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A day of ending alchemists and cookie warfare. 10-9-2004

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 07, 2017 3:38 am    Post subject: A day of ending alchemists and cookie warfare. 10-9-2004 Reply with quote

[Summary: Oh, people have had enough of that crazy alchemist. Everyone just starts trying to beat the crap out of everyone. This war culminates with Sirum and Kivae feuding over a bag of cookies.]

Jonathan Ruddiwyne leans against the statue. Because he can.

Sirum Hest pads up suddenly with a whip in his right paw and random assorted bits of fake jewelry cradled in his left arm. After flopping by Kele, he dumps the 'jewels' onto the floor and sets the whip next to them, peering down at them blankly. "Why anyone would want somethin' as gaudy as this...", rolling his eyes as he pauses, picking up one of the look-alike diamonds, to roll about in a paw. "I don't suppose any of ya know how to get these things to stick to the handle of that whip? Or are able to alterate it so it looks like it's made of gold?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne looks up. "I can make base metals look like gold. It's a simple enchantment - and just as easy to break, though. There are merchants who keep enchanted magnifying glasses that can see right through an enchantment like that." He chuckles. "Good thing, too, because otherwise gold would be worthless, with all the fake coins that would be running around."

Kivea flicks an ear back. "Be careful not to rip the robe.. well, actually I guess it doesn't really matter." Noting that the statue is wearing a robe of leaves, and that Kitzi may have the statue enchanted to whisper 'paws off' to Jon. She stares at the whip with a wrinkled nose. "Just, tie it on. Or freeze it, or something."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne only has two paws, and they're covered with boots, so it would be silly for the statue to whisper something like that to him.

Kivea notes it whispered it to Tantsui, who doesn't have any paws at all.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne ignores the statue, at any rate.

Sirum Hest rubs at the back of his neck with a paw thoughtfully and nudges lightly at the whips handle with a footpaw, as if considering it. "I'll have to take my chances with Amerie, an' assume that she doesn't have the materials needed to find out if it's jus' a hunk of junk an' not the powerful, expensive weapon she was expectin'. An' maybe then she won't even be able to use it with all those jewels set into it.", smiling at the thought of a lack of whip cracking. "Actually... I was hopin' ya could use some extra-sticky tree sap to make 'em stay in place, Kivae? Ice will melt, eventually..."

Kivea cross her arms, one ear going back as she considers this. ".. mrn.." At first appearing as if she would object- this was his project, after all- and lightly shaking her head. But, she produces a shrug shortly after. "I'll see what I can do later, if you can't think of anything else."

Atroticus Oks walks up into the room, now with his normal mask, with one hand on his head, signaling a headache thats spliting it open, he sits in the nearest chair and is quite >.<

Erk Mendon walks upstairs, carrying a stack of books. He comes to the table and drops the stack. He selects one and reads. He looks more cheerful today, having new armor.

Marlina Evenstar being the silent stealthy creature that she is, finds it only natural to sneak forwards until she's directly behind the vile alchemist, thinblade held absently in her left hand as the other absently taps upon his shoulder as she finally speaks, "Well... Ain't this to be bein' lovely, yer to be still lurking around this place, causin' further trouble I might hope?"

Atroticus Oks Seems to be in a state of a painful headache as he sees the thing blade a scared yelp escapes his lips, as he scoots back, only to find the wielder of the weapon, there is no talking, there is only pain, "Please, Ms...? I dont know, please, just, not today, i have a horrible headache, i havent done anything bad today, i sware it" he seems to be simply scared annoyed and in pain.

Marlina Evenstar sighs slightly at this, leaning through the oddly placed hole in the wall as she speaks once more, "A pity, I'd have not been mindin' if there'd been a reason to be kickin' yer bloody self out of here. Or be practicing Miyth's teachings upon such a subject as yeh, in fact it'd be somethin' at least to be makin' the day less dull... Come on then, try somethin'." She doesn't really give much thought to his evident pain, feeling slightly sadistic at the moment.

Atroticus Oks: [Is the thin blade still there?].
Marlina Evenstar: [Always. ;-)]

Atroticus Oks He starts shaking a bit "Now? Um... alright, er, what would you like me to do? er... i dunno what you'd like... would you like me to turn you into air or water? Or make some smoke? Hows about a potion to make you transpirate fear into everyone around you? Potion of colors? Vial of boom?" he seems to remmembering things at an abnormally fast rate, plus the headache, this will result into the reason he got the headache.

Marlina Evenstar smirks faintly at that, though not moving beyond this simple change of expression as she continues to watch the Alchemist, "Yeh could be tryin' that, would be givin' enough of a reason to be feedin' yeh your own bleedin' heart."

Erk Mendon turns around, then frowns at Marlina, "Leave him alone, Marlina. I'm sure he didn't do anything to you."

Marlina Evenstar casts a brief glare upon the yellow haired mage who so foolishly made his presence known to him, though she enquires kindly enough, "Yeh really want to be tellin' me what to be doing, yeh pathetic excuse for a magic-caster..?"

Erk Mendon rolls his eyes turning back to his book, though muttering quietly, "If I didn't, I wouldn't have already done so."

Kalannar slides into the door silently, eyeing things for a brief moment as he steps over and leans back against the nearest wall, folding his arms loosely across his torso.

Atroticus Oks Looks at his arounds nerviously and painfully "Please dont kill me... Here, take this, if you drink it, you and your posetions will turn into a gust of wind, you can glyde at will and turn yourself back to solid state buy exhailing" slowly takes out a small vial, of a purple color, and lift it the side of his head, slowly he feels like he is gonna loose it.

Marlina Evenstar's gaze narrows faintly as the Alchemist again speaks, before reluctantly forcing herself to speak upon the miserable worm once more, "I'd not be wishin' to turn myself into air, or be gainin' favours from sewerspawned creatures such as yerself, I'd be waitin' for a reason to be killin' yeh to be rightin' a rather boring day."

Kalannar narrows his eyes briefly. Ooh, a show today. That compulsive assassin was good for something, it seems.

Marlina Evenstar doesn't know how to interpret that.

Erk Mendon closes his eyes, focusing on the dagger. The dagger would have a blue aura surrownding it before trying to pull away from Marlina's grasp. [2/2 Disarm]

Kalannar likes blood and/or gore. Good entertainment. When he doesn't have to trouble himself with the killing, it's even better on a boring day.

Marlina Evenstar glances down briefly at the dagger as it attempts to struggle free of her grip, though not paying much more attention to it than that as her grip tightens and a green glow swiftly counters the foreign influence. [2/2 [Counterspell.]

Ruby Pyralis, for all intents and purposes, has been snoozing on this here chair next to Atroticus, wiggling around every once in a while from under her wings. ~-~

Atroticus Oks Starts to get woosy "But, i dont want to die" the headache amplifies his pain, making tears start to get ready, he notices the dagger trying to be dissarmed, and gulps, however his hat starts to spin, the curtain starting to cover his horror filled face. [Countdown 3].

Jonathan Ruddiwyne closes his eyes. "Just out of curiosity, why are you trying to kill him, Marlina?" he asks.

Ruby Pyralis grunts from under her wings and pulls them closer to herself. She kicks a bit at Atroticus blindly, "Quiieet." .-.

Erk Mendon winces, then the aura gets a bit stronger. [2/4 Disarm you idiot dagger :P]
Erk Mendon: [oh, and Marl? You need -more- preps than me to counterspell :-P]
Marlina Evenstar: [Do you really want the dagger to be removed from her grasp? :-P That would result in some unpleasantness.]
Erk Mendon: [as in just floating in the air :-P]
Marlina Evenstar: [As in a dead mage.]

Kalannar chortles darkly to no one in particular, fully hoping Marlina will kill the Mage, and rather expecting the ill-reaction of Kitzibeth when she discovers that blood has been spilt in her home.

Marlina Evenstar rolls her eye as she's again interrupted before twirling the dagger once before returning it briskly to the leather sheathe at her side, prior to the second assault on her weapon, though again she speaks while moving towards the only one aside from the headache inflicted individual who could cast such a spell, "I'd not actually be killin' him, I'd need to be getting a new blade then, or risk some sort of disease... Him however..." barely even lifting an eyebrow as her weapon is stolen from her, "He might be riskin' worse than just threats."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne chuckles. "If you must kill Erk, please do it outside so I don't have to try to stop you."

Erk Mendon wonders how Marlina would know if it was him. The dagger's floating in mid-air. o.O

Ruby Pyralis notes that no one else around here uses much magic.

Marlina Evenstar would know for the simple fact that no one else present could.

Ruby Pyralis... except Kivae who is asleep.

Sirum Hest could do it.

Erk Mendon would point an accusing finger at Si.

Marlina Evenstar: [No you couldn't. :-P You have Evocation Sirum.]
Atroticus Oks: [but sirum wouldnt do it :P].
Erk Mendon: [>D}
Erk Mendon: ]*
You say, "[Evocation and enchantment. .-.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Right.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Disarming is Abjuration.]

Erk Mendon sighs, "Fine...but please don't kill anyone today, alright? The Archmagess wouldn't want blood spilled around her villa." He waves his paw and the dagger returns to Marlina Bolina.

Sirum Hest is currently pressing his paws into a whip on the floor with his eyes closed, however, trying to turn the entire of it into a golden color. But he's only succeeding in turning it green, then blue and a variety of other unusual colors. Apparently not having yet mastered enchanting things to appear different colors, as Jonathan had suggested. At the conflict about, however, his ears perk and he peeks open an eye, "Who is killin' who an' why are they bein' so loud about it? Do ya have any idea how hard it is to concentrate with yer arguments goin' on?", poking his tongue out shortly at the assassin.

Marlina Evenstar glances briefly at the bard before offering a brief nod, speaking as she retrieves her floating weapon, "But of course, such an event wouldn't be helpin' anyone all that much, I'd be thinkin'." Then to Erk as she approaches, "That yeh should be thinkin' of most carefully, before yeh go about makin' a nuisance of yourself, without the talent to be backin' it up."

Atroticus Oks's hat starts to spin faster and faster, his critical state of nervious brake down is imminent, as it starts to spin, you can see a white and red mask, with a blank expretion, the Alchemist's horror filled expretion is not quite over, and he cant take breath [Countdown 2 >) This'll be fun >)].

Marlina Evenstar: [Expression, and she's not even looking at him any more. :-P]
Atroticus Oks: [I know, but the countdown started and it aint ending :3].

Erk Mendon rolls his eyes, though speaks sencerely, "Uh huh. Of course I'll be thinking more carefully." His ears perk towards Sirum, and he places a paw-didgit on his shoulder. Little red orbs would course across his arm into Sirum's shoulder, then racing upwards to his brain. [1/1 +1 Focus to Si-Si]

Atroticus Oks Is kicked, but that doesnt snap him out of it.

Marlina Evenstar continues her approach to the foolish mage, completely ignoring her first quarry as she speaks once more, "Oh, aye, that yeh will be doin', though yer to be bein' foolish if yeh think that simple lies such as that would be changin' yer fate."

