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A day of strategy and infighting. 10-12-2004

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 09, 2017 2:14 am    Post subject: A day of strategy and infighting. 10-12-2004 Reply with quote

[Summary: Our characters had different notions about what was best in handling retaking Ansteorra. Si, Kiv and Rak believed their best chance lay with Entad, as he worked for Rivyn and was obliged to follow Kiv's orders. It had been quite some time since a friendly character pointed a deadly weapon at Sirum, so that was interesting.]

Ruby Pyralis raises a brow as Jon knocks the bench over, though doesn't appear alarmed by the sudden action, "Well, unless you have a better idea..."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne slaps his fist into his palm. "You're damned right I do. We can go. Now. We can find out what's going on, and make a plan based on information we glean. All of us are relatively skilled at being nondescript - it would be easy to sneak in and take a look around. Anything's better than doing absolutely nothing."

Kele-De arches a brow then shrugs. "I'm in. My paws need something to do right now anyway. I'm starting to get twitchy sitting around and there's only so many hours a day I can practice with the bow."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne grins, then. "Besides, you never know. If we can come within bolt range of Damien Reelin, we can solve a whole lot of problems right now."

Marlina Evenstar glances up then, disturbed from her thoughts by the sudden outburst before responding in her typical dry manner, "Would be seemin' so, the rodent was to be thinking much of the arrogant bastard on our trip to Vincan City... Though he's not to be sayin' much in the way of what his glorious plan is." She then raises an eyebrow at the bards latest statement, "And you'd be havin' a plan as well perhaps?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne whirls on Marlina. "I don't need a plan. I don't need to wait any longer than we have waited. The time for action is now, and I will not sit idly by and watch oppurtunity pass any longer. We can do something. Anything, to get our home back. Anything is better than this endless nothing."

Sirum Hest snaps into alertness as 'rodent' is said. Well, not so much 'snaps' or alertness, as just taking his eyes off of the statues leaves to glance back behind him puzzledly. "Who is it that I think so much of, again?"

Kele-De raises both brows. "Jonathan, I realize that you are tired of sitting here doing nothing, but let's not be rash. I'm as tired as any sitting here doing nothing, but let's at least have some sort of plan before we leave."

Marlina Evenstar completely ignores the pitiful demon following rodent, actually she just didn't hear him for a change because she wasn't paying attention or something... Yeah. "Yeh'd be bein' right there I'd suppose, though yer to be lackin' even in the ability to be goin' there, less yer to be imitating the rodent by usin' spells to be jumping into the heart of our enemies holdings..?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne shrugs. "Okay. The plan is, we sneak in, we attempt to penetrate into the tavern, the guardhouse, and possibly the castle itself."

Kele-De bites her lower lip. "When we were there last, we were all nearly caught in the guardhouse. The only reason we escaped was becuase of Kitz and the only reason we even made it to the guardhouse is becuase Entad was distracting the guards." She sighs. "We need something better than that."

Sirum Hest stares thoughtfully at Marlina for a short while, as if expecting an answer, but as none comes his tail gives a slight flick. After, she might notice that one of her whiskers were covered in ice. If half-felines don't have them, then the tip of her tail. :-P [1/1] "Erm... I'm pretty sure Entad already has a decent enough plan set out. Any offensive action we take against the Kebeyan Republic on our own will likely be met with Kendrick, or Mazus gettin' in our way."

Marlina Evenstar snorts in a derisive manner at this latest proposition before turning her gaze forwards once more, though she does make one final question, "What castle? It's to be sinkin' after the attack."

Marlina Evenstar's frozen tail recovers.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne bites his knuckle. "The sewers, then. We can make it through the sewers. Really, what I'd like to do is get into the tavern and the mage guild."

Sirum Hest notes, tail-tip. Freezing an entire tail is out of his league. ): "Except the Mages Guild isn't the Mages Guild anymore. It's the Seals Guild, apparently."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne shrugs. "There's bound to be useful information inside."

Marlina Evenstar comments once more, "And if there were to be bein', wouldn't it be being the most well guarded of all the bloody places in the city?"

Kele-De mutters. "Bloody usurpers. If the powers at Grak'thar knew what those Acolytes were using the Seals for...." She trails off and her ears perk up.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne glares at her. "Oh, right. My apologies. Forgive me for suggesting that it would be in our best interest to find out what's inside the best guarded places in the city, regardless of the risk. We should hide in the closet instead. That's reasonably safe."

Kele-De jumps to her footpaws. "Ruby, your Seal tattoo is visible isn't it?" She raises her brows and lifts her right paw, unequiping the Sun Seal. "Do you trust me Jonathan?" She asks, a sly smile upon her face.

Sirum Hest cringes at a thought. "Along with those seals who were atop it takin' gigantic chunks out of that golem with jus' the pointin' of their seals. If there are any weak points to the City I'm sure Entad already knows them. He'd been livin' there for the past few years, not sure why in the Primes name he didn't invite us to help along his cause..'

Jonathan Ruddiwyne narrows his eyes. "Not for a moment, wench." He then sticks his tongue out at her. "Of course. What's on your mind?"

Ruby Pyralis nods toward Kele, raising the arm with the tattoo on it, "Why? What're you planning?"

Marlina Evenstar laughs slightly at that before turning herself about to fully face the bard as she continues once more, "I'd not be sayin' that at all bard, just to be sayin' that there's no point goin' into the bloody city if we're just to be dieing, if we're to be doin' that I'd like to be takin' enough of them with me to be makin' it worthwhile."

Erk Mendon wakes up with a start, sweating and panting. He looks around him, rubbing a paw around his neck. He lets out a sigh of relief, and starts trying to slow his heart rate.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne hmphs at Marlina. "I thought you'd have better confidence in your abilities than that. Surely your great guildmaster has trained you in infiltration?"

