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A day of spiders and not much else. 10-21-2004

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 10:07 am    Post subject: A day of spiders and not much else. 10-21-2004 Reply with quote

[Summary: Another day RP was cut short by Furc server problems. Small log, as result.]

Erk Mendon wakes up with a start, sweating and panting. He rubs a paw against the back of his neck before sighing with relief.

Triona flicks an ear and glances briefly at the stranger next to her then seems to get lost in her own thoughts once more

Ruby Pyralis, as no one else looks like they'll be posting any time soon, heads in through the door, yawning slightly while she rubs her eyes. She's most likey woken from one of her frequent naps and had finally decided to get up. She brushes slightly against Sirum with a limp wing before she takes a seat, slumping forward and placing her chin on the table.

Marlina Evenstar fades out of the shadows like the creepy individual that she tries so hard to be, taking a seat as she casts a dark glance in the direction of the yellow-haired mageling, before eventually forcing some communication between herself and the freak-demon-cat-thing, "What was the ratling to be doin' with that bugger yeh were slayin'?"

Triona gives a slight nod to Ruby as she enters, ear flicking at a chirp from Skadi she reaches a paw to her friend who then returns to her usual spot on her head

Ruby Pyralis seems somewhat 'out of it' as she casts a blank stare at Marlina for a few moments before yawning once more, "I 'slay' lots of things, which one are you talking about?"

Marlina Evenstar's gaze narrows at that before a light sneer takes a place upon her features, "Not to be somethin' I've seen much of demon, so I'd be thinkin' of the few things yeh've actually killed, yeh'd be guessing what I mean."

Triona looks up as she hears Kivae but remains as silent as she has been since her return, absently fidgeting with something in her bag

Ruby Pyralis rolls her eyes slightly at Marlina, eyes drooping slightly in weariness, "I'd be guessing you meant the jackal. I believe he's intending on getting the paladin's memories out of it somehow, though I find we're much better off without that idiot."

Sirum Hest's ears perk as the word 'ratling' is spoken, crawling out from beneath the table he had been sleeping under then. "Mrrf? What bugger? ... Oooh, he's over there in the corner, frozen, under the sheet. I've needed Rakuro for the past while but he's disappeared off to somewhere, apparently." He then eyes Kivae's egg up and down with a brow raised, shaking his head, "I'm not sure why ya are keepin' that thing. Seems like it'd be best to pop it, unless ya need more spiders for yer collection.", poking his tongue out at her.

Marlina Evenstar tilts her head slightly at that before offering a slight nod, "So yer not to be bein' quite so stupid as yeh'd be lookin' it'd seem, though I'd be guessin' that's not saying much. But I'd be agreein' with you about the paladin, if yer to be sayin' where he is, a problem that won't be bein' I'd think."

Marlina Evenstar then gets her information supplied by ratboy himself, retcon question about whereabouts.]

Kivae hugs the egg lightly at Sirum's suggestion, frowning. "-Pop- it? Why would I do that?" She pushes/kicks at him with a stretched out leg. "Two doesn't make a collection, you have more in your fur than that."

Ruby Pyralis bites her tongue to keep herself from saying anything in response to the insult, though nodding slightly after that, "That blundering idiot got what was coming to him."

Erk Mendon looks left and right uncomfortably, muttering thins under his breath and continuing to rub his neck.

Sirum Hest erfs out at the kick and leans over, squinting down into Kivae's hair with a sly grin. "I can see a whole world of 'em up here, I think that they would contribute to more than jus' a pair. It's a shame they're eatin' all the ants an' other bugs, though." Quickly scooting over away from her for a bit less he get hit with the wrath of the fox girl. x) "'Sides, as big as they are, they count a bit more than the normal, tiny spiders." To Ruby, he adds, "He did, but he's alive now an' as such he deserves his mind back at the very least."

Ruby Pyralis flicks an ear toward Sirum, though doesn't bother to turn and face him, "Believe me, he doesn't miss it. He didn't even lose much anyway, as I was quite surprised to find out he even had a mind."

Marlina Evenstar glances first in a speculative manner at the place indicated as the resting place of the jackal, before returning his gaze to Sirum, seeming genuinely puzzled as she speaks, "How are yeh figurin' that rodent? he hasn't been doin' anything useful in his entire life, death was befitting 'im."