Marlina Evenstar: [Ahahahaha. A charmed opponent will not attack the mage who charmed her, or anyone else that is friendly toward that furre. However, they can do anything else. Charms can be broken by being attacked, or after 1d3 rounds. The opponent rolls 1d30 + Cha mod to determine the BCR of the charm spell. (2 Preps) Non-Elemental.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Marl can charm people. xD]
Erk Mendon: [scary thought...]
Erk Mendon: [Hey! Mind if I cut your body? [charm]

Erk Mendon: takes a step away from Marlina, "Okay...well...uhh...I'm sorry?" He seems pretty worried right now. He starts gathering up his energy to save his skin. [2/? shield...yeeesssss....shiiieeellldddd...]

Sirum Hest's eye had already closed again after having spoken, thusly the boost of concentration to him merely comes as a surprised jolt, ending in the whip finally taking on a golden shine. The entire of it, really. After staring down at it blankly, he nods appreciatively to the mage. "Ah... thanks, Erk. Though ya might've wanted to put a bit more concentration to savin' yerself. ... Marlina? Is the crazy alchemist supposed to be lookin' like he's preparin' a spell?", perhaps just trying to turn her attention from Erk.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne eyes the... um, alchemist... warily, and takes his crossbow down from his shoulder, winching the bolt slowly into place. "Someone set this fellow off, didn't they?"

Atroticus Oks wonders what ever happend to the anti-magic field o.o ]*.
You say, "[I thought we established Kitz only has that effecting Oks? *shrugs*]"
Atroticus Oks: [;.; damn].

Marlina Evenstar smirks once more as the mage starts his sadly pathetic efforts at protecting his miserable hide as she continues to approach, "Not enough yer yet to be bein' mageling, yer to be meddlin' in my affairs fer the last time." She doesn't even glance at the rodent and potion thrower, "Likely just havin' his bowels cramp up or some such... Though it'd be best if he found some bloody other place than here for such."

Ruby Pyralis kicks harder at Atroticus, most likely trying to knock him off the chair so she would have more room for her footpaws. n.n

Erk Mendon's ears droop, "Umm...well...I won't do it again if you let me live...please?" He starts panicing, continuing to step away from the crazy Marl while concentrating on his spell. [4/?]

Atroticus Oks's face is changing, the expretion of horror is turning into agonizing pain, and madness, he cant breathe, his eyes no longer respond, the hat starts to spin even faster, the curtain now flying around like a skirt, ruby's kicked would be countered by him unconciously standing up, she didnt reach her target, his fingers let go of the vial that crashes on the ground, but doesnt do mutch more than a splat on the ground [Countdown 1! >)].

Kalannar's snakes his fingers around his scimitars, preparing to draw them, if necessary. Otherwise, he keeps an eye on the scene with Marlina and Erk, and likewise the crazy Alchemist.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne raises the crossbow with the point aimed directly at Atroticus's face. "Somebody calm him down or I'm going to shoot him down right this instant."

Marlina Evenstar again twirls her lovely weapon in a paw, more for show than anything else as she continued after the fleeing mage, "Now yer gettin' the idea, but the thing is, yer payin' for what yeh've already done, not fer what yeh might do." Still she ignores the Alchemist.

Sirum Hest idly notes that Oks vial actually doesn't crash on the ground, as the mouse has focused his eyes on it and squinted, murmuring something under his breath. The vial, rather than crashing, would find itself in the middle of a sphere of water. Which bounces along the ground towards Jonathan's footpaws. [1/1] "Take care of that, would ya, Jonathan? Or have someone find out what it is so, if it's harmful, we can do what we want to him without fear of Kitzibeth turnin' to ash the lot of us.", grinning sheepishly then as he stares down at the floor. He only murmurs back to Marlina, "Jus' leave him be, Kitzibeth wants him to live."

Kalannar chortles somewhat, rather amused by the ensuing chaos as he quite visibly draws his scimitars and holds them idly at his sides, "Be sure what you do is a wise course of action, Bard, lest you destroy us all." His words come out in a bit of a snarl.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne edges over to the vial, eyes not leaving his quarry's face and his crossbow point straying not a fraction of an inch. He squats down to retrieve the vial in one hand, the other holding the bow rock-steady and ready to fire at the slightest provocation. "Better him than us, drow," he calls out. "You of all people should understand that."

Ruby Pyralis mrfs as she kicks into air, half expecting to get her whole chair pushed away like the last time she tried to kick Miyth off a chair. As this doesn't happen, she lifts her wing up to look around before curling back up in it, "This place is insane."

Erk Mendon blinks at Marlina, "For what I've done? You've been picking on me long before this. Anyway, if you're not going to kill me, I've suffered alot already in the nightmares I've had lately." Still, he unleashes his shield. A Red, transparent dome forms around Erk, protecting him from most harm. [6/6 110 HP Shield (I estimated :x)]

Kalannar considers briefly as he agrees with Jonathan, "Indeed. Kill him, then, if it secures your idea of 'survival.'"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne watches his alignment slide to lawful neutral as he steels himself to strike the psychotic alchemist down.

Sirum Hest notes that the vial would remain in the orb of water and, as Jonathan would pick it up, it would feel much like holding a water ballon. In fact, it would easily burst if he tried to make it pop to get the vial within as well. "Oh lovely. Someone wake me up when all the corpses are piled up outside, please? I think I'd rather stay out of this one, less I get a dagger in my gut as well.", after speaking he defensively curls up on the chair.

Marlina Evenstar doesn't particularily care either way, because Erk could be crushed in a single blow with or without the shield, "Yeh're expectin' me to be carin' about a few dreams? That's a pathetic sob story if ever I heard one, I've suffered the torments of the Heretic of nightmares itself mageling. Your shield isn't goin' to be doin' anythin' either, just to be banishin' that feeble hope."

Erk Mendon frowns, "And I have to serve a lifetime to Ciran. Anyway, just don't kill me, please? I'm sorry for whatever I've done." Btw, he is about 6 squares away from Marlina. He's just right here so he can see Oks.

Marlina Evenstar notes that she is about one square away from Erk, because she did not simply stand still as he scuttled away.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne, um, waits for a reaction from the person he's pointing a loaded crossbow at.

Kalannar, likewise, does so.

Atroticus Oks: [back].
You say, "[wb. Sirum trapped your vial in a globe of water before it shattered, which rolled over to Jonathan and is currently in his paw]"
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [And Jon is still aiming a crossbow at your face.]

Ruby Pyralis is trying to sleep. But is having bad luck. .-.

Marlina Evenstar glances upwards briefly at the ceiling before continuing her approach, "I'd be thinkin' that yer problem would be bein' that anyone gives a rat's arse about what's to be happenin' to you mageling, now yer to be stoppin', and yer to be steppin' outside as the mage was to be askin', yes?" [Charm, as in doing what she wants, not kissing her boots, love and sickening things...] [2/2]

Atroticus Oks The expretion of the fox suddenly changes, as he is about to launch a shout of horror, the mask that is on the behind of his skull jumps to action as it moves to the front of the face and slams itself against it, his fingers show signs of pain, but they die down eventually, afterwords, he looks no more than a floating pupet, but quite diferent than last night, he doesnt sit down, instead he slowly floats over to...

Atroticus Oks: [Everyone in the room pick a number from 1 to 6 please].
Ruby Pyralis: [4]
You say, "[7]"
Erk Mendon: [3
Marlina Evenstar: [6]
Erk Mendon: \
Marlina Evenstar: [7]
Marlina Evenstar: [*]
Marlina Evenstar: [Damnit. ><]
Sirum Hest > Marlina. []
Marlina Evenstar: [Stupid Sirum.]
You say, "[2]"
Atroticus Oks: [Marl?].
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [3.14159265335897932384626433832795]
Atroticus Oks: [Jon?].
Kalannar: [1]
Marlina Evenstar: [Pie!]
Atroticus Oks: [Erk already has 3 jon].
Marlina Evenstar: [6.]
You say, "[Then give him 5.]"
Atroticus Oks: [Ok, Jon is 5].
You say, "[Roll.]"
[*] Atroticus Oks rolls 1d6 & gets 1.
Marlina Evenstar: [Kinky.]

Erk Mendon blinks, then realizes what might be happening and focuses on counterspelling. Hey, if Marlina counterspelled he can too. :-P [2/2 Counterspell]

Atroticus Oks... Kalanar! You lucky little cook, a posses dude is floating twords you! [Countdown 0, prepare thyself for a MQ!].

Marlina Evenstar notes however that he's also maintaining a shield. :-P]
Atroticus Oks: [kalanar only that is :-P].
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Erk Mendon: [no...not anymore o.O]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [Kalannar only my ass, unless you can come up with a reason why the rest of us in the room are excluded.]
You say, "[I'm pretty sure that if Oks attacked Kalannar we would all at the same time put a bolt, arrow and dagger in his skull.]"
Ruby Pyralis: [And a toothpick.]
Ruby Pyralis: [>> <<;]
Kalannar: [Scimitar, as well, Sirum.]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne didn't mean to move. []
Atroticus Oks: [He isnt going to attack, now calm your impatient asses down and you'll see why only kalannar :P].

[Ansteorra: The only dream where attacking a drow would result in you being torn apart by the masses. The power of camaraderie.]

Marlina Evenstar simply tilts her head as the spell is countered, before taking advantage of his action and the consequent dropping of his pitiful barrier, still completely ignoring the alchemist and his incoporeal friends as she in her far faster nature, attempts to seize him by the throat. :-P

Erk Mendon is still fully paying attention to marl, and instinctly shifts to the side on the ground. He pants, "Marlina, please stop..." He starts crab-walking away.

Ruby Pyralis: [Feel my love!]
[#] Ruby pyralis is now sharing control of the dream with you.
Atroticus Oks: [:P Thank you, but i dont need the dream].
Marlina Evenstar: [Loser. :-P]
Marlina Evenstar: [You don't have dream control.]
Erk Mendon: [emitloud Mia-hii, Mia-huu, Mia-hooo, Mia-haha...good thing nobody can see this...]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne idly wonders why he himself does not have dream control. []
Marlina Evenstar: ['Cause we don't like you.]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [That's not what you told me the other night.]

Erk Mendon is still fully paying attention to marl, and instinctly shifts to the side on the ground. He pants, "Marlina, please stop..." He starts crab-walking away.

Marlina Evenstar is both faster, and acting while he cast his counterspell.

Kalannar raises his scimitars and bends his knees, placing himself into an immediately defensive position as the floating, rather crazy Alchemist begins to drift his way. He growls a bit, though remains as he is, awaiting some form of attack.

Sirum Hest's tail gives a sudden, sharp flick in the direction of Erk and Marlina, a quick flurry of snowflakes finding themselves in front of the assassins eyes, hopefully distracting her. "If I was ya I would flee to Kitzibeth's room right about now, Erk.", this said whether or not the snow had any sort of effect on her. [1/1] Also as the alchemist begins heading towards Kalannar, he sits up and stares at him blankly. "Jonathan. Bolt. Quickly?"

