday. This is all yer gonna get."

Taikris lets out a rather drawn out exhale as he scans the interior of the meeting room once more. "Has -anybody- seen Kitzibeth lately?" fidgiting in his seat as he didn't exactly want to hold the tome forever.

Aliletha' rises then slips quietly outside

Kivae picks up her egg, then. Giving Sirum a suspicious look. To Kal, "We were getting a book, and he wasn't here.." Then starting, her spine going stiff as the plushie is set on her head. After a second, she shakes her skull quickly, like a dog out of water, to get it to slide or fly off. "Erm.. That's alright, y'kin keep it. Those things are.. creepy." Staring at it, where ever it had happened to land. ".. Though, if you don't want it either, I guess it might make a nice chew toy.."

Sirum Hest frowns then and crosses his arms up in front of his chest stubbornly. "Yer refusin' my gift then? If yer gonna be that way ya can take the bag it came in for all I care." With that, his tail flicks beneath his cloak and wraps around the top of an ordinary, leather bag, which is tossed over into her lap. It appears to be filled entirely, but would feel as light as if it were completely empty. ^^

Kalannar shrugs a bit and grunts in response to the answer given. He drops his left arm from underneath his head and blinks slowly, wearied eyes scanning the motly assortment of patrons.

Triona gives a shake of her head and looks about as she comes back from wherever her thoughts had taken her, noticing that those who had left have returned and that a few others are about as well

Sunshadow Fortuna thinks and moves and sits at the table and leans on his hands, thinking, he yawns softly as he listens and watches, observing them all carefully.

Kivae picks up the bag, flashing Sirum a quick, cheerful grin, as she did not remember the tomato plushies coming in bags. Deftly pulling it open enough to peek inside, she stretches out a leg to poke at him, laughing happily. "Berry?" Seeming to be offering him one.

Sunshadow Fortuna thinks and moves and sits at the table and leans on his hands, thinking, he yawns softly as he listens and watches, observing them all carefully.

Sirum Hest happily takes the berry and pops it into his mouth, chewing away happily before flopping back onto the counter with his head and arms hanging off of it.
"Thanks. Hope ya liked that, the other merchants tried tellin' me ya would want a seal. Jus' charge it at least once per day an' ya will never run out - or at least, that's what she claimed. Also... mm... ya got me three gifts, didn't ya? I'm not gonna let ya outdo me, so I'm gonna count the next gift as two." With that, his toes wiggle about on the other side of the counter until they hook onto two things, which are tossed back to his paws and are caught easily. Two boots made entirely out of many, many leaves all delicately sewn together with sparkling ice. Just like the robes they had made together. "Now when the snow comes ya won't have to wear those horrible boots, these should work jus' fine." Though, rather than offering them to her, he sets each one on her ears.

Triona shifts and stretches, she looks over at Sirum and very nearly smiles, giving him a wave as Skadi chirps in an amused manner

Kalannar glances over to Triona's bird... for a moment contemplating killing and eating the creature in a nice stew. Though, he decides against it. Too much effort for something so small.

Kivae in the process of having some berries, makes a muffled, "-Another- one?" Without moving her head, she glances upwards at the items. Both her ears flicker, attempting to send them into her lap as well. She grins, tucking the creamy-golden flower more firmly behind her hair, in case the boots had loosened it. "You didn't have to, my boots are fine, for boots." Looking thoughtful a moment, then laughing, "'cept that I can't remember where I put them last spring.."

Sirum Hest also squeaks happily over in greeting to Skadi, waving both his paws from his upsidedown position. "Whenever yer birthday happens I'll... um... make ya a scarf of leaves, Skadi. Promise.", grinning toothily before turning back to Kivae. "Ya, but they're an eyesore for everyone else. They don't fit the rest of yer clothes, it'd be like me wearin' an orange jesters hat. ... Instead of a blue one.", snrking quietly. "An' they probably got buried in the floods, or left in Ansteorra one. Hope ya like 'em all - especially the tomato, an' happy birthday again, but... where did ya get that flower? It looks like it's made out of gold..."

