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A day of failed negotiations and Kazunori Part 1. 10-10-2004

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 07, 2017 11:54 pm    Post subject: A day of failed negotiations and Kazunori Part 1. 10-10-2004 Reply with quote

[Summary: Kitz's villa, dealing with Kazunori. The first half of the battle, anyhow. We're trying to forge the Wailing of the Void, after Kazunori handed our butts to us the last time we tried a while back. We didn't often fail a quest, but when we did, it only made us want to destroy the NPC responsible even more.]

Catherine O`Hara: [Why would I want to do an OOC spar with a wimpy Catherine? :-P]
Erk Mendon: [cause I'm bored :-P]
Catherine O`Hara: [Why would -I-.]
Erk Mendon: ['cause...then you'd be bored? o.o]
Catherine O`Hara: [Then I'd be bored, yes.]
Erk Mendon: [so to pass the time, OOC spar?]
Catherine O`Hara: [-Then- I'd be bored,]
Erk Mendon: [ make it sound like you're always bored no matter what :P]
Catherine O`Hara: [I'm not bored now, I'd be bored if I was OOC sparring you. :-P]
Erk Mendon: [why? Is Erk too boring to spar? :P]
Catherine O`Hara: [Yes.]
Erk Mendon: [:-P]
[ Catherine O`Hara whispers, "[So know when Kazunori gets to eat us yet?]" to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Kaz died to Rivyn, if I remember correctly.]" to Catherine O`Hara. ]
[ You whisper "[Though Path said he'd host at 5 FST.]" to Catherine O`Hara. ]
[ Catherine O`Hara whispers, "Ah." to you. ]

Roger Montango enters the villa, looking cheeful as always. He sits down next to Sirum, asking everyone, "Hello! How is everyone today?"

Catherine O`Hara appears to be dozing at the moment, head drooped and body slumped against the stone wall.

Roger Montango notes that that's probably the only reaction he'll get, so he takes out his lyre and starts playing, though making it sound peaceful so as to not wake Catherine.

Sirum Hest is, for note, ICly just outside the gates with Kivae sitting around a circle on the grass with quite a few burn marks within it. Well, not so much burn marks as it appears where quite a few spell attempts had failed at.

Rakuro suggests we go out there, then? :-P]
You say, "[Wow.]"
You say, "[Kitz sucks at the shore-making.]"
You say, "[xD]"
Sirum Hest eyes the bot. >.> []
Rakuro: [Hey. I like the snappy cutoff of grass. It indicates a well groomed yard]
Kivae: [See? Most people don't bother with it. :P]
Kivae eats Roger.]
Sirum Hest eats Kivae, who ate Roger. []

Rakuro pads into the apparently wherever-they-are [>> << >>] slowly, his eyes shut, ears drooped off to either side, hat gone fishing.. er.. missing. One quick swivel of his ear with the intent of catching voices or noticeable movement in the room. A small sniff, then a smirk, "Enjoying yourselves?"
Rakuro: pads towards the villa slowly, then stops as he, with his magey-sense, detects the two and the spell attempts* :-D

Kivae is rolling her eyes, and telling Sirum how, she -told- him that if it didn't work the second time, it wasn't going to work again, and does nothing but tire them. She makes a faintly annoyed 'hn' noise to Rakuro.

Sirum Hest's ears perk as he takes note of a voice behind him, peering back at the mage blankly. "Well... actually, not really. We've tried this at least a half-dozen times now an' still its failed. Kitzibeth said we oughta get an anchor from ya but ya weren't around. I don't suppose we could get one or... have a bit of help here?"
Sirum Hest is also swatting Kivae with his tail.

Rakuro's smile widens a little and he slowly sidles around the spot they've been concentrating their efforts of teleportation, opening his eyes to cast a white stare across the lines.. "Hmm.. an anchor, of course. You can't just open a gate with grass as your focal point. Where are you trying to get to?"

Sirum Hest rubs at the back of his neck with a paw thoughtfully and stares off at the sky, actually unsure of where their target point was. Kivae was the one who used the divination spell, after all. "I think... well... jus' about anywhere near the Northern Forest. Thorimar is big enough to stand out among the trees or -- Kivae? Ya know where he is, don'tcha?"

Kivae props her head up on a hand-paw, idly tugging at the grass, as if attempting to pull green shoots up from the burnt spots. But nothing happens. ".. An anchor? That just sounds like it would hold us in one spot, not move us.." Both ears raising at Sirum's question, to which she nods. And begins describing the area in too much detail, including several landmarks that she wasn't OOCly given, and the bird with a hurt wing in his branches.

Rakuro hmms quietly at the overly detailed description.. "Well.. that wouldn't be very difficult to find, then. And the anchor is to hold the portal in place, otherwise it'll get all scattered and all of the magic you gathered up'll just fly away"
Rakuro's ears twitch as he looks 'around'.. really just kind of glancing up into the sky off to his left.. "We'll need something circular.. because it works the best out of anything. Anybody happen to have a.. ah... crystal gate?... probably not.."

You say, "[Uh. One second.]"
You say, "[LimpBizkitSage: The quest can't happen today.]"
Roger Montango: [Silence...]
You say, "[Okay. I'mma just ask Path if we can assume Thorimar is doing things. I put absolutely 0 faith in them both being on them ever at the same time. >>]"
Catherine O`Hara: [Phah.]

[There was a reason Sirum tended to hoard quest items, forsaking actual loot rolls for things that had only plot relevance. If ten different people needed to be on at the same time for a few hours... that was never going to happen.]

Sirum Hest's paws reach forward to sweep over the grass, as if clearing away things off of a table, or perhaps just trying to fan away the 'bad' magic. Afterwards, he scoots back and stretches out on the grass, whiskers twitching in confusion as he eyes the mage. "I don't actually keep a spare one around at all times, though... I'm sure Kivae could take a very long stick an' cause it to grow together into a circle. Right, Kivvy?"

Kivae nods slowly, and flexes her fingers experimentally, "I think I can still do that.." shaking herself once, as if to rid some substance that was clinging to her skin and fur. While getting unsteadily to her feet in search of such a stick, "But, how would an anchor -move- us, Kuro?"

Rakuro shakes his head slowly, "Nono.. the anchor doesn't move us.. it's just like.. ah... okay. Look at it this way. When you gather magic to do, well.. anything at all.. you always have to gather it -to- something, right? Like your paw, or a staff, or something like that. Well, for a Gate, you need to have something to gather all the magic too. It also has to be something relatively strong, because Gates involve a lot of magic, and it's all trying to break loose"

Kivae pauses, then, holding a stick in her paw. She looks at it doubtfully. "Oh. .. Something strong?" She flexes it a bit, nose scrunched. "A doorway would be stronger than this.. But Kitzibeth doesn't like us casting magic like that in her villa."