Marlina Evenstar has him by the throat right now, fleeing would be a little difficult. =P

Erk Mendon blinks at the sudden flurry, but is caught anyway. He struggles, gasping, "Marlina...please...don't..."

Sirum Hest was under the assumption that Erk could use a two prep spell to get himself out of his current situation.

Atroticus Oks Streaches a hand twords kalannar, and rather more, his index finger to him, tring to touch him, apparently. Any ET coments and you die.

Ruby Pyralis finally sits up while rubbing her eyes, having long-since given up any hope on sleep. Once her vision focuses, she crosses her arms as she looks from side to side, between both conflicts, "Oi."

Marlina Evenstar curses rather violently as the small flurry of snowflakes suddenly interferes with her vision, though her grip upon the mage doesn't lessen as she forces him back against the wall they are surely quite near to now, calling out to the rodent now, "I've been mentionin' something about interferin' to yeh as well I'd think. Flames would be the callin' of this place, not snow ratling."

Kalannar's small, statue-esque form bursts into motion with a quick succession of slashes aimed at the oncoming Alchemist's torso. Simple, effective, deadly.

Erk Mendon struggles, then concentrates. His ring glows and a fireball forms. He brings it upwards towards Marlina's paw. The moment she would feel the pain, he would dash off towards Kitz's room. Erk Mendon: [2/2]

Jonathan Ruddiwyne. startled into action at the sudden movement from the drow, pulls the trigger of his crossbow, loosing the bolt and sending it flying toward the back of the possessed alchemist's skull, far too quick for Jon to correct the error.

Atroticus Oks Notes that the body would float very quickly out of the movement and emidietly thouching atleast his arm, no, not grasping, just touching, if this were to succeed [And if you want to go to the MQ] Kalanar will have suddenly landed and remained silent while still standing, and while he is still touching him with his finger. Thanks to the movement of the body, the arrow would have missed him.

Marlina Evenstar seems to do rather well as a magic-weilding assassin, for as the damage of his spell is swiftly absorbed into her amulet, dimming it as she herself remains intact, she whirls about, paw flashing briefly and the mage would be thrown from his feet, not giving time for a counterspell this time.

Ruby Pyralis seems casually uninterested in both of the conflicts, crossing her legs and leaning back.

Erk Mendon acks as he is thrown, getting up slowly, then starting to make his way for the stairs, not taking his eyes off Marl.

Ruby Pyralis whistles idly to herself as she extends her right footpaw as she sees Erk coming, looking away 'innocently' as he would almost surely trip. n.n

Sirum Hest, since both Kalannar and Jonathan have apparently failed in their objective to put down the seemingly mad alchemist, rises from his chair and slips his bow down from his shoulder. "Now I understand why Kitzibeth hates company. Every bloody thing that visits her is evil, insane, murderous or all three at once. Move quickly, please, Jonathan?" If Jonathan did indeed move, Atroticus would find roughly three arrows zipping through the air one right after another, for his side, his leg and a final one right at his neck.
Sirum Hest ... but if Jonathan stayed still, he would wait patiently. ^^;

Kele-De pads down the stairs and out into the entry way, she blanches when she sees Jon and breifly considers turning around and padding back up the stairs until he's left again, but she musters up her courage and takes a seat by Ruby, chewing her lower lip in thought.

Marlina Evenstar tilts her head slightly then before calling after the fleeing mage, "If I were of the mind, you could be layin' dead upon the floor, as you could have been any moment in the last hour, be keepin' that in mind next time yer thinkin' of interferin', because next time I shan't be so leniant as to let you just runaway."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne moves. He silently stands and watches the rest of the combat. His player leaves.

Kalannar, having amazingly missed the Alchemist as he dodges to the side, follows his movements in suit, jutting backward, away from Atroticus' touch. Which, at his speed capability, though nothing severely amazing, he's well capable of doing. He then follows in suit with three speed-oriented slashes, one after the other, all aimed toward the outstretched arms of the Alchemist.

Erk Mendon does indeed trip, glaring at Ruby, but still continuing his way to the stairs. Alt switching time. ^^

Roger Montango comes back downstairs, raising an eyebrow at the angry mage as he passes by. He shrugs and continues on his way over to the area. He blinks at what appears to be the beginnings of a fight.

Ruby Pyralis gives Erk an innocent look before he runs off. This done, she looks toward Kele with a half grin at all of the utter chaos in the area, "Such a nice day around here, isn't it?"

Kele-De takes the bow she now has off her shoulder and adjusts the quiver of arrows on her side. She is sans polearm today and simply looks over at Ruby, arching a brow. "It's always a nice day around here?"

Atroticus Oks misses, he doesnt stop the persuit, but suddenly finds himself with all those arrows, they hit and quite well, his cloathes now tantered with blood, but that still doesnt stop his movements, its now official that he isnt controling his own movements, though he opens his lips just a bit, or rather more, the mask does, and a wind comes out of it, it blows softly into the room, when it reaches your ears you hear a soft cry of a child "Help... me...", he would then turn to recive the slashes on His back, more blood, but then he turns quite rapidly, and tries to touch him again, he might aswell be dead, but he isnt stoping the movement.

Ruby Pyralis appears about to say something in reply to Kele, but soon flattens her ears at the voice, "Y'know. I take that back. It's just insane in here."

Sirum Hest's eyes widen in shock as the alchemist still remains alive, putting his bow back into place as he stumbles back in fear. "He's not natural. He's... an undead, or somethin', I'm not sure what but he should be dead. No one can survive an arrow to the neck. Ruby? Marlina...?", seeming to be asking them to take care of the alchemist.

Atroticus Oks: [Neck? You said legs o.o].
You say, "[There were three. :P"
You say, "[One for his legs, one for his side, one for his neck.]"
Atroticus Oks: [Well then, lets say that the one to the neckmissed, all the rest hit >.>].

Kalannar leaps backward onto his hands and then up onto his feet once more, away from the Alchemist in a rather impressive display of gymnastic ability. He then glares narrowly at the approaching Furre, having already assumed that the Alchemist is not himself. Does that matter? Not really. He stances himself offensively, and waits for the thing's approach once more.

Kele-De nods and surveys the scene. "Apparently." She shrugs then. "I had been going to go out back and practice but I think I ought to stay here and figure out what is going on."

Kitzibeth pads in, as the Ethereal servants in the household are currently in the process of restraining everyone in the room rather roughly. Any attacks that had been going on at the instant of this post have been deflected, or arrows stopped in mid-flight, or however :-)

Ruby Pyralis, in that case, does nothing. n.n

[#] What I say everyone, I mean, everyone - noncombatants included. Assume that you're grappled by at least 10 pairs of invisible hands of strength that makes Kin-Rah jealous.

Kalannar stands, then, gripping his scimitars and struggling to get free of the unseen hands.

Marlina Evenstar has slowly become aware of her surroundings once more, and thus as the rodent does speak her name, the thinblade that had rested in her paw idly while she confronted Erk, suddenly springs into the air, directly for the vile alchemist's back. Though... Unfortunately the meddling mistress of the villa had managed to interfere with her dagger, and ghostly servants now halted her from continuing the vendetta... Nasty, nasty mage.

Kele-De is apparently being restrained by invisible paws even though she's done nothing.

Roger Montango notes that Erk was waiting right by your room, Kitz, and as you passed he said, "Marlina attacked me by the way..." That's what Erk said. ^^ As for Roger, he acks as he is restrained, trying to get his paw to reach his lyre so he can put a stop to it.

Atroticus Oks Is suddenly binded, the clay mask opens again and another silent ethereal whisper escapes "Help... me..." the voice of the child is crying...

Ruby Pyralis, in any case, isn't trying to get away from any restraints, just staring blankly at the conflict.

Sirum Hest isn't actually attacking anything right now, except backing away from the fight after having delivered a few arrows into the crazed alchemists flesh. But as the hands grip him, he flails about violently, not quite likely being restrained. Too many instances with guards. "Erf! Get these things off of me or they'll find themselves filled with copper by tonight! I haven't done a thing wrong besides try to save Kalannar!"
Sirum Hest's attempts at getting free are, of course, useless, as 1/10th a Kin could keep him down. :-P

Marlina Evenstar won't demean herself by actually resisting the restraining hands, though a colourful array of curses are spewed forth at their expense.

Kitzibeth hems. "Well that's enough of that, now isn't it?" She entered from the front door, and didn't pass by Erk at all. "My servants may be a bit hasty, but you know my rule - no fighting in the Villa. Such a mouth you have, Marlina. Once I note the cause of this disturbance, you shall be freed, so start talking."

Kele-De speaks up quickly. "I was simply coming down to practice with the bow Kitzibeth when I walked into this mess. I sat down next to Ruby to try and figure out what was going on."

Kalannar, at having discovered the futility of struggling, rather simply growls under his breath at Kitzibeth's entry, though the grip on his scimitars remains strong. He spits and shouts in a metallic tone, "Duul'sso uns'aa, j'nesst, nindol aterruce z'klaen el!!"

Atroticus Oks Is currently floating in place, having three arrows on the leg, one on the shoulder and one on the arm, witch is extended, tring to touch kalannar with his finger.

Sirum Hest's ears lower back and to his skull. "Yer friend there, with all the nice little vials, tried to smash one on the floor an' then went to try an' attack Kalannar without reason. I thought ya said ya had sent him on his way. Now can I -please- be let go? These things are so creepy..."
Sirum Hest again notes that he only sent one for the legs, one for the waist and one for the neck.

Atroticus Oks Notes that the vial is on the floor, if Jon didnt take it, and if she can see it, its a Wind-fusion one, and those have clearly no effect unless consumed.

Roger Montango continues trying to break free while replying, "I just came downstairs! I have no idea what's going on." He also continues trying to strum a note on his lyre.

Marlina Evenstar falls silent as the mage addresses her, though not responding her, instead choosing the drow as the subject for her words, "So it was yer miserable hide that I'd be savin'? Well, that's to be makin' the day once more a sour one."

Kitzibeth tuts. "It appears that our local Archer is the cause of this rather unfortunate stain on my floor." She notes the inevitable drippings from his wounds, spots which a few floating hand-towels quickly clean up. "Explain to me why I should not simply teleport you and Journeymage Ocks here to the deepest part of the Crescent Sea for this disgrace to my home?"

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side. "'Cause if it wasn't his blood that would be stainin' the floor right now, it'd be Kalannar's. I was jus' helpin' him an' Jonathan along since they couldn't seem to land a hit. Unless ya would have preferred that we jus' sat by an' waited patiently for ya to come here to stop their fight yerself.", tail flicking behind him irritably at the threat.

Atroticus Oks's mask start to glow an irregular glow, it suddenly slides itself off from the front of the face to the back, if not stopped by ethereal hands that is. Once done, the hand would fall if not hold, or atleast the finger will, his head also falls to the side, and he is, as clearly seen unconcious.

Kalannar turns his gaze to Marlina and grunts toward her, "I do not -need- your rescue, drunken wench. Ji re'ew tir."