Kele-De laughs, pads over to him, and holds the Seal out. "Enough that you would equip this?" She steps back and glances between the two of them. "Well, Grak'thar has been known to send Seals to places they think need protection." Her smile broadens. "I'm well practiced in signing Bryanna's name. It wouldn't be too hard to write a nice letter from her, telling them that Grak'thar is sending a few Seals to help in the efforts."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne frowns, staring at the seal. "I wouldn't know the first thing about using Seals. I'd be detected. I don't think that's a particularly good idea, Kel."

Marlina Evenstar tilts her head slightly before responding, dagger somehow having managed to find it's way into her hand, and thus now absently toyed with as her words come forth once more, "There's to be bein' a differance between gettin' into a city, which I could be doin' with ease, with that same guildmaster to be bein' presumed dead... And to be gettin' into a single building, where most would be known on sight, it's not to be bein' that large."

Sirum Hest leans over to topple off of the chair and onto the floor with a low 'squeak', from there scooting over towards Kivae to lightly nudge her in the side with an elbow. "Yer jus' in time to see everyone go completely insane. For some reason, it seems they think it's a good idea to wander into Ansteorra without Entad an' not wait for him to jus' position us along the supply route."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne grinds his teeth. "So that's one-" He corrects himself at Sirum's words "No, two yellow-bellies who'd rather sit here and petrify until they hear the magic word from their insane mass-murderer glorious leader." He looks around. "I'll go by myself if I have to, then," says Jon in a profoundly disappointed tone.

Kivae wanders through the doorway, holding a lit candle with a simple brass base in one handpaw, and looking quite thoughtful. At the nudge, she blinks, and glances up, the candle flame going out with a small 'fwimp.' "Wh.. Oh! What're w.. they doing? Or, what're you planning?" Changing the direction of her questions to Jon.

Kele-De shakes her head. "You wouldn't have to use it. Just be able to show them the tattoo." She brushes her left paw through her headfur. "If they need proof, Ruby and I can both use our Seals." She shrugs then and reequips the Sun Seal. "But, if you don't think it's a good idea..." Whirling about, she returns to the seat she had occupied. "It's about the only idea I can think of." Her brow arches and she runs her right paw through her headfur. "I won't let you go alone Jon."

Marlina Evenstar scowls then as she rises to her feet, weapon now held in a distinctly more hostile manner as she approached, "Be givin' me something to be thinkin' that we're not to be merely shot on sight, and be taking at least a group of those bastards with me to hell, then I'd be helpin' yeh, but until you've got somethin' more than to be walkin' into one of the more likely heavily guarded places, then yeh'd be keepin' yer insults to yerself, or be lacking a tounge to be saying 'em with."

Erk Mendon yawns, rubbing his eyes and trying to stay awake. To make sure he doesn't fall asleep again, he turns towards Sirum, "Where are ya' goin?"

Sirum Hest crosses his arms up behind his head nonchalantly and tilts his head to the side, not seeming all that bothered by Jonathan's words. He used to be the fastest coward in Ansteorra, after all. "No, that's not it, I'd jus' rather go the strategic route. Not the route that gets us all hung after that Mazus fellow captures us all in vines. An' I'll not argue that Entad is insane or a mass-murderer, since that makes him the perfect elf for the job. Hopefully he'll leave not one Damien follower standin'.", grinning toothily.
Sirum Hest also adds, to Erk, "The supply routes leadin' to the Kebeyan Republic, hopefully. Or to save Jonathan from the noose after he storms into Ansteorra as if he's some sorta one furre army."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne rolls his eyes, and drops his loaded crossbow to firing position. "You'll have to do it at night while I'm asleep, assassin, unless you've devised some means of dodging crossbow bolts. [Like everyone else in Ansteorra.] Put your knife away and think with your brain, not your scabbard." He taps his chin with his free hand. "Every building has a roof, and few buildings are resistant to grappling hooks. A high window in the dead of night will get us in very easily."

Kivae sets the candle on the floor, her ears twitching impatiently. She repeats, a bit louder towards the bard, "But, what're you planning? Getting in, but doing what?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne shrugs. "Information. Anything we can use. Hostages. Money. Hell, we can burn the Mage's Guild to the ground. The point is, we're not getting anything done by sitting around waiting for a madman to decide to stop killing random soldiers and give us instructions."

Marlina Evenstar tilts her head upwards slightly then before shoving her own blade back into it's sheathe, "The night is not to be bein' somethin' I'm unfamiliar with minstrel, though perhaps yeh'd be livin' to see a few more. If yer to be usin' ropes though, yer to be takin' people that would be havin' such talents with yeh, and might be bein' something I'm willing to be of aid to yeh for the guild's to be still obeyin' my orders."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne nods. "I can't pay you in gold, but you'd be welcome to first share of loot, and I'm free with my liquor when it comes to your men." He stops suddenly. "While we're on the subject, a few convenient fires in key locations - the marketplace, the stables, the dock - might provide us with some welcome distraction, as well as provide a crippling blow to our enemy's economy. We can rebuild them when we take the city back."

Sirum Hest's nose wrinkles. "What information could ya need? Kivae, Kele, myself an' a few others found out quite a bit our two trips there. Hostages would be a good idea, but I bet Damien isn't willin' to give up the Kebeyan Republic for no one. Gold... well, Kivae an' me have quite a decent amount saved up. An' Kitzibeth will more than likely have all our tails if we burn down her precious guild before she has a chance to reclaim it. What other reasons do we have for sneakin' in?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne was planning on putting some horseradish on his post, but he hopes Sirum enjoyed it plain.
Sirum Hest is luvvin' 't.
Erk Mendon: [ba da ba ba baaa]

Jonathan Ruddiwyne shrugs again. "There are other targets. The guardhouse, the tavern, Rakuro's old shop. If we can't find information, we can sow terror throughout the city. No government is truly secure when the citizenry is busy rioting and panicking in the streets."

Kivae rubs her cheek a bit, looking doubtful. "They don't have a mage's guild, only a seal's. But it sounds fun.. I mean, if we have some sort of goal, I'd go along. If you think I could help, anyways."

Kele-De leans back and closes her eyes. "Just let me know when you are ready."

