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A day of questing: Forest Funk! 10-19-2004

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 6:55 am    Post subject: A day of questing: Forest Funk! 10-19-2004 Reply with quote

[Summary: This was one of my quests, so of course it took absolutely forever and spanned two days, and three DM's eye perspectives. Only two of the DM's eye perspective logs survived. Also... I think this was my first actual, proper quest with a huge map. I always felt great hosting quests for people, seeing their characters react to situations I put them in.

Since this is a long one... Taikris found Map Master Michael, bought some map off him for 70 gold. Everyone told him he got ripped off and ignored him. But Ruby and Kivae went with him. Kalannar followed to murder him, but only beat him unconscious and ripped up his map. The quest continued, hallucinogens, oozy pits, spider Pokemon battle, a treasure chest and a secret, ancient underground passage into Ansteorra discovered. I think I put that last part in because I was tired of seeing people argue about ways to sneak into Anst. ^^; So Kiv and Tai got that honor.]

Zagnafein Silverleaf gets cold.[]
Sirum Hest types up something for CS Dev. []
Ruby Pyralis warms Zag up .-.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Whatcha typing, Si?]
You say, "[A proposition that will tone down Rage, get rid of the Rangers Chosen Prey in trade for an extra attack per round and make mages item bonus for INT be 1.5]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Rage sucks to begin with. An extra attack is too powerful. And the INT is just revenge.]
You say, "[I also intend on adding something about making the Commanders abilities rely on INT+WIS /2 instead of CHA]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Er, you mean feat?]
Ruby Pyralis: [Nevermind then.]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [You get rid of Chosen Prey, and I'll start up a huge plot to get you killed IC and tortured OOC.]
You say, "[And if it's not obvious, I'm joking. :P]"
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Oh, and I'll probably ditch Zag too. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [I HAET u]
Zagnafein Silverleaf uses Rubeh's wing to shield himself against the rodent.[]
Ruby Pyralis shields. o-o]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Anyway. I'm going to go now. :P]
Ruby Pyralis: [NU[
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [EW.]
Zagnafein Silverleaf averts his eyes.[]
Ruby Pyralis dribbles.]
Zagnafein Silverleaf hides.[]
Ruby Pyralis: [n.n]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Anyway. I really have to go.]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [I'll be back later tonight, maybe.]

Erk Mendon enters the place again and sits at the table. He looks over at Sirum and finally asks, "Sirum...where are we anyway?"

Erk Mendon: [bye Zag]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Later.]
Sirum Hest posted. []
You say, "[No, wait. I didn't. >>]"
You say, "[Later, Zag]"
Erk Mendon: [:P]
You say, "[There.]"
You say, "[-Now- posted.]"
You say, "[]"
Erk Mendon: [what? When? Where? How? Who?]
Erk Mendon: [ooo...good idea...except...what if people already have strong secondary alts?]
You say, "[Still applies. I don't see why it wouldn't, as long as they moved from the 1d4 process and up.]"
Erk Mendon: [hmm...I still think that proposal still has a few bugs in it...]
Zagnafein Silverleaf: [Replied.]
Sirum Hest reads over last nights log before slipping IC, as he was idle. >> []
Erk Mendon enters the place again and sits at the table. He looks over at Sirum and finally asks, "Sirum...where are we anyway?" [repost]
Amerie: (Thanka. ^^)
Erk Mendon: [eh?]
Amerie: (Sirum summoned me. :3)
Erk Mendon: [oh...]
Erk Mendon: [then that means...Sirum can answer Erk :-P]

Sirum Hest lifts his head from the table, but with his cloaks hood still up, eyeing Erk blankly from beneath the hood. "Mrrf? ... Oh... mm... was tryin' to take a nap. So much noise last night. We're roughly twenty miles south of Ansteorra, in a fort manned by Entad -- no, wait, Jonathan now as I hear it."

Erk Mendon blinks, "Oh...sorry...well, thanks anyway." He waves to Amerie and goes into *Gasp* Deep thought.

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side then, nose wrinkling. "If Jonathan is runnin' this fort... shouldn't ya an' a few others not be in it? Or has he stopped with the attempted killin's an' beatin's.", not seeming too worried about Jonathan in power himself. If the bard ever tried to lay a finger on the mouse he could protect himself. ^^; Then, turning to Amerie, he nods weakly in greeting, "Hiya to ya too, Amerie. I didn't think ya would be followin' us this far, though...?"

[One of the good and bad things about playing Si was, in a fight he was either all or nothing. Without his bow he was just this weak runt who could probably be wrestled to the ground by Kivae, Erk or Jonathan. With his bow you were going to get an arrow to the heart, skull and many other places in the span of six seconds. So he always sat out of fights where something didn't absolutely need to die. The worst he ever did was fire an arrow through Kalannar's hands when it seemed he was 100% about to murder someone, to save them and Kalannar alike.]

Erk Mendon blinks, then cocks his head, "And why wouldn't I be allowed here?" He hopes Sirum isn't talking about what he thinks he's talking about. He looks at Sirum warningly.

Sirum Hest just said 'killing' and 'beating', as if that wasn't blunt enough? :P "Ah... nevermind. Jus' ya might wanna look into invisibility spells sometime in the near future."

Kele-De strides through the door and takes a seat next to Ruby. She drops the hood to her cloak and pushes it off her shoulders. "What's going on? Is Jonathan around?"

Amerie waves to Erk, even though not knowing him too much. "Seejie, I arrived yesterday. I threw my fabulous boots at you, but I was rather hasteful, so it's possible you missed me." Taking a bit of a breather, she thought about a few things. "So, I heard, from my friend Taya.. That like, this place was aalll distorted, like melted.. And stuff, we should check it out. No idea where it was, though!"

Erk Mendon scowls, "I did try invisibility...but it's just too hard to maintane." [*mocks* you have to be level 12, you have to be level 12, blah blah blah -.-]

Sirum Hest whistles quietly and shifts around to stare out the door, arms crossing up behind his head leisurely as he leans back against the table. "At the very least, then, an illusion that makes ya look like a guard. That should be easy enough, ya?", squeaking happily. To Amerie, he glances back behind him blankly, and murmurs quietly, "I was probably runnin' too fast to notice a pair of boots bein' lobbed at me. But everythin' looks fine from here? No one has melted yet, at least.", laughing quietly. Back at Kele, "I think he's busy prepping the soldiers on their new orders. Not entirely sure where, though."

Erk Mendon rolls his eyes, "Illusions don't last forever...and please don't mention illusions to me..." He looks away.

Kele-De nods and drums her fingers on the table. "I was hoping he'd be here. I wanted to know if he'd sent the scouts out."

Sirum Hest gives Erk an odd look, but he just shrugs it off and turns back to the doorway. "They don't seem all that bad to me, but fine, nevermind then." To Kele, he shakes his head slowly, "Why would we send out scouts? We have that construct up on the tower that can see forever."

Kele-De chuckles. "He felt the need to deem wether it would be safe for me to enter the city and smuggle information out. He said he'd send scouts out this morning. I was wondering if he did nad wether they were back yet."

Amerie blinks. "Seeejie, what'll happen to anyone who stayed up at our fort?"

Sirum Hest tail-waves back behind him. "I still say it'd be best for us to disrupt whatever Damien is tryin' to achieve in the desert. If he put so much secrecy an' effect into it, it could be harmful for us in the long run." Then, returning his attention to Amerie, he grins sheepishly, "They drown. Seein' as the fort doesn't exist anymore, it crumbled to nothin' more than rubble. It's a good thing we left no one behind, though."

Amerie looks a bit distracted. "Uum.. But, how do you know? 'Cause we was at the villa, we were! How can you be so positive..?"

Erk Mendon narrows his eyes, staring at the table. His paws curl into fists. He starts mumbling things to himself.

Sirum Hest scratches at the back of his head in thought. "Kitzibeth set up the gate at the villa an' told everyone to come through. If no one -did- come through it, well... they must like mud, or they missed Jonathan's bunch entirely after he moved through there"

Kele-De shrugs and brushes some headfur behind her ears. "It would be a lot easier to do that if we had a permanent base of operations and the resources. If we're able to take the city back. We'll hopefully have the resources and a permanent base." She grins then. "One step at a time, Sirum."

Sirum Hest cocks his head to the side. "But what if what he's doin' in the desert is to help protect his Kingdom's?"

Erk Mendon blinks, then sits bolt upright, his eyes wide. He turns to Kele, "Kele, do you know if mindspeaks are supposed to reach anywhere?"

Amerie pads over to the barrel of swords, thinking two herself. Putting her paws in, she withdrew two thin swords, with a big handle, holding them backwards, the points facing behind her. Slowly she moved over to Sirum. "Seejie, at my Father's estate, we used to have grand balls. And we danced we swords like these! It was most fabulous." Forming an x shape with both, she had Si's head in between them. "Deadly, though." Pulling them away from him, she threw one, it flying through the air and piercing a wall. o_o

Kele-De smiles mischeivously. "That's why I want to infiltrate the city and find out exactly what is going on. It should be too hard to get into the city or even the old Mage's guild." She nods to her left arm and her right paw. "I am a rather accomplished Seal Acolyte and I heard I could earn a fair wage and have a place within his army." She winks at him then turns her attention to Erk, arching a brow. "I'm a Seal, not a Mage."

Erk Mendon sighs, then turns to Sirum, "Sirum? Do -you- know if mindspeaks are supposed to reach anywhere?"

Sirum Hest merely raises a brow as Amerie puts the swords around him, not moving, but only because he was sure she wouldn't be trying to behead him right there. "It seems better to dance with another furre, rather than a pair of weapons. Unless you're like Dalin, an' yer weapons are near about yer best friends." To Erk, he shrugs, "I'm not entirely sure. Mindspeak gets harder an' harder dependin' on distance. If someone has a shield up around 'em, it won't go through, or if they're in a place that restricts it. If they're wearin' a mithril helmet or wanderin' too far in the deserts of Tharivol it won't work either."

[I'm not sure who would be voted King of Sword Prom. Dalin and his swords, or Kalannar and his scimitars. The Wailing of the Void turned Si down... :(]

Erk Mendon sighs, "Do you know any other place that neglects mindspeaks?" He seems determined.

Sirum Hest taps the side of his head thoughtfully. "Lesse... I'd imagine each of the Heretic's lairs, Tallus' Eyes, the bottoms of the seas... but why ya would wanna talk to anyone in either of those areas is beyond me."

Erk Mendon talks fast-pased, "Because one time I tried to mindspeak Ciran and I couldn't so I think he's in one of those areas." He says that a little too fast, so it might be hard to comprehend at first.

Kivae sticks her head inside, soon enough followed by the rest of her. She stretches her arms over her head, back twisting slightly and cracking. "Why're we always inside? Even if it's not cramped." Pausing to wave to Kele (and Ruby?) with a grin, "You made it here without too much more trouble, it look like."

Ruby Pyralis breathes.
Ruby Pyralis is actually slumped forward and listening to everyone cause her player just got back. n.n;
Sirum Hest cuts off Ruby's supply of oxygen

Sirum Hest coughs into a paw. "There's also the amount of power ya put into the spell. If ya don't put enough, it might jus' end up as a faint whisper in their mind that they won't even notice. But ya, ya probably failed on Ciran 'cause he's either dead, a lich or in Erisvan's lair right now. Either way, it's best to forget about 'em until he shows his ugly face around here again." With that, he springs up and moves over to fwump down next to Kivae. "I'm inside 'cause there are certain things in here I can't move. An' I'd rather not have a guard fall on me. What's yer excuse?", poking his tongue out at her.

Erk Mendon blinks, then turns around as Sirum moves, "Again? You mean he's been here before?! Why didn't you tell me?!"

Kivae facepalms. "He means around -us- again." Then sticking her tongue out at Sirum, "I -wasn't,- ... but I got bored, because no one's out there.."

Erk Mendon: "Oh..." He goes back to staring at the table in deep thought.

Sirum Hest leans in to whisper to Kivae, though just loud enough for Erk to hear, "I don't think he's buyin' it, Ciran. Ya might as well jus' go ahead an' drop the illusion.", holding back a toothy grin. "Sure people are out there, too. Aren't the guards jus' the most interestin' of furres to be around?"

Erk Mendon then turns around and scowls at Sirum, "I hate Ciran so much, that's not even funny, Sirum! I hate all necromancers..."

Kele-De waves to Kivae, then arches a brow, turning toward Erk. "For one who hates them so much you certainly were willing to sell your soul to one just for a little power."

Erk Mendon turns his glare to Kele, "Actually, I had no idea it would sell my soul. And I didn't gain any power."

Kivae gives Sirum a light, but not necessarily harmless push on the shoulder, the goal of which is to topple him off the counter and back onto the seats. Should she be successful, she'd flash a quick, brilliant grin, "You're forgetting my titles. You never did that when I was Kitzibeth." Her arms fold behind her head, expression going not-quite appropriately somber at Erk's words. "Oh, lighten up. You can't mope and glare about it forever, you know. Or if you do, it's only bad for yourself."

[For Si and Kiv, the proper moping time about any specific tragedy was 1-2 days. They went through so much, it was better to just repress it all by having fun.]

Erk Mendon doesn't turn his head again or else he might hurt his neck, "I don't care."

Kele-De merely smirks. "Never walk into a deal without knowing all the terms." She seems completely oblivious of the glare, perhaps even mocking him by her smirking. "Power is not something which is given but which is earned." She runs a paw through her headfur, brushing it back out of her face.

Erk Mendon raises an eyebrow, "I know that. I never wanted power. He just said it was the offer of a lifetime."

Sirum Hest flops down onto the chairs behind him as he's pushed, obviously not minding it really at all as he got a nice cushy seat rather than slamming into the floor. "Ya hate all necromancers? Even Kitzibeth, then?", raising a brow. Continuing, "An' ya gave up yer soul for nothin'. Wow. Is that even allowed? I thought it was a requirement to give insane amounts of power for givin' yers up." Back to Kivae, he snickers quietly. "Ciran doesn't have any titles, an' yer not Kitzibeth at the moment."

Erk Mendon lets out a cry of frustration, "I told you, I didn't know it would sell my soul! Hang on..." He looks at Sirum this time, "Kitzibeth is a necromancer?!"

Kele-De shakes her head and snorts. "Then you are more of a fool than even I thought to walk so blindly into such a thing."

Sirum Hest scratches at the side of his head thoughtfully. "Hum. Well, it's not so much she's a necromancer, as... ya don't spend that much time bein' a Heretic an' not know quite a few dark magics. She's only used 'em to save lives, though."