Marlina Evenstar raises her head slightly at that before offering another retort, "Fortunately for you worm, I'd not be drunk, or I might take the words of such filth as yourself to heart, and be rippin' yer heart from yer chest for such an insult."

Kitzibeth notes that at the first hint of any sort of agression, the house Servants should have bound everyone up instantly, holding them for hours, years or longer ^^;

Roger Montango notes Kitzi should've been here a couple minutes ago. <.<

Marlina Evenstar never actually hit Erk, because she suspected exactly a scene like this from the creepy archmagess. He was the one who actually attacked her, with flames.

Kitzibeth will assume for now that the servants were slow in reacting. "I severely doubt that anyone would have died, Sirum. You forget that this is the Villa of an Archmagess, not the Broken Dagger tavern. I do not abide pointless violence in my home. There is enough of it outside the walls. Now, as it seems that the Alchemist has overstayed his welcome, I shall remove the temptation to relive this scene." With a clap of her paws, the servants unceremoniously carry Atroticus out of the Villa, and most likely toss him into the river, which will carry him down toward the Crescent Sea. The rest of the hands release the other furres, but Sirum gets a sharp rap on the knuckles for using a weapon.

Kalannar sneers as he spits back, "Well for talk, wench! Attack, then, if you have the gall within to do so." He chortles, "It would satisfy my blades well to feel the warmth of your blood."

Roger Montango finally reaches his lyre when the hands release him, and he starts to play a song to calm himself down, despite Kele being here.

Sirum Hest glares darkly at the hands that actually attacked him, leaning down and biting at them if they were physical, or just snapping his teeth right through them if they were entirely ethereal. One of these days he would have to get copper fillings, really.

Kitzibeth notes that Her servants are still there, and have no compunction against locking everyone up again, and tossing Kalannar and Marlina in the river.

Ruby Pyralis, as she is no longer being retrained, stares into space for a few long moments before she flops onto her side and curls up under her wings, really disliking this house.

Kele-De sighs and relaxes as the hands are removed from her. She moves about, stretching her shoulders, back, and legs. As Roger starts to play, she gets up, pads toward the red door, bow in paw, apparently heading toward the glade to practice some with it, though when out of sight of the others, she flees from teh sound of the lute, her reasons her own.

Sirum Hest fwumps down to the floor then and rubs lightly at his knuckles with his free paw, whiskers giving occasional twitches. He also begins scooting back and out of the room slowly as Kalannar and Marlina start arguing again. Damned if he was going to get grabbed by ten hands again, otherwise he might actually have to consider that copper idea. :-P "Well... ah... right, then. I think now would be the best time to go set up that portal to Thorimar, wouldn't ya say, Kivvy? Unless Kitzibeth would rather help us along herself...", left ear perking towards the Archmagess.

Marlina Evenstar retrieves her blade through whatever enchantment gives it automatic-recall, sheathing it however, rather than using it in a threatening manner with the magess so near, such would likely be the last of her string of stupid actions. She does however speak once more, "Dosst velven orn'la nez lotha e'trit, terini'nestg uss d' dosst numl dazzan shlu'ta tangis' mumbaro natha sarol. Vel'bol dos lac orn'la tlu whol l' m'elzar ulu xun dosst daewle whol dos."

Taereal Sareen strolls in from outside, eyebrows raising slightly at the gathering of Furres. He hmm's a bit, before passing a thoughtful nod do those present, then moving along his way.

Kitzibeth: If you two are going to open some sort of magical portal, I'd prefer you use a portal anchor, and open it outside. If you need an anchor, talk to Rakuro, I'm sure he has a few.

Marlina Evenstar: [Phah, now that'll be wasted because Kitzibeth can understand or something... :-P]
You say, "[She has enough INT to afford learning Turtle.]"

Kitzibeth, with that, pads to the solarium for a bit of light reading.

Kivea is willed into existence by Sirum, not having been paying close attention. >.> She wrinkles her nose, slowly pushing a hand through her hair, with some effort. "Yea, I guess.. we'd need to get everyone first, though, wouldn't we? Unless we're leaving it open."

Kitzibeth doesn't speak Drow for Ethical and sanity reasons.

Marlina Evenstar: [Woot. Then wrestling with a stupid translator was not a waste. ^^]

Roger Montango finishes the song, then sits down at the seat next to Ruby, asking everyone, "So...other than what just was everyone's day?" :-P

You say, "[Kitz is sane? :P]"
Kalannar: [Marl, how did your character learn Drow?]
Roger Montango: [how did Kal learn to type drow? <.<;;;]
Marlina Evenstar: [She has it rather than Austian and Elvish. I'll go into more details later... When I have it written up. ^^;]
Kalannar: [Well, I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but as far as continuity details go on that, Drow don't teach anyone their language. They aren't exactly welcoming of, well, anyone.]
Marlina Evenstar: [I'm aware of that.]
Roger Montango: [but Marl would fit in nicely with them :P]
You say, "[Her teacher is half-drow.]"

Sirum Hest shakes his head slowly and hops up to his footpaws, nodding to the hammocks, "Nah, I figure we'll get it done by tonight, an' then we'll have it set for bein' open for a day or two. Hopefully Rakuro will notice all the magic an' come help us along with it, if he comes by." He heads out then slowly, whistling as he goes.

Kivea pushes herself back up, flickering her tail as she pads after him.

Kele-De doesn't notice Kitzibeth, enter the glade as her concentration is upon the bow and arrow in her paws. Her right paw holds the bow, while the left pulls the string and arrow back. She holds it for several moments, before -slowly- relaxing her arm while pointing the arrow down. At Kitzibeth's words she startles and her concentration is broken. The arrow flies to the ground then and the tip just barely buries itself in teh ground. She curses breifly, then looks over at Kitz. "'Ello Kitzibeth." Bending down, she picks the arrow up and inspects it quickly, before placing it back in the quiver. "It's peaceful and reminds me of home."

Sirum Hest cocks his head to the side in confusion as he walks outside as Kitzibeth asked and right into where everyone had apparently headed, rubbing at the back of his neck with a paw. "Erm... I thought ya wanted us to try openin' it outside, Kitzibeth? Unless a big gate wouldn't bother ya all that much. Even though we won't likely get it ready completely without Rakuro's help...", grinning sheepishly.

Kitzibeth stretches. "I can't see how, Kel. Northern Tigath is not exactly a Jungle utopia. But then again, if you're talking about Bryanna's clanlands, then you may be on to something." She's dressed in a ratehr loose fitting sheer robe of a greenish hue, allowing her to roughly blend in to the hammock. "I meant outside the gates of the Villa, Sirum. Not in my relaxation area."

Taereal Sareen strolls his way outside to the garden, eventually coming to spot Kitzibeth and Kele-De. He smiles warmly, nodding to the two of them, "Well, hello there, Kele!" He bows his head, "Archmagess." He addresses them both, then, "What brings the two of you out here this evening?" He places a Seal tattooed paw on his hip. He then notices Sirum and Kivae, and nods to them both, smiling, before turning his gaze back to Kele and Kitzibeth.

Kivea wrinkles her nose faintly, and crosses her arms behind her head, turning back down the path with an idle wave of her tail. Not very talkative, today. ^^

Erk Mendon walks along the path before stopping in front of the hammock. He then sees that Kitzi might be sleeping and decides to tell her later about how he was attacked. ^^; He just sits down, waiting.

Sirum Hest's tail flicks over to bap at the back of Kivae's legs, sticking his tongue out at her teasingly. "Ya have been sleepin' in the 'relaxation area', an' not jus' the forest?", but it seems she has already fled the area. After merfing and waving towards Taereal, he scurries off after her, "Wait up!"

Kivea: [FAERIE]
Ruby Pyralis cackles.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Jingle bells .-.]
Ruby Pyralis wiggles.]
Kivea: [You look like Kele.]
Ruby Pyralis does now xD]
Ruby Pyralis keeps changing.]
Kivea: [Ooh! Be Miyth!]
Ruby Pyralis doesn't know his colors, tries anyway.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Something seems wrong...]
Kivea: [You're a girl? And bracers..]
Kivea: [Or wings. >.>]
Kivea: [Bracers.]
Ruby Pyralis: [What're the bracers?]
Kivea: [.. Dunno.]
Kivea: [^^]
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Kivea: [xD You're a guy.]
Ruby Pyralis cackles.]
Ruby Pyralis dances.]
Ruby Pyralis: [XD]
Kivea: [xD]
Kivea<3s her water-to-land mapping.]
Ruby Pyralis wonks.]
Kivea: [o-o]
Ruby Pyralis fwees.]
Kivea: [Afternoon of Konoha. ^^]
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Kivea snogs Anst in Exile.]

Roger Montango starts playing his lyre, already having eaten enough.

Erk Mendon blinks, then grins micheviously at the sight of the food. He takes a seat and digs in, mainly to the fish. :3 ^^

Catherine O`Hara's form slowly materializes from amidst shadows she had most assuredly not occupied previously, though as before, she doesn't act as if this were anything out of the ordinary as she moves to one of the many vacant seats by the table, one paw absently toying with the black magical -evil- rod, while the other clenches and unclenches about the wrist of the first, she offers a hesitant smile then to the yellow haired mage, but doesn't speak.

Erk Mendon blinks, then glares, "And...they say you aren't really evil. Care to explain what just happend now?" He is noting the shadow and the rod. :P

Catherine O`Hara notes that the -evil- rod doesn't actually emit some sort of evil aura or whatever, she just wanted to see if the mage would react, "Erhm... I walked into the room? Last I checked, not even Mazus' inquisitors are so bold as to accuse a crime out of that."

Erk Mendon facepalms, "What is that thing anyway?" He points to the staff, getting up and moving closer to Catharine.
Erk Mendon..........also notes that if you even -think- about forumizing that.

Catherine O`Hara glances briefly at the item before returning her attention to the mage, "Why would you care? Thought you and half the other people in this place hated me?"

Erk Mendon rolls his eyes, "I do, but I still want to know what it does." He actually says that with interest. Erk's thirst to knowledge > Wisdom.

Sirum Hest had been resting his head on the barrier of the rooms while Kivae finished up with her spell outside, though at the sound of Catharine's voice his eyes peek open. Just in time to see the black rod he had tried so hard to get rid of so long ago. After a short while of staring at it, he slides off of the chair and pads into the room, tail-waving weakly in greeting to Catharine. "Catharine? Do ya mind if I have a look at that?"

Catherine O`Hara casts her gaze away then with a frown upon her features, "Then the better question would be, why should I care what you want to know lad? You are not willing to even spare a moments kind word, yet expect me to be the answer to all your questions, that doesn't strike me as very fair." Her attention then shifts to the rodent, who though accusatory, had at least been civil, "Erhm... Alright, but be careful... Don't know what it does." Seeming to be curiously reluctant to release the black rod, though eventually she does indeed hand it over to the blue clad rodent.

Erk Mendon looks as if he was about to say something else, then stops as Cath hands the staff to Sirum. He looks over to the rodent, asking, "What are you going to do, Sirum?"