Triona's ears flick and Skadi hops down and over to Sirum, chirping quite happily tonight as Tri speaks softly: "That's sweet Sirum... but not practicle... Skadi thrives in the cold and would probably lose it in two shakes"

Kivae snorts at the mention of them being an eyesore, murmuring something about not of her clothes fitting, besides her cloak. Assuming the boots can be compressed, she works at pushing them into her bag with one handpaw, while the other retrieves a blueberry or two, which she holds out towards Skadi, to see if he's interested. "They're tasty." Nodding to Si, "I love them all- and the spider will probably love the tomato." Sticking out her tongue a second, and then blinking. After a brief pause, she tugs the flower out from her hair, holding it out to Sirum for inspection, with a grin. "It's a flower, where do you think it came from? But, ah, it was another birthday present.."

Taikris snaps out of whatever haze he was in to quickly look about his current surroundings. Not spotting Kitzibeth, he heaves another sigh only to turn to face Kivae and her... presents a moment later.

Kivae ponders the '...' after presents. o.o

Taikris found the tomato plushie freaky :-P

Kivae did too. Is going to let her spider chew on it.

Triona notes that the spider egg would be safe and where Kivae left it, just as delayed reference

Triona's Skadi looks at Kivae and chirps then decides to try one of the offered berries
Aliletha' wanders out quietly

Taikris hmms slightly before turning his attention to the two, er... one stranger in the room. "Hey. I don't think I ever caught your name"

Sirum Hest laughs quietly and pokes his tongue out at Triona. "Well, ya could take it instead. Though Skadi would look so cute wrapped up in leaves." He idly notes that, if it wasn't obvious, the tomato plushie was a joke gift. :-P Then, returning his attention to Kivae, he gives a sheepish grin. "At least now we have an entire year to wait before havin' to do this again. 'Cause I'm outta ideas on gifts, really.", glancing away slyly before he reaches a paw down to poke lightly at the flower. Only to see that it wouldn't bunch an inch from his pokings. "Huh... mus' be an awfully weird flower. I can't believe someone beat me to the givin' of things, though, mrrf." Not really annoyed, obviously. x) He leaves it at that then and tumbles down off of the counter, poking lightly at her with his tail. "How did the book trip go, though? Hardly anyone said a word about it when they came back."

Kivae keeps her handpaw out, in case she decides she likes it, and wants another.

Sunshadow Fortuna blinks, his eyes opening and smiles and listens, wondering if the Male is talking to him, he looks about carefully

Triona nods to Sirum: "She would look cute..." Skadi gives an odd chirp and ignores the second berry as she hops into Sirum's lap, perching on Kivae's shoulder, not realizing that Tai is talking to her she doesn't respond

Taikris is indeed looking at the young elf? sitting across from him. "Yes, you. What's your name? I didn't catch it earlier when I was talking to your companion"

Kalannar leans up, straightening himself up as one slender hand fishes through one of the many various pouches at his belt. A second later, he pulls out a tarnished rag from it. The Drow then draws one of his weapons, his right-held scimitar and begins to polish the blade fervently.

Sunshadow Fortuna smiles and bows meekly."i am Sunshadow Fortuna, Sir, and you are?" he arches a brow over his right silver eye and smiles at him."and may i ask how you are?" he smiles, his smooth sculpted elven face kind-a made a bit weird by the vulpine ears on his head.

Kivae tucks it back into her hair, nestled by an ear, after which it takes on a faintly brighter yellow sheen. "I'm sure we could think of something by next year. And I guess it is.." As the penguin ignores the second blueberry she shrugs lightly, and tosses it in the general direction of Tai. "It went already. Kele got smashed, and Ruby got frozen, but otherwise it was just like the time we were delivering a book for her.