[Kitzibeth only used necromancy once in front of Sirum. By memory, she was in his party during Path's Desert Quest, I think? Someone was sent dying there and she transfered life into them to stabilize. Probably the only use of necromancy that wouldn't get you killed. ... I mean, outside of Catherine using it in front of Si. So long as you weren't actively trying to murder someone, he didn't care what you did.]

Erk Mendon sighs, "I guess...that's okay..." He stares at the table, once more in deep thought.

Kivae wrinkles her nose slightly, seeming to address Kele with her slightly hypocritical comment, "He's just a kid. One mistake shouldn't rule his whole life... but then, he should stop -letting- it." Narrowing her eyes faintly at the apprentice mage, then. Her tail flickers out to bat at Sirum's muzzle and face. "Nah, but he's probably made some up. If he's alive."

Kele-De shrugs and smiles half-heartedly at Kivae. "He may only be a kid, but to be so reckless is to endanger not only himself but the rest of us."

Erk Mendon glares at Kele, "Actually, while you all were in the forest, I was trying to convince him to stop whatever he was doing in case it would be something that would kill you all."

Kele-De shrugs, taking his glare in stride. "I am merely pointing out that your recklessness could have killed all of us."

Sirum Hest's whiskers twitch, as he falls silent for roughly ten seconds. "... Lord Ciran, Heretic Boot Kisser? Hmm... no... ah well. An' ya should've jus' kept yer mouth an' mind shut, Erk. Look where it got us."

Erk Mendon lets out a grunt of frustration, "I've said I'm sorry lots of times, and now I've said it again. How many times must I say it?!" With that, he gets up and storms off.

Kivae snrks, then simply laughs, seeming to be in a good enough mood to be set off by just that comment. She flumps backwards and onto the seat, letting her legs stay propped up on the counter. When she manages to recover, she shakes her head. "If he would stop dwelling on it, we wouldn't either. Maybe he needs to forgive himself." The, perhaps, insightful comment is ruined by the following teasing mutter of 'stupid mages...'

Kivae.. as no one seems to be posting, taps her heels on the tables, showing no inclination to sit back up. She mentions, far too casually. ".. It's my birthday in a few days.." With a sly glance at Sirum.

Sirum Hest's tail flicks over to fwap at Kivae, before he leans forward to rest his arms on the table and prop his head up with his paws. "Not all mages are stupid. Jus' the ones that wear orange.", poking his tongue out at her. He then idly remarks, "Oh? Good to hear it. How old will ya be, thirteen?", playing dumb, but trying to come off as serious on both questions. He already knew and had planned for it. x)

Kivae shifts her feet over across the table to push them at Sirum's face, curling her toes to try and pull at his hair. She moves them back soon enough, rolling her eyes, and staring at the upside-down bookcase. "No, fifteen. But don't worry about it. Here's how to remember: I'm always five years older than you."

Taikris: [But Sirum is 16 Icly <.<]

Kivae knows, is making fun of him. .-.

Brax barges into the building (well, the absence of a door made that quite easy), eyeing the denizens with one raised eyebrow. A 'bah' sound can be heard leaving his lips, and he addresses the whole ensemble. "So I guess ye've all decided to come along, then. Might as well be sharpenin' yer blades and training, rather 'en sitting around on yer arses."

Taereal Sareen strolls through the door, a picture of his prior self, and proud of it, it seems. His stride holds a visible new confidence that seemed lacking before in any shoddy leather armor he wore. The Paladin nods pleasantly to all those present before stepping over to the table and sitting down with a series of chyming simultaneous 'clinks'.

Sirum Hest merfs out as he gets a face full of feet, quickly snapping up his paws to latch onto Kivae's ankles and tumble backwards off of the chair and onto the floor, obviously intent on bringing her down with him in revenge. ^^ "Primes, if there's anythin' dirtier on Faenor it's druid feet. Who knows where ya have been walkin'.", snickering quietly for a short while before he continues. "If yer always that much older, though, I'm afraid that I'd have to hand over the title of runt to ya. Even though next to no one addresses me by it, maybe they'll start up again once they see ya have it."
Sirum Hest adds, over to Brax, "We're waitin' for orders from the leader of the fort, Jonathan. Though, specifically, Kivae an' me are waitin' for Zagnafein. Gonna go make a little mischief in the desert."

Kivae is pulled back, and merfs, bumping into the bookcase. She sits up, tugging on her ankles as she tries to scoot back. She laughs, "I think the worst place they've been is in your face. And I didn't realize you liked the name so much," grinning, "I'll have to start using it." Pausing to let her ears perk up and out of her hair, "I don't have any blades, or how exactly you'd have us train- We are?"

Brax scratches his beard. He does, in fact, know who the leader of the fort is, but he doesn't press that matter. "And when ye're told ter' march, ye won't have enough time to do anythin' but pack and get ready. What in the hells would ye be doin' in the desert, anyweh? All the action's in Ansteorra, idyet'." Of course, his tone is not truly meant to insult; it just the dwarf's colourful spectrum of rhetoric. He answers, rather simply, to the druid, "Well, I woulden' be one to know how you use "..yer tree magic, but I'm guessing there are ways to practice ahead of time, jus' like everything else in the world."
Brax only gives the feline a cautious glance as he walks by, rubbing the base of his beard in thought.

Taereal Sareen smiles warmly, nodding to Taikris, "Good evening, good sir."

Sirum Hest waits until Kivae gives an especially hard tug back to release the ankles, laughing quietly as he does so and brushing a paw through his headfur where the toes had messed with it. "Then ya have apparently never put the both of yer feet together.", pressing his own together before he continues. "An' ya, we are, on the backs of great eagles. That is, if ya weren't jus' exaggeratin' about this place bein' so dull?", apparently having assumed she wanted out.
Sirum Hest adds, over at Brax, "In the desert, there seems to be this gigantic, secret project run by Damien. No one seems to think it's all that big a deal but me, but Primes, why would he waste all this effort on it if it wasn't important..."

Marlina Evenstar has chosen once again to make something less than a conventional entrance as she walks into the light some distance away from the door, casting a dark glance at the dwarves backside for no apparent reason before moving to take a seat at the table.

Kivae tumbles backwards, turning her momentum from the release into a somersault. She wrinkles her nose. Getting a bit unsteadily to her feet (which she shakes off, as if ridding of all traces of Sirum :-P) "The only things I kin think of are just the type that'd leave me drained if we get called unexpectedly." She offers a nod of confirmation to Sirum at is questioning.

Brax's eyebrows raise and then lower in unison; a rather strange motion, indeed. "I expect ye'll have fun with that, then. So," he speaks to the entire group, "Is there anythin' that any o' ye need? I can see to gettin' some weapons or armour for anyone. O' course, it won't be free." He felt it was important to emphasie the last part.

Taikris gives a slight shrug to Brax. "I already spent most of my coinage yesterday on a rather interesting map. Besides... I have no desire to -ever- wear those deathtraps you call chainmail." shuddering slightly as he recalls the events of the day prior

Ruby Pyralis flicks her ears around boredly as she awakes from her nap... something which she has been doing a lot of lately. She looks toward Taik and shrugs, "Works fine fer me." Noting that she does wear chainmail under her cloak ICly despite CS limitations.

Sirum Hest uses war mauls ICly despite CS limitations.
Ruby Pyralis is gonna whap Si.
Marlina Evenstar uses pokemon, despite continuity limitations.

Ruby Pyralis doesn't feel like explaining it to everyone, so just makes them shutup.

Brax's eyes glance in Taikris' direction as he speaks. He doesn't seem to really care about the chainmail deathtrap bit, but but silently ponders why he'd instead spend the money on a map. He clicks his tongue, glancing towards the middle of the table. "Yer gold's yer own to spend, of course, so I can't say anythin' to that."

Sirum Hest sits back up then and crawls atop the chair, then the counter, as if wanting to be the first to reclaim his spot atop the 'mountain'. "Ah, good. To the deserts it is then, hopefully while we're there we'll be able to destroy every last damned Sandscout that we come across." The grudge against those who killed Canti never having faded a bit. Back to Brax, he raises a brow, "If it weren't for the fact that I don't use armor an' my weaponry are mostly made of wood... I'd be more than glad to take yer services. Besides, the majority of everyone here is still lackin' gold from when we were drove from Ansteorra."

[Sirum had no armor because every single type of armor had a maximum DEX mod. Outside of... two pieces of gear. One on my old character sheet I see, that drained 1d4 HP per turn equipped. No thanks. The other was this leather armor that gave +4 to maximum DEX mod I dropped on a quest. ... Because I wanted Marlina to at least have the possibility of beating Si's init roll. ^^;]

Sirum Hest adds, to Taikris, with a brow raised, "Ya spent -how- much gold on a piece of paper?"

Taikris gives a rather firm nod as he unfurls the map he purchased, giving only a slight glance about the table. "Hey... it's your hide miss." he states rather simply to Ruby as he looks over the parchment. Hardly looking up. "Quite a bit actually. Seventy gold, but after what I saw of the mapmaker himself... I think it's worth it"

Ruby Pyralis raises a brow at Tai, not quite understanding his logic behind his statement... nor the price he paid for a piece of paper. With a roll of her eyes, she sets her chin down on the table, looking around boredly.

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side. "I can only hope it shows a hidden path through Aracthia for that much, or shows an ancient tunnel leadin' into Ansteorra.", snickering quietly.

Brax grunts to the rodent. "Bah, ye probably would've made a fine warrior if ye had the courage." Of course, this is a complete lie, as his faith in Sirum's endurance, bravery, and fortitude are abysmal. "I reckon that gold's been hard to come by, so... I guess I might be able to let a little bargain slide."

Kivae retakes her spot on the table, crossing her legs. "What -does- it show?"

Taikris shrugs once more to Sirum "It could be a tunnel into Ansteorra. It's -supposed- to lead to a place where a bandit was reputed to store his gold in the forests not far off Ansteorra. Right now... I just need to find a few furres willing to go with me. Of course if I can't find any then I'll be heading out by myself :-)"

Sirum Hest glances off at his left briefly with a sly grin at the mention of gold being hard to come by, nodding briefly to Kivae. It wasn't hard to become rich when you were them, for some reason. Then again, it wasn't all that hard to get poor again either. Turning back to Taikris, "I would, but I have things to look after around here. Ya could go an' tell me whatcha find though, ya, Kivvy?"

Brax walks around the table, poking Ruby on the shoulder. Almost at the exact same moment, he emits a short scream of surprise. "Eh, ye don't happen to be that... uh.." He thinks for a few seconds before continuing, "Ruby? Pardon me if ye're not."

Marlina Evenstar snorts before muttering something suitably uncomplimentary about dwarves and their fabled 'bravery'.

Kivae shrugs, "I'd go if he wants me along. Like I said, there isn't much t'do around here."

Kivae also gives Brax something of a 'o.o' look at the scream.

Kele-De pads back in through the door and takes a seat where she had previously been next to Ruby. She smiles at everyone, her tail waving in greeting. "What's going on?" She asks, brushing headfur from her face with a paw.

Sirum Hest's expression mimics Kivae's, though it's more along the lines of o.o? "Wha?"

Taikris is perturbed by the screaming dwarf, but eventually gets over it. "I wouldn't mind at all if she came along, but I don't want to wait terribly long around here. I'm far too eager to find out if this map proves true or not ^^"

Ruby Pyralis wonders why she only gets posted to when her player has to go to the bathroom, and turns slightly to look at who poked her. She nods slightly, "I am. Why?"

Brax asks a question of his own. "What the hell happened to ye?" He seems quite perplexed by this development, and later adds, "Oh, and I just wanted ye to know that the wheel's out there if ye want to sharpen yer axe."

Ruby Pyralis doesn't quite catch on, raising a brow, "What do you mean? I don't think anything happened to me..." Then nodding slightly, "That does sound like a good idea though. Didn't seem as sharp as it used to be when I was fighting that jackal."

Sirum Hest appears offended at Brax's words, despite not being the owner of the weapon. In fact, his expression would be similar to the dwarves if someone had told him that his forged swords were dull. Though he doesn't say a word.

Ruby Pyralis notes it's only dull cause she's used it so much. >> <<

Kivae shrugs. "Fine with me, we're heading to the desert pretty soon anyways. Who else are you taking?" She uncrosses her legs to swing them.

Brax points to one of her paws. "Well, see, last time I remember seein' yeh, ye looked more like a demon. Now yer a cat or somethin', and that stuff doesn't happen naturleh." For those that pay very close attention, they might find that the dwarf has a certain degree of respect for the axe-wielding Ruby. Swords are considered novice weapons by the standards of the mountain folk.
Brax ...or, even worse, elf weapons.

Taikris slowly begins rising to his footpaws. "I would hope almost for Annari, and anybody else willing to tag along. It seems that everybody is distracted for the moment <.<"

Taereal Sareen strolls through the door, a picture of his prior self, and proud of it, it seems. His stride holds a visible new confidence that seemed lacking before in any shoddy leather armor he wore. The Paladin nods pleasantly to all those present before stepping over to the table and sitting down with a series of chyming simultaneous 'clinks'.

Ruby Pyralis feels speshul. ^-^ She wiggles her paw around for a moment before nodding and raising both ears, "Oh, that. Let's just say I'm a result of a... magical mixup." Looking to the side as she thinks about whether those were the right words. "Anyway..."

Kele-De waves to Tae as he sits down then her brows furrow and she looks to Taik. "Where are you planning on going?"

Taikris still waiting for another response from Kivae he turns his head promptly to face the seal mistress. "Hmm? Oh... just to see if this map I purchased was worth the gold I spent on it. So far it looks like the only ones going are Kivae and myself"

Kele-De arches a brow. "Where's it supposed to lead?"

Taikris answers just as readily "The forests nearby Ansteorra"

Brax raises a hand, whispering into the back of it as he speaks to the feline demon. "Y'know, that magic's all crazy. Never once seen one of 'em spell-folk that had half a sane mind left." He then resumes his standing posture. "Aye, how's yer armour doin'? Nothing that needs mending, I take it?"

Taereal Sareen raises an eyebrow slightly toward Taikris, "Worth the gold? Why wouldn't it be? Well, unless it's a fake, of course."

Kivae is back. She returns the nod to Tae with a wave, and begins idly running her fingers through her tail fur, not seeming to be aware that he requires any response.
Kele-De nods and contemplates somethng a moment. "What's so special about the forests?"