Amerie: (How deep is the water behind us? ^^)
Rakuro: [A couple miles or so. This isn't like an island, it's more like a column of land sticking up out of the ocean]
Amerie: (So, is there any chance I could be swimming? :-( )
Rakuro is joking, because he doesn't know ^^]
You say, "[You could swim just fine. :P]"
You say, "[Without fear of drowning]"
You say, "[Amerie has two floatation devices.]"
Amerie: (:p)
Roger Montango: [but...Amerie's too fabulous to drown :o]
Catherine O`Hara: [So... Quest still at 5? As far as anyone can guess from Path's schedule? :-P]
Catherine O`Hara: [*Has to entertain unwelcome guests meanwhile.. Fun. =P]
Rakuro: [Ouch.. Sol has the same problem <<.. though they may not be necessarily unwelcome]

Rakuro hmphs quietly at that and kneels down his eyes travelling across the marks in the grass.. even if Sirum successfully wiped them away. "Well, an archway would be best, sure.. but as long as you get something.. oh.. an inch thick or so. Has to be at least five feet tall by.. two feet wide. Kind of narrow, but I can work with it.. and make sure to root it really deep in the ground too". He mutters something under his breath and blows lightly at the grass, then adds in a more coherent voice, "I really wish I could afford a crystal gate.. that would make everything so much easier"

Amerie had been out swimming for awhile now, the others probably didn't notice her as she was quite far out. As the feel of soft Besaid music might play, she swam towards the shore. "Seejie! Guys..!" Giggling, she waved, swimming around in a circle. "Come in the water! It's nice and warm." Laying back, she began floating around, giggling. Actually seeming happy and calm when swimming, or maybe it's just the music her player's listening to.

Catherine O`Hara: [Oh no, it's not a problem, just an inconveniance, and why I won't be reacting much until the quest. =P]
Catherine O`Hara: [Amerie's listening to: You are my sunshine # # ]
You say, "[Amerie's listening to: Boom Boom Boom Boom.]"
Amerie: (Nah, I'm listening to Classical music. :P)
Roger Montango: [Amerie's Listening to...her selfishness!: ...............................................]
Roger Montango: [selflessness*]
Roger Montango: [*is noting Amerie, not Chloe ^^*]
Catherine O`Hara: [Classical music... Yuck. :-P]

Sirum Hest glances back and forth between the two poles in front of Kitzibeth's villa, tapping the side of his head in consideration. "We could jus' make a giant portal between the two of those, but that'd take a bit long--", pausing to glance back behind him with a brow raised. "Amerie? What're ya doin' out there? I'd assumed Kitzibeth would've made all that water non-stick too since it's so close to her villa. We're takin' a little trip right now, but we might later, okay?", grinning weakly before turning back to the others. "How long'll the portal stay open, by the way? In case we need to flee back as soon as possible, like when Kazunori appeared..."

Amerie stands in the water, floating while listening to Si, quite an emotionless look on her face. "Oh.. Okay, that's fine, love!" Smiling weakly, she began floating backwards a bit, the tide helping take her away. "Bye.. Then." Looking down, she turned around and swam away from them.

Rakuro shrugs lightly.. "It'll stay open for as long as the gate on this side doesn't snap. Or as long as the magic stays tied together properly. On the other side.. well... I'm not sure. I can always get a trigger placed on it.. speak a word, make a gesture, and it'll open up again"

Catherine O`Hara: [Alright AFK for a bit.]
Amerie: (Where's Si going? ;;)
You say, "[To the depths of hell.]"
Rakuro: [We're going back to he--.... yea <<]
You say, "[To gather the Enchanted Cotton Candy.]"
Amerie: (You're going to hell, and leaving Amerie behind?)

Kivae drops the stick back down, noting how slender it was. "Why not just use actual trees?" she motions with her handpaw, "Connect or wind two branches together.. it's a lot thicker than five inches, so it should hold for a while, right?" Also glancing briefly out towards the water, tail flickering.

Rakuro hmms quietly, then nods, "Right.. that could work okay. Just remember to make it kind of ovalish. At least as tall as you and as wide as me"

Sirum Hest tail-waves apologetically back to Amerie and rises back up to his footpaws then, crossing his arms up behind his head. For note, to his left on the ground is that bloody sword and right beneath it the oh so irritating pattern. ^^; "Actually, that's the same kinda spell that Thorimar used once. He actually gave ya a lesson, Kivae? If he did ya never spoke of it.", poking his tongue out at her.

Kivae wrinkles her nose. "Nuh-uh.. he like.. grew trees, didn't he?" She turns back to face the little cluster, idling scanning the branches for something appropriate. "And we've been a forest or five away, so it'd be impressive if he managed to give me a lesson from that far away. And while sleeping."

Sirum Hest snickers quietly and waves a paw dismissively. "I meant before Ansteorra's fall. I never saw ya around him, but I figured he might've dragged ya off for trainin' at least once or twice before. Hum... an'... I don't think he did. Growin' trees up right from the ground that fast doesn't even seem as if it'd be in his power. But if it is ya have to learn how he did it, we could make a straight line of trees jut up from the ground right in Ansteorra like a gigantic insta-wall.", grinning toothily at the thought.

Rakuro sits back in his heels and hmms quietly, balancing on the balls of his footpaws, both paws clasping his knees loosely. To all intents and purposes, he's kind of meditating. A visible glow seems to surround the magefurre, a faint greenish tint to it, accompanied by a pleasant though constant *hmmmmmmmmmm* noise
Rakuro is prepping, by the way.. but it gets annoying to post [#/?] again and again

Kivae wrinkles her nose, as she stretches her handpaws out to either side, slowly twirling them closer to each other, with laid back ears, as she speaks. "But, they'd just all get killed.." She doesn't comment on how no. As she makes the spiraling motions, two branches, about seven or so feet off the ground, which were already brushing, begin to twist slowly, curling and wrapping securely around each other, as if they were both simply vines growing at an increased rate.

Sirum Hest coughs into a paw then as it seemed he lacked the magical powers to do anything all that nifty or contributional at the moment, and as such he simply scoots over to gather up the materials. Once with them, he slumps back against the pillar weakly and closes his eyes. "Well... I'd say better them than us but... ya actually seem to care about the trees quite a bit, so I won't. Mm. I suppose I should go an' ask Kitzibeth if she would come along...", glancing back off at the villa.

Rakuro's ears slowly spread downward and off to the sides, the glow slowly brightening both in the actual light it gives off and the shade of green until it becomes almost yellowish.

Roger Montango walks along the path, playing his lyre and humming along with it. He stops and grins at the furres gathered around the area, "Why, hello there! How are you, furres?"

Kivae lowers either arm, and with a yawn, lets herself tumble down onto the grass, pulling an arm up over her face. "Yea.. Sounds good.. I'll just take a quick nap.." The failed portals seeming to be catching up with her.

Sirum Hest, on the other paw, only put a slight bit of power into the portals, seeming as upbeat as always. He didn't want to wear himself out for the trip, in case Kazunori decided he wanted round two after all. "Be back in a minute, then--erm... I'm fine, but I'm kinda busy now.", the last bit being to Roger, before he goes.


Sirum Hest pads up to Kitzibeth's desk and flops down randomly, regardless of how busy she appears to be. More than likely due to the urgency of what he has to say. "Kitzibeth? Kivae, Rakuro an' a few of us were gettin' ready to head out an'... I was wonderin' if...", glancing towards the staircase warily. No use in getting Kitzerina near-killed again. :-P "...ya could come with us, an' make sure nothin' bad happens to us?"

Kitzibeth shakes her head. "Im not going to be of much help, Sirum. I suppose if you desperately need to have me along, I can come. But of course, if you need me, I'm only a quick summon away, you know."

Sirum Hest frowns then and looks down at the desk. "But we can't summon ya all the way from the Northern Forest. The last time we tried that, before the help arrived Kizzy was already on the ground in front of the blademaster an' Solinox was dyin'. There's only so much ya can cast while tryin' to keep yer friends alive.", laughing weakly.

Kitzibeth rolls her eyes. "Exactly how hard is it to find a treant in the northern forests? Or are you planning on finishing the Voidthunder and striking out toward the City again? It's ill-advised to do that until we've taken Damien and turned him into feral-chow."