Taikris nods slowly, only giving the silver eye a wary glance as some detail gnaws at the back of his mind. "Right then. I'm Taikris. A pleasure to meet you" he then glances back over to Kivae, and then once more to Sun as compares and contrasts similarities

Kivae notes that she threw a blueberry at Tai. o.o

Taikris was pelted in the center of the forehead when he turned to look at Kivae then. "Umm... thanks?"

Sunshadow Fortuna arms cross, fingers ending in thicker longer fingernails, all to much like claws, his ears flick about and he watches Taikris and arches a brow, his scent of a deep forest and bushland, he smiles and chuckles."something wrong, Sir? you look a bit, confused or something like that?" he's more muscular then most elves, but he is also thinner then foxes and looks built more for agility, he smiles meekly and chuckles, staring at the male with both haunting silver gray eyes.

Sirum Hest rolls his eyes then and slumps back against the counter, snugging Skadi into his arms as he does so. ^^ "One of these days, we're gonna have to make Kitzibeth go there herself. That or put that old idiot furre in his place. I'd suggest dumpin' termites onto his tree, but ya might not like that..."

Kalannar remains as he is, dutifully polishing his scimitar, carefully scrutinizing the weapon with each stroke of the rag in his willowy grasp.

Kivae's nailclaws could take Sunshadow's nail-claws anyday. Rar. "He did it before they could do anything. I think it'd be a bit of a challenge to 'put him in his place.'" Sounding doubtful.

Triona glances back at Tai and Sun as she hears their names then looks back at Sirum, flicking her tail: "She missed you Sirum... so did I..." ears flicking and drooping somewhat

Taikris gives a slight shake of his head, glancing over once more to Kivae as he pops the berry into his mouth. "Nevermind. Just noticing that you and Kivae there might have some distant vulpine relative"

Sunshadow Fortuna chuckles and shrugs."maybe, maybe not, who knows, i've been traveling since i was sixteen or seventeen."

Sirum Hest flashes her a toothy grin. "With enough plannin' anythin' can be taken down. We did it with Kazunori, after all, but... ah... nevermind." After cuddling Skadi for a bit longer, he sets her back down into his lap again and smiles. "I missed ya both too - I wasn't sure what had happened to ya, an' ya didn't leave a letter. It's nice to have ya back here again."

Taikris raises a brow slightly wondering just what exactly his adventuring career had to do with the current topic, but gives another brief shake of his head. "Right then... where'd your friend go anyway?"

Kivae wrinkles her nose, "His coloring's entirely different then mine, I doubt it."

Triona actually, finally, gives a tiny smile, speaking a bit more softly for a moment: "I'm glad to be back Sirum"

Taikris doesn't know those details :-P

Sunshadow Fortuna blinks blankly."friend? i don't have any friends here." he sighs and thinks of ordering a drink for his nineteenth birthday, he stretches and yawns, then broods

Kivae also waves a handpaw dismissively to Si. "He fixed them, we don't need to do anything.."

Taikris hmms slightly, having assumed them to know each other since they both seemed to be elven as well. "I see" He would then move his head about to look at
Kivae. "If you say so"

Sunshadow Fortuna shrugs as he watches the Male and yawns as he smiles a bit and thinks silently, observing and listening once more

Kalannar continues about his relentless persuit of obsessive polishing.

[#] In the corner of the meeting hall, a flash of snow pure robes with a billowing white cloak can be seen snapping into existence briefly with dark orange hair at the top of it all. No other details can be made out, as the room in that direction seems to blur as if staring through glasses not designed for those who were wearing them. After a second or two passes, a scythe that puts Ruby's to shame can be seen shifting into existence of the hands of the creature there, six feet total in length with a blade nearly as long and pitch black all around. The weapon is suddenly swung at those at the other side of the room, though too far away to hit anyone, and the odd visitor vanishes to where they had come from immediately afterwards. Ten seconds then pass of inactivity, before the roof of the room suddenly lights up in a brilliant display of miniature fireworks and sparklers. No explanation is given towards these events, as the stranger doesn't bother returning.