Ruby Pyralis nods slightly in response, "And the one responsible for this little mixup is no exception." Then idly picking at the burn on her paw which had almost entirely healed by now, "Armor's just fine, haven't had a problem at all."

Taikris idly leans against the counter as he responds to Tae, and Kel respectively. "It easily could be. I bought it from a fellow who was reputed to make false maps, and currently has a bounty of five hundred gold on his head" To kele "It's supposed to lead to the stash of some great thief"

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Will you be going to Tharivol today?]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Zag isn't here. :P And I'm making a quest dream today anyways. x.x]" to Marlina Evenstar. ]
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[If you wanted to go to Thamrivol, I do have that dream set up, nothing for random desert travelling though, 'cept my big 'waste of map space'.]" to you. ]

Brax nods slowly. "Alright, then. Just lemme know if one o' the links breaks or somethin', and I can fix it up." He then looks around the room, and, upon finding nobody else that would necessarily need his blacksmithing expertise, he grabs himself a chair from around the ta ble and drags it over to his spot.

Taereal Sareen's ears flick as he raises a brow slightly to Taikris, "Well. That's interesting. Why buy a map if you know it could be false?"

Kele-De shrugs. "I don't know that I would trust a map maker who has a bounty upon his head and is known for making false maps."

Taikris shrugs "Because it's a chance for adventure. :-D" he then turns to Kivae. "Well... since neither of them seem to be interested in coming. Shall we?"
Taikris gives another shrug to Kele. "If you saw how he fended of the bounty-hunters... you might be willing to give his maps -some- credit ;-)"

[Map Master Michael Zexohn used a 10/10 Chain Lightning scroll to fry about a dozen bounty hunters as Taikris walked up, leaving them very -nearly- dead for brandishing their weapons at him. Truthfully, he could have been apprehended by a group sent to claim that bounty. Instead people kept buying his maps, which lead to the Crescent Forest Adventure, Desert Diggin', The Mountain, unsealing Bandit King and Desert Raider and apprehending them. I'm glad they indulged his maps.]

Taereal Sareen places a gauntleted paw on his chin and shrugs lightly, "Well, if whatever suits your fancy, I suppose. My only request is that you be careful on your journey."

Ruby Pyralis nods and leans against the table, threading her paw digits through her hair as she addresses the dwarf, "How'd you wind up finding this dump, anyway? It seemed hard enough for Jonathan's group to find their way here."

Brax sits down on the chair, speaking to the demon. "Our main force'll be here within a week. They're marching from the elf kingdoms, and their numbers are growing with members of the old Royal Army and other militiafurres. The Dwarven Empire is plannin' on supporting us with an army from the east, and we can be expectin' Launcia and Valanthia to contribute some soldiers."

Kivae glances up, making a 'hn?' noise, and glancing between Kele and Tae, and then across at Marlina, only excluding Ruby and Brax because they seemed to be absorbed in talk, "They're sure they don't want to go?" As she hadn't been paying much attention, Shrugging a bit. "'kay.."

Brax answers the question without much hesitation. "The fort was planned to be built here for a while. We knew where it was, and so I took my dwarves from Clan Ironbeard in Austia."

Ruby Pyralis blinks for a few moments, "Well, at least we'll be fighting with help this time." Then nodding, "Figured this place didn't shoot up so suddenly without some sort of plan."

Kele-De nods in agreement with Tae. "Aye. Do be careful." She stretches then and gets up. "You may be up for adventuring, but I think I'm going to take a walk." With that she gets up and heads for the door. Upon reaching it, she turns about. "Just please, be very careful. Any with a bounty on their heads can be dangerous. It might be a trap, as easily as it may lead to treasure."

Taereal Sareen shifts in his seat to look at Kivae, then shakes his head, raising a paw in protest, "No, thank you, Kivae. I didn't know the offer was on the table, however, I would rather remain here and help with the war effort for now. I need to touch up on my swordform." He turns back toward those at the table, "There is still much that needs to be done, it seems."

Taikris gives a slight shrug at the refusal by the other two. "Your loss I guess." He would then spin about to face Kivae, bowing low. Oh, and in case I haven't introduced myself already. I'm Taikris :-). If I have... then I guess we should be on our way ^^"

Sirum Hest, as an OOC note, points out that this Treasure Hunt ranks at 4/5 on the difficulty bar. :P []
Sirum Hest ... and isn't even done with the map yet. >> It's beautiful. []

Taereal Sareen pushes himself up to stand, and brushes off his cape a bit before nodding to those, "Well. May the Primes' blessing be on your journey. Be careful." He then turns to the door and 'clanks' out.

Kele-De shrugs and heads out the door, pulling her glaive from its sheath. "Just be safe." She calls out.

Kivae: nods to them, and slides down and off the counter. "Right then... Safe. It shouldn't take long." As she heads for the door, glancing back over her shoulder, "How far away in the forests?"

Taikris hmms briefly as he consults the map. "It's about <Sirum, insert distance here ^^;> away"

You say, "[It's roughly a mile into the Northern Forests.]"
You say, "[Or rather... around the very center of it and a bit northeast.]"

Brax reaches into his pocket. His eyes flick to either side, making sure there's nobody over his shoulder. "Marlina," he speaks the half-elf's name, "Ye might be interested in this. Ye'll be involved in it too, I reckon." His hand withdraws, producing a parchment with numerous sketches of battlefield formations, soldiers, and tons of footnotes.

Kalannar lurks in through the side door, taking a moment to look at those present. He then makes his way over to the table and takes a seat, folding his legs beneath him as he does so.

Marlina Evenstar raises an eyebrow then as the dwarf actually has the audacity to speak to her, of course she's not quite as arrogant as one side of her brethren but still... "And what'd that be bein' dwarf? I'd not be bein' a general or any such thing as that."

Taikris guesses he and Kiv head out then <.<

You say, "[Due to technical difficulties.]"
You say, "[You all should actually gather supplies while I finish the map. :-P]"

Kalannar emerges, not long after the other two had left. He raises an eyebrow and simply passes a half-hearted nod, "I am tired of army forts."

Kivae needs no supplies!.. er.. "I didn't think a state existed where somefurre's not tired of them.. D'we have rope, or whatever? I wouldn't want to have to grow a vine as close as everyone thinks we are to starting something, or being attacked. 's a waste of energy.." She shuffles her feet slightly. "Or whatever.. You think we need?" Questioning Taikris, as she assumed him to know more about the terrain.

Kalannar takes a moment to run a slender hand along the length of his over-pouched and pocketed belt, "I have anything needed... rope, as well." He cracks his neck to the side before folding his arms loosely across his torso.

Kivae: Right. [xP I'm going to get some of my homework done while we wait..]
Taikris: [eh?]
Taikris: [o.o]
Kalannar: [You're ghey, Dirk.]
You say, "[You really might want to put this off until tomorrow. xD Or at least later.]"
You say, "[I'm a perfectionist]"
Kivae holds a marshmellow.]
Kivae.. threateningly.]
Taikris: [I wouldn't hold that attitude when I'm the one who decides if Kal goes or not :-P]
Kalannar throws marshmallows at everyone.]
Kalannar: [That's my job. xP]
Taikris: [and my job is being a rather nasty realist :-P]
Kivae sticks the marshmellows Kal throws at her in Sirum's hair.]
Kalannar: [A rather nasty, ghey realist.]
Kivae thinks Kal should watch his mouth. :p]

Taikris looks at Kalannar with a look of incredulity. "Just what exactly makes me at all inclined to have you come along?"

Kivae wrinkles her nose a bit, head tilting, "Why wouldn't you? He'd be useful with stuff like this. And he's trustworthy: helped Si and me, and some others on a mission down in Ansteorra."

[Si and Kiv could vouch for just about anyone, though, they knew absolutely everyone on a personal level and no one tried to kill them. Because if you somehow managed to harm one of them, suddenly you had a Rakuro, Rivyn and many others to deal with. Anyone they couldn't vouch for... well, Rashenel was an okay guy. Until he wasn't anymore.]

Kalannar narrows his eyes at Taikris. He takes a few steps forward, rather intrusively shoving his face toward Taikris' (likely upward, he's only 5'2"). He speaks rather bluntly, though calmly, "Nothing. I would just as soon kill you. For all any of us know, you are a spy of the enemy. However, the forests are -my- arena, wael. I will come whether you wish me to or not." He backs up then, his eyes remaining on Taikris.

Kivae rolls her eyes, and simply flops down onto the ground, setting her chin in a cupped handpaw.

Taikris raises a brow slightly as he gives Kal a bit of a glance over. Only raising a brow as the foul creature takes a rapid approach. "I really don't give a shit after that comment, and I don't care if the forests are your territory. -She-" he nods promptly to Kivae "is far better suited."

Kivae appears to be restraining herself from rolling her eyes yet again, possibly so far back that they'd get stuck. "That's not going t'stop him from trying to kill you, now, y'know.."

Kalannar scoffs mockingly as his voice takes on a downright eerie inflection, "Waela aterruce. Dos orn screa ulnin z'lonzic..." His gaze shifts to Kivae, and he says nothing, though a sneer forms over his expression at her words.

Brax walks out the door, and seconds later, he can be heard yelling at one of the engineer apprentices as he enters the armoury. "What the 'ell are you doin'? The bolts go down, not up, idyet! It's upside down!" This does, however, fade into the distance.

Taikris shrugs slightly in response to Kivae "True enough, but I'm willing to bet a couple gold those crossbows might. Besides... if he kills me, the blood'll spoil the map."

Kivae just replies to the sneer with the stuck out tongue. To Tai, "I didn't say now or here, did I? You're pretty bad at picking up implied threats.." but leaving it at that.

Ruby Pyralis apparently heads out while stretching and yawning, having expected to find no one familiar within sight. As that doesn't seem to be the case, she scratches at her head and moves to lean against the wall.

Kivae catches sight of Ruby and attempts to catch her eye. She nods to the two SE of her, rolling her eyes.

Ruby Pyralis, for once, seems to have been paying attention, blinking at Kivae and then looking at the other two with a raised brow, crossing her arms as she watches them.

Kalannar simply chortles darkly and takes a few steps aside, his eyes remain locked on Taikris, however. The small Drow folds his arms across his chest and cracks his neck to the side.

Taikris shrugs slightly in response to Kivae. "If he -really- wants to kill me I won't stop him. Hell... I probably will die, but I can guarantee at least one thing" he takes a step closer to Kalannar. "That when it's all over, and I'm left for dead upon the ground. You won't be suitable for open daylight anymore." He slowly begins shaking his head. "I promise you right now I won't be clean about it. I won't waste time with fancy dodges or tactics. I'll fight dirty. I'll take out eyes, rip out your cheeks till only exposed bone and teeth can be seen. Tear out tendons, and make it so that no living being on -this- planet will dare look at you with the lights on. You wouldn't even be able to get a Thamrivolan whore to sleep with you for any... sum of money"

Ruby Pyralis rolls her eyes now as she listens to the two, cracking her knuckles and folding them behind her head as she leans back, "I'm surrounded..."
Ruby Pyralis awards Tai with the most... visual description while still in dialogue she's seen in a while award. >.>

Kalannar stops his chortling, his sneer fading. He simply stands, staring deadly at Taikris for a few moments... before promptly breaking out into a raspy, mocking laughter.

Taikris shrugs slightly. "Go ahead and laugh. Remember... I don't care what I look like after the fight. I'll be dead." he looks over to Kivae "Shall we?"

You say, "[Almost done with the map.]"

Kalannar simply continues laughing cruelly. This one was certainly a character. A knife in the darkness would suit him well.

Taikris notes that he is by no means kidding, nor bluffing when he says that.
Kalannar is by no means bluffing, either. As said, a nice dagger in the back will do well.

Kivae makes a somewhat reluctant face, but shrugs a general agreement, getting back to her feet. Glancing over her shoulder at Ruby. "I don't think I asked.. D'you want to come? That is, if he," waving her tail to Taikris, "Doesn't have a problem or anything."

Taikris chuckles slightly. "I don't have any problem with Ruby coming along. Oh, and Kivae..." he promptly marches over to the young druidess, whispering something quietly

Ruby Pyralis crosses her left footpaw over her right, meeting at the ankles, "Come where? I'm afraid I wasn't listening while we were still inside to what everyone was planning."

You say, "[Whew. Done.]"
Taikris: [yay ^^]

Kivae shows no sign of acknowledgement, besides flickering her ears. "He's got a map, that might lead to some treasure, or something. Nearby."

Ruby Pyralis shrugs slightly then, "Nothing better to do, I suppose."

[#] Dream is loading now - 947 KB so it might be a while. :-P
Taikris: o.<[]
You say, "[I'm going to assume you all left during the daytime. ^^;]"
Taikris: [yes :-P]

[#] [Who all is going, for note?]
Kivae: [Rubeh, Kiv, and Tai?]
You say, "[wb, Kal]"
Ruby Pyralis kicks computer for going so slooow.]
You say, "[Is or isn't Kal following them?]"
Kalannar: [He'll follow.]
Taikris: [No he's not :-P]
Kalannar: [Oh yeah? Heh.]
[ Taikris whispers, "There, unless something significant happens in the meantime <.<" to you. ]
Sigma Batraal: [ooc? ic?]
You say, "[I'm hosting a quest. :P]"
Sigma Batraal: [*nodsnod*]

[I'm... not sure when the following happens. This is a continuation of Sirum's log, I had different alts for the different people splitting off and exploring different parts of the map. One alt's perspective log is lost. My DM's eye alt log will be posted after Sirum's log ends.]

Jesto: [Because Kivae is the only one searching for the sunflowers? :-P]
Taikris: [Cause Kivae is smelling for flowers :-P]
Ruby Pyralis: [Oh. n.n]
Sirum Hest shall accompany Tai. []
[%] Kivae just gave Ruby Pyralis a cookie.

Taikris consults his map for the optimal route

[#] A path that wasn't on the map branches off from the main road.

Taikris decides to try this unlisted path, if only to throw off any attempted followers

[#] A large rock juts up from the earth within the clearing, surrounded by blood red flowers on either side. Though no grass grows around it, brambles are seen. The flowers give off a faint scent that might make the mind dizzy. But nothing further than that. For note, littered about the rock are three skeletal bodies, as if they might have been there for years and years. Three rusted, old swords lay on the ground about the flowers.

Taikris hmms carefully, kneeling to the ground slowly as he tries not to move the injured shoulder. An idea comes to mind, pulling up a few blades of grass, he blows them towards the center, waiting, and almost expecting them to wither

[#] The grass remains perfectly alive and well.