Sirum Hest shakes his head quickly. "It's not jus' findin' Thorimar that's the problem. I was jus' worried that Pytch might send another minion or two to stop us. ... But... ya, we were gonna go to the City, but not today." He pauses then to hop off of the chair and motion towards the gates with a paw. "Kivae an' Rakuro have probably even finished the gate by now an' are waitin' for us, along with everyone else."

Kitzibeth shrugs. "Well, I suppose I can make an appearance. I haven't blown [Path's] minions of evil to the Hells in a few years, trithfully enough." She stands up, taking a purple and gold staff in her paw. "Let me get dressed."

Sirum Hest nods quickly and scurries off towards the main area, calling back behind him, "Jus' don't take too long, ya? Don't wanna have to leave without an' before the portal pops, hehehe." With that, he proceeds to gather everyone together. n.n


Sirum Hest scurries up into the main room of the villa then and leans in, whispering the same message to the following people. To Kele, Marlina, Kivae, Chloe and Ruby: "Head out for the gates as quickly as ya can, if ya are intendin' on comin' with us, we've got that sword to deal with.

Kivae is back there waking up. <.< Just thought there might be a dream here.]

Jonathan Ruddiwyne: "Oh, I see. I'm not invited?"

Marlina Evenstar heads out for the gates as quickly as she can, as she intends on coming with them.

Sirum Hest also whispered it to Jonathan, too. Didn't see him.

Ruby Pyralis was apparently woken up by Si and curls up tighter while making a, 'Mmph' sound, though soon rolling off the chair and heading for the gates. .-.

Kele-De gingerly gets to her footpaws. "Well, it's better than sitting around here." She blanches a bit at Jon's voice though just pads out the door.

Kalannar is only level 8. Can't come.

Kitzibeth returns. She's dressed in her adventuring garb. It looks a bit worn, but it seems no different than her dress robes, only a slightly different color. She's wearing her Bracers of Pwn and her Staff of Whippersnapping.

Sirum Hest would gladly ask Kalannar to come, were Path'en not a sadistic, evil psychopath. :-P

Kalannar would gladly come, were Path'en not a sadistic, evil psychopath.

Erk Mendon is level 6. Also can't come.

Sirum Hest ... or, were he sure that the events of last time where Kalannar nearly got ripped apart by Kazunori's minions wouldn't repeat itself. As it is, he looks over Kitzibeth thoughtfully and snickers. "Are ya hopin' to blind Kazunori with shiny things or somethin'?" After that, he just gives a light shake of his head and heads out to the gates.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne notes for those that care that he is also a glowing a happy yellow-green, but that could be because he ate a basketful of magic mushrooms before he came today. Also, not really.

Sirum Hest scans the group he had managed to collect with a sly grin, playing over previous battles he had had with each in his mind. "Lesse... the only people we are missin' are Zag an' Solinox. But with Kitzibeth here, she greatly makes up for it. Pytch himself could swoop down on us an' we'd be prepared this time.", squeaking happily.

Marlina Evenstar glances briefly at the rodent as she leans against the conveniantly placed pillar, "Not to be doubtin' the Archmistress' magic, but I'd not be likin' to be placing my life on that small strand, weren't to be even touchin' him last time we were to be bein' acquainted."

Sirum Hest cocks his head tot the side in confusion. "Not touchin' him? We managed to hit him pretty hard, if I remember rightly, we jus' didn't hit him hard enough is all."

Rakuro straightens up slowly and puts a massive paw around the back of his neck, shoving the heel of his palm into his chin sideways in an attempt to unkink his poor neck.. he then glances towards all those around him, and shrugs lightly, "Right then. Let's get going"
Rakuro then simply stoops over and steps into the portla

Jonathan Ruddiwyne grins slightly. "Never fear. The lawyer is here, and with the law on your side, you're untouchable." He winches his crossbow to loaded, and steps through.

Sirum Hest, after eyeing the portal in thought, gives a light shrug and springs into the portal carelessly, unslinging his bow as he does so.

Sirum Hest apparently notes that Thorimar had fallen asleep in the middle of his circle, quite conveniently so, and had been sleeping there the entire week regaining his strength after healing the trees within the Dhamzon jungles. For everyone gathered, he motions towards the six stones, "Try to have at least one furre between each stone, ya? To make sure that Thorimar doesn't have anythin' gettin' to him while he's busy like Rivyn did. But... um...", he pauses to glance over the tree. "...anyone know how to wake a sleepin' treant?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne shrugs. "Set it on fire. That'll wake it up pretty damn fast."

Ruby Pyralis idly begins to head between two of the stones as Sirum instructed, not having anything to say.

Rakuro moves casually over to stand between a few of the stones, his ears perking upward as he listens to the surrounding forest.. "I'd suggest walking over and kicking him in the shin.. he probably won't feel it"

Sirum Hest whaps a pebble on the ground in the direction of Jonathan's tail with his own tail. Yes, the Marksman is quite skilled no matter what projectile he is using. "We -could- do that, but he'd be awfully grumpy an' would likely snap the sword in half rather than scribble on it." The sword, for note, has been set down on the ground in front of the mouse along with the pattern.

Marlina Evenstar was about to reccomend something along that line, but the bloody irritating bard beat her to it, instead she merely moves to a place between each stone, still not certain what she had gotten herself into, but able to follow instructions well enough as a consequence for her alcohol induced agreement.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne is already between two of the stones. ^^

Rakuro mutters something under his breath and merely shouts, "Thorimar!! Wake up!! We need your help, alright?!"... anyone volunteering for playing Thorimar? We need someone to make prepping posts

Kitzibeth volunteers?
Rakuro yays
Kitzibeth doesn't want to, but will.

Kele-De runs a paw through her headfur and with glaive in paw she moves about the circle, seeing if there were any unfilled spaces. She shrugs then and just finds a spot.

Sirum Hest takes a few deep breaths and pads over to the center of the circle, squeaking loudly up to the treant, "The forests are burnin' an' Entad is sawin' off yer branches!"

You say, "[When RPing a treant, you need only know two things. They stretch out their vowels and are made of wood.]"

[#] Thorimar wakes up. "No he isn't, young Sirum." The treant says in his lackadasical tone. "What do you want so badly as to wake up a sleeping treant?"

Sirum Hest grins sheepishly as the treant seems to wake quite a bit easier than Rivyn is while in deep concentration, nodding down to the Voidthunder and the pattern at the treants roots. Come to think of it, they more than likely look like nothing but toys to him. "Well... we've been unable to locate Rivyn an'... yer about the only other person on Calenndor we can think of who can help us. We've got this sword here, an' a pattern, an' only someone like yerself can etch the runes required onto it."

Kivae nods absently at Sirums words, glancing over and around her shoulder, seeming to be comparing this circle to the last one, her ears swiveling in all directions.

[#] Thorimar yawns slowly, as only a tree can. "I am not a 'person' young Sirum. I am an Treeeant. But I shall see what i can do about this sword. When do you need it by? I'm sure that it shall be done by the next age, if you wish to wait. I have many things to do first."

Marlina Evenstar is sort of watching the scene, but not otherwise communicating with the talking tree, secure in the belief that Sirum would convince the treant to act before several millenia passed.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne is actually not at all convinced of such a thing, but would feel better if Thorimar had the sword rather than Sirum.
Jonathan Ruddiwyne's glass is half-full, damn it.

Marlina Evenstar stole the glass.

Kele-De leans on her glaive as the conversation takes place, merely looking about.