Triona blinks several times at the odd display and just looks completely perplexed

Taikris blinks a few times, only to scream and duck low, shielding the tome with his body as the scythe swings through the air. The poor feline's furre stands on end when the first firework goes off, and nearly sends him sprinting when he notices that it's just a display. "The hell is going--- ooh that one was pretty!"

Kalannar has already leapt from the seat and barreled low to his knees, scimitar held at the ready. When, quite suddenly, the fireworks erupt everywhere and he simply arches an eyebrow, pulling himself up to stand upright, slightly baffled by the display, ".. Vel'bol?"

Sunshadow Fortuna pulls back at the scythe and his paws unsheathe two daggers at his belt, twirling them to block the blade as he growls, his hair and ears standing onend when the scythe disappears."bloody hell!" he blinks, looking up at the fireworks."ohhh, like the blue ones...."

Kivae ducks her head a bit as the scythe moves, her ears going flat, fur standing on end, and eyes going wide. She stares at the (now empty) corner, teeth bared. "What.." The flower's color fading to a near-white shade, with faint tinges of red near the base of the petal, and curling orange-sherbert colors across the edges. After a moment, she takes a quiet breath, and glances up, commenting idly, "Looks like it's not Ansteorra that attracted all the strange things, but the Ansteorrans.."

Taikris he seems to slowly calm himself down as the display comes to an end, turning sharply to face the kit. "You know... I'm beginning to notice that. Especially while traveling with Jonathan <.<"

Marlina Evenstar fades out of the shadows, blissfully unaware that perhaps she shouldn't do that for every entrance, before taking a seat next to Taikris. A brief nod is offered to the previously introduced individual, before her attention shifts to the dagger twirler, show-off.

Sirum Hest merely draws up his cloaks hood as the stranger appears and scoots back, even more so as the scythe appears. He nearly begins to speak, until the room alights with dozens of sparkling fireworks, ranging from all shades of the rainbow. "Pretty... what Heretic was that, do ya think? It didn't look like somethin' Kendrick would do..." Apparently, if something odd happens near Ansteorra, it's the work of a Heretic.

Triona gives a shake of her head and stands, moving to Sirum she reaches down and takes Skadi gently, ruffling Sirum's hair as she does, staying there several moments

Sunshadow Fortuna watches and shakes his head, his fox ears flapping abit and sheathes his daggers and sits, grumbling softly about being jittery and hair triggered

Kivae half-grins. "The Heretic of Flashy Entrances. unused weapons, and distraction?"

[ Triona whispers, "Triona's mental voice is as gentle as ever ~Though things like that make me wonder why I missed this place... tis the people I missed I suppose... I have to go for a couple days now but when I come back can we sit and talk for a while?~" to you. ]

Kalannar's eyes glance around slightly frantically before he merely curses in Drow and dropping back into his seat. He grumbles a bit louder now in his own tongue, noticeably irritated now as the Dark Elf continues to polish his scimitar.

Sirum Hest nods quickly up to Triona and flashes her a wide grin. That is, after the display of lights finally fade away entirely. "'Course we can, jus' don't forget about us again, ya? Otherwise we'll have to hunt ya down." With that, he scoots back to the counter and pokes his tongue out at Kivae. "For such a grand entrance they didn't stay very long."

Triona manages another small smile at Sirum as she settles Skadi atop her head: "I never forgot you Sirum... I don't think I could if I wanted." with that she bundles into her cloak and pads out the door

Taikris moves his head from left to right in steady, purposeful motions as he seeks some sign from the intruder, or some remnance. "So... why the hell would the thing come in here and righten us all." Looking over to Sirum upon hearing the words of the blue rodent. "You know we still need to find out who he was"

Sirum Hest slips a paw into his pocket and draws out a patch of black material, waving it above his head. "I already have a mysterious stranger to hunt down. One that rips their cloak on the palisade over twice as high as myself, an' leaves silver roses layin' on towers. Not one who has a weapon near twice as long as I am."

Kivae eyes the piece of black cloth, ".. What?"