Taikris hmms slightly, only moving as close as the blades of grass would allow to quietly look over the disposition of the bodies. A peaceful state of rest, or a violent and grotesque disfigurement?

[#] [Roll a wis check]
[*] Taikris rolls 1d20+2 & gets 5.
Taikris: [... I suck today ;.;]

[#] The only thing that can be told of the bodies is that they all fell back from one another, with their swords all falling to their sides. [Roll a CON check, BCR 10]
[*] Taikris rolls 1d20 & gets 6.

Kalannar tracked Taikris. You think a ranger needs a path to track someone's footsteps?

Kalannar is, also, for note, doing his best to keep hidden, like usual. Roll sneak?
[#] [Sure]
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d20+8 & gets 25.

[#] Taikris becomes victim to the hallucinagetic plants. The flowers each seem to be bleeding down to the ground now, and the skulls of the three fallen men grin wickedly at him. If he saw Kalannar, he would appear as a demonic beast.

Taikris blinks a few times, but runs screaming from the plants as he charges northward. Off the path, and maybe to safety? Suffice it to say... he's freaked o.o

[#] Screams come from the middle-right path.

Kalannar growls a bit, drawing both scimitars he continues forward, walking past the apparently hallucinagetic plants.

[#] A large rock juts up from the earth within the clearing, surrounded by blood red flowers on either side. Though no grass grows around it, brambles are seen. The flowers give off a faint scent that might make the mind dizzy. But nothing further than that. For note, littered about the rock are three skeletal bodies, as if they might have been there for years and years. Three rusted, old swords lay on the ground about the flowers. [repost]

[#] [Roll a WIS check, BCR 12 to realize that they aren't native to Calenndor, if interested.]
[#] .. unless you're a Ranger or Druid, then you already know. ^^;
[*] Taikris rolls 1d20+2 & gets 8.

Taikris is still running screaming then

Kivae: [.. >.> Did they just disapear?
You say, "[They went to the NE path. :-P]"
You say, "[Kivae can take some of the flowers if she wants.]"

Kivae having wandered about the lake for a bit, left without interest, just past the fork when she heard the scream. The first thing coming to mind having been traps set by the treasure-leaver, she had obviously hurried down the path. And, seeing that it was just Kalannar and Tai (apparently?), stopped. Pulling some hair back, she glanced across what this path's end held. Smiling faintly, and then at the sight of the bodies, bringing a handpaw up to pinch her nose.
Kivae glances across the flowers and then the rock. >.>

[#] [For note, if you're ever inspecting an area, just whisper Jesto.]

Ruby Pyralis wonders what she sees. o.o

[#] A large rock juts up from the earth within the clearing, surrounded by blood red flowers on either side. Though no grass grows around it, brambles are seen. The flowers give off a faint scent that might make the mind dizzy. But nothing further than that. For note, littered about the rock are three skeletal bodies, as if they might have been there for years and years. Three rusted, old swords lay on the ground about the flowers. [repost]

Kivae: [Does the tile look crazy to you too, Rubeh? o.o]
Ruby Pyralis: [Yuh]
You say, "[Kivae, roll a CON check"
[*] Kivae rolls 1d20+1 Even if I'm holding my nose? ^^;; & gets 11.
You say, "[Ah, nevermind then.]"

Kivae, for Ruby's notice, is bent over, with a handpaw holding her nose shut (after seeing the bodies), to look at the flowers and rock.

[#] The hallucinagetic flowers don't affect Kivae, as she took the time to be cautious. The each of the skeletons appear to have died falling away from one another.

Ruby Pyralis: [.-. I'm sorry, but I'm too tired to RP any more. Got school tomorrow and I gotta be up 7 hours from now. Bai. D:]
Kivae: [D: Night, Rubeh.]
You say, "[Night, Ru.]"
Ruby Pyralis poofs. Tell me what happened tomorrow. n.n]

[#] Kivae might be able to see Kalannar and Taikris fighting to the North-East.

Kivae, after waiting a moment, steps into the flowers, keeping the handpaw on her nose. She pokes lightly at the rock, and then circles around to the skeletons, shifting them with a footpaw, and looking for more clues. She's also not about to bother with those two, as they need to settle it sometime, and she isn't going to play caretaker to two grown men.

[#] The more Kivae inspected the area, the more she would realize that this whole scenario seems as if it were staged. Or perhaps, that one couldn't land on rocks like that without their bones scattering after hundreds of years. :-P They look perfectly glued to their spots.

Kivae rolls her eyes at that. muttering something about nothing being real these days. With the fingertip of her free handpaw, she traces the outline of a rectangle, though nothing shows up, besides a slight difference in the movement of the air. reaching down for the base of a flower, she attempts to tug the roots from the ground, and slide the whole thing into the little 'pocket.' Several more as well, and after sealing it, she slides it into her bag.

[On to the other alt's DM perspective.]


Jesto waits on Kal and to check on something. []
Kalannar is here.]
Ruby Pyralis must take a shower. Start without me, I'll catch up.]
You say, "[Kal.]"
Kalannar: [Mhmm?]
You say, "[And Tai]"
Taikris: [hmm?]
You say, "[1) Would Tai not go if he saw Kalannar going? 2) Kalannar, is your character sneaking after them or just marching along behind him stubbornly?]"
Kalannar: [I be'a sneakin'.]
You say, "[Kalannar, roll a sneak roll, with Forest Benifits applying.]"
[*] Taikris rolls 1d20+2 Wis check in advance & gets 8.
Kalannar: [Okay.]
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d20+8 & gets 22.
You say, "[Everyone who wants the knowledge that Kalannar is pursuing can roll WIS too, but it's up to them whether or not they want to inform Tai]"
[*] Kivae rolls 1d20+9 & gets 17.
You say, "[Kal is pretty much ninja'd then.]"
Kalannar r teh nijna

[#] The Northern Forests can be like a maze to those who aren't familiar with the area, but luckily there are makeshift paths made throughout it by herb and flower collectors, or those who perhaps once lived here long ago. The scent of sweet flowers fills the area, and the chirping of birds on the path they are currently on adds to the pleasantness. These forests might not be all that bad a place to live in, though no sighs of other furres living around here can be seen.
[#] Taikris' map would show a fork in the road up ahead, with a small pond leading off to the left and another set of paths branching off to the right. Obviously the group is in no hurry to get anywhere, this is just a leisurely stroll through the forest.
[#] [DM's rules:]
[#] [I haven't put in any DS for anything, so if you ever want to look about for any herbs, roll a wisdom check. Rangers and Druids get a +3 bonus to their rolls.]
[#] [Of course, there has to be a plant on screen, obviously. :-P]
[#] [Begin RP.]

Taikris goes about his normal course of following the map then, completely unaware of the drow as he trods through the undergrowth. When he gets to the fork, he slowly unslips his wristclaws from about their coverings, donning them upon his paws with the customary flex upon the grips as he continues to consult the map. "I'm almost surprised the damned creature didn't follow us, though I must admit it is a pleasant one"

[#] [The fork is up ahead. >.>]
[#] [.. a ways up ahead]

You say, "[Players lead, I follow]"
Kivae: [Ah. >.>]
Kivae: [.. <.<]
Kivae: [Don't go so fast? o.o;;]
Taikris: [keee <.<]

[#] As the group nears the fork in the road, the low croaking of a frog can be heard off in the distance to the left, the faint scent of sunflowers coming off from another direction. But just which is hard to determine. North leads deeper within the forest, by sight.
[#] [Please wait for your fellow players to make posts before moving on. :-)]

Kivae yawns, afterwards moving her mouth a bit up and down, as if stretching it. She pulls her arms over her head, and crosses them behind it. Staying a step or two off to the side of the path, for whatever reason. She keeps her eyes mostly to the ground, assuming Tai to be following the path, and making a noncommittal 'hn.' As they halt, she takes a moment to glance up and around at the area, her ears out of her hair, and nose twitching, looking a touch distant, before questioning, "Which way does it say to go?"

[*] Kivae rolls 1d20+12 Herbs are happy. >.> The orange flowers things are a plant, yes? & gets 17.

[#] The maps red mark is large enough to cover all three of the branching off paths farther within the forest.

Kalannar strides along, using what grace, precision, and stealth were granted his race. In his left hand, a scimitar drawn, in the other, a small thinblade dagger. Fully intending to carry out his threat, not a second is spared before the Drow sends the dagger flying in a straight, accurate beeline directly toward the back of Taikris' head from within the brush of where he hides.

[#] Kivae finds x1 Milisopholos Plant. [Can be turned into x2 Drams]

[ Taikris whispers, "What of Kal's dagger?" to you. ]

[#] Kalannar roll a sneak check.
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d20+8 & gets 10.
Kalannar: [Damn.]
[*] Taikris rolls 1d20+2 Wis check & gets 6.
Taikris: [<.<]
[#] [Kivae rolls too]
[*] Kivae rolls 1d20+9 >.> & gets 17.
[#] [If Kivae is going to do something to stop it, post as such. If not, Kalannar rolls to-hit.]

Kivae sees the movement from the corner of her eye, but merely refrains from crossing the path to get to the herb, as the dagger's path was in-between them.

[#] [Roll to-hit]
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d30+7 & gets 24.
[#] [Is Tai hit?]
Taikris: [hit]
Taikris: [wait a tick]
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d100+2 & gets 86.
Taikris: [Isn't to-hit for ranged weapons 1/2 str + 1/2 dex?]
You say, "[To-hit is full DEX. Damage is /2]"
Taikris: [ah]
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d4+6 /2 & gets 8.
You say, "[Damage isn't halved. :-P]"
Kalannar: [O.o]
Taikris: [It's calculated by 1/2 STR + 1/2 dex]
You say, "[I meant DEX was halved on thrown weapons for non-marksmen]"
Kalannar: [Whatever. Am I rerolling damage or something?]
You say, "[Sure]"
[*] Kalannar rolls 1d4+3 & gets 4.

Kalannar sucks. Some assassination attempt.

[I didn't mind if people tried to kill one another on my quests. If anyone actually got near landing a killing blow on someone else, monsters were going to ambush the party and take priority on the aggressor. ... Especially since this one was not tagged as a 'Death Possible' quest.]

[#] The dagger sinks into Taikris' shoulder, rather than his head, evidenced by his lack of dropping dead. The chirping of the birds suddenly stop at that moment, though the bullfrog at the pond continues as if nothing happened.

Taikris growls fiercely as the map drops from his paws, the remaining arm pulling the blade from his arm to toss it to the ground. "You see why I didn't want him to come?!" he growls, flexing into position as he levels his gaze at the drow.

Kivae flattens her ears, "Certainly.. but you're going to have to settle it eventually.." She runs a foot along the ground, and shoots a sideways look at Kal, "Although, I personally would much prefer it if it could -wait- until we've found whatever it is. Not all of us are involved in this." And, with that, she crosses the pathway to crouch down and examine the herb, probably ending up plucking a bit.

Taikris took 1/4 of his HP in dmg, and Kivae... just walks off <.<[]
You say, "[And trying to get them to stop?]"

Kalannar wastes no time at all. He continues forward directly toward Taikris, intentions clear as he draws his other, right-held scimitar and brings both weapons into a defense position, though short-lived as his right scimitar slices through the air in clear attempt to lob off the monk's head from the right side (Taikris' left) while the left-held blade remains in a defensive position.

Kivae notes that he didn't act mortally hurt. And she didn't walk very far off. .-.

Taikris: [init?]
Kalannar: [Is it going to CS? o.o]
You say, "[Freeform.]"
You say, "[Kalannar - Ruby - Kivae - Tai.]"

Ruby Pyralis groans and rolls her eyes as the two start up again, stomping forward with both fists at her side. Once close enough, she hiss out at both of them in a foul, inverted tongue that is more likely than not foreign to them, though she is no doubt unhappy. She taps her axe with her paw, figuring that would be enough of an explanation for them.

Kivae stands up straight again as she's apparently ignored, and, in what is perhaps on of her more showy spells, holds out a handpaw, cupped. Flaring into life are a myriad of tiny, green, silver and black sparks, which in turn crackle and snap outwards until inside that paw is a ball off ominously colored lightning, causing her fur to stand out on end with static electricity. But it remains there for the moment, likely simply a threat. [3/?] In an aggravated tone, "Fight on the way back, would you? Not now."

Taikris curses aloud as he gets no aid from the others. His one working paw shoots up to deflect the oncoming blade as he dodges to the outside of the right arm, placing himself just out of harms way as he lunges forward, intent on digging the iron claws into the foul creatures bicep

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[#] [The others actually seem as if they're helping..? But ah well, Kalannar.]

Kalannar slides a step back as he pivots on one foot and brings his right-held scimitar up horizontally, which would stop the monk's fist in dead-air. He simply retaliates by bringing his left-held scimitar downward, in attempt to sever Taikris' paw. Should the maneuver succeed, he'd then simply turn and step away while cursing loudly, not in the mood to become fodder because of a pissy demon.

Ruby Pyralis, as neither of them seem to be stopping, flicks out the claws on both paws to their full length, the sides of her mouth raising as she growls. In all honesty, she had no idea as t how one would break up a fight, and can only wait until blood starts to spill or until they stop themselves. v.v

Taikris: [Blood already spilled]
Ruby Pyralis doesn't care. Move along.]

Kivae simply rolls the ball of lightening between her handpaws, nearly as uncertain as Ruby. But, after flexing the stuff a bit as she makes a imitation growl of Ruby's, she flings it out, towards the combatant's feet. From there it would shoot up wards as a very thin layer of menacing looking, crackling lightening between them (bending as needed, to not touch them), although what it would do if touched is uncertain. ^^: [6/6] "Back. Away." Added at the end is a muttered insult.

Taikris dodging back from the next blow, he simply glowers at the odd fellow when the others take a rather active participation in stopping the fight. His eyes dart about briefly as he lowers to pick up the map with his right paw. "Fine... all of you can head back." he quietly growls as he marches off down the pathway. "It seems I'll need to be -much- more careful on whom I ask to accompany me"

[#] [For note, the quest can go on without Taikris. ^^: You just don't have a clue as to where the treasure might be near. Kalannar.]
Taikris: [Tai isn't quitting. He's just planning to go this part solo]
[#] [Ah.]

Kivae thinks he means we can wander the other paths. And intends to do so, because she smells sunflowers. ^^

Kalannar glares at Taikris and simply takes a small step back, though his scimitars both remain drawn at his sides. As he watches the monk go, he sheaths his weapons and then makes a note to track his steps.. which is a simple task for one such ranger.