Sirum Hest doesn't just take the rod in his paws, he instead removes his cloak and sets it in his paws, gripping the black rod through it. Afterwards, he moves back over to his seat by the statue and peers down at it thoughtfully, looking for any distinguishing marks and toying with either end of it, as if to check if it was able to be opened. "I jus' remembered a little incident with this, an' I'd rather it not end up in O'Hara's paws once she gets seperated from Blackthorn here. Hmm. Obviously there's somethin' not right about it, but I'm not sure what exactly it is. Huh. I should've given a bit more thought towards divination..."

Erk Mendon shrugs at Sirum, "We could both use Divination. It's not really that hard. If you want, I could lend you a paw."

[ Catherine O`Hara whispers, "[Smart rat. >.> :-P If at any time it comes in contact with bare fur or flesh, it would burn rather horribly, actual burning not just the thought that it was happening." to you. ]
[ You whisper "[Of course Si is smart, he's handled Cards and Coins before. (;]" to Catherine O`Hara. ]
[ Catherine O`Hara whispers, "[Other than that, a few runic designs, and the top does not come off, without direct contact, it doesn't even produce heat.]" to you. ]

[He can only suffer so many different Heretics curses before getting wise to their ways. Pff.]

Catherine O`Hara comments quietly as she moves out of the dining hall to keep an eye on the rodent and her magical item, "I would prefer that you not touch it young mage..." Of course referencing Erk, "For the same reasons as I've already mentioned."

Sirum Hest glances over at Catharine suspiciously as she follows him, head tilting to the side in confusion. "Ya seem kinda attached to this rod for some reason. What real value does it have to ya, or is it jus' somethin' ya can't explain, an' yer mind is jus' tellin' ya to keep a hold on it?", the second of his being a guess as to a thought planted in her through Kendrick or O'Hara.

Erk Mendon scowls, "Why? I'm not going to break it." He moves closer to Sirum as well, already prepping. [1/? Div.]

Sirum Hest doesn't even know how to cast divination and, as a result, doesn't help Erk in the slightest. "I was thinkin' of havin' Rakuro give it a look over, as yer magic likely won' find anythin'."

Catherine O`Hara considers this for several moments before shaking her head, "No, just found it, or at least I think I found it... But it's a link to it, and as such might be helpful somehow for getting it out of my mind, and, well... I don't own all that many things." She then cuts off as Erk again tries to intrude, speaking then to him, "I said no."

Erk Mendon rolls his eyes again, "I'm just going to touch it for just a me." He closes his eyes, reaching a paw-didgit to touch the staff. [2/2 Divination]

Erk Mendon screams out in pain as his paw bursts into flame, drenching it with water [2/2] to put it out. He glares at Catherine, "What kind of staff doesn't let you divine it?" He storms off to his room to put a bandage on his paw. :P Gtg!

Catherine O`Hara doesn't seem particularily surprised as the mage's paw bursts into flames, moving instinctively to aid him however before he fixes the problem himself, speaking instead, "I told him not to touch it... Told it to not let him. Who does he think he is, anyways Sir Hest?"

Sirum Hest merely cringes as Erk's paw gets lit aflame, tumbling back off of the chair and onto the floor away from him. Or perhaps it's just getting away from Catharine. "See, no one jus' finds things like this, Catharine. These are evil things that shouldn't be in the paws of normal furres. Heck, this is probably better than most everythin' I have except the Voidthunder if it can burn any but the owner. Ya wouldn't mind bein' seperated from it until we got ya to the Vincan or until ya got O'Hara removed from yer head, would ya?", perhaps just testing her for an answer. He adds, "Some wanna-be Journeymage that Kitzibeth passed out of pity."

Catherine O`Hara's paw twitches slightly as the rodent moves away, though she doesn't move to follow, instead merely speaking, "Then it is tied to the thing that killed all those people, but... I'd like to keep it, I've had that thing for several years, I'm quite certain that it's safe if I still hold on to it... And it might hurt you, like the journeymage."

You say, "[Back.]"
Catherine O`Hara: [Your choice of being away from the computer lately is one made in remarkably poor taste ratboy. :-P]
You say, "[I've been having so many AIM convo's. :P]"
You say, "[In my grand plan to lead to Ansteorra's end.]"
Sirum Hest cackles insanely. []
Catherine O`Hara: [=P]
You say, "[(plz dont tell the counseal)]"

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side in confusion then and sets the staff on the floor in front of him, cloak still covering it almost as if shielding it from Catharine's sight. "But ya haven't been out of O'Hara's head for several years, I think. But... nevermind. I'm sure it won't hurt me, as I know how to deal with things like this." He then pauses at a memory, nodding towards the rooms, "Ya saw the rods involvement in the two pictures of ya an' the scrollkeeper in the water, didn't ya? I'd even go so far as to suggest we not have it locked away until we're sure it's safe, but actually destroy it..."

Catherine O`Hara winces at that before taking on a rather haunted appearance as she speaks once more, "No, wouldn't work... Something bad would happen, I know it. Don't know what, just a feeling of... Badness." Finishing off lamely before adding, "Please, just give it back."

Sirum Hest rises then and lifts the stave from the ground, tilting his head to the side as he eyes it thoughtfully one last time. "Probably jus' somethin' that ya feel due to that femme in yer head. This staff shouldn't be in yer paws or mine, it should be at the bottom of the Talzhemian Ocean in a bottomless satchel, in a bottomless purse, in a bottomless sack, in a bottomless chest, in a bottomless barrel each one locked with more magical traps than the entire of the City of Towers. ... Think that'd be overdoin' it?", grinning toothily as he sets it right on the chair next to her then.

Catherine O`Hara snatches the rod back as it's placed within her reach, a bit to quickly to be entirely polite as she speaks once more, "Probably not.. But I'd like to keep it for now, then maybe when it's out of my head, then we can sink it."

Catherine O`Hara: [Tabernian Sea by the way, loser. =P]
You say, "[Talzhemian Ocean.]"
You say, "[According to the map]"
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Catherine O`Hara: [Which map?]
You say, "[]"
Catherine O`Hara: [There was an up-to-date one, of 4th Age, had Tabernian Sea. >.>]
You say, "[We need to pimp ourselves out to Talz, though.]"
You say, "[By naming a sea for her in our world."
Catherine O`Hara: [Pssh.]
Catherine O`Hara: [Post rat.]

Sirum Hest's nose wrinkles as the rod is snatched away, reattaching his cloak before flopping down next to the statue. "Ya know, the fact that it doesn't burn ya but it does everyone else should clue ya in to that someone -wants- ya to have it, an' that it's evil... but ya don't seem to realize it. Or I wonder if that's jus' O'Hara tryin' to break out an' take it"

Catherine O`Hara shakes her head briefly at that as she gazes at the black rod, "Didn't burn you though, only the mage, who I told to leave it alone, and he didn't. Could have just been protecting itself from him, he might have been trying to steal it or something... And it's not evil."

Sirum Hest pokes his tongue out at her, eyes locked onto the rod, though. "It didn't burn me 'cause I had somethin' in the way of it an' my paws, I suspect. Most magical items need to actually be held in bare paws to be used. Jus' try offerin' it to, say... hum... the Tigahrrim male, or the werefurre that attacked Rakuro."

Rakuro strolls casually into the room, his tail flicking about erratically behind him as though swatting at some imaginary pest. Resting easily in one massive paw is a book, flipped open to a specific page, which the mage is apparently staring at.. it would also be a bit odd to note that he didn't slam into the post seperate the two archways.. but then again, nobody ever considers anything about him odd anymore

Catherine O`Hara has never met a more normal individual.

Rakuro guesses Cath should probably go visit AK or something... the people there are hideously normal

Catherine O`Hara scratches absently at her jawline as she continues to gaze at the black rod in her other paw, before speaking once more, "But I think it's safe, it hasn't hurt me, and I think it helped me after I got attacked by wolves almost a year ago, until the farmer found me. Wouldn't do that if it were evil, the Necromancer would have been able to protect herself from something like that."
Catherine O`Hara knows for a fact that those lot are all nutballs, they blend in like a fire in a haystack, in a world of elves, Heretics, prophets, Goo-walkers and Primes.

Rakuro's ears flick towards Catherine, his blank eyes glancing up towards the ebon staff-wannabe she holds.. his attention stays on it for a moment before he comments gruffly, "I see you've still got it". He then goes right back to staring down at the book

You say, "[Rak, Cath.]"
You say, "[Heepohpahtahmuzz.]"
You say, "[^What is that?]"
Rakuro: [Hippopotamus]
Kivea: [>.>]
You say, "[Good were-nam.]"
Rakuro: [:-D]
Catherine O`Hara: [Were-Hippo!]
Rakuro: [Actually, I was originally going to say 'The Elder God of Hippopotami', but.... *cough* >>.. I wanted to beat Cath to it :-P]
Catherine O`Hara: [Pfft.]
Rakuro: [HRT *ICs again*]

Sirum Hest merely gives a nod to Catharine before turning his attention to Rakuro, squeaking happily in greeting to the mage. "Hiya Rakuro. An' ya, she does, but I managed to get her to give it up for a bit. It seems she thinks she's safe with it, an' that goo walker furre came by wantin' to split her an' O'Hara. I'm not sure why, though, especially since we could've jus' taken her to Vincan. But it's too late now since we're leavin' tomorrow to wake up Thorimar."

Rakuro shrugs briefly at Sirum's comment, "Ah.. interesting. I still have to talk to Kei about something anyway... there's a method of using Inbetween for combat.. something even better then those times I've sent someone there. Because, in all truth, some of those people survived, and are still wandering the Sands. Ah well.. I figure it's for the best that they get to wander. Does you good, y'know?"

Catherine O`Hara blinks as the mage enters the room, lifting the item as it's again spoken of, before dropping it once more as she speaks, "Yes, could you... Could you divine it, or whatever mages do and tell him it's not evil?" Somehow managing to overcome her whole Rak-fear to ask him that.

Taikris gently shutting the wooden doors in his wake, he turns promptly, stepping towards the assembled group. His eyes give a rather quick look around the area as he tries to figure out... just what exactly is going on.

Rakuro: [Yeesh. You go berserk demon werewolf on a chick -once- and you're branded for life. ;-)]
Catherine O`Hara: [Go figure. :-P]
Ruby Pyralis: [Yuck]
Ruby Pyralis: [That stuff on envelopes you gotta lick tastes nasty.]
Taikris: [<.<]
Catherine O`Hara: [You get used to it.]
Kivea: [Lick your finger and put that across it.]
Ruby Pyralis: [I drew a rooster on my dad's birthday card n.n]
Taikris: [You could always use a moistened sponge]
Ruby Pyralis eats paper.]
Catherine O`Hara: [Have to be careful with that though, too wet and you can screw up the envelope, and get it returned. ... ... >.>]
Rakuro: [......I have yet to manage to get a stamp so wet it would muck up the envelope and get it returned...]
Taikris: [Sounds like you know from experience Marl ;-)]
Catherine O`Hara: [A sponge, not the stamp. :-P]
Rakuro: [Oooooh]
Ruby Pyralis was talking about the stuff to seal the envelope.]