Sirum Hest shrugs lightly. "A guard fell to his death off of the tower. Jonathan picked up the rose left behind near where he fell, I found this on the palisade. Nothin' else happened, really, an' everyone seems to have forgotten it for the most part."

Taikris is quickly overcome by a frown. "Fine then. I'll just have to look into it myself" he would then rise to his footpaws, cautiously padding his way to the corner from which the mage appeared as he looks for some clue.

Kivae's flower's colors begin to fade again, turning more of a blank white color, with orange around the tips. "Here? I didn't see that.." She wrinkles her nose, "Why did Jon pick a flower?"

Sirum Hest shakes his head slowly, watching the flower in Kivae's hair out the corner of his eye. "He didn't, it was jus' layin' there, I think. I've been meanin' to ask him for it but he's so rarely free. An'... I think yer flower might be sick. It keeps changin' colors."

[#] Taikris finds absolutely nothing, aside from a light knick in the table where it seems like the tip of the scythe went through it as clean as butter.

Taikris walks back to his seat mildly perturbed then.

Kalannar examines his sword carefully, giving a satisfactory nod to the weapon and sheathing it, only shortly before tossing the rag to his other hand, and drawing his left-held scimitar. The entirity of the weapon's metal is colored all a woodland green tinge. The smallish Drow then simply begins to polish the scimitar just as he had the other.

Kivae tugs at a knot in her hair, nodding without so much as glancing at the flower. "I think that's what it does; It's fine." She looks somewhat confused. "Don't know how I missed that.. he just.. fell.. no one pushed him, and he didn't jump, then?"

Sirum Hest crosses his arms up behind his head leisurely then, seeming to have grown tired for some reason. Maybe it was the rush from the pretty lights fading off. "Ah... an' I was thinkin' it was made of gold really. Should've figured ya wouldn't have worn somethin' tacky like that.", snickering quietly. "An' nah, he jus' fell, apparently, but I don't buy that. His bloody helmet wasn't even found."

Taikris stretches wearily from his seat, glancing out the doors as he mentally checks off how much time had passed. With little ceremony... he rises, and walks out the door.

Kivae only 'hn's, thoughtfully, and leans back against the tables. She strokes across the surface of the egg, idly warming it.

[I had to pop out of the RP here to RP an NPC for a bit.]

Sirum Hest puts on a merchant face. []
Michael Zexohn rips out of Sirum's head. []
Marlina Evenstar puts on a Sirum face. :-D]
Taikris: [o.o]
Sirum Hest considers. []
You say, "[This will make two UtC articles I need to get typed up and two topics I need to post. >.>]"
You say, "[Way of the Bandit and... whatever I can think of for this RP.]"
Taikris: [You have a week till the next UtC is due.]
You say, "[Well, yeah. :P I like to be ready though.]"
Taikris: [ah x)]
Marlina Evenstar: [And I like two days to get everything put together, before my deadline. :-P]
Kalannar polishes his green scimitar, grumbles annoyedly, you get the picture.
Marlina Evenstar doesn't like a picture of Kalannar.
Sirum Hest alts, idles. []
Kalannar: []
Kalannar: [Yes you do. :P]
Marlina Evenstar: [Bit less skinny... 'Spose he's Oh-kay.]
Kalannar: [He's supposed to be skinny. ]
Marlina Evenstar: [Yeah, damn anarexic drow. >.>
Marlina Evenstar: ]
Ruby Pyralis: [He's smexah.]
Kalannar: [He's not anarexic. :P]
Kalannar smooches R00bah. HRT]
[%] Kalannar just gave Ruby Pyralis a cookie.
Marlina Evenstar: [Sure he's not, that's what all the people with a rist two inches in circumferance say. :-P]
Marlina Evenstar: [Wrist*]
Kalannar: [xP]
Iz, the Ambiguous: [Why does someone ALWAYS have to mess around with the musty avatar in such a way that makes it useless? ><]
Kivae: [Sorry. :x]
Marlina Evenstar: [Cultural requirements I'm afraid, something about modern society within Furcadia demands it.]
You say, "[!]"
You say, "[Iz!]"
Iz, the Ambiguous: [Hiya. :-)]
You say, "[I thought you had disappeared after Wayfies died. n.n]"
You say, "[Where do you hang out now? >.>]"
Iz, the Ambiguous: [Nah... I RP'ed at Howling Oak after that, and Chenzira after that.]
Iz, the Ambiguous: [Nowadays, nowhere, really. x.x;]
You say, "[Ah. Good. Now can you answer me, what gender is Iz?]"
Iz, the Ambiguous: [Chenzira fell after the head admin went nuts.]
Iz, the Ambiguous: [That I choose not to disclose directly. :-D]
You say, "[Bastard. :P]"
Sirum Hest will find out some day. Resumes typing posts on his NPC. []
Ruby Pyralis: [Iz is an is.]
Iz, the Ambiguous: [I've lately been having a lot of trouble finding good RP. Even Wayfarer's at least had something going on regularly.]
You say, "[That's like saying New Haven has something going on regularly.]"
Ruby Pyralis pounces the Iz.]
Sirum Hest gnaws on Ruby. []
Ruby Pyralis: [Ow v.v]
Ruby Pyralis: [ <--- I rock.]
Kivae: [>3]
Ruby Pyralis: [It's Kele :D]
Miyth: [>.>]
Ruby Pyralis: [MIYTH]
Iz, the Ambiguous: [Well, I'll be dream-hopping, again. Cya guys later.]
Miyth: [Boosh.]
Kivae: [Shoob.]