Sirum Hest's nose wrinkles at that, backing away to one of the stone as he tail-waves towards everyone gathered. "Well... it really shouldn't take all that long. We've already gotten near everythin' else done with it that needs to be done. Everyone is here 'cause we were hopin' to have it done before the end of the night. It's sorta important that we get it done sometime soon, ya see? Besides, ya were sleepin' when we found ya...", glancing back towards Kivae desperately in hopes that she would help convince her 'teacher' to do something.

[#] Thorimar sighs. "You little folk are so .. fast thinking. I shall have to consider this. You interrupted a pleasant dream, you know."

Kitzibeth seems annoyed, she whispers quietly to hersef: "Thorimar. Just do what Sirum wants and we'll let you sleep."

Rakuro mutters darkly about Tolkien-esque treants and hisses something under his breath, luckily too incoherent for even Kitzibeth to understand, and she's standing nearby

Kivae scuffs her footpaw in the grass, shrugging lightly at the look, as she didn't have much of any ideas, either.. "You owe me some lessons anyways.. this is a just a larger one. And it shouldn't take much time at all, really.."

Sirum Hest facepalms and flops downwards to the grass, keeping his patience as he knows the treant was still getting used to being so rudely awakened. "Please, Thorimar. I won't ask ya for anythin' else, an' we'll let ya sleep forever if that's what ya want. We've been to hell an' back for this thing already, if ya would jus' do this so we wouldn't have to go searchin' the other planes for someone near as powerful as ya...", biting down on his bottom lip worriedly. Cursed treants.

[#] Thorimar's emitter cares not about Kuro's opinion ^^; "Fine fine." He says to Kivae. The tree rises to his roots, and moves to the circle's center. "What do you need?"

Rakuro luffs on Thorimar's emitter and slowly swivels his head back and forth, his ears perked upward as he continues listening to the forest. With the treant about to begin the ritual, he's sure something's about jump them all.. which it probably is

Sirum Hest scoots forward along the ground then and lifts the pattern from beside the sword, from them climbing the giant treants branches to place it right in front of his eyes. "See, these markin's on the right side of the parchment? They need to be etched onto the blade of the sword."

Kivae motions down to the sword and pattern that he had thankfully avoided stepping on. "Some runes, like Si says. When Rivyn was doing it there was some.. trouble, so the rest of us are just here in case they try to stop us again." Being somewhat vague, and flipping her tail.

Marlina Evenstar coughs then as she casts a brief glance around before speaking to the rodent, as he was the one who dragged her into this, "What kind of 'trouble' would she be speakin' of ratling? Don't recall you mentioning anythin' when I was enlisted... Though can't recall much of that day."

[#] Thorimar nods. "Alright." The treat gets to crafting. "Just let me sleep for the next few centuries, alright? I had this wonderful dream. There were dancing goblins trying to sell things.."

Sirum Hest, with that, slips down off of the branches and hits the ground with an 'erf', rubbing at his tail as he gets back up and returns to his sot at the stones. "Mm... this doesn't seem so bad. Maybe Kazunori or Pytch or anyone else won't show up after all." Jinx. "An' sure, sure Thorimar. Though I can't guarentee Entad won't be poppin' here in the next year to get ya to gather yer treants together...", constantly looking about the area despite his earlier words.

[#] Thorimar gets to carving the runes on the blade. As his emitter isn't a druid, she's going to wing it. He scrapes the first one in with a tough, Diamond-like claw. [1/10]

Marlina Evenstar didn't get a response from the rodent, this makes Half-elf mad. >:|

Sirum Hest also waves a paw dismissively over towards Marlina, shaking his head lightly. "Nothin' to be worried about with Kitzibeth here. Jus' havin' ya here to scare off anythin' that might decide to poke its head into the circle an' wasn't invited. Voidkin or Kazunori don't bother ya much, do they?"

Rakuro, at the very beginning of the ritual, decides that flames are a good thing. Thus, two such balls of the stuff immediately burst into existance in both of his paws. His ears spread out to either side and he continues his intent listening... something is sure to come [4/? if out-of-battle prepping is allowed :-)]

Kitzibeth notes that if out-of battle prepping in allowed, she's boosted herself up to [7/?][Fire] Right now as well, as her form glows with an eerie light.

[I wish I could remember who pioneered pre-prepping when the enemies didn't immediately attack. Cheats!]

Kazunori steps from the shadows collecting in lengthening patches beneath the pillars of stone arranged around the center of the ring. The four menacing amber points of light that define the puppet's eyes seem to be the only truly 'solid' thing about the minion. Such a long time in the service of Pytch has taken its toll on the jackal.. and a painful one at that. More resembling one of the shadowy Dreamshatters than a furre, now.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne is facing the other way from Kazunori, and is probably going to regret that in a few seconds. He watches the treant work with a contemplative frown, hands tightening around the haft of his crossbow. Poor misguided LawyerBard.

Kele-De glances about and after Kitz and Rak's example, seh begins to prep herself. The butt of her glaive rests in fron of her nad she begins whispering softly in Tigathan, though her eyes remain open and vigilant scanning the area in front and next to her..

Marlina Evenstar thinks out-of-battle prepping is a cheap mage trick, and right now is glaring at Sirum as she follows suit, [2/?] "Been bringin' me here to be scarin' them off, just what the bloody hell is that supposed to be meanin'?"

[#] Thorimar hums happily as he continues scraping away. "This one is pretty." [2/10]

[#] [Lazy person's imagery for Kazunori:]
[#] [Picture a cross between a Jackal, and one of these.]

[Path drew so much art of so many characters. So much of it has been lost. That seems such a shame.]

Sirum Hest's ears lower back and to his skull as Kazunori appears, quickly motioning Jonathan and Kele to the side with a paw less they find themselves run through. "I shouldn't have said a bloody word. We have company!" Oddly, he doesn't yet reach for an arrow, perhaps waiting for the jackal to make a move. "Primes, he doesn't even look like he did before. Pytch must've taken every last bit of his life that still existed..."

Ruby Pyralis is just standing there all stoned-like. La dee da.

Kele-De, seeing Sirum's motion quickly gets out of the way, having seen what happened the last time they had tried this and had been unprepared. She turns to look back at what was behind her nad Jon.

[#] Thorimar yawns, and idly marks the third one down with blase gusto. Why a 'brown mage' was required to do thie etching only the Primes know. He could be finishing off the dream. :-( [3/10]

Jonathan Ruddiwyne is not Kel's nad.

[#] The jackaline creature's eyes narrow, yes, all four. After a short pause to allow the willowy shades of the Frozen spectres to drift up to flank the fighter, it then curiously enough speaks.

[#] <<We have come to Negotiate. The blade will not be completed.>>

[I'm not sure what, if anything, could have been offered to make Sirum give up his multi-year long quest for the Wailing of the Void. Canti's return to life may have been the only thing to give him true pause.]

Jonathan Ruddiwyne turns quickly, and pales at the sight greeting him. Of course, no one would actually know that because of the fur, but hey. "Um..."

Kivae edges a bit around the stone, all her fur on end, and her skin goosebumps, the feeling of the presence creeping up on her. Making a low 'rrrr' noise. Making no aggressive moves, but seeming as if she wouldn't be speaking.

Rakuro's ears twitch, as they so often have as of late.. he murmers something under his breath once more, then carefully steps around Kitzibeth.. "Negotiate, is it? Yet you simply demand something without an offer in return"

Sirum Hest reaches a paw back to grasp an arrow then and knock it onto his bow, narrowing his eyes at the jackal. Also he moves in front of Thorimar. The last time he had been afraid of the fell blademaster, but thoughts of revenge for what he had done to poor Kizzy are clouding his judgement currently. "Negotiate what? This blade is gonna be completed by the time the sun fully sets, even if the Dragon itself should wake. We - myself, mostly - have been through far too much hell over this blade to let it remain as is."