Marlina Evenstar shrugs faintly at that, "I'd not be wantin' gold from yeh, it's to be much more entertaining dragging it out of the Commander's hide for signs and suchlike. But I'd be thinkin' yer havin' the thought that the guild would be doin' much, there to be not bein' sure we're not to all die... Thus they're to be wantin' to keep themselves unassociated with us, there'd be the gettin' us in, but not to be bein' more than that."

Sirum Hest considers that briefly, tapping the side of his head with a finger in thought. "Hum. I guess lightin' everythin' on fire in sight would be a nice idea, if we did it right before some sorta army stormed in. Come to think of it, isn't that what they did to us?"

Erk Mendon sits upright, wide awake. His mouth slowly turns into a grin, and he nearly jumps with joy. He then goes into a thoughtful position, as if plotting.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne grins at Sirum. "And what King Friedahl VII did before the seizure of Gronstahd in the twenty-ninth century of the third age. History has a way of repeating itself."

Ruby Pyralis swivels an ear toward Sirum, "I belive that was the Tigarrhim."

Sirum Hest shakes his head slowly. "No, there were a dozen or two people by the shops lightin' 'em on fire an' overall jus' startin' a panic. The Tigahrrim jus' decided to be bastards an' use flamin' arrows. May they light their own puballs on fire.", smiling at the thought before nodding to Jonathan. "Or cheap tactics are used so often an' copied from battles where they worked perfectly. Hm. Personally I'd prefer to see the city covered in a foot of snow, but that wouldn't do much, would it?", laughing weakly.

Ruby Pyralis shrugs, "I stand corrected. There was so much havoc that day that it's hard to remember details."

Kele-De's brows furrow as she listens. She bites her lower lip and drifts off into thought for a few moments, before opening one eye and looking over at Si. "Can we leave off cursing out the Tigahrrim, please?" Going off into her own thoughts for a moment once more, she thinks. "Is there any other way into the city? What if we swam across the lake under cover of night and came up the docks?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne taps his chin again. "Have you ever tried to fight hand-to-hand in the snow? While dodging arrows? Keep that thought in the back of your mind, Sirum, it's not played out yet." He adjusts his hat. "We can keep the Kebeyens fighting fires until we kick in the gates, if we have to. The city is mostly made of red brick and thatch - and the people won't stand for hundreds of degrees of heat in their homes. There won't be anyone with enough morale to raise a finger against us."

Erk Mendon races upstairs.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne continues to tap his chin. "I don't know. Sirum, did you get the chance to look at the main docks?"

Marlina Evenstar speaks once more, Miss glass half-empty. "Of course, that would be bein' the most ideal of things to be happenin', but in truth yeh'd be settin' fires when it's to be taking only a few to be findin' yeh. They've got an entire militia to be usin' yeh're to be bein' only a motley crew. From what I'm to be hearin' when out of this place, a fellow by the name of Mazus is to be quite good at his job."

Sirum Hest snickers quietly and stares off at the ceiling. "Blazin' buildin's an' thick snow everywhere else. If we actually manage to pull that off, it'll be a war to remember even if we fail, if nothin' else." He then nods once more, "I did, but it jus' seemed like the old docks, only expanded entirely over the area where the castle had been. So much wood... it'd likely go up at the slightest fireball."

Kele-De crosses her arms over her chest. "I wonder if they've figured out that the weapons in the armory are fakes."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne shrugs. "Oil-soaked rags wrapped around arrows or bolts will do a job right... as will submerged axemen on the timbers of a dock. We can cut out the supports on the dock and then toss a spell from off shore to collapse it entirely. Bottles of liquor set aflame can be thrown through windows... and there are plenty of places to hide in Ansteorra. You of all people should know that."

Kivae flicks her ears in thought. "What about the seals..? Don't some of them have some sort of control over fire?" She sounds uncertain on the subject, and absently spins the candlestick.

Kele-De grins wicked as she looks over at Kivae. "They have control over fire, but they can't manipulate it the way mages can. The only way they'd be putting out the fires would be the ice and water Seals, which if we did something in the snow, I'd be watching out for."

Marlina Evenstar bows her head briefly at that, an admission of sorts, though that doesn't stop her from speaking once more, "Then yer to be thinkin' of a large assault rather than just sneakin' in as yeh wouldn't be wantin' to be draggin' a bunch of bloody axemen along with yeh, or certain individuals who might be findin' out that they're to be bein' discovered, and known for other crimes. Not to mention with the winter snows comin' soon, the waters would be frigid at best."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne frowns. "That's a good point. Still, there must be a way that the docks can be pulled down - after all, they were built up, weren't they?"

Sirum Hest flops back onto the floor then and uses his arms as a pillow, tail thumping the wall next to him. "Jus' have someone use some kinda spell to rot the wood supportin' the docks faster than it would naturally. That way it'll collapse a while after we're outta there. I still don't see why we aren't takin' the help of the Xanthians, or the Goo Walkers..."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne grins then. "Kivae, you could help with that, couldn't you?"

Kele-De snorts. "As much as I loathe to say this. I almost wish Hiro were here. He could freeze the water and we could either walk upon it or crawl to reach the docks." She shakes her head and shudders at those words.

Marlina Evenstar taps the table absently now as she considers the bard, and quite likely the crossbow he hasn't put away yet, "If yer to be goin' there at all without am army to be backin' yeh, then yeh'd not be wantin' to be burning things at all. They'd be havin' a bloody creature from hell itself coverin' their arses if things went wrong, if they're to be discovering anyone else, then they'd likely either kill on sight or arrest and then execute... And if there's to be spontaneous fires, there to be knowin' someone's about, and that's to be makin' it all that much harder."

Kivae brightens, nodding, but otherwise silent.

Taikris quietly and calmly makes his way to a nearby seat, resting both his arms upon the small brick wall as he inquires, from about a foot away from Kele's head. "Something up?"