Rakuro's ears twitch once again at Cath's question and he mutters something under his breath.. "I wouldn't have to divine it. I already know quite well exactly what that thing is". He then continues being quiet.. not mysterious, just extremely reluctant to answer

Catherine O`Hara turns her gaze now fully upon the mage, looking almost eager as she voices her next words, "What is it then, Master Rakuro? Not evil like the rodent thinks, right?"

Taikris blinks a few times as he eyes move to the whatever object Cath is holding, unceremoniously taking a seat next to Sirum as he goes.

Rakuro makes a small 'mrgf' sort of noise and looks back up again, snapping his head just enough to the side to cast the hair out of his eyes.. "It's......" he pauses for a long moment, then continues with a rather cryptic, "It's only as evil as you yourself are, Miss Blackthorne. No more, no less"

Tarani: [Kiv, why is your name all spelled wrong? o.O]
Kivea: [Shhh.]
Catherine O`Hara: [That's a clone. Ruby!
Catherine O`Hara: ]
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Catherine O`Hara: [Hiya grape. ^^]
Tarani: [>.> Bite me.]
Rakuro waves to Tara ^^]
Ruby Pyralis bites.]
Kivea snuggles Tara.]
Catherine O`Hara nibbles.]
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Tarani yawns, looks around, assesses the situation, and throws a cookie to Sirum and Kiv.

Catherine O`Hara doesn't appear to take the cryptic remark rather well, slumping back against the wall behind her as she places the object away. Whiskers and ears droop slightly as she gazes at the floor, "So Sir Hest is right then..."

Sirum Hest lifts a paw then and scoots over to sit by Catharine, pointing at the rod though making sure not to touch it. "So does that mean ya will let me break it now?"

Kivea's Kiv senses tingle, and an eye flicks open just in time to catch sight of the cookie, which she snatches for, and begins nibbling on.

Taikris blinks a few times as a cookie goes whizzing past him. "Hey... is there anything I can do to get a cookie miss...?"

Kivea's eyes narrow fainly at this, and she seems to watch Tara's hoof closely.
Tarani chuckles. "Just catch!" And then a cookie is flying toward Taikris.
Kivea is also flying towards the air between Tara and Tai, then, in an attempt to tackle the cookie from the air, and take it for her. It's his own fault if he isn't careful for flying Kivaes. *cough*

Sirum Hest also catches his cookie then with his free paw, popping it to his mouth cheerfully. Through the cookie bits, he manages out muffledly, "Thnnk yhh Thhrhhnh.", squeaking happily. ^^

Catherine O`Hara offers a shy wave to the suddenly appeared purple equine who has sat near her without accusing her of killing large numbers of people, after this she responds to Sirum, "No, still don't want to destroy it yet, even if it is evil, it still protected me, and might do soa gain if the Necromancer doesn't take kindly to being removed."

Rakuro shuts the book in his paw with a noise very similar to a *crack!*, as of wood. He then turns a somewhat angry sort of expression on Sirum, "Break it? Not only is it more or less impossible to do so, it'd likely turn Kitzi's villa into a nasty pile of ash. And then she'd be quite upset with you... or your spirit, anyway"

Taikris in reality just snatches it out of the air with a single paw, saluting the equine with it promptly as he takes a sizeable bit out of the thing. "Thank you. Might I have your name?"

Kivea guesses she somehow misses it, then..?

Tarani watches Kiv go splat on the floor then? x) "I'm Tarani, and yourself?"

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side then and stares off at the ceiling of the villa, tail thumping the floor behind him. "Well, I suppose we could always toss it five miles up an' blow it into ash from here. An'... Catharine, Danu's rod protected him as well, but it also lead to his death an' turnin' into a lich. It might jus' be usin' ya to accomplish what it needs. But if ya really think it's all that nice to have around... jus' make sure nothin' happens with it.", grinning weakly before he flumps back onto the floor.

Catherine O`Hara doesn't get a wave from the cookie slinger? Figures.

Tarani turns and looks beside her. "Ooh, purple! My favorite color!"

Kivea lies on the spot where she hits the floor, then :-P, barely managing to stop herself before she would go tumbling into the little fountain-thing. She pouts pathetically at Tara, before curling up impossibly, tail flicking over her nose.

Taikris after a moment or two to savor the flavor of the wonderful confection, he would indeed reply. "Name's Taikris, and it's nice to meet'cha Tarani :-)." he can't help but blink a few times at the current discussion. "Shouldn't we check the rod for sentience first? If it's just some dumb artifact, I see no problem with her keeping it."

Catherine O`Hara appears rather startled as the individual next to her suddenly interrupts her thoughts and conversation with the rodent, though she smiles politely enough as her gaze turns upon the equine before speaking, "Oh? Aye, it's a fine colour, though horribly underused here, urple hued curtains would work wonders here, don't you think?"

Taikris is wearing purple too <.<

Tarani chuckles. "I always tried to get Kitz to put more purple in. At least these seats are the right color."

Catherine O`Hara applauds him for the bold statement he makes... By wearing purple. ^^

Rakuro waves a paw dismissively towards Taikris as he simply drops into a sitting position. "It's only partially sentient, if you could consider it such. Nothing to truly worry about. Besides, I'd like to see any of you actually manage to keep it somewhere else for a full night"

Sirum Hest sits back up then and peers at the chair beneath Catharine, tapping the side of his head in thought. "It could do with bein' a lighter shade, I'd say. Quite lighter.", obviously refering to 'blue-er'. :-P But anyways, as the idea to nuke it in space seems to have been ignored, he scoots over to Rakuro and tugs lightly at his tail. "By the way, Rakuro... I was kinda hopin' if ya could help Kivae an' myself open a gate to the Northern Forests where Thorimar is. We tried to earlier, but we kinda fizzled."

Kivea tries another pleading look at Tara, resisting narrowing her eyes at Tai. At least until she gets a cookie.

Tarani rolls her eyes and tosses another cookie over to the foxgirl.

Catherine O`Hara finds not being called a villain rather refreshing for the time-being and grows steadily more talkative about their rather un-Feanor-shattering conversation, "Hadn't noticed that they were purple until now, the Archmistress has done well there, though I still think more curtains would do well, like the ones out of the Austian provinces in the Republic, that will let some light through, but not all when closed, making the air itself look the colour of it's curtain."

Tarani: Ooh, pretty! Have you been to Austia? It's where I'm from.

Kivea catches it, and begins devouring it at a much faster rate than the first one, looking very pleased, and saying in a muffled voice, "Yours're better then Kitzi's.." She then proceeds to narrow her eyes at Tai, who had the cookie that had mysteriously evaded her.

Tarani takes out a bag of cookies, and slides it along the floor toward Kivae. "Here, knock yerself out."

Catherine O`Hara nods cheerfully at that, turning slightly to better face her companion before continuing, "Yes I have, only a month ago in fact, before I was dragged here, the provinces are doing much better than New Austia though... With the plague and everything going wrong there... Where in Austia were you from?"

Kivea wraps her arms around it, resting her head on it as if it were a stuffed doll or a pillow.

Tarani shrugs. "Just a medium-size farm in th'south. We did alright."

Sirum Hest decides to tempt the wrath of a fox-girl (such a thing being quite a wrath indeed), as Rakuro seems to be a bit too distracted to answer. He slowly scoots back into the other room, around the chairs in there and over to behind her, cautiously reaching a paw out to pinch at one side of the bag and try to tug it away. He wasn't even really all that hungry, just seeing her guard the nummies.

Catherine O`Hara frowns slightly at that, though speaking once more, "Your family is well though, I'd hope? Made it through the War?" Genuinely seeming concerned about this.

Kivea curls tightly around the bag, eyes opening to slits, to glare at Sirum. In fact, she seems to have somehow convinced them to glow a menacing green. [1/1] A low 'rrrr' comes from the back of her throat, and all the fur on her tail prickles.

Catherine O`Hara is scared of Kivea now. o.o]

Tarani nods. "They did well, everybody's fine and healthy. They sent a message by using my old pet bird."

Tarani chuckles a bit. "Nearly flew her poor feathers off for me, that one."

Kivea is very protective of her cookies.

Sirum Hest's eyes narrow right back in return to her, not seeming intimidated in the slightest. In fact, his eyes appear to have a blizzard within them, a raging, furious blizzard cold enough to freeze the very soul. Or at least, give that appearance. If she wanted to have a stare-down contest, he was happy to oblige. =.= [1/1]

Catherine O`Hara appears first relieved and then once more calm enough to offer a light smile at the image of the bird, "That's good."

Tarani nods. "I took her with me when I first came to Ansteorra, specifically this villa since I have a room here. That way, she can always get messages to me."

Kivea remains entirely unmoving except for a repressed twitch in her tail, and slow curling back of her lips to bare teeth. She was going to give him a cookie once he backed off, but now it was a contest. :-P Her fingers and claws curl in towards the bag.

Sirum Hest's tail raises and flicks over to his side, the tip of it shaking much like a snake tail would do right before it struck and lashed out at whatever was near. His own, less intimidating than her however, teeth show then as well, quietly gritting them. His eyes remain unblinking, but the both of his paws grab hold of the bag then. This was war.

Tarani has started a war. Whee. x)

Catherine O`Hara watches Sirum and his friend with mild interest.

You say, "[Battle of the Runts.]"

Kivea is less runty than Sirum.

Kivea, as soon as the paws move for her bag (or if they were already there, when they tighten), twitches, and as if was reflex, pulls the bag closer, and ducks her head for the paws, intent to snap at them. Should he not remove them, she would give them a nice bite. Not enough to do more than sting, however. :P

Taikris can't help but blink a few times as he watches the kits fight before him. "You'd think they had catnip baked into those things... only neither of them are felines <.<"

Sirum Hest would keep a tight grip on the bag and pull backwards quickly right after she pulled towards her, determined to give her a fight for the sugary edibles that surely dozens of.. ants have slain over one another over for. The paw that she bites for, however, suddenly releases the bag and curls into a fist, swinging up to her open mouth. But not to punch her, no, to fill the inside of it to the very brim with snow. Of course, he sacrifices his paw to a few teeth marks as a result, but sometimes sacrifices must be made for the greater good of the effort, yes. "Erf! Stop that!"

Kivea responds in turn, with a mouth full of paw and snow, and likely a very nasty brain-freeze. "Myeh ooffesm!" She attempts to dig her teeth in just enough to make them apparent, if his other paw doesn't leave the bag alone. Her legs also curl up, to add to her arms in pinning it to her chest. The eye-glow has stopped by now, having gone from small, growling demon-girl, to cookie-crazed feral-like girl.

[Even a single Tarani cookie was well worth fighting to the death over. Their friendship was stronger than adamantium, and yet... that's the way the cookie crumbles.]

Sirum Hest quickly jerks his paw back out and tumbles back to the chair with Tarani on it, erfing out as he bumps into it and after bursting into laughter, collapsing over onto the floor. "Hehehe, yer cheeks were as wide as a chipmunks. Ah well, fine, enjoy 'em, I didn't want 'em anyways.", poking his tongue out at her before he curls into a ball.