[Frodo's trip to Mt. Doom was nothing compared to everything Sirum had done for that damned sword. How much blood had he spilled for it, how many friends sent to death's doorstep or killed outright? No more meek mouse.]

Marlina Evenstar is distracted from her questioning of the odd phrasing the rodent put to his explanation as the mental voice is thrown about the area. Gradually she moves closer to the approaching group, hands moving to the hilts of two daggers, naturally assuming floating things with maces are evil, though not acting yet.

Kitzibeth rolls her eyes, and murmers quietly. "Oh no. It's the evil voidkin. How unexpected." She clears her throat, and holds her preps menacingly, not wanting to piss off the DM by drawing out more power.

Kazunori's representations of eyes shift about the assembly of the living, bringing with each a disconserting sense of weightlessness, as if the world were being turned inside out for an instant. As Rakuro is the first to actually meet its question, it is on him that the four shining points of light settle, casting an eerie illumination over the wolf's profile.

Rakuro is so very, very glad he's blind

[#] <<The attacks on the surrounding land will stop. But the blade will not be completed. Each keeps half. You may keep as much as you have completed, and the pattern will be delivered to us.>>

Ruby Pyralis is, strangely enough, doesn't seem to be paying any attention to the current situation at all. o.o

[#] The three shades continue to bobb slowly, idly through the air, weapons unthreateningly held with their lethal ends hovering inches above the ground.

Rakuro's head shakes slowly, "It appears to be quite an impossible request, I'm afraid.." he hopes Thorimar gets the point of his stalling and keeps on with the etching. "What good is a pretty blade to us? We require the use of the true sword, and not some lifeless husk of steel. You need a better offer then that"
Kazunori's head tilts slowly.

[#] <<The mind of the Paladin.>>

Sirum Hest flashes the jackal a toothy grin, drawing the string on his bow back, but still appearing as if he weren't yet going to fire. Being the battle avoiding type he is. "I don't see why it is ya are so interested in the pattern, but we can't jus' paw it over. The attacks will stop whether we complete it or not, seein' as it's gonna be used to stop yer master. Jus' run along, an'--... what about his mind?"

Marlina Evenstar nearly chokes at that before letting an outright laugh come forth as she adds a comment of her own, "That would seem to be more a punishment than a reward, as I'd be seein' it."

Kazunori lifts a smokey-semblance of a paw, palm upwards. A small, shimmering blue spark of light rests within the crook of the hand, fighting weakly against the whisps of gloomy smoke that hold it in place. Slowly, the creature's claws close over it, shielding it from view, save for the crevices of azure energy shining between the digits.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne can't help but privately agree with Marlina. He begins to edge backwards away from the group of hideous nasties, for the safety of not being surrounded and mauled.

[#] <<A trade. A truce on our lands, and the Paladin's mind. For the pattern.>>

Kitzibeth taps her head. "Lets debate the merits of your offer. You're going to give us Hikari's mind and we give you a weapon that will make Pytch even more annoying than he already is. We kill you, we lose the mind, we kill Pytch, we rescue the City of Towers, and rebuild Aractha's glory across Feanor. Seems a pretty crappy trade to me, even for a Heretic.".

Kazunori's physically disconcerting gaze settles on Kitzibeth.

Rakuro's eyes narrow angrily, and he appears to be about to respond, but Kitzibeth says it all.. so he merely shuts his muzzle and continues holding his 4 preps of fire
Marlina Evenstar inclines her head briefly in a signal of agreement with the Archmistress, falling silent as her words are no longer needed.

Kele-De edges backward, slowly toward the rest of the group. She moves around the rock she's standing near and over by Ruby. Her eyes widen at Kitz's words and seh hurries back, so she's standing shoulder to shoulder with the feline-demon.

[#] <<The pattern is of no use to us, so long as your Collection posesses the Blade. They are two halves of a Key.>>

Sirum Hest stares thoughtfully at the energy within the blademasters hand, before laughing the same as Marlina. "Ya really don't get it, do ya? Returnin' Hikari's mind to him is jus' one of the things I was hopin' to use the sword for. A test, nothin' more. Its true purpose is to destroy every last Voidkin on the face of Faenor, an' thinkin' that offerin' Hikari's mind will stop us has to be a joke. Thorimar, hurry, please?"

[#] Thorimar is hurrying. But he's already at [3/10] ad can't post more until init is called.
[#] [Assume simply that Thorimar has been steadily prepping. If combat does break out, it is when he is at 3/10]

Ruby Pyralis still doesn't appear to be paying much attention to anything going on around her, for all intents and purposes appearing zoned out.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne frowns. "I'm surprised we're all willing to take what he says at face value. I'm not exactly seeing much in the way of good faith from past contact with these creatures."

Kazunori lifts the fragile speck of light, rolling it almost curiously between two claws. The light dims, looking sickly from the ill-treatment.

Kivae remains near unmoving, giving no indication of her option on the matter, staring uneasily at Kaz, with her ears flat to her hair.

[#] <<The Kin will not encroach upon your lands, and the Paladin will be intact- should you accept the offer. If you do not, the Kin will consume the Paladin's thoughts now, and for every Rune placed upon the Blade, ten Villages will be Consumed by the Kin as we speak.>>

Kitzibeth shrugs. "I know you like Pytch and all, my friend. But think about this: What has Pytch done for you lately? I mean, when Erisvan creates her Gholae, they are generals in her armies and are treated as princes. You, on the other hand are some sort of low-level emissary and look as if you could use a drink."

Kele-De arches a brow, watching Kazunori playing with the speck of light. She steps forward just a bit to interject. "How do we know what you are holding is even Hikari's brain? For all we know it's merely a speck of light."

Sirum Hest leans back to whisper to Rakuro, "Try an' jerk that energy out of his paws, would ya? It looks like he's intendin' on smashin' Hikari's memories. Chloe would be horribly disappointed." His aim, then, rests right on the chest of the voidkin. "If ya can, eat the villages that are alligned to the Kebeyan Republic. An' if it needs to be done, we'll pry those memories right out of yer belly. I think we're about done with negotiations, should we start, Rakuro?", tail giving a quick whip-like lash behind him.

Kazunori's eyes narrow dangerously, almost pitiably, upon Kitzibeth.

[#] <<We -are- the Kin. There is no separate self. The Kin see's through This Ones eyes, and the Nexus of the Dark Tower see's through This One's eyes, Speaks to you now.>>

Kitzibeth laughs. "An idle threat. I have had the Arkeen council watching the city for weeks now. The Existans barrier is strong enough to prevent mass movement of voidkin. You're quite alone in your arrogance. Too bad you didn't seek to deal with ones less-suited to negotiation."

[And this is why you bring Kitzibeth along when your first attempt ends with everyone getting beaten into the dirt, and Rivyn needing to break the ritual to 1v1 Kazunori. Kitzibeth didn't put up with any bigbads nonsense.]

Marlina Evenstar can't really approve of trying to bribe a shade, though not being fluent in such matters, she gives little in the way of argument to it.

Kazunori simply continues to stare at Kitzibeth.

Ruby Pyralis places her paws in her pockets and looks around boredly, ears flicking toward the sounds coming from the surrounding forest. z.z

Jonathan Ruddiwyne is quite suited to negotiation, thank you very much. "For all we know, you are all there is. Why would you want to make a trade with us, unless you were afraid you couldn't take what you wanted like you've tried before?"