Disconnected from server.

[Good ol' reliable Furc servers.]

Taikris casually makes his way back into the meeting room, seeming rather tired after so much traveling in one day. "Kele... you don't happen to know if there's any tea to be had. Do you?"

Kele-De arches a brow and glances over at Taik. "Why in all of Feanor would i know where any tea would be?" She shakes her head then. "Try asking the guards and checking the messhall."

Taikris slowly sits upright, trying to look over Kele's head in the general direction of said messhall before simply collapsing upon the table once more. A few moments pass when... "Hey Kele... any chance you'd be interested in taking a trip to Tharivol?"

Kivae idly bites into a strawberry, leaving the plant part of it, and a third of the fruit out of her mouth, holding it there and draining it of the strawberry juice. She crosses her arms behind her head, staring at the ceiling as if it was the sky.

Kele-De furrows her brows and shakes her head, a look of sheer disbeleif crossing her face. "What? Why?" Her head tilts to the side, a look of puzzlement upon her features.

Taikris coughs slightly as he sits up once more, pulling forth a tied up scroll in a yellow string. "That's why. I took another trip out to see the mapmaker and he's given me a map to the last known location of a lost caravan."

Kele-De shakes her head and rolls her eyes. "Another treasure map?" She sighs running a paw through her headfur. "I really need to stick around here." She nudges Ruby then. "You up for an adventure?" Turning to Taik she adds, "As long as it won't take long."

Ruby Pyralis mrrfs, having fallen asleep as a result from their last adventure, "Depends."

Taikris hmms slightly, seeming to be mildly dissappointed before giving another slight nod. "Well it shouldn't take terribly long. I would just prefer more along for this one as he said that this would be a tad harder than the lest little excursion to Ansteorra. Of course I'll have to make the plans first, but I'd appreciate the attendance of you two, and definitely Kivae over there"

Kele-De nods and yawns. "So long as it's not tonight. I think I need some sleep."

Ruby Pyralis mmphs in agreement, "Too tired right now."

Taikris gives yet another nod at this point. "Understandable. Like I said... it'll probably be a little while before I actually head out on this one. Couple things I want to look into first. Like that weird fellow with the scythe <.<" he then turns about to face Kivae. "Oh... I was wondering. You wouldn't by any chance be interested in that staff we found?"

Kele-De arches a brow. "What weird fellow with the scythe?" She brings a paw up to cover her mouth then as she yawns.