[#] Kivae, roll a WIS check. BCR 13
[*] Kivae rolls 1d20+9 ..? & gets 11.

Ruby Pyralis: [Why can't anyone else roll?]
You say, "[Because Kivae is the only one searching for the sunflowers? :-P]"
Taikris: [Cause Kivae is smelling for flowers :-P]
Ruby Pyralis: [Oh. n.n]
[%] Kivae just gave Ruby Pyralis a cookie.

Kalannar: [Do I have to roll to make sure that rangers are still good at tracking. :P]

Ruby Pyralis is apparently left standing with the remaining two, crossing her arms and tapping her foot, "Now what?"

Kalannar snorts, then simply inclines his head back toward the demoness, "I can track him easily, should you all wish to follow." Rarely one to allow anyone to see him work he kneels down and runs a few slender fingers over the path, occasionally glancing upward in the direction Taikris ran off to. He then stands up, having apparently gotten his bearings.

[#] The chirping of the birds start back up, and the bullfrog off to the left at the pond croaks a bit louder as if to outdo them.

Ruby Pyralis shrugs faintly and places her paws in her pockets, "He seems too hot-headed anyway. I can probably just get a bird's-eye view quickly and it would be just as good as a map."

You say, "[If I'm needed to emit something, just whisper Si. ^^ You can wander freely, just tell me where you're stopping or going at.]"

Kivae notes that the lightening is harmless to walk through, being only a shield, and fades away. She rolls her eyes "Ah.. I can find my own adventure, without some fake map, though I can't see why he was upset with us.." Seeming to imply herself and Ruby. And she pads off, nose twitching as she goes. She's not all that concerned with the treasure, it seems. "This way I'm not responsible for breaking up fights.."

Kalannar grumbles for a moment as he simply parts from the others and takes on following Taikris' trail.

Ruby Pyralis shrugs once more, heading up the patch at a leisurely pace, seeming to be more interested in the scenery than the treasure.

[*] Kivae rolls 1d20+9 & gets 26.
Kivae: [*+11]
[#] Kivae finds x1 Marax Planrt. [Can be turned into x2 drams]

[#] The surrounding area is for the most part dark with a heavy fog, tall trees surrounding the area to block out the sunlight. [Roll a WIS check, BCR 15]

[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d20 & gets 16.

[#] Screams come from the middle-right path.

Ruby Pyralis: [Is that what I rolled for?]

[Well, that helps sync up the other log and this one somewhat.]

[#] Ruby notices a giant hole in the ground among the tall grass.

Ruby Pyralis: [Oh xD]
You say, "[That was an emitloud. :-P"]
Marlina Evenstar: [Jump in Ruby!]

Ruby Pyralis takes a few, slow steps forward as she catches sight of the gaping hole, peering slightly over the edge to stare down into it, unsure of how deep it is.
Ruby Pyralis doesn't care who is screaming.

[#] The hole would appear to be about thirty feet deep, the walls of it coated in some sort of slimy substance preventing those who would fall in it from getting out all that easily.

Ruby Pyralis kicks at one of the clumps of grass around the edge until it is uprooted, bumping it into the hole to see if anything was alive down there. o.o

[#] Nothing seems to be down there. Just a pit for capturing animals - or perhaps furres.

Ruby Pyralis shrugs and spins around to head down the path again.

Kalannar: [? Anything to say, mistar DM? Or should I post?]
Huggy the Monkey: [Fight it out. Though I should've noted I didn't want this quest to be PC-death on. x.o]
Huggy the Monkey: [Fight it out FFly, that is.]
Taikris: [I told you not to bring Kal, and Tai can't exactly fight back while drugged up and with one bad arm
[#] The hallucagins only last for one more round, and Kalannar still appears as a disturbing black demonic imp-like creature.
Kalannar: [Just RPing my character.]
Taikris can't see Kal >:*
Huggy the Monkey: [Ah, 'kay.]
Huggy the Monkey: [Post then.

Kalannar, as said, engages from behind in a sneak attack. He brings his left-held scimitar across horizontally in an arc, to once again attempt to behead the monk. He keeps his right scimitar readied for any possible retaliation.

Taikris: [Wait a tick... how the hell did Kal even know about the ****ing map in the first place?]
Kalannar: [He's tracking Taikris. Rangers can do that.]
Taikris: [... ... ... ... ... not if he doesn't have reason to follow Tai. If I recall he just barged out of the main area asking to come along]
Taikris: [To come along with something he didn't even knwo about >.<]
Kalannar: [He has reason to follow Tai. He wants to kill him.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Now there's a reason.]
Kalannar = Drow. :P]
Taikris: Kalannar: [WAAAAAAAAAIIIITT!!!] Kalannar: [You're supposed to ask me to go. ;-;] You say, "[Kal threatens Tai too much :-P]" You say, "[IM me when Sirum gets it uploaded *goes AFF*]" Kalannar points to himself. [Ranger!] Kalannar: [Does not! He just eyes him warily.] Kivae nods to Kalannar, brightening slightly, "Are you coming with us?" You say, "[See Catharine occurance]" Kalannar: [Pff, he threatens everyone that gets in his way. :P] Sirum Hest: [Due to technical diffi
Taikris: [He was bothering Tai on no grounds in the first place]
[#] [I figure I'll have to intervene as DM.]
[#] [The most I'll allow is Taikris being knocked unconscious and perhaps mugged.]
Taikris: [Sirum... you knew it was metagaming and just wanted more people on your quest xP]
[#] [This quest was not marked with any such 'Can Die' warnings, and I'd rather it not end in such.]
Kalannar: [Not originally. Although Kalannar didn't trust Tai to begin with. At start, he just wanted to come and check things out. After Taikris mouthed off to him, he was further inclined to dislike him. After Taikris' threat, Kalannar opted to end him.]
[#] [Please stop arguing and just continue. x.o;]
Taikris: [but he shouldn't be here in the first place >.<]
Kalannar: [Kalannar had every intention of coming along, whether welcome or not.]
Kalannar: [Being a ranger, he does tend to enjoy exploration.. call me insane, you know.]
Taikris: [Kal had no method to learn about the quest in which to follow.]
[#] [Can we just assume Kalannar would have followed a small party heading to the forests regardless?]
Taikris: [He doesn't socialize nor care remember?]
[#] [Tai will awaken 10 minutes after KO or after healed if knocked out.]
Taikris: [...]
[#] [Unless you would rather wait until Kivae returns. She went idle for dinner.]
Kalannar: [Because he doesn't socialize or care, doesn't mean he does not listen.]
Taikris: [He wasn't in the room to listen -.-]
[#] [Are you two wanting me to null the quest or what?]
Kalannar: [I don't care. Do whatever. If he's unconscious or dead then woopedy-doo. The result for Kal ICly is the same either way. Leave.]
[#] [Kalannar is just going to beat the everloving **** out of him then and walk off? 'Kay...]
Taikris drops like a rock it seems
Kalannar: [Kalannar -would- kill him. But given that's not an option, he'd just beat the ever-loving **** out of him, take the map, and leave him for dead in the wilderness. In which case Kivae will just end up finding him anyhows, I assume.]
You say, "[So Kal is just going straight back to the fort then... hn. Okay.]"
Kalannar: [He's got no interest in treasure. He just wanted an excuse to look around for something interesting.]

[Kitz and Rivyn would rain down hellfire on people with emits on quests. Path'en had his bomb. I... was apparently a pushover. To my credit, I think this was my first full, proper quest dream. I didn't know how to corral everyone.]

[#] The only things of note around are a rusted old lamp in the house, a giant stone pot in the corner and the mushrooms they are standing on.

Kalannar grumbles a bit and sheaths his weapons. The Drow kneels down and picks up the map from the fallen monk's paws and eyes it up. A moment passes, and he simply tears the thing to many tiny shreds and tosses it about, figuring it would be better to simply leave him for dead rather than kill him.. knowing full and well that were he discovered, it would get back to him, and then off goes his head by means of local demoness exocutioner. He then stands up and makes off for the fort.

[#] Kivae wanders up onto the scene of an unconscious and bloody Taikris laying in the middle of a patch of mushrooms. For note, his wounds seem to be fading bit by bit through some means. Though not quick enough that he'll wake up anytime soon.

[#] This area is filled with tall grass and a crumbling old building. The person who owned it more than likely doesn't live here anymore, and only a rusted lamp and a pot in the corner of the house remain. The floorboards in it are rotted beyond repair. [Area description repost]

Kivae having been wandering about a bit and exploring, kept an eye on the figures in the distance. And upon seeing on of them depart, and the other no longer standing, stopped her herb-hunting, and simply scattered in that direction at a somewhat quick pace. She tilts her head eyeing the wounds for a moment, and then shuffles up, crouching over him, and curling her fingers around his wrist, helping along what's healing him. [3/3] Then turns her gaze on the mushrooms and pot.>
Kivae>eyebrow goes up.

[#] Of the mushrooms littered about the ground, only ten really stand out from the rest. Each one of the ten are fist sized, and seeming as if they can be munched on somewhat like an apple.

Taikris is healed?

Kivae doesn't do that stuff, yo.

Taikris: [xD]
Kivae: [Yar. She's stabilizing if you need stabilizing, and if not, just healing. :P]

[#] [To divine the mushrooms: Preps 2, BCR 15.]
[#] [Unless of course you have read about the Regen Fungi in the Northern Forest somewhere before and can recognize it. ^^;]

Kivae is waiting for a post from Tai. :P

Taikris apparently awakens at a very slow rate, blinking a few times as he looks about before growling. "I swear I'll kill him >:|"

[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d20+3 & gets 10.
Marlina Evenstar: [Aw]
You say, "[Hm?]"
You say, "[What was that for?]"
Marlina Evenstar: [I'm trying to recognize fungi through the miracle of dice rolls, but I failed. =(]

[It was always a treat to have Marlina on your quests, even OOCly. Her snark was great.]

Kivae drops his paw's wrist when he stirs, looking mildly annoyed, but far more interested in the mushrooms. "He'll probably leave you alone now, if you don't bother him. Though I can hardly stay for sure, but it shouldn't be too bad if you stay out of his way." She idly moves over to one of the mushrooms, pulling it up with the tips of her fingers. "But if you do bother him, I can't really say that I'll be here to fix you up- or if I'll really want to.." The mushroom goes into her bag.

Jesto has been a bit heavy with the stat checks this quest, but it's mostly been due to having to take care of 2-3 different screens at once. x) Apologizes. []

Taikris frowns slightly as he sees the few shreds of the map fluttering in the breeze. "Just great. Well... have you checked any of the other paths yet?"

[#] Nine mushrooms remain. The house is still unsearched.

Kivae continues, taking several more (three), and placing them carefully in her bag, before getting to her feet. "Not many." The bag gets swung over her shoulders, and she side-steps, then leans to the side in order to peer into the house. Followed by a step or two inside. "Thought you didn't want me along, anyways."

Taikris frowns once more as he idly nudges a few of the mushrooms. "What are these things anyway, and it seems I'm indebted to you." with that, he slowly begins to rise to his footpaws, having failed the dice roll to recognize them

Kivae shrugs slightly, "I was going to wait until later to find out, but it looked like they have something t'do with healing." She glances about the room. Description? o.o

Taikris decides to grab a few (three) before heading into the room himself then x)

[#] The heater in the corner of the room and the lamp are both rusted beyond repair. Nothing else but moss, crumbled walls and a stone pot here.

Kivae twitches her nose, as if about to sneeze, but refrains. She shakes herself all over, as if to free any dust coming near, and then pads over to the pot, leaning over to peer inside. Probably spiders. >.>

Taikris hmms quietly deciding to examine the odd heater nearby, even going as far to check under it for any possible places the 'Bandit King' may have hidden his treasure

[#] The floorboards are all rotted and with nothing beneath them. The pot is of course filled with spiderwebs, but a small shine can be seen at the bottom of it

[#] The heater is filled with nothing but old, rotted logs.

Taikris goes to check the pot outside then <.<

[#] The pot outside is filled with mold and is rusted over entirely as well. Honestly, the house appears just as if someone had lived there over a hundred years ago and moved away. Or died.

Taikris pouts and goes to see if Kivae's found anything then

Kivae holds no distaste for spiders, unlike he player, as she keeps a giant one for a pet. Slowly sliding her hand down through them, fingers touching the bottom to feel for anything. "Ugh.. this is too much like Caseal.."

Taikris raises a brow slightly, giving the dilapidated building another once over. "Well... at least it isn't pouring rain?"

[#] There are no spiders within the pot, only old webs. At the bottom, Kivae would feel many smooth objects. Further inspection would reveal..
[*] Jesto rolls 5d10 & gets 19.
[#] Nineteen gold coins.

Kivae: [Are they enchanted!?.. uh.. I mean, do they look normal/normal 100-year old coins, or special? xP]

[#] Ordinary, old coins. :-P

Taikris stands there quietly, arms resting on the decaying wall as he quietly asks. "Find anything?"

Kivae nods. "At least." She shifts her feet on the boards uneasily. "These feel a unsteady.." And, as she lifts the coins out, she simply attempts to dump them into Tai's arms, while noting that the term for old spiderwebs is cobwebs. "If this is where whoever's treasure it is lived, then I think whoever sold you the map was exaggerating." And, she's duck around him, towards the door. ^^;

[#] The rest of the forest is still open.

Taikris made 19 gold. Wooo. "Well... I certainly hope there's more, otherwise it seems I've wasted most of my time and money on that map." pocketing them for now, he turns to face the doorway. "To the next fork in the road then?"
Taikris goes there?

Kivae makes a her usual noncommittal 'mm' noise. But goes.

[#] This area appears perfectly normal, without anything odd about it. Except for the stump in the middle of it all, but perhaps whoever lived in the house cut it down.

Kivae will let Tai post first, since it's his turn. ^^;

Taikris shrugs slightly, approaching the stump with a slight look of incredulity. "This... is almost dissappointing." He gives it a quick couple kicks on the side, stomping atop it a moment later as if to hope in some remote way that it was hollow

[#] The stump appears as normal as any other, and sounds exactly the same.

Kivae shrugs, watching him kick it blankly, and tilting her head a bit. "Maybe it's the wrong path." As such, she turns around to head back. ^^;

[#] [Roll a WIS check, BCR 17 for something to catch your attention.
Kivae: [Pfft. xP]
[*] Kivae rolls 1d20+9 & gets 15.
Kivae: [Go Tai, go Tai. >.>]
[*] Taikris rolls 1d20+2 Inari hates me. Remember? & gets 12.
Taikris sighs and head back to try the one remaining fork in the road
Kivae: [Do the mushrooms look the same as the others? x)]

[#] The mushrooms there are smaller than the Regen Fungi.