[#] <<Then how is it This One, and its Vanguard stand before you? How many Tools in the Night will it take to Consume the dreams of a Village as it sleeps? To creep from room to room in the shadow?>>

Kazunori as if responding to the other, unanswered questions, forces the pinprick of light to stretch, showing flashing scenes of the Fallen Valanthas.. Fighting a horde of the Voidkin. A more alert adventurer might notice that those was indeed the fight in the streets of Valanthas- Hikari's last moments. As if being played backwards, still more images of Hikari's memories from his own perspective play through the air silently.

Kitzibeth smiles happily, holding her preps. "The Freelands have seen worse, you know. You threaten a whole of ten villages when others have destroyed nations and branded the very lands of Calenndor. Are you trying to find pity in my heart? You shall find more pity in the heart of your master whence you fail at your task." The scenes of Hikari's last moments annoy her, because he was too stupid to save himself when she offered him a chance.

[#] <<Ten Villages for -each- Rune.>> The voice immediately corrects. [Math is fun :-D 10 x 10 = 100]

Kitzibeth still doesn't care.

Sirum Hest lets out an exasperated sigh and squins darkly at the Voidkin, perhaps just making sure he has his aim dead center. "We don't bloody care about the villages around here, as they're all Damien worshippers anyways. If we have our way, ya won't get past the second village before Pytch's precious city is returned to the mages of Valanthas." He merely cringes as Hikari's memories are played, though he doesn't turn away. "Yer a horrible monster for darin' to try an' get sympathy out of us with that. Everyone ready? Let's drive back these minions an' let Thorimar get on with his work."

Kitzibeth: How about this deal, Pytch. You leave, and take your little playthings away, and I'll think about not re-weaving your little 'rebellion'." Without waiting for a reply, she nods in assent to Sirum.

Kazunori pierces a corner of the images playing through the air, immediately collapsing it. The point of light shines painfully, obviously being pinched to its limits between two of the blurred claws.

Marlina Evenstar smirks faintly at that as her blades are finally drawn, it has been quite awhile afterall that she had been in an actual fight, rather than bashing Alchemist's on the head, "Right then, we'd be carin' little were it to be the bastard paladin's mind, he's to be much preferred in his current state."

[#] <<Rebashing remarks are lost on Us. You have a crossroads. The Paladin's memories join the Self, and you declare open War on the Kin, or you declare a Truce with the Kin, and the Paladin is returned. It may be assured to you that the Pattern is of no use to Us. It must be kept away from the Blade.>>

[#] [Heads up Folks. Take a minute to think about your Character's reaction. This is one of those "The direction of the Plot depends on this moment" things. So put aside "OMGLEWTZ" and "OMGZEXP" and do an IC huddle here.]

You say, "[We're not wanting Kazunori's head for the exp and lewt.]"
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [Thanks for the faith in our ability to play our characters, though.]
You say, "[We're wanting his head and the head of Pytch for torturing our characters, obliterating Valanthas and nearly slaying both Solinox and Kitzerina.]"
Kitzibeth doesn't -need- loot or XP. She's the rah.[]
Kazunori: [Just saying, Make sure blood lust plays no part in the decision]

Kivae winces, as if feeling a dagger twisted in her gut, but at the correction about the villages, rather than the memories. But, with a sideways glance at Sirum, she shakes her head, as if freeing herself from the clinging feeling, and shifts her feet in the best semblance of readiness she can manage.

Marlina Evenstar doesn't want to see Hikari back alive, and she's aware that Kaz is in some way related to what almost killed her in CoT, this in addition to certain suicidal urges that afflict her at the moment, and her normal violent behaviour, is putting her exactly at an attack standpoint.

[#] <<Your Decision. Now.>>

Sirum Hest says quite simply, nearly spitting out the words in pure hatred, "War it is, then.", and as soon as Rakuro or Kitzibeth prepares and casts a spell, his arrow flies for the chest of Kazunori.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne grins at the creature, forcing all fear down into a cute little ball at the center of his stomach. "I'd say the decision has been made, neighbor. We spurn your insulting offer, and we abjure you. Go back to the Hell you came from, or we will send you there with Hikari's blessing."

Sirum Hest -only- attacks after spells are cast, however. ^^;
Sirum Hest .. if they even are.

[#] [H'okay. If the consensus is to attack- (He's waiting on Kitz and Rak to agree on something,) then the DM needs to pull up character sheets and do some calclulations. You guys pull together a group init-list, and a group init-roll.]

You say, "[Since the chat is being flooded, list your DEX here. And -nothing else-. If you're not participating, don't list yours. >.o]"
Kitzibeth: +5
Ruby Pyralis: [+3]
Rakuro: [+1]
Kivae: [+4]
Kele-De: [+1]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [+4]
Marlina Evenstar: [+7]
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d10+5 & gets 12.
You say, "[4.875 = +5, yus?]"
Rakuro: [Yar]
[#] [Almost deady]
[#] [Ready >.>]
Kivae.. wonders if that's foreshadowing..]
[#] [Ok, Laying on.. and calcing my group init...]
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d10+9 (Init) & gets 19.
Ruby Pyralis: [Aw f*ck]

[Group inits were an interesting option DMs sometimes afforded us. It let us strategically lay out our order, ensuring buffers went first. It also stopped Sirum from drawing first blood in combat 100% of the time, which... always made him seem like the aggressor with his +16. I think I gave Si so much of an init bonus from feats or skills so that he could guaranteed run away immediately if anyone ever challenged him in combat, after a few attempts on his life early on.]

Kazunori in one, somewhat anticlimactic, yet moving motion, crushes the prick of light between its claws, eyes narrowing. At once, it seems that the Husk of Kazunori grows, becomming stronger, more deft. Its stance alters slightly.

[#] <<So be it.. Kitzibeth. The Paladin's memories will aid us in siezing the Pattern.>>

Kitzibeth notes that, true to form, stealing someone's memories = weakness to their weaknesses.

Sirum Hest notes Rakuro has some of his memories. Rakuro is weak to fire?

Kazunori notes that Kitzibeth is free to ICly think whatever she wants, though only the DM knows the absolute effects ;-)[]

Kazunori performs a quick double-step, leaping high above the shadowing pillars of the druid circles. With weapons drawn and pulled in to the creature's sides, the Husk spins about in a neat, acrobatic twist that brings it to land immediately behind Rakuro.

[*] Kazunori rolls 1d30+17 (#1 - Kitz) & gets 18.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d30+17 (#2 - Kitz) & gets 39.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d30+17 (#3 - Kitz) & gets 22.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d30+17 (#4 - Kitz) & gets 40.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d30+17 (#5 - Kitz) & gets 27.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d30+17 (#6 - Kitz) & gets 28.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d30+17 (#7 - Rak) & gets 24.
Rakuro is.. hit.. once? <<]
Kitzibeth: [2]
[*] Kazunori rolls 2d100 vs Kitzeh.: (23) (56) = 79.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d100 vs Rakuro & gets 68.
[*] Kazunori rolls 6d6+44 vs Kitzibeth (total) & gets 67.
[*] Kazunori rolls 3d6+22 vs Rakuro, (Total) & gets 28.

Kitzibeth seems barely scratched.

[#] Traveling in a neat-ish 'V' formation, the three flanking shades voil the shawls in on themselves much like large, rolled up napkins with weapons, trailing forewards at breakneck speeds to uncoil in a ring around the mages.