Kitzibeth: Tara! How are you?

Kitzibeth: [Kivea?]
Kivea got annoyed with starting up the other computer whenever she wanted to load Kiv. :P]
Kitzibeth: [use floppy. copy kivae.ini >.>]
Tarani huggles Kitzi. "Kitz! I'm good. You?"
Kivea: [That would make far too much sense. :P]

Kivea starts to make to spit out the snow, when she catches sight of Kitzibeth. Ears going flat, she winces, holding her mouth shut, and managing to swallow enough of it to retort to Sirum, after sticking out a cold tongue. "Bltthmpl. Nyeh."

Kitzibeth: Welccome back home Tara. It's definitely good to see you again. I missed seeing my favorite purple pony around!

Tarani: I missed you too!

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side in confusion then, tail flicking over to swat at one of her footpaws. "Blump? What about him? I think all that snow might've gone to yer head a bit too fast." Also, while Kivae seems distracted by Kitzibeth, a footpaw darts over to try and curl its toes around the bag and jerk it away. >.> Sneaky mousey.

[Blump... he was this strange voidic creature that manifested inside Ansteorra, something to do with a rock, wasn't anything remotely dangerous about him. He was the fascination of Si and Kiv for a little while, curious to see a voidkin that didn't want to horribly murder them for once. They named him for the sounds he made.]

Kivea, at the feeling of it moving, curls even more tightly around the back, her claws hooking into the material. She lets out a warning 'rrr'. "Thought y'didn't wan.." she struggles a moment, wincing, and running her tongue across her hand, "want them?"

Sirum Hest springs back up then nimbly and moves to lean back against the barrier between the archways, grinning toothily. "I really don't, it's jus' so much fun to watch ya growl an' snarl like a rabid feral. Or a kitten, with a mouse in... its... claws... maybe that one's a bad example.", nose wrinkling as he falls silent.

Kitzibeth shrugs. "Perhaps Blump went to the City of Towers. he was Voidkin in the general sense." She then hugs Tara, smiling. "How have your ravels been?"

Sirum Hest's left ear swivels back as Kitzibeth speaks about Blump, only really having said his name because Kivae's muffled words reminded him of the voidkins. "But Blump couldn't have been a Voidkin. He didn't try to devour everythin' in existence. Besides, those City of Towers Voidkin would bully him. He didn't have claws or anythin'...", frowning at the thought.

Tarani smiles. "I heard from m'family. They are doing pretty well, no plague or anything. Pet birdies make good messengers."

Kivea hns, limbs loosening somewhat around the bag, and she shifts her head back onto it. A moment longer, and her legs stretch out, toes pointing. She muttering something about them getting too long for her to curl up. "I don't think.. Voidkin bully. And Blump probably has some tricks anyways; normal-things are always the least normal. Unless they really are.. then, they're not."

Kitzibeth: Well, that is good. The Plague seems mostly confined to Eastern Austia now. The Launcian clerics are doing their best to contain it." She ponders cookies? As for Sirum's inquiry: "Not all voidkin are razor-teethed beasts. A Voidkin is merely a creature that is composed primarily of Vacuus."

Tarani hands a bag over to Kitzi. "Cookie time for youuu!"

Sirum Hest thinks that over briefly, then grins sheepishly as looks away from Kitzibeth. "Ah. Right. I can thank Pytch for helpin' us to think otherwise. It's a shame we never got to figure out what happened to him, though, or what made him. He probably went back to his rock.", ears drooping depressingly before his attention returns to Kivae. "Well... erm... sure he did. He knew gibberish-Arcane. So he can cast gibberish-spells. ... Right?", nose wrinkling. "An' I think that last line of yers has to have been the most confusin' thing I've heard this week."

Kivea yawns, adjusting her head on the cookie-bag-pillow. "Must've been a pretty boring week."

Kitzibeth took the bag and devoured it. "Ahh. That was good, Tara! I haven't had cookies baked by a real chef in weeks!"

Tarani: Chef Tarani, official baker of the Villa de la Kitzi.
Tarani giggles

Sirum Hest rolls his eyes. "Not so much borin' as... well... I wasn't really countin' the Temple of the Red Fruit. Ya go to Sargothas an' ya expect people to be mysterious, creepy an' mystical there, an' it turns out they're jus' horribly ugly an' spikey undead lookin' for a bargain or two at the local market. They could've at least spoken in Dark Arcane.", snickering for a few seconds.

Kitzibeth hrms. "I should make you a plaque that says that, Tara." She snuggles the pony and blinks. "When were you in Sargothas, Sirum?"

Kivea rubs the back of her hand over her face and then hair, shaking her head a bit, as if just waking up. "Some'f them probably did, but Rakuro didn't let us stay long.."

Tarani squeezes Kitzi. "Glad to be back, it's nice here. And I have my own room! :-D"

Sirum Hest glances back behind him then and shrugs lightly, "Jus' a few days ago, we went to make a business deal. We only went to the Sargothian Bazaar, though. I'm not sure why Kizzy didn't take me there when we were headed to Ebonstar. Or maybe we were only left alone because Rakuro appeared more frightenin' than some of the things around us." He then nods back down at Kivae, "Right, the next time we go there let's get a phy... phylactory, isn't it? Should be an interestin' conversation piece if nothin' else."

Kele-De after padding into the main area nad drifting off by Ruby, stirs herself. Her eyes are still rimmed in red and she looks as though she's not had a very good night so far. Sitting up, she peers over the half wall. "Kitzibeth, have you heard from Bryanna at all? Do you know when she might be coming?" Her voice is raspy as though she's been talking or crying too much.

Kitzibeth grins. "That is if someone hasn't taken your room yet, Tara. I can't keep control of these furres." A happy nudge and a smile. "Sargothas isn't exactly as friendly as you make it, Sirum. The wilderlands aren't any less forgiving." Toward Kel, she doesn't answer, except: "You look like hell."

Tarani: Whosoever touches my room, gets no cookies and suffers Druid Pony Wrath!

Kele-De blinks and sets her chin on the wall. "I'd imagine so." She shrugs then. "But have you heard from Bryanna? Do you know when she might be coming?" She sighs softly nad runs a paw through her headfur.

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side. "What about Amerie? I'm pretty sure she got a robe from yer room, an' she doesn't eat cookies. Though I'm curious now, what's Dru--", pausing then to glance about the area and make sure no plants were near him. "--id Pony Wrath like?', sticking his tongue out at her. To Kitzibeth, "The Bazaar is nice enough, though. I think they'd rather buy some new artifacts for their collection there, instead of jus' killin'. Finally, to Kele, he cringes at sight of the tears, "Primes, what happened to ya? Ya look like me the first time I ever shot my own footpaw."

Tarani: Sirum, in your case, Druid Pony Wrath involves treants and fireballs.

Kele-De glances over at SIrum and offers a small half smile. "It's really not anything I want to talk about at the moment. Though thank you for your concern Sirum." She seems much more subdued than her usual self.

Kivea rests her chin on the bag, ears perked forwards, but silent, as if thoughtful.

Kitzibeth: Flaming Treants, Tara?" She laughs happily before realizing that Kel is having a bad day. She looks at the femme with a face of a bit of compassion - at least as much as she can spare. "I haven't heard anything, Kel."

Tarani: Nah, I wouldn't do that to th'poor treant.

Kele-De nods and sighs, before flopping back over onto the chair and curling up once more.

Sirum Hest tail-waves weakly over at Kele and nods, "Sure thing, but if ya want me to try I could try a spell to reach Bryanna. But Kitzibeth would more than likely understand her better than I would, an' I'm not sure how to let Bryanna answer back...", frowning slightly. Also cringing at Tarani's example, "Ya can't hurt me with treants now, Kivae'll jus' summon up her own army of treants to do battle against yers an'... ... ...r-right, Kivvy?"

Ruby Pyralis grumbles and wiggles around from under her wings before finally lifting them off and sitting up. She looks around at all of the furres in the area and rubs her eyes. This done, she gets to her footpaws and begins to head off to find a quieter place to sleep. [Night all. ^^]

Kivea flicks an ear, face straight, "I don't know.. that sounds like an awful lot of work.. and after you tried to steal my cookies." Hmming.

Tarani cackles evilly. "Treants don't do battle against fireballs well, now DO they Sirum?"

Kele-De lifts her head and glances over at Sirum before shaking it. "That's very kind of you to offer Sirum, but save your majic for something important. I'll be fine." She smiles at him then, though it pales in comparison to her normal smiles.

Sirum Hest huffs and crosses his arms up in front of his chest, though it's more than likely a stubborn act and nothing more. "Yeah... yeah, well...", seeming to be at a loss for a retort. So what does he do? His whiskers twitch in the direction of Tarani's snout, where upon she would find a quite larger than normal snowflake resting right on it. :-P Afterwards, he springs over Kele and dives onto the seat next to her, curling defensively into a ball. "Magic? ... For important things? People actually do that?", flashing the seal a sly grin.

Kitzibeth slips afk for a moment, as she snuggles with Tara.

Tarani twitches her nose a bit, and reaches up a hand to brush the snowflake away.

Kele-De shrugs and shakes her head. "Really, it's fine. If it were really that importnat, I could have already gotten word to Bryanna." She shrugs nad curls up then. "I'm just being a bit impatient. That's all."

Sirum Hest notes that the snowflake would appear to be glued onto her snout, or perhaps so cold that its frozen to it. In roughly a minute or two it would melt away on its own, but could be melted before that with fire. x) "See, that's how we ice mages battle fires. ... By distractin' those with the fires with pretty snow until we have time to get a decent hidin' place.", squeaking out cheerfully. ^^

Tarani rolls her eyes. "Y'should really be careful with snow on me when I'm snuggling with Kitzi. Her and moisture don't get along much."

Sirum Hest snickers and draws up his cloaks hood to hide beneath, as if perfectly camoflagued into the surrounding area. In a pile of blue. On a purple chair. Less than ten feet away from her. By Inari, he has to be the best ninja in the land. "I wasn't expectin' her to nuzzle into a big sparkly snowflake on yer nose, hehehe."

Tarani: Yeah, but it could drip on her when it melts! Bad rodent-boy!

Kele-De moves about on the seat, curling up into a comfortable position and quietly listening to the conversation about her. Taking solace in having others around, she just lay there listening and making little to no movements. The mere prescence of others giving her comfort.

Tarani reaches over the wall and gently drops a cookie onto Kele.

Taikris seems to have awoken from his minor cookie induced nap, yawning widely as arms stretch out overhead. "Seems I didn't miss much after all" slumping against the base of the nearby statue before quickly sitting upright once more. "Beg a pardon ^^;" He had almost forgotten the things could move <.<

Kitzibeth erfs. "Quite. I'd prefer not to get myself toasted by a snowflake." She sticks her tongue out at Tara. "One isn't going to hurt.. much.."