Kivae rolls to notice..?]
You say, "[Sure. BCR 13]"
Kivae: [The same check as noticing herbs? xP]
You say, "[Yus. Though the mushrooms stick out quite a bit, this is only to notice that they're different. :P}"
[*] Kivae rolls 1d20+11 & gets 28.

Taikris shrugs and rolls in hopes it's a bad one... so he can get a good one later

[*] Taikris rolls 1d20+2 & gets 22.
Taikris: [... o.<]

[#] The two notice that there are three mushrooms in the bunch that are the most healthy looking. Strength 'Shrooms: +2 STR for 4 Rounds.
Taikris notices that they are different then o.o "Those don't look like the ones from before. Should we pick a few?"
[#] Go Go Mario!

Taikris: [o.o]
Jesto eats them. Grows higher. []
Taikris: [Where're the fire floawa's? x)]
Kivae: [Mario is so drug based..]
Kivae: [Mushrooms.. poppies.. PCP..]
You say, "[You mean the 'sunflowers'.]"
Taikris: [o.<]
Kivae: [Marijuana..]
Taikris: [The tobacco leaf you mean]
Kivae: [Sure. Sure.]

Taikris picks one, cause Kivae isn't posting xP

Kivae takes the other two, in a post unworthy of herbs. In the bag they go, and she mutters something about needing to ask Kuro for a herb-bag or something that keeps them fresh, and doesn't run out of room. Onwards!

[#] This area appears shadowed over for the most part, by tall trees blocking the way that the sun is coming from. A light fog surrounds the area as well, and ahead tall, waist-high grass grows.

[And now they're at the hole Ruby discovered earlier... but she had to drop out. Having 3 DM alts to monitor 4 people scattered around an open dream was fun, but exhausting.]

Taikris frowns once more, utterng a slight curse ashe begins to walk out to the tall grasses. "If there's nothing here... I'm gonna go give that stump another shot, and then maybe I'll dig at the fork for just the hell of it. I'm not ready to admit bankruptcy yet dammit" [wis check for the hole I guess?]

You say, "[Yus. Or a dexterity check right before you walk into it]"
[*] Taikris rolls 1d20+2 to spot it & gets 7.
[*] Taikris rolls 1d20+4 to keep from falling in o.< & gets 15.
You say, "[The BCR was 18. xD]"

Kivae lifts her ears from her hair, apparently heightening her senses a bit as they continue into the shadows and misted, behind Tai. Her expression indicates that she's pleased by the grass, and isn't nearly as worried about bankruptcy. Mostly because she's rich.

Taikris: [Inari... I ****ing hate you]
[*] Kivae rolls 1d20+9 to spot it, and point it out to Tai? & gets 19.
You say, "[Would Kivae spot it before he fell?]"

Kivae is a step or so behind him. Doesn't know?

[#] As Taikris walks into the tall grass, once getting about into the middle of it, he suddenly zips down and out of Kivae's view. If Taikris tried to cling to the walls as he fell, his descent down the thirty feet would slow considerably. Mostly due to the fact that they were covered in a sticky, slimy substance.
[#] Taikris, for note, wouldn't be able to see his own paw in front of his face down there.

Taikris gives a yipe as he begins to drop, spinning about to dig the iron wristblades into the 'sticky? o.o' walls

Taikris converts to weedlenose x([]

[#] By sticky, ooze-sticky was implied. His claws would dig into whatever it was coating the walls and rip a nice hole into them all the way down to the bottom. For note, there doesn't sound or feel like there is anything down there.
[#] Though, for note, it would smell musty. Like an old basement.

Kivae's ears go back, and she, obviously comes to a halt. Crouching down, and peering down into the hole. "Mmf.. Is there a bottom?" In one handpaw, she snaps her fingers, a dancing ray of sunlight twirling around them, and then sliding down the darkness, in an attempt to illuminate either enough for her to see Tai, or Tai to see around him. [3/3]

Taikris seems largely freaked out by the sticky walls, and the fact that he's sliding down so easily through the hopefully dirt wall. "Kivae.... get me outta here! o.o" he gives a quick attempt to claw his way out, but gets the general feeling that the wall would rip as it had on the way down. "I get a very bad feeling I'm in something's mouth e.e"

[#] Taikris would be able to see a waist-high crawl-through path at the very bottom of the hole, leading in the direction of the stump.

Taikris calms down considerably then o.o
Taikris appends to his last post

[#] The substance on the walls would appear to be white, somewhat like a spiders web, though far goopier and more like mud than sticky to keep things captured in it.

Taikris goes right back to the way he was feeling e.e "Something bad is down here ;.;"

[#] Despite Taikris being thirty feet down and at the very bottom of the hole and through all the noise he is making, nothing happens. Nor does anything make a sound. In our out of the hole, actually, not a bird is in any of the trees around here.

Kivae sighs, being up here, she has no particular fear looming over her. "D'you have any rope..? If it was one of the worms, it'd already have closed it's mouth.. Is there anything down there?"

Taikris glances about his surroundings. "Well... there's plenty of white stuff on the walls (That sounds so perverted >.<) and there's even a little crawl space that seems to head towards the stump. I'm tempted to follow it, but..." he glances about for recent signs of inhabitance
[*] Taikris rolls 1d20+2 Just in case. WeedlenoseHRT & gets 8.

[#] Nothing appears as if it has been in the hole for quite some time.

Taikris: [Well then **** you too mister dicegod]

Kivae hms. "Try kicking a wall. And, again, do you have any rope?"

Taikris sighs slightly, and gives another quick rip through the goop with his claws, but probably to little effect. "No rope. It seems I'll have to meet you by the stump. If you hear screaming... then it means I probably found something e.e"

[#] ..and thus, was the last Feanor ever heard of Taikris the adventurer.
[*] Taikris rolls 1d100 to live? & gets 78.
[#] [I kid, I kid. *ducks*]
Taikris: [Thankfully... I know you're kidding that time :-P]

Taikris let's Kivae post before he poofles down the rabbit hole?

Kivae rolls her eyes, and murmurs something about growing a vine. But she wants to know what's through the tunnel, so she doesn't comment on it to him. Instead, calling down, "I'll wait here, you just come back and tell me what you find, alright?" Beginning to draw a thick, rope-like one out of the ground. [3/?]

Taikris nods slowly "Alright then. Hopefully I'll be back" and zip he goes down the tunnel

[ Taikris whispers, "So... what does he find?" to you. ]

[#] The crawl space doesn't appear as if were dug by any man, but rather some sort of creature dug it. The walls of the crawl space are lined with the oozy substance as well, but other than that things are normal. After a while of crawling and after some turns, the crawl space would open up and Taikris would appear to be in a wide, open room. The room would smell faintly of death and decay, and there is a staircase in one corner leading upwards. But there doesn't seem to be anywhere to exit from at the top.

You say, "[Oh, wait.]"
You say, "[He doesn't have any light.]"
Kivae: [The sunbeam follows him. >.>]
Kivae: [^^;;]
Jesto pouts. []
You say, "[Go ahead. Ruin my horror-styled crawl.]"
[%] Kivae just gave Jesto a cookie.

Taikris quietly begins to examine the room, thanks muchly to the sunbeam ^^
[%] Taikris just gave Kivae a cookie.

Kivae thinks he already described the room...? :-P

[#] The sunbeam would only light up a small area around Taikris, though the walls appear to be made of stone. What sections of the wall can be seen through the further goop. In fact, it's everywhere, along the ceiling, the floor in spots and along several steps of the staircase. If he moved far enough into the room, he would see that the end of it broke off into two small hallways. Both just out of sight of the light.

Kivae.. idly begins drawing out more of the vine, concentrating on making it rope like, and long enough to touch the ground. Oh, and listening for screams. She has dibs on whatever dug the tunnels.

[Kivae had a little monster harem going, after taming Stumpy the Spider. I was always happy to oblige by putting some monster eggs somewhere in my dream.]

Taikris hmms slightly as he decides to continue down the hallway to the left. The goop unnerves him at best, but he does what he can as he marches onwards, flexing his paws about the grips occasionally just to alleviate his growing tension

[#] The left hallway would hold what appears to be a gigantic mess of the gooze that Taikris earlier crawled through. After a few seconds of the light focusing on it, the mass of it would appear to be lightly shuddering every so often. It couldn't be a.. nest, could it? Regardless of what it is, from the right hallway, a low 'clicking' sound forms. Once. Twice. Three times.

Kivae wants it!!
Kivae.. take that however you like.

Taikris: [... ... white goop, and a wanting Kitsune ... o.o;;]
Jesto notes that Kivae is his weench. ):
Kivae pets. ^^

Taikris holds his breath as he very slowly begins to step backwards, only to break into a sprint into the adjoining section. Screaming seeming to be the bad choice, he gives a quick venture down the right hallway. Maybe if he left the beast be, it would return the favor?

You say, "[The sound came from the right hallway.]"
You say, "[The left hallway was a nest-like thing.]"
Kivae: [Smmmart.]
Taikris: [oh nm then o.o]
You say, "[Is he still going there?]"

Taikris runs back towards the opening and screams into the tunnel, rather loudly as he takes a stance. Feeling he was likely to get dragged back by his footpaws if he tried crawling

You say, "[He's headed for the staircase then?]"
Taikris: [Yes]
Taikris: [After screaming into the tunnel]
Jesto whispers this next emit. []
Kivae wants to post?]
You say, "[Go ahead. x)"

Kivae, at the screaming, tilts her head, and gives the now long enough vine a tug to make sure its rooting is secure, and drops it over the edge. This is shortly followed by herself, gripping the vine rather than the goop. After another quick light hand been draw to her fingers, and looped into her hair, she's slide, with only the slightest hesitation, through the tunnel. Not that she cared that much what happened to him- but because she wasn't going to miss anything. ^^;;

Taikris notes it was something akin to that attitude that lost him Dirk ;.;[]

[#] The staircase, once fully climbed, would result in Taikris bumping his head against hard steel. It would appear to be a drop-down passage way, one would have had only to stand on the dark grass for it to give way and part. There appears to have once been two handles on the inside of it, but apparently something broke off the rusted things. Perhaps the last person to fall down into the hole. While this is happening, the sound of eight legs skittering across stone can be heard heading at a rapid pace for the one with the light. Taikris might only get a glimpse of the giant, black as the night spider with red stripesd along its legs before it would spring over at him, and attempt to pounce upon him. Were this successful, he would hastily be wrapped up entirely in the goo from before and dragged back off into the right hallway.

Kivae points out that she has a light, too?

[#] Oh, yes, for note, if it had managed to pounce upon him, it would bite his neck before wrapping him in goo. The sensation that would come from it would be incredibly numbing and give a faint drowsyness.

You say, "[Well.]"
You say, "[Yeah.]"
You say, "[I'm just taking into consideration the time it would take to crawl from here to the room. :P]"
Kivae: [.. Been watching lotr recently? :-P]
You say, "[No? o.o?]"
Kivae: [.. The giant spider.. and.. nevermind. <.<]
You say, "[Partial-Immobilization poison. x3]"
You say, "[Oh! xD]"

Taikris seems to have been slamming his shoulder into the opening at the time... till he heard the tap tapping of feet. He screams again o.< before diving off the damned staircase (if possible) when the creature lunges for him. Tucking into a roll,and bounding to his feet... he screams again "Get here quick damn you!!!!" only to glance about for something to use against the beast

Taikris: [If not possible... then yeah he's screwed o.<]
Kivae will post after Si's emit?]
Taikris: [I thought he already emitted <.<]
Kivae: [Alright. guess I'll keep the order, then. o.o]
You say, "[Should we slip into CS?]"
Taikris: [Sure... unless Tai's being dragged off]
Kivae: [Aw..]
Taikris: [Then it'll be another post or so by Kiv o.<]
Kivae: [Nah.. it's okay. I want to post after I find out what Kiv crawls out into. Scene, I mean.]
Taikris: [Well if he's being dragged off. The spider won't be there to bother Kiv I mean :-P]
Kivae: [yeah. That's why I want to have Si's post before mine. :P]

['Should we slip into CS'... okay, yeah, I really did leave everything up to players. Maybe I was a bad DM. >_> I like to think I got better with the next few quests though.]

[#] Nothing would be in the room to use as a weapon, just an empty, open room, and Taikris would find himself at the end of the short hallway along with several dozen birds. And one skeleton.

Taikris: [So did he get dragged off, or is he sprinting down a hallway? o.o]
You say, "[Bitten, webbed and drug off down into the hallway that unusually comes to an abrupt halt.]"
You say, "[Unless you have problems with that? :P]"

Taikris shrugs "I don't doubt the things probably fater than I am, but if -Tai's head is clear enough-, he'd try to rip his way out of the web with the blades on his wrists. Once the spider stopped looking of course ;-). If not... the he just kinda squirms o.<

You say, "[Ah, 'kay.]"
You say, "[The poison would make him feel like his entire body was numb.]"
You say, "[And his limbs were made of rubber]"
Taikris: [He can still squirm... if weakly :-P]
You say, "[Nothing deadly, just used to capture his prey.]"
You say, "[Er, her*]"
Jesto waits for Kiv's post. []
Taikris: [and usually spider venom is used to liquify the organs before ingestion]

Kivae slides out of the crawl area, hardly doing more than wrinkling her nose at the goop. Her ears perk, and the light sliding around the room at her own will. Stepping lightly as she can after the very familiar skittering noises. Her nose twitches, and based on what she can see (noticed or not), she does the only sensible thing. Giant spider? She's got one of those! [3/3]

You say, "[This is a unique spider. :P]"
Taikris is thankful for such :-P[]

Stumpy is technically genderless. Will have no 'spider love' nonsense. And skitters down the hallway and Kivae's direction. Click, click-click, klik.

[#] Once the horrifying appearing spider was finishing tucking away Taikris, it let out a few more clicks and slowly creeped back into the room, first along the walls, then along the ceiling. From there, it peered downwards, eyeing both the girl in it and the fellow spider. Apparently, this spider seems to think that the other is here to destroy its nest, and as such it lets out a loud hiss/screech which echoes throughout the room. From there, it skitters over to above Stumpy and releases apparently going for a quick kill... [Init]

[Kivae's Giant Spider vs NPC Giant Spider... this feels a bit Pokemon. Hee.]