Taikris briefly gestures to the gash in the table. "Oh. Some freak appeared here in white robes, holding a freakishly huge scythe. Cut a nick in the table while swinging at us, and then set off a bunch of firework illusions in the air before dissappearing. The whole ordeal couldn't have lasted more than a few seconds, but it was odd to say the least"

You say, "[Actually.]"
You say, "[This map would have at least 10 x's on it.]"
You say, "[Not just one caravan. xP]"

[I really enjoyed hosting that quest. Ruby and Kivae made their own maps so the group wouldn't get lost in the desert, using the markers to find the X marks. Plus it's the one where Rakuro got eaten by a sandworm. My posts in this RP are a bit sparse due to dreamweaving.]

Kele-De blinks and frowns. "When?"

Kivae releases the strawberry, half of it missing. She makes a agreeing 'mm.' Showing distaste, "Desert? Eh.. Bringing lots of water, I hope.." Flicking her tail at Kele, "Some .. human, I think it was? Maybe it just had tan fur, though. Bright orange hair, and a scythe bigger than me." Her ears twitch at the mention of the staff. "It's not really something I'd use, no. And I don't really need the gold." Back to Kele, "Earlier today."

Sirum Hest idly notes that the firework 'illusions' were actually quite real.

Taikris shrugs slightly. "Just before I left for the mapmaker today." [he also appends the previous section to include the new DM info :-D] To Kivae. "Well... then maybe I could sell this rather interesting magic scroll I bought off the guy. It's a lightning bubble that seems to protect you to great effect. Why... he even gave me the pronunciation for the arcane in common :-)"

You say, "[This map is going to be so sweet. n.n;]"

Kivae tilts her head, finishing off the strawberry as she takes that in. "Why would you want to sell that?" [Sorry, pizza. ^^]

Kele-De nods and her eyes begin to close. "Well, if I'm here I'll see what I can do about going." She yawns again. "For now, I'm going to go curl up and sleep."

Taikris waves farewell to the seal mistress. "Night then, Kele." he then turns to Kivae once more. "Well... to help pay for more maps, and because... well." he pulls it out of his pocket. "The orb works both ways. I can't exactly fight back since it doesn't move till after it's worn out. You use magic a lot. So I figure it's no problem for you"

Kele-De: [Alright, I'm exhausted so I'm going to bed. Night all. ^.^]
Taikris: [Night Kele :-)]
Kivae: [G'night. ^^]
Sirum Hest should probably note that, for every 3 preps of lightning cast on the orb, it stays an additional round? xP []

Kivae flicks one ear back, looking considering. "But I don't need a shield an awful lot either.. but it'd be nice to have." She taps several fingers on the spider egg. "So.. if magic can go out through it, can magic go in?" Finally, after waiting a moment, adds, "How much are you asking for it?"

Taikris scrunches up his face as he tries to think up a good number. "It's actually quite spiffy. If furres try to attack you -and- they have metal equipment they go flyin'." another moment of pondering. "I dunno. How's 65 gold sound?"

Kivae doesn't respond until he replies about magic going into it. xP

Taikris adds a moment later as he realizes what he forgot to respond to <.<;; "I know -it- can be targeted by magic, but I don't know if your enemies can shoot through the shield at you with magic. Pretty sure it'll stop incoming magic though."

You say, "[Hn.]"
You say, "[and this time.]"
You say, "[I'm going to delete things not on the map.]"
You say, "[But are actually in dream. >.o]"
Kivae: [And mark the Xs? :D]
Taikris: [hehehe]
You say, "[Yus]"

Kivae wrinkles her nose. "It does sound nice, but I probably won't get a chance to use it... How about. 57 crowns?" Seeming to like not rounded-off numbers. ^^

Taikris would find this different number very odd. "Umm... how about an even 60?"

Kivae flicks one ear back, head tilting. "Why?"