Sirum Hest coughs. "Seals aren't the only furres who can freeze water, Kele. In fact, Kivae an' myself are more than likely ten times as good at that sorta work than he is."
Sirum Hest leaves out that Kivae is ten times better than Hiro, with or without his help. ^^

Kele-De glances over at Sirum, sighs in relief, and smiles. "I had forgotten that you could do that."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne's crossbow is no longer aimed at anyone, it's just sorta hanging there in his arm. "Nothing worthwhile is easy. Something needs to be done to shake the faith in Damien Reelin. If it comes out that he isn't as messianistic as the people thought, our job might be easier - both taking the city, and quelling the uprising that will follow. We need the people's support - or, barring that, their neutrality."

You say, "[We're terrorists. ;.;]"
Taikris goes to get his downloaded copy of the anarchist cookbook[]

Marlina Evenstar coughs slightly at that, before casting a brief glance at the rodent and the druid as she speaks once more, "Yer to be plannin' to win their hearts by destroyin' the city? I'm not to be bein' one that will think she's to be knowin' much about the ways some furre's minds are to be workin', but they'd be bandin' together against such actions I'd be thinkin', not supportin' harm to their cities and persons... And the traitor's to not even be bein' in that city."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne closes his eyes in an apparant expression of pain. "Aye. And we're clearly going to toss up signs every fifteen feet that say 'Hi, it's us, we're the ones burning your city down'. The idea is to overwhelm the authorities. Who else do the people have to rely on?"

Kele-De furrows her brows, deep in thought. "I don't know if this will help, but sometimes the easiest way to get information and find out what people are thinking is to have someone in the city." She brushes some headfur from her face. "I could easily or well, I hope easily walk up to the gates and ask to see the commander, on the basis that I want to join the Seals." She sighs softly. "It wouldn't be hard to start rumors and get information to everyone once inside." Chewing thoughtfully on her lower lip, seh adds. "Of course, I'd need Bryanna's help."

Taikris blinks a few times as he glances upon the assorted group. "Are you talking about Ansteorra? I thought all of your names and muzzles were already taken down as exiles. <.<"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne nods. "And even so, are you sure you wouldn't be recognized? You were with us when we were exiled."

Sirum Hest sits back up then and scratches at his headfur thoughtfully. "Mazus? The guards? Each other? I was under the impression that Damien actually had very little to do with Ansteorra lately. Doesn't he have his own Kingdom to run, with the war over an' all? Anyways...", turning to Kele. "Would they jus' let a Tigahrrim in? It seems they'd be cautious of ya, seein' as they nearly dumped us all in their own front yard."

Kele-De laugh and shakes her head. "I wasn't with you. I was in Tigath." She grins then. "Besides, I wasn't in the city very long before it was taken over and I was constantly wearing the cloak over my face."

Marlina Evenstar nods briefly in Sirum's direction as she speaks once more, "With someone quite so flagrant as him, we'd be as good as doin' just that, they're to be knowin' who he is even if his disguises weren't to be bein' seen through before. But with that bein' aside... They're likely to be dealin' with problems like this already, if they're exposed to bloody flames enough, they'll be thinkin' about makin' sure that it won't be possible to be continuin'."
Marlina Evenstar also for whatever reason, never engaged in a conflict against the revolutionary... Funny that.

Taikris slowly rises from his seat, bowing low to his fellows before taking a seat upon the floorboards. "Well... if you need somebody to just ask questions about the place. I'm sure I could manage just fine. I've never been to the capital before, so I very much doubt I'd be recognized. 'Course my complete lack of knowledge about the landscape could also prove a bit of a hinderance"

Sirum Hest raises a brow at that. "Someone as flagrant as -me-? I'm not entirely sure how it is ya got that idea. Without my bow an' a different color of headfur, I look like jus' about any other mouse furre. I don't exactly have demonic wings, nor am I half-breed or only have one eye..."

Taereal Sareen strolls into the room, a warm smile gracing his muzzle, as always. He nods politely to those present, "Good evening, all."

Marlina Evenstar might suggest Maryn, as he's a known local, but that would be self-advertising, so instead she turns her attention once more to the rodent, "Trouble has the tendancy to be followin' you around like flies to the plague victims in New Austia I'd be seein', isn't to be matterin' what yeh look like."

[I always enjoyed how people became self-aware of Sirum's tendency to be the target of so many horrible plots. Being around him was a ticking timebomb of problems.]

Sirum Hest merely shrugs at that. "That's jus' coincidence, an' it really hasn't been all that bad lately. I mean, take a look around. The villa isn't roarin' in flames an' the Heretic's haven't descended upon us, have they?" He then gives a quick look about the villa, as if having expected to jinx his words.

Taikris is struck with an odd idea. "If you just want to reek hell on the place... you could try getting the plague to spread up there. 'Course stopping such afterward could be a rather nasty experience"

Kele-De's tail waves to Tae. "I left a few weeks before Damien's army came to Ansteorra. I had business to deal with concerning my mathair." She smiles then. "It's the best plan I can come up with. I can funnel information to Bryanna through her Seal. It leaves no paper trail for anyone to trace and as feirce as my temper can be at times, I've been through enough clan wars to have learned how to control it when I need to."

Taereal Sareen takes a seat, raising an eyebrow as he speaks, "What's this you're referring to, now?" He always seems to walk in during the middle of a conversation.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne flashes a grin at Taereal. "I'm tired of waiting on Entad. We're going to do something other than sit around."

Sirum Hest tail-waves over at the Sealadin. "We're discussin' how to infiltrate a Kingdom on our own, rot wood, torch buildin's, blanket it in snow an' Primes know what else.", grinning slyly. Back to Jonathan, "Entad is takin' so long 'cause he was gettin' the dwarves ready, or expectin' us to recruit 'em for him. An' surround the entire place with his troops. We didn't go through the trouble of gettin' rid of every last good sword, arrow an' bolt they had for nothin'."

Marlina Evenstar's gaze falls once more upon the bard as she takes a seat upon the banquet table, "Just to be satin' a curiousity, I'd be wonderin' who's to be bein' 'we'? Not to be denyin' my aid or anything, but it'd be easin' my mind at least.