Kivae.. doesn't.. know stumpy's init..]
Taikris: [o.o]
Taikris: [Umm... what's Stumpy's dex? o.o]
[*] Kivae rolls 1d10+4 .. Summons go before the caster. <.< & gets 8.
Kivae: [I don't know his dex. :P It wasn't in the stats that Rakuro gave me.]
[*] Gooziferrus rolls 1d10+6 & gets 13.
Kivae: [.. Why is the mommy spider a guy?]
Taikris: [Why is it a male canine?]
Gooziferrus: [Because the stripes appear on the port with male. :-P
Gooziferrus: [port*]
Stumpy: [<3]
Gooziferrus: [Oh, yes.]
Gooziferrus: [Tai can roll a CON check, BCR 15 every round to resist the poison.]
Gooziferrus: [Er]
Gooziferrus: [BCR 12*]
[*] Taikris rolls 1d20 & gets 9.
Taikris: [I really, really, really ****ing hate you Inari >:*]

Gooziferrus, being the speedier of the two spiders, gets the first attack on Stumpy, and as such lands on the back of the opposing spider. The sharp, scythe-like legs that burrowed the waist-high tunnel and the hole rip into the back of it. First blood, baby.

[*] Gooziferrus rolls 1d30+18 & gets 46.
[*] Gooziferrus rolls 1d30+18 & gets 19.
[*] Gooziferrus rolls 1d100 & gets 80.
[*] Gooziferrus rolls 3d4+18 & gets 29.

Stumpy lets out a low responding screech, something rarely heard from the usually calm-demeanored spider. Showing an extraditable amount of flexibility, it twists on leg on the opposite side under and up at the spider, slashing. Shortly after it skitters backwards, attempting to smash it off using the wall of the cave.

[*] Stumpy rolls 1d30+15 & gets 34.
[*] Stumpy rolls 1d30+15 & gets 18.
[*] Stumpy rolls 1d30+15 & gets 26.
Gooziferrus: [2]
[*] Stumpy rolls 2d100: (82) (63) = 145.
[*] Stumpy rolls 2d8+30 & gets 40.
Stumpy thinks this'll take a while. :-P
You say, "[Sorry. xD]"

[#] Gooziferrus, Stumpy, Kivae, Taikris

Kivae is, as to be expected, rather nervous, but, of course, going to be helping her pet. The post is horribly short.. but, she brings the palm of her hand up, and blows fiercely across it, the wind, razor sharp, quick, and cutting, is aimed for the back of the spider. [3/3] And if this hurts it too badly, yes she will be stabilizing. Poor spider. ;-;

[*] Kivae rolls 1d30+11 BCR=MR+3 & gets 24.
You say, "[Hit. >.o]"
[ You whisper "[Max HP = 340" to Kivae. ]
[*] Kivae rolls 1d85+12 & gets 71.
[#] Taikris
[*] Taikris rolls 1d20 [Con Chk] You suck, Inari >:| & gets 4.
Kivae: [Stop insulting him, it doesn't work. :-P]

Gooziferrus seems to be hurt quite a bit from just that go, and as such, backs away from Stumpy for but one step, the claw clicking on the stone floor. But suddenly, it lunges forward, attempting to pierce its fangs into the others side.

[*] Gooziferrus rolls 1d30+18 & gets 31.
Gooziferrus wonders if she hit?
Stumpy: [Okay.. Hit.]
[*] Gooziferrus rolls 1d100+3 & gets 58.
[*] Gooziferrus rolls 3d4+18 & gets 27.
You say, "[Poor Goozy.]"
You say, "[Already at near 1/3 HP]"

[#] Stumpy

Stumpy clicks, rapidly, and charges several skittering steps forwards, body held high, legs lashing out, as he turns to keep a watch on it when it lunges.

[*] Stumpy rolls 1d30+15 & gets 41.
[*] Stumpy rolls 1d30+15 & gets 17.
[*] Stumpy rolls 1d30+15 & gets 19.
Gooziferrus: [1]
[*] Stumpy rolls 1d100 & gets 17.
[*] Stumpy rolls 1d8+15 /2 & gets 16.

Kivae apologizes for the lacking post, but simply continues the breath, tilting her head this way and that to follow the spider, her other fingers directing the wing away from Stumpy, as if it were pulling strings. [3/3]

[*] Kivae rolls 1d30+11 Same as last.. & gets 37.
Taikris: [o.<]
Gooziferrus: [Hit. x3]
[*] Kivae rolls 1d85+12 & gets 57.
[#] Tai
[*] Taikris rolls 1d20 [Con Chk] *tries it Kiv's way and sacrifices a marshmallow animal* & gets 2.
Taikris: [... ... ... ... ... ...]
Kivae: [Can I roll for him next round?]
Gooziferrus: [Sure]
[%] Kivae just gave Taikris a cookie.
Taikris: [Why hast thou forsaken me? :~(]

Gooziferrus only takes a light scratch to one of her legs, but her fury doesn't fade in the slightest. She simply thrashes about wildly and raises upwards, swiping at the skull of the opposing spider.

[*] Gooziferrus rolls 1d30+18 & gets 31.
[*] Gooziferrus rolls 1d30+18 & gets 32.
[*] Gooziferrus rolls 2d100: (76) (84) = 160.
[*] Gooziferrus rolls 6d4+36 & gets 50.

Stumpy takes a dizzying blow, but skitters to the side, attempting to keep the other spider away from its abdomen, and take advantage of its long reach. Like now.

[*] Stumpy rolls 1d20+7 Grapple. Forgot to put that in post. ^^: & gets 27.
[*] Gooziferrus rolls 1d20+8 & gets 24.

Gooziferrus is grappled!

Gooziferrus: [Wait.]
Taikris: [what about to-hit
Taikris: ]
Gooziferrus: [That's what I was going to say. :P]
[*] Stumpy rolls 1d30+15 Sorry, I never grapple, not familiar with the rules. ^^; & gets 22.
Gooziferrus: [Miss. x.o]
Taikris: [she gets a re-roll[
Taikris: [she has more than one attack[
Gooziferrus: [Ah, yes.]
[*] Stumpy rolls 1d30+15 ..? & gets 36.
Taikris: [^^]

Gooziferrus is grappled.

Kivae same as last time, as she is going to get kicked off momentarily. :-P [3/3]

[*] Kivae rolls 1d30+11 & gets 32.
[*] Kivae rolls 1d85+12 & gets 84.
You say, "[80 HP left]"
You say, "[Roll his resist? :P]"
Taikris doesn't trust his dice[]
Taikris: +0 Con[]
[*] Kivae rolls 1d20 Inari! # <3 A lovely llama loves like a.. lion.. loves.. larks. For Tai! Inarii.. & gets 5.
Taikris: [Yup... Inari hates me]
Kivae: [xD He doesn't like alliteration. Or he hates you.]

Gooziferrus appears pretty badly damaged at the moment, but she has her nest to protect. Thusly she does what any losing opponent does, she resorts to dirty tactics, which is to skitter away from Stumpy a bit and fire a glob of gooze right at the spiders legs.

[*] Taikris rolls 1d20+1 to charm Inari? & gets 3.
Taikris cries[]
[*] Jesto rolls 1d20+6 & gets 7.
You say, "[Roll a dex check]"
Stumpy: [I don't have Stumpy's base stats. :-P]
Stumpy needs to get those from Rakuro..]
You say, "[Consider it to be +6 then x)]"
[*] Stumpy rolls 1d20+6 & gets 13.
Gooziferrus fails!

Gooziferrus couldn't skitter away, but could still try to web Stumpy. x.x
Gooziferrus xxxx.xxxx *

Stumpy simply attempts to keep its grip on her, making two click noises. [Pass]

[*] Gooziferrus rolls 1d20+8 & gets 22.
Taikris: [Pin :-P]
Taikris: [Use pin if you don't want to dmg it :-P]
Stumpy: [Neh?]
Taikris ponders why pin only lasts for one round, and thusly asks Kiv to disregard his last post[]
Kivae uses the glob that the spider had shot, attempting to redirect it, and form it into vine-like shapes that would curl and tangle around the spider's legs. [4/3]
[*] Kivae rolls 1d30+11 BCR=18 & gets 20.
Jesto is, thusly, trapped in her own goo. ooxx.xxoo
You say, "[xD]"
Gooziferrus does that.
Kivae: [Jesto. Stop being a SPIDER!!]
Kivae snugs.]
Kivae: [You roll, Tai. :-P]
Kivae: [<.<]
You say, "[x3]"
You say, "[Battle is pretty much over, actually.]"
[*] Taikris rolls 1d20 :feels like Chloe u.u & gets 15.
Taikris: [...]
Kivae: [CHLOE!]
Taikris: [Finally :-P]
[*] Kivae rolls 1d100 Chloe! & gets 79.

[#] Battle Over. Gooziferrus is trapped in her own ooze.

[So Kivae weakened the spider, then captured it. ... Ah, crap, it is Pokemon. DMs almost never let Sirum successfully capture NPCs instead of killing them, so I was happy to put that option in my quests. x3]

[*] Kivae rolls 1d100 Chloe-Inari! & gets 11.
[*] Jesto rolls 1d100 Chari & gets 47.
[*] Kivae rolls 1d100 Inari-Chloe! & gets 64.
[*] Jesto rolls 1d100 Inaroe & gets 8.

Taikris: [How do I get out of the webbing? o.o]
You say, "[You could likely hack through it easily now.]"
Kivae: [.. Is there any chance this can be continued, though? There are a couple things I want to do, but I'm really rushed and can't post.. well... x.o]
You say, "[It doesn't matter. x) The only thing left to do is search the room.]"
Kivae is only still online because her dad hasn't noticed.]

Taikris does so, and glances about his surroundings once more

Kivae.. wanted to get a baby spider.. and get the description for the lake.. and heal the goo-trapped spider..

[#] Taikris would note that there appears to be dozen of oozed birds surrounding him, and as noted previously the skeleton. The wall at the end of the hallway would, if Taikris looked hard enough, have a thin crack right down the middle just thick enough to fit claws or a sword into.

You say, "[So we should pause then? x)]"
Kivae: [Nah, 's cool]

Taikris is assumed to be looking hard enough, cause his dice rolls flat out suck (x.x) He thusly sticks his claws in and tries to open the damned thing

Kivae shakes herself all over, waving to Stumpy as he begins fading away. She approaches the goo-trapped spider carefully, and places a hand-paw on her exoskeleton, soothing, healing magic flowing out. She'd then explore the hallways, (glancing in, and once seeing Tai to be alright, and asking him to call if he finds anything else, heading for the other). Description of nest?

[#] After about a minute of pulling in both directions with the claws in the line, they would slowly slide open. Not much is able to be seen beyond it, but the air in there is as stale as Butterburr's cookies.
[#] The writhing spider stops as soon as the healing power flows through it just barely, obviously still concerned regarding its nest. The nest is as noted previously, a bunch of eggs covered in the goop. The eggs can be dug out with ease and feel much like pearls, and are the size of basketballs.

Taikris hmms briefly as he stares into the abyss before him. Calling out within moments for Kivae. "Hey... any chance you could send a small ball of light my way?"
Taikris wonders how Kivae can use light magic... when she's a druid, but meh

Kivae: [.. Sunlight.. is nature.. And if you're going to get CS picky, it's fire. :-P]
You say, "[This has been so much fun. x)]"
Jesto has to DM quests more often. n.n; []
Taikris feels like such a whipping boy ;.;[]

Kivae steps around the nest, tilting her head either way. If she were a proper druid, she'd probably want to leave this the way it is, and think it better for them to be raised here. But.. she reasons, most of them will probably be killed by adventurers.. and what's the harm in taking one? She spends about a half-minute putting to memory the temperature of the goo, and then, does scoop one into her arms. She pads back after Tai, breathing dancing flames into the air for light, ^^; and glancing at some of the birds, to see what kinds were there. >.> [3/3]

Kivae is getting kicked off. .-.
You say, "[Ah... snap.]"
You say, "[It's fine.]"
Taikris: [Night Kiv]
You say, "[It'll give me a chance to type up the treasure chest stuff.]"
Taikris: [Pause or?]
You say, "[Pause. x)]"
Taikris: [ah]
Kivae: [Sorry. x.o;]
Taikris: [Night ^^]
Taikris must go too. *poofles*[]
Kivae: [Night. ^^]

[I have to dig into the next days log to finish this one off. Off to the land of tomorrow we go.]


[#] Welcome to the exciting conclusion of Dragon Ball Z!
[#] Er... Forest Funk.
Taikris: [I still say Dragonball was the better series :-P]

[#] As we left off, Gooziferrus was trapped in webbing, Taikris was standing in the middle of a lit hallway with an old, dust covered chest in the middle with a lock on it and another line in the wall behind the chest.

Kivae was also in the room, glancing at the birds, holding a basketball sized pearly egg, and breathing flickering fire-light into the air.

Taikris is apparently oogling over the chest as he quietly exclaims. "He wasn't lying :-D"

Kivae breaks off the breathing of the light, which hangs in the air anyways, flickering, "Depends on what's in it."

Taikris nods slowly. "Well... I suppose that's true enough, but as long as it isn't some moth-eaten clothes... I'm happy :-D" bashing off the lock in a clean paw swipe as he hopes to discover it's contents

[#] The birds are entirely covered in goo and long dead. The egg in Kivae's arms writhes about, but other than that remains content to stay with her. The lock is easily enough bashed off, as if it was only placed there for appearances alone.

Taikris opens the chest then? o.o

[#] Treasure Chest Contents:
[*] Jesto rolls 20d10 & gets 102.
[#] 102 Gold.
[#] Golden Ruby Studded Bracer (Left)
[#] Golden Sapphire Studded Bracer (Right)
[#] Purpleheart Rod (?)
[#] Cutlass (?)

[Those bracers were some of my favorite loot. I think they formed the basis of what would later become the 'Elemental Monk' class, monks that could punch with the power of various elements infused into their fists. These in particular made your punches be surrounded with a sphere of fire or sharp ice.

It was quite a haul for just two people. But Kalannar and Ruby bailed, and Taikris bought the map. Taikris up to this point hadn't really been able to integrate much, so... hopefully this helped.]

Kivae watches the lock, her head tilted to the side as she adjusts the egg in her arms, quietly channeling warming into it from the palms of her hands. "You know, this whole thing is sort of fake.. the bones back there.. and.." but she trails off at its contents.

[Kivae caught on to the theme of the Map Master Michael questline on the very first quest.]

[#] Folded, aged but still intact letter. (?)
[#] All items are preps 2, BCR 20 to divine. Letter can be read.