Annari Salia enters the building, yawning lightly. She sits down on the floor next to the door Indian style, "'Ello," She says simply to anyone who would bother to reply.
Taikris states in a very proficient manner. "It helps my math. It also saves me time and trouble counting out the coins"

Paul Denton: [Please ignore me. I'm an OOC observer, and Zagnafein told me to come observe sometime tonight and decide if I was interested in making a character and joining.]
Kivae: [Nice to have you. :-) we're just sort of winding down, I think.]
You say, "[Since it's 2 AM-ish for some of us. x)"
Taikris: [Nice. A fellow dune fan, but isn't the name from the game Dues Ex a bit odd?]
Taikris: [Deus*]
Paul Denton: [I thought so too. Originally, I made this character to play in a Deus Ex Furcadia sim, but all of the players turned out to be real jerks, idiots and godmodders who couldn't roleplay worth a rats ass.]
Paul Denton: [Then I found a Dune RP and thought it would be cool. I figured the name was good enough, so I used it for the Dune RP and just changed the desc.]
Annari Salia: [Y'know. A rat's ass could be rather handy. Kind of like a rabbits foot. +cough+ I'll shut up now.]
Taikris: [Ah. That makes sense :-). Your post btw, Kiv]
Taikris: [... xD]

Kivae wrinkles her nose, the sort of expression on her face that she might normally make when having her head propped up in her handpaw. "What about 55, then?" Her tail flickering into the tables.

Kivae rubs her lucky rat's ass. No, not you Sirum.]
Taikris: [XD]
Sirum Hest isn't a rat. xP []

Taikris hmms slightly quietly readjusting the rolled piece of parchment in his paw before grinning. "Well... you were nice enough to leave me the gold from our last venture, so sure :-)" he promptly extends the remaining paw as he awaits payment ^.^

Paul Denton: [Oh dear. I'm afraid I must be going early. I would like to come and observe later in the week and make a decision then, as I wouldn't want to commit myself to something of a higher calibre than I am able to offer.]
Kivae: [Later, come back soon. ^^]
Taikris: [Later, and what Kivae said :-)]
Paul Denton: [Goodnight :-)]
Annari Salia: [See ya]

Taikris in a very delayed reaction. "Oh! Hey there, Anna. :-D"

Kivae's bored expression breaks out into a cheerful, flashing grin, the flower's color brightening to a light shade of sunny gold. "Right, just let me get it. Can't carry that much around with me.." Waving to Anna as she pads outside. ^^;

Annari Salia looks at Taikris and blinks, "Oh, hi!" She waves back at Kivae then places her elbows on her thighs and rests her chin in her paws.

Taikris seems to be catching onto the idea of a mood-'flower' and idly ponders this as she heads out the door before turning his attention over to Annari. "Oh... just so you know. I bought another map and intend to explore it in <insert IC = of 1 RL week> roughly."

Kivae: [I'd say, about a month. :P But our time is crazy.]
Taikris: [yup]
Kivae: [Because, 3 RL months=1 year, 12 weeks in 3 months, 12 months in one year..]

Annari Salia arches a brow and nods, "Interesting... I'll be there. Hopefully. What kind of map is it?"

Taikris chuckles. "It leads to a series of lost caravans in the deserts of Tharivol. A treasure map you might say ;-)"

Kivae pads back in, who knows how much longer later, tugging on a bag with a slightly wrinkled nose. Once inside, she drops it to the floor, and kicks it with the flat of her foot (laces), across to the feline. "That's the right amount, I think. How do you say the arcane?"

Taikris picks up the hefty pouch as he begins counting out the coins within. "Hmm? Oh! The merchant included the pronunciation as written in common. So even -I- would have been able to use it properly" At this point he'd lean forward to paw over the magic scroll. "He warned me to only read it in my head till I -actually- wanted to cast it though"
Taikris adds "Then you speak the words aloud"

Annari Salia blinks, "Oh. Very interesting..." .

Kivae fwumps down next to the spider egg, Accepting the scroll, and unrolling it to glance the foreign symbols over. She was somewhat familiar with the charts, though, having skimmed bits of Path'en's books. "Lovely.. Thanks." She notes that there would be 55 crowns in the bag.
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