Taereal Sareen tilts his head as his ears swivel toward Jon, his head following shortly in suit, "Oh, capital!" His smile brightens, "Good to know we're finally taking some action, Trademaster." He nods confirmingly.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne raises an eyebrow. "Everyone here is a trained warrior. We can use every arm, every back."

Marlina Evenstar's gaze narrows slightly at that before speaking once more, "Without an army at yer back as well I'd be assumin'? Given that yer to be actin' before the demon is to be havin' his way?"

Rakuro supposes he joins a miniature party, or at least a significant amount of people all gathered into a very specific spot. He makes an inclusive nod by way of greeting, then simply leans back against the inside of the archway, crossing his arms over his chest and listening for the moment

Taikris finding both his suggestions entirely ignored he shifts back to the support column, slumping against it, muttering to himself quietly with arms folded across his chest

Jonathan Ruddiwyne slams his fist down on the table. "WHAT way? Can anybody here give me an accurate report on what in the nine hells that idiot is even doing? Can you guarantee to me that he is in fact gathering an army, and not simply slaughtering every dwarf he comes across from here to the northern marches? If I don't see some sort of progress, and bloody soon, I'm going to march through the front gates and kill every soldier I can set my hands on before they strike me down."

Sirum Hest's eyes narrow for a moment as the fist hits the table. "I want Ansteorra back as much as ya do, Jonathan, but rushin' in blindly isn't gonna do a bloody damned thing but make an example of us to those who would oppose Damien's rule. Jus' wait until he comes back by here again to do anythin'... drastic. Pry information out of him yerself, jus' don't go to Ansteorra alone or else we'll have to tie ya down in vines as hard as steel."

Marlina Evenstar comments dryly at that as once more she moves to her feet, "Yeh'd be assumin' yeh could even be strikin' one down, assumptions aren't to be bein' safe in times like these. Were yeh not to be doin' something that can only be bein' suicide without havin' the benefit of true damage, then things might be bein' differant. 'Spose this place'll be borin' with only corpses to be lurkin' about, but be havin' yer fun." And with that she walks off to some random room she's stolen.

Kele-De arches a brow. "He wouldn't be going alone." Shrugging then, she sighs. "We need more planning and less rash running off, Jonathan. The last few times we've run off rashly into the city, we were all nearly caught."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne grins at Sirum, with a bit of a manic light im his eye. "You are of course aware that holding someone captive against their will outside of due process of law is illegal, Sirum. I'm afraid I'd have to view such action as a hostile attack." He looks around. "Sit here until you petrify, then, for all I care. I'm tired of waiting." He checks the bolt in its string on the crossbow, and shoulders the weapon. "I'm going now. Better to die knowing I was willing to fight."

Sirum Hest whistles quietly and rises up to his footpaws with that, one paw grabbing ahold of Kivae's tail and tugging her upwards. "I've never been all that fond of the guards or their laws, an' seein' as there aren't really any cells here... erm... Kivae, vine him or Rakuro, jellybones him, please? We need him alive for when we actually retake Ansteorra. He's no good to his home as a pile of ash five hundred feet from the gate."

Kele-De shakes her head. "Jonathan. Will you at least let me try to get into the city and funnel information out to you? You know i can take care of myself." She sighs and runs a paw throught her headfur. "Trust me. I can blend in and start rumors and get important information out to you all."

Rakuro sidesteps once and turns his attention carefully in the direction of Jon, a small smirk playing across his lips, "How much do any of us here care for law, Jon? But 'tis true what the mouse says. And Marlina as well.. none of us doubt your fighting spirit, the opposite, if that can be true.. but you're worthless dead, and we would be worthless without someone as powerful as Entad to fortify our ranks"

[Jonathan and Canti were perhaps the only two characters who cared about the law. The rest of us were neutral good, neutral neutral or neutral evil. Is it any wonder we had so little respect for the guards, given we kept having to kill the monsters that flooded into the streets?]

Kele-De watches her post get eaten.]
You say, "[('< o o o o o]"
[%] Rakuro just gave Kele-De a cookie.
Kele-De: [:-D]
Marlina Evenstar: [Pacman powah!]

[Ah, the Pacman/Cookie tradition. Given that Si often responded to many people in the tavern, my posts would get a bit long and sometimes poorly timed. It became custom to give someone a cookie in apology if you posted immediately after them, smacking their post off the screen. It caught on, apparently.]

Taikris upon spotting a vacant seat, he promptly takes said locale. This accomplished, he places both elbows upon the surface and leans back. Woo.

Kivae winces, as she's jerked back to reality at the tug on her tail, but the expression stays. "We're supporting going in with you, with a plan. I am, at least. Not just sitting here doesn't mean rushing in to get killed.."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne's eyes flit from Rakuro to Sirum, and then narrow coldly. "I didn't think it would actually come to this. Marlina, I can understand, but not you two." In a fluid motion, the crossbow rises up to his shoulder, the deadly point of the bolt aimed right at Sirum's face. "In a land with no law, the law of the land is obedience or death. If anyone raises a hand or paw to magic me into being unable to leave, I will pull the trigger."

Taereal Sareen raises an eyebrow, "Are you mad, Kele? Go in there alone? Are you entirely sure that's a wise decision? We've been there before, and were causing somewhat of a scene. I think it may be a bit obvious if you returned." He scratches the back of his neck as a frown tugs at the corners of his mouth.

Taikris blinks a few times as he turns his head about to face Jonathan. "With that attitude, you realize you might not even make it to the gates to be struck down. Now... lower that damned thing and give us all a chance to think. If you want to leave at the end of the day... I don't think anybody will stop you. Besides... if you kill anybody here... that's at least ten less of Damien's troops among the dead."