[#] The egg in Kivae's paws stops moving entirely, appearing soothed at the warmth.
Taikris seems almost overjoyed at first, before blinking a few more times with a sudden frown. Taking the time to read the letter as Kivae's words echo in his mind
[#] The letter appears to be written in gold colored ink, and reads as follows, with the Insigna of the Bandit King at the bottom:
[#] This is the treasure of the Bandit King, this chest is where it dwells. Be ye not of my ring, I'll send ye to the hells. - With Love, Bandit King

[The Bandit King was some throwaway line from our continuity pages. A joke written there by some council member. In year 40 of our current age, he sacked Ansteorra. In year 41, everyone else sacked him. I decided to base an entire questline around that joke.]

Kivae leans to the side to read it as well. x)

Taikris bahs, placing the letter back on the chest contents as he sits upon the goopy floor. "Bah. It seems we need to find something to disarm whatever trap he left behind" he glances about the room a few more times. "Any ideas, or should we just check that crack in the wall?"

[#] There would appear to be no trap within the chest. However, the wall that Taikris opened would suddenly slam closed after the letter was read.

Kivae: [Um. Are we inside the room?]
Taikris: [assumes the wall is behind them :-P]
You say, "[Taikris pried open a wall with a crack down the very center.]"
You say, "[He went into the hallway beyond it, which had the chest in it."
You say, "[Beyond the chest is another wall, with a thin crack along it.]"

[#] After the wall slammed closed, rather than a crack going all the way up and down along it, there would be only a thin slot at the very middle of it. Not key shaped, but perhaps for something else to be put in.

Kivae flattens her ears, having been in the process of glancing around for any traps. "I didn't say-.. Ah, nevermind." She nods to the other crack, still holding the egg with both arms. "Try the other shape, or should we start trying to shove random bits of treasure into that? .. Like that rod.."

Taikris blinks a few times at the rather wonderful suggestion by Kivae. "Be ye' not of my ring..." he frowns as he spies no ring, but... "Would you surmise that bandits use that particular make of sword?"

[#] The rod would be much too thick to shove into such a narrow slit.

Kivae shrugs, and sidesteps away from the chest, as if allowing him to give anything a try. "Worth a try. But there's still the other crack.."

Taikris: [which crack is Kivae talking about? o.o]
Kivae: [The one on the other side of the room?]

Taikris gives a shrug. "I'm still willing to bet that the the method to disengage is right before us." with that he hefts the elongated blade, and tries to use it within the odd opening behind the chest

[#] The wall beyond the chest emits a low 'click' and slides open.

[#] As the two parts of the wall part, beyond is a lengthy tunnel, even mustier than the last room. A keen sense of direction would reveal it to more or less lead directly towards Ansteorra.

Taikris wonders if he dares to roll dice e.e[]
You say, "[Nah. No point. :P]"
You say, "[Just determine whether your character would know.]"

Taikris blinks a few times as he watches the incredibly drawn out tunnel before him. "Now that... is just spiffy." He turns to Kivae, not seeming to have bothered to drop the cutlass. "Should we follow it?"

[#] [The rest of the treasure chests belongings are being left behind?]

Taikris: [It's called planning first :-P]
Taikris was rushed by -marlina- and was captured. *isn't making the same mistake twice*[]

[#] The other wall has the same sort of crack as the wall that was just opened, for note. :-P

Kivae twitches her nose, leaning a bit into the tunnel, ears raised. She sends out a brief thought, trying to get a reflection from the tunnel as to just how far it goes. [1/1 Div? ^^;] "Depends.." She didn't particularly care about the stuff, besides a faint interest in the rod.

[#] The pathway would reveal to go all the way to Ansteorra, though not really to the sewer systems. Extra effort would determine the exact location to be roughly behind the tavern.

Kivae steps back a step, shaking her head, "It must go on for at least a mile or two. You can go if you want, but I'm climbing back out."

You say, "[You need to read the History timeline.]"
You say, "[The Bandit King lived quite a long while ago and sacked Ansteorra. :P]"
You say, "[Then, one year later, he was sacked himself.]"

Taikris nods slowly. "Remind me to tell the others when we get back." he then nods to the treasure chest. "Could you divine each of the things in there first? I don't want to risk moving the chest if any of them are cursed or booby-trapped"

[#] Things not yet divined: Left Bracer, Right Bracer, Cutlass, Purpleheart Rod.

Kivae winces, and mutters something likely derogatory towards Divination, which seemed to be her least favorite of magics. "-All- of them? That'll take a while.."

Taikris shrugs slightly as he settles himself upon the goop. "Well... we've got time. Especially since you seem to have tamed the mother spider"

[#] [I'm not going to make you RP out each divining. :-P]
Taikris: [w00t]
[#] [Since that'd take 8 posts.]
Taikris: [Let the good times 'roll'? :-D]
[*] Taikris rolls 1d20+2 Just for the hell of it <.< & gets 11.
Taikris cries[]

Kivae wrinkles her nose, and holds out the round, squirming pearly, basketball-sized egg, carefully, to Tai. "Fine. Hold this for me. Gently."

Taikris does so... if warily e.e

[#] The spider from within the egg bursts forth, and latches onto Taikris' face, eating the flesh there.
[#] []^
Taikris: [Oh god the furranity x.x]

[*] Kivae rolls 1d30+11 Rod & gets 19.
[*] Kivae rolls 1d30+11 Rod. >.> & gets 31.
[*] Kivae rolls 1d30+11 Ruby Bracers & gets 25.
[*] Kivae rolls 1d30+11 Other Bracer >.> & gets 31.
[*] Kivae rolls 1d30+11 sword-thing & gets 18.
[*] Kivae rolls 1d30+11 sword-thing & gets 34.
You say, "[Keep track of your preps. xP]"
Kivae: [12/12 ..*coughs*]

[#] Everlasting Scepter: +4 Severity on Evocation spells. 1d6 damage. Made of Purpleheart, though lacks the natural bonuses. Won't ever rot, burn or break. Four feet in length. (Item Bonus: 1)
[#] Golden Ruby Studded Bracer: +2 STR (Item Bonus: 1) (Fire)
[#] Golden Sapphire Studded Bracer: +2 CON (Item Bonus: 1) ('n Ice)
[#] Bandit King Brand Cutlass: 1d8 damage, +2 severity, +1 to-hit/damage. One-Handed. Opens pathways locked by the Bandit Kings custom locks. (Item Bonus: 1.5)

[Oh, wait, no...the bracers were in their 'sealed' state right now. A lot of the loot on this quest and Desert Digging only powered up when their rightful owners were unsealed. That was a fun gimmick.]

[#] Oh, yes, the spider egg may be divined as well. Preps 4, BCR 30 to determine what it will become. (Stats)

Kivae: [What about divining how to take care of it until it hatches/when it's young?]
Marlina Evenstar: [Does it become a Marlina clone on a roll of 45 or higher?]
You say, "[That will be included in the stats.]"
You say, "[Which is why it has a high BCR. :P"
Marlina Evenstar: [All Hikari has to do is show his face, and that won't be a problem.]

[#] [The quest isn't over, for note, and won't be until you RP out leaving the forest. :-P]

Kivae kicks the chest lightly after having finished, immediately holding her arms out for the egg. "You kin keep it all, sell it, whatever, I don't need anything." Upon receiving it, she'd continue warming it to the temperature that she had observed in the nest, apparently waiting for him to open the other door, as he had the sword. She runs her handpaws over the surface of the egg while she waits. [1/4]

Taikris walks over to the other passageway, trying to open the entrance from whence they came, dragging the chest quietly in his wake. "Right-o then. See if you can open up the entrance at the staircase once you get outside." he chuckles. "I kinda doubt that I could pull this thing through that narrow crawlspace"

[#] The area at the top of the staircase would have the same thin slit as the walls, for inserting the sword into. If Ruby returned to the hole, she would see little more than a vine leading down into the darkness.

[%] Kivae just gave Ruby Pyralis a cookie.
You say, "[They're underground quite a ways to the right."

Taikris pops open the staircase upon seeing it then. "Hey wait... it seems it'll open up from downhere then :-D"

Ruby Pyralis: [Well, assume I was behind them or something.]
You say, "[That would complicate some things. o.o; Ruby would be better off sitting on the stump as they popped up.]"

Kivae slides out the doorway, but moves slower than usual, tapping her fingers across the surface of the to-be spider, and hardly notes as Tai no longer needs her help. She refrains from leaning against the goopy walls. [2/4]

You say, "[Such as Ruby's wings would get stuck on the gooze as she crawled through the tunnel. xD]"
Taikris: [Tai barely fit <.<]
Ruby Pyralis: [Sure, go ahead and make it tough for the wingily challenged. xD]
Taikris: [Sirum wanted to scare me ICly. He succeeded.... several times x)]
Ruby Pyralis sits. v.v
You say, "[On that note.]"
You say, "[Let's move to the appropriate area.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Wingily challenged? o.o]
Kivae: [Sorry. ^^;]
Ruby Pyralis: [:3]

[#] A low 'click' sounds as the cutlass is slid into the slit, and rather than the drop-down method of opening the steel hatch would slide back and into the stone that they were built into. Taikris would subsequently get a face full of grass, dirt and leaves as they came tumbling down onto him, and Ruby would hear the noise behind her.

You say, "[Dark grass area = stone staircase leading down into the pit now. After a minute the steel hatch would slid back into place.]"

Ruby Pyralis apparently hears something going on behind her and spins around on the log, raising an ear as she looks around to investigate what was disturbing the peace.

You say, "[To verify, who all took what?]"
Kivae: [Tai is dragging the chest. :P]
Ruby Pyralis: [What'd they find?]

Taikris coughs appropriately, snarling slightly as the dirt gets into his eyes. "Damn thing decides to open -after- I get tied up." stumbling his way up the steps with the chest in tow.

You say, "[102 Gold, Gold Ruby Studded Bracer, Gold Sapphire Studded Bracer, Bandit King Brand Cutlass (serves mostly a purpose as being a key) and an Everlasting Scepter.]"

Ruby Pyralis: [o.O]
You say, "[Oh, yes. Kivae stole a spider egg too and there was a letter...]"

Kivae only absently steps up the staircase, but sits down after a few steps, intent on the spell, and resting the spider egg in her lap. [3/4]

Ruby Pyralis assumes she was sitting here most of the time while she waited for the others to appear, or until she got bored enough to leave. Being rather clueless as to where they had beena nd how they got here, she just... stares.

[#] The sun would have begun to set a bit during the time that the two had spent in the pit, but still enough light is given off to see the area just fine.

Taikris sighs slightly, sitting down upon the bare dirt as he glances up to the waiting demoness. "And why didn't you open this thing when I was screamin' my lungs out?! Damned lucky I am that it didn't drain me dry"

Ruby Pyralis shrugs faintly, "Guess I didn't hear you." Not seeming to really care too much.

Kivae calls up, "It's probably sound-proof!" But she quiets to a mumbles, putting a last touch of effort into her spell, with eyes squinted shut. [4/4]
[*] Kivae rolls 1d30+11 & gets 40.

Jesto AIM's stats. []

Taikris frowns slightly giving another shake of his head. "Well I guess it doesn't matter." he gives a quick look about, wondering if maybe... just maybe the mapmaker's route was nearby

[*] Kivae rolls 2d5 & gets 8.
[*] Kivae rolls 5d6 & gets 16.
You say, "[Heh. Nice.]"
You say, "[Those were the hatching/maturing day waits, for note.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Creepy.]
Taikris: [o.o]

[#] More than likely the map maker was nowhere near the Kebeyan Republic any longer. To find him again one would have to wait a week or so.

Jesto notes that he follows the PC's and emits what they find/see, not the other way around, if you're waiting on him to do something. x) []

Kivae gets to her feet, then, smiling faintly, and pads up the steps, slipping through before the hatch slams closed, hopefully. She then offers a one handed wave to Ruby, and pads off through the grass, not yet done exploring, it seems. ^^

Taikris seems content to follow Kivae for now

[#] The scent of sunflowers is once again vaguely present.

Kivae: [Which way do the sunflowers smell..?]
[#] The scent is non-existent here.
Kivae: [And here? ^^;]
[#] The scent is strong.
[#] Weaker.
Marlina Evenstar: [Warmer.]
Kivae is playing hot and cold?
Marlina Evenstar: [^.^]
Kivae: [Strong/Weak?]
Kivae: [Nevermind. <.<]
Jesto emits. []
Ruby Pyralis found them first. hehehhe.]
Kivae: [Sunny flowers. ^^]
[%] Kivae just gave Ruby Pyralis a cookie.
Ruby Pyralis: [n.n]

[#] The sunflowers from any other direction would blocked entirely by the tall flowers surrounding them on all sides, this seeming to be someones private patch of them. Though, this doesn't appear natural, just as the rock with the bones and flowers hadn't. They would appear to have suddenly grown from seen to full bloom in under a few days, to the eye of a druid or ranger.
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Kivae, after a moment of staring at them, leans down to carefully nestle the spider egg in some grass, and then quite simply flop over into the field, happily. n.n She does send a tiny spark of thought in an attempt to learn from them the source of their creation, but if it's not enough, is happy to lie here for the rest of the day. xP [1/1]
[*] Kivae rolls 1d30+11 If I roll.. & gets 25.

[#] The attempt to read the source of the flowers would reveal absolutely nothing, unless she were looking for the plants specifics as well. In which case, the sunflower seeds would melt in the eaters mouth like sugar, and would taste like sugar cubes.

You say, "[No roll. :P]"
Kivae.. is.. done..? Does her homework. ^^;
You say, "[Yus. :P]"
Jesto is emitting for Tai too. x) []
You say, "[Aaand Tai left the map.]"
You say, "[Kivae is sleeping.]"
You say, "[If Ruby is going to explore, say so. x)]"
Ruby Pyralis is lounging.
Jesto believes this calls for a Quest End. Ahems. []
Taikris: [kay o.o]
[#] [Ruby, Tai, Kivae: +20 EXP. Tai, Kivae: +20 EXP from Gooziferrus.]
Taikris: [w00t]
Taikris: [lvl up man ;-)]
Kivae: [Me too. o.o;]
Taikris: [Oh, and Si.. IM me the item stats again]
Taikris poofles to Anst, and drags -Sirum- with him[]

[I really do miss hosting quests, spending a ridiculous amount of time piecing together cool looking dreams with amazing set pieces, putting together gimmicky baddies, designing fantastic loot, creating memorable battles...]
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