Sirum Hest considers at for a few moments, then glances between Tarani's snout, the still unmelted snowflake and Kitzibeth. "...ah! Right! Good point, sorry." He notes that the snowflake would then detach itself from her nose and float down to the floor, far away from Kitzibeth, and land on its side. From there it would roll over into the water like a wheel. "There, now the only way it'll burn her is if she's gonna dive into the water. ... Come to think of it... why do ya have pools of water in yer home, Kitzibeth?", ears perking.

Kitzibeth laughs. "Plants cannot live on fire, Sirum - and I happen to appreciate their beauty. Luckily, the water is enchanted subtly. Go - stick your paw in it. You can't get wet." She motions to the pool.

Sirum Hest sits back up then and stares blankly off at the direction of the water, before rolling off of the chair and scurrying along the floor much as a feral mouse would. Once by the water, he stares down into it suspiciously and reaches down a paw to poke down at it. "Huh?"

Tarani: [I would like to take this time to note that I still resent being a preggy cow in here. >.>]
Kele-De: [She's not preggy Tara. She's just a cow. :-)]
Taikris: [Actually it's just a fat cow]
Huggy the Monkey gives the preggo pony a hug. '-' []
Taikris: [o.o]
Huggy the Monkey bamfs into furryness. []
Tarani: [Alright, but the boobs resting on the stomach makes her look preggy.]
You say, "[...why doesn't she have udders?]"
Taikris: [<.<]
You say, "[Moo.]"
Tarani: [Don't push me ratling. I could still come to your house and steal your precious computer.]
Sirum Hest cries pathetically. []

Taikris hmms slightly, idly watching the actions of the rodent with only mild interest before turning his attention back to the others. He sadly doesn't have much to say at the moment <.<

Kele-De slowly lifts her head and sighs. "Can I borrow a quill and some parchment, Kitzibeth?" She rests her chin on the halfwall once more, waiting patiently for an answer.

Tarani wonders if Kele ever noticed the cookie dropped on her.

Kitzibeth: Of course, Kel." She says this as a set of pens and a roll of parchment paper float next to Kel, and flop down. Her player vociferously apologises to Tara, and promises to do-cow-ifiy her in the next patch update.

Sirum Hest's paw, after resting in the water for several lengthy months, comes out apparently as dry as a bone. This process repeats itself a few times, before he cups his paw down into the water and tries to lift some out. "Huh. I wonder what would happen if someone tried to drink this stuff..."

Kele-De notices a cookie on her side, as she isn't completely sitting all the way up and stares at it briefly. She picks it up then carefully takes a bite. A small smile alights on her face and she gobbles the cookie up quickly after that first hesitant bite. Looking down at the quill and parchment she nods then picks them both up. Sitting up completely, she looks around for something to write on. "Thank you for the cookie." Her voice scratches out while she continues looking. Eventually, she settles on the floor and starts to slowly write.

Taikris blinks a few times as an ear swivels about to Sirum's newest proposition. "Well... the plants certainly seem fine enough, but I wouldn't try drinking it"

Kitzibeth: You can drink it Sirum. But your mouth will still be dry. I suppose that you could live on it, it's still nutritious. But it's not going to make yu less thirsty. [Enertron++]

[That Chrono Trigger reference probably went over the heads of everyone in the room, at the time.]

Sirum Hest experimentally freezes a chunk of the water into a solid cube, simply to see its reaction, but after a few seconds he just flops back onto his back and stares off at the ceiling. "Rakuro's probably opened the gate by now, hasn't he, Kivvy? I suppose I should gather up the pattern by now, or the sword. I don't suppose ya will come with us, Kitzibeth? The last time I brought Kizzy on somethin' like this she got hurt pretty badly...", frowning at the thought.

Tarani: Gate? Pattern and sword? Eh?

Sirum Hest coughs into a paw and gives a light shrug. "Magical gate, magical pattern an' magical sword. Things always makes sense when ya put the word 'magical' in front of 'em, don't they?"

[And this is how you know he pays attention in Rakuro's classes.]

Tarani: And what is the purpose of all this magical stuff again?

Kitzibeth shakes her head. "If you need me, Sirum, Call on me. Nothing too exciting, Tara. Sirum has delusions of solving the world's problems with a blade of legend."

Entad D'lune appears on fire. Not the usual burning entrance, but rather a sudden shift into existence. But he is on fire. Despite this, a fairly pensive expression is on his face.

Sirum Hest scurries over to beside the pony and flashes her a toothy grin, "We go into the magical gate, to give the magical pattern an' the magical sword to this gigantic tree. Ya have probably met him, his name is Thorimar, he offers to train druids but then never shows up for lessons. An hour or so later - more than likely after an explosion occurs, 'cause this thing is more prone to explosions than Erk - he's gonna give us an even -more- magical swo--", cutting himself off there to raise a brow to Kitzibeth. "Who said I wanted to solve the worlds problems? I jus' wanna slay the mindslayer that has Hikari's memories. I'm sure ya have lots of artifacts layin' around that ya don't use too.", laughing quietly.

Kele-De moves so she is in the doorway, next to Kitz. She sighs and continues writing, though the process is slow. She thinks very carefully before writing each word.

Sirum Hest also waves over at Entad, after finishing cringing from the fire. He also asks, " rubber nose this time?"

Entad D'lune shrugs. "Apparently not."

Sirum Hest, after a few further moments of squirming about uneasily, idly points out as if it were every day conversation. "...yer on fire..."

Kitzibeth: ... Luckily my home is fire-proof.

Entad D'lune nods. "Very observant of you, really." He glances at Kitzibeth. "I'll avoid the cushions just the same."'

Sirum Hest coughs. "-Why- are ya on fire? Bad negotiations with the dwarves an' they used their smokepowder?"

Kitzibeth: I appreciate that, Entad." She remarks as she slowly fades out of existence, headed to bed.

Entad D'lune holds up a burning hand. "Not exactly. Apparently I offended some paladinic order or another."

Kele-De glances up briefly at Entad, her red-rimmed eyes briefly noting the fire. She shrugs then and returns to writing.

Tarani: [Nini Lizzibeth!]
You say, "[Ni ni, Kitz.]"
Entad D'lune glomps Kitzi. Noogies. []
Kele-De: [Night Kits.]
Kele-De: [*Kitz]
Kitzibeth: [ni-ni cassieponeh!]
Kitzibeth: [*is noogied!* Nite Riv, and Kel :-D]
Kitzibeth: [And Si too :-)]
You say, "[^^ # ]"

Sirum Hest leans over to give a light tug on Tarani's tail, at the same time sending a small jolt into her and as a result a small orb of water forming into her paw. "Can ya please wet Entad down so he'll stop burnin'? It's so creepy, an'... um... right, about the dwarves. We kinda haven't been able to find 'em jus' yet, Entad. S-Sorry?" [+1/1 to Tarani]

Tarani looks at the water in her hand. "Why can't YOU do it?"

Sirum Hest looks at it as well, with a confused expression. "'Cause yer the controller of the elements, an' I'm jus' some apprentice mage?"

Entad D'lune holds up a hand. "Water wont do it. One moment.." Entad waves a hand, twisted black strand flowing from his palm, spreading around his body. The fires diminish, but Entad continues glowing quite brightly. He is not, however, emanating any sort of heat. "Clerical fire. Fueled by my evil." He laughs, rather harshly. "Should've seen it at first. Lucky it doesn't hurt people or there would have been quite the body count, let me tell you."

Tarani shrugs and dumps the unneeded globe of water on Sirum.

Entad D'lune glances sidelong at Sirum. "Haven't left your little lady's arms, eh? No matter. Things are well in hand, and we should shortly have enough forces to begin truly cutting off the trade lines of the fair city."

Kele-De continues writing and half paying attention to the conversation. Still pausing between words to think about her next one carefully. She looks up then at Entad. "You mean we'll have something to do soon?"

Entad D'lune nods. "Oh yes. You lot get to shack up on the highway. Maybe if Fyrious gets lucky you'll have some trolls to keep you company." Entad laughs once more, a harsh grating sort of noise.

Sirum Hest cocks his head to the side in confusion. "But yer not evil, ya aren't eatin' us or anythin'. An' ya look a bit too healthy to be undead.", squinting at him. Afterwards, he flops back onto the floor the second the water hits him, seeming to enjoy it. "Mm... good... now if Kitzibeth asks who soaked her floor I don't have to say me, hehehe. ... An'... I'm really jus' stayin' here to prepare for other things. Like the whole Voidthunder trip I'm takin' tomorrow." He then pauses, then continues with a puzzled tone, "Highway?"

Entad D'lune gives Sirum a 'You-must-be-a-little-slow' look. "Yeah. That big flat strip of land with all the rocks on it. Called a highway. Means big road."

Sirum Hest rolls his eyes. "I was askin' why we were goin' there, or where exactly it was. I thought we were gonna stay at Rakuro's, though..."

Entad D'lune shakes his head. "Nope. Cut off trade and information. Within weeks we'll have them eating the guards and rioting in the streets."

Kele-De shrugs, not really caring where they went off to, so long as they were going somewhere. She sighs and runs a paw through her headfur then begins to write once more.

Tarani shrugs. "Trade, supplies, whatever."

Entad D'lune scratches the back of his head. "Assuming they don't run out and murder you all en masse."

Tarani: Ha. Who says I'M going, eh?
Tarani will be dragged kicking and screaming into her next level at some point.

Sirum Hest thinks that over, then nods briefly. "Sounds like fun, excludin' the whole murder, an' trolls part. As long as we go after the day after tomorrow...", trailing off sleepy murmurs.

Entad D'lune looks at Kele, then the room at large. "S'wrong with her? Buck up! Back in the city 'for the turn of the season."

Tarani leans over and holds out a cookie to Kele.

Kele-De arches a brow. "What's wrong with me? I'm fine. Nothing is wrong." She looks up at Tara then adn takes the cookie, a small smile on her face. "Thank you."

Tarani smiles. "You're welcome Kele."

Entad D'lune nods. "Ah. Must be the strain of thinking. Seem to be taking your sweet time with the writing." He smirks. "Remember your vowels. Very important, Vowels."

Kele-De gobbles up the cookie than arches a brow. "I'm merely choosing my words carefully." She speaks after swallowing the cookie. "I normally don't take quite so long."

Entad D'lune nods, speaking in an overly diplomatic tone. "Of course, of course. Can't be to careful. The is spelled with a T, y'know. Not that little swirly thing you've got going there."

Kele-De cracks a smile and manages a small chuckle. "I'll be sure to remember that in the future." She shakes her head. "Common being hte tricky language that it is."

Entad D'lune slips off with that, not waiting for a response. He simply walks through a doorway and disapears.

Kele-De shrugs and returns to writing. She grins up at Tara though as she pauses to think a moment. "Thanks for the cookies again Tara."

Tarani: No problem. If you want any more, just ask. :-)

Kele-De nods and picks up the parchment and quill, moving once more. She climbs up into the chair she had previously occupied and continues writing out her thoughts. "I think you make the best cookies I've ever tasted, Tara."
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