Rakuro is injured, but not to the extreme extent he was expecting. The nasty wounds merely pulling a grunt from the now-angered furre

Frozen Shade #1 strikes out at Kitzibeth's right flank, rather nondescriptly since the DM is sick :-(

[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 1d30+18 (#1) & gets 22.
[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 1d30+18 (#2 & gets 25.
[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 1d30+18 (#3 & gets 30.
[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 1d30+18 (#4 & gets 47.
[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 1d30+18 (#5 & gets 40.
Kitzibeth is, and I quote. Nonplussed. [3]
[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 3d100: (92) (8) (19) = 119.

Frozen Shade #1 narrowly avoids smacking itself in the face twice, but gets a good hit in there somewhere.

Kitzibeth: [What type damage?]
Frozen Shade #1: [2 are Slashing type damage, one is bludgeoning type.]
Kitzibeth: [ok ^^]
[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 1d6+20 * 2 & gets 23.
[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 1d6+20 / 2 & gets 23.
[*] Frozen Shade #1 rolls 2d4+20 / 2 & gets 26.
Frozen Shade #1: [71]

Kitzibeth is still, apparently unharmed.

Frozen Shade #2, likewise, is kerbashing Rakuro.

[*] Frozen Shade #2 rolls 1d30+18 & gets 25.
[*] Frozen Shade #2 rolls 1d30+18 & gets 28.
[*] Frozen Shade #2 rolls 1d30+18 & gets 38.
[*] Frozen Shade #2 rolls 1d30+18 & gets 38.
[*] Frozen Shade #2 rolls 1d30+18 & gets 19.
Rakuro: [All x.x]
Frozen Shade #2: [even the 19?]
Rakuro: [I'm a wizard. AC sucks]
Frozen Shade #2: [Kitz is also a Weezard, but kayo.]
Kitzibeth also has Bracers of Advanced Defense on right now ^^;;;[
[*] Frozen Shade #2 rolls 5d100: (76) (43) (95) (13) (95) = 322.
[*] Frozen Shade #2 rolls 2d6+44 (normal attacks) & gets 54.
[*] Frozen Shade #2 rolls 4d4+44 * 2 for owwies & gets 54.
[*] Frozen Shade #2 rolls 1d6+22 / 2 for the dinky one. & gets 23.
Frozen Shade #2: [174]
Frozen Shade #3: [Hp soakage?]

Rakuro is turned into a crumpled mass of blood and crap. [Later folks]

Rakuro: [Soakage? Ha.. I had 103 left]
You say, "[Why doesn't Rak turn were before KO?]"
Rakuro: [Because he got KOed? :-P]
Frozen Shade #3: [Was Asking Kitz. Is it like the blades are deflecting off of her? Or like she's taking the hits but is regenerating?]
You say, "[Ah. :P Thought he'd snap inbetween attacks.]"
Frozen Shade #3: [Or hitting a shield infront of her]
Kitzibeth: [The blades seem to pass right through her]
Rakuro pops anyway. If it's possible for Rak to go were before fainting, he would be Raged at 129 HP]
Kitzibeth: [At least for now]
Frozen Shade #3: [Kk, Kitz, they are both using the Shade-style Cerulean Scimitar / Cerulean Mace, for reference.]
Frozen Shade #3: [Err. Cerulean flail]
Kitzibeth: [Alright. ^^]

[Always bothered me that our tanks had no recourse to force the DM to focus on them, Ruby being able to mark someone as being guarded would have served us well. Rakuro going KO in the first round of combat before ever getting a turn was sad. Well. He got plenty of cinematic combat moments on my quests to make up for it.

We really should have... I don't know, pre-cast some HP shields or something. Conjured up a bunch of summons before battle. But we were on a limited timewindow as it was.]

[*] Kitzibeth rolls 1d30+16 to notice. & gets 24.
[*] Frozen Shade #3 rolls 1d20+15 (shhhh) & gets 26.

Frozen Shade #3 shoots forewards to attempt to get up all in Sirum's face, and cause imminent pain.

[*] Frozen Shade #3 rolls 1d30+18 & gets 37.
[*] Frozen Shade #3 rolls 1d30+18 & gets 43.
[*] Frozen Shade #3 rolls 1d30+18 & gets 47.
[*] Frozen Shade #3 rolls 1d30+18 & gets 24.
[*] Frozen Shade #3 rolls 1d30+18 & gets 48.
You say, "[4. oo;]"
[*] Frozen Shade #3 rolls 4d100: (43) (25) (90) (15) = 173.
[*] Frozen Shade #3 rolls 2d6+44 (Normal attacks) & gets 48.
[*] Frozen Shade #3 rolls 1d6+22 * 2 & gets 27.
[*] Frozen Shade #3 rolls 2d4+22 / 2 & gets 30.
Frozen Shade #3: [117]
You say, "[Oh **** me.]"
You say, "[>>]"
You say, "[Jonathan, Kitzibeth, Sirum, Rakuro, Marlina, Ruby, Kivae, Kele.]"
[#] Jona!

Jonathan Ruddiwyne feels the blood drain from his face. His fingers, oddly numb from fright, release the crossbow in his grip to swing limply from its lanyard. Automatically, it seems, his arms move back to draw the flute from its sheath, and he begins to play - more out of muscle memory and response than any conscious effort. Hopefully the song that issues forth will help. [1/2][Passagio of Precision][+9 ToHit/AC]

Kitzibeth refocuses her spell, and launches a bolt of pure magical power at Sirum. The mouse glows with a bright blush flaming light as the sigils of an ancient langauge scribe themselves onto his bow and every arrow. [14/10][+20 ThD [Existans] 39-4 = 35 BCR]
[*] Kitzibeth rolls 1d30+37 ^^; & gets 50.
Kitzibeth notes that Sirum should now kill. Period.

Sirum Hest stumbles back and away from the minions surrounding him, obviously having had better days, but once you recieve pain as frequently as the mouse it tends not to hurt so much anymore. Especially due to the rage within him, and the flaring blue light that has surrounded him. With a vicious squeak, the kind you might hear from a rabid, gigantic rat about to swoop down on its prey within sewers, a hail of arrows flash forward through the air like miniature blue bolts of lightning, each one even seeming to mimic the sound of lightning striking as they collide with the very being of the voidkin. [Called Shot: Chest]

[Si's first actual cinematic moment in any battle. His Ring of Blue Lightning (+11 DEX) and Kitz's magic seemed an appropriate time to let him live up to the ring's namesake]

[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d20+16 & gets 31.
[*] Kazunori rolls 1d20+13 & gets 17.
Kazunori fails the wisdom roll!
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+42 #1 [Called Shot: Chest] & gets 44.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+43 #2 & gets 69.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+43 #3 & gets 66.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+43 #4 & gets 50.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+43 #5 & gets 46.
You say, "[Do I hit? >>]"
Kazunori is hit by all
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 5d100: (98) (33) (52) (9) (19) = 211.
Kitzibeth: [o.o;]
Kazunori is so greatful for those 13 levels of meat-shield.
Hikari Xezo: [*baps kazunori for rubbing it in again*].
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d10+40 *4 & gets 45.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 2d10+80 & gets 96.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 2d10+80 /2 & gets 91.
You say, "[Oh. And it's all prismatic damage. o.o; Does my first attack go to *8?]"
Kitzibeth: [ask the DM. I'm unsure]
Kazunori: [Just give me a total, I am calc-ing everything :-)]
Kivae: [321?]
You say, "[180 + 45 + 96]"
Kitzibeth: [or twice that, if Existans > Vaccus]
Ruby Pyralis: [Back o.o]

Kazunori takes a solid series of hits, absorbing the backwards momentum generated by them with a series of acrobatic twists. The Leutennant takes them in stride, however, and begins a wild charge for Sirum's flank.