Rakuro sighs and simply shuts his eyes, "Kele and Jon would both be pretty unnoticed. Let them go and do their own thing, if they really want to". He then says more specifically to the two he mentioned, "I'm not going to stop you, if you're so set on going.. but be careful, aye? Don't go throwing your lives away"

Kele-De ignores Tae for the moment and pads over to Jonathan. She sighs softly. "Jonathan stop. Listen to reason, please." She runs a paw through her headfur. "I know you are anxious about regaining the city, but stop and think." She bites her lower lip and lowers her voice further. "Listen to me please. You've said you trust me. Please listen, if you go off to the city like you are now, you will get yourself killed. I care too much about you, to let you waste your life like that."

Sirum Hest takes a cautious step back as the crossbow is aimed at him, near entirely out of reflex. Down to Kivae, he murmurs quietly just loud enough to reach her ears. "Shield."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne begins to edge backwards toward the gate and the portal beyond it. "I am quite calm, sir. I am done talking. I am going now, like the very wise Rakuro suggests, and if anyone wishes to join me, they are welcome." He ignores Kel entirely. "Do not attempt to stop me, however. I will wait no longer. I might even set out to find Entad myself, and demand some answers from him - but rest assured, all and sundry, that House Ruddiwyne is done with this charade of surrender."

Marlina Evenstar isn't terribly talented or interested in reading, thus she had paced about her stolen room for several long moments before eventually drifting back, of course she couldn't actually make her presence noticed or her dramatic exit would be ruined, though listening to the interesting change in conversation was enough for the assassin. Bwaha.

Kele-De sighs and runs a paw through her headfur. "Damnit Jonathan, I won't let you go off on your own like this." She shakes her head. "Alone you will only get yourself killed." She pads after him. "And don't even think you can stop me from following you."

Kivae flattens her ears, leaning across to nudge her head into Sirum's legs, tail prickling. Making low, nervous 'rrr' noises, but not looking as if she would be doing anything. Under her breath, ".. Jon wouldn't.." As a precaution, though, her tail lashes once, up at the mouse, sending up a transparent hastily woven shield that Sirum would sense in how heavy his fur is. [2/2] ".. Not even to -plan- the attack? Don't.."

Taikris being the low level cannon fodder that he is for the moment, he rises to his footpaws as well, making his way to the nearby wall muttering quietly to himself "Well... I was looking for a chance to start my own legacy. I guess now's the time" He turns to face Jonathan. "And exactly what sort of acts do you intend to perform while there? Sabotage? Raids? Reconnaisance? Or just terrorism?"

Taereal Sareen stands up, "Now, see here, Trademaster. This is not the time for rash actions." He holds a Seal tattooed paw out to the lawyerbard, perhaps some futile hope of reaching him.

Taereal Sareen he frowns as his ears go level with his head, he wastes no time in following after Kele, though.

Sirum Hest, as soon as the magic swirls about him, unslings his own bow and draws forth an arrow. Inspection of it long enough would reveal it to be the kind that split mid-flight with a wire between both halves. This is knocked onto his bow, and taken aim at Jonathan's legs with, but not yet fired. "Pointin' a weapon at someone like that in threat is a violatin' of some sorta law too, or at least, I would hope so. Jus' sit yer bloody tail down onto a chair an' wait for the sun to set. Entad was here not two nights ago an' he repeats that pattern often. Primes, if yer that desperate to leave ya can even ask Kitzibeth to help ya on yer way to Ansteorra or Xanthia."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne rolls his eyes. "Come along, then. I said not to try to stop me." He takes a few more steps backwards. "Anyone else who cares to join us, now is the time." He swings the crossbow away from Sirum to point at Taereal. "Stay back, unless you want to join us." He tilts his head slightly. "Or you want to die here. I'd rather not kill you." He ignores Sirum - the minute the snare would touch his feet, Taereal would die, and he would hope the implication was clear to Sirum.

Marlina Evenstar remains concealed within the shadows, still wwatching events with a raised eyebrow as a hand strays to the hilt of her own weapon, what currently swirls about the mysterious ranger's mind shall remain unknown, for voicing thoughts is so.... Lame. :-P

Taereal Sareen stops in mid-stride, though simply narrows his eyes as his voice takes on a more serious, commanding tone, "Enough of this, Jonathan. Don't be a fool. And if I must follow, yes, I will. But I'll not have you putting both yours and lady Kele's life in danger." He doesn't seem intimidated by the crossbow bolt.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne laughs as he continues to step backwards. "The minute you sleep, I'll knife your throat and leave you for the carrion birds. Do not try to stop me. Help me, remain behind, or die." He is nearly out of the room by now.

Sirum Hest sighs in annoyance as the crossbow gets turned on Taereal, slinging his bow back over his shoulder and tucking the arrow back into his quiver. "By the Primes, does everyone in the room need to have a shield set on 'em? Jonathan, if ya ever come back alive, I better not hear one more bloody lecture to us about how we constantly put ourselves in danger an' do things without hesitation."

Kele-De crosses her arms over her chest and rolls her eyes. "When you start seeing reason, I'll stop following you, but until then someone needs to watch your back stalcaire." She shakes her head and turns to Tae. "I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself, Taereal. If you come along you are as much of a stalcaire as him." She indicates Jonathan as she pads after him.

Taereal Sareen huffs and simply replies, "Fine then. I follow." He doesn't seem to note Kele's comment.

Rakuro continues his casual movement, following the lawyerbard's progress out of the room, noting that for purposes of RP we can assume there is a door over near the counter leading to a little path that goes back to the main road going out. Because it would be nice if there was one there? :-)

Jonathan Ruddiwyne grins at Sirum. "I'm better at taking care of myself than you are. I don't spend time chasing after foolish magical artifacts, remember?" And with that, he turns on his heel and bolts out of the villa, sprinting at top speed and not even waiting for those who might follow.

Sirum Hest rolls his eyes and lightly baps over at Kivae with his tail as Rakuro heads out of the room. "Well, it seems like we're gonna get left behind an' have no more magic lessons, if Rakuro is intendin' on watchin' after him. I don't suppose we should go with Rakuro?"