[Sirum and Kivae are perhaps the only two people in the entire room with empathy. Kiv for the spider monsters, Si for Hikari. How did everyone manage to avoid drowning the streets in blood when we were both gone from Anst, I wonder...]

Ruby Pyralis would probably wind up killing him if he ever came back... if Marl doesn't first.

Triona doesn't appear to be paying much attention to things though her ears flick now and again then she gets up and wanders out, carelessly brushing fingers through Sirum's hair as she passes and continues out the door

Marlina Evenstar has a higher Init mod. ^.~

Kivae flickers her ears, looking puzzled for a moment, and glancing upwards, as if she could see into her hair, "Really?" She ponders. ".. I could've -sworn- I sent them back to your fur the other day." She glances seriously at the mouse, "They might be the fast-reproducing kind, you should check." Squinting a bit, and then pointing to a bit of fur on his arm, which ruffles. [1/1] "There, see?"

Ruby Pyralis has a more powerful punch. :3

Marlina Evenstar has *15 vs. Hiki. x)

Ruby Pyralis can pwn Marl, technically. Even though she shouldn't be able to. >> <<

Marlina Evenstar has potions. x)

Ruby Pyralis can still pwn. D: Stops now. xD

Erk Mendon doesn't want to talk about his weak stats o-o

Sirum Hest can't help but laugh at Ruby's joke, and answers the both of the older femmes at the same time. "I never said he wasn't deservin' death, but he was revived an' now he's off in the Indigo Order. An'... what little he did know, he needs back. He likely doesn't even know his own name." He then pauses to glance down at his arm with a brow raised, the other arms paw darting over to smack at it lightly. "Dead spider now."

Kivae: Dead spider in your fur, now.

Ruby Pyralis wasn't exactly trying to be funny, having hardly any sense of humor at all, though turns her head slightly to look over her shoulder at Sirum, "First off, what kind've !@# would revive him. And second, he can't miss what he doesn't know."
Ruby Pyralis has an excuse to be anti-paladin at least.

Marlina Evenstar makes another dry comment then, "Then we're to be havin' a few years free of that bastard I'd be thinkin', no reason to be ruinin' that by draggin' his holy personage back here."

Sirum Hest snrks and flicks a paw in Kivae's direction, a dozen black little spiders latching onto her fur from the motion. But if she inspected them, she would find that they were made of ice, tinted the color black. "Twelve spiders to lay their eggs in yer ears, now, hehehe." He then scoots back over and leans back against the counter, tail-waving over at Ruby. "We rescued a Cleric from within the city, he ressurected Hikari for some reason. Probably his duty, or somethin' stupid along those lines."

Ruby Pyralis scoffs, "Then why doesn't someone just relieve him of his misery already?"

You say, "He's in the middle of a place filled with hundreds of Clerics an' Paladins. None of 'em have the heart to do it, more than likely."

Ruby Pyralis shrugs then and scratches behind her ear, placing her chin on her paws, "Just goes to prove that all those holy freaks really aren't too bright at all."

Kivae brushes them off with a handpaw, laughing and letting them melt. After the laugh, she half-smiles and stretches as well as she can with her arms still wrapped about the mud-covered egg. Shifting forwards, and then onto her feet, she gives her tail one light wave, "I'm going t'go take Stumpy for a walk. Shout if anything happens."

Sirum Hest's nose wrinkles and he tilts his head to the side. "I always thought he could walk himself, but... ah, later. Don't forget to give him a leash, otherwise the guards might think we're under attack from gigantic spiders.", flashing her a toothy grin before waving a paw and fwumping back onto the floor.

Kivae rolls her eyes, "Meant I'm going on a walk -with- him." Padding outside, then.

Triona wanders back in and glances about then decides to settle behind the counter
Triona sets Skadi on the counter then pulls a well loved book from her bag, tail curling about her waist as she starts to read it, the book looking as if it is ready to fall apart from the number of times it has been read

Taikris seems to be currently napping with his forehead pressed flat upon the table before him.

Triona gives up the pretense of reading the book and closes it, instead simply sitting and staring at it, one paw resting atop the book, Skadi chirps softly at her
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