Kazunori: [Which will take effect later on. Sufficed to say, he was kerscorchified]
Kitzibeth: [woo for kerscorchification!]
You say, "[Kitzibeth, Sirum, Rakuro, Marlina, Ruby, Kivae, Jonathan, Kele.]"
[#] [Marlina!]
Taikris: [Marl is absent u.u]
[#] [.......]
[#] [Game Saved.]
[#] [Who's up for Muffins in the Villa? o-o]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [MUFFIN]
Ruby Pyralis: [MAN]
[#] [This is a timestop, so... ergo, Villa = before this]
[#] [Ok, Muffin time]

[Back to the villa, a day earlier.]

Jonathan Ruddiwyne, at the villa, says "Gee! I wonder if we're going to fight Kazunori anytime soon. Maybe we should pool resources and enchant us some Existans-heavy weapons, aye?"[]
Kivae hits back. ^^]
Kivae walked into Anst, only to stumble into Kitzi's dream. <.<]
Kitzibeth takes a muffin. ^^;
Kitzibeth pops back to Anst.
Jonathan Ruddiwyne takes more than a muffin. He takes... an army.
Kitzibeth yawns. "So how about that battle? We smited the void most rightously." She holds up her arms, which are scarred slightly. []
Jonathan Ruddiwyne was tragically cut down after ten seconds of flute playing, and could not be here to share in the victory muffins. []

Kitzibeth: Have we heard from Entad at all recently? I am interested in his plans about the recapture of Ansteorra.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne snorts. "As far as I can tell, he's disappeared into the night. And his plans for recapturing the city are pretty much 'I go in and burn everything to the ground and murder everyone I see.'"

Kele-De glances up from her writing. "Any word from Bryanna yet, Ktizibeth?" She asks hopefully, her brows raising.

Kivae tugs on a knot of hair, absently. "I think he came by yesterday.. I don't remember very well, was sort of cookie-dazed." At which she looks vacent for a moment, then shakes her head. "He was talking about caravan raids once, but then he said everyone was hiding inside. -We- never did that."

Sirum Hest snaps out of his nap as soon as Entad's name is mentioned, tail snapping up to coil about his waist. "Entad was by last night. He said somethin' about settin' us up on the highway, like Kivae said, to raid caravans. Seems he has forgotten about the dwarves... erf... an' he wouldn't burn the city to the ground. He needs to claim it in the name of Xanthia."

Kitzibeth: Wonderful. And I had a dream in which Entad was dancing around some small goblin-like things who were trying to sell him scrolls. It was very bizaare." She looks at Kel and smiles. "Why yes. Bryanna should be up here farily quickly. "

Kele-De nods and a true smile crosses her face, the first one in a day or so. "Did she mention anything about the Ghaleb Dhur? Perhaps why it had wanted to see her?"

Kitzibeth shakes her head. "No. Apparently the inner workings of Feanor are not for my ears to hear, sadly. But from what I know of this all-powerful rock, it was something quite telling."

Kitzibeth looks to her side. "Can I help you?" She then blinks. "How did you get in my house?"

Kitzibeth continues. "What is going on here? Jeeves!"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne chuckles. "Did you leave the portal open, Kitz?"

[#] Jeeves: Yes, m'lady

Kele-De nods once more then chews her lower lip. She gathers up the materials she had been writing with and the bow which has been sitting next to her. She checks the quiver attached to her hip, then pads over to Kitz. "Is there still light enough out in the glade for me to get seom practice shots off, Kitzibeth? I need to clear my head."

Weiz walked up, and then looked to Kitzibeth. He spoke softly, "Dobry den'." he said as a greeting, followed by, "Nyet, merely traveling... and I do not know how I got here."

Kitzibeth: Did you leave the door open with a welcome sign?" She asks the air, as Jeeves is apparently invisible. Nodding to Kel about her practice needs, she then makes it a point to look at Weiz with a quirked brow. "But but.. My Villa isn't on a main road. JEEVES!!" She shouts.

Weiz gave a shrug, "Eh? Would you like me to leave?"

[#] Jeeves: No need to shout my lady. No, i did not.

Kitzibeth shakes her head. "Well, you're here. And you didn't get zotted by the spellcraft, so you can't have malicious intent. What is your name?"

Kivae places her head in a handpaw, offering a light wave of her tail to Weiz, "Maybe the one back in Caseal is still up."

Weiz didn't have an intent at all, actually. He didn't do much of anything at the inquiry of his name, he merely stood there, right arm dangling and swinging with the extra weight of the gauntlet, "I do not disclose such information, I am afraid."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne raises an eyebrow. "That's hardly polite. When your hosts asks your name, you should give it. After all, you are under her hospitality."

Kele-De runs a paw through her headfur and nods. "Thanks Kitzibeth." She glances over at Jon, then bites her lip. After taking a few steps toward the door, she turns, runs a paw through her headfur again and sighs. "Jonathan, when you've a moment, could I have a word with you?" She eyes the stranger then, brow quirking.

You say, "[Are we still resuming another day, since Marl is here? :P]"
Marlina Evenstar: [What... You didn't postpone because of me, I hope?]
Sirum Hest nods. []
Miyth: [Yes, we're still resuming another day]

[Marl, our rogue/assassin, was the second closest thing we had to a fighter. No way were we fighting an epic boss with just Ruby to get torn apart. Looking at our roster... Bard, Mage, Archer, Mage (or Berserker if he survived long enough to transform), Assassin, Fighter, Druid, Seal. We had a strange party composition. Kivae was pretty much our only healer and responsible for keeping everyone alive. Bit much responsibility, there.]

Jonathan Ruddiwyne nods to Kel. "Sure. Let's go."

Weiz shot a glare towards Jonathan, though, said nothing. As he is, he hardly cared if it were rude.
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Kitzibeth shakes her head. "You're in the Villa T'Khurdhan-Skyree, my home. If I ask your name, you'd best disclose it." Her glance passes over him witheringly. Even if she's shorter than him, she does seem to be quite imposing - such is the stature of an Archmagess.

Weiz didn't care what she was, and it was clear. His left hand was placed on his hip, and his head jerked towards the door, "I offered to leave. I do not disclose personal information without reason... if that is a problem, I will gladly leave."

Kitzibeth waves her paw, commanding the ethereal servants to begin locking the major doorways to the Villa. "Personal information? You comport yourself as if knowledge of your name is elusive to you, or holds some power. I shall not let you leave unless I am satisfied."

Kalannar glides in from outside and quickly takes a seat. He folds his arms and simply scans the gathering for lack of anything better to do.

Kivae rolls her eyes halfway, but doesn't make a move to intervene, other than muttering to him, "Might s'well tell her.." She stretches out on the floor, ears raised with idle curiosity.

Weiz gave a nod, and merely walked over to the wall. He leaned against it, arms dangling at his side, and head falling back to rest against it, "Doesn't matter to me."

Kitzibeth is incensed - And not even in the good smelling way. "It will matter to you. You're not going to leave. Unless of course that was your point all along, in which case I'll have to ask you to stay. I have a nice room, complete with mahogany furnishings and shackles."

Weiz rose his right arm up, to show the thick gauntlet, "If you can find a shackle to fit around this, you're welcome to tie me up. As I said, doesn't matter to me... I am quite capable of leaving at any time I please."

Kalannar chortles darkly at the new warrior's words. Fool, this one is, it seemed.

Kele-De turns and starts walking toward the door, carrying the bow carefully at her side. "Thanks." As she hits the doorway, she turns and smiles at him.
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