Taikris seems to be darting after Jonathan as well, but keeping near Kele. "So... what do we intend to accomplish while we're there? <.>"

Kele-De curses kthen bolts after him, muttering curses the entire way.

Rakuro figures that works just as well, but he hasn't got any part in this anyway. He simply shakes his head at Sirum and stuffs his paws into his pockets, "No to both, Si. Jon -can- take care of himself. Both he and Kele will almost undoubtedly be perfectly alright... I don't know about that other.. whatever he is.. but Jon and Kele will be fine"

Taereal Sareen frowns a bit, and sighs as he picks up speed into a dash along with Kele.

Kivae slowly gets to a crouch, and then to her feet. She glances sideways at Sirum with a somewhat considering look, before Rakuro crushes the suggestion. ^^; She glances up at the ceiling, "They don't even know what they're doing, but at least they're doing -something-..." She pokes at the candlestick with a toe.

Ruby Pyralis fell asleep a while ago. .-.

Sirum Hest fwumps back onto the chair as Rakuro has apparently not followed Jonathan further, not seeming all that interested in following him since Rakuro remained behind. "Fine, then. When Entad stops by tonight or tomorrow night, we can have him go look for 'em an' call 'em idiots for not jus' waitin'. They mus' not realize how many hundreds upon hundreds of miles they are from their destination. Or did they even take mounts into consideration?" He also nods then, to Kivae, "Raidin' the supply lines an' makin' the way for the Xanthian army is somethin' as well. ... I still can't believe he aimed that bolt at my head..."

Marlina Evenstar was standing here for quite some time, really though as the catalysts to current events suddenly vacate the field, and so the shadows themselves move, and the ranger is gone once more, for she's creepy that way. Several minutes later a great deal of a peculiar variant of the typical warble is heard, before cutting off suddenly.

Rakuro smiles faintly at that, "But it's the wrong thing. It would be like you, Kivae, rushing into Ansteorra with a flock of birds to help you out. But I have few doubts that Kele'll either stop him completely or at least keep him from throwing himself at the gates and firing off a bolt at the first person he sees. Otherwise we're going to hear stories about that 'fucking crazy idiot' who attacked 'a few days ago'"

Kivae drops back down to the ground, after a moment. "I dunno. That might work, depending on what kind of birds, and how big a flock.." seeming to consider the idea a moment, before shaking her head. "He wouldn't have shot it, Si. I don't think so, anyways.. And I don't want to hear stories that likely involve him getting killed," grimacing slightly, and placing the heal of her handpaw to her forehead.

Sirum Hest's ears lower to his skull at Rakuro's last sentence, though he doesn't say a word regarding it. "If that doesn't happen, Kitzibeth'll more than likely gate to right in front of him an' go along with him. Or drag him back here by the tail. Hopefully." Turning back to Kivae, he laughs, "Ya must've not've seen the look in his eye. That's the same look that an executioner has right before the pull away the floor beneath the person they're hangin'."

Ruby Pyralis never got to have that look. ;-;

Sirum Hest is sure she gets it every time she hacks some poor fool in half on the battlefield.

Rakuro's eyes literally flash for a moment, but he quickly looks down at the ground his eyes shutting tight, teeth obviously clenching against some manner of pain..

Ruby Pyralis probably does. n.n

Sirum Hest glances off to his left then with a brow raised. "Somethin' the matter, Rakuro? Tonight isn't yer night to change, I hope...?"

Rakuro laughs faintly and then shakes his head, a very forceful jerk to either side.. "A night to change.. what a weakness that was. I don't do that anymore, Si. It's been a very, very long time since that has ever happened to me". He lifts one arm and flexes his paw.. "No.. it's nothing, really". He then switches his gaze towards Kivae, "Have any luck with that candle?"

[Rakuro used to transform into a werewolf against his will once a month. When that happened, it was effectively a nightmare with his friends trying to subdue him, preventing him from hurting anyone. One of those times involved the Clerics Guild being partially destroyed.]

Kivae lifts her head at the somewhat obvious topic change, but only nudges the unlit candle next to her with her foot, lightly. "I could see something moving, but it's not as bright as the thing you showed me.."

Ruby Pyralis, upon waking from her spontaneous nap (which she seems to do quite often), looks around while scratching her ear, "Where'd the rest of them go...?"

Sirum Hest nods shortly and curls up on the chair tiredly then, "Jus' don't let whatever it is turn into somethin' bigger. We don't have the luxury of a Clerics Guild all the way out here...", yawning quietly before answering Ruby. "They decided life was far too borin', so they went to get themselves killed. Or rather, Jonathan is gonna go try to get himself killed, an' I figure Taereal will pin him to the ground before he gets the chance."

Ruby Pyralis blinks, "That still doesn't tell me where they actually -are.-"

Rakuro nods lightly at that, and merely says, "Remember that you shouldn't try and 'concentrate' on something that you can see. I know it'll feel like trying to pick details from something you can only see out of the corner of your eye, but just remember that you have to stay calm, and the calmer you stay, and the less you try to focus on it, the brighter it becomes"

Sirum Hest grins sheepishly and looks off towards the gate. "Ah... right. I'd guess anywhere between one an' ten miles away in any direction by now. Yer not gonna follow 'em, are ya? It'd probably be a waste of a flight."

Kivae wrinkles her nose, slowly. "So I look at it by -not- looking at it?" She pauses, then only shakes her head, "But, I was thinking. If the candle's heat is magic, does that mean that furres give off magic all the time, because we're warm, and that's what necromancers draw from?" Sounding doubtful of her own logic. Also glancing over her shoulder somewhat apprehensively, to see Ruby's decision.

Ruby Pyralis shrugs, "Anything's more interesting than you lot." And with that, spinning to the side and getting to her footpaws. Tihs done, she heads over to the gate. ^^

Rakuro nods lightly at Kivae's deducation, "Aye. We do. Everything does, in fact.. but many things do it so very slowly that it's impossible to see properly unless you're extremely well-versed in the method of Sight"

Maes Uroboros plops down onto a seat, looking around. He stares at each person for about thirty seconds, like he usually does, before relaxing. "What are we talking about?" He says this as if he was in the conversation the whole time, as opposed to just now joining in. He looks over at Rakuro. "And who might you be, my magistral friend?"

Sirum Hest rolls his eyes as Ruby makes her departure as well, glancing about the now near emptied villa blankly. "Well... ah... why is it that we're stayin' here, again? As nice as it would be to spend a few weeks improvin' my magic in the villa with some of the best mages on Calenndor, I'd rather not get left behind. Entad is more than likely to go lookin' for him than us at the lot he's gathered."

Rakuro's ears twitch at the question, his attention turning to this newcomer, "My name's Rakuro, though I kind of doubt it would matter much to you. And you are?"
Kivae uses her toes to move the candle stick about, mouth forming an 'o'. "What sort of things.." her nose wrinkling at Sirum's words, "We don't usually stay out of things like this.." fidgeting a bit.

Maes Uroboros scratches his head. "I'd only ask if it mattered to me. My name is Maes Uroboros, proud ranger of wherever I find myself to be. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Rakuro nods shortly to him, then turns his attention back to Kivae, "Trust me, it's much better that we are. Jon's crazy enough to try shooting someone, and I'm not crazy enough to let you two go get shot"

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side. "So, wait. Yer gonna let Ruby an' Kele go but not the either of us? I don't wanna have to sit around in a near empty villa all day."

Kivae pauses fidgeting long enough to shift her legs, and glance over her shoulder. ".. You let us go to Sargothas.. and.. but.." Arguing half with herself.

[One man wanting to go to Ansteorra, that was insane. A few people, that was dumb. Everyone else wanting to go... "We're being left behind? D: We'll be booored." Si and Kiv were at least predictable in their want to be where exciting things happened.]

Maes Uroboros rubs his head, as if it were bothering him. "Ruby... Jon... Kele, and I still don't know what you are talking about. Is it possible to explain this, or am I too ignorant on the subject?"

Sirum Hest suddenly realizes, as he glances out the windows and towards the gates. "...actually... they vanished right by the exit, didn't they? Primes, if they went back to that muddy pit I don't think I'll be followin' 'em anytime soon."

Marlina Evenstar: [They went to Caeseal.]
Rakuro: [Hm.. right then]

Maes Uroboros twiddles his thumbs idly. "I was wondering about a few things, Sirum. About how I'd be able to get certain materials and such. Where would the nearest shop be?"

Sirum Hest glances off to his right thoughtfully, looking the stranger up and down. "What materials exactly are ya lookin' for? I've not been to any of the shops around here, but I'm sure we-", tail flicking towards Rakuro. "-could find it easily enough."

Maes Uroboros shrugs. "Conventional items, so to speak. I could use a pipe, along with something to put in it. Maybe a whetting stone as well. Other than that, the only other thing I would need is a good sparring partner."

Sirum Hest snickers quietly and scoots over a seat, tugging lightly at one of Rakuro's sleeves. "All of those ya can find in here, more than likely. Well, everythin' except a sparrin' partner. I'd suggest Kele, or Taikris, but they jus' left to go follow a suicidal furre to the ends of Faenor. ... Ah! I know, Kivae? Ya could summon up a pet or two to fight, right? Ya can even practice yer conjuration that way."

Maes Uroboros scratches his head. "It's too late to catch up with those others? I'd rather be there than sit around here with no pipe."

Sirum Hest rolls his eyes and slumps back against the table, not even seeming as if he were going to bother the furre further. "There's a portal jus' outside the gates. It's kinda hard to miss, but it leads to a place that has more water than it does ground. Not sure why ya would wanna get yer clothes covered in a foot thick of mud, though."

Kivae grimaces at the mention of catching up with them, and slumps back against the archway, making a neutral sounding 'hn.' "I could, but it looks like he's leaving anyways, too." Pausing, as if to form her thoughts, "Couldn't we.. like.. bring supplies from the villa, and make a camp in the forest, 'Kuro? We could help, when or if Jon needs us, but it's not as dangerous.. He said I could rot the docks.."

Maes Uroboros sighs. "So you're saying to me that I can either sit here or go swimming? I don't think I care much either way, so I'm going to check it out." He gets up. "Anything I should know about that place before I go?"

Rakuro sighs lightly and lifts a paw to press at the bridge of his nose, "I'm not truly responsible for either of you. But I would much rather wait and get Entad here before we go running off to even sabotage Anst. Just us, on our own, simply aren't a match for thousands of soldiers.. and they -will-, eventually, step up patrols to the point where that's what we'd be dealing with"

Maes Uroboros shrugs. "I'm not waiting for someone I don't know."

Sirum Hest rubs at the back of his neck with a paw, going over any sound advice which might be in his head, but coming up a blank on anything useful. So he just says the first thing that comes to mind, "Don't stare up at the sky with yer mouth open for too long or else you'll drown?" Turning back to Kivae, he snrks, "There's no reason to go to the forests jus' yet. It'll be weeks until they reach Ansteorra at this pace, an' we can wreck Kitzibeth's villa a bit more before that."

Kivae returns to poking at the candlestick with her toe, only nodding faintly.

Catherine O`Hara seems to have grown rather fond of moving about and suddenly appearing in various rooms, for this is what she once again does, shadows gathering about briefly in a vague outline of her form before launching outwards once more to their normal locations, leaving the necromantress in their place, "Good eve, Sir Hest... Master Daregh, anonymous purple-loving equine... How is everyone?"

Tarani chuckles. "The name is Tarani, and I am fine."

Rakuro's gonna just afk for awhile.. but while he's gone, he'd appreciate it if you could all thing of the types of abilities a Rogue class would have in a Tile-based Miniature War-game type strategy arena-esque.. game.... <<.. on Furc.. right *afks*]
Rakuro: [If you have a particularly nifty idea, IM me n.n]
Kivae: [What if it's not particularly nifty? >.>]
Rakuro: [You can IM me anyway]
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